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Michael Jackson Justice: Branca, Wietzman and McClain Should be In Jail

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Friday, July 20, 2012

Branca, Wietzman and McClain Should be In Jail

Sometimes You Have to Be a Grownup
It was not his family that did this - Where were YOU John Branca!

As much as I hate not being able to take things at face value, there are times that “innocence” and “gullibility” have to take their separate paths.

I’m not going to spend a lot of time on this because it’s not worth it.  But since I can’t seem to get my point across in private email without someone twisting my words because I DIDN’T take it public on Twitter, I’m going to have to settle the matter this way on the blog.

Diane Dixon “dizzydianajo1” and I disagreed on some things . . . THROUGH EMAIL.  I sent her links explaining why I thought she was wrong.  The issue was over FAKE Paris Jackson account and ATONCLASSIC who she claimed to be a cousin of the Jacksons but is actually another usurper using Michael’s name to sell his own music.

This ATON person claimed to have “hit the keys” that became the notes to Stranger in Moscow, claimed he worked on the “History” album with Michael and began writing music for him between 2007 and 2009 even though there is not one credit in his name associated with any of Michael’s albums. 

This kid is no older than 25 years old which would have made him around seven years old when Michael wrote “Stranger in Moscow” and less than ten years old  during the making of “HIStory” (give or take a year).  On his OWN BIO he claims that Michael gave him permission to use the Jackson name.  Why would a first cousin need permission to use a name he already has?  This person tweeting Paris does not prove Paris is Paris anymore than it proves Aton is blood.

She insisted the Paris online is Michael’s daughter.  Fine, we disagree, but the thing with ATONClassic really got me wondering.  Why would she insist he was the real deal?  So I checked out lil’ Diane’s follow list.  I wrote back to her in email telling her that “it’s not who you follow, it’s who follows you” . . . and proceeded to list the Sony affiliates that were FOLLOWING HER.

Not that she follows them, THEY follow HER!

When she tried to tell me she didn’t know who was following her out of the whole 80 people on her list (an email filled with “omg, omg, omgods”), I went and blocked her from my Twitter.  I didn’t take this public, SHE DID.

Her list of followers include - (Sediah Garret, Official Michael Jackson Fan Club, Italian Michael Jackson Fan Club, Grammy winning L.A.W. recording artist, syndicated radio “guru” Nick Vidal, D.J. Pyro, Jeremy Horn graphic designer for “Swank”, fake TeamJermaine account (not the real one), C.M. Rapper, producer, actor, two other Jermaine Jackson fan clubs, Adam Worthy music producer, MJ Backstage Belgium Fan Club, Steve Dennis, Oggie-singer-songwriter who currently performs in “Thriller Live”  and actor/singer Pleasure Ellis are among her “81” followers . . . and she “didn’t know they were following her”, she claims.  If it weren’t for the industry people, she would have maybe eight friends on Twitter.

Most of her followers are industry insiders.

To top that off, she went on a Twitter blast, harassing the Jacksons (Jermaine, poor Austin and the questionable Paris) with requests to validate her and validate that Paris was Paris.  Thus far no reply from the Jacksons.  (I’m sorry, Jackson Family for the trouble).  The only verified Jackson that follows her is Austin Brown, which was another sore point with her.

She also sent a couple of her “non-industry” friends to attack me, like this person: who accused me of being a bully:

@bcox64 @dizzydianajo1 You're rude to Michael's fans, you're a bully! & YES Paris & Anthony's accounts are real you moron! Stop ur nonsense!

And I got this:

@dizzydianajo1 ok last time @atonclassic is #MJs 1st cousin and he DID worked with him and loved Anyhony very much !!! @bcox54 go to YouTube

And I got this:

@dizzydianajo1 @atonclassic it's seems to me that your friend doesn't know the @Jacksons very well @bcox54 should know better#ALL4LOVE tho

@_ElaineLouise_ @atonclassic @bcox54 i believe they all are, who they say they are,someone else doesn't so i get bashed

THIS is ATONCLASSIC’S own page , from his website, with HIS bio!

Anthony Jackson's first experience in a music studio was with Michael Jackson during the recording of the ‘HISTORY’ album, doing voiceovers, being present during the choosing the beat for ‘Scream’ and hitting keys that became the melody for ‘Stranger In Moscow.

Since that experience Anthony always knew he would make his mark on the world as an artist. Anthony has been acting, singing, writing poetry, and dancing his whole life. At Michael’s request Anthony began writing music for Michael from 2007 to 2009. During their Christmas holiday in 2008 Michael gave Anthony the greatest compliment an artist can receive, he said "You are the most like me." These words from a father figure, mentor and friend encouraged Anthony to continue composing and writing music to this day.

The drive and innovation of this young artist is inspiring, you can feel his heart through the music he creates. Michael also told Anthony his first single should be 'Come To My City' and to honor Michael after his passing that's exactly what Anthony did. Anthony started composing and writing music under the alias ATON CLASSIC (a tone classic). In 2008 Michael told Anthony to start using his family name, Anthony Jackson, so he did.

Anthony has three albums to date. The first E.P. is 'ATON CLASSIC', then 'A SOUND FUTURE' the soundtrack for the screenplay Anthony was writing for Michael and himself (soon to be released in 2013) and the newly released album 'OVERDRIVE GRAVITY.'

Since 2007 Anthony Jackson has been creating a unique sound that has notably influenced the evolution of music today with his eclectic fusion of what he calls Hip-Pop Rock & Soul." - Source,

Doesn’t say “cousin” does it? 

This link is right on top of his Twitter page:
Notice that he has a “TRADEMARK” “MichaelLegacy ™ under his name.  Guess who has the only permission on the planet to grant use of THAT?

That’s RIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIGHT . . . THE E-S-T-A-T-E   E-X-C-U-T-O-R-S!!!!  Very good, boys and girls!

And where or where are his musical credits on ANY ALBUM of Michael’s?

This is the link to the credits for the “HIStory” album.,_Present_and_Future,_Book_I#Album_credits

If you brushed a hair off his shoulder during production, your name would be on this list.  His is nowhere to be found.

And if Diane was so sure he was a cousin , why did she do THIS? When she learned that I blocked her?

Why do people do this? #fraud 
Retweeted by Diane Dixon

She then began Twitter bombing that I was bashing her, even though I had blocked her and never responded to her after I told her she #failed to convince me.

Wow @bcox64 has made her account protected.I wonder why she has done that.I've never seen her do that to all the others she's bashed

So she admits that I blocked her, yet I’m bashing her.  How do I do that?  And if I make a career out of bashing people and I’m such a horrible person, why in the world would she follow me for over a year and retweet my tweets?

"And they that understand among the people shall instruct many: yet they shall fall by the sword, and by flame, by captivity, and by spoil, many days.

34 Now when they shall fall, they shall be holpen with a little help: but many shall cleave to them with flatteries."

Is Diane going to lose her job or something if I don’t believe her anymore? 

Diane is plastering Twitter with accusations, not I.  All I told her was “ I don’t like being played” in a PRIVATE email.  I never accused her of working for anybody.  I have copies of the emails to prove it.  I’m not the one that took this public yet I’M THE BULLY because I blocked her.

Well, you can check out her Twitter follow list for yourself.  Not many “fans” have the Official Michael Jackson Fan Club at Sony following them.

This leads me to question why it is SO IMPORTANT to these people to have others believe this is “Paris Michael’s Daughter” on Twitter.

The REAL PARIS would never, NEVER call any of her uncles a liar on a public forum like that.  I believe the REAL PARIS would care very much about the image she would give the public about how her father raised her, and that includes using plain language like “raise hell”, or “Mo-fo” or “damn” at her age.

So Diane, thank you for wasting so much of my time over the last year and a half.  I’m sorry you feel that you have to “Validate” yourself by calling me names and having you’re other “fanclub trolls” calling me names, blasting on Twitter things I never accused you of. You’re a bit too old to be having temper tantrums because someone blocked you.  Maybe you’ll get severance pay.   You should be thankful, some people don’t have cushy jobs like yours.

Oh and in answer to your question on Twitter : “sort it do we sort it out?don't go putting untruths about me on your blog.I want to know why you think @austin brown follows . . “ -

My Answer:

I’m not Austin.  You’re going to have to ask him yourself.  But my unprivileged guess would be that the Jacksons usually follow industry people, which was a BIG TIPOFF aside from your other friends like the Sony Fan Club and all the music producers on your “followers”, that you are INDUSTRY”.  AntonClassic’s relationship with the Estate Executors and Sony, and your other Sony friends well, I think it’s not going to be too much of a stretch  to go ahead and say “you’re a liar.”

And as far as Megan Davidson goes, I didn’t know her before today and It’s not likely I will ever want to know her.  But we can add her to the list of trolls that I have started to gather below.

“nuff said and Adios!  Diane is going to have to get her info somewhere else from now on. (Shakes dust off her shoes . . .)

Gathering of Thieves

Since the whole Jackson’s letter and the Estate reply, and “Paris’” attack on her uncle Randy about something she darned well SHOULD HAVE KNOWN if she was Miss Katherine’s real GRANDDAUGHTER, I took the opportunity to go name mining from some of the articles that have been written so far.

Below is an article that was published in CNN – IN PART, with the source link posted:


"Michael Jackson's daughter has blasted sick rumours suggesting her grandmother Katherine has suffered a stroke, insisting the matriarch is "completely fine".

Reports surfaced on on Wednesday afternoon (18Jul12) alleging the Thriller hitmaker's beloved mum had been hospitalised. The claims spread across the Internet within minutes, prompting concerned fans around the world to send their prayers to the 82 year old and her family.

But teenager Paris Jackson has slammed the rumours and is reaching out to her Twitter followers in an effort to track down the source of the lies.

[Why would she have to reach out to Twitter followers?  She doesn’t know her own family?]

In a series of posts, she writes, "i am going to clarify right now that what has been said about my grandmother is a rumor (sic) and nothing has happened, she is completely fine. if you guys know anything about who started this lie, i would really appreciate it if you told me, i'd like to know who made up the rumor."

[Somebody screwed up. Apparently Paris Jackson recanted to Randy on Twitter, and that tweet has also been removed.  Very sloppy, Sony!]

The news comes hours after Randy Jackson confirmed he and his siblings, including Jermaine and Janet, have written a letter contesting the authenticity of the superstar's will. The Jacksons have accused John Branca and John MCClain of faking the icon's legal documents prior to the singer's death in June, 2009.

Lawyers for the pair have lashed out at the family members, branding their allegations "false and defamatory", and it appears Paris is standing by Branca and MCClain.

Responding to Randy's tweet confirming the family is challenging the administrators, Michael's second child tweets, "@randyjackson8 hello dear Family member i don't appreciate you telling everyone things that aren't true thank you very much".

The teen removed the post minutes later and replaced it with: "i will defend my beloved family member with all i have, even if it means from other family members." - Source, 

“Dear family member?  She doesn’t know him enough to call him by his given name?

DEFEND?  Was Randy attacking Miss Katherine?  Or did this “Paris” go on the attack because of the letter itself admonishing the estate executors?

There was also the tweet following that where Paris posted: 

Paris Jacksoη @ParisJackson
@randyjackson8 i am sorry for my quick reaction this morning. it was my foolish retaliation that i do regret. my tweet was merely (cont.)”  -

Paris Jacksoη @ParisJackson
@randyjackson8 (cont.) about the remark about the stroke. she did NOT have a stroke today. i sincerely apologize from the bottom of my heart

These two posts have now also been deleted.

Is “Paris” Michael’s daughter and part of the Jackson family, or is she another employee of the “Estate”?  She doesn’t even seem to know what her own family is doing and the fact that YES Miss Katherine DID have a mini stroke months ago as Jermaine pointed out.

Does she LIVE in the same HOUSE or not?  Perhaps Ms. Elaine from Twitter above could suggest that “Paris” get to know her OWN family better before she chastises someone who’s never met them?  And maybe she should learn how to read “REVERBNATION”, Anton’s own site?

Anyone that STILL believes this is “Paris”, please raise your hand, so I can write you off as delusional.  It’s really embarrassing that supposed adults can’t exercise their critical thinking abilities.

Now for the Forbes article.  FORBES IS COVERING THIS???

In parts:

"Of course, Branca and McClain have enjoyed a huge financial windfall from this as well.  They have a special arrangement, blessed by the probate judge who oversees the estate, allowing them to earn 10% from most deals they cut for the Estate.  Branca and McClain are now facing a new attack over their earnings … and that’s just the beginning.

Several of Michael’s brothers and sisters — including Janet, Randy, Tito and Jermaine — signed a letter that they sent to Branca and McClain accusing the pair of fraud, forgery, exploitation and abuse.  The letter was published on a celebrity gossip website yesterday.[see Cobain estate, Courtney Love Lawsuit]

In it, Jackson’s siblings claim his July 7, 2002 will was “Fake.  Flawed and Fraudulent.”  They say Michael was not in Los Angeles that day and couldn’t have signed the will.  The letter also says that Michael told them in the months leading up to his death that he despised the pair and didn’t want them to have anything to do with his life or estate.

But that’s not all.  The letter states that Branca and McClain lied and took advantage of their 82-year old mother, managing to get her to agree to increases in their percentage fees from the gross income of the estate.  They claim to be considering retaining a well-respected law firm, Baker Hostetler, who advised them of potential criminal misconduct by the executors.  They promise legal action in the weeks to come."

Baker Hostetler (geeze, I know an Hostetler but he’s not a lawyer, he’s a dairy farmer, LOL!) , this is the information I have on Hostetler:

"Baker Hostetler is an American law firm founded in 1916. One of the firm's founders, Newton D. Baker, was U.S. Secretary of War during World War I and former Mayor of Cleveland.

In 2009, the firm was rated the 85th largest law firm in the world[5], employing more than 800 attorneys.

Baker Hostetler's Washington office is home to former Chairman of the House Financial Services Committee, Michael G. Oxley. Mr. Oxley joined the firm after a 25-year career in the U.S. House of Representatives. He is best known as the co-author of the landmark Sarbanes-Oxley Act of 2002, which restored confidence in the capital markets and in the financial reporting of public companies.

Lots of Elite corps in there.  Somehow I am not comforted by this.  The fact that they took part in the writing of the Sarbanes-Oxley Act, creating another huge government agency after the orchestrated Enron scandal, helped with the elite’s plans to further drive business and jobs out of the U.S. and decimated the economy.

Continuing . . .

"So, yes, it looks like the fighting over Michael’s Estate may soon return to court.  If so, it will likely be a short-lived battle.  The reason that Joe Jackson lost his legal challenges is because he is not a beneficiary and lacks legal “standing.”  Because he would not benefit from the estate, he could not challenge the executors.  Michael’s siblings will have the same problem if they try to bring suit.

However, this raises an interesting point regarding the executor’s statement.  Because Joe did not have standing to bring his challenge to court, and because Katherine withdrew her claim before it was ruled on, no judge has ever decided the issue of whether Michael’s will was valid or notIn other words, Branca and McClain’s statement in response to the Jackson siblings’ letter was somewhat misleading."

This was an interesting statement out of Forbes.  Basically they put in writing that the estate executors lied about the court ruling. 

"It’s interesting that the Jackson siblings focus on Michael’s will and do not mention his trust.  Michael also had a trust, along with his will, but interestingly, the trust was dated a few months before the will.  The will provides that Michael’s assets are to be distributed to his trust, and from there to Katherine, his children, and charity.   But the entire document is far from the quality one would expect from any experienced estate planning attorney.  Usually, wills and trusts of this nature are prepared and signed together.  And estate planning documents prepared for someone of Michael’s wealth and status are almost always much more comprehensive and well-planned than Michael’s will and trust.

Does that mean that the Jackson siblings’ allegations of fraud and conspiracy are true?  No; that remains to be seen.  But certainly there are a number of questions that would be very interesting to see explored through a lawsuit brought by people who actually do have proper legal standing."  Source,

This also highlights some of the errors and rather unprofessional quality of some of the “legal” documents that Branca’s bloggers have mysteriously been able to get access to, and have shared with the world.  Things like misspellings, legal terminology, improper phraseology and poor sentence structure, punctuations errors, etc . . . on legal documents this is NOT PROFESSIONAL QUALITY.

Now let’s look at some of the questionable deals that Randy and family complained about in their letter.  Anyone believing that Michael Jackson would have anything to do with Pepsi ever again, or SONY, or John Branca/McClain is not a Michael Jackson fan.  You don’t know him, or you don’t care about him.

Estate and Pepsi Deal
Another "Not What Michael Would Have Wanted" – Also on Forbes.

"So while the branding offends the sensibilities of some – like me -  Pepsi and the Jackson estate have probably correctly estimated that millions won’t feel the same way.  The campaign gurus involved in this massive rollout (Pepsi says more than a billion cans will be printed with the icon’s image) are linking this ‘Live For Now’ campaign to the 25th anniversary of the release of Jackson’s Bad album."

Wrong!  Millions remember, unless of course you are thirty-something or younger and are brainwashed by the pit of vipers that have coiled their way around Michael’s image, choking the crap out of it as his preverbal face turns purple!

Note the Cameras Rolling instead of STOPPING This!

And the interview by the FIRE SAFETY CHIEF
Don Donester
I recorded in case they removed it from Youtube

I want the estate to explain to the MILLIONS of fans just how Michael would approve of this deal and WHY and HOW they are looking after MICHAEL’S BEST INTERESTS?

I agree totally with Randy, Janet, Tito, Jermaine and Rebbie that these deals are NOTHING that Michael would have wanted and they COMPLETELY corrupt his message and his faith as they HAVE ALWAYS DONE EVEN WHEN HE WAS STILL WITH US.

John Branca, John McClain, Howard Wietzman, Alan Watenmaker and the other law firms and “advisors” that Michael’s money is supporting – There is a response that a Biblical Michael made and I will repeat it here because there is no stronger admonishment:

Yet Michael the archangel, when contending with the devil he disputed about the body of Moses, durst not bring against him a railing accusation, but said, The Lord rebuke thee."


Melaine Goodman infiltrating Jackson Residence in 2009

Someone who posts here sent this to me, her name is “P”.  It is an open letter from the “Michael Jackson Fans In Support MJ Estate”.  I am posting this in its entirety because I want you to SEE the OBVIOUS AGENDA behind this bullcrap.

This has NOTHING to do with Michael.  This is NOT for Michael this is for SONY AND THE ESTATE EXECUTORS.

And when you get to the bottom of this “letter”, I want you to see the LIST of MJ Fan Clubs because folks . . . THAT IS WHO MICHAEL’S ENEMIES ARE.

(Thank you “P”)


Open Letter On Behalf Of Michael Jackson Fans in Support of MJ Estate

Michael Jackson's fan base is aware of derogatory statements made by certain members of the Jackson family, against the executors of his Estate. We are shocked and saddened that propaganda, rather than seeking avenues to address their concerns legally, have been used to gain sympathy. While we most certainly support the beneficiaries of Jackson's Estate, Katherine Jackson and Michael's children, we equally support the executors, Mr. John Branca and Mr. John McClain.

Jackson's fans understand that the task both Branca and McClain took on when Michael died was staggering. Weighted in nearly $400 million in debt, with an overwhelming amount of pending lawsuits, the Executors took the reins of the Estate and went to work.

Posthumously, the Executors have ensured the highest grossing music documentary of all time, This Is It, two successful albums, the number one tour in the world, Cirque du Soleil's IMMORTAL, sold millions of Michael Jackson The Experience video games, and are planning a huge release for the 25th anniversary of Jackson's legendary Bad album. Although every fan does not agree with all decisions the Estate has made, we agree that overall, the Estate has done well in preserving Michael's legacy. In addition, we agree with the Estate, that "false and defamatory accusations grounded in stale Internet conspiracy" do nothing to promote the positive ethic Michael Jackson espoused while alive.

In three years, Jackson's Estate is thriving, nearly debt free and Michael Jackson's music is still at the forefront of the music industry. We wholeheartedly support Michael Jackson's final wishes; that he trusted both John Branca and John McClain to continue his message through his music. The Michael Jackson fan base thanks the Executors for continuing to do just that, with grace and dignity.


MJJCommunity, MJJUnderground, MJJJusticeProject, United4MJsLegacy, MJ Fans of NYC, MJ4Justice, Justice4MJ, TributoMJ, MJTruthNow, MJNation, SOMJ, Canadian MJ Fan Club, The Jam Café, Michael Jackson Vindication 2.0, Stop Global Airwave Abuse, Michael Jackson fans of Montreal

In the order of which they appear above , , ,

Melanie writes for MJ4Justice.  Erin Jacobs runs Justice4MJ should their be any confusion.

QBees and Muzikfactory2 -
Deborah Landis’ site -
Joseph Vogel’s site –
Affliated with Justice4some
Melanie’s Site -
Erin Jacob’s Site -
Foreign Affiliate MJFC -
Qbees/T-Storm/Truthvslies/justice4some -
(that’s an affiliate I.D. folks.  They get commissions on what they sell. THAT’S WHY they support the estate and sony!)

Official MJ/Sony forum -
(Sisterhood of MJ – Some of the members include: 7 Users active over the last 24 hours: Bev, clarkey16, Google [Bot], lauraf., MJsAngelFish, moonstreet, techlilinu
Legend: Administrators, Global moderators, Reserch and Archiving, SOMJ Butterflies, SOMJ Elite)

Canadian Fan Club -  Shari Hunt runs the Facebook page for this:

The Jam Café - Valmai Owens/Mary Brookins -
Her Cadeflaw links and “InnerMichael” affiliates are linked here as well.  Sony backed magazine group.

Vindication MJ 2.0 - LOL! David Edwards and Deborah Ffrench again! -

MJJJUsticeProject affiliated.

MJ Fans of Montreal -  City affiliate of Canadian fan club.

Every single one of these sites have banner ads for Michael Jackson music, tickets for Cirque shows, merchandise and games with affiliate tracking I.D.’s

Not only are they working for the Estate executors as propagandists against the Jackson family AND MICHAEL HIMSELF, they are also SALESPEOPLE.

They make SURE that JOHN BRANCA and SONY sell millions, because THEY DRIVE THE SALES.

Now we have a whole list of the Sony Network.  Thanks Fake Fan groups!  Nothing like having my work done for me!


The Article in CNN had quite a few names included.  I only posted the part which include those “other” names so you could reference what I sought out.

"Any doubts about the validity of Michael's will and his selection of executors were thoroughly and completely debunked two years ago when a challenge was rejected by the Los Angeles County Superior Court, the California Court of Appeals and, finally, the California Supreme Court," Bates said.”

[Jim Bates is yet another spokesperson for the estate.  I guess Wietzman can’t do his job that he’s getting paid for.  He works for Sitrick and Company, the damage control firm Branca hired over a year ago.]

"Your actions are affecting her health, and on top of that, we've just found out she recently had a mini-stroke. Please understand, she's not equipped to handle the stress load you are putting on her," her children said. "She feels, as she has said, 'I'm stuck in the middle.' She too knows and acknowledges the will was forged. She wants to do the right thing, and move in the direction of justice for her son and family, yet she fears the POWERS THAT BE.

Katherine Jackson's lawyer Perry Sanders disputed that she was in poor health.

"Mrs. Jackson is extremely lucid and does a great job caring for Michael's children," Sanders said Wednesday.

[Of course he disputed.  Because he doesn’t work for Katherine any more than the other lawyer she fired, Streisand. They represent the estate executors, not Miss Katherine.  They WANT Miss Katherine to die so they can take complete control.  That is why they are doing this to her.]

The siblings also attacked Sanders, Katherine Jackson's manager, Lowell Henry, and adviser Trent Jackson for discouraging her from joining their challenge of the will's validity.

[Lowell Henry is allegedly a “longtime” financial advisor of Katherine and Joe.  He was pictured next to Miss Katherine with Howard Mann during the promotion of “Never Can Say Goodbye”.  He manages the Jackson Family Foundation.  Trent Jackson is celebrity biographer and journalist and there is this Trent Jackson, which according to direct searches related to MJ, is Miss Katherine’s handler and driver/caregiver.  Somebody else that claims to be a cousin.]

"Instead, her so-called advisers are convincing her to let them negotiate 'deals' with Branca and McClain on her behalf, or is it on the behalf of all of you," they wrote. "Her advisers' loyalty seems to be skewed by the percentage you offer them, preventing them from advising her properly."

"Your greed and hasty business decisions have shown that you have no regard for the preservation of his legacy, nor the quality of work that he exemplified," they said. "You have disrespected our parents and family too many times. We do not respect you as executors, and we don't respect the projects and choices you've made, nor do we appreciate the public perception that the Jackson family is behind all of this, exploiting Michael our brother for financial gain, when it's the two of you and your affiliates who do so."

Source, CNN

Their affiliates?  Everyone listed above. 


These are all people making money off of Michael and they continue to bash the Jackson family for what THEY THEMSELVES ARE DOING.

This is why Erin Jacobs, Mary Brookins, Melanie Goodman, Diane Dixon, ATON, Qbees, Edwards and Ffrench, Malik et al are so hard wired against the Jackson family and for Branca and Sony.


Michaels . . . and THEY WANT IT.

It is as simple as that.

What of the other agenda?  Well, “Unity” is their moto.  As long as you hate the Jacksons and what Michael really stood for, you can be their friend.  Just buy something to prove your loyalty.

This whole thing is distracting us from what is going to happen toward the end of this month.  The only thing these people are doing is proving what what I said TWO YEARS AGO - That they work for Sony and the Estate Executors.  They make commission selling Michael Jackson merchandise and they attack the Jackson family at the behest and benefit of the Estate and Sony.

We KNOW what they are going to use Michael's image for and THIS is what Randy was talking about.

It's a crying shame that morally challenged fans can earn money off of Michael's name and Michael's own family is not allowed to even use his full name in public.  God is watching.

Diane Dixon - I am very disappointed in you.  And so is Michael.  Everyone knows now.  Maybe next time you'll  use your brain before taking an disagreement public without backing up your claims.


  1. Very Confused...

    Anthony Jackson (cousin) was named in Michael's will and Jermaine vouches for Paris's Twitter being real by his last few tweets. LaToya has also vouched for Paris.

    I have no trouble believing the twitter account is real, so call me delusional. :-)

    I am for the family and against the estate just incase you get the wrong impression!

    Karen UK

    1. I know I'm right.

      None of Michael's siblings follow Anthony. And WHO WROTE THE WILL???

      I stand by what I researched. And I saw Jermaine's twitter. Doesn't matter. No child of Michael's would ever disrespect her uncle on a public forum.

  2. No Jacksons follow him. Only industry people and MJ fan clubs!/ATONCLASSIC/followers

  3. But hasn't Paris' account been verified? I have to admit I have seen her say some odd things as of late. Seems like someone has taken over Paris'account cause I believe it is hers
    ANd don't get me started on Anthony...he calls MJ dad and his singing...does not have any Jackson talent

    1. Anonymous,

      Verified by who? From Twitter:

      "We do not accept requests for verification from the general public. If you fall under one of the above categories and your Twitter account meets our qualifications for verification, we may reach out to you in the future." - Source,

      If Branca can falsify a will it's not hard to imagine how a fake Paris account can be "verified", since only certain industries can even request this - it's in the FAQS. Just a word from the Estate and Sony could get that done. And look how long it took for them to "verify" her account.

      I heard Anthony's music too. Leaves much to be desired and so does his explanation . . . Michael's REAL cousins don't have to go through such a sales job to convince us they are cousins.

  4. Bonnie,

    Might there be any other reason (apart from what you've said)that all these people youv'e mentioned above support the Estate?
    And, what was the reaction of these same people during the Murray trial, were they wanting him in prison? Because I am not familiar with most of those names I would like to know if they were all of the opinion that Murray was most definately and absolutely guilty...throw away the key etc etc. Just curious.

    Awaiting your reply,


    1. Yes, they were all Murray-pounders. Murray and AEG and Tohme. Of course not all of the fan groups up there were plagard-carrying press hounds at the trial. Just a few were visible in front of the T.V. cameras, namely Erin Jacobs/Cowboy Amy Justice4MJ.

      Another reason beside what I mentioned above. I'm sure. They never do anything just for ONE reason.

  5. A very good post, showing the names of all fake ppl surrounding the Jacksons. But I think Trent Jackson whom you have referred here is not the right Trent Jackson. I have seen Trent around PPB and driving them around etc. He looks different. This person is different.


    This is Trent Jackson

    1. That person you are showing in those pictures looks like a body guard that I've seen around them before.

      And according to THIS, they are one and the same:

      Prince Jackson told his family that Murray’s account played in his involuntary manslaughter trial this week was not true, Trent Jackson, the nephew of Katherine and Joe Jackson, said Thursday.

      Jackson family members were upset that jurors may sympathize with Murray because of perceived compassion for the children that day, Jackson told CNN.

      “I hugged them all, gave comfort to Paris, comfort to Prince, comfort to Blanket, which is the last little guy, because whenever they were sick, they would always ask for Dr. Conrad,” Murray told detectives two days after Jackson’s death in 2009.

      Trent Jackson, who drove Katherine Jackson to Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center, where doctors were trying to revive her son, said Murray did not have a conversation with Paris Jackson, the 12-year-old daughter, as he told police."

      And look at who the source is . . .

    2. Why would Randy, Janet, Tito, Jermaine and Rebbie have a problem with one of their cousins being around Miss Katherine?

    3. LOL!!! Nobody knows who Trent is. No one knows who Cayla is. Following the convo, but it looks like "Trent" is another Jackson family plant possibly from Alejandro's side of the family.

  7. Maybe, a plant. I have heard through someone from HTWF that Trent is always around Katherine. Maybe they can identify the real Trent, if they will. They also said that information that Katherine may or may not hear is filtered by Trent. He has too much control, from what I hear.

    1. Every one of the Jacksons have handlers/personal assistants. If the five siblings named Trent Jackson and Lowell Henry specifically as people that can't be trusted. Neither of them are mentioned as a family member, so these "fleas" that keep insisting on the forums that Trent is blood, or that fakers like ATON are blood just because they interact with other "fake" Jacksons . . . that is what is so sick about these people.

      And then when you call them out, all of a sudden, where's Michael? It's all about them and how THEY are wounded . . . EXCUSE ME, but if you're in bed with the people that raped Michael of his money, reputation and trust, I DON'T CARE if you feel wounded. They compare themselves to Michael while their ripping flesh off his bones! Not on THIS BLOG they're not!

  8. BONNIE : So Sony or the Estate used someone using Paris's name but who is not the real Paris to use Paris Twitter a/C to write the bashing to Randy Jackson just to create more discord & confusion ? OK I can live with that & even sleep on my 2 ears - you're right DEB I'm silly :o) Seriously, I too realize how ugly the whole "letter" issue already develops. The Defense Committee letter in favour of the Executors : they with Sony vampired Michael's blood & money for so long & since 2009 they do financial marvels. "Applause" :(

    Some of Michael's siblings judged necessary to take drastic personal measures against the Estate but their letter is not legally-binding, so why no discretion observed & instead a large public display ? TMZ now also too happy to make their own "news" :

    All this tabloids' & bloggers' turmoil should have been avoided. The purpose of Michael's siblings's "coup" itself looks meaningful only if they already have a strong legal guidance & support in the background & sufficient criminal evidence to show against the Estate at the Courts. But they surely know what they do & why.

    Just a thought : in a hypothetic future, the Courts order the present Will as fake & the removal of the present Executors. But if no true Will ever appears, will Miss Katherine & MJ3 continue to be the sole beneficiaries of Michael's Estate or could Michael's Estate asset distribution be possibly amended by the new Estate Executors based on Miss Katherine's eventual demand ?

    1. Line,

      Remember back when there were three or four different Paris's and Jacobs and Qbees and Karla Jorge were twittering for "Twitter' to "verify" Paris?

      Remember when "Paris" tweeted that they verified the wrong account and that someone hacked her account right before it was verified? That was tell tale that somebody screwed up and verified the wrong account. They forgot who had the "job" of "being Paris"??? Add to that everything else and yes, I think Sony/Estate/Establishment "appointed" a Paris. No attention is paid to Prince, it's like Michael has one child. And they are corrupting Paris's image now the same as they tried to do with Michael, making her appear rude, crass and appearing to pit her against family members.

      Can you imagine the faking that went on with Michael's brothers getting letters from what they at first might suspect is Michael only to find out later that Michael's "people" were writing as Michael to hurt them?

      The "stories" put in the paper about fights within the family? All of this talked up and promoted by the Sony bloggers to portray Michael's siblings as money grubbing free loaders, accusing Michael's brothers of jealousy, etc....

      The letter released publicly will NOT be the legal recourse standard. It was to stir the pot, and look what we learned as a result. Bravo Jackson family!

      Michael and his family were crucified in the court of public opinion. Why wouldn't the family use the public forum to reveal Michael's true enemies and their motives? That's where I would start.

      We know there is another will. Lopez was killed for a reason. Still . . . all THIS drama is again masking yet a bigger drama working under the surface.

    2. BONNIE, yes Michael's siblings were courageous to send the letter. Just hope they managed their plan precisely & thoughtfully for the enemies in those circles do not fight eye-to-eye but underground. You said recently that La Toya is possibly influenced by some groups or bloggers, still I am surprised she did not sign her siblings' letter this time as she was in the past so vocal about Michael's circumstances : does naming Michael's enemies now frighten her or was she threatened from 2009 for her past declarations ? The Will : if it exists, Peter Lopez was murdered or killed himself to avoid his family to be killed by the mob, so who has it now ? Is that Will one of the purposes of the sudden reaction of Michael's siblings ?

      Alike for the Estate, AEG was exposed in no good terms either by Michael's siblings. The Executors reacted, AEG not..yet.


    3. LIne,

      That's weird. There's this big, blank space below your post. Did you hit the return one too many times? LOL.

      Latoya, Marlon and Jackie didn't sign that letter either. And Jermaine announced tonight that Miss Katherine is in Arizona, so my guess (s) is that Siblings are not all in one place.

      Second explanation is 2x2 formation. During war, you don't pack all your personnel in one clump. You spread out and move out in 2's under bursts of cover-fire. That's the best way I can explain what it looks like they are doing. Remember, this letter is not legally binding and it most CERTAINLY accomplished its desired effect. It's like sending up a flair in the middle of the night so you can see where your enemy may be hiding.

      I don't think they would have done this if they didn't have the upper hand in something. Look how viciously Jermaine (and Halima ???) is getting attacked. Randy too at first. Randy's funny. He verifies the authenticity of the letter then runs back under cover and Jermaine takes all the hits, LOL (not funny, the situation is serious but that's just like a little brother).

      I think Latoya is just letting her brothers handle this right now. Nobody is attacking Janet. Wonder why? Why always Jermaine and Randy?

      Lopez - a piece of the puzzle that has not been flipped over yet.

      Yeah, it's funny how AEG always gets dragged into this. Even though they've been on the constant tip of this harpoon that keeps getting shot out there, they have not reacted or directly answered accusations. They have no fan groups protecting them no propagandist or cyber trolls vouching for their innocence in favor of blaming Sony.

      Very telling, don't you think?

    4. BONNIE, no panic as I indeed hit the return too many times : "letter" syndrom ;o) With your first husband, you definitely acquired military strategy tips :o) Michael's brothers are more vulnerable to attacks than Janet I guess because they did not have the same career & wealth but they are now all well off anyway : if they were driven by greed in their recent action as the mean media & groarups pretend, they would instead flatter the enemy, not attacking him as they now do because it's not only Branca/McLain but many links of a showbiz chain they expose. Really I do & pray cross fingers for the Jackson family as from the publication of their letter, they know the battle has started.

    5. LIne,

      Went through basic training myself. Served in Reserves for six years. I'm one of the few in my company that enjoyed it (for the most part) only because at the time, I was good at the physical stuff.

      I compare Janet to Michael in intensity. And when I heard on an interview where she said "I love Lisa", I knew somebody got to her (the way Lisa treated Michael? Not the real Janet). Her videos were amongst my favorites on MTV back in the 1980's. "When I Think of You" - Favorite.

      Exactly what you said - if they were driven by greed and as corruptible, would the pit vipers calling themselves fans be attacking them? Nope! And for some strange reason the Estate executors want people to be stupid enough to believe that the Jackson brothers, etc DON'T have their own money. They do. You don't think the Estate is supporting them!

      I cannot wait and if you ask me, the battle may have started, but the war is already won. :o)

  9. I secretly wished that the "Trent' that was always with Katherine was Michael is disguise....that way he'd be in the thick of things and no one would be any the wiser...(wishful thinking). (Remember when he said he drove around with his Mother in the Mayor disguise and no one had a clue it was him??)
    I know I shouldn't play when things really are so serious.


    1. Michael would have had to consume a lot of pizza over several years to look like Trent's body build. I don't think he could have handled that. If Michael is near his children in some kind of disguise, I don't think it would be as a member of the entourage that is there day in and day out. Someone less conspicuous maybe. It's the sources that have labeled Trent a cousin that leave doubt in my mind.

  10. I was hoping Lopez just went underground. He said what he said on telly so we all knew what was in the works and just like that...he was gone. Yes, looks like death for obvious reasons regarding the will but I'm always hopeful he's playing the game and helping Michael.


    1. He could have, TL. I keep going back to Atlas Shrugged and the little clue left on the message forums of the Ayn Rand Institute. That book is so closely aligned to "the strong delusion" in the Bible and the removal or "taking out of the way" of the very substance these usurpers feed off of, I would not doubt at all that Lopez, as well as several others that have "died" under mysterious circumstances, could very well have just gone "underground" so that the 'mice' could play while the cats are away.

    2. My sentiments exactly with regard to 'several others that have "died" under mysterious circumstances...'

      It is as plain as the nose on a persons face that something is going on and it should make any ol person wonder at 'deaths directly related to Michael Jackson, the will and so forth'. There IS someone or ones out there sorting this mess out, there has to be.

      I just had a listen to Will You Be There.....I find it a comfort.


    3. I adore "Will You Be There". Such a moving song. It fills you with a longing to give to someone.

  11. Hi Bonnie,

    This whole thing is making me sick and I can't imagine what the Jacksons are going through. Whyyyy are they doing this to Michael and his family? Elvis didn't get it this treatment but why is Michael, he does not deserve this.

    Right now I have Bible verse Luke 8:17 on a sticky note on my monitor.

    Luke 8:17 - For there is nothing hidden that will not be disclosed, and nothing concealed that will not be known or brought out into the open.

    This is happening right now, everything will be revealed, all lies and all schemes. What The Powers That Be don't seem to realize that their evil deeds are only fulfilling Biblical prophecy. At the end of it all they are working in God's favor without even realizing it. God is in COMPLETE control and as long as we know that then the devil and his demons will never defeat us.

    1. Spring,

      I don't think this is healthy either. I still have a very hard time believing that human beings can act this way. The way Jermaine and Randy and supposed fans of Michael are attacking his family. Then I am reminded of what Michael said about seeing the worst of the human condition and not being able to conceive that human beings could ever act so evil. I posted that quote a few blog entries back.

      Elvis was in a bit of a different boat. Elvis wasn't chosen in the same way Michael was. You can probably chalk John Lennon and Elvis as well as those killed before them, as "test runs" for the elite.

      Consider Michael's proximity to the Global Elite's timeline of when things have to take place for them, Michael's position in all this and their race against the clock and against God's prophecy. This isn't just about money. That too is a distraction. Money is just the tool they use to corrupt and blackmail people - like the lies they tell you to get you to sign into the Army.

      I Love Luke 8:17 and I did publish that also on a previous blog. You are so right! And if it weren't for Michael I would probably never have known the true weight and comprehension of that verse.

      Remember what I said about the gears moving in the opposite direction to put the machine into motion?

      All things work together for good. God's plan. The devil's plan WITHIN God's plan. God's will allows for the devil's nonsense . . . for a short time. Just enough needed to reveal who and what he is. I loved your last paragraph. ♥

    2. Ahhhhhh! I wrote that first paragraph wrong (so late here, tired, headachey all day)

      I said -"The way Jermaine and Randy and supposed fans of Michael are attacking his family."

      What I MEANT to say - "The way supposed fans are attacking Jermaine and Randy and Michael's family.

  12. You'd be surprised as to how many people think Elvis was the second coming and the chosen one etc etc. I guess many thought John Lennon was pretty special too. I was reading some George Harrison stuff the other day and he tells of how he and John first 'received' LSD. Someone put it in their drinks. They partook thereafter of their own free will. George thinks that he'd have never had an appreciation for God quite the same way as if he hadn't taken the drugs......makes you sick hearing that, doesn't it?? There are millions of people the world over who don't need drugs to know about the Almighty. Thank God.


    1. TL, No I wouldn't, LOL! I know there were PEOPLE who thought of Elvis as a god, but I'm talking about the establishment. The people behind the power, TESTING with the various celebs.

      It's so hard to determine what diety Harrison was talking about. Was he talking about THEIR god or THE God? I did a bit on LSD and what some of these drugs do (Pineal gland opening, effecting) what NATURALLY could be our gifts if the Pineal gland wasn't calcified when we hit adulthood with all the garbage they put in our foods.

      There are some that believe the opening or healing of the Pineal gland is the "mark of the beast in the forehead" and there are others that believe a CLOSED or calcified pineal gland is the "mark of the Beast". And in thinking about THAT, I keep going back to what Jermaine said - "he got too powerful" and you wonder what he meant by that. He further elaborated about Michael's "kindness" but I don't think that was the "power" he was talking about. Somewhere along the line, Michael was able to master his own mind control and the rest I'll leave for a further update. But God took control.

      LSD is one of those drugs where they SYNTHETICALLY tried to create "God-given gifts", the opening of the mind. But it is not of God. That is why I believe the "pineal gland" is symbolized all over the Vatican, Islam and Judaism.

  13. Bonnie,

    Above is a link to an article written by Roger Friedman. I know he's a houligan but I read the article anyway :-| He says something curious though.

    "The letter from Michael’s siblings corresponds with some other crazy stuff that’s cropped up on the internet. There’s a website suggesting that Peter Lopez, one of Michael’s former attorneys, was murdered. In fact he sadly committed suicide. No one knows why. But it’s extremely hurtful, I’m sure, to his wife and children to have Lopez’s name dragged into this."

    Nowhere in the letter was Lopez's name even mentioned, let along dragged into anything so why did Friedman pick that as the "crazy stuff" cropping up? Him saying that just confirmed the murder for me...and probably a lot of other people, not that it need confirmation for me.

    Side note. The Colorado shooting. When I started reading how the gunman was dressed and the guns he had and his apartment was booby trapped with explosives, etc. I thought "so who supplied him with all this stuff...sounds like a set up to me" then I found this

    Your thoughts??


    1. Deb,

      I posted this same exact sentiment on Twitter so I am on board with you on this all the way. Have you seen pictures of this guy? Something definitely not right in the eyes.

      Friedman - Oh yes, The same "it hurts the children" bullying tactic they tried to use with Michael when bringing up the very conspiracy Michael himself talked about. "Just sit down, shut up and think what we say." Like it isn't more hurtful to Michael and Lopez's loved ones to believe they were crazy drug addicts or suicidal then to actually want to bring to justice those that caused it.

      However, Friedman mentioned that "conspiracy" stuff and usually they won't even mention this, so its out there . . . good.

      I posted on twitter about the Colorado shooting (notice how it's always in colorado???) and I said to someone who was trying to blame the public access to guns - "...or maybe he got the guns from the ATF through another program" or something to that effect.

      This is definitely a move to further legislate public searches and seizures. You're on the right track.

  14. Bonnie,


    I clicked on a news link on my Comcast home page just now about updated info on Sage Stallone. Now they're saying he may have been dealing drugs, there were TONS of bottles that could house thousands of Oxycodon pills, etc. etc. etc. and THEN what news item do they segue into???? Oh, 3 got it, the Michael Jackson fraudulent will, family letter, etc. etc. Can they get any more blatant???? I mean, seriously? It's like they're bundling all their "truth is stranger than fiction" stories together nowadays or something. I'm just sitting here shaking my head.

    Hope you can access the above link.


    1. Well I just posted a whole long answer to this and Google screwed me, so I will TRY TO TYPE IT AGAIN!!!!!


      Sage was no drug dealer. I'd like to bury those two sorry excuses for news anchors under some beer cans, but I don't drink.

  15. Bonnie,

    And these two links about the Colorado shooting:

    Now, mind you, Alex Jones is a little "hyper" for me but he makes plenty of good points, points, I might add, that I thought immediately after hearing about how the shooter was dressed and how his apartment was booby trapped, how the guy was acting when he was shooting, what he was studying in school etc. etc. This does not add up. This thing was staged.

    I'm just cringing waiting to see what the powers that be have in store for us.

    1. Jones is a lot hyper. I question why he is been left alone and not killed as the other TRUE fighters were. He's a panic monger. He's their "necessary evil" for their timeline, I guess.

      I agree with you and him that this was staged. And it was staged as a precursor to something else to bring about Marshall law.

      Kinda makes you think if Justice for Michael is even going to matter at this point, doesn't it? A letter from the family to the estate executors? Big deal.

  16. Its very interesting to me that Peter Lopez was a neighbour to Billy who was plodding around in London with Michael and the entourage at the WMA's.And Billy who makes it out like he's suggested the idea of the Thriller 25th to Michael (which we know is just a tall tale). Billy has been very involved since prior to 2009. Then we see Catherine Bach (Peters wife) off to lunch with her best buddies, Kathy Hilton and Latoya and Charlie Sheens ex. I guess its a possibility Peter did himself in but I find it really really difficult to swallow.


    1. Are you talking about Bill Bray? Or Billy Bush?

    2. Nevermind, don't answer that question. I don't really care at this point.

      I think it's time to leave Michael alone for a little while.

  17. WOW Bonnie you certainly have a knack of weeding people out and sorting through this tangled web of deceit - thank you.

    I'm slow in that aspect but there are a few mentioned who I followed for awhile before realizing something wasn't right. Interesting it's about who is following you not who you follow have to process that one for awhile :O)

    There are some 'questionables' who follow me whom I don't follow back by choice, but I keep them there to peek every once in awhile - does that make me a stalker oh geez I hope not!

    As you may recall I shared with you that I've been troubled by Paris for quite a long time now - again something not right but I follow her anyway *sigh*. I am relieved you say it is not really her now I can unfollow without regret :)

    I say regret because I always sent words of encouragement love and blessings for Michael, her, her brothers and the entire family without getting involved in the drama.

    You may have un-covered others in previous blogs, if you did forgive me for asking, but I was wondering if you wouldn't mind sharing insight on Marco Baletta, who recently followed me under a different name and SusnJoy.

    Twitter is very strange in that I never hear from the majority of those who follow me - but that's a good thing right? I use twitter to express my thoughts/share ideas, encourage critical thinking in myself and others. I don't converse much I'm more of an observer but it's addicting and dangerous too.

    Bonnie please don't leave I know it's exhausting for you to research and share with us but please stay if you can. I understand you need a much deserved break though and thank you for all you've shared.

    I want to leave too but can't seem to :(

    God Bless always!

    1. I did some weeding out last night too, anonymous, on Twitter. Haven't hit Facebook yet. I may be pulling all that down shortly.

      I explained, with the recent news about the "Miss Katherine Missing" reports that Paris Jackson is not the REAL Paris Jackson. The fact that Miss Katherine is gone and has not contacted the "children" is proof that whoever was posing as Michael's daughter is indeed not her. The family wouldn't leave the children.

  18. Bonnie said "Not many “fans” have the Official Michael Jackson Fan Club at Sony following them."

    After I read that I went to Twitter and found out they follow 9000+ people, me being one of them :-O I didn't even know they followed me. Maybe they're following me because I caused a little commotion a year or two ago with my thoughts about Sony & Branca. Maybe they're keeping an "eye" on me?? I know MJJ Community and a few others blocked me as well, or that's what they said. I was bashed like you wouldn't believe. These nasty people are truly rabid when you don't line up with stuff they are spouting. smh

    Anyway, hope you don't think I'm an infiltrator too :-O

  19. God bless you. You opened my eyes about the latest paris jackson twitter madness. I bet, this is the real account but it got hacked in the right moment. OR its in whole a fake account. Either way, something doesn't add up. Paris is only 14. I can not imagine she is doing such a bullcrap... Thank you for enlightening us... Kisses from Germany!!


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