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Michael Jackson Justice: Oprah's Redemption and Quincy's Secrets

God: Reconnect to Him

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Saturday, June 16, 2012

Oprah's Redemption and Quincy's Secrets

Oprah’s Declaration and
Quincy’s Horrendous Track Record

This might be a bit dangerous to post immediately after a title like that, but I’m gonna do it anyway, because I want to pick this apart differently then I would have about five years ago.

Oprah’s Life Class in March of 2012

This was the first one that she’s had on her “OWN” network. This is the very class which made this headline that I posted a couple of blog topics ago:

I am a Christian. That’s my faith,” said the OWN Network executive. “I’m not asking you to be a Christian. If you want to be one I can show you how. But it is not required. I have respect for all faiths. All faiths. But what I'm talking about is not faith or religion. I'm talking about spirituality.”  - Source, eewmagazine.

Amazingly a month later, this turns out in the press, and I want people to start thinking about the timing of all this INCLUDING the timing of her announcement to start her own network shortly after Michael’s passing, and the access she has been given graciously to the Jackson family FROM the Jackson family.  Take a look at this:

IN a humiliating power coup, OPRAH WINFREY has been stripped of executive powers at her struggling OWN network and now pals fear the worst is yet to come!  The media mogul was reduced to tears when her chief financial backer decided to curtail her control over the network she had worked her fingers to the bone to launch, say sources.

While Oprah retains her title of CEO, it’s in name only, revealed the insider.
“They now realize that she was too inexperienced to run the network,” said the insider. “So she was stripped of her power. She’s no longer in a position to make executive decisions or hire staff without consulting top Discovery executives first.” – Source, National Enquirer

Remember, THIS interview with Paris is what I originally was upset about when I wrote “No More Tripping Over Michael”.  Only that evening was it that “P” sent me those links.  After reading both of them, I got that same “Ah-Ha!” moment I did when I watched the first interview of Michael talking about Jesus during a 1996 deposition.  The very same.  I mean, take a look at what they said about this woman!  Too inexperienced to run a network?  She’s done her show longer than some of those snot-nosed executives have had their jobs!  She produced movies under her “Harpo” studios, launched a very successful “O” magazine and also helped launch “Oxygen” cable network.  And She’s inexperienced?  What HASN’T she done?  We know what this is about!

Discovery Network took her own show from her or control of it?  Is the “being THREATENED” now with cancelation because she is not selling their agenda like she did on her original show which was first hosted/distributed by “King World Productions” and then folded into CBS?

Remember this from 2010?

Oprah Winfrey opens up about OWN network fears

Talk show titan Oprah Winfrey almost pulled out of plans to launch her forthcoming TV network - because she feared she would be paralyzed by her previous success like tragic pop icon Michael Jackson.

The mogul's 25-year run on "The Oprah Winfrey Show" has made her one of the world's biggest stars and richest women - earning her an estimated $3 billion.

She will move on to run OWN: The Oprah Winfrey Network after her syndicated chat show ends next September.

But Winfrey admits she was crippled with doubt about quitting the hit show this summer after learning how the King of Pop became a victim of his own success following his critically acclaimed 1983 hit "Thriller."

She tells Fortune magazine, "All the bells went off. This is why I lived in fear about this network. I kept thinking I have to repeat the 25-year phenomenon of the 'Oprah' show. I don't want to be Michael Jackson."

Winfrey's indecision has cost backers at Discovery Communications big - executives were forced to invest an extra $89 million on top of their initial $100 million to launch OWN, because Winfrey was having serious doubts about the new project.

She explains, "This is part of the reason OWN was stagnant. I was the holdup."

But the star insists she's conquered her fears, and she's looking forward to moving on with a planned launch for OWN in January, 2012.

She adds: "My fear about, 'Will the people really follow me?' - I'm past that." – Source, San Francisco Chronicle , Published on: October 01 2010

Her “chat” show ended in September of 2011.  It hasn’t even been a year yet and she is reported to have lost $330 million?  (Is John Branca managing her business?  Then it might be possible).  I believe very little of Discovery’s actual investment or the way it is portrayed here in this article.

I am keeping a strong eye on what the other MJ Community pundits are writing about this and I see a lot of accusations of using Paris/Jackson family to boost her ratings.  For me, this is the second time Oprah has been exposed to the children and I do not think it is because Miss Katherine distrusts her.  There is a reason this is happening and there is a reason Oprah made the announcement she did AFTER she started her own network.  However, Discovery Productions I guess is not that tolerant of the real reason for love on this planet.

Discovery Channel would much rather cover the crimes and assure the cash and riches from the demonic false Jew cabal continue to pour in.  I still do not understand how anyone can “strip” someone of a company they started but it happens, people!

I know what has gone on with Oprah’s show in the past, who that show was used to promote, and what kind of “gurus” were spawned from it.  I think it is safe to say that whatever happened when she was with CBS, they are punishing her now for a reason, and the timing is just too impeccable. 

They think they MADE her (like Jermaine said in “Word to the Badd”, “when you were MADE” . . . Whatever they got her to believe then, it most certainly looks as if she did NOT want to continue that with her new “OWN”.  And now the powers that be are going to try to do to her what they did to Michael.  That interview posted above?  No accident.  She knew what they would do going into this and I believe that is why she made that comment.

Oprah, coming from someone who did not trust you and counted you amongst those that were used to hurt and bring Michael down, I want to tell you that you are taking a brave step.  Please stay strong, don’t let them turn you back.  If you are really who I think you are, then you will know that what they hold over your head will not last anyway.  Remember who loves you.  It’s not easy trying to navigate in the world with an open heart, is it?  But if you keep it open and child like, God can get in there and then . . . nothing else will win.

Oprah, these are for you:

The world cannot hate you; but me it hateth, because I testify of it, that the works thereof are evil."

If the world hate you, ye know that it hated me before it hated you."

If ye were of the world, the world would love his own: but because ye are not of the world, but I have chosen you out of the world, therefore the world hateth you."

I hope everyone will see what is happening and why.  Oprah took a risk making that public announcement.  Maybe the world’s people will start putting the pieces together. 

Michael and Quincy

I have had a hard time researching this area of Michael’s life, because Michael had so much happen to him between “Off the Wall” and “Dangerous”.  He went through a lot of changes and the advent of those changes began with Quincy and “Off the Wall”.

Between the time Michael left his brother’s “The Jacksons” and his popularity skyrocketed after “Thriller”, Michael became a completely different person.  By the time “Dangerous” was out in stores, Michael had gone solo, was isolated from his family, had developed both Vitiligo and Lupus, suddenly needed I.V. drips for hydration and to sleep while “on tour” when he had never needed them before.  He began sporting sun glasses and a whispery voice that during interviews was only heard by prompting of the handler he was sitting with.

Michael’s handler Bill Bray had followed Michael from Motown to CBS and then continued with him when Michael left his brothers.  But the physical changes that took place with Michael, and the sudden dip in personality happened almost right after he and Quincy began working together.

Of course Bill Bray, John Branca, Liz Taylor and her twin Michael-tormentor Dr. Arnold Klein were also there to make sure they had tight reins on Michael with their drugging and re-education and mind control.  But Michael spent a LOT of time with Quincy between “Off the Wall” and “Thriller”.

Below are some pictures of Michael before “Off the Wall” and “Thriller”.  He was still pretty bubbly.  Watch as the pictures progress from “Destiny” to “Off the Wall” then “Thriller”.

Michael during Destiny

Michael after “Off the Wall”

Between “Off the Wall” and “Thriller” Michael began wearing shades and turned into a shell of his smiling, bubbly self.

Michael After Thriller

Below, Michael with the rare picture with his “shades” off, but you can see the obvious makeup over Vitiligo.  This began appearing, as Michael told Oprah in 1993  during his interview, “around the time of “Off the Wall”, “Thriller”.

Michael’s Attempts to Hide Vitiligo

By the time “Dangerous” came out in 1991, Michael was plagued with accusations that he was “trying to be white” and was “ashamed of his color.”  Quincy himself helped perpetuate this rumor.  But Michael’s personality had also changed and this was also attested to by both his mother and his brothers during interviews as well as Hilburn’s account of the Victory Tour interview.

Rare Interview with Michael and Quincy 1983

Same as above but longer.

Pre-Off the Wall, Michael exchanges with people like Diana Ross and Cher.  Normal banter.  No sunglasses, no whispery, quiet voice and not handler-controlled behavior.  He was shy, but he spontaneously interacted with Ross.  Big difference with Quincy sitting beside him on the couch, stroking his pet snake “Muscles”.

After “Off the Wall” Hilburn asked Michael on a tour bus some questions, and Hilburn said at 3:09 on the video below that he got back into Michael’s life after “Off the Wall” and began working with Quincy Jones:

@3:09 – 5:00 minutes

Hilburn mentions that during the Victory Tour, he was riding the tour bus with the “Jacksons”.  After the brothers were talking to him, happy about being back on tour.  Hilburn mentioned that Michael was still away from his brothers but this time he was not watching cartoons (as he tells in the beginning of this tape) but he was sitting by himself in the back of the bus, kind of “anxious, nervous, almost scared in a way . . .” – Robert Hilburn’s own words.

Hilburn goes on to tell, “I finally went to the back of the bus to talk to Michael and he was so different from when he was the little boy, he was now 23.  The sweet, happy, outgoing young man was just totally withdrawn, he looked at the floor when he would talk, and I said ‘why don’t you live in your own place now, you’re a big star, why do you stay with your parents and live at home?’  And he said this and I’ll always remember –“  And Hilburn grabs a small stack of papers in which he took notes to refer to what Michael said word for word – “Oh no.  I think I would die on my own.  I’d be so lonely.  Even at home I’m lonely.  Sometimes I just sit in my room and cry.’  Hilburn goes on to say  that Michael told him it was so hard to make friends and “there are just some things you can’t talk to your parents or family about.

I’ll bet.

Hilburn went on to say that he didn’t understand why the loneliness, but “it was clear that he was very, very troubled at that point.” 

Why was he troubled then but not when Hilburn had interviewed him during the Jackson 5? 

With all the money that Michael made Quincy and the label and Quincy pays him back by slandering him.

This is the interview in which Quincy said “obviously he didn’t want to be black”.

"Q: Did you believe him about the disease?
A: I don't believe in any of that bullshit, no. No. Never. I've been around junkies and stuff all my life. I've heard every excuse . . .

Q: But it must've been so disturbing to see Michael's face turn into what it turned into.
A: It's ridiculous, man! Chemical peels and all of it. And I don't understand it. But he obviously didn't want to be black.

Q: Is that what it was?
A: Well, what do you think? You see his kids?

And I found this part a little disturbing:

Q: You've said that you don't attend funerals anymore because you've lost so many friends. Do you plan to attend Michael Jackson's funeral?
A: No, not at all, not at all. Because it's going to be, like, 9 million people there, and it's not what I want to see.

Q: You're not going to be there?
A: No. I can't be there, anyway. I'm going to Wales the day after tomorrow, I go to Montreux, I go to Marbella, I go to the south of France. My condolences and love I've already sent to the family. But being there with 10 million people is not my idea of a tribute to somebody you were so close to—who's got a part of your soul. Our souls were joined, you know. And a piece of it goes with him.” – Source, celebrities-entertainment/men-of-the-moment

What a sweetheart of a guy.  “Our souls were joined?”  Would this be BEFORE or after he “decided” not to be black, Quincy?  Everyone else’s life stops the day Michael dies, but not Quincy.  No, “ I can’t be there anyway, I have to be in the South of France….”

I wonder what he means by “our souls were joined”?

In 2004, while Michael was fighting for his life, Quincy was rubbing elbows with the Illuminati elite at the World Economic Forum.  I posted this picture before:

Quincy Jones 2004 World Economic Forum

 Here’s another name associated with Quincy Jones are Rod Temperton, Will Smith, Tupac, Marvin Gaye, Stevie Wonder and Tevin Campell.  Of the few I have listed here, two are dead via murder.

Tevin Campbell

This is the Wikipedia on Tevin Campbell who was very promising and had a voice very similar to Michael’s.

Campbell was introduced to the R&B world by Quincy Jones in August 1989. Campbell's debut single was "Tomorrow (A Better You Better Me)" which reached number 1 on the Billboard Hot R&B/Hip hop Singles chart in June 1990.[1] This was a vocal version of a 1976 instrumental by The Brothers Johnson. It was the lead single from Jones' critically acclaimed ensemble LP Back on the Block which won the Grammy Award for Album of the Year in 1991.[2] After working with Jones and writers and producers including Siedah Garrett,[3] Campbell worked with producers Narada Michael Walden, Al B. Sure, Babyface, and others to record additional music." – Source, Wikipedia/QuincyJones

Tevin’s First Album – Quincy Inset

Sediah also did his song writing for “Tomorrow”, and Prince has also worked with him in the 1990’s.

I found an interview done with Tevin Campbell back in 2009.  He too talks about a similar experience as a child music star in the early 1990’s.  This was under Quincy’s tutelage.  He talks about being disillusioned, talks about drug addiction (at age 14), and “stupid sh*t” that he will not go into detail about.  He is then asked about his sexuality.  I thought his replies answered more than they covered.

Q - “Are you gay?”

A – “That’s nobody’s business. If someone is interested in me and they wanna be my friend or whatever, then we can talk. It’s nobody’s business what I like to do behind closed doors, just because I am a celebrity. I hate that. And I like the fact that people wanna know. Let ‘em wonder. I like to leave a little bit to the imagination. But if you happen to get to know me and we hit it off… I share a lot of personal things with friends, which is a normal thing to do.”

Q – “But with so many years of speculation, don’t you want to take the chance to clear things up?”

A – “I don’t care what people think of me. I like a lot of different things – you have no idea. But that was all part of acting out and just being lost. And I got into a whole bunch of more trouble after that, which no one even knew about. I mean jail and really really bad stuff. God was talking to me and telling me ‘you better watch it.’ That arrest was just the beginning of a long road. Kids today want to be in the business so bad, but you have to be protected, and I was, but I still got into it. It is not a place for a young person to be.

Very few child stars are protected. Their parents exchange wealth for control of their child.  We’ve heard this story so many times with Todd Bridges, Corey Feldman and Corey Haim, Dana Plato, this gentleman here and yes, even Michael and his siblings before their parents caught onto what was really going on.

And as we know through some of the other artists and actors  you don’t just get out.  You lose everything.  When you try to fight for it, you lose your life.

Further down in the interview, Tevin is asked how he got out of the drugs and the “bad stuff.”  Tevin answers –

Q- “How hard was it for you to finally get clean and move away from all that?

A – “Once I got out of the business and started being around my family more, I just did it. It was hard to accept that success being taken away, but now I know it lasted."

Being around family more . . . Not everyone has family that cares more about them then money.  Corey Feldman’s interview about this was heartbreaking.  They turn into hard adults, self protective without any of that genuine love that fame substituted.  It’s like a drug that corrupts rather than heals or repairs.  It masks instead of cures the disease.  Michael was lucky, but his family had a very hard time getting to him because of the level of leverage they had on him and his fame.

What Tevin remembers about Michael was a shocker.  Michael wanted to sign him, but Quincy got a hold of him instead.  Bet he’s sorry now.  And I can just imagine what Quincy said about Michael – seeing the interview above, to get Tevin to change his mind.

Q - "When did you meet him?”

A- “Bobbi Humphrey, a flutist in New York, discovered me when I was 10 and recorded me singing in her club. She sent the tape to the record company, but before that she brought me to Michael, and Michael wanted to sign me. He flew me, my mum and my brother out to his ranch and we had lunch. There were monkeys jumping all over the tables and stuff. We saw his zoo and his arcade house and it was beautiful. I’m so glad I’ve still got the pictures from that day. So yeah he wanted to sign me but we didn’t end up signing with him. Quincy snatched me up instead.

Q – “Wow! That is an amazing memory…”

A – “Yes it is, but even more amazing is this story, which I will never forget. After Quincy signed me he let Michael hear Tomorrow, which is the first song I did. And Quincy said “man, that sounds exactly like you when you were younger, don’t it Michael?’ And Michael said, “No, that sounds better than me when I was that age.” I was like, (Shrieks) “Oh my God, you got to be kidding.” So that was phenomenal for Michael Jackson to say that about me. I’m so glad I got the chance to meet that man."

I am glad he got a chance to meet him too.  Perhaps it saved his life?  Perhaps after his arrest he remembered the hand that reached out to him?  Perhaps his meeting with Michael reminded him that people really did care about HIM and not just what they could get FROM him?

The “really really bad stuff” that he did not go into detail about, no doubt because he couldn’t or he would end up like Tupac, could have been anything within the demonic music industry.  We know what Michael was trying to tell us and he had the visibility to try and do something about it or at least get the word out through his music.  Tevin did not have that visibility.

Tevin’s “really, really bad stuff” resulted in his arrest in 1999.  In Wikipedia (and other news sources), Tevin was arrested for trying to solicit sex from an undercover police officer (male).

"In September 1999, Campbell was arrested after soliciting a lewd act from an undercover police officer during a sting operation in Van Nuys, California. The sting operation was reportedly conducted in an area where there had been numerous complaints from the public about cruising and solicitation. According to police reports, Campbell was also in possession of a small amount of marijuana at the time of his arrest.

Campbell pleaded no contest to the misdemeanor of solicitation, and as a result was ordered to pay $1080.50 in fines, attend meetings of Narcotics Anonymous and participate in a court-sanctioned AIDS awareness class." – Source, Wikipedia and

Once a 12-year-old prodigy championed by Quincy Jones and Prince, rumors of his sexual orientation swirled early. He avoided directly answering the question his whole career. Then ten years later, he got busted for soliciting oral sex from a male undercover cop in a well-known gay cruising zone. Not exactly the way you want to come out to the world." – Source,

I wish he had signed with Michael.  I like to think that Michael may have been heartbroken about all the children he tried to reach out to and were snatched away from him and fed to the wolves.

Tevin, in further reading has turned his life around and I’m sorry if I embarrassed him putting this up.  But if he feels the way about Michael that he expressed in his interview, I am sure he would want to HELP those children by exposing this industry and the people in it who prey on children.

This is why pictures like this one below upset me so much:

Quincy Jones and Prince Michael
At the Chinese Theater last year

Tupac Shakur was killed, murdered with five gunshot wounds.  A professional hit designed to look like a gang killing.

Below is a video with clips of different recorded and videoed interviews.  He mentions some artists by name, including Quincy Jones.  It is an hour long, so I tried to break to down for you.

Tupac & Quicny
**Warning Explicit Languange**
Starts at 11:38
Forgive me for the language – Lots
Of it in this if you can stand it.

All I’m trying to do is survive and make good out of the dirty, nasty, unbelievable lifestyle that they gave me.” ― Tupac Shakur

This video discusses Biggie’s murder and the set up of Tupac on sexual assault charges in which he was sentenced to 1.5 to 4 years in a maximum security prison.

Biggie, if you remember, worked with Michael on rap lyrics on a couple of his songs.  He’s no longer with us.  There is another rapper that worked with Michael that is dead now too, but I can’t remember his name (searched for him, can’t find him).

Biggie was told to cover up Tupac’s assassination and make it look like an “east coast/west coast” Black Panther’s assassination.  Not long after Tupac’s assassination, Biggie was killed.  Remember, this was the same guy who was shaking like a baby the first time he met Michael and was described as turning “into a big teddy bear” when meeting Michael.

Michael calls Quincy, “Q” too.
Remember at 1:30 Michael tells us
Where he got the “Leave room for God
To walk in the room”
Monarch Training repeated by
Other artists in the industry

Was this Michael’s way of telling us that Quincy was involved in his Monarch training?  We’ve heard this exact phraseology from other artists which I’ve posted before.  This much repeated quote of Michael’s was not Michael’s at all, but Quincy Jones’s.

In his early years, Michael Jackson worked closely with record producer Quincy Jones. During a strange rare 1983 interview with Jackson and Jones, Jackson is holding his Boa Constrictor and said he has had several other snakes (symbolic of Lucifer?). The two men discuss how they worked with each other for over 18 hours per day.

According to now deceased rapper Tupac Shakur (at minute 11:00) and Professor Griff (at minute 3:00) of rap group Public Enemy, Quincy Jones was a homosexual and ran sex rings. Having homosexual sex was required to join the rap Illuminati. Was a young Michael Jackson sexually abused or forced to participate in Illuminati sex rituals to become the King of Pop under Quincy Jones?

Clearly there is evidence that Michael Jackson was physically abused and was possibly a mind control victim." – Source,

Lauren Hill wrote a letter that was published on her Tumblr account.  It reads in part below and you can click on the link to read it in its entirety.

I entered into my craft full of optimism (which I still possess), but immediately saw the suppressive force with which the system attempts to maintain it’s control over a given paradigm.  I’ve seen people promote addiction, use sabotage, black listing, media bullying and any other coercion technique they could, to prevent artists from knowing their true value, or exercising their full power.

I kept my life relatively simple, even after huge successes, but it became increasingly obvious that certain indulgences and privileges were expected to come at the expense of my free soul, free mind, and therefore my health and integrity.  So I left a more mainstream and public life, in order to wean both myself, and my family, away from a lifestyle that required distortion and compromise as a means for maintaining it.  During this critical healing time, there were very few people accessible to me who had not already been seduced or affected by this machine, and therefore who could be trusted to not try and influence or coerce me back into a dynamic of compromise.

During this period of crisis, much was said about me, both slanted and inaccurate, by those who had become dependent on my creative force, yet unwilling to fully acknowledge the importance of my contribution, nor compensate me equitably for it.  This was done in an effort to smear my public image, in order to directly affect my ability to earn independently of this system.  It took a long time to locate and nurture a community of people strong enough to resist the incredibly unhealthy tide, and more importantly see through it.

If I had not been able to make contact with, and establish this community, my life, safety and freedom, would have been directly affected as well as the lives, safety and freedom of my family.  Failure to create a non toxic, non exploitative environment was not an option.
As my potential to work, and therefore earn freely, was being threatened, I did whatever needed to be done in order to insulate my family from the climate of hostility, false entitlement, manipulation, racial prejudice, sexism and ageism that I was surrounded by.

My intention has always been to get this situation rectified.  When I was working consistently without being affected by the interferences mentioned above, I filed and paid my taxes.  This only stopped when it was necessary to withdraw from society, in order to guarantee the safety and well-being of myself and my family." - Source,

I’m sure she left out a lot of detail and probably to stay alive.

Quincy Jones is a small piece of this of this horrifying puzzle.  Getting invited to the World Economic Forum is a reward given for obedience to the machine much like a position on the Food and Drug Administration is to someone like Arnold Klein – both of them sexual deviants.

Corey Feldman was “surrounded by them”.

Michael was “surrounded by them”.  And I have very little hope that he escaped any of it when notes like this were found written by him to an ex-sister-in-law who was also murdered not long afterward.

Note to Dee Dee about Abusive Relatives

Is Quincy one of them?  Several who died said he is.  Regardless of what he did or did not do to Michael, I think it is more than obvious that he was no friend.

Michael wanted to protect these children.  He just wanted it to stop.  He didn’t even try to punish anyone.  He just wanted it to stop.  That’s all.  He wanted to protect him.  He felt their pain because he lived it.  He told us during the 1993 Grammy’s that his childhood was “stolen” from him.  He told us he envied a downs syndrome teenager because “he will always be innocent.”

He told Hilburn “there are some things you just can’t tell your parents or your family.”

And I wish I could go back in time and protect this man who endured this abuse, the control, the isolation from people who really cared about him, his family and his only escape – God and his art.  I would take his pain in a heart beat, but I know he would never let me.  I wish people would listen to him and really care about him.

I wish those who ridiculed him because they knew nothing about him beyond the tabloid papers and t.v. reports, what he actually went through.  I wish they would open their eyes to see the true source and motive of the hatred directed at this man who in my eyes will always be a deer, torn apart on the steps as his family, wide-eyed, scared and angry looked for help.

They never blamed anyone or directed their anger at an uneducated public.   They only wanted help.

These people think they are getting away with harming children.  Judgment day is coming.  I can’t wait.

Thank you Micheline for finding...

Today is filled with anger, fueled with hidden hate.
Scared of being outkast, afraid of common fate.
Today is build on tragedies which no one want's to face.
Nightmares to humanity and morally disgraced.
Tonight is filled with Rage, violence in the air.
Children bred with ruthlessness cause no one at home cares.
Tonight I lay my head down but the pressure never stops,
knowing that my sanity content when I'm dropped.
But tomorrow I see change, a chance to build a new,
build on spirit intent of heart and ideas based on truth.
Tomorrow I wake with second wind and strong because of pride.
I know I fought with all my heart to keep the dream alive.”
Tupac Shakur

But for me the sweetest contact with God has no form. I close my eyes, look within, and enter a deep soft silence. The infinity of God's creation embraces me.
Michael Jackson, Dancing the Dream


  1. Oprah and Quincy are good friends in private, aren't they? In Interviews Michael always said good things about Quincy Jones. In interviews Michael said things like, - Quincy is great, - I love Quincy, - I would love to work with Quincy again. I think I started to dislike Quincy when I ages ago read that he treated his wife bad or something. I don't remember in detail. But it had something to do with his wife and marriage. But then again, The press/media always tells us the truth, right? Now you have given me other reasons to dislike this man. I have to admit though that I wrote down and kept some words Quincy said in an Interview after Michael's death. I liked what he said and agreed with him on that. I am not talking about Michael and Quincy and I don't Remember if he did either. There are so many people in the world that don't have the ability to forgive no matter what. And the reason for that is that their egos are too big. Quincy seems to have a big ego too, but here are the words he said that I wrote down and saved years ago.

    "I forgive people, because I expect people to do the same with me. If you don't forgive then it's a poison, and it eats you up and take hold of you."
    Quincy Jones

    1. Hi Anonymous,

      Are they good friends in private? What would give you that impression? No, I didn't see or read any such thing. I doubt it if Quincy is into "boys".

      I know what Michael has said during interviews. Remember who surrounded him. Remember who Michael knew that was murdered. What else would you say?

      I have a CD - Can't remember if it was BAD or Dangerous, but there is commentary from Quincy on it and he didn't even PRODUCE those albums. And he talked about Michael's genius and the idea for "Liberian Girl" and all that. But he did not go to the funeral or the memorial, trashed him in the late 1990's and 2000's, then wants people to believe they were best friends. They parted ways and Michael didn't use him for any other album after "Thriller". Why?

      He fired Bill Bray after YEARS of service in 1998. Why? Bray never trashed him but Quincy? He moved on to other "talent" as you can see above.

      Quincy said a lot of good things about Michael. He also said a lot of Bad. Tommy Mottola did the same thing. Lots of Michael's enemies had "good" to say about Michael. And I would forgive Quincy if he would do something to expose what goes on in that industry. But he took heavy part in it. And if evil remains evil you turn away from it. You don't continue to give it fuel.

    2. Sorry. Michael fired Bill Bray in 1996, not 1998.

    3. I agree with you.

  2. To add to my comment. All people doesn't live as they learn. Some people say great things and then they go out in the world and do the opposite. Acting like they are possed by the devil. People with big egos have made a deal with the devil, aware of it or not.

    1. Yes, you are right. I think Quincy was aware of his deal though. The money was too good to turn down. He was an adult when he got into the business. Everyone has the power to say no. But "changed my mind" is a bit harder to convince people of AFTER you sign on the dotted line.

  3. Remember this from CNN's documentary, The Final Days?

    Randy Phillips: I said, You know 150 000 dollars a month on a doctor making protein shakes for you or whatever. It just makes no sense. And he shout back at me. And he stared at me with his very deep staring.
    - You dont understand.
    His voice got lower and his demeanor changed and he said, - My body is what fuels this entire venture. I am like Barak Obama. I need my own physician 24/7. That's not negotiable.
    He was so strong about it. I just backed off and said, This is a battle I can't win.

    Didnt sound like our humble Michael Jackson, did it?
    We have heard several people describing this instant demeanor change of Michael.

    Going from one personality to another in a blink of an eye. It's kind of eerie. But understandable. Trauma can do that to a person. I'v seen his boy personality and his female personality. But I have never seen this violent, demanding, controlling personality that has been described.

    Many children who go through trauma developing several personalities to survive. The personalities can be different ages and genders.

    I know that you brought up this subject long ago and wrote about it on your blog. It's a very interesting and complex subject. Is there a cure for this condition or do you have to learn to live with it? Was Michael aware of this? Or doesn't a person remember what was happening, what they did or said, when they return to their real self so to speak? I would like to know what you and your readers think and know about this today.
    Was his family aware of it? Was Michael aware of it? Did anybody do anything to help him help himself to deal with it. To help him become one person again. Did he or his family talk to a doctor about this condition? There are so many questions, but not many or any answers.

    1. Hi Anonymous,

      On Randy Phillips, I remember reading that. I think some of that may have been embellished by the press, but I do remember him saying on camera that Michael insisted on using Dr. Murray. (I still don't think Murray is guilty of ANYTHING except being the "fall guy"). I want to meet Randy Phillips in person, I really do. Because so much has been said about that guy and I just get the impression that Randy Phillips is not the stuffed shirt executive that people have portrayed him as. During the Murray trial when he was on the stand, he said that things got emotional between him and Mike at that first meeting, and before that I did not picture Randy being the type that cried. But at the beginning of his testimony when Chernoff asked him how many total years he worked in the entertainment industry, Randy just came off with "too long . . ." then turned to the judge and said, "kidding, sorry your honor". And those kinds of off the cuff comments come from a place of honesty. I'm sure he's seen SOME of what Michael has been through.

      No, it did not sound like our "humble" Michael, but I've SEEN that side of Michael during his "Killer Thriller" speech in London against Tommy Mottola and Sony, I've seen it during his "Al Sharpton" Harlem speeches. So we know that Michael has a backbone and a line in the sand. He's not the wishy-washy "man-child" that people have tried to sell him as in the press. I saw that "look" in his eyes during the Diane Sawyer interview in 1995, so its there.

      Yes, there is healing for MPD and DPD (Dissociative Personality disorder) and when reading about other people who suffered this like Bryce Taylor (Susan Ford), it is through the love of God that you get real healing. And according to Fritz Springmeier, you have to be VERY FAMILIAR with the mechanisms that are planted in MK Ultra victims, because some of them are programmed with suicide triggers. But Michael? I believe went through that healing and I believe between History and Invincible is when it probably happened. Michael has a remarkable mind and God just would not let him go.

  4. Was his condition caused by trauma or mind control? Or both? And if you are being mind controlled, are you aware of it?

    1. Well part of mind control IS trauma. I don't think you have adequate control without using trauma as a reinforcement mechanism. Trauma, both physical and psychological is needed to "split" the mind and segment off different personalities. That is my understanding of it with the research I've done on it since last year.

      Yes, some people break their programming. Remember Michael's 1993 Grammy speech with his sister Janet? He talked about his childhood being "stolen" from him? What happened after that?

      Klein and Liz wisked him off to London to "reprogram" him and then at the end of that year the "Chandler" allegations came out.

      I have a disturbing write up by someone who said they witnessed Michael's drugged up state on the plane when it landed in London, with Liz and her then husband Larry Fortenski and how they had to practically carry him off the plane. Where and how did Michael get drugged if he had handlers around him 24/7? His food? This is how Gordon drugged Latoya. Don't even get me started on this, I get so freaking angry!

    2. Anonymous, listen to Michael's song "Morphine". He wrote it shortly after that "detox" session Liz Taylor took him to in London. Listen to the sound effects in the song, the background "electrical shock" sounds, what he's saying in the adlibs and the mental abuse he is repeating that was said to him "You hate your race, baby" - Any doubts?

  5. Anonymous, yes I'd listened to an interview or 2 where Q and O are good friends in private too. He said she is like his own daughter. Not sure if that has changed in the last couple of years.


    TITLE: Quincy Jones discusses Oprah Winrey-EMMYTVLEGENDS.ORG


    1. TL - Wow. I guess because Quincy said it it must be true. That would mean that Michael was ashamed of being black too, because Quincy said it.

      I listened to Quincy and although HIS picture at the Davo World Economic Forum is easy enough to obtain guess what? There is NO PICTURES OF OPRAH published at this same event! So I'm guessing that either Quincy is lying, or Oprah threatened someone with death if they took her picture.

      In the last couple of years I will bet you are right. Something (alot) has changed with Oprah, which is why I published the above about her and if she has an uphill battle with her public support of Christ, I'm going to stand by her.

    2. TL,

      I don't find anything from Oprah on her "friendship" with Quincy. Hmmmmmm.....

  7. There are many children around the world who are developing several personalities disorders because of trauma as we speak. It is happening now in this moment. Sometimes I wish you would need a license to be a parent. You need a license to drive a car, but anybody can have a baby. Many people who would make a great parent, don't get any children. And many who are a disaster as a parent get many kids. And the children many times are paying a high price as adults for what they had to go through as children. A child cannot protect themselfs and walk away from an unhealthy situation or environment the adults have put the child in. There is no escape. The child is trapped.

    1. I know, anonymous, and it breaks me HEART and makes me ANGRY!!!! I dont' think this is all parents either. We have to remember that many of the children the government agencies get come from orphanages and hospitals in 3rd world countries, stolen from parents through CPS here and in the European countires (I've covered the abductions before), and yes, unfortunately parents who are wooed by whatever religion, organization or government agency/industry in which THEY are brainwashed and deceived.

      Empathy and love for their own children has been so numbed and encased in self-purpose, it is nothing short of demonic, what is going on in the world against our innocent.

  8. LOL! Sorry Michael, but this just turned up on my search results for keywords/phrases =

    " — why dont michael jackson have a belly button his autopsy"

    The page they visited was of course the autopsy photos during the trial of Murray. So? Mike?

    Why don't you have a bellybutton? (I'm sorry, but I had to share this with everyone because it made me laugh . . . it was cute.)

  9. Hi,

    I can't believe that I found your blog. Just wondering if anyone else has had communication with Michael's spirit? I've had several incidences after his death and at first I thought It's just because I listen to his music a lot because my mom is a huge fan so she's always playing him around the house. I've had dreams with him in them. Some of the dreams had to do with him saying he's worried about money. I started reading about Michael more and he left a lot of debt like millions. Do you think Mike hasn't crossed over? My mom thinks I'm nuts but I have a friend who always has dreams about her deceased father because he died of a heart attack and left his wife with huge bills. I hope Mike's in a better place and not worried about his family.


    1. Amber,

      You and several people have tried to post these comments with "links" to people's personal blogs about being "possessed" by Michael. The only reason I let THIS post in is because there was no link and I want to address you, so that you know there is NO DOUBT as to what is acceptable on this blog.

      There is NO SUCH THING as a "spirit" not "crossing over". If you read the Bible, it tells you that a "spirit" is either "sleeping" or "in Heaven". They do not HAUNT people.

      If someone experiences "spirits" it is either demonic or angelic in nature. I do believe Angels will come to comfort and to reassure and possibly deliver answers to prayers. Demons? They can and will deceive you into believing they are angels or someone you love coming to communicate with you. This is how they 'get in'. I know from experience watching my mother try to "clean" her house after being involved in witchcraft.

      As far as Michael leaving a lot of debt behind - he didn't acquire that debt! Certain lawyers and accountants with POWER OF ATTORNEY acquired that debt and spend the money FOR HIM. One of them is still executor of his estate. Michael wasn't a spendthrift. He was a guy with simple, elegant tastes and gave more than he lived off of. His lawyers, accountants, business managers and 'friends' all helped themselves.

      I've had dreams with Michael in them too, but I believe they were from God, not from Michael. You'll have to search your heart as to what your dreams mean to you.

      God bless you. Pray for understanding. If your heart longs for the truth, God will lead you to it.

    2. Thanks so much Miss Bonnie. I am a faithful Christian but lately I've been confused as to why I've had these dreams. I've been reading through your blogs some more. Michael was such a great guy and I'm glad you stick up for him. You mention in some blogs that you are waiting for Michael to give you a sign or somethings like that. Another about playing chess and dreams you have. Do you get signs from Michael? The only reason I'm asking is because I get signs not just in dreams. Like on youtube for 1 example. It's hard to describe because no one believes me anyway. Now my boyfriend is starting to get them too. We're 18 and just graduated high school so we never really knew a lot about Michael until my mom started playing him a lot after he died. Wonder if spirits in heaven can send signs too.

      Amber and Josh

    3. Hi Amber,

      Glad to know your name :o) Christians can still get confused (I do it every day, hehe). When I ask Michael for a sign in my blogs, you have to understand that I don't believe he is dead. To my knowledge I do not get signs from Michael, but I do get signs, be it in dreams or people that just appear with helpful "suggestions" on what to search out and where to look for information.

      I do believe that God is on Michael's side and visa versa. And the reason I know this for fact is the dreams and the initial call to pray for him (and the angel-kiss I got that night).

      I believe angels do all the communicating on God's behalf to people (except for the things God puts directly into your head). The only way you can know for sure is to keep in prayer to God. Reading the Bible certainly doesn't hurt either. That's how you get close to God and get to know his character.

      God bless you♥

  10. Bonnie, I just finished your blog over my morning coffee. And when it leaves me crying my eyes out, consider it a compliment. This blog is worth an award! You and I have talked about this so many times, and I told you that it's the UGLY stuff that needs to get out there, and there is no sugar coating the abuses to make it bearable for people. They need to be hit in the gut with the realities, and if we fail to expose it, then Michael will have wasted his time suffering for nothing. You broke my heart the way you presented Michael's pain, from that note he wrote to Dee Dee, to Willburn's sad recollections of his talks with him. When Michael told the audience at the 1992 AMA Awards that his childhood was stolen from him, we know he was not accusing his parents, since they were sitting in the audience that night, beaming with pride over their son! Michael was talking about something else far more sinister.

    As for Quincy Jones, it would not surprise me that he may have been one of Michael's handlers during the early years. And now that we know of his little perverse indulgences, his mean spirited attack on Michael's skin color could have been in response to Michael spurning his advances. The luciferian reference you made about Michael having many snakes was interesting, although I don't believe Quincy Jones had any influence or contact with Michael prior to meeting on the set of "The Wiz" when Michael was 18 ore 19. Michael had boa constrictor named Rosie the Crusher (!) as early as 1972 when he appeared on Dick Clark's American Bandstand. But I did get the impression that Michael was behaving in an almost hypnotic way while sitting next to Quincy on the couch in that interview with the snake. Maybe snakes had a calming effect on Michael the way he was stroking it and carefully removing the shedding skin. Nevertheless, I sensed a bit of a controlling atmosphere where Michael was "obeying" and Quincy was taking charge.

    It always made me sad to see how withdrawn Michael had become, as if he was recoiling into himself as his stardom grew. I see a young man who is unhappy despite his success, and that comes from the people around him changing the dymanic of his life. You are looking at a "work in progress" - meaning his destruction.

    Bonnie - I noticed something else during the interview that told me Michael was very alert to the conversation, and tell me if you agree. Quincy talked about how they both worked 18 hours a day and "ended up on the floor." Michael heard that and added this: "we were SLEEPING." Why would Michael even feel the need to set the record straight that something other than sleeping would be misinterpreted by the interviewer? For me, that was very telling, because it shows that Michael was smart enough to complete that statement rather than have anyone misinterpret what "on the floor" would mean. See my point? Michael was innocent, but if Quincy had made Michael uncomfortable in any way while working together, that might have been the reason he wanted to make sure there was no misunderstanding. I LOVE YOU, MICHAEL!

    Love you, Bonnie!

    1. Hey! How come "Love you Michael" is in all caps and I'm only in regular print? (LOL!!!)

      I'm going to post my response to you email in part, here since it is also in answer to this post, then I will elaborate as you have done here:


      I will tell you that what you noticed about Quincy and Michael I agree with you 1,000%!!! That's why I posted that particular interview.

      Exactly what you said . . . Michael was INNOCENT. If he expected people to view his slumber parties in his BIG BEDROOM at Neverland innocently, why did he feel years BEFORE THAT, that he had to explain his and Quincy's sleeping arrangements? Why would he assume anyone would think otherwise? VERY DAMNING!!!! Good observation. I heard it too, but I did not point it out on the blog because I was not sure. My heart is wounded too. I

      Also remember that in the beginning, they weren't trying to destroy him. They were trying to make him into something. Remember they need someone just like Michael, that has that global appeal. No other politician, religious figure or entertainer has what Michael has. I believe the reason for HALF his persecution was to bank fan sympathy. But as Michael said in his song Ghosts, "Now they're onto me". They did not have control of him. Remember in that same film, Michael played opposing characters. Keep that in mind.

      Back to Michael and Quincy, I agree more than you know. I know from my own experience the devastation of the loss of your innocence. And there is nothing you want back more. You spend your whole life searching out sources of innocence, just to be a part of it and have it back in your life again. My thing was drawing pictures and writing stories (back in my childhood it was about animals). Michael's was music and drawing.

      Michael was lucky. He had a family that started him off with a good foundation in God. Mine did not even though there was casual mention of him by my mother. I took myself to church. Maybe it started off just wanting to belong to SOME kind of family, I don't know. But the longing to be innocent again is what drew me closer to God. The rest is HERstory, LOL!

      Michael - I wish I knew him when I was a little girl. Maybe I did? :o)

      Love, and God bless you lady!

  11. BONNIE, John Travolta faces a very painful public scandal these days. Agressively gay or not, obviously he has ferocious enemies in the Scientology &/or showbiz. Quincy Jones continues to be highly respected. Crystal clear where he belongs to..if the bad exposure on him is true. Don't take me wrong : even if I do not understand it, homosexuality is no crime unless one forces someone to homosexual acts against his will : same for heteros anyway. Michael's change of demeanor around the age of 20 anyhow raises MANY questions..alike the Vids & articles above. I'm appalled again by this new "discovery" on Q. whom shortly after 06.25.2009, I still viewed as Michael's friend. Did Q. make harsh comments on Michael after 2009 because Michael once fired him or because of a heavier secret ?

    While in London in March 2009, Michael called Q. as he wished to meet him with his MJ3 (Q. said it : truth or lie ?). The meeting was postponed anyway but why would Michael call Q. & introduce him to his kids if that guy still reminded him such painful memories from the past ? I don't get it.

    1. Line,

      Speaking of John Travolta (thank you for bringing that up). Didn't you notice something odd? Look at how the press and even LOCAL businesses advertising, are jumping on the ridicule Travolta bandwagon!

      Didn't Lisa Marie Presley also announce that she left Scientology?

      How come they are not picking on her? Isn't that odd??

      And Now Karen Faye is busy on twitter trying to hard sell this fake romance between Michael and Lisa Marie like everyone is going to forget how MISERABLE she said she made Michael before her OTHER personality button was pushed. Yet she's celebrated and Travolta is ruined and ridiculed. Signs of something smells rotten in Graceland.

      Homosexuality IS a crime - against God and the natural order, not against the law of most modernized countries. But it doesn't make our other sins any less sinful and like you said, heteros are just as capable of deviance.

      I never considered Quincy Michael's friend only because I knew what he had said about Michael. He was no different to me then the rest of the CBS/Epic/Sony bunch. Quincy made the harsh comments about Michael even before he passed (before his 2005 trial), I just posted THAT interview which took place after Michael's passing but before the memorial.

      Line, we don't even know IF Michael was in London in March of 2003. We know SOMEONE as Michael was in London. Michael would have had no reason to call Quincy. Quincy very much distanced himself from Michael during the 2003-2005 allegations and trial. Personally I don't think Michael would have wanted his children anywhere near him. I don't believe much of what these so called friends say about their closeness to Michael unless Michael himself tells me.

      You know the saying "You will know them by their fruits?" Well, take a look at who's being rewarded by the establishment and who is being persecuted? Travolta, but not Lisa Marie for the SAME crime (Leaving Scientology)

      Oprah but not Quincy (Oprah PUBLICLY announced she is a Christian and told people IF they were interested she could show them how).

      Lisa Marie is going to be used to usher in the New World Religion . . . watch.

    2. Hi Bonnie,

      March 2009 I meant, not 2003 : typing mistake I guess. Q. is anyhow on my bad guys's list. Your Lisa Marie's observation : very good. Beautiful woman however with witchy eyes her father Elvis did not even have.

    3. Bonnie, pls watch below :o)

    4. Line, this link only brought up a picture of Lisa Marie throwing the Baphomet Horns with both hands. I read the article it went to also (right after her twins were born) Is that what you wanted me to see?

    5. No Bonnie, it was for the pic only. The ones not showing that awful sign must be a rarity now in Hollywood:o(

    6. Thank you Line. I guess one hand was not enough to convince us she was serious. (shakes head).

  12. I'm leaving you this vid Bonnie.


    This is a 3 month old video. Q, O, Siedah, Chris Tucker and others. They all look pretty comfy and happy here.


    1. Yeah they do look comfy and happy. Have to see what comes out in the wash I guess. Chris Tucker - Introduced him to Brett Ratner or what that Klein? Not sure, two different stories.

      Keep one thing in mind and I'm sure you know this already. The entertainment industry, on the outset, is one big happy family. That is until someone betray's someone. And if you are not of one mind in that institution you've betrayed your "rainman". You won't see pieces leaving the game board until we're "this close" to checkmate.

  13. I read a long way back that Q, Santana and Michael were supposedly going to be working on something together. This was announced on TV in South America somewhere in 2008 on a show Santana was being interviewed on. Of course we then had the Michael/Santana song put up for us. Michael and Santana were in the ONeness group together and I wonder if this is relevant now in any way seeings Chaka and others were involved. It was odd to me that Michael received his Oneness award (nov 15 2003) and the next second (about 2 days later) his home was raided by the 70 cops and then onto the trial etc etc. In between he was filming that "once more chance" song..........


    1. I don't think Michael worked with Quincy at all after Thriller. That doesn't mean they didn't speak ever, but the Santana thing - I'm still not sure which side of the fence Santana was on. I just read something about HIM recently that he was a sexually abused child. True? Who knows.

      What is the "Oneness" group? Never heard of it. Where is this info coming from?

    2. I haven't read anything on Santana abusing anyone either. He is tight with Orianthi though and that's how she got started in the big music business after playing for him over here in Oz. I'm not sure which side of the fence Santana is either, only noting what I've read, or seen.

      You'll remember the award given to Michael by the oneness group Bonnie, where Michael apologises for having the hiccups.
      =FC3DEIsMyDon Title:Michael Jackson Power of Oneness Awards 2003. This was mid nov 2003.

      You'll remember the radio music awards where Beyonce gives Michael an award, a bright plaque actually and the art is done by Romero Britto who happens to be one of the beneficiaries of the huge party at neverland in sep 2003 along with the Oneness group (Romero was trying to raise money for poor kids in Rio)Romero also did a wild painting of Michael . This vid is oct (he had alot of trouble getting this song out so he especially thanks Clearwater Channel here, you'll see the plaque and Romero's artwork).

      Down the page you'll see some of the people from Oneness group mentioned. Common was another one.....remember his poem at the whitehouse last yr (or was it 2010).

      Anyhow, there's lots of stuff out there on all this and I guess we know Michael knows Santana and Q and all the others one way or another through the business. They all seem linked somehow.


    3. TL,

      I have no idea what the "Oneness" group is, but getting an award from them and being a "member" are two entirely different things. Michael didn't show up to receive the award. But the hiccups were cute. Those suckers are loud when you're wearing a mic! LOL!

      Your newswire link did not come up. Page cannot be found so I don't know what to tell you. Where are you going with this anyway?

    4. Yes I do understand the difference between receiving an award and being a member Bonnie.


    5. You said: "Michael and Santana were in the Oneness group together". That's why I said what I said.

  14. Bonnie,

    I think it was your last blog that included a video clip of Michael all in white, arms outstretched with people/children coming up to him, touching and hugging him. He turns and leads children into the light. It took some searching, but I finally found the complete video - a Britain awards performance of Earth Song.

    I think it's the most powerful performance of Earth Song I've ever seen - BUT - I'm not sure about it. You will see, he starts with the 666 signs like in Brunei and on the cherry picker, while hanging onto the railing, he gives the horns. It's like this performance pushes "their" agenda with Michael being the savior. Please take a look. What do you all think?

    1. Blake,

      I see EVERYTHING you saw. I saw the "6's" at the beginning (twice, just like in the Brunei performance). And I saw the "horns" when he was holding onto the railing of the cherry picker. I wanted to slap his hands.

      Now what do we do? What does Michael think he's doing? Pushing their agenda? Maybe it's HIS agenda? I mean a lot of his songs could be taken both ways, right? Maybe we should just shut down all our blogs, tell Michael to take a flying leap and assume that all that tazering and physical/sexual abuse worked and Michael is Lucifer/the beast?

      Maybe Michael really hates mankind. And maybe his love for children has more to do with a desire to FEED off of innocence instead of championing it?

      There are two ways we can look at this (and other) performances. Michael is playing TWO ROLES here. Then we can remember some of his lyrics -

      "he really thought - they thought - they really had control of me . . ." - "This Time Around".

      "I'm gonna be exactly what you wanna see, Am I amusing you or just confusing you, am I the beast you visualized . . ." - "Is it Scary"

      "Everything will be alright, he assures her, but she doesn't hear a word that he says, preoccupied, she's afraid, afraid what they've been doing's not right. Whatever happens . . . don't let go of my hand".

      There are correlating Bible verses with these songs, believe it or not. I tried to get into it once before, but I'm still studying and not ready yet.

      Michael is playing two characters in this song. The two characters are one. More later

    2. Isn't that the link where the british chap jumps in part way through the perfomance coz he's angry with M's behaviour. Just guessing without watching it. I did see that particular fellow on a more recent show going on about how he admired Michaels musical talent etc but that Michael was acting as though he was God. Then the chap says he doesn't believe in God but its still sacriligious for Michael to behave in such a way. Wish he'd make up his mind !! It said to me that the man really does believe in God even if he won't admit it.And if its the same vid I'm thinking of Michael is pretty cocky.


    3. Yes TL, that's the same, very same performance but you don't see him on this.

    4. Bonnie,

      You wrote, "Now what do we do? What does Michael think he's doing? Pushing their agenda? Maybe it's HIS agenda? I mean a lot of his songs could be taken both ways, right? Maybe we should just shut down all our blogs, tell Michael to take a flying leap and assume that all that tazering and physical/sexual abuse worked and Michael is Lucifer/the beast?"


      I thought on this a lot yesterday - and prayed! We have been living on a fallen earth. Satan has had it as his foot stool. We have been prisoners under his feet since the fall of Adam and Eve. The "6's" represent that and Michael sings, What about..." God didn't create everything to be this way.

      Wake up people (those who have been duped by the serpent) - what are you doing? Where is the value to the life I (God) created?

      "Have you ever stopped to notice" that in Michaels' History Book II he has the lyrics written as :
      What about yesterday
      What about the seas
      Heavens are falling down
      I can't even breathe
      What about the bleeding Earth
      Can't we feel it's wounds

      Michael consistently sings instead of the bleeding earth part sings:


      Michael is still spreading God's cry. Sin came into the world. Satan is the reason for all the destruction. Wake up! Wake up! Return unto me and I will return unto you!

      What about the children dying
      Can't you hear them cry?
      (Ye who throw up horns - don't you care? All children - we are all God's children - are the most precious thing in His sight.)

      All the people, young and old, coming down the ramp in ragged clothing reminded me of your dream and the coming disasters. HIS children will be gathered, we will be "kept" during this time. Michael has been in this "War Zone" for a long time. Peeling off the black and red war tattered clothes and revealing the blinding white (No longer undercover, huh Mikey?) represents that God has been working through this all along.

      All those on stage were given new clothes. Also did you notice that more modern people went up the ramp 1st and as the procession past "beyond" time went backwards? Look at some of the clothing. The people after the rabbi, (what was that with the big dot on his forehead, anyway?)whom I took to be a "real" Jew (even "fake" Jews can be forgiven), were an Indian in all white and a Greek person just draped in gold (with his right hand up in the air - reminded me of the Olympics).

      Matthew 20:16
      So the last will be first, and the first last: for many be called, but few chosen.

      Michael points out that the amount tropical "rain" forest is burnt and then goes on to point out the number of children dying. He then just stresses the numbers dying from hunger. That he believes in us as "a people"??? (The chosen ones?) That he knows we can make a difference. That he loves all of us and believes in all of us. He then makes a sign on his forehead that is NOT the "6's" (and it's not two fingers like with the Catholic blessing - can anyone make it out?) and says he loves us. (Yes, he most certainly does!)

      Michael had to be VERY BRAVE to do this performance because I'm sure it caused a lot of commotion, and not good because it does set him up, looking like he thinks he's God or something. But if you think about it, any actor that plays Jesus like in The Passion or the Greatest Story Ever Told, etc., those actors did not think they were Jesus. They were just a representation in the story. Same with Michael here.

      Bless you Michael, forever the warrior!

    5. This is the comment I wanted to get back to. And no, I didn't mean the sarcasm that way. I meant it in the way that this is what the haters jump on, and this is what they will twist into their own interpretation. (You knew I was being sarcastic, right?)

      So you are interpreting "Earth Song" as God singing through him. I've always interpreted it as Michael singing to God. (Lamenting).

      On a practical note, I am very impressed that Michael could run around the stage singing under two layers of clothing and that outfit underneath was STILL white!

      When he took off his tattered clothing (note this was black and red colors - same colors in Madonna's "black mass" Superbowl halftime show), Michael was disguising himself as the bad guy up until the very end. The devil has been trying to mimick/copy God. He is trying to copy the prophecies and impersonate the Christ. So what is Michael telling us in this reversal?

      That he and his people are going to have to appear to be playing along?

      Is Christ coming in disguise? Is that what he is trying to tell us?

      Everything in that performance of Earth Song (much different then his "tank" version) follows some of the sentiment in "Don't Walk Away" and "Don't Let Go of My Hand".

      And I know we're getting close.

  15. This partial quote by Randy Phillips that Anonymous posted above caught my attention. Although it may seem insignificant, when it comes to correctly quoting Michael, we should take note --

    "My body is what fuels this entire venture. I am like Barak Obama. I need my own physician 24/7. That's not negotiable."

    This is the first time I ever saw Barack Obama's name in this quote about Michael discussing a round the clock physician. I did a Google search on the quote, which turned up several links from top news outlets like CNN, LA Times, ABC News to name a few. All of them push the liberal ideology and are in bed with Obama. Oddly enough, while the reference is there about Michael wanting a 24/7 physician, there is NO mention of Obama in any of the searches.

    If Randy Phillips never mentioned Obama, then someone deliberately misquoted him in order to connect Michael subliminally to Obama's agenda. Michael was one of the least political persons ever to come out of the entertainment industry, and I hate seeing him exploited for someone's self serving motives. It happened before with Catherine Gross, who posted on Facebook that Michael's "four years to get it right" speech was in support of Obama's policies before he left office! Does the Reverend Gross split her time between Gold Pants analyst and liberal pundit?

    Bonnie, you watched the Murray trial every day and saw Randy's testimony. Do you remember him mentioning Obama as someone Michael used as an example of needing a doctor on call 24/7? Michael did not need to use anyone as a precedent for arguing his rights to wanting his own doctor. As a dancer and workaholic, that was reason enough to make his case.

    I could understand if Michael used another comparison like Muhammed Ali as a example of a high endurance athlete who needed regular monitoring. But it's not unusual for a president to have a doctor on call. The White House doctor has only two medical issues to deal with - perfecting Obama's golf swing, and straightening out the knuckle of his forefinger after 3-1/2 years of sticking it in America's faces!

    Bonnie, I realize I made a big deal out of this tonight, but your blog was very painful and Michael suffered a lifetime of being slandered, misquoted and exploited for personal and political gain. And if this is one of those times again, it needs to stop!

    If someone can prove that Michael mentioned Obama's name to Randy Phillips, then I stand corrected. Hey, when it comes to defending Michael, just call me Mama Grizzly!

    1. Micheline,

      No I agree with you. I too have been inundated in the past with people wanting to attach Michael to Obama when Michael has never mentioned him, never met him, never made comparisons to Obama. And it's these flipping "One World Order" people that seem to want to lick the boots of Illuminati-Puppet-In-Chief and I'm sorry, but if ANYONE should be licking ANYONE'S boots, it should be Obama to Michael. (Sorry Michael, but it ticked me off too).

      Obama is not even a real person. His name is Barry! He is the illegitimate son of a CIA/World Bank agent. Barry was not BORN here. But regardless of where he was spawned, the bodysnatchers now controlling him are the people Michael was fighting and the people who abused him. The people spouting this stuff do not care about Michael. They only seek to continue what others have tried to do. Use him for THEIR purposes.

      So Griz, there's my two cents. :o) Michael never mentioned Obama and every quote I have ever read of Randy Phillips NEVER included the Obama quote.


    2. Bonnie and spotlight. If You watch The documentary "Michael Jackson the final days", You will see Randy Phillips sitting in a chair and you will hear him say what I wrote. I quoted him, I didnt made it up. I you are upset about it you should be upset with Randy Phillips and nobody else. Randy also said that Michael had said to Ortega, I need you to build the house, then I will come and paint the front door. The documentary was aired on CNN one year after Michael left us.

    3. Anonymous,

      I posted this answer on the NEW blog that you posted your answer on (confused yet? I was!). I grazed through parts 1-3 before I saw your post about part 4. (Look at the other people they interviewed . . . that didn't even KNOW Michael).

      So I will say it here too, I did NOT accuse YOU PERSONALLY of misquoting Randy. I thought maybe it was something you saw in print somewhere. It's funny the big deal people make about Obama and Michael when honestly, Obama is the first president since Reagan that Michael never made it a point of to meet with. He must have known SOMETHING.

      I saw where Randy said that and now that i've seen him say it, it's not really a big deal. I'm not even sure it's the truth. Randy is very non-emotional here. Much different then when he was in court.

    4. Anonymous,

      Additionally, I wanted to let you know that I re-read my comment above in reply to Spotlight and it certainly could be read that I was blaming you, but I was not. I'm sorry if it came off that way. I intensely do not like Obama, but I also intensely do not like either of the Bush's or Clinton or now (I used to like) Reagan.

    5. I am sorry for being all over the blogs with the same subject. But I couldn't post here yesterday so I had to post it on the other blog. About part 4 that was. The reason I brought up what Randy said had nothing to do with Obama. But personalities. When I first heard Randy say what he said I was like, Who are you talking about??? That's not Michael! Then I thought about what you have brought up on your blog in the past, Multiple Personalities.

    6. I think there was an anonymous post down at the bottom of these comments that had a question in regard to this, but they didn't state who they were directing the question to.

      I understand what you mean, yes. I think what Randy Phillips said that Michael said could have been veiled clues. Personally I would have loved to see Michael that "forcefull" The press never gives him any credit for having a backbone (we know better). But there are no direct quotes from Michael about Barack Obama. I think that is what the person below may have been asking about.

  16. Thank you for backing me on this, Bonnie. And of course you deserve caps, too...just like Michael. I LOVE YOU, GIRL!

  17. Hey Bonnie!

    This blog is very deep. I am a fan of Tevin Campbell and I am disgusted at what 'they' did to him. What really boils down to it NO CHILD DON'T NEED TO BE IN THIS INDUSTRY!! Check your email. Something has caught my attention.


  18. Hey Bonnie,

    Probably an oversight by you but Michael and Quincy did work after Thriller....the Bad album.

    Also, I am a fan of Tevin Campbell's music as well and did not know about the Quincy connection and didn't know that he had met Michael. I was kind of shocked to see his name on your blog. I'm really glad that he had met Michael too.

    You said above that there was another dead rapper who had worked with Michael that you couldn't remember the name. Would it be Heavy D?

    I've also noticed how in Michael's earlier interviews (pre Thriller) he did a lot of kidding, laughing, etc. He was very spontaneous. He seemed to be very subdued in interviews after Thriller. It's heartbreaking to see really.

    Another thought provoking blog.


    1. Eh . .. I know. Wasn't "BAD" the album where Michael and Quincy had "artistic differences"? I was of the impression that Quincy only produced two albums, but that would make sense since his commentary appears on "BAD".

      I like Tevin's voice, but I only remember hearing about his second album. I am not at all familiar with the others. Yes, Heavy D and I couldn't remember which song he worked with Michael on either, which is why I couldn't find his name. Feeling stupid right now, but I only have so many folds in my brain and maybe I need to upgrade my RAM (LOL!)

      You know I hate doing blogs like this, right? My whole image of the music/entertainment industry is destroyed forever. It's really devastating, but I guess not as much as it is for those who were seduced and then spiritually extorted by it.

    2. If I'm not mistaken, the song Heavy D worked on with Michael is 'Jam.' Heavy D did the rapping part of it. I think that's the only song Heavy D & Michael collaborated on.


    3. Jam. That's the only song? Not on tour though. That was Darien Holly.

    4. No, Quincy produced 3 albums. I believe I read some time ago that on Bad, Michael had more of a struggle (with Quincy) doing what he wanted to do artistically. Dangerous did go in another direction and had more "socially aware" songs on it.

      Tevin? "Can We Talk" and "I'm Ready" were my jams back in the day. They are still some of my favorite songs.

      No, you shouldn't feel stupid. I know there's so much swirling around in your brain. I can't imagine....well, yes I can :) For future reference, Wiki Michael Jackson; his discography is listed at the on the link to each album and a list of songs with artists, producers, writers, etc. etc. pops up ;)

      Yeah, I know you hate it. I do too. I'd heard/read some years ago that the music/entertainment industry is tainted, to say the least. Not in my wildest imaginings did I ever think it was this bad. I commend you on your dedication to digging through the muck.

    5. Three, Three, Three . . . got it! (LOL) I didn't know he had worked on BAD too, but of course, he told the story about the creation of "Liberian Girl". (And I love that song.....)

      Deb, I know about Michael's discography, I was just too busy/lazy to look it up, LOL! But thank you for the reminder. I didn't think the entertainment industry was this bad either. So much beauty could be done with it but no. They have to use it to destroy and corrupt.

  19. I went back and listened to that Michael/Quincy interview and yeah, Quincy said something about long hours "laying on the floor" and Michael didn't skip a beat and said "sleeping". That was eerie. Also, the interviewer asked Quincy when he MET Michael and Quincy didn't really answer that question, did he? He said "we really got to know each other during The Wiz". I think that's a telling statement. I remember reading somewhere a while back that they had met before the Wiz but that Michael didn't remember. Maybe Quincy was one of Michael's handlers...


    1. Yeah, and Micheline caught that one! I heard it but it went right over my head. That's what we were talking about. When she pointed that out, I responded "why would he have to clarify that? This was YEARS before even the first allegations! Michael expected us to view his sleeping arrangements innocently, but he was right on top of this statement that Quincy made in his early twenties before any of that garbage had happened!

      Now think about the OTHER interview with Quincy and Oprah! Michael calls in and Oprah asks Michael where he got his inspiration. What does Michael reply? He TELLS US ALL that QUINCY is the one that came up with the "we are just the instrument from which music flows" and Oprah said she's heard Quincy say "leave room for God to walk in". Michael says "there you go".

      Also remember that Michael ASKED QUINCY if it was okay if he TOLD US ALL THAT.



      Do you know how GUT WRENCHING this is? I HATE THIS. This is MICHAEL we're talking about! Then you put it in the perspective of ALL THOSE CHILDREN THAT WENT THROUGH THIS BUSINESS.

      There is no punishment big enough for people who can do this. There just isn't.

    2. Why indeed would he have to clarify that? It does sound as if Quincy may have been an abuser/predator. I'm going to say something here. You don't have to post this if you don't want to. I don't have a link or anything but I remember reading or hearing somewhere, quite a while ago, maybe late 2009, that the reason Michael stopped working with Quincy was because he wanted to go in another direction, artistically, but also that Quincy was hitting on him and Michael wanted none of it. After listening to that video you posted above about Tupac and Quincy, it's not that hard to imagine that what I heard/read in 2009 has some truth to it.

      I know, it's gut wrenching, heart wrenching and everything in between. It physically hurts me thinking about what was done to this man, when he was little more than a boy...and what continues to be done to children in this business.

    3. Hi Deb,

      I had read a rumor that Eddie Murphy was the one who was "hitting" on Michael. Did not hear about Quincy doing that. Now you know why I flipped a lung when I saw Quincy near Prince Michael and that was BEFORE I heard about Tupac's confession!

      I know it continues, Deb. I posted some more "kids" tonight. :o(((


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