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Michael Jackson Justice: Truthers, Deniers and Deceivers Tangle the Closer We Get

God: Reconnect to Him

The Conspiracy against God is about "The Word", and the profaning of His Holy Name within us. Adam fell in the garden, breaking the direct connection to God. Jesus, the "last Adam" was a quickening Spirit, the Word made Flesh, and the only one with whom we can re-establish our relationship with God. Michael's story is still unfolding. He is the one who is, is not. But Jesus is the only name given under heaven by which we must be saved. Many are trying to rewrite HIStory. We were given a help to instruct us. Learn more "here".

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Truthers, Deniers and Deceivers Tangle the Closer We Get

Just “Like a Prayer” Can’t “Heal the World”
Like the Difference Between “Black or White”

Last night, I posted a blog that began with admitting that I found out after I posted him, that Ben Fulford was a false prophet.  Not THE false prophet but a false prophet leading people down the wrong path.

After I got through pointing out everything I found on his website that convinced me of that, and the others promoting him, I posted my doubts on Michael and his family.  At the bottom of the blog, I said this:

I love God and I love people and DON’T want to see them lose because of lies and MANIPULATION of a personality very craftily constructed to entrap you.

If Michael is TRULY with God then he will not at all be upset with what I am about to do.

Of course, I don’t know if he did understand but I see some of you didn’t.  I tried to word things carefully, a “personality very craftily constructed  to entrap you”, and it was . . . but not by Michael.

One of the clues I posted was “™” for trademark by Michael’s name in one of the comments.

I honestly wasn’t sure what I was going to do when I posted that.  But if there is one thing I have learned in surviving the battles with the pack of wolves in the first year of this blog, it is this:

You will know them by their fruits.  And you have to throw some seeds out there to see what kind of fruit the tree has.

You see what happened in the comments I allowed through.  There were others that were a little ugly and didn’t get posted.  The emotion I was not prepared for, MINE or yours.  I didn’t know if I was doing the right thing, if it would come out the right way, but the parallels were close enough for me to put it out there, so I did.  I WANTED a reaction, whether I was ready to handle one or not. 

Fulford’s mention of Michael’s name in his video gave me an idea and yes, it upset me and scared me.  Not because I believe Michael is the anti-Christ or should I say, Michael JOE Jackson is not the anti-Christ.

Michael JOSEPH Jackson?  Remains to be seen.   But it wasn’t this that scared me.  It was the comments from previous blogs that scared me.  A few people that had stated they would follow Michael anywhere because they loved him.  And this is what scared me.  Either they know something I don’t or the idol creation machine has been very effective.  (Hear me out, don’t crucify me yet).

The Relation Between Fulford and Michael

Fulford and others like him are part of a larger deception, and I will show you what I mean below.  But first, I want to ask you to forgive me for inciting this controversy and causing you any stress.  I thought this would be the right way to do this, but it’s not looking like it was such a good idea.  There are better ways. 

We’ve been dancing around this subject for the last couple of months, Michael and his place in Biblical prophecy.  I expected some kind of backlash and instead, I had “helpers” that came up out of the woodwork.  Don’t be offended if you are new commenting or emailing me, I don’t mean everybody.

After viewing and falling for Fulford’s false hope, I thought “maybe the deception has commenced.”  Fulford and others like him exposing the New World Order (they call it the old world order), David Wilcox, Alex Jones, David Icke . . . these guys are not being killed.  No, I don't want them to be killed.  I am talking about the fact that they are out there selling books and CD’s, giving speeches and charging for website memberships without so much as a shut down or a corporate threat. 

Only people who are believers and lovers of Jesus Christ were the ones being killed and jailed.  People like Cooper, Springmeier, Russo, Schneider, Schaefer and of course, Michael Jackson.

They are not being shut down, they are not disappearing or dying.  On the contrary they are being financed.  Further glance on forums, their own web sites and those promoting their web sites leads you to their false teaching with hope, peace and love right into as one website described “the prince of the underworld immortal”.

They teach that God is within you (knowledge of him IS) and that God is an internal energy within you, not the external creation of all things and savior of mankind.  They also teach that Kings have divine right to rule and are above the law (on this earth).  The Bible does not say we should give people carte’ blanc to kill and oppress, it says we are to PRAY for our leaders and not incite violence.  Just because it is in the “things that must pass” does not mean Kings (or presidents) can do no wrong.  Some examples of Biblical men who bucked authority:

Joseph would not worship the Pharoh’s gods.  Moses repeatedly approached Pharoh (on God’s word) and threatened him with retaliation if he did not release the enslaved tribes of Israel.  Daniel would not partake of the King’s food or worship his idols, but they were respectful and did not incite violence.  So we are not to obey Kings over God’s law.  They are teaching that those Kings ARE gods.

They teach that the “Messiah/Buddha/Mohammed/Christ/etc” is all one being and that all your oppression and suffering will end soon.  One of the key triggers in Fulford’s speech is that “we have the technology to turn the deserts green”.

Yes, that may be.  This is VERIFICATION that they are withholding the technology that has been in place and used against you for decades.  Note this “technology” is not given divine credit.

When he mentioned Michael, the “trigger” words that you find in some of Michael’s quotes and speeches came to mind (whether he said them that way or not).  Some of his songs and quotes/poems are very much along these lines, whether he MEANT THEM that way or not.  There are definitely “new age” type religious connotations in some of his lyrics.  I was taunted about this by blog infiltrators in the past. However, we are already well aware of the kind of control he was under and with his sister Latoya being held hostage for almost ten years.

I thought if somebody as unappealing as Fulford can hoodwink me, couldn’t they be VERY EFFECTIVE using the likeness of Michael Jackson?  They both talk about peace and love, what is the difference?

I KNOW what God told me about Michael.  That will never change.  The last time I had a reaction LIKE THIS to a blog topic it was when I broke into the subject of “Michael the Christian” and his speeches about God.  I even had people private message me and through the old website write me and demand that I stop mentioning God and Michael in the same sentence.  Some of the private messages were like that this time, not constructive but insulting. 

I was afraid.  I didn’t know if Michael would understand why I was doing this or not. 

Exposing the “plan” to guide people to this false religion is not as convincing using someone like Fulford, unless . . . Unless Fulford and Michael are paired together in this conspiracy by those fashioning the "one world religion".  And with Michael’s easily transferable “peace, love and harmony, we’re all one” philosophy, you can see how easily people can be led. 

If the devil can attempt to copy God and steal the Jewish identity, he can certainly attempt to steal Michael’s words, likeness and appeal for his own purposes.

So I put it out there and since Michael’s family is playing the fans, yes.  It all seemed to fit.

I didn’t get too much of a reaction when we were debating about Michael’s place in the Bible, there was nothing really to connect it to.  Now with a separate entity touting peace, love and hope in the new age “Horus” religion, let’s see what happens if I pair THAT with Michael and the rest of the “pieces” we have been loosely fitting together.


I felt sick to my stomach doing this because I’m not an illusionist.  This is beyond my comfort zone and I don’t think I will be doing this again.  Please forgive me if this confused or hurt you in any way.

Now as to why I pushed this envelop.  Some of you posted reminders of what I had already researched and experienced studying and getting to know Michael and Michael’s heart.  Others posted Bible verses for comfort and encouragement and others asked me questions all of which led me to some answers.  One newer commenter (Anonymous the first?  Mary Jane) who I thought was onto this (and angry about it) said “Michael Joe Jackson” is not the anti-Christ.  Others caught the “TM” for “trademark” and they knew I was not letting go of Michael.  However Mary Jane’s comment was a little more terse, giving me the impression that even though they were aware of what MIGHT lie under what I was doing, it was not my place to do this.

One question asked was “How will we know it is Jesus?” and I posted this answer:

Well you partly answered your own question. The other answer is in Matthew 24:5 - "5For many shall come in my name, saying, I am Christ; and shall deceive many."

Another answer further down in the same chapter: verses 15-21 - "15When ye therefore shall see the abomination of desolation, spoken of by Daniel the prophet, stand in the holy place, (whoso readeth, let him understand:)

16Then let them which be in Judaea flee into the mountains:

17Let him which is on the housetop not come down to take any thing out of his house:

18Neither let him which is in the field return back to take his clothes.

19And woe unto them that are with child, and to them that give suck in those days!

20But pray ye that your flight be not in the winter, neither on the sabbath day:

21For then shall be great tribulation, such as was not since the beginning of the world to this time, no, nor ever shall be."

Then verses 29-30: 29 Immediately after the tribulation of those days shall the sun be darkened, and the moon shall not give her light, and the stars shall fall from heaven, and the powers of the heavens shall be shaken:

30 And then shall appear the sign of the Son of man in heaven: and then shall all the tribes of the earth mourn, and they shall see the Son of man coming in the clouds of heaven with power and great glory."............

Daniel 11 and 12 walks you through the same events. And in 2 Thessalonians 2:2-3 - "2 That ye be not soon shaken in mind, or be troubled, neither by spirit, nor by word, nor by letter as from us, as that the day of Christ is at hand.

3 Let no man deceive you by any means: for that day shall not come, except there come a falling away first, and that man of sin be revealed, the son of perdition;"

As I was reading that I continued down through 2 Thessalonians 2 and it said:

4 Who opposeth and exalteth himself above all that is called God, or that is worshipped; so that he as God sitteth in the temple of God, shewing himself that he is God.

 5 Remember ye not, that, when I was yet with you, I told you these things?

 6 And now ye know what withholdeth that he might be revealed in his time.

 7 For the mystery of iniquity doth already work: only he who now letteth will let, until he be taken out of the way.

 8 And then shall that Wicked be revealed, whom the Lord shall consume with the spirit of his mouth, and shall destroy with the brightness of his coming:

 9 Even him, whose coming is after the working of Satan with all power and signs and lying wonders,

This tells me that the mystery of iniquity is already at work in Paul’s time and that the one “who now letteth will let, until he be taken out of the way.  When “he” is “taken out of the way” the wicked will no longer be restrained and they will reveal themselves, and then he who will come after the working of Satan with his signs and lying wonders.”

This is corresponding with Daniel 12:1, and if this is the same “one” who "stands up, which after there will be a time of trouble as there never was since there was a time", we DO have a parallel with what has happened since June 25th, 2009.

What happened when Michael passed on?

The Pope announced that we should have a one world economic system.

We had increased earthquakes

Earthquakes in 2011 – including our fake ones

Lady Gaga and the sacrificed angel on the MTV awards.

The Sacrificed Angel?

Our government has run amuck taking over countries and overthrowing governments openly and without congress and passing oppressive laws including the right to jail our citizens without trial, indefinitely.

Egypt and Libya overthrown.  Three high profile government officials assassinated including Osama Bin Laden (debatable, no proof), Mummar Khadafi and Iranian scientists.

Blatant and botched attempts to either blackmail or jail people who reveal fraud in the government.  Sarkozy, IMF President Strauss-Khan, International child porn ring busts, Hollywood pedophilia being revealed and much more.

In Michael’s circle, we had not one, not two but five assassinations/questionable suicides to include Peter Lopez, Bruce Ayers, Ronni Chasen and two of Tom Mesereau’s assistants (for his law clinic) The Wilborn’s.

The brazen marketing of a counterfeit Album “Michael”, cottage industries set up by bloggers and stalkers work for or with the estate executors, books by Ian Halperin and Eddie Cascio, documentaries by Halperin and David Guest, a crooked Murray Trial (fall guy) and a bunch of rabid “faces filled with madness”.

Michael’s stalkers and groups shamelessly self promoting and setting up rogue charites, collecting fan donations for everything from flowers to buying back Neverlanad (which is not for sale and still in Michael’s name and Sycamore Valley Ranch, LLC).  With all deceivableness . . .

2 Thessalonians 2 Continued:

 10 And with all deceivableness of unrighteousness in them that perish; because they received not the love of the truth, that they might be saved.

 11 And for this cause God shall send them strong delusion, that they should believe a lie:

 12 That they all might be damned who believed not the truth, but had pleasure in unrighteousness.

 13 But we are bound to give thanks always to God for you, brethren beloved of the Lord, because God hath from the beginning chosen you to salvation through sanctification of the Spirit and belief of the truth:

 14 Whereunto he called you by our gospel, to the obtaining of the glory of our Lord Jesus Christ.

 15 Therefore, brethren, stand fast, and hold the traditions which ye have been taught, whether by word, or our epistle.

 16 Now our Lord Jesus Christ himself, and God, even our Father, which hath loved us, and hath given us everlasting consolation and good hope through grace,

 17 Comfort your hearts, and stablish you in every good word and work.

Mary Jane, even though she disagreed with me on the song “Threatened” did unknowingly assist me when I went in search of the Bible verse to explain to her my dilemma.

Aside from being “deceived” which is what I am trying to keep from happening to everyone, I have NO DOUBTS about at least this one thing:

Michael Joe Jackson is with God, he is for God and God is protecting him. 

You may not agree with me that he is “the chosen one” who was “taken out of the way”, but we all can agree that it was more than just money and him being a “nice guy” that drew such persecution and torture.

When Michael passed on June 25, 2009, we all “cried at the same time”.  They wanted him gone because they were “restrained”.  They hated him “for HIS name’s sake”, but they have NO PROBLEM using him, or his likeness for future deception.  This is what I see, agree with me or not.  You can determine for yourselves. 

How long and how much collaborating information including Bible verses do we have to see line up for us to stop denying it?  Michael is involved in Bible prophecy and he was trying to tell us to pay attention with every album after Thriller.

One of the Illuminati’s top artists is at work “revealing” the evil one as we were fretting over last night’s blog. 

I have no right to judge that Madonna, but I can certainly help people distinguish lies and let the Lord take care of her in his own time.

The difference between the message of an angel and the message of a usurper should give you more than adequate contrast for comparison.

Madonna Superbowl HalfTime Show

@0:45, after bring carted in by beefcake men dressed as roman soldiers, Madonna’s “wings” are drawn back to reveal the “priestess” in her Baphomet glory to the song “Vogue”.  Should I even try to interpret this? 

@2:26 she is dancing with another “horned one” to her right. 

@2:38 you have to be quick on this one.  Two dancers to Madonna’s right. Right when Madonna sings “Betty Davis, we love you.”  One does a back arch while the other dancers bends backwards braced against the other’s upturned torso.  The mask worn by the dancer is now upside down and the position of the hands (Index fingers pointing up) make another convincing Baphomet head.

Shortly after this, one of the rap singers (I don’t know these ladies) throws up her middle finger to the camera.  I would be left to assume that this is an “up yours” to us common folk out there that complain about their iniquity?  Like “hah!  We got bunkers, waddah you have?”

@6:10 – Red, black and white colors

“give me all your love, yah, give me your love
(L.U.V. Madonna!)
Give me all your love, yeah give me your love
(Y.O.U. You wanna!)

“gimee all your love, yeah give me your love
Lets forget about time, and dance our lives away”.

Uh . . . no.

@6:55 – Whoa – Two pyramids are “illuminated” on the stage floor below the steps.  Red and black striped chaser lights from either side of the platform she is on, pointing to her “M” logo, which is an M with a cross through it, giving the center of the M an upside down pyramid in the center of the M, a pyramid on either side of the “M’ with the circle around it, and a pyramid at the top center of the M.

At the 7:06 mark you can see this more clearly
Inverted Mason Symbol, pyramids, broken cross and Black Widow spider
all neatly tucked into one logo.

Not only does this incorporate the pyramids, but it also has the distinct look of a spider . . . black widow?

@7:40 – I can only describe this as the:

Pyramid Temple

Pyramid to either side, top pointing to center which shows Madonna’s spider/pyramd logo inside a cube, which is inside a diamond with the sides partitioned into more pyramids.  Below the diamond is the temple columns with the top of the temple making up the bottom pyramid in the diamond, matching the one on top of the diamond.  To either side are smaller versions of the columns supporting a cube.

@8:23 – More pyramids

Flashing and changing pyramid lines around her logo

@8:58 More gold pyramids below stage 5 pointed stars flanking stage.

@9:03 – Ceasars Crown around Madonna’s Logo

Red, five pointed star on the bottom, a white royalty
Crown on the top of the olive leaf crown.

World Government Symbol
U.N. Symbol One World Government

Seems like Madonna wanted one of those thingey’s too (a crown).  What did she do, steal it off of Michael’s jackets?  Amazing . . . the marching band is dressed in black, red and white.

Could we get any more IN YOUR FACE with this?  One thing this particular section makes me realize is how short Madonna really is.  She looks tiny next to these guys.

@9:54 opening of “Like a Prayer”

The sign for Isis

MJ 2012 Madonnahalftime Isis Eye2

@10:05  Like a Prayer . . . to whom is the question.

@11:10 – Note the ONE EYE appearing on the floor
at the base of the steps.

All Seeing Eye

Lyrics “in the midnight hour, I can feel your power, just like a prayer your voice can take me there”.  Anyone remembering this video at all back in the 1980’s, there is a black man who portrays Jesus in this video and she is trying to seduce him. 

I know, I know .  . . I’m NOT going to say it!

"Jesus" and Madonna

Jesus" going back into his cage

Listen to this song, the lyrics and look at the storyline.  Did Michael get falsely accused of crimes?  Yes!  Was Michael viewed as a saint in the music industry?  Yes.  Compared to Jesus?  Yes (or at least compared to Madonna, who is the one singing this song).  She does nothing to come to the aide of the man falsely accused, she instead prefers to fantasize about corrupting him.  She even echoes some of Elizabeth Taylor’s sentiments about Michael – “Just like a prayer your voice can take me there, just like muse to me you are a mystery.  Just like a dream you are not what you seem, just like a prayer no choice your voice can take me there”.  And “like a child you whisper softly to me.  You’re in control just like a child, now I’m dancing . . . It’s like a dream, no end and no beginning.  You’re here with me just like a dream . . .”  Take a listen

(Embedding disabled)

@11:48 on the Superbowl video above that, the lazer lights over the stage, center over Madonna show the pyramid with the eye in the middle.  Pyramid is upside down.  On either side in lights, what looks to be butterflies.

Lazer upside down pyramid
Map of World on the floor

Are you getting this message?  Because I sure am!

At the end Madonna sings the last lines in “Like a Prayer”  “I hear you call my name and it feels like . . . home” and she disappears below the stage.  (Underworld?)

The words “World Peace” appear in sparkling, star-like lights on the floor of the arena.

First, I would like the commend the dancers because, ummmmm, I can’t do that stuff.  I love watching gymnastics choreographed to music.

But the rest of this?

Madonna got confused between love and self-love, self worship and self deification.  Why didn’t she heed her own song “Live to Tell”?  How can someone prefer self gratification over unconditional love?  I don’t understand.

Someone else’s Interpretation of
Her show

In contrast, the reason why Michael is so loved, and why he was such a threat is the “black and white” difference below.  Now you tell me which performance gives you the most soul-tingling inspiration and which one wants to make you just recoil?

Michael Jackson Super Bowl Half Time Show

If Sony gives you problems click here to watch
On Youtube –

First, James Earl Jones is announcing and I just LOVE him!  My niece got to work with his son on a school film project about five years ago.  Thankfully God kept her out of that business.

- @0:48 MJ-doubles “toaster” up on top of the large screens on either side of the field.

- @1:10 he toasters up onto the stage in the center of the field. (the real MJ)

- The stage is SURROUNDED by children and people, part of the show.

- @2:01 he is wearing his military police uniform. What is he fighting?

- @3:00 he breaks into “Jam”

- @3:40 he struts into “Billie Jean”

- @4:25 two very bright lights are lowered as Michael dances between them, preparing his moonwalk.

- @ 5:09 an aerial of the stage with people on either side of the field flipping placards from what looks like reflectors to yellow.  Also notice the stage, diamond shape with the tech and musician pit in the shape of a heart on the “back” of the diamond.

- @ 5:54 Michael comes to surreal life on the air vent, picture below.

That stuff blowing up like dark feathers is his hair, LOL
Yes, he looks like an angel.
One with rhythm

- @6:33 a huge banner is pulled out with a picture of two hands shaking, one black and one white.  Screen capture below:

Curing the artificial separation of races
Creeds and Countries


- @8:00 minutes (ironic) James Earl Jones announces “for your enjoyment, a gift to the children of the world).  Michael is given a black wand or saber, can’t tell which, and he points it into the stadium . . .

Michael, Pointing

And in a wave, THIS begins to show up covering the spectator’s seating all across the arena:

Materializing Children

Audience participation in Love for the Children♥

- @9:00 Michael says – “Today we stand together all around the world . . .” (Mike sounds out of breath and a bit husky), “ . . . joined in a common purpose to remake the planet into a haven of joy, and understanding and goodness.  No one should have to suffer, especially our children.  This time, we must succeed.  This is for the children of the world”.

Then he sings one of my favorite songs, “Heal the World”.  It makes me cry to hear Michael saying this (he sounds so different!  Where did that voice come from? Wow!)  When he says “This time we must succeed”, it leaves me to wonder what he meant. What other time was there an attempt to heal the world?

- @10:50 through the end, these spectacularly warm, loving and HEALING scenes are bestowed upon our hearts:

Children pour to the stage.
Michael among them, hugging this
Little girl.

Inflatable World behind
Michael and the Children
Michael is in the center somewhere, LOL!

Michael Smiling, singing with
Children – HAPPY

Michael, Children, Planet
Children, Singing
Michael Smiling

Reviews of his performance that Patience sent me:

Orlando Sentinel Feb 5, 1993 -
"Love him or hate him, Michael Jackson has changed Super Bowl halftime shows forever."

Paul McCartney:
May 7, 1993

Q. Have you ever been invited to do a halftime show at the Super Bowl? Would you do that?

A. I don't think so, no. I can't see me doing a halftime show. It's a very American thing. It's the kind of thing Michael (Jackson) would be better at.

Aug 18, 1993 -
The NFL is set to bring the Super Bowl to Atlanta for the first time next January, but the halftime entertainment remains a question mark. No one, it seems, wants to follow Michael Jackson.

Jackson was the Super Bowl halftime act in Pasadena's Rose Bowl last January. Most longtime observers of championship games agree that the Gloved One's extravaganza of glitz and glitter, with its "Heal the World" theme, is unchallenged as the best-ever Super Bowl intermission.

The Washington Post described the spectacle as ". . . the marriage of sports at its highest level and entertainment at its highest level.'' Said Steeg: "It is a tough act to follow."

Others Recognizing What's Happening

This article was sent to me by Cathy.  I am not the only one that sees what is going on.

Since Michael Jackson’s untimely death, we have observed some rather insidious “tributes” to him, which, once decoded, were in fact thinly veiled references to his ritual sacrifice. His memory has indeed been hijacked by those who, in my humble opinion, killed him. This fact becomes obvious when looking at his posthumous releases. His latest album cover is another striking proof.” – Source, Vigilante Citizen

This article portrays images from more than one artist.  Lady Gag-Me is not the only one “celebrating” this sacrifice.

Kayne West’s “Runaway”
With a Michael head and
A white and dark angel flanking him

Kayne West Album Cover “Power”
King Kill Ritual?

I’ve gone over Michael’s album covers before, but this site adds to it meaning of the red outfit that Michael has on.  Red – ritual sacrifice.  Ironically this is the outfit Michael wore for his film “Blood on the Dance Floor” in which we interpreted in the fall of 2010.  Michael sings about “Susie” being after him and wanting to kill.  The dance floor?  Michael owns it. Susie says its right.

Blood on the Dance Floor

And we’re supposed to believe that Michael just stood by waiting for all this to happen without a plan?

Its written for me in the books.  I’ve done my part.  Now God will be their judge” – Michael Jackson, 2005 before the start of his trial.

To the lurkers who just now found their voice to disagree with me:

I am not backing off of this just because a couple of people don’t want to face reality.  THAT MESS up there on the latest Superbowl half-time that MADONNA calls entertainment is demonic, plain and simple.  You can’t get any more blatant about it than that.  She’s gotten rich of your adulation over the last 30 years and flipped you off in gratitude.  Pointing this out and passing judgment are not the same thing.

They have become more bold and "unrestrained" since Michael "left", as foretold . . . believe it or not, it’s happening.  It’s not going to stop just because you DON’T believe it or because a poster here doesn’t like the truth.  If you can’t see it in front of your eyes I would be more worried about having them opened.

God did not have that book written to be cute or clever.  We are being warned because he loves us.  He died on the cross for us because he loves us.

Perhaps Michael is the last martyr.  Perhaps he really is an angel or the one to “be taken out of the way” so the evil once restrained would reveal itself.  Maybe he’s all three.

Is he the son of perdition?  Not Michael Joe Jackson.  They couldn’t control him so the “only thing left to do is to kill him”, and “fake” him, and I guess we will see about the rest.

I started getting into trouble as soon as I began delving into Michael’s “777” and Bible prophecy.  Then people sent me links to a SONY approved fan magazine with a contradicting interpretation’s and tried to get me off course or “prove” to me I was wrong.

There are people out there that do not like the truth.  Anyone who comes to my blog and lies about the meaning of Michael’s lyrics like I haven’t spent 2 years, eight hours or more a day DOING THIS is a DECIEVER.

And I’m sorry I had to do what I did to bring them out of the woodwork, but it is sometimes the only way.  It hurt me because some people believed I had lost faith in Michael.  Michael knows my heart if he is out there, he feels it.   Yours too.  And GOD KNOWS where my heart is.  If I anguish or lament on this blog it is because I care about the truth and people’s lives.

Michael Jackson, please forgive me.  I want to heal you, not hurt you. When I was a little girl, I wanted to be an angel, not a bull dog.  I am reaching for the truth.  I don't want to knock people over in the process, least of all you.  I would still take your pain if God thought I was worthy to carry it.


Threatened is about Michael being the beast . . . PERIOD.  What they WANT him to be.  He sings of the power that his brother Jermaine spoke of in his Arabian T.V. interview when talking about the Government and why they were after Michael.   He said “they’ve always been after him.”

Always.  I get it now.

And his family suffered and Michael suffered.   And if we DON’T recognize this YOU will suffer.

I know the lyrics of the song, Ms. Mary Jane.  “When your lady speaks she speaks of me, you should feel threatened.  Half of me you’ll never be, so you should be threatened by me”.  That’s not third person.  That’s Michael and he’s fighting THEM.

I don’t know why the family is playing along . . .perhaps still trapped, but I worry about MICHAEL’S CHILDREN being near these people. That’s not thinking negatively that is FACT they are being put near people who were BEHIND THOSE WHO WANTED MICHAEL DEAD.

So I ruffled some feathers putting some pieces together.

And the person who keeps writing me on this blog trying to tell me Michael is a demon trapped between worlds, confused . . . if you are a Christian you wouldn’t be be possessed, it is NOT Biblical.  If you have a demon calling himself Michael living with you and enslaving you, it is because YOU INVITED IT IN.  If you have God in your heart this cannot happen.  Ask for God’s help and pray in Christ’s name.  The REAL Michael is OF GOD.  He is not a demon and you are in trouble.  If you want out:

Best protection prayers . . . it worked for my mother:

To the other infiltrators . . . I will not be moved.  Michael’s lyrics speak for themselves and they don’t LEAVE much room for anyone to misinterpret.  Neither does the Bible.  If the “glove fits you must admit”.  (hmmm)

I’m going to take a break you guys.  Then I will be resurfacing.

When Will We Have Had Enough?


  1. Dear Bonnie,

    One of the girls is nicki minaj her video was band from BET. The finger Flickr girl is M.I.A (Mathangi arulpragasam) from london who is dating benjamin bronfman the son of edgar bronfman ceo of warner music group and owner of seagrams alcohol. Bronfman was just sued in the french courts and is now appealing. Edgar married twice dated dionne warwick who lives in brazil,Who is currently 3 million behind in back takes and goodwill ambassador of the food and agriculture organization of the united nations.

    1. Hi Nita,

      I had heard of Nicki Minaj before but I have no idea who the other one is (you want to pronounce that one?) Thank you. I am familiar with the Bronfmans but I didn't know Ben was dating a rap artists. Interesting.

      How do you get to be "Good Will" ambassador and not pay your taxes? So that's the key? Stop paying your bills, get a high ranking gov. job. Got it!

  2. BONNIE said : "I WANTED a reaction, whether I was ready to handle one or not."
    I have always admired your total honesty on this Blog whether I agreed or not with you on some topics in the past.

    BONNIE said : "The REAL Michael is OF GOD."

    God Bless you Bonnie.

    1. ROFLMBO!!!!! Uh, Thank you! I so needed that laugh! I want to hug you right now. That made my day!

    2. Oh geez...I had to listen and watch that still photo TWICE, looking and listening for something. Sometimes the simple eludes me. It takes me awhile but I think I get it! Good one, Line!

    3. Thanks Truth, yes, a big Hallelujah in place of Ooooof! Finally Bonnie still likes Michael : life is good:o)

  3. Dear Bonnie,

    I Have always wondered why kanye always disrespect MJ in his music listen to his song "knock You Down". Word is he blood sacrificed his mom for fortune and fame Proffessor Griff(blood sacrfice). I guess You Have to kiss behind in the uk first to be welcomed in the music industry.

    Check out How postions Have changed with major record labels since MJ death. Plus sir howard stringer of Sony losses postions.

    1. Kayne West - Madonna - Gaga - a couple of others seem way too gleeful in the mocking of the death. This is hate pure and simple. Where does this come from? It's just way out of proportion for NORMAL human capacity.

      Howard Stringer. Wonder what he did wrong? Unless he's going to be quietly named King of England or something. That's interesting. Thanks for the link.

  4. I just want to Thank you for this particular blog, Bonnie :)
    Like very special thanks, thank you!
    If I could write, I would try to put together something
    like that, it's just the blog I agree with every single word,
    you nailed it really. So maybe it wasn't just my imagination
    on everything from Madonna's black Jesus in 80s to whatever happened yesterday. God bless you for your dedication,
    please have a good rest if you need, take care of yourself,
    we'll be all here waiting for you on this journey. Take care.
    Thank you for your work.

    1. Thank you Anonymous. That heals my battered soul, it really does. Hugs for you too and Nita and Line.

      I never, ever saw the connection to Madonna until I watched that Illuminati Fest at Super Bowl 48 (or whatever number it is, I don't watch T.V. LOL). Back in the 80's I watched MTV when Madonna and Michael and Janet were all over it and I remember the hoopla-la over the "sacrilige" the "moral majority" made over her kissing "Jesus" and dancing like a harlot in a church. I actually liked the choir and LOVE the voice of the woman singing next to her.

      Back to reality as I was stopping the video to get screen shots for the symbols displayed, it came to "Like a Prayer" and memory of the video splashed into my mind. I stopped "Super Bowl" and searched for "Like a Prayer" Michael is all over it. Michael turned her down. What do they say about a woman scorned? What a shame. Someone else that looked love in the face and sought to corrupt rather than be healed by it.

  5. Hi Bonnie,

    this is off topic but please take a look at this when you have the time:

    Have you heard of this "prophet"???

    I have never heard of this guy but it gives me a bad feeling and think he is evil!

    God bless you

    1. Hi Anonymous -

      I saw that video not too long ago, maybe last week. I don't know what to think. I don't feel any evil from this man but, there could be one of two things going on:

      1. He could be on the inside of the elite or

      2. He could have been tipped off by Michael's people.

      I have never heard of him before no. But if the timing of this broadcast (January and February when T.D. supposedly made these predictions), this could have been right around the time the REAL taping of the "This is It" speech was made. So who tipped this preacher off and for what purpose I don't know. But my initial feeling is I don't feel evil from him. I'd have to watch his other sermons to determine and I will try to find some more time, maybe tomorrow, to do that.

      God bless you too♥

  6. Dear Bonnie,

    Reading M.I.A biography shes probably a mind controlled lab rat(just sayin)!
    MJ said in an interview that Madonna was a bad person, Its on YouTube.

    This is just a interview from Don corneluis who committed "suicide" about MJ when he was just 8 years old and How the ladies would rub and kiss on him.

    1. Hi Nita, Thank you on the M.I.A. information. I wouldn't call her a lab rat . . . maybe a trapped child. I wonder about that. If they made a conscious decision to sell their souls can they still be saved? And if they can we should be praying for them.

      If they were mind controlled at a young age and have never been introduced to the love of God for real healing, there is still hope for them. We can hate their actions, but still, please pray for them. If God can change the heart of Saul, he can change the heart of anybody that has not denied him once they've had him in their hearts.

      The one unforgiveable sin is to blaspheme the Holy Spirit. Blaspheme means "To mock or impersonate".

      This is why the teaching of "you can be gods" or "god exists within you" is so dangerous . . . especially when they plant this doubt in those who have already accepted Christ.

      THIS is why it is so important to READ your Bible's. Get to know God. He tells you in there what the dangers are. I will be writing more about this in the future.

      All these people that have infiltrated these churches to teach this false garbage are endangering A LOT OF PEOPLE.

      Thank you for the link Nita.

  7. BONNIE, also on Madonna's Super Bowl Video: very quickly at 2:24-2:25, a dancer standing like a cross behind Madonna gives the Baphomet head in full : this is how I saw it...& you ?

    1. Line - It was at 2:44-2:45 but yes, I saw it exactly like you saw it. There was Madonna, behind her the person with the Baphomet headdress and behind THEM was the person with their arms out in the shape of the cross.

      Does this woman have any idea how much trouble she is in?

  8. Mary Jane . . . I don't agree with you and at your request I did not post your comment.

    I have to ask you how in the world anyone would have ever known about Christ if NOBODY ever told them about him? Paul taught, John taught, Timothy taught . . . all the apostles taught. They weren't expected to shut up and just let people "find" God. They were told to go out and "preach to the world".

    You revealed yourself when you suggested I start another blog to talk about the Bible and keep Michael and the Bible SEPARATE.

    Consider yourself busted.

  9. Bonnie,
    The very goodness of that Michael Jackson SuperBowl event, has always struck me because :

    It occurs a month after he completed the first leg of the Dangerous Tour
    Is around the same time he met Lisa Marie and they started dating
    Is 10 days before the Oprah interview
    Is a month before the Grammys where he talks of cleansing and 'here he is again' (exactly when was he out of sight?)
    Is 8 months before he is investigated for child abuse.

    Perhaps that Superbowl show was the trigger to 'stop' him once and for all? Perhaps TII was the trigger to take him out altogether, but we hope he saw it coming!

    1. PrincessGlam,

      When I was looking at Michael's Super Bowl performance I was asking myself the same question. Was this before or after the allegations? But you have answered that already. Now that you have done a timeline, I can't help but think that all of this was orchestrated. It seems like everything or everyone including Oprah, Lisa Marie Pressley, the Chandlers etc. was put in place before the accusations began. Or maybe it's just me...


    2. Princess I agree with you. I think the timing of all that is not coincidental. This is It was strategically timed too. I thoroughly believe that too!

      Yes TrueJustice, everyone put in place prior to the Chandler allegations. Diane Dimond made a really stupid mistake in telling people in a rather recent interview (roundtable?) that in her (non)investigations, there was evidence that Michael's people were bringing children into Michael's life constantly, but she made it sound like it was at Michael's request. No, this was CALCULATED! Not by Michael himself but by the PEOPLE SURROUNDING HIM. And John Branca was around then, so innocent he is NOT!

    3. bonnie,
      Yes, plus, although I think I've mentioned it before, but here is a good place to repeat:

      Michael met Jordy Chandler May 1992.
      Michael began the first leg of the Dangerous Tour June 27 1992.

      As Michael would likely be in rehearsals most of May and June, exactly when was the 'relationship' with Jordy? When did he 'suggest building a room' on their home for the Chandlers? Before he was about to go on tour for 6 months?
      It really does look like a set-up.

    4. You're right. There doesn't look like a whole lot of time was even available for Michael to spend "all this time" at Chandlers. Chandler had all the markings of a stalker-psychopath and perhaps closet homosexual. Jealous of Michael's time, a MAJOR problem. You know what this reminds me of?

      Sodom and Gomorrah. The gay men outside of Lot's house were threatening to break down the door because they wanted "know" the angels that came to visit him. The angels blinded the men so they could get Lot out of the house. This is how bad things were BACK THEN.

      I think Michael had the same visceral effect on people that were just bent on evil and had nothing but the desire to possess in their hearts. Did you see Madonna's videos up there? She's another one with the same sick tendencies.

  10. Hi Bonnie: Where to begin. In truth and in respect, I often don't align with some of what you speak of and I do my best to just let that be because this is your blog and though I have a different relationship to other expressions of spirituality and faith - I am always aligned with God - Jesus and Love. I also don't want to give up on your blog because in the midst of the places I'm not aligned with are the gems that open my eyes to new possibilities of affirm that I'm not so far off. To start: I'm all over what you have said about Madonna and the tributes, etc. I didn't know how to say it - it was a gut feeling I have had about all of this. There is this sickening re-making of Michael Jackson (the brand). They are making him (brand) into a sanitized (insidious) version so that the new generation will see what they want them to see. I'm just not capable of attending any event, purchasing any produced item post June 25, 2009. It isn't him - his light - his truth. He was correct when he said his legacy will be in "his" music; the music that was published prior to his passing over to that safe space.
    Bonnie - I just feel so disturbed about all of this because I see people worshiping the Estate and anything they do, which is a Michael brand to make a lot of money and Michael - who Michael is - I fear - will be washed away for future generations. Though my prayers are that, in time, we will see through this mask. Oh my gosh - when you showed the difference in half-time shows my jaw dropped. Oh -Michael- pure heart, beauty, innocence and love you almost woke us up out of our daze but the powers were not going to allow that. What we witnessed Sunday (I didn't watch honestly except on your video) was darkness and so much more. I do think his family is in an insidious web and the only way they could get out is to leave it all behind. I don't even know if they would be safe. I do know that shining one's light (spirit and love) brightly in a world that seems to prefer darkness is dangerous. ~LorLor

    1. LorLor - Some of what I learn and post here LorLor to be honest, is a little hard to take. If it were this time last year, I would bristle if anyone suggested Michael was part of Biblical prophecy or resembled the Archangel in Daniel or Revelation. If I had perhaps seen and registered Gaga's MTV exhibit back then I wouldn't have been so hesitant at opening that door.

      Further up I had posted the dangers of Blaspheming the Holy Spirit, so this whole topic has been a BIG STRUGGLE for me. Knowing what I went through, I knew this topic had to be discussed because this is what they will use to mislead people.

      If you are God and Christ centered LorLor we are not that different. I don't know what other differences you would be talking about, but you are right. The remaking of Michael is sickening. You know evil when you face it. You feel it from the pit of your stomach.

      Look at Lisa Marie. This is what a woman looks like that gave her hope away. Really, really makes me think, because she was offered love, knew it and threw it away, along with her soul.

  11. Boniel, eu sei que temos sede de chegar a verdade, e as vezes as coisas parecem muito confusa, entendo que as vezes sentimos que andamos em circulos. Mas eu particularmente tenho em mente o seguinte pensamento
    é facil, saber que Michael, está do lado de Deus, sabe como? simples: É só obsevar a diferença da história de vida de Michael e outras celebridades. Os artistas que fazem parte da maçonaria da iluminati, ou que simplesmente obedecem a eles, levando suas mensagens jamais são perseguidos
    O motivo pelo qual Michael foi acusado de tantas coisas, e sofreu ameaças, sofreu atentados, e sua imagem é até hj distorcida, manchada mesmo depois do dia 25 de junho, pra mim é pelo fato de ele não estar do lado dos "donos do mundo"

    Mudando de assunto no blog anterior entre tantas coisas, falarasm se sobre prince e seu vitiligo
    Boniel gostaria que voce desse seu parecer
    Eu acho prince parecido com klein infelismente
    Paris é a cara da mãe, mas se parece com latoya quando essa não tinha plasticas e paris também é mais bronzeada do que a mãe, voce acha que seu pai é aquele ex ator mirim?
    Ja blanket parece muito com Michael
    E omer o que acha dele é filho de Michael }
    Boa noite Deus te Abençõe e te guia te dando forças pra nos ajudar nessa luta pela verdade justiça por Michael.

    1. Translated from Estrella:

      Boniel, I know we have a thirst to attain the truth, and sometimes things seem too confusing, I understand that sometimes we feel that we walk in circles. But I particularly have in mind the thought is easy, knowing that Michael is on the side of God, you know? Simple: Just obsevar the difference in the life story of Michael and other celebrities. The artists that are part of the illuminati freemasonry, or who simply obey them, taking their messages are never persecuted the reason why Michael was accused of many things, and suffered threats, had been attacked, and its image is distorted by hj, stained even after the June 25, to me is the fact that he not be on the side of the "masters of the world" Changing the subject in previous blog among many things, about falarasm prince and his vitiligo Boniel you would like your opinion of yOU THINK THE 3 CHILDREN OF MICHAEL ARE BIOLOGICALLY HIM? I think unfortunately klein prince like Paris is the mother's face, but looks like latoya when that was not plastic and Paris is also more tanned than the mother, you think your father is one former child actor? Ja blanket looks a lot like Michael omer And what do you think he is the son of Michael} Good night God Bless you and guides you giving you strength to help us in this fight for true justice for Michael.

    2. Hi Estrella,

      You are right about witnessing the differences between Michael and "sold-soul" celebrities in determining who's side Michael is on. You don't even have to compare. You know them by their fruits. Michael is the most attacked celebrity, ever. And the excuse to cover this blatant fact they hand you is that "oh, because he was so successful and he was a black man". Bull! Quincy Jones was successful and black, and Motown was owned by a blackman (and he only paid 2% royalties, WTHeck? If that is true, he was worse then the white guys!).

      This is because Michael and Jesus walked together. "You will be hated for my namesake." And the hate piled on, leaving no stone unturned and no dollar unspent to bring him down, using whole industries to go after him. Follow the people surrounding him and how they are all networked and there is proof of a working, global conspiracy right there.

      Children - They are Michael's children. I never believe Klein had any relation to any of Michael's children. Michael would never agree to father children from someone who was drugging and abusing him. Prince does look like Michael's grandfather, right down to the shape of his face.

      Paris, She's Debbie Rowe all over except for her coloring. She's smart as a whip. Prince and Blanket both the strong, silent types. Prince has those soft Michael eyes (color) and Blanket just has his dad's eyes PERIOD. I love that video of him talking about his comic characters, LOL! Sounds like my boys sounded at about that age. So cute, hee-hee!

  12. Madonna always liked to be provocative. She doesn't have to create something own or new. She just uses what is already out there. The hot topics of the moment. She gets everybody's attention and then the cash starts to pour all over her. That is why they call her a great business woman. Susanne

    1. Madonna the great business woman . . . who's completely OWNED by the Illuminati. She's going to realize sooner or later that she can't take it with her.

  13. Bonnie. Do you remember that I asked you a long time ago if you have heard Madonnas "The Beast Within"? It is a live recording but I don't remember the name of the album. There is some pieces from the revelation in the song. And in the end I think it is you hear MJ's voice talking about phrophesy. Please listen to it and analyse it for us. I am not good at analyzing music. Susanne

    1. Hi, Susanne -

      I read somewhere that Madonna was involved in a collaboration with Michael on writing a song years ago, but I don't know if they ever got together. If they did, then it might be Michael's voice on that recording. I would like to hear it and will try to find it. Love and hugs to you and to everyone here! - Micheline

    2. Here is the link below to the lyrics of Madonna's "The Beast Within." I have listened carefully to the background and cannot hear Michael at all. If he wanted to use his voice on any song, I think he would have done it for the purpose of enhancing the song, not try to cover up his vocals. When Rockwell recorded "Somebody's Watching Me," Michael's distinctive voice is unmistakable, yet he sang no verses, only the simple chorus, "I always feel like somebody's watching me." Now when they play that song on the radio, I am always waiting to hear Michael's voice! No one in the world could duplicate his pure voice. But if anyone else can hear him on this link, then I guess my eyes aren't the only thing that's failing me!

    3. Hi Spotlight. I don't think MJ's voice is in the video version of the song. The one with MJ's voice on it is on Madonnas album "Let me tell you a secret". It is a live track and you hear the audience scream in the beginning. MJ is not singing you hear him say something abouth phrofecy and it is repeated a couple of times in the end of the song. There are two or three different versions of the song. I think you have to search for a mp3 file not a video of the song. Thank you for your reply. There is no doubt in my mind that the voice belongs to MJ. Susanne

    4. Micheline, here is the director's cut. Did you watch this? OMG! No that does not sound like Michael.

      It actually sounds like Madonna, processed. That video is uggggggh! Gave me the creeps! There is also another cut to this video with the "satanic" verses.

      She also does the "Whore of Babylon Ritual"
      And "Paradise Not For me" (this is weird)

      Ummmm, Thanks for the warning, Madonna.

  14. I just looked it up. It is from her album "I'm going to tell you a secret" from 2006. The name of the song is "The beast within". Since his voice is on that live track she must have gotten promision from MJ, right? Susanne

  15. Bonnie,

    Awesome blog once again...

    I found this website and I am not sure if you have been there but it is an online library and there are A LOT of books on it may be helpful.

    Also, my blog is finally up and runnning, I will be posting a story about the Murder of Bob Marley later on today, so whenever you have a chance, take a look.

    1. Geeze - The Illuminati Treasure trove!

      Can't wait to see what you come up with on Marley. I did a blog on him back in the summer. Some controversy as he believed Jesus was already here the second time, as a King in Africa.

  16. Everyone I will answer posts but something else has to happen first . . . .

    Mike? Michael? Mikey? Please wherever you are, you are HEALING the world. Can you ask you to please include my headache in that endevour? Pretty quickly if it's not too much to ask? All day it's been. Thank you in advance ♥♥♥

  17. Bonnie,

    You did a fantastic job with this blog! Especially when you posted the video clips and actually broke it down about what is going on. And I have to admit that it has never occured to me when they were doing Michael Jackson's tribute, it was celebration of his 'blood sacrifice.' I have never thought of that and I did see Lady Gaga's show performance 'Paparazzi' when it first aired. I thought she was being just outrageous for shock value. But now that I looked closely at it, I can see that it was about Michael Jackson. Because Michael had to deal with it all his life until his death. I am shocked about Kanye West! I don't know what to say. But I'm going to see if I can find a youtube of it.

    Looking at Madonna's Superbowl performance, it's obvious that they are very bold with it now but I will say this, it has a lot of people talking especially the ones who are familiar occult symbols. This is mindblowing!

    Oh yeah, just read that Madonna is starting a World Tour 2010. Hmmm....guess with the performance of the SuperBowl, seems like she's about to spread the message.

    Thought I give you a heads up on that. Keep up the good work.


    1. Hi "P"! Thank you on the comments about the blog. God answered my prayer and restored me (with a headache that he did take away :o)

      Well with Michael "out of the way" I guess Madonna can be the "Queen". Of WHAT I have no idea. It was so important for her to "rule the world" as she told Dick Clark, that she sold her soul to do so. Now she owns nothing. They own her.

  18. In the end of "like a prayer" it says "world peace". Is that really Madonna? She looks different. Susanne

    1. That's her. Face lifts and botox injections can do wonders.

  19. Dear Bonnie,

    This is the video of Madonna and MJ

    1. Did you notice how Schmuley in this video advocates for Madonna, with the FILTH she puts out (no Schmuckey, Madonna hasn't changed, she's gotten WORSE), but he skewers Michael, who's WHOLESOME??? This is his TALMUD TEACHING . . . Smut is king.

  20. Madonna's half time show was a spectacle for sure, but far from what I would call high caliber entertainment. The feeling I got overall was a sinister and decadent display put on by a woman who is self absorbed with delusions of grandeur. She parades men around like subordinates and I did not enjoy seeing her straddle the back of a gladiator! There was a heavy dose of demonic symbolism and sadomasochism, none of which was appropriate for a venue that included children of all ages. And the female rapper who flipped the bird twice for all to see - what was that all about? The entire show was dark and oppressive. Where are the role models here for girls and young women? At 53 years old, Madonna is the same age as Michael, and yet her creative horizons have not evolved with her maturity. Her half time show was full of mechanical dance moves (with no soul), monochromatic distractions and smoke screens to hide a lack of substance. Perhaps she is a "messenger" of another kind? I do feel this was another example of evil rearing its ugly head.

    Michael, on the other hand was constantly reinventing himself and pushing the limits of his creativity, never once losing his sense of style and grace. Compare Madonna's half time show with the beauty and uplifting spirit of Michael's 1993 extravaganza and you need no words - only the feeling it gives your heart. From the moment James Earl Jones introduced Michael, the wonderment began on the giant screen with those two techno appearances. But I'm telling you, he worked every detail, and the way he positioned his body when he popped on to the stage, he looked like a magical toy soldier come to life! The crowd roared with delight throughout Michael's complete performance, and that aerial shot of the inflated globe with all the colorful children filling the stadium sent sparks of emotion through me.

    Michael was all about giving love. He set the standard and did it with class and a beautiful message. Madonna is about self gratification and exhibitionism. She put on a shameless act that included S&M and demonic worship, and wrapped it up with an aerial view of the words "world peace." Talk about mixed messages! The only thing that made any sense was her exit by disappearing below the stage. How appropriate that she went down BELOW...and Michael came UP!

    Back in 1984, Madonna appeared on American Bandstand and told Dick Clark that her goal was "to rule the world." Since childhood, Michael has wanted to HEAL the world. And that is the fundamental difference between them. You project outward what is in your soul. Madonna's work flaunts the dark and decadent, while Michael fuels our senses with a kaleidoscope of beautiful music, movement, light, shadow, color...and always with a story that gives us hope and love. When I watch any of his short films or stage productions, it's like looking at his version of a Monet or Rembrandt painting. That's why Michael reigns as the supreme master creator. There, I've said my piece! ♥

    1. I agree with you, and you couldn't have summed up the differences between the two performances any better than that. Now that' i've joined YOUR PIECE by saying MY PIECE, I think we can have some PEACE! ♥♥♥

  21. Hi Bonnie!
    Thank you so much for declaring that Michael Joe is of God. This is the reason that I found this blog. I was looking for the truth.
    I was looking for proof. I had never considered that Michael is playing a part in Bible prophecy. God is in this.
    I want all the readers of this blog to know that many young people are being led to hell by all of the demonic symbolism in the music. They are confusing the underworld alchemy with Christianity, paganism, new age philosophy and satanism. They are learing about this through the music, movies, tv shows and video games. I talk with youth from different backgrounds and I see it happening. This is a form of child abuse in my opinion and the folks that produce this garbage are getting richer and bolder. The New GI Joe movie to be released soon, quotes Jay Z as saying "To whichever deity...." It is sad and it is dangerous. Don't back down Bonnie. Those who love the truth and who are watching and praying, support you. I'm sure that Michael is somewhere smiling.

    1. Trinia, thank you for commenting and you are right. This one only one of the reasons I believe Michael was so, so concerned about the children because he knew they were going after them (in more ways than one!).

      It IS a form a child abuse. Child CORRUPTION. Corruption of Innocence. Since the beginning of the human race it's gone on. I think Michael is somewhere biting his nails!

      God Bless you♥♥♥

  22. Liberian Girl HeeheeFebruary 7, 2012 at 11:35 PM

    Hi Bonnie, I planned on responding to your last post yesterday, but after reading all 80 some odd responses, I was exhausted myself and had to go to bed. Since we have moved on the only thing that I want to say about it is that this is your blog and you have committed the last 2.5 years of your life in sharing your research, your opinions, the facts you have unearthed, your emotion, your tears and more, and if you write something that some of us don't agree with, we must still respect you and this site. You have done more to finding the truth about what happened to Michael on and before June 25, then his entire family and his so called friends have done. Not dissing his family as I know they love Michael and have hurt when he hurt. But, shamone, they have all said at one time or another that they know who is behind what happened to Michael and that the truth will come out. Well, if someone "killed" my brother and I knew who it was, I certainly would not keep it a secret...would you?

    Michael is very much human, but he is a gift from God. He had the power to bring people together, to heal sick children, to make them smile, to entertain, dance and sing powerful songs, like no other before him. That power made the establishment and those who held power nervous. I think his Super Bowl performance and his ability to bring football fans all across the world to their feet was also noted. They brought him down but couldn't take him out. Half of me you’ll never be, so you should feel threatened by me.

    Bonnie, I love you and hope your headache goes away soon. <3

    Liberian Girl Heehee

    1. Hi Liberian girl. First, I've thought a lot about Michael's family and the frustration of knowing they know who's behind this and they're not saying anything, INSTEAD asking us to read between the lines and figure it out for ourselves. Let me ask you a question.

      If we weren't put in a position to have to seek the answers ourselves, WOULD WE HAVE? Perhaps the reason they aren't saying anything is two-fold?

      One - They can't because they are still surrounded.

      Two - If they told us from the very beginning would most of us have believed them? I mean look at the reputation the press gave them! Some of us probably would have been rolling our eyes and saying "oh sure, you just want attention and are jealous of Michael like so-and-so said".

      Sometimes God gives us the answers . . . sometimes he makes us seek them out under tribulation because being tried grows our faith and maturity in truth. (Did that just come out of my mouth????) I don't know everything but I'm seeing this in my own struggles.

      Yes, Michael is a human. (Thank goodness, because if all angels dance like that in Heaven???? We'll never get any worship done!) But God works through people and if Michael made a committment to marry himself to God, God would use him to show us how it is done.

      I love you too Liberian girl. Headache is gone but I need sleep, so off I go after I finish this. ♥♥♥

  23. Oh, know how I feel about "One More Chance," don't you? I have the hardest time watching Michael in this. There is something so vulnerable about him as he stands on the table facing all those people. We know his arrest took place during the making of this film, but I also sense that this was meant to be Michael's swan song - by having the crowd assembled on the stage, Michael was saying farewell to both - the fans and the stage. Kicking glasses off the table could have been a symbolic metaphor for "this show closed." Did you notice how he ended his performance? It felt like Michael was having a final bonding with the fans, shaking their hands and smiling at them, for the last time. At the end he opens his arms and faced the crowd with appreciation, then turned away from them, wiped the hair from his face and walked off camera. You clearly see as he faces us that he is not smiling - why not? Michael was never careless about details, so his somber expression was no accident. Everything he does has meaning. I feel very protective of Michael when watching this film, because I see a man who is leaving the only love he ever knew in his life - the stage, and was now venturing out - alone without his armor.

    But, he is still wearing God's armor, right Bonnie?

    1. Micheline, I used to not like this song because it wasn't finished (or the film MICHAEL wanted to do was not finished). But now that I know what the song means, Oh my . . . You know what' he's asking don't you?

      Michael knew when he recorded "Cry" what was going to happen. This was being recorded AFTER that song and I believe this was his last request. You are right. (Heart is aching). If you knew what I see right now in that song . . . I don't even know if I can describe it. It's a mirage in solid form. Think back to the first time Michael mentioned what it was like to grow up not knowing love. Not experiencing love "that was denied you at birth".

      *sigh* . . . moving on . . .

  24. To Everyone: The headache is now pulled back enough for me to be able to see (what a relief!!!), so Thank you God and thank you Mike wherever you are if your input is responsible for the relief.

    I am going to attempt to answer as many posts as I can but it will be slow going. God gave me a poem while I still had my headache but I'll save it for the next blog update.

    Off to work . . .

  25. By the way . . . . I want everyone to comment on Line's comment above where she said:

    "BONNIE said : "I WANTED a reaction, whether I was ready to handle one or not."
    I have always admired your total honesty on this Blog whether I agreed or not with you on some topics in the past.

    BONNIE said : "The REAL Michael is OF GOD."

    God Bless you Bonnie."

    You will enjoy this, I promise! ♥♥♥

  26. PrincessGlam,

    Thank you so much for Michael's 1993 timeline.

    Below is a link showing Michael's 1992 announcement that the only reason for his Dangerous Tour was to raise 100 million dollars for his newly formed Heal The World Foundation by Christmas 1993. TPTB made sure that Michael was used and abused by Christmas 1993.

    Also, this clip is becoming increasingly hard to find on YouTube. I could not find the complete clip, which is sweet and moving. If one were to find all of MJ's various filmed announcements about Heal the World in 1992 & 1993, and the tremendous concert responses, one can understand what a terrific threat Michael Jackson was to the global agenda.



  27. BONNIE said : "By the way . . . . I want everyone to comment on Line's comment above where she said:"

    Bonnie, pls dont bother anyone, you know I'm a clown :o) but I love the "Hallelujah" from G.F. Haendel : a real explosion of joy at the glory of God & after the "Michael go to hell" tsunami, know what I mean ? ;o)

    Baphomet Madonna - years ago I would have said : a super megashow as only the USA can produce with a usual provocative Madonna. But as we learnt here, I also see with new eyes this mega-parade at the glory of NWO/Illuminati. "World Peace" : Yeeaaah..NOT ! You rightfully said "Well with Michael "out of the way" I guess Madonna can be the "Queen". A world triumph for the evil industry & Madonna who always envied Michael's fame & now tries & imitate Michael's own shows for her personal agenda sold to the bad guys. No, Michael was definitely the good one THEY removed out of their way. No Justice on Earth.

    Now pamper yourself, remember ?

    1. I had to bring that to people's attention. I wouldn't have even thought to look for that to "thank God" for someone getting there sense knocked back into them, LOL! That was great! Made me laugh outloud. But other than the circumstance for which it was shared, I too love Haendal and the choir of voices. Even just the strings doing "Messiah" and let it soak into every cell of my body!

      I wish I could hug Michael. Now I will have to live vicariously through film clips of him hugging his fans. But I can hug him in prayer to God and ask HIM to do it for me.

  28. Boniel, sobre os filhos de Michael concordo com você, apesar de achar ainda Prince muito parecido com KlEim, olhando as fotos do avo de Michael também achei muitas semelhançAS ENTRE ELE E pRINCE.

    Ha 3 anos atrás eu não cria na existencia da iluminatI ou outras sociedades secretas, e também não era fã de Michael aapesar de sentir que ele era inocente e ter orado por ele em seu julgamento. depois de 25 de junho de 2009, aprendi muito não só sobre o que foi a vida de homem de DEUS, mas como nos somos manipulados enganados, pelos donos do mundo. Michael abriu meus olhos, Deus se usou dele pra isso,demorou um pouco, mas mensagem dele chegou ao meu coração e de muitas pessoas GRAÇAS A DEUS

    1. Translated Estrella - "Boniel, the children of Michael I agree with you, although I feel a lot like Prince still KlEim, looking at photographs of his grandfather Michael also found many similarities between IT and Prince. Ha 3 years ago I did not believe in the existence of the Illuminati and other secret societies, and also was not a fan of Michael aapesar feeling that he was innocent and had prayed for him at his trial. after June 25, 2009, not only learned a lot about what life was a man of God, but how wrong we are manipulated by the owners of the world. Michael opened my eyes, God used him for that, it took a while, but his message came to my heart and many people THANK GOD"

    2. Hi Estrella,

      Three years ago I thought the "Illuminati" was a myth myself. Three years ago I was not a fan of Michael either. I liked his voice when I heard it and thought he was a victim and not guilty, same as you. So imagine my husband's surprise (and ALL of my family and friends) when this happened and it took over my life. Everyone thinks a mission should be approved by a church. Not so. God divies out those jobs, not men.

      God opened my heart to Michael and Michael opened my eyes and my heart FURTHER. I want to do as much as I can to help OTHER people out there that are dangerously asleep. But I also believe that we should still be praying for Michael, to God. God would not have prompted me to pray for Michael if he did not need it. ♥

    3. To Estrella translated:

      Oi Estrella,

      Três anos atrás eu achava que o "Illuminati" era um mito mesmo. Três anos atrás eu não era fã de Michael quer. Eu gostava de sua voz quando eu ouvi e achei que ele era uma vítima e não culpado, mesmo que você. Então, imagine minha surpresa do marido (e toda a minha família e amigos) quando isso aconteceu e ele tomou conta da minha vida. Todo mundo pensa que a missão deve ser aprovado por uma igreja. Não é assim. Deus divies fora os empregos, e não homens.

      Deus abriu meu coração para Michael e Michael abriu meus olhos e meu coração AINDA. Eu quero fazer o máximo que posso para ajudar outras pessoas lá fora que estão perigosamente dormindo. Mas também acredito que ainda deve estar orando por Michael, a Deus. Deus não teria me levou a orar por Michael se ele não precisar dele. ♥

  29. Wow Bonnie I don't even know where to start....!
    Awesome blog again!
    But first I want to tell you something. I am one of the new posters, although a long time reader, and if I in any way have upset you with my questions, I sincerely want to apologize for that. That was certainly not my intension.
    You answered my question in the previous blog entry about the connection between Fulford and your sudden anger with the Jackson family/Michael. Thanks again for that! I hear what you're saying (especially after reading today's blog).
    Next, I asked you: How can we know it is Jesus? (the question was a bit longer!)
    Again, you gave me an extensive answer and I'm really thankful for that. It's difficult for me because -I already confessed to you- my lack of biblical knowledge. I also asked you if you/we are willing to be open to the possibility that Jesus might be appear in another way than we expect him to be. That God might have made a change of plans (I guess one can only ask such a question when they are not familiar with the bible :)). You didn't answer me on that so I assume that's not an option for you. Ofcourse that's okay, I only know that I am open to any possibility and for me, anything can happen! Even it is Michael he sent forward to test the waters. You know, it's GOD we are talking about!! I don't know if this has anything to do with your line 'The real Michael is of God'. (that's were my lack of english creeps in, I don't know what you exactly mean with this sentence!). I hope you are willing to explain yourself on that!!

    Then, I asked you if you were aware of the religious part in the MJDHI forum. You told me that the forum/Souza has bashed you in the past, but to my knowledge there was (maybe) very little bashing and much more appreciation for your blog. I quoted (part of your) blog entries several times (and ofcourse gave you the credit!) and there were always positive reactions to it. Many other members guided others to your blog. I'm not about argueing with other members so when I sence that, I stay away from certain threads. I'm also not aware of the fact that Souza bashed you, but than again, I don't have the time to read every single post over there. I know she is very protective of the forum, but I feel there is nothing wrong with that, so are you and that's OK, it's YOUR blog. Continue....

  30. Continue.....Bonnie, you said:

    Hi Estrella,

    Three years ago I thought the "Illuminati" was a myth myself. Three years ago I was not a fan of Michael either. I liked his voice when I heard it and thought he was a victim and not guilty, same as you. So imagine my husband's surprise (and ALL of my family and friends) when this happened and it took over my life. Everyone thinks a mission should be approved by a church. Not so. God divies out those jobs, not men.

    God opened my heart to Michael and Michael opened my eyes and my heart FURTHER. I want to do as much as I can to help OTHER people out there that are dangerously asleep. But I also believe that we should still be praying for Michael, to God. God would not have prompted me to pray for Michael if he did not need it. ♥

    Souza wasn't a fan of Michael either when she started MJDHI in 2009, but I guess she experienced the same as you described above.

    You feel that the forum bonds with Sony but I don't have that feeling. Souza is from The Netherlands, how could Sony be a part of this? I know she is bashed all over the internet and she's still around, so she doesn't have a lack of tenacy.

    But, I'm not here to defend Souza, because I don't know her, but I want to trust and believe in people and if I punch my head with that, so be it. I learned an awful lot the past 2,5 years (here and there) and I will not let myself be swept away in the drama of bashing and trashing. I do know that there was biblical reference to the hoax way back as in 2009. So it's not something that was suddenly brought up.

    Bonnie, I haven't read all the posts of TS either, I'm on a fence on that but I just thought that you could be a real good contributor to the forum, since there is an increasing part of religion and biblical references in it. I'm sorry if I may hurt your feelings with that, but believe me it was a sincere question and that to my honest knowledge there was no bashing of you (maybe in the time you were a 'non-believer' ;)?

    Take care Bonnie and thanks for reading! No hard feelings?

    1. Hi Anonymous - That was quite a post.

      Before you needlessly spend all your time writing these wonderful posts (and they are indeed a big help, I thank you), I will tell you some things that will save you some time possibly in the future.

      --- I have nothing against the people on the hoax forums. Many of them posting there just want answers like we do, so please don't think I'm bashing the forum as a whole or have anything against people "reaching for the truth".

      --- I don't know SOUZA either, but I've seen her posts in regard to this blog and they are not flattering. That' being said, I have nothing against that as it stands alone. Everyone has their own opinion. But I do know she is on the "inside". I won't tell you how I know, I just know.

      --- TS. I know who this person is and I know what they are doing.

      --- I know that "The Netherlands" has been all over this blog INTENSELY especially in the last couple of days.

      That is all I am going to say about that subject. I have infiltrators that are silent and I have infiltrators that comment and are "helpful". They don't have to leave a comment for me to know they were here.

      I have people combing this site and lifting information and compiling from older blogs and I can see each page they were on. You can see the pattern of the pages they go to and they are on this site sometimes from four to eight hours at a time and it is the same people.

      With that said you have said nothing to upset me at all, and I know there are people on that forum that have posted about this blog and they share information from it and this is why I say nothing. I don't bash and for all I know, Souza could honestly be trying to compile information. However - - Well, I won't say any more. We'll see where this goes.

      Anyhow, no. I quoted part of your contributions in the blog above because the question you asked about Jesus was a valid one and I wanted to highlight it because Scripture DOES answer it directly. :o) I didn't mean to run that paragraph together with the other poster and I apologize.

      No, God is of truth. He is not going to "change his mind" and give us a Bible to follow and warn us, and then change the script, so you can find comfort in that.

      As far as Michael's part in scripture or prophecy, it says what it says. I'm just trying to connect dots so people aren't mislead as you can see they will attempt to use Scripture to do that.

      Absolutely no hard feelings. Not even yesterday♥!

    2. Thanks Bonnie, fair enough, I won't mention MJDHI again, but I feel bad for the members over there who have established their hopes on TS and thus might be misled.

      I also feel God is of truth, but also:

      Isaiah 55:8-9

      New Living Translation (NLT)

      8 “My thoughts are nothing like your thoughts,” says the LORD.
      “And my ways are far beyond anything you could imagine.
      9 For just as the heavens are higher than the earth,
      so my ways are higher than your ways
      and my thoughts higher than your thoughts.

      Makes me feel that He might not has revealed everything yet!

    3. I understand. I don't know if this is what you are asking me to do, but I didn't want to just show up in someone elses territory and disrupt someone elses forum. I know there are people over there that take what they read in that forum and do their own searches, others post links to outside sources and just like you, will ask questions in sources outside that forum.

      You're right. God has not revealed everything. But he has left us signs to look for and recognize if we are interested in the truth or have a "love of the truth".

      If he revealed EVERYTHING how would our faith get exercised? We have to put out some honest effort too.

      What is going on in the world today is a direct result of the misappropriation of knowledge. God gifts us as our souls are cleansed of desire to do evil with that knowledge. When God says he knows our hearts . . . he does.

    4. Oh Bonnie, no, I don't ask you to do that, I understand what you are saying about not just wanting to show up to disrupt a forum, but the problem is that many people on the internet claim to know who TS is or Souza (and what they are up to), but they never can say how they know it. How comes that many people know that Souza and TS are 'fake', yet the members of the forum haven't 'access' to that knowledge? Also, no one is offering evidence for that assertion, thus members are going to defend TS. It's a never ending circle.

    5. I understand that and anyone is free not to believe me. If you want to know who some of these people are, go read a couple of my 2010 blog entry comments. Some of those people are the one's I've tangled with before.

      There is a DECEPTION in the works. Putting all cards on the table is not always wise, but they know that I know who they are. (Souza notwithstanding, I don't know her personally, only who she works for).

      I'm not interested in debating anyone about it so that will make things less confusing. I'll stay on task. It's not my concern whether people believe me about them or not, they are not my priority. I agree with you on the issue but I can't really help you and I pray you will understand. Trying to keep things peaceful and just do my job. :o) ♥

  31. Dear Bonnie,

    Have You seen this video MJ with soul train founder Don cornelius Who just committted suicide, Berry Gordy, larry King at jesse jackson birthday party.

    1. Yep! Seen it. I don't think Cornelius committed suicide anymore than Peter Lopez. What do you think?

  32. Hey Bonnie

    I just had to comment on this blog entry. I haven't looked at any of the clips on this blog or the previous one...that'll come later when I get home...I just wanted to comment that "thank God Bonnie's come to her senses" lol. After the last blog I thought "oh my....Bonnie's lost it and now I'm leaving for sure." There have been more than one or two times over the last 2.5 years that I've thought this. I don't always agree with you and at times I vehemently disagree with you but don't publicly (or rarely) say anything. Mostly I do agree with you and I've had more than a few "ah ha" moments reading your blogs. This time though I was just going to quietly stop reading but a few things such as the (TM) made me think that you were searching for answers so here I am again ;) to find out that, indeed, you are still on top of your game. You really made me think on the drive to work this morning ;) I pray you get your rest, pray the headaches stay away :) For my part, even though at times the blog is heart wrenching, I continue on this journey with you. Take care Bonnie


    1. Hi Deb,

      Thank you for expressing your thoughts. I will tell you like I told someone else further up, if 13 or 14 months ago someone was posting this kind of information on a blog about Michael, I would have stopped reading myself.

      I think this is why God doesn't give us "all the info" at once. Because we can't handle it. We would shut down or shut the book. He gives us just enough info ahead of time where we will see the signs as they come and put the pieces together a little at a time.

      When you think about it like that, the Bible is really a brilliant piece of work. Man would not be able to come up with such a living story and by that I mean it comes to life the more you read it and the further along in time that you go. It is proof it is Holy.

      It is going to be the same I think with Michael and his part in history and this story and everyone sees at different intervals. I guess this is God's way to avoid information overload.

      God Bless you♥

  33. Bonnie, when you asked above if Madonna knew how much trouble she was in, she seems to be the buzz of the radio jocks because of her half time show, and it's all good for far. She is booked at Yankee Stadium and people are all for it, saying she should add more shows because she would sell out in a minute. Sound familiar when we heard that extra shows were added to Michael's concerts? I think Madonna is paying for this publicity, because it sounds like she's in a contest to either match or surpass Michael in ticket sales.

    What really troubles me is not all the money she stands to make, since none of us can take it with us - but how many "sleeping" souls are going to buy into her dark message. Madonna will not be shut down, at least not just yet, because she's doing the Illuminati's bidding...big time! Just like the Cardiff tribute, the dark clouds are all over the place!

    1. I'm not surprised that she's booked at Yankee Stadium. But that is sudden. And let's not forget they have released the tour dates for Madonna' World Tour 2012. Majority of the tour dates are in Europe. Coincidence?

    2. You just put in words the difference between good and evil in the context of the entertainment industry.

      Michael was about constantly challenging and outdoing himself. His motivation to do so was to increase his audience to get God's message out.

      People like Madonna constantly try to outdo "others". Their motivation is to have their feet on top of other's heads and it is for self gratification which as we all know, does not last.

      People are awakening. The press is making so much noise about MIA sticking up her middle finger they are completely covering up the satanic elements in the show. You see it, don't you?

    3. @TrueJustice,

      Nahhhhh . . . No coincidence! (Same as Michael!)

  34. Dear Bonnie,
    Thank you for helping me become a Christian and find God and Jesus again. I now go to a Baptist church.
    What I find strange is Michael said "Invincible" would be his LAST album!! Why would Michael say this?? Before Michael died he had NO record contract and all the other albums that came out after "Invincible" were mostly "Best Of's MJ" type of albums with the odd new song or new remix thrown in.
    If you look at Amy Winehouse and her death it was another ritual sacrifice. People don't believe that sort of thing goes on!! They think it is fiction. I've read about 'soul snatching' frightening stuff.
    I'm into soul music and gospel music by the way. God bless you for taking time to do this blog. I've been reading "MuzikFactoryTwo" blog as well. I don't know if you know much about that blog?

    1. Hi Anonymous,

      I am so happy you told me that! Thank you! Don't ever let that newness leave you (like a child). If you are just starting back into the Bible let me know where you are. I just went to a Baptist Revival with my husband tonight (in the South. Wow, they've really calmed down since the ones I attended as a kid!)

      > I think at that point Michael knew it was going to be his last album. He wanted to work on other things.

      Michael's post Invincible Albums were box sets that Michael was obligated to make for Sony to finish up the contract. One was the Thriller 25th Anniversary and then the "Best Of" and the "Ultimate Collection" I have all but the "Best of" and my HUSBAND scratched the doggone 2nd History CD!

      What is soul snatching? I never heard of it. I don't think you can take souls without someone giving it up willingly. One of the protections God gave us. The devil has dominion over the earth but not over us. We have to invite the devil in for him to be able to get in.

      I love all types of music. I LOVE soul and probably sing that best with what's left of my voice. Patsy Cline is about my speed now..

      Ugggggghhh . . . you had to ask me about Muzik. Muzikfactory is an abusive individual. I still have all the emails she sent me, threatening me when I exposed TINI. She's abusive to the Jacksons and I blocked her off a LONG time ago (before the end of 2010). She is a member of TINI. She makes and breaks alliances but don't be fooled . . . they are all on the same side. They just appear to attack each other to keep the fans distracted.

  35. Dear Bonnie,

    Nope dont believe it, Why was his lawyer there? Reminds me of Anna Nicole when her lawyer was living with her too close and personal.

    MJ london fans loved him, cant say that about Prince Charles, Sir Howard Stringer, when MJ died the fans called the radio station and demanded them to play his music.

    I read the Biography on the prophet TB Joshua, hes from Nigeria and a member of fifa Something international football association.
    I read somewhere MJ was suppose to return and perform in 2014 . Strange character.

    1. Nita, thank you for this article. I ammend my statement. Seeing he is from Nigeria, one of many African territories invaded and colonized by Britain and that fact that he is well financed, he is probably on the inside, which is not good. I have not yet had time to listen to his other services online. I love his accent, but . . . I guess it remains to be seen which side recruited him.

  36. Now you'll never get caught up again lol :P


    1. Lindsey - Thank you. Interesting topic and I am glad people are out there pulling these dis-info's apart.

      You can usually spot the deceivers, they are the ones that direct you to every other conspirator EXCEPT the Zionists or Israel. If people read their Bibles the Bible tells you exactly who the anti-Christ is and where the conspiracy comes from.

      In more than one book of the Bible and by more than one prophet we are told "only a remnant" of the tribes of Israel. Daniel cries about this (I love Daniel. I would love to meet that man in Heaven!) My goal is the dedication of Daniel but the temperament of Christ (and I have a loooooong way to go). I'm a girl so maybe I can strive to be . . . (Ruth? Elizabeth? Mary?) Help? LOL!

  37. Hello Bonnie!

    What I meant to say is that I hope Michael knows or will know one day, how hard you have been and are working to get the truth told. I like to think that he is smiling at You.
    I deeply appreciate the videos and pictures of Michael that you post. I love him even more as a person now that I know the truth.
    Lot's of love and hugs to you.

    1. That is sweet to say, but I don't think Michael would be too impressed with me after the blog before this one. Man, I so cried about that. I think sometimes he would like to moonwalk up the side of my head, LOL. I'm not perfect and I get panicked about some of this stuff I find and put together. This is major, major!

      Between his last known produced songs, Invincible songs, and this unfinished "One More Chance" and "This is It" these songs are very personal and they are meant to go together with his other songs, but . . . I don't know, you listen to these and especially in "One More Chance". He WANTS US to be doing this! "Searching for that one who will make me whole, help me make these mysteries unfold". I was just talking to Micheline about this tonight. There is a LOT of information in this song and it is, well it can be taken two ways. I think it's a test so I'm going to study for it . . . brb, LOL!

      Love you very much and thank you for taking the time to read all that.

      God bless you much!

  38. Dear Bonnie,

    MJ invested alot in africa I hope he wasnt betrayed. Here another article it kinda gives me a funny feelin.

    1. Yeah, not long after Michael's passing eh? I can see why it gives you a funny feeling. Just six months prior to that TB was prophesying Michael's death. Hmmmmm.

      Wait until you see what I found. I don't even know where to start . . .

    2. OMG! I was just about to mention that to you. And Nita beat me to it. (LOL) I wanted to know what you thought of that one. In the 'Jackson Family Dynasty' when it was airing, it did show Marlon going to Africa. Plus, I did read about a minister predicting the death of MJ. He asked everyone to pray for him. I wondered what you have found. I, too, have a funny feeling.


    3. Well honestly I haven't looked that deeply into him. Only surface digging. Initially I said that I didn't feel anything evil about him, just listening to him and watching him on video. I think his accent is cute (just to be honest).

      Upon doing some "Wiki-digging", he seems to have both bad and good press, but also some controversies on "healings". That doesn't mean he's lying. Shoot, we have the Mega churches begging for money on national T.V. here in the states, performing "questionable" healings and what not and they only thing they accomplish is giving T.V. evangelists a bad name. Especially when one of them has a wife who probably spends a mil a year just on hair spray. You know who I'm talking about . . . Rocky Horror-meets-Dolly Parton. (I know that's not nice but man).

      We can't determine this guy's character just by the fact that he's hung around or has been with the Jackson's because some very UNSAVORY characters have also done this in California (Branca, say hi! Majestik? You too).

      Maybe Michael taught this guy to heal? (smiling).

      Something funny about his January Premonition though and I picked this up posting the Bible verses for tonight's blog.

      Joshua said this "star" is between life and death.

      In the Garden of Gethsemane when Jesus was praying for his apostles for the last time (and for us) in John 17 he says something that made me think Christ was already "between life and death". It is this verse 11 -

      "And now I am no more in the world, but these are in the world and I come to thee. Holy Father, keep through thine name those whom thou hast given me, that they may be one as we are."

      Jesus at that point, even though the soldiers had not come for him yet, declared he was "no more of this world".

      I thought what T.D. Joshua said was poignant and that is the verse that came to mind.

  39. Hi. I don't know if I like this new Reply thing. If you come back to read new comments you don't know where they are so you have to go through all the comments again. Before you just continued to read where you left of.
    This is old stuff but just in case someone out there have missed it. Listen to "Virtual barbershop". You can download it on or listen to it on YouTube. Headphones or headset is necessary to enjoy it. Susanne

    1. Susanne, I don't like it either and I have no control over it because I didn't change it, Google did. It's obnoxious, I know.

  40. Jermaine and Michael have the same problem, always wanting to lay the blame on something else. Changed your life completely, hasn't it? For forty days and for forty nights the law was on her side. Seems like forever. Madonna has it bad for Michael. That "Like a Prayer" video is very revealing.

    This is going to be a lot of work. (sigh)

  41. i was a member of Souza hoax site from the very beginning. I joined to find the truth.
    I had to leave her site as they always seemed to be pushing an agenda.. be it the doubles theory, the TS, the Elvis theory... Souza always seems to have an agenda and it annoys me as thats not what this should be about. So i left her forum. i am a member of another forum which doesnt bully its members into believing certain theories.
    Also.. i would like to know why Karen Faye has publicly been starting twitter arguments with Pearl??? Why is Karen Faye using the hoax theory to gather attention to herself?????

    1. Hi Monika - I remember you if you are the same Monika. Forums I don't even have time to take part in and that's the basic reason why I don't. Souza's forum I've only been made aware of because someone over there brought it to my attention way back when.

      Someone has been sending me those tweets too. My theory? Karen isn't using the hoax theory to gather attention to herself. She is using the hoax theory to gather attention to the assertion that Michael's dead.

      It will be more spectacular when they bring him back to life.

    2. Sorry . . . hit the enter key - Karen Faye knows what they are doing and what they are up to.

    3. Hi Monika! I wonder about KF too.
      She brings WAY too much attention to Pearl and the whole
      "believing" thing {though I get it she sees it all as just
      a Pearl-led crowd of teenagers}.
      She's either protecting something, wants attention or
      just gets too emotional on the subject which I still sort
      of can't get - she made her point clear ages ago, why these
      outbursts now? Chill Karen... you're not 15.
      Also she sure "helps" "believers" and "non-believers"
      to hate on each other more, this upsets me big time. As if
      we don't have enough hate around.
      What I thought is interesting that Jackson family couple times sort of asked "believers" to stop bothering them,
      and they did it indirectly - now through Karen, before think
      it was some twitter friend of Paris, getting just as
      emotional and protective. No idea if it's true but it
      makes sense anyway, can't believe "believers" did approach
      family members! Last thing they need really.
      To all "believers" reading - please, let's NOT go and ask
      Fam about you know what, please understand it's not what
      they can/want to discuss, especially with annoying strangers!

      Love to all.

    4. The Jackson family doesn't have to answer questions like that and even if they felt like it, they can't. There is more to this going on then just a few fans being pushy.

      I think the Jacksons were TRYING to be nice in saying not to bother them about that. They as Jermaine said, are NOT going to solve this on Twitter.

      People need to stop asking the family. It's in Michael's songs.

    5. Lost my post. THAT was aggrivating. Anyhow trying AGAIN!!!! (I think there are too many replies.)

      The truth is in Michael's songs. They don't need to bother the family with questions they cannot answer. I learned that lesson the hard way.

  42. Dear Bonnie,

    Im scared...that superbowl performance and this blog opened a can of worms. Ive got so much in my head right now! You know what it is. The question....Is he alive. Oh and one more thing did you know that Murray is cardiolgist to J.D nichols one of the original members of the commodores to which Lional Richie is a member. which reminds me of smokey Robinson little chat with tmz "I feel so sorry for Dr.Murray, but I do think his guilty".

    Heres an article from Cnn Read The last paragraph this jack rabbit toured with MJ dont you think he would be upset.oh no something not right about this.(motown)I wish i could find the video with this jack rabbit coming out of Murrays office.

    Dionne warwick

    1. You are scared why? Because of the question of if Michael is alive? Why would that scare you?

      Dr. Murray is not cardiologist to J.D. Nichols. This is the same rumor mill that started the rumor that Murray was James Brown's doctor. Murray had no other celebs for patients. Michael was the only one.

  43. Dear Bonnie,

    Forgot this one video J D nichols is the one with the british accent Conrad Murray convenient.

    1. Nita, I just tried all 3 of the sights you just listed and not 1 of them will come up. I guess they don't want us to see them

  44. Dear Bonnie,

    The more I listen to the commodores interview, sounds to me like they where stalking him in japan or someone made sure they where at that same place at the same time. (you dont have to post this one) Im just crazy mad right now.

    1. Who was stalking who in Japan? Michael? That's possible. He was stalked by these people CONSTANTLY. You talking about 2007?

  45. My mind is boggling!

    1. So is mine, believe me. Michael . .. I keep saying this over and over today . . . Michael (shake my head) Michael . . . Michael . . . Uh, God? Help? And THANK YOU! Because he did.

    2. Bonnie, same here. That's all I seem to be able to do lately with each new thing I learn, or even just watching his videos or interviews....shake my head slowly while saying heart gets so heavy :'(

  46. Hi Bonnie,

    I do agree with you that if the family knows more, as they say they do, that there are reasons why they can't divulge that information. Not sure if it is 1 or 2 or both. I would repost the options that you stated, but for some reason I can no longer copy and paste text or urls. Anyone else having that problem? Is there a fix? Boy, these Google changes are not all for the better are they?

    Thanks for posting What More Can I Give. What an amazing song...tells so much. I watched the entire Michael Super Bowl half-time show for the gazillionth time. I cry everytime the children file in and Michael stands with them. What an wonderful show! Michael saved the half-time show just like he saved MTV. Just another reason to L.O.V.E. him.

    1. Liberian girl, I'm sorry but I had to protect the forum. Way too many crawlers going through my blog for extended periods of time taking text and downloading. While that in itself does not bother me, I think if people want to copy text, they should have to work for it and type it out. I may take the script out because it's a hinderance to me too. I don't want people copying comments from others to be used against them. I don't care if they copy the blog.

      I know what you mean about the Superbowl . . . He's such a cuddley!


    Jesus is the only Savior. This video always makes me cry.

    1. Thank you anonymous, Any of those songs with that movie as a backdrop. The most moving movie ever.

      He's right in the song too, Todd Agnew. In most churches Jesus would probably never be allowed in. Because they would never recognize him.

  48. Wow, just got through the blog and comments. Not much to say that hasn’t been said.

    I agree that this new comments format is frustrating...and ridiculously time consuming! Maybe that’s the point.

    About disabling copy/ makes it difficult for friends as well as foes, Bonnie. You are putting restrictions on your own message by limiting access. (They probably have software to get around it anyway!) There is no way I am going to try and type out every link given in the comments. I don’t want to sound grumbly but it makes me feel like all being punished for the transgressions of the few.

    It’s the same thing I saw happening in my children’s elementary school - the entire class punished because of one troubled child acting that one child control, power to manipulate the lives of the entire classroom of children.

    Life is difficult and frustrating enough. I hope you reconsider.

    1. Is there software to "get around" copy and paste? I'm considering, 'cause I can't do it either and I write the doggone thing. :o(

    2. Truth, your prayers have been answered. :o) The pain in the butt has been removed.

    3. I don’t know if there’s software to get around copy/paste but if there is and those troublemakers are funded, well...they’d be the ones to have it. Geez, i thought the blog “owner” would still retain the ability. Pain in the butty-butt.

      LOL, at first I thought you knew something about other prayers in my life that I didn’t know had been answered! I’m kind of a child that way.

      Awww...thank you, Bonnie! ♥

      Now I will go back through...again!...and look at the links, and reply to Line’s as you requested.

  49. Everyone, I took the copy blocker off so you can copy urls and stuff. Should make it easier for commenting now.

  50. Ahh my bad about "black Jesus", it was meant to be
    but I always believed she was obsessed with getting
    Michael, in any way - it would give her great publicity
    and profit and satisfaction. She's always after who's big,
    bigger than her. Even girls. Calculating lady.


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