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Michael Jackson Justice: An Apology and a Cry for Help from Above

God: Reconnect to Him

The Conspiracy against God is about "The Word", and the profaning of His Holy Name within us. Adam fell in the garden, breaking the direct connection to God. Jesus, the "last Adam" was a quickening Spirit, the Word made Flesh, and the only one with whom we can re-establish our relationship with God. Michael's story is still unfolding. He is the one who is, is not. But Jesus is the only name given under heaven by which we must be saved. Many are trying to rewrite HIStory. We were given a help to instruct us. Learn more "here".

Saturday, May 19, 2012

An Apology and a Cry for Help from Above

Let Our Hearts Be Lead By Mercy
Love Like HE Did

I was moved by a song tonight.  Every song moves me in one direction or another but this one moved me to action.

There is a fine line between calling out the lies and judging the liars and I’ve crossed it many times.  While I was looking for a song to put on a future blog, I found one that I’ve used before and because of the words I had to listen to it again.

Jesus, friend of sinners, open our eyes to the world at the end of our pointing fingers.  Let our hearts be lead by mercy.  Help us reach with open hearts and open doors.  Jesus friend of sinners, break our hearts for what breaks yours.

I don’t know who writes the songs for this group, but most of the work they do expresses the human being’s tendency toward hypocrisy.

A plank-eyed saint with dirty hands and a heart divided . . .

I listen to these songs and sit here in beveled reality, looking into the layers of my imperfection and this is the platform in which I am to reach for the truth?

Yesterday I commented on an incident that Micheline told me about David Edwards and a “Tweet” blast he did bashing me and Micheline.  I believed the whole thing stemmed from communication from over a year ago, because that was honestly the last time I had any contact with him.  When I went to see on my own Facebook page when that was, I found a private message from him dated March of this year, only a couple of months ago.  I never saw it and never got a notification for it.

When I read it, he seemed to want tell me about a blog he had written about Michael’s faith and he had quoted me in quite a few places, from different blog entries here.

When I talked to Micheline, she read me the Facebook comment that SHE thought he was referring to.  In that comment I had called him a dweeb.  I hadn’t remembered that either and it wasn’t that long ago.

I thought about it, went to the store, came back and made dinner.  After dinner my husband ran off to attend a previously scheduled thingey and I cleaned up and sat down at the computer.

I was working on a blog titled “Michael – A Good Look in the Mirror” and when I listened to the video I wanted to use for it, I thought about David again.

I listened to the song again . . . and sang to it (husband’s not home, the speakers get turned up and so do I :o)

Then I sang with the video again.

Then I went to facebook and typed a message to David on facebook.  He’s already replied but I wanted to post it here.  I thought it fair since I said the comment on Facebook publicly that I should post my apologies publicly as well.


It wasn't until after Micheline told me you were trashing her on Twitter (and me . .. she read them to me) that I saw this message. (I do not get email notifs for FB anymore, had to shut that down), so I apologize that I did not see this message.

On your Twitter tirade, I didn't understand what all the fuss was about. I didn't remember saying anything about you until Micheline read the facebook comment to me. Something about what I said in reference to you covering parts of the trial.

I'm sorry I called you a dweeb. That wasn't very nice especially when to my knowledge you've never taken part in any direct attacks toward me. I'm not in any contest with anyone, I just do my research and post. You are interested in what happened during the 2005 trial. I am interested in WHY the trial and the rest of the persecution happened.

Anyway, I'm sorry I didn't see your message above back in March, and I'm sorry I didn't get to comment on it in a timely manner.

I don't really have a hatchet to bury with you. You and I strongly disagree on certain things and that's just all it is really. It is certainly not worth all this turmoil.

David, I don't know how faithful a person you are, whether you follow Christ or not, but if there is one thing that Michael taught me is that kind of love. It is the most powerful, fulfilling thing you will ever feel. If that makes me a lunatic (or whatever it is you called me) I'm okay with that.

I just want you to remember that Michael loved like Jesus loved. And I believe for the most part Michael tried to extend that hand to people so they could also feel that love because it saves people's souls and lives.

I do like the article you wrote and I am so glad that someone else is covering his faith like that. Please, if it is in your heart, continue in that direction. There are so few people covering how incredibly powerful Michael was in his faith. (Not religion but faith - very different). And this is going to be the key in the very near future.

I do not want to be angry with people, but I do get angry when people lie because it hurts the innocent and Michael is a prime example.

Michael fought a spiritual battle that began in the industry and infected the entire earth. And he didn't do it just for himself or for self glory - he did it for you and for me and others that forgot what that love was.

Like the song below says, I am putting down my sword, it is not mine to swing. I will continue to call out the lies, but the liars are God's judge, not mine.

This can be our last communication if you so wish, but David . . . you are a good writer. Share with the people that come to your blog part of your soul. Show it to them. Michael said we are one. Jesus said that too. Maybe we should stop trying to forget that.

This is for you . . . .”

And sent him this

So that is what I wrote him.  There may be some who agree or disagree, but I felt in my heart to do this.

There are ways to stick to the truth without sticking it to others trying to do something for Michael. 

Before this was all going on we were talking about Brett Strong and the clues to the missing “Twin Towers” on Michael’s blood on the dancefloor album.  One of the symbols Hoggard narrated in his video about the downing of the Twin Towers was his likening it to the destruction of the natural DNA code (or the DaVinci Code?).

I used the example of Michael’s “Blood on the Dance Floor” album cover as a clue to what would happen to the Twin Towers (DNA). 

Hoggard talked about their plans to put up a new building in its place.  Michael is pictured on that same album in the place of the Twin Towers . . . the “New” DNA model.

Cher talked about someone telling her back in the late 1970’s that they were going to change Michael’s appearance and that his skin would change.  It did.

The lyrics to Jermaine’s sons “Word to the Badd” included the phrase “reconstructed, been upducted, don’t know who you are”.

The lyrics to Michael’s songs included “You try to get me to lose the man I really am” in Privacy; “Somebody’s out to get me, they really wanna fix me . . .” in “This Time Around”; “Circulate the lie you confiscate, assassinate and mutilate . . .” in “Tabloid Junkie”; “You got blood lust for me” in “2Bad”; “Kicked in the face baby, you hate your race baby, you just a liar”  - “Morphine”, all of which we’ve covered before.

Those of you thinking I’m crazy – They are already doing it.  I suspect they did it with Michael.

On the video below, even though it is 28 minutes long, he starts off at a good pace.  At about 2 minutes he describes how we (meaning our world scientists) are in the process of re-writing our DNA construct.  He states that we already have millions and millions of dollars set aside in the U.S. Federal budget for re-constructing DNA of soldiers.


Like I said . . . “rebuilding the temple . . .”

He says “A new form of life, a new, militarized form of life” that they want to be able to install some kind of “off” switch in case it “gets away from us and turns on us” . . .

Or they get too powerful?

At 5:47, this scared me.  Talking about the “Brookings Institute”, and Illuminati established Think Tank and the “Jasons”, which I have not heard of, warning our Pentagon that we have to get of this technology NOW because our enemies will and are. 

He also beings talking about the realities of this technology that is used today, such as “designer babies” and ability the alter DNA at the embryonic level (In Britain in the last year, already two different babies born to three genetic parents) and yes, the latter reminded me of Michael and the MJ3.

Michael and the new Human/DNA standing where the destroyed chromosomes/Jachin and Boaz/Twin Towers USED to stand on that album cover.  The New human – Testing ground for DNA corruption and manipulation.  Perhaps Michael is ONE of the parents of the MJ3?

At 6:38 he admits that what the public knows or learns about is usually twenty, thirty or MORE years behind what our industrial military complex and the tech industries can already do.

The Academy of Medical Sciences in Britain just published in their admission that tens of thousands of fully grown human-animal hybrids already exist.  I looked for various websites with this information and found one write up at the Academy website Here, and opinion pieces on this paper here, and here.  The latter blue link had this to say:

In 2007, licenses from the Human Fertilisation and Embryology Authority (HFEA) were granted to three labs in the UK – King’s College London, Newcastle University and Warwick University – to create hybrid embryos, or cytoplasmic hybrids. Scientists claimed that they were working toward creating stem cells that could be used to study a number of diseases and disorders, such as HIV, cancer, infertility, Alzheimers and hepatitis, among others.

The creation of chimeras, not the same as hybrids, has been banned in Canada, but there is no federal oversight in the U.S.

At 10:39 he tells us that the Pharmaceutical industry is at the head of this research (Remember from yesterday’s blog? Pharmakia = Sorcery translated in English Bibles.  Pharmakia definition = drugs, poisoner, poison and “sorcery” = to influence fate of another).

He then tells us to Google the headline “scientists want debate on animals with human genes”.

The first or second result is a Rueters news article and the first opening paragraph states –

A mouse that can speak? A monkey with Down's Syndrome? Dogs with human hands or feet? British scientists want to know if such experiments are acceptable,
or if they go too far in the name of medical research.” – Source, Reuters

Crazy?  No.  Already a done deal.

This is what the “Merchants of the earth who by their sorceries deceived the nations” is up to.

More tomorrow . . . I’m going to bed.

Personal note to Mr. Michael wherever you are out there, up there.  Tell God please help.


"My babies" He said  Maybe he was 
talking about us too.


  1. Donna Summer who was a born again Christian died on May 17, 2012. The Associated Press reports that she died in the morning at her home in Key West, Florida at age 63 following a battle with cancer. The Bradenton Herald quotes "Sarasota County records" stating that she lived in Englewood, Florida at the time of her death. The reference did not state the place of her death.

    1. Thank you iloveMJ. Yes I did hear about that. Cancer again. God bless her. She's in a good place.

  2. Sometimes you just have to ask . . . is this FOR REAL?!!!

    ""The bodies are of children between the ages of two and seven months. Some were found covered in gold leaf," Wiwat Kumchumnan, sub-division chief of the police's Children and Women Protection unit, said.

    Briton arrested in Thailand with 6 roasted fetuses"


    Let me guess! This is OKAY because they're not really human yet and feel no pain because they weren't BORN YET, RIGHT??

    Maybe Hollywood can get behind this guy just like they did with Roman Polanski - - because "it's not like it's murder murder" . . . RIGHT WHOOPIE???

    You wonder why such a list of Hollywood elite could back a scumbag like Polanski but completely abandon Michael (good word Madonna, nice of you to call out your own hypocrisy) it's because that town is FULL OF PEDOPHILES. Let's see what kind of excuse they can come up with when the ritual murderers start falling out of the woodwork in that town!

    DISGUSTED!!!! Sick to my stomach. But at least Whoopie also stated that she WOULD let her children stay with Michael. That makes everyone else's iniquities okay.

  3. Dear Bonnie,

    I found this article for you to read. This guy was in business with la reid and also arrested in dubai for drugs while attending naomi campbells birthday party same time MJ was in bahran, I just find it suspect the people involved.

    1. Nita, Michael visited Dubai also in 2006 I believe. I just don't know when. Too bad they let LA Reid go. But I don't believe you can just fly in and out of Bahrain without the government's okay. Dubai is one of the few exceptions in the Middle East (tourist dollars)

    2. I remember when the news first broke out. I was like OMG! Dallas Austin is going to do some serious time until I read that he was released. I was like that was God right there because the punishment is very harsh if you bring drugs into the country.

      I was very saddened by the death of Donna Summer. She was a true icon and my all time favorite singers. My condolences goes out to her family.

      Oh, and that statement about Cher really jumped out at me. I couldn't believe it!

      Bonnie, I sent an email. There was something I wanted to ask you.


    3. I answered your email. Me too about Donna Summer. I was kind of shocked, I didn't even know she had cancer. Had that been reported before?

      So if they are just now admitting this stuff, what does that mean? They obviously don't care that we know now, and that is probably because their plans are laid. I go through such ups and downs on this I'm elated one day and crying the next. Do you have any idea how many people are going to be bipolar by the time this is all over?

  4. You are lovely Blake.

    Whenever I think of NASA it reminds me of Michael being delcared fit and healthy (the medical for the insurance policy for the concerts 09) as though based on the body or an astronaut. After that I remember looking every which way to find out what that meant. I saw info that said Michael had purchased land on the MOON. I recently noted the Time Travel thing. I found out that the dude who ran Amazon was madly trying to get Rockets of sorts up into the skys.......and I recall that he was the man in charge of taking care of Michael for those days he was in NY doing his 30th anniversary concerts with the brothers. Organising lunches with the likes of Yoko Ono and others for Michael. I then looked at Richard Branson and Paul Allen(ex microsoft partner to bill gates)(behind the scenes partner to Dreamworks back in the day, he gave 500 million to spielberg, geffen and katzenberg) on account of their input into the private space race. Of course Richard is tied in with so many people. Deepak Chopra being one of them and the virgin comic deal they had going (may have divided though, I just can't remember everything I read a couple of years back, too clearly)Gotham Chopra being able to call up the State Dpt for conferecne calls regarding the use of comics to bridge the gap between countries via the young people,,,(I mean, who can just have a conference call with the State Dpt?) Richard being one of the men behind the ELDERS (which at first I thought was a glorious thing, I've since changed my mind). Richard and Dave Stewart being pals and Dave is employed (or at least was) to do some work for NASA.He does work for Nokia too. And you know, Dave got busy with Orianthi and Judith Hill after Michael 'left'.Dave tied in with Christian Audigier at the time of Christian and Michael and Lopez being busy together. Course this couuld have nothing to do with Michael but its amazing what you see when you start reading. Then Dave formed the group with Mick J, Damien Marley, AR Rhaman (Indian musician) who was supposed to have another meeting with Michael but Michael 'died' Anyhow, could go on until the cows come home. YOu start reading one thing and it leads you all over the place. MInd you, its a circle of friends that all seem to be tied together in the upper echelons, those with money and minds like Bransons, that don't rest for a minute. Its a tangled web THEY weave.


    1. Richard Branson is bad news. I looked into him about a year ago. Some of these people are not directly connected to Michael. But those in Michael's circle had other people who made connections to people like Branson.

      NASA is involved in weather making and they are also involved in the "Delusion Project" as I call it. They also work with other governments on this. I'm still researching that but I don't want to get yelled at again about being impatient so I'll shut up about it.

  5. Bonnie, I know the link I posted on that story about the fetuses was horrific, but it really speaks to the atrocities committed against the innocent, and one that sent my head spinning to where I almost fainted.

    Thailand has a large underground network that caters to all sorts of deviant preferences for a price. Rich pedophiles from around the world visit Bangkok to seek out children - boys and girls, being kept as child prostitutes. Documentaries have been made on the subject, and when you see a reporter go under cover into one of those "houses" to find little children as young as five lined up waiting for customers is enough to make me want to denounce my membership in the human race!

    It would not be a stretch to assume that some maturing girls become pregnant and are then murdered for their fetuses to service a secondary industry - satanic rituals. Children and adults are kidnapped and murdered every day to sell their organs to the black market. If they can kill a child to sell a kidney, they will kill a young girl to take her unborn child for Satan! The article doesn't say under what circumstances the fetuses were aborted, and only referred to them as "corpses." They would have to be corpses once they were roasted and gilded and found in a suitcase. I think the investigation needs to look into how those fetuses were removed from the womb, and if it included murdering the mother as well.

    Once these child prostitutes are in the hands of their owners, they are lost forever and if they die, no one would look for them. Michael was adamant about putting a stop to these crimes against children. But for all the reporting that's been done to raise awareness about these atrocities in Thailand, no one seems able to crack down on the ring. Why not? Because there are too many damned degenerates in government and law enforcement who will never make a move to stop it. It doesn't get any more horrific than this.

    1. Why children? That's what I don't get. This is the kind of stuff that makes me question why God just lets this happen. He can stop it. I don't understand why he doesn't. I understand why we have to go through things to learn and appreciate, but babies? Why?

  6. With regards the lovely Donna Summer, I have read 'stories', where Ms. Summers strongly believed that she developed cancer (lung) from 9/11 poisoned air. Apparently there have been a large number of lung cancer/cancer victims from that incident, in addition to the deaths from the initial attach.

    1. That may be, but there were LOTS of people in New York during 9/11 including Michael and his family and to my knowledge they are cancer free. People that live in New York are still cancer free.

      Some of the researchers into 9/11 with building demolition knowledge say Nano-Thermite was used to blow the buildings. If Donna Summer was there helping the firemen clean up I could understand that, but I seriously doubt this.

      I look at the issue with Penn State's Joe Paterno, who was suddenly diagnosed with cancer AFTER he was fired from Penn State and died rather quickly. I call Bull-stuff on that!

  7. Have you noticed how state agriculture departments are completely out of control all of a sudden? California has declared war on raw milk, Michigan has declared war on small family farms, and Minnesota is threatening moms who receive deliveries of raw milk.

    Now the state of Illinois has dispatched its own agriculture thugs to destroy bee hives and thereby cover-up evidence of the real causes of colony collapse. Here's the true story of one man's run-in with the corrupt, criminal government thugs who run the state of Illinois:

  8. Bonnie,

    Forgive me but I regret to inform that Robin Gibbs has passed away at 62. I'm shocked because I thought he was getting better. We have lost two legends of disco this week. Lord what is going on?


    1. Hi P,

      Yes, I know. My husband was the first to tell me. I did some searching around to put something together about this. Another lady emailed me too, the link to one of the announcements.

      What's going on? The angels are leaving....

  9. "I started a joke which started the whole world crying......" I have listened to this song umpteem times this morning. God Bless you Robin Gibb. May perpetual light shine up you.


    1. Awww TL. I didn't listen to that song today but I sure did listen to a few others. "How do you mend a broken heart" is the theme song today. I listened to "Tragedy" today too. Boy did THOSE lyrics take on a whole new meaning!

    2. Yes, you 'listen' to lyrics a little more closely for some reason when someone passes.( As we all know re Michael!) I'm so sadddddddddddd today hearing the news of Robins passing. Barry is by himself.How will he mend his broken heart?


    3. God mends broken hearts . . . in time. Soon he will wipe all tears from our eyes. He's going to need a lot of kleenex.

  10. R.I.P. Donna Summer & Robin Gibb. I'll also miss you both a lot as your entertainment always gave me joy.

    1. They are my high school years. Donna Summer had eyelashes forever! And Robin Gibb was "The quiet one". :o) Sad smile today.

    2. Michael, Whitney, Robin & Donna I have their music at home but I MISS them. Robin in particular alike his own brothers & Michael was such a kind man. They anyhow all left us a piece of their heart on Earth to cry for & realize how important it is to let people know we love them when they are among us. My loving thoughts today also to the millions on Earth who die in illness, poverty & loneliness without any loving presence.

    3. Hey, that was beautiful Line.


    4. It came alike you all from my heavy heart. But your interesting comments I DO like too :o)

  11. Whitney Houston, Donna Summer, Robin Gibb. Great singers and now they are gone. But their music will live forever. I having a hard time trying to understand and accept death. You go through so much during your life and then suddenly one day you are gone with the wind. You just disapear. It's so strange. But at the same time, who wants to live forever? And if you aren't famous nobody will even know that you have been here on earth. What if they read this blog 100 years from now, he he.

  12. There's just too much pain to process. Most of us are still struggling with the loss of Michael after three years. And to add the loss of three other icons - Whitney, Donna and Robin in the span of three months. OMG, Bonnie - the number 3! What is God trying to tell us? You said the angels are leaving, but Michael was the first and that makes four angels. Will he be the one who comes back to us? "Four years to get it right?"

    So many tears. :'(


  13. Bonnie, sometimes my mind wanders when I see an image, and it may not mean anything. I was looking at the BOTDF album above, and with all the symbolism on the cover that surrounds Michael, there is another image worth studying. Michael himself. We tend to be distracted by his stunning appearance in the red suit, but if we allow ourselves to look at Michael as another symbol, it could tell us something.

    First of all, the "Blood On The Dance Floor" title is clearly meant to imply it was written in "blood." Michael is dressed in red, so he's "covered in blood." If taken in a deeper context, there is nothing pretty about the story behind this image.

    In 1995 Michael wrote a famous note on hotel stationery expressing his pain over the suffering of children, as well as his own pain of persecution. In that note, Michael included the phrase, "Have mercy, for I've been bleeding a long time now."

    With regard to the way Michael stands on the cover, I don't think this was just a random dance pose. He is standing on one foot with his other leg bent in front of him. Why? His right arm is extended slightly higher than his shoulder with a fist (bracing), and his left arm is bent and held in front of him (free will). Now, imagine both of Michael's arms extended while he stands on one leg, his face with a look of painful defiance, in a red suit of blood. As a metaphor Michael's image could seem to mirror the Crucifixion. But, Michael has one arm free. He still stands and still fights.

    Michael never claimed to be Jesus Christ and often said he wanted to be Godlike in his heart. That he was. The way I see the BOTDF cover, it flirts with crucifixion, because Michael came dangerously close. He fought hard, but it certainly symbolizes his horrendous persecution.

    Does anyone else see this? Just curious.


    1. Micheline,

      That's an interesting observation, but he's definitely NOT in the position of the cross. Someone some months back theorized that the position of his hands were actually a time on the clock (time when the first planes hit the towers?)

      There was also the theory that Michael was standing in the same place as the downed Twin Towers, which signified Jachin and Boaz or the Human Chromosomes. Michael was the "new" DNA after they "rebuild a tower" in place of the Twin towers OR . . . Rebuilding the "new temple" - the human body.

      Another way we can look at it is the Joining of God and man (from either side, Fallen angels plus human DNA) Or as YOU said Micheline, perhaps Michael is the first successful "becoming one" of man and God.

      Remember the video of Ron Wyatt? Supposedly they had tested the DNA on the mercy seat of the Arc of the Covenant, and there were only 24 Chromosomes - 23 from the mother and 1 from God to make him a "male child".

      The symbolism with the blood and the red suit, I can see that, yes. (Think "Is it Scary", this is a big clue to what is going on).

  14. Bonnie, thank you for the thorough recap of the album cover...I agree with your theory. I am not always right in my observations, but I thought it was worth picking apart to see if anyone saw the same thing. I wondered about Michael's arms mimicking the hands of a clock, but it didn't seem to match up with the morning times of the Towers being hit. The cover was done four years before the tragedy, and it would scare the daylights out of me if such a thing could be predicted with that much accuracy. The cover tells an amazing story, and Michael was definitely in the middle of it. It took me a long time to realize that the sub title of "HIStory in the Mix" was actually Michael's story intertwined. Just the capital letters of "HIS" alone was such an obvious clue and I missed it. Such an amazing man!



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