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Michael Jackson Justice: Dedicating our Hearts to the Fall Guy

God: Reconnect to Him

The Conspiracy against God is about "The Word", and the profaning of His Holy Name within us. Adam fell in the garden, breaking the direct connection to God. Jesus, the "last Adam" was a quickening Spirit, the Word made Flesh, and the only one with whom we can re-establish our relationship with God. Michael's story is still unfolding. He is the one who is, is not. But Jesus is the only name given under heaven by which we must be saved. Many are trying to rewrite HIStory. We were given a help to instruct us. Learn more "here".

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Dedicating our Hearts to the Fall Guy

Valentines Day Dedication
To the “Fall Guy”

I wanted to write something up in appreciation today for the fall guy.

This man I am talking about is known by you and me.  Some are not sure about him, some have absolute contempt for him and others just felt sorry for him.  But he did have a few loyal followers who loved him and stood outside the court in support of him, even though they were afraid of the ones who called for his condemnation.

This man was accused of a crime he did not commit.  He was drug to court more than once through crowds of jeering people seeking his condemnation before a trial could even get underway.

Some of the people in the crowds were plants, specifically placed to incite the crowd and get them riled up to cause a scene, to degrade him as he walked into court.  Most in the crowd didn’t even know this man.  They had only seen him or heard his name.

This man calmly listened to the accusations against him not once, not twice but three times.  He was brought to court more than once as it seemed the court did not really want to try him.  But eventually they had no choice.  They were forced by the threats of the unruly in the crowd and those that paid them to be there.

The man accused did not speak up in his own defense and he did not testify.  When he was condemned, the crowds cheered.

What they didn’t know was that this man was actually innocent, and he knew what was going to befall him, but he did not fight it or try to defend himself.  Indeed, he volunteered to take the fall for someone else.  He took the fall for A LOT OF PEOPLE and continues to take the fall, and he did it out of love.

This man’s name was Jesus Christ.

Almost two thousand years ago, this man who although was of God, was a human being.  He felt pain, he had an incredible sense of empathy for his fellow man and hated injustice. 

He came first to teach that love wasn’t a holiday or a casual word spoken to elicit a favor.  Jesus came to teach us how to love.  Then he taught about the creator of love.  Then he showed us what unconditional love is by becoming our fall guy.  He took the sentence that awaited us when man chose sin over God.

Jesus was a gentle human being.  He had gentle eyes.  He had an aura about him that drew people to him. 

People followed him, multitudes.  They wanted to touch him.  Children sensed his goodness and loved him immediately.  He was soft-spoken, gentle and child like in his demeanor.  But he was confident, truthful and an angry mover when he corrected his apostles or threw money changers and merchants out of God’s house of worship.  Yes, Jesus had a gentle side and a warrior side.

When Jesus was crucified, people that knew him and his heart were horrified, crushed and broken.  They couldn’t understand why and how God could let something happen to someone that loved Him so.

And I will bet that those who didn’t know him that well were awakened. Their eyes were opened to the injustice done to him. 

I will bet some of them cried into their pillows at night, and some of them prayed for him, wanting to get to know someone they lost the opportunity to meet.

They didn’t have internet back in those days, so they relied on word of mouth.

And those that spread the word about Jesus, this man who embodied love and healing and forgiveness and was the example God wanted us to emulate, well they too were persecuted, ridiculed and some of them killed.

We have prayed for Michael in the last almost three years.  We have cried over him, cried for him, prayed for him and have compared him to Jesus.

Would we have done the same for Jesus?

Is the Storm Over?

Michael Jackson wanted to emulate Jesus.  And despite the press and the damage they tried to do to his reputation, I believe Michael came as close to living like Jesus as any of us will ever hope to get close to.  The different between Michael and Jesus is Michael is an imperfect person and Jesus was perfect.

Michael’s empathy for children resembled that of Jesus and Michael’s hatred of injustice was also very close to that Jesus portrayed.

Despite the escavation through the lies of the media, the press and Michael’s so called friends, handlers and associates in the last 2.7 years, we still can’t say we know the real Michael Jackson.  He could be anywhere between Jesus Christ and the devil incarnate.  The conflicting information from his family has been of little help, confusing many.  It has been left to us to piece the puzzle together.

Some of you reading this are not even close to being fans of Michael Jackson.  Some of you may believe the horrible accusations about him.  But if there has been anything that Michael Jackson has accomplished for me, aside from his music genius, is the fact that he has captured my attention and turned it to the reality of the suffering of others, gone on under our noses as we watch them being used.

Michael Jackson has brought me into the Bible deeper than any church and he has brought me closer to knowing who Jesus Christ really was, then any preacher in my lifetime.

Michael made me ask questions and research.  He probably increased my I.Q. by doing so, who knows.  But the most important thing is the renewal of my love affair with Jesus and a craving to feel Him constantly and always seek his approval, his love and his security around me.

We don’t know everything for sure, of what Michael suffered.  We don’t know and Michael does.  Jesus knows.  God knows.  And God knows that until he returns, it is still going on with countless children, young people and adults still trapped within a system that believes it has the right to own, market and abuse other human beings.

God knows that Michael was persecuted for bringing attention to the things going on in the world that others wanted to keep covered up.

We can’t fix the things gone wrong in this world without God’s help.  And things are going to get worse before they get better.  But we can make it better for those who are getting trampled by showing them that yes, love does still exist in the world.

Open your heart and let God work through you, to be that hope for someone who believes there is none left in the world.  Be the love of Jesus and remember who is watching.

Happy Valentines Day, sweet Jesus the love of my life. ♥♥♥

Love Him – He Loved You First


  1. Did not go through your Post yet but Whitney Houston last film "Sparkle" will be released in August 2012 & her DVD sales are soaring now :

    Like Michael, worth more dead than alive ?? I very much dislike this "coincidence".

  2. One week ago :

    1. Thank you Line . . . I am posting this on the previous blog.

      Doesn't look to me like she's strung out or hopeless, does it?

    2. Yes, a week ago, physically & mentally, Whitney looked GREAT, full of hope & projects. WHAT happened ? I also pray for her daughter : poor baby girl !

    3. I have been praying for Bobbi too. When will people be faced with the evil they do?

  3. Line,

    Yes. Clive Davis is on my dislike list, intensely. And I read that "unlike Michael", Whitney didn't own the rights to her own music and she did not write her songs so she didn't have publishing royalties either. So you KNOW who's going to be making the money off of Whitney's suffering and it won't be her daughter!

    Let them keep it up. Their "spots" are getting more and more easily seen.

  4. Bonnie, happy Valentine’s Day to you and to all your readers. Thank you for dedicating Valentine’s Day to Jesus Christ, the one and the only.

    Bonnie said, “Michael made me ask questions and research. He probably increased my I.Q.” Not only he increased your I.Q. he also increased you S.Q - Spiritual Intelligent. In my view, the most profound service you give is you continuously extending the knowledge you received to all. To extend is a fundamental aspect of God which he gave to his children, you are fulfilling that.

    Last night, I was watching a program that some of Whitney Houston’s long time friends in the music industry being interviewed. One said, the industry is “Demonic” and another one said, there are all kinds of drugs around the artist all the time and the pressure the industry is placing on the artist is incredibly painful since their young age. When I hear this, I jumped out of my sit and said Bonnie, Bonnie, do you hear this? This is all you are trying to tell us for so long and even the artist in the industry confirmed.

    Rest In Peace Whitney Houston.

    1. S.Q.! There is an acronym to remember. Michael has a "sweetness quotient" so he has two different S.Q's. There is a lot of fulfillment in sharing with others. I wish those trapped in deals they made in self-fulfillment could be shown this and come back home.

      Was Chaka Khan also interviewed in this program? I see reference to it further below in the comments. No, I missed this as I don't turn on T.V. usually unless something catastrophic is happening. I'd rather read it where I can research other possible reasons for the incident.

      So they said on T.V. that artists are incredibly and painfully burdened from a YOUNG AGE? Wow. I wish I had seen this now.

      This is why those lines in Whitney's song "The Greatest Love" really hit me, where she sings "People need someone to look up to. I never found anyone to fulfill my needs, A lonely place to be, so I learned to depend on me."

      This sounds so much like this search for unconditional love that Michael talked and sang about. These artists are either disconnected and isolated from "memory of being loved", or they are separated and isolated from love of God. This completely blocks them from the healing they need and some don't even know they are searching for something that was taken from them. Their eyes are not opened when they are lied to for the gain of others.

  5. WOW! Bonnie, I have never read anything like this. And every Valentine Day I use to feel like crap for not getting a Valentine's Day gift from anyone. Or wish I can extend Valentine to a potential suitor but it's difficult being a single woman. But now that I read this, I realized if anyone deserves a Valentine is Jesus because his love he has for us. Thanks, Bonnie. And I want to wish you and your husband Valentine's Day. And a Happy Valentine's Day to Jesus Christ.


    1. Well Miss "P", Happy Valentines day to you! ♥♥♥ Jesus gave us the most valuable Valentines Day present of all. It's complete and it's eternal and we give him one back by telling HIM that we love and trust him and need him and then . . . we make it eternal by telling others. Love spreads faster than the disease of jealousy or hatred.

      Thank you very much for the well wishes and to everyone here♥♥♥ I wish I could make those hearts red or pink, but I guess that will come with future "upgrades" of the comment format, LOL!

  6. BONNIE said about Michael : "He could be anywhere between Jesus Christ and the devil incarnate."

    Michael..The Devil Incarnate ? Whaat ? Not again, Bonnie :o)

    Bonnie, Jesus' hand touched you & your praise to Jesus Christ above is a real blessing. Thank you♥ As a little girl who was taught catechism at school, if a teacher had taught me Jesus the way you taught Him to us above (I was too young then of course), instead of watching the schoolyard through the class windows, I would have been conquered by Jesus much more deeply than I was then..& even later when I was living in my superficial bubble of materialism. If Michael accomplished this for you, he is an Angel then. God bless you.

    1. You know, I worded that funny. I should have put "depending on who you talk to" and not just left the sentence like that. Michael can't be the devil and fight him at the same time. Like Jesus said, a house divided against itself cannot stand and Satan cannot cast out Satan. So take comfort in the fact that I remember that :o)

      Everything is in Michael's eyes and even though the heart can lie to it's owner, I can't deny what God told me about Michael and I would not be here if he was a bad person.

      My husband went through catechism and so did my ex-husband. Both grew up Catholic. I didn't reach my first husband as the church was effectively between him and God, and consequently between him and I. Oddly enough my ex was not even a practicing Catholic (unless his parents were around) and he had other vises I tried for 18 years to get rid of. I attended church with my boys and he never came. Both my boys accepted Christ and were baptized the same day at the ages of 12 and 14. They don't attend a church now except every once in a while and honestly neither do I since I moved. But my husband and I do go to the cowboy church frequently. I love that place! Love of people and animals, having services near the stables and riding arenas with horses going "pubhbhbhbhbhbh!" in your ear while you're praying is awesome! And they have open mic singing! Anyone can just come up voluntarily and sing a song of worship! Jump in and harmonize with whoever is up there.

      I went through my superficial bubble of materialism in the mid to late 1980's. that lasted on and off through the early part of 2001 when things started falling apart in my marriage and in my business. I'm not sorry it happened now but things got scary. 2005 was a turning point for me, as I spent the prior three years just being angry with God about everything. I told the 2005 story so I won't bore you again with it.

      You have amazing insight into things that you share here, Line and I am always enriched by your comments. There is a lot of Mike in you and Jesus . . . we'll he's always been there, like the poem about the footprints in the sand.

      God bless you. Sending you a big Valentine hug to you♥

    2. BONNIE said : "I moved. But my husband and I do go to the cowboy church frequently. I love that place! Love of people and animals, having sere meant the contravices near the stables and riding arenas with horses going "pubhbhbhbhbhbh!" in your ear while you're praying is awesome!"

      Cowboychurch, people & animals : a dream church ! If you have the patience to read on St. François d'Assise Wiki, the saint patron of the animals : don't know if all in his story is true but a pretty story.

      Eeeuuh ! a little error in your comment..I feel enriched with your Blog..not the contrary :o) Your Blog today is, between tears for Michael & Whitney, a soothing smile for our hearts. Thank you & God Bless you too.

      Happy Valentine Day to you, Husband, Everyone here, with or without Valentin ;o).

    ♥ Jesus Christ ♥
    ♥ Michael Jackson ♥
    ♥Bonnie you are great too for doing this blog of truth♥
    ♥♥♥ To all the readers of this blog


    1. SUSANNE : Many thanks to you. Happy Valentine & lots of love.

    2. Susanne . . .thank you for the promotion. I hope I don't have to invest in an electric razor just yet, LOL! Seriously, thank you for your love to everyone here and me too! Thank you and may God bless you everyone here.♥♥♥









    1. Sing it Josie!!! Awww, God bless you too and Happy (late now) Valentines day! ♥♥♥

  9. Love this blog. It's just so wonderful. Thank you!

    Would we have done the same for Jesus?
    You know, I feel like Michael was an illustration,
    example, glimpse of what Jesus was doing to people.
    Making some adore and love him immediately and unconditionally
    and ready to give/do anything in his name, all the
    children coming up to him, and then
    there will be others, who will be hating on him to
    the extent of obsessive hating.
    Depends on what side we're standing..? I honestly can't figure out
    why would anyone hate on Michael or Jesus. I mean, WHY, why? :)
    Because they spread the message of Love? Because they are so beautiful [and I don't mean {just}looks here]? Because you can see
    the divine light in their eyes?

    So yes, I would be the same for Jesus. And there would
    be others, hating uncontrollably, wanting his blood
    and public humiliation. And others, who would be observing
    and having no real opinion.
    And it all would be larger, greater than with Michael.
    Both Love and hate [even though Michael's haters and fans are hard act
    to follow! We must admit that, it's so crazy at times]... that's just what I think.

    1. Anonymous said -

      "So yes, I would be the same for Jesus."

      >>>>>>>>>> Me too, Anonymous and I hope I do get to see Michael and Jesus in a big, fat warm embrace when we get "there".

  10. Dear Bonnie,
    Is the fall guy Dr. Murray? La Toya was saying that. Valentines day is just another day for me, I don't celebrate it. I'm lonely, single and alone. Michael Jackson was about spreading love and happiness so I will think of him.
    Have you heard of 'Fritz Springmeier'? The 'soul snatching' stuff is in one of his books. The Illuminati do soul snatching to dead people not people who are still alive, it's part of satanic ritual killing. One Illuminati belief is that they have managed to design equipment that can catch the soul of a dying person. Fritz Springmeier writes a lot about trauma-based mind control.

    1. OUR fall guy is Jesus. Michael was the music industry's fall guy and Murray is Michael's (or Sony's) fall guy, depending on your independent theories.

      I don't celebrate it per-se, but I did get a card for my husband and boys and Micheline went and got me something which I was not expecting (she finds the prettiest gift bags!)

      I am actually in the middle of reading Springmeier right now and I have not gotten to that part yet. But I did include what you said in the blog I just put up tonight because one of those contraptions is on Madonna's face in a video.

      There is a verse in the book of Enoch that talks about "those who steal the souls of men". I had thought they were talking about "taking by intrigue". Maybe this is what they were talking about. This isn't stuff they teach us in church, but yes. I am reading his book and Bryce Taylor's at the same time.

  11. When I was 14 yrs old I watched ''The greatest story ever told'' on tv.It made me cry. I mean really cry. I was still sobbing when a friend knocked on the door for me. ''What on earth's the matter with you?'' my friend asked, seeing my puffy eyes, and reddened face........
    ''I am not sure'' I replied. ''I've just finished watching a film about the 'Easter story' on tv, and for some reason it REALLY got to me.'' :-(
    My friend looked puzzled and baffled. I had not shown any particular interest in any religion previously, so this was rather an 'out of the blue' reaction with left both us puzzled!
    Apart from going to Sunday school with my younger brother when we both had 'access' to our dad........( every other weekend and half school holidays) I had not even been to any church.
    My dad wasnt a church goer, but I guess he wanted us to go to Sunday school..........probably to get some peace from us for an hr and a half on a Sunday morning! lol. ( my dad is an athiest, sadly, but I'll try not to digress from the topic)
    This blog reminded me of my first encounter with Jesus, which is why I'm sharing this with you all now.
    I have stumbled many many times along the way, and sadly despite everything, I only have what I call 'head knowledge' of Jesus.
    I dont seem to 'connect' with him with my heart as I once did.
    I understand the message of the cross, and that day 30yrs back, where something happened..........that special moment when my heart was SO touched by that Easter story.....seems to be what it the past.
    I listen to Christian music, I pray and read my bible, but it all feels like 'going through the motions' where before my heart was fully in it.
    I dont know why this is.
    At the age of almost 21 yrs old in Feb 1988 I had full emersion baptism, where you stand in a small pool of water, and are emersed under the water for a moment. Total emersion baptism is a symbol of ''dying to your old life, and being resurrected into your new life in following Christ''. I know some baptisms are just a sprinkling of water, with the sign of the cross on the forehead, but the church I went to was baptist, so thats how they did it.
    I also married that friend who knocked on the door and saw me in tears that day in the same year. ( in the Dec 1988)
    What about the yrs between the age of 14yrs, and 21 yrs? Nothing really........not that I recall, apart from dreams...which led me to get back in touch with an old school friend, who invited me to her church......the rest is history as they say.
    So that day God must have so moved my heart, and something I couldnt explain happened to me. One thing is very apparant to me here, when God calls you, and you respond, he never lets go of you, hence me sitting here now,24yrs on typing about my faith and sharing with you all a tiny snippet of my own personal journey with Jesus. I wish I could say I was in love with Jesus, how I was back then, but I do love him. Faith is based on facts, not feelings.................but the feelings can and do come too. I hope I get this feeling back again soon.
    Thanks for reading.

    1. Eternal, did you ever see "The Passion of the Christ"? If that movie doesn't get you back your feeling, I don't know what will. Sometimes God talks to us through the littlest things and what gets to me may not get to you and visa versa.

      Faith is actually hope not yet realized. Facts only affirm your faith after the portrayal of it. God asks us to have faith in him even though most have never seen him. We trust in a story about a sacrifice for love.

      What I learned and it was because of Michael, is that you never can receive a feeling you can't give or don't know how to express. It was through watching Michael conduct himself in the throes of attacks, and him saying "I will never stop helping and loving people the way Jesus said to" that prompted me to pray to God and ask him to give me Michael's pain and let me bear it. I had NO IDEA what the heck I was doing and I to this day do not know why I asked such a thing. I just know that at that moment I wanted Michael to feel love so much that I asked for it and it was a split second "I-don't-know-where-this-is-coming-from" request.

      Once I asked for it my jaw hit the desk in my office. I actually stopped crying in shock. I thought I was in trouble for praying for a dead man, because I believed at the time he was dead. I thought "oh no? Is that sacrilige?" But I didn't feel wrong about it. I cried the rest of the day and I mean to the point where I thought my sinuses would burst. I lied to my husband about why I looked so terrible when he came home (told him I was coming down with a cold, LOL!)

      Anyhow, that is what reignited my relationship with Christ. It took it to a whole new level.

      And Michael, I feel him walking beside me sometimes but I can also feel him rolling his eyes or throwing up his hands when I stumble, asking God as he looks up "are you serious?" LOL!

      Communication is the foundation of any relationship. And what we have available to us to communicate with Jesus and with God, is that Bible and prayer.

      God hears and he answers. It's amazing what an opened heart prayer can accomplish. God is incredible♥

  12. Happy Valentine's Day Bonnie and everyone!♥ Happy Valentine's Day Michael too!♥ We L.O.V.E. you so!

    I just reading posts the last few days and I don't have much else to offer right now.

    I am very sad about Whitney. It is very weird indeed. Her aunt leaves the hotel room for half an hour and comes back to Whitney dead in the bathtub, after boozing and drugging it up. I have read so many different stories about her last night...straight as a board, a little champagne, toasted with something running down her leg. Which one is it tabloids and mainstream media. No foul play and off to NJ she went. Wow! And she also got her drugs from the same place as Michael. You would think Micky Fines would have been shut down a long time ago, or at least after what they claim they found in Michael's house.

    Well, I guess I did have a few pent up thoughts. Bonnie, I loved reading your blog tonight too. You bring me closer to God through your writings.

    Love to you.

    1. Thank you Liberian girl and Happy Valentines to you too♥ I too am very sad about Whitney. I cried in bed the other night and I learned that she too was a lover of God and Jesus. Someone here posted that she was Baptized in the Jordan River in Israel.

      I am sickened by the "quickie" autopsy, protecting their little guys, but part of me is also very suspicious of the similarities of the inconsistencies with both how she was found and how Michael was found. This is too quick. You'd think they would at least ATTEMPT to look like they made an effort.

      I would not believe anything that tabloids say about her drugs or where she got them. Unless they mean that she got them "from her handlers" in which case they would be exactly right. That's who was plying Michael (and Latoya) with drugs.

  13. Hello Bonnie.
    I wanted to thank you, your blog had helped me so much, you can't even imagine. THANK YOU. I want to give you a BIG HUG right now :)

    When Michael gone I felt "something" and that feeling makes me researching more about him. He led me to God, Bible and children, thanks to him I understand children and now I wanted to help them. I do not know how it happened but suddenly God was first in my life and honestly I just can not do ANYTHING without GOD. Without Him I am completely lost, I need him for breathing and for every step I make. I found HIM and I do not ever want to come back, even though sometimes the paths that lead us to God are difficult I just want to follow them.
    One one month ago I was sad, lying on my bed with my eyes swollen from mourn. I don't even know why I was so sad, I thought where these tears came from, why have I been so alone? And like a child I needed someone to hug me. So in my tears I prayed to God to please not be with depression, not pills again please, (I was 14 when I was in depression by eating disorders). Well, the fact is that I calmed down and doing other things came to my mind that I do not understand LOVE, and I said WHAT? but I have been close to God over 2,5 years and I am not understanding Jesus love? Then I thought yes Jesus loves me :) So by knowing this anything is possible and you just want to please God getting a smile from heaven. Love fills your heart in a beautiful inexplicably way.
    Now I understand when Mother Teresa said that she did everything for love of Jesus Christ, When Pop John Paul II said: “Love is stronger” and when Michael said that love is important, because love is the only and most important feeling that can heal and bring people together.
    But I must continue because there is something in me that is not complete yet and I have to keep with God because HE gives me the strength and perseverance to keep moving.
    I love Him very much and HIS love makes cry happy tears. Thank you God I found you :)

    God bless all of you always


    1. Maory that was absolutely beautiful and thank you very much for sharing that with us.

      You are so accurate in your description of the way Jesus's love "fills you up". He sure knows how to work in you!

      Michael had this light that the few who hated him could not understand. We know where it came from and you ask yourself, "how can someone so gentle be so strong to withstand what he did for DECADES?"

      That's how. Love, overcomes, virtually, everthing = L.O.V.E.

      And Michael kept popping back up and he never stopped loving people. He just found more and more creative ways to get around those trying to block his message.

      Michael does remind me very much of the description of the Archangel Michael in the Bible - A warrior like that, but with love in his heart for those he wants to save or protect.

  14. Oh, my - the video of "The Storm is Over" really got to me, Bonnie. Watching the expressions of a very young Michael as he sang "She's Out of My Life" sent his pain right to my heart. This was a beautiful Valentines Day tribute to Jesus and Michael. I loved the way you presented how these two great men, though they lived two thousand years apart, walked parallel paths and showed us the beauty of unconditional love. Both were persecuted and Jesus was the ultimate sacrifice for love.

    The more I think about this, the more I am convinced that God was Michael's true calling. The stage was his pulpit and he reached hundreds of millions with a message of unity through love and faith. Not surprising at all that Michael's level of power and influence would be a real threat to another more sinister power.

    I hope God forgives me for selfishly praying that Michael was spared, so that he can continue to love...and help the children. With every gift of joy and healing he brought to a child, he had God's smile of approval, and that put the biggest smile on Michael's face and brought the most happiness to his heart. It doesn't get any more beautiful than that!

    Bonnie, I hope you and Ed had a lovely Valentines Day today. When I come to visit, I hope you can take me to the Cowboy Church! Seven hearts of love for all of you, and for Katherine and Joe's precious seventh child!

    ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

    1. I will take you to Cowboy church for sure! They have it every Thursday evening so plan your visit accordingly (grins!)

      We don't go every week because it's a half hour away but we will go when you come to visit definitely. It's very "country" . . . you'll love it!

      God was Michael's true calling. No two ways about it. The more I learn about him the more I really want to meet this man. I would like Michael to teach me how to pray (or at least let me listen to him pray if he's not too self conscious about it).

      We had a RELAXING day. Nothing special. I made a really good candied ham steaks, baked potato and salad for dinner. I ended up giving most of mine to Ed. Trying to cut back :o)

      God bless you Micheline. I hope your day was relaxing and pleasant too!♥♥♥ And thank you for the Valentines Day gift! I ate it! LOL!


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