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Michael Jackson Justice: Michael Jackson, Children and Estate Bargaining Chips

God: Reconnect to Him

The Conspiracy against God is about "The Word", and the profaning of His Holy Name within us. Adam fell in the garden, breaking the direct connection to God. Jesus, the "last Adam" was a quickening Spirit, the Word made Flesh, and the only one with whom we can re-establish our relationship with God. Michael's story is still unfolding. He is the one who is, is not. But Jesus is the only name given under heaven by which we must be saved. Many are trying to rewrite HIStory. We were given a help to instruct us. Learn more "here".

Monday, August 20, 2012

Michael Jackson, Children and Estate Bargaining Chips

The Truth Hurts But Not As Much As Lies
Reaching for the truth, for a precious heart...

"And have no fellowship with the unfruitful works of darkness, but rather expose them. 12 For it is shameful even to speak of those things which are done by them in secret. 13 But all things that are exposed are made manifest by the light, for whatever makes manifest is light."

Precious is a Love
That’s Based on Truth
Thank you to the One Who Sent
This To Me, and I never even told you
What my next topic was – Perfect

Two years ago I wrote a blog called “Michael’s Perfect Soul Mate”.  In that blog I quoted what most of us believe was Michael, talking to Schmuley Boteach about unconditional love.  He was asked if he felt his fans loved him unconditionally.  Michael’s reply was:

"That's hard, 'cause I'm not in their skin. Umm, I think after discovering who I am and how I see them and make them feel good about themselves, they love me unconditionally. I love [my fans] to pieces and what makes my heart happy is when I see they support my beliefs about family and children. They have these big billboards of children and babies and they're with me, they get it, you know? They get what I'm saying.”

Apparently those “fans” attacking Michael’s family, attacking OTHER FANS because they said Michael believed in God or conventional marriage, DON’T support Michael’s beliefs in family and children.  They’re not among the ones that “get it”.

They attack you for speaking the truth (something else Michael was very much about), they attack Michael’s own family and they encourage the belief that Michael’s children would ever behave the way the fake Paris has behaved online.

I even tried to suggest that maybe Michael had less input with his children then we thought, and that handlers kept Michael from having as much positive influence on them as he would have liked, but they attacked that too.  We also explored  the possibility that OTHERS were involved in installing those children AS Michael’s children when they really were not.

We know that Michael AND the scarf wearing children have been videoed at two different events in two different countries on the same day . . . kind of like we’re expected to believe that Michael signed a will in Los Angeles on the same day he was in New York giving a speech.

Then they change their story and say “Oh, the will just SAID L.A. but he was really in New York when he signed it”.  Then it was changed again in Forbes to say “oh the date doesn’t really matter . . .”

TRUTH = The date DOES MATTER on a legal document ESPECIALLY a will.  WITNESSES SIGNED that will stating that it WAS MICHAEL that DID SIGN IT on a SPECIFIC DATE at a SPECIFIC LOCATION.

If date did not matter, then Michael could get out from under every contract and loan agreement they say he signed.

If date DIDN’T MATTER, YOU could also get out from under every loan, out from under your “straw man”, and out from under your birth certificate, your marriage license, your tax bill and the IRS wouldn’t have a leg to stand on.

If DATE didn’t matter then Michael could have told Sony to get bent and walk away with his catalogs the FIRST TIME they told him “oh, we own you seven more years . . .”

THE TRUTH is  . . . they cannot cover their lies.


Truth is not subjective or submissive.  Truth is absolute.  And those of you subverting the truth, who have something to hide from it had better get used to facing it, because we are coming quickly upon the time that it is going to bite you in the tush and it is going to bite hard.

I do not care how many people come here and attempt to post comments trying to discredit the information on this blog.  I do not care if you come as anonymous, in pairs, in threes or fours and I do not care if you bring your whole orgy.  If I am that wrong and I am that crazy, stop making the extra effort to validate this work by coming over here on direction of your gang leaders.  “If you say that I’m wrong then you better prove you’re right” – Janet Jackson.

It’s one thing to call yourselves “fans” while completely disregarding the lyrics in Michael’s songs.  It’s another to accuse ME of not being a fan when I’ve repeatedly told everyone who’s read this blog that I am not.  I don’t care to be a fan.  I am more interested in truth than idol worship and you better get that through your thick, mind-controlled heads as well.

You come here calling me names, and bully me by calling ME the bully.  You accuse me of hate.  Truth is not a hate crime so get over it.  The word “hate” is a weapon you continually throw around without effect and no basis in truth.  Learn the difference between discrimination and discernment, get off the Marxist doctrine drug and call me when you wake up.

Michael sang “all you have to do is reach for the truth . . .”  He didn’t say “reach here but don’t reach over there” or “Only reach for his truth or her truth or your truth”, he said THE TRUTH.  Only those attempting to SUBVERT the truth will try and convince you truth is a matter of perspective.  All you are doing is announcing to everyone you have no solid ground to stand on and it is YOU the Bible speaks specifically of when describing the “father of lies”.

Ye are of your father the devil, and the lusts of your father ye will do. He was a murderer from the beginning, and abode not in the truth, because there is no truth in him. When he speaketh a lie, he speaketh of his own: for he is a liar, and the father of it."

Did He Or Didn’t He?

Sparkle was such a good movie.. whitney huston was so amazing and jordan sparks can REALLY sing her a** off omfg… like that is real talent !

lunar eclipse going in right now.. omfg

Sevyn's voice in the end of Party Hard… O_O omfg i have chills

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woooowww lmfao >.< #smdh

i love my brothers so effing much<3 o:p="o:p">

my new wall������ **took me 3 effing hours**

Her *New* Bedroom Wall

just because i have a wide vocabulary or happen to be grateful to God does not mean i am acting like i'm 2O… it's called being raised humble

Humble?  Calling your uncles liars on Twitter is humble?  Yeah, she has a wide vocabulary alright.  It takes a cultured individual to fill their oratory expressions with OMFG, LMFAO, “effing” and “frickin”.  She also seems to have a rather unhealthy affinity for idol worship with her own father.  Not only is her wall filled with publicity shots of Michael Jackson and NO family shots, it’s rather surprising that she seems to have NONE of the characteristics of a daughter mourning the death of a loved one.  She instead portrays an obsessed fan. 

Less and less people believe it is really her and her hangers on are NEWER fans to the “drama” and of course, the typical sales force of Justice4MJ, TeamMJ, MJ4Justice and the old TINI gang.  More knowledgable fans of Michael Jackson are pulling away, shaking their heads and saying “something is not right here”.

Perhaps “Paris” should have also worked on “character study” as well as “improv”, because she gets even less convincing as we go along.

Is this any child Michael would have raised?  Sorry, I don’t believe it.  There is also a lot more to THIS story as we go along and I have very strong reason to believe that Michael in fact did not plan to have children and quite possibly had NOTHING to do with fathering Prince, Paris and Blanket.  We’ve discussed this before.  We’re going to discuss it again.

Yeah, I know . . . just bear with me.  You think things cannot get any worse just when they do.


Michael’s Children – If I am wrong about Michael’s children then I am wrong.  I hurt myself.  However judging by the reaction I get from those wanting to discourage me from exploring this subject, it seems the only thing I hurt is their AGENDA, and that’s just too bad.  And from what I’ve seen, the “Paris” we see on Twitter will survive if she ever read the information on this blog.  Her gang-stalking MJfakefans have trained her well.  She might as well have been raised by them because she sure as heaven has not been raised by Michael Joe Jackson!

I will not hurt Michael questioning the schemes behind how “his children” came about because he knows the truth.  And the truth is . . . Prince, Paris and Blanket look more like OTHER PEOPLE in Michael’s life then they do Michael.  This means, folks, that THEY used children and ARE using children to make Michael look like a terrible, permissive father.

They are using those CHILDREN to make Michael’s mother and brothers and sisters look bad.  Not ME . . . THEM.  If these deranged people calling themselves “fans” were THAT concerned about the feelings of CHILDREN that are MICHAEL’S they would tell them to get offline and stop stirring the pot, but they are not.  They are USING THEM against the Jacksons.

These “children” are Branca’s insurance policy  . . . his “blanket” if you will.

I never said that Michael would love them any less as he loved ALL CHILDREN THE SAME.  He repeatedly told us this.  It is THOSE WITH THE AGENDA INVOLVING THOSE CHILDREN that want me to shut up.  Again, too bad.

This topic will be explored because NOT EXPLORING IT is hurting Michael’s family.  People like TL are quick to offer an opinion on “the baddies” and the assertion that she saw somewhere that Michael said he didn’t plan on having children, yet jumps to defend Mr. Izerrillo and Prudence Solomon.  Then I get posts like this (I didn’t moderate it or post it, it still sits in cue so I copied it.)

Examples of Attempts to Thwart Truth

Anyone believing that Michael PLANNED to have children without one shred of photo evidence of him ever being caught going into or out of a hospital carrying ONE of his newborns is falling for the lie.

Michael knew about his predicament and the evil people around him since his Billie Jean days.  By 1993, Lisa Marie was trying to get him tangled up in Scientology.  Then Debbie Rowe and Klein were called out for drugging Michael by Dr. Steven Hoefflin, who ended up financially ruined and committed to a mental ward for his trouble.  To keep people off THAT trail they sit a terrorized Michael down next to a pregnant Debbie Rowe (who supposedly miscarried a child of Michael’s before the divorce with Lisa Marie was final and got pregnant again two months later) for a photo opp.

No pictures of Michael being rushed into a hospital or leaving with a wrapped up baby exist.  Not for Prince, not for Paris and not for Blanket.

Anyone want to know why?

Okay Magazine publishes pictures of a non-smiling Michael sitting next to a smiling Debbie Rowe.  Then Paris appears.  Then before any announcement of even wanting a third child, one just appears and one of the first introductions to this child is the one hanging over the balcony.

Grace Rwamba was already drugging Michael while he was still married to Debbie Rowe.  Then they got divorced and in came Uri Geller and Schmuley Boteach.  We’ve already seen video where Michael was under the influence of SOMETHING.  Geller brags on his website of hypnotizing Michael and “conditioning” him.  From there were Dieter Wiesner and Konitzer, Alvin Malnik and Brett Ratner right up to the time of his trial.

With the treachery of these people, and Michael KNOWING the world around him, what makes ANYONE who really knows this man, want to believe that Michael would want to bring children into this world and subject them to the danger and evil people that was constantly around him?

Would Michael risk children’s lives when his own was in danger?  Think people!

To All MJ Fans Who Follow “Paris”:

Where were Michael’s children when Michael was being “mind controlled” by Geller?  Where were his children when Michael was being drugged by Metzger and Klein?  Or Weitzner?  Or Rwamaba?  Did they sit there and watch?

Karen Faye just another handler/betrayer
Right there with Rwamba – Look at Mike’s face

Explain to me how Michaels children, who ALLEGEDLY cried (well, ONE did) up on that stage at the memorial after ALLEGEDLY seeing such a horrific sight of Michael ALLEGEDLY lying lifeless on a bedroom floor with a 6 foot seven doctor pounding on his chest and his eyes laying open, can in so short a time laugh it up on Ellen and Oprah and talk about how exited they are to go into show business?  How can his daughter then sass her aunts and uncles on Twitter and plaster pics of her dead dad’s publicity photos all over her wall?

Where are her pictures of HER AND DADDY????  Do you SEE ANY in that pic of her bedroom wall?

What make-believe world do you degenerates live in?  This might be possible for people without souls and without a conscience, but these are SUPPOSED to be Michael’s CHILDREN?   They seem to have about as much attachment to their ALLEGED father as they do any juvenile fan who believes this constructed garbage is reality!

IF Michael has children, and I seriously doubt that he FATHERED any at all, they are NOT on Twitter and they are NOT part of this show.  – End Address to Paris Followers.

I am not doing this to be insensitive.  I am doing this because something is terribly and horribly wrong with this whole picture.  Lets take a look at some evidence that I have posted and talked about before.

Prudence and Blanket

Take a good hard look.  Even their ears are the same.  Don’t sit there and try and convince me that some bus-boy turned-Knights of Malta member who had Michael dragged to his wedding and had pictures with him ONE TIME is a life-long friend.  Michael’s FAMILY was at his trial.  NONE of his life-long friends were except maybe Frank Dileo.

His wretched estate attorney(s) were not there, Liz Taylor was too busy hosting parties and her fund raisers to support Michael.  Her little plug on Larry King was about as much as she wanted to participate.

Why does Michael Look Terrorized?

Prince and Klein
No Doubt In My Mind

Klein vs Prince

"Though Michael Jackson was wed to Prince and Paris' mother, Debbie Rowe, their biological father is Arnold Klein, Jackson's L.A.-based dermatologist and Rowe's former boss, multiple sources confirm to the new issue of Us Weekly.

"He is the dad," says a Jackson insider. "He and Debbie signed an agreement saying they would never reveal the truth." – Source, Huffington Post

No, I don’t hang everything on the “Huffington Post”.  The press is only for verifying “life-long friendships”.  However, Klein had a VERY hard time answering this question during his Larry King interviews, AND he has input according to court documents, into Prince and Paris’ education although he has yet to exercise those rights. (He attended the custody hearing back in 2009 when Debbie Rowe wanted to re-establish parental visits).  She apparently got another $4 million – Source,  Shows picture of her in court.

Debbie Rowe High School Picture

Paris Jackson Picture

Debbie, compare facial

Paris Hair Color

Arnold Klein hair color

Paris and Dr. Klein

Arnold Klein younger 2

Arnold Klein younger 3

This same Debbie has a good relationship with
Dr. Metzger – another drugger of Michael’s

The comment above that I did not post to the blog states that a “fake MJ” is “Bull”.

Well sweetheart, tell it to Michael, because HE is the one that sang about them “faking him” in “This Time Around”.  But we will come back to THAT subject, because that plays in here too.

Take a Close Look – Real Michael?

I take my direction from the Bible and Michael’s song lyrics.  There is very little in the press about Michael that is the truth, just as there is very little in the press about Michael’s family that is the truth.  All we can do is try to piece clues together and match them up with other clues, timelines and of course, lyrics.  Current history is proving the Bible right. Truths about God are being revealed and THEY DON’T LIKE IT.

The liars, the schemers and the deceivers keep terrible inventory of their own lies.  This happens when you try to bully people into a lie with mob justice.  You lose control of the mob.  Not all of them remember their lines and gee . . . sometimes their dates just don’t match up either.

THEY are still trying to convince you “there is no conspiracy”.

Last Saturday was the last day of the 2012 London Olympic Games.  After watching Madonna’s pagan Superbowl show . . .


Madonna halftime 2

Madonna halftime 3

 and seeing THIS on the Olympics . . .

The Phoenix and The Compass/Square
Reveal a Masonic Owned New World

 . . . There should be very little doubt that the “CONSPIRACY THEORY” is no longer a theory but an event that has been ongoing.

London 2012 Olympics Closing Ceremony: Symbolism for a New World Order

Editor’s note: I am thankful nothing happened at the Olympics in terms of terrorist attacks, but the symbolism is occurring once again. Not of potential attacks, but of the elite’s very real plan for a new world, a world order if you will. This article is going to point out the new symbolism. Keep in mind that this plan for a world order is not a conspiracy theory, it is already taking place.

Well, as the 2012 London Olympic closing ceremonies commence there has been a multitude of photos uploaded, but one of them is very peculiar."

I do not believe that Michael wanted to bring children into what was for him a dangerous situation.  I do not believe that Michael Jackson would subject innocent children into the world that they kept him captive in.

I do not believe that Michael Jackson would put innocent children at risk of being exposed to the torture, drugging, mind control conditioning that he was inflicted with for more than a decade.  Janet may have had a child that was killed (Together again) and Latoya escaping a similar fate as Michael after ten years of abuse never had children either.

The pictures of Michael with Debbie Rowe tell us more than the tabloids could ever suggest.  Michael’s face in the “wedding” photo with a pregnant Debbie shows us a horrified, and possibly extremely angry Michael.

The Paris online really does not portray a “beautifully educated” child that Tom Mesereau testified to in one of his interviews.  And to be honest with you, it really leaves me to question where he stands in all this, considering the Branca clan are singing his praises while bashing Michael’s family.

Big Question?  Why would they do this?  Why would they want everyone to believe Michael had children?  What is the purpose of all this?

There is however, one piece of information . . . a key  that would make sense of all this. 

Michael JOE Jackson vs. Michael JOSEPH Jackson

Remember this two-part blog series I put up last year?

There are TWO Michael Jacksons.  There are definitely more doubles, but identity and paperwork suggest TWO Michael Jacksons.

Michael Joe Jackson on his arrest records, his lawsuits, birth certificate and his toxicology from his arrest in 2003 evidence a “Michael Joe Jackson” who was “5 feet, 11 inches tall” and weighed “120 pounds”.

Michael’s will and posthumous records show us a “Michael JOSEPH Jackson” who was “5 feet, 9 inches” and weighted “136 pounds”.

Michael’s will, which was supposedly written back in 2002, sports a “Michael JOSEPH Jackson”, and Michael’s will also gives his first son the name of “Michael Joseph Jackson Junior”.

You can’t have a “junior” unless you have a senior and Michael’s real name is JOE not JOSEPH. 

So who is MICHAEL JOSEPH and is HE the father of those children?

None of those children have any African features at all.  Could it be because Michael “JOSEPH” Jackson was not black at all?

I will close with a partial response I sent to someone asking me where I was going with the blog.  They also were trying to deter me from approaching this subject.  I will tell you why just like I told them why:

“Michael was not "tripped up" about who and how Blanket was conceived.  He's not stupid.  And we also explored the look on Michael's face during pictures with Debbie Rowe and the look of ( can't describe it) terror?  On his face in the shot with him and Debbie Rowe pregnant.

We don't know anything about Nelson Mandella other than Michael got his picture taken with the man . . . ONCE.  He was told to say certain things and he made his little obligatory speech about wanting to live in South Africa (a British Controlled Colony)

""(Terrorist Mandela wins 1994 Nobel Peace Prize)

In South Africa during the 1960's and 70's, barely a week went by without terrorism -- dynamite at a fuel depot, a car bomb outside Air Force headquarters in in a city center. The ANC's guerrilla force -- known simply as MK, or more formally as Umkhonto we Sizwe  translated "Spear of the Nation" was founded in 1961 by Nelson Mandela and his handler, the Communist Jew Joe Slovo." - Source, http://www.henrymakow.

Nelson Mandella is part of the Globalists.  Remember Michael also once spoke highly and for a lot longer period of time about Liz Taylor.  Michael also talked about buying a house in Switzerland (its so cute) and Ireland and Saudi and Dubai and Bahrain.

Where are the pictures  of Michael coming home with ANY of those children?  Where the pictures and news blurbs about Michael going to VISIT with Debbie in the hospital?  Where is Michael coming home with Prince or Paris?  Or Blanket?

Why would Michael go through all this crap to have children when he considered ALL the children of the world his responsibility?

Why are you all of a sudden of the opinion that Michael had any control over marrying Debbie Rowe?

Michael "lost his place in the script"??? Are you out of your mind?

This man, lady, is KNIGHTS OF MALTA!  That's higher than 33rd degree masons!  He started as a BUS BOY!!!   Now his and Prudence's daughter has Nelson Mandella as a God father!

No way in hell am I leaving this alone.  Something is terribly TERRIBLY wrong here!

You are very right . . . things are getting dicey.  NOBODY wants to ever delve into the topic of Michael's fatherhood or those children.  You could lose supporters REAL FAST.  But if Michael could suffer that for the truth so can I.  Jesus suffered for the truth too.  These people, this CABAL whatever you want to call it, are basically fighting for their survival because their survival depends on them deceiving the whole world.  It is not going to be pretty and Michael as you know was a BIG, BIG part of all of it.  (I love that man so much for the fight he took on, as afraid sometimes as he was).  I can tell you I am not looking forward to any of it.  

Look at it this way, Michael's children are not the only victims here.  Even if they are NOT Michael's children they are still VICTIMS, being used. They were lied to about their paternity, they may very well have gone through "conditioning" and also used as leverage to get Michael to do what they wanted him to do.

Michael would have NEVER brought children into this world with the element he knew surrounded him.  He would NEVER have put them at risk like that.  So anybody wanting to deter me from uncovering that evil little plot can BRING IT!  I'm flipping ready!

And that is why we are discussing this again.

Would Michael want to protect these children?  Yes! 

NOT because they are HIS but because they are CHILDREN!  And if we cannot tell the truth then THEY cannot be protected.

Why would Branca and the element that employs him want Michael to have children? (at least legally, on paper)?

Well, they are quite a bargaining chip aren’t they?  Not only can they be used to make Michael’s brothers and sisters look bad, they can command the empathy, attention and loyalty of a WHOLE WORLD of fans.

There is the uglier side in reference to being "the one"

Twin Towers (Jacob and Boaz) down
New Creation in Its Place . . . Just
as in the days before Noah....

Just Like Michael.  Except these children are not MICHAEL JOE JACKSON’S children.   Just look at the will and Prince’s birth certificate.

Whoever Michael JOSEPH Jackson is, at five-foot-nine and 136 pounds, is who Prince is named after . . . Not the REAL Michael JOE Jackson.

Oh, there’s more . . . 


  1. Wow,great post,and i agree with you 100% Bonnie.I dont think those kids are Michael s at all.I believed he was forced into that marriage and being a father to kids that are not his.I fell as you do,Michael would not bring kids in this world to suffer as he did.Another thing i find odd is those kids were not shown to the world,until after Michael s death.Now of course hes not really dead,but you get my point.I am happy that you are tackling this subject,because i am trying to figure out,what the hell is going on.Btw,i love your blog,i have been reading for the last 4 months,your blogs are amazing and very informative.

    1. Well, be cautious when you say you agree with me because I'm not done yet. There is more to it. There is a reason all the Branca-bloggers and Branca/Sony Trolls on Twitter have started protecting their tweets (including Karen Faye).

      Please put all your heart and soul into prayer for the Jackson family.

      I feel very strongly that this is the right direction but now I'm afraid. Still digging. I'm afraid for the family. I am still stymied that the estate was okay with giving co-guardianship to TJ.

      There was something unnatural too about the whole Miss Katherine disappearing act. Marlon would have never cried like that if Rebbie had taken Miss Katherine, which is why I think the Estate set that whole thing up. Dr. Metzger's name was thrown in there and there is no way any Jackson would have let that man in their door. Metzger worked for and was paid by Branca and Sony for a long time. This was DEFINITELY their move.

      Let's just keep praying. We know God's got this...

  2. Bonnie, I came across your blog by accident about two weeks ago. I was not even looking into Micheal's death rather I was researching a topic for my college paper that first lead me to the topic of Illuminati that went on to lead me to Micheal. Your blog brings up a lot of questions surrounding Micheal's life and death. I am not sure what I believe except that there are things that should be investigated more in depth. ( I am now looking myself :) ) I am sure of one thing that Micheal was and that is man who's heart was pure. (I told my mom that when I was 12 and mind you I was not raised in church and did not find Christ till 11 years ago). The more I read about him ( his own words in interviews) I find myself crying because I to had my childhood taken away at the age of 5, and that yearning of loneliness that plagues the heart.( You are not alone MJ). Well I do not want to babble on rather wanted to let you know that you dedication to finding the truth is inspiring. God will lead the way.

    P.S I also did not realize Micheal and I shared the same Birthday as well . I am honored. :) Have a Bless day.

    1. Anonymous,

      You are just now going through what I went through three years ago. I didn't know what hit me. You and I share a similar loss of childhood. But with Christ everything is made new.

      I still run into struggles just trying inform people OFFLINE that Michael was never a pedophile. Michael is exactly what happens to witnesses of the truth and the LOVE of the truth.

      God moved me to pray for that man. I have never had anything like that happen to me before and it hasn't stopped. There is so much struggle against what you THOUGHT was the world and what it really is. Once you can shrug out of that bondage, you can effectively fight for someone else.

      Happy early birthday! God bless you.

    2. I know when the news of his death was announced I told everyone something was not right. I have always stood by the fact he was innocent on the pedophile charges and many snarled with ungodly comments. I simple tell people "So when they continued asking him, he lifted up himself, and said unto them, He that is without sin among you, let him first cast a stone at her."(John8:7) The one article I send them to read that many did not read GQ 1994; What Michael Jackson Framed?.
      Thank you for the early Birthday wishes and always remember "And Jesus said unto them, Because of your unbelief: for verily I say unto you, If ye have faith as a grain of mustard seed, ye shall say unto this mountain, Remove hence to yonder place; and it shall remove; and nothing shall be impossible unto you." ( Matt17:20)

      God Bless you as well.

    3. Anonymous,

      I wonder how many times that thought, word for word, went through people's heads on June 25, 2009? The same thing happened to me. I'm sitting in my car and I felt like something had disengaged inside me and I shook my head. I didn't say it but I thought it - "something isn't right . . ." And oddly I didn't directly associate with Michael. That took a while. I had a lot of walls to get through.

      Thank you for the scripture! I want to post that up on the wall behind my computer monitor.

  3. Karen Faye -

    Steph Martin -

    ElizabethMichael -

    Muzikfactory 2 -

    All protected now, wonder why?

  4. The photo in the centre of Paris' WALL is not even MJ in my opinion (could be wrong of course but it looks like E Casanova).

    I did learn a long way back that Michael did not want his own children and as I said the other day, I was tryinggggg to find that info but have not come across it yet. I remember him stressing it in his quiet way...bit fearful as I recall.

    Also, I did say to you earlier on in the piece Bonnie that the children could be, well, anyone......... a couple of his so called buddies have come forward claiming they are their biological children or said they could be one of their own etc.And the kids do look more like these people than Michael, for sure.

    As far a Prudence goes, Blanket does look like her a fair bit....but don't know if its his Mum or not. As for Mr Inzerillo, I simply thought he was an old friend....its a bit tricky when almost every single person that Michael has ever known or been around is bad. Be nice if he had at least one or two decent mates, wouldn't it?


    1. TL,

      You made me scroll up to go look . . . Looking . . . Okay. You mean the black and white photo? It's not a photo. It's a drawing from a photo. Looks like it was done in charcoal but I can't tell unless I blow the picture up.

      TL, believe it or not, I BELIEVE YOU about that piece of information. I haven't even SEEN IT and I believe you. Because we know what Latoya went through. Her ten-plus year ordeal with Gordon is probably on the the TIP of the iceberg of what she went through. Now compound that with the two plus decades Michael was tortured, add to that the fact that his part in this whole plan was just a BIT MORE involved that Latoya's.

      If we are to believe that Michael JOE Jackson was an empath for our children and he saw "the worst of the human condition" as he told one interviewer, I cannot see Michael bringing children into a den of vipers when he himself was in so much danger.

      On your mention of Michael's "one or two decent mates" - they are easy to spot. They are either dead, persecuted or laying low. They're not usually the ones running around, rubbing elbows with the "capstone" of the pyramid and getting knighted. Where is their other evidence that Inzerillo was in Michael's life other than that trip to South Africa? With those qualifications and a picture of them together, Taraborrelli could make the same claims stick.

      I guess I am asking you, as a knight of Malta, what makes Inzerillo any different that Uri Geller? Where are you getting your "thoughts" that they were old friends? That is a fair enough question, isn't it?

    2. Only on reading it, which I should know by now is not much to go by. I was going to leave you a couple of other links on his efforts the other day but didn't wish to lingerrrrrrr in case you told me off again for talking about things on the wrong blog. One had Tommy Mottola mentioned in it and the other Brett Ratner (mainly just tidbits about staying at the place where we saw Michael walk in with Prudence). And one was on Brett filming there. Anyhow, because I read that he worked for the HIlton family I actually hoped it meant he might, just might be a friend to Kathy and perhaps Michael. I know she's a good buddy (only through video's and reading but that's all one has to go on when they live where I live) of Catherine Bach and you'll know why therefore I hoped he might actually be a friend, hoped. Interesting someone was going on about Mr Mandela in that piece above that you didn't post but then showed the writeup. I had made mention of him with reference to the Elders and you see, that is what I read a fair bit about...all those FRIENDS and it just goes on and on and on. And that to me is where Mr Branson plays his part. And I saw an advert from a few years back that Harrison Ford did which is just another link up to Richard, Prince C, Mandela , Peter Gabriel and all the others in this grand plan for everyone....Harrison and Skip are friends and work together for Conservation,org. I have a personal interest in some of what is laid out for people by these folks and my other half and I have massive debates over the legitamacy of what they spread to people about the carbon issue. Its tied to our work you see. On account of these people we could get a lot of work but its work based on a lie in my opinion and therefore should be stamped out. Anyhow, this probaboy makes no sense but I am serious in my efforts to find out what this lot are up to everyday but I have no idea how these wealthy devils will have their plans thwarted. They just sit back and run the world, it peeves me.


    3. TL,

      Here's where I run into problems with the whole "friend" thing. Hiltons were never mentioned as friends of the Jackson's EITHER until after June of 2009. Then all of a sudden they went to school together. Well so did John McClain ALLEGEDLY and look where he's at in all this. I'm not convinced the Hiltons are lifelong friends either. I will just leave that as taking note that they were after Paris Hilton sometime back in 2007 when she was made to go to jail for really a stupid reason. They wanted to remind her who was boss. Jacksons weren't anywhere around them then and the Hiltons weren't anywhere around Michael during the trial. I hold hope that they wanted out and that's why they went after Paris.

      Branson has a bigger part in the overall picture. He's a bit more important than just a mouthpiece for political agenda's on conversation. I used to work for an environmental banking company which ironically started out as a commercial property development company. My job was to make travel arrangements for the four different environmental lawyers they had employed to fly out to all parts of the country to assess acquisitions of land.

      What they did was leverage themselves into a created market for the banking, buying and selling/trading of environmental credits for other developers. They would buy up tracts of undeveloped land, spend money to improve riparian barriers, marshes and other water and forest habitats. This is worth various environmental credits that they would "bank", then sell them to the commercial development company who bid the highest bidder.

      This way a development company could build their apartment complex, mall or industrial park and if they didn't have enough space to devote to "green" space, they could buy the extra credits to get approval from feds/local government. It's a racket. Like taxing air for carbon credits.

      I'm not sure if how you are trying to qualify these "linkups" with people as proof Michael was friends with Inzerillo. But if you are okay continuing to post here knowing I don't trust you, it's up to you. I don't want you wasting your time and I just want to be upfront with you about that.

    4. WHy on earth don't you trust me? in relation to what? I don't get it.....


    5. I may have lousy short term memory but I have great long term memory.

      I'm not going to get into a debate about it. I just wanted you to know because I don't have time for the games. You and B working together on that above post pretty much did it for me.

    6. Bonnie, we were NOT working on anything together at all. I saw her leave a comment,,,,which for her is a rare thing. She is my friend and she is the one who suggested coming to read your blog (in other words, she obviously found it interesting). Is it against some sort of rule to tell others to read this blog? She and I are from the same country but at a distance so we talk to each other about things we come upon, no crime in that. And like everyone else all over the planet who has wondered what went down with Michael, I do wonder, every day, coz something is/was not right. If that is a crime, put me in jail.


    7. TL,

      I didn't say you committed a crime. All I said was that I did not trust you. And it was during the tag-teaming conduct of that blog topic. Then the issue of defending Inzerillo after all the anti-elitist/globalist comments you posted in the past, why Inzy was so different, and why you wanted me to believe out of ALL the establishment people that have sucked the blood out of Michael, Inzy was the lone "knight" that had saved Michael, and ironically it happened to be the very same person married to his spitten image of Michael's younger son.

      I wanted to be up front with you and tell you. Honesty isn't appreciated unless the news is positive.

    8. Bonnie, I DID NOT TAG TEAM WITH ANYONE and times that by 50. I can't say it any other way. Also, I don't recall ever talking about those clocks, I talked about the Thriller dance in This Is It back that day but not the clocks to my knowledge. YOu see, I haven't decided what I make of those clocks - to me its still a confusing issue. Inzy, as you called him, is one person out of very many who I happened not to have read the entire life story in great deatail on,,,,ONE. You already know what I think of the globalist types. I don't see you shaking your finger at others here who haven't got every last charachter down pat. I like Michael Jackson, I like his parents and siblings. I wonder what happened with him/to him. I thought this was a place for likeminded people.


  5. May be Michael had some real good friends in his life, who never reveal anything in public at all. Just being optimistic about all the negative things that are happening.

    1. I believe Michael DID have some REAL good friends in his life. They are the ones getting persecuted and accused of things, like his own family members. I don't think Michael had any REAL friends in the upper echelon of the secret societies but he does have some powerful friends.

    2. Lord Bonnie,

      After reading this blog, you had me blown away! And now there is more?! Something tells me that I'm going to need a shot of tequilla for this one. It seems like the deeper you are getting the more bizarre it's getting. Could this get anymore crazier?

      I, too, would like that think that MJ had at least ONE good friend in his life. I would like to think that Miko Brando, Marlon Brando's son is one of them.

      Oh and speaking of the estate, you wrote more than enough about John Branca. I noticed that John McCain hasn't been mentioned hardly. I wonder what's his story.

      Bonnie, the Jackson family is going to need a strong prayer circle around them. God is the only one who can see them through this.

      There is a link via email. I was wondering if you have read it. Check it out.


    3. P,

      Could it get any crazier? Yes and no. This isn't Michael's doing. Think of what they could be capable of in fighting for their survival, it's very much like that Bible verse about the devil knowing he has a short time. He's going to take as many people with him as he can. He's furious or will be.

      Miko Brando is not really in hiding. He's just not in the press. I have a pic of him posing with Larry Nimmer and I don't think Larry Nimmer was Michael's friend. We'll get to him another time. He's real tight with Taaj Malik and Taaj Malik, well, I'll wait in that for now.

      John McClain is hardly mentioned at all because he is hardly mentioned in the press. The front men for the estate are John Branca and Weitzman. You never see any quotes from John McClain. It's as if he is this phantom. Yes on the prayer circle/vigil. I will check out your email later today. Our pastor from Maryland is in town and he wants to see us so I won't be on the computer until after they leave.

  6. Bonnie, great blog post on all this. It hurts me to know that those children are being used this way, just innocent children!
    After all your research into everything concerning what they put Michael through, all the drugging and abuse he was subjected to(I can't even imagine it, my God!!) You're absolutely correct that Michael would not want to bring children into the world and have them be put at risk after what they were doing to him. He loves children with all his heart, just like Jesus did, as we all should. No child should have to suffer anything, so there's no way I believe he'd bring kids into that situation. All I hope for is that those children felt Michael's love, because I know he loved them no matter what.
    And that quote Michael said as a teenager that he didn't want to have children, there was another quote from an interview he did at 18 I believe it was in a people magazine tribute. He was asked if he wanted children one day and he said "adopted". Meaning he loved all the children of the world equally.

    May God continue to reveal those who have committed such crimes and bless those who courageously hunt for the truth.

    God bless Bonnie!!

    1. Jill,

      It hurts too that some people would rather feed and escalate the drama than to help those children and expose what is going on. Some of those fans I can understand . . .that's not their job. I thought it highly IRONIC that several high profile fan group leaders, including Karen Faye and Steph Martin have protected their tweets just recently. What have they got to hide?

      I hope those children felt Michael's love too IF they ever saw the REAL Michael at all! When you look at the expression on Michael's face when Debbie Rowe has to COVER Michael's hand with her own, over her belly, you'd expect Michael to be beaming . . . happiest day of his life, right? He was going to have a baby!

      Instead he has the look of a freshly tazered, threatened subject that knows exactly well what they are doing and what their plans are. He KNOWS an innocent child is going to be brought into this.

      It reminds me of the blurbs in the tabloids, making fun of Michael for being "eccentric" for wanting all his hair swept up for fear of someone grabbing his DNA!

      Secrets of the Freemasons - The constructing of a new being. Cher stating in an interview that back in the 1970's they told her they were going to "change Michael"

      Michael wrote on hotel pillow cases and napkins and threw them out windows . . . why? So his handlers wouldn't see his messages to "always help and love the children"?

      Why did Youtube take Michael's plea at the World Economic Forum in Namibia to "take action" against the abduction of children OFF of Youtube? You can't find it anywhere now. At least not with that part of the speech.

      You know they are hiding horrible things.

      I can't imagine Michael wanting three children to hand over to the care of the woman who was drugging him and his food!

      Michael had already adopted the children of the world . . . in his heart. That's who he was fighting for. All of us actually but especially the children because they were their targets.

      God bless you too Jill. Please pray for the Jackson family, and Michael.

  7. Another one scurries back under the rock from which they crawled - temporarily of course . . .they're just making plans:

    The OTHER Branca Blogger. Hope you all got your EARS ON Mousketeers! (Jacksons, that is)

  8. Posting news then going to bed:

    Stars remember working with 'Top Gun' director Tony Scott, who jumped to his death from a L.A. County bridge on Sunday:

    Janet Jackson, Magic Johnson part Owners of 51% shares of Founders National Bank -

    So now Janet part owns a bank, and Tom Barrack/Colony Capital owns a bank . . . and Ironically both these people are being persecuted by Estate hired hands . . . hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.

  9. Did you see that Huffington Post article Bonnie with the paragraph that wonders if the children are in fact Michaels?? tried to past it, no luck.


    1. Hi TL,

      This one?

      That's posted above on the blog itself. Was there another one?

    2. Wow Bonnie what reliable sources "TMZ" = worst and HP = less worse. Can you please explain how two white people (DR and AK) are capable to get olive skin children ? You even did not consider, that MJ was only app half black and half native and a little bit (app 1/8) white due to his genetic origin ?

    3. Anonymous,

      I love replying to people who can't comprehend what they read . . . where are you getting that I came to this conclusion because of TMZ or HP? I've discussed this on other blogs.

      Where are you getting that these children are olive skinned? ONE can be described as such . . . Blanket.

      Is Michael olive skinned? Is Debbie Rowe olive skinned?

      Is ANYONE in the Jackson 5 or his sisters olive skinned?


      Michael is not half black. He's black. His mother has native American in her . . . APPARENTLY because that's what the press says (this came out after his children were born, how convenient) and His dad's dad is rumored to have white in him.

      If we go to your description you just posted above, we fail math. Fractions I guess were not your strong point.

      The children are not his biologically. Period. It's one thing to say one maybe two children are completely void of Michael's characteristics but all three??? Not one of him have his natural hair, his natural nose, his beautiful eyes, his skin color, his smile, his eyebrows . . . nothing.

      It's amazing the varying TINTS of the children's skin color with just a little finagling with the lighting. Look how different Prince looks just in those pics in the collage with Klein who also happens to change skin tone with lighting.

      Amazing how that works, isn't it?

    4. It´s not the press, who said that MJ is not full black. Read Joe Jacksons book about the Jackson Family. There you find all information about the Jacksons ancients. Do you think JJ would lie about his family ???

      " The children are not his biologically. Period " Oh really ? You made a DNA test with them `? Again, two people one with blond hair and the other with brown hair do not receive children with almost black hair and light dark skin !

    5. Anonymous,

      What makes you think the Jackson's authored any of their books? What publisher in the establishment would market them? What did Jermaine say about his book being turned away in 2002 because he didn't have certain information in there.

      Look, kid yourself if you want to. Lie to yourself if you want to. But I'm not debating you on this blog. Look at them! And listen to Michael's song lyrics! Forget the books put out by the establishment with the Jacksons names on them! They are trying to market a CHARACTER! One they want you to WORSHIP. Take your debate somewhere else you are not going to convince me by bullying me.

      Michael would have never had children knowing people wanted him dead. He's not that selfish. It's people like YOU that seem to want to forward an agenda and I'm so sorry to ruin it for you. Now go back to your protected twitter account and take that to your gang-stalking foreman.

  10. Hi Bonnie,

    Thank you for another informative blog. I know that God has got this but it's very heartbreaking what Michael and his family has gone through and what children victimized are going through. I've been praying very hard for Michael and his family's protection and have been praying to God in Jesus's name that all pedophiles and those who do harm to innocent children be exposed and imprisoned.

    I know that there is a lot more to what's going and we'll find out because it will be exposed however, I too am afraid. I just want the Jackson family and Michael's protection and safety. I wonder why the Branca trolls have protected their accounts suddenly? What are they hiding? The more the trolls protest and attack the more guilty they appear, they'd better know that too.

    I've sent you an e-mail. Hope you got it.

    God bless you, Bonnie!

    1. Spring,

      I remember when I first started breaking into this horror last year. I think the very first was associating Michael's BOTDF album with the World Trade Center disaster. I remember reading through the evidence that our government was involved and I just sat here in tears. This led me to the CIA, mind control, Uri Geller, MK Ultra/Monarch, operation Paper Clip etc.... then to the abducted children, the murder of Senator Schaefer and her husband and on and on. I would sit here, grabbing my stomach just in tears and asking God "why? Why is this allowed to go on? Where are you???"

      I said last year that Michael was the mirror of what they were doing to us. There is a lot more we don't see. A man in strong a faith as Michael - when you realize that they could and DID manipulate the families of TWO CHILDREN to lodge complaints against Michael, there is NO LINE IN THE SAND in their willingness to install children in Michael's life AS HIS, to use to forward their agenda.

      This is why I believe Faye, TINI and the Branca bloggers all went into hiding/protected their tweets. I've never been so ticked off on my life about being right about them. Bunch of venomous lizards they are! Faye and the Branca Bloggers are working together or why would they need to protect their tweets all of a sudden?
      I will go look for your email and God bless you too♥

  11. Bonnie, this was an astounding blog...BRAVO! The way you have laid out everything makes all the sense in the world, and it's devastating. Just when you think you can work through the torture Michael endured, you realize how insidious it was and how it controlled his entire life! None of this abuse could have been inflicted on Michael without the benefit of mind altering drugs, and the way he navigated through it to stay alive is nothing short of a miracle.

    I can't help thinking about Brice Taylor's account of her mind control experiences. Her "assignments" were in shocking contrast to the other life she lived as a normal wife and mother, which shows how the brain can be fractured and separated through chemical, shock and other forms of programming. My God, we saw evidence of Michael's taser marks on his ankles! The spider bite was on one leg, yet Michael showed BOTH LEGS so that we would see the marks! How much more proof does anyone need to see the evil that surrounded him?

    Michael's stature as the world's most gifted and influential entertainer should have been his crowning glory, deserving of a wonderful life of respect and admiration for all he's done for humanity. It's gut wrenching to know that his goodness and achievements are the very things that put him in the talons of a corrupt system with demonic motives.

    When Michael told Boteach that he wanted to say this to his father: "Joe, do you have any idea what you've done to me?" - Bonnie, we know in the core of our souls that Michael was not talking about missed play days. What he really wanted to say is very painful: "Dad (not Joe, but DAD), do you know that you have destroyed my life?" I'm not saying that Joe purposely fed his son to the lions, but all children look to their parents for protection when they're being threatened. This was Michael's desperate plea to Joe after a lifetime of pain for being abused and devoured since the age of five.

    He also told Boteach while fighting tears: "They saved me, Schmuley - my babies...they're all my babies, they saved me, they really did!" There was such despair in Michael's voice. He lived for helping the children of the world, for without them he preferred death. He would rather die! Anyone listening to Michael's soft spoken words would still have heard his silent scream! Michael not only witnessed - he was a victim. Those of us who are members of this sacred club of lost childhood know what he endured and sacrificed. His strength and dignity makes him more beautiful with each passing day.

    Michael said something during that ill-fated Bashir interview that was so profound, yet it might have been missed by most. He was describing how people behave unnaturally toward him because of his fame, and how someone would say, "He's Michael Jackson - why would he want to spend time with me?" Michael went on to say, "I don't understand that - everyone needs to be "somewhere," you know? All I want to do is fit in." The facade came down with a cry to be treated as a normal person...because he WAS!

    I'm done...can't take anymore tonight. But stay on this, Bonnie - because you know this touches the core of what they don't want exposed. Sorry for lapsing into the land of the clueless the other night. My pineal gland is short on melatonin...need sleep.

    Love you, Bonnie! - and Michael...I hope you are sleeping like a baby for a change...and my heart is yours.


    1. Micheline,

      This is what scares me about those children. Michael's or not, if they are being used . . .

      Remember the "stun gun" incident that was "leaked" to TMZ two years ago?

      I don't think any COUSIN of the Jackson's ordered that. I think the STORY was put in the paper to implicate the JACKSONS in what THOSE HANDLERS were trying to do to those children!!! Perhaps the story was to cover their butts because Jermaine suddenly had to come online and clarify, probably covering for TRENT or GRACE who was still at the house at the time. These SCUMBAGS want us to believe that a COUSIN bought a STUN GUN and tried to use it on BLANKET???

      Yeah RIGHT! Then John Branca having his goons install listening devices in gifts sent to the children. How long did THIS go on? Before 2009? Obviously, judging by the picture Michael drew of the antennae under a piece of furniture, this was NOT just a DREAM I had but stark reality for Michael!

      The children were not only leverage for the handlers who wanted to put/keep Michael under control - they will also be used for a future venture.

    2. Micheline, your words brought a lump to my throat, and I found myself holding my breath whilst reading your comment.The horror of what Michael endured, it shatters our hearts to think of it. Micheline you said
      ''Michael's stature as the world's most gifted and influential entertainer should have been his crowning glory, deserving of a wonderful life of respect and admiration for all he's done for humanity. It's gut wrenching to know that his goodness and achievements are the very things that put him in the talons of a corrupt system with demonic motives''.........I agree, totally.
      And when Michael just wanted to find his place, as the human being, the man, his fame prevented him from knowing that simple pleasure we take for granted.
      I'd love to spend time with him just as he is, in trackie bottoms, no fancy attire, and just talk a while.
      I love him for the man, the human, if he didn't sing a single note or dance a single step, it wouldn't matter, as that's not why I love him.
      Love Jenny.

  12. DAted 20th Aug. JANET JACKSON STILL FIGHTING TO CHANGE MICHAELS WILL.(That's the title of the post)


    1. TL,

      Yes thank you. I did see that one. I was surprised to see that tidbit of info mentioned there.

  13. Just a really quick reply before I finally go to bed. Regarding Paris on twitter, I believe that it WAS the real Paris ages ago,it hasn't always been the fake Paris.
    She didn't use to tweet about her dad hardly at all, before.
    More recently however tweets coming from her account have changed.She now appears to be saying what the crowd want to hear, and posts pics of what they want to see.
    Her account on twitter has been taken over.
    Why can't people see that her postings are so un 'MJ-like'?
    She's posting pics of MJ abover her a crazed fan, not a loving daughter.
    where are the personal pics of her with her daddy?
    He's her daddy, not the king of pop.
    Her posts on twitter were very neutral before. I don't follow her but I do look to see what she says......

    1. Eternal MJ,

      Thank you for posting that. What is it that made you think it was the real Paris twittering in the beginning? There's a reason I'm asking and I want to point out something that many people have forgotten. Before Paris was "verified", remember how many of them there were? Several fakes all vying for attention. Then Karla Jorge and several others were clammoring for Twitter to get "Paris" verified. It's like the most "convincing" one got the "prize". Then the WRONG account was verified, so the "Real" fake Paris twittered that her account was hacked right before it was verified, the fake Paris account then suddenly became the real Paris account.

      THAT is why I believe that whole thing was bull.

      It is also a strong possibility that the establishment really has control of those children and not Michael Joe. We're going to have to prepare ourselves for that possibility.

      I keep an eye too and you watch. Sooner or later, she may also become a "protected" Twitter account.

  14. BONNIE, no news but Blanket is among MJ3 my preferate baby boy (if he were my grandson,I w'd just tell him "heey, whether your hair is long or short, you look very sweet but let's make you once a nice boy's haircut so we can see your beautiful little face better :o) Seriously, this kid has the Latino type & his wonderful eyes (melancholic at times) remind me strongly of Michael's ones..even if Michael were not his father. Blanket has a strong look-alike with Prudence Solomon but the expression of his eyes lead me to believe now this woman is not his bio mother. Many Central America women also have her type. But whoever his mother is, Blanket is the one I feel as the most sensitive thus maybe his legendary reserve. If the MJ3 are eventually none of Michael's & not even Debbie Rowe's kids, it is injust for under these circumstances they are only VICTIMS like Michael also was as an adult & they are likely to be further used by the Establishment. I do care for Paris & Prince alike but in my view little Blanket wasn't conceived with the genes of someone from the Establishment : again his EYES. Can't prove it but this child is different not only by race but by his inner feelings & expression even if he did not overt any much yet. Should he once be in showbiz, I would fear more for him than Paris & Prince. Just my gut feelings.

    1. Hi Line,

      You're going to have to forgive me if I get a little harsh with some of the anonymous posters trying to make a point with false information as in above. Then I get to your post and I have to breeeeeeeeeeeeeathe . . . :o)

      Blanket's eyes. I keep going to the song "Billie Jean" and the baby with "eyes were LIKE mine".

      We don't know for sure who Blanket's mom is. Visually I'd say Prudence without a doubt, and she is establishment.

      What scares me is that these children were growing up and coming out of babyhood at the same time that Michael was being drugged and mind controlled by Geller, Weitzner, Metzger, Rwamamba and perhaps even Malnik/Ratner. EVEN if these children are not Michael's and EVEN if Michael couldn't get any closer to them than his handlers would allow in reality, there is that possibility that they have been "conditioned" too.

      We all saw Prince get up and thank God for protecting them all these months - But after so short a time from his "dad's" death to have that composure? Paris too.

      They are kept undercover all those years and suddenly thrust out on stage like that and on top of that, supposedly seeing their father dead on the floor with his eyes open?

      What God was Prince talking about? Even Motolla goes to Synagogue and invokes the name "God". They "go to church and read the Holy word, but in the scheme of life it's all absurd".

      Would Michael insist they be thrust in with the demons that surrounded him all his life? No. Not if they were his children.

      Everyone emphasizes Blanket's eyes. Ironically Michael does the same with the "dance til' three" child in Billie Jean.

      I agree with you in a way, on Blanket's different demeanor. He is a bit younger than the other two and was thrust into the spotlight at the age of seven. He's ten now. That's why it is so important right now, if this is what they did, their plans for those children are not good.

      Also, I keep thinking since Katherine was NOT taken out of Calabasas by family (Marlon never names the one who would not let him talk to his mother) and we know the Estate constructed this whole thing (and the people working this lie), Those children were alone with Trent and "others" for ten days. No way Miss Katherine would have left them voluntarily EVEN with TJ there for that length of time with no word, which seals it for me that this was the estate/Sony's doing and NOT anyone of Michael's brothers or sisters.

      Yes, I fear for all of them. Blanket is of a more tender age and I hope the Angels of Christ are watching over them.

    2. The latest on MJ3 was not comforting mainly for what Michael went through & also for the MJ3 who will start wondering soon, if not now already. If Michael were not their bio father, I wouldn't mind really although that past "Establishment friends" conspiracy would again be atrocious. At least, these 3 kids had the privilege to be loved & cared of during some years by one of the kindest men of this world & this should be planted into their "ADN" to say, ie that they don't become spoiled brats but instead definite human beings with sound values. Paris, stop it with the Devil 2 fingers sign ! No her fault in fact : she like most teenies copies what she was taught from outside :o[ Good Night, Bonnie.

    3. Line,

      See that's where I think people are misunderstanding me. It does not matter to me either about their genetics and that is really a background issue to WHO planned these children, WHY they wanted people to believe they were Michael's and WHAT they are planning to use them for.

      I want the children out of their control, out of their reach, out of their influence - in a perfect world.

      However, this was planned, NOT BY MICHAEL. Michael had a mission that included SAVING AND PROTECTING CHILDREN, not bringing children into his danger zone while they are used by the establishment to thwart and distract from his message.

      I said there was more to this and there is. The children are a security blanket to certain individuals in control of Michael's image. But they also have an upcoming role in something else.

      I've been busy or I would have had a blog up tonight. But now it will have to be tomorrow.

      Goodnight too! God bless you.

  15. !!!

    1. "Sony/ATV Music Publishing announced today that the company has entered into a worldwide administration agreement to represent Michael Jackson's iconic Mijac Music catalog.

      Founded by Michael Jackson in 1980 as his personal publishing company, Mijac Music grew to include – in addition to all of his own incredible songs – the classic Sly and the Family Stone catalog, songs by the legendary Philadelphia soul team of Kenneth Gamble and Leon Huff as well as songs made famous by other artists such as Ray Charles, Elvis Presley and Aretha Franklin.

      Of the announcement, Martin Bandier, Chairman and CEO of Sony/ATV said, "We are thrilled that the Estate of Michael Jackson has entrusted us with this incredible catalog of songs, and everyone at Sony/ATV looks forward to finding innovative ways to use these songs, while protecting their legacy." - The source you posted above.

      What took them so long??? Of course it's being administered . . . not bought. This is the same type of arrangement they had for Sony ATV when the same Marti Bandier was running EMI. (1995 - another Lisa Marie credited manipulation). They're revealing their colors . . .

      More interesting (we sort of knew this was going to happen), is the lockdown at Twitter.

    2. Okay....

      So does that still means that Michael still owns the catalog? My brains is sort of scattered right now. So please can you break it down for me? Oh and what does Lisa Marie has do with it? She still didn't succeed in getting her father's songs. Thanks!


    3. P,

      Michael still owns the catalog, it is just being managed by Bandier/Sony-ATV. Just like Bandier/EMI managed Michael's ATV catalog before he partnered with Sony.

      What this actually means is Bandier gets a cut of Michael's Mijac profits for adding to or increasing it's inventory/value but he doesn't own it. They can't "own" it because it is in a trust and Branca can't touch it just like he can't touch the half of the Sony/ATV. But they can certainly spread the wealth to friends that helped him get where he is by letting them administrate it.

      I don't know what Lisa Marie has to do with any of that. Lisa Marie has most of her father's songs, or at least the Presley estate does. Michael only has about 60 of Elvis's songs - it's a good chunk but not all of them.

  16. Couldn't agree more Bonnie, and Karen fay & fan group leaders protecting their tweets is very telling.

    Me too, I hope that he was able to be a father to them despite everything that went on. Yeah I know, that expression Michael has is as if he's screaming for help. I hate it, hate it so much what these people have done. I'm getting teary right now just thinking about it.

    I remember those tabloids, Michael wasn't stupid, the tabloids are. When I read the blog where you talked about that Cher interview, my mouth dropped open! I hope & pray that what they think they wanna do will not be believed.

    Yeah and he always threw them to the fans so we would not give up helping the children.

    Bonnie, I have no idea except they want people not to know the truth. But I actually downloaded that video to my computer, so I have it, but right now it's on another computer which needs fixing. So if you need it I could send it to you when I get it off the computer.

    No way would he put children at risk, no way!

    Yup, he's the biggest hero!!!!

    Bonnie what is this:

    Sick people!!! That article made me wanna vomit, ugh!

    Always praying for Michael & Jackson family & you & yours too, love you Bonnie!!

    1. Jill,

      Yes, I have an anger management problem when it comes to what they did to Michael. I was also sent several private messages from various people that Karen Faye's tweets are available to them. I don't know if it is because they are overseas or if it is because Karen & Company blocked only me. Does't really matter because I don't read the twitters except what people send me/alert me to anyway, LOL!

      Bill and Melinda Gates - I agree with them. Only this time, let's start at the TOP of the Pyramid and work our way down.

    2. Count me in with the anger problem about what they did also.
      I went to her twitter today and it seems to work for me as well, but I'm not on twitter though.

      Yup, you said it perfectly Bonnie. ; )

  17. Hi again Bonnie,

    I've always been on the fence about Prince, Paris and Blanket. I never really wanted to go there because I felt it was a very sensitive subject and also the fact that they are children in the midst of something so evil. However, I now agree with you that they are not Michael's biological children, especially the older two. I also do believe that Michael has children of his own from his own sperm but we have not seen them and I don't think we'll ever see them because Michael wants to keep his children protected, and I don't blame him. Therefore the "Paris" we see on Twitter and posting picture after picture of herself and even talking on tinychat is NOT Michael's real daughter. Her wall of fan posters is definitely proof of that as well.

    I also recall interviews given by Tito and La Toya and they both skirted around the question as to whether or not Prince, Paris and Blanket were Michael's biological children. Such as La Toya's interview with Barbara Walters.


    Barbara asked La Toya if it was true that Michael didn't use his own sperm and La Toya says we don't know but that they are Michael's kids who he's raised since birth. Yes, he's raised them but they are not of his sperm.

    I dread to think what Branca and the estate plan to do to these three children. We need to pray for them as well as Michael and the Jacksons.

    1. Spring,

      I hold for the possibility that Michael has children naturally but I don't at this time believe it. I will go into why later. And it actually has to DO with children.

      Tito, La Toya, even Dr. Klein skirted the issue and with Klein he could have flat out said "yes, I am" but he wouldn't commit to that and that is because he was probably told not to.

      Yes, Latoya not answering that question (twice) is telling. But you know what I hate? I do hate it when they ask that question. I don't want to be here talking about Michael's you-know-what! Lord knows I would not want Michael talking about my eggs! The whole conversation is disgusting. (Barbara Walters is a pig)

      These children are not genetically Michael's. That is visually obvious. It is also visually obvious that Klein is involved with fathering Prince and at the most, Paris. Paris has Kleins ears. Blanket and Prudence are almost mirror images of each other.

      When you think about that, and you know what Debbie and Dr. Klein were DOING to Michael throughout most of their careers with him, I seriously doubt anyone can come up with a convincing argument that Michael PLANNED CHILDREN WITH THESE PEOPLE.

      So if Michael did not plan children with these people, and he was trying to SURVIVE the constant switch of handlers they placed around him, what in heaven's name would make people want to believe that Michael would want to bring CHILDREN into his living hell on earth?

      And which Michael raised them? Because like I said earlier, Prince is NOT named after Michael - the REAL one.

      I am hoping that the REAL Michael DID have influence on those children. But it sure is not looking evident right now, is it?

      Absolutely please! Keep praying for them, for the Jackson siblings, and Pray for Michael as well, because as P pointed out to me in an email - Much of this is looking like drama to smoke Michael out, which means the Estate knows the real one is in hiding . . .

      And they can't do what they plan to do with him alive somewhere, not knowing if he is going to pop out or not.

    2. Bonnie,

      It's a coincidence that I'm reading about MJ having kids biologically. I was thinking about the same thing after reading this blog about Prince, Paris & Blanket. The question that's been on my mind is did Michael Jackson ever wanted to have children of his own flesh and blood? I mean I would love to imagine Michael dreaming about having little Michaels or Michaelas running around Neverland. He has seen his own brothers and sister have children with the Jackson family genes so I wondered has he ever thought of that? I can't imagine him not thinking about it. What man and woman wouldn't want a mini version of themselves? Know what I'm saying? Remember that discussion we had via email a couple of months ago?

      I forgot to tell you I sent a question via email hours ago.


    3. P,

      I know and I can't get to everything right now, we're swamped with stuff we have to take care of. I have not been able to write/research for the last three days except in bits and pecks, so answering emails has been a luxury the last couple of days and we have company tonight (the one I asked you all to pray for and please keep him in your prayers).

      I think at times Michael wanted a whole different LIFE and would have loved the idea of a FAITHFUL wife and family. But he knew he was where he was for a bigger purpose and I don't think having a family would have done anything but distract him from that.

      He wanted to help children, not just the three in his house or under his name. I think he sang "all my dreams are broken, I don't know where we're going when everything begins to set us free".

      There are some interesting keys in his song lyrics that link to "keys" in other song lyrics. I am going to go over them when it's time. Right now we need more background so you all will see this when I begin covering this.

  18. Hey Bonnie,

    interesting Article. I dont know if anybody asked or if i missed that part... I was not convinced that his children are his, shortly after he died. But the photos with Prince (sen. :-) having a watersplash fun at a public bath and the exposed Vitiligo parts convinced me somehow that MJ is the real father. However, i tried to compare certain photos back then and the late Vitiligo photos. I didnt find fowl play at the photos. But i think, it could be important to save the Vitiligo photos of Prince for comparison later. Maybe these are forged photos. I try also to think about genetics and Vitiligo... because isnt the second child to become Vitiligo and not the first (in normal biology, but not 100% genetics rule)....? You know certain diseases/genetic defects jump to the second child not the first.... greetings...

    1. Hi Nachtmart,

      Vitiligo - can be induced. I went over all the MK Ultra drugs and the ones they use that have side effects causing auto-immune disorders. I don't think MICHAEL'S vitiligo was hereditary either. Michael was the SEVENTH child and HIS father does not have it. None of the other brothers or sisters have it. So for them to try and convince us that Michael got it so severely, and then lo and behold PRINCE comes down with it too . . . Nope. The spots on his neck were shopped as they didn't show up in other photographs and the picture of him at the waterpark with his arm up didn't match the supposed spots on his underarm during the Oprah show. So what they did I don't know, but we do have quite a few photo shop experts working for Sony and the estate as these are the same people that altered footage for This is It.

      I think Michael's vitiligo came through intravenous drug treatments and it was planned. Cher talked about what she was told about them changing Michael during an interview (someone mentioned it again, above), so how can Prince have genetic vitiligo when Michael contracted it through unnatural means?

  19. Dear Bonnie and everyone!

    I am almost addicted to this blog! LOL Two weeks without is just hard to come by LOL

    I’m just going to go over the top now about what came to my mind when you wrote, Prudence and Blanket are almost mirror images of each other. While on vacation in Italy two weeks back we went to the little castle of the community where my husband comes from and there was an exhibition with photos of italian superstars. There was a picture of young italin singer Eros Ramazotti (in the 80ies) and boy, I thought I was looking at young Justin Timberlake. Brad Pitt: when I first saw him in Legends off the Fall I said to my friend, he looks like a younger version of Robert Redford. Jennifer Aniston and Barbra Streisand? Striking similarities. I can’t remember the website where these ‚look-alikes’ were listed by picture. I just can say, it was mind blowing! After reading into these things I am VERY happy I decided against Showbusiness LOL. It seems it’s all about versions of themselves. If one is not from this breed, one will only be so much successful. Nice industry (?) to rip young people off and let them believe ‚they can make it if they only work hard enough.’ Almost as if to see, how far rednecks can be pushed, lied to, exaltered, ripped off and what not.

    As you’ve covered MK Ultra (thank you!) and I have been reading into this for myself for a while now as well (however possible with a child around you LOL), plus, how these evil forces work and function, i.e. they like to breed within their own realms, I am seriously contemplating the possibility if Prudence and Blanket are not some sort of ‚sister’ and ‚brother’? If Prudence was planted into Michaels’ life, later married into a wealthy circle in one part of the world, and on the other side a Blanket later pops up ... what are the odds, that these people are spread all over the world under different names into different families to hide the real heritage and give off the impression all is just coinkydink? Think of the princess of Spain, Letizia. She was a ‚news anchor’ and became the princess of Spain? Uhm, ok. Princess Diana? Of course it is possible, Prudences’ gave birth to Blanket, using her as a breeder (just like Princess Diana discribed herself and how the Royals function) before marrying her wealthy husband. On the other hand her and Blanket could be from the same ‚breed’. All would add into you suspecting these kids were planted into Michaels’ life, as they like to plant only what they control. They do ANYTHING that furthers their agenda.

    Fake Paris gets on my nerves for her devil horns and sticking out her tounge. Though I see similarities to Debbie. Prince? Absolutely Klein. Who decided WHEN the kids would be ‚uncovered’? Was it Michael or were it his enemies? One thing is clear, the unveiling of ‚the kids’ RIGHT BEFORE June 25, 2009, was strange timing. Either already planned by the Evil re. a built up for the second coming of Michael Jackson, or Michael did this for his own plan. It almost seems like a rice between the two.

    So, gotto go - til lata!! :-)

    Big hug, Miriam

    1. Hi Miriam,

      When my youngest son was eleven through twelve he looked a lot like a young Kurt Russell - but he doesn't now. Goldie Hawn looks like Twiggy (the model) and Sam Elliot and Antonio Banderas have similar eyes/features. The Queen Elizabeth and George Bush have similar facial features as well.

      You are right about the bloodlines and how they like to keep it in the family. It's amazing how many celebrities are children of celebrities either in the same industry or other industries. Gwyneth Paltrow is one example. Angelina Jolie is another, Alison Arngram's family were industry as well as John Branca's (Dad pro Baseball, mother actress, grandmother Jewish European society).

      It was suggested by someone that Prudence did not carry Blanket but simply supplied the DNA while a surrogate carried him. The possible reason Michael gave two different answers to this question on Martin Bashir's doc. They were both right. But then I also believe there were different Michael's during the filming of that documentary.

      Princess Diana did call herself a breeder and during an interview with the SAME Bashir, described her "usefulness" worn out after she "produced the heir and the spare". Can you imagine being put in the position to describe your own children that way? Obviously Diana didn't FEEL that way, she was describing the mentality of the Royals . . . the "estabilishment" she "married into".

      At this point I do not believe Michael decided the "unveiling" as I do not think it was the "real Michael" they were walking beside in many of those pictures.

      I keep going back to the book by Karen Moriarty (which Micheline has right now, she's reading it) where she said "A different Michael returned to the U.S. in 2007 then the one that left for Bahrain after his acquittal in 2005".

      I took that literally because Kenny Ortega used the same phrasing answering a question during the Murray trial. He was asked about Michael's demeanor after the confrontation at his house and Kenny described him being energized and "He was a different Michael . . ." the last couple days of rehearsal.

      If you look closely at Paris, she has Klein's ears and hair color and facial shape. She has Debbie's eyes and nose. Prince looks like Klein with Debbie's longer face. Blanket looks so much like Prudence I can't even point out different features of his, and he's still young, but he definitely has her eyes, her nose and her mouth, and definitely her hair.

      Debbie took credit for having the kids covered up when in public with Michael. Paris on Oprah said Michael wanted them covered so no one would recognize them when they went out without them. However, their pictures were in various magazine spreads with Michael, and on his home movies. So why just before Michael's passing?

      To convince us that they are his right before he "passed"?

  20. And heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeere they come!

  21. Hi Bonnie,

    When I read that a different Michael returned to the U.S. in 2007 than the one that left for Bahrain after his acquittal in 2005, it made me wonder where the Michael that went to Bahrain is now? If there are two Michaels, which one passed away, if indeed that did take place? Has someone been "faked" so well to assume Michael's identity that none of us knew it wasn't him when he returned? Could that even be possible? That thought sends chills right through me. Could he still be alive somewhere being held against his will, drugged out of his mind so deeply that he can't escape it this time, as they are preparing him for what is to come...while the new Michael lived his life, and allegedly left us and his family,...the whole world thinking that he is now gone? I have thought many times as I have watched "This is it", that in certain shots of Michael, he doesn't look the same as he does in other places...or sound the same either. Why the deception? What really did happen on June 25, 2009? Will we ever know the truth? Maybe the ones responsible think that we have forgotten with time that has passed, but they don't know us very they. They don't know that we will never stop searching for the truth. These are the questions that have come into my heart this day as I have read your blog. Am I right to wonder about these things, or am I all alone on this? I have always been one to think differently than everybody else...out of the box, which is why I shy away from letting my thoughts be known. This time, something inside kept urging me to share my thoughts with you. Thank you for the insight that makes me dig a little deeper. God bless you Bonnie:)

    1. Hi Anonymous,

      I went back and forth on that too, but there is one thing to consider. All this drama in the press in regard to Michael's mother, the kids, the Sony/ATV now administering the Mijac - Seems like someone wants to tick Michael off doesn't it? Like they are trying to draw him out of hiding?

      Paris's twitters, pictures of her in bikini's online, posted throwing the devil horns, cozying up to the gang stalkers on Twitter - all of that is calculated and I can't think of any other reason they are doing that then to try and instigate Michael into revealing himself. And if they are doing THAT, they don't have the real Michael.

      I think they realize now that Michael is alive somewhere and they can't "unveil" the fake Michael convincingly if the real one shows up can they?

      I agree with you on TII. I think what Kenny Ortega said during the trial was key "When Michael came back after the break he was focused, he was engaged . . . (not sure of how he worded this part) . . . he was a *new Michael*"

      Sony had editing control once they bought the footage. They are the ones that put the footage together as a documentary. I know there are some scenes were Michael's image was "liquified" because you can see evidence of the original lines when you blog up the frame. I believe they did that AND used a fake Michael recreating other scenes. I also know that Karen Faye said she touched up some of those shots and I covered THAT on a previous blog.

      We will know by December what they are planning to do. But Sony is behind it all the way, and by December we will know which way some of these winds are going to blow.

  22. Bonnie,

    I just got wind of this.

    Breaking News
    TJ Jackson is now PERMANENTLY sharing guardianship of Michael Jackson's children with their grandmother Katherine Jackson, an L.A. judge just ruled.

    As we previously reported, TJ was awarded temporary co-guardianship of Prince, Paris, and Blanket along with Katherine ... but that was made permanent today.

    TJ has received enormous support from the Jackson family to take a guardianship role, including from Katherine herself ... as well as MJ's kids.

    TJ has been a father figure to the children for years.

    As co-guardian, TJ will assume many of the day-to-day tasks involved in taking care of the children -- including management of household personnel and security.

    Read more: Celebrity Gossip | Entertainment News | Celebrity News |

    Maybe I'm reading too much into this eventhough it's to be expected but something doesn't sit right about this. Then maybe it's just me.


    1. Probably means nothing at this point. Just something to watch. We knew this was going to happen. Thanks P! No, I hadn't seen that yet. ♥

  23. Hi Bonny I am sending you this because of the talk of the children. (I commented above share same Bday as Michael lol ) well you probably have seen this but thought I would send just in case. My heart stopped for a min when I came across this. I did not know how to send privet message. Sorry.

    1. Oh I remember that picture! That was the picture of the young Afghanistan girl on the cover of National Geographic back in the early 1980's. They actually did another followup story I think back in 2006 or 2007 where they found her and she was still alive and still very leary of American photographers, LOL! They had to get permission from her husband to take her picture. This was right about the time we were trying to get Russia out of Afghanistan and Carter got saddled with the Iran Hostage scandal.

      Yes, it's rather spooky the resemblance. Makes you wonder what they do with DNA nowadays doesn't it?

  24. Also I know it can not be the same person for one was born is 1972 but the similarities was just astounding.

  25. Maybe the names of the children are wrong in the will, so that they wont be able to challenge it when they can. The names in the will always bothers me a lot.

    1. Maybe their names are wrong for the same reason Michael's name is wrong on that same document?

  26. Dear Bonnie, I have a question that has got nothing to do with this blog entry! I'm a big admirer of the stories you write, especially the one on june 6, 2012, with Gabriel and Sharon and I would love to post it on MJDH in the new formed 'Love, Inspiration and anything positive' group. Your stories are MADE for this group! Unfortunately I can't copy your blog (for understandable reasons). Maybe you don't like this idea at all and that's okay ofcourse, but if you agree with it, can you please tell me what to do? I hope I don't offend you with this question, because I know how you feel about the hoax forums. But people over there also are,trying to spread love and hope, just like you! And ofcourse you and the blog are getting all the credits!! ;) Hug!

    1. Hi Anonymous,

      Oh man. That story I cried through the whole of writing it. You should try and copy it again. I'm sure it will work this time. :o) I took that off several weeks ago. If people are going to misquote or twist the contents of the blog, I can't really stop them from doing so. And if figured of God is okay with us copying and quoting from the Bible, I should be okay with people being able to forward that message from here too. People are going to do what they are going to do.

      I know there are good people over at that forum and there are good people in the other MJ forums as well. I shouldn't worry about getting credits - as long as one child is saved :o) Please help yourself♥

    2. Thank you so much! I already discovered about 5 minutes after I posted my question that the copy/paste was working again, but I wanted to have your aproval anyway! Hugs!

    3. Wow! I just saw the big time typos I made with the sentence "And I figured if God is okay with us copying . . ." (which is the way it was SUPPOSED to read) - I'm glad I can make myself laugh!

      Awwww, you are welcome! And thank you for asking. God bless you all over there and hugs back real tight! :o)

    4. Hi Bonnie, don't you worry about some typos, I understood what you were trying to say! I hope you had some good laughter about my typos too :)!

      Good to read you feel blessed today and that your prayers are being answered. You deserve it! My, your hug feels good too! Keep your head up, we will be here with you!

  27. Dear Bonnie,

    I enjoy your blog and look forward to it each day. Just wanted to say, Keep on keeping on:) God bless you.

    1. Hi Anonymous,

      You just became that blessing today. Somebody is answering my prayers. God bless you too♥♥♥ I'm over-stuffed today with encouragement. Love is on the way and good things come to those with patience (an acquired taste of mine).

    2. Speaking of prayers, I hope everything is okay with Mr. B. Tell him we are thinking about him. I sent something very interesting via email. Check it out whenever you have the time.


  28. Wow. I just found this blog ........ I'm so glad someone has spoken out I felt the same way something is not right very interesting blog i want more..I'm totally thinking different...four years ago I was in Paris and this lady at the post office was talking about MJ was coming to live in Paris with his kids because no actually had seen his babies faces and Michael identity was going to change........but I thought nothin of it just thought she was lonely woman trying to get attention.. I'm so confused God knows whats best for us all..MJ has a very real loving fans base.....thanks you!!! May God continue blessing you to keep us inform on the true.....Love you

  29. Oh and one more thing yes Mrs Katherine was kidnap I believe why in the hell the kids or grandkids wasn't notified of her where about....for ten days bull shit they are trying to control Katherine and soon probably try to kill her....... something is just not right I pray everyday this will come to a head.....God in control we must pray for ours brothers and sisters and the evil ones too.....Thank you Bonnie........its not over until the true turn into Justice......

    1. Hi anonymous,

      Some lady in the post office in Paris was talking about this? Now it's my turn to say wow, wow!

      Remember the possibility of their being two Michael's and "which one" would it be? I remember Michael's song, "It's me I'm everywhere" in "Threatened".

      I also believe Katherine was taken NOT by family but by BRANCA'S HIRED HANDS. Dr. Metzger was mentioned by the fake Paris, but he worked for Sony NOT for Michael. I don't know if they will truly kill Miss Katherine, but I sure could see them doing what they could to make her health deteriorate. I want the Jacksons to GET HER OUT OF THERE.

      Thank you and God bless you too. Trust God will take care of these people that hurt others.

  30. I have read this blog - word for word - with great interest. I believe these childen are not his biological chidren, however, in really simple terms, could you please explain your theory as to why he created this artifical lie about these children ? I'm really struggling to understand the theory. Are you asserting that Rowe & Klein somehow brainwashed Jackson into creating fake children to allow them to control his estate ? Or do you think he wanted to create a fake family for image / media purposes ? I'm really lost about the other Michael Jackson person in relation to the will too !!!! I'm confused !

    1. Catherine,

      Thank you for asking. In listening to the family, Michael's song lyrics and visual observation of interviews and whatnot, I believe that Michael did not "create" the story, but his handlers and the establishment created the story. Michael was put in a position where he HAD to do what he was told - to a point. I believe there is more than one Michael (possibly three different ones in the Bashir Documentary alone) and I was told by a private source that there were about five Michael's. Sounds nuts but after seeing different Michaels in the thousands of pictures I have, I can believe they would do this.

      Now for the why . . . my best guess is that they were "created" (the children) for reasons having to do with gaining control of Michael's work, image, trademarks, money, businesses, etc, but the main reason on top of all that, is to have "children" to verify "that's my dad" when the "resurrect" him.

      I believe Klein and Rowe were not responsible for brainwashing Michael as much as they were responsible for keeping him medically under control. Klein was there to smooth over the process of changing Michael's skin color.

      The full story regarding "Michael Joe" and "Michael Joseph" will play into the faking of his death. That might have more to do with setting up fake accounts back when he was still alive, so they could take out loans using a fake living trust, just like they did with Randy Quaid.

      It is confusing, don't feel bad. I'm on year four - :o)


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