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Michael Jackson Justice: I Believe that Children Are Our Future - Whitney Gone

God: Reconnect to Him

The Conspiracy against God is about "The Word", and the profaning of His Holy Name within us. Adam fell in the garden, breaking the direct connection to God. Jesus, the "last Adam" was a quickening Spirit, the Word made Flesh, and the only one with whom we can re-establish our relationship with God. Michael's story is still unfolding. He is the one who is, is not. But Jesus is the only name given under heaven by which we must be saved. Many are trying to rewrite HIStory. We were given a help to instruct us. Learn more "here".

Monday, February 13, 2012

I Believe that Children Are Our Future - Whitney Gone

Gathering His Angels

Isaiah 47:8-10
Therefore hear now this, thou that art given to pleasures, that dwellest carelessly, that sayest in thine heart, I am, and none else beside me; I shall not sit as a widow, neither shall I know the loss of children:

9. But these two things shall come to thee in a moment in one day, the loss of children, and widowhood: they shall come upon thee in their perfection for the multitude of thy sorceries, and for the great abundance of thine enchantments.

10. For thou hast trusted in thy wickedness: thou hast said, None seeth me. Thy wisdom and thy knowledge, it hath perverted thee; and thou hast said in thine heart, I am, and none else beside me.

Yesterday, February 11, 2012 singer Whitney Houston was found dead in her bathtub in the Beverly Hilton Hotel.  Whitney was only 48 years old.

Whitney was an industry child that they couldn’t own.  Her mother was gospel  singer, Cissy Houston and her father was entertainment executive John Russell Houston.  Whitney’s other prominent relatives were aunts Dione and Dee Dee Warwick and Godmother Aretha Franklin.  By the time Whitney was eighteen years old, she had sung back up for Michael Zager, Chaka Khan, Lou Rawls, Jermaine Jackson and sang lead vocals for Paul Jabara and worked as a fashion model doing magazine covers (Seventeen Magazine) and T.V. commercials before hitting it big when Clive Davis signed her to Arista Records.

The name “Whitney” means “White Island”. – Source, babynames

I remember listening to Whitney while rocking my very new first child to sleep in a Bentwood rocker in my living room.  I remember the quality of the songs that got her on the top of the charts.  They were uplifting, fun, spirited.  Whitney’s gift was she had the ability to put energy into you with songs that made you feel as though you could take on the world when the song was over.

The first song of hers I heard that made her name resonate in my brain was “How Will I know.

How Will I know

My neighbors heard me when this song came on MTV because I cranked it, singing it at the top of my lungs, dancing with my baby Rich (we lived in a military community and although our house was an end unit, you could hear me out on the playground according to ear-witnesses).

My second favorite song that I thought was incredibly fun was  -

I Wanna Dance

I love the energy in this song.  I also loved (and tried to copy) her eye makeup. But the most I remember about Whitney was her angelic face.  She had a child’s eyes and a beautiful soul that shined through them.

When Micheline told me the news last night, I turned kind of sour. That’s the only way to describe the mood this put me in last night and today.  Why?  Why is God taking all the good ones?  Does he really need them more than we do?  Are we to have nothing left down here to keep us hopeful while we continue to witness and endure evil?  Or is God gathering his angels before the final battle, to give them the rest they will need?

I told God, this one hurt.  You feel it when the good ones get called up.  You feel the vacuum they leave and it really is disheartening when you see evil more than happy to fill the emptiness they leave behind.

When Micheline told me, I was shocked . . . quiet for a minute.  I couldn’t believe it. Then the first thought that came to my mind was this song:

The Greatest Love

And I know the lyrics by heart because I sang this song A LOT in the 1980’s.  I felt she was singing about me.

I believe that children are our future.  Teach them well and let them lead the way.  Show them all the beauty they possess in side . . .” (sounds like a Mike-like song, doesn’t it?)

Give them a sense of pride.  Make it easier.  Let the children’s laughter remind us how we used to be.”  (Definitely a Mike-like song).

Everybody’s searching for a hero.  People need someone to look up to.  I never found anyone to fulfill my needs . . . A lonely place to be, and so I learned to depend on me.”  (Wow.  You wonder where this is coming from)

I decided long ago, never to walk in anyone’s shadow.  If I fail, if I succeed.  At least I’ll live as I believe.  No matter what they take from me, they can’t take away my dignity . . . .

So now I ask not why but what.  What and who was telling her she had to live any other way?  What did she think they were going to take from her?  Was she being given an ultimatum of some sort?

And the children.  She sings about the children.  They are our future. What did she know?  Did she suffer what Michael did?  Did she and anyone in the Jackson family talk to each other about these things?

The Greatest Love” was released in 1985.  It was the last single on her debut Album “Whitney Houston” whom Jermaine Jackson helped with the production work on the songs.  Source, Wiki

Whitney received rave reviews on the album.  Ironically Whitney’s film “The Bodyguard” was released and her marriage to Bobby Brown happened the same year, in 1992.  Her acting reviews were trashed by both Rolling Stone and the Washington Post. But the movie still grossed more than $121 million dollars and her single from the movie “I Will Always Love You”, a Dolly Parton original from 1974, went 4x platinum – The first for any female recording artist (even Madonna).

Perhaps having ANOTHER powerful, BLACK artist was something they couldn’t afford since Michael Jackson was during this time on top of their world.  Or perhaps both Whitney and Michael were both trying to save children, knew too much and were DEALT with. 

In 1993, both Whitney and Michael were in the throes of adversity that only (allegedly) fame and fortune could cause. 

Whitney in “Greatest Love”

Whitney was finding out that marriage with Bobby Brown included “for worse and for worse” in 1993 with rumors of drugs, and Michael was fighting child molestation allegations by the end of that year.

In 1995 Whitney acted in “Waiting to Exhale”, which was landmark in portraying black women as middle class, caring mothers.  The soundtrack was produced by Whitney and Babyface, who wanted her to record the entire album.  But Whitney wanted a collaboration of other female voices in the soundtrack, so it included songs by Aretha, Mary J. Blige, CeCe Winans, Toni Braxton, Patti Labelle and Brandy.

In 1996 she co-starred with Denzel Washington in “The Preacher’s Wife” to rave reviews for both her acting and singing.

According to Wikipedia, Whitney’s behavior began to change in the mid to late 1990’s.  As I read further down a familiar excuse we’ve all heard before, attributed to those “defiant” against the selling their souls:

In August 2001, Houston signed the biggest record deal in music history with Arista/BMG. She renewed her contract for $100 million to deliver six new albums, on which she would also earn royalties.  She later made an appearance on Michael Jackson: 30th Anniversary Special. Her extremely thin frame further spurred rumors of drug use. Houston's publicist said, "Whitney has been under stress due to family matters, and when she is under stress she doesn't eat." – Source, Wikipedia

Of course all this is Bobby Brown’s fault just like Latoya’s abduction, isolation, drugging and beatings were Jack Gordon’s fault (are these two related?)  All of these “deaths” with celebrities can’t possibly be because something is WRONG with the industry.  No, my my!  All these artists, both child and adult DYING has to be because they are self indulgent narcissistic basket cases that would never have met with success if it weren’t for their studios/labels!

This is the only epidemic that is completely ignored!

Contributed from Nita, Late Addition
Interview with Whitney

I want to know why fame and fortune become too much for creators to handle but not too much for usurpers to handle.

Why don’t we see Stephen Spielberg overdosing on cocaine?  Surely he’s tried the stuff before.   We all know who he is and he’s made much more money than Whitney or Michael.  How come he can ‘handle it’ and Whitney can’t?  Or Michael can’t?

Why isn’t Quincy Jones getting bad reviews and trashed in the press?  He’s black and rich, but no. Instead he gets invited to the World Economic Summit.  They need him to continue to buy souls for the cause.

Why don’t we see any royalty (aside from Diane of course) drowning in bathtubs or dying from unexplainable fevers or diseases?  Or sudden heart attacks brought on by a Propofol-infusing personal doctor?

Are we to SERIOUSLY believe that CREATORS of art are the ONLY ONES who cannot handle the success they have earned? 

When will the world wake up to the fact that most creators of art are usually dying either from exhaustion from fighting to keep their work from being used for diabolical purposes, or they are put down because they are trying to keep their work from getting stolen PERIOD!

NOBODY dies from success.  Nobody.  Success does not kill you.  Fame does not kill you.  All fame does is attract the people that DO kill you.  Death comes when your soul is no longer in your body.  And if they can’t get you to give it over voluntarily, I guess they make sure you don’t get to keep it either.

It is discouraging to sit here on this planet day in and day out, watching the good ones getting taken out, while the thieves of the world consistently get rewarded with the spoils of those they have killed either outright or slowly.

I hope God is gathering his angels.  But hope is such an empty word when those who have given it to us are taken away as a reward for faith.

We wait down here, on this increasingly depressing planet, wondering if God is ever going to have enough angels, and what we have done so wrong to be left down here as the rest of us continue to be used in one capacity or another.

Whatever Whitney was looking for in a hero, I hope she found someone to look up to.  I hope she found someone to fulfill her needs, that she is no longer lonely and that she learned that the greatest love of all is where she is now.

Losing an angel hurts.  It hurts us down here because most of the time we only realize they are angels after they leave us. 

Imagine how God must feel leaving them down here for us, watching them get abused, taken for granted, taken advantage of and in some cases, lost to a jealous corruptor of souls.  Surely God can take them back any time he wants.

God Bless you Miss Whitney Houston.  I will miss your angel face and your beautiful,  voice powerful with laughter and purpose.

If God is gathering his angels, I am left to assume that he wants them pulled from a world that is no longer fit for them.  A world that is unfit for angels can only mean that hell is the only description for what it has become.

Calling All Angels

Whitney's Last Interview
No, Far From Strung out, Scared or Hopeless!



  2. Bonnie, thank you for this beautiful tribute to Whitney. She was an angel with a sparkle in her eyes and reminds me so much of the same joy Michael possessed. Whitney exuded such love and spirit and I am filled with a sadness that only compounds the grief we have felt over losing Michael. With so little goodness in the world, losing one more precious life like this is almost more than I can take. You keep saying it's going to get rough in the days ahead, and I believe you're right. I am living with more pain than I ever have and wonder when the nightmare will end. The last photo here of Whitney and Michael...I am devastated.

    1. Rough in the days ahead. That's for sure. I wasn't expecting this at all. Let's see how badly they can screw up this investigation. Her daughter, does she have anyone she can go to that isn't interested in exploiting her?

      I keep looking at Michael's face as I am typing this. I don't find any answers there. (Of course he's looking down with his mouth partially open as if to say . . . "puh", which doesn't help my mood). He looks like he wants to cry himself.

      I couldn't sleep last night but I did try. I kept waking up. The first couple of times it was because tears were sliding down across the bridge of my nose to my other cheek. Then I had to get up and blow my nose . . . then I had to write something down:

      "Someone in the darkness crying all alone
      Wondering if they will ever let her go home"

      I don't know what I'm going to do with that yet.

      You were up late if you posted this last night. I don't think that was the right time because I didn't get it posted until about 1am.

  3. Bonnie,

    I was so devastated too by the death of Whitney Houston. I thought, oh, we are probably going to see the same pattern of the death of MJ. TPTB = to divide and conquer, and then take the spoils, while masquerading as the good guys. And I so love your take on all this, it is comforting. You always seem to see the bigger picture. I just hate so much the slander and the lies. But I know that we must belive that Truth will prevail, as MJ would say [and the Love] Thnak you so much for all your efforts. You are a blessing.

    Love, Emily

    Yes, Happy 15th Birthday Prince! God is watching over you, and your siblings.

    1. Thank you Emily and also thank you on the correction of Jack Gordon's name (I changed it above).

      If you've seen some of the comments in the previous blog entry, you will know that the attempts to make it look like an "explainable accident" are unraveling. I'm worried about her daughter who they are now saying is suicidal.

  4. Oh, Bonnie,

    I think that LaToya's ex-husband was Jack Gordon? (not Gordon Brown)



    1. Thank you. See comment of mine above. Made a boo-boo with "Clive Davis/Quincy Jones" too.

  5. BONNIE said : "When will the world wake up to the fact that most creators of art are usually dying either from exhaustion from fighting to keep their work from being used for diabolical purposes, or they are put down because they are trying to keep their work from getting stolen PERIOD!"

    1000% agreed ! Thank you also to Nita's contribution on the W. Houston/D. Sawyer Video : Whitney was then already emotionally pressured by the evil industry (incl. her father, disgussing) but very aware & her demeanor & expression revealed a good & sensitive woman, the kind the devils put their eye on, like for Michael. From the Video clear is also that the immoral hunting on Whitney lasted for years & last Saturday either her body & soul gave up of exhaustion or a foul play took place. Whichever the media report next, I don't care for the murder is obvious. God Bless Whitney's soul & protect her daughter.

    1. I agree with you, the murder is obvious and the coverup by industry-paid bodyguards/handlers is also obvious. It is her daughter now that I am worried about. She's a liability to them now. Please pray . . .

  6. Bonnie are you saying Clive is black? He's not, but sorry if I misunderstood you. Great post though, very informative.

    1. No. I changed it above, thank you for pointing that out. Clive Davis was involved in Whitney's career, but it was actually Quincy Jones that went to the World Economic Summit. It was him I was thinking of but I had Clive Davis stuck in my head. I changed that above now.

      God Bless you . . . thank you.

  7. BONNIE - Last, maybe I am wrong here : Michael still was a big threat for the Showbiz. Adversely I do not think that Whitney Houston was such a similar threat anymore as much as Michael was...unless she would attempt to renew with a world career (which could displease some moguls wanting her out of the way for the benefit of their new "protegee" artists). Unless a foul play took place last Saturday, her death is years after rather the result of their ongoing malicious punishment on her starting when she was at the height of her career & beauty in the early 1990s & around the time she rebelled against their evil pressure on her. Let's not forget, unlike Michael, she was a woman & a beautiful one. My assumption only.

    1. Whitney was very much a threat thought perhaps not as big a threat as Michael. You heard what she said on that interview. She didn't care what anyone said, she was a "child of God, I know he loves me, Jesus loves me".

      She also said that "they put fear in my father's heart" and that she blamed the lawsuit not on her father but on "those associated with my father".

      So this is exactly the SAME CRAP they did to the Jacksons. Although that interview was a few years ago, she was surrounded by people not good for her, not good for her daughter. She probably wanted nothing to do with Clive Davis THAT MAN is EVIL. Same situations as with the Jackson's and they had her elderly father SURROUNDED and probably threatened HIM with killing Whitney . . .

      When is something going to be done about this! NONE OF THESE CREEPS ARE HEROES. And you might as well face the fact that if you are trying to come back from a fight for your life and you interview with Diane Sawyer, you can pretty much count yourself dead. Did this woman EVER interview anyone that lived?


    2. BONNIE said : "So this is exactly the SAME CRAP they did to the Jacksons."

      Yes, right. Also Michael & Whitney looked like brother & sister in many ways. Whitney was equally full of life, genuine talent, passion & grace : a real sunshine whose warm light was switched off prematurely. Adversely, I watched yesterday a French TV report on homeless men & women followed by cameras 24/24 in their daily despaired wandering in the streets of Paris with a very uncertain future in the horrible cold weather(minus 12 to 15 degrees last week). Most of them were not so long ago regular persons with jobs, families & a roof on their head..& lost it all to end homeless...nowadays & in our Western rich metropolis. In this context, it seems superficial we all get overwhelmed again by the death of a celebrity. But still, watching particular good human beings like Michael, Whitney & others whose wings were cut by an evil system is also quite revolting. Sorry if I am so talkative again today but Whitney's death is one too much also for me. Bonnie, thank you for having paid to Whitney Houston such a passionate & hearfelt tribute she deserved so much.

    3. Line, superficial over celebrities deaths perhaps, but when you look at it Celebrities are really just homeless . . . either in body or in soul, separated and isolated from anyone that cares about them, living on time borrowed from those who took ownership of them.

      A few of the strong ones get free and find their home. Others stay imprisoned in their manufactured cell of fame.

    4. Hi Line,
      it's not so much "celebrity" - it's ones who were like
      Heaven Sent that hurt most. Their departures hurt us most.
      You almost can see the world getting darker each time - especially with Michael and now Whitney, ones who were making
      us better and happier [I totally believed they'll always
      be here and I'll see them playing with grandchildren! how optimistic and delusional], it just feels so lonely now.
      The way so many people who weren't even fans became upset
      and later almost obsessed [with Michael], it's not because
      he was biggest "celebrity". Many people had that moment of
      realization, ugh, like what Lisa Marie described in her final interview {be it sincere or not}, THAT feeling,
      sort of like huge guilt, regret, shame. Loss. World changed. People could see the huge gap left.

      Okay, we are all overwhelmed with sadness after Whitney's
      death obviously. Though for me they are tied up with Michael. I know Whitney is with God, but I can't even imagine the pain of her little girl now - hope God will
      have mercy and will help her through...

    5. Line,

      Line said, "Last, maybe I am wrong here : Michael still was a big threat for the Showbiz. Adversely I do not think that Whitney Houston was such a similar threat anymore as much as Michael was..."

      You know Line, I thought the same thing until I read this blog. I totally forgot that The Greatest Love of All was about children...the words were so amazingly close to the heart of Michael.

      Perhaps Michael spoke to her about his vision for children, because Whitney said in Gest's documentary that she went to Neverland to see Michael one time (I assume it was when they were young)

      Whitney met and married Bobby Brown in the early '90s. But I had to ask, too, why would TPTB try to derail her. She was sooooo successful. Well, "they" knew Michael was a threat because of all his success in '93. THEREFORE, Whitney was a POTENTIAL threat. With her aforementioned song about children, well, they did not want MJ and Whitney to get on a roll, did they? MJ and Whitney were a potential, potent force (but a threat to TPTB) for changing the world.

      Also, (and Bonnie alluded to this on one of her other blogs, about other whistleblowers who were believers and were killed), Michael and Whitney claimed to love Jesus. I now realize that even if entertainerscan bring in the millions, even the billions, IF TPTB know that you are a believer in Jesus, then they will ULTIMATELY destroy you and your reputation. That is their ULTIMATE aim.

      They hated them without a cause.

      So I am now realizing that we have got to especially pray for entertainers who are believers in Jesus, because the same pattern will come up. They will try to control, corrupt, drug, and ultimately destroy them...and then exploit them in death. J Bieber comes to my mind, as an example.

      For the first time, the following Bible verse has a different meaning for me,

      Matthew 18:6
      King James Version (KJV)

      6 But whoso shall offend one of these little ones which believe in me, it were better for him that a millstone were hanged about his neck, and that he were drowned in the depth of the sea.

      Now, to me, "these little ones" now mean the likes of Michael and Whitney.

      NOW I know why Jesus was the friend of prostitutes and sinners, and why he so strongly condemned the Pharisees. Not that Jesus condoned the sins of the prostitutes and sinners, but the Pharisees may have been the contributors to their sin. The sinners believed in Jesus, the Pharisees did not. The Pharisees hated Jesus AND the sinners.

      Love, Emily

    6. ANONYMOUS said "it's not so much "celebrity" - it's ones who were like Heaven Sent that hurt most."

      Well said. Human beings like Michael or Whitney brought light, joy & love to us trough God so losing them suddenly is a real heartbreak for we realize they were close family to us. Many thanks Anonymous. Keep well.

      ANONYMOUS/EMILY said "MJ and Whitney were a potential, potent force (but a threat to TPTB) for changing the world."

      You rectified my previous thought adequately. Until Sunday I saw Whitney Houston as a very beautiful, lovely & sympathetic personality with a wonderful singing talent & was unaware of her faith in God & even her Song for Children showing her deep concern for them. So yes, now I get it why she could actually also be a potential threat to evil groups. After Michael though, I was anyhow convinced that Whitney's death was the result of something abnormal (Whitney's comments to D. Sawyer years ago were crystal clear already). I loved your Bible verse on the "little ones". Love to you also.

  8. Happy Birthday to Prince, whom I refuse to believe is 15 years old because that means Blanket will soon be ten and Paris will soon be 14. No more birthdays . . . not allowed. You have to stay children and that's that. (Folds arms over chest, holds breath until cheeks puff out).

  9. "michael jackson pray"

    Well? You heard him! Pray.

  10. Bonnie,
    How did Mariah Carey survive? I'm glad she did but how?

    She was married to Mottola and then Divorced him cos he was a Control Freak.

    Then Michael talks about her and Mottola's Controlling ways, in his speech.

    I thought with Michael talking about Mariah and Mottola's marriage to the public, that that would put Mariah in grave danger.

    So how did she survive it all?

    1. Josie, I don't know how Mariah Carey survived. Her battle with Mottola was public enough and I'm sure she has handlers around her. She's being a 'good little girl' and that's probably how.

      Michael talking about Miriah and Mottola got HIM in trouble, not so much Mariah. Maybe Mariah didn't even want him to do that. But it's done now and Michael's not here, either by choice or by someone elses.

    2. Hello Bonnie.

      When I heard about the death of Whitney, I also wondered how is that Mariah has survived. Mariah has been questioned about mottola and “Michael speech”, but she has not said nothing particular, would be because of fear? Maybe.
      Mariah has a song "side effects" in which she speaks about her relationship with Mottola.

      God bless Whitney, I know she is in a better place


    3. Hi Maory,

      You know, I have thought that, but I didn't dare speculate out loud as to Why Mariah has escaped, because I don't want anything bad to happen to her. My first assumption is that she either got good at playing the game, or they got her back under control. Either way she's not really safe, so I would keep praying for those like her.

      Whitney is in a better place, you are right. I pray for her daughter.

  11. Bonnie,

    That is such a beautiful blog in tribute of Whitney Houston. I knew you would honor her memory. I'm still heartbroken over it. I was looking at some videos and pics of Whitney when she first came out back in 1984. It was my first year in high school as a ten grader trying to find myself among those so-called upperclassmen (juniors and seniors) who seem to try and make it hard for us newbies since it was our first year in high school.(LOL) Those were the days! Whitney Houston's songs got me through that by keeping me motivated. And your are right, her songs made you feel like you are ready for anything.

    I couldn't even sleep last night because I kept asking myself WHY?!! What happened? How could have this happen? I saw a live stream of the Grammy last night. Rapper LL Cool J who was the host started event with a prayer for Whitney. I was shocked but at the same time I was touched because that prayer was needed especially after the Super Bowl. Maybe LL Cool J saw that too. My hats off to him. I was even more shocked that most of audience members actually bowed their heads and participated. And of course, I did not like Nicki Minja performance. I felt that was a slap in the face. I don't know maybe I'm overreacting but I felt she could have done something else out of respect for Whitney Houston's memory. But a lot of people were not pleased. I, too, am worried about Whitney's daughter, Bobbi Kristina. And let's keep praying for her mother, Cissy Houston. That is her babygirl. I can only imagine what she is going through because her mother tried to do everything she could to save her. But like you said the wrong people was around Whitney just like it was with Michael. And to be honest, I'm beginning to see a pattern. I will tell you via email.

    When is this evil going to end?


    1. I cried in bed last night too, P. Not as hard as with Michael the night I prayed for him, but I was praying for Whitney's daughter and for God to protect her and the tears started. I was laying on my side. I fell asleep, woke up with a tear trickling over the bridge of my nose (was laying on my side). wiped it off, fell asleep again, woke up with more tears tickling my nose and opposite cheek. Then I had to get up and blow my nose. I laid back down, then those words came to my head about people crying, alone in the dark and I woke up and wrote them down.

      Beginning of sorrows? Or are we in the middle of it?

  12. Dear Bonnie

    Whitney had a relationship with god and everyone could here it in her voice and see it in her that jesus loved her dearly. Michael and whitney was sick at the 30th anniversary tribute Even luther vandross. And whitney Even metioned that other people where skeletal. But her love for jesus allowed her to see her death and. MJ, luther was dead or was very close to the edge, they all looked horrible satan was working overtime. These people need to be stopped..........charles bronson style.

    Satan is after my daughter now, She had the "look" when She came home from spring break I hugged him out of her. She was hangin in there tuff....... it was Almost like She fell to her knees when She came through the door. People suck!

    1. "Charles Bronson-style" made me laugh.

      Oh, I hope your daughter is okay! I worry about my boys constantly too since I am not in a daily proximity of them. Influence from others scares me to death!

      Michael did not look good at the 30th anniversary either I agree. I wanted to "hug the devil" out of him. He looked like he was ticked though. Not happy. Luther Vandross was so close to his last day. I wish people didn't suck. (Some people don't :o)

  13. Dear Bonnie,

    Here are the scrubs associated to whitneys father including the handlers and crooks.

    Arista records ......Clive Davis, L A reid
    Sonia johnson fathers "assistant"
    Kevin Skinner (convicted felon)
    Robin Crawford "assistant"

    You would not believe the articles.......same ol pattern

    Oh and the commodore are with the record label polydor same ol people sony, Clive, etc....

    1. Thank you Nita. Some of these people (Clive Davis) have been in the Jackson's circles before. Not sure about Sonia, but Robin Crawford sounds familiar. You're right . . . same ole people.

    2. Robin Crawford was Whitney's best friend back in New Jersey before she became famous. Robin has been close friends with her for years and worked as her assistant. She wrote her response to her death. I can tell she wanted to say more but it was heartfelt nonetheless. Rumor has it that Whitney and Robin fell out but no one knows what happened. The last time I read they cut off contact after Whitney got married to Bobby. Robin threw Whitney a bridal shower before the fallout took place.

    3. I think Robin Crawford may have been to Whitney was Frank DiLeo was to Michael. She was shut out by handlers when they thought Whitney would become more trusting of her then those THEY APPOINTED as handlers.

  14. Bonnie, You-Tube.."Madonna Fears the Legendary Whitney Houston"

    1. This one?

    2. This was interesting on Michael too. Note that Whitney says nothing about Michael being "addicted", THAT was inserted in there as a voice over.

  15. Whitney Houston Prayer Song beautiful Lyrics "I Look To You"

    Yes I believe some moguls & artists did not wish Whitney's come-back.

    1. That is a great post, Line. Thank you for that video and thank God for her. I pray she is in God's arms right now, getting the hugs she deserves.♥

  16. Bonnie,
    Whilst I agree that it can't ONLY be artists and creative people who are affected by fame this way, I do feel they are more susceptible. They take risks and push themselves to the limit, in a way that us mere humans shy away from, because we fear injury or ridicule. People like Quincy Jones or Steven Spielberg do not need to do this in their line of business. Their risk is all business and money NOT their physical bodies. Also, it is common for performers to choose that career because they NEED the love and affection from an audience, as it fills a void in their life. Again, Quincy and Spielberg are unlikely to have this need. The problem is though, to get another high from the audience means going back onstage, and if you are sick that means taking medication. We all know what happens then once the handlers get involved in supplying medication.
    Some performers need the high so much that they refuse to retire, even when their talent has all but been taken by the passing years.
    It doen't help when the handlers DENY there are any problems, and continue to deny it right up until death and beyond. How is that helping the performer? Poor Whitney did a tour about a year ago, and quite honestly , from the footage I saw, she wasn't fit to go onstage. Many people complained about the shows. People were told she was recovered and back on form, but she clearly wasn't. Hollywood colludues to wheel the stars onstage and off when they should be in hospital. Something has to be done.

    1. Perhaps I am misreading you. Are you denying that there is a pervasive pattern of ABUSE to artists? Are you saying the artists ASK for it because they are so selfish and narcissistic that they crave the attention so much that they just volunteer to put their bodies in harms way?

      Are you denying that Whitney told Diane Sawyer that "they" put fear in her father's heart?

      Why would ANY artist need HANDLERS. My PARENTS WERE HANDLERS . . . . for German Shepherd SHOW DOGS. That is what a handler is!

      People like Quincy and Spielberg do not NEED to do this in their line of business because they are THE ABUSERS. They are the ones making sure the HANDLERS pump the artists full of drugs, kept under mind control and TAKEN OUT when they are no longer producing MONEY.

      I hate to break your little glass bubble Princess, but ARTISTS are MERE HUMANS and have never been anything but. The difference between THEM and US is that we continue to feed their murderers!

    2. Bonnie,
      Yes you are misreading me.
      I certainly do not believe anyone ASKS for it.
      However, artists have a type of chink in their armor that means others can take advantage of them and then feed off them. Not because they are weak or narcissistic, but because they open themselves up for their art, and then vultures smell prey.

    3. Sorry, that's what I got out of the way it was worded. This is the sentence I think that led me to believe that:

      "Also, it is common for performers to choose that career because they NEED the love and affection from an audience, as it fills a void in their life. "

      >>>>>>>>> A good follow up question on this is why would performers NEED the love and affection to fill a void any more than anyone else would?

      I see performers as ministers, because they take what is wrong with the world and try to reach us through their chosen medium to alert us and remind us that there are others in the world suffering and to make us think about our selfish behavior. At least the ones that still have their souls do that.

    4. Bonnie,
      I see them as ministers too.
      I don't know why they need the love and affection, but many have said that they do go onstage for that reason. I believe Michael has said much the same.

  17. I feel like we lost Whitney the day she met Bobby Brown. After she met him she totally changed and became someone else. I went to one of her concerts. Wow, that girl could sing! I also tried to copy her make up from "I wanna dance with somebody". I always thought she was the most beautiful woman I had ever seen. In one of her Interviews she says, - I don't think it is fun any more. It is just about money. I often listen to her music. Her songs lift me up and give me strenght. ♥REST IN PEACE Whitney ♥

    1. I agree with you. The day she met Bobby Brown, husband/handler, it's been a fight for her to keep a hold of her soul.

      I am getting sick and tired of listening to people make excuses for those who abuse, steal and usurp from those who create. Is it creative to take the money someone earns from their creations, and "manage" it while you skim off the top, purchase property and other businesses, stocks and currency for trade while you continue to drug and pimp out that artist?

      People better wake up.

  18. Bonnie, that interview with Sawyer revealed a lot of things about Whitney, and it was all good - but sadly, it also revealed her vulnerability. Despite the positive things she told Sawyer about her inner strength and confidence to beat her addiction, you could see and feel she was suffering. The look in her eyes broke my heart and it was while watching that interview that I just broke down and cried.

    I'm sure this part did not escape you. They compared the two side by side images of Whitney performing at Michael's 30th anniversary show and discussed how skeletal she looked in one shot and much healthier in the other. Whitney admitted they used electronic manipulation to make her appear healthier on film, and the difference was really amazing. Even her bony shoulders were digitally "smoothed over" to give Whitney a more curvy appearance. Whitney said they used the technique on other people, but she didn't mention any names. But she gave such a look as if to tell Sawyer "where have you been? This is done all the time!" I think Whitney was letting us know in a very cynical way that many celebrities in the throes of drug addiction whose health was really on the brink, were digitally concealed from the public to hide a serious problem. You have to ask yourself, would they really go through the trouble and expense of camouflaging a dying performer rather than take action to help them? Whitney's look was a BIG YES! Too much money at stake to stop a show just to save a human being's life!

    Makes you think about the footage of Michael's rehearsals and how he looked skeletal in some clips and perfectly healthy in others! Only in Michael's case, we believe he was electronically altered to look less healthy than he really was.

    Whitney did all she could in her interview with Sawyer to let us know about the evil that surrounded her. When Sawyer asked what we should pray for in her recovery, Whitney said, "don't pray about the drugs...pray for ME." She was asking for protection, not from drugs, but from the real threat - EVIL.

    1. Yes Micheline, it did reveal alot and I did notice every single thing you mentioned here. That's why I was so hot when people want to brush this under the carpet and blame the "artist's need for attention" that's BULLSHIT. Anyone thinking that just slapped Michael and Whitney both in the face in my opinion!

      If they can alter someone digitally on Video (thank you Whitney for that info) they can also do it to make someone look sick as well as make them look healthy. At least Whitney did not look like she had a vulture's neck like they gave Michael when they tried to thin him out on the "This is It" film. And Jermaine said in his interview "We don't know how he got from that (healthy, sixpack) to losing all that weight in just weeks".

      Maybe it was "Karen's touch ups"? (Thank you for finding that comment Princess wherever it was).

      Yes, they would go through the trouble. It's a lot easier to STEAL THEIR LEGACY AND MISINTERPRET THEIR ART TO PUSH AN AGENDA WHEN THEY ARE DEAD!

      Now if they bow down and worship and give up their souls . . . well you can still dance around on stage like a marionnette into your old age like Mick Jagger or Steve Tyler.

      You have Keith Richard's who has a line on his face for every line of Coke he's done, but WHITNEY HAS A PROBLEM???? AND MICHAEL IS THE DRUG ADDICT?


      Diane Sawyer, I'm glad you caught that about Whitney asking for prayers FOR HER! Indeed because they were after her and she knew it! Thank you so much for posting that.

      People we need to keep our eyes open on this stuff. Whitney wasn't craving attention. She was craving PROTECTION.

    2. Bonnie,
      Well that was just weird timing hey? Me mentioning the digital altering of TII and now Micheline finding a recording where Whitney mentioned it happened at Michael's 30th anniversary. As I said, it certainly explains how Michael looks so different in different shots in TII.

    3. Yes, and I am glad she pointed this out:

      "Makes you think about the footage of Michael's rehearsals and how he looked skeletal in some clips and perfectly healthy in others! Only in Michael's case, we believe he was electronically altered to look less healthy than he really was."

      >>>>>>>>>>> And we are both of the opinion that Karen may have said she altered video footage or photos to make him look healthier, she lied and was doing the exact opposite.

      Very curious, why would Karen admit that she was HELPING the very people she was trying to implicate in her assertion on Michael's deteriorating health?

      And WHY would Karen be doing this for AEG if she thought they were behind his demise?

      Or . . . Maybe she was ACTUALLY helping touch up photos and video frames for SONY . . . AFTER they bought the rights to This is It?

      Princess, if I didn't say it before, that was a BIG HELP in posting that facebook post of Karen's from over two years ago! Most of us know that Michael looked too different from one photo and frame to the next over this supposedly three day time period this rehearsal footage was taken from. We covered this in the fall of 2010 when I went over the "liquify" tool and the video editing software that was used. Do you remember that?

      Jermaine saw Michael in PERSON just a few weeks prior to June 25th and HE SAID Michael was fit, healthy and showing off a six-pack. Then he said "we don't know how he got from that to skeletal in such a short time". He also said in interviews and made it a POINT to discuss that "this is what we were told by OTHERS, his condition was."

      So Karen Faye was working for Sony editing photos and film huh? Nice to know!

    4. Bonnie and whoever else made claim:

      Bonnie said ">>>>>>>>>>> And we are both of the opinion that Karen may have said she altered video footage or photos to make him look healthier, she lied and was doing the exact opposite."

      Emily says, Hold on. Bonnie and whoever made claim, with all due respect, Karen Faye NEVER said she was involved in the editing of This Is It. Kenny Ortega was oversaw the editing.

      See link below of ABC interview and comments by Karen Faye AND Michael Bush. Starting @ 3:14 and ESPECIALLY @ 5:40 to end.

      With all due respect, people have to be careful when they start accusing people with no references/no backup for their claims. If Karen Faye was involved with the editing of This Is It, please make citations. Or else there is a loss of credibility.



    5. Bonnie/Emily,
      My bad! The information came from Mouthfactory's blog, and I couldn't remember where I read it - sorry. Karen did not do the retouching, but she said she saw retouched images, and it definitely sounds like it was after 25 June (no I am not posting a link, cos Bonnie will be even angrier with me). Even if this is not a true posting of Karen's Facebook messages, it certainly opens up the possibility that that is what happened to TII once the damage control team got their hands on it.

  19. By the way, Bonnie - I couldn't have said it better myself when you pointed out that it is NOT the fame that kills celebrities, but the evil it attracts and infiltrates their lives. Pressure coming from all sides to push beyond endurance. It all starts when greedy profiteers see the potential to make more and more money on the backs of these performers. When an artist feels the pressure to perform and gets that first "magic pill" to go onstage, that's when the handlers have them under control.

    I've heard it said that some consider blackmail to be one of the most despicable forms of criminal behavior against another person - even more than some violent crimes. It uses threats and intimidation to frighten the victim into giving them what they want, and the torment can continue for years.

    I feel much the same way about the corrupt minds of these handlers, who are planted in the lives of performers for one purpose only - to monitor, drug, control, abuse and exploit. The artist pays for "security" personnel, but who is really protecting them? OK, so they usher the stars in and out of concerts, hotels, limos and public appearances. Why? So they don't get attacked or trampled by their FANS? These "bodyguards" are nothing more than well paid bouncers. We know through Michael's isolation from his family that these security guards are paid to put a barrier between the powers that seek to control the money machine and those who would interfere with their plans and want to help their loved one break free. Neither Whitney nor Michael, nor anyone else who is beloved in the world ever needed to fear being harmed by a fan! I think the real danger has always been closer than that - within their own entourage!

    I feel sick today. And I think we need to listen carefully to the facts that come out on Whitney's death. It seems to me that the coroner and L.A. authorities were mighty quick to dismiss this death as an unfortunate accident. How did they perform an autopsy so quickly and tell the family it's OK to fly her body back to Atlanta as early as today? And it was not only Whitney's daughter who was denied access to seeing her mother, but other family members were also barred from seeing her body. They say other family members gave a positive I.D. to the police at the scene. Apparently, Whitney's Aunt Mary Jones was the one who found her in the tub and pulled her body out. It was OK for her to see the body, but no one else in the family??? Another article said it was two bodyguards who pulled Whitney out. Who was it then? They say her body was very cold, and you saw what the forensics chart said about that. What is going on?

    This is my day off from work today, and I just have to take a ride to get some fresh air. By the way, Bonnie, I was crying last night with you, and I did not get to bed until 5:00am! Got up at 1:00pm today, so at least I got eight hours sleep. But I'm a wreck. I'll call you tomorrow after leaving the office, OK? Hopefully my little package for Valentines Day will put a smile on your face.

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Prince Michael Jackson! You are such a lovely young man with incredible manners. Bonnie is right, and so is your father - please try to embrace the joys of being a kid for as long as you can. Your Dad is one if the wisest men we know, and one day when you're older, you will appreciate these magical days. Love to you, your beautiful sister Paris and your adorable brother Blanket. We love you all so very much!

    HAPPY VALENTINES DAY to everyone here! And Michael, you know that includes you of course! You are my forever Valentine!

    1. I answered this one also, above on my feelings with the circumstances surrounding Whitney's death and people being so quick to write it off as a celebrity craving attention.

      The press is scrambling to cover people's butts and of course they don't have the truth, they are only being TOLD what to print and they are getting that from different people. No truth.

      Valentines Day - I was supposed to do Madonna tonight, but Whitney knocked her out of the lineup (good. Something else for Madonna to get irked over) and of course I am not wasting Valentines Day on the "Priestess of Pretension" so she will have to wait for another day.

  20. Is anyone surprised that Sony is raising the prices on Whitneys music/downloads??? Has anyone heard the report that a guest above (?) Whitneys hotel room heard male voices and several loud thumps coming from her room prior to her death?? Just saying...

    1. No, and I did hear about that. I have not heard the report about male voices and thumps coming from her room though. Where was this mentioned, do you remember?

  21. Dear Bonnie,

    I think this interview with diane sealed her fate, MJ always said "i dont want to say too much" whitney was like hell no "Im no giving You a dime". MJ had it way worst he had people hiring themselves and then they hired people to work for them. Mafia tactics and there is know protection because they dont play by the rules You Have to get gangster with them or give them all your money. SCREAM Janet said.....You keep changing the rules..i keep playing the game.......i cant take it much longer.....i think i may go insane.

    1. Did you notice that video was taken down pronto after I posted it here? I think Linda alerted me to it below. What are they afraid of??? The TRUTH?

  22. Dear bonnie,

    I love charles bronson so did my dad. When them people come to you for money and You dont give it to them....You need to be very careful and know Who around You at all times. I know ive been flooding You with links, when You get a chance listen to this song by ice cube he seems to reference MJ in a negative way also. (Drink the koolaid)

    1. I didn't hear anything specifically toward Michael unless I missed it (couldn't get passed the "f" words and turned it off on the "p" word). I did hear "I killed more stars then conrad murray". Is that the part you're talking about?

  23. Bonnie,Hi. Your Diane Sawyer video is no longer available,per Disney.
    I just wanted to write to tell you I saw a clip of Whitney in Israel from 2003. She went to a small town, African Hebrew Israelites, who baptized her in the Jordan River. On camera she comments " I love this land,"our land". She also refused to shake the hand of ?,I think Prime Minister Sharon. In typical fashion,the commentators ridiculed her. It was very telling.Peace.Linda

    1. Yeah I saw that thank you. I'll have to see if I can find another when I'm done answering comments. Disney concerned about something there? Donald Duck shivering in his feathers is he? Mickey's Talmud get revealed? Brother!

      Was Sharon there at her Baptism or was that a separate event? I didn't see or know about either one of them. Good for her! I'm glad she was baptized too.

      I am really, really disliking Diane Sawyer right now. Between the way she treated Michael and Whitney, there isn't a pit hot enough for her.

  24. Bonnie,

    I just got wind of Chaka Khan being interviewed on Piers Morgan show about Whitney's death. Boy, did she let them have it. From what someone told me that Chaka Khan said that as a recovering addict herself, she would've never flown into a city like L.A. an entire WEEK before a party. She said that Whitney's handlers were wrong for allowing this to happen.

    It's known that Chaka is very outspoken and she even said herself that the industry is a machine that is demonic. 'Handlers', 'Demonic', sounds familiar? I have missed it but I was told that there is a repeat of the show at midnight. Check your local station. Thought I should give you the heads up.


    1. Ahhh, I didn't see it. We had "issues" at home here and my husband wanted my time tonight, so he got it. We watched a movie and thought about Whitney the whole time. The Movie "Courageous" . . . anyone seen it? I have been a fan of the "Sherwood Films" from the Sherwood Baptist Church in Georgia, but after "Facing the Giants", they got "promoted" and now Sony distributes their films. I voiced my concern about that on their facebook page and they assured me that THEY still make the films and Sony only distributes them.

      Then, I saw a "star" symbol in the living room of one of the character's in the film - Five pointed. Not sure what the point (no pun intended) of having that in there ways (subliminally). Now they mention God A LOT in these movies, and they pray a lot and you see a lot of references to reading or finding information in the Bible. But I don't recall if they mention Jesus in these movies. This would be unusual in a Baptist Church.

      Now I'm going to have to re-watch those movies to see if Jesus or Jesus Christ is even mentioned in the films. I have all they have done. Flywheel, Facing the Giants, Fireproof and Courageous.

  25. Micheline sent this to me via email:

    Is this for real? The world waited six weeks for Michael's autopsy report...and the coroner did Whitney's in less than 24 hours??? They say she didn't drown, not enough water in her lungs, but died of drugs and alcohol, and probably died before her head fell under water. L.A. authorities were pretty quick to claim there was no evidence of foul play and the family can take Whitney's body home to Atlanta tomorrow. And that's it? And the cops refused to allow Whitney's daughter to see her? I have never seen anything happen this fast ever. And now the story has changed about who pulled her out of the tub. Before it was the bodyguards who rushed in when they heard screams and pulled her out to give CPR. Now it seems it was Whitney's lone aunt Mary who actually pulled her out of the tub by herself? Something is not right here.

    I can do nothing but agree with this.


    1. ♥Happy Valentines Day to you as well!♥ and God Bless you.

  27. People, let's make ALL days Valentine's day. Sometimes is hard when there are negative people around you, but the medicine is prayer.

    God bless you all :)


    1. Hi Maory,

      What a great suggestion! And you're right. the medicine for negativity is prayer - For "whenever someone is being negative or shoving negativity at you, totally block it off." (Thank you Michael!)♥

  28. Some of the Piers Morgan videos with Chaka Kahn

  29. Transcript from Piers Morgan show on Feb. 13, about Whitney Houston:

  30. Wow.

    1. Anonymous this is excellent. Thank you for searching all this up. I am still reading and haven't caught up yet, but did you see the connecting dots in these articles (thus far)?

  31. Whitney Houston's Last Song Was "Yes, Jesus Loves Me"

    Coincidence? hmmmm....

    1. Elena -

      Wow. {{{{Whitney}}}}!♥♥♥

  32. Whitney you are the best. I miss you. God bless you for all you left for us.


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