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Michael Jackson Justice: L.O.V.E. Does not exist is UNITY

God: Reconnect to Him

The Conspiracy against God is about "The Word", and the profaning of His Holy Name within us. Adam fell in the garden, breaking the direct connection to God. Jesus, the "last Adam" was a quickening Spirit, the Word made Flesh, and the only one with whom we can re-establish our relationship with God. Michael's story is still unfolding. He is the one who is, is not. But Jesus is the only name given under heaven by which we must be saved. Many are trying to rewrite HIStory. We were given a help to instruct us. Learn more "here".

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

L.O.V.E. Does not exist is UNITY

How Do I Know?  The Bible Tells Me So
Michael’s Mom, God Love Her


There are a lot of things I want to cover this coming week, and on this particular entry on the blog, I will again condense a couple of things.   Don’t worry, I will help you out by separating the subject areas with subtitles. :o)

Sometimes I am torn between trying to piece together what happened to Michael, and piecing together what is going to happen to us.  It may be that the two are not mutually exclusive, running parallel to one another.

I know I take time to lament sometimes because this is so hard to accept that all this is really happening.  It is one thing to read it in the Bible and think of prophecy meant for the future.  It’s another to see it coming to life.  At the same time it is both frightening and exhilarating.  You think, “we’ve been chosen.  Our generation has been chosen to see this happen”.  And again at the same time, you start worrying about the details.

Aside from the fact that this is hard enough to digest knowing the Bible (or most of it), I also think about the people that are seeing all this happen and don’t know the Bible.  They don’t know this pre-told story.

If you are on the fence about the truth of the Bible, or you are flat out against it, I suggest you start reading it.  Don’t be stubborn just because you want to be “free-thinking” because in reality, you’re not.  That is more of a conditioned response based on societal influence.  Denying a book that was written to help you, that is coming true as HIStory unfolds is not even stubborn.  It’s spiritual suicide.  You are only hurting yourself.  No one else.  The only reason this book exists is for you.  God already knows how it turns out.  Wouldn’t you like to pick his brain?

Miss Katherine’s Lessons

Of course Piers Morgan won’t let us embed this video, so unfortunately you have to go to the link to view it.  It is 40 minutes long and someone was nice enough to Tebo the commercials out of it  (Thank you somebody!  Micheline sent this to me via email last night.)

I will set the link to open in a new window so you don’t have to leave the page.

I watched this whole thing last night in one sitting.  I did go back over parts of it to catch nuances of facial expressions and details in answers of questions.

My initial reaction was “what’s HE doing there?”  (in regard to L-Strong, which is my new SHORT name for Brett-Livingstone Strong).  My second initial reaction was “great.  Miss Katherine has a new ‘handler’”.  Then I just shut up and listened to the interview.

I don’t think L-Strong interviews well.  He’s not very animated and rather standoffish.  He could be camera shy or he’s just being careful.  There were parts of the interview where I felt the answers were less than genuine and yes, even with Miss Katherine.

Miss Katherine did a lot of repeating of phrases she seems to court on every interview she does (yes, Mr. Blanket is still schooled at home, two years after the first time she told us he wanted to stay home) and the same seemingly rote answers about Conrad Murray.

L-Strong occasionally poked in an agreement to some of her answers and even laid a comforting hand on her shoulder when she hesitated in answering something about Michael.  But for the most part the two did not interact and I thought that was very odd. The whole interview seemed stiff and rather strained.

At a certain time of the interview, I thought to myself, “What is the point of this?  We’ve heard all this dozens of times . . . nothing new.”  Miss Katherine just did not seem like she wanted to be there and Strong was too quiet for my comfort.  But toward the end, there seemed to be a drive in this to promote the idea of Michael’s artwork being sold to finance this “wedding monument” with a sculpture of Michael for Michael’s fans to get married under.  I’ll get to that in a minute.

@8:45 Piers Morgan asks Miss Katherine if she believes the world has gone a bit soft in terms of discipline of children.  While defending Joe, she seems less committed to defending him.  Miss Katherine replies, “I think it has gone a bit too soft.  I really do, and then they have too many things out there for our children to do and they’re too open with a lot of things so [clears throat], things we weren’t open years ago about.  I just feel bad, because I know the world is – “ She then hesitates a bit then adds, “I think the world is doomed.”

Morgan asks her, “Do you?”  Miss Katherine replies, “mmm,  The Bible tells us.  The world will be destroyed so, I think . . .” and she doesn’t seem able to complete her thoughts verbally.

I stopped the video.  I felt her so much at that very point and I did something I haven’t done in a long time.  I put my forehead against the screen of my computer, only this time it was against Miss Katherine’s forehead and not Michael’s.  And they came, the tears.  Finally someone said it - Someone in the family besides Michael.

After a minute I sat back in my chair and I just looked at her face. Hers was the face that gave to her son the same eyes that were watching Morgan from behind her glasses.  I wanted a hug from her but one would not be forthcoming.  She said what she said with the same emotion that I felt.  I think my tears were of thanks, but also of wanting to give back to her something I could not give.  Her son.

In the video I put up last summer about the testing of the blood from the “mercy seat” of the Arc of the Covenant, Ron Wyatt had the blood tested and explained that Jesus would have had the features of his mother, because the only chromosome from the father was that “y” chromosome, from God, not a human father.  Divine conception.

I was warmed in my heart because the dream in which Jesus showed me the way out of the house of halls, I remembered what he showed me before he faded away.  The last image I saw before he faded away behind the wall was that of a female who had eyes just like Jesus, but was female.

Then I see Miss Katherine and how much her eyes are like Michael’s and so many elements of all my dreams just come together.  Every symbol and event in those dreams showing me elements of what has gone on in the last three years.

At 15:11 Miss Katherine says that she thinks about Michael all through the day.  She has a lot of company.

At 36:10 Brett is asked about the monument that he says Michael has always wanted to build for his “fans” to get married under.  (I’m still not on board with this).  Brett says in 2002, one of Michael’s lawyers wrote him and asked if Michael’s children could also be sculpted and added to this monument.  (Why wouldn’t Michael call him, himself if they were so close that they worked on artwork together?)

For the life of me I could not understand at all why Michael would want fans to get married near a sculpture of him.  It seemed a bit too “self-indulgent” to sound like Michael.  When L-Strong mentioned “Michael’s Lawyers” from 2002 sending him a letter to add Michael’s children, I thought, “Ah-ha – Strong is just another glory hound looking to profit off of Michael.”

Then I thought of something else and I hinted about it on the comments of yesterday’s blog . . . What wedding is this world waiting for?  What if this “monument” that Strong is talking about is only a metaphor for a SPECIFIC wedding?

Could it be the marriage of Christ and the Church bride perhaps?  And what of Michael’s children being added?  Michael’s “beautiful children”?  Is the “children” in Daniel 12:1?  Isn’t the angel Michael the one that “stands watch over the children of your people”?

2,000 Watts – Taking You To the Next Level?

It could also be this (url sent to me by TL).  This is on Livingstone-Strong’s own website  (He can sue me if he thinks he can get more out of me then he will pay his lawyer and that’s not bloody likely).

At this site, I found these pictures:

The Michael Wedding Monument?
Didn’t know it was one size fits all!
Looks Like Shiek Fayed somethingorothertoolongtopronounce

Look Familiar?

@35:37 on Piers Morgan Video

Gates of Paradise? Or Gates of Hell?

Aquatic Hotel and Luxury Resort

Look Familiar?
TII Catherdral backdrop

Take a look at the other pictures there.  Very gothic looking buildings with some prominent “shapes” evident.

All in your name = “Follow me to the gates of paradise, we’re the same . . .

Will YOU be there?

It’s all in [his] name, he sings with Barry Gibb.  “It’s all In the game.  Follow me to the gates of Paradise . . .

Personally I don’t think Michael’s art, as good as it is, will be enough to finance all of this.  So either Brett Livingstone is telling a bull-S story to cover what he’s REALLY doing, or . . . Michael is involved in this “Unity City” project and Brett is telling a bull-S story to cover THAT.  (or the FAKE Michael is involved in this “Unity City”).

The documents are dated 2005-2008.  Unity Tour related to this?  I’m having trouble trying to “buy” this as the preamble to the Christ Wedding Chapel and Christ’s 1,000 year rein on earth after the Tribulation.  Anyone else want to try and convince me this is a good thing?

"That ye be not soon shaken in mind, or be troubled, neither by spirit, nor by word, nor by letter as from us, as that the day of Christ is at hand.  3. Let no man deceive you by any means: for that day shall not come, except there come a falling away first, and that man of sin be revealed, the son of perdition;  4. Who opposeth and exalteth himself above all that is called God, or that is worshipped; so that he as God sitteth in the temple of God, shewing himself that he is God."

You’re fearing me, ‘cause you know I’m a beast
Watching you when you sleep, when you’re in bed
I’m underneath” – Michael Jackson, “Threatened”
From the Invincible Album – Source, Lyrics

Michael’s story is going to be told. 

GMO and DNA Corruption

This is what I saw on “The Vatic Report” this morning.  I copied from the source with the link so you can read the whole article. But an excerpt of this is below.  They are onto the DNA “Temple rebuilding” too . . .

Vatic Note:   THIS IS A MUST READ AND LISTEN TO THE VIDEOS.  This is probably one of the most heartbreaking examples of the total and complete lack of humanity these zionist bankers have exhibited so far.  You know they own those giant agricorps whose lobby has done this in Michigan and I believe,  Like OKC bombing was to 9-11, this is the same thing.  They want to see how this goes down in Michigan before they flat out do this to the rest of the country.  They want to completely destroy our FARMERS and RANCHERS IN EVERY STATE and only have the GMO using Agricorps that the bankers own.   It is hard to believe this is America. 

Pay special attention to the proof  that these government officials are working for the giant corporate farmers and their lobby.  What is the proof????  The proof rests in their attacking and destroying clean organic GMO free livestock, that are range fed with fresh air, social contact in a natural environment, and sunshine with real food to eat, and they play.   Compare that to the Agrifarms that these piglets from the government never touch.  Its on the video, just watch and see if it doesn't break your heart, the horrific conditions and treatment, these animals go through their entire short life before they are slaughtered and the filthy and toxic conditions and the GMO food they are fed and these are the animals we get to eat and the government in Michigan ignores.  That is primae facie evidence of corruption , big time. 

Why is this happening??? Is it just for Greed?  NO!  Its for multiple reasons: 
1.  Depopulation using these agrifarms to deeply embed GMO poisons into our bodies that will destroy our organs at an early age like around 40 when we will no longer be productive slaves, start them at 9 and kill them off at 40, nice future for your children, 

2.  Food control.  They are using whatever excuse they can to close and shut down all our farms in this country (Remember the Amish farmer who has lost his farm and the other guy with the raw milk coop and farm) and make us completely dependant on them for our food which will come from South America for this continent and from Africa for the Eurasian continent and then Asia will be fully in control of all seafood that we get, and remember, they are famous for killing dolphins and putting the meat in the cans and calling them tuna. 

3.  The final reason is to manipulate the DNA of the remaining population after the die off is completed.  GMO's, psychotropic drugs in our children,  plus the "nanospiders" we covered on a blog here, will be the tools for accomplishing that task.  Why?  Because they do not want our "human" traits, such as resistance to tyranny.  They want us to be slaves and like a good dog,  love their masters and be at their beckon call.  Its the only explanation for what they are doing and greed is just not enough of a justification for harming humanity in this way.  Its not profitable to do so in the long run, so the agenda simply has to be much much bigger.  And of course, they never do anything for only one reason. 

This is completely in violation of our governing document, the Constitution of the United States of America and its Bill of Rights.  How did we ever let this happen??? Well, we can change that real fast.   China, our other so called, propoganda enemy, is now being used to buy up our banks, with FEDERAL RESERVE PERMISSION.  And that is while we are talking garbage to them as if we want war.  So its another proof any war is bogus and all countries leaders are in on it.  What a scam....

Armed Authorities Coerce Farmers To Massacre GMO Free Organic Livestock
Posted by Alexander Higgins - May 11, 2012 at 12:37 am -

Michigan authorities, presumably under lobbyist influence, force organic GMO free farmers to murder their livestock in cold blood based on ‘made up’ rule.

Puberty Before the Age of Ten

This was also posted in the New York Times (THE New York Times!) but I found it on the same source web site as above.  Seems they are moving at breakneck speed to implement their disgusting, satanic plans.

Puberty Before Age 10: A New ‘Normal’?

““The doctors always come back with these blank looks on their faces, and then they start redefining what normal is,” Tracee said as we drove down Interstate 25, a ribbon of asphalt that runs close to where the Great Plains bump up against the Rockies. “And I always just sit there thinking, What are you talking about, normal? Who gets pubic hair in first grade?

This is what happens when children consume foods loaded with hormones.  I read about this over ten years ago when they were testing this in Mexico.  While this may serve a purpose to fatten up a chicken’s breasts, it also wreaks havoc with the hormonal balance of human beings, ages us faster, and of course is a dream for the pedophiles behind this plan to corrupt the human body using the food we eat.  Children with sex drives!  Pedophiles can’t ask for anything better than that!

Back to the DNA and the Pineal Gland

In short, we all know that I am not the only one on this.  However, I may just happen to be one of the few Michael Jackson Bloggers this is on this and tying it in with him.

This makes some sense
Thank you Diane

She makes a point by explaining that the people behind the New World Order are trying to calcify your Pineal gland and that should tell you something about their wanting to prevent you from “tapping into that power”.

Jermaine said about Michael on Arab T.V. “The government didn’t want him around anymore, he got too powerful . . .”

Michael’s drawing “Power of Thought”

The Greek word “pharmakia” literally means “drugs”, and appears five times in the New Testament: in Gal 5:20, Rev 9:21, 18:23, 21:8, and 22:15. 

“Pharmakia” is translated into our English Bible as either “witchcraft” or “sorceries”. We also get our English word “pharmacy” from the Greek word “pharmakia”. – Source,

Now I want to show you something disturbing. This is the reason I brought this up, because Michael, and the rebuilding of “the temple” and the DNA, and Michael’s “health” ailments all fit like a glove.  Not to mention that this “sorcery” is mentioned in the Bible.

But there was a certain man, called Simon, which beforetime in the same city used sorcery, and bewitched the people of Samaria, giving out that himself was some great one:"

Now the works of the flesh are manifest, which are these; Adultery, fornication, uncleanness, lasciviousness,  20. Idolatry, witchcraft, hatred, variance, emulations, wrath, strife, seditions, heresies,  21. Envyings, murders, drunkenness, revellings, and such like: of the which I tell you before, as I have also told you in time past, that they which do such things shall not inherit the kingdom of God."

And the light of a candle shall shine no more at all in thee; and the voice of the bridegroom and of the bride shall be heard no more at all in thee: for thy merchants were the great men of the earth; for by thy sorceries were all nations deceived."

Michael’s children are not Michael’s biologically.  He tells us this in the song Billie Jean, believe that or not.  I explored it because it was hard for me to believe too.  He is their “daddy” but not their biological father and you are going to see certain “members of the establishment” try to make a move on them because of this fact.  Klein is in on it, Debbie Rowe is in on it, that twisted spoon-bender Geller is in on it.

We’ve explored the “Secrets of Solomon”, the temple, Solomon’s porch and the two pillars named “Jachin and Boaz” mentioned in 1 Kings in the Bible.

We’ve discovered that the “Secrets of Freemasonry” are located in “Solomon’s Temple” or more to the point “in Jachin and Boaz”. 

Jachin and Boaz resemble the structure of the human Chromosomes, 23 pairs, which match the height in Biblical “cubits” of the front pillars of Solomon’s temple.

The secret is in Jachin and Boaz.  What is in our human chromosomes is our DNA.

The “Temple of God” has been corrupted twice before in history.  They are rebuilding now, the “new” Temple. 

Those within the music industry knew about this, or at least the ones that were invited to “dance on the floor in the round”.  It explains why the group R.E.M. could sing about “If you believe, they put a man on the moon” and “don’t get caught in foreign towers”. 

It also explains this:

Blood on the Dance Floor

We’ve discussed this album cover before on “Illuminati and the Album Covers” ironically back in April of last year.

To add to this we covered this very long video on the secrets of the Masons by Pastor Hoggard, and in this series “The Secrets to the Kingdom”, Part four discussed the “Corruption of the book” and the metaphor in the Bible for corruption of the “The Temple”.

During this segment covered on that video, Pastor Hoggard discussed amongst other things the “layout” of Washington D.C., but he also compared the timed “disaster” of 9/11 and its symbolism. 

The twin towers symbolized the human Chromosomes.  Jachin and Boaz.  The temple was “destroyed”.  In its place will be erected a new building symbolizing the new Chromosomes or the “new” “Temple”.

Now take another look at this album cover.

Note what is missing, and where Michael is standing.

According to Cher on that interview that TL provided a link for, they had planned to to “change” Michael.  His skin color, his DNA.  You have to turn up your volume because someone taped this from T.V. (and you watch, someone is going to take it off of Youtube shortly after).

Cher Interviewed on Larry King
@3:56  The Party on the Queen Mary

Cher says that someone told her at this “same” party on the Queen Mary that someone sat down next to her and started saying weird things.   When she told him to leave her table the person said “You watch.  We’re going to change Michael’s appearance and his skin is going to change”.  Funny she doesn’t mention any of this until after his passing but maybe she couldn’t.

Ironically “Blood on the Dance Floor” is the first Jackson Album cover to show a “white” Michael.  History was a colorless statue and “Dangerous” before that was a darker Michael showing only the eyes and a couple of curls peaking from behind a mask.

They failed however, to erase his link to God.  Prayer is a powerful thing.

This is why I discussed the paternity of Michael’s children. They are not his and he TOLD US they were not his long before he had them in the song “Billie Jean”.  He knew and THEY KNEW what they were going to do.  Isn’t it funny that they can find Michael (and even his doubles everywhere), but not one picture of Michael was ever captured going to or from a hospital to see any of his “newborns”.  Not one.  Only publicity photos after the fact.  

The timelines with Debbie’s “miscarriage”, and the birth of Prince don’t make sense either.  I’ve had a miscarriage and I don’t know about you, but it took time for me to RECOVER from that.  MONTHS!  And Debbie was no spring chicken at the time, in her mid to late thirties.

And if you do not believe that these evil people can plan like this, consider something perhaps a bit less emotionally involved.

JerUSAlem = Whore of Babylon

The layout  of Washington D.C.  Streets have been compared to the Masonic Compass (which is also there) but lookie here!  A whole Pentagram is visible.  Thank you to the person who took the time to point all these out.

Washington D.C. Map

This was no accident.  Now remember the dollar bill?  Remember the pyramid’s we covered and the “sequencing of numbers” for the number of the beast?

Six Hundred, Three-Score and Six

This Roman Numeral shows how it works in the sequence to add up the 600, three score (60), and six.  It tells you how this works breaking down each Roman Numeral individually and it fits like a glove.  Unfortunately for us, if you read it as one long number, it also is the Roman Numeral for 1776.

Closeup of Dollar Bill

This list should help you get the hang of it!
1 = I
2 = II
3 = III
4 = IV
5 = V
6 = VI
7 = VII
8 = VIII
9 = IX
10= X
11= XI
12= XII
13= XIII
14= XIV
15= XV
16= XVI
17= XVII
19= XIX
20= XX
30= XXX
40= XL
50= L

Roman Numerals in Tens

I = One

V = five

X = ten

L = fifty

C = One hundred

D = Five Hundred

M = One thousand

It’s not hard.  1776 = 
- M for 1,000,
- DCC for 500 plus 2 one hundreds or 700,
- LXX for fifty plus 2 tens or 70,
- VI for five plus one or 6. or . . .

MDCCLXXVI Just as it says on that token of Satan above.

This is a very powerful number.  Not only does 1776 represent both the year of the Birth of the U.S.A. (July 4, 1776, or the SEVENTH month, 4th dimension and 6 hundred, three-score and six), it Also represents May 1 or Mayday 1776 as the birth of the modern day Illuminati.

Also if you take the two 7’s in 1776, add the remaining 1 plus 6, you get “777”.

This also tells me that the United States, it’s planning and timing to the year of it’s “birth” to coincide with the sequence of the number of the Beast in the Bible is no accident.  The U.S.A. and it’s role in the Seat of the Beast is uncontestable.

One more thing before I close for the night –

I considered the horns, and, behold, there came up among them another little horn, before whom there were three of the first horns plucked up by the roots: and, behold, in this horn were eyes like the eyes of man, and a mouth speaking great things."

The United States were originally settled by three main nations – England, France and Spain – Three horns  and a little one coming up after the first three are plucked up by the roots (Think WWII for two of them).  I found this on the web site that Diane sent me:

Daniel said the LITTLE HORN RISES UP OUT OF TEN. He said that it SUBDUED OR “PLUCKED-UP” THREE OF THE HORNS IN ITS RISE TO POWER. Now the word means translated plucked up by the roots is “aqar”, from “aqar” the root, which means to HAMSTRING. The word HAMSTRING means “to disable, to cripple”. THE LITTLE HORN DISABLES THREE HORNS OR NATIONS/KINGDOMS IN ITS RISE TO POWER. The United States had three powers that occupied it’s territories: ENGLAND, FRANCE AND SPAIN. The United States DID IN ACTUAL FACT HAMSTRING ALL THREE OF THOSE POWERS AS IT ROSE UP TO BECOME THE GREATEST NATION UPON EARTH." – Source,

However, what is behind the U.S. is Israel (the STATE of), it is the United States that finances Israel, the United States that helped the Zionists create the State of Israel.

Michael did not want to come back to this country, but he did.  Why?  Not for a concert.  That’s not real.

Where exactly is Michael in all this?

Her Schemes and Plans


  1. Agenda 21, as I mentioned the other day. SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT. The laws as they stand don't have anything to do with preventing this, that and the other from going down. AGenda 21 has been implemented in such a way that its safe from all those LAWS. They can do what they please. But landowners, homeowners, and just people in general, cannot ! I come from a very fertile part of my state. All the best fruit and veg are grown here, best cattle reared. The farmers therefore should be going along nicely, but they are not. Everything is falling out from underneath us here. Why? New RULES being implemented all the time.


    1. TL, Yeah, I know this is pretty much a done deal. Things will get bad but I know the basic timeline of this . . . it's not forever. My area is weird. We have sandy soil on our property but just down the road they have red dirt. Georgia-like.

      Did you read what happened in Michigan? Last year they also had a raid on a food warehouse down here, demanding customer lists. Unfortunately for them they didnt' have this because it's a cash only place and they don't have lists. They denied this happened but it did. Again, in Georgia. They want to know who's "hoarding".

    2. I didn't know about the food warehouse in Michigan Bonnie. Keeping up with Australia is difficult enough. I wish I had more time to read everything that goes on. I get the gist of it all though. There will come a time when cash will be a thing of the past. I'm not looking forward to that day. This all reminds me of the movie Justin Timberlake was in where everything went by TIME, not Money. You were paid in Time and you paid for things in Time. If the Time ran out you dropped dead on the spot. The gadget was embedded in everyones wrist so you could see how much time you had left. Most lived day to day. Spooked me.


    3. Sorry, the food warehouse was in Georgia not Michigan. Michigan was the place of the livestock slaughter.

      Good metaphorical movie of things to come?

  2. I suppose that if people are good and do as they are expected they might live a bit longer than 40 but for those (like Christians or anyone at all who believes in the one God) who do not comply you'll be removed. The evil group that is running all of this have said so. They are almost ready to roll !!


    1. Yes, they are . . . it starts this year. We're gonna see some stuff.

  3. Don't forget about the MAGIC BINDING SQUARE in the base of the Washington monument people. There is a bible that is magically bound inside this square (or so the story goes). Just part of all the rest of the symbolism tied to Washington state buildings. The Dome on congress represents Isis and so on. Of course some of Michaels drawings tied to Washington, didn't they?

    The very tricky thing in all of this is that so many are talking about the second coming. So many are talking about the Antichrist. It is difficult to discern which group is on what side. I keep in mind that we are told in the bible that we won't know the moment, only God does. Yes, I know we have signs but I still think some would make good use of revelations and other prophecies to carry out their own plan. They make me sick.


    1. Didn't he do the White House front doors or something? I don't have a copy of that drawing on my hard drive, I know I don't. I saved mostly the ones having to do with children or mind control.

      The second coming - I posted 2 Thessalonians 2 tonight.

      We will see the signs, know the "time and the season" but not "the day or the hour"... Not even the Angels know, but God does. That really makes me do a double take on " . . . and they have not a clue when it's all gonna end, again . . ." in the song "Cry".

      This is what I had a question about. I already know the answer, I just wanted to know what you thought . . . About Daniel 12:1 and Revelation 12

    2. Isn't it odd I just looked up Daniel 2:21....about discernment, then realised I had the wrong passage no's !! OH yes, the Michael Stand Up part in Daniel 12:1....I did comment on that once before as I'd read that STAND UP also meant to BE STILL, or in my mind, remain firm. Resolute. And Revelation 12 being the child taken up after birth from the woman to avoid the dragon. Next line about Michael. The Michael bits shall we say. Well Bonnie...I would hope that Michael is ready to slay the dragon. I feel has has always stood firm on his beliefs and knowldege of the truth. I always keep in mind that Michael made a point of telling Michael Beardan that the name Michael was special (hope this was from a truthful person (michael B). Don't know a whole lot about him. That's that discernment thing coming in again!! Tricksters out there ! Although the woman could be thought of as Eve, or Mary , I'm even thinking a bit about Katherine just at the moment seeings she is the Mother of Michael. Not the entire passage of course but her knowing that God is the answer! Got to keep away from the demons and she'll say it, fortunately.

      I have read elsewhere that some think the woman represents Israel on account of Josephs dream of the sun, moon and stars. The woman seems to have a few meanings to me.


    3. LOL, Divine dyslexia!

      The mother with the 12 stars around her head I thought the same thing, symbolizing the Tribes of Israel. Especially when further on it says the dragon makes war with the remnant of her seed. You could actually look at that three ways . . . Eve (remnant of her seed could be human beings), "Israel"(Remnant of her seed of course would be the 144,000) and/or Michael's mother, whom the dragon sends a flood after her but the earth opens up and swallows the flood, protecting her. Remnant of her seed could be the brothers.

      Michael seems to be a pivotal point as he fits several descriptions in the Bible. I have no doubt he was "taken up out of the way" as is mentioned in 2 Thessalonians 2:6-8.... "6 And now ye know what withholdeth that he might be revealed in his time.

      7 For the mystery of iniquity doth already work: only he who now letteth will let, until he be taken out of the way.

      8 And then shall that Wicked be revealed, whom the Lord shall consume with the spirit of his mouth, and shall destroy with the brightness of his coming:"

    4. In Daniel 12:1 Michael is also referred to as "The Prince". So is Christ in Revelation.

    5. DIVINE DYSLEXIA???????????????????????????????/

      Sorry if that reply of mine was confusing. I was in the middle of a million things today. Had a peek at my very very old bible, thought about it whilst mopping the kitchen floor. I had our employee for dinner this evening so lots of prep in the kitchen. Anyhow, I hope what I said makes sense to you. I sometimes type as though I'm thinking random thoughts. I know what I mean myself.

      The whole "michael", Prince, Christ thing gets a little confusing between the various christian groups, doesn't it? We all know though that the Jehovah's think Michael is the 'main man/spirit' in all this. I almost wonder sometimes if somehow Michaels whole family knew something about young Michael that most may not have. Remember Janet telling Piers..."He knew who he was". From a nasty ol paganistic viewpoint (or a particular strain of) Michael is the reflection of the sun or the counterpart to Jehovah/moon. Either way, it seems that MICHAEL has a very important role in all spiritual teachings. My interest is in what the bible has to say about Michael. The reason I read the 'other' nasty stuff is to see what their take on Michael is and if they are trying to USE this as part of their scheme. That's why i have mentioned the Age of Michael.

      Now,did I get a tick or a cross in the box with my dyslexic answer above because you told me their is only a right or wrong.

      Cheers, TL

    6. When I said "Divine dyslexia" I meant the switcheroo in the numbers of the Daniel verse you looked up and considering the topic, it was "divine intervention" that the "mixup" in the numbers resulted in the verse on discernment!

      I do the same thing typing on random thoughts.

      From what I have seen so far, JW, Seventh Day Adventists and also footnotes in the Geneva Bible all point to Michael being Christ and visa versa. It's not thought I was comfortable with at all, almost blasphemous in my view. I fought and fought, but I wanted to know for myself, not because of what others said.

      So I found verses in the Bible that pointed to the using of the spirit of one to inhabit another (like reincarnation) when Jesus tells his disciples that they "had seen Elias" (or Elijah) and that the disciples then knew Jesus was talking about John the Baptist.

      Then there was the fact that nobody recognized Jesus when he rose from the grave and was seen by Mary Magdalene, and he walked behind two disciples who spoke to him without knowing who he was and when Jesus visited the disciples who were hiding from the Jews in a house and they didn't recognize him until he spoke things to them that only they knew he had spoken to them about (and Thomas didn't believe until he saw the wounds, which appeared on a body not originally Christ's)

      This told me that God CAN move the souls of men into the bodies of others to give a message. This may be perhaps the way angels sometimes speak to us/through us in some of the visions that the prophets have seen.

      There are stories of Michael fasting and praying and daily reading of his Bible. And I don't take lightly his lyrics in "Stranger in Moscow" where he talks about "Armageddon of the Brain".

      This gives me a mental picture of Michael with a completely open pineal gland, be it from diet/drugs/prayer and when you look at what they were trying to do with him, the battle Michael fought was within himself first, always pushing temptation away. It's all through his songs. It is only through HIS LYRICS that he talks about this. But I learned this before I began digging into his song lyrics. And I was told by an invisible kiss after a very tearful prayer before I embarked on writing this blog.

    7. Hey, you have some interesting relatives Bonnie. Its good to do a little digging, never know what you might find. The only thing I know about Masonry (in any personal way) is that a fella Dad bought land from years ago told our family never ever ever under any circumstances become a Mason. He was dying, his wife was dying. I must ask my Dad if he ever found out the exact reason for the mans' comment. There was a lot they were not allowed to speak about once a memeber. In any case, he was deadly serious in his warning.


    8. Yeah, interesting. Hopefully not enough to keep me out of Heaven. (I know, nothing can tear us away from his love). I don't have any PERSONAL connection to the Mason's. I heard this story after my Great-grandfather passed away back in 1977. I was about twelve I think. He was 91 years old. My grandfather kind of had a complex about not being accepted into the Masons (Not sure of the story here) but he should count himself lucky. When I was sixteen, I had a dream that Jesus came to me three separate times and said, "Tell your grandfather that you saw me". And in this dream was like a full length allegory. I still cannot get over the detail and symbolism in that dream. I thought "Why? Is he going to die?"

      When I was in my early 30's, I found out why. My grandfather did not believe in Jesus. He got angry with me for saying he was the son of God. I never knew this about him but he had incredible anger about something. There is a story about this back in January/February of 2010. It is one of the first blog entries. I told him this dream numerous times throughout my adulthood, but the final time I told him the dream, he was in the hospital room. I wasn't sure he heard me, but he passed away the next afternoon as I was driving home out of state. (sigh).

      It sounds like that man your father bought property from knew what he was talking about. "Eyes Wide Shut". I saw that movie unfortunately, because my ex-husband was into those weird kind of films. I expect that is what a high level Masonic "shindig" is about or at least close to it. Makes me wonder if they're "dying" wasn't from natural causes.

  4. Bonnie, this blog tonight leaves me in a state of numbness. It's all coming together, isn't it?

    You asked above: "WHERE EXACTLY IS MICHAEL IN ALL THIS?" His facial expression in this photo with Sharon, Schmuley and Geller is gut wrenching. I can't begin to tell you what the look in his eyes does to my insides. Geller has his slimy hand on Michael's hands while speaking directly to Ariel Sharon. Just WHAT is Uri-Urine telling Sharon, huh? Michael seems so lost and vacant sitting there among those vultures. He was probably the smartest and most sensitive person in that room. He doesn't belong there! Michael was being used in the most diabolical way by these destroyers of souls!

    Bonnie, I know how hard this must have been for you to put together tonight (crying). It was a superb effort. Michael, I am so sorry...for everything. I am looking at you from the inside out, and you have no idea how beautiful you are.


    1. Uri Geller and Sharon - The way he is leaned over with his hand on Michael's looks to me as if Geller is referencing Michael in whatever he is telling Sharon. Maybe he is promising Sharon something - Michael's cooperation? And he's using that lean in ultra-direct mind control stare. (Which from this angle looks ridiculous)

      Michael looks as if he is just soaking in words, memorizing what is said. He's intense while trying not to look intense. He also seems to be "masquerading the heart" from the hint of disgust just below the surface in his eyes. He looks like he wants to wrinkle his nose.

      This blog was intense to work on, yes. Oddly, things were snapping together and I feel like I'm playing "Memory" with all these cards in my brain, turned over, and I'm finding the matches of information on the first try. Weird vision.

      I don't think there was any way, if given the chance, we'd be able to talk Michael out of what was "written for him in the books". He knew what he had to do. His songs "Heaven Can Wait" and "Don't Walk Away" very much remind me of Jesus' anguished prayer in the Garden of Gethsemane right before the soldiers came for him.

  5. I'm going over one of my books that speaks on the Great Irish REbellion (it connects the American War of Independance 1776, the French REvolution 1789 and Irelands bid for Independance in 1798).The common thread is FREEMASONRY. I particularly liked the first lines: IN THE HISTORY OF 1798 LOOK FOR THE ROGUES WHO ARE NEITHER CATHOLIC NOR PROTESTANT, BUT THEY ARE NEVERTHELESS CATHOLIC AND PROTESTANT.That says it all really. Still relative I feel !!


    1. George Washington was elected first president in 1789.

      In 1798 The Alien and Sedition Acts were four bills passed in 1798 by the Federalists in the 5th United States Congress in the aftermath of the French Revolution.

      Amazing how a newly independent country passes acts based on Revolutions in other Countries - Kinda like today!

    2. Yes, when I read this book I was made aware of very many things regarding the Brotherhood or Masons. I bought it in Ireland some years ago now, from the author, when I was staying it his lodgings. His ancestry was so interesting and the KENNEDY'S were a part of it. The Guiness (book of records) family property was across the road so you can imagine I was given a right old history lesson all round ! He basically says that the Freemasons have a hold in all the major wars, movements, dilemma's etc etc that nations have faced since goodness knows when. We need to really watch to see what goes on in all countries, not just our own because its all connected.


    3. In my family's history on my mother's side, we have my great-grandparents (paternal from my mother). My Great-grandfather was a 32 degree Mason. Shortly after he MADE 32 degree both he and my great-grandmother got out (she was in the Eastern Star). He never talked about why. He just stopped going to meetings.

      Shortly after he stopped going to meetings, he got a call from England with the bull-S story (Using Joe's expression) that they were returning lands and titles to his family (that were taken when house of Windsor took over, our ancestry was house of Tudor). From what my mother remembered of the phone call, my great-grandfather went off, told them he wanted nothing to do with England, that he was an American now (I guess he didn't get far enough in know U.S. real role) and he could keep their titles and their lands and their taxes and hung up the phone.

      My great-grandfather's family was of course, from England. My great-grandmother was from Ireland, Donagal to be exact. From what I understand I believe it was my great-grandfather's father that was a "Lord". HIS grandfather was something like 8th from the throne (Tudor) but were disenfranchised when Windsor took over (War of the Roses and I haven't researched all this yet, does it matter now? Maybe not).

      I always thought that my Great-Grandfather kind of looked like a Kennedy. They had that tell-tale jawline that came from the Bouviers. Now I kinda want to go take a shower.

      I have been watching in all countries but I only have so many hours in the day, LOL! I'm one person. But I keep an eye on what was going on in France with the taking out of Straus-Kahn, Sarkozy loosing the election (who ever heard of a Frenchman named Sarkozy? Or Strauss-Kahn for that matter?)

      England and that "Wedding" . . . Russia and China. Yeah, it's getting pretty out there.

    4. Here TL,

      This is a very good example showing that Royalty throughout EUROPE are all related. Tudors played a big part in that. Family name is Staffords of Stafforshire. And I know they are not well liked over there.


      I didn't know they were in Wikipedia. I checked Humphrey who is my great-grandfather's 4x great grandfather, but there were other relatives too. Their real name is not Stafford. They only took on that name of the county they governed. My great-grandfather' father cut ties with England when their family was exiled.

    6. His son, I can't believe this stuff is in here! This guy was bad news!,_2nd_Duke_of_Buckingham


      Ugh. This scares me.

    8. Wrong-oh . . . Henry Stafford cousins.

  6. Daniel 12:1 and REvelations 12. Running to get by Bible. Will reply when I've read it and thought about.

    TL..............PS: What happens if my answer doesn't =yours?????????

    1. Don't worry. I fought with myself for a year and a half over this. It's not easy. It's one of two answers. Should make it easier, LOL!

  7. Ok Bonnie - I tried to stay away but I couldn't, because this post nailed it on so many things. Understand if I disagree I'm not trying to attack you or anything. I sometimes don't see what you see that is all and yes I have strong kid protection radar.

    So I'm still not sold on the kids but my gosh this post opened my eyes. Here's the thing - what you said about Arnold Klien and all of them. This is what gave me the chills, I just saw where Arnold Klien tweeted Paris Jackson - I wanted to scream. I saw the interview with Katherine Jackson and that Cathedral oh my. So I could just dismiss it - and yes - counter to what you may think I do discern to my best ability - that cathedral gave me the chills when I saw your examples. Now, I've listened to that interview and I'm not sure if he said the statue came in later or the kid statues came in later and no that didn't make sense at all. I also cried when I heard Katherine hold back what she wanted to say. I cried also because I wondered how often she was forced to hold back what she wanted to say. It makes me sad when I see women have to do this and yes - it's pretty clear they are getting to Paris. I'm frustrated about it to be honest with you. I would truly like to believe that there is something not sinister about that cathedral - I like that idea very much.

    I don't comment much - if you choose not to post this - that's fine - I just wanted to share with you what I was feeling and saw. LorLor

    1. LorLor - I know how you feel and I'm the same way about the kid radar, which is why I freaked when I saw Paris throwing "horns" and such, seeing the children getting used to promote garbage coming from the estate and Sony, etc... and look at the amount of tweets Paris has sent??? Does this girl go to school in between tweeting and interviews and "rehearsals" and posting pics on Flickr?

      I don't want to be right on this, I really don't. I struggled with this, asked questions of other people before posting and it's hard. Just know I didn't do this to hurt the kids OR Michael, but to EXPOSE what they did and try to find out the MOTIVE for it. There is a lot of dirty stuff going on.

      Miss Katherine looked so weary in her interview and THAT made me really sad. She is not happy with what is around her, I PRAY for her.

      Me too on the cathedral/monument. But Idols made by men are throughout history not a good thing. Maybe the "Michael" in there is just to throw people off. :o) It looks like a miniature of his HIStory statues.

      Thank you LorLor. And I'm sorry if I called you blind. This all gets frustrating for me too.

    2. This has nothing to do with anything in particular but I still think the changing from 12 zodiac signs to 13 is somethow tied in with Michael disappearing and the baddies running rampant. There is an opposition with Orion and Ophiucus and one is the gateway to mankind, the other the gateway to God (or paradise). One Silver, One Gold. It was a very strange thing to alter considering its not of any real importance and yet it caused such a kerfuffel with lots of people and made major headlines.
      The Keppler supernova was discovered in the sign of Ophiucus in 1600 and something. All this struck me when I had a read of that article Brian Oxman wrote when Michael left. It was called SUPERNOVA. Anyhow Bonnie, you can just wipe this if you want to. Just one of the very many things that jumps into my head sometimes (Brett's buildings happen to bring this whole thing to mind on account of the Gates and a building that looks like a bridge).


    3. Thanks Bonnie - peace and love always surrounding you and everyone on this site.LorLor

    4. TL - I did not look into that at all about the changing of the Zodiak signs (started my research on Michael with his faith in God and branched from there). How do you think this has to do with Michael? Did they do this after his passing?

      The building that looks like a bridge. That would be the Sports Star Luxury Hotel. Looks like a cathedral with a ski slope attached to it. (yes looks like a bridge). The "Gates of Paradise" really bother me specifically because of that song "All in Your Name" and the lyrics. ("Follow me to the gates of paradise . . .")

    5. Thank you LorLor. God bless you.

    6. Those building pictures brought this to mind. Have any of you watch the movie "The Knowing"? The space ships used to transport select children to a new world look like the buildings.

  8. Hi Bonnie, I am posting for the first time, but I´ve read a lot on this site ! You said that the children are not biologically his and that there is a plan behind all this ! Sorry, but I cannot get it, who should have an advantage, if the children are legally his ?

  9. Bonnie, keep in mind that Brett tried to sell those drawings to a couple of companies, not just the Sheik/Prince. He also wanted the Babel like tower to be built in LA with an ANGEL on top !! It almost seems like he took the opportunity to re use the works to make a bit of money. I could never decide if it was because Michael had asked him to do this(to make some money for children) or if its that his ties to all things NewAge/Green mean that he's ONE OF THEM !! I nearly died when I saw that first ever article of hiim showing the art in the hanger as i'd already seen the blueprints for Unity City prior and I thought, what are you up to Mr Livingstone Strong????????


    1. Yes, that's a good point. I don't think this had anything to do with making money for children. Think about what our money represents and what is going to happen to the whole money system as it says in the Bible.

      The copyright on these pictures was not updated (unless he just forgot to update the footnotes on the PDF). So if they were NOT updated, this means that the project in Dubai could very well have been awarded to someone else. Either that or that whole thing with Brett is just a clue. Why would he put these online now?

      This is his Bio Interesting. He's pictured with everyone from Priscilla Presley to Warren Burger. How comforting is that!

      Do you have Google Earth? Nothing on Dubai yet that I can see on any of the Islands.

      This also

      Muliple projects.

      By the way, I just got a phone call. Apparently David Edwards is on the attack, of both me and Micheline on Twitter and Facebook (I have his ugly mug blocked). I was going to copy everything here but I think this blog is the reason why he's doing this NOW . . . so I think I will leave it up for while. Aparently the establishment ZOMBIES don't like it. And you know what that means.

    2. TL - I have a theory on L-Strong and his "peddling" Unity projects to different cities. It involves "confusion".

    3. Bonnie, who is David Edwards? I don't have twitter or any of the other mod cons so I'm not up with all that.

      The Unity City blueprints have been up for a long time I believe Bonnie. I wondered at first why Brett had not gotten them offline seeings someone was bound to notice his now using them (or some of them) in this Michael thing. Then I thought, well, he'd never risk leaving it up unless we were all supposed to notice it for whatever reason. Yes, when the Barry/Michael song came out I threw the blueprints in my friends face on account of the Gates of paradise !!!!!! All seemed to tie in as far as I was concerned.


    4. He's a blogger. Writes in defense of the Estate Executors, friends with Charles Thomson and Taraborrelli, Catherine Gross and other TINI members (Taaj Malik, Degosson, those people). He used to comment here two years ago. He's also friends with Taymoor Marmarchi who is Deborah Kunesh's MK Ultra twin (or so they seem). He emailed Micheline for my address once. I told her to go ahead and give it to him. I wanted to see what he wanted. The next day I got this fake Lawyer "cease and desist" letter because I posted a picture of Taymoor so I could explain to readers who he was and why he was attacking me. Then in March of this year, after not hearing from him since Dec. of 2010, he sends me a facebook private message asking to bury the hatchet. Well, I don't have a hatchet. They are always trying to distract. Taaj did the same thing after almost a year I broke contact with her, asking to team up. It's just attemps to distract me or throw me off course. Happens every time a "heavier" blog gets posted. It's been quiet for a while. Should have known something would happen.

      I thought the same thing . . . why are they online. They were meant to be seen. Why push this issue in such an unconvincing way about building a Michael monument and it matches exactly all these other concept drawings for various projects.

      I have other thoughts too on that. Either Strong is a bad guy, or he is play the part of a bad guy. But Miss Katherine's demeanor was not very confidence instilling.

  10. And before I sleep I'll leave a couple of links for you Bonnie. You have probably seen these but I go back to them from time to time and they tie to Chers thoughts on Michael. As though Michael was almost sent from elsewhere. The first link has 3 parts and I like this fella, he's a great musician. The title of the vid is:LAMONT DOZIER ON MICHAEL JACKSON,MOTOWN (BBC PART 1/3).

    The second you would have seen too but it goes to what Cher said (and I did look into this fella's background and he's known in his district as someone who puts alot of activities in place for young people to keep them safe and off the streets. A county head actually stole one of his ideas and set up a safety school thingy for kids and claimed the glory). MICHAEL JACKSON BODYGUARD-MARVIN BUTTS "MICHAEL WAS AN ANGEL"

    There are many more of course but its just the way these guys tell it. I was suspicious once upon a time because I thought some might be saying these things as a way of getting people to buy into Michael as the second coming. Preparing us. Mr Dozier is being honest here though and as far as I can tell, so is Marvin.

    Goodnight, TL

    1. TL, The first video wouldn't come up for me. The second one, I love it, but do you know who's channel that is? Taaj Malik. She's with the TINI group. I've tangled with her before. I was going to use the video but now I'm not. Not your fault you probably didn't know.

      I'm going to try that other video again. I'm typing it in because copy/paste is disabled on this blog.

    2. Bonnie,

      I did not know it was Taaj Maliks channel. Does that mean she has downloaded the vid or actually went and spoke to Marvin???? I thought it was a man interviewing on the vid?Did she hire the man? By the way, I HAVE heard of Taaj. I don't hear many nice things (I don't know her personally tough but it seems she's very involved in all this). What a pity coz its a beautiful vid. The other one was a BBC interview after Michael 'left'. Mr Dozier knew Michael since he was a little fella.


    3. I don't know who did the interviewing but you have to admit, it's not very good quality. No, I think she just owns the channel and they "give" her the videos to post. It's like the Van Exel bull stuff. These people just "grow" out of the cracks of the sidewalk and get promoted through the gang channels. I know, I agree . . . very beautiful video. "Michael's an angel". Yep! ;o)

  11. Brett Livingstone-Strong : a sculptor with international recognition who however filed bankruptcy in 2005 :

    As his real estate resorts complex project failed in L.A., through the pics you have shown above for theBahrain project (great artistry but scary architecture), it looks Livingstone offered a very similar project there after L.A.

    Below a fishy story of 2011 whereby Michael would have "offered" to Livingstone his own Art collection with a supporting document solely signed by Dr. Thome-Thome in 2008 ? On para 4 :

    My questions : is Livinstone legally the real owner of Michael's Art collection so he may freely dispose of it ? Livingstone said in the CNN/Morgan's once something like "I own.."or is this collection only held in custody by him but registered within the Michael's Estate property for Katherine & the MJ3 ? Livingstone with Katherine Jackson on one interview : to advertise the memorabilia for sale ? Livingstone is first a famous artist who earned a lot once but lost a lot due to an aborted project. But is he a honest guy or a handler attempting to abusively take his piece of Michael's memorabilia ? As per the article, IF the Estate & Thome Thome are also in it, another big legal battle of conflicts of interest for huge money is probably underway.

    1. Hi Line,

      (forced exhale). What is going on with this? Livingstone projects in L.A. failed. Dubai project failed (searched out various news sources between 2005 and 2008 on Dubai and their "islands"), Vegas, etc... Yes the architecture looks like weaponry, not buildings. I feel like I just came back from the Renaissance Fair.

      Question - How did Michael ever escape his handlers to work on artwork with Livingstone?

      Question - Wasn't there a bunch of "belongings" that were NOT returned to Michael once the 2008 "auction" was "stopped"? Wasn't there questions about where this stuff was, and that Tohme was supposedly holding onto it?

      Questions - as with Michael managing to run back and forth between hospitals and hotels undetected (even though the press manages to invade every other aspect of his life) to see three different children, where and how did Michael get out and away from handlers for HOURS at a time to work on Artwork all during a time when Michael was supposedly horrendously busy TOURING, making VIDEOS (films) and posing for pictures and promo events?

      Question: What is Brett L-Strong doing posing with the likes of Druscilla Presley (he claims HE got Lisa Marie fixed up with Michael), BOB HOPE PEDOPHILE, Warren Burger (CFR) and Paul Neuman and Bono (early 1980's).

      Question - Why is Mouthfactory attacking Miss Katherine on this art collection in favor of the Estate Exectors?

      Question - Why is David Edwards attacking Micheline and myself on twitter over something that happened a year and a half ago and why NOW?


      THEY DON'T WANT ME ON THIS TOPIC. L-Strong is by all appearances, very well connected to the Establishment. And one picture or two with Michael does not a relationship make as we have seen (right Taraborrelli, you toad!)

      It sure answers why Miss Katherine seemed so stiff and nervous with that dragon sitting next to her.

      Not sure Tohme is even involved in this. ANYONE can forge a signature of Tohme, since we don't even know what the heck it looks like. Tohme got blamed for a lot of things and I think it is evident that we cannot count on the Jackson family for forthright answers. Not because they are dishonest but because they CAN'T.

      Anyhow, I guess I move forward as planned. David Edwards and the Mouth are irrelevant and rather transparent. They more they get rolled onto the path in front of me, the more they erode. They're just little pebbles now.

  12. Bonnie,

    I only have to think of the pic of Thome that we all saw at the start of this Michael mess. He's standing beneath a copy (think its a copy) of THE BOOK.I believe thome was in his own lawyfers office at the time. Brett painted that of course !!

    Isn'tit funny that I've left all this info before Bonnie, not here, elsewhere, and no one thought it relevant to anything.

    1. Well, I don't know who you are and where you left info so I can't comment or verify. I did notice that Mouthfactory is busy attacking both L-Strong and Miss Katherine, but then I know how good these guys are at attacking each other for appearances. One big lie and deception to keep people's heads in their direction. I haven't written Strong off yet. See what happens. :o) One thing I know for sure. There are a few rather FAMILIAR people that do not like the topics I covered here.

    2. Bonnie, sorry I didn't leave my initials. Sometimes I forget. I was just saying I left the Brett stuff about the blueprints and what not ages ago, elsewhere and it was not picked up on and I'm pleased you have had a look at it. I have not wiped Brett off either. Simply pointing out that he has done a bit of recycling ! The Thome pic standing beneath THE BOOK (by Brett) is a big hint to us, or sorts.

      Cheers, TL

    3. Ohhhhhh! There you be! I am so unfamiliar with Strong himself that I couldn't tell you how long the PDF's had been around or visible on his web site. Would you say during the 2005-2008 copyright time listed on the bottom of the drawings?

      You know something? There is an artist being "promoted" on Seven Bowie's site by the name of Nati Canada. Supposedly Michael sat for her back in the 1990's. However looking at the picture, it looks alot more like STRONG'S WORK than hers because I've SEEN her other paintings and it is not even the same style. She even has the faded "looking glass" type of additional Michael's in the painting/drawing and the photo that is being used with Michael standing there is photo shopped because you can see the cutaway into the picture (Michael's not that fat) and I wonder what the object of this is?

      Maybe Strong would like to know that one of his pieces is stolen? Because it DOES look alot like the same concept and style as "the book" without the color. I should put that up here. I saved screenshots of everything just in case something like this came up.

    4. Yes I'd seen that painting along the way Bonnie.Or it sounds like the same one. It is a SPIRIT painting. A female face and hands around Michael (who looks white) then a small michael framed in the corner. It seems a bit BRETTISH. I just went and read an article about Nati again (it seems someone has gotten the years wrong in the article saying Michael was carrying his baby around in 1996 and there was another baby in the room when Nati went to deliver the painting to Michael. She'd had a visit with Michael and Dr Hoefflin together a couple of yrs before that and then set about painting for him). I know there are several that supposedly painted Michael. Its so hard to know who tells the truth sometimes.


    5. Yes, that is the same article I copied from the original Spanish blog and translated after seeing it on Bowie's blog. Micheline and I were discussing the fact that there WERE no babies in 1996 and that according to Nati's recollection Michael was still married to Lisa marie (divorce was not yet final if there eve was a real marriage) that early in 1996. Remember in May of that year Michael was going through depositions still related to the Chandler case (Ironically on May 1) and in September of that year Michael was supposedly on tour and getting Married to Debbie (all of this storied publicity if you ask me, unless there were more than one Michael).

      No, I don't believe Nati and I've read into her background. I don't trust anyone promoted on Bowie's site and where was this painting BEFORE Michael passed? No where in any of the pics of the raids ever performed.

      Also, the other people she claims to have painted, no reference to them anywhere on the net except her website and that article . . . none. And Michael never lived with Hoefflin UNLESS it was another Michael.

  13. This business about Brett Livingstone-Strong has me wondering, too. A good point was made above questioning how Michael could have escaped his handlers and entourage to spend so many hours at some remote location to work on his art. Maybe there is only one logical answer. Perhaps Michael "thought" he was escaping to this retreat when in reality he was with another handler all along...Strong. I noticed he speaks with an almost hypnotic Svegali type demeanor, which reminds me a little of Uri Geller. That sort of artificial "calm" about them that seems calculated, as though designed to lure a person under a spell.

    Strong was also associated with bringing Michael and Lisa Marie together (his claim anyway), and we know where that went. I don't like how Strong connects some of the negative dots in Michael's life, including the Bob Hope connection. I swear, poor Michael had more handlers than the Westminster Dog Show! And the dogs were treated far better than he was. :-(

    Michael's art is supposedly valued at something like $900 million (that's what the voice over said in the short video I saw). If that's true, and I wouldn't be surprised when his rhinestone glove sold at auction for a quarter million dollars, I just don't see Michael give his art over to Strong when it could easily fund those hospitals he wanted to build. We need to remember that Michael was never a self absorbed egotist. He would not have designed some tacky metal arch with his statue under it for couples to marry in Vegas. Maybe Lisa Marie will throw in a velvet painting of Elvis to set the proper mood! This is so out of character for the Man In The Mirror. But building children's that's our Michael.

    What does your gut tell you, Bonnie? Is BL-Strong on Michael's right or wrong side?


    1. Hi Mich,

      Whoa!!!!! (sorry, thought came to me). Stories buried and left untold . . . some will be told today. My God, Chaka Khan was right! Demonic is the music industry but how, oh how many stories are on those songs!

      Sorry Micheline, I know this has nothing to do with your post, but do you remember a country and western song that was sung by Hank Thompson called "The Wild Side of Life". One of the lines in the song is "I didn't know God made honky-tonk angels".

      Kitty Wells sang an ANSWER to that song (to the same melody) called "It Wasn't God Who Made Honky-Tonk Angels". People thought it was brilliant.

      Many of Michael's songs were to or about a "woman" either named Susie, or "Diana". Most of these songs were about a woman who changed him, or tempted him (the lady-Babylon inside the music industry?).

      I believe I found a couple of songs that were ANSWERS to Michael's songs and ironically these songs came out a year or two after the release of Invincible. The first song that put this vocalist on the map is an eye opening slap in the face when you hear the lyrics as there is a guy singing the bridge that could be "thoughts" this "lady Babylon" hears from Michael. And in those lyrics is also the presence of the 1,000 years (just as in Michael's song One More Chance At Love). My heart is pounding!!!!

      Back to L-Strong, ROFLMBO!!!! Velvet painting of Elvis.

      My gut tells me that Strong is to be watched. He's harder to read but Miss Katherine? I felt she did not want to be there at that interview. It pained me to see that, her whole countenance was uncomfortable and you don't want to know the thoughts running through my head about the possibilities.

  14. This vid you would have seen ages ago I'm sure but it shows a painting of THE BOOK here (same as the pic Thome is standing beneath in the above link).


  15. Hmmm, at the end of the video the newpresenter says Michael sent a present to Lisa at a birthday bash Priscilla threw for her at magic mountain. It was a pic of the two of them when they first met. This is odd because i've read in the past that Brett sent the gift, Michael had not chosen it. Brett said Lisa loved it thinking Michael had organised the whole thing ! I read this info in a 'Brett' article....he was responsbile. Maybe Michael asked him to organise 'something' or maybe michael didn't even know about it.


    1. I remember both of those TL, and you're right. Brett did say that he sent the gift and that Michael had not chosen it. (So why would Brett do that?) Maybe Michael didn't know a LOT about who spent his money and for what. Bill Bray. Funny how HIS bills got paid and Michael's didn't!

    2. All I know of Bill Bray is that Joseph supposedly asked Bill to take care of Michael. We see Bill by his side in certain vids and pics. We heard Michael didn't visit when Bill was retired and ailing. We saw a thankyou to Bill in the TII THANKYOU'S and not much else. I thought he was a retired policman when he started working with Michael. I didn't know Bill's bills got paid when Michael's didn't.


    3. There is no reference to Bill Bray or a William Bray ever working for the LAPD. I checked. According to the printed articles about Bray, he would have had to start working in the LAPD at the age of 14 to be there 30 years if he was working for Motown during the early J5 years. So HIS history is made up too. The TII thank yous came from SONY , not Michael . . . and a whole list of people that Michael had fired previously.

      Michael supposed paid Bill Bray's health insurance up until the Day he died. Tell me how he managed that but couldn't manage to pay his own WORKING staff at Neverland or other people through the years that claimed not to have been paid, like Sediah Garret and John Landis? Bray died in 2005 during Michael's trial and Roger Friedman couldn't resist the urge to attack Michael for not going to see him. Like he COULD.

      Pictures of Bill Bray in compromising positions with Michael and Emmanuel Lewis in Hotel rooms. The man is a PIG and Michael didn't go see him for a reason.

      Why would Joe hire a "father figure" for Michael when he didn't even allow his own kids to call him dad? Joe didn't hire anybody, the LABEL did. Michael was living with Diana Ross when all that was going on.

    4. Sorry . . . I get angry about all this garbage lies in the press hiding the real story about these people.

    5. My hope is that Michael had his own story that he's showed to the press Bonnie (especially in the last decade or so). I'm actually wondering if alot of it (not just the wheelchair pic) is a bit of theatre to throw certain ones off track so he can get busy doing what he needs to. Just random thoughts. There may be an IMDB link to this show one day.


    6. TL,

      I think he did. This is why I wanted your email address. There are things I covered almost two years ago about certain lawsuits not being what they seem. Also financing and battles with lawyers not being what they seem.

  16. @anonymous TL - the picture of The Book in Thome's lawyer's office is well known throughout the MJ community in various blogs, and you are correct, it hasn't been picked up on? Why? Like so many loose ends there is no follow up. Now that the art issue is front and center and the estate has sued Thome for giving Michael's art to Strong (still active case) maybe there will be some explanation for why The Book (or a replica) sits int he office of attorney Dennis Hawk, whose office is just across from the airport runway hangar in Santa Monica which houses (or housed) ALL of Michael's art. Just too damned fishy.

    1. MA,

      Could be like the PDF of Strong's drawings matching the Michael monument that these things are SUPPOSED to be picked up on. Why would they put it out there if they were trying to hide the connections?

      It did not house all of Michael's art. His mother had quite a bit of it at Hayvenhurst too in a separate room as we saw on her interview with Oprah.

    2. Don't ask me why but I had a feeling Thome was trying to TELL US SOMETHING. Well, would you guys stand under a copy of THE BOOK unless you wanted it noticed?????????

      I checked on Dennis Hawk way way back when we first were told that Thome was in his office. Couldn't find much except that he was part of that Federalists Society (not sure if he still is). Seems there are discussions about them and their opposing groups fairly often (a lawyers thing).

      I don't believe alot of what others have shoved down our throats about Thome Thome. I'm just reserving judgement till more info shows up. Someone got very snarly with me once coz I didn't agree that Thome went into Carolwood and killed Michael !! I don't know who was there coz I haven't got any security tapes to watch !! Wonder who has those????


    3. TL - Exactly! This whole thing reminded me of Raffles Van Excel. Remember that 60-second push to condemn him by the tell-tale fan groups and the tabloid onlines? Video of him also had Van Excel sitting with a portrait of Michael right behind him.

      Why is a picture of Michael behind him?

      Why does raffles have hands that look like they are way too big for his wrists?

      Look at his eyes.

      That's all I'm saying.

  17. BONNIE - OK, by first saying that Strong didn't look a bad guy, though with reserve, was probably wrong from me & this Strong-Thome story is VERY fishy as I read all comments now. Katherine discussing Michael on 05.14.2012 was an excuse so was Katherine eventually blackmailed to be imposed this painter on her side ? Again NO ONE honest guy around in ANY of the names surrounding that new contentious case. But if Strong is really a crook, why would he show himself in a public interview with Katherine Jackson instead of keeping quiet now that this Memorabilia's legal battle is ongoing ? If the Estate sues Thome, what about Strong ? Or did Strong find a legal arrangement for "his" Memorabilia (hmm..) with the Estate & Katherine clearing him of any suspicion so he may show up publicly with Katherine ? What will be done with MICHAEL'S memorabilia ? If it's not stored for the MJ3 to appreciate its sentimental value & later decide how they wish to dispose of it, well...I feel nauseated with toxic mushrooms again :o(

    1. Line,

      I don't think you're wrong. I'm sitting back and looking at this a bit longer too. There are people that are not JUST the Jacksons that may be having to do things a certain way, to make it look a certain way, because of other certain people.

      Just hold off on the toxic mushrooms for right now. (Find the good ones instead, LOL)

      I don't think the Estate can Sue Tohme without suing Strong which means if they are going to go after Tohme??? Strong may not be a bad guy.

      Of course BOTH of these sides could be on the same side. That is what I am trying to DISCERN.

  18. Bonnie,

    WOW! I am blown away about Brent Livingston Strong . And I thought he was one of the good guys. Well, maybe jumping the gun here but things seems to be just too off. Like for instance when Brent Livingston Strong sent that birthday present to Lisa Marie having her thinking it's from Michael, is just too....well can't find the words but I'm sure you know where I'm getting at. One thing for certain at least Brent did come right out and say that LMP were pursuing Michael Jackson instead of the other way around. Mike was too busy getting his own record company off the ground let alone chase someone he barely knows.

    Speaking of Lisa Marie. Not trying to get off topic here but did you see her on 'American Idol' last night? I didn't watch it. Stopped watching that show a long time ago. But someone sent me a clip where she performed on the show and my God she was awful! And on top of that the viewers' comments were BRUTAL!

    Not only that but something is real creepy about her performance. Or maybe it's just me. You should check it out.


    1. @truejustice,

      I agree with your reaction to Lisa Marie's "Idol" performance, because I saw it the same way. LMP looked awkward in that black dress and came across as a gothic and dark persona. Black dress aside, there is no light shining from inside this woman. Being the daughter of an icon like Elvis - regardless of talent or lack thereof, one would think she had all the training in stage performance needed at her disposal. I didn't see that here. Lisa Marie was stiff, expressionless - with an almost dead look. Except for slapping her hand on the mic to the (sluggish) beat, she did nothing to prove she was alive or connecting with the audience (think Michael, Whitney Houston!). Her low raspy voice had all the soul of a boiled potato.

      When someone tries too hard to package themselves, they develop affectations that lack sincerity. Michael was so sweet when he made the offer to sing a duet with LMP during the Diane Sawyer interview. He had a way of making everyone feel special, and was always such a gentleman. I wish her well with her album, but at 44, I think this is about as good as Lisa Marie is going to get. If it had been me on that stage, I would expect a loved one to say, "don't give up your day job!

      Am I being too tough on LMP? No more than any music critic out there who gets paid for it. But for all the slamming she did on Michael post divorce, while he remained silent and respectful, I think the lady could do with a little constructive criticism.

      - Rolling "Stoned" Magazine

  19. It seems like this comment section has become the TI section, LOL. I don't mind though. You comments are very interesting. You are really into it with your whole mind. I think you and Bonnie might put this nasty puzzle together. It is just a matter of time. You go girls, get em evil bastards. Unveil the truth once and for all.

  20. My deepest apologies. Sorry Anonymous, I simply didn't realise I was leaving too many replies or comments. I didn't even think about it at. Terribly sorry.

    Sorry Bonnie.

    Sincerely TL

    1. TL,

      Why are you apologizing? This is an open blog for all of us to comment as we feel moved. My comments come in spurts. I don't have as much time as some of you to research and I don't have TV or read the papers so a lot of the time, it is you all who educated me and keep me in touch with what is "goin' down", as Michael would say. It didn't appear above that Anonymous had a problem with you commenting either. You and Bonnie are on a roll, time is short so "go with it". I TOTALLY APPRECIATE what you have to offer here so PLEASE - KEEP IT UP! Don't put your light under a bushel, okay?

      God bless you! God bless Bonnie! God bless all of us here. We have been put together for a reason. Have faith!
      It's all for the L.O.V.E. :0} !!!

      Thanks, Michael! I just can't stop loving you too!

    2. @Anonymous,

      TI or TL? Yes TL has been very helpful. She's fine-detailing my broad strokes :o)

      @TL - I concur with blake. Why are you apologizing? You're fine. Maybe Anonymous would like to see someone other than me interacting with you? ♥

      @Blake - "somethin's going down, baby!" (love the way he sings that), I don't like what is coming out in the news. My mother forwarded me something she was watching last night . . . about NASA. I have to go dissect that.

      Some of this stuff is misinformation wrapped around the truth. The BIBLE tells us what is going to happen so I'm trying to match up these "pieces" of info on "emerging" technologies and potential man-made disasters.

    3. Terribly sorry about what ? I love too reading yours & the others' comments. Pls do not moderate :o)

  21. are u sure michael did not want to come back and see his mom IN america???? I dont belive for a concert though...this monument is ridiculous i really wanna see if its gonna get built. I definitely will not be getting married anywhere near it for marriage its sounds so dumb a monument for weddings. If we are speaking of a historical monument then fine yes.

    1. Well we can look at the monument in two ways. Right now it doesn't look at if it is getting built. But maybe the "talk" about it really was supposed to be a clue for us about something else?

    2. I watched the interview last night on youtube. Ms katherine looks good physically the man L strong looks shaddy and scared lol. I have re type this the blog bounced me off said its too busy and traffic and what not. Anyway I am glad the monument will not be built. When Ms Katherine got emotional I was like this woman would not fake crying over he son death so he must be dead...She didnt say anything new she just repeated what she said in other interviews. I liked how she spoke about discipline and how parents are scared of their kids nowadays (popped in my mind Paris and 33 shirt lol I was like where was Joe wid the belt and katherine then). I know you did a post on that but i cant find any pics of Paris in that shirt oh well.

    3. anyway I have learnt alot since Michael's death abotu God and myself the crazy world I am living in only for a short time I am traveller just passing through my home in in heaven waiting for me as the hymn says. I think Michael's death real or fake has brought awareness and woken people up big time more that any comeback concert he could ever have you said he would not have come to america for a concert has to be more to it. The day I heard Michael died all i said was yes God a come soon trust me and i stand by that statement. I didn't even mourn in 2009 I was in denial couldnt face it.


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