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Michael Jackson Justice: Fake Kids, Fake Twitters, Fake Michael Jacksons and Fake Will

God: Reconnect to Him

The Conspiracy against God is about "The Word", and the profaning of His Holy Name within us. Adam fell in the garden, breaking the direct connection to God. Jesus, the "last Adam" was a quickening Spirit, the Word made Flesh, and the only one with whom we can re-establish our relationship with God. Michael's story is still unfolding. He is the one who is, is not. But Jesus is the only name given under heaven by which we must be saved. Many are trying to rewrite HIStory. We were given a help to instruct us. Learn more "here".

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Fake Kids, Fake Twitters, Fake Michael Jacksons and Fake Will

The Olympics Off to a Nice, Spooky Start
No Michael Yet…

The Illuminated Beatle

Thou shalt not raise a false report: put not thine hand with the wicked to be an unrighteous witness."

Sorry, I was trying to be humorous with the “Illuminated Beatle” thing.  I was busy today doing wifey things and cleaning up the house and talking with Sheriff neighbors (cause they know my husband thanks to local campaign watchdogging), so I didn’t get to watch the opening ceremony on T.V.

However, the “Arctic Monkeys” were one of the opening acts and get this.  They sang John Lennon/Michael Jackson’s “Come Together”.

Just my opinion, I’m sure it’s hard in an open air stadium, but either the sound was off or their “key” was, because they were off by a mile.  This tells me they couldn’t hear very good.  Never happened with Michael’s live performances.  He was ALWAYS on cue.

The other curious display going on as they were singing, is all the “angels” on bikes rolling out from under the stage  (fallen angels coming out of the pit?) with ILLUMINATED WINGS, in two-by two formation, splitting to ride the ring around the stage.  One bike took off in the air, wings flapping, and flying up over the stadium toward the opposite end from the stage.  Here it is:

Artic Monkeys “Come Together” with
Illuminated Angels – Not hard to determine
The symbolism there . . .

CBS Coverage of the Opening Preparations

On USAToday

"The torch made its way toward the flags of the 204 competing nations carried by group of seven young athletes. A ring of flames rose in the center of the stadium creating a cauldron, marking the official start of the London Olympics."

Performance of “Bedtime Stories”
Complete with Mary Poppins, Peter Pan
Lord Valdemont and what is with the
Giant "Golden Child" Baby effigy?
Are they worshiping it?
All the hospital beds denote socialized medicine

Linking of the Rings

The Olympic "All Seeing Eye"

Space Craft???
National Health System
Worshiping Socialized Medicine???

Seven Light the Caldron

Watching with baited breath . . . (or bait breath, had fish tonight for dinner, some humor).

I don’t know if anyone has bothered to count them, but there are 13 Illuminated Pyramids along the top of that stadium.  When I thought about that and the witnessing of the things going on in the last year, I thought to myself, “He left us here, by ourselves.”

I sat back in my chair and thought about the clues.  I thought about Daniel 12:1 and I thought about Matthew 24 and about that one that will be revealed in his time, and about the one who letteth until he be taken out of the way when evil will be revealed.

And I thought about Michael’s song “Don’t Let Go of My Hand” and I thought about “Don’t Walk Away” and how both these songs tell us that the abandonment is temporary, so that the evil can be revealed.  But you know what this feels like?

It feels like being eight years old again and being abandoned by your dad.  He made me promises too.  His never panned out.  There’s that fear that he won’t come back, or that you’ll have to go chasing him only to be told “Oh I’m sorry I didn’t stay in touch, I’ll do better THIS TIME.”

It’s like sitting in the living room in the dark, huddled up on the couch so your younger siblings don’t see you crying because your mother is 15 minutes late home from work and you wonder if she left you there too, just like your dad.

Does it compare to being a child who’s incredible talent is so coveted that legions set about to pry him from his family and the only real source of support and love that he’s ever known?

Imagine being surrounded by strangers, all alone but crowded with none of them you could trust.  All of them wanting to install in you something so unnatural, so NOT of God, trying to hollow you out so they can fill you with their agenda.

Imagine what it feels like to know that the only people surrounding you in your fame are people that want to take our soul and replace it with something else.  To know that these people so loathe you and what God put in you, that they seek to separate you body, soul and spirit, so that you as you were planned cease to exist.

Michael Jackson
I Don’t Want to Be a Robot

Imagine that kind of loneliness where you’ve been kept from your family for so long by people who not only don’t love you, but are telling that your family doesn’t love you, only cares about you working so they can play on your money, or is not even trying to call you even though they have and your people have kept them from you?

Okay, I just have to post this or I won’t be able to continue my day without it haunting me . . .

Whatever Happens
Don’t Let go of My Hand

In Other News

Senator Jesse Jackson Jr. – Yes, this is Rev. Jesse Jackson’s 47 year old son, has left a treatment center in Arizona for the Mayo Clinic.  He took a leave of absence on June 10, citing “exhaustion”.  (Congress?  Do they work?)

"Citing sources, NBC Chicago writes that Jackson "has left treatment in Arizona and is entering the world-renowned Mayo Clinic."

The 47-year-old son of the Rev. Jesse Jackson has been on leave from Congress since June 10. His office announced June 26 he was being treated for exhaustion, denying an NBC report that he was suffering from alcoholism.

On July 5, his office said the illness was "more serious" than first thought, and the following week it announced the "mood disorder." – Source, USAToday

Here is what bothers me about that.  Jess Jackson and Michael Jackson had a heavy conversation during Michael’s 2005 trial, in which Michael told Jesse over the call-in interview “It’s like I told you before, with these people, it’s the same pattern”, when discussing the conspiracy.

Jesse Jackson Sr.  talked to Michael about something to do with what was going on.  And we know from the life of Michael’s family that the “system” likes to go after the family members of those they are trying to bring back in line or under control.

Jesse Jackson Sr. has popped up in the news here and there but for the most part has kept a relatively low profile since the 2005 trial.  He hasn’t been making as much noise as he used to.

The other thing that bothers me is that in the last couple of years, John Travolta’s son has died mysteriously, both Anna Nicole Smith and Anna Nicole’s son Daniel died mysteriously, Bill Cosby’s son died mysteriously (roadside robbery/murder?), Dr. Dre’s son died last year at the age of 20. 

Ramona Parker (I’m Gonna Git You Sucka) died at the age of 43 (unknown causes), Sage Stallone – Sylvester’s son dies at age 36.  So I wonder what Jesse Jackson Sr. did wrong?

Please pray for Jesse Jackson Jr. that nothing untoward is going on and that if there is, that God will protect him.

Some other views on the opening ceremonies of the Olympics.

Mary Poppins vs. JK Rowlings Exorcist Theme

Interesting read, they compare it to some of the symbols in the Super Bowl Ceremony of Madonna’s.

Exorcist Reference talked about on Yahoo Sports as well

The Branca Thing Again

This was posted on my wall by “MichaelJacksonDeathConspiracies”:

On that post they said, "Goldman Gets Michaels Beatles if. Goldman Sachs Term Sheet, Inside Secrets of the Goldman Proposal. Michael Jackson $70 Mill Loan, Trustees Al Malnik, Sony. John McClain. Branca You are FIRED! John Branca Secret Letter Notice documents dated August 03, to Jan 04, John Branca is not on these docs as signatory, See letter and demand to John Branca, You are FIRED!! Yet he still continued to represent Michael Jackson WITHOUT authority, see his secret letter dated July 03, NOW THIS MAN CLAIMS TO BE THE EXECUTOR OF MICHAEL'S ESTATE!!"

“P”, who does post here, sent me a link to what I assume is the latest reconciliation of the Estate.

We’ve discussed Michael’s doubles, Michael’s children’s doubles (filmed in two different countries on the same day on outings with his children scarved from photogs.)

We know that a letter firing Branca in 2003 exists.  No official letter rehiring him or public statement of rehiring exists.  Not even for 2009.  We only have Branca’s word and we know what that is worth.

And according to one reporter she spoke to two people.  One who told her that Michael had told him that he didn’t have a will, everything was in a trust.  And she spoke to another one that told her that he had talked to John Branca back in 2005 when Michael was in trial and BRANCA said there was no will.

So if Branca told someone there was no will in 2005, how did he come up with one dated 2002?

Remember these?

Michael’s Legal Documents
2005 Trial

Last page of verdicts
Michael Joe Jackson

Original 2003 Complaint
Michael Joe Jakcosn

2005 Ammended Complaint
True Name and People vs. listed as Michael Joe Jackson

TOX Report 2004
Michael Joe Jackson, 5’11’’, 120 lbs

On his mug shot info and his complaint info he is listed as 5’11” and 120 pounds (way too light Mike!)

Michael’s Posthumous Documents
2009 and Autopsy

Death Certificate
Michael Joseph Jackson

Autopsy Report
Michael Joseph Jackson

Will Statement Filed by Branca
Michael Joseph Jackson

Copy of Michael’s Will
Dated 2002 – Pg 1

Page 2

Page 3

So during the trial and on all legal paperwork surrounding the trial, we have a 5’11”, 120 pound Michael Joe Jackson.

Post 2005 and more specifically 2009 and death, we have a 5’9” Michael JOSEPH Jackson.

Randy Jackson and MY OWN sources, plus the fact that there is video proof, Michael was in New York with Al Sharpton and FAMILY on the date Branca says Michael signed that will.

There has been argument from Branca’s side (because they think we’re idiots), that the day Michael signed his will, he actually signed IN New York and the only reason that it says Los Angeles is because that is where Michael lived. But Michael didn’t live in Los Angeles he lived in SANTA YNEZ (Santa Maria County).

The other problem we have is that Michael LEGALLY was Michael JOE Jackson on court documents between 2003 up through 2005 post verdict as you see on the COURT DOCUMENTS posted above.

Why would Michael’s initials appear on a will dated 2002 with Michael JOSEPH Jackson on it?

You know what this tells me?  That Branca was correct in 2005.

There WAS NO WILL IN 2005.

Maybe this is why Randy Jackson said the signature pages were not "ready yet" when Branca brought the will to the family.

This means that the document Branca presented to the Judge DID NOT EXIST IN 2002, was FORGED and most probably wasn’t created until Branca learned that Miss Katherine filed INTESTATE.

Branca CREATED THIS WILL post 2009 with the NEW MIDDLE NAME of Michael JOSEPH, because he learned that is what “Michael” had changed his name to (only this isn’t the real Michael).  Because in 2002 Michael was LEGALLY Michael JOE Jackson.

If this was an original 2002 will it would say MICHAEL JOE JACKSON just like all his other documents.

The Michael that died (if one indeed did die) most probably was NOT Michael JOE Jackson as THAT Michael was 5’11”.

Michael JOSEPH Jackson on the Death Certificate and the autopsy report is 5’9”.

The document BRANCA turned into the courts as Michael’s will and testament is a FORGED, POST 2005 DOCUMENT using a middle name that was not LEGALLY associated with Michael until AFTER THE TRIAL.

This whole DOCUMENT did not exist in 2002!  The Joseph name is TYPED IN THERE!

Branca created this fraudulent document POST 2005 and he created it when he WAS NOT MICHAEL’S LAWYER.

You know what else this tells me?

It tells me that John Branca knew damned well that Michael fired him in 2003 or he wouldn’t have backdated a will all the way back to 2002!

That’s all I have for tonight.  We’re getting socked with thunderstorms and I have to get off of here. Thank the Lord I got the lawn mowed today before that stuff came in!  (And I’m fried).

Good night all . . .

He really thought (they thought)
They really had control of me . . .



  1. I was reading the previous blogs comments about disguises etc.....Mel Gibson supposedly goes around in a mask that looks perfectly real and normal (as in you can't tell he's wearing a mask) so said someone who knows him. The advancement in such things is mightily improved. We all recall the news article a couple of years ago where the old man got on the plane and a young man hopped off wearing the same clothing. The face mask used was so realistic. I thought it was just someone letting us know how easy it is to get around without anyone being any the wiser.

    The issue with the will is extraordinary considering the fact that it has to be in the name of the person in question. This one never was so how anything has occured at all(with Estates etc) is beyond me. They keep going on about dates but really shouldn't that be second on the list after THE NAME. There is a lot of fakeness going on and a lot of games being played.


    1. I didn't know that about Gibson, LOL! I was remembering what Jermaine said in his book about not recognizing Uncle Willie as Michael. And that picture in the book doesn't look like him either except the eyes if you look long enough. And that was back when Jermaine was doing shows solo!

      I thought about that when I went back and looked at the will. Since everyone thinks Michael died, this 5'9" Michael Joseph, I couldn't understand why someone who was his lawyer way back in 1982 didn't know Michael's REAL middle name. Then it dawned in me, that if Michael changed his middle name or . . . he DOUBLE changed Michael's name (and Michael became someone else under witness protection, complete with new SS number), and this sickly Michael JOSEPH became Michael Jackson, Branca may have believed Michael permanently changed his legal name. Then it dawned on me that the will is dated 2002, which means that Branca forged the whole thing in 2009 AFTER Sony got them back involved with Michael during concert rehersals. Michael's documents prior to 2005 ALL SAY MICHAEL JOE, including arrest records, booking tox report and other court/lawsuit docs, as far back as the 2003 arrest. Michael's signature on the will is dated July 7, 2002.

      Is John Branca going to try and convince fans that Michael changed his middle name to Joseph in 2002, back to "Joe" in 2003 to 2005 then BACK to JOSEPH in 2009?

      In 1993 he was Michael Joe. So whatsupwiththat, Branca???

    2. If we ever saw a legal form where it shows Michael changed his name to Joseph by deed poll then perhaps we'd have a clue but I've never come across anything like that. The only thing ever mentioned by anyone about name changing was good ol Dave Dave and we know he said that on account of his own father but I actually even found that rather odd as his father changed his own name to Charley Charles, which to me, is pretty much the same as calling yourself Dave DAve !!!!!!


    3. What, you don't think Branca would just OFFER that information do you? Family members have made more than one point to mention is name was Michael JOE Jackson and not Michael JOSEPH Jackson.

  2. However, the “Arctic Monkeys” were one of the opening acts and get this. They sang John Lennon/Michael Jackson’s “Come Together”.


    "Come Together" is a song by The Beatles written by John Lennon[2] and credited to Lennon–McCartney. The song is the opening track on the album Abbey Road, and was released as a double A-sided single with "Something", their twenty-first single in the United Kingdom and twenty-sixth in the United States. The song reached the top of the charts in the US,[3] and peaked at number four in the UK.[4]

    1. Anonymous,

      The song was SUNG by John Lennon and later by Michael Jackson (as well as a few others). I didn't SAY they wrote it. And if you are going to CORRECT ME, it is PROPER to list your source. Especially if you are going to plagiarizer it word for word.

      Just my opinion, but Michael did a much better job. I never liked the Beatles music until Lennon started singing on his own.

  3. BONNIE, as you suggest that John Branca created a fraudulent Will post 2005, he anyhow ran the risk that Michael also made separate new Will's arrangements post 2005-2009 with another Office (like Peter Lopez or else) ??

    The Executors should now put their cards on the table with Katherine Jackson & some of her children as to the "Will" (I dream..). Their financial deals as Executors made from 06.25.2009 should be audited & if the Executors also empowered themselves on the hiring/firing of some house & security staff at Katherine's house:o((, it is not acceptable ! Even if the beneficiaries of a Will get regular good money from the Estate (Michael's hard-earned money BTW) it should not put them in a state of legal powerlessness towards the Executors.

    1. Line, This is why I believe Branca WAITED until Miss Katherine filed Instestate before presenting the will. They planed for him to be killed (not of the opinion they succeeded), and they waited to see if a will would come to fruition. When Miss Katherine filed Intestate that's when Branca suddenly came up with this 2002 will, pfffft!!!

      These little shysters are going to get their comeuppance, of that I have no doubt.

      What you mention about the executors controlling who works in the house hold! YES!!!!! But that is EXACTLY what has been happening and ALWAYS HAS HAPPENED even with Michael!

    2. Yes but this control now exposed like e.g. the Calabasas surveillance vid sold to tabloids must end once. You also rightly expressed : "they planed for him (Michael) to be killed". Thus the family letter was a good thing, was published & some of the Jacksons took the orchestrated blame. But all not said yet !

    3. Oh I forgot : I saw lately this "Jackson family scuffle" Vid where Zia Modabber & Howard Mann (Grrrr) were commenting on some of the Jacksons' "motivations" : so when 2 such rascals are now also invited by TV to comment on the Jacksons, one can imagine the level of corruption going around the Jacksons !

    4. Line,

      No, all not said yet. All us bloggers have to get our say in first, LOL! Sorry, not funny but sometimes that's what it seems like people are waiting for. Zia Modobber was one of the crooks involved in the Goldman Sach's deal as well as a few other things. Is Howard Mann partnered with Modabber now? I thought Modabber and Branca were buddies?

      I have no other comment on those two. They're not even worth talking about. Just another version of Taraborrelli.

  4. Hi Bonnie,

    I just wanted to post a comment before I read today's post.

    I peek into twitter a few times a day to see what's going on...yeah the witless wonders are still stirring up the mess, 2 days after it settled down somewhat..."why is MJ3 at the unity concert??...oh's like taking a rape victim to see their rapist..." these people have no life, tweeting looonnnnngggg tweets with their idiotic opinions. Good grief, they just do not know when to quit!

    I did, however, find something very interesting. Two things actually.

    "Paris" tweeted yesterday, links to 2 cartoons:

    "I like these cartoons "

    ************************END OF TWEET**********************

    Bonnie, the above cartoons...very interesting.

    Then 5 hours later "Paris" re-tweeted a tweet from "MrFrankOcean":

    "I ignore texts. I let the phone ring. It's nothing personal, but some people need to realize that sometimes I don't feel like talking."

    *************END OF TWEET********************************

    Well, evidently "Paris" agrees with that way of thinking...why isn't her grandma afforded that same privilege???

    OK, rant done...I'm gonna ready your latest blog entry...


    1. From bottom up - Because "Paris" is not Paris, and "Paris" follows the same hypocritical mantra that her "new family" follows (you know, the gangstalkers).

      Cartoons - Kind of a cheap analogy off of Daniel 12 and Matthew 24 that any esoteric can confiscate for their own. Yes, it's interesting. Ida is Michael - or the fake Michael. Depends on how your brain twists that one. I have more on this actually a little later. Gotta love God! He showed me something today.

      Agenda-ists with idiotic tweets - Do they think they are convincing anyone with their tripe? Seriously, who is going to believe this? They are so angry they were caught in their lies, they no longer even TRY to incorporate logic into their rants . . . they just RANT.

      Thank you for the INTERESTING cartoons. Creepy.

  5. Yes, the Arctic Monkeys did sound off. And you're right...why did Michael NEVER have this problem?? Anyhow, your link for the video is dead already. I got a message saying the Olympic Committee blocked on copyright grounds.

    Here's another link although it probably won't be up long either.


    1. Deb,

      I have replaced all videos above with screen shots. I somehow knew with the amount of people drilling into their little freak show that they would try to pull vids. so those are above and I added a couple with explanations.

  6. Well!!! I forgot to tell you the video was "audio" only for the link I posted for Arctic Monkeys. There are a lot of audio only videos on youtube of their performance at the opening ceremony. I cannot find a video showing the actual performance. For some reason the olympic committee does NOT want that on youtube. Sorry!!


  7. That's right, that name was not created until his "death" no matter how much the " Branca & paid actors and others" try to spin it, it just doesn't add up. The judge in this case has to be on the take as well, otherwise how in the world would this make sense to a judge? I keep waiting for the day they all get busted, but I don't think it's gonna happen:(

    1. Anonymous,

      Well the judge may not even be paying attention! Remember none of the challenges ever got to court. Miss Katherine withdrew hers and Joe Jackson's was thrown out because he's not an interested party (not an heir).

  8. oops, Bedtime Stories and Linking of the Rings videos are marked "private". Can't find ANY playable videos on youtube :( oh well.

    1. I replaced the vids with pictures above. Don't need their stinkin' videos.

  9. I also forgot to mention that maybe all this going on is an attempt to "smoke out" MJ from hiding?

    1. Some of it is yes. I know they believe he is still alive, but like Corey Feldman said . . . they've gotten away with this crap for so long, and they are so firmly networked ,they believe they can get away with anything.....

      But there is a lot more to it than that. You can fool people, you can't fool God.

  10. Yup.. true on both statements.. too bad they couldn't bring a criminal case against them, I would just like to see them suffer in the way they have made Mj and others suffer. Maybe I'm just mean spirited that way lol.

    1. I think I would rather they feel shame for what they did and make it good by telling the truth. If one of them realize what they've done and to whom they have done it too and come clean with that, I believe Michael would be touched. Healing is much better than retaliation.

  11. Bonnie,

    Got to tell you this before I forget.

    First, I have Comcast cable and they have all the olympics stuff including the opening ceremonies on demand so I'll watch it later after the grandkids go home :)

    Second, I was just on twitter and I do follow "Paris" ***hangs her head in shame*** and something very....interesting....just happened. She had tweeted something about classical > hip-hop, staying home w/ friends and reading > going out partying etc. and a guy (SamIAmBITCH_ is his twitter name) jumped all over her because Michael loved hip-hop, etc. The conversation degenerated to the point where she said he was unemployed (that's what his bio says) and they get on the topic of her being employed as an actress, he says yeah, I don't see a movie in theaters and his coupe de gras was "Oh, but you're tweeting about family shit all damn day, what the hell you filming? You acting on security cam is better" and she replies " ohhhh yeahhhh and you would know this" plus more but guess what??? that whole string of tweets has been deleted by "Paris" and she blocked him. AND the loud mouth fans who were on at the time are saying nothing about that last comment she made, surprise, surprise. Kind of sounds like fake Paris forgot him or herself and insinuated that it might not have been real Paris tweeting about the family drama.

    And this just in...the estate is barring Janet and other family members from Miss Katherine's home because they pay the rent??? Last I heard, Miss Katherine nor any of Michael's children are assets of the estate. Will they be able to leave the house? What the heck is going on??? And these idiot fans are going to be ok with this???

    Uggghhhh, I have to stay off twitter, it makes me nauseated whenever I go there.


    1. Deb,

      Shame on you - now go to time out! (LOL) I don't follow Paris but I see those twitters every once in a while when I sign in. I have enough people emailing me about them. I do not believe its her. I do not believe the real Paris and the fake one are switching back and forth with the phones. I don't know what game they are playing, but they are PLAYING everybody.

      The news on Janet/Randy being barred - from fake miss Katherine, Fake Paris and Fake Prince and Blanket? They can't bar anybody. Just stories.

  12. AnonymousJuly 28, 2012 8:22 AM

    Hi Bonnie,I've finally got back to post this link to a video which shows Michael and John Mclain touring Stan Lees Media Headquarters.I will link one of the videos which shows John.If you listen they say his name.Now at 2.44secs John is in the chair and talking about their plans.
    Also under the comments section says that this is John McLain.
    Cheers B
    If the link doesn't work just type in Michael Tours Stan Lees Animation Studio.
    I posted this a few blogs back,so moved it to here as I wasn't sure if you had seen my comment.
    Cheers B

    1. Hi B,

      I remember approving your post. I'm glad you stuck it here because I couldn't remember which blog update it was posted to and couldn't find it. :o) It came in with a bunch of other ones, sorry!

      I did see that video, as I watched it before I moderated the comment, so now we have him in actual video if it's the same guy. His face looks rounder there. Maybe because of the sunglasses. Why would McClain even be with Michael in 2001? (or 2000?) He wasn't Michael's manager.

    2. Bonnie, you tube "Michael Jackson 2002 Awards".
      This is where Christ Tucker presents Michael with the Entertainer of the Century award. He thanks his Mother and FAther and after that, John McClain and carries on with a few other names etc.....he was noting very important personas in his life. If you listen (or believe) comments in more recent times you'll see that people like Frank Cascio, Teddy Riley, Frank Dileo etc have made complaints about John McClain. Of course we don't know if this is another tactic of some kind but he was busy behind the scenes with Michael back in that early part of the 2000's. His face might look fatter because more than a decade had passed since those eighties pics in the magazines etc. You see John and Michael in the vid at STan Lee's...later we see the meeting noted in Dieters diary for Michael to purchase Marvel Characters. In Frank C's book he notes that Michael thought he had purchased Marvel Comics and was physically upset at learning he hadn't gotten it. It all just makes one wonder what really went on. Then, we see STAN LEE at the party for Arnie Kleins new office at the end of last year.....all a bit mysterious.


    3. I was wondering if you saw that Gladys Knight snippet recently? Where she says if youngsters in the family disrespected their elders they'd have no teeth left !! The discussion was on Paris disrespecting her Aunt Janet.


    4. TL,

      Christ Tucker? LOL! Did he change his name? On McClain, He didn't exactly look fatter in the video or even older. Just his face didn't look as long and I understand the quality wasn't all that great.

      Yeah there were things going on with Michael's businesses that SHOULD have gotten done that DIDN'T get done. Prince Al Waleed's partnership is one. No fault of Michael's OR the Prince, but Michael's so-called lawyers and accountants. Same with Michael's partnership with Two Seas, and Michael's "Dreamworks" ideas that Spielberg STOLE! (He couldn't even be crafty about it. The Logo looks almost identical to Michael's logo for Neverland)

      Stan Lee - He was royally ripped off by the Clintons, both him and Peter Paul (Paul ended up in a Brazillian prison). Arnie Klein is filthy. You just look at him and you want to take a shower (and say a Psalms).

      Yes, I saw that Gladys Knight, I posted it somewhere (a blog or two ago). "If Paris had said that to me, she wouldn't have any teeth . . . you RESPECT your elders". Love her! And I don't think Janet, if that had actually happened, she would probably be out on bail right now. Janet is no slouch.

    5. JOhn McClain exec for Dreamworks at that stage of the game Bonnie....early 2000's. He is the one who got Floetry and Michael together. Yes, I knew about the Neverland logo, Alwaleed and Two Seas etc.It actually seems as though every time he tries to achieve something, anything, it is ripped out from underneath him. Interesting to note that it was Tom B that had to sort out the monetary payment for songs MJ had given the Bahraini Prince and the fact that he had a guy in at Sony. I still find it odd that Stan (who yes was given the runaround on account of P Paul and the Clintons and all that) was sitting UP FRONT and CENTRE in the Arnie vid. Have been trying to work that one out for a while. The girl Maloof actually put the party on so more ties. I always used to think Stan Lee's face would make a great mask you know.....not being offensive here, he's got such charachter.


    6. TL,

      Yes I know McClain was a dreamworks exec. And I'm sorry but I don't think Floetry did Michael any favors. (Butterflies would sound better without them, don't like their background). For all we know, Floetry could have been added without Michael, after submission to Sony. It certainly sounds like it was recorded in separate rooms, they do NOT compliment Michael at all!

      I don't see where Tom Barrack had anything to do with payments to Abdullah. That was settled in a court room in New York, after Abdullah dropped his suit then Michael paid anyway (makes sense right?) And none of those songs with Abdullah ever materialized. Where are they?

      I think it's interesting that the only other source that made this assumption based off the twisted/added to text of a 2009 L.A. times Article was Justice4some blogger. Then some of the MJ forums took off with it via the same trolls that like to visit this blog in pairs. Whole lotta "twinning" goin' on! LOL!

      There is no Tom Barrack connection to Michael prior to 2008. At least not via the press. Even though Justice4some tries to overreach with these fabricated back-door deals. There WAS prior Michael relationship to Thom Barrack, but it wasn't Tohme that introduced them. Barrack was Michael's neighbor. Barrack's kids had been to Neverland long before Tohme was in the picture.

      Maloof Music was working a deal with Geffen Records/Interscope but I don't know if that deal ever went through or if they've produced any artists between the two of them. Maloof is a pretty big name over there in entertainment so no doubt they'd be tied with with Lee or at least friendly with him.

      I'm not so sure Lee is a sellout though. These are all people he already knew and he himself testified on tape against what the Clintons did to him and Peter Paul. Lee is pretty much in the same position as the Jackson family as far as having these demons crawling all over him. Sometimes you just have to bluff your way out of corners, ya' know?

    7. Yes I'm aware of the whole thing regarding Tom and Michael being neighbours and the kids visiting N'Land etc Bonnie. And the Thome relationship and so forth. I'll leave you the link where I read it if you like....I'm quite sure this is not a Michael Jackson Estate blogging site......

      It was for recording and performance rights. Anyhow, I hadn't read anywhere else that Tom was involved in any of this with the Prince. I am well aware of the fact by now that hardly any article can be trusted completely but just thought I'd share.

      Regarding Floetry, John McClain etc....I listenend to Michael talking about these girls on the radio,,and they say they spent a fortnight with Michael, his kids and family etc,,,,not sure how the recordings were done.


    8. This is what I'm talking about. If Michael had sold any recording rights and Colony bought them out, why would they have had to file a lawsuit? This is the same exact article, word for word as the L.A. Times article except for the top Paragraph, including Tom's quotes. So yes it is a MJ blogging site or rather an ESTABLISHMENT blogging site. I've discussed some of these "lawsuits" before, about two years ago. Not all is what it seems on that score.

      On Floerty, I'm sure they did record together. I'm only voicing my opinion of what the song sounded like and I did not like the background vocals. They did not compliment Michael and the backgrounds sounded off key, like they were added later and didn't at all mesh with Michael's voice and you get that with vocalists that collaborate from different, separate recording sessions because they are NOT singing on the same track. They're not "one" if you know what I mean. Not responding to each other, interacting with each other during the recording session. I see plenty of "Flo" interviews talking about working with Michael for two weeks, but I don't see anything about Michael talking about them at all. Trying to find SOMETHING from Michael himself. I would love to find a radio interview, but it's not really all that important. I was just giving you my feelings on that song and I didn't like it because of the 'other' vocals in it.

      According to World News, "Butterflies" was first recorded in 1992 by Floerty. In another article it gives writing credit to Andre Harris and Marshia Ambrosious. It wasn't recorded by Michael until 2001 (It's on my Invincible CD and I usually skip the song, that's how irritating the backgrounds are to me).

      Also, in interviews with Natalie, she talks about working in the studio with Michael, she talks about a sign on the wall in there, and repeats how "lovely" it was to see Michael with his children, how "lovely" it was to see him as a father - rediculously NOTHING about the whole recording process in the studio and oh, lets throw in there that Michael and McCain were "best friends".

      Did she actually believe that, or is that just something that anyone with a phoenix bird tattooed on their shoulder is told to say?

      Did you know that McCain signed them? Wonder if that played into anything. I had read a story two years ago that someone being interviewed (I believe it was two fellas that worked with Sony) that talked about John McCain making Michael cry by making fun of his nose (post surgery) and the person was very angry about it. I have a copy of the interview actually on my computer. I'll have to find the quote.

    9. Yes I've read that story about McClain teasing Michael during the making of Rock My World....wanting more putty added to his nose etc and Michael apparently locked himself away and cried and said that certain ones thought he was a freak...something to that effect. If its true, its not nice.

      And on the Tom Barrack link. Yes, I'd read what I thought was the same piece a very long time ago and it didn't have that bit about the Prince in it at that time. I searched around a bit on that writer of the piece.....he's noted on the TED site as a speaker.What gets me though is, what does it acutally mean if Tom really does have, or paid for, those recording rights etc? More contrariness. If its in fact an added lie does Tom know about it? or, on the other hand. I wonder if someone opposed to the establishment might be getting info out and about even by adding it to such stories. I imagine this must be the greatest online conspiracy ever.

      Regarding John M, its also noted that Joseph was at loggerheads with John years ago after he took over managing Janet when Joseph had had that position to date. Again, I never know if I should believe anything that I read anymore but that's what I read.


  13. Bonnie,

    I must say I guess I really didn't miss much with the Olympics opening. That's why I rather wait for the reviews. But I did keep an eye on the symbols. I will watch it thoroughly again.

    Before I forget I have sent an email that will definitely benefit you for your next blog. Like Michael said, 'with these people it's the same pattern.'


  14. Everyone!!!

    Please do NOT send me any more Tweets from "Paris" or tabloid news about Branca taking over who Miss Katherine can and cannot visit with, or hire as drivers or security THEY HAVE NO AUTHORITY AT ALL TO DO THIS. I HAVE NO INTEREST IN BRANCA'S DEATH THROES VIA MEDIA AND PRESS. And that is all this is.

    The elite want to keep you buried in this garbage for a reason. I've had five people send me the same article from some flunkie at CNN (Like I'm supposed to know who he is) and I don't have time to answer everyone individually for the same article. Please post it here and if you see it already posted, just comment your thoughts. That will deplete my workload SIGNIFICANTLY.

    Thank you. :o)

  15. Does ANYONE know the significance of the giant baby at the Opening Ceremonies? the picture is above.

  16. I'm back on Nimrod - I'm a year late. Wonders never cease do they? Lies all originate from the same place.

  17. Listening to "You Are Not Alone" before I go to bed. Not alone, not alone . . . The rain stopped here. I kinda wanted to go to sleep the rain on the windows.

  18. BONNIE, B sent you a Vid with supposedly John Mclain as a black man sitting in chair with a plan at 2:44. To me, John Mclain is rather the one next to John Branca on pic "gathering of thieves" from your Blog of July 20, 2012 titled : "Branca, Weitzman, McLain shoul be in Jail" or..?

    1. Line,

      Oh that guy in the picture next to Branca in front of the mircophones? That is Howard Weitzman. John McClain is dark skinned and better looking, LOL!

    2. OooooH - sorry ! My mistake ! The guy next to Branca I always took him for Mclain :o[

    3. That's okay . . . took me a while too. There are so many of them "pushed" into Michael's life.

    4. Line,

      It's late where you are now, isn't it?

    5. Now it is 19:05 here. Time for a little snack:o)

    6. Ah - 13:53 here and I just had a snack/lunch. Sandwich with chicken breast meat and salt and pepper, some tomato slices on the side and iced tea :o)

    7. for me, a piece of dark bread, 2 slices of cheese & a "bircher-muesli" = oatmeal-apple-yoghourt:o)

  19. Oregon now claims that collecting rainwater is illegal:

    So if the rain that falls on YOUR property belongs to the government does that mean you can FINE the government for cleanup of THEIR rainwater on your property? I think this guys should start filing his lawsuits immediately!

  20. We've had meetings in town here for that very thing Bonnie. ABout 5 years ago now. The farmers went biserk when these fools from the Gvot dept came to town to tell them they
    d have to pay for the water that fell from the clouds to their dams, tanks etc. They went back to the city with their tails between their legs on that occasion but mark my words, they'll be back and it won't be pretty. So, if i run outside with a cup when its raining and it fills, will I have to pay someone for that?????? This is a pet topic of mine and hubbies.Funny, the govt doesn't pay for the dams or the tanks.



    1. Well, I guess if we really think about it, it could very well be the "weather" that the "government" has learned to "make" with their HAARP equipment, so maybe they feel they should be compensated? Maybe the money from running drugs isn't enough?

    2. TL/BONNIE - "The water falling from the clouds" US people may not use for their own consumption or animals or agriculture : one of the craziest things I have ever heard.

  21. In case anyone is interested, Connie posted this to my FB page. It is basically some guy sounding off on the whole Katherine Jackson Saga, but he believes that Paris is really Paris twittering and I do not.

    They figured they could take ownership of the children at some point after they "killed" Michael. I can't wait to see what happens when "Judgment day" comes and by the radical way Branca is acting, that looks like it is coming soon.

    1. Too bad : can't open the link from my country.

    2. Bonnie, you said "They figured they could take ownership of the children at some point"

      And that's exactly the way the estate is acting, as if they own the kids and by extension, Katherine too. I actually saw a tweet today saying that "TJ and Katherine are going to "co-own" the kids" ...excuse me?? co-own? Do people listen to themselves? And they think this is ok? I'm just...dumbfounded.

  22. My favorite ending of a verse in the Bible, from Revelation 12

    " . . . and the dragon prevail not . . . "

  23. More proof of celebrated pedophilia in Hollywood . . . this time is's a COMEDY! Matthew McConaughy stars as the pedophile sherrif. Maybe he's portraying Sneddon.

    But as a financial “retainer,” they willingly give the sheriff their sweetly innocent 12-year-old sister/daughter Dottie (Juno Temple) as his sexual muse – and there’s no full frontal nudity or explicit innuendos spared.

    Read more:

    1. Bonnie, NOW I'm speechless. I'd never even heard of this movie. What in the world is Matthew McConaughey thinking? I read the article and watched the trailer. This is just disgusting. This is a comedy?? Based on an AWARD WINNING play??? And I was going to say who in their right mind would let their 12 year old play the girl's part but I researched and the actress is 22 but that doesn't take away from the fact that the story says the girl is 12! And this is the trash that these lunatics are serving to a paying public? We as a society have truly lost our minds. As my daughter would say, it's the end of the world.

  24. ********* IN BANKING NEWS **************

    "The G5′s new fake dollars and Euros are not being accepted as legal tender outside the G5 (US, UK, Germany, France and Italy).

    These computer-generated “Quantitative Easing” screen-numbers, conjured-up by élite keyboards at the US Fed and the European Central Bank, are being blocked on the instructions of the 147-nation Monaco Colloquium Group led by the BRICS (Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa).

    What is being blocked here are escalating US and EU Ponzi money issuances which fall outside the permissions settled within the BIS International Regulatory Framework for Banks (Basel III accords).

    Both the US and the EU have been cooking their visible debt books by cross firing debt to each other.

    A cross-firing scam is one where a sovereign nation or a major international bank attempts to conceal from auditors and rating agencies the fact that it is insolvent.

    The scamming nation or bank does this by setting up multiple debt-distributing (= debt concealing) paper transactions between internal departments and tame external shell companies. From the US point of view, the ECB is a tame external shell company; from the ECB point of view, the US Federal Reserve System is a tame external shell company."

    read more . . . .

  25. ************ DOOMSDAY NOT JUST A MAYAN THING ******


    "An author investigating ancient prophecies is again sounding the alarm about numerous predictions suggesting 2012 could be the beginning of the “end of the age” spoken of in the Holy Bible.

    Last year, WND reported on Tom Horn’s efforts to let everyone to know calendars besides the ancient Mayan one predict the demise of human civilization in 2012, and he claims a demonic plot bringing about the end date could be hiding in plain sight inside the U.S. Capitol.

    He’s now continuing his effort to publicize the matter with speeches across the nation, providing more possible clues into when apocalyptic prophesies of the Bible might be fulfilled with the “Second Coming” of Jesus to administer the kingdom of God on Earth." - Source,

    1. I had actually been on a site last year where the other book that was written by this same fella was advertised...the Romanus Petrus or some such. That particular site (and I forget the name of it) had a wonderful technical type drawing of the whole Washington Freemasonry set up. All the angle and dangles, and they all centre in on a spot that housed a special article or book....can't quite remember what they called it now...something secretive anyhow. I do think though that there are so many stories out there about 2012 and I really do hope they are all wrong about anything too final other than getting rid of those bad eggs that run the world too ruthlessly.


  26. Hi Bonnie,

    Thanks for another great blog! And yup, Branca and his minions are TOAST! My only question is WHEN will they finally be accountable for their crimes? I hope very very soon.

    We really are in our last days. God has had enough and He's about to take His world and Earth back. Babylon as the Book of Revelation states is going down and we're currently witnessing it before our eyes and it's only going to get uglier, this is just the beginning.

    1. Hi Spring,

      I don't know when they will be held accountable. But it was bothering me so much, I had to just stop, and today I really had to just leave that up to God. God knows when they will be held accountable. I was getting so miserable even my husband remarked on my change in mood, it is so depressing. Even knowing all this is drama THEY are using to cause trouble and even if they can't do what the press says the estate is doing, it is enough to really deflate you and in all honesty desensitize you to all of it.

      I do NOT want to be taking that out on other people and not be able to let God work with what MY job his here. I can really get myself worked up and I'm like a little kid that just found emotions and connections with people I didn't have. It's like being given a gift and not using it with any discipline. We can't solve the all the problems. We can only get the truth out there and just keep putting it out there.

      Yes, we are in our last days. I keep crying about this. I see family members that I have no, I just can't get to them. Unreachable. That hurts. You see people out there that really believe that the deceivers are going to guide them to the truth and that hurts. I can't believe how much it hurts.

      Then tonight something healing happened. I sent my older son to that Louie Gigliano video (the one about Laminin) and I MADE HIM LISTEN TO IT and call me back. He called me back and said, "that was interesting! Wow. Science is proving God!" And I explained to him that it says in the Bible that this will happen in the last days, that we will be a testimony to Christ (in more ways then just singing or telling Him). Then he told me, "I bookmarked it! I want to show it to dad, and I have friends that will freak!"

      He did the Google search too and saw it for himself.

      I sent him the Ron Wyatt video too. I can't wait to see his reaction to that.

      I don't want any more uglier. But those two videos really help bring the hope back to the forefront!


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