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Michael Jackson Justice: Michael Jackson - I Just Want You To Recognize me In the Temple

God: Reconnect to Him

The Conspiracy against God is about "The Word", and the profaning of His Holy Name within us. Adam fell in the garden, breaking the direct connection to God. Jesus, the "last Adam" was a quickening Spirit, the Word made Flesh, and the only one with whom we can re-establish our relationship with God. Michael's story is still unfolding. He is the one who is, is not. But Jesus is the only name given under heaven by which we must be saved. Many are trying to rewrite HIStory. We were given a help to instruct us. Learn more "here".

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Michael Jackson - I Just Want You To Recognize me In the Temple

The Book of Revelation

"I Just want you to recognize me in the temple . . . ."

I apologize for the comment I left early this morning which has since been deleted.  That was my equivelant of throwing a house plant as far as I could (I couldn’t do it. Those plants have been through two moves and survived).

I am incredibly angry and my eyes are swollen from crying.  I prayed before I finally crawled into bed before five this morning.

When It gets to the point where I want to lash out at Michael, you know it’s bad.  You can’t do anything else but pray.

Let me get on with what I have to say, because this whole thing and what they are doing is scaring me but I'm fortunate to recognize it.  This is what I wanted to wait to post last night:

Michael’s alter-ego?

Well, “This is it, here I stand, the light of the world” . . . NOT.

On Friday I posted a blog that I thought was hopeful and for the most part, it was.  However, I made the major mistake of NOT digging deeper into investigating one of the sources . . .  AFTER I posted their videos, so I apologize to all of you.

However, this is not a complete waste of time because when something like this happens, you learn the truth and see a bigger picture.

One of the videos I posted opened with pictures of William Cooper, Fritz Springmeier, Phil Schneider and some other fellow I’m not as familiar with.  The dedication was to these guys who were killed trying to inform us.

The video text asked the question, “why are people like David Wilcock and Alex Jones selling books, making documentaries and making money while the Christian researchers exposing the satanic side of the conspiracy are being killed or jailed?”

That’s a good question . . . why are they making money and selling dvd’s while the other guys are getting killed?

Ben Fulford said in his Dec. 20th video that Michael Jackson was one of the people this “cabal” killed.  Perhaps he should have stood in the mirror before pointing his fingers because he WORKS for the same people.

Below is one of the videos I posted that I thought was rather remarkable.

Benjamin Fulford – Information

Benjamin Fulford, recorded August 30, 2011
Posted October 20, 2011 by Youtube Channel

The description comment under this video reads:

For the past week, a secret meeting of 57 finance ministers aimed at setting up a new international financial system took place in a large ship on international waters near Europe, according to White Dragon Society representatives who were there. The meeting, hosted by Switzerland, deliberately excluded representatives from the US Federal Reserve Board and its Washington D.C. subsidiary, France, Italy, the UK, Germany and Japan. Countries like Russia, China and the Netherlands were among the 57 represented. Representatives from the Pentagon and the US agencies at the meeting promised to bypass the Federal Reserve board and use their access to codes for the international collateral accounts to finance the US military industrial complex in conjunction with the new system.

The Swiss used their financial intelligence to refuse would-be participants who were in any way associated with either the Bilderberg Group, the Council on Foreign Relations or the Trilateral Commission. Among those refused entry were Naoto Kan (still Prime Minister of Japan as of last week), IMF head Christine Lagarde and US Senator J. Rockefeller. Rockefeller was actually physically prevented from boarding the ship, according to two eye-witnesses.

There was an attempt by members of the old world order fascist cabal to eavesdrop on the meeting with helicopters. The helicopters were also preparing to attack the ship with pulse weapons before they were warned off by pentagon white hats and forced to leave the vicinity, CIA sources say.

A foundation will be set up as a vehicle to finance the military industrial complex to ensure payrolls continue to be met at the agencies and the pentagon during the transition to a constitutional government in the United States, the sources said. The foundation will, as a temporary security measure for security reasons, exclude all members of the Khazarian, Sabbatean sect, including as well, any US/Israeli dual citizens.

US and European elements of the White Dragon Society will be preparing legal cases to ensure the arrest of all leading conspirators in a plan to murder over 85% of the world's population. Videos of 5 separate underground cities, complete with agricultural complexes, were shown to meeting participants as evidence of the genocide planned for 2012.

In a related development, multiple sources claim two of the underground cities, one near Washington D.C. and another near Denver, Colorado, were destroyed by nuclear weapons last week. Some sources, also connected to intelligence circles, however, deny that such an attack took place.

Nevertheless, if the seismographic graph of the so-called earthquake that hit Washington D.C. last week is not a fake, then it appears that indeed a nuclear weapon was detonated at or near a known underground facility. Instead of showing a series of small quakes building up into a huge one as seen in natural quakes, the graph shows a sudden huge shake followed by smaller after-shocks typical of an explosion.

The message to the cabalists seems to be simple: "you will not be given access to your underground shelters while the rest of us die."

It is also interesting to note that several South American government representatives at the 57 country meeting on the ship promised to start confiscating land bought by the genocidal faction in countries like Uruguay, Paraguay and Argentina. This will mean, for example, the Bush ranch in Paraguay will be seized soon.

In Japan, meanwhile, a new Prime Minister has been selected who appears to be outside of the control of the Zionist cabal. Yoshihiko Noda, is a graduate of the Matsushita academy, who represents a moderate, nationalist and pro-business element of the Japanese establishment. More importantly, Rockefeller tainted candidates linked to ex-power broker Ozawa, such as Banri Kaeida and Zionist pet Seiji Maehara, were both excluded.

I bolded and underlined the portions of this article under the video description that concerned me.  Several things did not make sense.

The setting up of a new international financial system?  Isn’t that what the elite are already in the process of trying to do? 

This meeting was hosted by Switzerland and Russia, China and the Netherlands was part of the negotiations.

The Netherland’s Queen Beatrix is a member of the Bilderberger group and the Committee of 300.  She attends the Bilderburger every year.  Switzerland’s leaders also attend these meetings. – Source,  

The other places I underlined in that description concerned “new system” and “financing military industrial complex”.  Isn’t this the road we are ALREADY ON?

I saw the term “White Dragon Society” and further down reference to “Asian Secret Societies”.   I did a search on White Dragon Society because I had never heard of it before.  The first page in the search I came to was Benjamin Fulford’s page.

Research on Ben Fulford

Just the name “Dragon” stopped me in my tracks, so I did a little . . . research.

White Dragon Society turned up Ben Fulford’s web site which I just linked above.   The background on this group tells us:

One report title reads:

The Old World Order wants to surrender but to the people, not to the New World Order


If Fulford’s “White Dragon Society” is the New World Order, then why is he calling out Bush?  Bush was helping him usher it in back in 1991!

This is his “about” page:

Reading down through Ben’s web site is a little hard considering that the “reports” he posts are only truncated.  You have to PAY to become a member to see the rest of what he writes, just like a good little false Jew would do.  But it’s only eight dollars a month.  I backed out before paying because I was a little confused . . .

Ben? Would this be in “Old World Order” dollars,  or “New World Order dollars”?

Just something about that “pay for the truth” thing that keeps popping up with the red flags.

Apparently this “White Dragon Society” for which Fulford allegedly is spokesperson, is the who from which the Rothschild’s and the other elitists are running scared.

White Dragon Society info at

On this website, they promote the “take over” of the “Old World Order” with a “Golden Age” unification.  I smell David Wilcock and Karen Faye’s “shanti- shanti- shanti”.  This has nothing whatsoever to do with Christ. – Source,

Upon further reading of this site I found references to Kings and “Monarchy” having diving right to rule, “Horeb” and “the invisible prince God’s son”.  They also at the bottom of the same page Have in bold “Prince of the Underworld Immortal”  (The Michael Jackson SATANIC “Immortal” world tour for Cirque de Solei came to mind). 

In between the top and the bottom of the page, they butcher a few Bible verses and misquote Jesus horrendously, the BLASPHEMY!  It doesn’t link directly to any verse reference because it doesn’t exist!   (It lists a verse number but it doesn’t exist.  Nowhere in the Bible does Jesus say we are gods!)

This is DANGEROUS stuff and this is what they are going to be hitting people between the eyes with – Please GUARD yourself before reading this.

This is EXACTLY the type of deception they are going to deceive people with!

From what I could read of Ben Fulford’s web site (without paying, I’m not giving one dime to this man), he seems to be putting out communiqué  that the “cabal” are in negotiations with them and that this little “White Dragon” operation will be cutting off the elite’s funds.  This is a statement from him on one of the forums:


BENJAMIN FULFORD: “We” is a group of us who are involved in the fight to overthrow this cabal.

It includes members of the CIA, the Pentagon, the [intelligence] agencies, and various [other groups], including Asian secret societies.

We use the name White Dragon. There is another group that calls themselves the White Hats.

We all have the same goal, which is to get this insane group of people out of power.

Oh Really????

Asian secret societies?  Is this like (finger on chin looking up). . . DIFFERENT then EUROPEAN SECRET SOCIETIES???

Wasn’t it the CIA that was after Michael in the first place?

How did Ben Fulford get an exclusive interview with Rockefeller?  How did Fulford KNOW there was going to be an earthquake in Japan ten days before it happened?

Maybe the same way Taaj Malik-TeamMJ and David Edwards get a hold of court documents BEFORE they are released to the public? 

THEY ARE ALL ON THE SAME TEAM!  And it’s not humanity’s!  It certainly is not God’s.

I am livid!

I don’t know what god Ben Fulford is talking about when he addresses the “Jewish” people, but it’s not the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob!  And it most certainly is not the God of our Savior Jesus Christ.  And if a website like THAT is promoting him, and David Wilcock is promoting him, then Ben Fulford is NOT good news!  And I’m really pissed at the person who consistently sent me this stuff on Wilcock and Fulford, because I told them about Wilcock before so THEY KNOW!

You know who you are – we EMAIL back and forth all the time.  You can explain to me in email why you are misleading me or I can post your name all over this blog!

Please, everyone be very, VERY vigilant because not everyone that lets the word “God” roll out of their mouths is talking about our God of the Bible. 

Ben Fulford is working WITH the same cabal he wants YOU TO BELIEVE he is battling.  Remember what I said:

“The modus operandi of the conspirators in control of this planet never, ever construct a crisis without a plan to come in as the saviors of those catastrophes they create.”

This is what we are up against.

I am posting disclaimers on those Fulford videos with a link to this blog entry.

I am LEAVING those videos up with the disclaimers because I want people to know WHAT THESE PEOPLE ARE DOING WITH THEIR DECEPTION!

In a nutshell, Fulford wants to convince you that HIS cabal is any different that ROTHSCHILD’S cabal.  It’s nothing more than the SAME GROUP PRETENDING to fight each other while getting their SCRIPTS from the SAME STUDIO!

God is not fooled, even if I CAN BE.  I had no idea that Fulford and Wilcock worked together because I don’t follow that fruitcake and he IS A FRUITCAKE.  A dangerous one!

Please read this carefully – this is the ADVENT of the deception.


I am ashamed, but wiser for the wear.  God bless you guys for putting up with me.  And if I’m going to address one liar, I have to address them all.

Please, please understand me as I continue:


This garbage has got to stop.

Jermaine Jackson.  If you want to give people THE TRUTH you don’t have to charge people $25 dollars for a book that gives people half the picture.  You are either truthful or you are not.  You either care about people’s lives or you don’t!  Latoya, same thing!

People, none of these books, dvd’s, magazines or memorabilia is going to help you get through what is going to happen and it is not going to save you.  It may help Branca pay for an underground bunker but YOU it will not help.

Michael’s children ARE BEING USED to jerk your emotional chains.   While Paris is going to acting classes paid for BY YOU, another child is dying with flies around their nose.  There is NO NEED TO DEIFY MICHAEL’S CHILDREN.  This is all THE GAME OF THE ESTATE AND THEIR REAL BOSSES!

There are people spending AN EXHORBENT amount of money on flowers EVERY WEEK for AN EMPTY CRYPT!  You know how many children in the Sudan that could feed?  You know how many HOMELESS THAT COULD HELP? 

None of the family ever visits Michael's grave!  You would think the press would get at least TWO OR THREE little pictures of them doing so in the last two years!  Just one dutiful memorial on the anniversary to keep the marketing machine alive? 

Latoya told Twitter she has to watch “Glee” to realize she misses Michael?  Maybe I can help her with that?  (Latoya, maybe a little less time twittering about caviar and eating out.  You don’t find many sick children needing HEALING at the Beverly Hilton!).

Anyone here that HASN’T missed Michael every day for the last two-point- five years?  Raise your hands.

****Michael, this is people’s lives you are playing with.  You read the Bible, you KNOW what is supposed to happen!  Love of the TRUTH, remember?****

If Michael’s family is at ALL concerned with the well being of ANY of you they will stop this horse crap right now, be strait up with people and get off the mirage merry-go-round.  I don’t for ONE MINUTE believe that Michael would be okay with his children being shoved out to help DECEIVE PEOPLE.

These people could be telling people the TRUTH if they were at all concerned about you. Instead they’d rather contradict the people who are trying to find and get the truth out there and charge you for the deception.  The PEOPLE who’s mantra they are repeating are the ones GETTING PAID OUT OF MICHAEL’S ESTATE.

David Edwards, JusticeforBranca, Taaj Malik and her FAKE Branca Demonstrations, Erin Jacobs, Samantha DeGosson and the TINI-SONY stalkers of Michael and Muzikfactory who trashes Michael’s mother then turns around and trashes KAREN FAYE for trashing Michael’s mother . . . ALL GETTING PAID FROM THE ESTATE AND BRANCA.  This includes all those writing for TruthvsLies like MJBADWITCH, Deborah Kunesh and her false god, Edwards, Taraborrelli and T-Storm and her other six personalities. 

All of them taking from Michael and his children.  It would be nice to know someone else cared about this and shut these people down, but no.  The Jacksons would seemingly rather have you believe the lies of these people, then get you to buy their books to re-read them.

This is going to be really, REALLY hard for some of you to understand, but I am NOT interested in impressing anyone with this blog, LEAST OF ALL, the liars.  I can’t say I’m not surprised at what I have learned, but I started out wanting to defend a man I believed was persecuted.  How much of THAT was “Illusion” remains to be seen.

I have people playing games with me leaving mysterious search results trying to make me believe they are family.  I have people who email me who pop in and out of my life as soon as they think they have enough information OR have given me enough DIS-information.  If I’m not answering your emails, you will figure out why soon enough.

I keep everything.  Emails, IP numbers and headers, etc...  I tried to be discreet but I WILL NOT STAND BY and watch them LEAD PEOPLE OVER A CLIFF!!!!

Discernment:  “1. The act or process of exhibiting keen insight and good judgment.

2. Keenness of insight and judgment.” – Source,

Michael, do you see “stand by and watch people be deceived” in that definition anywhere?

Keen insight and good judgment USUALLY means NOT LYING.

I’m trying to DISCERN why it’s okay for family members to LIE and why it’s okay for family members to ADVOCATE for liars but it’s not okay for OTHERS to lie.  Perhaps that little crown displayed on certain suit jackets and Jackson-affiliated web sites gives them that “divine” right but I didn’t READ that book.  I read the BIBLE.  Thought they did too.

Understand something.  Being wrong about something doesn’t hurt.  Apologizing for being wrong doesn’t hurt.  Being MISLEAD by people you CARE ABOUT hurts.  Being LIED TO by people you care about hurts.

****If I am going to expose people like Fulford and Wilcock and Obama, and our government Mr. Michael Jackson, I have to expose ALL OF IT!

Just put it all out there and let OTHERS discern to their hearts content.  I am not being rewarded for my discretion with not even something as simple as the truth which is ALL everyone wants, and all these PEOPLE who are pouring money into your FAKE ESTATE are the ones who are PAYING and sooner or later with THEIR LIVES and their SOULS!*****

A liar is a liar, regardless of which cabal you belong to.

I realize some of you may leave this blog and that is fine.  I am NOT trying to fund a “campaign for king” or collect "fans" for the marketing machine.  You will have the truth on this blog whether Michael is part of it or not.  I’m turning this blog over to God and last time I checked the Bible, his name was not Michael.  God doesn’t lie.  God wants people to be saved, not lied to, deceived and mocked.

Again – Benjamin Fulford, David Wilcock and ANYONE PROMOTING THEM are working for A FALSE GOD.  They are misquoting the Bible on their web sites and they are misappropriating context and what Jesus said.  WE ARE NOT GODS.

We are GOD’S CHILDREN.  You are NOT AUTOMATICALLY FORGIVEN, you have to ASK FOR IT.  It is a "free will" salvation.  God does not force you or make that decision for you.  YOU have to decide you love him.

The difference between their anti-Christ god and THE GOD of the Bible is that GOD gave you a choice.  Their god does not know the value of unconditional love because THEIR god has never given his life to save yours.  Lucifer only knows how to TAKE LIVES.

Do NOT BE FOOLED by Fulford or Wilcox or those LIKE THEM who promote being gods.  They are taking you down the wrong path and I am sorry for posting their videos.  But now you know.

ANYONE promoting that you are “God” or that God is only this “goodness” within you or that there is no such thing as sin, or that the Bible is meant to oppress you is a DECEIVER.  They are trying to walk you right into the abode of the Beast.

I hope you “recognize” who it really is “in the Temple” when the time comes.

I am NOT letting anyone use this blog to mislead or deceive people INCLUDING MICHAEL if that is his intention.  I don’t have any “illusions” that he is coming back, I’m not looking for any reward but THE TRUTH.  I love God and I love people and DON’T want to see them lose because of lies and MANIPULATION of a personality very craftily constructed to entrap you.

If Michael is TRULY with God then he will not at all be upset with what I am about to do.

P.S.  Someone from this link was searching my blog:

Look at the page owners – All Facebook officers. 

Julia Metcalfe – Marketplace products insight specialist

Graham Paterson – User Operations Analyst at Facebook

Please focus on Jesus the Christ and not on Michael Jackson.  Michael is being used very effectively to destroy you.

While I’m working, please enjoy the movie.  It’s going to be a couple of days.   Follow along here: 

The Full Movie


  1. Hello. I thought about a thing. It may not be relevant or have any meaning or maybe you brought it up ages ago. After MJ died they showed a clip of MJ's last rehearsal "They don't really care about us" a million times or more, right? Then a couple of years later the trial came up and then all of a sudden his last rehearsal was "Earth Song". Things like that is so annoying to me. And it looks like he is in more pain during the "They don't really care about us" rehearsal than during the "Earth song" rehearsal. His lips are kind of blue. If you are really cold your lips turn blue right? Or if there is something wrong with your heart. I might totally be wrong. Just wanted to bring it up. What's yours and your readers thoughts about it? Susanne

    1. His lips are blue because the lighting was blue. Whoever edited the film tried to make him look as sickly as possible.

      As Jermaine said in his propaganda piece . . . The sicker he looked, the more explosive the comeback. There must have been about four different Michael's in "This is It". For all we know, NONE of the Michael's we have seen since his last wave goodbye after the trial in 2005 is the real Michael.

      Last rehearsal or first rehearsal it doesn't matter. We bought the movie, they made their money, end of story.

    2. wow u think he died after the trial....kinda makes sense

  2. Bonnie, you are angry.

    And I can see why! That's why I try HARD to stay away
    from any to call them, informers? People like that
    bearded guy on videos who claim to know stuff or to fight
    things. I'm very suspicious and I have my reasons, being
    naive and hit hard many times makes one very suspicious
    at the end. We can't just believe them, everyone has agenda.

    But I don't suspect Michael - just for a minute assume
    someone actually killed him on the morning of June 25th,
    and he is with God. His soul is up there, with God.
    So whatever is going on here on Earth he has no control
    of, it's done to his name by others. And heck yes, it's darn
    evil and cruel.
    I'd love to be wrong, but recently just can't help it but
    think they managed to kill him. The people around him, like
    sharks. No one was there to help, and the only good thing possible
    was for God to take his soul to that safe place ASAP, so
    he was spared future pains.
    Not sure he sees what's up once he left, that would cause him
    more pain and that's the last thing he deserves.

    I can't watch This Is It without crying and not paying enough
    attention as result. Maybe some day.

    As for governments and world orders - it's so confusing. What
    a web. How can you trust anyone out there! I'd love to learn more but things can get overwhelming, for any of us. Oh Bonnie,
    be ready to get angry many many times :(

    1. I'm beginning to see everyone has an agenda. But live and learn, right? I didn't see Fulford paired with Wilcock before this or I would have known. Repugnant little dude, isn't he?

      Suspect Michael? He set this whole thing up. Maybe their's some truth in this illusion . . . like the size of his ego? What is out there RIGHT NOW is NOT Mike . . . it is "MICHAEL JACKSON" the brand, the idol, the icon. And I'm sick of seeing it being used to twist and manipulate people. Buy a Guy Fawkes like Michael Jackson mask and put it over Sony's face. That's about as much soul we see in all of this going on. Wasted two years of my life following lies put out there by liars.

      If Michael Jackson is dead, he did not die on June 25, 2009. Michael Jackson™ can go to hell. He knows what I'm talking about and he's not dead. Nobody knows that better than him.

    2. BONNIE said : "Michael can go to hell"

      Whaaaaat ! 2 years of your life to come to that conclusion ? Bonnie, you have good reasons to be angry with the many deceptions - Estate, Fulford & Co - but no, the ones who used & abused Michael all along should get Hell. La Toya/Caviar : it at least made me laugh! Anyhow opening one's eyes without pink glasses is always painful.

    3. Michael Jackson™ and anyone promoting it. Micheline is right, she posted below. Everything post June 25, 2009 that is now being marketed with that name.

      People like Fulford are using him now to usher in their "New World Order". Lovely.

  3. Hi Susanne,
    Yes you are right, they did say TDCAU was his last rehearsal. But then contradicted themselves by saying it was filmed on 23rd, and he was rehearsing 24th. So I knew straight away it wasn't his last rehearsal at all. I think it was the last FOOTAGE that was available to be released at the time, because anything from 24th was probably still in the cameras, or hadn't been 'approved'. I agree with you he does look in pain, and I think his old back injury may have been causing it. I read that on 24th he was in excruciating pain, and I can see that could be true too. I know Bonnie disagrees with me, but I do think he was in physical pain, and that was just one of the reasons to disappear.

    It is people lying about the Bible and God that made me give up on religion years ago. So, I understand why you got trapped into their web temporarily. I don't know what the Jacksons are up to - if MJ is dead then sometimes I find their behavior disrespectful. In fact I think Glee is disrespectful, period. Not just about Michael and I'd never watch it, so why give them free advertising? The whole sorry state with the fake album, gloomy looking Tribute, dodgy fan fest and now some circus parody reminds me of the old fairgrounds where they had unfortunate people with medical conditions paraded for your entertainment. Am I the only one who finds none of it entertaining and certainly none of it has the joy Michael used to infuse.

    1. Princess - people lying about the Bible and God. They CAN'T do that to you if you read the Bible yourself. They can however LIE to you about what it says and if you read it you recognize it when you see or hear it. I hope you gave up "religion" and not "faith". Big difference.

      I got trapped into Fulford's little speech because there was HOPE in it . Verification of this was the fact that he knew about an earthquake in Japan before it happened. After further investigating I realized what HIS agenda is and saw the incredible "inside" information for what it really was . . . INSIDE INFORMATION. Yep, that ticked me off alright!

      I never watch Glee, but did see Latoya's tweet about it. I don't watch T.V. because I would probably throw it out the window every night if I did, every time I saw Obama's lying little face.

      And something else I want to clarify since we're on the subject of the "dodgy" MJ stuff. Prince Jackson does NOT have vitiligo. Michael had CHEMICALLY INDUCED VITILIGO which also resulted in Lupus. He is the ONLY person in his family that has it. Prince's vitiligo is only visible on a few pictures and not all of it . . . it is a lie!


      i believe u about them inducing his vitiligo but look how it affected him its sad...its a link to his 1993 interview with oprah where he talks about his skin not in detail but the pain in his eyes...

  4. Thank you Bonnie and Princess Glam for your thoughts about the rehearsals. I've have been feeling deceived by MJ and his family for a while now so I can totally relate to this blog. And it makes you angry disappointed and sad and used. Truth doesn't make you feel confused as far as I know. Susanne

    1. Susanne, just keep watching. Keep watching but don't get caught up in it. Emotion opens wallets. Keep watching. Everything his family has done has promoted this mirage. Truth is in there, but we can't see it yet. It will be revealed of that I have no doubt. If Michael is with God, he will be there if I keep focused on God. The rest of this? Forget it. People are dying and these people are playing games.

  5. Dear Bonnie,
    First of all, thank you so much for the time you put in your greatly researched blogs, I really appreciate it and I've learned a lot over here. I'm a long time reader, although I did not read all your blogs and didn't watch all the vids you posted because I didn't have the time to do that, so sorry about that :( Also, I'm not familiar with the bible so sometimes things are hard for me to understand, but I'm sooo trying!
    Please forgive me for asking this question, my english isn't that great and the translation machine isn't helping me a lot either, but what is exactly the connection with Fulford and your sudden anger with the Jackson family/Michael? Can you explain it in a few sentences? To me, the Jackson family always acted strange/disrespectful after the 'passing' of Michael but you were nice to them and defended them. You defended Michael. I'm sorry but I don't understand the sudden change, probably because I don't understand your blog (I mean the connection you made). I hope you are not angry with me for asking you this, I'm really trying to understand and want to know the truth also (finally, because I'm hooked to this, just like you, for the last 2,5 years). Thank you Bonnie for answering me and please don't be mad, I'm really trying....

    1. I am not mad at you at all and I'm glad you asked about this. It started off with Fulford mentioning Michael's name. I go to his website, go to the other sites promoting him on my searches and the mantra the tout about "kings have divine right to rule" and cannot be held accountable to earthly law which is the same mentality that the Zionists have in the first place. This led me to all the crowns you see on Michael's suits, in Michael's drawings (little me), the crowns on Latoya's Ja Tail website etc....

      Michael's family seems to be okay with and endorsing that loathesome lizard Branca and the cheap prostituting of Michael's legacy. Now they have Michael's children pimping their dad's legacy. Did anyone see Lisa Marie out there in front of Chinese Restaurants pressing empty shoes of her dad into concrete? No! What the hell is wrong with people?

      Here is the REAL deal. What the Bible says is going to happen is going to happen. ANYONE thinking they are going to RE-WRITE that is putting themselves in the position to BE God and I am NOT OKAY WITH THAT.

      What is the devil really good at doing?

      Trying to imitate God.

      Who does Michael most resemble in biblical history?

      What was the music industry building him to be?

    2. What is the devil really good at doing? being a liar and a deceiver he is the father of lies... and
      Trying to imitate God.

      Who does Michael most resemble in biblical history?

      I would say and angel in my opinion ( my mom brought me up not worship celebrities that's idolatry)... but to some people he is seen as a prophet or God?? my guess

      What was the music industry building him to be?

      I think they were building him up to be a God a deceiver of nations for their own evil agenda to win more souls to hell. On another post you posted DMX interview he looks so broken, and 2Pac in that video said Hollywood built up an image of him and is trying to tear him down with that image its the same thing they did to Michael on alrger scale. All I see Hollywood do is build these actresses and singers UP UP BLOW THEM UP SO BIG and then just let them go and drop them and its like the hit the ground like fruit and you have to use something to scrape them back up you get me. That's why the bible says when you let go of God he will let go of you.

  6. I have no words for what I'm feeling right now...only tears. I can see that none of us have recovered from Michael's "departure" and the more I read and discover, the more confused and devastated I become.

    Bonnie, I can feel your rage and conflict over the Ben Fulford videos. But I am not sure I understand how your anger at Fulford raises questions in your mind about Michael being less than truthful. Have I missed something? His years of being controlled by handlers in ways none of us could have tolerated, abuse by the media, false criminal accusations that were intended to destroy him, were all designed to bring down a perfectly good man beloved by the world. I thought we were uncovering the truth through Michael's music lyrics and speeches because he was not able to do it any other way.

    As for his family, I have been uncertain of their position as well, even offended at times, but try to put myself in their shoes. If Michael's life was in real physical danger for more than two decades, as was La Toya's - surely the family would not be able to expose details of a conspiracy any more than Michael could, due to very real threats against them as well.

    So how does one navigate shark infested waters? One way is by not letting sharks smell your blood, and in this case, pretending that life goes on by not stirring the ashes. Remember when Randy posted that fans are not the only people reading their public messages? They have been cautious (even frivolous) about what they post online, which can really hurt us when we think their grief is over while we continue to feel pain and anguish. If given a choice between blurting out everything they know not to mislead fans, or being discreet so as not to arm the enemy who is still a real threat to Michael and the Jackson family, what might WE do in the same situation? Jermaine once said that justice for Michael will never be played out on Twitter. What we see as "not happening" to our personal satisfaction does not necessarily reflect what is really happening behind the scenes.

    Bonnie, I get frightened when I think you may have lost faith in Michael, because whatever happened to him on June 25, 2009, he left us - and you know he loved us. He either left of his own planning because he had to, or his life was taken against his will. Whichever it was, his departure was a tragedy for us and the world. We can turn our backs on those who have deceived us for greed and profit. That was not Michael. Everyone else continues to enjoy the fruits of HIS labor! Michael preferred to give most of his fortune to help humanity...and he did just that. As for his children being exploited, that may be. But remember what Paris said on the "Ellen" Show when asked what the most memorable thing was that Michael ever said? He said, "If I ever die, remember everything I ever told you." And Paris said she took heed of his advice and never forgot. So perhaps he was preparing her for things to come. Things we are seeing right now.

    If Michael is watching from some isolated place, thinking we have lost faith in him, that would be devastating. Yet think what you and the rest of us have learned about Michael in 2-1/2 years, and about all that is happening in the world...because HE helped open our eyes. That was his gift to us - the desire to care and seek the truth. And if Michael was killed that night, all the more reason we have to keep on with this fight. Because I for one, will not allow Michael's memory to fade quietly into the night. He is worth so much more than that.

    Don't lose heart, Bonnie - I pray that Michael's life was not taken on June 25, 2009 and that he is not with God just yet. But we know he is FOR God...and always has been.

    I'm almost afraid to call you later, but I will anyway. Love you, Bonnie!

    1. Micheline,

      You said - "Bonnie, I can feel your rage and conflict over the Ben Fulford videos. But I am not sure I understand how your anger at Fulford raises questions in your mind about Michael being less than truthful."

      - Michael HAS BEEN LESS THAN TRUTHFUL. However I can credit him with helping open our eyes, and in my case, my Bible. We have to start looking at this from one of two perspectives.

      Either Michael had no control over any of this and his family has run amock

      Or . . . Michael has control over all this and we are pawns.

      At this point Micheline I am more worried about what GOD thinks about losing faith in Him . . . or more to the point REPLACING HIM with a Trademarked golden calf who IN HIS OWN WORDS wants us to "recognize him in the temple".

      I'm not losing heart, I am ANGRY because I see everything that the estate and Sony, these false hope gurus on youtube with their Horus, and their fake Jesus quotes and where they are leading people. And Michael Jackson is going to right out there in front of them all with the light show. And people will be fooled because hey . . . It's Michael Jackson and they know this. Nobody is getting this!

    2. "So how does one navigate shark infested waters? One way is by not letting sharks smell your blood, and in this case, pretending that life goes on by not stirring the ashes.”

      That is a really good point on human survival.

      And I get what you mean when you say:
      “...surely the family would not be able to expose details of a conspiracy any more than Michael could, due to very real threats against them as well.”

      That is a thought that has crossed my mind, and it bothers me. I’m glad you bring it up.

      If we are looking at a threat to all of humanity and all creatures on this planet, at massive suffering at the hands of the controllers, it is the Jackson family’s DUTY to expose what they know about the conspiracy no matter the cost to themselves. Unless, God is leading them otherwise.

      “would not be able to” is about protecting their own mortal lives. They are able to, they choose not to.

      Maybe if people could think a little bigger - see that this life is NOTHING, a speck in eternity then they would have more courage to do what is right in the sight of God.

      It’s all very frustrating.

    3. I just wanted to repeat this Truth, because that is exactly how I feel. This is all GAMES compared to what is coming.

      "If we are looking at a threat to all of humanity and all creatures on this planet, at massive suffering at the hands of the controllers, it is the Jackson family’s DUTY to expose what they know about the conspiracy no matter the cost to themselves. Unless, God is leading them otherwise.

      “would not be able to” is about protecting their own mortal lives. They are able to, they choose not to."

      Someone else posted here that we're not in Michael's shoes and we dont' know his heart (I guess he put out 45 years of music for nothing).


  7. Bonnie, help me with this quote of yours below:

    "If Michael Jackson is dead, he did not die on June 25, 2009. Michael Jackson™ can go to hell. He knows what I'm talking about and he's not dead. Nobody knows that better than him."

    I understand you meant the Michael Jackson trademark brand can go to hell, as I believe you are referring to the adulterated and exploited marketing of Michael's name post 6/25/09 by the Branca managed Estate, and not that Michael can personally go to hell. Oh my God...I would not want anyone to misunderstand you, Bonnie! I saw the little TM symbol next to his name and hope everyone realizes that.

    But I don't understand what you meant by, "if Michael Jackson is dead, he did not die on June 25, 2009." If not then...WHEN? You've got my head spinning tonight!

    1. You are right on the trademark.

      On the question about June 25, 2009 . . . Nobody died that morning. Nobody.

    2. Hello Bonnie and Micheline.
      I'm replying 'here' on the blog, under your reply to Michelines comment, ( new blog layout thing is quite handy in that respect, so as one can do that, as it saves copying and pasting comments to reply to etc)
      Micheline asked '' if Michael Jackson is dead, he did not die on June 25, 2009 if not then.....? WHEN?''.
      I also wondered what you meant by that, which is why I've stuck around to see what reply you gave to her Bonnie.
      I ALSO noticed that you pointed out ''Michael Jackson TM'' can go to hell......I saw the TM there.
      I see you sweet Micheline making the TM bigger and clearer incase others missed it.
      I have read, and re read this blog tonight. When I first started reading it tonight there were only 9 comments, that will give a clue as to how long I've sat reading it, and going over it.
      The only part I havent 'listened to so far is the 1 and a half hr Revelation video you posted at the end. I will listen to that tomo.
      The link that you said 'be cautious of'
      ( quote)''This is DANGEROUS stuff and this is what they are going to be hitting people between the eyes with – Please GUARD yourself before reading this.''........ I had a glance at that website, but didnt stay on it for long, as it creeped me out!
      I picked out one thing from the left hand side to glance at randomly....( 56) what came up I almost didnt want to look at as it gave me such an uncomfortable feeling inside.
      Getting back to Michelines question of if MJ didnt die on 25th June 09 then when? Did you mean, that he might have died since? Now my mind is all over the place with this.
      A counterfeit Michael Jackson might still show up to mislead many people against God and into this New World Order?
      Now I see why you were upset by my twitter, I'm sorry Bonnie, I hear you now.
      I'm sorry you are so upset and angry. Anger IS the SAME as being upset, the two emotions are the same.
      I'd like to add one more comment to anyone here who is struggling with believing in God. @Princessglam, you said you were put off religion........guess what? So was I! BUT dont take a bad experience of it to put you off Jesus. Faith in Jesus isnt a 'religion' but more a 'relationship', which is why Bonnie said to you, ''don't mistake or confuse 'religion' with faith.
      Love Jenny. To everyone reading this.........we WILL get through this. I'll be praying for you Bonnie and Micheline and everyone who reads this.

    3. Jenny said - "Getting back to Michelines question of if MJ didnt die on 25th June 09 then when? Did you mean, that he might have died since? Now my mind is all over the place with this.
      A counterfeit Michael Jackson might still show up to mislead many people against God and into this New World Order?"

      >>>>>>>The answer is yes. Thank you for your prayers. My printer cartridge keeps moving like it wants to print whether it's on or off which is weird. Maybe the prayers are working. I unplugged the doggone thing, it was irritating me.

  8. And Bonnie, you said:

    And something else I want to clarify since we're on the subject of the "dodgy" MJ stuff. Prince Jackson does NOT have vitiligo. Michael had CHEMICALLY INDUCED VITILIGO which also resulted in Lupus. He is the ONLY person in his family that has it. Prince's vitiligo is only visible on a few pictures and not all of it . . . it is a lie!

    I read this assumption in Taraborrelli's book but I know you don't believe that this man is sincere. How do you know that Michael's vitiligo was chemically induced, or are you just so mad right now with Michael that you're mentioning this because it could also be something he has lied about?

    1. I do not give ANY credibility for that troll Taraborrelli. This is on my own observation. Prince only has vitiligo maybe 20% of the time I see his pictures. Michael's vitiligo was almost complete and it was chemically induced, whatever drugs they were giving him. They knew what they were doing and they did it on purpose. Unfortunately the drugs they gave him also caused Lupus. Michael was TOLD to Lie on Oprah to explain the color change.

      These freak scientists can do a lot of things and if they want a white Jesus, they are going to produce a white Jesus. The other druggie, Jack Gordon had Latoya hostage, what else was Michael going to do but say whatever they told him to say?

    2. Hi Bonnie. I think what you do is the greatest. I don't see how you do it, must be the help of God,lol. You seem to know much about MJ. Since you know a lot about MJ I wanted to ask you a couple of questions.

      The first is, did MJ know that the illuminati infected him with vitiligo when he did his 1991 'Black or White' video? because on the 1993 Oprah interview MJ said that he got vitiligo from his father's side which was after his 'Black or White' video, which makes me think he did not know that the illuminati infected him with vitiligo until years later.

      The next question is, why did MJ make the song 'Black or White' if he had vitiligo. In that song he sings these lyrics:

      "Boy is that girl with you
      Yes we're one and the same" (I would assume he's talking about himself and Macaulay Culkin being one and the same, blks and whes are equal in his eyes)

      Right after that verse Michael sings:

      "Now I believe in miracles
      And a miracle
      Has happened tonight" (Is MJ saying that his skin turning white was a miracle?)

      MJ later says:

      "I had to tell them
      I ain't second to none"

      "And I told about equality"

      "I'm not going to spend
      My life being a color"

      If MJ was infected with vitiligo, why would he say things like that? Can you explain them to me? Thank you Bonnie :)

    3. Hi Anonymous,

      Actually "Black or White" has NOTHING to do with Michael having Vitiligo or him singing about him having Vitiligo. The whole song is about the use of our God given differences to divide us.

      Also, understand that Michael has also told us (many times) that the label (the music industry) has wanted him to lie about his personal information. Michael knew he had Vitiligo before Black and White, obviously he was lighter before he made the video.

      If you would like an explanation on what is REALLY behind Michael's vitiligo check out Cher's interview with Larry King about Michael. I've covered this. Not only was Michael's Vitiligo purposely induced, someone TOLD CHER they were going to change Michael's skin color BACK BEFORE IT HAPPENED. At 2:00 on the video she talks about it.

      Black and White is about the fact that we were all made of "one blood, all the nations" as God made us.

      I also wrote a blog titled "A Miracle Has Happened Tonight" which explains exactly WHAT they were trying to do with Michael and WHY.

      This is on the book of the law and DNA. That should help you out. :o)

  9. Hi. One thing I thought about last Christmas was, MJ and his siblings wasn't allowed to celabrate Christmas. But they were allowed to record and sell Christmas songs. I wonder why? MJ must have gotten so many mixed messages when he grow up. I wonder if he was confused by that? How could he not? Susanne

  10. Hi. CHEMICALLY INDUCED VITALIGO? Please can you tell us more about that. How do they do that? Did he choose to get it, forced or was it accidentally done by mistake or what? Never heard of it until you said it. Susanne

    1. Chemically induced. I covered this on the blog about MK Ultra drugs:

      "Ephedrine (found in Michael’s room) amongst other things stops hypotension (as opposed to hypertension, Hypotension is low blood pressure), Ethanol (to inebriate the victim to induce certain behavior…reminds me of the Ratner/Michael interview), Halcyn (blocks explicit memory by impairing hippocampal processing).

      Histamine (causes changes in the skin, read more here – Think Michael’s autopsy report). Was Michael’s “Lupus” induced? Read this:

      “It is likely that mast cell and histamine metabolism are involved in autoimmune tissue injury such as cutaneous lupus erythematosus (LE) because different histamine receptors can regulate Th1 and Th2 cells. In order to verify the role of the axis of mast cell-histamine metabolism-histamine receptor, the autoimmune mouse has been investigated.”"

      Source - And


  11. I haven't read either Jermaines or Cascios book. But read that Jermaine wrote in his book that Lisa was the biggest love in MJ's life. Cascio on the other hand wrote that MJ told him that his and Lisa's marriage was just a bussiness deal. It's black it's white, it's black it's white yeah yeah yeah. Susanne

    1. Jermaine lied. Lisa Marie does not even have a soul. It wasn't a business deal either. It was an attempt to control Michael and get him into Scientology, because Judaism was not working to control him.

    2. u hit the nail on the head bonnie " Jermaine lied. Lisa Marie does not even have a soul. It wasn't a business deal either. It was an attempt to control Michael and get him into Scientology, because Judaism was not working to control him." thats why i side eye elizabeth taylor she is big judaims kabalism whatever you call it she probably introduced mike to that garbage.

  12. Hi Bonnie,
    What a blog you have tonight,you have our attention! You have my head spinning as well.
    Yes, I am tired of all the lies as well.I am sick of all the read between the lines,things are not as they seem! Well what is the truth??
    I had been wondering about the vitaligo,and Prince also.What is the point?? To try and prove he is MJ's bio son?? I don't get it!
    Bonnie hang on to the heam of God's robe!
    Love You

    1. Hi Renee . . . yeah, sorry about that. That's exactly how I feel . . . "all you have to do is reach for the truth . . ." then you are the monkey in the middle while family and so called friends through the truth over your head - go buy this book, go buy that book, watch this movie, watch this interview . Then when you do put two and two together, they turn around and say no, two and two make 777 (???!)

      All you have to do is look at Prince and tell he's Michael's son. Paris looks exactly like Debbie, but darker complected and Blanket? Hands down Michael's son. The shape of his face and his mouth looks just like that picture of Michael's grandfather. My son Jon takes after my great-grandfather with the shape of the face, shoulders and body build.

      I think the story of Prince having Vitiligo had more to do with protecting Michael and the "anti-black" rumors, but we don't need that!

      If the truth isn't worthy enough to stand on it's own, then it's not the truth. I wish I knew more about him back when he was still here. Why did God want me to get to know this man? And why not BEFORE June 25 2009?

  13. I have been quietly observing the blog for over a year, and i have one question, no i take that back, 2. The first; Has anyone in the room sat down with Michael Joe Jackson and had a conversation about his life and his intent with him? Does anyone have proof that he had an evil agenda or was behind one, or does it just appear that way? The second; what would Christ do about those that pass judgment on his children without knowing their heart. Oh sorry, one more....does anyone in the room know Michael's heart. Judge not least yea be judged, for with the judgment you judge others, so will you be judged, and i believe only God is the judge. One of the most important commandments was given for this reason...Thou shall not bear false witness against thy neighbor, and it didn't mean just the person next door.

    Michael left this country in 2005 to try and recover from his public stoning. I seriously doubt that he spent the next four years trying to figure out ways to deceive the world in 2009 and the next 4 years. Taking words to songs and interpreting them, is like all the various religions of the world taking the bible and making their own interpretation and then throwing rocks at each other because they all believe the others interpretations are wrong. What i see taking place is just what the enemy has designed with all God's children, ..... to create mass confusion and distention. Most would better be served to take a step back and put the stones down, and look to God to lead individually and not look and point at what the other is doing. If we keep our sights on Christ we can not be deceived. If others are wrong in their doing, God is well able to handle their punishment, it is not our job to call out those who walk in darkness because in that struggle we lose our peace, and we become fearful and angry.

    You will know one another by the spirit and if we walk by the spirit we will stay in peace. Michael never claimed to be anything other than someone who Loved God and wanted to live his life as Jesus said. That is the only thing that anyone knows of a certain from him, the rest of the illusion that Satan has created in the minds is a play to destroy faith and love in one another. Let God be God.


    1. Anonymous - One of the most ineffective ways to take someone seriously is post on a blog, tell everyone how wrong they are and hide behind "anonymous". Point being, most of us are sick of the mystery games.

      I appreciate your points and judging and I agree with you. But a lie is a lie. If we are going to reach for the truth as MICHAEL ASKED US TO DO we are going to have to determine lie from truth and we CAN'T DISCRIMINATE.

      With that said I will answer your questions:

      You said: "Has anyone in the room sat down with Michael Joe Jackson and had a conversation about his life and his intent with him? Does anyone have proof that he had an evil agenda or was behind one, or does it just appear that way?"

      >>>>>>> Sure. Many have. Just ask all the people who are now showing up saying they are Michael's best friend. I did not say Michael was behind an evil agenda. I said they were GROOMING him for one. They meaning the shadow government.

      You said - "The second; what would Christ do about those that pass judgment on his children without knowing their heart. Oh sorry, one more....does anyone in the room know Michael's heart. "

      >>>>>>>> I did answer part of this above . . . Actually we are not supposed to judge . . . at ALL. We're just supposed to sit here and take it. I spent two years trying to defend this man's message. If you can't get to know an artist's heart by his body of work I know of no other way. I don't have an issue with Michael's heart. I have an issue with the intent of those who are using him and now his children.

      This post was designed to do exactly that. Get our priorities straight and focus on God. If Michael is there, we will see him. I don't believe for one minute we are supposed to sit here like sheep for the slaughter. We are supposed to be "reaching for the truth" and teaching to keep others from falling.

      Michael in his music claimed to be a LOT of things. Someone who loves God is ONE OF THEM.

      Perhaps YOU can tell me what he meant by "I just want you to recognize me in the temple"? And what he meant by "You're fearin' me, cause you know I'm a beast" and what he meant by "am I the beast you visualized . . ."

      When he was interviewed as a child he said " I don't sing it if I don't mean it".

      How are we supposed to help the lost if we are not reaching out and separating lie from truth?

    2. Am i the beast you must not take things out of context, the whole song, "is it scary" he is telling people they will see exactly what they will chose to see. He is asking a question..."IS he the beast that they visualize" he is asking, do YOU really see him as some sort of beast like he was portrayed? I don't think that question has anything to do with the beast in Revelation. This song was written after the 93 child molestation accusations. I would assume that understanding this would be clear for anyone who knew Michael's heart.

      The whole context of Jam and the specific verse;

      "She PraysTo God To Buddha
      Then She Sings A
      Talmud Song
      Confusions Contradict
      The Self
      Do We Know Right
      From Wrong
      I Just Want You To
      Recognize Me
      In The Temple
      You Can't Hurt Me
      I Found Peace
      Within Myself

      he is speaking of someone praying to who ever their faith is in, asking to be recognized in their prayers. I just want you to recognize me, is a prayer. In the temple you can't hurt me, i have found peace withing myself. We are the temple of God and he dwells there if we ask him to and we find peace in that. It is not fair to Michael to take a piece of a verse and try to make him say something he is not saying. He many times writes about things he sees around him, not himself.

      In Threatened Michael was writing about his fear and in the third person. How he saw these attacks coming at him, not that he was such.

      Like Michael said in the songs, people will see him the way they chose too. The way their own minds work. That is deception of the worse kind, and it is brought about thru to much focus on the negative that surrounds. And yes Jesus told us we are to be the light of the world. No one is perfect so i can't understand why people want to hold Michael to such a high standard. King David committed adultery and had the man killed when his wife became pregnant to cover it up. Abraham lied twice about his wife being his daughter to save his own skin. Some of the greatest men in the bible did awful things, but their heart was in the right place with God, and that was before Jesus came to bring the salvation of grace. Jesus was of their lineage. So how is Michael's wanting to save his life and get well, and to leave the people that hated him so, any different from anyone else that God loves. If we don't believe Michael is Jesus, then he needs to stop being held to those standards, and loved for who he is, someone who brought joy and happiness and love to dying children, and gave us a glimpse of how hope sees things. What the people do that surrounded him and his family, is not something that Michael has any control over. He is not pulling any strings behind the scenes for some show, he is simply trying to survive. He owes the world nothing. Michael's life is not about us, we are about us. When we stand before God, we can't point at Michael and say..."he made me think this"

      Who i am is not important, a name means nothing, but what does matter is what i feel in my heart and it is love for God and his precious son Jesus Christ and love and compassion and prayer for Michael that he be given strength to stand against the demons that he faces continually. Obviously he is on the right path or he would not be fought so hard.


    3. Anonymous - Have YOU ever been in the room and talked to Michael and know his heart? If you HAVE can you please identify yourself? Is that too much to ask?

      For the most part I am NOT disagreeing with you. But for one minute just PRETEND that you know I've been working on this for 2.5 years. I've listened to ALL HIS SONGS IN CONTEXT and I have listened to his ALBUMS in context MANY TIMES. He doesn't put these terms in his songs to be cute, he is TELLING US SOMETHING. This is NOT JUST ABOUT HIM. How in the world do you think we found the EVILS that were done to him? They were referenced in his songs. Threatened is NOT written in the third person. "In one blink I'll disappear and then I'll come back to haunt you." - Pretty much what's happening now, isn't it?

      I have NEVER taken Michael to a piece of a verse and if you've read this blog only ONE YEAR you would know that. EVERYTHING on this blog is in context not only with ALL his songs but also with the Bible and it's verses.

      I am well aware of the short-commings of the prophets in the Bible. Honestly it makes me feel secure knowing God loves us as imperfect as we are.

      "Who i am is not important, a name means nothing, "

      Nice dodge. If you want to chastize me for my doubts on this blog with the work I've done, perhaps you could just give me the courtesy?

    4. This is not a debate and so it will be my last reply. I have stated all i need to say, God will defend Michael, i just really hate to see people take all of the fallacy that goes on in the world and lay it on Michael's shoulders like he rules peoples thoughts and minds, if that is the case, it is of one's own doing not his. Wilcox and the likes play no part in Michael having left the public eye. Nor are they of any influence on his faith. They merely make statements of which they have no facts to back it up. There is a whole laundry list of why Michael is no longer around, none of which are based on facts, because only God and Michael know them. Michael is not so gullible to give his soul to the devil, and if he had sold it to him, he would be here today, living it up in the lap of luxury. So whatever label you chose to put on him, i just ask that it be one worth the pain and suffering that he has and still endures. He will not be back and has no reason to do so. It would be putting the gun to his head and pulling the trigger, and one does not have to sit and have a conversation with him to know that. If i had conversations with Michael it would not be something that this world would ever know of.

      As for Threatened, Michael has never done so to any one, so why would he write such a song about him being the one. He has always been and felt Threatened. He has had many disappear from his life only to return to cause him more trouble. He is not haunting anyone. There is no chastisement taking place, i am only holding up a mirror.

      Michael Joe Jackson is NOT the anti Christ nor the Beast of Revelations nor does he have anything to do with anyone who is. Anyone who can make that man into such is greatly deceived, and if one thinks he is being used as a pawn for distraction, so are many other diversions that are taking place on a much wider scale. The whole world in comparison is not focused on Michael Jackson, only the ones who see him as a distraction. Distraction can only take place when ones eyes are taken off of the goal.

      So the bottom line is...What really is the Goal here

      If you need a name...Mary Jane


    5. First of all if it is your goal to come here and jump on someone when they are struggling you are right, this WILL BE your last post. You say you've read my blog for a year and OBVIOUSLY did not retain a word I wrote! And you have NOTHING TO SAY until you see me struggling. What a role model you are. Thanks for the example. I'll be sure not to follow it.

      I don't believe for one minute that Michael placed the last song on his last GENUINE album as a victim. Look at the lyrics IN CONTEXT. He's not talking in third person about someone who's threatening him. The Invicible Album is a STORY. Put the songs together.

      I don't BELIEVE that Michael JOE Jackson is the anti-Christ. I believe AS PER HIS SONGS that they were GROOMING HIM for this. I am UPSET (or was) because his FAMILY SEEMS to be playing into these people's hands.

      THIS IS MISLEADING PEOPLE. And I don't believe Michael is dead. Gone? yes. Dead? no. Sorry but I don't.

      You said: "You will know one another by the spirit and if we walk by the spirit we will stay in peace."

      Find me the bible verse. Because if you read Revelation, Tribulation is NOT supposed to be easy. According to Daniel:

      From Daniel 11 -
      33And they that understand among the people shall instruct many: yet they shall fall by the sword, and by flame, by captivity, and by spoil, many days.

      34Now when they shall fall, they shall be holpen with a little help: but many shall cleave to them with flatteries.

      35And some of them of understanding shall fall, to try them, and to purge, and to make them white, even to the time of the end: because it is yet for a time appointed."

      to be cont . . . .

    6. Cont . . .

      If everyone were perfectly in peace from the time they accept God would a tribulation and this battle coming be necessary? Our faith does not grow unless we are tried. It's like sitting a kid in a classroom and expecting him to learn without being challenged.

      I'm not looking for a fight either. You and I both know that if anything LESS were going on, Michael would not have suffered the persecution AND PHYSICAL torture they put on him for at least 30 of his years here.

      If you want to criticize my work by trying to summarize everything I've done with ONE ACCUSATION of me labeling Michael (which I have not done), then take your incredible empathy elsewhere. I don't get paid for what I do and I'm not hawking books or trying to sell Hoax dvds.

      If you are reaching for the truth you have to stick your arm out past your body. If you want to kick me while my ribs are exposed like that go ahead. But if that is your goal I'd prefer you just continue to read the blog in silence.

      I am not picking on Michael, I LOVE HIM. I want to understand what is going on. I realize more than you know that others will use his name and not always for good reasons or goals. I don't want people to be mislead because this system found a way to bring him back.

      Jermaine has said this very phrase a number of times ("He's not coming back". Very curious as to why he would say that given Michael is supposed to have died. Jermaine has said this twice quite prominently in two different interviews . . . Is he trying to tell us something?

      They were planning to use him in an evil capacity. I know this. It scares me that people are so devoted they would buy an album that Michael never put together from Sony KNOWING Sony was behind his misery. What makes you think they won't run to the stage if they somehow manage to pull off a counterfeit?

      Did you SEE Madonna's half time show? This is where all this is going. If you want to belittle me for putting this FACT out there, I guess I can ask you the same question . . .what is YOUR goal here?

      Thank you for the name. Mary Jane. Sounds familiar.

      Look, I thank you for your insight and I agree we can't judge on what we dont' know and in fact should not be judging at all. I'm not doing that. I am trying to "reach for the truth". We can't help him unless we do that and it's not always going to be easy. It hurts me to have these doubts because he's been so ingrained in me for the last two years. Anyhow, try to have a good week.


    7. i don't watch tv so i didn't see the show, but you have a good week as well. Jesus told us these thing would come, but he told us to never fear because he is with us until the end, to me that translates into peace in the midst of the storm. That is how the enemy wins, buy making us fearful of the things we are unsure of, and robbing us of peace and joy. We have read the end of the book, we know what happens and there lies our victory.


    8. Mary Jane - Did you see the lyrics to "One More Chance"?

      He's looking for "the one" to help him "make these mysteries unfold" . . . Would these be the "mysteries" in "Cry"?

  14. OMG, Bonnie! You had my head spinning from this blog. I can understand what you are saying because we all know what it's like to be deceived. But one thing for certain, I commend you for being opened about it and admit to it. Still, despite of what you have discovered about Fulford and Wilcox, I want to thank you for opening our eyes to the truth and to make us think for ourselves to what is going on in this world.

    As for the Jackson family, I have to say I have been on the fence about them in recent months. But of course I have stood behind them because they have lost a son, brother, uncle and father to MJ's untimely death. We have to keep in mind that we are on the outside looking in therefore we don't know what's really going on behind close doors. In other words we really don't know what they are up against. We all know Michael have been fighting with the powers that be all his young and adult life. And now that he's gone, that leaves his family especially his children targets.

    The Jackson family is dealing with the same people that Michael has dealt with before he passed away. And now the sharks are circling around them as well. We still need to keep them in our prayers especially his children because they have no idea what they are up against themselves.

    Keep doing what you are doing, Bonnie. May God Bless you.


    1. P - you said - "Still, despite of what you have discovered about Fulford and Wilcox, I want to thank you for opening our eyes to the truth and to make us think for ourselves to what is going on in this world. "

      I am really sorry. I got so hopefull watching that charlatan. What a crash that was reading his site. It's this kind of crap that cause people to cease caring about one another. It just gets to the point where they've had enough. Then on top of that we're being dragged behind the Jackson truck until our skin falls off. I'm taking this out on Michael. I'm tired of struggling. Why am I so mad at him??? All I wanted to do was help him. I'm tired of having to read between the lines. People are trying to survive, they don't have time for this bullshit!

  15. Wow...what a miserable roller coaster ride.

    Fulford - while I heard his words, not a lot stuck in my brain because quite a bit didn’t make logical sense to me. Many of his claims don’t align with things I see around me and know to be true. What did stick is seeing him try to end that one video like 3 times but he was being prompted from someone off camera on his left to continue. He seemed reluctant. (On the other video you posted of him previously.)

    Something seems not right about him, he seems a bit vacant. He’s fiddling with his arm, his shirt sleeve, he blinks an awful lot, struggles with some words and at 4:26 in the video posted here, you can see that his eyes are dilated even though the lights are so bright they reflect off his entire face. His words don’t match his demeanor. And, someone in his supposed position is VERY unwise to announce something like “The Japanese government will be with us soon”. I think he may be a mind-controlled pawn.

    1. I KNOW! I agree with you. I'm trying to answer everybody and I'm crying and I am so angry. I don't even know where it's coming from.

      Mind controlled. Yes, I agree. The video you are talking about this the December 20th video he made. My fellow humans? Who else is here? I wanted to laugh. Only one person who corresponded with me ever used phrasing like that and it's about time I send her a shout.

  16. Hi Bonnie,

    I've sent you an e-mail. Not sure if you've received it or not. All I want to say to is to stay strong and stay close to God. Stand by God and His word and we will never be mislead and God is showing us the truth by exposing the frauds Benjamin Fulford and David Wilcock truly are.

    After thoroughly reading David Wilock's website just last night I realized that he is preaching false gods and using occult methods such as taroh cards to get his message across. He completely ignores and disregards Jesus Christ and preaches the new age crap stating that we are our own gods..blah blah blah.

    We have the God of Christ on our side, we have and know the Truth while Fulford and Wilcock live in their own deceptions and lies. They're living in darkness and it's up to us as Christians to lead those in darkness to the light of Jesus Christ. Jesus came to heal the sick not the healthy and Fulford and Wilcock are sick. So please don't be angry but have compassion and pray for the souls of Fulford and Wilcock that are in darkness.

    As for Michael, I won't give up on him nor will I walk away. Michael and his family need our support in exposing the lies and corruption and to lead people to the truth about what happened to Michael for so many years. Michael and the Jacksons are the good guys, not the bad guys. The bad guys,as you know, are John Branca, John McClain and Sony thugs who've hijacked Michael's Estate.

    Keep the faith, Bonnie. As long as God is in complete control we have nothing to worry about.

    1. You said, "So please don't be angry but have compassion and pray for the souls of Fulford and Wilcock that are in darkness."

      Thank you. I tried that. I tried exposing the lies and corruption surrounding Michael. What do we get for our efforts? Books completely contradicting us. Family running around the with every enemies that were trying to kill Michael. Sticking Michael's CHILDREN around people that wanted their dad dead! That's kind of like finding out your husband cheated on you after you broke a friendship with the person who tried to warn you.

  17. Hi Bonnie,

    I really love all you have said. I want to respond, but I can only come up with the following disjointed thoughts. Please forgive me.

    Fritz Springmeier wrote, “…Michael Jackson (in actual life a mind-controlled slave)…”

    There is a photo of MJ as a little boy giving the “OK” sign, the 666 sign.

    So they got to MJ WHEN HE WAS A LITTLE BOY. How horrific that is for me to comprehend. And how horrific for MJ to have to navigate his life thru all the evil. MJ was not perfect. Michael wanted to be humble. And guess what? God humbled him big-time. But God was with him, till the end.

    The only safe place to be is to have the “love of the truth” My experience is that when people chronically lie, that is the biggest red flag of all. And this story is surrounded by lies.

    My main concern is for Michael’s children, Michael’s family, and the children of the world. I will continue to pray for these. Thank you so much, Bonnie, for being a big key to bringing to light the plight of the children of the world. Come to think of it, that was Michael’s idea, wasn’t it? I really love Michael, but I have had to give him to God, knowing that God told me that MJ was with Him. God’s children will see him again.



  18. Oh, Bonnie,

    I forgot to add:

    Terrific, terrific blog. You are a courageous warrior.



    1. Hi Emily. Thank you. I'm actually not proud of this blog. It's a blog of anger.

      Yeah, I know they got to Michael when he was a little boy. God that, I don't even know what to do with information like that. I can't even talk about this in a detached manner. And under that realization, I am so angry and I'm angry at him and it's ripping my heart out. I want to die.

      As far as giving Michael to God, I don't think we had a choice in that. But I don't want to let him go, so there it is. This blog opened my eyes but it ruined my life and I let it. I've gained 50 pounds in this little frame in the last two years. I was just talking to Micheline about that tonight. My ankles swell, I'm probably diabetic and I don't care. I don't feel like a warrior. I feel like a whiney baby.

      It's hard for me to even process Michael being with God while his children act like they never lost their father and are busy being farmed out by the estate executors with Miss Katherine and aunts and uncle's blessing. I KNOW what happened to some of these children in Hollywood/Babylon and I WANT IT TO STOP!!!! No way can I stand the thought of Michael's children being around that!

    2. Bonnie oh I'm so so sorry all that changed your life
      in a way you say! I see you're very emotional person and stuff
      really gets you, really hurts you. I'm so sorry!

      I feel what you feel, only tears get that pain off me well,
      but recently I sort of can't cry at times, like no more
      tears left.

      This is hard. And confusion is killing. Think I'd give some
      body part to know the truth! So it all would just stop.
      Any truth I'm ready to accept as long as I will know
      it's final truth. But that very thing i don't think we'll
      ever get!

      Okay. I believe kids act this way because they are
      kids and because in public you don't get your emotions,
      like tears, show. I was the same when dad died, cried in
      public only once during funeral and after that became
      forever public-cheerful to extent person asked me maybe
      i'm happy i lost my dad as I never show signs of grief
      and smile too much.
      So let's not judge the kids, esp. youngest one!
      Miss Katherine, as stated by many, has this dangerous
      quality of trusting people like every time. So any sneaky type
      can talk her into another bizarre event and she'll agree
      because she would believe their sweet lies. Michael was
      the same! And man was smart and yet trusted such creeps.

      Jermaine, LaToya - no idea if it's guilt or Ego and
      attention seeking/money love moves them. No idea. And don't
      want to think about that, don't want to judge people
      without solid knowledge.
      The rest - Jacksons are not like us. They are special family. Maybe because Joe was a dad he was, we're products
      of our childhood. Maybe they are not too bright, maybe confused. I just don't know. And none here knows if they do something or they do not. Randy will pop-up some day and tell us they do.

      Bonnie, try to... spend more time with husband, with Bible,
      outdoors. Take a break from all that maybe? Exhausting yourself won't
      help you or the truth. Please take care of yourself, please.

    3. I think I answered your post further down, sorry. I'm not sure I like this newer comment set up. It's harder to find the newer posts and they get missed.

  19. Hey Bonnie.

    WOW, this certainly is crazy! Excellent blog, and I can understand why you are angry. It seems to me that in the last few months, the signs are pointing you towards a more Bible-centered focus with the blog.

    You keep finding things that point to Michael not being on God's side and then you tell yourself that it is bc you need to have faith that you are doubting. I think you may be on to something with this beast thing (whether its the real Michael or not) and that is why you have been faltering.

    you make an excellent point when you talk about another kid dying with flies in its eyes while we worry about trivial things. At this point, there is nothing that can be done to save Michael. he is gone. Either gone gone, like dead, or hiding out somewhere. It is time for us to focus on the things that can be done to either avert or somewhat soften the coming catastrophe.

    I personally believe that there is a mass awakening here on the horizon soon. Last year was the year for all of us to gather our strength, do our research, and figure out what we are up against. THIS year, 2012, is our year to find each other and take action.

    TPTB know this and they are doing everything they can to stifle this. You can see how it is not working w Ron Paul for example who is still very popular among young people and whose popularity is growing even though the MSM has largely ignored him and given him bad publicity whenever possible. This whole MJ might be alive thing is just another diversion. While we are worried about finding clues that our hero might come back, they are taking out the leader of Syria. the Sheeple who are too dumb to care get treated to Glee and Tribute shows 1.) to harvest their energy for occult ritual and 2) to prepare them for their eventual worship of the Beast aka Michael Jackson (TM).

    My advice to you, and myself, and anyone else who is reading this blog, is to NEVER, NEVER put an entertainer (or any other public figure for that matter) up on a pedastal. As I demonstrated to my students last week, they are ALL part of the machine, and therefore cannot be trusted. Personally, I take everything in, synthesize it, then go with what feels right in my gut. The verdict is still out on Michael, but in the meantime, lay low, keep researching and try not to get too emotionally involved.

    I know you feel like you have wasted two and a half years of your life, but there couldn't be anything further from the truth. You have now found your pourpose (which is spreading the truth), you have faced disappointment, which all of God's chosen must do (in order to make them strong enough to stand up for whats right), and you see the world through an entirely new set of eyes.

    Do me a favor: Google Oil Pulling, Apple Cider Vinegar Cures, Borax Cures and Virgin Coconut Oil cures. You really need to take care of yourself, you have so much more to do.

    Best wishes and All My Love,


    1. Hi Linds, thank you for replying. You said - "you make an excellent point when you talk about another kid dying with flies in its eyes while we worry about trivial things. At this point, there is nothing that can be done to save Michael. he is gone. Either gone gone, like dead, or hiding out somewhere. It is time for us to focus on the things that can be done to either avert or somewhat soften the coming catastrophe."

      >>>>>>>>>>> I guess this is it in a nutshell. I know something . . . SOMETHING is going to happen this year and I don't know if it's pre-panic or what. Anger is subsiding . . . sleep helps. I wish I could ignore the garbage going on with the estate and the thugs running it. I wish I could ignore Quincy Jones getting close enough to Prince during the Chinese Theater Tribute to smell his hair, or the look on Prince's face during that same time.

      I wish I could ignore Miss Katherine even bringing Mike's children to an event obviously to promote a satanic display of Michael's work (Cirque) and I wish I could ignore the subtleties behind the victimization of Michael.

      But alas, God has given me another focus to give me a break from this today . . . Madonna and the Baphomet Halftime show which I will talk about today.

  20. LOL! Just watched the video, I am surprised you went for it, as soon as he said, the Pentagon is with us, I started laughing. Also, I dunno what you think about demon posession and shapeshifting but if you watch him you see that he is blinking a lot and his eyes are changing color rapidly. Yep. Def one of them. This is not pie in the sky, this is the real deal. LOL, uh huh.

    This is more propaganda to make us think that someone out there is gonna save us so we continue to sit on our asses. No, it is up to us, and we all have to work together.

    1. Well before you laugh me off the page, understand that is not the FIRST video of his that I've seen. Others were a bit more focused and believable. Shorter. I didn't notice his eyes changing color, but did notice his flickering on the side shots of him talking. On the closeups he kind of has the same look that Dr. Cooper at the Murray trial exhibited - that blank, dilated look as Truthbtold pointed out. (Remember Dr. Cooper?)

      Good point on the propaganda and the reasoning. People are finding out about the Rothschilds, so one of their own is sent out to "make peace" with them and play out the illusion that they are going to bring the centuries old cabal to it's knees asking for our forgiveness.

  21. ANONYMOUS said : "Michael never claimed to be anything other than someone who Loved God and wanted to live his life as Jesus said. That is the only thing that anyone knows of a certain from him, the rest of the illusion that Satan has created in the minds is a play to destroy faith and love in one another. Let God be God."

    ANONYMOUS (same Anonymous?) : "...To me, the Jackson family always acted strange/disrespectful after the 'passing' of Michael but you were nice to them and defended them. You defended Michael."

    Bonnie, I read again more in detail this Post today & comments. Although doubt & confusion may reach any of us at times, I am appalled & I quoted on purpose 2 readers' comments above which I agree with. It reassures me that other readers also continue to keep faith in Michael. Whatever I could still read next on Michael will never confuse or make me change my mind : Michael Jackson was an exceptionally good man who tried & walk in the steps of Jesus Christ, he was an above-average loving father & educator for his children & his empathy & generosity did marvels for humanitarian causes & unknown individuals. He was though a man of flesh & blood who made errors in his life but nothing of the atrocities THEY tried & put on him.

    No one can prevent you from turning your back on Michael if you believe the Truth was revealed to you but on my side, I will NEVER doubt on Michael. He was no Archangel nor Ante-Christ but a good soul now scandalously still played at for evil & greedy purposes by the showbiz industry who will focus even more in the years to come on his children unfortunately & I don't think that the Jacksons would dissuade those kids to stay away from it. If the MJ3 find their happiness in showbiz & are protected, so much the better but I remember having read that Michael had nothing against if his kids would choose another profession but if they insisted he would support them with his best advice. The Jackson's kids destiny is anyhow not in our hands but I pray that they don't get trapped in the future to serve the greed of the Estate, showbiz or their entourage. Michael would disapprove his children being exposed. That being said, the Jackson family was/is too under scrutiny & Mrs. Katherine Jackson whom I do respect, is controlled by the Estate ..& maybe the influence of some family members.

    Michael is NOT responsible for the deception, betrayal & confusion before & after 06.25.2009. His enemies were & still are : they could even hide in his direct personal entourage, out of the evil corporate industry. As Micheline rightfully said, Michael does not deserve we turn our back on him now, whether he is alive or dead. I would feel miserable if I did. I won't.

    Bonnie, God may give you the peace of mind & blessings whatever direction you wish to take next.

    1. Hi Line . . . you said:

      "No one can prevent you from turning your back on Michael if you believe the Truth was revealed to you but on my side, I will NEVER doubt on Michael. "

      ......... Don't accuse me of that. That's not what I'm doing or want to do. I am angry just as much at myself as I am at anything anyone else is doing. I am angry because I put Michael before God. That is why I am angry.

  22. BONNIE said to Emily : "I am so angry and I'm angry at him and it's ripping my heart out. I want to die." &
    "I am angry because I put Michael before God. That is why I am angry."

    You did well to vent your anger, whether rational or not, but try now & bannish the word "angry". As much as I discovered myself affection & empathy fo Michael since mid-2009, I never put him before God but whereever he is, rest his soul in peace & protect his MJ3. Many homeless people die these days from the cold in Europe & yes, children worldwide continue to starve & being abused. I cherish Michael's memory but will focus my attention & direct action to those first. Bonnie, if you can, please remit your burden to God, try & calm down & take good care of yourself. A positive turnaround is in God's but also your hands.

    1. Sorry. ♥♥♥

      On another subject - Anyone really, can you give me an opinion on this?

      This is the second time a referral visit to this blog came from this url. It's making me nervous.

      Back to you Line. I did find an answer in a comparison today. I will put it up tonight and it reminded me of something. I can't believe how easy it is to get my legs kicked out from under me. But when looking in contrast from Michael to other artists and their messages I saw an answer at least.

      It's weird, when I was watching Fulford, in the back of my mind I thought, "but it's not supposed to happen like this according to the Bible".

      I hate being taken. It's like the worst feeling in the world outside of not feeling loved.

    2. BONNIE : On Facebook or else technology, I am a retard so others here can surely help you better.

      You said "I hate to be taken" : yes it hurts badly on the moment but one day you will wonder why you were even hurting that much. As to me, I several times in my life trusted & admired specific individuals so much for their charism, seemingly goodness, loyalty, etc..thinking nothing morally wrong could ever happen to me with them & BING : I fell psychologically on my a.. But today I am free (not grace to me but to God who put order back in all that). If it weren't for the world atrocities nowadays, I could say I am reasonably happy now. Bonnie, you did a great job, educated us on issues I did not even dream to know one day about, you exposed many imposters & above all, you dedicated yourself with love for an artist who was inside a humble & good man who paid with his life (or forced escape?) the abomination of others. Do not reject Michael for ..your anger & revolt now IMO, it's not his fault. Remember : all Michael wanted from the age of 5 & much later was to be loved for himself in the end. But it is your choice. A very deep research for a long time on scabrous issues may have a toll on any one. At least, Bonnie, do not crucify or torture yourself for the ugliness of the world BUT be firm & LOVE YOURSELF (& your beloved ones) : you are worth it to switch off the anger & frustration buttons & instead turn on to positive thoughts, pamper your body & health, thinking of new projects & show a happy face to Hubby when he gets back home :o) It all sounds idyllically silly...but try it ?! Satan is everywhere but let's not turn around him too long : he could become interested.

    3. Bonnie,
      I think that someone or some people are playing with you. I remember in the early days of the websites-thst-shall-not-be-mentioned that a member read that non-believers hated us believers so much that they vowed to deliberately go to the forums etc to mislead us and take us on a merry goose chase. I thought at the time that these people must want something to do, to be so vindictive, but hsving learnt from your blog that they may be PAID to do it explains a lot. My little blog has no such problem, so I must be really wide of the mark and inconsequential!! I chose to write under a nom de plume because of the attacks some believers had, so bad that they gave up.
      Are you still getting attacks from TINI et al?

    4. Line - I had to sit on this part of your comment for a second:

      " . . . do not reject Michael for...your anger & revolt now IMO, it's not his fault."

      No, you're right. It's not his fault. There is one little Bible verse that bothers me and I'm going to keep it to myself and pray on it, but it is in Jesus's words, in Matthew. This is what gave me second thoughts. If Michael is alive and IF he reads this blog or is told about it, he probably knows exactly what verse I am talking about. And this verse has both the answer and another question (don't you love those?)

      I agree with not turning Satan too long. Something tells me he is already well done on both sides.

      Princess - Oh yeah, you're right! Several people. You know about the infiltrators! Yes some of them paid, others mind controlled they could be just a spiritually dedicated to the OTHER side.

      Don't believe any such thing (inconsequential, nonsense), you cover a different niche than me and probably lean more toward AEG having more than a pass-through hand in Michael's disappearance. I was just on your blog three days ago and noticed you were rather keeping current. If you're not getting attacked you are more than likely on a list.

      Attacks from TINI - well, they don't travel as such anymore on the internet. They too have changed their spots for the umpteenth time. From what I have been able to gather, they for the most part try to ignore me, lest they draw more attention to this blog. But I get "helped" instead. Get it? :o) Some of these people are as transparent as Saran Wrap . . . others take a while. One lady just disappeared who was really good at what she did. We've conversed from the beginning, but I know where she works so it's good.

      You and I have arm wrestled over interpretations and we're still here. Some of your comments have actually helped steer research so please don't sell yourself short. You and Line help me think as well as a couple others because I DO get emotional and I need help sometimes to reel it in. I am not wanting to hurt anybody least of all Michael. We know what his family has been through. You look at what is going on in the news today and you know this isn't a game.

    5. BONNIE said : "Line - I had to sit on this part of your comment for a second:

      ..& on the other parts, you were dozing ?:D

    6. Bonnie, please don’t be nervous about that Facebook thing. When you hover over the "Julia” (admin) name on that link, her "work position” is a link. If you click on it, it goes to an almost blank Facebook “community page”, looks freshly set up.

      If you type in the Julia name and her supposed title into search engine, the only exact ones I saw are links back to here and you asking about it.

      Fear not. Fear fuels their machine....and gives them free advertising, or boosts their sick ego or something stupid and trivial.

      You need to settle down your spirit. :o)


    7. You know? I laughed out loud when I read this. I never doze through any of your comments. Maybe Susanne's, LOL! (Just kidding Susanne!)

    8. Thanks truth. But they keep coming. I know it's a fake/test page, Just wasn't sure what it meant.

      My spirit is calm but kind of on the sad side. I just want to heal him and I hurt him.

    9. Bonnie,
      You think I'm on a list? Perhaps the most exciting thing ever to happen to me ROFL!!
      Yes I witnessed first hand the attacks on a believer who has a forum (still) and was active on Chat. Someone claiming to be an informer 'guested' on her chat (naturally said very little apart from Michael was in the other room crying over the behavior of fans in the chat room) and I was there too. OMG you wouldn't believe the things people said in other forums. They completely misquoted the woman, put words in her mouth, and basically dragged her through the mud. She even received death threats and had to shut her forum. The way the truth was twisted reminded me so much of what Michael said about interviews he had given! I couldn't tell whether it was done because she got too close to the truth, or because people were jealous.

  23. Hi. To those of you who appreciate some good, beautiful and thoughtful lyrics. You should listen to Paul Young's album Chronicles. What are you waiting for? Go and get it! ♥ Susanne

    1. Thank you Susanne. Did you hear about Robin Gibb's recovery? Just in time for his concert in London. That article said he and his son Robin-John just put out a classical music album called "The Titanic Requiem". Karen sent me the article:

  24. Dear Bonnie,

    I'm very sorry that you are feeling so bad right know but I think it has a positive side.
    Reading all the comments makes me realize that people seem more concerned about Michael than they are about God.
    "Oh what did you mean about him not dying..." and so on.
    Come on people, this is about God and our Lord Jesus Christ!
    If at all, then Michael is a part of Gods plan, not the other way around.
    We are not waiting for him to come back, we are waiting for our Lord Jesus!!!
    Bonnie, I think its great that this emotional outburst has made you very clear about the fact that THIS IS ABOUT GOD. If Michael was a way of leading you this or that way then thats great, but that is not the center of all of this.
    Continue the good work!
    May god bless you!

    1. Some people maybe, not everybody. Some were more concerned about why I had become entangled or why I blamed Michael or his family for the confusion (well, okay let's be honest, his family HAS been confusing).

      But yes, your point is what was actually the cause of my panic, BUT I took it out on Michael instead of just calmly expressing this.

      The blog IS ABOUT Michael . . . but it is FOR GOD. Because it was God that turned my head in Michael's direction using the injustice he's faced uttered by someone on my facebook page. God comes first and Michael is . . . well he's been a light to those who are paying attention and were awakened to the injustice.

      I became afraid especially when finding Fulford is a fraud, mentioning Michael Jackson as one of the people he knew the Illuminati killed and the connection I made was "oh! Maybe Michael is "fighting the illuminati" like Fulford is "fighting the illuminati"?

      Both talk about world peace and love one another we can all be one, etc.... I'll show you tonight. I have a good comparison but Fulford isn't in it, it's someone else.

      I do believe love heals and love comes from God. With the false one there is self-love and that is not love. You'll see.

    2. Reading all the comments makes me realize that people seem more concerned about Michael than they are about God.
      "Oh what did you mean about him not dying..." and so on.
      Come on people, this is about God and our Lord Jesus Christ!
      If at all, then Michael is a part of Gods plan, not the other way around.
      We are not waiting for him to come back, we are waiting for our Lord Jesus!!!

      I want to ask a question about this too if I may.
      But first of all I want to thank you Bonnie for your reply to me, I was the Anonymous who was struggling with the connection between Fulford and your sudden anger with the Jackson family/Michael. I also told you that I'm not familiar with the bible but that doesn't mean I don't believe in God, in a higher power. Just the fact that religion did so much damage in the world (apart from also many good things) keeps me away from actively going to a church. I was brought up a roman catholic but like I said, never studied the bible.
      So, here's my question about the quote from another anonymous above:

      'We are not waiting for him (Michael) to come back, we are waiting for our Lord Jesus.'

      When will we know it's Jesus? It can't be the way he would look like, it can't be him telling us that he is Jesus, how will one 'recognize' the real Jesus? I read that Jesus will 'coming on the clouds of heaven with power and great glory', but is this to take literal, or could it be that he is/was already among us? And if so, why are many religious people so offended when others bring up the possibility that it COULD be Michael? (Please understand that I'm NOT saying Michael is Jesus, but I'm always wondering why he could certainly NOT be?) Times have changed, maybe God also 'changed' his plans, 'testing the waters' if you will. We are so much clinged to the bible, taking it all literal, but it's also a very old book and it may be altered, re-written to fit it in certain times. You know, not to long ago, people were made scared as hell (forgive me the word) for God, had to make confessions to a priest in church, otherwise going to hellfire for minor things they did wrong. I'm happy this has changed over time, but what I'm trying to say is, could it be that Jesus will appear in a different way than we expect from reading the bible? Are we open to that, or do we cling to something from long time ago and don't we open our eyes to the possibility that maybe he was/is right in front of us all the time?

    3. Bonnie, I can understand you for being angry or afraid when you discovered that Fulford is a fraud. You are not the first person who was deceived and needless to say you won't be the last. But the important thing is NOW YOU KNOW! You have learned your lesson so don't let that stop you from finding the truth. It's out there.

      As for the Jackson family, I agree what they are doing is confusing but keep in mind, this is not their doing.

      I sent you something. Check it out.


    4. Oh and I forgot to ask you this Bonnie.
      I am also a member of the MJDHI forum.
      I know you're not fond of the hoax forums, but lately, the forum has made ​​a switch to the religious side/part of the hoax. I would love to hear your opinion and I'm sure you could make a positive contribution to the debate over there. I also know that you are very busy but consider it a try. I recommend you to read the post TIAI january 21. For me hard to grasp because of my lack of knowledge, but maybe for you it will be a revelation, who knows!
      It would be something if we can combine our strength rather than to distrust each other!

    5. Testtesttesttest123 - I may be deleting this blog entry. Will explain later. Hope Michael forgives me but sometimes you just have to find out some things the hard way.

      Jackson Family. They get my hugs and prayers. Hope they forgive me too. I hate this, this is not me but sometimes the only way to draw them out is to "lose it" out in the open. (sigh) Nothing God lets you endure is without its purpose.

      I know it's not their doing. I'm much "calmer" today. I'll get to email as soon as I am done here. No doubt it's insightful. ♥

    6. Anonymous concerned - You said - "When will we know it's Jesus? It can't be the way he would look like, it can't be him telling us that he is Jesus, how will one 'recognize' the real Jesus? I read that Jesus will 'coming on the clouds of heaven with power and great glory', but is this to take literal, or could it be that he is/was already among us? "

      Well you partly answered your own question. The other answer is in Matthew 24:5 - "5For many shall come in my name, saying, I am Christ; and shall deceive many."

      Another answer further down in the same chapter: verses 15-21 - "15When ye therefore shall see the abomination of desolation, spoken of by Daniel the prophet, stand in the holy place, (whoso readeth, let him understand:)

      16Then let them which be in Judaea flee into the mountains:

      17Let him which is on the housetop not come down to take any thing out of his house:

      18Neither let him which is in the field return back to take his clothes.

      19And woe unto them that are with child, and to them that give suck in those days!

      20But pray ye that your flight be not in the winter, neither on the sabbath day:

      21For then shall be great tribulation, such as was not since the beginning of the world to this time, no, nor ever shall be."

      Then verses 29-30: 29Immediately after the tribulation of those days shall the sun be darkened, and the moon shall not give her light, and the stars shall fall from heaven, and the powers of the heavens shall be shaken:

      30And then shall appear the sign of the Son of man in heaven: and then shall all the tribes of the earth mourn, and they shall see the Son of man coming in the clouds of heaven with power and great glory."............

      Daniel 11 and 12 walks you through the same events. And in 2 Thessalonians 2:2-3 - "2That ye be not soon shaken in mind, or be troubled, neither by spirit, nor by word, nor by letter as from us, as that the day of Christ is at hand.

      3Let no man deceive you by any means: for that day shall not come, except there come a falling away first, and that man of sin be revealed, the son of perdition;"

      Christ will not have to tell us he is . . . HIM. We will know and the scripture tells us how we will know. I hope that helps you ♥

    7. Okay Anonymous from MJDHI - This is the same blog who trashes this blog (even though there are posters there that have defended this blog).

      I am reading, but I've been on this topic since the this time last year. I want to know why this blog gets attacked and that one doesn't even though they are just now opening discussion on this information. You know more about that forum so maybe you have some insight? I am careful with alliances only because I've gotten burned SEVERELY before.

      I'm a little miffed that they seem to be showering Souza because she is not just starting to post information I was on last year and she is the one that bashes THIS blog. Seems a bit hypocritical to me unless I'm missing something. Let me know.

    8. Hi Anonymous from MJDHI -

      I'm reading the forum as much as I can get to. I found a link to a video someone posted with a BUNCH of links to not only that forum but Wendy's? And you can't see the info from there.

      Someone in the comments posted a copy of this "TS" Comment from before the Trial:

      "@MJisALIVE7 In thread #12 he says this:
      For those who are still not sure if MJ is alive, even after all of the evidence in this TIAI update: here is your ultimate test, how to get closure. If Murray gets thrown in the slammer, then MJ is really dead. And watch for the Jacksons to reveal truths about the murder: “see truths when they r revealed to you. ur eyes don't lie”."

      ........ I know who "TS" is and they don't know what's going on either. They are with Sony. All they are trying to do is confuse the heck out of people. They are also responsible for the Deception but they had no control over Murray and what happened to him, so they bullshit people. Sorry but that's what they did.

      They are getting their information Biblically from other forums and posting it as their own, because as Souza says, she didn't believe in God. If she does now, I'm happy for her but you don't grab knowledge from the Bible in a couple of months of developing a "sudden" interest in God. If she were a real MJ fan she would have picked up on Michael's faith LONG before the last couple of months.

  25. Hi. Saw a picture of Prince wearing a Jackson5 shirt. They should leave the kids alone and don't use them to promote Jackson5. They are trying to capture the younger generations I guess. And then people wonder why you are critical of the Jackson family. If you are searching for the truth and nothing but the truth in God's name you can't just be blindfolded and swallow everything the Jackson family says and does. Sometimes the ones you least expect will deceive you.

    Bonnie you mentioned weight issues. Try "chrome tabletts", they will reduce and normalize your appetite. You may also try "apple cider vinegar capsules" ( I don't know if it is swenglish or not. To lazy to get a translate machine. I don't even know where to find one of those.) The apple cider vinegar capsules increases your metabolism and therefore your body will burn more calories.

    1. Awwww, If my dad was Michael Jackson I would be wearing his shirts. I think there is nothing wrong with that. My concern was the children being used to promote product that SONY, not their father produced.

      Chrome tablets? Is that even safe? My appetite is not the problem. It's rather small. I think it is what is in the foods I DO eat and whatever they did to me during surgery (pumped with meds, I've never been the same since 2008). Couple that with sitting in front of a computer for 2 years and it's not a good combination. I will research the apple cider vinegar capsules and Chrome Tablets". Thank you!

  26. "I hate being taken. It's like the worst feeling in the world outside of not feeling loved."

    Just be happy you only got "taken" for a second and not your whole life like some of these people! :P

    What are your plans w the blog now?

    1. LOL! Good point! I ask God why this happens and he showed me the Bible verse (posted above in response, Daniel 11) and that this is how we get "polished" so to speak. But I can't lash out . . . as it said in Jude, even the archangel did not accuse the devil, only said "the Lord rebuke you".

      My plans for the blog . . . continue. I have something for tonight that Micheline and I were talking about over the phone. When I went to research it, it actually stopped my tears. Show me the way . . . .

  27. Hi Bonnie,

    Personally, I have been using the following Scriptures in my own life lately, when it comes to Michael. I just thought they may speak to you as well. Love, Emily

    Proverbs 3:5-6
    King James Version (KJV)

    5Trust in the LORD with all thine heart; and lean not unto thine own understanding.

    6In all thy ways acknowledge him, and he shall direct thy paths.

    Romans 8:28
    King James Version (KJV)

    28And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to his purpose.

    Psalm 4:8
    King James Version (KJV)

    8I will both lay me down in peace, and sleep: for thou, LORD, only makest me dwell in safety.


    "keep the faith"


    1. Yes, that song is approprate "Keep the Faith" anonymous, thank you. I listened to the end. :o)

  29. Emily I tried to reply right beneath your comment but this blog link stopped working on "reply" so I'm doing it this way.

    Thank you, thank you thank you for putting together those bible verses. Beautiful!

  30. Replies
    1. Ella - I deleted it. You can disagree with me but insults are not getting posted. There is a hate meter on this thing and if you can't take the good info with the bad on this blog without bashing people don't post it. I'm trying to calm down not get inflamed. Disagree with me but no insults like that, okay?

  31. Bonnie,

    I know it's been a long time but I want you to know, I'm here

    I have followed your blog from the start but I haven't commented cos my computer......SUCKS!

    I just want you to know that I am here and never left.

    Keep Plugging Away and Keep The Faith.

    God Bless.


    1. Hi Josie!

      I can EMPATHIZE with you on the computer issues! Mine moves like it has arthritis most of the time. God bless you and I am! ♥♥♥

  32. Quando criaram aquela monstruosa mentira que destruiu a vida pessoal, emocional e artística de Michael, ninguém ousou falar da tal mentira com tanta imponência, em tom de sermão, não é?

    Aquela mentira destrutiva e cruel encheu os bolsos de várias pessoas hipócritas, mesquinhas e ambiciosas e o julgamento seguido dela, arrecadou bilhões de dólares aos corvos, aos abutres…arrancando para sempre, a dignidade de Michael, no conceito dos cegos...e por fim, essa mentira nojenta que criaram, tirou de Michael a liberdade de viver como qualquer ser humano merece.

    E aí????

    Será que alguém que possua o mínimo de bom senso, pode se sentir no direito de criticar alguma atitude que Michael tenha tomado para juntar seus “cacos” e tentar viver novamente????

    É fácil julgar as pessoas olhando do lado de fora.

    Todas essas pessoas que tentam criticar as atitudes de Michael, deveriam se colocar no lugar dele e tentar se possível, ver o que fariam se ali estivessem.

    Eu já assisti esse filme na vida de Michael. Onde conceitos e preconceitos falaram mais alto, onde lixos criados abafaram suas verdades, onde a venda nos olhos de todos, custou a cair, ignorando o sofrimento dos inocentes.

    Deus é amor.
    Michael é amor.
    Nós somos amor.
    Amor é a solução.

    ...ele só precisa ser olhado e interpretado com bom senso , sem conceitos e preconceitos.

    Se você não pode compreender alguém, não lhe atire pedras.

    Não estou te insultando, estou apenas interagindo e colocando minha opinião.

    O direito de expressão é um direito de todos.
    Fale, mas aprenda a ouvir.
    Não delete comentários que não sejam ofensivos, só porque diferem dos seus.
    Ofensa é uma coisa e discordância é outra, ok?

    1. Translated:

      When they created that monstrous lie that destroyed the personal, emotional and artistic Michael, no one dared to speak of such a lie with such grandeur, in a tone of the sermon, is not it? That destructive and cruel lie filled the pockets of many people hypocrites, greedy and ambitious and judgment followed her, raised billions of dollars to the crows, the vultures tearing ... forever, the dignity of Michael, the concept of the blind ... and finally , who created this disgusting lie, Michael took the freedom to live as any human being deserves. And then?? Does someone have a minimum of common sense, can feel entitled to criticize any action that has taken Michael to join their "pieces" and try to live again?? It is easy to judge people looking from the outside. All these people who try to criticize the attitudes of Michael, should be put in his place and try if possible, see what they would if there were. I've watched this movie in Michael's life. Where concepts and prejudices spoke louder, where waste created stifled their truths, where the blindfold of all, cost the fall, ignoring the suffering of the innocent. God is love. Michael is love. We are love. Love is the answer. ... he just needs to be looked at and interpreted with common sense, without concepts and prejudices. If you can not understand someone, you do not throw stones. I'm not insulting you, I'm just putting my opinion and interacting. The right of expression is a universal right. Talk, but learn to listen. Do not delete comments that are not offensive, just because they differ from yours. Offense is disagreement is one thing and another, okay?

    2. No, we are just trying to understand. Unless Michael is God, he is HUMAN with HUMAN traits . . . imperfect just like the rest of us. Trying to understand all this MADNESS is just one of the goals and getting at the truth.

      I have interpreted with common sense - two years of it. Yo don't like one post, then don't read it. The right to universal expression . . . not sure what you mean. Disagreeing with someone is ONE thing. Insulting without goal is another and I am NOT obligated to post it. If you want to EXPRESS with OFFENSE you are FREE to start your OWN blog. Okay? I did not delete ANY comments BUT the abusive ones.

      Understand and please read. I am not complaining about Michael the man, but Michael the WHATEVER they are marketing to people. the TRADEMARK. The PERSONA they took off with after Michael left.

      I have put myself in Michael's place as best I can for two years and I am trying to tell people what they are planning to do. Michael knew they were going to do this and sang about it. Nobody is listening, they are too busy WORSHIPING. HIStory repeats itself. I hope you understand. Will explain more tonight.

    3. Translated:

      Não, estamos apenas tentando entender. A menos que Michael é Deus, ele é humano com características humanas. . . imperfeita como o resto de nós. Tentando entender toda essa loucura é apenas um dos objetivos e chegar à verdade.

      Eu tenho interpretado com o senso comum - dois anos do mesmo. Yo não gosta de um post, então não lê-lo. O direito de expressão universal. . . não sei o que você quer dizer. Inconformada com alguém é uma coisa. Insultar sem objetivo é outro e eu não estou obrigado a publicá-la. Se você deseja expressar com ofensa você está livre para começar seu próprio blog. Ok? Eu não exclui todos os comentários mas os abusivos.

      Compreender e leia. Eu não estou reclamando sobre Michael o homem, mas o Michael qualquer coisa que está no mercado para as pessoas. da marca. O PERSONA que decolou com Michael depois para a esquerda.

      Eu me coloco no lugar de Michael, o melhor que posso por dois anos e eu estou tentando dizer às pessoas o que eles estão planejando fazer. Michael sabia que eles iam fazer isso e cantou sobre isso. Ninguém está ouvindo, eles estão adorando muito ocupado. A história se repete. Espero que você entenda. Vou explicar mais esta noite.

  33. Bonnie I love you too. We are all one. Susanne (The replay button doesn't work for me)

  34. Anomynous said : "Is there a possibility that MJ could be Jesus." Yeah, right and pigs have wings and can fly. I am sorry I don't want to be rude but how can you believe that? I love MJ but he wasn't Jesus or God. Just because he was treated bad and was crucified doesn't make him Jesus Christ. Many people have been treated bad and been crucified on this earth. Janet told the world that MJ was one of many who made her get a eating disorder. Is that a God like thing to do. I can make a long list of what he did wrong that proves that he was only a human being and human beings makes mistakes, human beings are not perfect. MJ was a simple man with a big heart. He did his best to be God like. He said it himself: I am not God but I am trying to be God like in my heart. I don't think it is good idea to claim that a celebrity could be God. God wouldn't like that. But it really tells us that we are living in a sick world. If someone have a good heart and cares about others and not just himself people get shocked and say, what if he is the Christ! The thing is people can't handle you if your heart is Too good. They feel threatened by it and therefore does everything to destroy it/her/him. It happens every day around the world. Michael happened to be famous and in the spotlight and had a lot of money to help people around the world. But if you open your eyes there are Michael's all over the world with a good heart just like he had. Does that mean that there are millions of Jesuses out there? NO. MJ I love u and I don't think you wanted to be God. And you wasn't. But you tried to be godlike and you did a great job. But the only thing you really wanted to be, was loved. Not worshipped like you were God. Or am I wrong? There is always a possibility that I am living under a rock in a wood somewhere. Susanne

    1. Susanne - Listen to his songs. No you are not under a rock. Just under a sick world . . . we all are.

      Like I said before, Michael didn't go through his life tortured the way he was just because he as a "good man" with money. There was something much, much more to him. The only way to stay on the truth though, is in the Bible. The answers are in there. Everything out here in the world is confusing. About THAT Mary Jane was right about.

    2. Hi Susanne, I don't know for sure but I think you're referring to my post:

      A part of that post:
      I read that Jesus will 'coming on the clouds of heaven with power and great glory', but is this to take literal, or could it be that he is/was already among us? And if so, why are many religious people so offended when others bring up the possibility that it COULD be Michael? (Please understand that I'm NOT saying Michael is Jesus, but I'm always wondering why he could certainly NOT be?) Times have changed, maybe God also 'changed' his plans, 'testing the waters' if you will. We are so much clinged to the bible, taking it all literal, but it's also a very old book and it may be altered, re-written to fit it in certain times. You know, not to long ago, people were made scared as hell (forgive me the word) for God, had to make confessions to a priest in church, otherwise going to hellfire for minor things they did wrong. I'm happy this has changed over time, but what I'm trying to say is, could it be that Jesus will appear in a different way than we expect from reading the bible? Are we open to that, or do we cling to something from long time ago and don't we open our eyes to the possibility that maybe he was/is right in front of us all the time?'

      I was not saying Michael is Jesus, I wanted to know if people are open to other possibilities than what is written in the bible a long time ago. You see, for me that is the scary thing about religion, people are believing what they want/told to believe, and reject other ideas without giving it a second thought. And that's the main thing that causes so much war and violence in the world. If we are honest, than no one knows what is going to happen. The Bible can serve as a guide in one's life, offering comfort and hope, but in the end we have to wait and see. It's our believe but NOT our knowledge. And I'm not biblical, but I want to quote something that explains what I'm feeling:

      Isaiah 55:8-9

      New Living Translation (NLT)

      8 “My thoughts are nothing like your thoughts,” says the LORD.
      “And my ways are far beyond anything you could imagine.
      9 For just as the heavens are higher than the earth,
      so my ways are higher than your ways
      and my thoughts higher than your thoughts.

  35. It is -10 celcius today were I live. So it is not that cold. Wearing my favorite flip flops. Line do you ski all day long in the mountings. I believe that if you are living in Switzerland you do a lot of skiing. And Bonnie you are from America and you dont live in Colorado so you have only seen snowflakes in movies and in pictures right? Now I have to go outside and feed the ice bears, bye for now. I just realized why I love MJ so much. Didn't Wayne Dyer once say that we should always keep the child in us alive. Susanne

  36. When I was in France a Guy seriously asked me if it was always winter in my country and if we had ice bears walking around in the streets. When I replied no, he looked very surprised. But when we joined the EU club people started to be aware of our existens, which is nice. I am sorry for taking up time and space being silly. I guess I am tired. Every one is not like me in my country. Most people are normal and have a brain. I am an exception. Just defending the others reputation in this country by saying this. I don't want you to think all of us is nutcases. Most people are intellectual over here. It is just me who is not. Susanne

  37. One last thing. I must tell you a funny story. I don't know if you Americans know this. We had a sucessfull hockey player who's name was/is Peter "Foppa" Forsberg. He was so good that he got the chance to play hockey in The States. He injured his foot during hockey and the only shoes he could wear was Crocs clogs. He later introduced so to speak the American shoes back home. I didn't take long before everybody in this country was walking around in "Foppa" clogs as we call them. Most people had fake ones but it didn't bother us. We had never heard of Crocs. If someone would have asked us, are you wearing a pair of Crocs clogs? We would have said, Crocs? No these are Foppa clogs! Susanne

  38. Hi Bonnie. Whatever MJ was or was'nt he will always have a special place in my heart, in your heart and in all the readers hearts, right? Whatever the truth is about this man, our love for him is unconditional it seems. I wish it was'nt. Susanne

  39. SUSANNE said : " I believe that if you are living in Switzerland you do a lot of skiing."

    For the sake of the other skiers, thanks God no :I would create a monster traffic jam on the pists:oD But a cappucino & piece of cake in a ski resort's tea-room, I could envisage:o) Seriously I am a shame for sport & ski holidays in a Swiss resort with my budget now, forget it. Many Swiss go to France or Austria because it's basically cheaper + the cheap Euro now, although mountains here are beautiful. The Swiss average people ski abroad & the rich foreigners ski in Switzerland. Crazy globalization ?

  40. LINE
    You make delicious chocolate too. Is your air as clean as I imaging it to be? Bonnie please don't be angry at me for saying this. When I and my boyfriend at the time flied to Paris in the late 90's we thought, lets go to Disneyland while we are here. After we had lunch at Disneyland we had some coffee. I took a sip, spitted it back into the cup and said to my boyfriend, - What is this? He answered, - American coffee. I love Mc Donald's though, crocs and MJ. Susanne

  41. Wait a minute, I love peanut butter, pizza Hut, cornflakes, that is American products right? If I think for a while I am sure there is lots of American stuff that I like. But not the American cooffe made by French guys. Susanne

    I understand what you are saying. But do you think Jesus would tease his little sister for having a big butt and then go to the plastic surgery to have his nose done. That is something a human being would do not Jesus Christ. Michael was a human being who made mistakes like we all do. I don't think he was Jesus Christ but if others believe that to be a possibility I have to respect that. I LOVE MJ but he was not perfect. ♥ Susanne

    1. I agree with you Suzanne, Michael was a great person, or so we know, but there's a lot of great people you don't hear about and who are poor and do good works, plus volunteer. Watch Anderson Cooper's CNN "Heroes" show at Thanksgiving. These folks don't have the means and find a way to help others. Also Michael was not tortured, he had a phenomenal life. In 50 years he had one bad thing happen to him, the rest was quite a charmed life. There are a lot of people who are talented and do not get discovered, and a lot of poor kids with no childhood (think of Africa!) and they don't have the fame and money, plus love from the world that Michael had. Michael was able to do what he wanted, when he wanted. Some of the issues he did create himself. I felt the same way when he first what a great soul, and how mean people were to him. But you know after watching so many videos of fans expressing love, the extravagant lifestyle, I am having a hard time feeling sorry for him. He was not murdered, he stupidly asked for medication he shouldn't have and one greedy doctor said yes and really screwed up. Michael also turned away the people who really loved him and wanted to stop his addictions. I have my reasons for my somewhat bitterness in all the Michael hoop la la since I don't know if I'll have a job tomorrow, I have a sister bedridden with MS shot down at 34, my own health issues, and quite frankly no one cares. Michael was Christ-Like in his ways and a great entertainer and charitable person. But how can we compare a celebrity with Jesus Christ who was a poor carpenter, walked on foot to preach, never did anything wrong and they still crucified Him. How about Mother Theresa?

    2. Hi Susanne and Anonymous, I also understand what you are saying but I think we disagree on this and that's okay! When you say: Jesus would never do that (acting like a real human being, but to me, he was! He just had God as his father, but than again, aren't we all God's children?) then that sounds very familiar in my ears.
      When 'believers' voiced their opinion (just after Michael 'passed' away) that he may had hoaxed his death, 'non-believers' started to scream and shout that he 'would never do that to his children'! He wouldn't do this, he wouldn't do that, but the truth is that we don't know what he would do, since we don't know him and we don't know what his plan is. We can read as many books (even his autobiography) or see as many movies about him and his life and interpret his lyrics as we can, we don't know him personally and we don't know if we are right with our interpretation.
      To me, we also don't know about ALL the plans of Jesus/God.
      Ofcourse, I could be very wrong but this is were I'm comfortable with. And ofcourse there were/are many many great people around the world, devoting their lives to help people, nature, animals, whatever and I'm glad and thankful they were/are here, because otherwise, it would be a lot worse on this planet.
      And indeed, Michael had money and power to live a great and fantastic life, but he also didn't forget about people who didn't have all of that. He did what he could do. Again, I'm not saying Michael is Jesus, so maybe I should say: Michael could be a messenger, prepairing the world for the return of Jesus Christ. I also like to quote something:

      Every religion is true one way or another. It is true when understood metaphorically. But when it gets stuck in its own metaphors, interpreting them as fact, then you are in trouble.
      Joseph Campbell

    I think if Jesus Christ comes back to earth and we would met him. We don't have to ask ourselfs, is it a possibility that he is Jesus Christ. We will just know that it is him. At least I believe so. MJ was a beautiful gift sent to us from God. But I don't believe he was Jesus Christ. MJ I miss you. God bless you and your sister. Susanne

    MS is a terrible and painful disease. Doesn't the short Guy in the movies "back to the future" have MS. I think he had brain surgery because of it. I wish they find a cure for it already. And I hope you get the job you want.♥ Susanne

  45. May I recommend 2 good sources in which you can relate biblical meanings into modern day advancements and research. I use my Christian beliefs coupled with research to form my own opinions. Nevertheless, these are good reads. The bottom line for me is "Jesus was right" which makes HIM our Savior.

    Dr Michael Newton "Journey of Souls"
    Marilynn Hughes free ebooks
    "Mysteries of Redemption"
    "Ghosts and Lost Souls"
    Plus others about MJ. However I think he was not totally honest with her in searching for answers.

  46. Bonnie I have been listening to jam and reading the lyrics separately is MJ talking baout his body or God temple or a Jewish temple since he said Talmud in the line before??

    1. When Michael sings those lyrics they are meant to be left up to the intepretation of the listener . . . whatever is in your heart. So for me, that part of the lyrics Michael is letting us know that we are going to be asked to make a choice and to make sure you know there will be an imposter. I believe this is in direct reference to the Bible verse from Daniel 9. The beast will declare himself God, but our own hearts will be the temple he is after.


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