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Michael Jackson Justice: Michael Said Reach for the Truth - Ugly or Not

God: Reconnect to Him

The Conspiracy against God is about "The Word", and the profaning of His Holy Name within us. Adam fell in the garden, breaking the direct connection to God. Jesus, the "last Adam" was a quickening Spirit, the Word made Flesh, and the only one with whom we can re-establish our relationship with God. Michael's story is still unfolding. He is the one who is, is not. But Jesus is the only name given under heaven by which we must be saved. Many are trying to rewrite HIStory. We were given a help to instruct us. Learn more "here".

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Michael Said Reach for the Truth - Ugly or Not

Michael Jackson and the TRUTH
One Big Ugly Horse Pill to Swallow

Pilate therefore said unto him, Art thou a king then? Jesus answered, Thou sayest that I am a king. To this end was I born, and for this cause came I into the world, that I should bear witness unto the truth. Every one that is of the truth heareth my voice.

The worst persecution you will ever suffer is when you try to show or tell someone the truth.  Especially when the “previous truth” has been wrapped around a demigod constructed over the last four and a half decades.

I am not going to dance around the truth just because it happens to involve Michael, or Michael’s children, or Michael’s family and with the exception of Michael’s children, they are all adults.  So am I even though there are some out there that give that title a bad name.

Prince looks like Arnold Klein.   That FACT doesn’t seem to sit well with people.  They’d rather entwine themselves into the fantasy then actually pay any attention to the things Michael says, or the look on his face in photographs he is forced to pose for, or try to figure out why it is so important for these people to sell you this fantasy in the first place.  I deleted one comment from LorLor and an anonymous post at this link – original comment – is about as truthful a comment that has been posted on any subject of Michael.  I don’t even want argue with it.  And although it can be read as a dig on my observations, I noted no commitment to any opinion other than defending and helping the children, so I want to thank them for their comment.

This is not some “snap judgment” that I just happened upon.  Why some people think this is easy for me I will never know.  If it was easy they would be doing it.  Its easier to just adopt popular opinion so that you feel like you’re “included” in something.  People want to belong.  I fought against this very viewpoint two years ago about the true paternity of Prince and Paris.  What changed my mind was the ensuing two years of researching on my own away from the pack of Michael sycophants that call themselves “true fans”  (they know who they are).

We do not know and may never know the complete truth of everything that was done to Michael Jackson.  But from at least 1993, they knew his weak spot . . . children.  What an effective weapon.

There are so many clues pointing to what they wanted out of Michael, between his songs, their manipulations, the Bible, Michael’s drawings and poems and even the stray comment by various “anonymouses” – We are told if we open our eyes to what is really going on, listen to what is really being said, read what is really written (read between the lines) we will find the truth.

The Bible tells us what their target is.  How they plan to try to accomplish their theft of the human soul.  The Bible is written in a way that Michael has had to tell his story in song – Through parables, metaphors and allegory.  But it is also easy enough to see the truth if you take the words at face value.  Whether you read it with an analytical mind or read it as a child, you can still “get it”.  Because its truth.

Many of Michael’s songs dealt with the subject of lies, twisted truth, rumors and manipulation and deception.  We can take what he’s written in song and performed and apply it to this grand deception as well as the Bible’s foretelling of it.  It fits like a glove.

One example we covered a year ago is the relationship between Michael and his brother Jermaine.

Jermaine claims not to have written “Word to the Badd”.  In that song the lyrics “been abducted, reconstructed, don’t know who you are . . .”  Jermaine said the lyrics were changed, and they were. The ones that were recorded and distributed were different from the “demo” that was leaked.  So which lyrics were actually Jermaine’s?  The demo version or the officially released version?

If those controlling the marketing of albums can change lyrics to “We Are The World” after Michael submits them and fake whole songs by him on albums, they certainly could spin a story over Jermaine’s intentions years later, couldn’t they?

If Jermaine never wrote those lyrics as he claimed, maybe he should have.  At least SOMEONE was looking out for his brother.  I covered the original lyrics on this blog update – Jermaine and Michael’s Story – with explanation through each stanza of the song.

Word to the Badd
What up yo,
word to the badd

Been abducted
Don’t know who you are
They may love you
they don’t know you
Lonely superstar

never think about who you love
only think about number one
You forget about where you started from
You only think about what you want
don’t care about how it’s done
you only think about you, your throne
Be it right or be it wrong

It ain’t about your world
It ain’t about the things that you do
If you don’t care, I don’t care
Cause you keep thinkin’ ’bout you
It ain’t about you takin’ my pie
You been takin’ for a long time
If you don’t care, I don’t care
If you keep
Well I ain’t thinkin’ ’bout you

What up yo, word to the badd

Once you were made
You changed your shade
Was your color wrong?
Could not turn back
It’s a known fact
You were too far gone

You know I tried to be there for you
Like a brother I care for you
It didn’t matter you always play me off
You only care about what you want
You don’t care about how it’s done
You only think about you, your throne
Be it right or wrong

It ain’t about your world
It ain’t about the things that you do
If you don’t care, I don’t care
Cause you keep thinkin’ ’bout you
It ain’t about you takin’ my pie
You been takin’ for a long time
If you don’t care, I don’t care
If you keep
Well I ain’t thinkin’ ’bout you
Oh no no, I ain’t thinkin’ ’bout you
Oh no

What up yo, word to the badd

Thinkin’ about that pie
that you’ve been takin’ from me
From a brother to another brother
hard to believe
Lost and don’t know it yet
you still show it
Givin’ seems to be harder
than it is to receive

The glass has gotten shady,
time to make it clearer,
Clean it up and lets start
with the Man in the mirror.
Theres sadness there brother,
aint no mistaken it,
Get a grip cause youre not far
from breakin it.
Thinkin about the time
when we used to be close,
It shouldnt be past tense,
cause nobody knows,
What the future may hold,
what tomorrow might bring,
Its not guaranteed that
You’ll be spreading your wings

But meanwhile, I continue to smile,
cause in the back of my head,
I know you’re still a child
You say that your a man,
but that will never be.

In the song (my bolded emphasis) the words strike out at me with everything I have covered over the last year:  Reconstructed, abducted, don’t know who you are – Lost and don’t know it yet, get off your throne and come home, you been takin’ a long time –

Michael’s has been taken.  This is a brother trying to get through to his younger brother, through the fog of mind control.  Not nasty, not degrading him and certainly not jealous.  This is a song written by a frightened bigger brother.  Does he deny writing those lyrics?  I never heard that outright.  The family has their own gaggle of handlers, Majestic being among them.  Grace was one. They got rid of her.  The tazer in the house incident?  Probably not ordered by a cousin.  Just a story to get us to pay attention to details.  Grace was allegedly  the one who leaked the story to the press about that.  I wonder how adapt she is at wielding one of those things?

Look at the eyes
You can see the same soul

Obsessed with Michael at early age? TMZ

David Guest

Steph Martin (Ganesha Om/Faye’s Secret Club Sect)

The rest of the group

Leonard Rowe Mug Shot

Majestik the Magnificent

Lisa Marie Presley

And her Son Benjamin

Michael’s eyes had a similar look:

Michael under Geller
Controlled - Gone
The Light is not here

Or here

Michael still connected to his soul
The Light is there

When Charles Thomson asked Jermaine about an incident with a book submission back in 2002 in regard to Jermaine witnessing Joe Jackson taking Michael into hotel rooms with “business men” late at night, Jermaine jumped to defend Joe, stating that the manuscript was never submitted because they refused to publish anything “positive” about Michael.  But he never said he didn’t write that.  He DID say that they fabricated what they wrote.

Bill Bray was Michael’s “constant familiar” from the early Jackson5 years through two thirds of Michael’s solo career.  Michael was said to refer to him as “father” in the press.  Perhaps the “fabrication” was in the names associate with those late night meetings with business men, where Michael was “sick for days after”.  This information also came out in the press not long after Bryce Taylor’s book came out, so they had to come up with a “cover story”.  Conveniently Jermaine and his “animosity” toward his brother was used and Michael’s father, whom I am STILL not 100% confident with.  I want to believe Michael’s dad did none of those things, but at this point I can’t.  Not totally convinced.

I maintain that Michael was Biblical.  Not perfect, but Biblical.  Latoya’s testimony about holding onto her Bible in the shower during those dark days with Gordon leaves me no doubt about how tightly Michael held onto his.  Perhaps he pre-empted my idea of having it surgically implanted into his spine or as close to that as he could get.

There were times when the only friend that Michael could get to was God.  They couldn’t shock God out of his mind, they couldn’t change or convert Michael (remember lyrics to Morphine – very important), they couldn’t control Michael and his prayers, which can be said silently and in a quiet room when you are left alone and isolated.

But because Michael took the Bible literally – like a child – and believed like that, there is no way I can reconcile with the idea that Michael would have condoned invitro-fertilization or even normal, natural intercourse to conceive children before he was married to Debbie Rowe.  No way. 

I also cannot place Michael in a place where he would selfishly want children so much, that he would push God aside to have human beings he could call his.  He didn’t consider children a possession, so this does not sound like a viable argument to me.

Diane sent me the video below.  It’s short and its an interview segment in which Oprah is interviewing Quincy Jones.  Quincy Jones is not my most favorite person and I know he doesn’t care what I think.  Thus far research reveals he assisted in isolating Michael from his family and he works for Sony and now with the Estate executors.

Quincy Jones on Oprah with Michael calling in

Oprah has Michael call into the interview (or they call him).  Quincy asks if he can call Michael by the name he usually calls him by and Michael giggles and says “if you want . . . I’m scared”.  He is laughing when he says this.  Quincy goes on to explain WHY and how the nickname “Smelly” came about, in that Michael never used profanity.  When Oprah asks “so he never uses any bad words at all?”  To which Quincy replies “I’ve heard a couple yeah, but . . .” and Michael is heard  saying, “From WHO?” and they all laugh.

Now at 1:25, Oprah asks Michael what he’s learned from “Q”.  This is interesting.  Michael says, “I learned a lot.  You once said something, Quincy and I don’t know if you want it repeated, but it was just beautiful.  You said um - (sounds like he’s sucking on a lollipop here or maybe candy.  Funny how you can hear this stuff when you’re not actually seeing him do it) – you said ‘you don’t write the music, you let the write . . . you let the music write itself.’  You let it create itself.  Like we’re just the source from which it comes.”  (Michael said QUINCY told him this).

Oprah then rather choppily jumps in and says “Uh ah, yeah, I’ve heard him say he always leaves room for God to walk in the room.” To which Michael replies “there you go . . .”  Quincy then says “the divinity is most important”.  (???)

So this didn’t originate from Michael?

Remember this?

It walks you through the explanation of “Rainman”.  Then at about 5 minutes or so they feature different celebrities that have admitted to selling their soul to the devil.

At 7:38, a text explains an example of what happens to a celebrity when this process of “selling your soul” happens.  Note it says the artist is taken to a room where they are made “to feel welcome, feel comfortable”.  They are then offered numerous temtations from drugs, to money to women. 

She called me to her room, it happened much to soon hey hey – Billie Jean is not my lover . . .”  (Michael telling us, he never partook).

At 8:27, the text says that once an artist sells their soul to the devil, they will always have to deal with the evil.  Did Michael do this?  Or was he “caught up to God and to his throne”?

Did Michael have to “fake it” to survive?  Is this the “strong delusion” that is talked about in 2 Thessalonians 2?

At 10:29, there are two guys in the studio working on music.  But it cuts off the clip at the end.  He says “then I go to my rainman”.

On this video below:

At 3:06 he is quoted on screen (this is the longer version of the recording session above at 10:29).

I can’t explain it to y’all man.  It comes out of the air for me.  I start mumbling.  They say you put the right artist with the right track in the studio, leave the door cracked and let God in.

Wow – school of music production.  A secret passed down from one soul proprietor  to another.

"The key to being a wonderful writer is not to write. You just get out of the way. Leave room for God to walk in the room." Michael Jackson on his songwriting skills. – Source, Starpulse

Again, Quincy is right on the video above while Michael says over the phone that QUINCY told him that.

The gentleman in the video just above says “THEY SAY to leave the door cracked and let God in”.

They.  Rainman.

Michael was “wanderin’ in the rain, mask of life feeling in insane”.  During is “swift and sudden fall from grace” he is at battle, abandoned “in his fame”, fighting “Armageddon of the Brain”.

We have to remember there are two “Michael’s” at play here. 

There is the King of Pop, the marketing juggernaut.  The “constructed” and perfectly developed, controlled, manipulated, sculpted, promoted world Icon, who is packaged, coronated, crowned and robed for a specific purpose.

Then there was the REAL Michael Jackson.  The innocent, gifted, normal child-like man with more intelligence then they gave him credit for, who was trapped inside that product they developed around him.

Michael Jackson is a very extreme case of the child, trapped in a classroom being conditioned to repeat “knowledge” from rote memory while coming up with creative ways to pass notes to his fellow classmates on how to escape their imprisonment.

Uri Geller’s Artwork
Artwork Uri Geller did for Invincible Album

Just what were they building Michael up to be? 

The lady in the previous blog’s video, the one that that said she was an ex-satanist (even though this confession happened on a Benny Hinn program) she said one thing that resonated with me.

We all have gifts.  This is what they are after. But these gifts are not ours. They are God’s.  They are just given to us to fulfill a purpose that God has for us.  We are stewards of what God gives us.  We can use it for good or for evil.

Michael had an incredible gift that they were after.  People just fell in love with him.  They sought to take possession of it but they were “blocked off”.

I’ve quoted Jermaine many times when he said on Arab T.V. “he was a threat.  They (the government) didn’t want him around anymore.  He got too powerful”.

We know what he meant by that, don’t we?

Maybe Michael won the battle of “Armageddon of the brain”?

Maybe what they did to Michael had a dual purpose just like the persecution of all of us?

Order out of Chaos.  Michaels suffering served to try to bring him into compliance.  But it also garnered undying support from millions of fans around the world.  They used Michael to try to “copy” Jesus.

Many have made comparisons to Michael and Christ.  I’ve even sometimes seen David, or Peter or Job in Michael.  Sometimes even Solomon.

Perhaps I would have been more accurate to compare him to Saul, who became Paul?

Acts 8:3
As for Saul, he made havock of the church, entering into every house, and haling men and women committed them to prison."

The Lord then accosted Saul on the road to Damascus and blinded him saying -

Acts 9:4
And he fell to the earth, and heard a voice saying unto him, ‘Saul, Saul, why persecutest thou me?’

Saul then was taken to the home of Judas.  Ananais was told to go there.  He laid hands on Saul, the scales fell from his eyes and he was filled with the Holy Spirit.  But those believing in Christ were still afraid of him.

Acts 9:21-23
But all that heard him were amazed, and said; Is not this he that destroyed them which called on this name in Jerusalem, and came hither for that intent, that he might bring them bound unto the chief priests?  22. But Saul increased the more in strength, and confounded the Jews which dwelt at Damascus, proving that this is very Christ.  23. And after that many days were fulfilled, the Jews took counsel to kill him:”

Saul went from evil to good and became the most prominent apostle in the New Testament.  And below?  In Revelation another similar act of grace with the child who is born of the woman with twelve stars around her head . . .

And his tail drew the third part of the stars of heaven, and did cast them to the earth: and the dragon stood before the woman which was ready to be delivered, for to devour her child as soon as it was born.

5. And she brought forth a man child, who was to rule all nations with a rod of iron: and her child was caught up unto God, and to his throne."

The suffering of the worlds people also serves a dual purpose.  They cause the problem, cause the suffering, create an entity to blame, then come in with the “savior”.  The false peace, and then close the gate on the cattle once they’ve lured them into the corral.

They’ve been rebuilding the temple of God – us - DNA, chromosomes, testing the growing of everything from human organs to whole human beings.

Walgren said during Murray’s trial that Michael was a “pharmaceutical experiment”.  Just how far does that go?

Chernoff said during the trial that Michael had “compartmentalized relationships . . . like spokes in a wheel”.  Is this because Michael was an expert at splintering his personalities?  Or did he have help? 

Did they create copies of Michael?  Is there a counterfeit somewhere waiting to “take his name” and carefully cultivated influence over the masses?

We can now take and isolate certain genes to create desirable traits in children.  Let’s say you wanted  one parent’s skin qualities but the other parent’s hair color, or eye color.  Like playing God.

What if they wanted to test this on someone who “became too powerful”?

What if they wanted to try to create offspring with the desirable gifts, but without the “undesirable” skin color?

It’s going to be interesting trying to find this in the Bible without the generalized “corrupted flesh”  (Paris called Prince a “beast” on the Robin Roberts show with Miss Katherine when they filmed them at the community center.  Was this a clue?)

I know some of you believe I’m wrong about this.  But we know they can do this.  If they had control of Michael, what makes you think that his children were not as vulnerable as he was?

Jermaine says Michael is “not coming back”.  We don’t hear this sentiment coming from Sony.  To the contrary . . . .

Long Live . . .


He’s not coming back.  But then . . . what is


  1. Hi Bonnie,

    Your yesterday's bomb on Arnold Klein's fatherhood of Prince did not really shock me as Prince anyhow looks much more like Klein than Michael. For very long I too hooked on "Michael IS the biological father" by respect for Michael & his children : the 4 of them were such a lovely team once. But is it even Klein ? No DNA test was ever undertaken & whatever Klein would claim, he is a liar anyway. For the little we know from the Jacksons, A. Klein & D. Rowe do not seem eager to be in charge of or even near to the MJ3 for now. The Klein/Rowe conspiracy ? Interesting but frightening idea meaning effectively that Michael would have been totally under control. Mark Lester (for the features) : Paris' father ? It's all very upsetting but IMO it's not so much the real paternity that matters for the Illuminati & their vassals or even the family but all the many financial issues around these 3 kids. It's tough to say I know but a lot of speculation on the MJ3 is already in gear & will still intensify. For now what saddens me most is that not only Michael's God Message, his ATV Catalog, his wealth, his pride & dignity, were almost taken from him, ultimaly tehis life maybe, but even his children. I too will never come to end with Michael's tragic destiny & suffering. My comment doesn't bring much to you I realize but again, neither the family nor anyone else familiar with Michael bring us nearer to the truth either. LMP & son's eyes : OMG :((

    1. Hi Line,

      Is the paternity even Klein's? Well for me there was a reason he was in court. But I believe he was told to zip his lip on that issue for that could blow open quite a few tunnels of info as to what they are up to. Why would a judge tell the court that Klein could petition and Klein never takes them up on it? Why was he even let into the court room for a hearing on the estate and custody of the children?

      As far as I'm concerned Michael IS their daddy. The only reason I bring up PATERNITY is because WHY they did this and WHAT they plan on trying to use the children for. Why did they force Michael into a parental role for children that are not his? What did they get him to do using the children and their health/safety as a bargaining chip?

      Look at the timing of this! Latoya escaped Gordon shortly after Prince is born. They couldn't hold Latoya's life over his head anymore (or perhaps they were planning on killing her and she knew about it).

      Debbie gets spousal support after less than two years of marraige? And Michael has the children? Was this HIS decision or one of the many John Branca made as power of attorney? (Sorry Siggy Dealz. I know you just revere the man so much. You can add Branca's picture to the "dead eyes" above).

      Maybe financial or maybe even deeper than that.

      It remains to be seen about Michael's children. They didn't get Michael wrenched from God. Possibly his children are not protected too only not so evident to us right now.

      LMP and Ben. I know. Souls being sucked dry.

    2. I meant maybe Michael's children ARE protected too only not so evident to us right now. Looks like not though.

    3. Bonnie, you may well be right on the whole paternity issue. My only comfort is that Michael got at least to know the joy of fatherhood with his lovely MJ3. Right : biological or not, Michael was their only Daddy. No one else loved them as he did. Whatever comes next..let's keep the faith anyway. Very tough but courageous Blog making me realize again how much Michael is missed : he too was in a way a poor lost baby in this ugly world.

    4. "No one else loved them as he did."

      >>>> You know what? No one else aside from the Biblical messengers and God loved humanity as much as Michael did. I have to remember that whatever happened, Michael overcame this stuff and we're learning about some of that years after the fact. We have to be able to move on from his pain just as he did. I freak out when I see the kids doing some of the stuff they are doing or being put out there. I don't like it. Not the children. I wish I could handle that stuff as I did when I was a child and tuck it somewhere, but who wants to go back to numbness?

      Sometimes I sit here and I just want to put the brakes on everything. I wish sometimes I could just tell God to stop and let me catch up because I can't just keep going with no breath. Then sometimes he does give me some breathing time and I panic and say "No! Whats next! Why are you waiting?" We are like little kids when it comes to that.

      Yes, I do miss him. It's painful. I understand that but I don't. I just know I can't let go even if I wanted to.

    5. Bonnie, (with a little tap on your back), take courage. You already went a long & very challenging way with Michael but the world deception is never far away so again, try & take some distance at times to preserve yourself. The MJ3 : I always refer to the little cuties of before 2009 but have to admit they now just grow up & the middle of the Hollywood mecca, thus their new celebrity attitudes lately as I also watched their latest pics in the Web yesterday. Blanket only is for now the reserved type..& my favorite mini-MJ actually :o) Good Evening & good rest.

    6. I just turned around and looked . . . should have known it was you (smiles).

      I thought of that song today "When I hurt you I hurt myself" and that makes me think of God. Then something happened - more understanding. Of course that would be true. If we are made with Him, by Him and for Him, we would hurt ourselves when we hurt Him.

      The pictures above show the death of those who's decisions made it impossible for God to dwell there.

      Those who's hearts are connected to God, and you've been in the place where you've felt him, you realize why you are crying when doubts cloud your judgment. When someone doubts you, it hurts. When your child doubts you it's worse, because it becomes a wound on that relationship. Why would it be any different for God if we are made in his image? It would hurt. And because we are wired together with him, we feel that pain.

      That pain does one of two things. It either sends us flying back into his arms, asking Him to forgive us, or . . .

      It makes us angry that we feel that pain and drives us further away.

      So where I am right now. Tears.

  2. The pictures of Grace, Lisa and her son Benjamin is scary. God's light is nowhere to be found in those pictures. You don't see a happy or sad soul in their eyes. It's more like empty, dead eyes or even devil or evil eyes. The eyes are the mirror of your soul……….scary indeed.

    1. I forgot to add Branca. They all have that "dead eye" look and this isn't even the "false" light. This is beyond that. Lisa's eyes really bothered me during that televised interview. Paul Bonacci has those same eyes. Her son Benjamin (who's younger than my boys - that hurts), Majestik. It's like in some of their pictures they "turned off their chip". No life. Just a walking shell waiting for their next assignment to be "filled". Lisa Marie just gave up.

  3. Hi Bonnie,
    Belated happy mother’s day to you and to all your reader of your blog.

    You probably watched the interview on CNN Piers Morgan did last night with Michael’s mother. It was so nice to see her and talk about Michael, his children and his legacy not only as an entertainer but also as an artist. I was so overwhelmed seeing all his beautiful art works , what a genius guy he was. The media hide his outstanding artisting talent from the public wasted our time talking garbage about him that he is not.

    She said she believes others are involved in his death and she does not want to say much because of some trial. Are you aware of any trial going on? I remember they are suing AEG but I am not aware of any trial with them happening right now if that is what she is talking about.

    She made me cry though when she said she missed Michael and she thinks about him all the time. God bless her, and I wish she lives long time with good health.

    1. Hi Mimi,

      Thank you for posting that. I love Michael's drawings. Even the stranger caricatures he did (like the guy with circles on his lips, LOL) they look rather sinister. Michael did the three things I did as a child to escape and that was the singing, drawing and writing (only I wrote stories, not poems until the last couple of years). He did a lot of people which is also what I drew (portraits).

      I do not know what trial is going on now. Was she referring to the upcoming AEG civil suit? I thought at first that was what she was talking about. Any trial going on that would involve Michael's attempted murder over the years would have to be international. Maybe she's talking about judgment day.

      I have something I'm working on in regard to the possible roles that Miss Katherine may be talking about. Just wondering when is the best time to put it up.

      Thank you for publishing that Mimi. I'm sure not everyone was able to watch it. ♥

  4. The KJ/AEG civil suit for wrongful death of Michael was today continued to April 2013 at the request of AEG. That's the trial to which Mrs. Jackson referred in her interview on Morgan's show. It's unfortunate she did not use her time there to highlight Michael's charitable works over many years, and that her civil attorney was not at her side to aid in answering Morgan's all too intrusive questions. Michael's art is lovely and to be admired and kept for his family, not sold to build a "wedding chapel" in Las Vegas, which is what that Brett guy sitting next to Mrs. Jackson claims Michael wanted. He's another one using her to promote an agenda. Missing Michael every day.

    1. April 2013. That's interesting. Depending on when in April that's four to five months past December of this year. (They moved it from September - seven months later).

      It would have been nice to fit everything we want to hear about Michael in that segment, like the charity work, but I think that has gotten out there enough by now. I was more impressed with Miss Katherine's views on child-rearing and something she said about thinking the world is doomed "that's what it says in the Bible". You don't hear THAT too often on interviews.

      With respect to Brett L-Strong, I thought he was a good guy. And I wasn't really convinced of his assertion that Michael's "lifelong dream" was to build some wedding chapel with his image in it . . . unless of course we look at this as another clue.

  5. Babyface and LA Reid were mentioned by Jermaine as being responsible for alterations and such in the BAD song. Michael was not easy for them to deal with when he worked with them, prior Jermaine.

    Cher made mention of the CHANGES that Michael was to undergo.(constructing) She didn't ever tell us who told her but it was planned by 'someone'.


    1. Hmmmm, or . . . it could be that Jermaine DID write the offending lyrics and LA Reid and Babyface changed them to the "released version". My theory is that Jermaine wrote it to force a confrontation . . . and he got one, but he was also confronted by people high up in the industry. We may never know the truth about that. With what those lyrics contain? Sounds like someone who knew exactly what they were doing to Michael.

      I want to find that interview with Cher! Was it a televised interview? I'll find it . . .

    2. Might have been with larry king......she said she was out on a cruise or at a dinner or somewhere like that and someone (in the know) came up and told her how Michael was going to go white etc etc.

      I know Cher is a buddy of Arnold but I'm not saying it was him that told her, I don't know who it was.

      Was just mentioning Babyface and LA Reid from what I recalled in Jerms' book. LA moved on over to Sony as you know. Babyface and LA have shown up at certain functions relating to Michael since 2009, June 25th.


    3. Of course in 1991 Alice Walker wrote her poem: Natural Star to Michael.....all about the changing of his features and ends the poem with Rest In Peace (as though Michael is gone). Although the world seems to adore this woman I have her on my 'less than favourite list'. She mentions in her poem that people like him come along once in a thousand years....of course this could just be a poetic thing but I think it was something else. I swear I saw her being interviewed on the street outside the Conrad Murray trial but the interviewer didn't realise it was her. The Colour Purple certainly made her famous.

    4. Hi TL,

      Thank you for the link to that interview. I just listened to it. It would have been more convincing if she had said this publicly before it happened, but it is interesting. She was talking about this guy coming up to her (didn't name him)at the same party back in the mid to late 1970's (when he was still a teenager) and I sort of smiled when she told Larry King that she said "well never mind what I said, I can't say it here . . . Picture me at my worst" and yep! That's the Cher I remember! There is something endearing about her even though I don't know if I would like her. She's a little more crass then I'm used to. But there is something about Cher that is vulnerable.

      What she says about Michael in that interview tells me that she knew the REAL Michael and was not comfortable with the Michael they were trying to turn him into.

      Alice Walker and "Natural Star" I'm not familiar with and from your description it would probably make me angry. Back in 1991 that was before the allegations came out. Perhaps the "real" Michael was gone, or she THOUGHT he would be. I've wondered about that. Now I'm going to go look up that poem.

    5. The poem is written in 1991 and that's when Michael sang BLACK OF WHITE. Could well have been about the fact that he was different to his old beautiful self and it may have upset her knowing he was no longer black (she is a black activist who is into people like the Dalai Lama, very sorry but I'm not into the Dalai Lama or any of the people who are trying to bring about the one world religion. She has some interesting writings but she treated this poem like a 'death' piece. It actually says Rest In Peace at the end. Its the thousand years line that gets me (could be quite innocent). She knows he is not your regular fella. I had read that her own daughter had a falling out with her because she refused to have anything to do with the daughter once she fell pregnant. Women should not waste their time having babies according to Alice. They take up all your time, time that would be well spent saving other folks from the miseries on the planet !! A death poem to Michael in 1991 is odd, no matter which way you look at it, as Michael could have been informed of it and taken offense. Or maybe she had knowledge of some plan. Great friend to Q and O since she wrote THE COLOUR PURPLE.


    6. No TL, I'm with you. I think there is a lot more to her "poem" then just a resentment that Michael turned white skinned.

      The thousand years line? That showed up in his song "This is It" too . . . "and it seems as though I've known you for a thousand years . . ." a thousand is mentioned three times in that song.

      Thousand years rein of Christ on earth - The "man child" that is to "rule with a rod of iron" that the dragon is waiting to devour but is "caught up to God and to his thone". Revelation 12.

      Wait until you see the havoc the dragon wreaks when he sends a flood out after the woman who gave birth to him, and makes war with the remnant of her seed (the remaining 144,000 of the Tribes of Israel)

      TL, is there ANY WAY you can email me at ??? The other link you sent me I don't want to put on here yet. Need your opinion on something.

    7. i think jermaine wrote the original lyrics u have above bonnie he knew what was up Michael really get screwed he was sweet brown skin anyway I googled the lyrics they were diffrent and sound manufactured they really twisted the song make it seem like jermaine was talking to a lover.

    8. Bonnie, I will get an email set up and email you when I have it. Won't be long.


    9. Bonnie, back again,

      No luck in setting up an email address at the moment. I can not use our work one unfortunately. Im sorry about this. If you wish to ask here I'll try to help but at the minute its about the only form of communication we have. Damn damn !!


    10. JA, I agree and felt the same way. The original lyrics written by Jermaine (and possibly a co-writer that cared).

      TL, Sorry about the email thing. Just that I found something in the Bible and didn't know if I should even bring it up. Don't worry about it for now. Have to depend on God for this one. Hopefully without "damn". :o)

  6. Everyone,

    I will not have a blog up tonight. I saw something today that I have to cover, so the blog I WAS going to put up tonight will have to wait, and the NEW one I am working on is not ready yet.

    There are some new details that just clicked into place. It will be ready some time tomorrow. I just wanted to let you know.

    Hugs to all.

  7. Michael Jackson - 1hour Radio Interview 2001 (Invincible) Interview Get and KIIS FM Rick Dees Interview Michael (2003). You can download the files at for free.

    1. Okay - What am I looking for on that? Thank you for posting that.

  8. OK Bonnie, I've got it for you (although I'm sure you've gone on a search 'CHER TALKING ABOUT MICHAEL JACKSON'S DEATH LIVE CNN 25/06/2009........this should be a help........MICHAEL JACKSON IS GOING TO CHANGE THE WAY HE LOOK COMPLETELY AND HE'S GOING TO CHANGE HIS SKIN.




    1. Got it THANK YOU (LOL, you forgot to turn off cap lock).

      Yes. I feel him . . . still. It's funny I used to tell Micheline I could feel him running through my veins. Little did I know when I told her (jokingly) that he's "part of my DNA" what I would be researching a year later.

    2. Funny that Cher talked about MJ reconstructing his looks. What part of her body haven't she reconstruct YET. SORRY I COULDN'T RESIST. A FROG JUMPED OUT OF MY MOUTH. (I got a feeling this comment won't be published. And it's ok. No hard feelings. By the way Cher is a cool lady, reconstructed or not)

    3. Anonymous, actually I agree with you. I remember watching Sonny and Cher when I was a kid and Cher's teeth were still really crooked. My mother wouldn't let me sing "Gypsies, Tramps and Thieves" LOL! But I learned the words anyway watching the show.

    4. She had her teeth done too?………LOL



    1. The people in that business know. I wonder which "someplace else" she was talking about.

      It's funny. I learned in mid 2010 that Michael was on the Eastern Shore of Maryland and Virginia (allegedly looking for a home to buy with lots of acreage) in 2007 right about that time I was in the hospital recovering from a surgery to save my life (caused by them in the first place). I remember feeling something. Everyone else was afraid but I wasn't. And I guess maybe the second or third day after that second surgery I remember watching T.V. (couldn't do anything else) and Paris Hilton was going back to jail. They were covering this on the news. I didn't know her, but I had seen enough blurbs in the internet to get the whole "spoiled rich kid" story they promoted about her. But when I saw her crying I felt her. All of a sudden she was no longer this caricature of this self-indulgent, fame-seeking avatar. I felt this little girl, I felt her fear and I laid there in my hospital bed and just cried and I didn't pray out loud but I prayed.

      Now . . . it COULD have been the drugs, but why? Why at that particular moment? Why her? I had absolutely no interest or anything in common with this girl whatsoever.

      Then in the spring of 2010 when I was tracing Michael's steps between the trial and 2009, I learned that Michael was probably only tens of miles away from where I lived at the time. I don't know why, but when I learned of that possibility my thoughts immediately went to that thought of Paris Hilton, when I was in the hospital.

      I asked my husband to drive with me out to some of the places I believed he looked at (I had access to Real Estate Databases at the time and looked for estates that were for sale over there). I thought I had found one of the properties he may have looked at but I was afraid to drive up the lane, LOL! I didn't want to get shot at! It was one of those big farms/estates out there - Big political money too. But it was the name of the property that caught my attention and then reminded me of something his daughter Paris reportedly said to Joe. One of these days, I would like to completely tell this story.

  10. ONE LAST THING......The reason I left that piece in about Alice Walker is because she said she sent Michael a letter some years ago telling him about a cure for Vitiligo (I believe some people in South America that she was with had asked her to send this letter, those who had a cure). Could be true, could be a tall story but she said she never got any response. OK, will not disturb again till later......


    1. There is a cure for Vitiligo, but the one I read about takes some time and it has to do with bringing the pineal gland back to health and increasing the Melanin that the pituitary puts out. It's not overnight.

      Another dream I had which I can't share hear because of who was in it, but in the dream I was sitting at a table facing "someone" who had in different folders everything I ever posted on this blog, facebook, Twitter, forums, phone calls . . . all in different folders. As this person was telling me this, he said that "He" wanted to see me (never said his name, I just knew it was Michael in the dream). But I will never forget this because a friend had a similar dream where the same thing was said or close to it . . . "He doesn't look the same as you remember him. You won't recognize him.", and I said to him "I will know him by his eyes".

      The friend of mine who had a similar dream was being taken to see Michael in another dream she had and was told the same thing . . . "I want you to be prepared, He doesn't look the same". When she told me that, I thought "Oh my God..."

      This too was a about a year ago before I knew anything about curing Vitiligo, pituitary or pineal glands, Melanin or Melatonin.

      God can do all things, cure all things. ♥

    2. I talk to a couple of other friends about the possibility of Michael having his colour back.I just pray he's safe and sound no matter how he looks. Jermaine made the comment about knowing Michael by those eyes too !! You certainly have some interesting dreams Bonnnie. Do you get any rest?


    3. Me too. Well Jermaine seemed to Miss those eyes when Michael was dressed up as "Uncle Wiggly" (LOL, I forget the name)

      I get rest. Less than I used to though. I don't think I've slept a strait 8 hours more than five times in the last three years.

    4. Bonnie I am hearing some ppl wid the same thing say he has his color back well if he is alive cause how dem people evil Bonnie you really trust God I dont know how u still have some faith he could be alive. these demons too wicked i dont know...but man what a dream but dreams dont usually mean exactly what you dream sometimes.

    5. I read somewhere that MJ wanted a hairtransplant real bad (he must have hated those wigs, who wouldn't) But the doctors told him that he couldn't because of the vitaligo. My question is, what has vitaligo to do with a hairtransplant? I don't understand that.

    6. JA, It's not the dream that makes me believe he's alive, it was something else that happened when I prayed for him the first time after June 25, 2009. 2 Thessalonians 2, JA! Read that.

      Anonymous, I would assume that was just a story. You're right. Vitiligo would have nothing to do with a hair transplant. However, I don't think Michael wanted a hair transplant to begin with so that would take care of that problem. :o)

    7. You say that you don't think that MJ wanted a hair transplant. But why was he wearing wigs then?

    8. Maybe because they made him wear wigs. I don't think Michael needed a hair transplant. But you know what I keep thinking of? I keep thinking about Klein's story about the balloon under Michael's scalp. There was no need for this, his burn wound was nowhere near that bad.

    9. that burn was exaggerated by Michael PR people Michael had hair on his damn head you dont see his AFRO he has always had a good head a nice hair. And if he aint had none at 50 he enjoyed a good head a hair most of his life. Anonymous someone must have lied about that transplant story cause vitiligo does not affect that and lupus however does Michael had lupus and your not suppose to do surgery when you have lupus it was due to lupus why his sclap would nto heal after them trying all those laser techniques to remove scarring(if all that is true) and why his nose was not healing well so they had to re do it so he could breath. Lupus would be a hindrance not vitiligo.

  11. Look up

    Brett tried to tell everyone that the arch with the Michael statue inside was for weddings but he'd already done this arch up as part of a set of plans years ago and has tried to sell them to various groups in different cities. LA being one of them. There is a very BLUE scene on this page which reminds me of the Michael/Judith hill scene in the TII extra scenes and there is a tower with what looks like the EYE up to the right of the page, this looks like a pagan type tower and eye to me. I have mentioned this elsewhere but I don't think anyone agreed with me on this one. I will continue to mention it where I can coz something strange is going on here with Brett trying to re sell these ideas againnnnnnnnnn. Maybe michael has told him to, I don't know.


    1. TL - Posted this on the new blog. Thank you. This is what I wanted to ask you about. I found a way to blog it without making any "snap" judgments . . . yet.

  12. BONNIE, CNN 05/14/2012: Mrs. Katherine Jackson when asked if she ever met Conrad Murray, replies to Piers Morgan she never met him (from 14:31) : I'm too lazy now to search Jermaine's book page where he said that on 06/25/2009 he & his mother were in a hospital room when Murray came in & talked to them briefly & even had a strange expression. I do not question Katherine's statement but am I wrong or do you also remember this section of the book ?

    Watching 40 Minutes of Katherine Jackson again & in spite of her emotional tears shed for Michael, I found very soothing. "Prince is a great student" she said.. Heey-Hey :o) & Katherine "sees Michael's spirit in the MJ3". But..God protect the MJ3 anyway in the future.

    Even if Katherine can't reveal all her feelings & views publicly, she is a great, honest & very gracious person & mother♥

    1. Hi Line,

      Yes I caught that and so did a number of other people I talked to. (on tonight's blog). She made it a point to say "to this day I have not met Dr. Murray". No mistaking that.

      Yes I do remember that section of the book in Jermaine's telling of that incident. Latoya's book also speaks of Murray being in the same area with the family and Latoya said "immediately did not trust that man" saying there was "something about him". But I don't recall what she said about her mother. Someone else said that Murray came right to the table and sat across from Miss Katherine. (Not sure now who's recall this was, possibly Latoya's book, Possibly Murray himself).

      Miss Katherine did not cry on this interview. She stopped in mid sentence a couple of times not able to finish a thought, but no tears . . . I was watching closely. She's very cute and its really hard to watch her but what I took about this interview is that she did not want to be there. She said what she was told to say and that was it. I LOVED what she said about the Bible and I will talk more about that tonight. Quite a few other things present. TL touched on them although I have not posted that comment yet. I wanted to check something out first.

      Miss Katherine does not like to lie. And you can tell where she is saying things she doesn't want to say so she tries to word it. There is a lot of repeating of comments from a couple of years ago interviews (wow, that was bad English). Brett is harder to read, but he was definitely uncomfortable with the interview too and I'm not sure why. Maybe he just doesn't interview well. The two did not interact hardly at all and that to me was strange.

    2. I meant to add that it was a very stiff interview.

    3. Michael,.Katherine and Dr.Murray was in a room having a meeting. After a while Michael stormed out of the room. He looked really upset. Katherine and Dr.Murray stayed in the room for about an hour after Michael left.

      Where did I hear or read this? Who said that? Was it one of his bodyguards? Did anyone else hear or read this years ago? And is it true?

    4. I have no idea about this. I don't remember reading this at all. I don't think the two ever met before the Hospital where Michael did his passing. I have no idea. Sorry.

  13. Brett Livingstone with General Custer's looks :o) doesn't seem to be a bad man or a handler IMO...BUT I could be very wrong. I agree with the repeating of questions/answers since 2009 eg like the old "molestation" Oprah-topic. At least Katherine Jackson's sweetness is always inspiring. BTW I realize I am not very innovative either ..after 3 long years. How do you manage it, Bonnie ? No need to answer :o) G'd Nite.

    1. ROFLMBO!!!! I was thinking the same thing!

      And the girl says she's not innovative, LOL! Always making me laugh with your direct observations. ♥♥♥

  14. Bonnie, we talked about Katherine's interview with Piers Morgan and I agree with your analysis of her demeanor and responses. It was evident to me that Katherine was uncomfortable and her lips were very dry, which could be due to medication she might be taking, but is often a symptom of anxiety or stress. Katherine has done a number of TV interviews over the years, with and without Joe Jackson. The most notable was during Michael's trial and Katherine told Joe to put a sock in it when he started to talk about a conspiracy, remember that? Despite the painful time they were going through, Katherine was focused, self confident and articulate - and no dry mouth. I found her to be quite different with Piers Morgan, perhaps because she was not being totally forthcoming. I don't say that to criticize Katherine, but actually take it as a good sign that she was playing her part along with other family members. Even when you know that telling a lie or half truth is to protect the one you love, someone like Katherine could have felt uneasy about it.

    Katherine really tugged at my heart when she said she would never see Michael again, but that Murray would be out and able to enjoy his children. We pray to God that she was not speaking literally about Michael being gone, but we know how Katherine suffered through Michael's persecution. And even seven years after the trial, the memory of Michael's ordeal is enough for any mother to reflect on with sorrow. There was a look on Katherine's face that said it all.

    In closing, I have to say that I am becoming increasingly angered at Piers Morgan - not just for the way he cuts people off while they're still talking to ask another question, but for his insensitivity in pushing the envelope with Katherine. This man knows nothing about the meaning of finesse when he dared to pose this question to Katherine about her beloved "deceased" son:


    Piers Morgan is a slimy S.O.B. and another example of "Oprah Syndrome." The jury has spoken, Piers - seven years ago, and they found Michael NOT GUILTY on all 14 counts! Still hoping to hear that he did it? So you sink to the lowest by trying one last time to ask Michael's own mother! I don't care how the Jackson brothers choose to field those questions about Michael, since they are tough enough to dish it right back if necessary. But his mother? I cried for Katherine when she had to hear that question. Although I am glad that I watched the interview for Katherine, once again the mainstream media prove it's nothing but a shameless and toxic waste dump!

    1. Micheline,

      You just moved me to go search up that interview again where Miss Katherine tells Joe to "put a sock in it" (not so many words), because I loved that. That is the interview in which Joe reminds me of my step father. Same demeanor.

      Yeah Piers is wearing on me big time. He's such a smug little pug. If I was Miss Katherine and faced that question, I would have answered him back a little more flippantly, but she is grace and am to be (a work in progress . . .) and I have my lines in the sand that I occasionally trip over and fall flat on my face.

      You're late paragraph and my response . . . "GET 'EM, MICHELINE!"

      This whole world is turning into a toxic waste dump. But you know how these people are. Why should we expect anything different from the "Short Piers"?

    2. I saw the Piers Morgan interview with Katherine Jackson and to be honest I wish she tell Piers Moron to put a sock in it when he asked her about the allegations. I'm like geesh! Couldn't wait to put that in there while she's mourning over her son. But to be honest I'm glad she did mention that Jordan Chandler admitted that Michael never touched him. I hope the viewers got that part.


    3. How could he ask her that after all this years? After a not guilty verdict. That means That Piers still think it's a possibility That Michael molested a child.

      But I think it was even worse when Uri Geller said in his documentary that he took advantage of Michael wanted to be hypnotized and asked him if he had ever touched/molested a child. I think it is criminal what Uri Geller did. He kind of raped his mind. He violated Michael's integrity by doing that. And then he tells the world about it in a documentary? He must be both sick and stupid for doing that. At least he should have kept that Info to himself. Instead he told the world what a sick human being he is, raping people's minds. I guess he forgot to tell MJ about what he did though.

    4. Hi P,

      I agree with you. I thought the whole Chandler thing was a rumor but you know what? What happened AFTER that info came out? Evan Chandler is killed. Hmmmmmm.

    5. Anonymous,

      Geller is a demon as far as I'm concerned. But Evan chandler supposedly did the same thing (under toradol asking if Michael was gay), and Boteach, and Bray, and Liz Taylor and probably Grace too. Those handlers. Waiting to see something happen here in about three or four weeks but before that, there are things in the world we should be keeping an eye out for.

      Something is scaring me about this whole thing with Michael and their plans for his "image". And something else I'm afraid to say.

  15. "Short Piers" can take a long walk on a short pier!

    1. Yeah, but he's not that short. How about we just roll him off?

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.


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