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Michael Jackson Justice: Like Looking at The Man Looking in the Mirror

God: Reconnect to Him

The Conspiracy against God is about "The Word", and the profaning of His Holy Name within us. Adam fell in the garden, breaking the direct connection to God. Jesus, the "last Adam" was a quickening Spirit, the Word made Flesh, and the only one with whom we can re-establish our relationship with God. Michael's story is still unfolding. He is the one who is, is not. But Jesus is the only name given under heaven by which we must be saved. Many are trying to rewrite HIStory. We were given a help to instruct us. Learn more "here".

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Like Looking at The Man Looking in the Mirror

Michael Jackson, Conspiracies and Prophesies
The Lie Explained Part 3

2012, February 21 - The Lie Explained Part 2

We are going to continue with part 3 of John Todd.  I want you to remember that John Todd’s Lectures took place throughout the 1970’s and 1980’s.  A lot of what you hear is dated.  There are some things he says are going to happen in a year that have not happened yet or are still in the process (like the National I.D. Card).  Other things have already happened, but Todd was going by information he had at the point that he got out of the Illuminati.  It is not bullet proof because the elite will change things if something is exposed before they plan it to be exposed.

They have kept their timeline for the most part, but they do move things around.

Also, even though Todd is saved, he was not a Christian that long before he began ministering to people and his knowledge of the Bible (like 2nd Timothy does not have seven chapters) is not pristine, so if he doesn’t have his notes (as in this case, he is on the run much of the time) he asks for help from the pastor or gives the wrong passage which is why I look them up.

The importance of Todd’s testimony is the pieces of the puzzle that may be missing from others that have played another part in the Illuminati, such as Bryce Taylor or Ted Gunderson.  Each of them have had their exposures to different branches of operation of this cabal.

The reason I did want to continue with Todd is because he specifically mentions being “TRAINED AND CONDITIONED FROM CHILDHOOD”.  From the time he was eight years old. 

This story joins with those other “stolen childhoods” of people like Michael, Bryce, Corey’s Feldman and Haim, Johnny Gosch and millions of others for various lifetime uses to the elite through ritual abuse.

I am going to draw some parallels to Michael in this part of the lecture.  DON’T GET MAD AT ME.  I know who Michael is.  I remember who got me this far, okay?

Before I start, I wanted to alert you to a rather sinister campaign that Karen and Cathy both brought to my attention.  Remember, these people are not just going to slam you. They will cajole you into doing something “for a good cause”, like . . . Charity.

Mental conditioning . . . "buy life" is a good thing, right?

Attach it to a charity, get a bunch of Satanic celebs to promote it.  Initially, you are "buying life" for a child with a disease, right?  Then?

Buy Life - (Buy YOUR life?)
Usher Advertising the Bar Code - Buy Life

Accept the mark – For your Life!  A dress rehearsal for things to come.  They have all the illuminati children lined up with pics in barcode T.Shirts.  A step or two below the forehead barcodes.  From your phones, to your hands . . .

Barcode brainwashing already here – “Buy Life Campaign”

Remember what I wrote last summer:

Picture of Barcode from Yesterday’s blog with explanation

ONE THING I'D LIKE TO SAY BEFORE I GET STARTED, it never seems to fail that when I'm done a few of my brothers and sisters in the Lord have fear in their hearts. There is no reason to have fear in your heart. It seems like every time we talk about the Enemy, Christians become afraid rather than stirred up and fighting mad! So I just ask that if you have this fear in your hearts when this is over, that you just simply get in your prayer chamber or up front or someplace alone with the Lord and discuss the matter with Him.

THERE IS NOTHING TO BE AFRAID OF WHEN IT COMES TO THE DEVIL; HE WAS DEFEATED 2,000 YEARS AGO! And that's why I'm here; he was defeated 2,000 years ago! I think the thing that made me the most mad when I got saved was that I'd served somebody since I was a child, for over 20 years, that was defeated over 2,000 years ago! And I guess the only reason why I served him was that I didn't realize who he was until I got saved, it took that enlightenment.

(Someone else that had his childhood stolen from him.  This is NOT make believe, people!  Michael is not the only one and he KNEW THAT.  He HAD SEEN THESE CHILDREN!  He was ONE OF THEM!  What else did he and his siblings see?)

Michael and Ed Sullivan, Bryce Taylor's Testimony to Abuse

AS BROTHER BERRY PREACHED THIS MORNING ON THE DEVIL BLINDING GOD'S PEOPLE'S EYES and THE WORLD'S EYES, take it for a fact, he can do it! For some 20 years I served him as a priest and as a high priest, and later as a Grand Druid and had many thousands of people serving him under me, and never once did I even realize who I was serving.

THERE WERE MANY THINGS THAT I LEARNED IN WITCHCRAFT, I'm not going to tell you what they were, but there were many things that I learned and many things that I taught as a standard teaching in Witchcraft. As you go through apprenticeship or as you go through what we call the "Outer Court," you are told to do things and you don't ask why you do them. If you do ask why do them, they tell you that you're being naughty and that you shouldn't ask, mainly because they don't know!

I NEVER DID KNOW WHY I WAS DOING THE THINGS I WAS DOING OR WHY I WAS TEACHING THE THINGS I WAS TEACHING. They worked, so we did them. After I got saved, it took salvation for me to find out why they worked. And I guess after knowing that, there is no way you can go back to what you came out of. Very quickly tonight--well, I can't be really quickly, but I'll try--I want to give my testimony, and then I want to turn it over for questions and answers.

I'VE LEARNED THE HARD WAY, AFTER FIVE YEARS, and IT'S NORMAL FOR ME TO SAY THE THINGS THAT I SAY, but it's astounding for you to listen to them. And I realize that when the meetings are over that many things I say are strange to Christians. Most of you grew up in Christian homes, or even if you were in the World, you were not very close to what I was into, so when I say things, to me they are everyday things.

(He is acknowledging that most people do not see what he saw growing up, and that most people, Christian and otherwise will have a hard time believing him.)

I GUESS THAT'S WHY WE HAVE SUCH A SUCCESSFUL MINISTRY WITH THE PEOPLE IN DRUGS and THE PEOPLE IN THE OCCULT, because they tried to tell Christians for years the things they'd been into and the things they've experienced, and they look at them like they're crazy. Then I come along and I say, "Oh! Oh, sure I'll listen to you, I've been there!" I know the same things, and I'll sit there and I'll listen and they find it very outstanding that I believe in them, because I've experienced them too.

SO I DON'T GASP AT SOMEBODY WHEN THEY TELL ME THEY'VE SEEN DEMONS or floated things through the air or received answers on Ouija boards or made people do their own will by spells, because I was there and I know it's so, but at the same time I know how weak it is compared to what I have now.

( I have underlined the things I witnessed as a child as my mother was into all this stuff before she got out of it.  God was the only one that got it out of our house, and even though I was witness to what my mother went through trying to do that, I was protected.  Long story and not something I share with everybody.  And just to be clear my mother never did drugs and neither did I.)

WE WENT TO ST. PAUL WHEN THEY WERE GOING TO HAVE THEIR CONVENTION THIS YEAR, which they called off. They're having it right now in Washington, D.C., this is the last night of it, and it was in all the front pages of the newspapers down there. Christians throughout the United States say, "You don't really expect us to believe that witches are that organized!"--No, they've just got Senators and Congressmen and top witches down there all in one convention, they're not organized, not at all!

BUT ANYWAY, WE WERE THERE, and MANY WITCHES CAME UP TO ME and ASKED ME WHY I WOULD BECOME A CHRISTIAN. See, witches have the opinion that Christians are either the most evil thing that ever lived or they're the most foolish people that ever lived. They wanted to know why I would become a Christian. I said, "Because I'm more powerful now than I was when I was a witch!"--That's not the real reason, but I said it in words they would understand. And they couldn't grasp that. I know how they feel.

WHEN I WAS IN WITCHCRAFT I NEVER CONSIDERED CHRISTIANITY UNTIL THE NIGHT I GOT SAVED. I never once considered it was an answer, I never considered that Jesus was an answer and thought that the things in the Christian church were foolish, at the least, and dangerous at the most--and I guess they are dangerous to Witchcraft. But to explain what I'm talking about very quickly:

I COME FROM A FAMILY CALLED THE COLLINS. Some of them on this side of the Atlantic Ocean from England have changed their name to Todd back prior to the Civil War. That's not to say that all Collins are Todds or the family that I came from, but this family brought Witchcraft to the United States.

(That is not the only family that did that.)

I WAS IN PHILADELPHIA THE OTHER NIGHT and I DON'T UNDERSTAND WHAT IT WAS ALL ABOUT, but after I left there the newspaper decided that their greatest campaign would be against me, and many things I said in my testimony they said they checked out and weren't so. It's funny, we checked them out and they still were so!--Like many things that I'll mention tonight.

WE EVEN WENT AS FAR AS TO SAY THAT WITCHCRAFT STARTED OUTSIDE OF SALEM, MASSACHUSETTS, and EVEN NAMED THE BAY THAT THE WITCHES LANDED AT that they named after the head witch, my ancestor, Frances Collins, and the newspaper said that place didn't exist. It exists. We looked at the map and it was still there! We don't quite understand quite what they were up to, but I guess they confused enough people to disregard it. We were wondering when people were going to get around to this, but anyway, I came from the Collins Family.

(Why bother trying to lie to debunk someone if they are no threat to you?  Why did the establishment waste their time if he was just a nutcase?)

LET ME QUICKLY REMIND YOU, NO WITCHES WERE EXECUTED IN SALEM. There will be a book coming out shortly on this from Chick Publications. Except for one prostitute, everybody executed in Salem were Christians, and they were tried and convicted by a jury and by a pastor who was not a pastor but a slave trader hired by the Collins. The church was built by the Collins and the jury were all members of the Collins' church. Needles to say, they weren't Christians, they were Witches. We went back there and researched it!

BUT TO GO ON QUICKLY SO I DON'T CONFUSE YOU TOO MUCH ... OF COURSE I'VE ALREADY DESTROYED YOUR HIGH SCHOOL HISTORY LESSON, I have a habit of doing that. I'll destroy more than that before the night's over! But when I was a youngster I started practicing Witchcraft. I cast my first spell when I was eight, and I started studying for the Priesthood when I was 13. I was asked to join the Outer Court of the coven there in Columbus, Ohio, where I grew up, and at 14 I was initiated.

I WOULD LIKE TO ADD THIS BEFORE I GO ON, WHEN THE SERVICE IS OVER I WOULD BE GLAD TO TALK WITH ANY MASONS PRESENT, and I will compare my initiation to Witchcraft word for word, action for action, with yours. They are identical without change, and I'll be glad to discuss the matter with you.

AFTER THAT AT 18 I WAS INITIATED A HIGH PRIEST. This made me the ruling pastor, more or less. You see in Witchcraft, church is a little different, only the ministers meet, and they meet once a month. The congregation doesn't even know who is in it. They only go to their particular priest and ask for a favor, they never come together. But at 18 I was made the High Priest.

THAT MADE ME DRAFT-EXEMPT FROM THE U.S. ARMY OR FROM THE U.S. MILITARY SERVICE, because all of the denominations or Brotherhoods of Witchcraft are Federally recognized tax deductible churches and therefore their ministers do not have to serve! I stayed 4-D status, but a lot of us at that time thought it was important to get Witchcraft started at the different military bases, so we enlisted anyway, and that was in 1968.

WHEN I WAS DISCHARGED IN 1970 THERE WAS A COVEN IN EVERY MILITARY BASE IN THE UNITED STATES and EUROPE IN ALL FOUR BRANCHES OF THE SERVICE! So it grows very quickly. But I served Vietnam, flew back and re-enlisted for six years and served 30 days of my six-year term, went to Germany for that time. And up until this time I thought Witchcraft was just like being a Baptist or being a Catholic, it was a religion. I didn't realize there was anything to it except Witchcraft, and this is where most Witches are at. In fact at this time I believed in a godhead system of gods and goddesses and believed in it very devoutly, I'd been raised in it all my life. I believed in the psychic powers and that's all I believed in.

SO WHILE I WAS IN GERMANY ONE NIGHT, AFTER TAKING SOME DRUGS and DOING A LOT OF DRINKING, I GOT IN A SHOOT-OUT in the middle of downtown Stuttgart with an officer, and the officer got killed. Now the Army has a strict no-no about shooting officers, they don't like it, so they placed me in solitary confinement, and there I am, waiting for Leavenworth more or less.

WE'D ALREADY OFFERED A PLEA TO THE JUDGE THAT WE WOULD PLEAD GUILTY IF HE WOULD GIVE ME 30 YEARS and CALL IT QUITS, and he tore it up and laughed at us. So I was pretty sure what was in for me, and I just sat there. And eventually through a riot that had happened at the stockade just a few days prior and a man being placed in solitary confinement with me and then released from the stockade, I got word back to the U.S. by phone of the predicament I was in.

I HAD BEEN IN GERMANY SUCH A LITTLE TIME THAT I HADN'T HAD TIME TO START A COVEN IN STUTTGART, and I had no way of getting the word out. So the man placed a phone call to Los Angeles, collect, to my foster mother and told the predicament I was in. I had told him to tell her to cast a spell on the jury so they'd think I was a real nice person, and that's all I thought they would do. I'd seen spells like this work many times--I've seen them work recently many times in courts--but I was not expecting what took place!

ABOUT THREE DAYS AFTER THE MAN MADE THE PHONE CALL, MY CELL DOOR OPENED and THERE STOOD A SENATOR and A U.S. CONGRESSMAN, a couple of Generals and an Honorable Discharge. The Honorable Discharge gave no reason as to why I was being discharged; I just had an Honorable Discharge like I'd served all my time. I had all my time and rank and grade, even my top-secret security clearance.

I WAS TOLD THAT MY COURT-MARTIAL RECORDS HAD BEEN DESTROYED and that my military file would be placed with a top-secret security clerk so nobody could get into it, and that was the end of it. The Senator and the Congressman left, I went to Ft. Dix and drew the rest of my papers and stuff, and headed for Columbus, Ohio, scratching my head the whole time wondering what type of spell was so good that it had Senators and Congressmen doing its bidding!

I STILL DIDN'T KNOW WHAT WAS GOING ON, SO I ARRIVED IN OHIO and I AGAIN BEGAN ASKING QUESTIONS THE DAY I ARRIVED THERE. I was told they had been expecting me and here was an envelope with a one-way first-class ticket to Kennedy Airport in New York City, $2,000 for spending money, and I was to get on the next flight and they would make a phone call and tell them I was coming. That was fine except I wanted to know who "them" were. They said I would find out when I arrived, so I got on the plane, took off, landed at the airport and sure enough, somebody was waiting to meet me.

--A PERSON WHOSE BOOKS I HAD READ and WHO I HAD THOUGHT WAS ONE OF THE GREATEST WIZARDS, MALE WITCHES, THAT HAD EVER LIVED, and I felt very privileged that I could be staying with him learning more about Witchcraft from him. Now I gave his name--which I'm going to give a minute--in Philadelphia last Sunday night. I even gave his job at the time that I was staying with him, except the newspapers called the university that he was supposed to be working for and the university denied he'd ever been there.

IT'S FUNNY, I EVEN SAT IN HIS CLASSES AT THE UNIVERSITY. They have a way of covering things up. He has his own college now for Witches, and his name is Dr. Raymond Buckland, and at that time he was head of the Anthropology Department at Columbia University, although Columbia University likes to say that he never existed now.

BUT I LEARNED WITH HIM FOR AWHILE, LEARNED A LITTLE MORE IN MARYLAND, WENT TO CALIFORNIA and STUDIED SOME MORE. During this process I began to learn what most Witches don't know, and that is that the gods they've been worshipping don't exist, that they're imitated by what we call "familiar spirits" or spirit guides, demons--witches don't call them demons, they like to call them spirit guides--and that there is only one god and his name is Lucifer.

NOW THIS WAS A SHOCKING THING TO ME SINCE I WAS RAISED TO BELIEVE THAT THE DEVIL DIDN'T EXIST. You see witches aren't Satanists, they don't believe in Satan, and I was quickly explained to that Lucifer was a good god and not an evil god, and that Jesus was the imitator. So I learned, and I learned many things, both of Witchcraft, and I also learned why the Senators and Politicians were there!

THEY WERE THERE BECAUSE WE WERE THE RELIGION OF A POLITICAL ORGANIZATION CALLED THE ILLUMINATI, and I was told all about the Illuminati and its history. I was schooled in the things that it had done, and the things that it was going to do, and the things that I was going to do. And before I go on, I want to show you a few things that will help explain. (Charts:)

(Henry Makow attests to the same - although some disagree with Makow.)

THIS THING YOU SEE UP HERE IS ON THE BACK OF YOUR ONE-DOLLAR BILL, and WHAT IT IS IS THE SEAL OF THE ILLUMINATI. America tells us it's the reverse side of the Great Seal of the United States, the only problem is that the United States has never sealed one document with it, ever, and never intends to! It was in existence before the United States was in existence, and I invite you, if you know your Latin, to look at your one-dollar bills later, and down at the bottom you will see some Latin.

IT SAYS: "THIS NEW ORDER THAT BEGAN 1776"--THAT MEANS NOT THE 4th OF JULY, BUT MAY 1st, 1776, THE CREATION DAY OF THE ILLUMINATI. It consists of three pyramids in a sphinx, which I'll go through very quickly. We've put a few blocks up here, but there are hundreds of blocks in each pyramid. This is the political organization. This is the middle pyramid. This is some of the political and police organizations that they use, and we've put up ones that mainly concern the United States.

ON THE TOP OF EACH PYRAMID YOU WILL SEE A CAPSTONE WITH AN EYE IN IT. The capstone is the Rothschild Family or Tribunal that rules the Illuminati, they were the creators of it. The eye is Lucifer, their god and their voice. The first 3 top blocks are on every pyramid. (See above photo.)

THE TOP BLOCK IS WHAT I WAS INITIATED INTO, THE COUNCIL OF 13 CALLED THE GRAND DRUID COUNCIL. They only take orders from the Rothschilds and nobody else. They're their private priesthood. The Council of 33 is directly under them, that is the 33 highest Masons in the World. The Council of 500, some of the richest people in the World--there are 500, actually, some of the richest people and conglomerates in the World--it's their real power as I'll show you in a minute.

(Of course there would be no record of this as the papers tried to claim that whatever coven he belonged to said he wasn’t a member.  That’s like asking Rothschild if he heads a conspiracy or asking George Soros if he is a crook.  “Sure!  And here’s all my papers to prove it” . . .)

Video of this testimony
He names the senator that
Got him out of prison and honorably
Discharged him as Senator William Saxby

Part 2 – Explains the Illuminati
George McGovern Took Part in his
Initiation Ceremony (Druid Council)
Took part in human sacrifice (Colorado Springs)

(In part 2 above on this video, at the very end of the video starting at 8:58, Todd explains in the 6th letter that they “found Adam”.  Adam in THEIR DOCTRINE (Mormons/witches) is the son of Lucifer who will come back to the world to “bring peace and take pollution out of the world” – Remind anyone of Earthsong?  This is back in 1979 he is talking about this!  The timing of his stay in Texas, where he allegedly received these six sealed letters would have been right around 1970.  1970 is about the time that the “Jackson 5” first got national attention on the Ed Sullivan Show.  This spooked me.  I found this and even though this is a tabloid to the extreme, the story still was “planted.” . . . why?

A woman who claims to be Michael Jackson's ex-wife is arguing that the late King of Pop's "properties, monies and assets must be transferred to [her] immediately."

Nona Paris, who is representing herself in these preceedings, detailed all of this—including the claim that she and Jackson are still married because the deceased, "though died to this earth...lives with my father (Satan the devil) Khalid Lucifer"—in 93 handwritten pages.” – Source, EOnline

Why plant such a story?  What is the subliminal they are trying to get across?

Do not LYNCH ME.  I am connecting dots here.  I know they did not get Michael, so please bear with this.  I know what God showed me and Michael’s lyrics will attest to this later.

Part 3 – Touching story about how God
Showed him Salvation as he was trying
To figure a way out.  Beautiful

(@2:30 through 2:50, He gives passages Deuteronomy 18, 19 and 20 telling us about sorcery and gives a list of witchcraft.  Acts 16, 17, 18 and 19 shows us how we can have power over witchcraft and sorcery.  You want to know how Michael got out . . . he read his Bible, took notes.  STUDIED!  (Caught up to God as the dragon was waiting to devour him?

At 2:50 he talks about how they take a child and train him by tearing down every moral fiber they have . . . mind control and conditioning.  Yes, Michael.  When he said his childhood was stolen from him, he was not kidding.  He was probably not the only one in his family although he could have been the youngest at the time.  This is horrifying, we do not know for sure what exactly happened to Michael. But he broke free from it.

@3:37, he says that he had no idea how little Christians pray and fast.  Michael and those who were really close to him talked about Michael fasting and praying . . . praying A LOT.  This is important and it tells us to do this in the Bible. Since I am totally new at fasting – I just finished a 3 day, no meat fast, trying to build up because I am undisciplined – I have taken to the Bible on how to do this because I really did not know how.  NOBODY EVER TAUGHT ME THIS and I have been a church girl since I was 8 years old, without guidance from mom.  It is not taught!)

Part 4 – Learning the Power of God
Over Evil

(At 3:20, he talks about “Bewitched”, and how his foster mother was one of the producers of the show,  I looked it up on Wikipedia and did not see any females listed as producer, but one of my husband’s cousin, Cindy Black, played the 1st Tabitha as a baby.  It’s getting to be too small a world).

@ 8:01 he states that a minister was called in and when they learned that he was a witch, the minister read to him from 2nd Timothy 1-7 and said it was the perfect scripture for those who are entangled in the occult.  However, 2nd Timothy doesn’t tell you a whole lot in the first seven verses.  Read chapters 1-4

I will continue with Johns testimony transcript below.  It is a different lecture than the videos above but I wanted you to hear him talk about his experiences.

Cont. from transcript:

I DON'T THINK YOU CAN SEE MUCH OF THE WRITING ON THIS, BUT THIS IS THE ORGANISATION OF WITCHCRAFT. The Golden Dawn is the 4th block up there, and it's the Rothschild's private coven. The Aquarian Arts Festival is the organization that ties all of the Occult Brotherhoods together in St. Paul, The Witches Church of America I was a member of. The Church of All Worlds is located in St. Louis. These are denominations like Northern Baptist, Southern Baptists, Independent Baptists, etc.

(The “Dawning of the Age of Aquarius?”)

THE NATIONAL COUNCIL OF CHURCHES, THE SATANIC BROTHERHOOD OF AMERICA, SCIENTOLOGY, UNITY, is the main platform for Witches to be speakers at towards what they consider to be Christian people. The Church of Wicca is another denomination; it's in Greenfield, North Carolina.

(Madonna said she felt love and unity during the “Superb-Owl” event.)
THE AQUARIAN ANTI-DEFAMATION LEAGUE IS AN ORGANIZATION THAT WAS FORMED BY ONE OF THE GRAND DRUIDS, ISAAC BONOVITZ, and the American Civil Liberties Union. Its purpose is to pass laws and to sue Christian churches in Federal court for defaming Witches and the Occult, and they have been winning millions of dollars in the Federal courts.

THE GARNARIAN BROTHERHOOD IS THE TRADITIONAL WITCHCRAFT IN ENGLAND. The Order of the Rose Cross--another word for it is Rosicrucians--they are a sacrifice order. And the Holy Order of the Garter is another traditional English Witchcraft group. (Points:)

THIS IS THE MOST IMPORTANT SYMBOL: THIS IS THE POWER OF THE ILLUMINATI. Without the Sphinx the mystery of the Illuminati would have no power. This is where all of its power comes from. You will notice the head of it is the Rothschild Family and the Council of 500. Under that, the Rockefellers, Duponts, Kennedys, Onasises and other families. Queen Juliana is also on the Council of 500.

(Mystery Babylon – Mystery Religion, the Great Harlot which rides atop the Beast)

OVER IN THE CENTER IS ITS HEART, THE BANK OF ENGLAND, THE BANK OF FRANCE, THE FEDERAL RESERVE ACT. Most people feel the Federal Reserve Act is a government organization. It is not! It has nothing to do with the Government of the United States; it is a stockholder company owned by individuals. Much of the stock is owned by non-Americans.

(He was telling them this in 1979.  John Birch Society had been putting this out since the 1950’s. They too were treated like an “extremist/conspiracy group”.)

MANY BANKS and FAMOUS CORPORATIONS ARE OWNED OR CONTROLLED BY THE ILLUMINATI. We tell Christians across the U.S. that housewives and husbands cannot shop any day or any week without buying from a company that the Illuminati owns, it is impossible.

(These companies are even more entrenched now because they have consolidated.  Look the music industry alone and the consolidation of publishing companies).

PHILLIP ROTHSCHILD ORDERED ONE OF HIS MISTRESSES TO WRITE AN 1100-PAGE BOOK that would describe to all witches how they would take control of the World through the Illuminati: It's called Atlas Shrugged. (By Ayn Rand) One of the things in it is happening on the front pages of the newspapers across the United States right now. In fact she spent a third of the book describing how they would raise the oil prices and then later destroy the oil fields and then they would also completely shut down the coal.

(over a year ago I told you my husband found on a forum discussing Ayn Rand, that Michael Jackson REPORTEDLY brought the book to a screenwriter/producer and said, “I want you to make this happen to me”.  Source - )

I will close this for tonight and continue with this on another blog entry

I know some of you are younger readers and may not have even been born when this particular lecture was taking place.  So keep in mind that this was back in 1979 as the notes say, probably about mid-year.

What they believe

More to come . . .

Song about Re-Finding God


  1. Hi, Bonniel congratulations on your blog, I read it from a little more than one year ago. I am another of those people that never was a fan of Michael and me not be for that reason I I felt attracted to investigate and read about his life. In this blog I have learned from the (really creepy) music industry, "secret societies", and I feel motivated to read the Bible (I do not belong to any religious group), to read and investigate these societies, reading about occultism, Masons and Illuminati.

    A large majority of the world's population listens to music, but sadly, only a small minority understands now the true meaning of the lyrics and its effect on those who listen.

    Many of the songs that we hear today have important intentions and meanings. Many of them continental references to Satanism, sex, the occult and other spiritual meanings, symbolism, and other references that are usually ignored.

    There have been many discussions about what there is behind the scenes in the music industry, and why many celebrities end up with problems, drug, or mental simply dead.

    The problem is not in the music that we listen to, if not in the level of consciousness that we must desarrollaa to listen to it without that affect us. The game is, not leave everything and run, but purchase weapons to cope without fear.

    Congratulations once more and please go ahead.
    I write from Venezuela, sorry for the English, greetings.

    1. Hi Anonymous - I meant to get to your post sooner, but things consumed me yesterday. You are right about most songs put out by the industry have certain goals and from what I have researched (and outspoken artists have backed up in interviews) is that the industry itself has pretty much accomplished its goal, and that was to infiltrate and isolate family members through its young people, and mass brainwash.

      I know there are artists within the industry that put out healing music despite what is around them, and I know that some artists have that music remixed and misinterpreted. Those that have been in and try to get out end up among the missing or "drug overdosed".

      I wish some people would also understand that just because someone slaps a "Christian" label on something doesn't necessarily make it "Christian". There is a lot of "New Age" infiltration going on, you can see it on the television sets in the U.S. with the "prosperity preaching". It's not Biblical.

      But as you say and I agree, not all music should be "demonized". It was God's music first. He created it. And I also agree with you that if your heart is in it's proper place, discerning of the music out there should be easier and will not have the effect on you.

  2. Have you heard of Brian "Head" Welch, he was in the band "Korn". Now Brian is a born again Christian. It's a really interesting story:
    I think I might make a list of celebs who have become born again Christians. It proves you can get out of the showbiz world if you really want to.

    1. I think that was the person my son told me about. It is an interesting story. One of the Baldwin brothers is reportedly born again Christian (Kevin?) Thank you for posting that for everyone.♥

  3. BONNIE, from your Henry Makov's source :

    "Todd's message seems too bizarre to be believed. But in the context of the phony 9-11 attacks, the phony war on terror, the suspension of Constitutional protections, the erection of a police state, the failure of Congress and the media, the dumbing down and homosexualization of society, the sexualization of children, the explicit Satanism, depravity and pornography in the "entertainment" industry, Todd's explanation emerges as the most plausible of all."

    Now I am flabbergasted. Two days ago, I didn't even know that John Todd once existed & upon reading on him for the first time, I also found bizarre compared to other searchers versed into the Illuminatis. So, really another one who paid with his life for exposing the evil forces ? The group "Kiss" of Gene Simmons was also quoted as a satanic group by John Todd : I couldn't agree more.

    1. Line, I know, pretty much the same with me. John Todd was someone I did not know about. I kept seeing his name sprinkled among the "martyrs" as I was doing my research this past summer, but he was someone I did not look into until recently. Then . . . wow! I actually did not want to believe him about the demons or seeing them. That kind of stuff is always sensational and of course you think of "Amityville Horror" and "The Haunting" out of Pittston, Pennsylvania (I went to see that house when we lived in Wilkes Barre), and Hollywood has basically made a caricature of the whole subject - by design I'm sure.

      I guess Todd is so bizarre because he was actually in the upper levels of the Illuminati organization . . .his family was, and he saw some stuff that most of us will never see.

      My mother, and I don't like to talk about this, saw demons. It was one of the reasons she frantically began calling around churches trying to get help. Catholic church would not come out. It was ultimately a Baptist minister that came out and all he did was show her how to find in the Bible the power to block them off. It happened again later when one of our neighbors, a witch, came over and threatened my mother. (This is a long story so I'm shortening it. Lots of stuff happened). This woman threatened my mother with the loss of her home, her (new at the time) husband, and her children. My mother called this same minister and he came out to the house.

      She told him all about this woman, what she said, and (his name was Reverend Mondell) showed her in the Bible which Psalms to read, another passage I can't quite remember, would have to ask her, and that all of us would have to read this together, holding hands. I was a kid, only about ten at the time. Everything this woman threatened my mother with happened to her . . . every single thing in the order she threatened it and it began happening in days. Mondell told my mother that this prayer was a shield and that with no other place for the evil to go, it went back to the person who sent it.

      Nobody that has never seen this stuff believes it exists. It does. And believe me when I tell you that despite the constant battles my mother has had with the residue of what she's done, I have felt protected and the dreams I began having after I was saved told me to prepare for something. I just did not understand them back when I had them.

    2. Impressive comment I read only now. Yes, demons exist whether under the form of declared witches or so-called normal persons : I understand John Todd's approach better now. I'm glad that for hers & her family's protection, your mother took a wise decision to call a minister to exorcise the awful spell. Mrs. Katherine Jackson once also said something like : "there are very wicked ones out there" talking about the ones willing to harm Michael. First, Mesereau/Liu's great job in 2005 but also Katherine Jackson & family's constant support & faith did help, I'm sure.

  4. Hi. Kiss is not a satanic group. They are Christians I believe. Just because Gene Simmons look kind of scary on purpose does'nt mean he worship the devil. The base player in Iron maiden who writes their music/lyrics are Christian. Some titles of Iron maidens songs are : Look for the truth, Only the good die young, Blood on the worlds hands, Seventh son of a seventh son, Sign of the Cross, The prophecy. In the 80's there was a rock group who sang about God. I think they were Americans but I can't remember the name of the group at the moment. Some of the members in Metallica are Christians. MJ have rock influences in several of his songs. He have worked with Lenny Krawitz and Slash ex member of Gun's N Roses. Both of them are rock musicians. I don't think you can say that all rock groups are satanic, evil and worship the devil. That is ignorant. The devil is suppose to look beautiful according to Todd. So I guess Gene Simmons is out of the question.

    1. Susanne - Kiss IS a Satanic Group. Gene Simmons worships Lucifer. He is Jewish and condones the mass genocide of millions of people. He is also a major HATER of Michael Jackson. Please post your resources for this claim of Iron Maiden being Christian. Don't come here telling people to post the truth when you don't even know it yourself.

      There is ONE member, defected from the group of "Korn" that became born again. My son used to listen to them. Metallica is about as far from Christian as you can get without being Satan himself.

      The INDUSTRY OF ROCK MUSIC is evil. Period. The whole industry was set up to entrap the young generation. Even John Lennon talked about this and the origins of the Beatles. This is why he was KILLED.

      Michael was killed because he used his music to warn people and spread God's message that something is coming and to prepare for it. Not all MUSICIANS are evil, no. But the INDUSTRY AS A WHOLE IS DEMONIC.

      These are CHAKA KHAN'S EXACT WORDS. Are you going to call her a liar? Pay attention before you start calling people ignorant.

    2. Susanne,

      Here are the lyrics to "Seventh Son" by Iron Maiden. Who do you think they are singing about?

      Here they stand brothers them all
      All the sons divided they'd fall
      Here await the birth of the son
      The seventh, the heavenly, the chosen one.

      Here the birth from an unbroken line
      Born the healer the seventh, his time
      Unknowingly blessed and as his life unfolds
      Slowly unveiling the power he holds

      Seventh son of a seventh son [4 times]

      Then they watch the progress he makes
      The Good and the evil which path will he take
      Both of them trying to manipulate
      The use of his powers before it's too late


      Today is born the seventh one
      Born of woman the seventh son
      And he in turn of a seventh son
      He has the power to heal
      He has the gift of the second sight
      He is the chosen one
      So it shall be written
      So it shall be done

      That's pretty spooky if you ask me.

  5. Thanks Bonnie. The KISS group is evil (pretty name for a mad group). John Todd alike other searchers said since long that a certain degeneration in the music & people's habits re-started in the 1960-70's...but I myself appreciated Rock & any modern music that came thereafter...except groups like Kiss/Gene Simmons & others of the same vein : insane. So I "ignore" :o)))

    1. I know there are GOOD PEOPLE in that industry, some of them as Susanne pointed out, just trying to get their message out in an industry full of people wanting to manipulate their message.

      Gene Simmons . . . blecthth! The man needs too look love in the face instead of fighting it.

  6. Hi Bonnie,
    I think there are two members of "Korn" who became born again Christians.
    Have you heard of 'Jeff Fenholt'? Jeff became a born again Christian:
    Jeffrey Craig "Jeff" Fenholt (born 1951) is an American singer best known for his performance as the title character in the original Broadway theatre adaptation of 'Jesus Christ Superstar' and for his appearance on the cover of "Time Magazine". In later years, Fenholt would gain notoriety as a 'Christian evangelist' and singer, as well as controversy over his involvement with the English heavy metal band "Black Sabbath".
    Michael Jackson was known as the "King of Pop, Rock and Soul". But now people just call him the "King of Pop".
    I would of thought the Satanic stuff is all over the music industry. It doesn't matter if the music is rock, heavy metal, pop, soul, disco, funk, jazz, folk, electronic dance music or r'n'b.

    1. Anonymous - Is there another one from Korn? That guy must have gone to work! Awesome! I remember an interview with the guy with all the tattoos (can't remember his name) where he said, "I know what people think of me, how can I preach to people, I mean LOOK at me . . ." (refers to his tattoo covered arms, I was laughing). Very sweet and humble guy talking on one of church shows.

      It is the industry itself and manipulation OF the music that is Satanic. What they have done, and Michael talked about this during his rebellion speeches, is take what artists create, oppress THEM and their message, take that message and turn it into their agenda.

      They have also done testing with sounds, timbres, beats, instruments . . . these people know what works on the brain and HOW it works. Michael wanted to use it for good, they? Wanted to use it to control people. Michael and other artists wanted to empower people.

      The music industry, and Todd may very well have been told this, makes this "selling your soul" deal as part of your key to success. They sign you, put together an album with you, see how people respond to you. If you are marketable, they present the deal to you (we can make you a god, or we can shelve your work, we own it now).

      Michael was strong, but I believe he was even more of a target for other reasons. They wanted him and the separated him from his family to get to him. More on this later.

      It's not the music. The music belongs to God . . . it is the manipulation of it that makes it Satanic.

  7. Hi Bonnie
    The guy from "Korn" you are thinking of is Brian "Head" Welch.
    The other guy from "Korn" is Reggie "Fieldy" Arvizu.
    Music is not bad in itself. But the Music Industry is Satanic. We should not just blame heavy metal.
    Look at the hip hop artists and 'gangsta rap'. Look at pop artists like Lady Gaga and Madonna.
    The Satanic stuff is in country music, rock, heavy metal, pop, soul, disco, funk, jazz, folk, electronic dance music, hip hop, r'n'b, reggae.
    It's even in so called 'Christian rock' and 'Christian hip hop'.

    1. Thank you for that info, anonymous. You're right. It has infiltrated all genres of music, but music is not ALL BAD. You have uplifting hip hop artists too (I remember the story of Biggie and the first time me met Michael, LOL, so cute). I think what Todd was trying to tell us in his way is that he considered any music NOT glorifying the Lord as evil. And people interpret that in a narrow way. But music that glorifies the Lord and glorifying and celebrating the appreciation of the things he gave us, life, loving others, wholesome beautiful things, animals . . all that. Telling a story in parable, through music as David of the Bible used to do (the Psalms are songs/prayers to music). I wonder if David was a good singer? :o)

  8. Bonnie,Hi. I was reading an article about Kanye West and a song he released sometime before he fell out of grace.Maybe before his Mom "died". Soon after his troubles in the media started. That must have convinced him to start towing the line. Here is the link,with lyrics.

    1. Linda,

      Wow. I didn't see, when did he record that? Is there truth in those lyrics or what? God send that man strength! (Please). Thank you for posting that Linda. :o)

  9. Hi. You and your readers often bring up the Illuminaty eye subject on you blog. That made me think of Whitney's last Interview on Oprah's show. Whitney told Oprah that someone/Bobby had painted eyes on the walls in her bedroom and in her closet. At the time I thought it was a weird/strange thing to do. But now when I am aware of the Illuminati and the eye it feels kind of eerie. Coincidence?

    1. Susanne,

      Yes and someone emailed me about that very thing, but I couldn't find the interview portion where Whitney talked about that. Now you have the press reporting that Brown's sister, Tina is quoted as saying that she did crack with Whitney, and pictures of a filthy bathroom (similar storyline to Michael's pictures of his supposed bathroom after the cops got done setting up the scene), and I just want to smack people.

      I don't know if Tina is saying those things or if the press is just having a field day with that family, but it makes me sick.


      around 37 minutes. About eyes. It's all in there
      also, about sister selling bathroom pics too.
      Press always picks up the dirt, media pigs love the dirt.
      They won't pick good stuff even if it falls in their hands.
      They need us to turn into pigs as well. Which sadly
      is not difficult considering how many people buy these
      trashy stories and sort of nourish through them. People
      enjoy tabloids :( no idea why.

  10. Hi. I googled Christian Rock Groups and Wikipedia have a long list of Christian Rock Groups. The Christian group I was talking about earlier but couldn't remember their name is "Stryper". Lenny Kravitz sings about God in some of his songs. I think Lenny Kravitz rocks. He is a very good musician. He wears a cross and he believe in God. Prince same thing. And he has also rock influences in his music. By the way I thought Gene Simmons was from Greece. It seems to be a lot of Jews in the media and the music Industry. Almost like they are in control of everything.
    Line I.L.U ♥

    1. Susanne,

      Oh, I'm not mad at you. I just want you to understand that I NEVER said ALL MUSIC was evil. I said the music INDUSTRY was evil, not every artist within it. There are GOOD PEOPLE in the industry that are fighting the same fight Michael fought. I didn't think it was nice that you called people ignorant on a misunderstanding.

      Gene Simmons could be from India and he could still convert to Judaism (Like Tommy Mottola did from an Italian/Catholic background), but according to Wikipedia, he was from a Jewish family. Yes they control the entertainment industry. Just look at all the heads of the major Hollywood studios and heads of all the major music labels.

  11. Hi. Some of Lenny Kravitz great songs, "This Moment Is All There Is", "Believe", "God Is Love". Songs with Great lyrics from a ROCK musician. So please don't judge all of the rock musicians to be evil and satanic.
    I Love You Bonnie ♥
    Please be nice to me sometimes. I am not your enemy.

    1. Ooops, I answered part of this above there . . . sorry about that. No, I'm not mad at you. But you misunderstood me and I was offended that you called people ignorant due to a misunderstanding of what I said. The INDUSTRY or the MACHINE of the music industry is evil . . . not the individual artists. Now we can make peace and hug each other and dance and sing to the next Air Supply record :o)))♥♥♥!

    2. Oh,and by the way, I love Lenny Kravitz. I don't agree with all the messages in his music but I love him. He is a genius. This man lived out of his car and put himself through the rest of school. I pray that God has him and not the other guy :o) But I respect him and his work ethic. That man has come a long way from a very disadvantaged position. He moves to the beat of his own drum.

  12. Buy Life Campaign - I clicked on “Digital Death” at the top of the page. The new page - “Who’s Dead” (black), “Sacrifice Yourself” (black), "View the digital dead” (black background), “Make the ultimate sacrifice” (red). “Powered by Media Temple”. Turn the text number upside down and you have 66606.

    Will Smith’s children - Willow and Jaden are also promoting “Buy Life". They were, and still are, so young, now becoming indoctrinated leaders. Shame on their parents!

    Michael’s memorial...I thought Usher was a good guy? He appears to be a good friend of, is mentoring Justin Bieber, whose childhood has been compared to Michael Jackson’s - taken from him.

    Usher and Jaden Smith...

    A boy from small town Canada plays Madison Square Garden at 16 years old - “Justin Bieber: Never Say Never” is a feature length behind-the-scenes biography. From happy, energetic, talented child to surrounded by handlers...and millions of screaming girls. "BieBer mania". (Beatlemania?) You see the controlled, promoted product complete with fanatical followers.

    Jaden Smith gets prominent billing along with Miley Cyrus and Usher. That concert was the platform for Jaden Smith’s first big public performance.

    Kenny Hamilton is Justin's security guard - “Kenny is Justin’s everything. Kenny’s with him 24/7.”

    Scooter Braun, (jewish) manager:
    * “90% of my job is helping him become a good man in this family.” (Road family)
    * Justin met Usher, who he was crazy about, on his first trip to America with Scooter. The hook?
    * “Everyone started saying ‘no’. Every label said there’s no platform for it. You need Nickelodeon or Disney. You need the machine. Did you guys read the stats that kids are spending more time on the internet than they are on TV? ... I started thinking, ‘who would be the perfect person?'” Cut to the new kid, Justin Bieber, informally singing to Usher.

    Usher brought in L.A. Reid of Island Def Jam. "It was the face, it was the hair. He was brave. ...Usher had absolutely delivered a gift.” Product packaging? Justin was signed at 14 years old.

    From wiki: "Braun arranged for him to meet with Usher in Atlanta, Georgia, and Bieber was soon signed to Raymond Braun Media Group (RBMG), a joint venture between Braun and Usher,[9] and then to a recording contract with Island Records offered by L.A. Reid.”

    Justin was separated from his family at 13 years old - flown by Braun to live in Atlanta.

    Mama Jan, vocal coach:
    * “One of the hardest things I think for a kid on the road to understand is that he’s a working man.”
    * “On the road with the different people it becomes a very functional dysfunctional family.”
    * “You gave up normal. This is your new normal.”

    Sorry to veer but Usher and Jaden Smith are not only both involved with “Buy Life” but with Justin Bieber too.

    Patterns of control...

  13. Hi. Did you see the casket photo? Whitney looked beautiful and I didn't expect anything else. They published a picture of Elvis in his casket when he died. That was like 35 years ago. So nothing new underneath the sun. Now nobody have to wonder if she is dead or alive. One thing I thought was a bit strange is that it looks like her chin is far down on her chest. And her body look kind of different if you look at pictures of her the day before she died. I guess I am not the only one who's wondering who sold the photo. And I guess they didn't sell it so that the world would get to see her one last time and get closure.


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