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Michael Jackson Justice: Michael Jackson – They Called Him “Jacko” for a Reason

God: Reconnect to Him

The Conspiracy against God is about "The Word", and the profaning of His Holy Name within us. Adam fell in the garden, breaking the direct connection to God. Jesus, the "last Adam" was a quickening Spirit, the Word made Flesh, and the only one with whom we can re-establish our relationship with God. Michael's story is still unfolding. He is the one who is, is not. But Jesus is the only name given under heaven by which we must be saved. Many are trying to rewrite HIStory. We were given a help to instruct us. Learn more "here".

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Michael Jackson – They Called Him “Jacko” for a Reason

The Book of the Law Part III
Michael Jackson Victim of Science
Falsely So-called

"The Son of man shall send forth his angels, and they shall gather out of his kingdom all things that offend, and them which do iniquity;"

"But whoso shall offend one of these little ones which believe in me, it were better for him that a millstone were hanged about his neck, and that he were drowned in the depth of the sea."

"But when Jesus saw it, he was much displeased, and said unto them, Suffer the little children to come unto me, and forbid them not: for of such is the kingdom of God."

“Love Is The Answer To all That I am
I’m a better man
Since you taught me by sharing your life…”

I can’t help but think that Michael knew about Laminin when he wrote this song.  I also can’t help but think he knew about our DNA and the “Book of the Law” and the “Book of Life”. – Source, Part II of “The Book of the Law”.  That is a must read if this entry is going to make any sense.  Part I is here.

On Part two I included this video below:

Robert Gallo, Creator of AIDS

After that video, I found this one of an interview with LAUGHTER about Dr. Hilleman discussing the Leukemia virus being included in Polio vaccines.  Hilleman was also mentioned in Part I of this video on The AIDS and Ebola Viruses in the Hepatitis B Vaccinations.

I warn you, the laughter makes you
Want to smack people.

We covered in the previous blog that the first recipients of Hepatitis B vaccines were black Africans and the Gay community in New York.  The story given to the public however, was this: "That HIV was actually started in Africa by either African men eating monkeys with the virus, or African men having sex with monkeys with the virus.  Nice, huh? 

On Wikipedia’s own page about Hepatitis B vaccines, they have the story reversed . . . but the math doesn’t work for those of us who were old enough to remember the first news about the breakouts of AIDS and where Hepatitis B vaccines were first humanly tested:

"To ensure a blood supply was brimming with hepatitis B surface proteins, Hilleman collected blood from gay men and intravenous drug users — groups known to be at risk for HBV infections. This was in the late 1970s, when HIV was silently snaking its way through these communities, unknown to medicine. In addition to the sought-after hepatitis B surface proteins, the blood samples were surely chock full of HIV. Hilleman devised a multistep process to purify this blood so that only the hepatitis B surface proteins remained. Every known virus was killed by this process, and Hilleman was confident that the vaccine was safe.[4]

The first large-scale trials for the blood-derived vaccine were performed on gay men, considered to be an at-risk group. Later, Hilleman’s vaccine was falsely blamed for igniting the AIDS epidemic. But, as ghoulish as it might seem to manufacture a vaccine from purified blood, it was determined to have indeed been free of HIV. The purification process had destroyed all viruses — including HIV.[4] The vaccine was approved in 1981." - Source, Wikipedia

This source below ties in with the facts to follow below:

"Conveniently lost in the history of AIDS is the gay Hepatitis-B vaccine experiment that immediately preceded the decimation of gay Americans. A "cohort" of over a thousand young gays was injected with the vaccine at the New York Blood Center in Manhattan during the period November 1978 to October 1979. 1 Similar gay experiments were conducted in San Francisco, Los Angeles, Denver, St. Louis, and Chicago, beginning in 1980. 2 The AIDS epidemic broke out shortly thereafter." - Source,

Reading further down at the above link on the African origin of the AIDS epidemic and we learn that small pox vaccines were brought to Africa through the World Health Organization around the same time, the late 1970’s, as the Hepatitis B shots were first introduced to gay men in the U.S.  Lo and behold the AIDS virus also shows up there. 

From there the story cooked up was that AIDS came from African monkeys and the virus “somehow” jumped species.  African monkeys get blamed for a lot of things.  That article above further stated:

"Millions of African blacks are reportedly infected with HIV. This large number could never have been infected by the simple act of a monkey virus "jumping" over to infect one African in the late 1970s. If that were the case, why don’t we now have millions of AIDS cases in the U.S.? One logical explanation for the millions of Africans infected is that the vaccines used in the World Health Organisation’s mass inoculation programs were contaminated. Was the contamination accidental or deliberate?  It is well-known in vaccine circles that the vaccinia (cowpox) virus used in the manufacture of the smallpox vaccine works well in genetic engineering.

Charles Pillar and Keith Yamamoto, authors of Gene Wars: Military Control Over the New Genetic Technology, state: "Researchers have been able to splice genes coding for the surface coats of other viruses, such as influenza, hepatitis, and rabies into vaccinia virus DNA. The result: a ‘broad spectrum’ vaccine with a coat of many colors."11" - Source,

Do you see the common thread here?  GENE SPLICING . . . VIRUS DNA . . . GROWN IN ANIMAL TISSUE!

This means if you have had vaccines for pretty much ANYTHING, your DNA has been corrupted.  Period.

It also means you stand a good chance of dying either of cancer or some other immune system deficiency.

"A decade before the first cases of AIDS, Dr. Donald M. MacArthur, a spokesman for the U.S. Department of Defense, told a Congressional Hearing that a "super germ" could be developed as part of our experimental bio-warfare program. This genetically engineered germ would be very different from any previous microbe known to mankind. The agent would be a highly effective killing agent because the immune system would be powerless against this super-microbe (Testimony before a Subcommittee of the Committee on Appropriations, House of Representatives, Department of Defense Appropriations for 1970, dated July 1, 1969). A transcript of this meeting on "Synthetic Biological Agents" records the following comments of Dr. MacArthur:

1. All biological agents up to the present time are representatives of naturally occurring disease, and thus are known by scientists throughout the world. They are easily available to qualified scientists for research, either for offensive or defensive purposes.

2. Within the next 5 to 10 years, it would probably be possible to make a new infective microorganism which could differ in certain important aspects from any known disease-causing organisms. Most important of these is that it might be refractory to the immunological and therapeutic processes upon which we depend to maintain our relative freedom from infectious disease.

3. A research program to explore the feasibility of this could be completed in approximately 5 years at a total cost of $10 million." - Source,

Everyone in the United States gets a Hepatitis B shot now, when they are BABIES!  Unless of course your name is Dr. Oz and you are a celebrated, Oprah Winfrey cultivated guru who’s children are too good to be vaccinated. 

Monkey DNA . . . that is what you have in you.

Does anyone remember the stories of Auschwitz?

Does anyone remember the horrid experiments these DEMONS did on HUMAN BEINGS???

Kissinger brought those doctors over HERE to the United States . . . these FREAKS, to figure out undetectable ways of KILLING YOU.

What is the difference between what happened in Nazi Germany and what they did to Michael Jackson?

Michael Jackson and Monkeys
The New Medical Research Field

Michael saw Bubbles as just another creature of God.  However his handlers saw another way to send messages to the cabal.  Funny how Bubbles and the nickname "Jacko" became part of Michael's identity right around the same couple of years in the 1980's.   

In light of recent dot-connecting I thought I would review a definition that we haven’t seen talked about since late 2010 on this blog:


"According to the " Oxford English Dictionary " the word " JACKO " dates back to the mid - 1600′s as a Flemish approximation of the Bantu word " monkey. " By the early 1800′s Jacko Maccacco, a famous fighting monkey, could be found on display in Westminster Pit, a notorious London arena for dog fights. The word has become part of the common vernacular and it eventually became a Racist shorthand for Blacks." – Source,

Michael was slapped with this rather RACIST label by British Tabloid Press (couldn’t find out which one, but God knows) back in the mid 1980’s not long after the Pepsi accident in 1984, according to the British tabloid “The Telegraph UK”.  Ironically, also not long after AIDS became an epidemic in the media.

Ironic, isn’t it that right around the same time they successfully launch “Operation Genocide” with the AIDS virus, Michael Jackson begins showing signs of an auto-immune disease called “vitiligo”?  And during those same few years his “skin starts to change” he is nicknamed for the animals who’s DNA they use to grow crap that will kill you?

Ironic still is Michael's "chimp" who the tabloids also used to ridicule Michael.  Both the nickname and the "pet" were keys to alert those in the establishment that Michael was their "test monkey".

Monkey Business

Can you imagine taking a human being, giving him transfusions and/or shots that will disfigure him, drug him, give him surgeries that will further disfigure him, then not only make fun of him but start a campaign in the world wide press to ridicule  him?

Can you think of anything more evil, then aiding and abetting the people who did this to someone?  People like Branca, and Diane Dimond and Diane Sawyer, Howie Weitzman and Randy Taraborrelli, Bill Bray, Karen Faye, Tommy Motolla, Howard Stringer, Quincy Jones, etc...?

Do you have any idea what it is like to learn that the people who make their living off of the spoils of your creation -  those that work for YOU as your doctor, your body guard, your personal assistant, your nanny, your business manager, your accountant, your maid, your cook etc … are actually taking their orders from people who hate you and you can’t FIRE THEM?

And the people giving the orders hate you, hate  your “goodness”, hate your faith, hate your “Bible”, hate your color and hate the fact that they can’t change you into what they had planned to change you into.

Can the heart reveal the proof
Like a Mirror reveals the truth
See, the evil one is . . .

This is what we allowed to happen to Michael Jackson.  This is what we ALL WATCHED HAPPEN while we sat back in our chairs and watched the news parade him in front of the T.V. cameras.  We ALL WATCHED as our government not only contributed to his torture but ORDERED IT.

How can we prove that Michael was a victim of this kind of experimentation?  Well, there’s the man himself:

60 Minutes Interview

2002 In New York/Harlem
The manipulation of the press, media
And history books.  Ironically, this was also
the same couple of days that Estate Executor 
John Branca claims Michael signed 
the "will" in Los Angeles.

He told us in his music:

I’m tired of being the victim of hate
They’re raping me of my pride oh for God sakes
I look to heaven to fulfill it’s prophecy…. Set me free.

"He caught heck baby
up to his neck, baby
He over (slepped? Sexed?) baby
I hate your Bible

I know your God baby
Know where you are baby
Took God too far baby
I hate your (kind)?

A hot fit baby
Go dig your ditch baby
The (take?) day's a bitch baby 

Say he confused baby,
He got the blues
He feeling used
(crossed out)
So unreliable"


"Relax this won't hurt you
It'll take the edge away
Open your eyes no need to pray
Don't cry, it won't convert you
Before I put stick it in
close your eyes and count to 10"

Changed Lyrics:  Lyrics AZ

Mind Control
He got place baby
Kicked in the face baby
You hate your race baby

What They did to Him:

@0:50 You got the people confused
You tell the stories you chose
You try to get me to lose the man I really am

“I bet he missioned with the CIA
He do whatever they say

“Here abandoned in my fame
Armageddon of the Brain”

Hope is Dead
She thought that I had
Cheated for another lover (committed adultery against God)

Billie Jean
Chosen to be “the one”
But he did not sell his soul
She will just claim he did
The of course, there’s the children
She told my baby we’d dance til’ three…
Then showed a photo of a baby cryin’
His eyes were LIKE mine
The children are not his

Their PLANS for him- include Billie Jean:

Dirty Diana
(@1:57 – lyrics correction
“If you’ll make me YOUR star”
Star of your god, Moloch)
The song is about the temptation
Of the Devil – fortune, fame, recognition
Glory and material comfort – again he did
Not sell his soul – he knows her ‘every move’
He’s “been here before”.

Everyone’s taken control of me
Seems like the world’s got a role for me
I’m so confused won’t you show to me
You’ll be there for me, and care enough to bear me

I just want you to recognize
Me in the temple . . .

“I’m gonna be exactly what you wanna see…
Am I the beast you visualized…
But if you came to see the truth the purity
It’s here inside a lonely heart
So let the performance start”

What they are doing to us
His warnings to us to wake up, we are close.

“And they have not a clue
When it’s all gonna end…”
I love you…..

Mothers cry and babies die
Helplessly in arms
While rockets fly and research LIES
In progress to become
But what of men are flesh and blood
We turn our backs on life
How can we claim to stand for peace
When the race is armed in strife . . .
Destroying . . . life . . .
He knew about this back then...

The Crime in a nutshell
Did God say that they could decide?
Who will live and who will die?
We’re innocently standing by
Watching people loose their lives
Imagery in this video spot on!

Earth Song
The Power of the Healing of Christ
Restores The Corrupted Creation
Including Those who do not deny Him
Powerful End of the Video


Cher @ 3:30

Dick Gregory claims he first met Michael
On the Whiz.  Said Michael’s lung collapsed
And they couldn’t hold up a movie so they call….
Dick Gregory?  And Dick Gregory made him a
“concoction” . . . Are we seeing a pattern here?
This is Dick Gregory’s own words.
Anyone see this bozo at Michael’s trial?  I didn’t!

Jermaine, his brother
“They wanted him gone…they didn’t want the
Good he was doing … they didn’t want Michael
Jackson around anymore.”

We know that Latoya and other family members have said that Michael had told them they were trying to kill him, but I can’t seem to find an interview where talking heads HAVEN’T interjected that Michael was a drug addict, which he was NOT, so I’m not posting those videos.

Auto-Immune Diseases

This is an explanation of DNA Transcription to RNA, why and how it is done.  We covered this before:

"DNA transcription is a process that involves the transcribing of genetic information from DNA to RNA. The transcribed DNA message is used to produce proteins. DNA is housed within the nucleus of our cells. It controls cellular activity by coding for the production of enzymes and proteins. The information in DNA is not directly converted into proteins, but must first be copied into RNA. This ensures that the information contained within the DNA does not become tainted." – Source,

This means that DNA produces or “clones” the information in it to RNA in order to travel outside the nucleus of the cell (since DNA cannot) with the information needed to produce proteins and enzymes.  This means of science knew about RNA and RNA transfer, then they knew about DNA cloning.

Robert Gallo is a liar

On the Litton Bionetics video above, Robert Gallo is asked about an oral presentation given in Belgium in 1970.  At 5:26, after making faces while listening to the question, and then insulting the questioner, He tells the fellow that the speech took place in the “late 1960’s” (but it was published in 1970) and DNA cloning hadn’t even taken place yet.  Then Gallo goes on to explain that the speech was about “Cellular transfer RNA”.

Well, Einstein, that is exactly what DNA cloning is.  Our own bodies do it.  If they knew what cellular transfer RNA was, then they most DEFINITELY were working in DNA cloning because RNA IS clones of the properties of our DNA in the nucleus of our cells.  Remember?


Before you visit the website below, I will tell you that you will get a “Google Warning” of malware.  This is usually what they do to websites they do not want you to visit.  Trust me, if Google were THAT effective of all websites that have Malware, you would have NO NEED for anti-virus protection from McAfee or Norton, Panda, AVG and any of the other ones out there.

I WENT TO THE WEBSITE.  I do not have malware on my computer.  But don’t take my word for it.  I copied the web site and posted the contents of just the page below, on a stand alone page.   You can read the entire thing here - "Corruption of God's Book of the Law".

"The basic truth that served as the foundation for the mountain of lies known as vaccinations was the observation that mammals which recover from infection with microorganisms acquire natural immunity from further infections. Whenever cytotoxic T cells (the little Pac man cells which devour and neutralize viruses, bacteria, and cancer cells, thus conferring cellular immunity and are also responsible for allograft rejection) and B cells (antibody producing cells which confer humoral immunity by circulating in the body’s fluids or “humors”, primarily serum or lymph) are activated by various substances foreign to the body called antigens, some of the T and B cells become memory cells. Thus, the next time the individual meets up with that same antigen, the immune system can be quickly triggered to demolish it. This is the process known as natural immunity." - Source, (Google Warning but I cited this page)

DNA Cloning

On that same site above, which I copied here -  - this very much caught my eye.  As a matter of fact, I had to stop because I was crying and my chest hurt:

If you develop auto-antibodies against thyroid gland tissue, you develop Grave’s disease. If you develop auto-antibodies against the tissue of the thymus gland (which is crucial in T cell production and function), you develop myasthenia gravis. If you develop auto-antibodies against the very DNA in the nucleus of all cells, you develop systemic Lupus (thus, the autoimmune potential of DNA vaccines being developed now is self evident; worse yet, DNA components from these vaccines can be incorporated into your DNA, leading to actual genetic changes which could cause extinction of all (vaccinated) life on the Earth, as will be discussed shortly). And on, and on, and on.

Genetic changes . . . like VITILIGO?    Yes!

Intentional inclusion of antigens in vaccines to cause formation of antibodies that attack specific hormones or races

It is this author’s hypothesis that the epidemic of vitiligo in people of color (hypo pigmentation of skin caused by auto-antibody attack on melanocytes7) is occurring due to intentional inclusion of melanin in vaccines given to people of color.

You can read the whole thing in it’s entirety here instead of the “warning” web page.

Chances are great that they may also put a “warning” on this web page too considering I have copied the contents of the entire page.  Let’s hope this “acknowledgement” will discourage them from doing so, for fear of announcing their collusion with this “Michael Jackson Conspiracy”, which is what I am now calling it.

They’re So Smart
Hidden in Plain Sight
Genetic Changes – The New Breed
Destruction and Rebuilding of the Temple
In the “seat of God” is where they wanted to be

So my friends, this is what happened to Michael.  The “chosen one”.  The one who would “dance on the floor in the round”.  The one whom they tried to get to forget “the man he really is” . . . The ONE who was “the beast they visualized”.

And while they knowingly destroyed the natural beauty of this man, in the image that God created, they pointed fingers at him, assigned a world wide media and press to ridicule him for everything from ‘weirdness’ to “wanting to be white”.

And everyone bought it.  Well almost everyone.  And everyone that DIDN’T just didn’t know how to explain or defend him . . . until now.

How could they?  How could they do this to such a loving, innocent, beautiful individual who loves God and spoke about the power of prayer and the human mind?  How could they HATE so much the goodness in this man, that they sought to destroy it in him?  

Now, I’m going to bed, if I can even sleep.  I’m disgusted.  I’m sick in my heart, my stomach and my soul.  I don’t even want to be a member of the human race anymore, truth be told.  If I knew how to be an angel I’d leave right now.  And I hate to say this but if it were not for Michael suffering this, we may never have seen.  Man, I want him back.  I want a do-over with what I know now.

Our genocide is already in progress.  All they need now is a super-virus, and they already have the delivery vehicle in mind . . . the new “drones”.  That scare will be enough for people to fall all over themselves to get the “vaccine” and receive “the mark” that will change the “Book of the Law” within them.

The underground bases and bunkers?  Now you know what they are for.

Yes, yes I know there are other “plagues” in the Bible for the end times.  They won’t get us all with the “virus” because not all of us will take the vaccines.

The “Book of the Law” has been corrupted.  The “antidote” is the “Book of Life”.  Your name written in the “Lamb’s Book of Life”.  His purity, his “restoration” of creation.

Michael, wherever you are, that night in 2009 when I prayed for you, I asked God why didn’t he protect you.  I got a kiss in the dark telling me He did.

I know this can be reversed.   


Please, please look to Christ and ask him for his gift of life.  After all, this is why Michael suffered, to show you what they were doing to us all.

Heaven Knows I Love you . . . More


  1. BONNIE, it is a great Blog & I fully agree with you "this is what happened to Michael" as you again identified the crux of what THEY did to him...& no AEG was even involved then ;o\. People should know on a much larger scale the way Michael was destroyed & what also now happens to us collectively. Never can I come to terms either with Michael's crucifixion by devils of all boards.

    Dirk Gregory lives in Georgia but he was with the Jacksons at Neverland in 2005 but not at the trial as (I guess) he could not be a key witness for Michael : are you sure Gregory was a bad guy ? I too see bad guys everywhere & so many details can raise suspicions but all I know is that Dirk Gregory brought Michael to a hospital during the trial (which allegedly saved his life) thus I can't evaluate properly his supposed involvement on the bad side.

    As to vaccines, a German article warns on a very severe Australian flu coming next Winter & also today in my own country's paper "20minutes", we are encouraged to take the flu vaccine :

    Fear induced in people is a good marketing drive for the pharma industry but the 2010 unsold swine flu vaccines disaster may have many first evaluate what they need to do for themselves before being injected with that substance.

    1. Line:

      Dick Gregory is a comedian cum spiritual something or other (haven’t figured it out yet) who also said THIS about his friend (Micheline wrote this in an email to me):

      “What bothered me more was at 1:40 on the timer - Dick Gregory...remember him? This is what he says: "where else but in America could a poor black boy born in utter poverty in Gary, Indiana end up being a rich white woman? Only in America." Hey, was Dick Gregory another handler? I thought the man helped Michael after the trial when he took him to that out of the way hospital for dehydration. Maybe it's a lie, but I hope not. What he said about Michael being white was outrageous! A friend of the family, accusing Michael of deliberately changing his skin color. Reminds me of Quincy Jones comment.

      I had to send this to you for the Dick Gregory comment. It's getting tougher by the day trying to find anyone who was a true friend to Michael.”

      Dick Gregory is the one that made that comment. We do not know any such thing about Dick Gregory. The only person I heard say that Dick Gregory was the one that took Michael to a hospital was Dick Gregory himself. Another minister friend of the family also makes this claim. And since Dick Gregory has made Michael the butt of his jokes in the past, I'm less inclined to believe he was any friend of Michael. I have never seen the two of them pictured together either. Is there a video showing Dick Gregory at Neverland during the trial? I have never heard any of the brothers talk about Dick Gregory being there either. If Dick Gregory said that about Michael, he's scum in my book.

      I have never gotten a flu shot. My husband did and I wanted to smack him (this was a couple years ago, before I did all this research). They had billboards here with the "H1N1" flu vaccine last year even in the little town I live up the road from! Don't get it.

      I will be covering more of this. Just need a day's break.

    2. Now I understand. To play their audience, most humorists can get nasty even crual towards their targets : you have never seen the French humorists being VERY nasty at showbiz or political personalities :o) But against Michael whom we now know who he is, it was indeed quite crual :o(
      Good rest, Bonnie, you deserve it♥


    1. AEG didn't have the policy. So who this article came from I don't know. Not sure where they are going with this. You have any clues? :o)

    2. Braaaancaaaa !? but I don't many clues about anything in general :o)

    3. Well upon further consideration with someone else as we were comisserating on the phone, I believe if we read the article carefully, we find that the Estate is now saying that the reason AEG "dropped" the suit is because they "didn't lose any money" because the Estate compensated them for what they would have lost.

      In OTHER words (the TRUTH) is the Estate is covering their butts because the article posted here (and other places) state the ESTATE had filed suit against Lloyds is the truth. Since this fact is probably coming up on depositions and being revealed in documents being submitted in the case against AEG by Miss Katherine, the Estate has a little egg on their faces (is that egg or dog doo?)

  3. Do you fall in worship, you millions? World, do you know your creator? Seek Him in the heavens; Above the stars must he dwell. (will you be there, prelude)


  4. The last articles are the information i was scared to find out long before MJ died... At one day i was going to write him a letter and send it to the Official German Fanclub because they would give it to MJ... I was writing the letter and i wanted to put it in a black envelope, just that this color stands out and he will read it. Then i thought, I cant do this. They wont give it to him... This looks like a death condolences letter. And i didnt send it. 3 years later or so he was gone. I wish I would've send it. On the other hand, i know that it was not necessary, because he was fully aware how to solve major problems. Such a tragic. I so wish he would be on this earth today. We need him now more than ever, but now we are standing here on our own. Just as he did back in the days. But we have backup, Bonnie. We do have.

    1. I'm glad I found it. This was stuff I started looking into last year then concentrated more on the MK Ultra aspect of what they were doing to Michael. I still can't for the life of me find out how they find people that are willing to do this to human beings. I just can't imagine that kind of indifference to life and lives.

      That must really bother you that you could have sent something and didn't. I would say Nachtmart that he knows now. I believe he feels us, I really do. You can't feel someone that much without that person also feeling it.

      Yes we have backup. We have BIG backup! The same that Michael depended on for strength and where his love for people came from :o)

      God bless you. Keep the faith♥

    2. God bless you, too, Bonnie. I remember that first feeling when i researched Mengele for a project and i researched hours for this matter deep in the nights because i found more and more. I do know what you feel about this all. These guys cant be human. But ideas form people. Always remember: Rom 12:2. These guys didnt and each of them will face judgement.

      There is a project outthere with a lady, called Jane Elliott. You dont want to miss that. It is really interesting what she is doing... You do see the kids there but they are interviewing these guys when they were adults then...

      This "project" was called "Blue Eyes, Brown Eyes": I saw this interview with her and she researched Mengele as well...

      I think this almost fits your article. At least i think its not timewaste to see this documentary. It is possible to "reprogramme" people as well as Springmeyer hopes more psychologists will do referring to MK Ultra. We all need to be reprogrammed. Some a little, some more. It is astonishing how open we are to influences... and also for most cruel ones.

    3. Me loves that verse:

      Romans 12:2
      King James Version (KJV)
      2 And be not conformed to this world: but be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind, that ye may prove what is that good, and acceptable, and perfect, will of God.

      Mengele is the one I believe that came to the states as Dr. Green (Greene?) under Operation Paperclip. And I would agree with the non-human part . . . perhaps they are already marked with the "number of his name"?

      When you mention "reprogram" people, do you mean repair their personalities after the fracturing of the mind into different personalities? It's interesting but every recovered MK Ultra mind control person I've seen interviewed was interviewed talking about the love of God being the only way they could have done this and through faith. I would like to look more into that.

    4. I am not quite sure if Mengele is responsible for all the later MK Ultra things that were be done, but could be an influence. Do not forget that the Russians are professionals in these things, too and they didnt have Mengele to be their mentor. Lots of the Mengele accusations are not backed up with proof. I only know of victims of Genetic Control. I didnt find the link between Genetics and Mind Control. This is a huge difference. If you read Illuminati Sites, you have to look for references. Mostly they have none to backup their claims. I think pedophilia and Mind programming could have other influences... f.e. Sigmund Freud or this crazed up guy who wrote about female and human sexuality behaviour... (i forgot the name, but he seems to be very sick, making experiments on babies, he is still number 1 reference on universities, i think he is named Kinsey) You'll find strange stuff when you will research about him. Greetings and God bless.

    5. if you see these dates these guys were living you can make a direct reference to Mengele, Sigmund Freud and other various guys... I do not think Nazi Regime was interested in raping children. You would have seen the victims in all those nazi documentaries. Not a bit is seen. Maybe we should revisit history and who has the most interest in spying via programmed persons (programmin from birth on plus satanic cults), just as Brice Taylor stated. But you know, i could be wrong with Mengele, i'd rather think he was a slaughter guy (more physical related; like some serial killers). You can also compare to this serial killer episodes. I dont know if i have linked it, but it is very well done: With this you can trace serial killers in history. He does the connection that this is all related to freemasonry and occult. Of course Nazi Regime was driven by certain mystics/occult but not on the way we know from this MK Ultra stuff. It is not possible to mix this all in one pot. Ongoing childrape would have come to light after WW2. You can perform a google search about these terms. You'll see a difference in findings about USA and Germany. It is complicated to dissect all those findings because you have to rewatch so many historic events, persons, dates, books. Its a lifetime work. Often the conspiracy world doesnt help a bit. With MK Ultra so many bullshit is done but also well thought not backup up associations. I believe Mengele is the fall guy for this MK Ultra term. There are so much more people to blame. It even is right here in our society... Guys behind curtains.

    6. Nachtmart,

      I know there was more than ONE doctor out of Nazi Germany. Mengele was named in other documents by researchers of Operation Paperclip. There was one specific person trying to expose MK Ultra who paired Mengele and Green together and that was Springmeier.

      The U.S., Russia, Israel and the U.K. benefited from the doctors brought out of Nazi Germany. Fake trials went on and most people back then believe these people went to jail. The real "scientists" did not.

      Ed Bernays began the whole "public relations" industry through Tavistock controlled propaganda called "advertising" and "slogans" and "coined phrases" and "slogans". He is a nephew of Frued. The only "proof" you are going to find of Mengele is if the government suddenly releases those documents. We have proof of the Dr. Green that was spoken about because lawsuits were paid off by our government and Bill Clinton was the one that made the public apology for MK Ultra which at that time had already been "converted" to the Monarch program.

      Genetics and Mind Control - I never said Mind control was the same thing as Genetics. They are different experiments but they all came out of the same "Operation". Mind control was just ONE of the experiments going on in Nazi Germany. Genetics and DNA manipulation was just ONE of the experiments in Nazi Germany. I know what the difference is and I do look for references. I ALWAYS have references. Last year's blog entries are chock full of them.

      Pedophilia is ONE of the practices of mind control, not THE ONLY practice of mind control. And there is a difference between Pedophilia and sexual abuse/torture for purposes of mind control. I covered Dr. Kinsey Here

      Genetics and Mind control are both programs put forth by the same cabal. Michael suffered from the attempts of those around him to influence BOTH. BOTH have been researched, planned and implemented on individuals and societies. You don't have to go back that far in history to find the links to the central source.

    7. Nachtmart,

      There is evidence of sexual mutilations out of Nazi Germany. You can call it what you like but it wasn't JUST performed on adults. And this type of abuse dated much further back from Nazi Germany. You take a look at where these DOCTORS came from. Most of them were NOT German descent. I don't think the Nazi's were interested in raping anyone. They were INTERESTED in MIND CONTROL. Sexual abuse was just one of the means to an end. An element inserted into the program to get it to work. There wasn't any evidence of government sponsored child abduction in THIS COUNTRY either until recently - because most people associated with the program who wanted to expose it were killed.

      You mentioned before that you thought Brice Taylor was a plant. Why is that? (I didn't post that comment because F-bombs are not something I want on this blog).

      It most certainly IS POSSIBLE to mix this all on one pot. I'd be very interested in why you seem to want to protect Nazi Germany from any connection to child sodomy/rape.

      Prince Phillip - you know, the one married to Queen Elizabeth? He SERVED as an officer in Nazi Germany. It's on his wiki page. So if a Nazi Officer can become Prince of England, explain to me how Nazi doctors couldn't be "re-named" and given careers and identities in other countries to forward an agenda?

      You know Nachtmart, there are SOME Jews that were NOT gassed in Germany. One of them is Hitler himself. Mind control AND Pharmaceutical experiments WERE performed in Nazi Germany AND it is documented.

      I don't know where you think you are going with this, but perhaps you would try to consider that Germany is not innocent and that the false Jews also infiltrated German government. Especially considering that Rothschild is behind that whole thing as well.

      Most of the people in power in the 13 families are German Jew. Which means YES, all this comes from one Pot. And Germany and the Nazi debacle is just ONE of the events they planned and used to forward their conspiracy.

    8. Hello again, I think i should keep it simple:

      I am exactly going in this direction, Bonnie: For the sake of the children, we need to research well. Nothing more. I do not accept exploitation from people who sell books, make dvds for high prices etc.

    9. Well thank you for that. What do you think I am doing? Don't you realize that Jesus wanted ALL his children? Not just the ones twelve years old and younger? I don't see how denying Nazi involvement in mind control is helping children. You'll have to explain that to me.

  5. Hi Bonnie, firstly id like to send you a big hug. I thought you may need one after writing todays blog if it was anything near as hard to write as it was to read. I found it really difficult to breath with the pain inside from reading it today and hearing that laughter. No matter how much we find out about this evil it never gets any easier to stomach does it. Some days are harder than others... I suppose it doesnt help that I put the headphones in and went over and over the lyrics of Morphine last night before I went to bed, so I guess I woke up with a heavy heart. Thats one hard song to listen to isnt it.
    Secondly, I wondered if you had seen this about the RFID chips..

    I continue to thank God for you and for guiding you to the truth that you bring to all of us.
    God bless you xx

    1. Hi Anonymous,

      I am hugging you right back. It was hard to write to the point where I had another "dinner table episode" because I was still in the middle of putting it together when it was time to eat. Husband asks me what is wrong. I say nothing. He says "liar" and we sit down. So I ask him if he could just pray for the Jackson family. He says yes and asks "Do you know about something getting ready to happen?" And my "no" kind of didn't make it all the way out but it was that same kind of "difficult to breathe" pain that you mention.

      Morphine. That song just puts you in Michael's body as he is laying on the bed, the respirator is on, they are putting all kinds of crap in his veins and telling him "don't cry, it won't convert you, just trust me" and "you hate your race, don't you? You hate being black, your such a swine, I hate your Bible, you don't need to pray, I'm your god now, just trust in me . . ." meanwhile you hear the stun gun going on and off, and you hear the respirator and you're barely aware of your body convulsing with the jolts because the drugs have taken you so it seems like your witnessing it happening to a body you are only occupying but not feeling. So yes, it's hard. It's hard, it's stomach turning, its evil and I fight myself all the time not to hate these people.

      I had not seen that video on the RFID chips, so thank you for posting it. I didn't know that was already going on in the Philippines. I wanted to mention one thing about the end of the film though. The "Great Tribulation" is not something believers in Christ will escape. It says in the Bible that those of the "great multitude that no man could number" that stood before John in his vision of Heaven, are those that came out of "the Great Tribulation" and won victory over the beast. We will escape the plagues of the seven vials/bowls, but our deliverance comes at the end of the Great Tribulation, at the sounding of the seventh trumpet.

      God bless you. I continue to pray that God gives us all strength. There are times I do or say things out of anger that make me feel very unworthy of being shown anything. I thank God for access to the truth that many do not have and I want them to know.

      XX right back. They remind me of how my grandmother used to close her letters to me :o)

  6. Dick Gregory about the dehydration:

    Dick Gregory and Hormones injections when MJ was young: (@09:50 around to 10:10)

    This guy is very interesting. This is the guy that inspired MJ to stay vegetarian?

    1. Hi Nachtmart,

      I will look at both of those later. My husband is home so when things calm down and dinner is over I will have time to look at them and I can add my comment then.

      As far as Dick Gregory "inspiring" MJ to stay vegetarian? Depends on who you ask I guess. Because according to more then one other source, Michael had a thing for Kentucky Fried Chicken and Curry Chicken (hmmmmmmm).

      My husband hates curry and hates fish. Isn't that grounds for irreconcilable differences? LOL!

    2. Nachtmart,

      I watched both videos but the second one between 9:50 and 10:10 you said they were talking about Michael and hormone injections, but Dick Gregory is talking about Lloyds of London and the performers insurance. There is nothing there about hormone shots.

    3. I found it Nachtmart, it was during the 3 minute mark. Hormone shots to keep his voice youthfully high. They supposedly did this to a lot of child stars . . . Shirley Temple, Judy Garland, Natalie Wood etc...

    4. Oh, i am sorry, lol, it is around 2:40. This was the hormone story and his high - pitched voice. Some really hated Dick for this comment but maybe he knows more or also has the feeling that some "medicine was given to him". I agree that certain black leaders have this new age touch. especially in these egyptian stuff. But sometimes its interesting to listen to their theories. you might get some new ideas or directions to look into.

    5. I don't hate Dick Gregory. I just believe he was working with the establishment. The high pitched voice comment doesn't bother me. The comment about "Only in American can a poor black man become a rich white woman" bothers me.

      I'm not looking for "new" directions. I'm looking for the truth and I'm not going to find it in Dick Gregory. :o)

    6. Ah Bonnie, you sometimes seem really hard in defending yourself. New Directions = Romans 12:2. Nothing more ;-) You can not find truth when you do not step forwards backwards and rethink. That's how people f.e. find Christ ;) like me and you and others here :) We need f.e. to read bullshit (TMZ; etc.)to find truths. If enemies know it or dont know it, they are always leading researchers to certain right directions.

      Dick is a comedian. I think Michael loved his humour. At least, he seemed to help MJ in coming to a non-controlled hospital that certain day in 2005. If he lied then i didnt read this before. All those blacks surrounding MJ, Jesse Jackson, Rev. Arse Sharpton are establishment guys. Its totally new age just like that Answering Machine thome thome woman adviser. I forgot her name. But doesnt matter. xD

    7. Back to the Dick Gregory hormones point. He seems a health freak. And for this fact, he is well informed about genetic control of food, medicine, etc. That's what I wanted to point out and that's why his comment about injections in early years of MJ could be legit (not because of high-pitched voice, but for another reason) and in reference to your DNA-corruption covering. Or at least we can keep this in mind that he is also someone covering this topic. With humour or without. With humour, you are like a fool running around to be allowed to spread little truths more than others. This is kinda rule in comedian entertainment. As a comedian you have more freedom than a person that speaks seriously... could be the reason he threw this bs comment about the white woman after it. In germany we call this fool's license. Only few people see and understand. Best comedian is (at least here in germany) when someone makes jokes about serious matters. You laugh so hard and have in mind it's not a topic to laugh about. After the show you think about, if it's better to only laugh or to do something. When you do something, the comedian fulfilled his purpose.

    8. Health freak . . . so is Cherilyn Lee. In addition to this Dick Gregory talked about making up a concoction and giving it to Michael. Haven't we had enough people sticking needles in him and shoving "concoctions" down his throat?

      I agree that Michael may have been hormone-enhanced as most major child stars were.

      Fools license - LOL, comedy is not the only occupation using that as a scape goat. Let's try another term . . . organized chaos. You're familiar with that one, right? We have people out there calling out the Rothschilds, calling out the American government, calling out the conspiracy and they're selling books and tapes and tickets to conferences and making money hand over fist.

      But lookey here . . . Senator Schaefer begins investigating America's CPS and legislative branches for child abduction and trafficking. She and her husband get gunned down in their home.

      Cynthia McKinney takes up the cross and grills Donald Rumsfeld over Dyncorp's involvement in child sex trafficking as well as Haliburton, Dick Cheney's company. She's arrested at an airport, held in confinement, she comes down with a disease that threatens her life. They finally let her out.

      John Todd - Killed
      Fritz Springmeier - died mysterious causes
      Bill Cooper - Gunned down in front of his home
      Phil Schneider - strangled with piano wire in his home
      Aaron Russo - Killed
      John Lennon - Killed

      five of the names of the deceased either testified to, or sued the government over mind control experiments and/or child sexual and/or ritual abuse.

      So explain to me why Dick Gregory is still alive? And Alex Jones and David Icke and Ben Fulford and Cassidy are allowed to not only live but make money attacking the cabal and the governments?

      This is why I do not trust Dick Gregory aside from the fact that even in his early days he kept company with the same marxists that put that cyborg in office we now have as president.

    9. In response to your comment above that, I love how people come here, flatter the crap out of me, then turn around and belittle my research while telling me I'm too defensive.

      Look Nachtmart - there is a little searchbox on the top right hand of this blog. It is powered by Google. Do a search for all the topics on MK Ultra and Monarch mind control. Every article I posted concerning the subject from last year will pop up. The references and citations are there in every blog.

      If you are not about the truth then we are not moving in the same direction. And I can assure you I did not get my information on MK Ultra and the Nazis from TMZ!

      Prove to me, from a family member of the Jacksons (this means someone other than Dick Gregory) that Dick Gregory took Michael to the hospital. Show me one video of Michael laughing at his jokes. YOU THINK Michael liked his jokes? Maybe he liked Nancy Grace's jokes too! She was pretty funny, don't you think? And Diane Dimond's jokes about everyone waiting for the "splat". Hilarious!

      You said: "If enemies know it or dont know it, they are always leading researchers to certain right directions."

      Yes, and enemies in sheep's clothing are always leading researchers in the wrong direction. And this is a pervasive problem we have here on this blog.

    10. Fritz Springmeyer is dead? He was very alive one year ago on the Alex Jones show. Could you link an article, pls? Enemies only shove researchers in wrong directions, if we talk about reserachers who have not the best research skills and not able to qualify the findings. I agree thats the problem for about 90% of the people in the 'truthers' world. At least for people who are in it for about 5 years and Non-Christian. That's my experience also.

    11. Sorry Nachtmart, but what qualifications in research do you have? I would have taken the extra time to look at your bio, but people that come here to undermine this blog rarely if ever use their real names so forgive me if I don't take your seriously.

      Springmeier article - tell you what. I'll go dig up what you want on Springmeier if you can provide the article I asked you for about Michael liking Dick Gregory's jokes, because "I think" is not good enough for me, even if you DID come out of hiding.

  7. Bonnie did you know that Michael wrote a song called Monkey Business (1989)?

    1. Hi Anonymous,

      Yes I did. I brought it up on a previous blog but it's only gotten one mention here. I even looked up the term "monkey business" in the urban slang dictionary which related to illicit or unconventional business practices related to mob activity.


    Bonnie, did you ever see this Pearl Jr video regarding Dick Gregory? I thought Dick was ok until I watched this vid. All this Dec 21st stuff AGAIN.

    I had also seen Dick as part of a very New Age gathering years back, seventies or eighties with certain New Age leaders so this added to my suspicions, I just can't find that old newspaper article at the moment, it was more of an advert actually.

    And of course Prince has praised him up too. (the singer)


    1. Pearl Jr. is behind the agenda and it looks like she is starting to deliver. And yes Dick Gregory is New Age although I've never seen him connected to any direct religion.

      Notice the absence of "God" and "Christ" and "Jesus" in all these "hints" about Michael coming back.

      We know what they are doing.

    2. some references i found about dick gregory & christianity/bible:

      quote: "Dick Gregory writes vivid images of biblical principles in modern times. He relates the Exodus story to the history of slavery and civil rights in more modern times. The Garden of Eden becomes a recipe for healthy eating. Regardless of the reader's religion, Dick Gregory's stories provide relevant and insightful thinking. "


      "A large percentage of the profits from the sales of products developed by the Dick Gregory Health Enterprise in Chicago was earmarked for the poor and for Black civil rights groups such as the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP), the Southern Christian Leadership Conference (SCLC), the United Negro College Fund, and the Rosa Parks Foundation. In addition, Gregory acquired a major interest in the Frankie Jennings Cosmetics Company to fulfill his dream of marketing products such as vitamins, shampoo, juices, and cookies. Howard and Xavier universities were researching and testing sites for his products. Another campaign was to inform the public about the ills of alcohol, caffeine, and drug consumption.

      Dick Gregory was a deeply spiritual man but was not limited to any traditional religion or formulized dogma. Instead, he advocated the attainment of oneness with a "Godself," which he believed was the most complete state of being. He advocated a holistic approach to life through diet, fitness, and spiritual awareness."


      DICK GREGORY: Well, I’m ashamed to live in a country that kill people, the state. I’m ashamed as a Christian—well, though a Christian thing is a different thing. My mama said, "Unless you accept Jesus Christ as your lord and savior, you’re going to get"—Jesus can’t get in here, a Jew, you know? But how can Christians cry over the crucifixion of Christ, and don’t get rid of capital punishment, when the state killed Jesus? The state. He wasn’t mugged to death or run down by some drunken chariot driver. The state killed him. It’s easy to sing some cheap song. "Were you there when they crucified the Lord?" Two thousand years—you wasn’t there then, and most of us wouldn’t be there now. But I’m just—see, I’m not against capital punishment. When I started off fighting against, I had a gun in my house. I’m not against capital punishment because poor folks get it or somebody might be accused wrong. I’m against killing. The state. The state.

    3. Anonymous - Some background I did on Dick Gregory earlier in the year:

      I didn’t see Dick Gregory at Michael’s funeral either.

      Dick Gregory was employed in the U.S. Army, the U.S. Postal service and even ran for president in 1968 with one of his running mates (depending on which state he made the ticket) Dr. Spock of the “Baby and Child Care” book, which helped usher in a generation of slack discipline and instant gratification. Dick Gregory is also a conspiracy theorist who’s been featured on the Alex Jones show several times. Alex Jones is someone who has been under fire as a misinformation artist – One of those allowed to continue his broadcasting even though he appears to be attacking the side he is working for (one world religion). – Source,

      He ran for president with Dr. Spock as his running mate. Hunter S. Thompson was one of his friends and supporters. So is Dr. Chopra another self-professed friend of Michael's.

      The NAACP was started by an agent of Rockerfeller and is a George Soros front.

      "Oneness" with a "Godself" is right out of the Kabbalah which ironically also follows a similiar 'DOGMA' as most of your Eastern Religions such as Buddhism, Taoism and other sun-worshipping "you are God" religions.

      It's funny when people post here to try to explain people who promote New Age Philosophy, they for some reason try to make people believe that the Christian denominations are the only ones who are "bound" by "dogma".

      Charles Manson talked about Christ too . . . doesn't make him a good guy. Dick Gregory is establishment talking against establishment. David Icke does the same thing. So does Prince. So does Ben Fulford. So do a lot of other "oneness" pontificating deceivers.

      I'm glad Dick Gregory is against state sponsored and controlled capital punishment. But as Jesus said, the state did not have any power over Christ that God did not give them.

    4. Hello, I did not imply that Dick is a Christian, I was only looking for reference to the Bible. Dick is obviously from the same party as the other black guys AND confirmed freemasons via Washington Post or something like that. Michael was surrounded by all of them. But this doesn't mean all wanted to do bad things to him. I think we all have non-Christian friends. I do not think, or implied, that he talked about Christ and is a Christian. Obvioulsy from the third text, you can see, he is not a convinced Christian. I only wanted to answer the question, what religion he might follow. Obviously only the "Divine God" stuff without the Jesus story. Quotations often speak for themselves. I was not up to explain my findings. I thought it is self-explanatory. Obviously it was not ;-) Charles Manson should be no discussion. He said some insight things. But a lot of freemasons do. ;-)

    5. Anonymous,

      I'm sorry about that. Posting without explanation leaves things open to interpretation so I wasn't sure if you posted to answer a question or state an opinion. You're right that does make it a bit hard. I wasn't sure which was your comments and what was quotes on the section that Dick didn't follow any "dogma". He has some dubious connections and it is rather hard for me to get past the joke that given what the press was doing to Michael, was really no different than what the press was doing to him, adding insult to injury. And given his connections, and his industry, I find it hard to believe that Dick didn't know what they were doing to Michael. So to say something like that, even Liz Taylor would have known better and she was NOT Michael's friend.

      Thank you for explaining your post and sorry about the misunderstanding ♥

  9. Hi Bonnie,

    It’s extremely hard to believe people can have such disregard for human life. All the more reason to strengthen our relationship with God and spread His love in this world! I know it must be tough and extremely draining to dwell on these terrible issues for the sake of informing people, so I just want to be a friendly reminder that it is God’s love that will win out and we can take comfort in that. I know you know this, but I figure it would be nice to read after all of the heart wrenching things you’ve had to read and type above. Here is a verse I read today that I wanted to share and found very inspiring. “Cast not away therefore your confidence, which hath great recompense of reward. For ye have need of patience, that after ye have done the will of God, ye might receive the promise” Hebrews 10:35-36. It’s disheartening to read all of these things, though it’s good to be aware, but above all we must keep the faith and remain patient and confident in God and His plan for us and this world. I hope I’m not coming across too preachy, it’s just what was laid on my heart. I have been anxiety ridden the last week and this verse found its way to me just in time! I hope it has as much meaning and brings as much comfort to everyone as it did to me. =)

    Now I hope this isn’t too off topic and I know you touched upon this in a past blog because I came across the entry while doing my own research, but it’s something I’ve been wondering about for a while now and am really curious! Seeing the “They Don’t Care About Us” music video and the mention of Bubbles, one big reason why Michael learned sign language, reminded me of this, and I want to ask before I forget. They actually cut the scene out in the video you posted above, but in the extended prison version I was wondering if you’ve found any more information or insight into what Michael signs towards the end of the video?


    1. Hi E,

      Thank you. There is the GOOD side of this, I just haven't gotten to it yet. God will Overcome. And yes, I believe we are supposed to know about the actual relation between the Book of the Law and the Book of Life and what God built us with - what we consist of. The conspiracy to destroy that "temple" that God made and the corruption of nature that has taken place is not meant to depress people but to uncover the conspiracy.

      Learning this does not depress me, it flabbergasts me. What happened to Michael is proof that this is what they are after.

      It is also how we will be healed/restored.

      Sign language. Ahhhhhhh! We were trying to figure this out last year and I did not pick up enough of my signing class to figure this out. And my buddy from church wouldn't even look at it when I asked her - probably because it was Michael Jackson. But I see God, I see a VERSION of either "Devil" or "Satan" or Lucifer. I see above or "from above" but he's moving so fast and it's not clear when I try to freeze the frames or pause it. He also looks like he's using the forming of the letter "I" instead of pointing to himself - maybe throwing people off or I'm just misreading it.

      I can't even tell if this is asl or not. There are videos on Youtube that have it in slow motion and I still cannot tell because the resolution is so bad I can't see the individual fingers.

    2. Thanks for your input! At least we know it has to do with God! I was going to suggest the slow motion youtube videos, but you're right, the resolution doesn't make it any easier to distinguish. I actually have a couple friends who are studying ASL right now as their major, so maybe I can get them to take a look at it and see what they think. Have a blessed day!


      P.S. Very interesting stuff you posted below!

  10. Here are 30 stunning facts "they" don't want you to know about HPV vaccines and Gardasil:

    Speaking of vaccines, if you haven't yet seen this movie trailer for "The Greater Good" (about vaccine dangers and more), check it out at:

  11. Hi, Bonnie
    I was searching for information regarding -A rh-negative blood- (which is my type) and I found this for pure chance.
    What do you think of it?

    1. Ana,

      It looks like someone behind those responsible for "The Davinci Code" was behind it. I stopped watching it when they said Jesus had children, which I guess is something else that Michael has in common with Jesus (Michael fathered no children either).

      My answer to that is this:

    2. Hey Ana, you know you have monkey blood then, don't you?


    3. Oops sorry Ana, you are a negative, not positive for Rhesus bloodtype, but my Doc told me years ago in a joking fashion that the Rhesus itself is called Monkey Blood. I too am the same bloodtype as you. Its interesting how it all works. My Dad has this rare bloodtype and in the late seventies became very ill, bleeding out on a trip in France. We all believe by God's grace he was right near the new medical facility at the time that had access to this particular rare bloodtype that my Dad needed in bucketloads.....these were the Basque people who border France. So Dad recovered, thank God. Funny thing, they weren't meant to be in that spot at all and had changed their itinerary on account of a bit of a holy pilgramage at the time....this is why we say, by God's grace, he happened to be right where he needed to be.


  12. Hi Bonnie,

    I took the flu shot a few years back and I got sick from it...very sick. I was supposed to go to walk with my daughter around the track at school in support of a "drug free life week" after that, but I never made it. I came out of there, dizzy and nauseous and was hardly able to make it home...6 1/2 miles I had to drive like that. I held my mouth all the way, and ran in the house to barely make it to the bathroom where I was sick for hours that evening.This went on for weeks afterward. I was SO sick. I ended up with an ulcer and had to take medication to heal that up. I don't know what was in it, but I have never been so sick in my life. I will never compromise my health like that ever again. They can't tell me there wasn't something in that vaccine that was harmful to my body.

    Yesterday, From the moment I got up to fix breakfast for my family before they started their day, Michael was on my mind and on my heart...gently... at first. I was not myself all day...just felt out of sorts, so I am thankful that I was alone. I laid down and closed my eyes,thinking that maybe I was catching some kind of "bug" going around and tried to rest, but that "feeling" just got stronger, and I began to cry, like I haven't cried in a long time.I felt weak, but yet I didn't feel sick...I "felt"... Michael.I finally got up and put on some of his music thinking maybe it would help because hearing him sing always makes me feel better. But when I heard his voice,this time, something went through me...something I couldn't explain...I couldn't get away from he was trying to let me know that he was near to me. It was so intense, and so uncomfortable...this aching in my heart, yet not a physical pain. I can't put it into words, but I can't help but wonder if there is something that is going to happen that he was trying to prepare me for. This "feeling" finally let up later that afternoon, and I never felt it again the rest of the day. When I got up this morning, I was half-way afraid that it would happen again today, but I feel good today and my heart is uplifted and encouraged. Was that the whole purpose? That God knew He could get my attention if He allowed Michael to touch my heart?
    Bonnie,God has given you a gift in your heart. I want to encourage you to keep sharing your heart because there is someone out there who needs to know that God loves them, and by reading your blog, they may realize that today:) God bless you...(hug)

    1. Hi Bonnie,

      I am so glad to know you understand what I feel concerning Michael. It just helps to know that someone can identify with what I am experiencing...and that I am NOT losing my mind:) And yes...there are those moments when I am working in my kitchen... and I may be alone, or my family may be around me...that I will suddenly "feel" him or get an image of him in my mind...or hear one of his songs in my head out of the blue, and wonder where that came from...and THAT makes me smile. Yes...there are precious moments as well as the uncomfortable, painful moments, and for that I am so glad. I believe there is a purpose for every time this happens...because the way it just can't be explained away.There are times when I hear about something good that has happened that involves a child, and I think to myself..."Michael would love this":)Yes...he is always on our minds, isn't he...and always in our hearts. I think he knows that we are tuned into HIS heart, and I like to think that he can FEEL our hearts, too:) It is my heart's desire to someday be able to thank him for the way he has reminded us of how important it is to bring God's love back into this world, and to thank him for all that he endured while trying to show us that. God knows the desires of our hearts...I believe someday that He will grant that one:)
      Have a really great day, and God bless you and guide you as He leads you to deeper revelation. Jeremiah 33:3... "Call to me and I will answer you and tell you great and unsearchable things you do not know."

    2. LOL, I hit the wrong "reply", sorry.

      The more I dig into the Bible the more I see so many parallels with Michael and what is going on from him on out into the world. I sometimes wonder if the spirits of God, the ones in Revelation in relation to the churches - the seven angels of the churches, can also work within and through human beings on this planet that God sends to do certain jobs.

      I did a blog a while back on the corelation between "arc" and God. Arc and electricity and the fact that electric energy has been shown to "repair" DNA. Electricity "arcs" from one conduit to another in it's search for a path.

      Ark is what they called the floating vehicle that saved what God wanted to re-start mankind with - Noah's family.

      Arc of the Covenant housed the Book of the law, the Ten Commandments in stone, and later the mercy seat in which Christ's blood dripped down onto.

      Archangel are the angels closest in the chain of command to God the father and the son. And according to what we have available of Enoch, there are seven of them, Michael being the most powerful one.

      So if Elias/Elijah can in spirit return as John the Baptist and Jesus was resurrected and be seen in both his spiritual body and the body of those the disciples did not recognize, what does that tell us about how the spirits of God work?

      I love Jeremiah 33:3. I think I will use that on the top of the next blog. ♥♥♥ God bless you and thank you.

  13. Hi Anonymous,

    My husband got sick but not quite as bad as you describe. And I think this was back in 2007 or so. Somewhere around there and I refused to get it. I thought, If I get the flu I get the flu. With so many strains out there it didn't even seem like it made sense to get the flu shot.

    I understand you on the feeling Michael. And it doesn't burden me all the time, 24/7 even though I think about him all the time and all this stuff, the feelings really hit me when I discover a connection to something like the last couple of days with the DNA and vaccines. When Dr. Carley was describing vaccines targeting different DNA, ethnic DNA, the cause of autoimmune diseases, cancers, AIDS, Lupus, Vitiligo, you can imagine the pain I had in my heart. I know someone that died from Lupus, another friend of my husband's has it. Then when Dr. Carley described the T-Cells as "the little pac-man cells of our immune systems that eat up" the foreign invaders, It reminded me of the story of Michael telling Arvizo to imagine the cells in his body like pac-man, eating up the cancer cells . . . and if Arvizo really DID have cancer, then we know that diseases can be reversed with whatever it was that Michael knew and that God gave us the ability to do.

    Thank you for your kind words of encouragement. That is my biggest hope, that someone finds "love was always here waiting for me-eeeeeee" (smile)

    You know, it's not always pain I feel when I feel Michael. There are many times when I also feel a peace and a complete envelope of gentle, tender love and it goes all through my being. Sometimes it's strong enough to stop me what I'm doing or thinking and I will just bask in it. It's like getting a spiritual hug on every cell in your body. And THAT is the condition in which God wants us to aspire to, so he can get in there an just take over, restore and heal everything. :o)

    (((Hugs))) back to you ♥ and may God bless you too :o)

  14. Hi Bonnie, I was finally able finish reading this post today, been very busy with work, studying and things.

    I can not grasp or even begin to understand how these people have become so evil. Human beings putting another human being through hell, that's what it is, truly wicked! When I think of Michael and all the years of pain he dealt with, he had so, so much strength he carried on him, the armor of God got him through it is all I can say. And he never gave up on getting the truth out to us, he put himself out there for US. The man deserves to be honored in every way.
    Yesterday I was thinking about where we are in the world today, the things in the news, the fighting in Syria and these countries, I hate it so much, the world should not be this way.
    I miss Michael Jackson tremendously, I wish I could cuddle close in his arms and feel safe. He's an angel, I hope if he sees this he knows what kind of love we have for him.

    Bonnie, I know the disgusted feeling you have about all this, I sometimes wish we were dreaming. I pray all the time that change is on its way, that love will heal the broken hearts and lost souls. Your blog is the biggest help, that's why God is making you do this, that's why we're here with you. I love you so much, sending a big hug and please smile at the beautiful things God has given us no matter how hard it may seem right now, God created beauty and love and that is what always wins.

    1. Hi Jill,

      I loved your post, and Jill I do thank God for the beautiful things. I know what's coming once all the evil comes out of hiding. Jill, just the discovery of what we are made of has given me reason to smile. God put his own language in us. He wrote us down before we were even put into flesh and blood. Every bit of me belongs to him and the fact that we are held together with the proof of his love. This was from the beginning of creation, he knew he was going to suffer for us.

      The implications of that which "holds us together" physically also holds true for all of creation. It holds us all together. I know what this means. Other than the sorrow of knowing anyone would want to destroy that beauty just because of jealousy and coveting and put ANY life at risk just because THEY WANT, I can see how we will be healed. I am still so amazed and in awe and my heart has felt like it has grown in my chest from the incredible feeling of it.

      Michael is something else. Michael is getting his hugs, albeit from a distance, every night from millions of people all over the world. It's like watching my dream from my teen years come true and God prepared me way back then! I didn't understand it then, but it was such a dream that I would not forget. I wasn't afraid then, I'm not afraid now. I just hurt for people, for children who don't understand, for animals who don't understand and it's hard to get through. In that way I hope God hurries.

      Jill, I feel you and I wish I could meet you. I guess that will have to wait too and I love you too!

      Next blog should make you a bit happier. There is good stuff coming. What has been broken can be restored. Everything is Possible with God. :o)

    2. Aww, thank you and I love yours too.

      Yes, just like you said "God put his own language in us. He wrote us down before we were even put into flesh and blood." God is like the greatest artist ever, look at the amazing beauty of life in all of us and all around us. We are all gorgeous, no matter what we've been through or where we come from, we're all created out of love.

      He absolutely is, and I think all of our love for him, I like to think that it all comes together like magic and surrounds him, he has to feel that.: )

      Aww, just the other day I was telling my mom that I wish we could meet you, she reads your blog sometimes also but just doesn't post. I hope we can meet one day, you'd be an amazing person to be around! I love you more!!

      That's right, God bless you & look forward to the new blog. xxxooo

  15. I can settle the dispute about whether or not Michael enjoyed Dick Gregory's humor without the need to ask him. All you have to do is watch and listen to him. That remark about Michael being a "poor little black boy from Indiana turning into a rich white woman" was right up there with the despicable and slanderous mockery by the media. Before we even get to the subject of skin color, why would Michael appreciate a twisted comment about changing his gender?! He was neither gay nor a cross dresser!

    Michael gave a speech to the black community at the National Action Headquarters in NY (the famous day he supposedly signed his will in L.A.) and expressed his outrage at the labels that were placed on him when his success became a threat to the system. Labels like freak, homosexual, child molester, and accusing him of bleaching his skin. Michael was angry.

    And let's not forget the 1993 Oprah interview when Michael first revealed he had vitiligo. Oprah badgered him to the point where he felt the need to defend his pride as a black American. He explained that his condition could not be helped and that it hurts when people accuse him of not wanting to embrace who he is. He was on the verge of tears for being so upset. When we think of the pain and suffering Michael was enduring at that time dealing with a condition that left him so drastically altered from his former self, I doubt that it was a humorous matter to him.

    Michael is a man who deeply respects his identity and heritage, as well as being far too advanced intellectually and spiritually to appreciate racial humor - especially when used in such a disparaging context. It would go against everything Michael stood for as a human being.

    I wonder where Dick Gregory thinks he places in the ranking of Jackson family friend. I'll bet he's pretty good buddies with another hypocrite - Quincy Jones. Funny how they both attacked Michael in a similar way, by accusing him of denying his race. Going back to his very early years Michael was the most beautiful black American I have ever seen, and he is still the most beautiful black American. Period.

    Wonderful blog, Bonnie! Sorry I didn't call you early enough tonight. Missed your message and played it when it was too late to call. Talk tomorrow.

    Hi, Michael - wherever you are, I love you to pieces - in all your glorious hues! God bless you...and God bless you, Bonnie!


    1. Yes! Yes and double yes! Your whole post! Thank you for that. I can't believe people trying to convince people that Michael liked jokes that belittled him. We're done with that conversation I think. The other thing that ticked me off was the marginalizing of child ritual and sexual abuse. I guess Germany was the only country that didn't ever have it? Maybe Nachtmart should read this one: but they won't because their not interested in the truth. She/he pals with Taaj Malik on Twitter so why should I have expected anything different?

      Shame on you for not calling me. It's okay. I took time to soak in the tub. I smell like Heaven and had a really good day with my husband once he got home from work. That man is so funny - anyway I forgive you :p

      I won't deny that Dick Gregory has said some nice things about Michael. But I don't see it sincerely. I see it as part of the resurrection. Everyone who made fun of him is now trying to resurrect his image and appeal. For without that what they have planned will not work.

  16. Hi Bonnie, great story, my goodness, I don't see how you come up with such knowledge. Must be the wisdom of God. I'm the Anonymous that asked you what MJ's lyrics (He got place baby, Kicked in the face baby, You hate your race baby, Soul survivor) from his 'Morphine' song ment. Your advice to me was to search 'MK Ultra Mind Control Programming'. I searched and searched, and this is the only article that states anything about MJ's lyrics: (He got place baby, Kicked in the face baby, You hate your race baby, Soul survivor)from his 'Morphine'song. But this article doesn't really explain the meaning of the lyrics.

    Can you tell me what MJ's lyric (He got place baby, Kicked in the face baby, You hate your race baby, Soul survivor)from his 'Morphine' song means? I want to know if MJ was talking about how he hates his race, or if he was talking about the Media and Press accusing him of hating his race. Thanks Bonnie.

  17. Hi Anonymous,

    I did an indepth on those lyrics, and I had help from contributors on the background sounds and dialog in the comments, so don't discount reading through those:

    That should help.

    I'm not sure Michael says "he got place baby" means. Some of it I had to look up in urban dictionary because I'm not familiar with some of the slang. But as I said in another comment reply to you, Michael is not singing this about the press. He is singing this about PEOPLE drugging him while physically and verbally abusing him. PEOPLE are saying this about Michael and TO Michael while they are drugging him. That link above should help you out. :o)

  18. Do you know what MJ ment when he sang these lyrics in his 'Morphine' song:

    I'm such a swine baby
    All down the line daddy
    I hate your kind baby
    So unreliable

    Thanks Bonnie.

    1. Hi Anonymous,

      Most of the lyrics Michael sings in this song are a recount of things people were saying to him as they were drugging him. And the lyrics above that you present, are what someone was taunting him with while they were forcefully drugging him. He kept breaking out of his mind control and part of bringing him back under control was drugging him while hurling insults at him, verbal and psychological abuse. He was also physically and probably sexually abused. Michael was also privy to others in show business, especially children, being subjected to this type of abuse.

      I cried a lot over this. What surrounded Michael was demonic.


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