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Michael Jackson Justice: Michael's Childhood . . . Who Stole It

God: Reconnect to Him

The Conspiracy against God is about "The Word", and the profaning of His Holy Name within us. Adam fell in the garden, breaking the direct connection to God. Jesus, the "last Adam" was a quickening Spirit, the Word made Flesh, and the only one with whom we can re-establish our relationship with God. Michael's story is still unfolding. He is the one who is, is not. But Jesus is the only name given under heaven by which we must be saved. Many are trying to rewrite HIStory. We were given a help to instruct us. Learn more "here".

Monday, March 26, 2012

Michael's Childhood . . . Who Stole It

Truth or Consequences Part 2
Scared of the Moon

He didn’t intend it to honor him after his life

This video above was sent to me first by Cathy.  I watched it and looked at Michael’s remarkable drawings  (Michael, you draw your own face well.  I can’t do mine! LOL! But I can do my baby pics).  The thing she wanted me to pay attention to was Strong’s comment at the very end of the tape.

At 1:39, Strong says, “It wasn’t meant to be a monument where, whereby he thought he was going to be honored after his life.

Then the news anchor says “The monument is still in the works, as well as finding a spot to secure it.

Micheline replied to me, “Now I see what you're saying!  And they also said the monument is still in the works, so if it wasn't meant to be unveiled posthumously, then why are they still working on it?  Yeah, good point, Brett!  :-)

I wanted to share that with you, but that is not the topic of today’s blog.  Just another opportunity to “read between the lines.”

Yesterday was filled with tears.  I expressed this and the pain I felt and Blake who has been sending me some of these songs to look into and input on various exchanges between Michael and “others”,  emailed me to ask how I was doing.

She updated me on a transportation situation with relatives in which two cars broke down on the same day going to different destinations from her house.  She said, “My family members are all at their destinations safe and sound.  Repairs start today.  Maybe that's happening in other areas as well and we can't see?

So I thought about that and realized she is right.  Maybe that’s why the Jacksons are quiet on Twitter?  One is afraid of getting their hopes up.  But I posted a reply to her comment on the blog from yesterday. Then I sent this:



Thank you, yes feeling better. This will be short because I want to get the part 2 up tonight.

I am glad that your family members are safe.  Check out the comment I just posted in answer to yours on the blog.  Just came out of me.  "The Pilgrim's Progress".  Our Path.  Nice "metaphor" in regard to repairs.

Diana Ross - I know this remains to be seen.  I won't call her bad (I think I already did) but she most certainly was a tool to separate Michael from the family.  Willingly or enslaved?  God will judge that.  Perhaps she was the one who told Michael "he was the one" who would “dance on the floor in the round?”

Yes, just trusting God . . . wrote about that on the comment.

On Lisa Marie, I'm not convinced that ever happened.  Lisa Marie does not tell the truth and Michael has lied knowing someone had control of his sister.  The two never lived together and although I'm sure Lisa Marie tried to corrupt/control him (just as Madonna tried and failed miserably), Lisa Marie's motivations were quite different from what she's told the press in interviews.  I'm also sure there were certain things cut out of the interviews with Rabbi Schmuley.  I believed Michael loved her, but I don't believe Lisa Marie would have any relations with him.  He wouldn't succumb.  Lisa Marie's rage was evident in many post divorce interviews.  I don't think there was anything even remotely attracting to Michael with Lisa Marie, she's a completely selfish person.  If Michael loved her it was to try and save her.

Debbie Rowe was Klein's LONG TIME and LOYAL assistant.  Funny how she just stepped in to placate Michael right before the divorce to promise him children.  Debbie Rowe is Jewish.  Michael's two children are "Jewish" as per the Jewish tradition (this is what they believe, the mother dictates the lineage).  Why did Michael want to keep Debbie away after the divorce?  Why was Debbie back in court for custody in which her appearance at Michael's trial overlapped?  Lots of questions.

In order of chronology:

Michael talked about his "stolen childhood" at the 93 Grammy's and after Janet's pleading for more time with him on stage, getting in front of him to make eye contact at one point.

After that the incident with Klein calling Liz Taylor to "help" Michael, which they then flew Michael to "London" to "Beechy" for "detox" from a dependency on drugs that Klein obviously pumped into him at alarming rates judging by the 2011 Murray Trial, that THEY gave him for a surgery that never happened.

Michael was making public appearances only WEEKS after the burn, and was awarded at the White House just three months later with a full head of hair.

As that was going on, the 1993 allegations came out and the "extortion" attempt by a dentist to Carrie Fisher, Mick Hucknall and other "stars".  Evan Chandler, who was so star-struck by Michael, he wormed his way into Michael's life and set him up to get financing for a screenplay he had already written and was actually released as a movie that same  year.  (Someone who already had quite a bit of hollywood connections and didn't really need the money considering the high profile DENTAL clients he had).

As the threat to his popularity and career came under threat, Lisa Marie comes in and saves the day, escorted by both Tommy Mottola and by his own admission, Aussie artist Brett Livingstone Strong (who admitted Lisa Marie worked him to get a meeting with Michael but for which John Branca takes credit).

They "fall in love", date and are "all over the place" but not one member of the press gets any early snapshots of all this time they spent together.  Not even any pictures of Lisa Marie's visit to Michael's ranch . . .how odd.

They get "married" in the Dominican Republic under Michael's "false" middle name with a video of Michael cracking gum while the vows are being taken.  Some pictures of them are taken at a children's hospital in Romania, a couple at Michael's Neverland POST vows and an appearance at one concert and an MTV awards show were the "kiss" was less than genuine.

More than one person has stated they did not live together.  The sex talk from Lisa Marie is just that . . . an obligated statement.

They divorce as Debbie Rowe is folded into her life.  Michael's longing for children is not in question.  I'm sure this is how they got to him.  Debbie Rowe offered and got into his life, leaving Klein.  Debbie is the only one of his two wives that exhibits any genuine affection for Michael.  I see Debbie as someone they tried to use but Michael got to her.  Or . . . Debbie could have been their insurance policy.  They consider two of Michael's children as "belonging" to them.  Michael had a third child with someone secret - Why?  I don't think it was because Michael had no more use for Debbie once she learned she couldn't have any more children - as the story goes.  Yes, Michael has told conflicting stories . . . alters? Playing them?  Or are there really different Michael's out there?  Some are of the opinion that there are three different Michael's presented in the Bashir documentary.  I could be convinced that there were possibly two.

Yes, "For All Time".  I catch those lyrics . . . "and they have not a clue, when its all gonna end, again . . ."  Much listening and writing has to be done.

Are WE going to see the sky rolled back?  That happens after the 1,000 year reign of Christ doesn't it?



While looking through the mind control references I have, I came across this:

Kabbalah Angels

The Hebrew word for angel is "malach," which means messenger, for the angels are Gd's messengers to perform various missions. Every angel is "programmed" to perform certain tasks; such as Michael who is dispatched on missions which are expressions of Gd's kindness; Gavriel, who executes Gd's severe judgments; and Rafael, whose responsibility it is to heal.8 Some angels are created for one specific task, and upon the task's completion cease to exist. (or are killed???)   According to the Zohar9 one of the angels' tasks is to transport our words of prayer and Torah-study before Gd's throne.” – Source,

Isn’t that special?  Jewish mysticism teaches that God “creates angels for one specific task then cease to exist” and “every angel is programmed.”

Does God work for the CIA?  Maybe we should ask them?  While we’re at it lets ask them if God steals children from their parents, tortures them while splitting their little minds by raping them?  I don’t think that is the God of the Bible . . . sorry Rumsfeld and Boteach.

Since sending that email I realized the typo in the word “reign” so I fixed it here.  I also edited for the blog some words that were more personal expressions and didn’t need to be there.  So Blake, before you say “hey!”, that’s why a word or two is replaced for esthetics.

Before 1993 however, and before CBS and Epic and before “The Jacksons” became “Michael Jackson” and “Janet Jackson”, Michael became “a victim of a selfish kind of love” by others pushing an agenda.

On the blog previously, “Taking His Hand, Taking the Tour”, I posted the video to this song:

Scared of the Moon

In the last verse of the song, before the Chorus, Michael sings:

The years go by swiftly
And soon childhood ends
But life is still fearful
When evening descends
The fear of a child
Still intrudes the night
Returning on beams of light
Scared of the moon

The feeling of terror
She felt as a youth
Has turned from a fantasy
Into the truth
The moon is the enemy
Twisting her soul
And taking its fearful toll
Scared of the moon

But now there are others who sit in a room
And wait for the sunlight to brighten their gloom
Together they gather
Their lunacy shared
But knowing just why they're scared
Scared of the moon – Source, AZ-Lyrics

When I had the dream about Christ in the house full of hallways and rooms that I was trying to escape, I did not know back then the true meaning of the dream.  I was nineteen years old when I had that dream, the summer before I went back to school and the year before I got married.  It was 1984.  Michael would have been very close to turning twenty-six.  The Victory Tour was in progress and it was the same summer I caught my brother and the other two “Mikes” in the neighborhood practicing their “moonwalk” on our driveway for a talent show they were planning to enter at the middle school they attended. 

The Three Mikes  (From Blake)

That same dream had a little dream stuck at the end of it that came true as soon as I woke up – Something a little extra that God gave me to tell me to pay attention to that dream.

What else was in that dream?

Stalkers by the pack chasing me through the house.  I ran down hallways and into doors of rooms that had other doors that led to other hallways full of doors.  All the doors were closed but I could open and go into them. 

I shut them as soon as I entered the room to stop the bad from getting to me.  These are the doors in our minds to rooms that we create to protect ourselves.   And the more we suffer the more we create.  I did not see mirrors in my dream, only hallways lined with doors that led to rooms with other doors that led to other hallways.

The shutting of each door behind me had to be symbolic of compartmentalization but I had no idea what that was back when I had this dream in 1984.

As I closed one door exiting a room to another hallway, I began running and noticed one of the doors on the left side of the hallway was already open.  None of the others were.  I slowed my run to a pensive walk.  Did “they” outflank me?

As I got closer to the room I could see into the room. It was furnished, paneled  and one man stood in that room, dressed in pure white, with his hands folded in front of him across his body.  He was looking directly at me.  The words in my head immediately – “I know who you are.”  But I didn’t speak them.  I knew it was Christ Jesus.

I’ve told the dream before on a previous blog.  I titled it “The Open Door” and used part of it in allegory I wrote “Last Curtain Call for Norma Jean”.

Some of you are re-reading this story and I apologize for the review.  But there are new people reading that don’t know and I am still putting pieces together.

Remembering this dream I had at the age of nineteen, in 1984 when Michael Jackson was approximately Twenty-five to twenty-six years of age, and the content of the dream makes me wonder;  Is this the rooms in MY mind or was God trying to tell me about someone elses life?  Or maybe MANY others?

My life has not been remarkable.  I have in common (possibly) with Michael family connections to the Masons and nobility in my family’s history.  I have child abuse and sexual abuse in my history.  I have a parent who “dabbled” in the occult who got it from her mother.  I have very vivid and sometimes WEIRD dreams that I cannot explain from life experience. 

In my dreams I have seen Christ twice (three times in one dream, telling me to tell my grandfather – the one whose family was Masonic) that I saw him, and I was taken to Heaven and was shown what it would feel like.  I was in the presence of God including the described-by-others inability to look at him, covering my eyes and feeling him fill me up with what I can only describe as energy.

In that particular dream what I was shown in the only way I could ever express in the human, written word, was what various living elements in Heaven were like, experienced as we cannot experience them here.  God’s way of showing me that we ARE one with everything he created.  They feel us, we feel them, be it plant, animal or another human being.  However, just as I was deciding to “get to know” the only other human God showed me in Heaven, he pulled me out quickly and I woke up as if I had been thrown onto my bed. 

THAT dream I had when I was sixteen and it was in the summer.  The dream where Christ told me to tell my grandfather that I saw him?  I had that one when I was fourteen.

Does any of this have any significance to Michael? 

Possibly the one about Heaven and the one about the hallways of doors where I saw Jesus in the open door.  They were telling me of something.  But back then I had no idea what I was supposed to be doing with these dreams.  God certainly made sure I remembered them though!

I can tell you that parts of my childhood are so vivid that I remember the emotion heat in my face or what made me cry that day.  Other memories are not so available.

I remember feeling “apart” from other people.  I could never connect and felt I had nothing in common with anyone.  I couldn’t make a friend, but I would cry over the accidental popping of my balloon bunny-rabbit because I thought he was real.

I endured abuse from various adults, some known, some unknown previously to me and not shed a tear, but babies or animals being hurt would send me crumbling to the floor or the ground in a heap, crying with my hands over my ears.

Still, this has nothing to do with Michael.  Unless he too was one of those people that couldn’t connect on a personal level with others, but could feel them to the point of taking their own pain upon himself.

I am just trying to understand and file the feelings about all this, taking mental notes on this blog.

I am still not sure of all Michael suffered, but I know that I can feel pain from him sometimes in acute intensity and I’m not sure exactly what it is about every time.

What I do feel sometimes, is the absence of another one of God when things like this still go on:

For the “Lost” Children, like this one
God has him now, but what about the others?

Blake was the one who pointed out “Scared of the Moon” and she also pointed out  what Michael says in whispers at the very end of it, “Truly . . . I’m scared,  I’m scared”.

I began working on a timeline of events as you can see in the reply above I sent to Blake (condensed version), and I did begin doing this about three months ago.  However the conversation between Blake and I over certain songs made me revisit what I had put together.

Everyone assumes Michael’s troubles started between 1989 and 1993.  This is between the time Michael bought the ATV catalog and the Chandler (1st) child abuse allegations against Michael.

However, we’ve seen by certain “The Jacksons” songs and Michael’s earlier, pre-Neverland song releases that he was trying to tell us something way back then.

Blake brought up a song I hadn’t delved into yet.  This is what she had to say (she included the youtube link which I will post below):

This song made me cry so be prepared.  It's not really anything new but from a bit of a different perspective.  "Why you wanna fix me, why you wanna get me..."  It's the anguish and tears!  It may have been directed to the music industry as a whole, but I can't help but wonder if he wrote that when he found out about Elisabeth Taylor being a handler.  He did, didn't he?

I think Michael knew about Elizabeth Taylor.  His face with different pictures of her tell most of that story:

Michael/Liz with Oprah 1993

Study the look on Michael’s face as Liz sits in the chair and watch him and his eyes as she continues.  I find the lack of interaction between the two “friends” and Michael’s rigidity and the look on his face very unnerving. 

Not convinced?  Okay, let’s check some still photos:

Not Happy – Stonefaced

He Looks drugged/eyes

No explanation needed

Is this a wedding or a funeral?
“faces filled with madness” comes to mind

Again no smile

Another from the event pictured above
Why you stab me in the back?

Yeah . . . You’re my best friend – NOT

One from his younger years
She’s smiling, he’s not and no glasses
To hide the eyes

On the set of “Captan [Help Me!] EO”

Another yester-year with no smile
Look on his face?

And just so you don’t think I’m being
Discriminate , here is a double pic
Where he is SORT OF smiling
In the top photo

Oh yeah, and the ‘OTHER’ handler

Michael has the same look on his face that he has with Uri Geller and Boteach and Al Malnik photos.  And it seems the closer you get to his younger years, the more you see smiles on Michael with Liz.  But after 1993 not so much.

Can someone explain to me what the odds are that Carrie Fisher, Michael Jackson, Liza Minnelli, Mick Hucknall, David Gest and Klein himself would all exhibit extreme behaviors of multiple personality disorder (or at the very least, Bipolar disorder) and all have connection to the U.S. government rewarded “Dr. Demoral”?

Which brings us to this lady

Diana Ross

No, he doesn’t look happy in that picture either.  Yes, I noticed.  And Yes, I know there are pictures of him with Diana Ross when he was smiling (that did happen in his younger years but you hardly saw them together after say . . . 1993 or so).

Miss Ross did NOT attend the memorial on September 7th, ,2009. 

Miss Ross did NOT attend the funeral (was she invited?  Was she sicker than Liz who did attend?) on September 3rd, 2009. 

Consequently NEITHER woman bothered to attend any day of his trial.  Ross was just absent.  Liz was too busy schmoozing with Debeers (diamonds) at a gala in London and organizing her star-studded AIDS events (which support none other than the people that created the damned disease in the first place!)

AIDS a Government Bio-Weapon
Yes, Make sure you VACCINATE
Your children!  Beware of Gates
That Open to Hell (Bill!)

So while Liz is shilling for BIG PHARMA who created AIDS for the Elitist shadow government, her FRIEND who was trying to EXPOSE THIS HORROR is on trial for his life.

Oh, she managed to squeeze a little time out of her busy social schedule to play a cameo role on Larry King to talk about how “angry” she was about the victimizing of Michael, but I guess I wasn’t as into her movies as some other people are, because I thought the acting job was terrible.  Of course she advocated for Michael staying out of the United States (Larry: do you think he will come back?  Liz: well why should he?) however, Britain has caused just as many problems for Michael in the press (remember Bashir?, the Daily U.K.?  News of the World?) but since Beechy was close by for rapid “re-education”, Liz was all for it.

But even back before Liz and the swarms of other programmed Hollywood nutcases that descended upon the Jackson house hold to take ownership of their “chosen one”, there was Diana Ross.

Before Michael was double digits in age he was singing on stage.  If one were to believe that the Jackson boys had no other venue available to showcase their talents, the story is that Joe the dad took his school-aged children to late night burlesque and strip bars to perform.  Yes, stardom was THAT important that church-going boys would be singing in the wee hours of the morning in between Gypsy-Rose Lee wanna-bees and drag queens.

Joe Jackson’s father was a teacher.  A respectable position to have for a black man during the time that Joe was growing up and probably not without the challenges of the time.  I don’t know how Miss Katherine ended up in Gary from Arkansas as a single woman with a polio limp but that is where she met Joe Jackson.

She converts to  “Jehovah’s Witness” church from her “Baptist” upbringing and Joe divorces his first wife to be with Miss Katherine (after he too migrates to Gary as a  teen, from California).

They have Rebbie, Jackie, Tito, Jermaine, Latoya, Marlon and his twin who died in birth which made Michael the actual seventh son (child).  Randy and Janet were born as the older boys were being groomed for stage careers.

The way my mind is running lately, I thought perhaps the seventh son (child) wasn’t supposed to be Marlon’s twin, or the “chosen one” came directly after the seventh child that died was probably not where I wanted to explore at the present time.   I could branch off into all kinds of things I don't want to go.  But Michael's drawings of himself as a child and the Jackson's "family" stories don't always add up.  Planted/implanted memories after the evisceration of the family? or Reality?  Stories of child sacrifices for worldly greatness.  Did the Aztecs really die out.  Putting on the brakes.

There are several stories overlapping how and when the Jackson 5 actually became Motown’s “Jackson 5”.  Between Bob Hope, Ed Sullivan, Bryce Taylor’s “Memories”, and “Steeltown Records”, the Jackson5 were given a “push” – Infused immediately into stardom where the real manipulation began.

In 1969 – 1970, depending on which source you believe, Joe Jackson and his five boys moved with Berry Gordy out to Los Angeles (The angels – city of angels or city of the Illuminated ones?)

For some strange reason Michael was siphoned off from his brothers to live with Diana Ross (some reports have Marlon also living there which may have happened later if Michael was stressing) and the rest of the boys and their father lived with Berry Gordy at his house.

Why would they even split the boys up?  Gordy’s house not big enough?

Diana Ross introduced Michael to “fine art and books” according to reports. 

What else did she introduce him to?

From Michael and “The Jacksons”:

Michael’s Part
She was up a stair to nowhere
A room forever I'll remember
She stared as though I should have known her
Tell me what's your pain or pleasure
Every little thing you find here
Is simply for the thrill you're after
Loneliness or hearts on fire
I am here to serve all masters”
(Love Tito’s guitar antics :o)

@5:40 a sequined glove (supposed to be Michael’s hand) grabs the whip and the evil woman turns back into the “angel”.

Hope is dead
She thought that I had cheated for another lover
I turn my back to see that I'm undercover
Now I can't convince this girl there ain't no other
Someone's evil to hurt my soul
Every smile's a trial thought
In beguile to hurt me
This is scaring me
Then the man next door had told
He's been here in tears for fifteen years
This is scaring me

We came to this place
Where the vicious dwelt
Found that wicked women
(Run this strange hotel)
There was Sefra and Sue
Every girl that I knew
And my baby said love is through

For Forty Days And Forty Nights
The Law was on her Side
But Who Can Stand When She's In Demand
Her Schemes And Plans
'Cause We Danced On The Floor In The Round
So Take My Strong Advice, Just Remember To Always Think Twice
Do think Twice

She Told My Baby We'd Danced 'Till Three
Then She Looked At Me
She Showed A Photo Of A Baby Crying
His Eyes Looked Like Mine
Go On Dance On The Floor In The Round, Baby

People Always Told Me Be Careful Of What You Do
And Don't Go Around Breaking Young Girls' Hearts
She Came And Stood Right By Me
Then The Smell Of Sweet Perfume
This Happened Much Too Soon
She Called Me To Her Room

In this song there is reference to “forty days and forty nights”, biblical reference and also “danced till three” – Blanket is the third child and has eyes just like Michael’s.  I don’t believe Blanket was Michael’s reference but I thought I would point that out.  I believe that part is in reference to their threat to copy or “fake him", him being “God” or “Christ” as Michael is singing for God, telling the story.

You'll Never Make Me Stay
So Take Your Weight Off Of Me
I Know Your Every Move
So Won't You Just Let Me Be
I've Been Here Times Before
But I Was Too Blind To See
That You Seduce Every Man
This Time You Won't Seduce Me”

I agree with Blake on the previous video on this song I posted on Saturday’s blog so I am just going to post below what she wrote because I agree . . . they have some things mixed up on which character owns which part of the lyrics:

Your video you posted on Dirty Diana and the Illuminati was interesting but I don't quite see it the same.  Diana is definitely a practiced seductress.  The first verse where he says "I've been here times before but I was too blind to see that you seduce every man, THIS TIME you won't seduce me."  The devil is out to seduce every man, performer or no.  In this case, Michael had been taken in before but now sees her for what she is and is fighting.

She's saying that's ok
Hey baby do what you please
I have the stuff that you want
I am the thing that you need
She looked me deep in the eyes
She's touching me so to start
She says there's no turning back
She trapped me in her heart

The video had Michael saying the hey baby do what you please, I have the stuff that you want.....

Diana is strutting her stuff, "You can say you don't want me but you need me."  In her heart, she truely believes that he has no choice.  He belongs to her.  (I felt trapped into her web of sin)

She's out to get any performer who has prestige and promises fortune and fame - like a vampire, she sucks off their blood to live a life so carefree.

She's saying that's ok
Hey baby do what you want....I'll be your everything if you make me a star.

All her again, more arguments-give in to me and all your desires will be fulfilled,  good and bad.  She has the power to deliver and no shame.

He's still fighting, and calls home to say he's alright and intends to come home but asks that she unlocks the door because he forgot the key.
(Getting weaker here) Diana yells out, he's not coming back because he's sleeping with me.  Lies, lies and more baby cried, she left me standing alone.  She's so dangerous.  Music industry, Illuminati - all the same.

She also saw the correlation to “Dangerous” as she inserted the lyrics above.  Dangerous is about the same treacherous entity.

“Dangerous” (mixed with Billie Jean live performance)
Janet @7:12, shaking her head, proud of her brother
“And Then It Happened
She Touched Me
For The Lips Of
A Strange Woman
Drop As A Honeycomb
And Her Mouth Was
Smoother Than Oil
But Her Inner Spirit And Words
Were As Sharp As
A Two-Edged Sword
But I Loved It
'Cause It's Dangerous

The Girl Is So Dangerous
Take Away My Money
Throw Away My Time
You Can Call Me Honey
But You're No Damn Good For Me”

Click the blue title to go to the lyrics if you have a hard time reading them on the screen.  Everyone of these songs is telling the same story, but adding more pieces with each song, to this picture.

“Smooth Criminal” is another one.  “Who is It” is another one, “Rock My World” is another one.  And as many songs as Michael has sung about the treachery of the temptations of the harlot, the damage of the evil ones and of the war to come, he has sung just as many about repentance, sacrifice and redemption through love.

The very same “strong delusion” to be played out in the Bible will be played out using Michael.  We are asked in Daniel to “understand”.

Jesus asks us in Matthew 24 to “understand”.  We are asked in Revelation to “let the reader understand”.

We know who is going to win, but will you know which side is which when the time comes to pledge your allegiance?

More to come . . .


  1. Oh, I could dream. To see Michael create something in film that TAUGHT people and opened up what God gave us. Can you imagine? Michael using T.V. - films, music and the internet to engage people, making them part of the story as it unfolds, they are writing it and learning why God put us here and what our purposes are, discovering our gifts that have been smothered for so long . . . (dream, dream, dream . . . )

    I am right now teaching myself online how to make videos, but I had to download the real player. It won't be spectacular, but I've taught myself just about everything else online to do with putting up websites and advertising them.

    Mike. Maybe this is what you are doing?

  2. Hi Bonnie,
    I still find it strange that neither Diana Ross or Debbie Rowe went to Michael's memorial or funeral. I would of gone if I had been invited. To support Michael's children and to pay my last respects. Deepak Chopra also wasn't there, but he wasn't a close friend. Not sure John Branca/the MJ estate people or the people from Sony were there either.

    1. I'm not that surprised about Diana Ross but I am surprised about Debbie Rowe or at least I was. I never considered Deepak Chopra a friend of Michael's except in the beginning when I was stupid and gullible. I've seen more pics of Michael and Malnik together than I have seen of Chopra and Michael together. All these "good friends" were hiding in holes during his trial.

      Randy Jackson himself had twittered that John Branca and John McClain DID get invitations to the memorial and did not attend. No one notable from Sony either. Only This is It people/AEG and dancers and I think Dorian Holley was there.

    2. Hi Bonnie,
      Oprah also wasn't there, but then I wouldn't expect her to be as she seems to not like Michael at all. I don't think Oprah, Obama or Beyonce were true friends to Michael.
      Alvin Malnik and his wife Nancy turned out to be bad news.

    3. It's a strong possibility that Oprah wasn't even invited. I agree with you on all those names you mentioned.

  3. BONNIE, all the today described character persons around Michael are brillantly unmasked. No wish to sully the eventual sympathy that could exist between Liz Taylor & Michael (more from Michael though as usual) & sorry if I don't take the high road here however I guess it was handy for a maturing woman celebrity between another marriage/divorce to be escorted & sublimated by a younger celebrity man like Michael. Such a kind man was also easy to manipulate for her & Klein. Taylor said in fact the truth to Oprah about Michael's great qualities but why did he look like a frozen little soldier stuck behind Liz Taylor while the Liz & Oprah matrons were chatting ? Psychological control or lack of self-confidence or rare modesty ? It's also true he was not blossoming on "Madame Tussaud" pics taken with Taylor & friends who themselves seemed to enjoy the public feast. In his demeanor & expression (while pictured with any of them) Michael looked subdued & uneasy, like if his handlers were the stars, not he. It is very sad for the real Michael, black or white, is a beautiful & brillant man who should have enjoyed in any public circumstance his powerful notoriety & worldwide aura. Who did instead ? the handlers you named above & many others who sort of MK Ultra-ed him & casually but surely, in public alike behind the scenes "sucked" the essence of his own pride, strength & immense power for their own benefit. He came to know it, got sadder & sadder but let them his place. Weakness is what one may call this attitude to let the others (particularly the leeches) always stand before oneself BUT he was then unfortunately still manipulated. However the GREATNESS of this Christ-like man was to also let any other human being, poor or rich, child or adult, stand always before himself. We can really honor him for his unique selflessness & goodness equal to his gigantic fame.

    Michael's look from the 2005 trial & later : IMO he got back to himself i.e changed for the best physically & psychologically again, with a more natural face expression, less make-up & flamboyant clothes, in spite of the coming age. Sweet he looked all his life, but his new maturity, his 3 children & the distance from some influences suited him much better in spite of other recurrent financial & sleep problems.

    1. Line,

      What a post! God love you. I cried when I read this:

      "In his demeanor & expression (while pictured with any of them) Michael looked subdued & uneasy, like if his handlers were the stars, not he."

      His expression was one of a trapped child that knew he better remember to do what he was told. You are exactly right.

      You are also right about the self-righteous, hypocritical mentalities of those that hung onto Michael's hem like vultures fighting over meat that is still alive. Hyenas snaping and biting at each other as they surround their prey, distracting him so others can circle around from behind.

      Yes the Pharisees did the same thing to Jesus. And people like Boteach are PROUD of this heritage they call theirs! Regardless of what they've been able to deceive themselves of, God knows who they are. You'd think people that knew the Bible would respect what it says but no . . . they're too busy trying to manipulate and trump the prophecy in it.

      What you say about Michael's 2005 trial I also agree. As much suffering as he endured during that period, was closer to the real Michael. Some of my favorite photos of him where you can really see his eyes are his younger years, before the post 1990 super makeup and those rare moments in which the cameras snapped him and he was wearing next to no makeup. You could really see him and his innocence and that little boy was still there.

      I'm debating how much of the REAL Michael we've seen post 2006 and I'm really starting to scrutinize pictures. The more I look at them the more I believe there were several Michaels out there for photo opps to throw people off.

    2. again :o( Why did I pick up the Michael moniker above ? at the worst of 2005, he just had during a fraction of second for the camera an expression & smile showing genuine sympathy & warmth mixed with more self-assurance & a touch of irony : A Prince..Sadly he did not smile that way much in public when surrounded by Bostitch, Spoontwister & other divas. Good Evening Bonnie. Your post was again great.

    3. You mean the face you chose for your avatar? I saw those expressions you describe during the trial. Bostitch and Spoontwister made me laugh.

      I better wake up. Can't see the screen too clearly and I have to keep fixing typos, making comments take twice as long. ♥

  4. Liz thing upsets me, but yes, somehow drugs and Liz
    and Klein mixed too well in Michael's life.
    I don't think Liz was born this way, she was made this way -
    started as a child, they molded her and prepared her.
    Superstar on her own, later in life still very "useful",
    even as a handler for other superstar.
    I saw Mike happy and giggly with Liz, on that event they
    had in (as always) London. He really looked happy!
    Maybe they gave him something, but looked like he had
    fun watching the (a bit dull) show, till they invited him
    and others on stage, then he turned embarrassed and shy, in
    front of that grand space filled with posh snobs of all
    sorts, but he often was this way, even during celebrations
    in his name. So I'll give Liz this - he could have fun
    when in her presence. Sometimes.
    Chopra - everybody wants to be a friend of MJ now.
    Yup, in 2009 I, too, believed he's a friend.
    If ALL people with whom Michael has phone conversations
    several times would come out and claim to be his
    friend... Average-sized town population?

    "In The Back", and "Money" too, could be applied
    to 85% of people around Michael I'm afraid.
    Smaller sharks were there for money and money-related
    backstabbing, while bigger sharks were there for
    money and something even more sinister IMHO.

    Lisa Marie - I think deep inside she is still alive,
    and deep inside guilt and regret get to her, her face
    when she was standing next to Mike's casket, and couple other
    "weak" moments - but she just won't let herself be alive, to have
    these feelings, she "protects" herself this way, but
    I just don't get this type of "protection". Turning your
    heart and soul to stone, yet allowing anger to be there -
    all the interviews, as you say, so much anger! I know
    she regrets things now. But too late for her, way too late.
    And she forever "protected" herself from being alive by saying
    "no more MJ interviews, ever", so she won't have to think
    about that part of her life anymore, no one will remind her,
    and she'll do her best to erase it from her mind. But I hope
    she fails, she really must understand what was that lesson
    life "was trying to teach her". God tried, he did, but she
    refused to learn.

    I mean, she "protects" herself from what, negativity?
    But she LIVED negativity! Walking talking negativity.
    Cold. Never ashamed. Never giving.

    You had lovely dreams as a youth, Bonnie.
    I sadly remember very opposite dreams from when
    I was 14, 16 and so on, the Devil was chasing me,
    wanting to make me his...Just his. And I'm afraid
    he was good at chasing me! I was able to wake up
    when things were getting way too ugly, but I don't
    remember ever celebrating a victory. He always
    appeared as someone attractive, seductive, someone
    you wanted to trust, but then slight change in his
    eyes and face and you clearly could see who he was.
    But it was too late, as I was trapped in some
    labyrinth-type building, he knew all corridors and
    doors, and I knew nothing.
    Lots of glass doors and walls I remember, clear
    glass, into which he would smash bodies of my
    friends and allies,yeah it was getting ugly each time.
    Glad I don't get such dreams anymore. Be it good or
    bad sign.

    1. Hi anonymous,

      I believe you in Liz not being born that way. Pictures of her as a child show that (eyes) and I have to tell you that all of that bothers me too. It's still hard for me to take that anyone could have been around Michael and wanted to hurt him. In Liz's mind she probably believed that she was saving him from following the wrong "god".

      I've seen him have fun with Liz "Neverland Christmas" and Michael's sleepy self at the arrival of the elephant. But Liz had the remote control (keys) to move Michael from one alter to another or park him in neutral, in "shut down" mode which is what those pictures above looked like. Trigger words are keys to close or open doors in the mind to whatever personality the handler needs at a specific time.

      Lisa Marie is so disconnected from her own soul it will take God to show her the way back. At certain degree it is self protection. But I believe there was some kind of battle going on spiritually between Michael and Lisa. Michael was fighting to save her. Those who were using Lisa to re-enslave Michael were fearful they were losing their "tool" as a result and they went to work. Lisa clung to what she has always known as opposed to this "freedom" which to her was not the security of slavery, so she turned away and turned on Michael. I don't know if she can be reached now. She looks like she is already gone. So does her son. I think Michael tried for the sake of Lisa's children as much as for Lisa. Lisa's rage was completely disproportionate to anything she accused Michael of doing. Not even the actions of a spoiled child. More like the actions of a demon who failed at its job.

      I've had dreams of devils chasing me as well, but they were usually in the form of animals. Very vivid dreams of dogs or cats attacking me or pinning me down, draining my energy. Eagles in one dream were killing the people in a town in another dream. The Military was trying to protect people. Why Eagles?

      Dreams are sometimes warnings. I would say your dreams were because God wanted you to turn to him and ask him for help. Your "labyrinth" type building describes the "house" I was in with my walls of doors, hallways and rooms, only the walls were not glass. And I was the one they wanted to smash . . . packs of insane women chasing me through these halls and I'd enter rooms and close doors to escape them. I knew Jesus then, so he took me out of that "labyrinth". What happened after was stranger, as the second dream he brought me into came true as soon as I woke up. Tell me to pay attention.

  5. Hi Bonnie. The picture of MJ and Elisabeth were MJ is wearing a white jacket. Wasn't that at the event Frank Cascio talked about in a video. Frank said MJ asked Elisabeth Taylor if she would like to be his date at the event. She said that she didn't feel very well so she wasn't up to it. MJ then sent her a box with Jewellery. After Elisabeth recieved it she told MJ, of course I'll be your date.
    Her favorite song most certainly was, diamonds are a girls best friend.

    MJ always seemed to wear black clothes at funerals, uh I mean weddings. Both his own two weddings and others. When he was little and one of his brothers were getting married everybody was happy but MJ. So it seems like going to a wedding was like attending a funeral for MJ. I wonder why that was? Maybe he felt like he was losing the ones getting married. In a picture of when MJ and Debbie is getting married. He has his hand on an arm chair. Debbie is holding his hand in a strange kind of way. MJ is looking down at their hands and you get the feeling by his body language that he is thinking, why are you holding my hand? He looks like his thinking, hmmm……

    1. Yes.
      And this reminds me, it was Cascio again,
      saying that he at some point was able to tell
      if Michael was "on something", because he was
      turning to another person, someone he was
      "not proud of", rather angry person, telling
      "everyone is taking advantage of me".

      Um. Come on, Frank. You are not that dumb nor naive.
      What was wrong with "another Michael" telling
      The TRUTH?

      So yes, "In the Back" and "Money" all the way, add
      "Cheater", too.

    2. Susanne,

      I did not like the way Michael looked on that picture of him with Debbie (wedding publicity photo). It didn't even LOOK like him he was so spaced out. Not happy at ALL! He looked almost shocked. It's pictures like that, that make me question Debbie's real intentions and how Michael felt about her. As a matter of fact, I remember seeing that picture on the cover of something back in the 1996 or so, I was living in Pennsylvania and my boys were still little. And I remember thinking "what's wrong with Michael?" Because he looked SCARED not happily married!

      Anonymous -

      Frank Cascio disgusts me, he really does. That whole set up with the Cascio family . . . surrogate HANDLER family for Michael since they stripped him away from his REAL family. And he stinks at making music too.

      Yeah Michael "turned into" someone Frank "had no control" over and Frank "wasn't proud of". Just another one of Branca's apologists (good word to use in this respect). Branca is a coward. So many people blogging for him and speaking for him because he doesn't have the (bleep) to face his crimes.

  6. Hi Bonnie. It breaks my heart to hear what you went through as a child. I wish I could go back in time and erase what you went through and endured. Maybe you can use it to reveal the truth about what MJ went through as a child and also help other children who are being abused and molested. You must have a strong spirit/soul. God bless you. L.O.V.E ♥♥♥

    1. Hi Susanne,

      All things considered I don't think of my childhood as being that bad. I had many escapes, drawing, reading, singing, I did my own role playing with paperdolls that I drew (I made a whole neighborhood) and as my childhood was falling apart around me, that's where I went - into those things. I was still a good student, I was respectful too adults (trusted them too much too) and my childhood was NOTHING like anything Michael went through. I didn't have to deal with fame, I didn't live in a "fishbowl" and I could exorcise the bad stuff without the tabloids making mincemeat out of my behavior or passing judgment.

      Everyone has bad stuff in their childhood. The sexual abuse was by people other than parents (one relative included) and when you are a child, you can thankfully put that stuff away somewhere and create ways to move on. I never understood the sexual abuse, but in reading about it, especially in the mind control reports you realize that as a child, the way you dealt with it was the correct way and you did nothing wrong. You also learn that it wasn't something you "deserved" or "were meant for". I think that is the hardest thing for kids to get past . . . that being abused is NOT their destiny and there is nothing about THEM that causes people to abuse them.

      I feel Michael in that way. That kind of pain. If that was the purpose on which God allowed that to happen to me, so that I would understand someone else in that kind of pain, then I would go through it again if it would free someone.

  7. Hi Bonnie. I have never believed that MJ's and Lisa's love relationship was for real. In the Diane saywer Interview MJ and Lisa says, We went everywhere and no cameras was anywhere to caught them together. Ithought to myself, Yeah, right, and pigs have wings and can fly.

    Have you seen the pictures of MJ and Lisa coming out from a children's hospital? MJ is trying to hold Lisa's hand. Lisa closes her hand so that MJ's fingers get stucked, and she has long fingernails, ouch. As she is doing this she is looking the other way with a evil smile on her face. And everybody around them are looking very uncomfortable. I thought to myself, Is that really love?

    The other day I was on the site. I was looking at David Nordahl's artwork. About the painting he did of MJ and Lisa, David Nordahl says:
    In 1995 Michael asked me to do a painting of the two of them. Not one to do a normal portrait. He came up with a creative vision of how he wanted to portray their love for each other. MJ gave me a list of things he would like to see in the painting.

    I was like what? Am I totally wrong about him and Lisa's non existing love relationship? Did MJ, like in the painting, see himself as Lisa's prince on a white horse? And Lisa as his princess?

    1. Perhaps Michael was trying to show the world through art that their relationship was a fantasy - or an illusions if you will.

    2. Susanne,

      I tried to find that precise moment where Michael and LM were walking out of the hospital but I could only find those of them walking into the hospital. It wouldn't surprise me if she did that. I don't think she was nice to Michael and I think it is because Michael wouldn't do what LMP wanted.

      I actually believe that painting is how Michael saw himself, trying to save Lisa Marie's soul.

      Blake, very astute. I like that explanation too.


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