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Michael Jackson Justice: Michael Jackson, Conspiracies and Prophesies

God: Reconnect to Him

The Conspiracy against God is about "The Word", and the profaning of His Holy Name within us. Adam fell in the garden, breaking the direct connection to God. Jesus, the "last Adam" was a quickening Spirit, the Word made Flesh, and the only one with whom we can re-establish our relationship with God. Michael's story is still unfolding. He is the one who is, is not. But Jesus is the only name given under heaven by which we must be saved. Many are trying to rewrite HIStory. We were given a help to instruct us. Learn more "here".

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Michael Jackson, Conspiracies and Prophesies

The Lie Explained, Part 2
John Todd – Continued
The Satanic Music Industry

From yesterday’s Blog, “Ode to Musical Prophets

Before we continue with John Todd’s lecture, part of which I included yesterday in the blog, I wanted to look again at what happened to Whitney Houston.  Seems like the lies never cease.

Micheline had brought to my attention the press about Whitney’s daughter Bobbi Kristina and the stories about her drug use.  One of the articles said she had disappeared during (or right after) her mother’s funeral and she was found snorting cocaine.

Another source (as well as the same source) said that family spokespersons said she was in Rehab last year and would do drugs with her mother.

People, please don’t believe this garbage.  If Whitney’s daughter was in rehab LAST YEAR we would have seen it in the papers LAST YEAR.  It is a completely fictional story.  They have pictures of SOMEONE with their head bent toward a mirror with a straw and it could be ANYONE who even looks slightly like her.  They have other pictures where is in a completely different outfit with a cigarette in her hand.

Remember that falsified pictures and photo shopping for a story is not just done for the benefit of Michael Jackson.  We have the same familiar anonymous “family spokespersons”, “an insider” making these claims just as was rampant with Michael’s media torment.  These people have something to hide and Bobbi Kristina is a threat.  So the pile-on begins.  Please don’t forget what the press and their graphic artists are capable of.

If it is even true that Bobbi Kristina left the service, perhaps it was for THIS REASON:

Whitney’s Funeral
Bodyguard Ray Watson Speaking

This was sent to me by Cathy.  There was the irritating distraction of the minister sitting behind Ray as he was speaking, drinking a cup of coffee . . . (at a funeral?  He couldn’t deny himself for an hour or two?)

@4:06, AFTER explaining that he was a Christian, Ray Watson flubs two lines.  He says that Whitney came to his room and spoke “Bliblically”, and then he said “and, she started talking about Matthews . . .”

Is he talking about the Gospel of Matthew or a clothing store?  Was he being specifically and INTENTIONALLY coy?  Or did he really not want people not in the know to find the Book of Matthew in the Bible?  He may have been nervous, I’ll give him that.  But if he was “a Christian” as he said, her bodyguard for 11 years AND her brother-in-law, I would think the book of Matthew would not be such a foreign word for him to speak.

@5:06, Watson oddly describes walking into “the room” and said “I realized, she had left.  It seems like my whole world just . . . . I lost a friend, a boss, I lost a sister . . . but then her spirit came to me and said, ‘you’re free’.

I also noticed that he made mention of a heavily read and marked Bible.  To his credit and to Whitney’s memory, he at least got that much out past the other oddities during that ceremony.

Whitney was SUPPOSEDLY a Baptist and brought up in a Baptist church.  The FUNERAL was supposed to have been held at a Baptist Church.  However, I also grew up in a Baptist church and because of my family’s transient lifestyle I attended MANY different Baptist churches.  Never, did I ever see one of THESE at a Baptist church:

Still of the video

Take a look at the picture.  What do you see on the pulpit drape?

Cross through the Crown

What it means

In the Masonic Report, we make this discovery:  Question:  What does Masonry's emblem of the 'Cross and Crown' actually symbolize?"  Answer:  "The 'Cross' of Freemasonry is a philosophical cross, according to Albert Pike, 'Morals and Dogma', p. 771.  It is philosophical in the sense that it represents the generating fecundating principle by the perpendicular shaft [Phallus], and the matrix of womb of nature, the female producing principle[Female Vulva], by the horizontal shaft.  The philosophy of the Masonic cross is totally phallic.  The 'Crown' of this Masonic emblem is also phallic, it being the first emanation of the Cabalistic Sephiroth ..." [C.F. McQuaig, The Masonic Report , Norcross, Georgia, Answer Books and Tapes, 1976, p. 34]

However there are various Baptist denominations that use this symbol as well as Presbyterian and other denominations.  I have never seen one in any Baptist Church I went to, but I’m learning.  I’ll have to check out my church down here and if I see one of these, my pastor is going to get an earful!

It is a cross, sideways struck through a crown.  The only places I have ever seen this symbol is in Masonic lodges and publications and the Jehovah’s Witness Watchtower.

Picture inside a Masonic Temple

Source –

Knight’s Templar Sword

The picture on the left is the cover of the recent book (1999) by Tim LaHaye called The Power of the Cross. The one on the right is a centuries old Masonic symbol and can be seen on an official site of the Knights Templar at   Some might mistake it for a Christian symbol, but Masonic author Ray Denslow reveals its true meaning:

"The Cross and Crown may be said to be confined almost exclusively to the historical degrees in Masonry as exemplified in the various orders of knighthood of York and Scottish rites. In Gaul we find the cross to have been a solar symbol when it had equal arms and angles; to the Phoenicians it was an instrument of sacrifice to their God, Baal; and to the Egyptians, the crux ansata was his symbol of eternal life." (Ray V. Denslow, Masonic Portraits, Transactions of ths Missouri Lodge of Research, vol. #29, p.7---emphasis in the original)

Masonic authority Albert Pike also wrote of the meaning of the above symbol in his book Morals and Dogma, explaining that it has a sexual connotation to it as well. (Why is this symbol on a 'Christian' book cover).     Was it also a coincidence that LaHaye and his associates set up their Pretrib Research Center in a place that's considered a vortex of occultic power in Washington D.C. They were located on L'Enfant Promenade,  a street named after the Mason Pierre Charles L'Enfant who designed the city in Masonic and Occultic symbols.  ( ).   From there, coincidently, they moved their research center to the Dallas area, another city that is sacred to freemasonry because of its proximity to the 33rd degree of latitude.     Christians aren't supposed to believe in coincidences.” – Source,

Ironically during a comment exchange between Line and I today, we discovered that Tom Sneddon was D.A. for the 33rd district – Santa Barbara County.  After his “hazing” of Michael Jackson during the 1993 – 1996 horrendously expensive and meritless investigation, D.A. Sneddon was AWARDED with an appointment to Janet Reno’s National Task Force on Child Support Enforcement. – Source, Wiki/Sneddon

This is also a symbol used in “The Watchtower” Jehovah’s Witness Magazines.

Zion’s Watchtower

This symbol is also visible on some of their “Bible Study Help” publications.  Look familiar?

Wings around the Sun, Babylonian Symbol

Just Like Madonna’s Concert

And on that note, Look Familiar?

“This Is It” DVD Cover

Question to Madonna – Have you ever done anything original in your life?  Do you enjoy being a puppet?  Your OTHER music videos on YouTube give you away, so I know you KNOW what it feels like to have your soul scraped out from the inside of your body after you’ve sold to “wax rich in the abundance of her fornication”.  Have you no idea what you’ve done?  Or have you ceased having any ability to feel?  (attended the cremation of “Care” lately?)

With that said I will continue with John Todd’s Lecture from yesterday on this link:

The last paragraph we left off with is:

YOU CAN'T BE A GOD WITHOUT MUSICAL WORSHIP, SO HE HAS CREATED HIS OWN MUSIC. It's not just Rock, I get sick of people saying just Rock. I'm down on all music except the music that is created for the Lord. The reason I'm particularly down on Country & Western, & if you ever listen to it, it's worse that Rock! It's more about lust, it's more about drinking, it's more about fighting than any other thing, & recently it's even begun to be about witchcraft.” – Source, John Todd Lecture

How many entertainers, while tabloids are caricaturizing them, are fighting, trapped within a “machine” that has lied to them?  How many of them have used their talents and abilities in as covert yet lamenting way as possible to get us to help them?  Most of them know too late the actual price they signed on the dotted line to pay.  John Todd says –

Part 2 Below

SEE, WITCHES DON'T SAY "WITCHCRAFT" & THEY DON'T SAY "WITCHES," THEY SAY "PRACTICERS" or something like this, & they say "the force," for those who've been to "Star Wars." They say "the force," so they describe him as "the force." Now Tom C. Hall has come out with a song called, "The Force," & the music is the background music for witchcraft ceremonies, it's his music to the words of that song.

AND IN "STAR WARS"--WHICH IS THE BIGGEST THING THAT WITCHCRAFT HAS EVER DONE TO SPREAD ITS DOCTRINE--in "Star Wars" & in this song they say, "And may the force be with you till we're apart." This is almost identical to what witches say when they greet & part, so it's not by accident, People, nothing is by accident anymore. If I can get anything across to you tonight, you're going to walk out of here saying there's nothing that happens by accident.

"THOU ART THE ANOINTED CHERUB THAT COVERETH"--HE COVERED GOD'S THRONE, he was the chosen cherub. Now one of the traditions about Lucifer is that he was one of three archangels. Quickly, can anybody find a Scripture for that in the Bible?--It doesn't exist! That's a tradition. That's the problem, you've got too many traditions! He was a cherub, he wasn't an archangel, there's a difference. The Jews go in much more deeply than we do on angels, they still believe in the angels instead of believing in the Holy Spirit.

BUT I FIRMLY BELIEVE THAT THE DEVIL'S KINGDOM SUPERNATURALLY IS SET UP TO COUNTERFEIT GOD'S, & HE HAS SEVEN PRINCIPALITIES. He has set his spiritual kingdom up identical with God's Kingdom & there are seven--he wasn't one of them. A third of the angels rebelled with him, yes, that's in Revelation that happens, but that doesn't mean he was one of the three archangels. That's just our way of thinking. (Rev.12:3,4.)

(Rev. 12:3-4 “3. And there appeared another wonder in heaven; and behold a great red dragon, having seven heads and ten horns, and seven crowns upon his heads.  4. And his tail drew the third part of the stars of heaven, and did cast them to the earth: and the dragon stood before the woman which was ready to be delivered, for to devour her child as soon as it was born.”) 

This is also told in Revelation 17:9-11 “9. And here is the mind which hath wisdom. The seven heads are seven mountains, on which the woman sitteth.  10. And there are seven kings: five are fallen, and one is, and the other is not yet come; and when he cometh, he must continue a short space.  11. And the beast that was, and is not, even he is the eighth, and is of the seven, and goeth into perdition.” Cont…

THE CHOSEN CHERUB, "THE ANOINTED CHERUB THAT COVERETH; & I have set thee so; thou wast upon the holy mountain of God: thou hast walked up & down in the midst of the stones of fire. Thou wast perfect in thy ways from the day that thou wast created till iniquity was found in thee." He was perfect till then. "By the multitude of thy merchandise they have filled the midst of thee with violence, & thou hast sinned: therefore I will cast thee as profane out of the mountain of God."

Please, pay attention to this paragraph below!

I WILL CAST THEE OUT." If you think that Lucifer is locked out of Heaven, I suggest you go back & read the first Chapter of Job all over again, & then go read Revelation. Revelation isn't a history book, it's a prophecy book, & in there we find he'll get cast out. The Devil's walking here, this is his domain. He's our accuser, that's what Satan means, "accuser." He stands before the Throne of God constantly accusing us. I'll let you study this later, because I want to go on, but on & on it describes him.

(Read book of Job here – Read Revelation Here)

THE MAIN THING I WANT TO POINT OUT IS HOW HE LOOKS. So in the sketch we drew for the artists for The Angel of Light, we drew him as the covering angel before God's Throne, covered with jewels. And when God's light shone through him it was like a prism, it changed the colors to where they come out, & colors are extremely important to the Devil. Everything he does is in colors, without them, nothing happens. It's like Jeane Dixon sees blue serpents, & we're going to go into that tonight.

ANYWAY, EARLIER TODAY I WAS TALKING ABOUT WHEN I'VE SEEN LUCIFER. I don't know why it's so astounding to Christians that somebody should see the Devil, but I suggest this to you: fight him really hard & I can guarantee he'll show up in your life. He'll pay you a visit & say hi!--No, I'm serious, I really am, it's not a joke. If you start fighting the Devil, if he doesn't show up--which is doubtful that he would--he will send somebody to imitate him & pay you a visit.

THE PASTOR & HIS WIFE WERE TELLING ME TONIGHT OF A VISIT THAT THEY'VE HAD. Will you confirm this visit, Pastor? Absolutely! It was a very spooky one, wasn't it, Sister? But because they did not fear, he had to leave. Now I want to say something to you very quickly while we're on the supernatural part of the Devil. The Devil can only interfere in a Christian's life through several things, he can only come in your home for this reason:

IF YOU FEAR HIM HE CAN COME IN BECAUSE YOU HAVE WORSHIPPED HIM, SO DON'T FEAR HIM! If you own something that belongs to him, such as the jewelry we described in Sunday School this morning; or such as books on the occult, or books on astrology which is the occult; or such as writings that are supposed to be best sellers, but come on people, they're loaded with stuff that Larry Flynt would love to put in his magazine!--Best sellers that are just descriptions for pornography books so Doubleday can make an extra buck!

(Not me, but my mother had done this.  I have seen this in my childhood so before you start rolling your eyes and shaking your head, having spell books and Ouja boards in your home, using them will invite them in, séances, Tarot cards.  My mother tried to get out and that is when the trouble started.  Too long of a story to tell here.  I’ve seen some stuff).

AND THEN THERE ARE OTHER THINGS SUCH AS THINGS OR BELONGINGS THAT ACTUALITY WERE CREATED BY THE DEVIL SUCH AS ROCK MUSIC. Now I want to specify this, I am down on this because I am an ex-witch. Without it witches don't function. I dropped this out of my testimony this morning, I should have given it. One of the things that I was supposed to be was the head of this Brenner Enterprises in Texas which explains to the IRS why I was making all this money.

IT WAS A LOT OF MONEY & ONE OF THE COMPANIES I WAS SUPPOSED TO HAVE OWNED WAS CALLED ZODIAC PRODUCTIONS.--The name gives it away. It was a booking agency in Texas; it's changed its name, but it's still the largest booking agency in the U.S. for Rock groups. It was the group that was originally responsible for bringing the Beatles to the U.S. I got to meet most of the groups.

THE BEATLES WERE ALREADY APART WHEN I WAS THERE, BUT I GOT TO MEET SEVERAL OF THEM OFF & ON, & I met almost all of the groups that were in existence then, & a lot that are in existence now. I only found about this many (holds up a few fingers) that weren't occultists, that didn't confess when they were alone that their music came from "supernatural forces" as they would put it.

(“Leave room for God to walk into the room” – Michael Jackson.  “I can’t take credit for what I do because it comes from above” – Michael Jackson.  Now you know why the “King of Pop” had to be killed . . . and it wasn’t Murray that killed him.  Michael killed the King of Pop, I've said this before).

SO I WANT TO TELL THE TEENAGERS & THE PARENTS SOMETHING REAL QUICK BEFORE I GO ON: When witches do a book, they do a spell over the manuscript & they command demons which are under their authority to enter every manuscript that comes off the press, every copy of that book. So when you buy that book you get a little free gift, like when you open a little Cracker Jacks box & there's a little trinket in there. Well, you get a free demon, free of charge.

(This I do not agree with.  I believe it is done, but if you have God in your heart, it has no power over you UNLESS YOU INVITE HIM IN.  If God is in your heart, in front of you, in your sight, the Devil cannot/will not come in.  Temptations are one of his tools to get you to put God aside.)

WELL, MOST OF THE ROCK GROUPS DO THE SAME THING, & I know, I've talked to one just recently--David Crosby of Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young that used to exist & is getting back together--& he told me this is why his records & others' records zoomed to the charts. Many people tell me they do this so their records will be best sellers, & you get free of charge your own private demon.

SO PARENTS, IF YOU'RE COMPROMIZING WITH YOUR KIDS to keep them from running away from home, you are responsible for that article in the home because you're the head of the house. (Audience: Amen, preach it, Brother!) Now this is an ex-witch talkin' who knows about demons, so you better pay attention!!

MAYBE THAT'S WHY YOUR FINANCES ARE MESSED UP! Maybe that's why your kids & you are sick once in a while & you shouldn't be. The preacher asked me how much credit do I give the Devil for sickness? I said, "All of it, lock, stock & barrel!" Now let's go on or I'll be on that all night.

ANYWAY, I WANT TO GIVE YOU SOMETHING REAL QUICK: THERE ARE SEVEN PRINCIPALITIES IN THE DEVIL'S KINGDOM. The way it's set up, there's Satan & then there's Beelzebub. I know a lot of Christians thought that was another title for Satan, but that's his prince. That would have been his position to God, that would have been his chosen angel. Under that are the seven principalities, & under the principalities are the powers, & under the powers, billions of demons. I just praise the Lord that the pit's locked & that most of them are there. But there's still millions running around.

BUT ANYWAYS, THE SEVEN PRINCIPALITIES ARE AS FOLLOWS: REGE, WHICH IS THE PRINCIPALITY OF THE OCCULT & many things that are under the occult. And this is for the young people; witches know the difference between witchcraft & Sorcery. That's why I don't like the modern translations of the Bible, because they list witchcraft as Sorcery.

SORCERY IS THE USE OF CERTAIN DRUGS THAT ARE ACTUALLY OCCULT DRUGS. There's a difference. Timothy Leary, when he wrote his book on LSD said, "You're not hallucinating when you take acid. Acid is blocking the physical senses out so that you can see a supernatural World!"--And since God doesn't use LSD, that only leaves one supernatural World left! And most people that have been on LSD for a long time will tell you, "I wasn't hallucinating when I saw that!"

NOW THIS IS WHY WE ASK MANY PEOPLE IF THEY'VE BEEN IN THE OCCULT & IF THEY'VE SAID NO, THEN WE'LL STOP & SAY, "BUT YOU'VE BEEN ON ACID, or you've been on coke, or you've been on a strong form of hashish of or you've been on speed!"--Something that's classified as a hallucinogenic. That's a sorcery drug. The word "sorcery" comes from the word that we receive "pharmacist" from meaning the dispenser of drugs. In this case, sorcery means the use of drugs for occult purposes. Now there's other things that are in this, of course, there's witchcraft & all this.

THE NEXT ONE IS LAZERS. I was going to put all of this on the board but I decided to go through it real quick so I can use the board for other things. Lazers is sexual lust, & that says it right there. You want to know all the things that are under Rege?--Everything that's in the 18th Chapter of Deuteronomy is under Rege.

(Definition of Rege = Definition of PRO REGE, LEGE, ET GREGE: for the king, the law, and the people Origin of PRO REGE, LEGE, ET GREGE, Latin)

(Deuteronomy 18 tells about the law in regard to the Levites and Israel, that the Levites take no part in the inheritance of Israel.)

NEXT AFTER LAZERS, AFTER LUST, IS BACCHUS. I don't have the spelling on it, good luck. I'm sorry I didn't put everything on the board but I left my notes back in Ohio. Bacchus was even an old Roman god. A couple other of these principalities had gods named after them in different pagan countries during pagan times.

BACCHUS WAS THE ROMAN GOD OF WINE, IS PRETTY CLOSE TO WHAT HE WAS, & HE IS THE PRINCIPALITY OF ADDICTION. Now I've seen many people who shouldn't be doing deliverance because they don't know what they're doing, calling demons of nicotine out, demons of alcoholism, & the demon's standing there laughing at them because there's no such creature!

BUT THERE IS A DEMON OF ADDICTION, & THE REASON I SPECIFY THIS IS THAT HE DOESN'T CARE WHAT YOU FEED HIM, just as long as you're addicted to it. That can be food & caffeine as well as alcohol, cigarettes & drugs. Now food & caffeine are not bad except when you've got to have it & you use it as a solution to your problems.

YOU TALK ABOUT ALCOHOLICS, WE'VE GOT SOME CAFFEINE ADDICTS AROUND HERE! There's a difference between drinking it because you like it, & don't kid me!! It's like the guy putting the cigarette down & saying, "Oh well, I could quit any time, I just like to do it." "Yeah, I could quit drinking 26 cups of coffee a day, but I just enjoy coffee!"--Then go to Sanka!--If you can stand the withdrawals! Come on, you know what I mean! It's the same demon! He does not care.

(“All I want to say is that they don’t really care about us . . .”)

PAN IS THE PRINCIPALITY OF THE MIND. THIS IS THE DEVIL'S FAVOURITE PLAYGROUND. When you say sanctify the spirit, soul & body, this is the soul, the mind. Now, to give you an example, we run into Pan more than any other demon. Now we don't use names, but I'm giving you the names anyway, we just use categories in deliverance.

WE RUN INTO HIM BECAUSE OF THE DEMON OF REJECTION THAT HE IS OVER. And this is the base for everybody that has sexual problems, & the base where everybody has drug problems, & the base for everybody that has occult problems. Because they pick this demon up when they're a child, sometimes before they're even born, & they carry this thing that opens them up to other demons, trying to feed & fulfil the demon that's driving them from within. If you've ever seen a person with the spirit of rejection you'll know what I mean.

AND HE'S ALSO OVER NEURALGIA, DEPRESSION, SUICIDE, SCHIZOPHRENIA, PARANOIA, ALL THE MENTAL ILLNESSES. This is why people with rejection problems have deep depression, they try & kill themselves, they're nervous all the time, they all tie together, people! The next one after it is Set, & this will answer the Pastor's question he had about sickness.

SET IS THE PRINCIPALITY OF DEATH. He was the Egyptian god of the underworld, the same thing. Set is over all sicknesses, in fact there're 39 major illnesses--that's what the physicians say today--& the occult credits him with 39 powers, 39 little sub-groups. And it's interesting that it's believed that Christ took 39 stripes for our healing. (Ed: Amen!)

HOW MANY HAVE I GOT NOW? FIVE? I KNOW WHAT THE 7TH IS BUT I WANT TO LEAVE IT TILL THE 7TH. Okay, I've got Lazers, Rege, Bacchus, Set, Pan. I can't think of what the other one is. I'm trying to think of the category that's missing. Sheila, help! We don't have our notes with us! I'm gonna skip it, I'll come back to it.

THE SEVENTH ONE DOES NOT HAVE A NAME BECAUSE WITCHES DON'T USE IT. You see, witches will call these others up & will send them out or have them command demons to go out. They don't use this one. They call it a Christian principality. Remember I said earlier this morning there's no such thing as an undedicated witch; I had to get saved before I found undedicated people in religion! Now this is the reason why:

IT'S CALLED THE PRINCIPALITY OF CONTENTMENT. You come to church, you might even come to Sunday nights, & if you're good you might even show up at prayer meeting on Wednesday, but that's if you have a few problems during the week & you need a religious fix. Come on, People, this is the reason. This is why churches don't grow, they don't have bus programs, they don't grow, they don't go out & canvas.

YOU CAN FEEL THE POWER, THE PRINCIPALITY IN THE AIR OF CONTENTMENT. When you walk through the door, you can suffocate!--That is if you came out of what I came out of & you know what they feel like. Anyway, I'm still trying to think of the last one. Oh boy, I'll probably remember it when the service is over. OK, let's go on to the physical kingdom.

(On a question someone asked him about Lucifer and what he would look like)

HE APPEARED ABOUT SEVEN FEET TALL, USUALLY CLOTHED IN DEEP PURPLE.--Sometimes clothed in red, sometimes clothed in gold--purple & gold. The only time I've seen him clothed in anything else was about six hours after I got saved. He showed up as Satan--that was a shock--& he was clothed in black, but he still appeared the same. About seven feet tall, & I'd have to say not just handsome, but beautiful.

JET BLACK HAIR, SNOW WHITE SKIN, & THE COLOUR OF HIS EYES, INSTEAD OF BLUE, BROWN OR WHATEVER, WERE A DEEP VIOLET, almost deep purple. And when you looked in them, it was like looking down into the Grand Canyon. It's just bottomless, this power! And believe me, if he ever appeared to you, you'd know you were in his presence.

(Before you discredit this testimony, I checked his Wikipedia page.  Keep in mind that THIS is what they tried to do to Michael – “Todd was arrested in May 1987 for the rape of a University of South Carolina graduate student. After his arrest, he was additionally charged with sexually molesting two children who attended a karate school where he worked. He was convicted of the rape in January 1988 and sentenced to 30 years in state prison.[13] In 2004, Todd was released, but he was put in the care of the Behavioral Disorder Treatment Unit run by the South Carolina Department of Mental Health.[14] On November 10, 2007, Todd died in the institute.”  -------- and 

“Angel of Light", includes a chart purporting to depict Satan's power structure, based on a similar chart authored by Todd and distributed at his speeches.[18]
Todd's stories about the Illuminati were published as the comic book The Illuminati and Witchcraft in 1980 by Jacob Sailor. His claims partially became the basis for a different book, Witchcraft and the Illuminati published in the early 1980s by The Covenant, The Sword, and the Arm of the Lord, a Christian Identity group, and reprinted in 1999 by the Christian Patriot Association (ISBN 0-944379-18-4). This book repeated many of Todd's claims verbatim, including the alleged power structure of the Illuminati and the bit about Atlas Shrugged being the Illuminati's secret blueprint, but added Identity beliefs derogatory toward Jews and African-Americans.”– source, Wikipedia/Todd

Back in the 1970’s and the 1980’s, this isn’t information the Illuminati wanted to get out in to the public.  Now that their power base is basically established, they’ve practically announced themselves after Michael’s passing in 2009.  But Todd is already dead . . . falsely accused, institutionalized and killed because he was a dangerous man with a lot of information.)

NOW I WANT TO GO ON TO THE PHYSICAL KINGDOM, THE ILLUMINATI. For those of you who were maybe not around this morning, the Illuminati means "The Light Bearers." Call it Great Conspiracy, call it what it's called today, "Moriah," which means "The Conquering Wind"; call it the CFR, which is its political name to this country; call it anything you want to call it, it's still the Illuminati, & I want to give some quick history about the Illuminati here. (Ed: Mt. Moriah, Jewish Temple, location of the AC Image!)

ITS OFFICIAL BIRTHDAY IS MAY 1, 1776--RECOGNIZE THE YEAR, PEOPLE? That's its official birthday. It existed about five to six years before, but that's it official birthdate. May 1st you have, the Communists have it, but all these countries that have ties with the Illuminati, May 1st is the most holiest day because it is Beltane to the witches, & Beltane is New Years Day, & all things begin on Beltane.

IT'S THE DAY THAT LUCIFER COMES BACK FROM THE UNDERWORLD & DWELLS IN THE SKIES ABOVE, ACCORDING TO THE WITCHES. Now I don't believe that doctrine now, but that's the doctrine we believed then. They spent between Halloween & Beltane under the Earth & came back in the summer months. That's how come the seasons change & all that good stuff. In other words, witchcraft is paganism.. All the witches call themselves pagans because they believe in the old pagan religions, which means "pre-Christian religion".

NOW, THIS IS THE STRUCTURE. The reason I've left the other blocks out, there's actually three pyramids, each one bigger than the next, but this is on all of them, the Capstone. Now I want to explain the Illuminati with these pyramids so there's no confusion.

THE FIRST PYRAMID IS "ORGANIZATION," not financial, not political, Organization. You'll find the Masons here, that's one of the originals. You'll find the Grand Lodges of the Orient, which is where the Illuminati started. You'll find the Scottish Rites, the York Rites, the Oddfellows, the Jaycees--any organization that is secret, that has an inner group besides the outer group, you will find there, as long as it's not directly occultism.

THE NATURES ARE IN DOCTRINE, & MOST MEMBERS DON'T KNOW THAT THE WITCHES BELIEVE & DO THE SAME THINGS THAT THEY DO. In fact, I think the Masons would be shocked to look at a drawing, a blueprint of the Golden Dawn Temple--which is the Rothschild's private coven in London--& see that all Mason's temples are based upon that blueprint. They would be shocked to read that the Rothschilds do the same rites that the Masons do. You might tell a few Masons that, I may have just told a few of them that!

(This is true, just as Miss Katherine may not have known anything about the background of her church.  Most Masons are lower level and believe their organization is a good and charitable one.  My great-grandfather got out of the Masons just as he made the 32 degree level.   This also happened the same time he was called by a Barrister in England about the returning of lands and Title to his family name (he was the next in line descendent), but he turned them down and told them he wanted nothing to do with England. We never knew why. We thought it was money related, His family was from the house of Tudor  (Mary Tudor).

UP HERE YOU'LL ALSO FIND B'NAI B'RITH, A VERY VERY POWERFUL ILLUMINATI ORGANISATION. They couldn't be doing what they're doing today without B'nai B'rith. You'll find the American Civil Liberties Union, you'll also find a new one that was created off of it by the man that is actually the brains of the Illuminati today, Isaac Bonovitz. (Ed: B'nai B'rith: Jewish laymen's organization. Encarta 98 says that it is the world's largest Jewish organization, has a membership of about 500,000 in 51 countries.)

WHAT MR. BONOVITZ CREATED IS CALLED THE AQUARIAN ANTI-DEFAMATION LEAGUE. You may not feel it much out on the East Coast yet, but out on the West Coast the Christians have already felt it. It's won Federal suit after Federal suit of any Christian church touching witchcraft, of any Christian church taking the occult on.--And that's exactly what it is, it's the anti-defamation league to the Occult. (Ed: The Anti-Defamation League is a militant Jewish organization which also attacks anyone who criticizes the Jews or Israel, accusing them of "anti-Semitism.")

(This organization is responsible for attacking Michael, his song lyrics [They don’t care about us”], and for taking prayer out of schools, High school football games, and the “Ten Commandments” off of courthouse lawns.)

AT THE TOP OF EVERY PYRAMID YOU WILL FIND 500--THE 500 IS THE WORLD BANKING SYSTEM. It's a counsel of the 500 richest people in the World, & it's been in existence for hundreds of years. Some of the people on it today are David Rockefeller, Nelson Rockefeller, Phillip & Edward Rothschild--in fact all the Rothschilds; Queen Juliana & her husband. All the delegates from the Arab countries that own all your oil that doesn't exist ... Hmmmm.

THE NEXT IS THE COUNCIL OF 33, THE 33 HIGHEST MASONS IN THE WORLD. After that is the Council of 13, the Grand Druid Council, this is what I sat on. After that there's a Capstone, the Rothschild's Tribunal--Edward, Phillip & Richard are the ones that are sitting up on the Rothschild's Tribunal now. It's believed that Richard is the third one, in other words, we aren't sure who the third one is. In it is the leader of the Illuminati: the all-seeing eye, Lucifer!

NOW HAVE ANY OF YOU BEEN NOTICING THE NEWS LATELY & they'll be talking about the stock market or the deflation of the dollar or something, & they'll show this pyramid & capstone from the back of the dollar bill? Have you been noticing the eye on it lately? The whole thing will be green & they'll make the eye blue with a big glare coming out of it, & the eye's twice as big as it normally is!

BECAUSE THE T.V. USES WITCHCRAFT SYMBOLS. Now see, you don't know witch language. They have their own witch language, symbols that you see everyday throughout the World that witches understand. They put these symbols on their store names. They create their store names, because the witch language & witch symbols are for witches who are going by there. witches know who owns them, they know the Illuminati owns them.

(Logos on certain corporations, such as CNN, Proctor and Gamble, AOL, etc…)

I GUARANTEE, PEOPLE, THAT YOU PROBABLY SHOP WITH SATAN. You probably shop at ten stores including the gas situation, grocery store, department store & so on, & nine of them probably belong to the Illuminati. To give you an example, Federal Department Stores is the biggest department store chain in the World. One of their leading members, Lazarus, is the biggest stockholder. They own Gold Circle, they own K-Mart which is Kresge's, they own Lazarus, they own Federal Department Stores, I know a bunch of them in Baltimore, I forget all of them.

(Revelation 18:3 - For all nations have drunk of the wine of the wrath of her fornication, and the kings of the earth have committed fornication with her, and the merchants of the earth are waxed rich through the abundance of her delicacies.)

THEY OWN THEM THROUGHOUT THE U.S. I think Penny's is about the only one that they don't own. Sears belongs to the Illuminati, Montgomery Wards belongs to Mobile Oil which belongs to the Illuminati. There isn't one oil company that you can buy your gasoline at today that's not owned 100% by Illuminati stockholders. Shell was the last to go when they went down. Interesting that that's one of the things that's bringing us to our knees.

NOW I WANT TO GIVE SOME THINGS THAT ARE GONNA HAPPEN. I invite you to go home & research the 24th Chapter of Matthew if you are of the opinion that you are going to be raptured out of here without anything at all happening to you. Pastor, for their benefit, do you agree with this? (Pastor: Yes, I believe that a lot's going to happen before it.) It's going to get a lot worse.

(I have posted from that Book in the Bible a number of times.  Whitney’s bodyguard Watson alluded to it, Please read it – STUDY IT:  Matthew 24)

NOW I WANT TO SAY THAT I BELIEVE IN THE RAPTURE & I BELIEVE IN THE TRIBULATION & I believe that hundreds of thousands of Christians are going to die within a few years.--Because they didn't read the Word of God which warned us in advance that it was going to be the way it is going to be, & they listened to preachers that told them & patted them on the back. Are you familiar with Jeremiah?--If not, I invite you to read it.

(Read Jeremiah – Start from Chapt. 1)

JEREMIAH STOOD UP AS A PROPHET OF GOD & WARNED THE CITY TIME & TIME AGAIN UNTIL DESTRUCTION WAS UPON THEM, & they threw him in a pit because the rest of the prophets of the temple stood up & said, "No, it's all going to be all right. It ain't gonna come because God's gonna save us!"--But God didn't say it. He said, "I'm gonna tear this city apart!"

NOW IN THE 24TH CHAPTER OF MATTHEW HE SAID THAT THE TIME WAS COMING--NOW THIS IS JESUS' OWN WORDS--the time was coming that would be so bad that you wouldn't be able to stop & go back in your house & pick up a coat! He even said pray that when you run--that's exactly what it said, flee, run as fast as you can, flee--& pray that it doesn't happen in the Winter time. Wow, would people run, & what did I say, I'd be spinnin' my tracks!

EUROPE HAS ALREADY BEEN PREPARED FOR THIS FOR YEARS, & across the U.S. people are waking up that are Christians & are preparing for a space of time. I believe it's going to be kind of short because it's gonna be so bad that it couldn't be long, nobody would live if it was long. It's gonna be short but to the point.

(The Bible backs this up in Matthew - Matthew 24:22
And except those days should be shortened, there should no flesh be saved: but for the elect's sake those days shall be shortened.”)

NOW A PLAN OF WORLD RULE WILL NEVER TAKE EFFECT IF YOU ARE INDEPENDENT OF THAT WORLD RULE. The only reason that the "mark of the beast"--that's what many Christians call it, or a tag of being one of the group that's buying & selling & so on--the only reason that would work is if you had to buy. If you don't have to buy, what good will it do you?

EVERYTHING SINCE JIMMY CARTER GOT IN THAT HE HAS DONE HAS BEEN TO SET IT UP SO YOU WILL NOT BE INDEPENDENT OF THE U.S. GOVERNMENT or any government that will exist later. You must function within them for every bite of food & every drop of gasoline, is the major plan. And that's why--it's what's hit them back--it hasn't come into effect yet. In fact the Gun Law, which was one of the most important steps, was to have been in a year ago. That's the only measure that they're behind on.

(Understand that this was back in the late 1970’s, early 1980’s when he was giving these lectures, so to him Jimmy Carter was HELPING set it up.  Every president since then has carried the ball.  Every President except JFK before him back to at least Woodrow Wilson).

I MET A MAN FROM THE NATIONAL RIFLE ASSOCIATION (NRA) that without them being Christians I sure can appreciate some of the things they've done that I've seen from behind the scenes. Martin Iegues was Jimmy Carter's campaign manager who is the head of the National Gun Control Center in Atlanta, Georgia, which is the organization whose purpose it is to take every hand gun, every rifle, every shotgun out of every home in the U.S.

(I agree with the principles of the NRA and the right to bear arms.  However, it is also told in Matthew 24 that the patience of the saints must be practiced and that those that live by the sword will die by the sword.  Self defense?  Perhaps stopping someone but not killing them.)

NOW THIS MAY NOT SEEM VERY IMPORTANT, & I AM AMAZED AT HOW MANY CHRISTIANS SEEM TO THINK THAT BEING A CHRISTIAN MEANS THAT YOU SHOULD BE AGAINST GUNS. How many of you think that, seriously?--That if you're a Christian you should be against guns, that guns are evil? I've got news for you: the Illuminati is so scared of every private-owned gun that it's unbelievable! It's the only threat to them.

THE ONLY THREAT TO THEM RIGHT NOW OF THEIR PLANS IS YOUR PRIVATELY-OWNED GUNS. Now I asked the Pastor if I could just throw in these things, & I have, & I'm going to give them to you, & if you were afraid this morning, I pray that you won't get afraid now! Lord help them.

THAT TIMETABLE THAT I SAW SAID WHEN CHARLES MANSON IS RELEASED THAT WITHIN SIX MONTHS OF HIS RELEASE THEY WERE TO START "HELTER SKELTER." I've got a feeling I'm gonna get back on rock music now. The Beatles are classified in the occult world as the four major prophets. That's right, there's more to the Beatles than meets the eye. Their White Double Album ... now this'll mean nothing to a lot of you, & a lot to the young people. Their White Double Album is considered to be the Book of Revelation to witches. That's right. That & a book called Atlas Shrugs.

NOW IN IT IS A SONG CALLED "HELTER SKELTER." You should listen to that song, I used to have a lot of drug friends get together & say, "I wonder what that means?"--Witches knew what it meant, it was part of witch language. It meant a time when the pit would be opened & the demons would be set free & the World would become insane in less than a 24-hour period & they'd be killing everybody--their next door neighbors, their kids, their wife, everything! The World would just completely go mass insane overnight.

NOW MANSON IS NOT JUST A MASS MURDERER THAT GOT SENT TO JAIL. Take my word for it, if you don't take anything else, please take my word for it. Manson would have never gone to jail had he not been told that that was where he was supposed to go. If the Illuminati would've wanted to keep him out, he would've never gone to jail. They need him, so they let him get convicted.

THEY HAVEN'T LET HIM OUT YET BECAUSE THEY'RE NOT READY FOR HIM. The moment they get the gun controls measures down & another law called the Anti-Hoarding act, which will be coming up next year which will say you'll go to Federal Penitentiary if you stockpile food, if you stockpile ammunition & guns, if you stockpile medical supplies, if you stockpile gasoline, you're gonna go to jail if they find out about it.

(They are working on both right now.  One warehouse was raided in Georgia where Mormons buy wholesale canned goods and other non and long perishables.  Federal agents raided this facility and demanded customer lists, however they didn’t have customer lists because it is “cash and carry” only.  This was later refuted by Snopes and other such internet sites, BUT . . . this was a cover up because there ARE ALREADY ANTI-HOARDING LAWS ON THE BOOKS and it coincides with EVENTS OF MARSHALL LAW – Source, Ask A Lawyer)

IT'S SO YOU WILL HAVE TO DEPEND UPON THE GOVERNMENT'S SURPLUS FOOD TO EAT, & you're not going to get it without a Government Card. We'll talk about that card in a minute, in fact we'll talk about it now. Anybody here recently within the last three years been in Europe, travelling through the Holy Land or anything, anybody? Shucks. This is the reason I asked you that.

HOW MANY OF YOU KNOW ABOUT THE TEN TOES OF DANIEL, THE RECONSTRUCTION OF THE ROMAN EMPIRE? The iron was still there, it was only mixed with clay. Now, when the Common Market was first formed there were ten, & Norway dropped out. The reason, Norway was not part of the original Roman Empire, & God's Word said it had to be part. About three months ago Greece said, "We will join you!"--they were the missing country.

NOW WHEN YOU GO OVER THERE & YOU BUY SOMETHING, LIKE SHOES MADE IN ITALY OR CLOTHING THAT'S MADE BY THE EUROPEAN COMMON MARKET, there's a good 85% chance that you'll see this emblem on it. Anybody know what it is?--666, called the three-tailed comet. Now this same mark appears in more places. If you look back, when Richard Nixon was in, our country decided it was going to buy a lot of World currency to be distributed in 1980 or thereabouts.

This is the “666” symbol He is talking about

The three "score" marks (called "guard" bars in the standard description,) on the UPC (Universal Perdition Code?) plainly look like the slashes of the right handed six symbol, [which is different from the left handed six,] appearing at the beginning, middle, and end of the code of 6 left hand numbers and 6 right hand numbers. Each numeral is SIX width units & 1 rest-space unit wide. Instead of only 10 numerals possible, there are a "score" of (20) possible symbols for numerals. (10 left-hand & 10 right-hand.) Scanning the alternating DARK and light stripes from Left to Right, there are "three score" (60) bands.

This is the “666” Hand Symbol

“Why a MARK in the Forehead or Right Hand?
What is the CONNECTION between a right hand and a forehead? You've seen the connection hundreds of times in the form of a hand salute. That's right - the common sign of submission to authority is the RIGHT HAND brought to the FOREHEAD, forming an angled SLASH over the RIGHT EYE. (Over, in the sense of veiling, or over as in above.) The boy scouts get the worst of it, since they form a 666 in their right hands and touch that 666 sign to their foreheads.”, source,

And we’ve all seen this picture, but don’t pick on him just yet
He’s not the only one.

SINCE THEN THEY'VE DECIDED IT'S BETTER TO GO TO A CREDIT CARD. In other words, paperless money & so on, where you never handle the money. But when it was bought, this was on all the World common currency. Besides that, Jimmy Carter has decided that every red-blooded American who is really a red-blooded American, & I'm blood red, I'm an American, will own a security card to prove they're an honest American.

(This is the Social Security Card he is talking about or the VAT card in Europe)

NOW, HOW MANY OF YOU HAVE BEEN IN A NEW DEPARTMENT STORE & HAVE SEEN THE FANCY CASH REGISTERS THAT ARE ACTUALLY COMPUTER BANKS? There's a slot that they run cards through. They've even done it with the phones now where you can call by running a card through, a credit card. The reason is that you're going to have to have this magnetic security card, & this is on it. It's on it, People, pay attention, it's on it! If you get Revelations, you get the meaning.

(LOL!  You can tell how old this lecture is and all this information came true, didn’t it? Is he crazy, or just was he just a threat?)

YOU'RE NOT GOING TO BE ABLE TO BUY, you're not going to pay another payment on your home, on your car, you're not going to get any gasoline in your car, you're not going to get the Pampers for your baby, you're not going to get any bread & milk & hamburger at the store, you're not going to run down to Ponderosa or whatever they've got on the East Coast & buy a steak. It's gonna cease!

AND THE U.S. HAS GOT A BAD PROBLEM, IT'S CALLED "THE CORNER STORE COMPLEX." You know, at 10 o'clock at night you run down to the corner store & pick up a 6-pack of Pepsi--I hope it's Pepsi & not Coors! Come on, when there's the least little thing that we want, we run down & get it. What happens when you're not allowed to buy gasoline but you've got this card?--You say, "Well, I'll take the card, but when they tell me I have to have a tattoo, I'll quit it." Huh!

IF YOU TAKE THE CARD, YOU'VE DONE TAKEN IT! That's all you need. People, pay attention to me! This card is scheduled to come out in a year-&-a-half, & the computer bank is already set for it in Dallas.

(This is slowly being phased in through getting us used to using credit and debit cards.  Now companies want I.D., driver’s licenses with check cashing, etc all being monitored and stored with every bank transaction you make.  National I.D. Cards are coming, but what they will do ultimately is computer chip.  All in the name of “war on terror” security)

THE NICKNAME OF THE TALKING COMPUTER IN DALLAS IS NICKNAMED AFTER ITS BROTHER COMPUTER IN AMSTERDAM, "THE BEAST." We talked to member of the National Guard in California & they've changed their patch. He told me that in less than a year, Carter will have every National Guard in every State wearing this patch, & they're all hooked into the security computer called "the Beast." We're being set up.

WHAT YOU BETTER START DOING ABOUT IT, PEOPLE, IS YOU BETTER START PUTTING A LITTLE FOOD BACK FOR YOUR FAMILY. I invite you to do a little experiment. Go home tonight & tomorrow get out a paper & pencil, housewives, & take all the food out of your refrigerator & your freezer & your cabinets & add it up in meals. I don't mean survival meals, I mean meals that you can work off for every member of your family.

THERE WAS A BOOK RELEASED 12 YEARS AGO CALLED ATLAS SHRUGS. It was a novel, supposedly, written by one of Phillip Rothschild's girlfriends at his instructions. It is a coded book for witches that tells how they are to gain control of the World. In this book there is sort of a parable about New York City, New York City is more or less the World.

(Now we know approximately how old his lecture is and he is a little technologically behind at this point.  Atlas Shrugged was released in 1957.  That would take Todd to 1969 and Carter was not president then, so I believe he is a little off on the actual publishing date of the book)

THEY CLOSE BY SAYING, "WE HAVE WON WHEN THE LIGHTS GO OUT IN NEW YORK CITY!"--& I don't mean the power failure, people, either. They'll shut down all the trucks leaving, all the ships coming in, they'll shut all the planes coming down. When everything was shut down, then the lights went out for good.

WHEN THE BOOK WAS DONE, THE READER OF THE BOOK TAKES HIS HAND & LIFTS IT UP & DRAWS THE DOLLAR SIGN IN THE AIR. I'm going to draw this familiar sign of the dollar. It's a witchcraft symbol that means "to control & to scourge." It's 8,000 years old, people, & it was never of the dollar sign until we thought it was the dollar sign. Isaac Bonovitz says that "through this symbol we will now rule & control the World." & the book ends.

NOW IN THE BOOK, ALL THE WAY THROUGH, BUSINESSMEN THAT BELONG TO THESE ORGANIZATIONS PURPOSELY BANKRUPT OR DESTROY THEIR BUSINESSES so there aren't any businesses, & they drive the others out of business. And all the way through they use the battle plan called "the presence from below & the presence from above." Anybody that's studied Communism knows the same plan. That means the Devil must destroy all the regulations, & the bankers do it this way, & guess who's in the middle, people?--Us! That's what's coming

Part 3 tomorrow.


  1. Joe Jackson Lawsuit dismissed by Judge

  2. Hi, Bonnie. I donno how to write you a private message so I wil post it here . Its about number 33. Donno if it has any significance, just thought I'd let you know

    Today I saw this on the news:

    Antonio Banderas to Play Pablo Picasso in 33 DAYS.... the movie is “about the painter’s emotional turmoil as he worked on masterpiece ‘Guernica.’

    Here is Guernica

    if nothing else, I see an "all seeing eye" at the top

  3. Hi Elena,

    I thought Banderas fell off the face of the earth. You never hear about him or Griffith anymore.

    I can SEE that emotional turmoil in his painting. You're right. The "all seeing eye" is there, people getting trampled by the "dark horse". I always wondered if Picasso was possessed. I don't understand the appeal in his paintings, unless you are on mushrooms or something.

    1. Hi, Bonnie. I'm here again with the "33" thing.

      In the video on this site at around 12:50 they start talking about how many zeros will be needed to ID different stuff.
      An to ID every human being they will need just 33 zeros.
      I don't know if its true of not, I'm not a matematician))) But that is what they say.

    2. Hi Elena,

      That is interesting stuff! Just 33 zeros? Funny how the numbers just always seem to work out to their advantage! Thank you for the info!

    3. Hi, Bonnie. Always welcome =)

      Actually , it 33 BITS (zeros and ones) needed to give a unique ID number to every human on the planet.

      I really shouldn't post stuff late at night. I can't think properly at 3 am)))))

      But yes, it IS creepy how 33 keeps popping up everywhere.

  4. Dear Bonnie,

    The chip is here, I Almost fell over in the floor when wdbj7 news briefly flashed it on the tv screen barcode and all. The story is it will be used to adminster medication to patients more accuratley. There is also an ad in Essence with Jaden and willow smith, they Both Have tshirts with barcodes that say "buy life".

  5. Nita,

    Yes, they have had the technology for quite some time. Aaron Russo was also talking about it before they killed him. I do not agree with Todd's assertion that just picking up a product with the code on it means you have the mark. (in your hand or in your forehead"). From what I get out of the bible, we have to CHOSE to take it and this means voluntarily (or under duress) accept it.

    Can you believe this is going on? It's surreal. I was talking to my mother about all this today. I had a really vivid dream too which I will share sometime tonight if I have enough room on the blog . . . It's another long one, but mostly transcript from another lecture. I need to shorten these up a bit.

    1. Nita - Check it out:

  6. BONNIE, reading John Todd above I found disturbing today. Todd exposes the evil rock music for the youngs & the control exercised on mass people by the Illuminati hidden behind governments, that's OK. He even predicted in the 1970-80's events now taking place & his enemies possibly invented scandals to neutralize him. But some of his life bad stories may possibly be true also, i.e he may have got a visionary mind however assorted with some real psychic & insane issues, who knows ?

    About the criminal Manson he said : "If the Illuminati would've wanted to keep him out, he would've never gone to jail. They need him, so they let him get convicted." OK, where do we go with that really ? Manson was a devil, it's obvious, he got convicted & if his little satanic group was isolated or part of a bigger one, we'll never know & meanwhile many other devils run the Earth. All can be played at with interpretation & put in people's minds. You know what ? I dislike how John Todd describes Satan he seems to know so well (or so he thinks or make believe). All the past analysis reports we already read here on the Illuminati from other authors, I preferred. Sorry to be frank, Todd is one thing...but your own Blog is always state-of-the art. Talking to myself :"with the few last words, maybe I come out unscathed" :o)

    1. Hi Line,

      Well, I have more of him going up tonight. John Todd is dated because he was imprisoned then institutionalized and killed.

      Psychic and insane issues? Like what? Him seeing demons? This is why next to nobody talks about this stuff. People think they're insane when they do. Demons exist. Is it impossible to believe that SOME may have seen one or two in their lifetime? When Michael first mentioned "conspiracy" back in 2001, people thought he was out of touch with reality or attention-grabbing. Look what we've learned thanks to him.

      Manson. Nobody knows that guy's real story. He was big news back in the early/mid-1970's. I remember my mother getting me out of bed to watch "Helter Skelter" because it was "history". I must have been about eleven years old and I was terrified. Everyone made them out to be these hippies that lost it on drugs. Partially the truth, right?

      Remember Todd desribes Satan. He also quotes from a book written by the developer of L.S.D. describing how it works. Todd used these drugs. Albert Holfman described the drug (he created it) as a drug that blocked the natural senses so you could see the supernatural world. Attributes to Sorcery, the word that Pharma- or pharmaceuticals originated from.

      We don't know what Todd saw and yes, I have tendency to want to throw the covers over my head on his description as well. But what HE SAW is not as important as what he is trying to warn us about.

      Todd is hard to believe on some of his testimony. But there is no doubt he was right as far back is the mid 1970's when he began talking about it. He is right about something else too . . . the deception that's coming? It will not be UFO's.

      No scathing . . . :o)

    2. Bonnie, you said : "Psychic and insane issues? Like what? Him seeing demons? This is why next to nobody talks about this stuff. People think they're insane when they do. Demons exist."

      I agree, they do exist in multiple forms & in business I met some too in tuxedo or high heels. In Wikipedia, John Todd was quoted for his abusing some women & even young people, he also alledgedly invented a story of him having killed a military & being saved by the Illuminati : wrongly accused for a bigger agenda or really pervert ? Watching Michael's eyes & his family background : 100% clear Michael was nothing of what they wrongly accused him of, but Todd ? the somber forces killed other searchers before him so it is sad we'll never know the truth. To his credit, Todd was a visionary & I'll read with all the more interest your next Blog on him.

      Vladimir Putin :

    3. Line,

      Yes, I believe Todd said in one of the vids I listened to that he was very casual about sex when he was still practicing (witchcraft, before he was saved).

      Todd is a different creature than Michael. Todd grew up in an Illuminati family - generations of witches he says. Not the same with Michael. And I don't have a good picture of Todd to really be able to see his eyes. But as for Todd's stories about shooting an officer? No way to really verify it because they expunged his records. But the fact that he was falsely accused of rape, (and convicted), and also accused of molestation of children (for which he was not convicted), let out of prison but sent directly to a mental institution (he was drugged in prison according to people who knew him) and died there within three years - to me that testifies that they couldn't afford to let him out. I listened to his videos on the next blog, and his voice sounds clear and not delusional.

      Remember what happened to Michael and his family - Latoya. If Todd was actually in the Illuminati and part of their Druid Council, he was a bigger risk than Latoya and look what they did to her.

  7. "...unless you are on mushrooms or something." lmao ))))

    we have a saying in says something like "they pick up sh!t and run around with it(glorifiy it)". Feels appropriate here( hope noone get offended)))

    And what do you think about Putin? Some of his actions may cause you to think that he is against illuminati, but ,seeing what he has done to the country, its educational system( people grow up really ignorant and uneducated), medical system, in just FOUR YEARS that I spent in Australia(really loved it there) Russian started to dring really A LOT! It wasn't like that before.

    Putin is increasing military and police wages TRHEE TIMES so more men would join( is he preparing for riots? if it was against an ememy from outside, it would be just military i guess)

    I also remember MEdvedev(current president, Punit's pawn) presenting NWO CURRENCY!!!!


    and i seeing what is not there or is it "the sun",all seeing eye" at the very end of this video from Kremlin?(ts at the top near the ceiling)

    Note that BOTH vdeos were uploaded in July 2009, so I suppose these events also happened in July 2009 Coincidence?

    On the other hand, one of the latest thing that Putin said is that "he will protect all the Cristians of the world". In the view of all other things he has done( population is in no conditon to fight, either drunk or old or love Putin or try to run away from here...ut as I understand, soon it will not matter where you live, it will be NWO everywhere! unless some countries will be more fortumate then others)
    My thought is that he just wants a better seat in the futur NWO government, so he acts all tough and everything.

    Wow, I've written a lot. Sorry))))) There are really not many people I can discuss it with... some people even say "I don't mind being watched and controlled , I don't do anythuing illegal. Plus they(the govermnent) can track us anyway using our mobile phones).And "we will see what happens if and when it happens" and"I don't want to worry about it now"

    1. Hi Elena, I'm Russian too.
      Know what? Why bother, dollar is the perfect NWO currency and it's already here and whoever tries to change that gets bombed.

      We are under whoever rules the world since 1991,
      you can't just get rid of that once it's in your
      government, but let's not participate in "Russia is the
      NWO womb" craziness, it is not. They should stop using
      us as scarecrow, how about looking into the mirror
      once and spotting evils standing right behind them,
      pretending to be their best friends.

      They also can't get rid of Christianity once they
      set it free in same 1991, of course our church is infiltrated
      like any other big church, and I don't see local Orthodox church as a sacred place - it's ruled by questionable people
      who are not of God IMHO. But in terms of nominal support,
      formal Christianity if you wish - yeah, Putin will support that, the church is getting way too mighty here, at least
      that's how I see that, but is it in God's name? I don't feel that. It's just another institution to control us and prevent us from free thinking.

      I agree with you on education etc. - looks like
      they took worst American models and built that travesty
      based on that, it upsets me a lot, I sort of was proud of the old system. Maybe it's just infiltrators pushing
      their ugly ideas, but yeah, something that big won't be
      moving forward without presidential approval? I dunno,
      I honestly see ALL presidents as puppets/talking heads, it's funny
      how foreign people thought Putin is new Stalin! That is funny, for real. It only proves Putin is a good actor
      and foreign people are still under heavy propaganda.

      Last thing we need here is revolution though, hands down.
      When/if they start it, you can immediately tell Putin
      was not "good" enough for NWO team.

      Elsewhere, Bonnie,
      we have Baptists in our family and they told
      me theories very close to these in John Todd lectures!
      Do they discuss similar things in churches there?
      I don't know where mine got these ideas from, there are
      various types of Baptists clearly, I don't know what my
      relatives "are" exactly and what types we have in Russia.
      Mine don't use symbolism like that as well, in fact their
      gathering place is very very modest and lacks any symbols.

    2. Elena, I am right with you on Putin. He is playing a part and right now his part is to APPEAR to be against Israel and her "allies". I don't buy his "we love Christians" act either. Putin would not be in office in Russia if they did not want him there. The Jews have been in control of Russia since the Bolshevik Revolution.

      at 39:16 seconds on the second video you posted, it looks like the Sun God symbol. I cannot tell if the "all seeing eye" in in the middle of it or not.

      Between you and me, I can throw my cell phone out tomorrow. I don't need it, don't care for it. My husband is the one that insists we have them.

      Anonymous - Very few churches in the U.S. ever discuss demons except in an abstract sense of the word. They don't talk about how real they are. That Baptist churches I have attended in my lifetime (Independent and/or Southern Baptists). And most of the churhes I have attended were small (congregations of 300 or less) and for the most part their sanctuaries are bald. No fancy drapes or stained windows. They have a baptismal behind the choir and sometimes a wooden cross set up behind the pulpit with NO Jesus figure on it. Bald and plain. But I have been in Baptist churches that have the fancy stuff and look as if they are trying to mimick an Episcopal church. I have never seen the drape with the Mason/crown and cross. But apparently they exist.

      My family (mom's side) was Lutheran - the Stafford side, her dad's side. Her mother's side was Gullah and from what I can tell, Pagan (her mother practiced "stuff" too) I learned all this later in life.

      My dad's side of the family? Episcopal but NOT CHRISTIAN. Just in case my dad ever stumbles across this blog I don't want to embarrass him but his family is not . . . they are not nice people. At all. His dad was nice but the rest of them I had not a good time with growing up.

  8. Okay, I'm extremely curious about what you tell here:

    "Not me, but my mother had done this. I have seen this in my childhood so before you start rolling your eyes and shaking your head, having spell books and Ouja boards in your home, using them will invite them in, séances, Tarot cards. My mother tried to get out and that is when the trouble started. Too long of a story to tell here. I’ve seen some stuff"

    Is that too private or you simply don't want to tell,
    but what exactly was going on? How serious it was?
    My grandma was extremely good at telling future via playing
    cards, usual cards, don't know if people use them in US to
    do the same. She was good at other things too.
    I tried doing that and must admit completely failed :P And actually I thought that's because I'm not "spiritual"
    or "gifted" enough, sounds like it was good I stopped ages ago
    without any results?
    We have Tarot cards there somewhere, but never tried that
    as after failure with usual cards all interest was gone lol.
    Was it a blessing after all? Hope so. I don't want to
    see "dead people" ))

    As pointed above, the chip is here.
    And know what? Many many people will use it gladly, they will. Yes.
    Not a secret many would love to get their children
    "chipped" as it's so "handy". They will give you 1000 reasons
    why it's beneficial and progressive. We are just "retrograde
    paranoid bunch" here.
    The rest will be forced to, as we won't be able to shop, to
    travel, to get help without that thing scanned.
    I seriously think this is what we'll have in the future,
    as crazy as it sounds now [though why crazy? We are forced to get rid of cash and use cards only, they scan us wherever they
    can, fingerprints and everything, so mandatory chip is not all
    that "insane", for our own "safety and security" of course]...

    1. Hi Anonymous,

      It's not that it's personal, it's just that it is way too much to get into. I put some of it above in the other post to the OTHER anonymous. Plus we can get off topic with it and I don't want to focus on me. My mother was not a witch but she dabbled . . . played. She had spell books, Ouja boards and I remember seances held at the house when I was very young. My dad was not into it but she was. One of the reasons they broke up. My mom's mother cast spells and stuck pins in dolls. I heard all those stories. I was eight years old when my mother went to the movies with one of her seance buddies. They saw "The Exorcist". It scared her so bad she spent the next week throwing all her books away, her boards, cards and candles and other paraphernalia. When she did THAT, I can tell you things got so bad that she had to have a minister come out to the house twice to show her how to stop it. I didn't see alot of it because it attacked HER, but I saw some of it. Enough to know it's real. That same year, a church bus started coming into our neighborhood asking if kids wanted to go to "sunday school".

      At first I had no interest. They need to pick another name for it if they want to interest children, LOL! Another day of school? I wanted no part! But they enticed us with "we'll have candy on the bus!" Well, I never got candy, so my sister and I said yes.

      I ended up going to their Christian School two years later with help from my grandfather and the school scholarship. That is where I was saved. My mother never attended church but I did on my own through my adulthood. If nothing else it gave me a background in the Bible. I was saved and baptized when I was eleven. I had dreams after that warning me about this very stuff. But never once did they tell me how to pray or how to fast. I am just now learning how to fast and what to do. It's really a shame.

  9. Bonnie,Hi. I think you opened a can of worms. I haven't finished reading this. I only got as far as the picture of the sword. I have one sitting in my house! My husband inherited it from his father when he died. I never gave it much thought until my husband died. I started researching where it might have come from,(it has the name Rev.Lewis Raymond) I never did find anything about it...until now.
    With Google and your clue(Knights Templar), I was able to find a possible link to my husband's family!!! Just started looking but will let you know if I find anything worth mentioning.(I will be putting it out of my sight,I'm kind of creeped out now).Peace.Linda

    1. Uh oh! I'm sorry! I know but don't feel bad. My grandfather, his brothers, my uncles, my greatgrandfather, all masons. Probably York rite, I'm not sure now. Both of them are gone. The story of my great grandfather is VERY interesting. The Staffords, of the house of Tudor. But for some reason my Greatgrandfather left the masons right after he became a 32 degree. Never talked about it but he HATED England. Unreasonably so we thought. Now I know more of the story.

      Hey! We might be related!

  10. Hi Bonnie,
    I believe Charles Manson is a Programmed Assasin Created by the CIA. Charles Manson is part of "MK Ultra". Can people really be evil or are they turned evil, have demons in them?
    Sharon Tate was part of the Illuminati or what ever you want to call it. Sharon wanted out. They killed her. It was a sacrifice. If you look into Sharon Tate's movies she often played the part of a witch in the movies.

    1. Hi Anonymous,

      You may be right. Nobody knows his real background and the press on him could be cover for what they did - a failed (or a successful) mind control experiment.

      We're getting a bad storm here. I better get off.

  11. Hi Bonnie,
    What do you make of the 'PROSPERITY GOSPEL'?? They were talking about this about Whitney Houston's Home Coming, I think it was the pastor guy. I personally think it is 'spiritual abuse'.

    1. Hi Anonymous -

      I'm familiar with it and I abhor this philosophy. It is not Biblical. I was listening to a sermon by Joyce Meyers last night (during the height of the thunderstorm we had) and it was a sermon in which she actually used scripture to preach that we were "little gods". You call it spiritual abuse and in a way you are right. It's spiritual abduction! They block your path to God with this kind of teaching, it is wrong.

      Here is a good explanation of it:

      For the most part this Wiki article on it is accurate.

    2. It was Pastor Marvin Winans who was talking about the 'PROSPERITY GOSPEL'. Marvin said the Prosperity gospel is the only gospel there is because God doesn't want us to be poor or "broke". I don't know if you can find this bit in Whitney's Home Coming it was near the end of the service.

    3. Hi Anonymous,

      I didn't listen all the way to the end, then, because I do not remember hearing it. God doesn't want us to be poor or broke? But he doesn't want us victimizing others to become rich either. Maybe they forgot the part in the Bible where Jesus tells us not to seek the rewards of this world? God does bless us . . . but he doesn't always do it with money. This is preaching the worship of money and it makes me angry when they do that "in the name of God".


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