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Michael Jackson Justice: Michael and the Faith of a Child

God: Reconnect to Him

The Conspiracy against God is about "The Word", and the profaning of His Holy Name within us. Adam fell in the garden, breaking the direct connection to God. Jesus, the "last Adam" was a quickening Spirit, the Word made Flesh, and the only one with whom we can re-establish our relationship with God. Michael's story is still unfolding. He is the one who is, is not. But Jesus is the only name given under heaven by which we must be saved. Many are trying to rewrite HIStory. We were given a help to instruct us. Learn more "here".

Monday, March 19, 2012

Michael and the Faith of a Child

Sometimes Kids just KNOW

Two years ago I posted a blog, “I Believe Like a Child”.  Because of the direction this blog is taking, I want to repost part of this here and I will tell you why at the end.  At the end of this blog is a video that Diane sent me that will perhaps help some of you along that has trouble believing.

Michael once told us “study the greats . . . become greater”.  Well there is no greater at the art of faith then a child.  So before we move a bit deeper into what is going on with Michael AND with us, I wanted to re-establish some basic rules for uncovering Michael’s message.

Faith Like a Child

I posted the couple of paragraphs below way back in July of 2011 on the blog title, “Tell the Angels No”.  We’ve come a long way since then:

For some reason extreme “genius” is viewed by a lot of people as proof that the propensity for insanity must exist.  It’s very rarely associated with anything good.  As I look back on what was done to Michael, I believe that “genius” and “eccentricity” and “insanity” are titles that the controlling elite keep close together in the “thesaurus” of propaganda to keep control of the power they steel from those who create.

And so I believe it was with Michael.  Michael became “too powerful” as Jermaine said in an interview.   They will never figure him out and they supposedly knew him.  The reason why they will never figure him out is because they would also have to get to know God, since that is from where Michael drew his inspiration.  This isn’t something that evil has access to, so they try will continue to try to guess his next move from the confines of their self-constructed hell.

Once a mind is freed from that prison, it is free.  They will never get Michael back.  Michael can see their efforts from afar and plan his next ten moves while they are still trying to figure out how he accomplished move #2.  This game is now over their heads.

The closer to God the clearer the path, the more solid the foundation, the more present the truth.  Michael was not the only one that God empowered with the truth.  And he is not the only one to sacrifice or be persecuted for siding with God.” – Source,

On another blog update back in 2010 I shared a phrase I heard on a T.V. show “Touched by an Angel”:

Last night at work one of my people was watching T.V. and I sometimes sit and watch with her. I discovered that “Little House on the Prairie” was still being shown on the “Hallmark” channel and even though I saw every episode when I was a child and read every single Laura Ingalls Wilder book in the “Little House” series, I still enjoyed it.

What got me though was the show “Touched by an Angel”. Have you ever watched that show? Before getting this client I never did. I had heard about it, but never watched it. I had young-teen boys then and trust me, “Touched” is a girl-show. They would have been rolling their eyes.

This particular episode was about a woman who was angry with God and refused to help anyone because her father died trying to help someone. At the end of the episode, the woman meets the one survivor of the accident, who was a little boy when this woman’s father rescued him, but died trying to save the boy’s father. When the woman was talking to one of the angels, the angel said to her, “It means having the faith of a child”.

“Having the faith of a child”.
Photo Submitted Via Facebook - Connie

You guessed it. I cried when he said that, and you know why.

I posted this poem by Michael Jackson on that same blog entry:

Child Of Innocence (written by Michael Jackson)

Child of innocence, I miss your sunny days
We joyously frolicked in extended plays
Ever since youve left the scene
The streets are lonely, dark, and mean

Child of innocence, return to me now
With your simple smile show them how
This world once again can respond to your glance
And heartbeats flutter to the rhythm of your dance

Child of innocence, your elegance, your beauty
Beckons me now beyond the call of duty
Come fly with me far and above
Over the mountains in the land of love

Child of innocence, messenger of joy
You’ve touched my heart without a ploy
My soul is ablaze with a flagrant fire
To change this world is my deepest desire.

How many times have most of you read testimony of his friends that Michael would just stop what he was doing and start praying, just because he felt the inspiration to do so? How many times have we heard in different interviews that he wanted to try to be like Jesus, or repeat the biblical passages telling us to come to Jesus as a child, or to have the childlike innocence, or that a child shall lead them.

Do you know what he meant when he said that? Does it mean being in your mid forties and still being able to cry over an episode of “Touched by an Angel” or is it deeper than that?

Michael has more than once expressed his need for love, that he just wanted to be loved. He spoke of unconditional love and the fact that we forget what that actually is as we grow into adults. Michael spoke of the destruction of innocence not only in grownups, but also in what was happening to our children.

Have we been so programmed that we can no longer recognize innocence when we see it? Why is it that we cannot even look innocence in the face without letting evil convince us that it is something else? This is what we have allowed the press to do to us with the message Michael was trying to share. We’ve been led to believe, by society, that we are “unsophisticated” and “uneducated” if we cry over shows like “Touched by an Angel”. We are “unenlightened” if we believe in angels or God or hope or innocence. To the contrary, I believe it is the other way around." - Source,

On another blog in August of 2010 similarly titled, “I believe  . . . Just Like Child”,  there was a similar sentiment.  I started the post with verses from the Bible describing the condition of our souls once we ask Christ to cleanse it –

2 Kings 5:14: - “So he went down and dipped seven times in the Jordan, according to the saying of the man of God; and his flesh was restored like the flesh of a little child, and he was clean.

Matthew 18:5 – “ Whoever receives one little child like this in My name receives Me.

Matthew 18:3 – “ and said, “Assuredly, I say to you, unless you are converted and become as little children, you will by no means enter the kingdom of heaven.”

I had posted the video with this paragraph below and I want you  to review it again:

Please take the time to watch this video all the way through. I dedicated this to Michael and his love for God yesterday on facebook when I posted it. When you get to 4:56 minutes in the video listen carefully. It is right at the scene where the panda is cradling her cub. The chorus sings “I believe . . .” And a very quiet whisper says “Just like a child”.”

I posted this video on it
@2:50 – The Jackson Family
In My Dream
@4:55 – Listen . . .”I Believe . . .(just like a child)

I wanted to recommit to the rules I laid down for myself when I started this blog, and I posted that on the same blog “I Believe Just Like a Child” so the below is a reminder for myself as well as for you:

As you are watching this video, remember who is really in control. It is not the bad guys, it’s not Branca, it’s not Bandier, it’s not the press, it’s not even world governments or mankind. It is God.

I have tried to follow three rules in starting the research part of this blog.

1. Stick as close to Michael as possible when looking for the truth.
2. Separate the statements from the press’s interpretation of them
3. Listen to what is NOT being said as much as what is being said.

I should add a fourth, and that is to keep my faith. Sometimes you just know it’s right when you see it.- Source,

I have gotten turned around, I have had my feet of faith kicked out from under me following information that led me astray.  I was comforted only by two facts and that was this very thing was written to happen in the Bible:

32. Those who do wickedly against the covenant he shall corrupt with flattery; but the people who know their God shall be strong, and carry out great exploits. 33. And those of the people who understand shall instruct many; yet for many days they shall fall by sword and flame, by captivity and plundering. 34. Now when they fall, they shall be aided with a little help; but many shall join with them by intrigue. 35. And some of those of understanding shall fall, to refine them, purify them, and make them white, until the time of the end; because it is still for the appointed time.

- and because in both dreams in which Christ came to me, he told me I would go off the path, he told me to keep my eyes on him, and he told me I would be tripped by wolves in sheep’s clothing.

Michael said during his documentary with the awful Bashir:

"....I love to do things for children and I try to imitate Jesus. And no, I am not saying I am Jesus, I'm not saying that.... I'm trying to imitate Jesus in the fact that he said to be like children, to love children, to be as pure as children, and to make yourself as innocent and to see the world through eyes of wonderment and the whole magical quality of it all and I love that. And we'll have like a hundred bald headed children, they all have cancer, and they're all running around. And they are enjoying themselves and it makes me cry happy tears that I was able to do this for them, you know. (It) makes me so pleased inside."”

And I wrote this:

Frank, you have to understand . . . this is our job. This is what we do. Not the stuff on stage. THIS is our job . . .” Michael said to Frank DeLeo as he was crying during a children’s hospital visit when he said during an interview that after seeing dying children perk up happily with Michael there, that he “just couldn’t take it”.

When you open that heart and invite Jesus into it, this is the beauty that replaces it.

God has not forsaken Michael and he will not forsake you.

God has not forsaken us.  We are asked in the Bible to endure to the end, to discern the lies from the truth in all the deception coming our way.  We are warned in the Bible that all this is coming.

Michael warned us in his songs that things were going to get confusing, not to walk away, that things weren’t going to look right, not to let go of his hand.

As Michael is telling the story, like pieces of a puzzle in song form, to be put together for the truth to be found with an imagination that only a child can.

Children can look at a part of anything and see not only the whole picture, but the story behind it. 

Below is a video that Diane sent me and this illustrates my point precisely.

You believe . . . like this:

He’s coming back!
Three Years Old

This child doesn’t surf the internet so how does he know?

He picked it up watching one of Michael’s music films – “Thriller” and “Ghosts”.

Mom – “People don’t just come back from the dead.”
Boy – “Just Michael Jackson does.”

What does this child see that the others are not seeing?

This child saw in Michael’s films the story behind the dancing, the lyrics, the special effects and the makeup.  This child saw the truth.

Michael’s other songs also hold the truth, just as the parables Jesus told in the  Bible hold the truth.

Michael endured some things that none of us will understand.  But we are going to have to face them if we are going to help him.

When we move into this I want you to promise me one thing.

I want you to promise me that even if you do not believe that Michael is alive, you approach this with same urgency as if he is alive and still being held captive by people who are hurting him.

This is important because those children that Michael fought desperately to save – The ones he KNOWS about?  They ARE still being held captive by people that are hurting them.

Promise me you will put these children in Michael’s shoes as we look at what Michael was trying to tell us.  Because Michael was fighting for them – for the innocence of the whole planet.

And when we walk through this, don't let go of his hand.

Here we go . . . . . . 


  1. The video of the boy arguing with his mother reminded of the many circular arguments I've had with my for year old who also believes Michael is alive.

    1. Hi JM,

      That video was so adorable. Alegedly the boy in the video above is three years old. I didn't see this boy's determination as a circular argument. He said Michael Jackson did not die and that was that. He wasn't taking anyone elses explanation. It's the ADULT in the car that had the circular arguments trying to debunk him.

      I would love to hear what your little boy said and his reasonings for believing Michael is alive. ♥♥♥

  2. Everyone, please start doing this if you have not. I am going to update this prayer this week, but if you could please start saying it or your version of it in your heart.

    I don't usually ask, but please include me in the prayer. And all the children. Michael knows who they are and so does God.

    1. Bonnie, of course I prayed by reading your prayer for Michael, MJ3 & Jackson family & YOU. Such a profound text to God ! You make Him happy ! God Bless you !

      Your Blog again reflects the essence of the real Michael in his pure love & empathy for the children. Also Conrad Murray's Video of 2009 recording a Michael under heavy sedation but still expressing his deep concern for the hopeless children & plan to create a hospital for them : this testimony was invaluable for the world to know what an exceptional & kind man Michael was.

      You said : "What does this child see that the others are not seeing?". it is true that all small children have a unique innocence, cuteness & charming irrationality we adore.. but smile at with our adult rationality :o( Why couldn't a 3 years old kid see what many of us (me included) cannot see ? The language of the heart & the pure innocence of children is a gift of God that except for a few like Michael, fades with the age. I loved your kids' Vids & images.

      It reminds me "Le Petit Prince" from Antoine de Saint-Exupéry who said in the novel : "Here is my secret. It is very simple: It is only with the heart that one can see rightly; what is essential is invisible to the eye." & "Only children know what they are looking for." & "But the eyes are blind. One must look with the heart".

      Wiki quote :
      "Though ostensibly a children's book, The Little Prince makes several profound and idealistic observations about life and human nature."

    2. Hi Line,

      I thought I answered this and I looked and no comment! Trying to type with one eye open is not working (reading either). I'm sorry I missed you!

      I make God happy? I hope so! That would be so great! But I'm afraid I disappoint Him more than I make him happy. But I do try. I pray all the time about this and sometimes I can feel it when I'm not as close to him when I'm praying. It helps to just sit there sometimes and just think about Him before praying. That way I can get my mind centered just on Him. It's like not rushing into a conversation. Close your eyes and try to see Him and feel Him.

      I am in love with the way Michael loves children. I am in love with the way he shows us how to love God and sometimes I am so happy and thankful to him that I have that now. When you feel like that you feel that you can accomplish anything. Now if only my body would cooperate with that ambition.

      One must look with the heart. What you said reminds me of the lyrics in a song:

      "And my faith will be my eyes . . . Jesus has overcome, and the grave is overwhelmed. The victory is won, he is risen from the dead and I will rise . . . when he calls my name. No more sorrow, no more pain. I will rise, on eagle's wings, before my God, fall on my knees and rise."

  3. Lovely blog :)
    You know how doubt gets in the way, even Michael
    had his doubts (even Jesus had his share of struggle
    and fear!), when everyone tells you it's all lunacy, and
    you see life just doesn't get any better, you see unfair
    things and crimes and injustice daily. I really wish
    God just changed us all one day, we won't change
    ourselves, no. Just several things have to be removed
    from humans - greed, jealousy, hatred, prejudice. Several
    things like that.

    I have this huge guilt forever with me - I didn't believe
    Michael many times. I couldn't believe "megastar" can
    be good like that. No, not about his innocence, that
    never was questioned, but the rest of him and his
    message. I thought he was "acting". Only his departure
    opened my eyes sadly, that guilt is all mine. I
    overlooked an Angel, like most mediocre people did.
    Only saw great singer and dancer. Why couldn't we be
    awakened any other way. Shame.

    Last night had this dream, like I was through
    my old VHS tapes and found one of some charity
    event with Michael there, as usual charity for
    children, and Michael sang a song there too, sounded like
    a ballad from late 70s (You told me to keep notepad next to
    bed, but I wasn't expecting any new songs so soon LOL!)
    Anyway, there was a simple "love song" never heard before,
    and I woke up right after it was over, and instead of running
    for notepad I tried to go back to sleep, to continue...
    I'm wise :P After about 10 minutes wide awake realized I'm not
    going back to same dream, and the song vanishes quickly, so I
    finally ran for a piece of paper and that was all I had left
    with me, final lines of chorus I guess, looks like lots of
    questions -
    Will I be there again?
    Will you recognize me tomorrow?
    Will you believe (in) me past (the) rain?

    well, that's what I wrote down.
    Now I see brain made it from existing song lines
    and phrases I read somewhere connected to Michael,
    the rest of the song was likely the same way,
    but still thought it was better than nothing, and I
    don't have anyone else to share that with,
    so... Decided to post here.

    I'll pray for you and all the children. I do, for all the
    people actually. Not sure it works, we are so mean and harm
    ourselves and children and everything we see and don't see :(

    1. Hi anonymous,

      Your comment sounds so sad. I don't know if you are familiar with what is supposed to happen as per John in Revelation (you seem familiar with Christ's struggles and fears), but there is hope at the end of all this. I often have referred to the period post June 25, 2009 as the beginning of sorrows. There IS a certain sadness to all of this and I hope God forgives me for crying even though I know the endgame for those with the love of the truth.

      I know what you mean about the shame of realizing what it took to awaken us. And some still won't be awakened. I am beginning to believe that there is no virtue in being "a grownup", because "grownups" don't know how to hope, or to dream, they can't see or hear beyond the mirage they let the world construct for them.

      I believe children can exist in grown-up bodies and I believe wise old men can exist in the bodies of children, but there is no virtue in being an adult unless you let the child out the door to remind your body how to be a human being that still believes that God is possible.

      Your dreamed about song lyrics are very interesting. "Will I be there again?" "Will you recognize me tomorrow" reminds me of a dream I had about Michael, where I was meeting with people who were going to take me to him. They told me "he looks different, you won't recognize him" and I replied "I will know him. I will see it in his eyes".

      "Will you believe (in) me past (the) rain?" - This immediately brought to mind his pleading to his fans during the trial "please believe in me and remember the children". "Believe in me past the rain" - Where "rain" = the wealth the illuminati bestowed upon him to try to convert him. It still surrounds him which if your dream is prophetic? It could very well mean that he is still at risk and they are still around him.

      With that in mind I would probably ask you to re-listen to "Whatever Happens" and it might answer your questions.

      Prayer from the heart works even if we don't see it. We don't know how many children/people to whom God makes his presence known. What we don't see isn't always something bad happening.

      God bless your heart. Don't give up. ♥♥♥

  4. Just in via Natural News:

    Instead of sending our troops to all these different countries around the world to infiltrate and stop “tyrannical” governments from oppressing their people . . .

    Do you think we could maybe BRING THEM HOME to take care of the one we have IN THE WHITE HOUSE RIGHT NOW?

    Somehow, if we can find a way to wipe the "NATION" of D.C. off the face of the earth, the world’s troubles will be 97% better.

  5. Bonnie,Hi. Today,March 20,2012,Iran will no longer accept the U.S. dollar for sales of oil. Will accept all other forms of currency. Just like Saddam Hussein in 2000, and Ghadafi just recently.

    1. Hi Linda,

      Yep. I wonder how that's going to go. Iran will either starve, or . . . our country will pay IRAN'S currency. What is it now? Gold? Oh. All "other" forms of currency. Even Israel's form of currency?

  6. Hi Bonnie. What a beautiful blog.

    The last video was really beautiful I love nature and animals. That’s why I decided to study biology even though I’m little disappointed but anyway, I will finish my career at the end of this year (if God's will).

    I do miss my childhood, just for the reason that I would wish to look the world the way I used to and trusting people again. I used to believe very much in God in a so trusting way but there was a time since I was 10 that everything changed, I would wish not having seen the things I saw and not knowing the things I know now. When you get older you feel disappointed of everything that is exactly what happened to me.
    But now I feel thankful and blessed in some way, because since I left my home for studying in another city I met again with God but now is different I know He is with me, and I never want to lose faith as I did in the past.

    Bonnie, do you believe in indigo children? I do, but I also believe that all children are indigo but some don’t realize because they were abused.
    The link below is a video that I saw a year ago about indigo children, I want you to look at part 1 6:30, that girl is Akiane Kramarik, now she is 16. She receives God's inspirations to make incredible paintings! And she says that she saw Jesus when she was 4. The video continues with part 2.

    part 1

    part 2

    other link

    God bless you always, all people and children victims of abuse. And may God always guide your way.


    1. Hi Maory,

      I'm not sure what I believe about Indigo children even though I did run across the topic in my research. I've seen the videos of the painter Akiane and as remarkable as she is, I noticed something during one of her interviews when she was older and that was her eyes.

      In the first video part 1 at 7:11 she's painting pyramids and telling us she doesn't even know the meaning of them. Then she's telling us "I know it's God, it's totally God, he's helping me with my art, he's helping me with my poetry, he's taking care of me just like a little butterfly"


      This is the interview of hers I covered before and look at her eyes:!

      There are several warning signs in her paintings and in her interview responses.

      She was on Oprah. That gives me very little comfort and I have to tell you, the dark shadows under her eyes and her enlarged pupils are a dead giveaway. But listen to how she talks about God.

  7. Bonnie, I love the whole concept of this blog...wonderful! The "Creation Calls" video was so moving, and I cried at the end when the beautiful penguin raised his head. Michael talked about all of creation and how it was reflected in a child's playful smile and only asks to be lived. No one could have said it better or more beautifully than he did.

    You said -

    >>> "I believe children can exist in grown-up bodies and I believe wise old men can exist in the bodies of children, but there is no virtue in being an adult unless you let the child out the door to remind your body how to be a human being that still believes that God is possible."

    WOW! You have just described one person to perfection...MICHAEL! He had (HAS) a child's heart in an adult body, and had the wisdom of an old soul as a little boy. How I love those two guys!

    That little toddler really stood firm. As cute as he was, you can't help watching his behavior. He listened carefully to what his mother was telling him, and he was serious - as if knowing something we didn't. What I found interesting is that this toddler wasn't throwing a tantrum when his mother kept contradicting him. He raised his voice a little once, but there was a sense of control and conviction in the way he spoke. I couldn't believe when he said Michael "transformed himself into a werewolf and came back to be normal again" - is this baby three...or thirty? Keenly intelligent and articulate for a tot still in Pampers!

    Believe me, I know what we're walking through, Bonnie - and if Michael ever felt alone before without a hand to hold, he has a hand now. He has all of us...forever. The prayer continues, Bonnie, and it always includes you!


    1. Hi Micheline,

      The concept of this blog is a reminder of a few things, reinforcement if you will. You know, we talked about this. I'm glad Maory brought up Akiane because she is a classic example of "created" prodigy and it scares me. A sixteen year old girl should not have eyes that look like that. She's going to be Lisa Marie in about five years or sooner!

      I wish Michael could have maintained his childness without having to live the torture. Michael could have showed so many people how to be a human being.

      I often wondered if Adam and Eve were visibly different, if their eyes were different or the countenance different from the time before they ate of the fruit to the time after. Was it immediate or only after they felt they had to hide from God? And did they look like children before they sinned?

      What is it about children that are abused that can be seen in their eyes? And can the souls of children be taken without their willing consent? I wonder about all these things. I want to know what happened in the room that Michael got called to in "Billie Jean". I want God to take that all away from him and ask God why it's necessary for people who want to hurt children to exist. What is the purpose of that?

      Michael is one of millions of children that suffered and still are suffering today. Michael is one of the few that kept fighting for them. Children are drawn to innocence and goodness and children clung to Michael because they knew.

      That child in that video, the little boy. I've watched that video probably eight times now. I can't get enough of him he is so adorable, but look at him! You are right. He is not out of control, he is not irrational. He is direct, matter of fact and he is firm without being disrespectful. It doesn't hurt that he's adorable either. Even his gaze is direct. I think this would have had Michael jumping up and down and clapping his hands if he could see that little boy.

      Well, I'm off to bed. Headache does not like me and I need some cool air. The south really sucks when your air conditioning is out. If this is going to be an annual event (air conditioning went out at the beginning of the season last year too), I'm moving back to Maryland with or without. I can't sleep if it's hot.

  8. Bonnie,

    I saw the video of that little boy saying that Michael Jackson is not dead. Man, he was serious. And no matter how his mom tries to explain to him that MJ is gone, that child was not letting up! I wonder what made him say that. We can only wonder what goes on in the minds of little children.


    1. Hi Miss P,

      I had a similar thing happen with my son, who has Asperger's.

      Back in 2009, I would say September, I had my son visiting. My son is probably about the maturity of a 12 to 14 year old. I wanted him to sit at the computer and watch "Ghosts" with me. The reason I had him watch is because my son is visually acute and I thought he would see things I did not see. He is very imaginative that way.

      Well we watched the full version and of course part one is mostly the lead up to the story line. Rich watched it without saying a word. The very first dance number is "2bad". When the dance starts the first words out of my son's mouth was, "how does he DO that!" It made me laugh.

      I did not think my son would pick up on the lyrics because where he is gifted visually, he is NOT in hearing. But somehow music and film helps him put things together in his head and the next thing he said to me amazed me. He said to me about the second verse into the song, "Did you hear what he said?"

      I replied, "I can hear him. Why?" And my Rich replied, "That's about his LIFE!"

      Understand that at the time, my son knew absolutely nothing about Michael Jackson other than he had been picked on and that knowledge was mined from memory back in 1993, when he heard from the hallway that I was watching Michael's Neverland Broadcast.

      The things they are doing to our brains with the chemicals, fluoride and metals in our food and water and VACCINES can be HEALED! Music and imagery. This is what I believe Michael wanted to take music and film because he knew how healing it could be to brains who forgot how to make those connections.

    2. Yes,
      and also it explains once more why Michael was attacked
      each time right before he had a pile of awesome projects
      ready to run, when he was about to be free to create
      something never seen before. He was a threat, imagine
      what symbols and morals he could wrap in his feature length film, if he ever had a chance to make one (Moonwalker was great, but I know he was after bigger
      things, maybe with more conventional storytelling, so
      even more people could be affected by his art). Imagine
      what healing effect it could have on children and adults.
      I mean spiritual healing. If only we let him create
      every single thing he wanted to, we are so robbed now. Foolish people we are :(

    3. Hi anonymous . . .

      Oh, I could dream. To see Michael create something in film that TAUGHT people and opened up what God gave us. Can you imagine? Michael using T.V. - films, music and the internet to engage people, making them part of the story as it unfolds, they are writing it and learning why God put us here and what our purposes are, discovering our gifts that have been smothered for so long . . . (dream, dream, dream . . . )

      I am right now teaching myself online how to make videos, but I had to download the real player. It won't be spectacular, but I've taught myself just about everything else online to do with putting up websites and advertising them.

      Mike. Maybe this is what you are doing?

  9. Ms Bonnie I stumbled across your blogs searching symbolism in the entertaining industry as a collective whole. And while researched just how deep into all forms of entertainment. You had a blog about MJ blood on the dance floor and the resemblance of a masonic meeting room and you sparked my curiosity and I was wondering if you written about the eerie resemblance and the meaning

    1. Hi Anonymous,

      Yes, I did. I wrote about those here:

      And here:


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