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Michael Jackson Justice: Michael Jackson, Whitney and a Whole Lot of Slugs

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Friday, February 17, 2012

Michael Jackson, Whitney and a Whole Lot of Slugs

Michael and the Entertainment Industry
Tell me Lies, Tell me Sweet Little Lies

For the Lord GOD will help me; therefore shall I not be confounded: therefore have I set my face like a flint, and I know that I shall not be ashamed.

This is a little different format tonight so please bear with me.  I am being BOMBARDED with HELP researching and being sent current news articles.

Instead of trying to keep up on all these separate topics, I am going to post the articles here in sections, and in some cases, excerpts of comments in various emails that are sent to me, especially if they are extrapolating on a the topic or subject.

I will separate their submissions with “****” and end them with the same and I will insert my comments, further research or the research of others below the closing of that submission.

Before I get to that, there was an issue earlier with reference to something Karen Faye allegedly said on an old Facebook comment which was misread by one commenter and further posted by me.  Emily posted the source of the comment  ( I don’t read Muzik’s blog anymore so I didn’t know where it came from), and at the risk of sounding untrusting, I wanted to thank Emily for pointing out a very PERVASIVE RISK:

However, Emily was not totally honest with me and Princess Glam was not honest either.  It all started with this comment from PrincessGlam who was trying to tell me that Michael did not pick the song “This is It” and that it was a discarded track.  In the comment thread part of her post said this:

BTW I found copies of some old messages from Karen Faye's Facebook, where she says she retouched the footage from TII AND they also altered his image e.g. widened his legs to look fatter(she did not do the legs, and said Michael would be horrified as his legs never looked like that). This could explain why Michael looks like a different person in different shots in the film.” – Source, Comment link

I responded to Princessglam with this (partial post to save space), arguing that Michael was altered to look THINNER not heavier in TII.

KAREN said she retouched photos from TII? Do you remember the blog topics where I covered that? I SHOWED PEOPLE where there was definite evidence that they used the liquify tool! They gave Michael a pencil neck and it looked like he had an extra joint in his neck it was so pointy.” – Source, comment link

Then in the next blog topic I posted the next day which was about Whitney, there was this post from Micheline/Spotlight.  She too brought up the subject but as discussed by Whitney in an interview with Sawyer:

I'm sure this part did not escape you. They compared the two side by side images of Whitney performing at Michael's 30th anniversary show and discussed how skeletal she looked in one shot and much healthier in the other. Whitney admitted they used electronic manipulation to make her appear healthier on film, and the difference was really amazing. Even her bony shoulders were digitally "smoothed over" to give Whitney a more curvy appearance. Whitney said they used the technique on other people, but she didn't mention any names.”. – Source, Comment Link

Then directly under my reply on this thread, Princess Posted this:

Well that was just weird timing hey? Me mentioning the digital altering of TII and now Micheline finding a recording where Whitney mentioned it happened at Michael's 30th anniversary. As I said, it certainly explains how Michael looks so different in different shots in TII.” – Source, Comment Link

My Partial response to Princessglam

Princess, if I didn't say it before, that was a BIG HELP in posting that facebook post of Karen's from over two years ago! Most of us know that Michael looked too different from one photo and frame to the next over this supposedly three day time period this rehearsal footage was taken from.” – Source, Full Comment

I had further commented that if Karen Faye was altering images she could indeed by lying and altering them to make him look thinner.  I also stated in that same comment that Faye couldn’t have been doing this for AEG – The people she has been trying to nail and implicate since day one after June 25th of ’09, so she had to be doing it for Sony.

This comment was at 1:17pm on the 14th of Feb.  At 8:30 the next morning, Emily posts with this:

Bonnie and whoever else made claim:

Bonnie said ".............. And we are both of the opinion that Karen may have said she altered video footage or photos to make him look healthier, she lied and was doing the exact opposite."

Emily says, Hold on. Bonnie and whoever made claim, with all due respect, Karen Faye NEVER said she was involved in the editing of This Is It. Kenny Ortega was oversaw the editing.

See link below of ABC interview and comments by Karen Faye AND Michael Bush. Starting @ 3:14 and ESPECIALLY @ 5:40 to end.

With all due respect, people have to be careful when they start accusing people with no references/no backup for their claims. If Karen Faye was involved with the editing of This Is It, please make citations. Or else there is a loss of credibility.” – Source, Full Comment 

Whoever else made the claim?  I didn’t make the claim to start with.  And Princess’s post is RIGHT ABOVE MINE yet she calls me out by name and not the person who admitted she posted it!  I took note of the “NEVER”  she wrote in BOLD.  She was THAT SURE.

Then less than two hours later, Princess posts:

My bad! The information came from Mouthfactory's blog, and I couldn't remember where I read it - sorry. Karen did not do the retouching, but she said she saw retouched images, and it definitely sounds like it was after 25 June (no I am not posting a link, cos Bonnie will be even angrier with me). Even if this is not a true posting of Karen's Facebook messages, it certainly opens up the possibility that that is what happened to TII once the damage control team got their hands on it.” – Source, Full Comment

I Posted on today’s blog that I did not make the original claim.  Emily Posted after me:

I am a researcher myself, and it just bothers me when someone makes a false statement, then builds a whole case around it. In Logic, the is called the fallacy of the Straw Man.

I do not know all about Karen Faye. But I do know the research I have done. In this particular instance, I never found any statement from Karen Faye that she helped anyone alter images of Michael.” – Source, Full Comment

As a “researcher” maybe she should have read further down Muzik’s post, because I found it.

She’s a “researcher” but she doesn’t know about Karen Faye.  She accused me of making “false statements”.  Not misunderstood but “false statements”.  However, I did not.  See, Muzik DID post a Karen Faye quote about altering Michael’s images.  

Emily even went through the trouble of TYPING OUT THE KAREN POST manually  because Muzik has copy-block on her blog (which I had a few days ago until some complained about it).  That’s dedication to a lie if I ever saw one.

After checking out Muzik’s two blog entries devoted to Karen Faye Facebook page posts, I read down through them and low and behold, I find THE POST that indeed shows Karen Faye did “retouch work”.

Here is the REST of Muzik’s post screenshot from her page just in case it gets deleted:

MJ 2012 Muzik blog 5

The Very First Complete Paragraph Visible

I have all the screen shots for the entire blog if you are interested at a later date.

Question:  How would Muzik Factory get copies of Karen Faye Facebook comments when the page no longer exists (or is “private”)?  Remember, Muzik was a member of TINI, DEFENDED TINI when their web site was taken down after me and another lady exposed their Sony connections. One of Karen Faye’s Facebook comments was that she “supported TINI 100%”. I have COVERED all this more than a year ago.

--- How would Karen Faye “touch up” frames of ANY of the footage whether they were for The LED Screen or not?  Is that a NORMAL Make-up artist’s duty?  Is this something AEG would trust her with if they didn’t even want to hire her in the first place?  Remember, she claims Michael is the one that wanted her, not AEG and she did not get called until May of 2009.

Considering Emily did a lot of her own speculating on Whitney and well the fact that she was  -

Just to clarify my comment: I know Kenny Ortega directed This Is It. I do not know off the top of my head who the editor/editors were. Kenny oversaw production because he was the director. I just know that Karen Faye had nothing to do with the editing of This Is It.” – Source, Full Comment


- Can we consider it just a bit arrogant and hypocritical to be making false statements then accusing others of doing the same when in fact they did not?

Tell me Lies, Tell me Sweet Little Lies

Emily knows very well Karen Faye’s facebook page is down IF she does ANY research at all.  Note how quickly Princessglam came in behind her and said “Oh, my bad!”

Did both of them purposely neglect to read all the way down the page?  Did they not think I would look into this or make my own screen shots (I don’t need to hard-type it out, screenshots are the best evidence of soon-to-be-altered blog entries.)

I already have photos of Karen with her stalker friends at a little “Sony” luncheon, so why would it surprise any of these ladies that Karen would work for Sony?

Karen Faye – TINI Fan Stalkers Paid by Sony
at a “Sony” Luncheon.

This was what they did to the
“evidence” in the next photo
After they were exposed here

I covered all this over a year ago
She was reading and commenting back then

For you new to this blog – Click Here. We already know TINI was Sony financed, we already know Karen (I have the screen shot) admitted she supported TINI’S “campaing 100%) and we already know that Karen tried to recruit me to “spy” on Ortega and Phillips while forming her little secret “Ganesha OM” page.  This is old stuff.  But these people are STILLWORKING FOR SONY AND  THE ESTATE!

None of that information has changed and ladies, I still have all your pictures and correspondence.

These are the people that will be working on the FAKE Michael project so keep an eye on them!

We’ve also already covered LONG AGO the photoshopping and image altering per frame on the film, stills and photos for TII. We’ve RESEARCHED THIS, some of us together.  So why would Princessglam, someone who’s been here from the BEGINNING suddenly think I would forget all that?

Perhaps she thinks because the Justice website that housed the photos is no longer live?  I still have the pictures.

Michael before touch up,
When AEG released footage to the news hours
After Michael’s “death”.

Pics released of Michael
Note lighter blue lines next to Michael's "thinned" legs

Michael same day before alteration
Part of AEG News Release (23rd of June Rehearsals)

Michael same day after alteration
Right side of face cut away unnaturally
Liquify tool used to push in

Michael perfectly Healthy TII
And Filled Out

By Liquify tool

How it Works
Photo Shop And Paint Pro

Princess Glam has a real problem with wanting to contradict me on information we have long since covered on this blog.  I’ve put up with it for a year, giving her the benefit of a doubt, so say goodbye to her. She will not be back and neither will Emily the other blog-stalker.  Above is just a reminder, and a review for the new people.

I don’t know if other “truth-seeking” bloggers put up with this kind of tag-teaming of infiltrators but they are out there so beware.  My blog is all over the search engines on just about every keyword related to Michael Jackson that there is, so I am a target.  Fine.

Now with their little nuisance of a distraction revealed and put away, we can get back to the IMPORTANT issues.

The Way I feel sometimes!  Just Look at his face.

Below are several news items and pieces of information sent to me via email from several readers.  Some are frequent contributors. 

To save some time, I am just going to post their entries between “****”  to separate them from my comments.  Some are Whitney related, some Madonna related and others all over the subject of Michael.

**********From Karen***********

he got his start dancing with Michael on the Dangerous Tour.

JAMIE KING:  creator of Madonna 1/2 time show &
MJ Immortal World Tour

Madonna Super Bowl XLVI halftime extravaganza – the Roman soldiers, and all – was the brainchild of Jamie King. Every aspect of the star, 12-minute show, choreographed to lights, costumes and decorations were under the control of the king, who was the creative director of the Madonna over the past 13 years, and, interestingly, is a superstar in his own right.

It was not the first King Super Bowl. He put the halftime show Diana Ross 1996. And he danced with his idol Michael Jackson in the early 90s at the Super Bowl and on tour.

Madonnas artistic director for the past 14 yrs.
article here:


Isn’t that interesting?  Is Madonna also getting a cut of the “Michael Immortal” world tour?  Can we honestly say the Estate is doing Michael a favor using his name and likeness and SONGS to push a satanic message, which is EXACTLY what Cirque is?  This is not Michael’s legacy . . . this is the devil’s and Tommy Mottola just got his shoes filled by Branca!

*******Contributed by Cathy********

Will automatically go into part three if you click on the link.  Interview with Jermane Jackson.

At 1:13 – “There is always a wall being built around them to keep family away.” – Jermaine Jackson.

Praying BIG for Bobbi Kristina... fears of suicide?  Perfect alibi to sedate and get hold of her memory, and challenge her soul.

Please God, help find Bobbi Kristina a safe place to grieve.”

From Cathy
Interview with Janet Jackson
“Michael knew who he was”.


Jermaine is backing up everything he said happened to Michael, and confirming there are THUGS that continue to post on facebook demonizing the family and misleading fans about the TRUE RELATIONSHIP Michael had with his family or rather, what those hired by the industry TRIED to prevent Michael from having. 

The same thing happened to Whitney as he said above.  Now we have Sony and Clive Davis already raping her memory and her legacy for every buck they can get.

Clive Davis was quoted as having “shaped Whitneys’ Career”. 

Hmmm . . . would that have been with tazers? Drugs? Monarch Programming or all three?

I also found this.  Seems Whitney Houston has her own “Taraborrelli”.  These people need to get a soul, or get it BACK.  Because when it comes to deals with the devil, the DEALER always wins.  Always.

Kevin Skinner published a book about Whitney back in 2005 (ironically when Michael was going through his trial and Taraborrelli was re-releasing HIS book on Michael).  – Source, The Whitney Story website

Bulleted points include Whitney allegedly resenting her parents and the $100 million lawsuit in which Whitney addresses with Diane Sawyer in the interview I posted (which Disney took down) where she mentioned “they put fear in my father’s heart”, and that “not hired by him (her dad) hired by others”.

Here is a copy of an old article in MTV news about it:

Though John Houston himself isn't named in the suit, John Houston Entertainment President Kevin Skinner says the two of them are the plaintiffs. According to the lawsuit, the singer hired her father and his business partner in 2000 to represent her in a number of personal and professional matters, including helping her sort out her legal entanglements involved in her drug bust in Hawaii in January 2000 when a search of her bag turned up more than 15 grams of marijuana (see "Whitney Houston Charged In Pot Bust").” – Source, MTV News

Further down in the same article it quotes Skinner:

We weren't her managers per se," Skinner said, "at least not in name. But we were in effect. She had no management at that time, and we masterminded the whole situation. All of the parties involved, we selected. And we did whatever it took to get her [financially solvent]. It took her five years to run through her money, and it took us five weeks to get it back. But we didn't do it for free.” – Source linked above in bold blue.

I thought that was funny wording to use – “We MASTERMINDED the whole situation?”  Again, Sony and it’s hired fools are soon parted.  They have a whole cesspool they can draw from for thugs at this level. 

In the same article, another spokesperson for John Houston, Whitney’s father read an alleged statement: “I am stating for the record that I am 100% behind the lawsuit against my daughter Whitney and am ashamed at my daughter's staff ... because they want to weasel out of paying my company ... I will not rest until this is over, and I plan to see it through to the end.”

This self-appointed SPOKESperson is Sonia Johnson.  That name sounded familiar so I went on a little excursion around the internet for her.

From Wikipedia – “In 2002, Houston became involved in a legal dispute with John Houston Enterprise. Although the company was started by her father to manage her career, it was actually run by company president Kevin Skinner. Skinner filed a breach-of-contract lawsuit and sued for $100 million (but lost), stating that Houston owed the company previously unpaid compensation for helping to negotiate her $100 million contract with Arista Records and for sorting out legal matters.[185] Houston stated that her 81-year-old father had nothing to do with the lawsuit. Although Skinner tried to claim otherwise, John Houston never appeared in court.[186] Houston's father later died in February 2003.[187] The lawsuit was dismissed on April 5, 2004, and Skinner was awarded nothing.

But I’m sure he got paid and out of Whitney’s earnings.

So Kevin Skinner and Sonia Johnson are lying.  Who are these people?

Kevin Skinner unfortunately, shares a name with the latest winner of “American’s Got Talent” so the WRONG Skinner kept showing up in the search results.  Those I did paired with either Whitney, John Houston or Clive Davis only turned up press releases about his book, but I did find this:

A police report from East Orange, New Jersey, dated March 26th (2002), details a threat Kevin Skinner says he received in person and over the phone outside this barber shop. He says, 'They threatened to do me in' Skinner told police that a man known only as 'Malik' told him, 'Nippy and Bobby are planning to have you done.' Nippy is known to be Whitney Houston's nickname; Bobby is the first name of her husband, singer Bobby Brown.” – Source, The Corsair

They were selling a story that Whitney was now a hitwoman??  And who is Malik?  Did Taj still have a husband back in 2005 when this was written? LOL!  There was only one comment on this blog and it said –

I know Kevin Skinner.The book Daddy's Little Girl will come out soon.Everything he wrote on that book about Whitney and Bobby is true.Down to even when Bobby use to leave and she would sleep with Kevin.She has offer him 1 million dollars so he won't publish the book.But he is not going for that.And yes she is a addict to drugs.

It seems as though Whitney and Michael have a lot in common with the stalkers, family infiltrators, Sony-paid bloggers and trolls.  And this is written in the same visceral hatred as people like Ian Halperin and Roger Friedman would write about Michael.

I spotted some very familiar terminology and journalistic “quirks” in this piece above as well.  Sounds too much like some of the writing done out in the MJ community with the Branca/bloggers and Sony/Bloggers.  And of course Whitney is owned by Sony . . . they made sure of that.

Sonia Johnson was a no-go either.  I could find nothing on her with several combination searches.  Johnson is just too common a last name and nobody has ever heard of her.  Whatever her last name MAY be currently, she is probably working for Sony somewhere as well, but that is speculation.

It is clear given Whitney’s 2002 Diane Sawyer interview, the things she told Sawyer about the people surrounding her father, the fact she didn’t blame her father for the lawsuit, and that the people “working” for her father were NOT hired by her father all strikes a very eerie and familiar pattern with the Jackson Family’s troubles.

Michael and Whitney both had label people surround and isolate their highest earning family member from the rest of family. 

Michael and Whitney both had press and media campaigns launched against them accusing everything from drug addiction to threats of physical violence.

Michael and Whitney both had admitted problems with people who were “placed” in employment AND PAID out of their earnings without knowing these people even worked for them.

Both Michael and Whitney were isolated from family members and had “walls built around them.”

Both Michael and Whitney were professed believers in Christ, Loved God and read the Bible.

Both Michael and Whitney were under contract with  Sony.


Why is it that the same people in the same industries who are “molding” young stars, or managing labels – The SAME PEOPLE who only move around and circulate within the industry, yet it’s the constant revolving door of artists with the same ending and it’s NEVER THE BRASS that is to blame? 

Look at the common denominators!

Some information on Clive Davis, the one who apparently likes to BRAG about the mess he made of Whitney’s life:

Part of his Dossier includes “From 1967 to 1973 he was the President of Columbia Records. He was the founder and president of Arista Records from 1975 through 2000 until founding J Records. From 2002 until April 2008, Davis was the Chairman and CEO of the RCA Music Group (which included RCA Records, J Records and Arista Records), Chairman and CEO of J Records, and Chairman and CEO of BMG North America. Currently Davis is the Chief Creative Officer of Sony Music Entertainment”. – Source, Wikipedia

His early life is not a surprise either – “Davis was born in Brooklyn, New York to a Jewish family, the son of Herman and Florence Davis. Davis was raised in the middle-class neighborhood of Crown Heights, Brooklyn. He received a full scholarship to New York University College of Arts and Science, where he graduated magna cum laude, Phi Beta Kappa in 1953. He then received a full scholarship to Harvard Law School, where he was a member of the Board of Student Advisers and graduated in 1956.” – Source, Wikipedia/earlylife

Davis was also employed with CBS Records and eventually fired for as one way to put it, being in a “Schmuley Boteach frame of mind” –

After Davis was fired from CBS Records for allegedly using company funds to bankroll his son's bar mitzvah,[6] Columbia Pictures (at the time unrelated to Columbia Records) hired him to be a consultant for the company's record and music operations. After taking time out to write his memoirs, he founded the company Arista Records (named after New York City's secondary school honor society of which he was a member).” – Source, Wiki/Aristayears

Columbia Pictures GAVE him a job after that?  Are they stupid?  Of course Columbia was run by the false Jews too, so they not only hired him, they probably sought those particular “skills”.

The Sony years:

Davis left Arista in 2000 and started J Records, an independent label with financial backing from Arista parent Bertelsmann Music Group. BMG would buy a majority stake in J Records in 2002, and Davis would become president and CEO of the larger RCA Music Group . . .

In 2004, BMG merged with Sony Music Entertainment to form Sony BMG. With the assets of CBS Records now under Sony's ownership, the joint venture would mean a return of sorts for Davis to his former employer. Davis remained with RCA Label Group until 2008, when he was named chief creative officer for Sony BMG. Barry Weiss, head of Sony's Zomba Group of Companies, replaced Davis as RCA Label Group's chairman.[7] Sony BMG became Sony Music Entertainment in late 2008 when BMG sold its shares to Sony.[8] Arista Records and J Records which were both founded by Davis were dissolved in October 2011 through the restructuring of RCA Records. All artists under those labels have been moved to RCA Records.” – Source, Wiki/Sonyyears

Clive Davis is now of course the Chief Creative Officer of Sony Music Entertainment. 

On this link below, both Clive Davis and Tommy Mottola are asked about Michael after his passing in June 2009. – Source, Orlando Entertainment

And this July 25, 2011 article reports that Tommy Mottola is making a documentary that will launch with his reported book, about his life and the music industry in which Clive Davis will appear. – Source,

And look at all the bed-buddies listed here!  Look down the list.  Those not involved in bringing down MICHAEL JACKSON or Whitney would be a SHORTER LIST.   I will highlight previous “friends” of Michael Jackson/The Jacksons and/or Whitney by bolding the name and underlining it:

Board of Directors

Marcie Allen, MAC Presents
Bob Chiappardi, Concrete Marketing
Tom Corson, RCA | Sony
Paul Donahue, Morgan Stanley
Charlie Feldman, BMI
Bruce Gearhart, Bacchus Importers, Ltd.
Daniel Glass, Glassnote Records
Lisa Ryan Howard, Billboard
Joel Katz, Greenberg Traurig, LLP
Rick Krim, VH1
Dennis Lord, SESAC
Avery Lipman, Universal Republic Records
Monte Lipman, Universal Republic Records
Glenn Nordlinger, The Nordlinger Group
Marcus Peterzell, Ketchum Sports & Entertainment
Frances Preston, BMI
Marc Reiter, QPrime
Julie Swidler, Sony Music Entertainment
Julie Talbot, Premier Radio Networks

Honorary Board Members

Chairman: Lou Vaccareli

Herb Alpert
Dick Asher
Irving Azoff
Val Azzoli
Martin Bandier
Jay Berman
Ken Berry
Clive Davis
The late Henry Droz
The late Ahmet M. Ertegun
Tom Freston
Gil Friesen
David Geffen
Floyd Glinert
Gerald Greenberg
Jimmy Jam
Peter Jones
Quincy Jones
The late Allen Klein
Charles Koppelman
Mel LeWinter
The late Cy Leslie
Terry Lewis
Ray Lott
Judy McGrath
George McMillan
Linda Moran
Doug Morris
Jerry Moss
Thomas D. Mottola
The late Scott Muni
Phil Quartararo
Sylvia Rhone
John Scher
Terry Semel
Joe Smith
Seymour Stein
John Sykes
Al Teller
Chris Wright
The late Danny Yarbrough
Walter R. Yetnikoff

There are many other “foundations”, clubs and “charities” that these people all share free-flowing Cognac board rooms together.  You would think they would be a bit more discreet but on the contrary, they seem to have become more bold.

And in solid keeping of the lack of self control when they think they are getting away with things they believe no one will notice, John Branca jumps right in there to prove that – Yes, he may be lead executor of Michael Jackson’s estate, but his first and foremost loyalties are to Sony.

So they join together to further help Sony capitalize on the Death of Whitney using none other than . . . Michael Jackson.

ET has obtained a copy of a tribute to Whitney by the Jackson Estate that is running in trade magazines, the Los Angeles Times and Whitney's hometown paper, the Newark Star Ledger, on Saturday, the day of her funeral.” – Source, ETOnline 
(Thank you Micheline) 

What a classy bunch they are!  This was put in the papers in her hometown on THE DAY OF HER FUNERAL.  I was hoping that they would at the VERY least put their napkin in their laps before they feasted on their carrion, but no.  I guess they prefer the blood warm!

The only difference between these people and turkey vultures is turkey vultures don’t smoke cigars.

More later . . .

What They're After Now . . . 


  1. More on Whitney

    1. In this article, the person was of the understanding that Whitney was supposed to sing "Jesus Loves Me" at the Grammy's that night, just like she had performed rather recently. But what was WEIRD was Janet Jackson's reaction in her interview. She was smiling again, just like she did during the Robin Roberts Interview right after Michael passed.

      Coroner finishes investigation AND TOXICOLOGY within 24 hours, body is released to the family to be flown back to NJ???

      Overly dramatic pill bottles throughout the room as if Whitney wanted to ADVERTISE that she killed herself (with MIDOL???) Party going on floors below hosted by her "mentor" of 30 years?

      Any thoughts on this?

    2. Bonnie, even I today get depressed with this Hollywood kabbala. If Paris wrote that famous twitter : dangerous. With the time I do hope she learns to protect herself better.

      Janet Jackson: very pretty & sweet but Bonnie, it is true she stays very evasive & superficial on her answers to P. Morgan: the interview was more a seduction play than a serious talk on her brother Michael. Interview with A. Cooper on Whitney Houston : yes, a few large smiles. But can we blame her ? her temperament is maybe that way & she protects herself & her career : it would be then very smart of her to use her charm & ravishing smile by giving only peanuts to the press :o) Or.. she really lives in her superficial bubble up to the point of wearing Illuminati jewels (is she in with them or does she only create the illusion to protect herself ?) I however admit that la Toya, in spite of her past murder/illusion scoops, alike Jermaine, were more explicit & engaged.

    3. Hi Line - Today is me and Ed's anniversary (5yrs married) and I am sitting here all dressed up, made up, jeweleried and realize that I haven't been any of the above in probably two years. Just thought you'd appreciate that. If I wasn't so chubby I'd take a picture, LOL!

      I am still not sure it is Paris on Twitter. Some of the twitters maybe but ??? I don't see it unless the family knows about it The brothers never twitter her back so it's hard for me to take it seriously. I'm sure Paris will forgive me if I'm wrong.

      Janet - I'm not going to pick on or second guess Janet. She is the only Jackson sibling younger than me so she is my baby sister. If she is playing it cool she is doing a really good job (high five).

      She would have to protect herself and her career yes, although I believe she is worried less about her career and more about her family members. I think part of her staying busy is because we know that John Branca is not particularly focused on the best interests of the family or Michael's children.

      Janet is very beautiful - still cute even though she may not like me to say that. I thought it was cute that she thought Latoya was the diva in the family. I have no opinion on that. Latoya is doing a fantastic Job carrying the P.R. on this, I do have to say that much. We can't forget what she's been through.

      Line . . . ♥♥♥ for you.

    4. BONNIE ..♥♥♥ for you & Ed too : You are a beautiful woman & I am sure your nice husband does appreciate it. Happy Marriage Birthday with lots of happiness, blessings of all kinds for both of you for the years to come !

  2. I can only say all this is confusing beyond belief.
    So much info that contradicts...
    So many lies and problem is it's up to our small brains
    to figure out where is the Truth.
    It's all so fishy. Nothing beats Michael's case to me,
    but Whitney is getting close, only somewhat different.
    I don't get the party downstairs, yesterday discussed with my mom -
    maybe it's because of different countries mentality, but here
    it would be considered extremely bad taste to go to ANY party
    after you know what. It's inappropriate! How can you go
    to the party when you know your colleague/friend just died [upstairs!], no way me or mom or anyone we know would do that,
    BUT we are not in showbiz. Maybe that's the case. After all, some
    celebs didn't go there and were so not in the mood for any kind
    of fun, bless them.

    I see nothing deadly so far among medicine discovered in her room if what I read was indeed there. The rest looks tampered.
    Gee, if I suddenly die and police sees some Nurofen on my
    table, will this be it?
    Poor Whitney, poor Bobbi Kristina!
    I dunno.. let's wait for official toxicology report maybe?
    Not that we can believe it :( It can be another death where
    autopsy nor toxicology will give us any answers.
    That "what do you want, people just drop dead" case, that BS again. Hope not.

    1. No Anonymous, the party downstairs is inappropriate in ANY country - It's just that for some reason Hollywood and the Music Industry believe that bad taste should become good fashion.

      I have international lawyer firms crawling over this blog this morning and they were on it for over two hours so someone didn't like what I said.

      Nothing deadly about the medications she had. We should see IF a toxicology report even materializes. (A REAL one).

      This is so messed up, I'm beginning to wonder if her death is real.

      In either case Whitney = Child of God and since we dont' know the truth, keep praying for HER and her daughter and family.

    2. Bonnie,Hi. Not only is it inappropriate for a party with the deceased a couple floors above you,but also inappropriate for a fashion show to not even stop for a person who died in the audience to be carried out!
      As for Janet, I've had a feeling for a while that something is "off" with her (especially after seeing her doing a commercial for Nutrisystem recently)but who am I to judge.It could be part of the Illusion.Peace.Linda

    3. Hi Linda,

      Yeah, with Janet we will have to see. I'll stick with my answer to line above. There is stuff that doesn't make sense but we have to admit, we're out HERE. We're not surrounded by these DEMONS and they still are regardless of where or what happened to Michael.

  3. Bonnie,

    WOW! That article was jam packed with information!

    If that article is FACTUALLY True, then wouldn't Paris Jackson be putting herself in Danger?

    Do you think Paris Jackson really "Tweeted" what that article said she Tweeted?

    And was Whitney REALLY going to sing "Jesus Loves Me" at the Grammys?

    1. Josie,

      I don't think Paris Jackson is in any danger. If she is indeed tweeting, it's because she is protected. If she is not tweeting and a fake is tweeting, then she is still protected.

      That is the issue I have with having the children mixed up in this, not that they weren't before. (They're Michael's children and when they surrounded Michael, they also surrounded his children) - Between you and me, if bad people that wanted me dead were surrounding me and my children, pains would be taken to do SOMETHING and not just sit there and wait for it to happen.

      Michael's children I believe are surrounded by good people and the bad people cannot really get to them. They can hover, but they can't really get in. Case in point the Chinese theater "tribute". Branca, Quincy and a few of the Sony cabal were on the OPPOSITE side of the stage sitting. I have a picture of Prince . . . well it's above, where Qunincy is leaned into Prince talking to him and Prince looks a little guarded. But they can't do anything. I will still keep praying for them though.

      Whitney's chosen song? That is the rumor. I don't know if it is fact anymore then I know for sure that Whitney is dead.

  4. Hi. Diana Ross wasnt at MJ's memorial. But she went to the pre-Grammy party. I just don't understand that? Wasn't MJ's memorial more appropriate and tasteful than the Grammy party? I wish I could ask her in person.

    1. I don't know what is going on with Diana Ross either. She was Motown's golden girl and I don't supposed it is any easier for her then it was for Michael to break away from the demons in that industry.

  5. Dear Bonnie,

    There are Some sick sick sick people, where is the owners of Sony ? Why cant they seem to get these people away from these CEO postions. There just moving around from company too company changing postions. Most of these record company are owned by Sony but they try to confuse people with the Parent company crap. Ray j Has his own record label he signed a contract with atlantic Who Parent company is warner music group which is a subsidary. At the end of the day i bet Sony is the owners. Is the Sony owners elites at the top of the pyramid watchin these fools kill each other. Ray j mother was very upset when he signed that contract, he signed at a restaraunt during his reality tv show the whole family was in emotional turmoil especially Brandy his sister. Ray j spirit dont set right with me. Why was he hangin around whitney? Both him and his sister is due a blood sacrifice.
    The skinner guy is a convicted drugs dealer he did time in prison. I saw an interview with him on tv last night. Lord please get those kids away from that booty snatcher. What the hell goin on that nobody see Whats goin on here!

    1. Nita companies like Sony are owned by the stockholders. You have major shareholders that can vote out CEO's and other officers, and you have "founders" but that guy is deceased. I had read about a year ago (?) that the Morita family had taken back controlling shares of Sony and . . . Howard Stringer IS out as CEO but he is still on the board. Aside from that you're right. The same people have been rotated throughout this industry and you don't get into these high "suit" positions without certain initiations. It's like the presidency in this country. Shareholders THINK they have a choice but they don't. All candidates are on the same agenda.

      Where did you find the information on Skinner doing time for drugs? Oh, okay. Maybe I'll find that interview on Youtube. If not, no sweat. He's a thug, just like Jack Gordon was.

  6. Actually... After learning what we learned about
    industry [music, movies, fashion, so on] I would not only
    praise Michael's advice to all those naive young people dreaming
    of Hollywood and trying hard to get on stage - "Do not trust anyone",
    or what was the exact way he put it, I would go further and advice:
    If you are indeed gifted, if your main goal is not bare fame
    or to rule the world, but making people happy and bringing
    love to the world, if you're not ready to give up ALL your
    morals and beliefs and your very soul right now, CHANGE your
    dream ASAP as chances are you will not survive the entertainment!
    Try something else, as hard and painful as it is. If you
    want your life and your soul to stay with you for at least 60
    years forward, to see your kids growing, sing on family gatherings,
    sing for local community, make home movies with kids.
    Do not go to that deadly bog of lies and betrayal that is
    entertainment industry, especially if you are kind and honest type.

    I often complain about current state of say music, but know what?
    The questionable individuals who happen to be "big celebrities"
    right now, they are the only types to survive there.
    If you come there already spoiled or easily corrupted, you will
    survive. If you want yourself to stay your clean self - you'll end up
    dead in a bathroom/car/hotel room/so on. "Overdosed of course!"
    will be your requiem. It's not a place for good people to be in.

    Yeah, I do worry about 3 Michael's kids, a lot. He told them industry secrets,
    but is that enough?

    1. Hi Anonymous -

      There are plenty in the industry that do NOT sell their souls. Of course they either are not making any money or they are under surveillance. There are independent labels out there as well as Independent film companies that even though may have to do business with those controlling the industry, like using their distribution networks to get a film to theaters, there are still ways for artists to create without the need to get mixed up with these other people. People can use their gifts to uplift people and empower people, forward God's message, etc . . . It doesn't always have to be used for bad and for oppressing and controlling people.

      Even the "big" celebrities as you say - They may seem to be "surviving" but who want to "SURVIVE". Didn't Michael sing "stop EXISTING and start LIVING"? We can't just lay down for these people and give up whole forms of emotional expression just because a few bad guys want to continue to ruin it for everyone else. We have to hold tough and with God, because HE knows this can't be fought without him.

      Keep the faith but PRAY. :o)

  7. Micheline just emailed me this:

    Here's the latest on the last doctors Whitney saw and I was ticked off at first, thinking it's really no one's business that she got her teeth whitened and got antibiotics for a sore throat. But then I realized...thank you TMZ, for at least letting people know that Whitney was NOT "doctor shopping" for drugs as some were quick to assume. It shows she was in a normal state of mind and seemed very together mentally about things she needed and wanted to do. If the facts are correct, that Whitney died from having taken Zanax for anxiety and then drank alcohol, I still have to wonder why she made a conscious decision to drink if alcohol was one of the demons of her addiction. Again, I am not ruling out foul play. I'm glad that TMZ helped tone down the hype about all those drugs in her room. Things are not always what they seem.

  8. Hi. TMZ said that according to friends Whitney had been drinking every day for over two months. She fell back into her addiction during the end of filming Sparkle. True or not?

    1. I wouldn't believe it. What "friends" are saying this? Who's being quoted? People that never met her probably.

  9. Hi. Does anybody know why Diana Ross didn't attend at MJ's funeral?

  10. Hi. The estate are going after Thome Thome. They claim that Thome Thome was using MJ big time, earning a lot of money by doing nothing. Didn't Jermaine bring Thome Thome into MJ's life? Thome Thome, Dave Dave, hmm? What do you think Bonnie Bonnie?
    Susanne Susanne

    1. I saw that. What do I think? Michael had an awful lot of managers mismanage Michael in his time and Thome is the ONLY ONE they are going after? Why?

      Because Thome is associated with Colony Capital and Colony Capital has controlling interest in Michael's Neverland and THEY WANT IT.

      Thome did not even WORK for Michael long enough to mismanage Michael's money . . . that was done LONG BEFORE Thome was in the picture. And it was MISMANAGED by John Branca and his thug friend Tommy Motolla funneling Michael's money offshore. This lawsuit will go nowhere but it will be interesting to watch.

  11. Hi. Do you think MJ baptized Dave Dave and Thome Thome? (Hee hee)

    1. No. Michael is not a minister or pastor.

  12. Bonnie,

    You really put it out in this blog. I have to admit that I have read Kevin Skinner's book. I knew there is something that didn't set right with me when I first read it. I thought he was just an opportunist but now that you have did some research on him, man! It makes you wonder....

    Check out this link where Piers Morgan is interviewing Motley Crue, Nikki Sixx. He was commenting about Whitney's death and pretty much put it out there.

    He made comments on the enablers and the 'roc docs.'

    1. He's starting to come out with some of the closer to home issues, but nobody want's to say what it really is.

      Looks like a game of cat and mouse going on between the ones controlling the industry now and some of the artists who have come out about different issues like the Hollywood pedophilia, the controlling that goes on between assistants/handlers and artists and the "slave to the system" issue.

      I wanted to tell him, "Keep going, keep going!!!"

  13. Bonnie,
    I'm beginning to wonder myself, if Whitney is REALLY dead, too!

    The way they are handling fast and so cold with the party going on and then taking her body and the funeral so fast and the autopsy so fast, it really makes me wonder.

    Maybe she wanted OUT and the only way they let you OUT is if you DIE or FAKE your own Death. Who knows?

    As for Janet smiling big during interviews, that's just Janet. She admitted in one interview a while back, that it's a "Defense Mechanism" to protect her from getting Emotional.

    As for her wearing Occult Jewlery, I wouldn't be surprised if she's doing it to keep the Evil People AWAY!

    The Music Industry is SICK!

    1. I wonder if anyone has actually made a list (pre and post June 25, 2009) of the Michael Jackson friends and associates that have turned up dead . . . I will bet you the list overcomes the list behind the Clintons and Bush's.

      However Whitney got out . . . she's out. But it shouldn't have to be. God is supposed to come back and cleanse this world of this evil, not take all the good ones and leave the rest of us wondering "what did we do wrong?" (I know that's not what he's doing).

      Anyhow, she's safe now, isn't she?

      Janet - Yeah! What about that Jewelry? If I were going to keep "bad people" away, I would do it with God not with Jewelry. But I can't wrap God around my little finger. :o(

  14. Bonnie,
    As for Whitney singing "Jesus Loves Me" I really wonder about that.

    The Music Industry doesn't want you talking about Jesus yet; they were going to let Whitney Sing about HIM? Somehow, that doesn't make sense to me.

    Something just doesn't seem right about this whole thing.

    As for all those bottles of pills all over the room, Overkill or else they wanted it to look like she was in a drunken stupor. (My opinion Only.)

    1. It was reported after she passed. I don't want people to speculate that THIS was the reason she was killed when we don't even know IF she was actually going to sing that song. Just more sensationalism is what it is. Distracting.

      I agree with the "props" at the death scene. I know for a fact that Midol doesn't even WORK! So overdosing on it? Pffft! You MIGHT get rid of a headache but that's about it.

  15. Hi Bonnie.
    Firstly congratulations to you and Ed on your 5th Anniversary.
    I would like to ask you a question to try and clarify this in my own mind.''Tini'' ( This is not it'')were and still are albeit in different places now in the internet, trying to get fans to believe that Michael was very sick, underweight, etc. I remember seeing some posts back in July 2009, where they tried to say he was having chest pains, to try to convince us that he was poorly.
    The pics of him that you posted, showing how his images had been altered, to try and 'justify' their claims about his poor health.
    Now TINI and all their croanies are still out in force in the fan base community wanting fans to believe MJ is definately dead.
    You mentioned on a blog back in 2010 I believe it was ( I found old posts by using your search bar on here.......I put in MJ death that was me when you find that one! lol )...... you said ''have you wondered why some fans get very defensive, when there is any suggestion that Michael might still be alive?''. I have witnessed this first hand myself. Fans who were making remarks on those lines on a ustream MJ fan thing that I was listening in to were treated like lepers for even hinting such a thing. I remember thinking at the time that that was rather harsh an attitude to take, afterall a fan of MJ should be treated with respect, and be allowed to express their doubts and feelings.
    Now, this is what puzzles me though, some fan bases who run the hoax forums, the ones who WANT us to think that Michael might still be alive..........they are also run by Sony paid affiliates?
    I was going to post a link but feared you might reject my post if I did as you wouldnt want a death hoax forum link on your blog?
    I'll send you it in an email instead, then you can decide whether or not to add it here. Muzicfactory2 is mentioned on this hoax forum site claiming *quote* Muzikfactory2 - ...That person is Michael, I know he's alive. ( copied and pasted from the hoax forum I spoke of.
    So which is it they want us to believe?? Michael is dead for sure, or Michael might be alive?
    So this is my question to you please Bonnie. Are these Sony paid blogspotters and website owners wanting the fan base to be divided on this? To cause division and maybe a distraction?
    The internet it seems is riddled with those for and against the idea that MJ is alive. I also came across a blog speaking out against you, and your name was tagged in that blog. I expect you already know. Know doubt they will read this too.
    I'm a loving person who is guilty of being naive at times. I just want the truth as we all do, thanks again for your dedicated blog dare they insinuate that you are not an MJ love Michael, and you are seeking the truth.
    Love Jenny

    1. Hi Jenny,

      Oh boy . . . one paragraph at a time:

      Thank you for your congratulations. You can tell how exciting a life I lead. We had an early dinner and I'm back on the puter. Ed is on the phone with his mom, LOL! But it was good today, thank you.

      TINI - first TINI was never a fan base. They were a P.R. campaign set up to attack AEG and Michael's family. When it looked like the family was going after AEG, they focused more on just AEG/Tohme/and Anschutz and Colony Capital.

      When they were exposed in late 2010 here and with a couple of people that looked into their operation, Sam Degosson's facebook page went down, and all internal links on TII WEBSITE went down. It took them approximately three days to get everything moved over to another server but the abuse this blog took over it, I still have record of, every single post, email and private message, IP addresses . . . everything. So I don't care if they hate me or not. They're liars.

      Second yes, you are right. They push the agenda that Michael is dead, that people that believe he is alive are not fans, or are hurting the family, blahblah. Don't care. Let them spew. They abuse people that don't have "the right thinking" i.e. won't be controlled.

      Now with regard to the Hoax forums, yes. There are two that are Sony affiliated . . . one of them was founded by a previous ( and probably present) Sony Employee who runs one of the MJ fan clubs. They and some of the former members of TINI are now taking fans on an excursion through the possibility that Michael may be alive because he is doing God's work (where have THEY been?). I know where this is leading and I won't say anymore on that for right now.

      The purpose of the contradicting agendas?

      Consider all this is really over Sony's head. Sony is just an agent.

      When the Rothschilds want a country, they send in people to infiltrate that country's governments, industries and banking systems. Libya and Egypt is a good example.

      They go in, cause dissention and wars, have opposing sides causing conflict when they are really on the same side and once they divide it's citizens, they conquer and take over.

      Same thing here with Michael. They will cause division, then "bring fans together" by presenting "solutions" to the very problems they caused.

      They will take over kingdoms with intrigue, bring together a one world government . . . and a ONE WORLD RELIGION.

      Keep your eye on the ball.

    2. Sorry Jenny, I forgot to address this:

      I'm a loving person who is guilty of being naive at times. I just want the truth as we all do, thanks again for your dedicated blog dare they insinuate that you are not an MJ love Michael, and you are seeking the truth.

      ....... I know you are a loving person and I love your posts on Twitter and on your facebook page and I know you love Michael. The ones that want the truth, really in their hearts want the truth will have it. God promises us that.

      The ones that accuse me of not being a fan of Michael are right. I am not a "fan" (fanatic). At least I wasn't when I started. But I do love Michael and I love Michael the person, the heart, the soul. Michael the artist I got to know AFTER I found his heart in his love for God.

      A "fanatic" or "fan" which is what that word is short for I can't honestly say that I am fanatical. But some of my previous friends might beg to differ. I will defend him. If that makes me a fan, then I am. But I don't want to be known as a fan. I prefer friend. ♥♥♥

    3. It's a blessing to be spared that "fan" title as it often means
      just what you say, "fanatic" - screaming demanding insanity who
      literally wants a piece of her/his idol, the ones who were pulling
      Michael's hair out. It's plain scary!
      I think you and most here are Michael's lovers... in the most
      innocent, old fashioned way! Lol.

      You nailed it, the division of fans they are creating -
      both sides sponsored by Sony. Though looks like the side into
      death hoax is now abandoned, sort of. Didn't give enough profit?
      They invest in the angry side more as more people follow it.
      I often feel bad for remaining "believers" who are treated
      like they are a deadly threat to Michael's legacy and family,
      I honestly don't see why it is so. Call them naive,
      delusional, led the wrong way, but why so much anger and
      hatred towards them. They are not the ones who wanted Michael
      dead ...and they do buy new albums, giving $ony what it wants.
      So chill, $ony, you bottomless pit of greed and lies.

      It's all so sad.

    4. That's all Michael needs is someone else to pull his hair out. I never understood that, geeze! Do you do that to someone you love? No! Watching concert footage when I was a kid, the Beatles on the news reminded me of classic paintings of hell and demons pulling on people in agony. Forget that! That's why I never went to concerts. That was NEVER appealing to me being around that kind of behavior, it's insane!

      Believers . . . Anonymous do you remember the "Be LIE ve" logo on Criss Angel's Cirque Show? Then the "Be LIE vers" would post with that in their title.

      Believer is also what the faithful in Christ call themselves, only they don't highlight "lie" in the middle of the word.

      You have to wonder if there is a connection . . . Believer's are hated - Believer's in both Christ and in Michael being alive.

      I don't think Believes are naive OR delusional. There is a lot more evidence out there of his "illusion" then there is his death.

      However the "negativity" and attacks are what people will be drawn to and wow . . . what "shock and awe" when a Michael suddenly appears and those that don't know the truth and don't know HIM will fall for the lie.

  16. Micheline emailed me about the Tohme lawsuit too. Here is what I answered her because I don't want to type this twice, LOL!


    Yeah, we're discussing it in comments on the blog now. Could be a ploy by the estate to make Michael's side slip up. Considering Michael had MANY OTHER MANAGERS that put him in financial ruin long before Tohme came on the scene I think this is a big revealing.

    This may also have to do with Branca and Co. wanting to pre-empt an AEG Lawsuit coming up in September. I surmise that they don't like the "info" being collected and are using this Tohme suit to try to drudge up dirt on their own.

    1. This is the article Micheline sent me.

      I was RIGHT!!! They are after Michael's Neverland Estate!

    2. Of course! It is my understanding "there's oil in them there hills"...

    3. Hi Kathi - Do you think Branca is after the oil under Neverland (and other mineral rights). If that's the case you know Branca isn't just working for Branca but for those in government who want to take over private property. You could be right.

  17. Bonnie, HAPPY ANNIVERSARY to you and Ed! I know I wished it to you last night, but wanted to say it again before the day was over. Oops, it's after 2:00am...sorry! Hope you and Ed had a lovely day! :-)

    I realize this is a bit off topic, but since Josie mentioned above about not being sure if Whitney had died, I didn't think you'd mind if I shared my observations. I sent you an email tonight about comparing Michael's death certificate with Whitney's document.

    First off, each document is slightly different, although it's possible that some changes were made since 2009. But the heading at the top of Michael's DC says "Department of Health Services" and Whitney's says "Department of Public Health." Here is what I found particularly interesting. In the box marked "Race" for Michael, they list him as BLACK, which I thought lacked the formality expected of an official document, whereas they listed Whitney's race correctly as "African American." It would seem to me on issues involving vital statistics that remain on the permanent record, documents would require the proper use of language and terminology. Listing Michael as "Black" and Whitney "African American" on the same type of document in the same county reflects sloppy procedure and a gross lapse in protocol. Unless of course, one document is fake.

    Furthermore, both death certificates listed cause of death as "Deferred," which was correct in both cases, as the autopsy results were not in yet. However, there is a section at the bottom of each death certificate containing six check boxes for "Manner of Death" and includes NATURAL, ACCIDENT, HOMICIDE, SUICIDE, INVESTIGATION PENDING and UNABLE TO DETERMINE. One of those boxes had to be checked off. In Whitney's document, the box marked "Pending Investigation" was checked which is correct pending autopsy results. But...there was NO BOX CHECKED on Michael's death certificate. Big red flag.

    This would lead one to believe that Whitney did die Saturday last given the more complete and accurate information on the death certificate. We can't discount the fact that her daughter had a very bad time with the police and was taken to the hospital twice. I don't think that was fabricated and I pray for her comfort and protection.

    God bless Whitney. Her beautiful face is all over the magazine and tabloids today, and I am still in disbelief. There is one stunning photo of her on stage wearing a full length golden gown with her arms outstretched, in a pose very similar to our beloved Michael. Simply put, Whitney was a goddess with charisma and the voice of an angel. I believe she is gone, but do agree that everything was done so fast, as if to quickly get this woman buried before too much is discovered. I hope I'm wrong.

    As for Michael's death certificate, my heart is desperate to smile with hope that we have not lost our precious warrior. Michael, will you please tell me how to get some of your rhinoceros skin? At least on the areas that won't show...LOL!

    1. Thank you Micheline. We had a quiet one (we always have a quiet one).

      In reference to Whitney and the death certificate . . .

      Did MICHAEL have more than one double, faking him?

      Then why should we assume that just because one Death certificate is different than the other, that EITHER of them are real?

      No signatures on either of them makes it a non-document. And neither have signatures underneath those redacted lines. Nobody writes perfectly within a redacted space and here we have TWO DOCUMENTS like that.

      What are the odds?

  18. A match made in heaven. ♥ ♥ ♥

    1. Whitney's voice, Michael & children : a piece of Heaven in world of brutes. Many thanks for this very touching Video.

  19. Dr. Thome Thome/Estate complaint : John Branca is a Sony guy first & the Estate endeavours to control all the money Michael earned or preserved, like Neverland (others would say instead the Estate protects the interests of the beneficiaries ..Hmm). J. Branca conspired financially with T. Mottola/Sony in the past against Michael & the Will that appointed him & McLain as trustees is still subject to controversy so I do not trust the Estate either. If TMZ quoted Dr. Thome "MJ Manager Royally Screwed Him", what about the ex-managers & the Estate with their Sony "Michael Album" & so on ? Plus if Dr. Thome has a sinister look, it does not automatically make from him a bad guy. BUT would you trust that man ? Quotes from related TMZ news :

    "According to the papers, Estate attorney Howard Weitzman claims Tohme got MJ to agree to pay him $35,000 a month plus expenses as a flat fee -- regardless of what work Tohme performed. On top of that, Tohme inked a deal that gave him 15% of any money Michael made."
    "Tohme introduced Michael to a lender that refinanced Neverland. In return, Tohme got Jackson to pay him $2.4 million -- just for the introduction. And Tohme got MJ to promise him 10% of any profits if the Ranch was sold."

    OK for the $ 35k monthly salary & the commission for his Colony Capital introduction (huge amount though) BUT the rest ? Tom Barrack introduced thereafter Michael to Philip Anschutz/AEG, not Thome Thome so how does he pretend to royalties on the TII concerts even if he negotiated with AEG Michael's TII preliminary contract ?? Wasn't it part of his monthly salary & as I read (if it's true) Dr. Thome was paid a monthly salary of $ 100 k by AEG to be repaid back by Michael anyway (if true also)? Did Michael (in a moment of weakness) really sign such agreements to Dr. Thome, as reported in TMZ ? Hollywood showbiz is known for its BIG money deals but how does this man dare to claim money from any huge money the Estate made since 2009 ? Sure Dr. Thome had to be comfortably paid for his services having avoided the Neverland foreclosure & his taking care of some of Michael's private & business deals. Don't take me wrong,I do not support the Estate's past or present actions as they might now accuse external parties in business with Michael in 2008-2009, as a strategy tool for the Estate to appear as the protecting knights of the MJ3's interests. Last, whatever Faye, Gatlin, Tini & so on reported, I don't care, but I however still see Dr. Thome Thome as another handler in a long list of abusers : Michael's big tragedy. Now you may, like at school "hit my fingers with the ruler":o)

    1. I have little or no doubt Thome is just another handler
      who did his "best" as a handler, took as much money as he could.
      We are still curious about what Jermaine has to say about
      that, the closest thing I got (maybe I lost something) was
      a single tweet from Jermaine's wife on Thome: "He is a bad man" ...or was it "he is not a good man". Don't like the way twitter is, wish I could check tweets calendar-style with just couple clicks. And how dumb I am if it's possible! Lol.
      I hope he is as bad as your regular MJ handler, not worse, that's pretty much all we can hope for.

    2. Line - See my post to "EVERYONE" below.

      The financial damage done to Michael was done WHEN BRANCA WAS STILL IN CHARGE OF MICHAEL'S BUSINESS AS HIS LAYWER PRIOR TO 2003.

      This was made evident during the investigations during the 2005 trial. There is NOTHING Tohme could/would have done to put Michael into the financial stress he was in long before Tohme was even in the picture for the whole EIGHT MONTHS of Michael's life.

      As a matter of fact, if it weren't for Tohme . . . Neverland would have been sold off long ago and Branca would have made 10% off of it. They are after the value of his artwork too that THEY ALLEGE that Tohme dealt.

      This is because he is connected to Colony Capital and THEY KNOW Colony was PROTECTING MICHAEL'S ASSETS.

      I covered this almost two years ago.

      Why anyone would assume John Branca or that EMBEZZLER WEITZMAN would say is the truth now is beyond me.

      I just LOVE doing all that work for nothing!

  20. Dear Bonnie,

    Can somebody Tell me exactley what this man was doing for 35,000 a month and a secret 5 million for whatever.

    1. See post to EVERYONE below. Estate is lying . . . TMZ is just printing what they tell them.

    2. EVERYBODY -

      Before we start UNLEARNING everything we've learned about the press and the Estate and their motives and their working together (first article on Tohme was put out but ROGER FRIEDMAN who's been a sony propagandist since 1993 at LEAST) -

      Take a look at LINDA'S POST - She's right.

      If Tohme thought he was owed any money WHY would he have returned $5 mil in cash to the estate back in 2009? That's more than what he's asking for!


      Tohme was paid ANYTHING by Michael.

      That Michael OWED almost half a billion in debts

      That Michael's mother is greedy

      Consider PLEASE who is putting out this garbage!


      Michael was not even PAYING TOHME! Colony Capital is.

      Email from Diane:

      "just been reading last comments on mentioned that the estate want Neverland..........just been to Twitter and steve dennis is writing something bout Thome that he wasn't in charge of anything Michael yet 2 people say he was negotiating a property transfer in Vegas which we know about.I thought oh seeing as he's talking TT i tweeted why do you think the estate are going after they can get Neverland..................he said they own 50% and they look on neverland as ..........forgot the word he used but they want to off load it...........................................How does he know this...............who told him Jermaine?Thought Jermaine wasn't on the estate's side hmm perhaps you want to check out Steve's tweet
      Are you watching Whitney's funeral?"


      Ask why is Steve (whatever his name is) Jermaine's GHOSTWRITER divulging more information THAN EVEN JERMAINE HAS BEEN WILLING TO GIVE ON TWITTER????

      Think why would Latoya's and Jermaine's books EVEN MAKE IT TO MARKET when according to ALL interviews given by Jermaine, his FIRST BOOK IN 2002 was not even wanted?

      Both books had a ghostwriter. Are the Jackson's illiterate? Nope. Their books got out there with what the ESTABLISHMENT WOULD ALLOW. This is why you see the Jacksons saying "yes, ma'am, no ma'am. Yes, what she said (the stalkers)" and then told us in interviews 'THIS IS WHAT WE WERE TOLD BY OTHERS".



      Problem is Michael still owns it, Colony Capital owns majority share TO PROTECT IT. Just like MICHAEL'S ARTWORK WAS PROTECTED BY BEING PUT IN ANOTHER NAME.

      This is what they estate is after because John Branca is a crooked, greedy liar.

      There! I said it. And you all KNOW IT'S TRUE.

  21. Bonnie,Hi.I'm watching the service for Whitney Houston. I had a thought that this is a good place for a lot of the people in attendance. Maybe some can find their way to God and Jesus. One more chance. Peace.Linda

    1. One more chance at love . . .

      God Michael, this is it, isn't it? (crying).

  22. Line,Hi. I'd like to comment on this. If Tohme thought he was owed money(true or not) why would he return the 5 million dollars to the estate? Nobody knew it existed. I think this is a made-up story to keep Michael in the headlines."They" have a plan.Peace.Linda

  23. If they repeat a LIE ENOUGH TIMES . . . it becomes THE TRUTH IN PEOPLE'S MINDS.


    1. That's all we got from Erms twitter:
      "Seeing Qs re Tohme-Tohme. With respect to everyone, I explain it all in my book over many pages in true context. As many fans asked me to"

      I don't have his book anymore (long story),
      I just don't remember it gave me satisfying answers!
      Maybe I got the wrong book LOL.

  24. Hi Linda, OK for the $5mio & the bigger plan. Right, what is really played in the background can even be worse than the news. Still, Dr. Thome's expression on TV in 2009 gave me no good feeling either nor (worse) did I feel any other individual seeming trustworthy around Michael in 2008/09. Should all the bad guys go once to each other's throat, we "might" have a chance to know more. And the Estate in spite of their power for now must know that Dr. Thome is a hard piece who will not step back so easily IMO. But my word is no gospel. Jut heard R. Kelly in "I Look To You" for Whitney. Peace.

  25. Hi Bonnie!

    Thank you for another great blog. I also find it interesting that this estate's lawsuit against Tohme Tohme is happening around the time of Whitney's death. I was reading the article from TMZ but I'm sorry but where does it say that Tohme returned %5 million to the Estate? I must've missed it.

    1. Hi Spring777 -

      Thank you. No, it didn't say it in THAT TMZ article, but it was all over the place in 2009 when he did it.

      Current article:
      "Tohme's lawsuit notes that he returned $5.5 million to Jackson's estate in July 2009. He told The Associated Press at the time that the singer had stockpiled the money to purchase a "dream home" in Las Vegas." - Source,

      Back in 2009:

      "Tohme told The Associated Press in July 2009 that he had turned over more than $5 million to Jackson's estate that the singer had stockpiled to purchase a "dream home" in Las Vegas." - Source,

      Reported through Associated Press in July of 2009:

      "Dr. Tohme Tohme, a former Michael Jackson financial advisor, is the man who turned over more than $5 million of Michael Jackson's money to the late pop star's estate, ABC News has learned." - Source,

      "Yesterday we broke the story that the Special Administrators of Michael Jackson's estate filed legal papers saying they just recovered $5.5 million is cash from a former financial advisor. The advisor is Dr. Tohme Tohme, who got involved with Jackson in the last year-and-a-half of his life, and he claims the money was "a secret." - Source,

      Hope that helps you out.

  26. Thank you Bonnie! That helps a lot. :)

    The constant lies of the Estate are starting to make me dizzy it's very clearly to me what the Branca is doing, the man's just evil.

  27. Bonnie,

    I watched the entire Funeral "Homecoming" and it was long!

    Four hours long! I really liked Kevin Costner's "Expressions" on Whitney. I never knew the guy was Baptist! He and Whitney had a lot in common.

    They said that Clive Davis was helping to pay for the Funeral and that the family was leaning on Clive Davis for Moral support.

    When this was said by the commentator, Clive Davis was hugging Whitney's mother.

    The whole thing shocked and confused me. Is Clive Davis a good guy or a bad guy?

    Bobby Brown was there for 30 minutes then left. 2 different stories on that.

    1. He got into a confrontation about the seating arrangements. He had his Entourage with him and.........

    2. He left cos he had a concert to perform. Don't know which story to believe.

    Alicia Keys sang and while I liked the song, I really wish she had worn something more appropriate.

    She was showing cleavage. I was offended by it.

    I know she is Family but I was wondering....Is Dionne Warrick still in the Physic Business?

  28. Janet:!

  29. Thome had most likely embezzeled much more than $5M over the 18 months or so he managed Michael Jackson, so to give back $5M was just a ploy to make himself appear less guilty. And now he wants 15% of evertying from January 2008 right through death and including TII, the film? Really, that contract needs a handwriting analysis expert as most of the alleged Michael Jackson signatures could have been written by anyone. And isn't the artwork from Livingston Strong the same artwork (or part) that was donated by the Jacksons to Childrens Hospital?

    1. Really? Where are you resources for that? He didn't manage Michael for 18 months, he only managed him for eight. He was "let go" reportedly in May of 2009 (some sources say April). 18 months prior to that Michael was living in Vegas so you are way off.

      Who said Tohme wanted 15% of everything? Branca? And he is to be believed because . . . ???

      You're right. On SOME of the contracts Michael's signature actually looks carbon copied as there are two loops, as if Michael signed the same spot twice. Depends on which documents you are talking about. (The intials on his will are rather questionable too).

      They never said which Artwork. It can't be the Artwork that Strong had because that art was worth ALOT MORE than $5 million.

      Why is Branca sending his trolls over here? Where is your evidence that Thome embezzled ANYTHING?

    2. Lol they did get enough trolls, didn't they.
      Tonight I had a dream about receiving email from
      Branca's man, telling me what a good guy John is
      and why I should stop being distrustful of him! Oh dear.
      I remember getting paranoid as it came to my most private address and that means they spied on me and know who I
      really am. Once awake, I checked email with fear that nightmare could be reality, phew, it's not. It all clearly
      makes me go nuts :P

      About Whitney - you can safely watch her service, just
      get ready to see couple faces that really shouldn't be there, remember them but don't let them ruin it for you,
      certain moments were grand and will leave you in tears,
      and all the talk about Lord and Love was just what this world
      needs to hear more.
      Sadly it wasn't aired in my country unlike Michael's,
      but it's great at least Americans watched that.

    3. You had a dream about Branca? Ugh! The only dream I had about that man was two years ago. I dreamed that I was sitting in a chair in someone's spacious office. I wasn't tied but I couldn't move and couldn't speak. He was putting a listening device inside the back of a silver plated brush that was part of a vanity set, like one you would give a little girl. Branca said to me, knowing I couldn't respond, "I think she would like this don't you?" and I knew he was going to send it by mail anonymously so he could try to hear where Michael was. Then I woke up. THAT was the spookiest dream and I didn't know who to tell.

      Oh, I wasn't afraid to listen to or watch Whitney's service. I was just researching yesterday and my husband was home so I didn't get time. I won't let them ruin it for me and thanks to you, you really make me want to go watch it now :o)

      They should have some of this up on Youtube shortly so you should get to see some of it.

      God Bless you,

  30. I didn’t see all of Whitney’s Home-Going service but most of what I did see was really inspirational. Beautiful and fitting that it was held in the very church in her hometown where she first sang. It was refreshing to see such a God-centered service.

    Stevie Wonder - courageous and loving soul. His last song “Love Is In Need of Love Today” - he said “America and the world we need to put it together quickly! God’s gonna come and we better be ready. Just give the world love."

    I am also confused about Clive Davis being such a close friend of Whitney Houston’s family...from their own mouths. Then, prominent in reports of Whitney’s Home-Going.

    I thought her sister-in-law’s eulogy was odd, more business than personal, like an acceptance speech on behalf of Whitney.

    Al Sharpton a paul-bearer who reportedly tweeted DURING THE SERVICE about calming down Bobby Brown when he showed up. Who does such a thing?! Cell phones shouldn't have even been on. What is wrong with people?

    1. Hi Truth,

      I didn't see any of it (everyone boo's and throws rubber chickens at me).

      My feelings on Davis have not changed. You know his background. Did they make a deal or are they just making nice? Whitney was isolated from her family just as Michael was. Other than that, Clive Davis with his arms all around Whitney's family - (???)

      Al Sharpton. Has he even been around Whitney? Ever??? Whitney LIKE MICHAEL is going to have a lot of SUDDEN FRIENDS who were NOT THERE when she needed help. All they are doing at the funeral is "showing themselves".

      Stevie Wonder - No wiser words spoken. We need to put it together quickly.

  31. Dear Bonnie,

    Have You seen this picture.

    1. No. Not sure what the event was either. But none of them look happy. (shrugs).

  32. Dear Bonnie,

    Jack wishna according to his bio convinced MJ to come back to the LA he is also business partners with Trump.

    1. Jack Wishna = insignificant. He's a legend in his OWN MIND. Jack Wishna had nothing to do with Michael and vegas and I'm not sure he's business partners with Trump either. Trump doesn't need Vegas thugs for business partners.

  33. Anonymous - Baiting me with the juvenile "I dare you" taunts is not going to persuade me. I didn't publish your comment because you are a liar, because you chose not to "name" yourself while you were trying to bait me, and because I'm not obligated to argue with you. This is NOT a neutral blog. It is a TRUTHFUL blog. There is a difference. I'm not obligated to entertain liars and manipulators. Aside from that, have a nice day.

  34. Hi Bonnie,

    Happy belated Anniversary! Low-key celebrations are good too!

    I read this article and haven't come across another on it. Are you familiar with this guy Exel? Wonder what he was doing with Whitney before they found her. He is actually claiming that he was with her before he left for Clive's party! And he seems to have a connection with Michael too. It's all too weird!

    I know that the story about Thome may not be true. But, at the same time, I do not like that man. I don't believe that he was good for Michael and I think he may have signed the TII contract too. He is swarmy and I think Michael was afraid of him. But, I know that you have done much research on him, so, maybe I am wrong. Something just doesn't sit right with me about him though.

    1. Hi Liberian girl . . . awwwww, poor Tohme. He doesn't even get the benefit of a doubt. You're going to make him cry, Liberian girl. I'm going to stand by the truth and nothing said about that man has come from HIM so . . . and that phone call with June Gatling? I don't trust it. It was edited and pieced together. Who's taping all of Michael's phone calls and why would Michael give permission to tape his phone calls to a woman he never met? She's a lot more fishy than Tohme. (Don't make him cry!) :o)

      No, I'm not familiar with Excel. Never heard of him. I hope he doesn't get offended about that. Everybody knows these people after they pass on. Any article written by Roger Friedman is pretty much a lie. Please disregard for your own sanity.

      Thank you for the "low-key celebration" congratulations ;o) It was a pleasant Anniversary and continues to be, except when we drove to church tonight and got into a little tiff. People looking from the outside in may have thought it was cute, but I didn't, LOL!

    2. When I saw that I was shocked! I couldn't believe it. Bonnie, just so you know I sent an article about that. Hope you got it.


  35. Spring 777
    Hi. Please tell us everything you know about 7 and 777. Susanne

  36. Hi. When an Afro American celebrity dies you know one thing for sure. Al Sharpton is gonna be there. The day Al Sharpton dies I wouldn't be surprised if he will rise from death so that he can attend his own funeral too. Hee hee, just kidding. It seems like he got a lot of friends. I am jealous. God bless the world and our planet. ♥

    1. Susanne, LOL, ROFLMBO! I was laughing so hard over this! I know this might offend some people, but you're right. Nobody can argue that! That was funny.

  37. Hi. I am sorry. It was not my intension to offend anybody. And I have nothing against Al Sharpton. But he spends a lot of his time at funerals. Thats a fact. Nobody have been making comments about the blog. I guess everybody is caught up by the loss of Whitney. Me too. This blog makes me sad. People fighting, lying, playing games with each other. And I am kind of surprised. Princess has been on this blog for a long time. I thought the two of you were going along just fine. I don't understand. If they widened MJ's legs in "This is it" why does he look so extremely thin then? At least in my eyes he does. And if MJ is alive then nobody killed him. So why would Sony want him to look thinner and sicker than he was? On the other hand if MJ is dead and Sony is involved in his death then it makes sense that Sony made him look thin and sick. But I don't see no widened legs in the film. I see skinny legs.
    And sometimes I dont remember ALL the info and research that you have been presenting and giving us through this blog. I mean it is a lot. I guess I will have to go back now and then to read some stuff again. I am not on this blog to offend or to play games with nobody. I just want the truth the whole truth and nothing but the truth. Susanne

    1. Susanne, Don't worry about it. Nobody said they were offended about your Al Sharpton comment. I thought it was funny AND true. However, "Spring777" made a comment below about your comment about her name. I don't think she understood you were just joking around. Not everybody is aware of that.

      I did a blog a while back, almost two years ago, about the alterations done on the frames and stills if "This is It", which makes Michael look like different people. I don't believe he was as thin and sickly as the fake fans and Karen Faye's facebook gang made him out to be. I proved their photoshopping of not only some of Michael's TII pictures but the film and showed people where and how it was done. The link to that blog is in the blue text above.

      Karen Faye is the only one who said she widened his legs, unless of course Muzik faked her facebook posts which is entirely possible, but I do remember Karen Faye posting that, I was on her page at that time.

      Sony is a complicated story. To avoid OVERexplaining things, people are just going to have to read the back blog topics and wait and see. We know for sure that Michael and Sony had problems, Michael called them out back in 2001 and 2002 and 2003, etc . . . So we have no doubt about that.

      PrincessGlam - long story. I have had my share of infiltrators on this blog and she is just one of the ones that I tolerated the longest. She "infiltrates with flatteries" then tries to contradict subject matter we have already covered. She knows that I KNOW WHAT I SAID, but she figures she can deceive new people who have not read the past blog topics . . . people like you. These people follow the same blueprint which is why they are so predictable.

      Nobody accused you of playing games. Why would you say this?

  38. Hi Bonnie,
    I remember the Rev. Al Sharpton was at James Brown's funeral. I think he may also of been at Etta James' funeral.
    What do you think of Pearl Jr.? Pearl Jr. is the most famous of the death hoax people.
    I find Tohme Tohme's connections to Jermaine Jackson very interesting. It's interesting that Jermaine's wife did a Tweet saying Tohme was "a bad man". I wonder if she was making that up for some reason and really deep down likes Tohme?
    Your blog gives me hope that Michael Jackson might still be alive. By the way do you think Elvis Presley is still alive? There are still many peole out there who think Elvis is still alive.

    1. Well Al Sharpton is not invited to my funeral :o) He will need the golden ticket to get into mine. But Jesse Jackson can come! So far he has handled Michael's AND Whitney's events tastefully and I used to think he was a troublemaker. But Jesse Jackson has really been NOT of the bunch using these funerals to promote himself and I am so very glad there is some who claim they are friends with Michael actually ACTING like a friend. THANK YOU Jesse Jackson!

      Pearl Junior? - Sony affiliated. She too is promoting people who falsely claim they were girlfriends or lovers or friends of Michael and I can't say anymore on this right now until I'm more sure of something, but no, I do not trust her as far as I can spit (which isn't very far).

      I don't see how Tohme is connected to Jermaine. This is a pervasive rumor. Tohme had NO CONNECTIONS to the Jacksons as PER MY RESEARCH until Colony became involved with Michael. Tohme did work for Colony off and on from what I have researched and THAT IS IT. We already know that Halim DENIED any relation to him.

      Halim did not say Tohme was "a bad man". She is he was "not a good man" (not a nice man?). Halim was the person that Tohme was hugging at the press conference in the hospital where Jermaine announced Michael's passing. Tohme whispered something in her ear . . . go look at the expression on her face. Not one of "fear" or "distrust". Why she said what she said on twitter? "Read between the lines" as Latoya said. I don't believe Tohme was a nice person . . . not in the sense that Michael was nice. I believe Tohme was security, meaning security for Michael. Keeping bad people away.

      I don't believe Michael is dead, but I agree with Jermaine in that I don't believe Michael is coming back either. At least not as the King of Pop, if he comes back at all. The rest of it? Still seeking just like the rest of you.

      Elvis (LOL). Hmmmmmmm. The possibility always exists. You know, they did get HIS MIDDLE NAME WRONG TOO, on his death certificate.

  39. Wow Susanne that was rude. And how about you tell me? Btw, 777 is part of my birth date and not Satansm ok?

    1. Spring, I don't think Susanne was being rude, or at least she wasn't meaning to be. She was just trying to lighten the mood joking around. She did not claim anything about Satanism at all. Just a play on the numbers in your moniker.

  40. Hi Bonnie,

    Thanks I guess this is the internet you can't always tell when a person is joking or not. Anyway, all I care about is your blog I absolutely love it. The truth is very freeing and that's what your blog aside from the Bible brings.

    God bless you, Bonnie!

    1. Awww, God bless you Spring. I just finished a special blog for you all but it's too late tonight to post it (still have to add pics). A calmer blog. Just one in appreciation of Michael . . . and God both. Then I have some interesting information that Truthbtold has been working on. Along the lines of "healing the children".

      Yes, it is hard to read dry humor on the internet, LOL! I'm sorry but I know she didn't mean any harm. Much love to you♥

  41. Spring 777
    Wow,, I'd better just shut up from now on. But it is nothing new. I always seem to be misunderstood. I guess that is one of the reasons why I love MJ so much. People misunderstood him too a lot. I am sorry spring if you were offended and I apologize. I was serious though about my question. Number 7 has been a part of my whole life. In some of the posts your name is spring777 and in others it's spring77. I just thought you had some knowledge about the number that you could share, that's all. No more jokes or questions from me. I am just gonna read Bonnie's blog. Take care spring. ♥

    1. Yeah Susanne!!! (just kidding!!! :o) We did cover 777 on this blog though and Michael's reason for wearing it (Biblical Prophecy).

  42. Hi Bonnie. When I began to make comments on your blog you were very suspicious of me. Now I understand why. Seems like you have been dealing with a lot of people who's been lying and playing games with you for different reasons. After a while you can't trust anyone. That's understandable. That's why I said I'm not on your blog to play games. I'm visit and read your blog because I am searching for the truth about MJ. I am the most honest person you will ever meet.

    1. Thanks for understanding Susanne . . . Yes, I am still dealing with it. Some are better at infiltrating then others.

      The most honest person I will ever meet is Jesus Christ. But it is certainly a goal to shoot for! :o)

  43. Bonnie, supposedly the Estate gives nothing or peanuts only of what Thome alledgedly claims, do you think he is the type of man who will step back & lick his wounds hidden in his tavern ? The man is very tough : if he wasn't paid at all yet & holds signed written agreements (forged or not) he will fight, that's my guess & I am pretty sure that Branca/McLain aren't too happy nor secured with Thome like they were with Allgood or other past creditors. Branca possibly trembles on his base already & if he wishes to sleep in peace, either he might agree with Thome Thome a settlement out of court or it promises to be very ugly & not necessarily for Thome only this time. Dr. Thome is not only smart & tough businesswise but he also has the connections, among them the billionaire Tom Barrack.

    If the Estate intends for a bigger scheme to neutralize Thome, it's a start, for Thome was an intermediary only. But if the Estate wants, say, to put their own clutches on Neverland, they would have to pass first through Tom Barrack who I guess will not let Neverland go so easily unless it is his business interest or.. he protects it for the Jacksons. I had once read that the many acres of Neverland were invaluable to exploit wineyards also & Tom Sneddon & his clique before & during the trial would have speculated that if Michael was judged guilty & jailed in 2005, this enormous domain could be acquired for a much lower value & then exploited by a few greedy speculators who were not so much after the mansion but the immense potential value of the many acres around. Somewhere above, I read that the domain also had oil extraction potential.

    Should the Estate maliciously attempt to acquire that invaluable domain or unless Tom Barrack agrees to make a real estate deal for Neverland, don't you think the Estate would have to deal much harder with stronger parties this time ? Dr. Thome is an intermediary who worked for a short period for Michael but, I repeat, he must have strong connections, in good or bad. As I see it, unless this Thome/Estate dispute is a fake or reveals to be a flop in the end, the duel between those parties promises to be ugly.

    If my theory is erroneous, I would be glad to hear what the bigger scheme is, as you perceive it, for to me, the Estate power is tantacular for now but not illimited either.

    1. Line, On Tohme, if we were ONLY talking about the closed community of Michael Jackson's finances yes, I would be wondering what is Tohme's motivations to stay quiet and out of the limelight, however there is a MUCH BIGGER GAME AT STAKE here than just money. Tohme played his part. For the most part he is done. The Estate is not interested in Tohme OR his 2.4 mil or whatever it is. They want the property that is now under Colony Capital's title. They want the artwork or the VALUE of the artwork, but aside from all that THEY WANT MICHAEL. All this other stuff is just background noise to keep the masses, AND Michael's family distracted. Call it a "false flag" operation if you will, to distract from the bigger agenda. In three years or so, NONE of this is going to even HAVE dollar value because there will be no such thing.

      The mineral rights and the property, yes, I agree with you. The estate is after that. The elite want ALL PRIVATE PROPERTY CONSOLIDATED and this includes intellectual property.

      Your interpretation of the cat and mouse between the estate and possibly Colony Capital could indeed prove to be ugly. But everyone's colors will be shown in the process AS WILL the AEG lawsuit, which they may be trying to preempt before certain paperwork in suspected deals will be revealed and exposed.

      Bigger scheme? Consolidation of personal and intellectual property under a controlling world body (to be divided among the chosen and elite.) But this attacking of Tohme/Colony to acquire Neverland is pointless unless . . . You are trying to incite someone out of hiding.

    2. Bonnie, you got me scared with this one.
      I still struggle to believe things,
      but what if you are 100% right here. Oh no, too scary.
      I'll pray for him more.

  44. Happy anniversary Bonnie. Just saw this post. Hope the many happy and prosperous years to come for you and your husband.

  45. Bonnie, many thanks. Talking about Michael's related finance people is always ugly & subject to heated controversies. Thome does not seem such a sympathetic man but I admit : all he wants is to be paid (although a LOT) & other powers like Sony, Estate & this damned Elite are still much uglier.


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