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Michael Jackson Justice: Michael Jackson - A Wish For Father's Day

God: Reconnect to Him

The Conspiracy against God is about "The Word", and the profaning of His Holy Name within us. Adam fell in the garden, breaking the direct connection to God. Jesus, the "last Adam" was a quickening Spirit, the Word made Flesh, and the only one with whom we can re-establish our relationship with God. Michael's story is still unfolding. He is the one who is, is not. But Jesus is the only name given under heaven by which we must be saved. Many are trying to rewrite HIStory. We were given a help to instruct us. Learn more "here".

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Michael Jackson - A Wish For Father's Day

A Wish For Father’s Day

Sing unto God, sing praises to his name: extol him that rideth upon the heavens by his name JAH, and rejoice before him. A father of the fatherless, and a judge of the widows, is God in his holy habitation.


Abundant love so true, so right
A breath, a flash, he gave them life
One with him he thought they’d stay
His children in the garden played

Innocence in paradise
Father watches, sheer delight
But tempted from a foreign voice
She hesitates then makes her choice

Knowledge leads to guilt, then fear
Twas not til then they’d shed a tear
Filled with shame they hid themselves
Then in the garden no more dwelled

The sickness grew and multiplied
People died and angels cried
The life that he had given them
No longer fruitful but condemned

As the generations made
Corrupted sons would kill and raid
Father grieved at Noah’s door
He’d Flood the earth and start once more

One more chance at love he gave
To them a boy, their souls he’d save
Showing them what love could do
Faith of a child, hard hearts break through

Now a generation waits
At the edge of Heaven’s gates
The faithful know it’s almost time
A mystery solves it's own crime

The one who is, is not yet is
Which all those sleeping may dismiss
In his time will be revealed
When the multitude is sealed

Bonnie L. Cox © Poem 2012

A Wish

I wish I knew the truth behind
Heaven’s clocks as they rewind
Father please what do I do
There’s someone here who’s missing you

A warmth so true an absent touch
I reach for it, the pain too much
Longing for the presence of
Your all consuming, lasting love

Every day is shed a tear
For your return, to have you near
Can’t you feel the loss, the pain?
Amidst the never ending rain?

Father help me see your hand
Reaching for me, help me stand
Father find the one alone
And bring the last lost child home

Bonnie L. Cox © Poem 2012

God, I love you.  I cry for you to return.  The beauty of your light and power was felt for one brief moment in a dream. Thank you for the things you showed me.  Thank you for fighting for every last child.  Thank you for Jesus and the face of love.  Thank you for showing us the meaning of having the will to give your life for another.  Happy father’s day.

My Dad, in Florida who likes golf and who will turn seventy this year. God bless you.  I pray for you to find your way “home” as well.

My husband, who’s son has abandoned him, has been dealt a painful blow this year by vicious people who will never know what love is.  He’s been the victim of hate and I’m sorry.  I don’t know what to do to fix it.  Parent’s who view their children as tools to hurt others aren’t fit to be parents and I hope your son sees that soon.

To my boys, who are geographically closer to their father than they are to me – I am glad you are close to at least ONE of your parents.  I miss you beautiful boys – now men with your gorgeous eyes.  Don’t forget your dad on “Dad’s Day”.  And hurry up and get down here and visit!

Lastly but not leastly, Michael.

I hurt you suggesting your children were not your children.  I  believe if you are watching/reading from somewhere, you know it was only in an effort to “reach for the truth” and not to hurt you or them.  If I hurt you I am sorry.  I know that any child that comes within arms length of you, they are yours.  They are all of ours.

I fell in love with you first because of your childlike love for God.  I will always, always feel you in my heart because of that.  There is no tearing you out.  I’m committed . . . and if not, I should be (no, just kidding).

God bless you.  I hope this is over soon, but as excruciatingly painful as this is sometimes, every last deceiver brought to judgment will be worth it. Every last child He waits for . . . worth it.  You . . . worth it.  I can bear it if you can bear through my tears, okay?

The video below, Michael, is song I heard in my car for the first time about two months after your passing on June 25, 2009.  The words in the song I swore up and down were written exactly for you and I felt every last syllable of them.  I cried so hard I had to pull my car over because I couldn’t see to drive.

Just out of curiosity, did you know these guys?

Happy Daddy’s Day.

Dedicated to Michael

God Bless you Jenny – Beautiful Contribution

More than Words

Happy Father’s Day Everyone




  2. Bonnie & Spotlight.
    I qouted Randy Phillips from, Michael Jackson, The Final Days pt4. It's in part 4. It will save you some time if you don't want to watch the whole documentary. The whole documentary is 5 parts. Part 4 is still available on Youtube and So watch that before you accusing me for lying and having an agenda. And call me phatetic? What was that about. I am not responsible for what comes out of Randy Phillips mouth.

    1. Why did you post on two different blogs the same topic? LOL! Thank you for posting part 4. That did make it easier. And I can't speak for Spotlight but I never suggested it was YOU that had an agenda or misquoted him. I thought you took it from something that was put in print.

      I never saw that documentary - but (ugh) Oxman? Taraborrelli? What the heck does Taraborrelli know about Michael? Absolutely nothing. What, he saw him once when he was a teenager? Oh brother!

    2. OH, Then I misunderstood you, sorry. I first posted on yesterday's blog and then I wanted to add that it is part 4 to make it easier for you. But then I couldnt post on your other blog so I posted it on this blog instead. Yeah, Tabaroli or whatever his name is. He seems to be in every single documentary about Michael. No matter what documentary you watch about Michael he pops up sooner or later. Of that you can be sure. Wasn't taboreli that said that Michael wanted Lisa to wear juwelery to bed when they were intimate? He also claimed that they had roll play in bed during sex. ( Yes, and pigs have wings and are able to fly!) I am not 100% sure that it was Taboreli who said that. Maybe it was another pea head. But I am 90% sure it was Taboreli. Tito and Jermaine are also in the documentary. There are also a documentary called THE LAST DAYS I think. But I am talking about THE FINAL DAYS. It seems like part 2 is missing. Typical! But I think 1,3,4,5 are available.

    3. God is my real father. He is the best father in the whole world. God bless the children who has no parents. There should be a day for all the lost children too. God bless you Prince, Paris and Blanket Jackson. It is not father's day the same date all over the world. What's up with that? Shouldn't the world be united?

    4. That's okay. I apologized on your original post because when I re-read it, it DID sound like I thought you personally had misquoted Randy Phillips. Thank you for taking the time to straighten that out.

      Taraborrelli loves to live out his fantasies vicariously through Michael. Who knows what he actually said and what was printed that he said? I just know what he called me when he posted on my blog almost three years ago. He's probably Charles Thomson's handler (they're oh-such good friends). I would have a seriously hard time time believing that man turned over any leaves unless tales of Michael's sex life was underneath it. He makes my skin crawl. Yes, it was Taraborrelli that said that (well, he was QUOTED as saying that) in his book.

      I saw part 2. It's there and as far as Jermaine and Tito go, their testimony is interesting. I love listening to them because I pick up more and more every time they are interviewed.

    5. Do you have women's day in the states? We have one women's day and 364 men's day. I am not complaining, just saying.

    6. We have mother's day. We have Secretary's day which at one time I was lucky enough to be the celebrated but no women's day. 364 men's day, LOL! Here it is just the opposite I think.

    7. I wrote that God is my real father. I DON'T THINK I AM JESUS CHRIST. Just wanted to make that clear, LOL

  3. Many thanks to you & your contributors, Bonnie, for this very touching Blog♥ Michael, the born-to-be loving father of 3 beautiful junior MJs & of all the suffering children of the world whom he also loved & cared for inconditionally.

    Thank you also to Joe Jackson for being Michael's & siblings' father..& my prayers & love to my own father, Pierre, a kind & loving family man gone too soon.

    1. Awwww Line, thank you for saying thank you to Joe Jackson, :o) God bless you. Sorry Joe! Forgive me?

  4. God is a feeling experience, not a believing experience...if God for you is still about a belief, then its not truly God.

    So said Oprah. So Bonnie I truly truly hope she has 'seen the light' so to speak (as in God). Troublesome words that many many may have fallen for. What have we seen so often throughout this whole Michael saga...BELIEVE, BELIEVE, BELIEVE. I hope Michael was the one to initiate that particular word in all of this and I hope it was because he wanted people to believe in God and not lose faith.

    We have FAthers day in September over here in Oz so to the American Dad's, Happy Fathers Day and to Michael in particular, I hope you have a greatttttttttttttttttttttt day with your babies.

    And lets remember who the ultimate Father is. Praise God.


    1. TL,

      The more I dig the more I see strong possibilities that Oprah, like Michael, was doing what she had to do to survive. At least post 2005-2006. I think Michael possibly knew more about her then we did.

      I think I know what Oprah was trying to say when she said that too. Many people go to church and "believe" in God, but walk out of church and act horribly to other people because they don't FEEL God. Even in the denomination I grew up in, You "believe" in God but you serve the church and somehow God is forgotten. There's infighting in the church, jealousies etc because "God" ends when you leave church Sunday night. Not all people do this but enough.

      Thank you for your Father's day sentiments and to God, who without Him "Father's Day" would be a phrase without meaning.♥♥♥

  5. I'm leaving a link here with a december 2011 date. I left the video here for this same interview recently and you told me it was years old. So I thought you might take a look at the article date just so you know I didn't pop something really old in and say it was current.


    1. Nope. You misread what I wrote. I didn't say the Dr. OZ show interview was years ago, I said the show SHE MENTIONED (in the midwest, Trans-meditation town that she did) was years ago. She was TALKING about it on the Dr. OZ show. (and for the record, I don't watch any of this stuff, so Dr. Oz is nobody to me). So let's keep that straight, please.

      I saw the article. She said nothing alarming in that article other than refer to the show she did YEARS AGO on Trans-Meditation.

      They are persecuting her now, but not Mr. Osteen. They are persecuting John Travolta but not Lisa Marie - for the same things. That's what I'm saying to look into.

    2. Something else - why would Oprah's "change" be such news if she it's the same stuff she had been preaching? She's telling people she's changing something. Otherwise why bring it up?

      Remember it was AFTER she left CBS that the rumors about her failing started. It was AFTER her Life Class announcement in April that she was a Christian (which she never said before) that Discovery yanked control of her own show away from her.

      Could be a ruse - but I don't think so. They're attacking Oprah, the most popular and wealthy talk show host ever. Just like Michael.

      She said that quote about not wanting to be like "Michael Jackson" for a reason. Now sit back and watch.

    3. We'll have to agree to disagree Bonnie. Wherever I've read about it(including the link I left you above), she was at the T Town late 2011, which to me is not years ago. Its very current considering it was done for the OWN network, not her old show.

      I don't 'follow' Dr Oz either - for obvious reasons.
      I know what he's up to with Rick Warren and I've watched him talk about hypnotising people over tv with Deepak...that was enough for me to know about him.

      I have been very aware of Oprahs odd link ups with the whole Michael thing, don't worry. I'm hoping of course that there is a very good reason for this.


    4. Dr. Oz I am not familiar with at all. But I did go back and re-listen to that video interview with him and Oprah again. Are you listening to what he is saying to her?

      Here is the interview:

      0:28 - She says to Oz, "This may surprise you, well, I don't know if it will surprise you or not, but at this particular time in my life I recognize that everything is about moving closer to that which is God."

      She goes on to explain the Fairfield Iowa show (yes, this is a show she PREPARED for, and I missed this. It has not aired yet from what I heard out of THIS interview).

      She keeps repeating that she is taking herself back to "something bigger than myself" and "something bigger than me." (Does she have to explain this to Oz?)

      Now this I didn't listen to before either because I was listening for the T.M. word:

      At 3:03 Oz says this to Oprah - "You know what I love the most about being with you?" (Oprah says what?) Oz continues "Their's defiance in you." (Isn't this what Michael said he told Princess Diana - Be defiant?) Oprah comments "Defiance? In Me?" He continues - "You're going to be who you are, and you're going to stick to your guns on that and it's a well-weathered sword you take into battle. And I applaud you for it."

      TL, what does that mean? What battle? What is she getting ready to fight? What is she going to be defiant about?

      Her announcement that she's a Christian and the resulting move by Discovery Network to remove her position of power at OWN?

      I looked up the definition of Trandscendental -

      "tran·scen·den·tal   [tran-sen-den-tl, -suhn-] Show IPA
      transcendent, surpassing, or superior.
      being beyond ordinary or common experience, thought, or belief; supernatural.
      abstract or metaphysical.
      idealistic, lofty, or extravagant. - Source,

      I did not see "pagan" anywhere in the definition.

      Meditation is not an evil thing:

      Psalm 143:5
      I remember the days of old; I meditate on all thy works; I muse on the work of thy hands.

      Genesis 24:63
      And Isaac went out to meditate in the field at the eventide: and he lifted up his eyes, and saw, and, behold, the camels were coming.

      Joshua 1:8
      This book of the law shall not depart out of thy mouth; but thou shalt meditate therein day and night, that thou mayest observe to do according to all that is written therein: for then thou shalt make thy way prosperous, and then thou shalt have good success.

      1 Timothy 4:15
      Meditate upon these things; give thyself wholly to them; that thy profiting may appear to all.

      There are seven instances of the words "transformed" and "transfigured" in the New Testament of the KJV Bible.

      Regardless of what you and I think, God know's Oprah's heart. There is some skating on thin ice here, I agree with you. But like I said, there is a reason she is being attacked now in the press and persecuted by her partners (same thing happened to Dr. Hoefflin when he tried to report Klein and Rowe for "poisoning" Michael. His own "partners" sued him.

      I'm going to give her the benefit of the doubt - Not because of what she SAYS but because of what OTHERS have done as a RESULT of what she says.

    5. As I say Bonnie, I seriously HOPE and PRAY she is on the path to the one true GOD. Nothing would please me more...seriously. Its never too late. We do know that people can be blackmailed and all the rest of it so I hope that whatever has been going on over the past years with promoting all this evil rubbish has gone by the by. I would put nothing past the 'industry'. They like to have their way. Lets just hope things are panning out for the best.


    6. Well, that's all we really can do. I couldn't help but notice the look on her face when Oz started talking about her "defiance" and her "well weathered sword that you take into battle with you". Did you see the look on her face? At 3:20 on that same video. She's looking at OZ like "what battle? What are you trying to say?"

      I am reading that look like a look if shock - That Oz was "onto her". Someone from OWN ratted her out. That's the way I read that look. Not a look of someone who was just flattered with a compliment.

      That's why I said, "pray for her". If someone is publicly confessing Christ knowing that they may very well be put on the chopping block, you don't abandon them. You just don't. I don't care what she's done in the past. I know its hard to trust, but if you can't trust Oprah, trust God and just pray for her.

      And thank you TL for gently but persistently suggest looking at that video again. I don't know that I would have had the same patience. :o)

    7. Bonnie, I find this whole business with Oprah very agitating. Not recent stuff so much as the WHOLE thing with her regarding Michael over the years. You know there were rumours that Michael and O were married and Michael and O were secretly friends and so on so forth. You would have heard them all. We watched the '93 interview (a thousand times by now). Have paid mind to every syllable uttered, every nuance from both Michael and Oprah with regard to Michael or his friends and family and I have said to one of my friends in the past, maybe she had to pretend to take the stance that she did (re pedophilia) etc to make it seem as though she was opposing him. It just doesn't make sense to me that any of Michaels family would go and have interviews and such with her if they were upset with her over the Michael stance she SEEMED to take. Katherine looked to give Oprah an honest rather lenghty cuddle in the most recent paris interview which makes no sense if she is not keen on her. Oprah helped promote some Michaelesque performer prior his 'leaving' in the May of 09. Then she had Shaheen on to sing (Simon arranged these couple of performances with her). She continued with Janet, Jackie, the Cascios and Teddy, Kenny, etc etc etc. She tried to tell some reporter she didn't go to the memorial coz she was NOT his friend although she would have liked to have been, she took her good ol time even mentioning Michaels passing and so forth on her show...she was attacked for that. Now, could she really have been his friend all this time and kept it covered. This is what I've discussed over these years with my friend since 2009. Would you risk promoting such devils on your show knowing you can be a bit of a pied piper? would you do such a thing which could possibly kill your career all for the sake of perhaps bringing them right out into the open for all the world to see. Maybe this is what she did. I am not of the definate opinion that she is the leader of the devils pack or anything like that. I do know she's gone out of her way (for some odd reason) to show us the way of the pagans and I'm praying that its because she wanted to reveal them all for what they really are. I would not put it past her or Michael to plan something together as they both stood on very high pedestals and could pull a crowd and I'm wanting it to be that they worked in together to bring God back into the world. I often think too that just as there is a new age group who are flat out aiming to ruin everything, there may just be a group running parralel who want peace and unity etc etc but the genuine kind, the real kind which means no wars but also means no Global takeover. These are personal wishes.

      Ahh Bonnie, patience is a virtue my dear girl !! I do realise you have lots to read in a day and many people to reply to and its not easy to fit it all in. My persistance is on account of the Truth being revealed, that's all. Thanks for your reply.


    8. TL,

      Last on the subject of Oprah. In reading your comment above, I was never under the impression that Oprah was "pretending" earlier in her career. I do believe she willfully harmed Michael and was in bed with the devil. But I do think SOMETHING changed and I'm not sure when. I will say though, AFTER 2005. From that point til now, she played it close to the vest and this "revelation" in April was the first of her "turning over a new leaf". On the Dr. Oz show, she "hinted" but then looked rather shocked when Oz began talking swords and battles.

      Then the public announcement, then the stripping of her control of OWN.

      Still watching her? You bet (she's used to that), but something tells me that a card was thrown down by her and I'm sure the reactions of the others at the table did not surprise her.

  6. Bonnie,

    Your two poems above are right on the same line with my prayers last night! I've been singing Michael's Much Too Soon song (not always correctly) and pondering the last portion that we can't really understand.

    Like in your first poem he sings:

    She was there just sitting at the table
    Thinking now that things won't be the same
    (God's creation in the garden when they first sinned hid in shame)
    And wouldn't you like to go with me?
    And she answered no to me (It's not possible)
    But I guess I learned my lesson much too soon.

    I never thought she'd leave me here forever
    But who knows just what the future brings
    And wouldn't you like to go with me?
    (I've made it possible!)
    And she answered no to me
    But I guess I learned my lesson much too soon

    She's asked to go with him, he's made it possible through the blood of Jesus. All we have to do is accept that and the forgiveness for sin. That's the problem. We know the "formula" but how many can REALLY ACCEPT THE OFFER! To be forgiven, we have to forgive as well and that includes FORGIVING OURSELVES!

    "I can't go because I'm not worthy - what I've done is too bad!"
    We run away crying. (Well, not all of us - but I REALLY PRAY for those who do.) For the love of Jesus, TURN AROUND!

    (This part is like your second poem)

    Take away this never ending sorrow
    Take this lonely feeling from my soul
    If only I knew what things bring tomorrow
    She'd be sitting here beside me
    and my heart wouldn't be cold (just like in the prodigal son)

    In Michael's song he asks twice for her to go with him and is turned down.

    I hope to make a change now for the better
    Never letting fate control my soul
    And I'm hoping that my prayers will see
    The day that you'll come back to me
    But I guess I learned my lesson much too soon

    Jesus can knock at the door forever but it is our choice. Sadly, not all will see what is there right before there eyes.

    The perfect song of a fathers love with arms outstretched!

    Happy Father's Day! We say yes, we'll go with you!

    1. Blake,

      I have to get to your other posting, because I think you misunderstood me. I was being facetious when I said that we should read Michael as touting the "agenda". (Meaning others would see it this way and use it). I just wanted to let you know that so you can relax, and I won't get time to answer THAT post until later today. (I just wanted you to breathe easier - not abandoning Michael).

      This is why I said he was playing two parts and I'll get more into that later.

      In that song of Michae's "Much Too Soon", I thought it meant exactly what he said, and that he was singing to those that have turned away, or disbelieved, or had no faith in Christ's teachings and God's promises.

      Michael's song "This is It" is exactly about that warning and it's almost like "Much too Soon" would come after - God let this go on, waiting for every last of his elect and those of the multitude "that no man could number" to come to him and call to him (When we all cry at the same time).

      Blake when I get some time this week, I want to send you copies of all the HATE messages I have gotten from people in regard to their assertions that I view Michael as "some kind of prophet". Very eye-opening. The hatred is unbelievable. These are Michael's fans???

  7. To Anonymous -

    I am sorry if you thought I was accusing you, as I never would make such an assumption without more information. I merely made the observation about the quote, not about you. We all have the same love and support for Michael and I merely wanted to point out that if someone purposely misquoted Randy Phillips' testimony, you had no way of knowing if the source was credible. That is why I suggested that someone might have been using Michael politically...but certainly not you. I also mentioned at the end, if Randy's words were accurately quoted, that I stand corrected.

    We have all heightened our powers of observation to where we are very sensitive when Michael's name is being exploited for personal or political gain. We want those people to know that we're not deaf, dumb and blind to their tricks, whoever does it, and however innocuous it may appear. When it comes to subliminal messaging to skew public opinion, Michael Jackson suffered greatly as the poster boy for the biggest media bashing campaign of modern time. They will be held long as we pay attention.

    To everyone out there lucky enough to still have a father to cherish in their lives, I wish them all a HAPPY FATHER'S DAY!

    And the same to you, Bonnie - to your dad, and to Ed (tell him the storm will pass with his son when a little maturity and wisdom sets in).

    To the gruff but rock solid Joe Jackson for always being there when Michael needed your support.

    Message to MICHAEL, my kindred spirit - there are no words to describe what you have given me but I will try. My heart loves you from the inside out, and I am forever going back to your early life in pictures to know the child and young man, whose only dream was to make people happy. If you came back tomorrow with nothing visible for us to recognize, you would not get away, because I would know you from your eyes. The world can have the rest of you if I can have those eyes and the tender heart that lies within. They say beauty is only skin deep, but your beauty comes from your soul, and nothing will ever change that. Your beloved mother has the ring I could not give to you. But you will always have my heart. I hope you're having the best Father's Day in the world, with your three angels, who grow more incredibly beautiful with each passing day. Just like their gorgeous Daddy!

    I LOVE YOU ALL! - Micheline

  8. Bonnie...your poems on this Father's Day blog - absolutely stunning! Thank you again for making this an extra special place to be. I take pride in being able to write with emotional connection and clarity, but you win hands down when it comes to poetry and lyric. You are missing your calling, Bonnie - write songs! ♥ ♥ ♥

    1. I would stink at writing songs. I don't know where to put the "babybabybaby" or the "shamone", LOL! I guess someone else can do that. I'm flattered that you like those poems. Seems like they come easy when I'm crying. :o(

  9. Bonnie,

    A heart touching blog. I read and watched the videos and just sat and cried.

    Happy Father's all the fathers and all the moms who must be father and mother to their children....most of all Happy Father's Day to you Michael and YOUR father, Joe.


    1. Hi Deb,

      Thank you. I hope you had a loving one at your home too. God bless you and yours. :o)

  10. Goodness me, its taken me till now to realise that the Bokra song from last year was actually sung by Tevin Campbell years ago. I knew it was an old song but until I read about TEvins tie to Q from your previous post Bonnie I didn't click that Q had reused that particulr song !! Silly me.


    1. Me either, and it would have continued to evade me because I am not familiar with many of Tevin's songs. Only a couple from his second album.

  11. that's a zero as opposed to the capital O).

    This is Tevin's old song.....redone.


  12. Tevin singing it years ago.


    1. TL,

      Great music, great Tevin's voice - love it ! Thanks.

  13. You said that somebody was wondering why Michael didn't have a belly button. I wonder why some people don't have a heart?

    1. I think they were talking about the fake autopsy picture, anonymous.

  14. Some people forget about God when they get rich and famous. They start to act like they are God's. And there is a saying, "What Goes Up Must Come Down". It is not always a curse it is sometime a blessing. It is like God is tapping them on their shoulders saying, - Remember Me??

    1. Lots of them do. I agree with you. The fact that God cares enough to tap us on the shoulder should remind people how lucky we are.

  15. Did you read the latest news on Dr.Murray? It's only on TMZ at the moment.

    1. This was the last one I pulled up:

      Dr. Conrad Murray is pulling a Floyd Mayweather Jr. -- pleading with a judge to spring him from L.A. County Jail because it's taking an extreme physical toll on his body ... and if he doesn't get help soon, Murray believes he'll DIE behind bars.

      But here's the crazy thing -- unlike Mayweather, Murray's not asking for house arrest (he knows that will never happen) ... Murray's asking to be sent to PRISON, where he believes he'll get better care.

      Murray's lawyer tells TMZ, he wants to serve out his time in the big house because he's being treated like filth in L.A. County jail -- getting fresh air once a month, and fresh underwear once a WEEK.

      As a result of the alleged deprivation, we're told Murray's health is failing -- his hair, nails, and skin are gnarly ... and he's been suffering from a constant headache over the last few weeks.

      Murray says he's never gotten headaches in the past -- and is worried it might be a brain tumor.

      We're told Murray asked to see a doctor, but got shuffled around and has received no medical attention.

      Murray told his attorney, Valerie Wass, "I may not make it out of here alive. This is a very dangerous place. I'm in here dying. The system is intent on killing me."

      A rep for the L.A. County Sheriff's Department tells us, the department doesn't comment on pending cases.

    2. What I don't understand is why Murray is in the county jail and not prison anyway. Felony convictions (punishable by more than 1 year) are sent to prison; misdemeanor convictions (punishable by fine and/or less than 1 year) are sent to jail.

    3. Do you want the OFFICIAL reason or the truth?

    4. I'm thinking the truth may be so that he can be watched more closely/kept tabs on by the local police...?

      I don't think I've read the OFFICIAL reason. What is the official reason?

    5. The "Official" reason was due to some law just passed on California having to do with overcrowding in the prisons. His alleged crime was not violent so instead of risking him getting out early, they left in in county jail.

      The truth? (of course not told) ranges from what you said to witness protection (one of the sheriff's interviewed actually used the word witness protection).

  16. Really, is it too much asking a judge & the prison's management to have Murray examined & cured by a doctor (if need be) & further evaluate the seriousness of Murray's cry for help for a transfer to another prison ?

    The judicial evidence never contested by the accused, has shown that Murray phoned on 06.25.2009 morning for a good while to a variety of people while Michael was unattended & struggling to breathe & Murray thereafter did not even call 911 immediately where (maybe) Michael could have been saved. However, it would now be also horrendous from the part of the Justice & Police to ignore Murray's requests in case he really is in distress & danger... unless some guys want him to die. A Murray's defender I am not, but we don't know to which extent Murray was sole responsible for Michael's demise & anyway the man must be treated equitably & humanly by the Federal system even if he did not treat Michael professionally & with proper care either. What does Mrs. Katherine Jackson think about that story I would be interested to know.

    1. Line, truthfully I think this is just a story in the press and probably has very little to do with the truth of Murray's condition. If it were true, I don't think Miss Katherine would be glad he was ill or in need of healthcare. I just can't picture her saying, "Good, let him die" or anything like that. She probably believes its a story too. Lord knows she and her family have been victimized by them enough.

    2. Another story with the "Michael" factor ! at first I thought so too. However in my country there was a local young guy jailed 2 years ago for minor delicts & he died in his cell for lack of care by guardians who called neither help or doctor when the guy asked for it as emergency. A big trial ensued with cell mates testifying but the guardians were finally "washed" by the administration. Such jail tragedies happen too often & worldwide. C. Murray could say the truth about his bad health OR it is another TMZ garbage (no news) OR in 2 years Murray may sell a book to say Michael was responsible for his demise :o( Katherine Jackson is no monster of course..but she never said any good about Murray either for the treatment he gave to Michael, even if she knows that the story is not over yet. Good Evening, Bonnie. Sweet dreams anyway.

    3. This is just my take on the whole Murray thing, but one of the people interviewed (one of the Sherrifs that were at the Carolwood house) called Murray's incarceration "witness protection". I don't know if it was a slip or not, or if it was in reference to why he was in solitary confinement. But if Murray is in WP, they may just be putting things out in the news every once in a while to keep the "illusion" going. I hate to look at it that way, but that trial was a farce. Not real. The autopsy photos . . . not real. I'm not even going to bother wasting my energy trying to convince myself there was any authenticity in that trial. It was fake. All for show.

      Sweet dreams to you too, Line. Sleep tight.

  17. I'm about to make myself look like a retard. I have listen to "What More Can I Give" like a billion times. But not until now did I hear Michael sing, "They Think I'm Crazy, Madonna". What's that about? I'll bet you guys already talked about this ages ago. Maybe I was in Never Never land or out sailing around on a cosy cloud or something when you talked about that.

    1. Do you have a link to this? I haven't heard that. Here is the link to the PUBLISHED lyrics which ironically, Madonna was no part of.

      I seriously doubt Michael called to Madonna about anything during a song, LOL! But post the link you heard this on. I would LOVE to give a listen. :o)

    2. You know Anon that way way back in all this there was talk about Madonna helping Michael out (who knows if its true or false but it was just what was going around). And when Michael made that song he had such alot of trouble, that's why I made mention of him telling everyone he wanted to thank CLEARWATER CHANNEL big time for helping him so much coz the others were trying to put a stop to it. (that was when he received an award and talked about the making of the song). Michael had to struggle just to get it out. Fancy that !


    3. TL,

      When was this (Madonna helping Michael? -cough-cough-gag)? We're talking about "What More Can I Give"? I don't recall anything about Madonna, but I do remember Marc Schaffel going to bat for him (of course he produced it), but he called Sony out. Then of course, Marc Schaffel was found to have done porn videos - but we never hear Michael on tape actually saying Schaffel's name. It's cut off.

      His label really hated that Michael could get all kinds of talent at seemingly a moment's notice to come together. They REALLY just hated that.

  18. oops, I think I wrote clearwater channel instead of Clear Channel.


  19. Sorry, I don't have a link to "What More Can I give". It's in my mp3. I think it's from his album "7EVEN". Girl, don't you have all of Michaels songs? He is singing "The say I am crazy, Madonna", three times in the end of the song. Strange, don't you agree? In The Brunei "Earth Song" performance. He says/sings, You're Gone, twice in the end of the song. I wonder who he was referring to.

    1. Anonymous, there WAS no 7Even Album.

      They're discussing that fact on the official site as late as 2009 AFTER he was gone. So no, I do not have all of Michael's (any of Michael's) post death, Sony-produced songs. Who know's WHAT they put on there.

      "You're Gone" - The devil.


      Source -

      so what you have is pirated.

    3. PIRATED? What's that? DOESN'T sound like it's something good. Are you telling me that the song was never released? Pirated……hmm??

    4. Pirated. That means the site you downloaded it from has "pirated music" they put together in this album they CALLED "7EVEN". I took that paragraph directly from the web site, so they should know.

    5. Pirated means bootleg . . . stolen.

  20. Talking about Madonna. TMZ said she showed her butt on stage in Rom. Nothing knew beneath the sun. She's Been there done that already. So where is the chock factor? Maybe she thought, when in Rom do as the Roman's. She's older but not wiser. Sex sells!! It's all about THE MONEY, and get it fast as Whitney said. Whitney never showed her butt on stage. She.still was successful. So Madonna, put your pants back on and act like a lady. I guess that will never happen. Sex sells!

    1. I agree with that. Why does she live under the perpetual delusion that she's still 25 years old I'll never know. YUCK! If you're going to sell "sex" at least make it appealing!

    2. It's not appealing it's more like appalling, LOL. She is in good physical shape for her age though. Even though I don't know how old she is. 50-60?

    3. Yes, she's in good physical shape, yes. She's the same age as Michael. She'll be 54 this year.


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