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Michael Jackson Justice: Michael Jackson and Signs and Wonders

God: Reconnect to Him

The Conspiracy against God is about "The Word", and the profaning of His Holy Name within us. Adam fell in the garden, breaking the direct connection to God. Jesus, the "last Adam" was a quickening Spirit, the Word made Flesh, and the only one with whom we can re-establish our relationship with God. Michael's story is still unfolding. He is the one who is, is not. But Jesus is the only name given under heaven by which we must be saved. Many are trying to rewrite HIStory. We were given a help to instruct us. Learn more "here".

Friday, February 3, 2012

Michael Jackson and Signs and Wonders

Pulling the Golden Cord Part 4
What’s Behind the Curtain?

Please listen to this Video
Thank you Karen for finding this

During the sordid and sometimes frightening things I have looked into over the course of this past year, several undeniable facts verify and validate the very information I was learning about:

* Michael Jackson was controlled by people and he sang about it.

* Michael Jackson knows things we don’t know

* Others fighting this attest to technology in practice we don’t even know exists.

* Michael was abused physically and psychologically

* Michael was at times drugged by his various handlers

* Michael witnessed horrendous atrocities to children that his handlers don’t care about and want to keep hidden for their bosses.

* Michael was wedged away from and isolated from his family and people who really loved him.

*Michael was personally eviscerated twice for crimes against children that he was innocent of, that Hollywood moguls commit every day.

*Michael was a persecuted believer in Christ.

*Michael was being controlled and groomed for a diabolical agenda.

Michael left everything from subtle clues to parables to out and out accusations in an effort to open our ears and most of us couldn’t get past the idol his industry set him up as.  They continue to market this idol to us today.

When I see what they have done to Michael Jackson, the human being who just wanted to find and put genuine love back in the world, that alone will keep me from giving up on this blog and getting the word out.

When you add to that the extra battle of them trying to pry God and Michael apart, it adds a whole new depth to this whole thing.

I can go over the few thousand pictures I have of Michael (trust me, I don’t do this every day) and I can see in those eyes the battle between light and dark.  Michael came back “takin’ no shhhhh (can’t say that)”, every single time.  Lyrics such as “I’m standing though your kicking me, too bad” and “When you bury me underneath all your pain, I’m steady laughing while surfacing” tells that side of the story.

Picture of Michael deposition

Picture of Michael kind face

Yes, Michael knew what most of us don’t know.  That kind of knowledge is power that perhaps a conspiracy full of evil people would find threatening.  Especially since the person that has that knowledge is not on board with their agenda.

Through everything that Michael has shown me thus far, I have learned one important pattern that Michael alludes to in his Jesse Jackson interview in 2005:

The modus operandi of the conspirators currently in control of this planet never, ever construct a crisis without a plan to come in as the saviors of those catastrophes they create.  And this is no different with Michael Jackson.

They pulled the emergency stops on every conceivable section of their machinery to bring Michael down. Every single one, from the press to heads of governments.

Imagine driving a freighter at top speed toward a towering iceberg just to run over a dolphin.  Once you accomplish that goal you then have to slow the momentum toward complete destruction by applying the brakes.  Then you have to throw the engines in reverse to move in the other direction to avoid completely crashing your vessel.

This is what they have done with Michael Jackson and MOST of the public is not paying attention.  After June 25, 2009 the machine put on its breaks, reversed engines and began propelling the momentum in another direction . . . an economically rewarding one at that (isn’t it always when funding both sides of a war?)

- Repair the image in the press but make it convincing.  “Yes he was a troubled, pain addled and psychologically damaged pop star, but man was he a genius!”

- Have your P.R. campaigns ready to deflect guilt from the guilty to the fall guy and fall company.

- Get a few people to publicly admit that they realize they were wrong (this started with Hughes and A. Jones after the trial).

- Get some debates going between the “no he wasn’t” and “yes he was” a pedophile people.  We have to build the sympathy and engage the loyalty of fans.

- Capitalize on the “den mother” syndrome by planting hit pieces in the media.  Test this out alerting fans through agent face book groups and Twitter.

-  Infiltrate, divide and conquer the fan base, then use bullying, fear of exclusion and propaganda to condition their minds to accept (or wear them down). 

- Ostracize and discredit those who have the “wrong” kind of thinking.

- Start up hoax sites with teaser hints/clues to capture those fans that believe he is still alive. (some hoax forums are independent but have plants).

- “Fund” both sides of the wars between Branca & Family using team members to oppose each other, solicit loyalty and divide fans. (Like Taaj Malik’s fake demonstration against Branca coming up.  Post TINI members are working both sides of this fence).

- Initiate “controlled chaos” with attacks between team members on Facebook, Twitter, blogs and fan forums.

- Draw together under the guise of uniting for the Murray trial.  Use this same pattern to set up charities and merchant opportunities to reward team leaders and groups – percentages go to the estate/Sony.

- Plant watchers in various blogs and forums to “stalk” uncooperative and undesirable bloggers.

- Use emotional blackmail and Michael’s children to solicit for gifts, charities and patrons for various estate projects, albums and merchandise.

- Begin re-building the brand, and build the image

And that’s just the surface.  People that surrounded Michael during the times he needed help and wasn’t getting it, were suddenly front and center, pointing fingers at people who just recently had come into his life.

Michael Lee Bush and Karen Faye were just more of the same.  Watchdogs for the illuminati.  They weren’t called back by Michael they were called back by Sony as soon as Sony and AEG signed the contract to perform Michael’s songs.  Amazingly as soon as word gets out that the deal is inked to license Michael’s songs with AEG, Bush, Faye, Branca and Dileo show up.  Ortega to my knowledge was already there.

Faye was caught in her first lie when she complained that she was not credited in the film for makeup and hair. Then when the film was released, lo and behold there was her name even though AEG had their own costumer and makeup person.  Funny that!  Michael was fine until the smack-pack  showed up.  Excuse me but weren’t these the very same people who were WITH Michael during the 1980’s, 1990’s and the early 2000’s when he was in all the trouble?  Didn’t he fire them all and leave the country?

Didn’t he still make appearances between 2005 and 2009 and isn’t it true neither Faye nor Bush were called back until AFTER “This is It” began production?  It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that perhaps it wasn’t MICHAEL who called these people back or he would have USED THEM FOR OTHER PUBLIC APPEARANCES prior to 2009!
You have Karen Faye who set up two separate Facebook pages to collect as many “fans” as she could (her “friends” were in the couple hundreds prior to June 25th on Facebook), drawing people with stories about Michael, various film shoots, underwear flashing and THEN tells people on Twitter that she’s sick of being asked questions about Michael and she’s moved on – until the NEXT time she needs to opine about something Michael related.  The woman asked  ME TO SPY ON PEOPLE IN AEG!!!  If she was relevant and inside Michael’s circle, why would she have to ask a FAN to do this?

Karen Faye and Bush were fired in 2005 with the rest of the bloodline’s watchmen . . . nobody special.  They raised NO awareness of any ill-health condition until AFTER JUNE 25TH.  Where was the P.R. campaign when it mattered?  Where were all the Facebook and twitter campaigns and the TINI web sites then?  They were NOT his friends.

They never were.  They only reason they were even INVOLVED with Michael in “This is It” is because Sony called them in!  Faye can make all the denials she wants.  As soon as Sony moves in their people, all of a sudden Michael is in trouble.  Then he “disappears” and the same bunch point the fingers at AEG.  Sorry but that doesn’t explain THEIR ROLES in Michael’s torment pre-This is It, does it?  Maybe Michael got wise to the “lap-dog” act of hers.

What Sony and the Estate are doing now has nothing to do with Michael’s legacy.  They don’t care about Michael or his children, they never did.   They are BUILDING THE IMAGE and cashing in, misstating the estates earnings while they embezzle to their hearts content JUST AS THEY DID with Cobain’s estate and others. 

Their close relationship with Sony has enabled the strong-arming of Michael’s family, the thug-like threatening and coercion of Melissa Johnson to turn over trademarks she saved when back in 2005 Michael was about to lose them. (Stringer has just been replaced at Sony, he is no longer CEO but is still on the board of directors). 

Sony and the estate are rebuilding and reshaping Michael’s image.  All we are waiting for now is the next step in the prophecy . . .

Signs and Wonders

We have technology with lazers, holograms, sound and electro-magnetic technology that have been top secret for quite some time.  It is theorized that some of this will be revealed during the abomination of desolations.

In late 2010, some of these began appearing in different parts of the world with increasing frequency.

This was was spotted over Jerusalem

Dome of the Rock with X-ray Slow motion

China, Norway, Sydney Australia, Moscow,
Jerusalem and New York
And more – All making the news

At the end of this video is a caller calling into Art Bell’s radio show in 1997.  In trying to check out the story there are just as many researching sites claiming this is the truth as there are claiming it is a hoax.  Undoubtedly the guy was very upset.  He had no problems admitting that he was released from work on a medical discharge.

If you believe nothing else of his testimony, the one thing that caught my attention was his explanation of the “aliens” being NOT aliens but inter-dimensional beings.  (Fallen Angels).

Many Eschatologists have reported that a “deception” will be played on people as these “aliens” are not aliens but fallen angels.  We’ve covered this before as well.

Not too many blog entries ago, I posted some videos of Phil Schneider’s story.  Schneider is another murdered government worker that saw things we don’t know about including these aliens.  I discussed him here:

I found some dissenting web sites also.  Some Einstein claimed that Schneider made the whole thing up, including the claim even though Schneider was found in his apartment with a rubber hose around his neck, he committed suicide.

The only pictures I could find were on this web site below.  There is a photo there included of underground bases, the drill machine they used to drill the tunnels, and in one photo Phil even shows his scar where he says one of those things shot him.  (He is missing all but parts of two fingers and a thumb on his left hand).

These photos of underground bases were found at this link here:

Photo of Phil Schneider’s wound from alien firefight
In underground base. He died
To tell  us what our government was doing.

Photo of Navy Ship leaving underground base.

Photo of Underground base in China

Underground vertical and horizontal tunnels

Photo Listed as Unverified meeting at Edwards AFB

Phil Schneider has mentioned Nicola Tesla’s inventions before and so has this fella below.  One of them was allegedly a time machine or some way to bend time.  Another was the “earthquake” machine, there was the perpetually generating free energy, and another was an electro-magnetic disruptor.

Picture of a Tesla Invention

In researching some of these things on and off over the last several months, I also found sites claiming THESE inventions either did not exist or didn’t work.  I find this laughable considering Tesla died in the poor house and in debt fighting the government who stole and weaponized his patents.  You don’t steal a car that doesn’t run.

Tesla Free Energy Generator

Michael also was burdened with overlapping lawsuits by people paid to take him to court so they could steal his enormous publishing catalog and other physical and intellectual property and investments just as they have done with other artists such as Anne Leibowitz and Randy Quaid.

This fella below is quite hyperkinetic.  I was rather unnerved by his constant wrapping his arm around his head to scratch his other ear and he talks like your typical Brooklyn-bred blue collar worker.  While you may have a hard time with his physical quirks, I don’t think he’s lying.  There are other stories that flow right into this and we can see evidence of what he is talking about, the technology he was working on in what is materializing today.

Philadelphia and Montauk

Many of us older folks remember talk about the Philadelphia Project and the Montauk project.  Montauk housed a now defunct Air Force Base (now a park) and the Philadelphia Project was an experiment that was covered up, but yielded some of our stealth technology today.

The gentleman in the videos below was an electronic engineer working for the department of the Navy.  Like I said, he’s not your typical, polished, teleprompter assisted artist of deception.  He projects discomfort and nervousness and pays next to no attention to the camera.  But the technology he describes is being used today.  Some of it is in a capacity you will recognize and some of what he describes is a bit horrific:

Montauk Project
Tesla’s Technology
And Michael Jackson’s Disappearance?
Sent by Cathy

This part explains how the Philadelphia and Montauk projects worked by removing the environment of the natural electromagnetic fields of the earth for the subjects at whom they aimed.  This is how they discovered that the human mind can be manipulated by using electromagnetic weapons.

At 8:00 he says, “these guys out of Brookhaven had already built their kingdom”.  That caught my attention!  Built their kingdom??? 

Watching this guy, he seems awful fidgety.  As he tells this story, he’s telling us that these research “institutions” were rejected by congress, so went to the military in secret with the idea to develop these weapons.  I don’t believe only the military and the research Institutions (MIT, Princeton and Brookhaven) were the only ones that knew about this.  They would have had to have had people on the inside of the government to get the funding for these black budget projects.  But I do believe that this began before our government was sufficiently infiltrated by the cabal.

Montauk Part 2

The technology he describes is the removal of electromagnetic fields that we are used to living with, naturally occurring on this earth.

This gentleman mentions taking of the work of Tesla and a couple of other inventors.  In review, electro-magnetic fields or EMF’s are one of the many weapons conspiracy researchers have reported would be used against us in some capacity or another.

Unidentified creature dead on the beach at Montauk
Could be result of experiments not discovered
Until it was found dead on the beach

What is this thing?

Electro-magnetic fields can be manipulated to move, steer or control weather, it can shut down brain function or disrupt it.  It can stop hearts.  It can be used to manipulate water, water vapor, clouds and people.  Our brains are electrical and effected by electro magnetic pulses and fields.  This is why there was controversy about the use of Microwaves, cell phones and other electronics.

Examples some of which we’ve previously covered:

Experiments with electromagnets
Clip with three different newscasters
With disrupted brain patterns

These are NOT cell phone towers

HAARP and EM Resonance

This was interesting.  I saw this article originally back in 2009 about three months after Michael’s passing.  I distinctly remember rolling my eyes at the time.

Russian News on electromagnetic field on June 25, 2009:

This site claims that Michael was killed by the CIA using electro-magnetic radiation to stop his heart.

Cheryl Welsh, president, Citizens Against Human Rights Abuse, in her landmark 2001 report “Electromagnetic Radiation (EMR) Weapons: As Powerful As The Atomic Bomb”, and which says:

“A newly declassified U.S. Defense Intelligence Agency report says- extensive Soviet research into microwaves might lead to methods of causing disoriented human behavior, nerve disorders or even heart attacks.... A copy of the study was provided by the agency to The Associated Press in response to a request under the Freedom of Information Act. The Pentagon agency refused to release some portions of the study, saying they remain classified on national security grounds.” – Source,

At the same source above it says:

To the reason behind the CIA needing to assassinate Michael Jackson, these reports continue, was an out of court settlement the pop icon signed with son of the king of Bahrain, Sheikh Abdullah bin Hamad al-Khalifa, this past November in London, and which stated, in part, that in exchange for millions of dollars previously lent to Mr. Jackson by the Sheikh, Mr. Jackson would allow his sold-out United Kingdom concerts to be a “platform” for warning the World of a soon to occur mass genocide event.”

Both Michael Jackson and Sheikh Abdullah bin Hamad al-Khalifa have been long standing supporters of the fearless Austrian investigative journalist, Jane Burgermeister, who is warning the world that the greatest crime in the history of humanity is underway, and as we can read:”  You can read the rest here -

However, if electromagnetic fields or manipulations of such could really make a navy ship disappear or send crew members to another location undetected, could this possibly have been used to move Michael?

What we used to think was science fiction we are now finding out is suppressed knowledge.  It is entirely possible.  Remember Michael’s speech on the power of the mind (and prayer).  What our brains are capable of has been undernourished and neglected and atrophied by design.

Part three of the Montauk Project

Part 3

We do have the technology to pinpoint and annihilate a target from space.  We had the technology when they were making movies about it back in the 1980’s (see “Real Genius”).

The movie “Dune” introduced us to an interesting weapon.  It was called the wielding module.  With it you could use sound to do anything from breaking a man’s bones to bursting his organs.  Electromagnetic pulses paired with sound and you could disintegrate someone.  Do a search on “Active Denial Systems”.

They discuss some of this on David Icke’s forum which was quoted from a book written by David Hambling:

The announcement arrives on the same day as a new report from less-lethal weapons expert Dr. Jürgen Altmann that analyzes the physics of several directed energy weapons, including Active Denial, the Advanced Tactical Laser (used as a non-lethal weapon), the Pulsed Energy Projectile (a.k.a. "Maximum Pain" laser) and the Long Range Acoustic Device (a.k.a. "Acoustic Blaster").” – Source, Wired

Take a look at the pictures on that site, like this:

Heavy Expanded Military Tactical Truck
Or the HEMTT

Satellites launched over Japan
With mirrors and two back to back 7.4
Earthquakes are recorded
I’m sorry this guy has a really foul
Mouth, but he gets his point across

********* - Disclaimer - *********

Benjamin Fulford, David Wilcock and ANYONE PROMOTING THEM are working for A FALSE GOD.  They are misquoting the Bible on their web sites and they are misappropriating context and what Jesus said.  WE ARE NOT GODS.


The difference between their anti-Christ god and THE GOD of the Bible is that GOD gave you a choice.  Their god does not know the value of unconditional love because THEIR god has never given his life to save yours.  Lucifer only knows how to TAKE LIVES.

Do NOT BE FOOLED by Fulford or Wilcox or those LIKE THEM who promote being gods.  They are taking you down the wrong path and I am sorry for posting their videos.  But now you know.

******* - *******

Ben Fulford who told us this in March . . .

He put this out in October of this past year

I hope this is even REMOTELY true.  He sounds pretty positive.  Then below:

Then reported this on December 21, 2011:

In which Japan did suffer an earthquake exactly where Fulford said on December 31, 2011, only ten days after Fulford warned us about it. – Source

Perhaps Fulford has reason to be so positive. The video below runs through a few of the pictures I have posted above, verifying Phil Schneider and others and why they were killed.

Secret U.S. Bunkers Being Destroyed
(for Humanity)
What you are about to see has been hidden from the general
Population at the cost of many lives of good men.

********* - Disclaimer - *********

Benjamin Fulford, David Wilcock and ANYONE PROMOTING THEM are working for A FALSE GOD.  They are misquoting the Bible on their web sites and they are misappropriating context and what Jesus said.  WE ARE NOT GODS.


The difference between their anti-Christ god and THE GOD of the Bible is that GOD gave you a choice.  Their god does not know the value of unconditional love because THEIR god has never given his life to save yours.  Lucifer only knows how to TAKE LIVES.

Do NOT BE FOOLED by Fulford or Wilcox or those LIKE THEM who promote being gods.  They are taking you down the wrong path and I am sorry for posting their videos.  But now you know.

******* - *******

This includes pictures of the underground railway system designed to accommodate trains traveling in excess of Mach 1 that Phil Schneider testified to in previous videos of his that I featured.

This video talks about the very theories of the east coast and Denver earth quakes being caused by the good guys blowing up access to these underground bases and tunnels.  Please listen to that in its entirety and DOWNLOAD IT AT THIS LINK SO YOU CAN UPLOAD IT BACK TO YOUTUBE IF THEY TAKE IT DOWN!

These pictures are proof of what these men were killed for and the fight is not over yet.

The good guys ARE fighting and they are fighting for YOU!  For all of humanity.

If you listen to that whole video (stop it to read the text, then continue listening, get it ALL), this man explains how our military stopped the CIA , DHS and FEMA and other shadow government operatives from planting nuclear bombs.  They were in transit in these tunnels, being transported to underneath New York City and Washington D.C.   The bombs were detonated in the fire-fight. (@3.50)

This man says that the military “had a deadline to meet” and have already destroyed or sealed off 13 underground military bases.

Behold, I have told you before.

26 Wherefore if they shall say unto you, Behold, he is in the desert; go not forth: behold, he is in the secret chambers; believe it not.

Revelation 17:8
The beast that thou sawest was, and is not; and shall ascend out of the bottomless pit, and go into perdition: and they that dwell on the earth shall wonder, whose names were not written in the book of life from the foundation of the world, when they behold the beast that was, and is not, and yet is.

Michael’s “This is It” tour was designed to tell us what they were planning to do.  It never got finished but it very well could still be playing out.  And I know that if the concerts had gone on, I would not have bought a ticket and I would not know Michael today and what he stood for.

And I would still be brushing my sister off when she tries to tell me there is a conspiracy.  I would probably still be voting Republican thinking our Republic was still being run like one.

And I would still probably be wondering who I am, a believer in Christ with dreams that had no place to be put to use and thinking I know what love is when I really didn’t.

I probably would never have given Michael another thought.  I pause on this for a minute.  Many are called but few are chosen.  I am so very thankful for people like him and right now I’m thankful God caught him.

I know this is not just men grappling for power over a planet.  Men grappling over a planet could not have given me dreams, a disembodied kiss from an angel or the spirit to pray for a man whom I have never met.

We know how it’s supposed to happen in the Bible.  So keep praying, we’re not out of the woods yet.  But it sure is nice to see some light at the end of those underground tunnels.

One of two things is going on:

We are again being deceived and this is nothing more than the “saviors” coming to the rescue or . . . .

This IS the battle between the good guys and the bad guys.

I know it’s not time yet.  We still have some stuff to endure.  But that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t keep praying.  Regardless of what is happening, God is in control and we must be careful and watch for the signs of the delusion.  Remember:

***The modus operandi of the conspirators currently in control of this planet never, ever construct a crisis without a plan to come in as the saviors of those catastrophes they create.*** 

Next I want to do an update on the children and where we are in arresting those responsible for crimes against children, starting with this:

You fund these schools
Look at what they’re teaching your children
Thank you Cathy

I want to hope so badly.  Please keep God always before you and don’t let anyone get between you and Him.

Michael . . . I am Speechless as usual.  I wish I could feel a hug.  Maybe God will give you one for me?


  1. Oh my goodness, Bonnie! There is so much here I have to comment on, so writing as I watch/read.

    First, that little girl’s voice is an amazing gift. Such mature voices in children are remarkable. Reminds me of Christina Aguilera. I pray she remains strong in her faith and singing for God, that her parents protect her from the music industry.

    The video “If you don’t believe watch this - mass UFO sightings”:

    7/7 was the date of the London tube bombings.
    At 1:20 - that pulse radiating out from the object of light is worth taking note of.
    At 2:00 - well heck, that just looks like a hoax - projected from below, mention of a military base.
    At 8:00 - inverted cross surrounded by inverted heart
    Art Bell show - I used to listen to Art Bell, found the program and guests fascinating. Until proven otherwise, I believe he was on the up and up. He seemed to come up against big opposition to the point that, as I remember, his program as it was, was forced off the air amongst threats. Again, as I recall, the network was bought by Australian media mogul Rupert Murdoch and strict controls enforced. Art Bell’s program was taken over by I forget who but it seemed to become sanitized, no longer as interesting.

    The Art Bell caller - he sounds genuine and extremely afraid for his life for what he knows/knew. Courageous man. I wish we knew who he was. My impression is that his message was so important that it warranted a massive transmission failure. (Art Bell had his own generator and back up broadcast system.) That was fast triangulation. Though, he may have been on hold for awhile. I wonder if that guy lost his life that night.

    I don’t know if there’s a difference but he said “extra dimensional beings”.

    1. Wow. Good to be back! I've been all over Youtube listening to songs by Jackie Evanko! I am IN-LOVE-WITH-HER-VOICE!!!!

      That little girl's voice, she's eleven there! I guess she was on America's Got Talent when she was ten and she had only been training 2 years at that time. She cried on the stage when she heard the comments, I cried in my chair and I want somebody to protect her! That industry getting a hold of her scares me to death! I hope God is hearing me.

      The light show/lights in the sky - signs and lying wonders. They can create holographic images against just about anything to make it look from divine origin . . . or it could be the real thing, but I opted for man-made. God isn't a show off and real angels don't have to prove anything to anybody . . . faith is preferred. But these kinds of "shows" are also predicted in the Bible. It's interesting and I wanted to put them up there. Who knows what the fallen angels can do.

      I was not as familiar with Art Bell, I had only heard the name. His mystery caller was indeed upset. I don't think you can feign that and the man was upfront about him being released from duty on a medical discharge, so he wasn't hiding anything.

      Yes, I caught that too and mentioned the "extra dimensional" beings - not aliens. He said that's what they want us to believe. This fits right in to the theory of the fallen angels acting as aliens and a "strong delusion". I would say yes, there is a difference. Also if you listen to the three vids on the Montauk project, that man is talking about exactly that! Inter-dimensional travel and bending time or bending space using electromagnetic fields and eliminating those fields to create those voids or pockets of time or space (listen to me, like I know what I'm talking about). If it ain't the truth it will make a good book!

  2. BONNIE said : "This site claims that Michael was killed by the CIA using electro-magnetic radiation to stop his heart."

    Although showbiz/corporate criminals were enough in the picture to attempt killing Michael, the CIA possibility I find not so far-fetched, as crazy as it looks. The Russian scientists were also always wellknown for associating many of their researches with chamanism, occultism & mind control at a distance. If the CIA would have used a Russian technology model for criminal projects like the killing of Michael, what I do not get is, why Prince Abdullah Al Khalifah who settled out of Court with Michael in 2007 I think, could have made any kind of personal arrangements with Michael for the TII Concerts later ? Through the media news we were served, both men were seemingly not in touch with each other after the settlement nor was the Prince involved in the TII project in 2007 BUT Randy Phillips first approached Michael unsuccessfully in 2007 to get him on tour with AEG & Colony Capital was always in business with big wheels of the Middle-East. I am unsure to believe if either the CIA "death ray" on Michael is a credible story or..if mysterious deals actually took place long before 2008-2009 that were kept out of the media scrutiny. Thus the "Sony/ATV catalog" pist is one indication since Michael feared for his life but secret deals still out of our knowledge to this day may have given Michael even more reason to feel threatened & his past lawyer Peter Lopez to "commit suicide" in May 2010. And why would Russia make such a provocative announcement to the world ?

    All this is so far from the prodigy little girl with the angel voice of a prima donna on top of your Post : I became emotional watching & hearing her. She is also a gift of God in her personality alike her incredible talent & empathy. Thanks very much Bonnie & the ones helping you for this amazing Blog again.
    Unidentified creature dead on the beach at Montauk : Brrr.. Can such monsters really be created scientifically or is it fiction ? US movies are world masters in such movies:o)

    1. Hi Line, I'm not sure what you mean on what you said about Prince Abdullah. What I read of the article, they were not blaming Abdullah or insinuating that he was involved in any death of Michael. Only that the CIA MAY have found out that Abdullah wanted Michael to incorporate the message of anti-genocide into his show (which is what we was doing). This is not a main Russian news site, it is an unsanctioned one, kind of like our rogue news sites here in the U.S.

      I'm not so sure there was a falling out with either of the Prince's that Michael worked/partnered with. Abdullah's lawsuit was a joke (probably planned that way) and there was never a falling out between Michael and Al Waleed. It was one of my theories a year and a half ago that Al Waleed and Colony's partnering was not coincedental. Just like some members of our military fighting the cabal, there were people who actually wanted to help Michael. I remember the phone calls I used to take from people who were trying to sell me on a criminal Al Waleed, which is why I began posting emails from people like TSTorm and Sammie Davis and those now writing with Justice4some on the MJTruthandlies blog. They've all converged just like maggots - ahhh! Moving on!

      I don't believe everything in that article obviously. The technology though, is there and that was my point of posting that. Also, not everything we see is bad. If they can use technology to kill people, chances are it was originally invented to HELP them.

      Jackie Evanko . . . I just showed that to my husband and he cried. First he said, "no way!" LOL!

      Montauk Monoster. Yes, they can do some pretty evil things using God's creatures. If they are doing this to animals, imagine what they could possibly have done to humans . . . ei - the greys and alien looking humanoids dwelling in underground bases. Just a theoretical example.

    2. Line another thought. Some people that have been killed trying to expose the CIA child abduction ring like Nancy Schaefer - Some of these estimates of missing children go into the millions a year, not including other countries. What if pedophilia and mind control were not the only purposes for which they are taking these children? God, please let that not be true!

    3. I had no idea our poor scientists are the subject of
      such spooky stories out there!
      We have similar stories about German etc. scientists :P

      USSR stayed more or less away from occult, it's Germany who was really into it
      from what I learned.
      Modern Russia - scientists still poor and if they do work on something
      [best moved to the West, more money there!],
      it's not about occultism really.

      Russia didn't make any announcements on the subject.
      No idea why they claim to know what FSB reported to Medvedev. I doubt
      Medvedev or FSB paid any special attention to the case, we have so much
      local cr*p to deal with.

      As for Tesla - man was a genius and I bet many governments would pay
      a fortune to learn what he really was working on!
      Electromagnetic fields indeed are powerful and you can literally
      move mountains with it, getting something like that 100% controlled -
      my goodness, isn't that the biggest dream of ANY government/military?
      Switching people on and off, moving whatever you want, exploding
      and simply "making things disappear". Scary!

      Lol some here blame Tesla for our Tunguska event ;) not much evidence
      of that, but it's a nice theory!

      As for UFOs - Jerusalem one looks so much like what I saw
      in around 1997-1999! Memories lol.
      I rolled my eyes before when a friend was telling me about
      "crazy round lights" she saw from her 12th floor window {we're in Moscow}, but after I saw more than crazy huge one above the fields and forests myself I
      stopped being skeptical. No idea what they are though.

      God bless the little singing girl. May her parents stay
      strong and not blinded by $$$$ promises from the industry people.

    4. Hi Anonymous - Not all scientists are on board with these types of shenanigans. There are some scientists out there fighting these people such as those with valid information on global warming. If they can heat up the ionisphere to cause these catastrophe's or "play God" by moving jet streams and weather patterns then turn around and blame the REST OF US for causing "warming", Just makes me want to smack these people and the people who keep silent around them.

      I agree with Fulford in that if we get these people STOPPED, this planet could be renewed in a matter of months. I believe we DO have the technologies to turn the deserts green and there is no reason why ANYONE on this planet should have to starve. No reason. It is PEOPLE who keep PEOPLE from eating and living.

      I used to think the Government could not be interested in Michael here either . . . but they were VERY interested and spent a great deal of TAX DOLLARS, manpower and TIME to destroy him. I don't for one minute go to bed thinking the U.S. was the ONLY country THAT concerned about him. Michael was all over the world and he was trying to heal THAT, not just the U.S. People in power either loved him or wanted to do him in, depending on what side of the elitist fence they were on.

      Tesla - Everyone wanted his inventions. Much like another visionary we know and fight for on this blog, Tesla was in the beginning courted by the elite, governments of the world and the media. Then all of a sudden they were calling him crazy, maligning him in the press, the man was in court more times than we could count over his stolen patents BY OUR GOVERNMENT, who was making deals with it and selling it to other countries in their clubs.

      They weaponized Tesla's inventions and they tried to weaponize Michael as well. They continue to do so, using his persona, his music to push an elitist, anti-people agenda. They USED HIM after everything he gave!

      On the UFO film up there, I've never seen a light show like that. There have been times when we have seen lights that moved very unlike a plan or helicopter, but nothing quite that dramatic.

      I hope her parents are vigilant. They look like nice, INNOCENT people. Her poise is amazing . . . another 40 year old midget.

  3. Michael thanked Karen Faye, Bill Bray (RIP), Frank DiLeo (RIP), Michael Lee Bush.... in his "Thriller 25" album which came out in 2008, so Michael seemed to think they were ok in 2008?? Karen said Michael didn't like Zaldy's work he still liked Michael Lee Bush. Michael liked his old team. Karen also said Travis Payne wasn't a real friend of Michael's I think. Karen said things were all out of Michael control before he died. Also Michael's family were trying to pressure him into doing a family show with his brothers with "Allgood Entertainment". Michael had pressure on all sides!! The weird thing about Karen Faye is before Michael died she had a Facebook and Twitter account and she was saying Michael was fine, fit, well and was looking forward to coming to London for his shows and then he died. It's all just so weird. Michael didn't have a record contract before he died and now Sony and the estate have nearly everything of his.

    1. Anonymous - Are you SURE it was Michael who added those names to his "Thriller 25" album? I mean they weren't even working for Michael then. Sony could have added those names after the production was done and they were designing the album cover. All they have to do is edit the template for the text box.

      I got over all the "Karen saids" about a year ago. Karen's word means nothing to me, she is not a truthful person. I don't mean to sound insensitive but that woman asked me to spy on people, she badmouthed Miss Katherine, she blamed the MJSource website fiasco on Michael and then claims friendship with Michael. She's contemptable, so if you want to save some time, you can stop your sentence at "Karen said" because everything after that is bullsh....

      Who said Michael's family was trying to pressure him into a family show? (Karen? The demon stalker chicks? The TINI tempests? Allgood was a distraction meant to confuse certain people. It worked. Bravo for them. If Frank DiLeo hadn't had a heart attack he probably would have been killed. He was probably one of Michael's truer friends, more so than Karen Faye. Travis Payne I'm not sure about. He's not one of the ones I see out there running around collecting MJ fans for self promotion. He's probably just trying to keep his head covered until this all blows over. Michael Bearden I'm not sure about either, but he had some good, WARM stories about Michael I will never forget.

      You are right. Karen and the stalker girls all did an about-face after it was announced that Michael died. They went from "Michael looks great, can't wait till concert time, he's fit, he's fantastic" - to - "He could barely walk up the steps, he was slurring his words, he was freezing all the time, they had to practically scrape him off the pavement to get him on the plane to London, blah,blah,blah". I cannot wait until the other footage is found. I'm sure somebody has it somewhere. Maybe Stringer, pissed that he got canned as CEO will turn it over to the good guys or Branca and McClain will get into a fight, or Samantha Degosson will get drunk again and spill the beans on Youtube . . . anything can happen.

      I don't know if you believe Michael is alive or not, but if Michael is watching all this, don't you think Michael knew what these people were going to do? That is what allows me to sleep at night. Him laughing at their predictability.

    2. Bonnie said "or Samantha Degosson will get drunk again and spill the beans on Youtube . . ."

      Oh you made me laugh - I would love this to happen. Priceless!

  4. Bonnie said: "What is this thing?”

    I’m sure you already know, Bonnie, but for others who do not...

    That is the Montauk Monster. This is what I read about it at the time:

    "A number of eyewitnesses say they saw the monster with their own eyes. "I saw the monster," says Michael Meehan, a 22-year-old waiter at the Surfside Inn, which sits above the beach where the monster washed up. "I just came walking down the beach and everyone was looking at it. No one knew what it was. It kind of looked like a dog, but it had this crazy-looking beak. I mean, I would freak out if something like that popped up next to me in the water.”

    This is the original article that is referred to in the above article:

    "A tipster says that there is "a government animal testing facility very close by in Long Island,”

    1. Yes, that was a facetious question. I saw that picture for the first time probably back in 2007. I thought it might have been cute if it were still alive, but I can't imagine an unnaturally produced animal being happy. The people that did that to that animal are freaks.

      Micheline was telling me that she remembered the story of animal experiments (she named the Island right off of long Island where they did them) and that thing washed up on Montauk point. She told me they would just dump the animals in the ocean after experimenting on them - as the stories went. And again, I am afraid that if the CIA is stealing children, what . . . oh, I can't just yet talk about this.

  5. Bonnie you said ''if Michael's 'this is it' concert had gone on you would never have bought a ticket, or know what you know now?'
    The strangest thing is I felt ''compelled' to get tickets to ''this is it''. I hadnt been an avid fan/follower of MJ previously, but I loved his music, and I knew that being 'mature' in years, this was probably my last chance to actually get to see him in concert. ( Myself and MJ being 'mature' in years! lol )
    So in hindsight, knowing what we know now, the 'spiritual battle' had already begun in my own heart.....I'm probably not explaining this very well.......? I do believe that people who are 'in love' with MJ are very much caught up in this spiritual battle.
    I cant find any other logical explaination as to why so many individuals would suddenly be affected so deeply in loving and missing Michael? Don't get me wrong, he is a very loveable man, but it's almost as if something else is going on, a spiritual battle. People dont fall head over heels in love overnight, do they?
    loving Michael and reading your blog has lead me back to God, a faith which I had put on the back burner. Thank you so much for your dedication to this blog. You are really an amazing woman, and I'm so grateful for your insight and knowledge and research, and to everyone here who has sent in videos and contributed.
    It would truely break my heart if Michael were to be 'the beast'.
    It would be the hardest thing ever for me to accept. I hope so much that Michael 'escaped' from this and that God has him in a safe place, wherever that may be. He'll always be in my heart, and that other part of me........I will love him eternally.
    ( ps I hope I've sorted out my ability to post this reply on your blog!)

    1. Jenny,

      Hey! Your posting! ((((hugs - missed you))))

      First, please understand no disrespect to Michael, but I did not go to concerts. One, I grew up not having the money for that kind of stuff. Secondly I had no desire. I loved music but I prefer to listen to it in private where I could just consume it without the outside interference of crowds and sweaty people, noise and drunkeness. Crowds were not something I ever got used to.

      When I was still singing I was okay on bigger stages, but I like listening in private. You can't study in a crowded, noisy place.

      Michael is six years older than me and I think YOU are my age.

      You are very accurate. No, this whatever happened with people, is hard to explain. I don't even think it is a "head over heels falling in love" thing. This is deeper than that. People were woken up and I want you to understand something because your Twitter upset me.

      I am not either, in any belief that Michael will be the beast. But I DO BELIEVE that THOSE PEOPLE involved in this conspiracy DID want to use Michael in that capacity.

      You have to admit, the abuse they put him through for sooooo long is way, WAAAAAAAAAAY over the top! It is beyond evil. The reason so many people make comparisons to him and Jesus is because the situation is very similar. It WAS A CONSPIRACY. Jesus endured the same conspiracy for the same reasons. He was maligned, stalked, pestered and tormented, undermined . . . he was ALSO conspired against. If they had seen Jesus with John back then they probably would have labled Jesus as gay or a pedophile (Apostle John was young, probably about 12 to 14 years old). He used to lay his head against Jesus' chest. He was the "beloved" disciple probably because of his innocence and his faith.

      This is how Michael was about and with children. He wanted to instill them with love because this world quite frankly does not have the slightest clue what love is.

      I also don't think we will ever know just what physical suffering they delivered to Michael and it makes me angry beyond words. I want to go back in time and protect him from what's already happened, take it away - Take it MYSELF if I thought they'd be satisfied with that.

      On the issue of the beast we will have to wait and see, but I already know that it won't be him. I believe they wanted him for that role and they groomed him for it, but I think if anyone shows up in that capacity, it will be an impostor and THAT is going by Michael's own songs.

  6. A Poem a friend just sent me. It's excellent:


    I was shocked, confused, bewildered
    As I entered Heaven's door,
    Not by the beauty of it all,
    Nor the lights or its decor.

    But it was the folks in Heaven
    Who made me sputter and gasp--
    The thieves, the liars, the sinners,
    The alcoholics and the trash.

    There stood the kid from seventh grade
    Who swiped my lunch money twice.
    Next to him was my old neighbor
    Who never said anything nice.

    Bob, who I always thought
    Was rotting away in hell,
    Was sitting pretty on cloud nine,
    Looking incredibly well.

    I nudged Jesus, "What's" the deal?
    I would love to hear Your take.
    How'd all these sinners get up here?
    God must've made a mistake.

    'And why is everyone so quiet,
    So somber - give me a clue.'
    'Hush, child,' He said,
    'they're all in shock.
    No one thought they'd be seeing you.'


    Remember...Just going to church doesn't make you a
    Christian any more than standing in your garage makes you a car.

    Every saint has a PAST...
    Every sinner has a FUTURE!
    Now it's your turn... Share this poem.
    Life without God is like an unsharpened pencil...
    It has no point!

    1. Wow, I really needed the message of this poem! Just so happens it was Michael's message as well: Judge not!!

      God is so good to us.

  7. BONNIE said : "I am not either, in any belief that Michael will be the beast. But I DO BELIEVE that THOSE PEOPLE involved in this conspiracy DID want to use Michael in that capacity."

    Michael the "Beast" ? Ha-ha-ha! NO to me he was NOT either but I admit that to minimize the bitter disappointments of life, one always better evaluates both sides of an individual or a situation. Sure is : Michael enemies DID already use him as a "Beast" with their horrendous pedophile accusations & the constant media defamation & mocking for almost 30 years. What would have come next ? As soon as some scavengers smelled money to come from the TII concerts, new suits were already on the way (Bain, Allgood to name just a few) & the worse was maybe still to come from higher levels so either Michael could not survive this continuous man hunting or he had to hide for ever !? but tell me, how can one hide forever nowadays ?

    ANONYMOUS said : "USSR stayed more or less away from occult, it's Germany who was really into it from what I learned."

    Germany during WW2, yes, but from what I read in the past, Russia was/is also highly developed in parapsychology/paranormal experiments used in many fields like psychiatry & military espionage. Some info below :

    "The DIA documents in Appendices 1 and 2 listing the names of Soviet scientists involved and the research institutes they worked at in the early seventies, show how extensive the commitment was. Much of this effort focused on developing the ability to control people’s minds with an amalgam of psychic force and electronics. American research at the Stanford Research Institute was tiny in comparison.

    As the research continued, it became ultra-clandestine. The laboratories at Odessa State University were hidden underground in the sub-sub-basement beneath the old botanical gardens at the university. Only special couriers knew how to access any of these institutes and KGB and GRU guards made sure there were no unwanted visitors. In utmost secrecy, bizarre new lines of research were followed. Remote viewing and remote influencing were seen as the targeting mechanisms for much more lethal paranormal-weapon systems. Psychotronics had become the catch-all title for a multitude of psi weapons which ranged from microwave mind-control devices to psychic remote killing."

    ..microwave mind-control devices to psychic remote killing: it gives some thoughts. Nikola Tesla also has a para article for himself. One quote: "Tesla also invented what amounted to a death ray, which transmitted plasma at the target using huge coils to heat up the air."

    If the Russian scientists did experiment that far in the 1970s & before & also despite the fact their military arsenal is "supposedly" weaker nowadays than the US one, does one has to believe that since the 1970s, Russia did stay inactive behind the US military forces & mind control ? Who are the most diabolic ones : Russia, USA or Germany from the 1940s ? To me, The Beast is everywhere !

    Bonnie, as to Prince Al-Khalifa : no,I do see him as a conspirator against Michael but when everyone was to believe that he & Michael turned their back to each other, maybe they in fact made arrangements as quoted in your Russian article but how to prove it now anyway ? I do NOT believe either that any of the Middle-Eastern personalities Michael knew like Prince Al-Waleed or Prince Al-Khalifa were Michael's enemies but I did not word my thoughts clearly enough. Michael's enemies were mainly in his home country unfortunately.

    1. Line,

      You have a very, VERY good point about them already using Michael or trying to make him into a beast.

      Bain? You mean Raymone Bain? She was there before the TII concerts but is one of the claimants for setting that up, true. Allgood like I said was a distraction. There were a lot of things going on on the surface to mask what was going on underneath the surface. I believe Allgood was meant to distract certain people so the good guys could finish what they were doing without the intense scrutiny.

      The record deal with the Prince in Bahrain I believe was the same thing. Nothing ever materialized and this rather questionable lawsuit that was thrown out (and Michael supposedly paid a settlement anyway). Other lawsuits post 2005 followed the same pattern. Some of these lawsuits were actually cover-fire to help Michael move funds. You have to remember that SONY was probably not the ONLY people watching him. The CIA and those people were too.

      Line you are right about Russia being advanced in those technologies. Russia was one of the countries who were given some of the scientists from Nazi Germany as well as the U.S. and the UK. By World War II Russia's government had already been infiltrated by the Zionists (or what became Zionists). The Cold War was orchestrated just like the other conflicts.

      You said - "..microwave mind-control devices to psychic remote killing: it gives some thoughts. Nikola Tesla also has a para article for himself. One quote: "Tesla also invented what amounted to a death ray, which transmitted plasma at the target using huge coils to heat up the air."

      ............. Thank you! Absolutely. Have you seen the web sites on the internet trying to debunk his experiments and inventions?

      I agree with you on where Michael's enemies are. Here in the U.S. and behind certain elitists guarded gates.

    2. BONNIE : "Have you seen the web sites on the internet trying to debunk his experiments and inventions?"

      No..or it was in some of yours or your collaborators'Videos & I missed it or still have to catch up. Parapsychology : years ago, I was interested in it & read some specialized books & this is how I came to learn about the Russian expertise in that field. I however quickly gave up learning more as I realized it was a very interesting but dangerous field. Now I prefer to explore on Nature & animals. BTW do you still have that cat ?

    3. We had 90s in Russia - and these were DARK
      years, not sure West knows how bad it was
      here [government knows ;)]! We were
      dying, penniless {those with shame,
      those without shame became prosperous
      beyond belief}, selling it all, we
      closed most projects and best scientists
      ran to the West.
      I was around in 90s and I saw it all, I
      have no information on how many projects
      were revived after 2000, if any! The country
      changed forever.

      Not all projects were evil. In fact most
      interesting projects were done out of that
      unstoppable scientific curiosity and had
      nothing to do with control {later they
      could be turned into something of course,
      like all great inventions!} and I really
      regret some were dropped in late 80s-early 90s,
      they could change the way we see the world.
      But with vile people in charge every great
      discovery can be dangerous, of course.

      Also some serious scientists who were
      studying human mind/brain and it's abilities,
      stopped working on certain projects voluntarily
      as they realized they are getting where humans,
      at our current state, have no right to look in.
      We are not yet evolved enough.
      Bless those scientists, common sense won over
      But I don't know if overseas similar
      projects were ever stopped or not.

      I know Russia traditionally seen as "evil" esp.
      after Cold War [as if we started it lol],
      but trust me - Russia is the one who does not
      want wars, Zionists in the government or not.
      All we do now is only to protect ourselves
      from very possible future invasion - our
      neighbors on Middle East have it bad, it's
      happening in front of our nose, like
      next door, and yes, it makes you go
      They want 90s Russia back - weak and selling
      itself to "bosses" for mighty dollars.
      Another puppet. But this puppet gonna
      fight first lol. I hope something happens
      before we have to fight, 90s were like
      yesterday and we don't want it back, ever.

      I have no idea what it was once, but there is a way to
      control humans from distance without touching them.
      You can hit a human without touching him, and I once
      experienced it along with several other people on the
      street. Nothing painful, but it was odd, like
      invisible man was running around. Someone definitely
      had fun experimenting with the technique. Makes you
      wonder why we still have "old style" wars everywhere.

      I think Michael was off the hook in early 90s, that's
      why all the "look at him, what a monster!" stuff
      As Bonnie said and we see, now they will wash his name
      and re-sell him sparkly clean to old and new fans.
      Of course, "him" won't be really him, it's just a brand
      for them now - like Elvis and others.
      I only hope real Michael the Great Human won't be erased
      by that rebranding.

  8. Thanks, Bonnie, for all you do :)

    And thanks for posting the "Best Poem in the World"

    It's just what I needed to read today :)


  9. BONNIE said : "What if pedophilia and mind control were not the only purposes for which they are taking these children?"

    Did you think "Montauk" sort of thing ?? Oh no ! Anyhow the scientists testing poor humans or animals to create their monster creatures of the future would merit to have such creatures turning against them. Hard to believe that such horrendous experiments already exist but if they do, we better know.

    A little recent encouragement though from the Canadian authorities although a waterdrop in the ocean :

    1. Line,

      Thank you so much for posting the link about the child porn bust, even tho the CORRECT link is:

      God is answering our prayers!



    2. Emily, you are most welcome. God Bless you.

  10. Hello. Your blogposts are getting longer and longer. But they are very interesting. But at the same time depressing. The truth of MJ and the world seems to be so ugly and cruel. You almost lose your faith in homo sapiens. And it's not a good feeling to walk around with. I'm reading and reading to get through a post and then what? You tell us there is four other posts we must read and give us links to those. Oh my God! Are you trying to kill us? Then I discover that the comments on your blog is getting longer and longer too, PHU!! Line it is a comment you are writing, not a book!! Just kidding. It kind of scared me when you wrote that the devil has friendly eyes. I always thought that the eyes are the mirror of your soul. That eyes can't lie.
    It's almost three years since MJ died or disappeard. They have given us all you can think of, movie, documentaries, music, Interviews, books, confessions, tributes and a trial. But they forgot to give us one thing, THE TRUTH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We depend on you for the truth now, Bonnie. Because they will never give it to us. Susanne

  11. ANONYMOUS (another one) said : "Line it is a comment you are writing, not a book!! Just kidding. It kind of scared me when you wrote that the devil has friendly eyes. I always thought that the eyes are the mirror of your soul. That eyes can't lie."

    No you're not kidding and yes, I write as I feel &'s long at times BUT I am not the only one here : I can even make them longer if you wish :oP To you or others bored with it, whenever you see my moniker & my name just overpass it without reading ...& LEAVE ME ALONE !!!!! OKAAAAYYY ?!

    Number 2 : I NEVER wrote here that "the devil has friendly eyes". Why don't you focus on someone else here for a while ? I am not going to change my style to please you & if Bonnie disapproves my comments, she at least has authority NOT to publish them or to tell me. Am I clear ? Because I dont like the ones who insidiously give picks & say : I was kidding....

    1. Oh Line gee whiz...hugsssss!

      I felt kinda left out when Susanne said:

      "Line it is a comment you are writing, not a book!! Just kidding."

      Have you seen the length of MY comments?!? Come on, yours are only a chapter. So, I agree with you - you don’t deserve the book award. I do! :oD

      Honestly, I thought Susanne’s comment was funny and God knows I need to laugh.

      ♥ to you Line!

    2. Hi Truth,

      I burst out spontaneously. No, your comments are always state-of-the-art & anyway I do not judge anyone's comment here but the one putting in my mouth words I did not say put me to the edge. But no panic, I vent hard but not too often. Glad it made you laugh : it's not lost at least:o) Hope you're fine♥

  12. Video - "HAARP" - Chilling Information You Really Need To See!:

    At 1:30 - "HAARP is MERELY being used to study the physical and electrical properties of the ionosphere…"

    U.S. military said:
    "HAARP is a scientific endeavour aimed at studying the properties and behaviors of the ionosphere with particular emphasis on being able to understand and use it to enhance communications and surveillance systems for both civilian and defense purposes.”

    How many people hearing, seeing and reading that statement can see what they are saying? Why are they so comfortable telling us, because they believe it is now irreversible?

    Picking apart and examining:



    (What kind of "civilian purposes"? Crowd/uprising control - communicating with implanted RFID chips, or just to scramble our brain signals? Communicate with the earth to manufacture catastrophes?)


    (Tools to defend their purposes, their agenda?)

    Their kind of "study" requires experiments and testing. Before they studied "the properties and behaviors" of the ionosphere, they studied the "properties and behaviors" of humanity.

    Mechanisms of enslavement and death, paid for with our labors - up and running before we even learn they exist. Black Ops…covertly funded by not only taxpayer dollars but also interest paid on credit cards, bank loans... and the national debt.

    The same ones that established both the unconstitutional IRS (no law, amendment not ratified) and The Federal Reserve Act. Almost a century later they’re still funnelling money through the IRS back to themselves through their Federal Reserve Bank. Same families that continue to infiltrate and control governments, banking systems, information, world trade and supply.


    I certainly hope Ben Fulford is right, that there is a counter-strategy in place.

    1. OMG on how HAARP is manipulating layers of our atmosphere!

      Looking at the VERY BIG picture…
      Is Lucifer just a tad angry?

      If a day is as a thousand years and a thousand years is as a day…and events are mirrored…are we in the sixth day of destruction - the mirror of creation? Or have you covered that, Bonnie, and it just didn't sink in?

      Still trying to make my way through all the information on this post…
      Video - "Secret US Bunkers being destroyed (for humanity)"

      The written information presented has been known for years. Not much new there.

      It opens with the narrator saying: "1st I remind you to go back in history…Rumsfeld comment the day before 9/11…Pentagon had lost 2.3 trillion dollars…Pentagon was destroyed the next day on 9/11/2001…"

      Does that remind anyone of how Enron and other financial files were "lost" after owner Silverstein said "pull it" (WTC 7)?

      The Pentagon was NOT "destroyed the next day on 9/11". It originally had a tidy round hole - penetrated through ONE SIDE of a 5-sided building with a 5 acre courtyard in the centre.*** A hole too small to have been made by a jet airliner. Unlike the capabilities of a passenger jet, whatever it was penetrated through heavily reinforced layers/walls. A hole, not "destroyed". As I recall, it was a part of the Pentagon that was not occupied at the time, under construction or something. (Sound familiar? Same at WTC) The hole was precise - low to the ground, leaving the Pentagon roof intact. It is a five story building. Do the math. It was very near a tactical impossibility for a jet airliner to have maneuvred a hit like that.

      Q. Wanna guess when construction began on the Pentagon? …du..du..du…da..dadududu… Time's up!
      A. September 11, 1941

      No bodies, legitimate plane parts or luggage etc were found at the Pentagon "crash" site because IT WASN'T A PLANE! There's more evidence that it was probably a missile. There were witnesses. There was surveillance camera video footage that people watched before it was confiscated.

      Shanksville - No evidence of a passenger jet crash. There is evidence that cell phones couldn't have worked onboard that plane.

      So, where are the planes and people? Perhaps flown to FEMA in Cleveland? Who were on those planes that they wanted to take out of circulation? Was anybody really on them? Were there really any planes?

      Flight numbers 11, 77, 175 and 93 - 11, 14, 13, 12? 11, 12, 13, 14 or 2, 3, 4, 5? Or countdown - 5, 4, 3, 2….awaiting 1? What are the chances? (After all these years, I just now see that!)

      Twin Towers - No forensics were done on the fallen buildings. Instead, the debris was hauled away under strict orders to not deviate - under TIGHT security. The steel was shipped over seas, melted down and recycled as quickly as possible.


    2. cont...

      Video - then he says: "…and the reason I say it was PROBABLY nuclear as opposed to an earthquake…"

      Then, it's a theory? Who is the narrator? He's not showing any proof of his claims, just clean & tidy perfect photos - the inside of SECRET facilities? Did someone on the inside have a change of heart, and take them for the purpose of exposing truth or…?

      MANY people like Phil Schneider have been assassinated for talking about their experiences. That video could be a method of calming the masses. Eeekk!

      The narrator says …"probably a nuclear explosion done by the good guys, the black ops military who found out about the evil plans of the globalists…going and running and hiding in the military underground complex…they cut off some escape routes…"

      Trying to get us to believe that black ops military are “good guys” on our side…trying to align our minds, instil misplaced trust? How did those black ops MILITARY "good guys” actually detonate nuclear weapons? A fire fight? Really?

      But it's a "MILITARY underground complex". The military command would know what’s going on down there in those tunnels, know what they are for, would have known about and authorized the transport of nuclear weapons, wouldn’t they? So, were they rogue special forces, acting on their own or following orders? If they were following orders then this is a setup unless someone high up with a LOT of power had a dangerous change of heart.

      If the U.S. Military was carrying out special ops on American soil, I wouldn't automatically believe they were doing it in the public's best interest. Anybody know how much a Navy Seal, for example, receives in re-sign bonuses? They are well paid for their silence. I imagine plenty brainwashed too, maybe some just love money. "Anything for money…anything"

      Were all the military personnel involved in destroying bits of those bunkers court marshalled? Or is this a cover story for, a diversion from something else?

      Youtube comment: "Those last pictures were from a hydro electrical plant in Japan, I watched a documentary on discovery about them…" If one photo is in question, then they all are.

      *** Pentagon…pentagram. OMG! It's 5 sided, 5 stories above ground and is 5 rings deep. 5 supposed hijackers on each of the first three flights. This is the home of military command.

      I will need a lot of convincing to believe whatever is going on in this scenario is FOR humanity. What then? False hope? Illusion? Suppression? Calming to inaction, waiting for a savior, someone to do it for us? After all, society trains us to comply and be dependent upon them.



    Due to my sloppy investigation work, I will be adding a couple of commentaries to the videos above, posting a short but very informative blog tonight and DISCONTINUING my correspondence with a couple of people!

    I will answer all your comments a bit later. Right now I have to take some house plants outside and throw them as far as I can.

    I just love the way God works . . . You feel really stupid, but it's a good way to show you the truth.

    I'll be back . . . ♥

    1. WHOA! Bonnie what happened? Check your email.


    2. Don’t be so hard on yourself. Things are peeled back in layers. It’s a journey.

      Do those house plants have bugs?

      The way God very humbling. Please don’t feel stupid.

  14. I thought you might be interested in this story.
    More than a hundred dolphins beach themselves as Cape Cod:

  15. Hi, Bonnie

    I don't know if you have seen the Jesse Ventura episodes of Area 51 and Plum Island where he exposes the experiments and secret tunnels being done by the US military.

    Here are the links for those and other important episodes:!/62601

    Keep on the great work

  16. I'll be back to answer all these tonight. I'm really sorry.

    ********* - Disclaimer - *********

    Benjamin Fulford, David Wilcock and ANYONE PROMOTING THEM are working for A FALSE GOD. They are misquoting the Bible on their web sites and they are misappropriating context and what Jesus said. WE ARE NOT GODS.


    The difference between their anti-Christ god and THE GOD of the Bible is that GOD gave you a choice. Their god does not know the value of unconditional love because THEIR god has never given his life to save yours. Lucifer only knows how to TAKE LIVES.

    Do NOT BE FOOLED by Fulford or Wilcox or those LIKE THEM who promote being gods. They are taking you down the wrong path and I am sorry for posting their videos. But now you know.

    ******* - *******

    1. Ana, I'm sorry but Jesse "the Body" Ventura is more of the same. You don't get into these places without being on the inside.

  17. LINE

    You got it all wrong. English is my second language so maybe that's why. YES I WAS KIDDING!!! And just because I say the comments are getting longer and longer on this blog doesn't mean that find them not to be interesting or good. The beast thing was for Bonnie. She wrote about the beast who is yet to come and I made a comment on that. I may have posted it on the wrong blogpost though.

  18. SUSANNE said : " The beast thing was for Bonnie."

    If you read yourself, the way you formulated was not indicating it that way so OK, probably a misleading language wording. Probably also, too much "Beast" words exchanges here sending bad vibrations in the end. Bonnie, hear me:o) ?? (joke). Too bad Susanne cause your good common sense or funny comments I like so I was surprised (no: truly my cat hair was bristling). Seriously, I dislike public compliments alike recurring picks generally. Guess you & I did not find our "cruising speed" on this Blog YET ;O).

    1. LINE
      I read somewhere that laughter slows down the aging process. I was trying to be funny and the reason I picked your name instead of Truth's was because you and I have shared a word or two before. So it was nothing personal against you. I like your comments. I tried to be funny and what did I get in return, a fist straight into my solar plexus. I read my comment and I now understand that it could have been misunderstood. Maybe God was using you as a tool to tell me, - Susanne you better study some english or bad things could happen to you. To tell you the truth I am in shock everytime Bonnie answers my comments. I go like, what planet is she from?, How can she understand what I am writing? She must have a Swenglish translator or something. Line I am sorry that I made you upset and angry. I can see why now. It wasn't my intention and there is nothing wrong with your comments. Susanne

  19. Hi Susanne,

    Very sweet comment ! That's our Susanne : at times cheeky girlie & at others, repenting like a sweet child & are a sweet child.

    OK forgotten, do not repent as I realize I also reacted explosively with my 50% Italian "mammamia" roots therefore I apologize back to you. I'm not masculine at all but if I punched your solar plexus say, virtually, kick-boxing is maybe a sport for me :o) Susanne, I liked you before & still like you as before so I hope you will in return. God Bless you♥
    PS : your English is very good & I make language mistakes too.

    1. LINE
      Thank you for accepting my apology. I accept yours too. God bless you too. I was not aware of that I come across as a cheeky girl. You don't see yourself from a distance. So if you have a picture of yourself so to speak and then take a look at others pictures of you, you realize they are not the same. How can that be? That is strange to me. Anyways, Right now it feels like MJ is smiling at us. Take care♥ Susanne


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