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Michael Jackson Justice: Madonna Has a Tale To Tell

God: Reconnect to Him

The Conspiracy against God is about "The Word", and the profaning of His Holy Name within us. Adam fell in the garden, breaking the direct connection to God. Jesus, the "last Adam" was a quickening Spirit, the Word made Flesh, and the only one with whom we can re-establish our relationship with God. Michael's story is still unfolding. He is the one who is, is not. But Jesus is the only name given under heaven by which we must be saved. Many are trying to rewrite HIStory. We were given a help to instruct us. Learn more "here".

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Madonna Has a Tale To Tell

A Human Manifestation of the Ghost
Of Jealousy

I will stand upon my watch, and set me upon the tower, and will watch to see what he will say unto me, and what I shall answer when I am reproved.  2. And the LORD answered me, and said, Write the vision, and make it plain upon tables, that he may run that readeth it.  3. For the vision is yet for an appointed time, but at the end it shall speak, and not lie: though it tarry, wait for it; because it will surely come, it will not tarry.  4. Behold, his soul which is lifted up is not upright in him: but the just shall live by his faith.

5. Yea also, because he transgresseth by wine, he is a proud man, neither keepeth at home, who enlargeth his desire as hell, and is as death, and cannot be satisfied, but gathereth unto him all nations, and heapeth unto him all people: 6. Shall not all these take up a parable against him, and a taunting proverb against him, and say, Woe to him that increaseth that which is not his! how long? and to him that ladeth himself with thick clay!  7. Shall they not rise up suddenly that shall bite thee, and awake that shall vex thee, and thou shalt be for booties unto them?  8. Because thou hast spoiled many nations, all the remnant of the people shall spoil thee; because of men's blood, and for the violence of the land, of the city, and of all that dwell therein. . .

18. What profiteth the graven image that the maker thereof hath graven it; the molten image, and a teacher of lies, that the maker of his work trusteth therein, to make dumb idols?”

Remember this Youtube Video from back in the summer?

The Secret of Fame

Bob Dylan who is rumored to be a born again Christian, admits that he is “holding up his end of the bargain . . . with the supreme commander . . . in this world and the one we can’t see  . . .”

Bob Dylan with Ed Bradley, 60 Minutes

Katy Perry admits this not once, but twice

Rosanne Barr Jokes About it

TuPac, Eminem and others
Talk about selling your soul
(TuPac did not, He’s gone now too)

I took note at 6:32 on the above video, lyrics written on screen said, “Let me take you back in time, rewind to ’89, introduced me to this life of crime but we was blind”.

Someone else sang about being “blind” in her song “Live to Tell”, and we covered her revealing her “holding up her end of the bargain” on the Superbowl Halftime Show.

Months ago, I posted this blog on the Illuminati, the entertainment and music industry, and some of Michael’s warnings about it.  This was the fact that Michael was trying to expose and change what was going on unawares, under our noses.

Prophetic Message In Michael’s “Who Is It” covers several of Michael’s interviews and speeches concerning “The Conspiracy”.  Those of you who are new to this blog, please read this.

I am sure as these days are long, that there are artists, celebrities and media Icon’s who sold their soul to the devil only to regret it.  As Melyssa Ford said above, “It is REALLY not worth it.

During my interpretation of Madonna’s Superbowl Halftime show, I had found several of her videos from past songs, most notably, “Like a Prayer”.  I thought it was an embarrassingly revealing portrayal of her fixation on Michael Jackson, the Music industry’s saint (or at least this is how she saw him, I’ve promoted him to guardian angel in my mind).  Someone posted a comment that they had suspected the same things about “Like a Prayer”.  Another person who emails me and phones me told me about an interview with Dick Clark that Madonna granted back in the 1980’s as her star was rising and Dick Clark asked her what her goals were.  Madonna replied, “I want to rule the world”.

Madonna on Dick Clark – American Bandstand

She said it again in 1984 MTV Interview

Stark difference between Michael and Madonna here . . . Michael wanted to “Heal the World” and Madonna wanted to “Conquer the World”.

Madonna.  I’m not so sure I’m ready to dislike her.  Perhaps she didn’t know or understand the ramifications of the price of her ambition.  Madonna indeed has a “tale to tell”:

First Sign of Trouble?
Live to Tell

The lyrics to Madonna’s song are here (click).  “Live to Tell” was written by Madonna and Leonard Patrick in 1986 and was put on her “True Blue” Album.

Someone’s explanation on a message board that someone sent to me explained the lyrics like this:

Ok, for those wondering what this songs about - it was written for a movie with Sean Penn called "At Close Range". The movie is based on a true story about a father who used his sons to commit crimes. Well, there's a disturbing scene in the movie where the father kills his son with a gun at close range.
Anyway, see the movie. It's a good one from the 80's.

Madonna does not write songs for movies.  They took this song and applied it to this movie.  But even given this explanation, Madonna’s song alludes to a secret learned and kept, and disappointment in not being able to go back and remake decisions.  She’s trapped. She can’t run away and she can’t undo what’s been done.  It could very well be regret over selling her soul as you will see in some of the videos further down.

Wikipedia lists the information on the song as Leonard being the sole writer and Madonna later picking it for her then-husband Sean Penn’s film “At Close Range”.  But we know stories have been written to cover the meaning of Michael’s songs as well. – Source, Wiki

Like a Prayer

Wikipedia had this to say about Like a Prayer:

"Like a Prayer" is a song by American singer-songwriter Madonna from her fourth studio album of the same name (1989). Sire Records released it as the album's lead single on March 21, 1989. Written and produced by Madonna and Patrick Leonard . . . "Like a Prayer" denoted a more artistic and personal approach to songwriting for Madonna, who believed that she needed to cater more to her adult audience. The song is about a passionate young girl in love with God, who becomes the only male figure in her life.” – Source, Wiki

This is a purposely simplistic interpretation of this song.  If it was as simple as a young girl who falls in love with God who is the only male figure in her life, then explain the black man who is falsely accused of a heinous crime that she neglects to witness for?  The fact that the man who is “Jesus” in this film is black, the same likeness of that who is accused of a crime he did not commit, and the fact that she neglects to help him in favor of fantasizing about making love to him in a church?

As per the comments on that particular blog update I am not the only one who caught this.

I wrote to a friend of mine, “Madonna and Michael Jackson - Madonna is taking over as "priestess" of the Music industry now with Michael "sacrificed" . . . More to come on this.  She has a real hangup with Michael.”

So what happened to Madonna?

Madonna sold her soul.  I believe that is what she was singing about in “Live to Tell”.  Who was the man who lied to her about who he really was? 

I put this and the Schmuley interview with Michael about Madonna together and it’s clear that Michael knew something about Madonna to lead him to even say she was not a good person.  He also described her as jealous over the level of response Michael got from an audience.  To be gracious, Michael explained that he understood that, that women don’t scream for other women.

Perhaps Madonna was so moved by envy that she did sell her soul to get to the top and in “Live to Tell”, regretted it?

Live to Tell was released three years before “Like a Prayer”.  Madonna still could have been infatuated with Michael.  Madonna and Michael were seen together, shoved together by a cabal that was trying to corrupt Michael and pull him within their control.  Madonna was possibly employed in that capacity, hence the late night phone calls to try to drag Michael into conversation about “spanky books” and what she was doing to herself while talking to him.

“Like a Prayer” came out in 1989.  Perhaps Madonna, after selling her soul, was let in on what they had planned for Michael.  The set up with the Chandler’s and the ensuing false allegations.  Madonna was just many of the absent “friends” who’s support was not there during this time in Michael’s life.  Did she know this was going to happen?  Was Madonna “ready for the fall” of Michael Jackson? 

Perhaps what happened to Michael prompted Madonna to give in and do what they wanted her to do?

In the comments on that previous blog further down, I posted some of her latest work - one of them is called "The Beast Within".  The whole video is her dressed in a red, demon like outfit like she is getting ready to do battle with Christ and the whole thing is her reading out of the book of revelation . . .it is the most evil thing I have ever seen.

The Beast Within

My first impression of this video and the recital of the Book of Revelations was that of a demon keeping the words of the Prophecy fresh in it’s mind as it awaits the second coming of Christ – anticipating the battle with almost a hunger.  The hatred can be felt.

Interestingly the song was released with Lenny Kravitz in 1991, but was later remixed with the main vocals being replaced by Madonna reciting the Book of Revelation.  Wikipedia has this version:

The Beast Within" is a remix of the song, "Justify My Love", by Madonna and Lenny Kravitz, which was included on the 12" release of the single. The remix uses only the chorus and certain lines of the original song, with the verses being replaced by passages from the Book of Revelation from the Bible. As such, and since subsequent live concert performances have simply billed the song as "The Beast Within", a song in its own right, most fans refer to this track as simply "The Beast Within" and do not refer to it as a remix. The song first garnered media attention early in 1991 when the Simon Wiesenthal Center accused the song of containing anti-semitic lyrics; specifically the lyric "those who say that they are Jews, but they are not. They are a Synagogue of Satan".” – Source, Wiki

I underlined and bolded the portion describing the “Wiesenthal Center” as accusing the song of anti-semitic lyrics.  Seems those spokespeople consider the Bible “anti-semitic” since the part of the lyrics they had a problem with were straight out of Revelation.  If the Bible is “anti-semtic” I guess that makes the Jews “anti-Christ” and Anti-God of Abraham.

However, I do not agree with Wikipedia’s interpretation of this song.  At least not paired with that video above.

Someone posted as anonymous on my blog about the “soul-snatcher” mentioned  in Fritz Springmeier’s book on the CIA, MK-Ultra based mind control.  What Madonna wears on her face in the video above (At 3:46 and 3:55) is allegedly a “soul catcher”.  I have Springmeier’s book but have not read to this part yet, so now I know what to look for thanks to “anonymous”. 

I also disagree with Madonna that this is a “song about love”.  I get no feelings of love from these images at all.  And just to be fair, let’s post the lyrics to “The Beast Within” with Kravitz.

Original song Lyrics – Link

She has the words to “Justify My Love” intermingled with the reading of various verses from Revelation.  There are parts taken out of the verses and other words substituted. She reads Revelation 2:3 together with 2:9 which are words addressed for two different churches.  If this is a song about “love”, then someone has a sorely corrupted interpretation of the emotion.

In the video below, “Paradise Not for Me”, Madonna seems to be addressing God in a rather insolent yet wounded lament of regret.  “Paradise” was released in 2000 as the second to the last track on her “Music” album also released in 2000. – Source, Wiki.  The lyrics for the song are on this link here - Click

Pardise not for me

The beginning lyrics tell the whole story – “I can't remember, When I was young, I can't explain if it was wrong.  My life goes on But not the same.  Into your eyes My face remains.

Chorus - [I've been so high], I've been so down, [Up to the skies].
Down to the ground.  I was so blind I could not see.  Your paradise Is not for me.”

She says she can’t remember when she was young.  That isn’t a song of confidence in my opinion.  And it reminds me of mind control compartmentalization.  She says she “can’t explain if it was wrong” . . . if WHAT was wrong?  The decisions she’s made?  She was so blind she could not see . . . “your paradise is not for me”.

Sounds eerily similar to a response Marilyn Monroe gave to Billy Graham when he told her he was sent by the Spirit of God to preach to her and she responded “I don’t need your Jesus”.

It is hard for me find empathy for Madonna since her productions do more to mock God then to celebrate or praise him.  Some of her songs seem to regret a decision she feels she cannot back out of, and other times she seems to revel in her decadency.

Below are several examples toward the end of the 3 minute video, of Madonna’s portrayal of Christ and the cross.

Madonna and her symbols

This video below is more of Madonna’s symbolism in her work.  The song accompanying the video, “Broken” is also very telling.  It was never released and according to the list of unrecorded songs, “Broken” was possibly recorded in 2007.  It was leaked in 2011.

Madonna – Broken
Images are a bit disturbing.  Is she even human anymore?
Lyrics - Click

I can’t get past the cynical confession in this song.  No, she is not happy with her decisions.  This song could very well accompany “Live to Tell”.  It opens with:

Broken like a crooked smile
A little hunched over but I walked that mile
I've woken from a fuzzy dream
You never would believe the things that I have seen

Don't you feel sorry for me
'Cause I'm right where the universe wants me to be
A lesson that I needed to learn
But that doesn't mean that it doesn't burn

Don't you feel sorry
Don't you feel sorry
Don't you feel sorry for me
'Cause I won't change my story
Don't take all my glory
Don't you feel sorry for me

Tied up with leather and rope
A little bit of medicine to give me hope
I'm inky like a smoking gun
It's gonna take a while to heal the damage done

Don't you feel sorry for me
'Cause I'm right where the universe wants me to be
A lesson that I needed to learn (A lesson that I needed to learn)
But that doesn't mean that it doesn't burn

Don't you feel sorry
Don't you feel sorry
Don't you feel sorry for me
'Cause I won't change my story
Don't take all my glory
Don't you feel sorry for me

(A lesson that I needed to learn)
No pain, no gain, no defective parts
No dirty business, no forgiveness, no broken heart

(Don't you feel sorry)

Don't you feel sorry
Don't you feel sorry
Don't you feel sorry for me
'Cause I won't change my story
Don't take all my glory
Don't you feel sorry for me

“I’m right where the universe wants me to be” sounds like Michael’s “Seems like the world has a role for me”.  A lesson that she needed to learn, but it doesn’t mean that it doesn’t burn.  No Dirty business, no forgiveness, no broken heart.

Is she telling herself this to keep the consequences at bay?  You wonder if she even has a choice anymore.  Is it too late?  Could anyone reach her?  Save her?  Would she reach out to God if she could find the love within her heart to do so?

Some of Madonna’s other unreleased songs are almost as telling as the ones that were released.  Songs like “Triggering” and “Keep the Trance” and you can understand possibly why these were never released.  Look at the lyrics to “Dear Father”:

Dear Father An unreleased collaboration with Andre Betts and Mic Murphy (former member of duo The System). An uptempo dance track. Part of the lyrics include: "Dear Father forgive me/ I don't know what I've done/ Dear Father reach out and protect me/ I'll return when my battle is won/ Give me strength/ Don't leave me down below/ Losing my grip/ Help me understand." The song appears in the EMI Music publishing database and in the UK based MCPS system. APRA id# GW09823950.[69] This demo leaked in its entirety online in June 2008”. – Source, Wiki/Madonna

This breaks my heart because she was fighting.  She may not have been a nice person, but she was at some point fighting not to go down.  I feel the lyrics in that song “Dear Father” and I have never heard the song.

Then the SuperBowl In Feb. of 2012

Someone else’s interpretation of  Madonna’s Superbowl “coronation” as Goddess Isis:

Madonna Superbowl performance starts with trumpets announcing her appearance. In the book of revelation trumpets announce God’s judgements. It is fitting friends that the Whore of Babylon’s entrance is announced by trumpets.” – Source, Conspirazzi

Further down it says, “Aleister Crowley called the messianic age the Aeon of Horus. The all seeing eye on the great pyramid represents Horus. If Madonna is Isis this makes her the mother of the savior Horus. You can see in the performance that the Vogue picture makes a third eye on Madonna’s forehead.”

Madonna’s creative concert director also “creates” for Rhianna, Christine Aguilera, Britney Spears, Ricky Martin and Diana Ross.  He was a dancer in Michael Jackson’s ’93 Super Bowl Halftime Show.  He had all the top Illuminati artists, successfully programmed and an expert of implementation of symbolism, Jamie King, Not Madonna, is the creator of the show.

King David played the harp and wrote many songs. The new savior in Judaism is called Moshiach ben David. He is the second coming of Christ and will fulfill the rest of the prophecies Jesus did not fulfill. Madonna is a follower of Judaism and she waits for her new savior to come and usher in the messianic age. This is the secret behind the Superbowl performance.” – Source,
Sent by Cathy

So did all this with Madonna start with envy over Michael Jackson and the response he could elicit from his fans?  The money he made?  The adulation he received or was she already “gone” before they met?

Madonna’s interview post Superbowl revealed a rather delusional take on her audience during her performance.  I was almost embarrassed for her. She told her host that she was so “nervous I almost cried”, and that she “felt the love and unity” coming from the audience.

While that may be what she is looking for, uttering Michael Jackson prose comes off more like propaganda.  Saying Michael words will not make her “Michael Jackson”.  And most in her audience fail to see how a bunch of lazer-lighted satanic symbols would draw “love and unity” from anyone.  To the contrary it was repulsive to me.

I am torn between WANTING to “feel sorry” for her and warning people ABOUT her.  I spent some of today watching some of her early interviews and she comes off self-centered kid who has no clue how many crushed relationships it takes to “conquer the world”.  She wants what she wants and to hell with everyone else.

How do you turn that into “love and unity”?

You don’t.  The search for what Michael accomplished can’t be done if “you” is the only thing you care about.  I would hope that she found that out and it stopped her from selling her soul, but it does not appear to be the case.

I don’t know what to do with my feelings about Madonna because I’m not even sure what I feel.  I thought she was pretty before “fame” got to her.  Now she seems hard, bitter and almost scary.  I don’t see kindness, love or unity in her eyes.  But I would love for the possibility to exist for something to melt her heart.

Correspondence in reference to Michael and his “Billie Jean”

From Blake:

You are on to something with 'Billie Jean'.  Reference to the 40 days and 40 nights - could be like the flood where man was wiped out (with a few exceptions).  That's what Satan wants to do.  In this instance, God did it for him so "The Law" was on his side.  When sin is in demand, we can only stand by clinging to God.  "She told my baby we danced 'til 3" -  Michael dallied with them for a while until 3 - the Holy Trinity - saved him and he started trying to get away and expose them.  They showed him a photo (graven image or copy) and they eyes looked like his.  This child would look convincingly like him, but the fruit of this is not his - don't be deceived! 

Michael's songs telling/warning us go way back.  Listen to Music's Taking Over, All Night Dancin', Torture and This Place Hotel (which has been gone over) and State of Shock - "look what you've done to me.  I bought  a CD, Playlist: the very best of the jacksons a while back and all those songs are on there along with Goin' Places, Enjoy Yourself, Shake Your Body, Things I Do For You, Lovely One, Medlye: I Want You Back/ABC?The Love You Save (Live), Man of War and 2300 Jackson Street.  In 2300 Jackson they sing about being "united and standing strong" and working the master plan" - check it out.  I thought this CD was produced by Epic because that's what's in big letters but reading closer it has  2009 Sony Music Entertainment.  I find that interesting that all this was re-released by Sony!  Why?  Is this all part of the "Illusion"?**

I agree with this.  The line in “Billie Jean” that goes “then every head turned with eyes that dreamed of being the one, who would dance on the floor in the round”.

Did those “eyes” include Madonna’s?

How beautiful she would be with the love of God in her.  How far away she seems to be from him now.  I do wish she could find her way back.

Current Events

Before I post this for tonight, this is totally off topic, but I did not want to just leave it hanging.

Karen sent me this news article a couple of days ago and (I’m laughing, shaking my head), I didn’t think it warranted a whole blog topic so I’ll post it here.

Seems one of Michael’s “closest exploiters” now wants to exploit YOU the best way he knows how.

And now, in the same spirit, I have cast my yarmulke into the ring by declaring my desire to seek the Republican nomination for Congress in New Jersey’s ninth district where I live. I am now actively exploring the viability of my candidacy and my ability to integrate existing responsibilities into the considerable effort a successful candidacy will entail.” – Source, Yahoo News

Yes, you heard correctly. The “Rabbi” who is best known for trying to convert Michael Jackson, embezzle from two charities (one of them Michael’s Jackson’s Heal the Children, the other L’Chaim Society) now wants to represent . . . (who?  Why other embezzlers of course) YOU in congress.  Like we don’t have enough problems with disappearing Pentagon funds and black budget bail outs?

I can see his campaign strategy right now . . . just accuse all his opponents of being drug addicts . . . or  of being friends with Mel Gibson and his “scandalous” movie!

Well, is anyone in New Jersey besides the Cascios going to vote for him?

That’s all I have tonight. Something positive to end the night :p

God bless you all.  Please continue to pray for Whitney’s daughter and family, and pray for Madonna’s children as well.

Madonna’s excursion through the industry has left a huge mark on her.  I don’t see her coming back but I could be wrong.  And I wonder if she is one of those “children” that could be saved if we “all cried at the same time”?

Madonna as a Child


  1. Hi Bonnie. According to TMZ friends say that Whitney had premonition about death. They said the same thing about MJ. That he told a friend that he felt his days were up.
    It says in the news that Whitney was found with her face under water and her legs in the air.
    Can someone explain the legs in the air thing. A dead person with her legs up in the air? It takes ours before the body gets stiff, right?

    1. Not sure how they meant that and who knows? They could be just adding and adding to the story to make it more salacious. Remember, don't believe everything you read. Let Whitney have some dignity even if these poor excuse for human beings can't leave her alone.

  2. I can't believe I asked about that! I feel kind of weird about it now. But I never heard anything like it. Legs up in the air? Susanne

    1. It's not that important. Like I said above, just stories to sell news.

  3. BONNIE, Susanne informs us on a TMZ article's detail on Whitney Houston : it is not only salacious from those tabloids to make money on a dead person (they are used to it anyway) but worse : it aims to sully & ridiculize that person in a very vicious, cruel & hypocritical way. I hate it & am ANGRY. Why only good ones like Michael, Whitney or a few good others are "selected" & sullied to public insane scrutiny, can one tell me ? The memory I want to keep from Whitney Houston is this : beauty, elegance, grace, talent, dignity & warmth of heart :

    Even if some pictures of an upset you under drug influence circulated in the press the past years, alltogether in your inner being, Mrs. Houston, you are forever a LADY & a child of God !

    1. That was beautiful. I love the way she breaches that chest to head to chest voice. I too get angry thinking about what they do to these angels in that industry.

  4. Bonnie,

    I hope you don't mind me posting my comment here...comment that I just made on the previous blog on Whitney. I hope you will accept my comment, because I am concerned about false information:

    Bonnie and whoever else made claim:

    Bonnie said ">>>>>>>>>>> And we are both of the opinion that Karen may have said she altered video footage or photos to make him look healthier, she lied and was doing the exact opposite."

    Emily says, Hold on. Bonnie and whoever made claim, with all due respect, Karen Faye NEVER said she was involved in the editing of This Is It. Kenny Ortega was oversaw the editing.

    See link below of ABC interview and comments by Karen Faye AND Michael Bush. Starting @ 3:14 and ESPECIALLY @ 5:40 to end.

    With all due respect, people have to be careful when they start accusing people with no references/no backup for their claims. If Karen Faye was involved with the editing of This Is It, please make citations. Or else there is a loss of credibility.



    PS Or IF Karen Faye SAYS she was involved with the editing of This Is It, please make citations. I would love to see any references.

  5. Bonnie,

    Just to clarify my comment: I know Kenny Ortega directed This Is It. I do not know off the top of my head who the editor/editors were. Kenny oversaw production because he was the director. I just know that Karen Faye had nothing to do with the editing of This Is It.


    1. Emily,

      I agree with you wholeheartedly. Here is my link to my source:

      "BTW I found copies of some old messages from Karen Faye's Facebook, where she says she retouched the footage from TII AND they also altered his image e.g. widened his legs to look fatter(she did not do the legs, and said Michael would be horrified as his legs never looked like that). This could explain why Michael looks like a different person in different shots in the film. Not becasuwe they were doubles, but because they were covering up the truth."

      I didn't make that claim, Princessglam did. And the Facebook account does not exist anymore so I too would like to see these references.

    2. On a side note, before you call this out as "false" information, you too should be held accountable before accusing people. Princess said Karen Faye posted she "touched up footage" not "edited the whole film".

      I also have copies of facebook messages where Karen asked me to put up a fake facebook page, and infiltrate and spy on Kenny Ortega and Randy Philips, but I don't have a link for them because her facebook page is gone. This is how and why I can call her a liar.

      I know Kenny Ortega is said to have done editing, but I also know that editing was done after Ortega and I had someone else with the software go over the pictures and point out the editing to me.

      I have covered ALL THIS on older blogs. I shouldn't have to cite and recite all this old information, Just search "photoshop" on this blog and you will find all the blogs on this topic. But with regard to Karen's facebook messages about her doing the editing I agree. If Princess Glam could produced links to these messages she found, Karen Faye has some tall es-plainen to do!

    3. Bonnie,

      I know it was not you who made the claim.

      I am no apologist for Karen Faye. I just want the truth as you do, even tho MusikFactoryTwo is not the gospel. On MUSIKFACTORYTWO Blog, there is "Karen Faye Facebook Comments on Michael Jackson". Link below:

      I could not copy & paste comment here. But about 1/3 down it states a quote from Karen's Facebook: I had to write this out in longhand in order to quote here "...They are on a mission of damage control. I even saw an image when Michael was definitely retouched. Michael's thighs were NEVER that big. He would be appalled to be painted that big."

      This statement is a far cry from Karen saying "she altered video footage or photos to make him look healthier, she lied and was doing the exact opposite.", per Princess Glam?

      The prior ABC interview link I posted AND this ENTIRE Facebook reproduction should be explored. (MuzikFactory says Karen's Facebook was deleted but she copied Karen's comments)

      I am a researcher myself, and it just bothers me when someone makes a false statement, then builds a whole case around it. In Logic, the is called the fallacy of the Straw Man.

      I do not know all about Karen Faye. But I do know the research I have done. In this particular instance, I never found any statement from Karen Faye that she helped anyone alter images of Michael.

      In all candor, I make mistakes too, and sometimes I am very certain of my recollection, only to find out later that my recollection was totally wrong. So I understand. But in this instance, I felt compelled to give my take on this. Thank you.



    4. Emily, I saw a comment where Princess Glam recanted, I will have to look further down. However this statement from Faye (copied by Muzik, who is never consistent)

      "I had to write this out in longhand in order to quote here "...They are on a mission of damage control. I even saw an image when Michael was definitely retouched. Michael's thighs were NEVER that big. He would be appalled to be painted that big."

      >>>>>>>> Thank you for taking the time to write it out longhand. And I beg to differ about Michae's "thighs were never that big" . . . Dangerous Tour he is wearing very close fitting black pants and he is quite built. It's one of those pics where he is standing on . . .well let me see if I can find a link to a photo:

      and :

      Look like well built thighs to me . . .

      (Michael please forgive me, I don't care about your butt, really).

      Very revealing on the comment and how it was misconstrued, Emily. Thank you very much. I do agree with you on this 100%. (Even if it is Karen, LOL)

      I have explored the whole photoshopping and film frame editing a number of times - Too many times. Like I said do a search on "photoshop" or "photo shopped" and you will have plenty of reading material here :o)

      Muzik's link is not welcome here though, for future reference. I don't want to be accused of sending anyone to the blog of someone who trashes Michael's family and his mom.

      Again, thank you very much for straitening this out. My apologies to Karen Faye for not checking that out before I posted it. And I see Princess also posted "her bad" so we all have the same understanding. ♥♥♥ Good job Emily!

    5. Clarification, IF you are interested in searching the blogs I've done on the photo shopping, search THIS BLOG in the search bar top right hand side. Sorry.

    6. You know what ladies? (I am addressing this to both Princess Glam and her tag team partner Emily),

      I am going to go out on a limb here and assume you didn't read the ENTIRE post of Muzik's. Then I'm going to ASSUME that perhaps both of you just tried to set me up.

      Then I'm going to post screen shots of everything . . .

      Too late! I've already got them.

      Emily I thought your post sounded just a little too rehearsed. Don't bother commenting. Your posts will not see the light of day from here on out. Both of you are banned.

  6. Ciao Bonnie, mi e' piaciuto molto questo blog. Mi ha colpito le parole di Bob Dylan, e' una bella persona. Invece Madonna non so veramente cosa pensare. Non riesco a capire come faccia a 54 anni (in agosto) a fare ancora dei tour per il mondo. Infatti verra' in Italia prossimamente. Incredibile, ma quanta forza ha? Sono sincera, non e' mai stata una mia simpatia.
    A presto, Daniela.

    1. Translated:

      Hello Bonnie, and I 'loved this blog. I was struck by the words of Bob Dylan, and 'a beautiful person. Instead, Madonna does not really know what to think. I can not understand how he does at 54 years (in August) to do even tour the world. Will in fact 'in Italy soon. Unbelievable, but how strong is he? They are sincere, it 's never been my sympathy.
      See you soon, Daniel.

    2. Daniela,

      Bob Dylan is a bit older than 54. Do you mean Madonna? She is the same age as Michael and is or will be 54 soon..

      Yes, it is amazing what people can accomplish when they are not subjected to eating the same chemically altered and genetically altered food that we are subjected too. Their bodies last a bit longer and as long as they do the bidding of the cabal, the "secrets" have been kept from us while they poison us through chem trails and genetically altered foods.

      Amazingly Britain will not let imports of food into the U.S. because of Monsanto's genetically altered produce and animal feed. Perhaps this is why people like Clooney, Madonna, Lisa Marie, Angelina Jolie and the Beckhams move over there. Because they know what they are planning for this country

    3. Translated:


      Bob Dylan è un po 'più vecchio di 54. Vuoi dire Madonna? E 'la stessa età di Michael ed è o sarà presto .. 54

      Sì, è incredibile quello che la gente può ottenere quando non vengano sottoposti a mangiare lo stesso cibo alterato chimicamente e geneticamente alterati che siamo sottoposti troppo. I loro corpi ultima un po 'più a lungo e fintanto che eseguire gli ordini della cabala, i "segreti" sono stati tenuti da noi mentre ci avvelenano attraverso percorsi chem e gli alimenti geneticamente modificati.

      Sorprendentemente la Gran Bretagna non lascerà le importazioni di cibo verso gli Stati Uniti a causa di prodotti geneticamente modificati della Monsanto e dei mangimi animali. Forse è per questo che gente come Clooney, Madonna, Lisa Marie, Angelina Jolie e Beckham muovono laggiù. Perché sanno che cosa stanno progettando per questo paese

  7. Dear Bonnie,

    Whitney houston Diva in the Desert (controversey in israel) Why? (Prime minister)

    Whitney was said to pick up Some prescription from mickey fine pharmacy same pharmacy MJ was connected with. I think they need to be investigated. Wonder Who the owners are, Its family owned.

    1. Very interesting. Of course with the narrator injecting to make a visit to Israel seem weird . . . and this guy who claims to be "The Messiah" COULD BE just an actor stuck in there to be interviewed for the closeup, just to give Whitney's visit a "weird, lack of reality" flavor to it. Whether he was a member of this group or not remains to be seen because we see no more closeups of him.

      Then Whitney refusing to shake Sharon's hand. Good for her! She probably knows he's a fraud.

      Bobby Brown crying at the burial site of Jesus . . . could be genuine. But with him growing up in the business too, was fighting his own hold they had over him.

      Whitney's dedication to Brown - Was it mind control? Was it a need to save someone she though she could save? Or was it a bit of both?

  8. I was her big fan decade of two ago, and her character was
    always clear - material girl :) Ambition with no limits.
    She's the type who would do anything to reach her goals,
    and I have certain respect for her as she started with no
    talent/gift, apart from the gift of believing in herself
    madly and ability to demolish any barriers she met.
    Yes, the time came when I stopped following her work as
    something was not right. Imagery or something stopped
    being appealing to me, I never quite figured out what was
    When I saw "Like a Prayer" and overheard something on
    the radio [I'm not in US, info and all "western" music came to us
    all at once in late 80s-early 90s]about her attempts to make
    out with Mike and knew there is no one bigger than him and what
    a great character he is {it was several years before 1993,
    so press still had hots for him, praising him a lot},
    anyway,yes, I thought she means Mike! I believed it's my
    imagination, later after Mike's Oprah interview and several other
    comparisons Jesus/Mike I believed she meant Mike even more,
    but it still can be just our imagination. We'll never know for sure.

    Of course something that big and adored by millions, adored
    like Michael was - it would never leave her alone. That "competition"
    she lost big time, even though it was competition only in her
    head. I hope she had respect for him, real respect. Not just envy.

    Like Prince [musician], I had no idea press or whoever it was,
    made him be in some weird "competition" with Michael - what?
    Had no idea as .. why would they, no. It's fanfiction.
    At least I know Prince had great respect for MJ
    and visa versa. Talents no one can deny. It was very different
    with Madonna I believe.

    You know, if a person like her had to go through literal or metaphorical
    "soul selling", she did just that. Whenever you'll see media
    mocking her viciously, it's maybe the times she tries to
    fight or be totally on her own. Media is not that chaotic.

    Wow, that video is scary. In fact it scares me truly, unlike
    anything Nine Inch Nails or other officially evil ones ever made LOL.
    It's "art" you know. It's all just "art" now.
    You make me re-read her lyrics from way back when I was a fan,
    wow, it's both good&bad I wasn't good at English!
    Lyrics are so not empty, whoever was writing them.

    1. Hi anonymous,

      I was never a Madonna fan, but I did like her voice in the beginning and her song "Borderline" and "Crazy for You". I think she has a good voice for ballads. After "Like a Virgin" forget it, and with my sensibilities back then? I blame her for the image some men have of women from that generation. I always though women should be women . . . not women pretending to be men. Yechth!!! When did being "feminine" become such a crime?

      I agree with you. I think Michael and Prince had a healthy respect for each other. Madonna? No, I don't see it although she made a rather tame speech after Michael's passing. But Madonna is one person in the camera's face. In her songs, I hear some regret, I really do, and like I said, perhaps some bitterness and a bit of blaming God for the decisions she's made. No doubt she made them herself and I'm not making excuses for her. But I go back to "Live to Tell" and that tells me a lot.

      Yes her videos above - "The Beast Within" and "Broken". It's like a cross between "Hellraisers" and "The Ring" with those two videos. Very alarming. Art? I guess people have to draw their lines in the sand where art is concerned. You can enlighten, uplift and empower others using art . . . You can also abuse others using the same.

  9. Whitney:

    "It's a sad event in America: Whitney Houston now appears to be the latest victim of Big Pharma's toxic prescription drugs. Found dead in a hotel room with no evidence of foul play, Houston's body was discovered next to a plethora of mind-altering prescription drugs that almost certainly caused her death." - Source,

    Yeah . . . Just place bottled next to a dead body in a bathtub and viola! Instant scapegoating!

  10. And this one!

    The recent death of Whitney Houston adds yet another tragic chapter to the scourge of FDA-approved prescription drugs in America. As you'll see in today's timeline article, these dangerous addictive drugs have killed a long list of beloved artists and singers who never should have died so young:

    Hello, but DRUGS don't KILL unless you TAKE THEM and WHO WAS SUPPLYING/DRUGGING HER????

  11. BONNIE said : "I thought she was pretty before “fame” got to her. Now she seems hard, bitter and almost scary."

    Madonna was always tough inside but with the time all is read on a face. Sexually provocative she always was too & the older she gets the youngest are her toyboys in private alike on her shows. It's her life after all but what's most disturbing is the amalgam & provocation she always played on purpose between Jesus & Satan mixed with sexual issues : she chose her camp. The problem is that a vulnerable youth can be infected. Illuminati symbols all along her SB Show ending with the show highlight "World Peace" : insane.

    1. Hi Line, you said

      "It's her life after all but what's most disturbing is the amalgam & provocation she always played on purpose between Jesus & Satan mixed with sexual issues : she chose her camp."

      >>>>>>>>Yes she did. She chose her camp. And the same people that exhibit the trait of jealousy and confiscation of other people's message or work, the same usually lay the blame at other's feet for the decisions that were completely their own.

      And I agree, a vulnerable youth she has already infected. Promoting World Peace through the system of murderers. Insane like you said.

  12. Thanks to Micheline for looking further into this. Some interesting points she brings up!


    I agree 100% with Chaka Khan about the irresponsibility of having Whitney arrive in L.A. a whole week before the Grammys, knowing she was vulnerable and fall into that seedy world of drugs and alcohol. Someone should have known better than to leave her in that situation without watching her. I would almost suspect that they purposely exposed Whitney to the dangers knowing she would not be strong enough to get through it. You know how they do it in they can drive someone to their death without ever touching them, like poor Corey Haim...and what they tried to do to Michael. These people die from calculated abuse and neglect, with a little extra push from behind!

    Bonnie, I hate to even think it...but, given how Michael's music has generated hundreds of millions of dollars for Sony after his "death," do you think it's possible that the power behind Whitney's record label (Arista) saw how it worked for Sony and wanted their own posthumous golden goose? It wouldn't surprise me one bit if they "helped" push her over the cliff!

    Just as we saw the inside of Michael's bedroom at Carolwood, the NY Daily News published a photograph taken inside Whitney's hotel room showing remnants of her last meal from room service just hours before she died, and from what I could see, the room was a bit of a mess. There was food for more than one person on the hotel cart and another table (a turkey sandwich under a covered metal dish, and a partially eaten burger and fries). That indicates someone was in the room with Whitney - perhaps her aunt. Knowing Whitney's substance and alcohol problems why was there also a champagne glass and a can of Heineken beer? Was someone drinking with Whitney instead of trying to keep her away from the stuff? There was also an overturned ashtray and cigarette butt on the floor, and some grimy looking clothes supposedly belonging to Whitney. Even if Whitney was drinking the beer and champagne by herself, this indicates something was very wrong with her long before she went to take a bath. Is Aunt Mary blind? She puts Whitney's dress out to get things ready while she takes a bath, and only worries when she doesn't come out after an hour? The champagne and beer don't raise any red flags that Whitney was already in a dire compromised state?

    The pieces don't fit. The photo looks like someone was on a binge. I think Whitney was in trouble several hours before she went into the bathroom (IF she actually went in the tub under her own power). The L.A. authorities are saying there is no reason to investigate her death as a homicide. Really? Is someone out there getting a little nervous and jumped the gun? Whoever suggested it might have been homicide? They say that before the full toxicology report comes as Whitney's body is sent home to NJ for her funeral? Open and shut? I wonder. I saw the photo today in the paper at work, but had to leave it at the office. Will try to find it online and send it to you.

    What do YOU ALL think?

  13. Micheline's thoughts above make sense. Whitney was not protected even by her family & the LA Police seems to play very bad games. I still believe Whitney was murdered, either on Saturday because all reports are so fishy, or slowly since the 90s, but all done on purpose IMO. But OK whatever I think or say ...I don't know in the end, just a bad feeling I had since last Sunday.

    1. I agree with you. I think many see this as incredibly unbelievable. I will be posting a link to Jermaine's interview below . . . very revealing.

  14. What do I think... I think that AGAIN we'll never know
    for sure :(
    The amount of fishy cases which are closed with
    "accidental overdose" or "suicide" or "natural" stamp is crazy,
    I know it from my family experience and we are not
    celebs. It was done because police was simply l-a-z-y.
    (I know for sure, they didn't bother with forged toxicology
    report as we're regular ppl, but refused to show it for
    several months, the death was clearly criminal, but it was
    closed with "natural causes" stamp, just to avoid the hassle)
    Imagine what can be done if police is not only lazy, but
    well paid to keep it "just another tragic accident"?
    So no matter what we think, officially they most likely
    will keep it what they paint it in the media already.
    I dunno what to do. The whole system is what Michael said.

    1. Anonymous, not just lazy but also sometimes covering up on purpose. Look how QUICKLY all that was "solved" and she is sent home. With Michael they hadn't even finished questioning people yet in the same amount of time!

      Major cover up and you're right, or Michael's right . . . the whole system sucks.

  15. Micheline
    I agree. It is like a sophisticated murder. Put the person in a vulnerable situation full of temptations and you don't have to do the actual killing just stand beside and watch. Someone should have done something. Who is someone? Her aunt were there by her side. Why didn't she do something? Why didn't Chaka Khan do something? Where was her mother? She survived all those years doing drogs with Bobby. And now when most people thought she was ok and on her way back she drops dead without a warning. It says on TMZ that her friends are saying that she told them her end was near. And she was saying that she was gonna go and see Jesus. Why didn't her friends do something if they were so aware that something was wrong. Maybe it was a cry for help. And everybody just ignored it. And know when she is dead everybody comes forward saying she was acting strange, erratic and this and that. She drank this and she drank that. What's the bodyguards for. When you really need them they are nowhere in sight. They always shows up when it is too late. I know a bodyguard are meant to protect you from others. But I starting to wonder if the bodyguards job should be to protect the artist from him/herself. And when all is said and done we are all responsible for ourselfs. But it sure helps if people around you care too, right?

    1. I think it is pertinent to remember, for sanity's sake, that EVERYTHING in the press is not the truth. The reason there is so much conflict about Whitney, the condition in which she was found and WHO actually found her is not because her family or friends are lying, but because THE PRESS IS MISQUOTING AND LYING.

      We don't know for sure what Whitney said in the week before this happened. Whitney saying she was going to "be with Jesus" could very well have been taken out of context or said a couple of years ago - so they quote her in the present. This is the tricks they play.

      As far as the drugs and alcohol, placing it at the crime scene does not make it the cause of death. I think it's safe to say that the coroner's and the detectives did a REALLY SLOPPY JOB at the very least and at the worst? ON PURPOSE COVERUP.

  16. Dear Bonnie,

    You should watch all five parts of Desert Diva wendy williams and whitney Have it out wendy totally disrespect whitney.

    I think chaka khan meant exactley what She said keep the bad people away, not drugs or alcohol.

    Celebrity= foreign country .........somebody dont like it,
    50 cent is in iran

    1. Nita,

      I am partway through. I had to break it off and will go back to it.

      Chaka Khan AND Whitney both. Chaka said keep the BAD PEOPLE AWAY and Whitney said "don't pray about the drugs, pray for ME".

      Very revealing. These ladies are long timers in the industry they KNOW what is going on. Chaka can't talk . . . not much and Whitney did her best with as much as she could get out being surrounded.

      Jermaine said it best when he described in the interview how people in the industry see family closeness and they WORK to separate them and isolate them (artists) from their support base and these people DO NOT CARE ABOUT THAT PERSON.

      Really tired of them.

      50 Cent in Iran is probably only worth 33 cents now (sorry, I couldn't resist, LOL)

    2. Bonnie

      I just listened to Jermaine's interview. And I can tell that he was so shocked by Whitney's death. It's like June 25, 2009 all over again for him. But he did address some key points. If anyone knows what Whitney and her family is going through, it's the Jackson family. They know first hand because they have been going through it for years with Michael. The music industry have a goal to split the families apart by pitting them against one another for their own agenda. Somebody is always in someone ear and that includes Michael and now Whitney. I can tell Jermaine is deeply hurt by this.


    3. I agree. Thank Jermaine for that interview and expressing this pattern with the industry and it's "bread and butter".

      Latoya had said in her book that there were a lot of parallels in her life and Michael's life with the abuse, abduction, separation, Isolation and turning families against each other.

      The same can be said for what happened with Whitney.

      There are several patterns visible in this and of course the "industry" like her label (Sony of course) and Clive-clefthoof-Davis making sure they suck every bit of revenue out of this "winfall" they've just arranged.

      See Susanne's post below.

  17. Hi Bonnie. You guys must go to click on videos and watch TMZ live 2/13/12. It is several parts. I am not sure how many. I just watched part one. It is about Whitney. These guys at TMZ make a lot of sense. I totally agree with what they are saying so far. Can you believe that they were partying in the same hotel while Whitney was lying dead upstairs. Can the world get sicker than that. Why on earth didn't they cancel it to show her some respect. "The show must go on" , but they couldnt even wait until her body was removed( from the hotel. It is totally insane and sick to me!

    1. Thank you for posting this Susanne. Insane and sick.

      Revelation 12:12
      Therefore rejoice, ye heavens, and ye that dwell in them. Woe to the inhabiters of the earth and of the sea! for the devil is come down unto you, having great wrath, because he knoweth that he hath but a short time.

  18. This is such a tragedy, and all I can think of is how absolutely adorable Whitney was at the height of her fame and youth. Her videos on "I Wanna Dance With Somebody" and "How Will I Know?" epitomize how I want to remember her, and my heart just breaks to see such a beautiful person and talent wasted. Compare her happy and vivacious music videos about love and romance with the sinister and decadent sexuality of Madonna. Watching Whitney made you feel happy to be a girl, and Madonna makes you want take a shower. Her videos are not about healthy beautiful relationships filled with love and hope, but about indulging in base instincts and the corruption of one's own self respect.

    The system got all they could out of Whitney for as long as they could, until they decided she was no longer viable. So they discarded her, just as the world thought she was headed for a comeback. Sound familiar? I could scream!

    Also disturbing is the fact that with all we heard of Whitney's final hours, does anyone really believe she was ever expected to perform Saturday night at the Grammy party for Clive Davis? By all accounts, Whitney was in no shape to do any such thing long before she ever stepped into the bathtub. All evidence in that hotel room points to a woman who was crashing and burning. Notice how smoothly the Grammys went on the air without so much as a minor slip-up by anyone? It's as if the producers had been ready "for any contingency" and didn't miss a beat. Wow, be a good little soldier - the show must go on, eh?

    When Michael passed the world was instantly numb with grief, and I can still remember Stevie Wonder totally breaking down while performing two weeks later at the July 7 Staples memorial service. Whitney Houston was one of the top mega stars in the music industry, and to learn of her death just hours earlier at the age of 48, it was unnerving to see how well orchestrated the Grammy broadcast was. I am not content to see Whitney's death investigation passed off as another overdose.

    What happened to the promise made by California Attorney General Jerry Brown on June 25, 2009 when he vowed to take a hard look at prosecuting anyone who might have been responsible for over medicating in Michael Jackson's death? It was supposed to send a strong message in the handling of future cases involving drug related celebrity deaths. Well, I don't see that happening in Whitney's case. She is being buried this week and it seems like something is being swept under a very large carpet.

    1. You brought a couple of years of lies together in one post (Isn't there a band called "Rage Against the Machine"?)

      First I do not believe for one minute that Whitney was "in no shape". The people regurgitating this garbage are the same "drug addict" apologists that circled Michael like vultures. As for the condition of her room . . . someone is real efficient at designing a "set" because that is exactly what that was. Now both Michael and Whitney are bad housekeepeers? Why? Because they're black? With Whitney's aunt, body guards and others around Whitney, how in the world did champaign and "beer" just appear in the room for a "recovering" alcoholic/druggie? Where did all the "prescriptions" come from? Mickey Fine they said?

      From TMZ - "Among the pills ... ibuprofen (painkiller), Xanax (anti-depressant), Midol (for menstrual cramps), amoxicillin (for treating bacterial infections) ... and more.

      We're told the amoxicillin was prescribed recently because Whitney had been suffering from a sore throat.

      We're told some of the pills were old ... some issued in 2011 ... but some of the bottles were from 2012. We're told the bottles that were recovered at the scene did not contain a lot of pills." Source -

      I'm sorry but none of these drugs would have made her high or have killed her. And again we have "old prescriptions" placed in a hotel room. Why would Whitney bring old prescription drugs with her for a week's stay in L.A.? Makes no sense. Where did these "old" prescriptions come from? They couldn't even drudge up a convincing bottle of oxycontin or percocet? This is all they could place in her room? Just ADD the words "prescription drugs" to the news reports and "ohhhhhhhhh yeahhhhhah! Drug addict death.

      COME ON L.A. CORONER! This is the best you can do? Clive couldn't even have the decency to move his "after party" to another venue?

      I'm waiting for people like Karen Faye and Muzik to start trashing Whitney's family and blaming THEM for her troubles. Sony will soon have handlers and thugs combing through her residences looking for unreleased material. Maybe there's even a FEMALE Jason Malachi for a few added songs if they can't dig up enough from any secret cache's Whitney may have left around.

      Jerry Brown was useless when he was governor the FIRST time. Keep a promise? A politician? You don't think he got into office because he FIGHTS crime do you? No. Bilderberger-Boy was APPOINTED because he plays ball.

  19. Bonnie,Hi. You haven't mentioned the Nicki? Minaj spectacle that ended the Grammy show.Maybe I'm getting ahead of myself. If you get a minute check it out.(I don't want to watch it again.) It looks like the ending to Madonna's ritual. Complete with "the pope,priest, and altar boys". Peace.Linda

    1. Hi Linda,

      No I haven't gotten to that yet. Still looking through it. I had some infiltrator mischief to deal with tonight but I'm done now.

    2. Linda,

      I have not found one single video on Youtube that Sony has not taken down. Apparently they don't want people to figure this stuff out and analyze their bull . . . but have no problem ASSAULTING US on National T.V.

    3. @Bonnie you went in on this post of Madonna I knew years ago somethin was not right about her ok like a prayer i remember seeing that video i was like 5 0r 6 and I could not watch it all i just felt creepy and changed the channel. Madonna always creep ed me out I always thought she was overrated as an artist..when Michael died I said God coming now Whitney these demons claning house and Madonna still singing you know she sold out longtime for real. I believe the song like a prayer is about MJ 100% and i watched the video but muted the music I just never have and cannot listen to maddona especially how i know she a demon. Anyway her performance at super bowl was like a satanic ritual I did not watch only saw pictures I refused to participate in that all my family in the US were glued to the tv i could not talk to nobody and in interviews before the performance she said it was going to be a big statement and bunch a crap...It creeps me out she even came close to MJ. On the schmuley tapes when i heard Michael talk about her jealousy that sealed it for me some people said he was being cocky but he was speaking the truth she wanted fame and fortune as she said in the interview power control. Madonna is overtly sexual i had a problem with that at like 6 i always skipped her music videos when they came on...and guess what I was going to mute and watch live to tell and paradise (i was not gonna watch the beast i dont want that imagery on my mind)lol but the player crashed so i cant the Lord did not want me to see it.

  20. Listen to this beautiful duet by Whitney and Jermaine:

    1. Careful about putting those two names together . . . Or else we'll risk Sony's paid bloggers blaming THE JACKSON FAMILY for Whitney's problems too . . .

  21. Hi Bonnie. I don't know if you watched TMZ. The showed a short footage of TMZ asking questions to the coroner at the hotel and at the same time you could hear load music from the Grammy party. And they showed a picture of Diana Ross at the party with a big smile on her face. I was kind of shocked by that. They also showed a picture of Whitney's mother. Her sad expression on her face hit you straight in the heart. The Devil is wasting no time. He is working his butt off. But he won't win. Love will kill him in the end.

    1. I did not see that no. But at least TMZ was ASKING and not ASSUMING for which I am grateful.

      Diana Ross - really. That was nice of her. She's not appointed beneficiary on the will is she? Can't wait to see who's in charge of THAT.

      That's right Susanne . . . keep the faith. His day is coming.

  22. Hi. I was thinking about the movie "Bodyguard". If I remember it right somebody tried to kill Whitney in the film during her performance at the Grammy Awards. In real life she did die. Not during the Grammys but just before The Grammys. Not the same scenario at all. But still a little bit spooky.
    You get drained by all evil and peoples deaths. It's sucks you dry. So much negative energi. It is not good for your spirit. So God please no more deaths. And MJ may I please borrow your armour for a while? Line you are right. Life is much easier and more fun when you are ignorant. I think you said that a while ago. I just want to shut my ears and my eyes. It's too much evil going on and I don't want to know about it. It is killing my soul/spirit. Enough already. Can't the devil take a day off or go on a vacation or something?

    1. I never saw the movie but I do remember something about the plot and you're right.

      Awwww . . . I'm sure Michael would let you borrow his armor, but you can get your own from the same place - Armor of God.

      I too feel like shutting my ears and eyes sometimes, but I'm glad they are not shut.

      This IS the devil's vacation and he's having a good time, but he's about to get fired.

  23. Susanne, being ignorant & live on a pink cloud : it was just a joke for no one can't really do it :o(

    Diana Ross : Even if Michael admired her much in his youth, I never was a big fan of her, don't know why. So she had a big smile at the Party after Whitney passed ? I'm no so surprised :o( Long life to Mrs. Katherine Jackson (for herself & the MJ3).

    1. Here's that BIG SMILE of hers (Diana Ross) in case you haven't seen it.

      That is just WRONG.

    2. It's funny you should say that, Line because I wasn't either. I liked the Supremes and some of their songs though. LOVED the Pointer Sisters and Gladys Knight (Always thought Gladys was pretty, beautiful and gentle smile).

      Elena, Thanks for posting a glimpse of her seeming insensitivity. Perhaps they just took her picture at an inopportune time?

    3. I wonder how it could be an inopportune time, since it WAS at the party. There are several photos of her hugging and kissing Berry Gordy.

      Why she( or Berry Gordy) smiled is another matter.

      Its inappropriate in ANY case. Even if "she is afraid and is smiling to protect herself... blah blah blah"

  24. Bonnie – yesterday I have heard a news saying the Mormon church is baptizing dead people. How do you baptize anyone who is no longer here? What does it mean? I never heard such bizarre things in my life.

    1. I read this somewhere, but I can't remember where or how long ago, maybe a couple of months ago and yes, it's bizzare. You can't Baptize dead people. What do they do, dig them up and submerge them?

      A person has to make a concious decision to accept Christ and be baptized. Seems like they are doing a lot of work for nothing.

  25. Diana Ross big smile : so much fun this Grammy 2012 !...under the circumstances. The beauty is gone, the beasts feast:o((

    1. I agree. I don't watch the Grammy's and I didn't watch this one. The things I see anymore were not even conceivable when I was a kid watching T.V. . . . the years of "Little House on the Prairie" are gone.

  26. Hey Bonnie,

    This Whitney thing is such a mess! I am glad you pointed out the inability for the "prescription drugs" she had to cause an Overdose. I mean who are they trying to fool? Midol, ammoxicillan and ibuprofen?! Puh-leaze. Now I can but that maybe she od'd on Xanex, but they are not even hyping THAT just trying to pass this of as another "unfortunate" drug overdose.

    As soon as I heard about her death, I knew that it was a ritual sacrifice. I didn't even realize that it was the day before/of the grammys...when I heard about the party going on while her body was still in the hotel, I was completely convinced.

    It is getting more insistent, more NEED to see the Nicky Minaj performance, and TRY not to gauge your eyeballs out, OMG, it is THAT bad.

    They are definately getting us ready for something...I am thinking the olympics is gonna be where it is finally made clear to us.

    Check me out on, still no Bob Marley story yet, but I have posted some interesting information on chemicals in our cleaning supplies. I have a new appreciation for all the work you do, I forgot how much effort it takes to write a GOOD piece of research. :P

    1. Lindsey, did you know that one of your subscribers that calls you "Linds" is a satanist?

  27. Bonnie,Hi. I'm sure that you have been able to find the Nicki Minaj video by now. Just in case, I was able to Google it. Little House on the Prairie is one of my favorite shows. It can still be found on the Hallmark channel. I'm watching right now. Every week day for four hours it's on. Peace.Linda

    1. I found lots of them. Unfortunately I have been unable to find one that actually portrays the show she did. Only static pictures with people commenting on her performance, not the actual performance itself. If you could, could you post the new one if you found it? Much ♥♥♥ Thanks!

  28. Hello Bonnie.
    The last picture of Madonna as a child shows a little girl with that sparkle in her eyes. She was pretty. And now....well we all know.
    Honestly, I never liked Madonna, when I was a teenager I just liked about 2 or 3 songs. When I knew what Michael said about her I was not surprised, somehow his words fit with her personality.
    I was impressed with the videos above, showing a crucified Madonna! O_O HOW could she do something like that?!. And her video "The Beast Within" ... no, no ... no comment.

    Susanne said: " I just want to shut my ears and my eyes. It's too much evil going on and I don't want to know about it. It is killing my soul/spirit. Enough already. Can't the devil take a day off or go on a vacation or something? "

    -->> I think the same Susanne, there is so much evil in this world. That is why sometimes I miss so much my childhood, because I remember how I used to think and how I used to see the world from my child's eyes. There were things that I did not understand but now I do and this world is so sick that makes me feel bad inside :( We just have to wait and have hope, someday it will stop.


    1. Maory look at Madonna's eyes in that childhood picture. What are they saying to you? Madonna was VERY pretty and same here. I liked a couple of her songs, but was in no way into her "confidence", if that's what she wants to call it. Confidence is not the same thing as abusing of others and just my opinion, but she doesn't look like she was a happy little girl.

      I don't know how someone could mock God unless it's really not "her" in there. I too want to shut my ears and eyes but we can't. God chose to open ours and we should be thankful lest we be drawn into that "entertainment".

  29. Hi again. This is a short and beautiful video. Michael singing 'The Lost Children' with fans in Berlin. :-)


    1. Awww. thank you Maory. That is CLEANSING to the "eyes and ears"♥♥♥ God bless you for posting that. :o)

  30. I thought Diana's smile seemed a bit forced in this photo. It's going east to west for sure, but the heart is going south. She doesn't appear particularly jubilant, and she's also missing a long fingernail, which looks odd on a woman known for being a fashion diva. As for Berry Gordy, that's definitely a smile! The guy looks ready to take a bite out of someone! When it comes to the media, celebrities are always conscious of how they will look when their face hits the tabloids. It's a grossly heartless business and you need a thick skin to survive.

    1. You're right Spotlight, she could be putting up a front. Berry Gordy - A bit disappointed in him.

  31. Bonnie,Hi. If you go to
    you can find the video there in it's entirety.

    1. Linda . . . Looking now. Here was an interesting one on Clive Davis, LOL! They posted the same time as I did my new blog!

      You're not going to believe this, but the video is gone.

      These people are really starting to piss me off.

    2. Bonnie,Hi. They sure are working overtime! I had immediately wrote to you when I found it. Unfortunately for them it helps to prove that you are on the right path to the truth...and that "they" are watching. Good thing we have God on our side. No contest.Peace.Linda

    3. Agreed . . . No contest. That's okay. I will trust the descriptions of people who DID see it, since Sony is so concerned about us seeing the TRUTH.

  32. LINE
    I have a pair of pink glasses. I put them on now and then. But just for a short while to stay sane.

    1. Hee-Hee..very good ! I agree with you & Micheline : a pre-Grammy party after the tragic news on Whitney : disrespectful, or a much shorter & sober gathering could be done with words & minute of silence for Whitney.

  33. Spotlight
    Do you mean that Diana Ross maybe did a "Smile when your heart is aching/breaking".
    She didn't attend at MJ's Memorial for some reason. But thought the pre-Grammy party was appropriate when Whitney is lying dead on the floor a couple of floors above.
    I think MJ's memorial was more tasteful.
    Maybe there is a good explanation. She was already on her way to the party and couldn't turn back. I would have thought it to be tasteful if they would have had a silent moment for her, but a Grammy PARTY! That is bizarre to me. But at the same time. We all have different values and morals. We shall not judge, but a party? I don't know if that was a good idea to go ahead with that.

  34. Hey Bonnie,

    One of my best friends is Madonna's first cousin, she lives out here in Hawaii. She has never met Madonna, and she is not a big fan, in fact people she knows buy her Madonna stuff as kind of a joke. I know that they come from a Catholic family and my friend shows no signs of being ritually abused as a little girl. I do remember her telling me something like Madonna's mom died when she was young, so if they were abusing her I am not sure her family was in on it. Recently, I read that Madonna may be bloodline, so I think it is BEYOND interesting that I may actually know a person who (unknowingly) has illuminati bloodline. I have never discussed my belief that Madonna is a devil worshipper with my friend out of resepect, but from what I can tell, she is completely oblivious to the symbolism.

    1. Lindsey not everyone raised Catholic suffered Ritual abuse. My husband is ex Catholic and so is my EX-husband. No ritual abuse there either.

      The mind control with Madonna I am talking about is when she got into the industry, not so much when she was a child. But look at her childhood photo above. Happy child? Not in my opinion.

      Madonna I think lost her mom when she was about 9 or 10.

      I wouldn't just dump this on your friend either, if this is her cousin. If she's never met her own cousin, there is probably no personal connection there.

    2. They were partying it up for satan thats all i can say no way no one keeps a party for someone they die and you still keep the party???

    3. Madonna is gone in the head in the like a prayer video what is the reason for her lighting the crosses on fire other than to mock God? and its actually 6 crosses !! I watched the video about her symbols she been up to no good for years shame and she seems so cocky and proud of her situation she boldly says to rule the world and she came to New York seeking fame and fortune that's how the devil holds these celebrities... she has such a cold stare...and her kissing Britney on stage more than once i think she is bi and her nude book (all types a slackness)book i heard about in her E true hollywood story. I am hearing Michael supposedly owned her nudes I know he saw the evil/devil in Madonna i doubt he had those LOL MJ did not play around about his opinion on her he was not naive to these suckers as they thought. I wish someone had been there to keep him close to his family no matter their flaws they were his blood it would have helped him a lot. I could not be famous I have to talk to my mom everyday and I do not do isolation I need to see my aunts once a month at least. I am getting ready for Jesus for sure he is on his way end times for sure!!!

  35. Jealousy...
    I'm at the moment re-watching "Amadeus", it's the movie from
    1984, based on Peter Shaffer's play that was based on
    Alexander Pushkin's play from around 1831, Mozart and Salieri, and that was about Envy as it is.
    of course it's all fiction [Pushkin wrote it in the first place,
    let's not hate on Salieri the real character :) ], but it highlights jealousy so well
    and evil character being mad at God most of all.
    Lol I'm not sure what I'm trying to say with that, it's just watching it reminded me of reading this blog :)
    Some things were always there, like Jealousy/Envy. Lethal, soul-eating jealousy. And Genius that comes from God was always the victim here. Not recognized in life and mistreated by masses who
    were manipulated by the mighty haters. And wow, "entertainment" was always a nest of greedy snakes! It went rampant these days, but
    most sad is we did not evolve.

  36. Hi Bonnie, a very interesting but shocking blog. I admire Madonne for her music, but don't know what to think about her controversial acting and using strange symbols, and to speak for freedom in the world or to "make this planet a better place"-as she said in her speech in one of her concerts during the MDNA tour..She's so contradictory!!
    Regarding the musical arrangements of her songs I'm quite blown away, she's so gorgeous, but that's the devil tenpting me to follow her...I'm scared!!
    The recent video to "Girls gone wild" would perfectly complete this analysis-she's still deep of regret but can't resist the temptation to sin-the end of the video shows her with blood tears running down her check...Scary!
    What about all the people listening to her music..are the risking to band together with the devil as well?

    Greetings, raindrop

    1. Hi Raindrop,

      Madonna's earlier ballads were songs I could sing to but I didn't like most of her music. In the beginning of her career I thought she kinda looked like a little girl but something happened to her.

      Why would you be afraid of Madonna? She can't hurt you, LOL! She's a person. I feel a lost/trapped person and that song of hers "Live to Tell" I will lay you odds is about the Music business and her realization she signed her soul away on the dotted line.

      You know what I would do? I would pray for Madonna. I don't know if there is any residue of a little girl left in there but I would just pray for her. See if God can reach her. There is no telling what she's seen.

  37. But what does exactly "selling one's soul to the devil" (for fame and fortune) mean?
    Is it a metaphorical term or did she use a spiritual technique in order to do this-as she speaks about a "secret that she hides"?
    But still M.J would be taken as an example that obviously it isn't necessary to sell one's soul to the devil for fame, so why did Madonna have to do it?
    And if it's just a metapher, why does she so deeply regret it and can't undo it? I'm still very confused what to think about her, I like many of her songs, "Live to tell" is one my very favorite tracks, even though I didn't know the meaning behind it untill now-it's just a sad song and any sad situation could be referred to it. The same goes for many other songs I like-for example "The power of goodbye"..Interestingly it's rather her later work I prefer over the earlier one, because of her voice which became less squealing, but deeper and mor mature instead..Well, I don't feel comfortable listening to her music, at least since she began using religious symbols in a ambiguous way-I just try to repress the memory of it. Unfortunately I can't change my taste and I REALLY like her music.. As far as I know she converted to Buddhism and it's maybe for this reason wha she mocks Christianity (??).
    Thank you for replying me, greetings..


    1. Hi Raindrop,

      The videos where celebrities are interviewed shown above should explain the whole industry and what "selling your soul" means. You literally sell your soul. You make pledge allegiance to the "god" of the music industry. In exchange they make you famous/rich that is until they are done with you. You in turn, push the agenda, flash the symbols, pose with illuminati propaganda, sing the lyrics they want you to sing, etc....

      In Michael's case they had plans for him from the time he was a child. Billie Jean is one song that tells that story.

      Madonna? She willingly sold her soul, even though her song "Live to Tell" gives us the idea that she was deceived into doing it.

      I actually preferred Madonna's earlier balads to her songs today. I can't even listen to her recent songs.

      She's not a Buddhist. She is Kabbalah. Do a search on Madonna and Judaism and you will find all kinds of articles and of course, pictures of her with that tell-tale red string on her wrist.

  38. Thanx for putting this right with the Kabbalah! I must have mixed something up..and I didn't know it's some kind of celebrity cult..
    I hope Madonna will find the way to God. Still I think there is also a good, loving side within her spirit. There are at least two songs which come into my mind where it's perceptible; it's "Little star"-written for her daughter when she was born and the other one: "Masterpiece"-surprisingly coming from the new album :-)


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