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Michael Jackson Justice: Tripping On Michael - Ouch

God: Reconnect to Him

The Conspiracy against God is about "The Word", and the profaning of His Holy Name within us. Adam fell in the garden, breaking the direct connection to God. Jesus, the "last Adam" was a quickening Spirit, the Word made Flesh, and the only one with whom we can re-establish our relationship with God. Michael's story is still unfolding. He is the one who is, is not. But Jesus is the only name given under heaven by which we must be saved. Many are trying to rewrite HIStory. We were given a help to instruct us. Learn more "here".

Friday, January 20, 2012

Tripping On Michael - Ouch

Devil's Playground, the Human Mind

Angel of Truth

I fell again
Straight to my knees
Amidst the pain
The tears and pleas
I begged God hear
My anguished prayer
Fighting through doubt
Pain and despair

Entombing wall
Crosses that space
Between my faith
And God’s good grace
A separation
From the hope
Where soul and spirit
Can elope

I asked the angel
For the truth
Who stood before me
Blocking proof
That all before me
Leads to home
That I would see Him
On His throne

Poor child of pain
Where is your trust
For you are on
The very cusp
You understand
Its in His time
Yet all the while
You ask for signs

I’m not the barrier
You blame
Look in your heart
I am the same
Never changed
Like solid stone
The angel sent
To lead you home

Bonnie Cox © Poem 2012

Matt Chandler – God is for God

Getting past a superficial faith because –

At 0:30 – “because if you live long enough, you’ll bleed.  You live long enough you’ll experience loss – if you live long enough your strength WILL FAIL YOU. 

He then explains that even in the book of Ecclesiastes it says that there will be a day that you will hate that you woke up.  I went to Ecclesiastes chapter 12 as he said to do and this is what I read:

I sent this email out to some people yesterday and I will post it here because not everyone has seen this explanation. 

I know people have been having trouble with this new format for the comments.  Some people couldn't get the comments to load.  Others couldn't click through to other pages and others still couldn't see the pages unless uploaded the html to their computers as a picture.

I was in there today trying to play with settings and then I get a bunch of emails saying they couldn't get in at all.  I am sorry for this, I had no right to do that, but one of the settings was privatizing the blog, so I privatized it . . . then my husband came home, interrupted me and I forgot all about it.  I didn't think it would keep people from reading the blog, only from commenting until I could find if there was any setting I myself could change to fix the problem.

After posting a comment last night about being upset (everything.  Home, politics, and the research for the blog), I told someone (think it was Truthbtold) that I was considering deleting the blog.  Not because I'm mad at anyone but because I didn't want to be responsible for misleading anyone.  I am doing a lot of praying/soul searching about this because I want to make sure I am doing this blog not for me, not even so much for Michael, but for God.  But I have not shut it down yet and just the thought of doing so causes me so much pain.

I don't know why after all this time these doubts are creeping in about Michael, his symbolism, his numbers and whatnot.  But I can tell you this has been a back and forth with me over the last several months.  Just when you think you get it, something else comes along and knocks you right off your feet.  It's like getting sucker-punched in the gut and not being able to breathe afterward.  My face hurts so bad, I have been almost steady crying since last night.

There are some things you just know, and if you listen to Michael you know that these people planned to use Michael for something really bad.  NOT having his cooperation is not going to stop them from trying and you KNOW people are going to be fooled.  And the "signs and wonders" haven't even started yet and I'm balking now?  What does that say about my faith?

The worst part of this is that I have grown to love this man so much, and to doubt him?  Oh my  God, I feel like I'm no better than Chandler or Arvizo in what they did to him.  I am killing myself over this and I don't even care about that.  Not if the cause is for good.  It is the doubt that is killing me.

I'm going to publish this part of the letter on the blog because I want people to know that if they are not facing this now, they will.  If not with Michael then with something or someone else.  This is I think the test and I know I am more than likely making it harder on myself than need be.  My own dreams told me I would do this.  Why can't I learn?  Faith of a child . . . right?  Why can't I stay there?  This hurts so much, sometimes you just don't want to exist.

Anyway, no the blog was not shut down.  I took it down trying to see what different settings would do, trying to see if I can improve the situation with the comments section.  Google is pain in my derriere.

Below is an email Micheline sent to me, then I want to include some other emails and links that people sent below that.  It explains a lot.

~~~~~~~~~  Start Micheline’s Email  ~~~~~~~~~

Bonnie, oh no...please don't give up.  You told me to keep the faith and I'm trying very hard to hang on with your help.  Please consider the fact that Michael has not been here since June 25, 2009.  For all intents and purposes, we've had to accept that he is gone - either dead or permanently dropped out of mainstream life and the public eye.  We have grieved that loss for over for 2-1/2 years, in addition to discovering and bearing Michael's burden of pain, trying to enlighten people of what he suffered and why, trying to keep strong to help the innocent children he loved and cried for, and to help Michael expose the conspiracy that was bent on silencing him.  That's been a lot for you to to take on.

Michael is such a good an innocent soul, know it.  He has never lied to us, and his songs prove it.  His suffering and persecution prove it.  The loneliness he suffered his whole life proved it.  The 2005 trial proved it.  His "advice for dreamers" and speeches prove it.  His devotion to healing and helping children build self esteem through love and nurturing prove it.  Michael was constantly being sabotaged and set up because he did not follow the "program."  If he had followed orders like a good little robot, he would have been the darling of the Hollywood elite...and the media would have slobbered over him the way they do the other A-list zombies who carry the water for the New World Order! 

Michael could not "follow" anything but his own heart.  And all evidence points to a man whose life and every move offstage was micro managed by a slew of corrupt and drug pushing handlers.  I have to say that Bill Bray is becoming a ominous figure in my mind.  As I look at the photos of Michael over the years at award shows, dinners, backstage at concerts, photo ops, etc. Bill Bray was never far away - and was always right there in the shot with Michael.  For heaven's sake, Bray was a security guard, not a celebrity - and yet he always managed to be in the photo.  Why?  To telegraph to his "bosses" he was doing a good job monitoring their subject?  That man was practically joined at the hip to Michael to the point that he stands out like a sore thumb - and quite an ugly one at that! 

Thanks to Brice Taylor, I will always suffer for what happened to Michael as a boy, and everything that happened to him since.  Bill Bray was a convenient "plant" who was well situated when Michael was little and needed an adult while on the road.  What worries me is that Bray provided the father-son bond for Michael when he was away from home.  I wonder if Bray ever abused that trust and Michael was conditioned to accept the relationship...whatever that may have been, believing Bray would always protect him?  I'm not saying Bray sexually abused Michael, but I'm still bothered by what he said to Bray during that humiliating strip search (Bill, don't you ever let this happen to me again!). 

Michael did all he could for us when he was here, Bonnie - and is not to blame for the mixed messages we're getting.  With regard to the 777, maybe it works against our efforts to associate every detail and symbol we see on Michael with the prophesies in the Bible.  He only wore the number once on that uniform, but maybe it wasn't meant to be a message of any kind.  And the large eye behind him is definitely Michael's eye, not the Eye of Horus.  Please try to give Michael the benefit of the doubt on that.  As you said, it may be that Michael knew he had to play to the enemy to bide for time.  Look at all the symbolism on his Dangerous album.  He was blatantly putting it all out there to let us know he was aware of everything, and was watching from the inside...fighting every step of the way to get out.  Take a look at both of his eyes behind the mask in the center of that album cover.  They are beautiful, bright, clear and all knowing.  Not at all sinister or dark.  That was Michael telling us he was in control.  He knew he was in danger for many years and used his sharp mind to work within the system without falling under the spell.  He struggled with drugs, abuse and mind control, but survived.

We've been relying more on watching and listening to the family's actions and riddles for messages, trying to decipher what they are doing, assuming we're supposed to get something out of it.  Latoya keeps talking about someone having murdered Michael, and sooner or later, that claim has to be played out to its conclusion.  Either Michael truly died that night and the family has taken it very well since day one with all the happy tweets about eating caviar at the Beverly Plaza Hotel (please God, don't let this be!).'s an illusion as Latoya said, in which case, we have to trust Michael. 

Everything you've accomplished to this point can't have been for nothing, Bonnie, and I refuse to believe that we have been wrong about everything.  The thing is, if Michael truly does not plan on coming back ever again and chose to live a life in exile, what would the purpose be for an illusion in the first place if there's no reveal at the end?  When David Copperfield makes someone disappear or saws them in half, he doesn't send the audience home without bringing those people back.  He is the master of ILLUSION and the payoff is seeing the person reappear intact. 

I've been crying a lot this week also, Bonnie.  I need to feed on your faith!

~~~~~~~~~~~  End Email  ~~~~~~~~~~~~

I can't keep faltering like that.  It's people like Micheline, and Line and Karen, Cathy (both of them), Mimi, Truthbtold, Diane, Estrella, Princessglam, Linda, Blake and more, alot of you that prefer to email then post comments (thanks to the new PESKY format problems!)

I believe Michael knows what I know, but is not sure either why I fell into this hole.  Maybe my brain pushed out things I used to know to make room for new info, I don't know.  But THIS is why prayer is so important.

From Diane - thank you

Someone elses explanation of the 777.  

Some quotes from Michael  (I have one of these)

My mother knew her polio was not a curse but a test that God gave her to triumph over, and she instilled in me a love of Him that I will always have. She taught me that my talent for singing and dancing was as much God’s work as a beautiful sunset or a storm that left snow for children to play in. Despite all the time we spent rehearsing and traveling, Mom would find time to take me to the Kingdom Hall of the Jehovah’s Witnesses, usually with Rebbie and LaToya.

I had always shouldered a lot of responsibility, but it suddenly seemed that everyone wanted a piece of me. There wasn’t that much to go around, and I needed to be responsible to myself. I had to take stock of my life and figure out what people wanted from me and to whom I was going to give wholly. It was a hard thing for me to do, but I had to learn to be wary of some of the people around me. God was at the top of my list of priorities, and my mother and father and brothers and sisters followed.

*Michael Jackson*

There is more on the 777 that people have sent me and I will put that up sometime tomorrow.  I didn't get time to work on a full blog tonight, but I did want share the above with you.

One person emailing me named Lindsey, sent a very interesting link that I need more time to go over.  But we share the same consensus:

Some very bad people wanted to use Michael for some very  bad things behind a very bad agenda.  Because of this, there will be some signs and symbols that will cross paths and WE have to be able to discern between the two.

You read my poem and you will understand exactly what happened.

Read  this:

2 Timothy 4:3-4

3For the time will come when they will not endure sound doctrine; but after their own lusts shall they heap to themselves teachers, having itching ears;
 4And they shall turn away their ears from the truth, and shall be turned unto fables.

And you will understand exactly what happened to me.  I'll be back tomorrow.  My husband is driving me nuts - the good kind of nuts. :o)

Michael don't give up on me, okay.  I need your faith too.


Those of you having problems seeing the comments section, GOOGLE CHANGED THE FORMAT NOT ME.

I checked their help section and the only thing I can think of, since it is only some of you having his problem, is a browser setting problem.  Please check:

If you have checked your template code and everything seems correct, you may be experiencing encoding issues. You can change your browser's encoding settings from the View > Encoding menu of your browser. Please make sure your encoding settings are set to either auto-detect or Unicode (UTF-8).



    Observe and beLIEve

    Michael is a fallible human being the lives under grace like we all do if we accept. Please don't hold his feet so close to the fire. 777 is contained in the first verse of the bible....CREATION

    God Bless You

    1. Hi Anonymous - I actually have this video posted back during June. This is the same one. Gematria is one of those things where I cannot tell if it is good or bad. BUT, this could very well be conditioning (forbidden things, we are always told by MINISTERS is bad and occult-origin). If Gematria codes in the Bible prove the diety of Christ then it can't be bad, right? OR is it a clever lure down the wrong path - start with the truth, entrap them into the lie?

      This is what I wrestle with. I will find further answers of this in the Bible. I can relax knowing that I do not have to know this to get into Heaven. But it would be nice to know for sure in reaching for the truth when you have a couple thousand people reading what you write.

    2. Hi Bonnie,

      Today I see a slight improvement in your mood. The positive & eloquent playdoyers comments for Michael & your Blog I could read on your Blog since yesterday must be in great part responsible of it. You lucky one. Also Micheline's E-Mail today aims to not only "raise your spirits" but to show you the light of truth through the dark clouds of your doubts. I too firmly believe that Michael had no somber agenda nor any negative influence but was disgustingly abused by a cohort of vultures & scavengers all along. It had its toll on him for the least. Not blinded by Michael's aura, I remain convinced this man was/is an exceptionally good man. Bonnie, I also join the other readers here : please do keep the faith in life, yourself, your family, Michael & your readers.

      To close with a silly note : I also read lately on La Toya's & smiled about one of her twits "manicure/pedicure : trying to decide on color red or blue". Nothing malicious as I too am a woman who likes fashion & anyway like all Jackson members (although I do not always understand everything from them). Bonnie, follow La Toya's example : while you dramatically hesitate on a nailpolish colour or the booking of the latest trendiest restaurant in town, you avoid meanwhile to scratch your neurones on symbolisms :o)..not serious of course.

    3. My dear sister - My one response to you would be....You will know them by their fruit. What fruit did Michael produce? What has taken place in the hearts of many since he left? It doesn't matter what and who surrounded him. Who did Jesus associate himself with and what did the Pharisees call Jesus? If Jesus was accused of these things, how much more so are we? Remember Satan can't create only imitate. Everything used by God, Satan will try to take and cause confusion. You can take a garden hoe, and use it to planet and grow life sustaining fruits and vegetables or you can take that same tool and take someones life with it.

      It doesn't make the tool bad, only the person that uses it, is good or evil. Many wanted to take Michael's work and taint it for their own selfish gain, but over time Michael grew in the spirit and his eyes were opened as to who and what was intent on destroying the work that he intended to do good on this earth. The same way with codes. Paul spoke of hidden mysteries, wisdom through fasting and prayer is the key to understanding these things with discernment. We can not be mislead down the wrong road if we walk by the spirit, and not by the carnal mind.

      God Bless and keep you always

    4. Line - Keeping the faith on a very good man. As you said, I'm not blinded by his aura (that made me laugh), but perhaps intimidated of it at times? Thinking about it, it actually gives me comfort. I re-read some of the verses I've quoted on this blog before from the Bible. This whole experience reminds me of several movies all wrapped up together. One of them is The Labrynth.

      There was a book I read as a teenager called "The House of Stairs". I can't remember the author but I remember the story. These teenagers were all taken from foster homes and state homes and put into this house as a psychological experiment to see if they could get these teenagers to turn on each other, who would end up a victim and who would end up the usurper or the leader, who would become the manipulator, who would become the Judas. It was actually a pretty sick book. I thought "who would write something like this?" It was no good ending and I was angry at the end of the book. The basic message of the book was, it's better to victimize people then be the victim. Crafty, manipulating people get rewarded and nice people who can't handle evil people are thrown away. Nice school reading material huh? This is what the whole demonic educational philosophy in this country is. You see very little in the way of books or movies where the power of knowledge can be used for good.

    5. Anonymous - I loved your post. All of it truth. You said -
      "It doesn't matter what and who surrounded him. Who did Jesus associate himself with and what did the Pharisees call Jesus? If Jesus was accused of these things, how much more so are we? Remember Satan can't create only imitate. Everything used by God, Satan will try to take and cause confusion."

      ......... Very true and I know this. You compare this also to what they were trying to do to Michael which should explanation in itself why they persecuted him so. What man can withstand that without God? And you reminding me of what Paul said (and not just Paul but John in Revelation, and Daniel is told this also). Now here is the problem. Baptists, which is the church I grew up in, is NOT big on fasting. I don't even know how to properly fast. Where would I go to learn how to do that in a biblical way? Do you eat nothing or just eat certain things? How long do you fast? Jesus prayed in Gethsemane seemingly right after the last meal together with his disciples so I know it's not necessary to pray all the time. I guess I'm looking for a SAFE way, the proper way to fast.

      I know that feeling of being in the spirit but I regret it is not constant. Everyday concerns creep in and separate and I do sometimes have to field concerns from family members who believe mission and obsession are one in the same and it drags you right back into the carnal frame of mind. I'm looking at how the apostles lived, without denari, without internet or homes most of them. They stayed with others when they traveled. I would like to have met Paul. Such a gentle man.

      Thank you very much for your guidance. It has helped very much in putting things into perspective. God be with you as well. Hugs♥

  2. Out of topic on this Blog but I found on HLN something to at least raise MY own spirits : Dr. Perricone face Lift 3 days diet :

    3 days only ? many more xxxxxxxdays for me ? :o) & 3 days without my daily 2 coffees & piece of chocolate ? :o(

    1. LOL! No pasta! No Pasta! Fresh fruit and vegetables do wonders for the complexion and health of skin in just a few days. Yeah, nope! No coffee/caffeine. I don't get chocolate that often but when I do, I have to share with hubby if I don't hide it, hahaha!

  3. Dear Bonnie,

    dont be so hard on yourself.
    You have helped to bring people closer to God and that is so wonderful and the most important thing (and it pretty much proves that you are doing this for God)!!!
    We all have doubts, they can drive me insane sometimes but I know who is causing them and you have to fight that.
    God will show you the right direction just like he has before.

    God bless you.

    1. Thank you anonymous. I really do hope that this has helped bring people closer to God. I do know personally a few people that post here that have expressed that, and that is reward enough for me. When I was going through this all I could think about was Michael saying "please have faith and believe in me" during his trial. Couldn't stop thinking about it and couldn't stop crying for two days.

      I am going to look more into this code in the Bible and what the various prophets say about it because I'm tired of them taking ownership of something God gave us and twisting it! This is probably exactly what they meant by profaning with Word of God.

      Thank you Anonymous and may God bless you!

  4. Also out of topic but check this out:

    this is crazy!
    The thought of all the young kids listening to this and beeing influenced by this makes me quite sick...

    1. Hi, Bonnie, I know you told me not to worry too much about posting off topic, so I wanted to share a video with you and everyone here. It was posted on Twitter and talks about building a children's orphanage in Liberia in Michael's memory. The website claims this project is not associated with Michael Jackson, his Estate or any MJ charities and is funded by donations. The plan is to start construction by Michael's birthday this year.

      Consider this. The name of the orphanage is "Everland" (nice name!) - and judging from the artist's concept of the building and life size figures of happy children playing on the grounds, this has all the spirit of Michael's heart and soul. Assuming Michael made the decision to live in self imposed anonymity, that would not prevent him from using his resources to carry out his life's dream, even if it meant cloaking the project under another identity. Michael was not about personal ego and told Schmuley he would always continue to help children "behind the scenes" if he ever decided to disappear, remember? Michael was passionate and proactive in his caring for children, and could never remain idle for too long knowing there were suffering children in need of protection and refuge. It just makes you wonder...could it be?

      Another observation worth noting. Pause the video at approximately 6:44 and read the disclaimer at the top of the screen, where it says: "continuing Michael Jackson's humanitarian legacy IN HIS ABSENCE." Did they say in his ABSENCE? Hmm. If this is a posthumous tribute, the word "absence" seems an odd choice, as it implies a temporary situation that is subject to change. Absence from work, class, a meeting...AWOL, etc. Unless, of course, Michael's absence IS temporary. (Big Smile) :-) Love - Micheline

    2. Anonymous - It's going to get crazier. Michael I really miss you! This is why we have to get the truth out.

  5. Replies
    1. After checking out Anonymous' posting about satanic influence on our youth culture, I thought I would follow up with a beautiful alternative. This is Michael at 14 with a voice like bells of an angel. Satan is no match for God's divine touch!

    2. LOL! You replied to my "testing". Micheline, we have to talk tomorrow. I don't care when. Woke up at 2 am and couldn't get back to sleep so don't call me before noon, but we HAVE to talk sometime tomorrow.

  6. Randy Jackson came out of wherever he has been to post on twitter about the dropping of the restitution request for Murray. (I thought Walgren said during sentencing that the Estate, not the family was asking for restitution . . . anyway). Randy says the family did not drop the request (or he said that was NOT their request, have to go back and re-read now - Geesh these 4am mornings!)

    To Michael wherever you are, I don't know what to say. When is the right time? To reach for the truth is one thing, but should we wait to reveal it? Confused about this. I don't want people getting hurt. You don't either. You put it out there in your songs, so???? Is it okay to tell? Praying for wisdom, timing, and your safety and your family's. I'm feeling anxious about all this even though we have some time.

  7. Hey Bonnie,

    I haven't commented for quite a while but I've been following your blog...reading (speed reading really) but not watching all the videos because of my full time job, 3/4 time school & watching grandkids. I'm one of the people who's had problems with the new format. It started about 2 weeks ago where I couldn't click on any pages other than the first page that loads. I thought there was something wrong with my computer so I did virus scans and almost did a defrag but I realized your blog is the only one I have problems with. Then I thought "oh my goodness, the powers that be finally got to Bonnie's blog!" Boy, I really thought something was up the other day when I was catching up on your blog on my phone (that was the only way I could access your blog with no problems) and I got kicked off and told I wasn't authorized to access the blog :( Then I thought it might have something to do with Internet Explorer because I've had periodic problems with it. So I decided to download Firefox. I'm now able to click on any page with no problem. I just wanted to let you know my experience so that maybe you could pass it on to others. I'm still not able to access your blog from Internet Explorer but Firefox works perfectly.

    1. Hi Deb,

      For some reason I have people saying that my blog is the only one they have problems with, but are the other blogs they visit on Google? This is really aggravating. I wonder what Google has against Internet Explorer?


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