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Michael Jackson Justice: LIE LA LIE PART 1

God: Reconnect to Him

The Conspiracy against God is about "The Word", and the profaning of His Holy Name within us. Adam fell in the garden, breaking the direct connection to God. Jesus, the "last Adam" was a quickening Spirit, the Word made Flesh, and the only one with whom we can re-establish our relationship with God. Michael's story is still unfolding. He is the one who is, is not. But Jesus is the only name given under heaven by which we must be saved. Many are trying to rewrite HIStory. We were given a help to instruct us. Learn more "here".

Wednesday, July 11, 2012


Lie La Lie
Who Gave Them the Right
To Scare His Family?

"But now ye seek to kill me, a man that hath told you the truth, which I have heard of God: this did not Abraham.

41 Ye do the deeds of your father. Then said they to him, We be not born of fornication; we have one Father, even God.

42 Jesus said unto them, If God were your Father, ye would love me: for I proceeded forth and came from God; neither came I of myself, but he sent me.

43 Why do ye not understand my speech? even because ye cannot hear my word.

44 Ye are of your father the devil, and the lusts of your father ye will do. He was a murderer from the beginning, and abode not in the truth, because there is no truth in him. When he speaketh a lie, he speaketh of his own: for he is a liar, and the father of it."

Lie la Lie

Before I embark on this subject matter, I wanted you to know that this is important enough to include on the permanent links to the right side, all parts to this subject.  Therefore, when I write subsequent blog topics THIS ONE will always, be on the right side of every page.

An agenda is coming together and a family needs help.  They have behind them the strength of our creator, our God, and they can gain strength and edification just knowing that there are others out here praying for them and know what it is they battle.

There is rarely such a liberating feeling of relief then that which comes from seeing the truth of your suffering brought to light and seeing the sorrow and love in the faces of those who wanted to believe you, but couldn’t find your heart through the lies others tried to drown you in.

Last year I posted this blog:  Michael Jackson Monarch Programming

I showed this video of this interview with Latoya. Those of you that have not seen her describe her mind control under Jack Gordon please listen:

Mind control, drugs in food
Threats of killing Michael and Janet

At 5:34, she begins describing how Miss Katherine was researching Gordon, learning about the “military” drugs they were using on Latoya IN HER FOOD to control her.  (Why Michael doesn’t eat, why Michael doesn’t trust people.  Why Michael seemed drugged in some appearances, etc… Throwing stones to hide their hands THEY did the drugging . . . not Michael.)

At 7 minutes she talks about how the drugs kept her mind from remembering what happened from one day to the next (compartmentalization), just as Fritz Springmeier and Bryce Taylor described in their books.  Just as Chernoff described during the Murray trial – “like spokes in a wheel”, and others in books “he had this incredible ability to compartmentalize . . .” quoted by Karen Moriarty on page 363 in her book “Defending a King” and quotes by others in her book of that “ability” that was tortured into Michael.

At 8 minutes, you hear Latoya’s voice break and you see her eyes water as she begins describing how someone finally brought the long asked for Bible she wanted and how she wouldn’t let it go and even took it into the shower with her.

Latoya 2008 Interview
On the verge of tears

That interview actually took place in 2008 on Dutch T.V. 

Now let’s look at an earlier interview with the Jackson family, before the 2003 allegations, before Latoya could escape Gordon and before the 1993 allegations against Michael.  And I want to point out a few things.  Be on the lookout for:

- 0:29, Michael is on the verge of tears.  He’s fighting them back when asked if it hurts being separated from his brothers.  Even though he says no, his eyes tell a completely different story.  You’d think he’d be happy cutting out on his own, but he is not smiling here . . . at all.  Not convincing that he’s not worried about his brothers and his eyes are downcast when he says this.

Michael saying “why hide it?”

- 1:06 Jackie says “maybe it is the vitiligo” that caused Michael to withdrawl because he was “all of a sudden became shy”.  He was NOT always that way.  Just as Robert Hilburn stated about his interview with Michael at the back of the tour bus during “Victory”, “Michael had changed….” This during the time that Michael told Hilburn (@3:09) there are just some things you can’t tell your family or friends.

- 2:21 – The family, starting with Jackie, is asked about Latoya’s behavior while married to Jack Gordon.  It quickly cuts to scenes of Latoya’s interviews about her book in the 1990’s.

- 3:50 Rebbie vehemently denies the claims Latoya made about Joe abusing Rebbie and her.  Rebbie looks angry, but that she knows a bit more than she’s telling.  You can tell by the look on her face she knows something about what is going on at that time.  Watch her mouth twitching, like she wants to say something.

- 4:08 Joe is asked about the abuse allegations by Latoya.  Joe also denies and as is customary under confrontation, Joe responds “Well it is hard, but I can’t sit here and build up stress about what Latoya is out there saying, life goes on.”  Miss Katherine remarks that “the man she’s with”, she won’t name him (Jack Gordon), is behind it.  She actually uses the word “brainwashed”.

- 5:11 Jackie again.  Jackie’s reaction surprised me most of all.  It made me cry.  This is all coming out of nowhere for them at this time.

Jackie Crying
Saying “It hurts my mother all the time”
And his voice catches

- 6:30 Micheline made this catch.  The interviewer says that “Michael is not the only one in the family that has had plastic surgery.  Jermaine says “wait a minute, that’s not important.”  But listen to what Michael’s DAD SAYS!  See if it doesn’t sound just a bit familiar –

Joe Jackson – “We never complain about the
Caucasian people laying up in the sun trying
To get dark.  We don’t complain.  They wanna
Be darker!”

(Thank you Joe, I think that was a
VERY DIPLOMATIC way of putting it
Coming from someone who used to
Be guilty of that very thing!)

- 7:50, Randy, comic relief, when asked if the family is being driven apart by success, Randy says, “No, the biggest problem is toothpaste.  Jermaine takes my toothpaste . . .”

Randy not suffering from lack
Of pearly whites

- 9:40 Rebbie is asked when was the last time the whole family got together.  Rebbie could not remember.  When asked when was the last time she talked to Michael, she had trouble remembering, then said, “It’s been a long time.  I think it was over a year ago.”

Rebbie distressed

- 10:46, Tito says that Michael will always be part of The Jacksons.  And that he is just taking is time to discover “Michael Jackson” at this point.  There will be a day that you will see the original back on the stage again.”

Tito confident the family will unite

That day was the 30th Anniversary Concert in Madison Square Garden, the day before 9/11, when Michael (it’s been said that he overslept) missed or canceled his appointment.  Karen Faye had tweeted that it was “Frank Cascio’s job” to “deliver” him. (She said “make the delivery”).

The Truth Is Evident In the Faces
Of the Suffering
Thank you Micheline for the Find

This is the family that is attacked as “greedy, non caring, only after Michael’s money, conspiring through other entities to kill Michael so they could have his money . . . all kinds of garbage that came out of the mouths of people like Taaj Malik, Yazmeen/muzikfactory, Erin Jacobs and Justice4MJ groups, Samantha Degosson.  Karen Faye has slammed Katherine Jackson and her “child rearing” abilities and this was coming out of the gate right after June 25, 2009 and it got worse from there!

I have discussed the timing of the “change” in Michael and truthfully it didn’t happen long after they moved out to California from Gary Indiana.  Michael, the baby performer at the time, is cordoned off from his family to stay with the already entrenched Diana Ross.  Weren’t Michael’s family performing together? 

Why did Michael need to live in a separate residence from where they stayed with Gordy?

But the REAL separation began with the introduction of Branca to the Jacksons in 1980.  Between 1980 and 1984 – The victory Tour in which Robert Hilburn of the L.A. Times interviewed Michael AGAIN on the tour bus, Michael had become withdrawn, down cast, and wouldn’t look you in the eye when being interviewed. This is where Hilburn had written down what Michael said about moving into his own place and why he was so lonely – “There are just some things you can’t tell your family or your friends.”

Between 1980 and 1984, the “team” moved into Michael’s life – John Branca, Frank DiLeo, Michael Lee Bush/Dennis Tomkins, Karen Faye, Bill Bray who was installed during the Jackson 5 followed Michael into his solo career – J. Randy Taraborrelli (as John Branca’s long-time friend), Dr. Arnold Klein, Elizabeth Taylor and oh yes, Quincy Jones, Bob Jones, Stacy Brown, Bob Giraldi and others.

Of the above mentioned names, only Frank Dileo was “gotten rid of” – Fired, never seen again in the press with his name next to Michael’s.  Now he’s just one of the “dead” ones.

Between 1980 and 1989, Michael went from black, bubbly and bright eyed to vitiligo, withdrawn, and dark glasses.    As Jackie said in the video above, “he was just suddenly shy.”

For some strange reason, all the trouble with the press that Michael began having happened AFTER they extricated him from his family.  Yet THEY are to blame now according to various fan groups and blogs who have been so instrumental in making sure money is funneling into Sony at record pace.

Of the blogs who have been the most libelous against the Jackson family in favor of the estate executors are:

Muzikfactory2/Lets Call a Spade a Spade
TeamMichael/Taaj Malik (just switched sides in the last year)
TINI – who did not have a blog, per se, but their left sidebar housed even more “supporting groups” that worked with TINI and they are:


Take note that the “disclaimer” is dated May 26, 2009, a MONTH BEFORE MICHAEL’S PASSING and we will discuss that at a later time.  The gaggle of homeless stalker chicks and whoever is financing them had this planned prior to “the death”.  We’ll get more into that later.

Add to the blogs listed above “Eddie Jones U-Stream Channel”,, Twitter Justice4MJJ (Erin Jacobs), and mjfansboycottsony.  Ironically on the front web page of TINI, they said they didn’t support boycotts because “generally they do not work”.

I still have a copy of Randy Jackson’s twitter where he said “Yes”, in reply to someone asking him if he thought the estate executors had paid bloggers online.

Not only did Branca have bloggers working for him he was also giving court documents, forged documents and evidence to bloggers well before the trial:

ConfidenTial information
Analysis of Events
Concerning M. Jackson

Written by Nicole Evans-Taylor with contributions and assistance from Meghan Keeler and Mary Evans

Look familiar Nikki/Alligator?

I have a copy of her “Analysis of Events” as well as the chart of “evidence” found at the scene, a whole year and a half before the trial of Murray!  All this was not available to the general public back in March of 2010 – only two months after Murray’s arrest and only eight months (possibly less) since Michael’s death that Nicole got this information (and according to one of my discussions with her, she was only 27 years old at the time).

So we have Nicole Evans-Taylor, Meghan Keeler (in one of the Sony Luncheon pictures with Karen Faye) and Mary Evans contributing to a “book” in which evidence is given to them to write up what SHE told me was a book she was going to “give” to the Jacksons.   What it LOOKS like to me is the building of a case against Murray by Branca’s bloggers.  Perhaps the script for that fake trial.  Consider some of this same group (TINI folks) took up a collection and bought Dr. Schaefer a GIFT after the verdict!

Oddly I noticed too that two of the sources in the list of references at the end were medical logins for evidence.  And we’re supposed to believe that these people are just some previously unrelated group of fans that just came together out of nowhere, had a website and a campaign ready to go by  . . . May 26th 2009?  (TINI – “This is NOT It”).

The Father of Lies

It doesn’t take much to start connecting the dots when you look at where the trouble started.  Michael was a darling in the press until someone flipped the switch. 

In that same period between 1980 and 1984 when all the “handlers” became Michael’s “new family”, Michael dodged rumors of being gay, buying the Elephant man bones, asking Liz Taylor to marry him, carrying Emmanuel Lewis on his hip (in exchange for Bubbles at times) and the occasional date with Brook Shields.

In 1984 he suffered the burns from the Pepsi accident from which NO EVIDENCE EXISTED back when it happened, about any dependency on pain medication.  As a matter of fact, press coverage of the incident while he was still in the hospital described a narcotic-rejecting Michael who would not take pain meds.  I covered that here – “One Hill From Pepsi They See?” as well as the interview from the fire safety chief at the scene describing the change in the script by Bob Giraldi, telling Michael to stand closer to the source of the fire and stand there “longer”.

The “drug addiction” didn’t show up until 1993, after Michael confessed to “having his childhood stolen from him” on the American Music Awards, and his sister Janet trying to position herself in front of his eyes as she pleaded with him how much she loved him.

Shortly after that, Klein called Taylor to “come get” Michael.  They whisk him off to London for a “re-education” program that they called a drug intervention (almost ten years after the fire?) and as he was “going through” THAT, they set him up with the first child molestation allegations with a kid and family with whom he probably spent less than two months combined in their company.  And then this Neverland Press Conference in which a very shaken, heavily eye-lashed and frightened Michael Jackson “did what he was told to do” and “said what he was supposed to say” (“my attorney’s advised me this is not the proper forum in which to do that.”)

Michael’s 1993 Neverland Statement

So very like THIS ONE in 2005

We’ll cover THIS later too.

John Branca did not come to his rescue, neither did Frank Dileo (he was already fired and gone at this point), his record label did NOT come to his rescue (by then this was Sony), Karen Faye did not come to his rescue then NOR did Michael Lee Bush or his pawd-ner Dennis Tomkins.  Taraborrelli did not come to his rescue, Brook Shields did not, Liz Taylor did not (she said nothing publically until the 2003 allegations), Klein did not, nor did his NURSE Debbie Rowe (in 1993).  Rowe actually came to Michael’s defense during the 2005 trial AS A PROSECUTION witness.

Quincy Jones only added to the speculation with his comments to the press, Bill Bray, who I guess forgot how to be a body guard after 1980, seemingly had no problem with all the hangers on that could get to Michael (he probably held the door open for them).

In fact, during the now infamous strip search of poor Michael Jackson, Michael’s lawyers did nothing but make sure it happened.  And Branca’s “long time friend”  Taraborrelli?  Well he got blow by blow descriptions of what happened AT THE SEARCH and WROTE ABOUT IT IN A BOOK!

Just where did he get the information?  Did Bill Bray let him in the door?  Did Bill Bray tell Branca what happened and Branca tell Taraborrelli?  And why didn’t Michael’s “good friend”, BRANCA stop Taraborrelli from putting out that book? 

Nope.  As a matter of fact, if you look at Taraborrelli’s choice of friends, one could assume that Taraborrelli bought tickets to the “event”. What “friend” would let a JOURNALIST in to watch him get stripped, photographed, humiliated and “MEASURED”?  And I wonder what Branca charged Michael for the “Time”?  What did they all do, LAUGH ABOUT IT after it happened? Share stories over beers?

Now you have Branca and his legion of bloggers trying to re-write history.  Let’s look at the FACTS, the timelines and the RELATIONSHIPS involved here.

Michael Jackson’s record label, CVS – later bought by Sony, who became partners with him in one of the most lucrative publishing catalogs in the world, already had a lawyer working for them – Branca.  He was working for them just as Michael and his brothers were leaving Motown for CBS.  The ink was not even dry on his law degree before he began “representing” Michael.  Branca was INSTALLED just as Faye and Bush and Klein and Taylor and . . . DiLeo were.  Yes, and Dileo was gotten rid of less than four years later.  Why?  (Because Michael got to him).

Branca had power of attorney over Michael’s business.  He was the FIRST lawyer to have power of attorney over Michael’s business as a solo artist.  Michael’s accountants at the time also had power of attorney.  They were the ones that controlled the flow of funds, paid  the bills, made the deals.  Michael created – they sold.  Sometimes they sold what wasn’t yet created which got Michael and his family into hot water with promoters, hence some of the lawsuits.

This TRIANGLE of entities – Branca, Sony and Barry Siegal as Michael’s accountants Bernstein, Fox, Whitman and Sloan accountants, business managers like Cascio, a KID! And others installed around Michael as is common with Monarch-conditioned subjects. -

There were LOTS of attorney’s, accountants, business managers, music managers, music lawyers, business lawyers, spiritual advisors that hooked up to Michael’s train.  Most of them employed as distractions.  But the true chain of command?

Handlers (various over the years), Branca, Sony, Stringer, Council on Foreign Relations, Rockefeller, Rothschilds, Israel and at one time Ariel Sharon and Mossad/CIA crossover Uri Geller, who’s cousin Larry Geller was handler/spiritual advisor/hairdresser to Elvis Presley.

Corey Rooney was hammered by Twitter trolls over this comment back in 2010.

Starting with common sense – The truth

Michael’s drawings themselves show that no . . . this was NOT just about a catalog.

One of Michael’s Drawings with Strong

Take note of the “antennae” under the table – a LISTENING DEVICE!   Michael knew about them!  Neverland was INFESTED with them!  INFESTED!

@2:48 – Listen I got problems of my own
Flashing cameras, taps on my phone
Even in my home I ain’t safe as a should be
Hit Me, Fix me, now you wanna get me
Use me, abuse me somebody want to ‘cuse me (accuse me)
Take me, shake me somebody’s gonna fake me

Bray, Michael and Emmanuel Lewis
In a Hotel Room

Two Way Glass Mirrors

Michael’s bodyguards talked about Michael ordering bed sheets  thrown over mirrors in hotel rooms – the photos above reveal one of the reasons why.

One of the dreams I had the first year about Michael was actually about John Branca and I’ve told this before.  John Branca had me sitting in a chair in an office and for some reason I could not move.   He was placing a listening device into the back of a very ornate, silver hairbrush that was part of a vanity set he was going to send to Paris as a “gift from a fan” and he was talking about it as he was doing it, saying, “This is the perfect gift for a little girl just starting to come of age, don’t you think?”

The proof of this is the many snippets of phone conversation given to people like “June Gatling” and Fox News (the anti-semetic comments made to an unnamed business manager), which come to think of it now, I believe Michael did on purpose.  If he left that message on an answering machine, I guess Michael found out who was on his side and who wasn’t just by where that supposedly private conversation ended up.

Both the song “Ghosts” and “Is it Scary” make references to “something in the walls” – again listening devices and bugs, cameras, etc….

Another of Michael’s Drawings of a table
With a face on it
“electric eyes are everywhere”

The monies involving the catalog.  First of all, if anyone really, REALLY believes that the ONLY assets Michael had were two music publishing catalogs and a ranch really knows nothing about the man.

Michael is an artist.  He incessantly talked about “BUILDING” a song in layers.  There is no way I believe that Michael limited this philosophy to his MUSIC.  He diversified and layered to protect himself, he had to.  I believe he also did this with his investments.  This is the reason why Branca cannot sell that catalog.  He doesn’t own it and he cannot get to it.  He had NO HAND in forming that financing into New Horizon Trusts I, II and III. 

He can manage it as part of the estate, he can even earn a percentage off the income AS PART OF THE ESTATE, but he will never get his hands on it.

They can ADD TO IT but they can’t sell Michael’s half – ever.  And that must REALLY tick him off.

Neverland, the other “big” asset is just over half owned by a Colony Capital company and “Sycamore Valley Ranch, Inc.” which is owned by one of Michael’s companies.  Colony Capital has controlling interest.  Why?  To PROTECT IT from the thieves now controlling the estate.  With Colony Capital owning more than half of it, they can’t force him to sell.

The same with Michael’s “hidden” artwork with Strong.  It’s in Strong’s name.  Now the “message” can get out without “editing” as Sony did with the “This is It” footage after they purchased it.  You see the same fan groups attacking “Thome” and suggesting that he fraudulently sold it to strong. This is why they attack Colony Capital and this is why they attack AEG.  Because they work for Sony’s and the estate’s interest.  Period.  They don’t care about the truth.

Michael’s “This is It” song – another message that is very Biblical.  Paul Anka had it and the STORY is, it was created in the 1980’s.  It’s a STORY – a cover.  A tactic that Branca and Sony should be more than familiar with.  So the “heartbreaker” learns he is “onto her game” and is getting “played the same”.

I’ll repeat some lyrics to a song I’ve quoted here before . . . “must be exhausting to lose your own game.”

Now let’s look at Michael’s debt – or faked debt . . .

Mijac Catalog according to Forbes:

In addition to Jackson’s hits, the catalog [Mijack] also contains music from Sly and the Family Stone. The catalog earned him millions each year." – Source,


"Jackson’s most valuable asset is his 50 per cent share in the Sony-ATV Music Publishing catalogue, which people with knowledge of the partnership value at between $US1.5 billion and $US2 billion. The partnership has about $US600 million in debt, one person said. In what is recognised as the shrewdest business move of his career, the singer bought the catalogue in 1985 for $US47.5 million. In the early 2000s, he borrowed $US300 million against it. That makes the value of Jackson’s share, accounting for the debt, worth between $US150 million and $US400 million.

The so-called “Beatles catalogue” is famed for music written by John Lennon and Paul McCartney. It administers nearly

all of the Beatles’ greatest hits. Sony-ATV also oversees the publishing of performers as varied as Elvis Presley, Eminem and Bjork and is reportedly the fourth-largest music publisher in the world.

The catalogue generated between $US13 million and $US20 million for Jackson annually, said people close to the singer.

A second catalogue, Mijac Music Publishing, includes Jackson’s music as a solo artist as well as songs by other acts, including Sly & The Family Stone , Curtis Mayfield and Ray Charles. People close to Jackson estimated its worth at $US100 million, but it is difficult to place a current value on it because of the tremendous sales of Jackson’s music since he died." – Source, Sydney Morning Harold

Those two articles alone PLUS the testimony from the 2005 trial reveal that on the ROYALTIES ALONE, Michael pulled in anywhere between  $15 to $25 million a year!

This does not count his appearances at various Hollywood/Music industry events, endorsements, trademark and copyright income, record sales, licensing of his OWN hits which were NUMEROUS, his Motown royalties and “other”.  And by “other” I mean those businesses Michael had invested in that were outside the music industry, partnerships and collaborations with other artists, films, licensing, other unknown investments, etc….

The lawsuits?  Fake.  False.  Friends of friends of the lawyers involved with Michael who filed lawsuits on behalf of the lawyers who “represented” Michael for a cut of the fees they charged Michael.

Fake loans taken out with their powers of attorney in Michael’s name that Michael knew NOTHING about.  It’s happened before with other celebrities, some of them quite public.  Some of them the SAME LAWYERS who now represent Michael’s estate.

The $500 million that was put in the papers supposedly the estate’s debt?  Well, it was the estate EXECUTOR’S dept – Not Michael’s. 

Michael lived pretty simply.  It was those signing contracts, hiring thugs and CIA handlers around Michael, putting in calls to “friends of friends” and relatives to file lawsuits and copyright infringement suits against Michael that ran up that debt.

I wonder how many “Michael Jacksons” flipped property in different parts of the world through fake probate files and “dead” Michael Jacksons?  (There are quite a few of those in the world by the way . . . Jackson is a very common name.  So is Michael.)

People affiliated with Branca, who have been affiliated with other celebrity estate scandals:

- Weitzman
- Alan Watenmaker
- Gelfand, Rennert and Feldman
- City National Bank
- Paul Gordon Hoffman
- Zia Modabber
- Bert Fields
- Shawn Holley
- Sony
- Quincy Jones
- Tommy Mottola
- Mark Geragos
- Karen Langford
- Trudy Green
- Alan Whitman
- David Braun
….and more… Please Click to Continue!


  1. Its been a long time since I'd watched the vid with Jackie crying etc but I remember thinking back then that it was as though the family were right on the outer for some reason. I don't mind Joseph and I think he's been given alot of flak in all this. I stick with his friends' comments on Joseph just playing a part, being paid to play the baddie, coz its all just a movie.


    1. I believe Joseph is playing a part in whatever this is to help his son. He just lets everyone think he's a bad guy....he's not. Just serving a purpose at the moment. I admire him actually coz it can't be easy.


    2. Well Joe's a good actor. sometimes he makes me laugh though. I like the way he says "Bull-S" to keep from saying the whole curse word, LOL! It's so "grandpa".

  2. As far as June Gatlin goes, she helped start that church that in my opinion is dangerous.


    1. June Gatling. She's cursing one minute and spewing New Age mumbo jumbo the next. She writes like she's Confucius and talks like she's Queen Lafifa, LOL!

    2. I'm just not into the leader of the Agape Church Bonnie and these days he's up front at the United Nations doing his thing. He is connected directly with those who believe new things begin on day 1...22 Dec. June got him up and running in his church.


    3. I'm not that versed on the Agape Church. I've heard of them but that is about it. When my sister and I were singing we started in churches first - Baptist because that was our church. We've sung in Wesleyan, Pentecostal, Methodist, Church of Nazarene, Presbetarian, just about every one except Catholic, Episcopal and Mormon. I don't even know what June is. It's like she's trying to be a cross between a palm reader and a Haitian voodoo priestess. Nobody's ever heard of her before June 25, 2009.

  3. The thing that gets me is, what does Branca make of the fact that so many believe Michael is still alive...isn't he spooked?? Doesn't he think that he'll be caught out plainly and simply seeings Michael is still actually alive. Wouldn't he have to know for an absolute certainty that Michael was as dead as a doornail to carry out this deception?????? If we all know, then he must know what's going on. He has his scouts everywhere....he's even got Jackie and Taj doing bits and pieces for the estate.


    1. Branca doesn't concern himself with that. That's what his bloggers are paid to address, which they do, attacking anyone that suggests Michael is alive with the same mantra "Your hurting his children by saying that".

      There are two possibilities to this "deception". Branca knows what's going on. Branca thinks "they" got "him" under control. I can tell you that they were worried enough two years ago to have people crawling all over my web site, having people call me to take part in a "documentary" so they could "ask me questions". They know something. Sure they do. Taaj Malik remembers that conversation she had with me. Now they just bury me in accusations and move on. I'm not important enough for them. That's fine. This is the same way the "Darwinists" drowned out any existence of God in this country. And as I said before, I'm not looking to be proven right. It's not about me. They're digging their own hole so let them continue.

      Jackie and Taj - do you REALLY think they are REALLY working with the estate? against Michael?

    2. Bonnie, I most definately didn't say Jackie and Taj are working for the estate AGAINST MICHAEL. I did not say that......I wonder what the deal is with those guys sitting in or appearing as though they are sitting in on bits and pieces,,,,that is all.

      I agree with the whole Darwinist/God comments you make. I am a firm believer that God is being tossed out the window and that is the part that saddens me the most. I feel sorry for the young ones who are being taught the opposite of the truth (at least some might still have parents doing the right thing). But you know, the more I see scientists trying to prove there is no God, the closer they get to proving he is very real (in my personal opinion).

      You don't need to worry about these 'others' Bonnie. That whole group can carry on doing whatever they want....there are many others that do not follow them or buy what they are selling. There are some people still left in the world that can think for themselves. Yes, it may take a while to sort the wheat from the chaff but it happens eventually.


    3. TL,

      I would like to know what's up with that too. But it's like Janet and her continued work in the industry that reportedly killed her brother, or them letting Michael's children promote crap for the estate executors. Just biding their time. Frustrating to watch though. I got mad at Ziggy Dealz (is that really his real name?) for promoting these rapers of Michael's estate. So you're not the only one that has a hard time watching this.

  4. Bonnie and Micheline,

    You ladies dig up some amazing stuff!

    That first video with the family...stunningly heartbreaking. I cried too when Jackie talked about his brother. :(

    1. Oh I know!!!! I just fell in love with Jackie. It was Michael first, then Jermaine, then Latoya, then Randy, then Marlon, Tito and now Jackie is the last one I saw cry over what they went through over this stuff. Actually I never saw Randy or Tito cry, but their demeanor got me. Rebbie in that same video. And Janet. I'm just extra specially protective of her now. I want her out of that industry and away from those people. She's Michael's baby sister.


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