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Michael Jackson Justice: What Does John Branca, Michael Jackson and the Olympics Have in Common?

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Sunday, August 12, 2012

What Does John Branca, Michael Jackson and the Olympics Have in Common?

Weren’t Expecting THIS ONE Were You?

"Let no man deceive you by any means: for that day shall not come, except there come a falling away first, and that man of sin be revealed, the son of perdition;

4 Who opposeth and exalteth himself above all that is called God, or that is worshipped; so that he as God sitteth in the temple of God, shewing himself that he is God.

Hmmmm . . . Threatened?

I have some important things to tell you that have happened since last night, but I did promise you an update a few other things.  So I will condense those subjects below.

Obama’s Mad Rush to Communist-ize The U.S.

Not that we didn’t know this already, but . . . we knew this already.  It’s just nice to see it now getting some press outside of the typical underground conspiracy witness blogs.

I will post Micheline’s email to me below. She sent this in the late afternoon and I just wanted to give her credit for finding the article:

Bonnie, remember my email tirade when I ranted about Obama being a "Manchurian Candidate?"  Here's an editorial that spells it out on Obama's long history will Bill Ayers (the guy who Obama claimed was just someone in the neighborhood, remember?).  His ties with Ayres go back as far as when he was a college student and knew Ayres' parents. It was planned long ago that he was being groomed to be president - pre-arranged.  We know Obama's background and records were obliterated so that he could not be properly vetted.  This is frightening, but we know it's true.  Obama was raised on Marxist ideology with Ayres being one his biggest influences.  He is a willing puppet for the evil agenda.  We are witnessing the total destruction of American life and society.  It's a nightmare...we're all beginning to feel like strangers in Moscow.  Oh God!

Child Protective Services Stealing Children

My husband sent me this one and I’ll just post the video below.  This is the story of one family who’s daughter was taken from them MONTHS after the mom tested positive for Cocaine during routine blood work before appendectomy surgery.    They take the daughter MONTHS after the arrest for no reason.  The couple get to see their daughter after three or four months of trying to get visitation only to find their daughter unresponsive and drooling.  They asked repeatedly if she had been drugged.  They lied and said no.

What did they drug this child to make her forget?  It’s just under ten minutes and you need to watch it.  This is happening to children WORLD WIDE.  Some parents never get their children back.  Senator Nancy Schaefer and her husband were gunned down in their home while she was fighting this criminal agency.

CPS Kidnapping and Drugging Children

Unearthing a Pedophile Network

We know John Branca was Michael’s lawyer in 1993 when the first set of allegations happened (Evan Chandler/Jordan).  We know Michael said his “advisors” told him to settle.

We also know that Michael was being drugged and intravenously abused during this time, as per Jermaine’s revelation that they walked in on them doing this to him in a hotel room.

We know that Dr. Metzger testified to infusing Michael on tour at the Dr. Murray trial and we know that Dr. Klein has admitted to seeing Michael while he was on tour.

All three members of the Jewish Brotherhood (my new name for them) were heavily involved in Michael’s life and deeply entrenched by 1993.

Michael’s songs are filled with “throwing stones to hide your hands” and “the lie you confiscate” and “such collusions don’t it make you want to scream” and “abuse me then accuse me”, it’s not a stretch to figure out that these people are experts accusing people of the very crimes they themselves are committing.

Example:  Randy’s interview with Robin Roberts (sorry, no embed allowed) Click Here.

Here Randy tells Roberts that Branca and “team” are cooking up this falsified family drama to draw attention away from the fact that his falsified 2002 will with the wrong name on it is in fact FAKE.

We also know that the establishment’s media and press personally scourged Michael for everything from being a drug addict to whitening his skin when we NOW KNOW that involuntary drugging went on.  Latoya testified to them doing this to her for TEN YEARS, keeping HER Isolated from her family between 1989 and 1999.  (John Branca was Michael’s lawyer then too, and so were both doctors “caring” for Michael).

We know Michael and Latoya, Janet and Lord knows who else in the family was subject to MK Ultra/Monarch mind control using drugs, behavior modification via physical and possibly sexual abuse, isolation, psychological abuse and public humiliation (1993 Neverland broadcast for starters – on lawyers advice???)

And those men said to me, "This place, Enoch, has been prepared for those who do not glorify God, who practice on the earth the sin which is against nature, which is child corruption in the anus in the manner of Sodom, of witchcraft, enchantments, divinations, trafficking with demons, who boast about evil deeds .. who steal the souls of men secretly, seizing the poor by the throat, taking away their possessions, enriching themselves from the possessions of others, defrauding them; who, when they are able to provide sustenance, bring about the death of the hungry by starvation; and, when they are able to provide clothing, take away the last garment of the naked; who do not acknowledge their Creator, but bow down to idols which have no souls, which can neither see nor hear, vain gods; constructing images, and bowing down to vile things made by hands - for all these this place has been prepared as an eternal reward.

But we will get to the Branca crimes in another blog.  Let’s take a look at what else was going on in 1993.

"Nebraska legislators nearly exposed the ring in 1990, but its unveiling had the potential to produce seismic political aftershocks.The legislators' efforts resulted in rash of mysterious deaths and the overpowering corruption of federal and local law enforcement, including the FBI, Secret Service, and Justice Department, effecting an immaculate cover-up of the trafficking network." – Source,

Who was involved in the Franklin Scandal who had Hollywood connections?

Hunter S. Thompson and Rusty Nelson.

Rusty Nelson – photographer whom Thompson approached and offered $100k to film a child rape/snuff film for wealthy clients.  “"Nelson enhanced his credibility in sworn testimony before Nebraska U.S. Senior District Judge Warren Urbom on February 5, 1999 [pp. 101-154] resulting in Urbom awarding attorney John DeCamp's client--pedophile victim Paul Bonacci, $1 million dollars in damages for sexual abuse in a case against convicted GOP activist Larry King, who sang the national anthem at the 1984 and 1988 Republican national conventions." - Source,

We’ve covered this case many times.  But the date of the alleged investigations by Senator John DeCamp proceeded from 1990 through 1993 and as the source states, legislators in Nebraska came real close exposing the case.  Now it’s been labeled as a “hoax” even though Bonacci had been awarded $1million by a judge who had put him in jail for perjury.  You figure that one out.

Michael’s little buddy/guitarist “Slash” formerly from “Guns N Roses” is also Geffen affiliated.  His father was an album cover designer for “Geffen Records” and he lived next door to him as a kid.  His favorite book is “Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas”, Hunter S. Thompson’s book.  Ironically Slash also has dual U.K./ U.S. citizenship. – Source, IMDB

Michael was again accused of and this time ARRESTED in 2003 for suspicion of child molestation.  And again the same thing happened up to and including another “broadcast” of the “the truth will be told” speech.  This statement was a lot less emotional than the 1993 Neverland broadcast, but with almost the same exact script. 

Undeniably, this one drew a lot more attention.  An actual arrest, a perf walk, a post arrest interview that to this day breaks my heart (“I will never stop loving and helping people the way Jesus said to”), the pictures of swelled, bruised arms of Michael and a 14 week trial that was about as laviciously detailed as you could get.

What was going on in 2005 that Michael’s trial had to cover up?  President Bush signing an executive order for the North American Free Trade Agreement?  Maybe.  But perhaps something they wanted to cover up a lot more.  (Remember, LOOOOOONG trial).  What else was going on in 2005?

"An employee at Lincoln’s DeCamp Legal Services told that the warrant’s actual violation date was September 1, 2003 [just prior to the 2004 presidential primary season], but it was not served until February 16, 2005--calling into question why authorities waited so long." - Source,

Isn't it interesting that Michael Jackson's trial was ALSO pushed back to February of 2005 from a desired late 2004 date.  The trial was pushed back and Jury selection began January 31, 2005.  The trial itself started in February.  The warrent in the case above had a violation date of September 1, 2003.  The raid on Michael's Neverland Ranch happened on Nov. 18, 2003. - Source

Nelson’s arrest and Thompson’s “suicide” both took place in 2005.  What else was going on in 2005?

Let’s Recap


Gannongate Threatens to Expose a Huge GOP Pedophile and Male Prostitution Ring - "Gannongate," which is only now being mentioned by the mainstream news media, threatens to expose a potentially damaging GOP pedophile and male prostitution ring dating back to the 1980s and the administration of George H. W. Bush. James D. Guckert, using the name Jeff Gannon and possibly other aliases, was also running gay porn sites, one with a U.S. Marine Corps theme that solicited males for prostitution. - Online Journal, Feb 18, 2005

Five Year Coverup of Cools Murder, Rescued 2 Young Girls

On August 17, 1996, the five-year cover-up of the Cools murder, and potentially a great deal more, came to a shocking end, when Belgian police raided a house in a small city in the French speaking sector of the nation,and rescued two young girls who had been kidnapped and imprisoned there by a pedophile ring for their pleasure. - Conspiracy Planet (Posted here: March 14, 2005)

Bush Can’t Explain Guckert/Gannon Secret Service Call Boy

Photographer for White House child sex ring arrested after Thompson suicide
- George W. Bush has not explained how Guckert/Gannon--who had advertised himself as a male escort--could apparently operate in the White House as a reporter for two years using a Secret Service-approved alias and regularly be called upon by George W. Bush and press secretary Scott McClellan during nationally televised presidential press conferences. - by Tom Flocco (Posted here: March 15, 2005)

Rusty Nelson Arrested for Child Porn 2 days
After Hunter S. Thompson commits suicide.

Photographer Russell E. "Rusty" Nelson was recently arrested two days after journalist Hunter Thompson reportedly committed suicide four weeks ago on February 10, according to two phone interviews with attorney John DeCamp last week. - Free Press International, March 13, 2005

Hunter S. Tompson and the WTC attacks?

Toronto Globe and Mail February 26, 2005: He'd been working on a story about the World Trade Center attacks and had stumbled across what he felt was hard evidence showing the towers had been brought down not by the airplanes that flew into them but by explosive charges set off in their foundations. Hunter S. Thompson ... was indeed working on such a story. - ParaPolitics - (Posted here: March 16, 2005)

French Town Sells It’s Children for Sex

France is in shock as 66 residents go on trial for gruesome paedophilia –
"The 45 alleged victims are children aged from six months to 12 years old. The accused are their mothers, fathers, grandfathers, aunts and uncles. Last week at Angers assizes court, it took three days for four clerks to read out the 430-page charge sheet against the 39 men and 27 women. The charges include abusing 26 girls and 19 boys during at least 100 orgies, some of which included sado-masochistic sex games." - The Observer, March 13, 2005 -

Satanism in the Military
Col. Michael Aquino

Mr. Aquino performed black magic ceremonies (protected by the US constitution first amendment) at Wewelsburg castle in Germany where Heinrich Himmler held rituals for his cult. Aquino later, was under investigation in Nebraska over a government related group that was kidnapping children. He was never convicted of anything. - by PH, Sep 16, 2005 -

McMartin Preschool

My daughter attended the McMartin Preschool 20 years ago. She was 2 and a half. She is now 22.

In the Spring of 1990 a group of parents gained access to the preschool property and decided to look for tunnels the children had described. Many children said they were taken into tunnels under the school, abused, and transported away from the property into the community. -
- Posted by JM, Feb 05, 2004 -

All but one of the above blew up right through Michael’s trial.  Ironically many of these stories cropped up in March (13-15th) which was during the height of all the talk of Michael’s March 10th court appearance in Pajamas. (source,

It sure looks like perhaps they put Michael in pajamas that day to cook up a LOT of controversy to cover up the TRUE CRIMES coming out in the underground press.  (Remember they also had rescheduled Michael's trial, just like they did with Murray's trial six years later).

Many of the cases below tie to the elite in the cases above (or are part of the cases above) but were leaking into the underground press and some of the B-grade media/press after 2005-2006 BUT were being investigated prior to 2006.

Noreen Gosch Reports Franklin Linked to D.C Call Boys

According to numerous reports by Paul Bonacci, Michael LaVey (son of Anton LaVey), and Johnny Gosch himself, Johnny was taken by a highly organized, very corporate global pedophile/pornography ring. Evidence links this same porno/pedophile ring to the 80's 'congressional call boy scandal', money laundering, drug running, illegal arms deals and more.Like so many others, before and since, Johnny was subjected to severe trauma and torture of a satanic and sexual nature, in order to intentionally destroy the conscious personality.... brainwashing. This intentional application of trauma is a systematic procedure used to control these victims, in order to use them in sexual slavery, pornography and more. - by Noreen Gosch - (Posted here: Tuesday, November 14, 2006)

Cleaveland and Orkney Child Abuse Scandals

You may already be familiar with the 1987 Cleveland and later Orkney child abuse scandals, among several others, where a group of social workers concocted or exaggerated stories in the Scottish Orkney islands of Satanic sexual abuse, and broke up whole families in the process. In fact there are listed no less than 80 of these Satanic investigations world wide, during a very narrow time frame, and usually were instigated by extremist Christian sects such as the Evangelicals. -
- by T Stokes -
(Posted here: Wednesday, Sep 06, 2006)

Vlamdimir Putin Pedophile
Anyone who has done his/her research into the occult world of the Illuminati knows that way too many of these sick Satanists are also pedophiles. This has been known for a long time and is discussed all over this website, and others. It seems like President Putin is totally unable to handle his desires - even in public. Wes Penre. -
- ABC News &, July 07, 2006 -

The Photo in Question

What I want to know is . . . Where is Martin Bashir?  Why isn’t he all over this like a duck on a June bug?  Where is the public condemnation?  Where are all the talk show innuendoes and snide tabloid jokes?  Maybe if Putin had only held the boy’s hand and perhaps talked of Jesus (cough), praying or reading the Bible (cough cough!) THEN he would have been a target. 

Lithuania no Stranger to Protecting Wealthy Pedophiles

A sexually abused girl, a dad trying to rescue her and press charges ends up dead.   The girl is given back to the abusive mother and boyfriend and they are provided government protection.  Just want was going on?

Coverup of New Pedophile Scandals 2007

Journalist Jerome Corsi appeared on the Alex Jones Show today to discuss in depth his astounding new investigation that implicates both Alberto Gonzales and U.S. Attorney Johnny Sutton in the cover-up of a pedophilia scandal involving the Texas Youth Commission. -
by Paul Joseph Watson, Mar 28, 2007 -

Larry Craig and Barney Frank

Revelations about Senator Larry Craig that have mired the Republicans in another sex scandal over the past few days continue to rumble across the media spectrum - but the true scale of perversion, organized child sex slavery rings and their connections to the elite is uniformly omitted from polite conversation. -
- by Paul Joseph Watson, Aug 30, 2007 -

They're so arrogant about it it
becomes joke on late night T.V. Talk

Journalist Coverups

He feared a cover-up: many ring members were powerful and wealthy. But I did not think him paranoid: I specialised in exposing child abuse scandals and knew, from separate sources, of men apparently linked to this ring.
  They included an aristocrat, clerics and a social services chief. Their friends included senior police officers. -
- by Eileen Fairweather, Daily Mail, March 02, 2008

Dutroux Affair - Belgium
Protecting Pedophile and Snuff Film Networks

Many of these blank faces will not be so anonymous anymore after reading this article. tapes that were allegedly found in Dutroux's houses and about which nothing was heard anymore (this actually wàs an unfounded rumor); others might remember statements from Dutroux about being a "pawn" in a network protected by police and justice officials. However, these reports are not even the tip of the iceberg of what has actually been going on in Belgium.  -
- Project for the Exposure of Hidden Institutions, July 25, 2007

Franklin Coverup
Homosexual prostitution inquiry ensnares: VIPs with Reagan, Bush: "Call Boys" took midnight tour of White House -
- The Washington Post, June 29, 1989

I'm beginning to wonder why Republicans are
constantly named when a Democrat was running the parties out of his D.C. Townhouse?

CIA doesn't just run the drug trade
They also run the Sex slave trade
Dyncorp and Haliburton - 3 parts

This is the story of how the CIA uses "war zones" to garner kids for the sex slave business. You may have heard how the two companies, DynCorp and Halliburton, were caught trafficking in women during the war in Yugoslavia. -
- by Dr. Sue Arrigo -

Vatican and Mormon Child Sacrifice

True Ott, excommunicated by the Mormon Church for his controversial research, says he experienced death threats trying to get at the truth behind deep-seeded corruption in U.S. government and LDS hierarchy. Satanic influences abound and corruption must stop in order to avert World War III, claims Ott in his upcoming book 'Free At Last.'

See, Michael was not just used as a distraction, Michael was involved with helping some of these children and trying to work with leaders in countries to stop this abduction and abuse.  Remember the Namibia speech about abducted children in which he said “There’s been NO action . . . no action”.

And Michael was not working alone.  Back in 1998 Michael was interviewed on Barbara Walters, not long after Prince was born.  It was also after Princess Diana had been killed.  Here is part of that interview:

Michael Talking about Princess Diana Death
“I’m Next”

I’ve covered Princess Diana’s interviews and she revealed to Bashir exactly the same thing that they were doing to Michael – Isolation, bad press, intimidation and no doubt food drugging.  You can read that here  - Michael Jackson and Princess Diana Shared Common Enemy - It’s one of the most popular blogs I’ve researched.

Michael said in the Barbara Walters interview that he thought “there’s going to be another one, there’s going to be another one – I hope it’s not me, and it was Mother Theresa”.

Ironic then, that according to this source, both Princess Diana and Mother Theresa were investigating Pedophile rings.  She also says that Dodi Fayed was not “dating” Princess Diana but that they were working together to expose it all.

Come on . . . you really didn’t believe Princess Diana was killed just for talking to Michael about public service announcements over land mines, did you?

"Both Princess Di and Mother Theresa (dug in Vatican archives per Diana’s request) died within months of each other in 1997. Last night Patricia Johnson-Holm stated those 2 were going to break open pedophilia (the basis for pretty much everything, how they keep control in politics/government). Mohammed Al Fayed, father of Dodi Fayed, who died in the car with Princess Diana is involved in it too." - Source, Rumormills for Patricia Johnson-Holm, 5 Aug. 2012

This is not so far fetched.  You have to remember that Princess Diana was "married into" this "establishment" that she calls it, on her Bashir interview.  She had two boys that had to go through the same MK Ultra conditioning that most royals have to endure.  She saw the inside.  And so did Michael.

Which brings us to John Branca and the REAL reason he is causing all this drama with the Jackson family.

You see, every time a court case comes up involving Michael Jackson, it seems that something else (as per history) needs to be covered up.  We need to draw our attention elsewhere.

And they are usually, as Randy Jackson said, too busy trying to draw attention away from their own crimes.

In 1993 and in 2003-2005, there was lots of things coming to light in regard to pedophilia.  Michael was working to expose it, amongst other things, and apparently so were a few of his friends.   But this going on with the Jackson family is a little bit different.

It’s the Strait and Narrow

Last night I put up a blog called “Fork in the Road”.  I wrote it in tears.  It was a living rehash of a dream I had in which Christ visited me three times to tell me to tell my grandfather that I saw him.

During this dream there were several ways to “get home” presented to me.  One was a short cut through a wide open field, with a barn.  The other was a safer, long, narrow path that lead through the woods above the freeway.

In the dream, the second time I was trying to get home from the school, I was suddenly unsure that the “strait and narrow” would get me there before dark.  So I tried to cut through the woods to the field to cut through there, but I got lost in the woods.  I began to panic because I knew that no matter which way I tried to go, I wouldn’t get home before dark.  Should I continue trying for the short cut or go back to the strait and narrow?  Then I couldn’t remember which way I had taken from the strait and narrow.  So I bowed my head and cried. 

Jesus showed up in the dream and asked me why I was crying and I told him what I did.  Calm as always, he tells me what I already should have remembered.  “Stay on the strait an narrow”, and when he faded away, that is where I was standing.  Back on the path where I was before I left.

In the dream I had about meeting Latoya and Miss Katherine at a local A.M.E. church Miss Katherine told me something before she surprised me with a kiss on the cheek (which was so cute). 

“"Miss Katherine then looked up at Bonnie.  She did look a bit better, but still tired, Bonnie thought.  But then Miss Katherine smiled too, even if it was a little bit more strained than Latoya’s.  Miss Katherine said, “Don’t doubt so much.  You know where you are going and you don’t need me or anyone else to tell you it’s okay.  Just remember to also listen.” – I wrote this dream down back in May of last year.  The title of the blog was Don’t Walk Away – The Meeting”.  The dream in its entirety is on that link.

So Miss Katherine told me not to doubt so much.  Latoya had also told me not to worry about anyone in the family that they were okay.  So what have I done?

- I worried about everyone in the family (specially the children).

- I doubted

- I listened more to what I THOUGHT people wanted me to cover and not what GOD wanted me to cover.

- I left the strait and narrow and got lost in the woods.

Not that I wasn’t supposed to cover what was going on in the world, but if you let too much of that noise in, you’re not going to hear it when the breadcrumbs fall before you.

I have never done this before, but I am showing it to you now.  That this is what I woke up to this morning, when checking the stats on my blog:

Search Term Stats

I get sometimes the search terms or for those that don’t know what that is, they are “keywords” that are either entered on the search box above, or they enter them from the web search engines and/or image searches that bring them to my blog.  Some of these are personal or they have nothing to do with the page on the blog from which they came.  And by this I mean sometimes search terms are personally directed.  I do not publish them as a rule because I also get people “playing games”, but I record everything that is not generally Michael Jackson fan based.  It’s purely on feeling and nothing “scientific” about which ones I save and which ones I disregard.

But today, after a tearful prayer last night before I went to bed, I woke up to check on comments moderation and my stats – always the first things I check in the morning (or when I get up).  And I see those that I published above.  I took screen shots of them instead of just copying and pasting here.  During the day yesterday I got a lot of “praying” search terms.

Because of the emphasis on the Illuminati cards, and the specific time and date with “Illuminati London” in that one search term, I decided to publish this set.

I called Micheline and told her what showed up.  I asked her “when does the Olympics end?”  She answered “I think tomorrow”.  I know that London is five  hours head of the east coast of the U.S. (which is my time zone and hers), so we debated back and forth about the time, if it was eastern time or London time. 

I did a search and found this:

"The Closing Ceremony of the Olympic Games will be titled ‘A Symphony of British Music’, to celebrate the fact that music has been one of Britain’s strongest cultural exports over the last 50 years. The worldwide broadcast of the Ceremony will start at 9pm and feature more than 4,100 performers, including 3,500 adult volunteers and 380 schoolchildren from the six east London Host Boroughs." – Source,

Here it tells us on the London 2012 site that the closing ceremonies start at 9pm.  That is 4pm eastern standard time.  So according to the search term entered above, perhaps we are to pay attention to an event that MAY happen an hour and five minutes before the closing ceremonies, which would be 7:55PM London time.

Further down on that page is a link that says:

However when you click on that link, it takes you to an empty page showing a picture of one of the Bejing Olympic’s closing ceremony performances.  There is nothing there describing any of the performers or the show.  On the previous page it does tell us that there will be a “handing over” of the host cities to president of Brazil for the 2016 Olympics.

This is what it says on that “read more” page:

"A total cast of 15,000 will take part in the Olympic and Paralympic Opening and Closing Ceremonies watched by an estimated audience of four billion.

More information on the Closing Ceremonies will be announced in the coming weeks." – Source,

It was in the L.A. Times that I got more detail on the perfomers, which highlight 50 years of British Music. The closing ceremonies were dubbed “A Symphony of British Music”.  Performers include the “Spice Girls” “The Who”, “Muse”, “Adele”, Members of “Pink Floyd” and “Ray Davies”.

The small paragraph on Ed Sheeren from Pink Floyd was interesting . . .

"Ed Sheeran with members of Pink Floyd. Sheeran, a little puppy dog of a singer/songwriter, has been talking up this Olympics surprise, although it's unknown just how many former Pink Floyd members will be performing with him. Look for drummer Nick Mason to join Sheeran on a take of "Wish You Were Here.",   - Source,

I wonder if this surprise is going to happen at 2:55 EST or 9:55 London Time?

I learned that one of the opening ceremony performers, Emeli Sande was not broadcast, at least, in the states.  The song she performed was “Abide with Me”.  So here is her song below.  Olympics blocked access to the actual performance.  I’m surprised they didn’t just shut her mic off.

Abide With Me

The story of the omission was con the same L.A. Times site:

"Pop & Hiss earlier raved about Sandé's performance. With minimal music accompaniment, Sandé managed to be graceful and stern, seemingly alternating verses with moments of silence.

Her record label, Capitol Records, was caught by surprise by NBC's omission. The company sent out a press release hours before the opening ceremony urging American viewers to tune in to the broadcast, and a spokeswoman later confirmed that Capitol had no idea the scene wouldn't be shown in the U.S." – Source, L.A. Times/musicentertainment

I just want you to know where NBC and your other news conglomerates stand in regard to songs of faith.  Especially at such a paganistic show as the London Olympics. 

John Branca has been doing a lot of distracting.  The distracting has to do with Michael’s will.  A piece of paper that only becomes valid after a person dies.

You will probably be watching your T.V’s tomorrow, won’t you?


  1. Oh God Bonnie, I pray nothing happens! I noticed that a lot of the Olympians were on flights today leaving London when I thought they stayed for the closing ceremonies. Some of them tweeted pics while on flights or on vacation straight from London. If something happens it my be London's time but NBC may not show it when it happens which will give them time to do any type of editing that they'd like. There were complaints throughout the NBC Olympic coverage that certain events or parts of events were edited out of USA viewing, ie Russian gymnast was hurt during her routine but NBC failed to show it.

    The sexual abuse is so horrible! How perverted are these people's minds?!!! Their wives and close family members have to know about their behavior after being with them for years but I guess their either Threatened or under Mind Control to stay with these people and not blow the whistle on them. Disgusting!

    1. Hi Anonymous,

      I pray nothing happens too, I want no one to get hurt. And it may not even be a catastrophe kind of thing. I keep thinking of all the security and military they have around that stadium and it could be for another reason.

      I thought competitors were supposed to stay for the closing ceremony too. I thought they were all supposed to be part of the closing ceremony. We shall see.

      The abuse - some of the elite that were involved, like in the Detroux Affair, these people's wives are either part of the activities (rituals) or they lead separate lives and barely come in contact with one another except for political/social functions. In the Lithuanian case the dad was TRYING to expose it and rescue his daughter. Instead he was killed and the little girl was given back to the abusive mom and boyfriend. That whole thing was crooked if you read the case. The case was taken OUT of the jurisdiction and given to a judge in another jurisdiction who worked with the SISTER of the mother who was also a judge! The whole town was protesting.

      I cry for this world I really do. I just can't even wrap my head around anyone thinking the NWO is good.


    On this page there is a link to the video in question and this page discusses the video sections at a time. This is nothing to do with paedophiles but I came across this and had to pop it in. Mind its rather rude in parts. Butterflies, mirrors, lollipops and mind control. The vid made by Isaraeli vid maker who's apparently done some work for Obama in 08 so it says. You must take a look at the vid in question from the link. The comments beneath this link are rather interesting too, some of them. The snippet about the porcelain doll reminded me of that porcelain doll Michael supposedly had in his room at CArolwood,,,,too many things in this article remind me of what Michael and many others have hinted at about the INDUSTRY.


    1. TL,

      Thanks for the read. I didn't watch the film (reading it was enough) but the doll did catch my attention and your reference to a doll on Michael's bed. But I do not agree that Michael failed to break his programming. Maybe his way (or his family's way) of leaving clues as to what Michael and the family has had to endure.

    2. OH, I didn't say Michael failed to break his programming Bonnie...if anything I think he's been busy leaving little clues about the things that go on as shown in that link. As we know, he's not the only one who's had something to say about this type of thing. I often think of the guy Chappelle's comment at one time about the fact that every time the govt needed to move people's attention away from what they were up to they'd have Michael molest another child. Yes, I think many knew about the goings on.


    3. TL,

      Oh, sorry! I wasn't sure what you meant. I remember Chappelle's comment. Very true!

  3. Dr. Allan Metzger : a suspicious man who should be investigated but still something does not add up. This guy comes to your home "out of the blue", pretends he is sent by your personal doctor & you find yourself being flown from LA to an Arizona clinic without possibility to communicate externally during your stay ? Frankly even if it were a Branca trick after the Estate received the Jacksons' letter, any of us would find highly suspicious to follow blindly Dr. Metzger's recommendations nor less to let him cross your door. Not Katherine Jackson who flew obediently to Arizona with her daughter Rebbie & even got the visit of some of her children implicated in the family letter. Most suprising is that no Jackson member clarified publicly WHO sent this evil doctor to Katherine & WHO published their letter. If it was John Branca, what did they have to lose exposing it publicly (Randy said he feared for his mothers's life after all) ? If instead a Jackson member published the letter or arranged Dr. Metzger to visit Katherine, maybe they prefer to shut up for now :o( but IF Janet Jackson really goes to Court against the Estate, this Dr. Metzger topic should be exposed. It is enough to gobble so many inconsistencies. Branca & his smear campaign against the Jacksons after receipt of the family letter I do believe but some of the Jacksons did not make it easy either lately (Jermaine cancelling his signature sort of apologizing to Branca, Katherine's contradictory declarations). OR, if the Jacksons are eventually threatened with their life by the Estate or other mob, why would Janet, even with her own wealth, go to Court with only Randy & Rebbie ?

    Marc Dutroux's case France/Belgium. Where is the justice ? Dutroux's wife knew !

    Olympics : The worst always happens from where we expect it least so I do expect & hope that nothing bad will happen to anyone in London tomorrow.

    1. Dr. Metzger was in no way called by the family. I do believe that he was called by the estate executors.

      The family? Who in the family flat out said that Katherine was taken from the home BY THEM? None of them. All Jermaine said was that she was safe and under doctor care. Rebbie has not been anywhere near the press saying that SHE brought Miss Katherine to AZ. AND, why would the family bring Katherine to a spa and take her phone and any access to the outside world? That sounds like what Michael's handlers (Liz Taylor) did to Michael when they took him to London in 1993 for "RE-PROGRAMMING".

      The picture with Katherine and the family playing Uno? Doesn't look like a recent picture. Rebbie is 61 years old. She is NOT THAT OLD in that picture (Sorry Rebbie, I don't know a more tactful way to say it), she is younger there. Not to mention that Miss Katherine looks as if she is ADDED to the picture because she has NO CARDS in front of her or in her hands.

      Branca and Estate execs opened corporations with the initials of Prince Paris and Blanket in Delaware (still haven't checked Nevada yet) PPB, LLC and PPB II LLC.

      This is EXACTLY what Weitzman did to the Cobain estate and what Watenmaker and other business managers did/are doing to Randy Quaid. Exactly!

      PPB do not need a corporation started in their name THEY HAVE A TRUST.

      This is embezzlement accounts!

    2. Yep !.. but if the Jacksons had immediately dealt & sent their case letter to the Estate through a serious law office instead of privately, Branca might have got not so easy from the start with his smear campaign & dirty tricks against the Jacksons. Last, if Katherine made a 2nd contradictory written declaration to her personal lawyer, making it appear she had been abused, it was possibly under emergency to at least regain the guardianship of MJ3, which she should have never lost anyway, even partially. Should she die, it now means that another Jackson member is entitled to put his nose in the Estate wealth: I am very unsure if that is what Michael wanted. The family letter was appropriately strong but the follow-up of some Jacksons revealed weak. Branca feels strong..but maybe not for always.

    3. I think the "declaration" IF Miss Katherine signed ANYTHING and it's not again a forgery of the estate, was already prepared and waiting when she got back from Arizona IF it was indeed ANYONE in her family that took her. (just as last year, examine interviews of family and how they word things carefully - edit departments BUSY).

      I would rather have the Jackson's nose in the estate than Branca's whole body anyway. Because we already KNOW Michael did not want BRANCA OR MCCLAIN OR WEITZMAN handling it.

      I am sure much more will come out in regard to who did what.

      Branca's little demon writers also busy on this blog/search terms. Anything to discourage people from digging.

  4. Anonymous in Netherlands;

    Can you be more specific?

  5. Michelle Martin, the ex-wife of Dutroux will be released soon after spending 16 years in prison because of good behavior. She was sentenced to 30 years in 1996. Family´s of her victims are trying hard to prevent this.

    1. I did see that news item and you have to wonder why they are letting her loose so soon. Is it because "they're people" are having a "coming out" party in December?

      It's scary - I'm waiting for the calls now "amnesty for Pedophiles".

  6. Miley Ray Cyrus just posted this on Twitter:

    Miley Ray Cyrus ‏@MileyCyrus
    🕗 tick tock tick tock

  7. Luz Gil ‏@StrangerInPA
    Just the Olympics Closing ceremony...nothing big lol "@edsheeran: Playing a small show today"

    USA TODAY Sports ‏@USATODAYsports
    Photo: Incredible, jubilant scene on the court from #TeamUSA. SO GOOD:

    Luz Gil ‏@StrangerInPA
    Can you please tell us now?? "@MileyCyrus: 0 💣💣💣💣"

    Nancy Cordes ‏@nancycordes
    We'll have a big announcement at the start of @FaceTheNation ...Tune in at 10:30 Eastern or check your local listings. See you soon!

    Two Americans dropped out of the men's Olympic marathon today -- and another took fourth: #London2012

    Miley Ray Cyrus ‏@MileyCyrus

    Miley Ray Cyrus ‏@MileyCyrus

    Miley Ray Cyrus ‏@MileyCyrus

    Miley Ray Cyrus ‏@MileyCyrus
    best boo day ever ❤

    Miley Ray Cyrus ‏@MileyCyrus
    0 💣💣💣💣

    Miley Ray Cyrus ‏@MileyCyrus
    🕗 tick tock tick tock

    Last one 44 minutes ago.

  8. Ed Sheeran ‏@edsheeran
    Playing a small show today

  9. I'm curious to know how the Olympics will end. I hope nothing bad happens during the closing of the ceremony. I'm pretty sure you will cover it, Bonnie. I have read about Princess Diana and the reason behind her death including Dodi Fayed. I remember Mother Teresa died months later but I didn't make the connection. I am speechless!

    There is something I think you should check out via email regards of the estate.


    1. Well I guess now we know how the Olympics will end. I have to say the show was a lot tamer than Madonna's show. I did catch some symbolism though, especially in the opening ceremonies. But I just could not ignore the very end, at the extinguishing of the flames, the "phoenix rising". Did you see that?

      I checked your email AND USED IT in the comments (credited you) but I have yet to answer the email. I agree with you . . . I don't think it's a positive thing either.

      I have some more digging to do on that whole Princess Di/Mother Theresa subject. I've only seen a few sources covering this. And the one posted above publishes Stew Webb and I don't trust that guy.

  10. Christine Brennan ‏@cbrennansports
    Closing ceremony spirit so different from opening. Flags come in together, then athletes in wonderful, organized chaos, all mixed together.

  11. Greg Wyshynski ‏@wyshynski
    George Michael playing a song called "Bathroom Break" (Please note this as a "song we don't know" joke, and not a George Michael joke)

    Mike Foss ‏@themikefoss
    The Who playing 'Pinball Wizard' not sure if the crowd really likes the Who or just really glad George Michael was done

    Mike Foss ‏@themikefoss
    Ominous tones. A flaming pirate ship. And Annie Lennox.

    Miley Ray Cyrus ‏@MileyCyrus
    bye bye @Mileys_Bun

    Miley's Bun ‏@Mileys_Bun
    I'm too young to die @MileyCyrus !!!!!

    Luz Gil ‏@StrangerInPA
    Im so happy I was able to meet @Mileys_Bun :) see you on the other side!!

    Playing games . . .

  12. Mike Foss ‏@themikefoss
    Leave it to Russell Brand to bring this thing to a new height of weird.

    Mike Foss ‏@themikefoss
    Fatboy Slim can save the night for me right here. Bring it home, Slim

  13. Mike Foss ‏@themikefoss
    The Spice Girls still think they are a legitimate band. Sigh.

    Gotta post good news too:

    CBS News ‏@CBSNews
    GOP-led House Oversight Committee to file contempt suit against AG Eric Holder -

    Not that it means anything.

  14. Mike Foss ‏@themikefoss
    Eric Idle singing 'Always look on the bright side of life' sounds a lot more like a plea at this point.

    Mike Foss ‏@themikefoss
    God bless arena rock. #Muse and #Queen.

    Mike Foss ‏@themikefoss
    Jessie J as Freddie Mercury? No.

    I agree.


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