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Michael Jackson Justice: The Infiltration of Michael Jackson

God: Reconnect to Him

The Conspiracy against God is about "The Word", and the profaning of His Holy Name within us. Adam fell in the garden, breaking the direct connection to God. Jesus, the "last Adam" was a quickening Spirit, the Word made Flesh, and the only one with whom we can re-establish our relationship with God. Michael's story is still unfolding. He is the one who is, is not. But Jesus is the only name given under heaven by which we must be saved. Many are trying to rewrite HIStory. We were given a help to instruct us. Learn more "here".

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

The Infiltration of Michael Jackson

Defending a KINGdom

Yesterday, I meant to get this article up on the blog.  I really did.  But several things crow-barred their way into my time.  I was trying to make phone calls for my husband’s friend who is running for local office down here in my voting district, the typical, everyday “mom” calls, and two gentleman who came by to pick up articles they bought from my husband to build bunkers . . . yes, bunkers.

Then, I had another knock on my door too.  A back door knock.  Most people come to the front door, but she came to the back door.

When I opened it, this nicely dressed older woman greeted me.  She told me she was just going around the area talking to people about God and she wanted to leave a few things with me.  I looked down and saw “The Watchtower” and “Awake”.  So I let her in.

She came in but wouldn’t sit down (her husband was out in the car).  As she began talking about the article in the Watchtower, I began talking to her about their church’s most famous member.  She said to me “which one.”  (smile).

So I told her in the abbreviated sense, about Michael and how researching what happened to him taught me more about the Bible and the character of God then any church I ever attended.  She talked to me about Prince (the other famous Watchtower reader) and then she asked me, “Where are you from, because you’re not from around here.” (I don’t have the southern accent).

I told her Maryland and she replied, “See, we’re transplants too.  My husband and I moved down here to help my mother out, she’s been going through chemo therapy.  We’re from Indiana.”

I almost asked her “Gary?”  But I didn’t.  Anyhow we had a short talk about Michael and Job, Elijah and John the Baptist and then she had to go.  She said she would be back.  She invited my husband and I to the remembrance of the crucifixion this weekend (Easter is coming up).  My husband probably will not want to go because of our church’s activities this weekend. 

Oh . . . and today is Paris’ birthday.  She is fourteen years old today.  And no, Paris, you are not allowed to date until you’re sixteen . . . I said so.  :o)

Nope!  No, I don’t want to hear any excuses about who’s dating who and somebody’s mom lets them  . . . Not until you’re sixteen AND you bring them home to meet Gramma or Jermaine first and your dad gives you a sign he approves . . . and that’s that. ♥

Bird Is the Word

We’ve had a lot of “fun” and a bit of aggravation the last two days trying to figure out what in the world that “bird” is on Michael’s shoulder.

Between myself and the phone call with Micheline, and a few comments and emails of what other people have dug up, we have gone through Baphomet, an eagle, a dragon, a Phoenix bird and a Masonic eagle.

Regardless of which symbol it is, there is no doubt about Michael’s mood.  Michael does not look happy on that photograph.  I have had some comment that they thought he looked “shell-shocked” . . . or, maybe just shocked.

For posterity, this is the photo:

Michael and Debbie Rowe, 1996 Wedding Photo

I did some searching on Google for this image or one mostly resembling this image and I’ve come up with several possibilities.

* The Masonic Eagle (32 degree)
* The two headed Masonic Eagle
* The Phoenix
* The Two Headed Phoenix.

Seems the photos of both birds are very similar.

Photos of Masonic Eagles and Phoenix –
both used by Masons

Masonic Eagle

Masonic Logo

Masonic Eagle on the Dollar Bill

Double Headed Eagle with the Crown

Order Out of Chaos

The Phoenix

Very strong similarities here, the Masons also have the phoenix bird on various clothing, logos and Masonic merchandise.  Depending on who you ask, it is an eagle or it is a phoenix.  You can see the similarities below.

Phoenix Bird

Another rendition of the Phoenix

Phoenix Arising

The Double Headed Phoenix

Just like the double-headed eagle.  In either case the double-headed birds bear a very strong resemblance and are a clever way to hide the image similarities of this creature:



I have circled and marked the similarities in the black and white picture.  Note that Baphomet’s horns are the same position and length of the heads of the birds with the same and the “crown” above his head.  His feet are in the same position of size of what would be the tail feathers.

Now let’s take a look at how they corrupted Michael’s legacy.

Michael Jackson and the Phoenix/Eagle

A Logo of Phoenix Using Michael’s first and last initials

Another Michael Jackson Logo

Michael Jackson Fan Club Logo

Michael Jackson Forever Tribute Logo

Michael’s Phoenix Logo

The Cirque de Solei Logo
For Michael’s show – Note the
Phoenix is an Egyptian Symbol
For the Sun God

Baphomet Pose

In addition, although I would rather not give the “Witches of Eastwick” the attention, I thought I would point out that the ladies pictured in the photo below are wearing armbands with the same “Baphomet/Eagle/Phoenix” logo that the Sony Corporation now uses for Michael’s  business ventures and attractions.

Is this a formal announcement
Of their partnership?

From left to right:

Rhonda Sudbrink, Unknown, Alex Salazar, Js Michael, Steph Martin (aka neverletyoupart on twitter), Samantha Degosson, Joanna Ramos and Mimi Gonzales.

(I had to ammend this paragraph above because the Mimi that posts here or used to post here (she's fallen away, folks) emailed me with her picture and where she works and she was very VERY gracious about the mistaken identity. So my apologies to "Mesrak (Mimi)" and I hope she forgives me)

They may try to explain away the “Sony” screen in their little touchy-feely photo with Karen Faye, but I don’t think they can wiggle out of this one.  They are wearing Sony/Michael Jackson logo arm bands, promoting and running the Estate’s newly sanctioned HTWFC  charity that they stole from those who REALLY saved it after the trial AND . . . I think it’s safe to say that yes, they are working for Sony and the Estate.  (Earning off of Michael’s children.  Thank Karen Faye again folks and her coven). 

She still sends a blog stalker or two my way every once in a while to ask me silly questions that were answered three years ago (like yes, the charges against Michael were a set up.  Really.)

Karen Faye is doing make up for Sony’s “Young and the Restless” and the curbside cat women?  They’re getting tickets from Sony to “The Ellen Show” for a job well done.

Samantha and her girlfriend with VIP passes to “Ellen”

These logos and symbols are not new.  Michael has had these logos since before the trial (well, except for the Baphomet pose in the “This is It” DVD cover) and the Cirque cover.  It is the below that upset me.

Neverland Gates

When we were talking about MK Ultra, Neverland came up on conversation and the possibility that the triggers of “Peter Pan”, “Wendy” and “Tinkerbell”, all the clocks all over Neverland, the music playing out of the rocks and all the Disney movies Michael owned for starters, were all over Neverland.

But Michael also had statues of children playing.  One of the interesting quotes from the book I am reading, “Defending a King”, Moriarty describes a conversation that Michael had with Tom Mesereau about staying at Neverland.  We’ve heard it before, but we’ve heard the “press” version of it.  That Michael could no longer consider Neverland his home.  “It’s not a home anymore.” Michael told Ed Bradley on 60 Minutes in 2003.  It had been invaded by evil the day those 70 sherrifs ransacked his home.

Neverland Gates

I was interested in seeing the design of Neverland’s gates because of the logos above.  I wanted to see if this “eagle/phoenix” showed up on the gates.  I couldn’t make out the “crest” looking thing at the bottom so I got a closeup.

Close up of Gates

At the bottom there is a phrase in Latin.  It says “Dieu et Mon Droit” which from what I read also has a French translation.  Here is what it means:

Dieu et mon droit is the motto of the British Monarch in England.  It appears on a scroll beneath the shield of the coat of arms of the United Kingdom.  The motto refers to the divine right of the Monarch to govern and is said to have first been adopted as the royal motto of England by King Henry V in the 15th century.” – Source, Wikipedia/Dieuetmondroit

The “divine right to govern” is strait out of the Illuminati handbook.  They believe they are born gods.

The ancient ‘divine right of kings’ and ‘divine right to rule’ originated with these archaic bloodlines due to the fact that they believed they were direct descendants of God and were not subject to any ‘earthly authority’ and so forced themselves into positions of power where they could dictate to and rule over the masses who had no right to question this supposed authority and this is fundamentally still fostered by the illuminati bloodlines in control today.” – Source,

This means that either Michael himself (plenty of drawings of himself with crowns, photos of him wearing crowns, etc…) believed he had a divine right to rule, or THEY were grooming for . . . :

3. And there appeared another wonder in heaven; and behold a great red dragon, having seven heads and ten horns, and seven crowns upon his heads.

4. And his tail drew the third part of the stars of heaven, and did cast them to the earth: and the dragon stood before the woman which was ready to be delivered, for to devour her child as soon as it was born.

5. And she brought forth a man child, who was to rule all nations with a rod of iron: and her child was caught up unto God, and to his throne.

6. And the woman fled into the wilderness, where she hath a place prepared of God, that they should feed her there a thousand two hundred and threescore days.

Some of you may want to brush this off as “Of course . . . he was the King of Pop”.  But the other Jackson’s like Latoya also have crowns in their logos. 

(Son of Joseph, son of Jacques, son of Jack, Jackson)

Michael = Who is like God?
Joseph = Son of Jack/Jacques/Joseph

Who is like God?  Michael, “son of Joseph”.

Back to Iron Maiden:

Seventh Son

Here they stand brothers them all
All the sons divided they'd fall
Here await the birth of the son
The seventh, the heavenly, the chosen one.

Here the birth from an unbroken line
Born the healer the seventh, his time
Unknowingly blessed and as his life unfolds
Slowly unveiling the power he holds

Seventh son of a seventh son [4 times]

Then they watch the progress he makes
The Good and the evil which path will he take
Both of them trying to manipulate
The use of his powers before it's too late
Source - AZLyrics

The good, the bad, which path will he take?

(Revelation 12:4-5 above)

Michael Jackson, from “Make My Father Proud”

If I don't come up, number one
I'll stand out well apart
As one for numbered numbers
When knowing in my heart
I’ve done all to be done

To always do my best
By listening to me, myself
So He can do the rest
(Of without compromise,
Shall follow the feel of constant care)
In my eleven hour

I'll be a man the way
To face whatever falls my way
Prepared that are a shame
To just be called a part of God

For which I have been named
A man and a woman's youngest son
while growing, still a child
And that will make my father proud
And make my mother smile...
Source - Lyricsbox

This was written for me in the books. I have proven my part. Now god will be their judge". Michael Jackson – Before 2005 Trial.

What did we really think “Armageddon of the brain” meant?

Michael, the “chosen one” was wanted by both sides.

THEY want you to believe the lie.  “BeLIEve”.

Michael told us they wanted him to be “the beast they visualized”.  I get attacked every time I bring this up.  It’s in his songs.

In the song threatened, the very last song on his TRUE last original album, Michael told them “you’re fearin’ me, ‘cause you know I’m a beast, I’m not a ghost from hell, but I’ve come back to haunt you . . .”

Michael told us (warned us?) in “Will You Be There”, “Is it Scary” and “Cry” that he was chosen or “the chosen one.”

When I saw those gates and saw what the inscription meant, it is just more verification of what was done to Michael to get him to comply and chose their side.

My first reaction when I looked up the meaning of those words was the same feeling I got when they announced his death on the radio and I was driving in the car.  I felt that familiar pull deep inside.  It almost feels like a vacuum pulling on your soul, trying to suck it out.  I left the computer and went into the kitchen to try and start dinner and seeing through the tears was a problem.

What are you supposed to do?

What do you do with the knowledge of good and evil?  Can’t we just put it back on that tree, ask God to take it back and forget any of this ugly stuff happened over the last six thousand years?

Something else struck my attention that may or may not have anything to do with Neverland.

Remember back in January of this year, we discussed the cycles of 70 Jubilees?  (Daniel’s seventy sevens and seven – sevens) – “It Was Written In the Books for Michael.

Cycle of Sevens

Looking down this chart, you can see the 7-day cycle where the seventh day is the “Sabbath”.  The next is the 7-year cycle where the seventh year (rest) is the seven year Sabbath.  Seven times seven days is the Pentecost (49 days, 50th is the Pentecost), Seven times Seven years is the Jubilee (49 years with the 50th being the celebrated Jubilee) and so on.

This morning Diane sent me this in my email:

Today the iconic sibling group -- Jackie, Jermaine, Marlon and Tito Jackson -- announced a full-scale national tour, with a Houston date July 14 at Bayou Music Center, formerly Verizon Wireless Theater.

Armed with their bedrock Jackson 5 hits, Jacksons work, and Jermaine Jackson's hit solo cuts, the group's "Unity Tour" marks their first tour in nearly three decades.” – Source,

The name they gave this tour did not escape me.  The "Unity" Tour?  Are they inviting Madonna?  How can there be a "Unity Tour" when only four of the five original Jacksons will be there? (And where is Randy?)

Michael vacated Neverland shortly after his acquittal, toward the end June in 2005.

Michael Jackson has shelled out £860,000 for his own island paradise in Bahrain.
The King of Pop, who quit the US after being cleared of child sex abuse in June, is expected to live on the quarter-acre site permanently.” – Source, Dailymail

At the end of June 2005 he went to Bahrain, the tiny 33-island archipelago in the Persian Gulf”–  Source,

Michael left for Bahrain at the end of June according to most sources.  The Jackson brothers are announcing their tour to begin on July 14 of this year.

That is seven years from the time Michael left Bahrain, going by the 360 year Jewish calendar, almost to the day.  Just enough time for the Sabbath of years.  Leviticus lays down this law of the cycle of sevens (which God began as the seven days of creation).

And thou shalt number seven sabbaths of years unto thee, seven times seven years; and the space of the seven sabbaths of years shall be unto thee forty and nine years."

Then there is this verse also I found shortly thereafter:

If thou buy an Hebrew servant, six years he shall serve: and in the seventh he shall go out free for nothing.

Billionaire Tom Barrack and his firm, Colony Capital, paid the loan due on Neverland,  thus averting foreclosure on the property, in November of 2008.” – Source, K. Moriarty, “Defending a King”, 2011, pg 260.

This favor that Thom Barrack did for Michael was at the end of 2008.  In seven years, according to God’s law, debts are supposed to be forgiven (this was before the I.R.S. was invented).  That would take Michael to approximately November of 2015, which is about 3.5 years from mid 2012 if we are talking the second half of the Tribulation.  The beginning of sorrows, if we calculate from an approximate time of the SHOWING of Michael’s “This is It” speech, that would take us to mid 2012 from early 2009 or . . . 3.5 years or the first half of the tribulation – beginning of sorrows. 

2012 is not the end of the world.  But I believe it is when the back half of the tribulation begins . . . the bad part.

In the “This is It” speech, Michael said “we have four years to get it right” (from the time of TAPING, not when WE saw it).  “ . . .or its irreversible, the damage we’ve done . . .

While I am in no way saying this is the way it is, no compromising (I could be off on which events this would be based off of), BUT it is interesting how these things all fit into the “Clock of Sevens” time lines up to and including the seven years Sony continues to own Michael, through 2015.

So what REALLY happens in 2012 (besides a Jackson reunion concert)?

(“I just want you to recognize me in the temple . . .”)

So . . .

If I’m even CLOSE?

2005 – Michael leaves Neverland, vowing never to live there again
7 years – rest for the land (cleansing/renewal)
2012 – Jackson Reunion Concert

2008 – Colony Capital partners with Michael in “Sycamore Valley Ranch, LLC”
7 years – forgiveness of debts
2015 – Debt forgiven

Tribulation = 7 years (Daniel, Revelation)

3.5 years is half of the seven, abomination of desolation happens at half the seven.

"And I heard the man clothed in linen, which was upon the waters of the river, when he held up his right hand and his left hand unto heaven, and sware by him that liveth for ever that it shall be for a time, times, and an half; and when he shall have accomplished to scatter the power of the holy people, all these things shall be finished."

“A time” = 1 year, “Times” = 2 years, “an half” = half a year or 3.5 years total.

And from the time that the daily sacrifice shall be taken away, and the abomination that maketh desolate set up, there shall be a thousand two hundred and ninety days."

Same time frame.  “a thousand two hundred and ninety days” = 3.58 years

And they worshipped the dragon which gave power unto the beast: and they worshipped the beast, saying, Who is like unto the beast? who is able to make war with him?  5. And there was given unto him a mouth speaking great things and blasphemies; and power was given unto him to continue forty and two months.  6. And he opened his mouth in blasphemy against God, to blaspheme his name, and his tabernacle, and them that dwell in heaven."

42 months divided by 12 = 3.5 years from TII speech = 3.5 years or 2012.

1st half of Tribulation or beginning of sorrows?  

When ye therefore shall see the abomination of desolation, spoken of by Daniel the prophet, stand in the holy place, (whoso readeth, let him understand:)

And when ye shall see Jerusalem compassed with armies, then know that the desolation thereof is nigh.

Could 2012 be the beginning of the “desolation”?  If that is what the big 2012 event is to be, that means that there is an entity that needs to reveal himself sometime this year.

Once the abomination of desolation is "nigh" (the false one makes his covenant in the temple), then we have the second half or 3.5 years remaining of the seven year Tribulation, which would take us from 2012 into 2015.  (by the Hebrew calendar not the Gregorian).

I thought it was interesting, how the times are lining up with events Jackson.

I’m talking to the man in the mirror.  I’m asking if he’ll change his ways.” – Man in the Mirror

Everyone’s taking control of me.  Seems like the world has a role for me.” – Will You Be There

Here abandoned in my fame, Armageddon of the brain . . .” – Stranger in Moscow

You can change the world – I can’t do it by myself. You can touch the sky – I’m gonna need somebody’s help.  You’re the chosen one – I’m gonna need some kind of sign.” - Cry

And they have not a clue when its all gonna end again” – Cry

If you came to see the truth, the purity it’s here inside a lonely heart.  So let the performance start . . .” – Is It Scary

See, now why all my dreams are broken, I don’t know where we’re goin’.  When everything begins to set us free, can’t you see, I don’t wanna walk away.” – Don’t walk away.

Preoccupied, she’s afraid, afraid what they’ve been doin’s not right” – Don’t Let Go of My Hand,  Michael Jackson

So hang in there and don’t let go.  Those who endure to the end (remain faithful) will be saved.  Remember that “the heart reveals the proof, like a mirror reveals the truth”.

Remember, there will be many false ones.  There will be one who declares himself God, but . . .

Immediately after the tribulation of those days shall the sun be darkened, and the moon shall not give her light, and the stars shall fall from heaven, and the powers of the heavens shall be shaken:  30. And then shall appear the sign of the Son of man in heaven: and then shall all the tribes of the earth mourn, and they shall see the Son of man coming in the clouds of heaven with power and great glory."

This time around, I’m taking no ______ though you really want to get me. This time around around, I’ll take it like spit though you really want to use me, then falsely accuse me (will me thrill me somebody’s gonna kill me, take me shake me somebody’s gonna fake me) this time around yeah!” – This Time Around, Michael Jackson

How many people have to die before we chose to live the prophet’s plan, everybody sing . . .” – HIStory, Michael Jackson

Those who don’t know their history are destined to repeat it.” – Edmund Burke


  1. Hi Bonnie,
    I really dislike what Karen Faye and the Follower fans are doing. I don't know if we should even call them 'fans'. But then they are obsessed with Michael. I still don't understand what happened to Michael's 'Heal the World' charity. I don't think any of them could care less about Michael.
    What do you think of 'Professor Griff'? Professor Griff has been exposing Quincy Jones and Will Smith. See this video:

    1. Hi Anonymous,

      You are right. They're not "fans". They're independent contractors. No different then the hired mob our government sent over to Libya and Egypt last year, only these chicks work for Sony. They think everyone is stupid. That we won't figure out that while they pretend to bash Sony their working for their charity (because it is NOT Michael's) and getting VIP tickets to Sony and affiliated shows.

      Someone else sent me Prof. Griff and I have yet to watch it. Diane sent it to me.

      Yes, Quincy Jones is racking up quite a list of dead people. Clinton better watch out. Quincy is catching up and Clinton's record is in jeopardy. Will Smith has gotten through most of the scandals relatively nick-free. I like Will Smith . . . alot. He's another one of the few that has never (that I've seen) acted without class. I'd like to see him get out of that racket he's in though (Scientology).

    2. Hi Bonnie,
      What Prof. Griff says about Quincy Jones is he is a secret gay or maybe bisexual and may of abused men sexually. You should watch the video because I would be interested to know your take on Prof. Griff who was or still is in Public Enemy. I believe Prof. Griff is now a Muslim.

    3. I don't know enough about Prof. Griff (a title with no substance? What is he professor of?) I don't like Quincy Jones either, but from the rest of that video I would probably be wary of Griff. I can't put my finger on why and I may be totally wrong, but he's been in the industry and he's still alive after saying things like that? Must be a reason why. Kind of like a Pearl Jr. but on the opposite end of the spectrum.

  2. Hi Bonnie. It's written in the stars, it's written in the Bible, everything happens for a reason, we are all one. We are all a part of Gods puzzle. The mysteries of it all is amazing and powerful. MJ and Freddie Mercury sang "It must be more to life than this". And I just realized, It is. God is so powerful. Like MJ said, It's magic.

    1. Hey Susanne,

      I was reading something today that really sparked my brain cells (no, it wasn't an 'Duracell' label). It was one of those things that could probably answer "Why does God let this go on"?

      Well, we have a part to play in that like you said. And as created beings with "free will", Things have to work a certain way for God's will to come about. He did it this way to give us a chance. I don't think we deserve it, but I'm very thankful for a chance to get to know Him. :o)

  3. Hi Bonnie. I think it's great the way you manage to connect what is written in the Biblle with the past, presence and the future of our time on earth. And for the readers to see it and read it in black and white is great. But if everything is already written how can it then be a free will for us to choose? Did MJ have a free will? If he was chosen from a higher power, he didn't, right? He said, I MOST DO what I was sent here to do. I MOST ENDURE…… Not exactly by those words. But it doesn't sound like a free will, does it? I don't know. Do you?

    1. Susanne,

      That's a very good question. I have heard pastors get tripped up by questions like that and I don't know if I can explain it adequately either. But I will try:

      God made us. He also made the one who will be banished. He knows what makes us tick.

      On our level we would probably understand it like trying to use reverse psychology to get our child to admit he did something he previously tried to hide from us. (Kids are so entertaining :o)

      So on a massive scale perhaps God is trying to do the same thing. He KNOWS what is going to happen because he knows US . . . but he also gave us free individual will. And the reason the Bible is written is to help guide us through the things he knows is going to happen.

      A game of chess if you will, where the the players don't realize that the maker of the game is also on the board.

      How'd I do? ♥

    2. . . . additionally, we still have to make a choice and WANT to see the truth. And Michael was so very (wow) right when he said ""When people's minds are clouded by anger or hatred, no angel can reach them."

      It's amazing the roadblocks we put up between us and God, then turn around and blame God because he couldn't get to us by our own choice. (and this is coming from someone who does it all the time.)

    3. Hi Bonnie. You did ok. Thank you.♥ I understand that it's difficult to answer questions like that. Because the answer can not always be explained in a logical or rational way I guess when it comes to spiritual questions and God. And sometimes it takes a while to take in and understand a difficult answer to a difficult question.

    4. Right, plus their isn't always an answer available yet. (God says wait, for example) Daniel in the Bible was asking the angel questions and he was being told "go your way, Daniel" and "not until the appointed time" and John in Revelation was told "shut up the book". And Enoch was told that what he was being shown was for "a time yet to come".

      So the answers are not always yes or no. Sometimes it is "wait", like you said. :o) If we are told everything right away, how would we exercise faith?

  4. Hi Bonnie. From one thing to another. I have a picture of MJ wearing a kings crown. I'm not sure but it seems to be a private photo from the early 80's. My question is, did MJ know long before the rest of us that he was the king of pop. And when did he officially become the king of pop? Isn't there also a painting of him as a king on his throne. He has short hair so the painting most have been painted long before he was called the king of pop. Didn't MJ say that Elisabeth Taylor came up with that title of him?, he he. I starting to wonder if MJ was a part of creating that title. I don't have a problem with it. It doesn't make me love him any less. Maybe he didn't want people to think he was arrogant and conceited. So Elisabeth officially gave him the name, king of pop. God knows he deserved that title. And so does the world. And as usual I can be wrong. It's not facts. Just a thought. Whatever the truth is, one thing is for sure, MJ did like crowns a lot.

    1. Hi Susanne,

      I'm going to get into Michael's outfits today actually. Remember that some of these things can mean two different things. Actually the closer we get to things, the more nervous I get.

  5. Hi again Bonnie. MJ didn't have to force anyone to call him the king of pop. When the fans heard Elisabeth say it, I guess they thought like, king of pop, what a great name!! That is exactly what he is……King of pop……King of pop………ahhhhhhh………marry meee please! (That wasn't me. It was the fans. ) MJ was aware of his talent. Nothing wrong about that. And he sure did live up to his title. Even people who dislike or hate MJ admit that he was the king when it comes to music. And it is almost a shame if he had to tell us that through Elisabeth Taylor. We should have known it already before she expressed it. If that is how it went.

    1. Hi again Susanne (LOL),

      King of Pop . . . a moniker with a story behind it that may or may not be true. They had to cover their agenda with something, so Liz??? came up with the "King of Pop". Pop is short for Population - King of Population or Popular. Popular means

      1. Widely liked or appreciated: a popular resort.
      2. Liked by acquaintances; sought after for company: "Beware of over-great pleasure in being popular or even beloved" (Margaret Fuller).
      3. Of, representing, or carried on by the people at large: the popular vote.
      4. Fit for, adapted to, or reflecting the taste of the people at large: popular entertainment; popular science.
      5. Accepted by or prevalent among the people in general: a popular misunderstanding of the issue.
      6. Suited to or within the means of ordinary people: popular prices.
      7. Originating among the people: popular legend.


      Popular is what they nicknamed post Rock and Roll music. Appealing to most - aka King of Popular/Population

    2. Hi Bonnie. To be popular can also turne out to be a curse, don't you think? In the beginning it feels kind of good but after a while you start to feel a pressure to live up to peoples expectations of you. And while you're trying to please everybody you don't realize that you will end up losing yourself.

    3. It can be, but people are gifted with it for a reason. Jesus was also very popular, crowded, people wanted Jesus around them all the time, wanted to touch him, wanted him to touch THEM and those that loved him were devastated when he was crucified.

      This is the same kind of adoration the entertainment industry builds up with their celebrities, only most of the time the celebrities really do little to deserve it. Certainly nothing along the lines of what Christ did.

      Then you have few people, like Michael, like (I can't think of anyone else, LOL!) that DID go out and sought out the ill, and the disadvantaged ON THE QUIET and provided and filled needs and even took families into his home to heal the person whoever was sick or ailing. I just love the story of David Rosenberg and Ryan White. While there are a lot of things I wonder about those two stories (Ryan White was another one set up by the system) there are a LOT MORE to these stories than meet the eye. Michael knew it and I think it sickened him. His request to the newly elected Bill Clinton during that innaugaral song he performed "Gone too Soon" and the look on Michael's face. Michael KNEW and I think it very much explains the cold look on Hillary's face because she was in neck deep with these criminals!

      I'll close this for now, I can feel myself getting angry again. Ryan White did NOT have to die!

    4. Hi Bonnie,
      Wow I didn't know they could of saved Ryan White's life. Michael loved him loads.
      David Rosenberg or Dave Dave interests me. The surname 'Rosenberg' I believe is part of the elite bloodlines. So even Dave Dave maybe connected to the elite.

    5. Hi. I watched an Dave Dave Interview by Larry King. I thought it was kind of funny when Larry asked, How old were you when you met Michael the first time? Dave Dave said that he was seven years old. He wasn't a fan but he HAD ALWAYS admired MJ AND his music.
      ALWAYS, at seven years old, he he. Get out of here, I thought to myself, you are not for real. HAD ALWAYS ADMIRED, he he, yeah right. And I believe in Santa Claus.

    6. Hi. They could have saved Ryan Whites life?? Didn't he have AIDS? There is no cure for that disease as far as I know.

    7. Susanne, I posted information a few blog topics back about AIDS being a government produced biological weapon first released in certain populations in Africa (through vaccines) to help depopulate the "undesirables" as they put it. Ryan got it through a blood transfusion and he was made a poster boy for AIDS awareness and of course, a whole new industry for the Pharmaceutics companies. I'm sure Michael knew about it but couldn't say anything. But you look at Michael's face while he's telling Bill Clinton to do something about it right before he sings "Gone too Soon". Look at Michael's eyes and look at Hillary Clinton's face. She can barely contain her disgust.

  6. BONNIE, I did not read your Blog in full yet but the info below connects only a bit to the symbolism topics you deal here (although not the same). I watched on TV yesterday the 2009 film "Angels & Demons" or "Illuminati" with Tom Hanks : mostly a breathless thriller with heroes & assassins running after each other all along in the Vatican City. However there were some interesting topics on the Illuminati symbolisms.

    "The plot follows Harvard symbologist Robert Langdon, as he tries to stop the Illuminati, a legendary secret society, from destroying Vatican City with the newly discovered power of antimatter."

    " ..antimatter — a substance with destructive potential comparable to a small nuclear weapon."

    I got a headache just to read that link :o)

    1. Hi Line,

      I have never seen either of those Tom Hanks movies (Davinci Code or Angels and Demons). I have read the Da Vinci Code book though.

      Animater . . . is that what they are calling it? Sounds like the battle between good and evil, doesn't it?

      Think of the Philadelphia projects and the descriptions out there of what happened to those guys on that ship.

      I wonder if disrupting any electromagnetic field creates antimater? I believe there should be no doubt that God could take us out any minute. Stuff beyond our imaginations.

    2. BONNIE as you said : "Michael, the “chosen one” was wanted by both sides", does it mean that on Michael's pic with Debbie Rowe in 1996, he was still under control ? or that he simply wore the phoenix bird on his sleeve that day like any embroidered dragon, bird or skull's emblem often seen nowadays on modern young clothing (but such emblems pushed by the Illuminati textile industry I'm pretty sure) ? Not only Michael's expression is uneasy but his outrageous make-up plus his black hat (the hat is OK) combined with hairlocks he affectionated in the 1990s ? a strange outfit for a marriage pic : that was Michael the King of Pop of the 1990s but not the real Michael & I wonder if he realized it because if he did, surely he wasn't happy although for the Smooth Criminial acting in TII he wore the hairlocks again : sorry my opinion only. Otherwise I admire your connecting the prophecies in Scriptures with Michael's & family & our world past & next events.

      The Da Vinci Code I also read once but did not like it. Yes, the film I watched yesterday was a battle between good & evil made in Hollywood & as Wiki quotes : "Filming of Angels & Demons took place in Rome, Italy, and the Sony Pictures Studios in Culver City" Hmmmm..

      But in real, Antimatter factories exist : "At CERN in Switzerland and at Fermilab in the USA":
      If already used for medical tomography or nuclear offers incredible possibilities but, very dangerous compact energy stuff & you well said above : "I believe there should be no doubt that God could take us out any minute.".

    3. LOL, I left out the "t" in anTimatter on the first reply. On Michael's jacket and his wearing of it, was he still under control? I would say not because the look on his face is not one of submission. However, that is not to say that they didn't MAKE him wear it. I don't think the look on his face has as much to do with the jacket as it does with the situation. There is so much he wants to say in that picture. I see anger and a hint of terror. Maybe even hatred for the whole situation or something that happened right before the photo session.

      I didn't like Davinci Code either. I didn't think it was truthful. It's like one of those books where they twist the daylights out of history, both Biblical and secular.

      Culver city is also where Center Staging is located, isn't it? Hmmmmmm (Tommy Mottola is the Devil).

      Thank you for the link. Isn't it funny that "visionary" creators of stories for film and music somehow manage to create stories or lyrics or films that "come true" later? (H.G. Wells comes to mind as well as the creators for Star Trek - Gene Roddenberry). Then you have people like Michael or Jay Z or Bob Dylan say things like "It comes from above" or "God walks in the room" (the room in the mind?). At least Michael was gracious enough to not want to take credit for the things he created. But it sure makes you wonder.

  7. Hi Bonnie. Easter is coming up. Jesus on the cross. But it also make you think of MJ. Two great men which endured so much pain. And all they wanted was to spread the message of L.O.V.E.

    1. Thank you Susanne. Yes it is coming up and I am going to just sit in quiet on Friday.

  8. Bonnie,

    I have a different thought concerning the patch on Michael's shoulder. Look at the body base under the wings. The body is too wide to be an eagles. I think it is a griffin sitting, facing front with it's wings extended. This link talks about them - sorry, no picture, but they are available. They have the head and wings of an eagle and the body of a lion.

    Also, that logo of Michael's that's on those armbands reminds me of a foxes head and tail. Cunning like a fox!

    1. Hi Blake.

      The Griffin was one of those creatures we went through in determining what it was, but when I did searches on the images, the Griffin was so far away from what that looked like we ruled it out. The bird on Michael definitely does not have the body of a lion.

      On your link it says this:

      "The griffin appeared in Christian art and mythology as well. At first, it symbolized Satan and was thought to threaten human souls. But the griffin later became a symbol of the divine and human nature of Jesus Christ. During the Middle Ages, Christian myths often spoke of the magical powers of griffins' claws, which if made into drinking cups were said to change color when they came in contact with poison. The griffin was also thought to prey on those who persecuted Christians."

      >>>>>>>>>> Isn't it funny how pagan mythology works its way into "Christian" symbolism and we're just supposed to buy it as truth? How did a "Griffin" come to symbolize the divine nature of Jesus from a symbol of Satan? Somebody messin' with us?

      That Logo of Michael's "M" on the armbands . . . not a fox. I have it further up on the pictures. Looks more like the plumage of a bird with two heads, only the two heads are bowed together instead of looking in different directions.

    ...beautiful song...!

    1. Interesting lyrics (I never heard this one???)

      at 1:31 -

      I find myself in wonder . . . why I've been misused"'

      Most artists in the industry HAVE BEEN misused.

      The rest of that verse:

      "When love brings understanding
      How can it be confused
      (war and poverty wasn't meant to be)
      Hate is driving me away
      'Cause I am love
      And I'd love to stay"

      Sounds like something God would sing.

  10. Hi Bonnie. The song, "Sade - Soldier of love" make me think of all of the genuine MJ lovers around the world, me included. We are soldiers of love. And MJ was the leader of the pack/pact. No wonder we felt lost and sad when he suddenly disappeared without a trace.

    1. How about Sade "Smooth Operator"? Same character in song as Michael's "Smooth Criminal"? The devil, infiltrating and corrupting with promise of wealth and fame?

      (sigh) These conversations are starting to get to me.

    2. Hmmm……??

    3. LOL! Watch the video on youtube. Who do you think the guy in that suit is?

  11. Bonnie - I just read today's post and when I get to the point you are explaining the ladies pictures and mentioning my name and thinking incorrectly the girl named Mimi is me, I just melted. Thant girl is not me at all. I am an Ethiopian black girl. And my name is not Mimi Gonzales. My name is Mesrak (Mimi) Ayele.

    Bonnie - I am really hurt right now. My heart is melted and completely overwhelmed. I am not that girl Bonnie at all. I can send you my picture my address, my phone number any verification you need. I am not Bonnie that kind of person. I don't have face book I don't tweet and make comments in any Michael's fan club or blog except your.

    I did not comment this days on your blog because I was very sick and even missed 2 weeks work.

    Any thing you want to verify who I am I will be glad to provide you. Also I was wondering what lead you to believe that Asian girl to be me? I am An African girl not Asian. I don't associate with any of those girl. Don't know them personally or in any shape or form.

    Please Bonnie don't associate me with them and it's not me. I will try to download my picture to the computer, and send you one so you will see it's not me.

    Oh my God Bonnie me a deceiver? No No. I will send you everything you want you ask me to prove it to you.

    Mimi Ayele from Africa not Mimi Gonzales from Asia,

    1. Mimi,

      I have something I will email you. There are not too many names like yours around but I don't want to put it here because it is personal. I don't need your picture. I just need you to answer one question. I will the info to you. (Mimi in that picture above is not from Asia. I know where she is from). Sending . . .

  12. Hi, Bonnie.

    Its always interesting to read your blog.

    Since you started talking about a two-headed eagle.... I want to know what you think about Russian national emblem- a two-headed eagle( before 1917 and after 1991, and in-between it was a five-pointed star) I keep seeing masonic and satanic symbols everywhere)))

    and this


    1. Thank you Elena,

      That second link is the exact symbols used on "Shriners" lodge emblems and interestingly enough . . . they are the Muslim sect of the Masonic Lodges. Seems that Muslims and Jews belong to the same secret societies. Makes you wonder about the war on terror now, doesn't it?

  13. oh, and in the middle there's an emblem of Moscow- Saint George killing a dragon.

  14. Wrong again. The footage of Michaels marriage to Lisa Marie is a rehearsal, not the real wedding.

    1. Hey Einstein . . . most people don't tape and release their REHEARSAL on Youtube. Not to mention that it was a PRIVATE CEREMONY. What are they rehearsing? Gum chewing? They didn't HAVE a real wedding.


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