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Michael Jackson Justice

God: Reconnect to Him

The Conspiracy against God is about "The Word", and the profaning of His Holy Name within us. Adam fell in the garden, breaking the direct connection to God. Jesus, the "last Adam" was a quickening Spirit, the Word made Flesh, and the only one with whom we can re-establish our relationship with God. Michael's story is still unfolding. He is the one who is, is not. But Jesus is the only name given under heaven by which we must be saved. Many are trying to rewrite HIStory. We were given a help to instruct us. Learn more "here".

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Hear Our Cry
Used in a Conspiracy Against God Part 5

Solar Flair Aurora in Iceland Tonight

33. No man, when he hath lighted a candle, putteth it in a secret place, neither under a bushel, but on a candlestick, that they which come in may see the light.

34. The light of the body is the eye: therefore when thine eye is single, thy whole body also is full of light; but when thine eye is evil, thy body also is full of darkness.

35. Take heed therefore that the light which is in thee be not darkness.

36. If thy whole body therefore be full of light, having no part dark, the whole shall be full of light, as when the bright shining of a candle doth give thee light." - Luke 11:34-36

There was lots for me to think about Thursday night as I tried to go to sleep.  So much.  Kony, Michael.  Michael’s head, heart attack guns, celebrated and publicized assassinations, Twittered calls to kill someone by children who don’t even know the person they are calling to be murdered . . . and other things.  It was one of those nights I cried myself to sleep.  I did pray, but my pillow was wet and I’m really tired of doing that.

Before we close with Truthbtold’s research on what they are doing to our bodies and brains, I wanted to let you all know something.  My husband and I are friends with a missionary in Uganda.  And ironically his ministry works with children.  You would think that he would know a little more about what is going on in his country, and with children then a couple of boys hired out of college by the U.N. to start another Twitter riot, trying to make a name for themselves.

This missionary is the SAME, very same man who told me back last summer that our military was sent over to Uganda to teach their youth how to riot and over throw local political leaders.  He is also the same one that told me when he traveled to South Africa, they (U.N. troops?) paying civilians to burn farms owned by white families and that things got so bad, he had to leave the white family he was staying with and go back home, cutting short his trip.

This is the same missionary who told my husband that Kony was a good guy.  He said there are tortures and mutilations of men, women and children, but they are from another army working for the government they want in control of the country, to do their bidding.  So that is the story I got from someone who lives there and works with these orphaned and abandoned children all the time.  He said there was another agenda behind this . . . Oil.

I think Jason is trying to be another Wael Ghonim (Google executive who organized Egyptian protests last spring). 

This is sick.  This is completely and totally evil. What is wrong with people?  We all know who is responsible for the murder, abduction and mutilation of children not just in Africa but across the world!  They just ARRESTED a bunch of them in the Netherlands just a few months ago. 

I’d like to see a campaign get started to stand against these lies!  We can title it “We’ve Already Had Enough”  (Yes, credit goes to Michael).

I would like to see Facebook and Twitter shut down just from the sheer number of posts all at the same time –


I’m tired of being on the defensive!  They are ONLY PEOPLE! And they are killing OTHER PEOPLE for NO OTHER REASON then GREED!

They find self worth only in the denigration of others.  Really?  Are people like this FIT to run the planet?  God knows they are not.

Can you imagine the mentality of someone who could look a child like Jacob in the eye, watching him cry over the murder of his brother knowing it was people your funding government hired, then tell him it was someone else who was innocent of the crime?

How can people in their right minds lie like this for the sole purpose of generating hatred between groups of people?  Then sit there and watch them tear each other apart so you can move in, mop up the bodies and take the spoils for your own enrichment!

This is what people like Madonna, George Clooney, Usher, Jason Russell, Angelina Jolie, Carrie Fisher and the like – This is what they call “Love and Unity”?  Do those people have one unfried brain cell left to salvage any humanity of themselves?

These people are behind a campaign to kill someone . . . 


Michael, Right?
Thanks to Cathy

The video above is a powerful video.  And there is truth in it even though I am wary of it. And the reason I am wary of it is because there is no mention of God or faith.  That is the only reason I am wary of it.  Self reliance has never gotten us anywhere in the whole 6,000+ years man has been managing this planet.  We have done nothing but move from one usurper to another with the same exact results . . . misery. 

How many cycles of destruction does humanity have to witness before we finally get it through our thick heads that God is our salvation and not ourselves?

Message of Hope
We’re Almost There

A breath of fresh air. This may sound a bit familiar to Michael Jackson fans.

Common Sense
Cathy, Thank you

At 8:45 or so, they start digging into the pattern of hackers, and how “informants” from the FBI are always involved in these incidents – more illusion.

Sony comes to mind. Fake hacking using pieces of news put out by FBI to manufacture a boogey man to take your mind off of what they are doing/have done.

I love this guy!  At 9 minutes: “Let’s use this incident to ‘ooh, anonymous attacks CIA website ooooh, and lets bring in the next stage of clamp down on the internet to take care of this ‘problem’ that turns out to be caused by the government in the first place.  This is for those who are caught ‘in the matrix’ and don’t understand how the system works . . . it ALWAYS works like this. The ‘system’ attacks itself in order to gain more power in the name of defense.

You mean like this?

Who is Osama Bin Laden?

When viewing that video, remember who’s web site this is on.  “The system attacks itself to gain more power (and control) in the name of defense”.

Hopefully this will explain EXACTLY to those that don’t understand, what the SONY HACKING was all about.  Michael said it best on the Jesse Jackson radio interview in 2005, which I will post again below “it’s the same pattern . . .

Same situation in Uganda.  A boogey man . . . one man and an internet campaign started by the elitists (and George Clooney) to initiate public frenzy to send troops into a “problem” caused by the government in the first place.

It’s the same pattern like I told you with these other people in the past, it’s the same pattern. . .

@0:30  Smart Man

Why is the Illuminati being revealed now?  Why this year?  Why are people like Fulford and Wilcock and Jones being allowed to continue to broadcast while people like Todd, Schneider, Russo, Cooper and Michael of course, are gone, killed.  Murdered?

Fulford and Wilcock work for the very people they are attacking, so that means one thing – “taking it to another level”.  The spiritual one?  The one that will be revealed to solve all the world’s problems and usher in a (false) peace?  We await.

It is dialog like this from Michael Jackson that keeps my faith because Michael is telling us that he is aware and he has always been aware.  God HAS this.

(Personal note to Michael wherever he is, I’m sorry for crying all the time, but most of that is feeling what you felt and seeing some of this for the first time.  Thank you for your work in this♥)

The Heart Attack Gun – It Does Exist

I’m not saying they used this on Michael, but Breitbart?  The Obama impersonator?  Whitney?  Dileo?  What other tricks do they have up their sleeves?

The last paragraphs from Wednesday’s blog on the pineal gland:

“ . . . This doesn’t mean that this study is not valuable.  Because we know that THEY believe they can turn this little organ off by poisoning us and poisoning us they are doing.  Not just that little gland but our whole brain with the infiltration of aluminum and other heavy metals like mercury in our vaccines that are given to babies after they are just days old.

They are indeed trying to slowly put us to sleep.  First the will to live, then life itself.

Monsanto and the Connections

It is the apathy created by these chemicals and metals that may eliminate in you the desire to acquire your will to reach out for God.  Not the ability itself.  If you truly seek God and the truth, you will find Him because he knows EXACTLY where you are.

Special thanks to Truthbtold.  I do have more to cover on this, so Truth, if you are wondering where your other links are, don’t fret.  We will cover them.  More on what damage is being done to our brains.” – Source,

Why Attack the Pineal Gland?

If the pineal gland is just one of those glands that doesn’t mean anything (like tonsils), and God doesn’t exist, and we all evolved from monkeys and when we die, we die, kaput, end of the road-Jack . . . why oh why would they go through so much expense and trouble to dump so much aluminum into us at early ages (vaccines for babies 101) and conspire to add fluoride to any drinking water source they can get their hands on?

What does Fluoride do to the Pineal Gland?


It is now known - thanks to the meticulous research of Dr. Jennifer Luke from the University of Surrey in England - that the pineal gland is the primary target of fluoride accumulation within the body.” – Source,

According to this source, no research had actually been done on the accumulation of fluoride in the pineal gland until the 1990’s.  Dr. Jennifer Luke learned that the soft tissue of the pineal gland, and the hard tissue both contained much higher concentrations of fluoride then any other hard or soft tissue in the body, including teeth and bones.

She found after testing animals on fluoride, that their levels of circulating melatonin were much lower, causing earlier onset of puberty in the females treated with fluoride.  What does this mean?

Recent information on the role of the pineal organ in humans suggests that any agent that affects pineal function could affect human health in a variety of ways, including effects on sexual maturation, calcium metabolism, parathyroid function, postmenopausal osteoporosis, cancer, and psychiatric disease.” – Source,

If the effects of fluoride on the pineal gland effect an earlier onset of sexual maturity is it also safe to say that it shortens our childhood?  And if that is the case, aside from the physical effects of this, could this also lend credibility to Michael’s assertion that children have a tighter spiritual connection to God that has not yet be shut down?

We already learned that many eastern religions hold the pineal gland as the spiritual gland of our bodies and that certain drugs synthesizing the DMT hormone of the pineal gland can create (or more accurately, open) doors to what some call second sight (bear with me a minute):

Today is born the seventh one
Born of woman the seventh son
And he in turn of a seventh son
He has the power to heal
He has the gift of the second sight
He is the chosen one
So it shall be written
So it shall be done

Source - AZLyrics

Then Every Head Turned With Eyes That Dreamed Of Being The One
Who Will Dance On The Floor In The Round

For Forty Days And Forty Nights
The Law was on her Side
But Who Can Stand When She's In Demand
Her Schemes And Plans
'Cause We Danced On The Floor In The Round”
Source, AZlyrics

This is it, here I stand
I'm the light of the world, I feel grand
Got this love I can feel
And I know yes for sure it is real
This is it, I can say,
I'm the light of the world, run away
We can feel, this is real
Every time I'm in love, that I feel
Source, AZlyrics

“1. And at that time shall Michael stand up, the great prince which standeth for the children of thy people: and there shall be a time of trouble, such as never was since there was a nation even to that same time: and at that time thy people shall be delivered, every one that shall be found written in the book." - Daniel 12:1

Kenny Ortega:  “Michael was an angel walking the planet”.

Jermaine Jackson:  “They have ALWAYS been after him . . .”

Jermiane Jackson again:  “The government wanted him gone…he got too powerful…”

Off topic, sorry but this just hit me and I had to follow the mental trail, but I have a theoretical question:

Who would the devil hate more than the person he knows is written to throw him out of Heaven? –


Who is the angel written to throw Lucifer, the devil who is also Satan, out of Heaven?


Yeah . . . they were ALWAYS after him.

Perhaps now you may know why Michael was so drawn to protecting and saving children?  They’ve been targeting children forever, to shut down what God gave us.

This has nothing to do with knowledge or the hiding of it from us. That is just an accusation lobbed at God to turn you away from him.  It’s another false accusation.

THEY caused the problem, THEY propose to come back and fix it while accusing the one they tried to isolate you from.

Just as they isolated Michael and Latoya from their family, they have conspired to isolate you from yours . . . and God.

This has to do with natural connections to God.  I’m sure there is more to it than just the pineal gland, but that is just ONE of the things they target.

The “sickness” that Michael talks about this planet suffering is now at critical mass.  The symptoms will peak and the people that God is waiting to wake up will wake up.  Then treatment for the cure begins.

I wanted to finish up on Truthbtold’s research so let me continue with that.

Why did God Give us the Pineal Gland?

Understanding the power of this little pine cone shaped organ and keeping it functioning at its best should be a concern to greater Humanity. The power to excess higher knowledge through the pineal gland has been under attack for at last 60 years, the plotters who rule this earthly plane of existence know that Human Beings taped into the infinite power of the universe through the pineal gland can’t be easily deceived and controlled. They attack us through sodium fluoride in our water, toothpaste, and even processed foods; fluoride is the number one ingredient in rat poison and antidepressant drugs causing calcification of the pineal gland." - Source,

Fluorides and other chemicals, metals in our foods, water and sprayed in our skies contribute to a number of our ailments, one of them depleted immunity due to the accumulation in the pineal gland.

the type of fluorides added to water supplies and other beverages and foods are waste products of the nuclear, aluminum, and now mostly the phosphate (fertilizer) industries. The EPA has classified these as toxins: fluorosilicate acid, sodium silicofluoride, and sodium fluoride." - Source,

At this same source above it states that along with higher concentrations accumulating in the pineal gland, sodium fluoride contribute to:

*Genetic DNA Damage
*Thyroid Disruption - affecting the complete endocrine system and leading to obesity (Is it REALLY McDonalds or what they’ve been poisoning us with?)

*Neurological - diminished IQ and inability to focus, lethargy and weariness.
*Alzheimer's Disease
*Melatonin Disruption, lowers immunity to cancer, accelerates aging, sleep disorders.

*Pineal Gland, calcification, which clogs this gland located in the middle of the brain.  (Which produces melatonin and DMT)

Please read this source below, it is very important.  They also quote from Jennifer Luke’s studies of the effects of fluoride on the pineal gland.

Fluoride is in your drugs & water - enormous effects:
By Dr. Russell Blaylock, MD

How to detoxify your Pineal Gland:

Detoxify your pineal gland through the obvious by stopping the use of known sodium fluoride containing products like toothpaste, most bottled water, and nearly all water coming from government water treatment plants, and seek help from a homeopathy specialist to get off antidepressants. Then get yourself an iodine kelp based supplement to detoxify your pineal gland of the years of buildup.” – Source,

That is all I have for now.  Have a good weekend.  I do have one more little revelation I will save for probably Sunday.

God Bless you all


  1. Melatonin & seratonin are endorphins, right?

    "What are Endorphins?
    The word "Endorphin" comes from the two words, "endogenous + morphine." Endorphins are small, protein molecules that are produced by cells in your nervous system and other parts of your body. An important role of endorphins is to work with sedative receptors that are known to relieve common pain.”

    “en·dog·e·nous 1. Produced or growing from within."

    "Music has always exerted powerful physical and psychological effects on humans, but scientists have only recently made the connection of different types of music with the production of endorphins.”

    "By contrast, epidurals and other painkilling procedures prevent the production of endorphins for both mother and baby. Some researchers believe that this can actually cause harm to both mother and child, especially regarding mother-child bonding and the ability of the baby to adapt to a new life outside the womb.”

    "Recent studies have found that nutritional and biochemical imbalances, rather than lack of will power or character, may increase the potential for substance abuse. Specifically, alcohol and drugs give temporary relief for a depleted endorphin level, which is one reason why they produce addiction."

    1. (raises hand) , , , here! biochemical imbalances! That's me! I wonder if antibiotics can do that to someone too? I don't drink soda much, but I am a tea drinker.

      The music studies were probably known a LOT EARLIER then they are letting on, as far as the effects it has on us. I just watched "I Can't Stop Loving YOu" with Michael and Garret (how do you spell her first name?) and it was the one where she came out wearing a blonde wig. I guess Michael didn't know about it because his reaction was one of surprise. He even laughed through part of the lyrics. I love seeing little things like that. Makes me miss my brother (he's the practical joker in our family).

      All of that information is interesting and it has made me want to change EVERYTHING we are doing at home. But I can't get my husband to give up his aspartame diet sodas. It's driving me nuts!

    2. Yup, biochemical imbalances here too but no apparent potential for substance abuse. I don’t think tea counts. But of course, quality matters.

      What gets me about science and some studies is that people have become ever more dependent upon science to prove what is and if it can’t, it doesn’t exist.

      I’ll have to go watch that Michael video.

      Wow, Ed still insists on poisoning himself? I assume you have done the research and shown him? Aspartame is addictive though...and makes you EXTREMELY thirsty, which is why people drink so much of it. Catch 22 - it will never quench the dehydration it creates.

    3. Me either on substance abuse. I have been very, very lucky to grow up a prude, LOL! I never had the desire to drink or do drugs and the few times that I've had wine or alcohol were "yuck". Just never had the taste for it. I did get drunk on my first honeymoon, I can't lie. Funny story . . . . . . . . . . . No.

      Yes, Ed won't give it up. He tells me "I need something to drink at work, my job's physical, it gets hot, I drink water on breaks at the fountain. I'm afraid to tell you how much diet soda comes into this house and nobody drinks it but him. I wonder if he knows it makes him more thirsty. I know he goes through at least a 12 pack a day, probably a can or two more. I can't force him. :o(((((

    4. Oh wow, that's a lot of soda. The Mercola website covers diet soda too. I will tell you that 2 years ago I lost 60 lbs on Jenny Craig. I did it without drinking diet soda or soda of any type. Toward the end I did drink a few regular sodas here and there. My consultant said "why don't you drink diet?" Well I know what's in it, I've never really been a diet soda drinker until I tasted Coke Zero: tastes like the real thing. I started drinking it here and there, then just about every day. Not 12 though lol. Maybe 1 or 2 of the small ones, I think they're 8 or 10 oz. Anyway, I started craving sugar, started stuffing my face & cut back on the exercise. To be honest though I had a really back problem and knee problem so that contributed to the exercise cut down. I won't tell you how much of the weight I've gained back. I will tell you though that can tell the difference when I stay off that stuff and when I don't. My "will power" is out the window when I drink that junk. It's like my body is saying "I want sugar" but I'm giving it the fake crap and my body knows the difference. Maybe suggesting to Ed that he carry bottled water instead of soda to work? It's just as convenient as carrying bottles of soda. And healthier. And really, what Truth said is true, soda makes me even thirstier.

  2. A bit more about Endorphins:
    (Geared toward children, i think, so it's easy to understand.)

    Brain Chemical Messengers

    Inside every one of our brains is a very accurate "Clock". This time keeping apparatus functions like the conductor of a symphony orchestra. Just as the conductor of the orchestra keeps all the various instruments playing in rhythm, so the Body Clock keeps all the various functions of your body coordinated, and moving to the same rhythm.

    The Body Clock is located deep in the center of the brain, in a little group of cells known as the Pineal Gland. Within the Pineal Gland is a store-house of the messenger Serotonin, which is the chemical "mainspring" of the Clock. Each day the Serotonin is chemically converted to a related compound, Melatonin; and then the Melatonin is converted right back to Serotonin. The whole cycle from Serotonin to Melatonin and back to Serotonin takes exactly 25 hours -- and this forms your Body's Clock.

    Twenty five hours? Yes, under experimental conditions of an unchanging environment, such as in a cave kept at a constant level of illumination for weeks on end, this Body Clock cycles every 25 hours. If, however, a person is exposed to a natural outdoor cycle of daylight and darkness, the Pineal Gland will automatically set itself to a 24 hour day. That is, the Pineal Gland will automatically match its cycle to the length of one Earth's day. That way, noon in the Pineal Gland is always noon on Earth. If exposed to daylight, the Pineal Gland will neither gain nor lose time, but will always cycle exactly in concert with the Earth as our planet twirls through space. The whole process of setting the Body Clock to Earth time takes about three weeks.”

    "We mentioned that the Body Clock is the coordinator of your physiologic orchestra. Three important players in that orchestra are your body temperature, stress fighting hormone, and sleep cycles. Each of these must be properly coordinated by the Body Clock in order for you to sleep soundly, and awake feeling rested."

    Does Michael and what may have been done to him come to mind?

    1. That is awesome info! I'm so motivated right now to bring that little thing back to health. Can it undo the damage that's already done? Don't know, but regular sleep patterns alone can do wonders for how you feel!

      You saw that list of MK Ultra drugs I posted a few months back right? I love his energy, but I would very much like to see him get a decent night's sleep and it seems he could sleep when handlers weren't messing with him on tour. Just one of my back massages could do the trick.♥

  3. Hi Bonnie. Is it true that most Christians don't believe in Big Bang and the Newton theory? My wondering and question is. Why can't the three go hand in hand in some kind of way so to speak. Why does everything have to be black or white. Big Bang, the creation of God. Why not? He had to start somewhere to create. Maybe with a bam, Big Bang. Human intelligence a coincidence? No, it can't be. It must be a work of a higher intelligence power like God. But if it turned out to be a coincidence . That all living creatures and intelligence on this planet was created by an accident, that Big Bang was an accident. It would be amazing too.

    1. I don't think the Big Bank theory is even an argued theory anymore, meaning even the Big Bang theorists don't believe it.

      I don't make the rules and I didn't create the universe, so I cannot answer your question, LOL! God created. We get some of that description in the Bible and who knows. Maybe God's creating of the universe and our solar systems did happen in a "bang" sort of way. I almost see the universe as some time piece and every single particle in it has a purpose within the mechanism to keep things balanced and moving. Like a big, big watch.

      And us? Even our actions and reactions to everything around us is not accidental but consequences to actions, which is why truth is so important. Truth is the only thing that keeps things in balance. Consequences are a natural occurance to an event. Some see the truth of this, some don't.

      Imagine everything from a breath you take to a dying star millions of light years away being part of a perfectly precisioned time piece. This is why the devil will not win. He may be able to deceive some of the moving pieces, but he is himself still just one of those moving pieces and will be subject to extraction in due time.

    2. Bonnie you said: "Truth is the only thing that keep things in balance."

      I say: "Amen to that. That is so true. If you don't have truthful and honest people around you, you lose your balance and get sick. Our planet is not in balance. Today the whole world is sick. How many chances will God give us to heal the world?

    3. Exactly Susanne. My body is out of balance right now and that is not working right. The deformity you see in animals, in human newborns is not because someone sinned in their past but because DNA gets messed up. Jesus mentioned sorcery so the use of herbs to make chemicals or alter the ones in our bodies is not a new ability. Its been going on a long time.

      How many chances will God give us to heal the world?

      "One more chance at love . . . one more chance at love . . ."

    4. And . . .

      "This is it . . . here I stand, I'm the light of the world I feel grand . . ."

      That may be the answer.

  4. Hi. Serotonin, like in "Happy pills"? I take those. Doesn't everybody these days? Interesting information about serotonin and melatonin. Most people don't have knowledge about how the body and brain works. Or don't have time to find out. It's easier to go to a doctor, get some pills and go on with your live. I heard that some doctors are beginning to decribe exercise instead of serotonin pills. It's said to have the same effect. Exercise increasing the endorphins that makes you feel better and calmer.

    1. Happy pills ? Hmm..what happened when you stop taking them ? Maybe privilege sport, long walks, dancing, reasonable sun exposure..& laughing courses : I joke now but actually I saw on TV people taking collective therapeutic laughing courses & giggling together : they look crazy but laughing is contagious & healthy in the end.

    2. No, I have no happy pills. If people would leave us and our food sources alone we wouldn't need any. You are right about the increasing of endorphins which reminds me . . . I have to move my butt today.

    3. Laughing IS healthy, you're right Line. That is one of the benefits I have with my husband, no matter how bad things are, or no matter who gets upset over what, he always, ALWAYS breaks into this monologue that has me laughing. Just ask Micheline, he does it to me all the time when I'm on the phone with her!

      Do people really have to "learn" how to laugh? That's pretty sad.

    4. LINE
      I have thought about that too. What happens when you stop taking the pills. The doctors says that some people keep eating the pills for the rest of their life. And if you want to stop taking the pills you can't stop immediately. Because if you do you will get side effects.

      Yeah, I also read somewhere that laughter and exercise release/increase endorphines. (I always say, I read somewhere. It's embarrassing that I keep on saying that when I know that Bonnie can verify everything she says.) Laughter also slows down the aging process. So laughter should be taking seriously.

    5. "Laughing courses" : sad & crazy, yes, but I guess compared to antidepressors, not so damaging. Many now-old people who had almost nothing in their youth & went through WW2 war times said they were however happy then. So said my parents too. People got more comfort since then but lost to rely on their natural abilities & common sense :o(

    6. SUSANNE, as I said to Bonnie, going to "laughing courses" looks crazy I know. But keeping a good sense of humour, laughing on many occasions in spite of life's tribulations, good friends, natural methods for health, it's better. Yes, be careful indeed before stopping brutally with a prescribed medicine. Take also maybe another medical advice BUT try & not be under medical drugs prescription for "life" : doctors love regular patients who visit them for life too.

  5. Hi. You learn something new everyday. I didn't even know that I had a pineal gland. I am ignorant. So what? But I have knowledge of most stuff inside our body's. But not the pineal gland. But now I do, thanks. It looks like a pine cone. God, what where you thinking putting pine cones in our heads? Weird shape. What's the color of the pineal gland? Is it another name for the crocodile brain like most people call it?

    1. I had a picture of it a couple of blog entries back. I guess not any different from the color of the brain. The womb is a similar shape, just upside down.

  6. The amount of people believing Osama Bin Laden was
    who government told them he was is depressing.
    Talking to the deaf. I'm so frustrated at times,
    people DO prefer matrix life. Truth hurts them.

    Whatever they put to our water, if that can dumb us down -
    sure thing they would do that. Now with digital age and everything,
    when knowledge and information, one would think, is
    accessible to everyone, they have to dumb us down and
    to mislead us easily.

    I hate to think something was given to Michael, and his
    confused sleeping patterns were not "naturally confused" but
    chemically induced. God help us all.

    1. I agree with you. People still believe Obama was a hero for killing Osama when he was dead years ago. Most Muslims in the Middle East know Osama was just a boogey man. What's even more frustating is that our young men are sent over to fight wars that we started! They die fighting for communism and they think they're fighting for people's freedom!

      Michael - lots was given to him. I can't even think about it without getting angry and just crying. They think they won. Boy, do they have a surprise in store.

  7. God Bless you also Bonnie, Truth & the other searchers of this Blog. Apart from the brillant exposure of the social networks' latest manipulations, we learned a lot again today for the sake of our health & level of awareness which the evil giant industries steal from us for profit & mass mind control. That sun exposure, iodine/iodide, etc.., can counterbalance the destructive effects of fluoride largely responsible for dangerous diseases, no medical doctor nor pharmacist will tell us of course.

    Pineal gland : what such a tiny gland lodged deep into our brain can accomplish for our body & upper level of consciousness is amazing (Indians & other ancestral chamanes knew it & our modern medicine & industry want us to ignore it). Another precious gem, created by God. Truth : I loved your recent researches on the Pineal Gland & your last related comments with the Source article : Pineal Gland=Body Clock=Conductor of Orchestra : all scientifically but clearly explained as geared to children's understanding, e.g. like me.. :o)

    As to Michael, what comes to mind : among other tribulations, he was intentionally destroyed by years of opioid medication by handlers with somber agendas but THEY forgot the GOD Spiritual Factor which kept Michael's human conscience immune & spiritually connected to our world before & after 06.25.2009.

    1. Hi line,

      God bless you too and your unwavering support (except when I overstep in misdirected anger).

      Sun exposure. Funny I got more of it today then I have in a week and I feel completely and utterly depleted. I have no energy, and stomach issues for over a week now, so I look through my house and look at labels thinking I'm buying things that are less malevolent with the ingredient and wondering what I ate that did me wrong. So it was fitting I cover this this week and Truth was right on time with the completion of her research. (Do we ever really stop researching?)

      There is a lot about Michael's ordeal we don't yet know and even though I agree with you that he did have opioid medication administered to him, I don't believe it is as much as the PRESS would have us believe he was dependent on.

      There are also alot of medications and herbs that counteract opiods and other tricks we do not know. Toward the 2005 year and the period of the trial, I believe Michael was well aware and was pretty good at anticipating people's moves. I don't think the references to the game of chess or him releasing video of him playing with baby Prince was an accident. And YES . . . God's intervention.

      I have a treat for you all on Sunday. Someone else that repeated that Michael read the Bible DAILY rather close to the time of TII. He probably has that book memorized. So many questions I would love to ask him about that. *dream*

    2. Bonnie, thanks for you patience with my comments:o)

      Next are not my own discoveries but Lindsey Breegan's from weeks ago. In one of her comments, Lindsey recommended to you, among others, oil pulling cures & coconut oil : I did try both for a few weeks & now may helps. With oil pulling I guess, my night sleep is definitely more regular & longer uninterrupted & I feel OK for now:o) After a longer time use, teeth may get whiter. Good too against headaches. Cold-pressed coconut oil is good for the heart, thyroide, immunity, stomach problems, among others :

      Each one may react differently to both methods but take into account it's all natural &..very cheap. Only use quality oil.

      Also Baking Soda twice a week for whiter teeth.

    3. Thank you Line, you’re so sweet!

      I did oil pulling for a short time with organic cold-pressed sunflower oil. I’ll have to try it again. I have a hard time getting into a new habit and sticking with it though. I use coconut oil for lots of things - dry hands and lips, around my eyes and for cooking. Lovely stuff.

      Olive oil works great out in the sun. I've never burned using it.

  8. I was just looking at a photo of MJ from the "This Is It rehearsals". He is wearing a white T-shirt and a black/silver jacket. In the background there is a white sign with number 17 on it. Line are you with me? 1+7=8=Infinity
    The number of the ambulance that took MJ to the hospital had the number 71 on it. 7+1=8=Infinity
    Michael Jackson=Infinity
    I guess Michael past the test and God therefore gave him eternal life.

    1. Hi Susanne,

      Is that what "8" means? Infinity?

    2. Hi Bonnie. A lying 8 to be correct means infinity. It has no beginning and no end. Didn't you bring up that subject once in one of your blog posts?

    3. I don't think I did. I believe the only reference I had to the number eight was that it meant perfection plus one or something like that - the number they attributed to Jesus. It may have been in one of the reference links I posted though. :o)

  9. Truthbtold said: "Melatonin & seratonin are endorphins, right?"

    No, they aren't. They are all different neurotransmitters. Endorphins are synthesized in the pituitary gland and the hypothalamus. They bind to the opioid receptors in the brain.

    1. Thank you for that information Deb. I think Truth actually had that info in one of the many links she sent my way, but it was so much information we couldn't get to all of it, trying to explain it here on the blog. :o) That helps alot, thank you!

    2. Thank you Deb, I appreciate the correction. The intricacies of our brains astounds me. Most of it is so complicated I may never truly understand even the basics of how it all works.

      I’m just learning as I go.

  10. Hey Bonnie,

    Just a few ramblings before I get to studying... :)

    I saw the postings on Twitter the other day about Kony. I watched the clip & was kind of upset by it. I wanted to help. Then I started thinking, why did it take 10 years to really make this public? I mean come on, the internet has been up and running for longer than 10 years, he could have gotten this out a long time ago. Why now?? Then I saw what LRA stood for and I was a little, shall we say, cynical? Then I visited his website. Ok, now I see, he's selling stuff, asking for donations. Yeah, makes sense now. Then when I read your blog the other day and starting seeing the "opposing" point of view, I felt that I was correct in thinking that this guy is just looking for money while starting mess in Uganda which may very well cause problems to spread beyond their borders.

    On to another of my pet peeves: health. You're touching on a lot of that as well in the last few blogs. By the way, I'm learning a lot, even though I've had 2 anatomy & physiology classes, a microbiology class, a pharmacology class and am now in a nursing foundations class. I thank you so much for your time and diligence plowing through all this stuff (((hugs)))

    You said “It is the apathy created by these chemicals and metals that may eliminate in you the desire to acquire your will to reach out for God” and “If the pineal gland is just one of those glands that doesn’t mean anything (like tonsils), and God doesn’t exist, and we all evolved from monkeys and when we die, we die, kaput, end of the road-Jack . . . why oh why would they go through so much expense and trouble to dump so much aluminum into us at early ages (vaccines for babies 101) and conspire to add fluoride to any drinking water source they can get their hands on?” I do know that apathy is one of the side effects of these heavy metals. I think that’s why so many people in our generation and the ones after are so apathetic. I’ve never thought of it from a spiritual perspective only, that they don’t want us to find God, that that is their ultimate goal. My thought has always been that they want us apathetic, period, because an apathetic population is an easily led population, and apathy would saturate all areas of our life, the spiritual included. And they get a “four for one” special with this…these metals 1) cause a host of diseases that are then treated with 2) pharmaceuticals approved by the FDA (natural/alternative treatments need not apply) that 3) give us more diseases or kill us 4) making them tons of money in the process. It's unbelievable the amount of time and energy we must put into shoveling through the bs that the people in power keep us buried under.

    I get email updates from Dr. Mercola's website. He's a "crusader" against fluoride, dental amalgams (mercury), gmo foods, unnecessary vaccines etc. etc. etc. Anyway today the email was about medical fraud. I'm going to post the link because there is too much to explain and there is a link on the website to a movie that talks about cancer research and how the FDA isn't really supporting a cure.

    I watched the Burzynski movie and got to thinking. The government is making us sick (approving stuff that is dangerous, carcinogenic, etc.) then they outlaw the cure that will give us the most chance at survival (usually natural or alternative methods). However, they do approve of us using radiation and chemotherapy, another word for "kill them while making their last days, weeks, months unbearable" while making them tons of money in the process. And this is our government...and many people put their entire trust in the government, that the government has our best interest at heart. I won't comment further on that one.

  11. sorry, I got cut off

    But, further thoughts on health, I try to educate my kids about this as best as I can and my daughter is usually very good about asking the pediatrician questions about vaccines. She hasn’t allowed her daughters (9 and 1) to get the hpv vaccine and a few others, but the doctor slid 2 in on her the other day: the chickenpox vaccine and the pneumonia vaccine. Chickenpox, you really need to get the disease when you’re young because it’s a relatively minor infection when you get it as a kid but if you get it as an adult there can be very serious consequences, even fatalities. And the vaccines do not give you lifetime immunity. They wear off at some point. So they give the vaccine to babies/young children, the immunity wears off when, 20 years later? 30 years later? Oh, yeah, just in time to get the disease as an adult…hmmm, yeah, our government is really trying to protect us.

    And your comments about Breitbart…a heart attack gun or something of that nature was my first thought when I read of his death. I know it’s not too far out of the realm of believability for a 43 year old to die of a heart attack but come on, how many “coincidences” are we going to swallow before we wake up? I find it hard to believe that he was 1) out walking at midnight (exercising? meeting someone?) and 2) he just collapsed (not clutching his chest?). Maybe I watch too many crime dramas but I feel in my gut that he was murdered.

    On another similar topic, I have a subscription to People magazine. I know, it's pretty pricey but I just can't let it go :p although I may have to, now that I don't have a job, am in school and am having a really hard time trying to get a job that will work around my schedule, but that's another story. Anyway, one of the reasons I don't want to give it up is because periodically I come across something that I probably wouldn't have seen if I didn't have the subscription. This week is one of those weeks. I don't go to the store regularly and the stores I go to don't stock People magazine (Aldi, Save A Lot, Dollar General does but it's hit and miss). And I don't really skim through the magazines while I'm waiting in line. Anyway, Davy Jones was on the cover this week. I read all I wanted to about Davy on the internet the day or two after he passed. The other "featured" pictures were the tornado (which I had also read about on the internet), Jennifer Garner's new baby boy (ok, sweet, but I wouldn't have bought the magazine for that), and Demi Moore being out of rehab (needless to say I wouldn't have bought the magazine for that either). But open the magazine, on the second "contents" page is an interview with Catherine Bach talking about her husband's suicide (I prefer to write it "suicide"). What a little golden nugget! As we know, Peter Lopez was her husband, he was a music industry attorney and he had close ties to Michael. The article did not mention Michael. Three things I gleaned from that article: 1) Catherine and Peter and their daughters had a photo taken of him embracing Bach and their two daughters in early 2010 (he died in April 2010). She says it was his favorite; he said "I have everything I want in my arms right here", 2) She says "she did not see this coming", 3) She still remains haunted by the question of why he took his own life. She said "a lot of people in the music business have stress, but Peter was always calm and collected. The further I get away from it, the more I believe he did this to protect us. Something must have happened to him that he couldn't get past." Very, very telling comments and the way she put those last 2 sentences just makes me more convinced that he was murdered.

  12. last one lol

    Last thing...that last picture you used of Michael with the little boy just touches my heart every time I see it. I absolutely love that picture. It shows what Michael was all about...getting down on a child's level, patience, love, kindness. I've asked myself more than a few times in the last 2+ years "how can you love a man you've never even met?" It's unfathomable and yet here I am. That picture is my answer. And in some small way I feel that I do know him through all the things I've learned about him in the last 2+ years.

    Sorry this post was so long :p

    1. Deb - First, there is a link somewhere here to start your own blog, LOL! I will try to take it paragraph by paragraph:

      Kony - Remember what that woman from Pakistan said about Osama Bin Laden? A "character created by "America" (the government, we had help from Britain and Israel) for an agenda. Well we've had our "Muslim extremist" to demonize a whole people, now I guess we need a "Christian Extremist" to demonize Christians over there that don't want a Zionist government. Aside from the oil, that is what I see going on now.

      So you are studying to be a nurse? That's fantastic! That's a scary profession to be in, in this day an age knowing what you know. Thank you so much for the extra detail on some of the things covered here. I am glad you are watching out for you and your own.

      Thank you very much for that link! I have it bookmarked and will read through it. All this is so very interesting. What our bodies do, we take for granted until things start breaking down. I talked about the Universe being like a precision time piece . . . well we are the same way. When someone messes with the different components, things start getting thrown off.

      Breitbart - Not natural causes, that is for DOGGONE sure! I don't think Bruce Ayers was self inflicted drug over dose, I don't think Peter Lopez was a suicide and I don't believe Evan Chandler was either. I have a lot more on that guy I will save for later! Ronni Chasen was a bunch of bull too. But I think some of these might have a truth revealed when margin call comes.

      Lopez/Bach - I have been keeping an eye on that. I took note of the comment "I believe he did this to protect us". Yes indeed.

      Michael's picture - I love that picture too and I don't think I've ever used it before. He's a blessing. An answer to prayers.

    2. Bonnie said "First, there is a link somewhere here to start your own blog, LOL!"

      LOL, I know I get carried away sometimes :O I do enjoy writing; maybe that'll be something to think about...someday. :)

      Yes, I did see that clip and you're probably right...anything to whip us into a frenzy. I was apalled at some of the comments I've read about Breitbart's death and how some liberals are happy he's dead because he's "so dangerous". Sad times we're living in.

      Yes, I'm studying nursing now. I just finished my Associates's in paralegal studies in December. I plan to combine the legal and medical into some sort of case management free lance business. But you're right, it is kind of scary because on the one hand I'm learning all these drugs and procedures in school whereas I know what they do to you and I know I'm going to want to teach and warn people of a better way. I'm into natural, herbs, alternative treatments...maybe I should just change my major and go into a natural healing curriculum. My daughter is an x-ray tech and she's constantly asking patients "are you sure you want your child to get all these x-rays?" It seems they bring their children in for the common cold or sore throat and the docs are ordering all sorts of x-rays that are really unnecessary and quite possibly dangerous in the number they are ordering. I can tell you stories that she's told me that would curl your toes :(

      All those people you mentioned...I don't believe they died the way the authorities say they died either. Maybe I'm cynical but like I said yesterday, how many "coincidences" is too many? And how many will it take to wake us up?

      I'm loving the direction this blog is taking. Thank you for all your hard work and God bless you and your family.

  13. Fluoride issues in different countries:

    Lots of links and videos on this page:

    By Ann Bressington, MLC
    "As an Independent member of the South Australian Parliament I am gravely concerned about the practice of forced fluoridation. There is so much published and peer reviewed research done on the long-term harms of fluoride that it may well be the biggest health fraud of our time.  How many of us even knew that it was sodium fluoride that was being put into our water supply and not the naturally occurring calcium fluoride? And how many of us knew that sodium fluoride was a waste product of the aluminum and phosphate industries? Well I did not know any of this until I started investigating for myself."

    The above link also cites these:

    The London Anti-Fluoridation Campaign
    "THERE can be no doubt that the main reason why artificial fluoridation has made such progress throughout
    the world during the last 25 years is that the wealthy vested interests which sponsored it in the first place have failed to give publicity to the views and opinions of those qualified physicians, dentists, chemists and scientists who were against the idea, while governments, including our own, have been persuaded to follow this policy of ignoring or suppressing all opinions which are against fluoridation."


    So, I think we can take heart that there are good people out there, even in government, trying to stop the madness.

    We as individuals each need to lose the apathy and support the many people speaking out, to help us all. It can be as simple as passing truthful information on to one person…planting seeds.

    Smile, be kind and patient with others, it causes a positive physical effect that spreads. (I’m learning.)

    Then, go and enjoy some guilt-free chocolate! (The higher cocoa content, the better.)


    1. Truthbtold - ((((((((((hugs))))))))))) , I can't read all tonight because I'm fading fast, but I will read more tomorrow. Thank you. Cures - natural, we need!

    2. Hugs back to ya! :o)

      “Cures - natural, we need!” mean chocolate without guilt? LOL

  14. Hi Bonnie.

    Thanks to you and all of your helpers on this blog.
    I truly appreciate your hard work. So many questions are being answered for me. I did not know much about the pineal gland and the conspiracy against our health. I did not know about the illuminati churches either. I remember hearing laughter during the
    worship at one of the churches I belonged to and I saw things that I was not allowed to talk about. I believe that God gives
    spiritual sight and knowledge to those who seek him for it. So, let us ask God to show us what the enemy does not want us to see or hear.
    I looked at the united under freedom link. The information about
    healing the pineal gland is good but what do you think about the
    Ascension Warriors mentioned on this site? Sounds to me like more
    of man's attempts to improve the planet without God.

    I have noticed how alarming it is that so many children and young people I have observed just want to tune out with their mp3's or
    cell phone games and aps. They don't want to think. It must be something in the water or in the air.
    God bless you all.

    1. Hi Trinia,

      I absolutely agree with you about the content on some of those sources (you mention "ascension warriors") and there is a lot of New Age jargon on these sites. Truth knew it too. Remain focused on God and who it is that really created us (we are not gods as some of those sources teach us), however we do have a connection to God that can be re-established by reaching out for him and managing our bodies better (as opposed to letting others manage our bodies for us).

      Radio, T.V., Internet, Iphones, IPods, MP3 players etc.... Yes. The disconnect of human relationships.

      God bless you too Trinia. :o)

  15. Hi Bonnie,
    You asked if Evan Chandler was an international dentist? I don't think he was. But I think it's Mick Hucknall who is international. Mick Hucknall is quite a wealthy man, he is from Manchester, England but I believe he has a home in Surrey.
    I think Mick Hucknall has spent quite a lot of time in New York and LA. I can't stand Mick Hucknall and I see him as a hater of Michael Jackson.
    It is interesting what you say about Carrie Fisher. I though Carrie Fisher was friends with Michael Jackson? Also I still don't understand what bad things Dame Petula Clark said about Michael Jackson.

    1. Right anonymous . . . but back in the 1980's when Simply Red was just getting started? Why of all dentists would Hucknall just happen upon Chandler, a dentist in California which if you are to believe the earlier stories, had more success with his one screenplay then he ever did as a dentist? Not exactly a prominent dentist. Don't they have dentists in Surrey?

      Petula Clark -

      It wasn't a T.V. interview in was a quote in a magazine, similar to what Hucknall said about Michael. It wasn't recent either. I think it was back in the late 1990's.

    2. Yes they do have dentists in Surrey, England. But say Mick Hucknall was staying in LA he might of checked Evan Chandler out. All celebrities seem to be connected. The music industry is a small world. The Mick Hucknall/Evan Chandler friendship seems strange to me.

  16. Hi. I just discovered a couple of old songs from 1985 that I didn't know existed until today, Diana Ross featuring Michael Jackson - Eaten Alive, Kenny Loggins featuring Michael Jackson - Who's right, wrong. Kenny Loggings also did a song called This Is It. I guess you already knew that.

    Truth, you are right. Plants seeds. "We may not change the world in one day. But we still can change some things today, in our small way." Michael Jackson
    You and Bonnie are doing it through this blog. It's great.

    1. I put "Eaten Alive" on one of my previous blog updates, but I think it was before you started coming on here to read/comment. I know about Kenny Loggins (who I liked)and Michael. And yes, Loggin's "This is It" is one of my favorites of his. My son Jon first was introduced to Loggins through his song, "Back to Pooh Corner". I think Jon was about nine then and he was stuck at home out of school because of the dog attack he was healing from. But he listened to this song over and over and over again. Lyrics are here:

      Then Jon started asking me for books about dogs . . . every dog hero I could find - Call of the Wild, Shiloh, "Lassie" books, "Where the Red Fern Grows", "The Story of Balto" and I realized he was healing himself mentally. I love telling this story because it is just evidence of how God equips children to heal themselves. My son just seemed to know that he needed reinforcement that dogs were God's creatures and this is how he healing himself from that fear. What surprised me also was that Jon's crying over the incident was over the dog! He thought it was because nobody went out and paid attention to the dog. It took him about four months to get over his fear of dogs, but he did it by reading about dog heroes and I fell in love with my son . . . and God all over again. Amazing both of them!

    2. Aww, your son must be a little MJ. A boy who cares and respect animals. And he was worried and concerned about the dog that attacked him. That tells me a lot about him as a person. He must be special just like MJ. A beautiful story.


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