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Michael Jackson Justice: Seeking the Face of God

God: Reconnect to Him

The Conspiracy against God is about "The Word", and the profaning of His Holy Name within us. Adam fell in the garden, breaking the direct connection to God. Jesus, the "last Adam" was a quickening Spirit, the Word made Flesh, and the only one with whom we can re-establish our relationship with God. Michael's story is still unfolding. He is the one who is, is not. But Jesus is the only name given under heaven by which we must be saved. Many are trying to rewrite HIStory. We were given a help to instruct us. Learn more "here".

Monday, November 19, 2012

Seeking the Face of God

The Face of God
From Chemical to Spiritual

"Truly the light is sweet, and a pleasant thing it is for the eyes to behold the sun:"

"The light of the body is the eye: if therefore thine eye be single, thy whole body shall be full of light."

 “Every night the kids would come in on stretchers, so sick they could barely hold their heads up. Michael would kneel down at the stretchers and put his face right down beside theirs so that he could have his picture taken with them, and than give them a copy to remember the moment. I’m a sixty-year-old man, and I couldn’t take it. I’d be in the bathroom crying. But Michael could take it, and right before going on stage no less. The kids would perk right up in his presence. If it gave them a couple days’ more energy, to Michael that was worth it. As far as I’m concerned, he’s a prince of the world.”

- Seth Riggs on Michael Jackson

A prince of the world?  Perhaps NOT of this world.  Perhaps just IN the world for a short time to get a message out, and a warning.  And while he was here, he would do some healing as well.

Why you wanna put it all on me . . .” – Michael Jackson, “Cry”

I cried today (the day of writing this section – Sunday, Nov. 18, 2012).  It wasn’t just once, it was a couple of times.  And both times it was of the information I posted on Friday (God’s Word and our DNA) and what I’m about to post here.

For some reason I was reminded of the verse that ended with “science falsely so called . . .” in 1 Timothy 6:20.  And a thought came to me that God was nothing more than an element inside us that we controlled – That we could turn on and off.

Then I thought to myself, “No.  There is more to it than that”.

The dreams I’ve had did not come from myself.  My brain can’t conjure what I haven’t seen or experienced.  It had to come from somewhere else.  The dreams about Heaven, seeing Christ, all the symbolism and the things that have come true.

I’ve never taken drugs (other than what was given me after surgeries/childbirth) and I’ve never “died” and come back to life.  So the information I am about to go into, although covered in part before, left me a little nervous.  I struggled over how I was going to cover it and I worried that it wasn’t going to come out right.

We will go over another person in the Bible who also had a struggle and prevailed.

I cried in the car with my husband as we drove to a store to get him a pair of shoes (enough to frustrate anyone, that man is a comedy show when trying to find shoes that fit him), and in the car, my husband did not see me, as I was very quiet about it.  But I was wiping tears, covertly and the one question I had for God as I cried was, “Why does this have to be so hard?  Why does everything have to be such a puzzle and a struggle?”

When I got home and after we ate, I got a message – “God is Bigger”.

This message appeared a total of eight times – six times clumped together, and the last two as a pair.

God is bigger. 

He is bigger than my husband’s difficulties at work.  He is bigger then those causing the difficulties.  He is bigger than what bothers us on a daily basis.  He is bigger than Obama, He is bigger than the Zionist movement and bigger than Rothschild.

And He is bigger than those who have treacherous plans for us and this planet.  God is bigger . . . and we can be a part of him, just as we were back before the fall.

"But as many as received him, to them gave he power to become the sons of God, even to them that believe on his name:"

So we will start here with a quick review:

Angel of God = The Lord (Gen. 31:10-12, Ex. 3:2)

Michelangelo = Michael – Angel

Michael Jackson = Michael, Son of Jack (Jacques, Jacob)

Michael = Who is most like God

Michelangelo Painting

Please Read God’s Word and our DNA.  I added some commentary  that will be relevant here.

Notice the extra strand
Intertwined with the double helix DNA Ladder?

I meant to point this out the other day, but there was so many Bible verses , I posted the article before considering commentaries on them, expecting everyone will know where I was going with it.  Well, even if YOU didn’t, someone did.  Minutes before posting it, the first set of planes flew over my house.   Not too low like they sometimes do.

The first set was three or four of the slower flying military cargo planes.  They were high enough that I couldn’t make out their make/model, but low enough for me to hear the droning from inside the house.  My husband and I watched them.

Then as my husband lay in the chair two sets of fighter jets flew over.  Those came in threes.  The first set, not too loud.  My husband was on the phone with his aunt and I said to him, “Do you hear them”?  His reply, “Yes.”

By the time I got the article posted, another rather loud “fwump-fwump-fwump” went diagonally over the house.  We ran to windows but couldn’t see anything.  We knew they were choppers and that they were pretty low judging by the volume of the “fwumps”.  They were also flying slowly.

We heard them move off in the distance, heard them circle round and come back!  I went to the front door, my husband went to the back sliding glass door.  He said to me “They’re out here”.

I walked over to the dining room where this door was and looked up.  There were two Apache helicopters, low enough to see their armaments.  They had circled around and came back directly over the house, from front to back this time.  My husband was telling my aunt about this over the phone.  I heard him say, “Don’t read Bonnie’s blog or they’ll be over your house next”, and we laughed.

Coincidence?  Maybe.  But We don’t get air traffic like that over the house usually.  When we do it is usually after posting a revealing blog.  We didn’t have Apache military choppers over our house the day before that, or the day before THAT, and we didn’t have them the day after or the day after that (today).

Later that same day, I got a message – “help from above”.  I wasn’t sure what that meant.  But I waited.  About five hours later, I got a message through the blog (which I did not post but copied on a word document in a file for such things) that said “face of God”.

The Face of God

"Then my anger shall be kindled against them in that day, and I will forsake them, and I will hide my face from them, and they shall be devoured, and many evils and troubles shall befall them; so that they will say in that day, Are not these evils come upon us, because our God is not among us?"

"And I will surely hide my face in that day for all the evils which they shall have wrought, in that they are turned unto other gods."

"And he said, I will hide my face from them, I will see what their end shall be: for they are a very froward generation, children in whom is no faith."

We’ve covered God’s Word and DNA, the “Book of the Law” and the “Lamb’s Book of Life”.

We’ve also covered “Laminin” protein molecules, and the Pineal gland.

We had left the subject of the pineal gland when it became apparent that the New Age/Eastern religions as well as Kabbalah had taken ownership of the mysteries of the Pineal gland.  In previous blogs we learned that the pineal gland is “activated” by certain drugs (LSD being the most documented in experimentation) and natural herbs.  We also learned that our government (and others) have aimed at calcifying this gland by bombarding us with fluoride in our drinking water, vaccines and other “health” benefits such as dental treatment.  We learned also that other metals in our vaccines also aim at this gland because this gland regulates other glands in the brain and body.

"The pineal gland (also called the pineal body, epiphysis cerebri, epiphysis, conarium or the "third eye") is a small endocrine gland in the vertebrate brain. It produces the serotonin derivative melatonin, a hormone that affects the modulation of wake/sleep patterns and seasonal functions.  Its shape resembles a tiny pine cone (hence its name), and it is located near the centre of the brain, between the two hemispheres, tucked in a groove where the two rounded thalamic bodies join." – Source, Wiki/Pineal_gland

The very next section in Wikipedia references two studies done on the aging of the pineal gland and it’s effects on a number of things such as the early development in puberty in Children. This really disturbed me especially since the industrialized world has been soaking us in the chemical “fluoride” which soul purpose it seems is to calcify this gland in CHILDREN.  They begin fluoride treatments for teeth that haven’t even broken the gums yet, and it is dumped on most drinking water supplies.

"The pineal gland is a midline structure shaped like a pine cone,[3] and is often seen in plain skull X-rays, as it is often calcified;[4] calcification has been shown in one study to correlate with the accumulation of fluoride." - Source, PDF Study,

In Jennifer Luke’s study, the calcification in the pineal gland by old age was higher than bone due to fluoride intake (fluoride to calcium ratio measurements).

""Fluoride does not accumulate in brain. Of all tissues, brain has the lowest fluoride concentration [Jenkins, 1991; Whitford, 1996; Ekstrand, 1996]. It is generally agreed that the blood-brain barrier restricts the passage of fluoride into the central nervous system. The human pineal gland is outside the blood-brain barrier [Arendt, 1995]. It is one of a few unique regions in the brain (all midline structures bordering the third and fourth ventricles) where the blood-brain barrier is weak. Cells in these regions require direct and unimpeded contact with blood [Rapoport, 1976]. Therefore, pinealocytes have free access to fluoride in the bloodstream. This fact, coupled with the presence of HA, suggest that the pineal gland may sequester fluoride from the bloodstream." - Source, International Center for Nutritional Research/articles/J. Luke 

Doesn’t it make you wonder what is so doggone important to government agencies that insisted this crap be put in our water, when anti-cancer vitamins like B-17 have been outlawed as a “poison”?

With these studies published (but not publicized, like the P.S. service announcements telling us this stuff is GOOD for us), I don’t think it leaves much doubt that they had specific goals in mind having to do with early closing down of this gland and the current sexualizing of children that goes on even in our very own schools.

"The human pineal gland grows in size until about 1–2 years of age, remaining stable thereafter,[18][19] although its weight increases gradually from puberty onwards.[20][21] The abundant melatonin levels in children are believed to inhibit sexual development, and pineal tumors have been linked with precocious puberty. When puberty arrives, melatonin production is reduced." - Wikipedia/Pineal_gland/function, Lack of pineal growth during childhood. Schmidt F, Penka B, Trauner M, Reinsperger L, Ranner G, Ebner F, Waldhauser F. J Clin Endocrinol Metab. 1995 Apr;80(4):1221–5.

"Calcification of the pineal gland is typical in adults, and has been observed in children as young as 2. Calcification rates vary widely by country and tend to increase by age, with calcification occurring in an estimated 40% of Americans by their 17th year." - Source,  PDF Study,

Now let’s throw some familiar quotes in here in regard to children –

"When I see children, I see the face of God. That's why I love them so much. That's what I see." - Michael Jackson, Ed Bradley 20 Minutes interview, 2003

"I'm trying to imitate Jesus in the fact that he said to be like children, to love children, to be as pure as children and to make yourself as innocent and to see the world through eyes of wonderment and the whole magical quality of it all." - Michael Jackson

"Children show me in their playful smiles the divine in everyone. This simple goodness shines straight from their hearts and only asks to be lived." - Michael Jackson

"Like the Bible says.  A child should be leader of them all, and to be led by that kind of innocence.  Didn't Jesus say 'bring on the children?'  Be like the children.  Not childish, but child-like.  That kind of innocence." - Michael Jackson, 2003 "Living with Michael Jackson" interview.

"I will never stop helping and loving people the way Jesus said to. He said "Continue to love. Always love. Remember children. Imitate the children." Not childish, but childlike." - Michael Jackson, 2003 60 Minutes TV interview with Ed Bradley

"Caring. And reading the Bible, learning about God, Jesus, love. He said, 'Bring on the children', 'Imitate the children', 'Be like the children' and 'Take care of others.' Take care of old people. And we were raised with those values. Those are very important values and my family and I we were raised with those values and they continue strong in us today." - Michael Jackson, 2005 At Large with Geraldo Rivera TV Interview

Something else Michael said that is relevant here –

No matter what – the most powerful thing in the world
Is the human mind – and prayer

Michael was child like.  Michael read the Bible.  Michael’s goal was to try to emulate Jesus, to be like him.

Michael was also tormented, surrounded, isolated, drugged and persecuted.  If Michael accessed “God”, did he do it chemically or did he accomplish this DESPITE what they did to him?

The pineal gland doesn’t just produce melatonin and regulate sexual maturity.  It regulates and produces a number of things that control or monitor/regulate other glands in the body, including the pituitary gland.  One of the hormones besides melatonin that the pineal gland produces is pinoline.  Here are several others and what they do:

Melatonin - "Many biological effects of melatonin are produced through activation of melatonin receptors, while others are due to its role as a pervasive and powerful antioxidant, with a particular role in the protection of nuclear and mitochondrial DNA. . .. Melatonin is an antioxidant that can easily cross cell membranes[37] and the blood–brain barrier.” – Source, Wiki

Wow. We just covered mitochondrial DNA, didn’t we?  Here we have a direct connection to the MOTIVES behind the poisoning of this gland through fluoride intoxication and calcification of this gland.  It has also been shown to protect DNA from certain carcinogens responsible for various cancers and inhibits the mechanism for the growth of those cancers –

Melatonin has also been linked to vivid dreams, maintaining healthier sleep patterns in Autistic children, slowing of the aging process and counteracting autoimmune deficiencies amongst other things.  We also studied in a previous blog on this topic “They Called Him Jacko” the effects of melatonin deficiency and it’s effects on regulating the melanin produced by the pituitary gland as a possible cause for Michael’s Vitiligo.

Check out the list of ailments associated with melatonin deficiencies which range from development of cancers, obesity, headaches and mood disorders!  - Source, Medical disorders

Melatonin is an antioxidant, powerful, that can cross cell membranes and as mentioned above is a protector of both mitochondrial and nuclear DNA.  To express how important this is in allowing healing of our bodies and protection against most diseases and viruses attacking our cells and damaging DNA, I found a description of an antioxidant:

"An antioxidant is a molecule that inhibits the oxidation of other molecules.  Oxidation reactions can produce free radicals. In turn, these radicals can start chain reactions. When the chain reaction occurs in a cell, it can cause damage or death to the cell. Antioxidants terminate these chain reactions by removing free radical intermediates, and inhibit other oxidation reactions." - Source, Wiki/antioxidants  

Back in June of this year, we covered Dr. Tenpenny’s research into the corrupt religion of vaccinations and the corruption of the ‘purity’ of our children on the Blog, “Michael Jackson’s Clock Countdown”.  She said in part –

"Info on Demyeliniation and Autism – “The corruption of the immune system happens when viruses are directly injected into the body, bypassing secretory IgA ( an antibody in the upper gastro-intestinal and respiratory tracts.) This antibody is critical for the processing of the germ by the immune system and for natural immunity to occur.

The devastating disease called Autism is actually a non-fatal case of subacute sclerosing panencephalitis caused by demyelination following vaccine induced encephalitis. The term subacute sclerosing panencephalitis was changed to the more commonly known one of autism to hide this fact. Thus directing attention away from the true cause of the autistic syndrome, i.e. vaccinations. .” - Source,

Ingredients in most post primary school aged children’s vaccines

There is no doubt Michael’s concern for children did not stop at his knowledge of a pedophilia endemic in Hollywood.  The corruption of DNA is specifically aimed at Children.  Let’s look at some other elements produced by the pineal gland.

Pinoline - "Pinoline is a methoxylated tryptoline that occurs in the pineal gland during the metabolism of melatonin and is a natural component of human blood and cerebral spinal fluid.  The biological activity of this molecule is of interest as a potential free radical scavenger (antioxidant), similar to that function of melatonin. It is also connected with higher states of consciousness, e.g. during meditation. - Source, A. Newberg, A. Alavi et al., "The measurement of regional cerebral blood flow during the complex cognitive task of meditation: a preliminary SPECT study", in Psychiatry Res. 10 april 2001, 106(2): 113-122

So as another antioxidant dependent upon the metabolism of melatonin acting as a “free radical scavenger” it is evident that inhibitors to melatonin production would also affect the production of Pinoline. 

"Melatonin is related to the mechanism by which some amphibians and reptiles change the color of their skin and, indeed, it was in this connection the substance first was discovered.  As early as 1917, Carey Pratt McCord and Floyd P. Allen discovered that feeding extract of the pineal glands of cows lightened tadpole skin by contracting the dark epidermal melanophores.  In 1958 dermatology professor Aaron B. Lerner and colleagues at Yale University, in the hope that a substance from the pineal might be useful in treating skin diseases, isolated the hormone from rat urine and named it melatonin.  In the mid-70s Lynch et al. demonstrated that the production of melatonin exhibits a circadian rhythm in human pineal glands." - Source, Wiki/Melatonin_history

(A circadian rhythm ( /sɜrˈkeɪdiən/) is any biological process that displays an endogenous, entrainable oscillation of about 24 hours. - Source, Wiki/Circadian_rhythm)

I couldn't help but notice that the year Aaron Lerner, upon previous studies on the changing of the skin of tadpoles, isolated the hormone and named it "melatonin" to research "treatment of skin diseases" the same year that Michael was born .  . . probably just a coincidence.

Melatonin and the Pineal gland’s production of it controls and regulates a lot of functions in our bodies, doesn’t it?  Let’s look at another hormone produced in this gland.

DMT – The sources I have kind of run you around in circles.  Wiki lists very little on the natural occurances of DMT (Dimethyltryptamine) produced in most plant and mammals and instead seems to focus more on the experimentation with synthetic DMT on the brain.

"N,N-Dimethyltryptamine (DMT or N,N-DMT) is a psychedelic compound of the tryptamine family. Its presence is widespread throughout the plant kingdom.[3][4] DMT occurs in trace amounts in mammals, including humans, where it putatively functions as a trace amine neurotransmitter.

It is originally derived from the essential amino acid tryptophan and ultimately produced by the enzyme INMT during normal metabolism.[6] The significance of its widespread natural presence remains undetermined. Structurally, DMT is analogous to the neurotransmitter serotonin (5-HT), the hormone melatonin, and other psychedelic tryptamines, such as 5-MeO-DMT, bufotenin, and psilocin (the active metabolite of psilocybin)." - Source, Wiki/Dimethyltryptamine

What this means is that the hormone DMT occurs naturally in living things and in humans is produced in the brain, by the pineal gland.  It is similar in structure to serotonin (a neurotransmitter) and melatonin (a hormone).  It functions as a neurotransmitter (chemicals originating in us that transmit signals from neurons to the target cell through a synapses (electrical).

DMT (a tryptamine), is an alkaloid produced by living organisms and interestingly enough, most alkaloids are toxic to other organisms and are extracted for use in pharmaceuticals, psychedelic drugs and enteogenic rituals (what is that you say?)

"An entheogen ("generating the divine within")[4] is a psychoactive substance used in a religious, shamanic, or spiritual context.[5] Entheogens can supplement many diverse practices for healing, transcendence, and revelation, including: meditation, psychonautics, art projects, and psychedelic therapy." - Source, Wiki breadcrumbs

Don’t feel bad if you are shaking your head.  Chemical science was of no interest to me in school.  I did like knowing how our bodies worked but the chemicals were never explained to us like this.  If they were, most of us probably would not eat or drink 90% of what is offered in grocery stores.

While the New Agers and the Luciferians will try to convince people (through various fronts and pseudo-religions) that you have been duped, that the religions of the world have “lied” to you, that RELIGION is the cause of all the evils of the world and that those who wrote the Bible are IN on this “CONSPIRACY”, let’s remember that these healing properties were at one time PRODUCED NATURALLY WITHIN US.

This means we didn’t need to seek poppies or cook cocaine or smoke pot for medicinal purposes.  DMT , melatonin, serotonin, pinoline is produced NATURALLY within us.  That is unless you’ve been fed, and your children have been fed fluoride as a “tooth decay prevention” deception. 

That is unless your bodies have been pummeled with hard metals and brain poisoning aluminum, immune system inhibiting viruses, or you’ve been breathing chemicals dumped out of airplanes as they fly across the sky painting crosses and checker boards in the firmament.

So they conspire to choke up your pineal gland, develop the 24-hour society to mess with our “circadium rhythm” to decrease the production of melatonin, pinoline and calcify your pineal gland to prevent the production of DMT.

Calcification – "Calcification is the process in which calcium salts build up in soft tissue, causing it to harden. Calcifications may be classified on whether there is mineral balance or not, and the location of the calcification." - Source, Wikipedia/calcification_of_soft_tissue

Does a calcified pineal produce DMT?  Not according to the site below.  There are a list of pineal gland toxins and how to get them out of the body on this site below:

"The Pineal gland will naturally make its own DMT when fully operational and we will be able to remain in a visionary state most of the time. " - Source,

Michael often described himself as a "visionary".  He quoted OTHER visionaries.  He also told us to "reach for the truth", because obviously it is not going to be handed to us on a silver platter.

I had taken on this subject a while back, earlier in the year and it generated a lot of interest.  And I wondered if the pineal gland is Biblical.  I did not want to be responsible for sending people off on a poppy-hunting expedition or appear to condone narcotics ore psychedelic drugs because I do not.  But because of that search term “Face of God”, I am back on the subject and it IS Biblical.

I will show you how connection to God absolutely hinges on your dependence on Him.

To be Continued . . . .


  1. BONNIE, sorry if I did not comment on your last Blog as to me it said it all thus my futile comments combined with poor knoweledge could not bring anything :o) I read & try & assimilate only at times.

    You & Hubby under siege ?:o) If the Establishment were after you because of your Michael's Blog & exposure of the world conspiracy (many others do it anyway) I guess they would use other methods than wasting so much oil in military jets above your house only to hunt you down. BUT the noise & insecurity it creates must be very painful. Don't military forces violate citizens' rights by letting fly their jets that low above private residences ? What do your neighbours think about it ?

    Michael, "Prince of the World" : I love that short paragraph you made on Michael.

    During the last 2 years I stopped buying mineral water bottles, 1. heavy to carry even with a caddy bag 2. money waste as such waters are not all totally pure. But I think of you & my pineal gland I damage by drinking my daily glasses of tap water. Your source "Humansarefreecom" states that salted water replaces advantageously mouthwash products full of fluoride : I like it for except my 3 x daily toothbrush I already make an extra baking soda toothbrush, though twice a week only for it is abrasive. On one hand one attempts to eat & live as healthy as possible but there is always a chemical or air element from outside that will anyhow damage a part of one's body with or without one's knowledge.

    Also from your "" source : I loved para 7 on one element favorable to our pineal gland : "Raw chocolate. Raw cacao is a pineal gland stimulant / detoxifier in high doses because of the high antioxidant content." : At last how to cure with pleasure ! :o)

    It is very useful to all of us again that you refresh our memories of the dangers of many products for our body & life sometimes & how we may at least attempt to reverse the negative process. When the human gender wants with scientific manipulation go over God's knowledge & perfect creation, we now see the results :o( Thank you Bonnie again for this excellent Blog ♥♥♥

    1. Hi Line,

      That's okay. I was reading through that other blog on Sunday and I noticed that I didn't have very many paragraphs that had accompanying commentaries through those Bible verses. I thought to myself, "now how are people going to understand where I'm going through this?" So I added those, then did THIS one. I don't know about the choppers and planes flying over this house or if it is specifically me they are trying to intimidate, but it seems that low "fly-bys" are either not reported by any of my neighbors, or if they are, the military establishment an hour away from us does not care. My neighbors across the road have horses. I can't imagine what that does to them because sometimes those planes have come so low to the tree tips that I could literally hear stuff (sounds like sand granules) hitting the roof of my house! There was an explosion in Indiana that took out two houses and damaged nine or so of the surrounding houses. Papers tried to say it was a gas leak but it wasn't (no crater, concrete foundation intact), the detonation was above ground. It was like the military was aiming specifically at that house. So would they spend the money to rid themselves of a nobody? Yep! But I don't think they will through what they are doing over my area. But they may aim their training or travel routes this way to intimidate. The Neighbors say it sometimes happens but they don't like the low fly's either.

      I buy distilled water now, not the mineral water. When I lived in Pennsylvania, there was a spring on top of a mountain we used to drive to (30 minutes from our house) where the water coming up out of the ground was so sweet and so cold, even in the summer - bone-freezing cold! There were no farms or anyone living near this well and it was in the woods (saw a bear there once), but we used to get our water there. Pure as pure could be! I miss that place.

      I know we can't protect ourselves from everything. As God told Moses, the land has been defiled by what has been done. The land, hence the plants and animals, and of course, us, who let the corruption in in the first place. I'm going to get to that too.

      Ha! Raw Cocoa! Fudge, here I come, LOL! Not everything good is sinful! The reason I am "refreshing" is because It is relevant to what is next. And that is a good saying you said about scientific manipulation - Science manipulates - Jesus Restores. :o) God bless you and thank you for the encouragement ♥♥♥

    2. No, with your knowledge, experience & strong personality you don't need my small encouragements as you are quite an entity by yourself :o) Your job here is incredible. Pls always continue to write according to your own heart & feelings & if God is very involved in Justice for Michael or other world issues you expose, I'm with you !...even if the Old Testament is at times a bit difficult for me to read but I know too the truth is there. It was a blessing for me to get to know God, you & Michael much better through this Blog. God Bless you always.♥



  2. Hello!

    i'm from Brazil... and from 2 years lately I'm doing big researches about MJ's faith, since I'm a Jehovah Witness too.

    I'm goonna send you my videos!

    Hope it helps you in your Ideas... [ The channel ] - Video Documentary 1 - Video documentary 3 - Video documentary 5 - Another video


    and maybe you can make such great posts with it...

    1. Brazil Boy,

      I watched every one of your videos and other than the one with Theresa Gonzales (not Michael's girlfriend) and Randy Taraborrelli (not Michael's friend) being in the second video I thought they were beautiful. Especially the first one. I love the message you are putting together.

      Bonnie P.S. I love Brazil too!

  3. Whoever wrote this:

    "quotes about being ignored" . . . I don't know whether to laugh or be frustrated. If only you knew how many hours in the day you have. If you feel "ignored" I am sorry. But I love you. I will get to your email. Emotional overload takes some time out of your day so please forgive me.♥

  4. Hello,

    I am trying to get this part two up and I failed. I will get this up tomorrow.

    Someone please tell me to think about something delusional, like "think happy thoughts" while all this is going on in the world . . .

  5. Translated -

    Every second -

    Decision, go or stay?

    I don't want to fail.

  6. Hi Bonnie,

    Seth Riggs:"...The kids would perk right up in his presence. If it gave them a couple days’ more energy, to Michael that was worth it. As far as I’m concerned, he’s a prince of the world.”
    And You said: " A prince of the world? Perhaps NOT of this world. Perhaps just IN the world for a short time to get a message out, and a warning. And while he was here, he would do some healing as well." I believe with my whole heart that Michael's love does heal. Whenever I am not feeling well, or I need inspiration, I will turn on my mp3 player and listen to Michael. When I hear his voice, I feel a "joy" welling up inside of me, encouraging me, and strengthening me...a love...that washes over me...healing me..."perking up in his presence". The picture of him kissing the sweet little child...It touched my heart... because this IS Michael's heart...precious and pure...It is who he IS... a messenger of God's truth, healing power, and AMAZING love.
    Just wanted to share my testimony of God's healing power through Michael's precious heart. God can use whoever and whatever He chooses, to tell us..."I love you".

    God bless you real good today Bonnie:)

    In His love and Mine,


    1. Hi MLY,

      Did you ever read the story of my migraines and Michael's "advice for dreamers"? I had put the speaker up to my temple, then the middle of my forehead, then over my eye. After the third time playing it and placing that speaker when Michael was talking my headache was gone.

      I sometimes wonder if he would giggle, watching me. :o)

      In Christ,


    2. Hi Bonnie,

      Then you have experienced his love that heals, as well:) You have encouraged me:)Thank you for sharing your testimony. When our lives are touched and changed by the kind of love that Michael has, there is no other explanation but that the healing power of God rests upon him. Yes, I have read Michael's advice for dreamers.When he speaks, he doesn't speak like any other human I have ever heard. He speaks from a "heavenly point of view", so far above the way WE think.It reminds me of this verse in Isaiah 55:8&9,"For my thoughts are not your thoughts,neither are your ways my ways declares the Lord. As the heavens are higher than the earth, so are my ways higher than your ways, and my thoughts than your thoughts." This precious man was touched by God's Hand,and continues to be a messenger of God's love and hope to the world...His legacy that will always remain with us. It wasn't by coincidence that God blessed Michael with such an awesome gift,that the world couldn't help but listen.

      Bonnie, there are days when I "feel" Michael so close, so strong, so near me, and there is this aching in my heart... intense sense of urgency that won't let God is trying to get my attention, and because of my love and respect for Michael, He knows I will listen. I begin to pray and ask God that for whoever it is that is needing Him right at that moment,to hold them in His arms and keep them close. Am I feeling Michael's heart at that point? Is that why it hurts so much? Is that what it feels like?... God breaking my heart for what breaks His? I knew if anyone would understand this, it would be you. Please...any words of wisdom I would be grateful for.

      I Thank my God upon every remembrance of you:)

      In His love,


    3. MLY,

      Oh yes I have experienced that healing. You would have loved the look on my face when I realized that headache was gone! I've done that twice now, but the third time did not work. Michael's hands must have been tired, hahaha!

      Yes, he DOES speak from a "heavenly" point of view. I have said before on this blog that I would just one time love to hear or be in the same room while he is praying. Just once I would like to hear him do that - teach me!

      MLY - you ask me about words of wisdom concerning "feeling" Michael so close and so strong. It is in those moments that for no reason I can think of, I cry and thoughts of someone out there in the world feeling unloved or unworthy of love hits my heart like a hot knife in ice. Those feelings are powerful and it is at quiet moments that I get them. It did happen to me once in a car while I was driving and I had to TRY to explain to my husband that I was not crazy.

      At that moment, I think "He is breaking my heart for what breaks his . . ." and that is what I wanted. It is a blessing because immediately, love comes out from your heart and that energy gets directed where God knows it needs to go. And maybe somewhere in the world, for no other explainable reason, some lonely and pained soul feels an incredible sense of love and security, and at that moment, they believe there is a God and that He loves them.

    4. Yes! do understand, and your explanation helps me to understand that "pain" in my heart when it occurs, and the urgency that accompanies it. Everything you said was a confirmation of how God has been moving in my life. I can't tell just anybody about this...they would think I was insane, so it is such a relief to know that I can share these deep things in my heart with you. You have greatly encouraged me. You mentioned those feelings happening to you in the car? That happened to me just yesterday as I was on my way to town to do some shopping. I was singing with Michael..."Man in the Mirror", and all of the sudden, tears welled up, and I felt this warmth "surrounding" intense. My mind told me to just dismiss this but my heart knew that God was sending me His love through the message of Michael's song. He always knows how to reach my heart. It didn't stop there. It "followed me" the whole time I was shopping. Out of all the songs that could have been piped in while shopping in that store, here came the Jackson 5,featuring Michael, and I couldn't help but smile because I knew that I was not alone...he was there with me. Lately, These "Michael Moments" have been happening more frequently. I consider them a gift... that I treasure:)

      You said: At that moment, I think "He is breaking my heart for what breaks his . . ." and that is what I wanted. It is a blessing because immediately, love comes out from your heart and that energy gets directed where God knows it needs to go. And maybe somewhere in the world, for no other explainable reason, some lonely and pained soul feels an incredible sense of love and security, and at that moment, they believe there is a God and that He loves them. YES...exactly! This is what I feel! I really believe that God lays a burden on the hearts of His people so that we will "feel" the need that is so urgent and at just the moment when they need us the most, He loves them through us.
      "Lord lay some soul upon my heart, and love that soul through me. And may I humbly do my part to win that soul for thee."

      God bless you so richly this day, and may you sense His presence "surrounding" you.

      In His Love,


  7. Bonnie,wondering if you saw this Invincible album drawing interpretation, where Sony removes religious elements.

    1. Hello Anonymous,

      Yes, I covered that over a year ago. Uri Geller is a CIA operative (or he was) in MK Ultra Mind control. He is also a Kabbalah Mysticism follower. He was instrumental in some of the torture performed on Michael (and most of your artists today, along with other MK Ultra mind control victims).

      November 19, 2011 I did this article -

      There we discuss Uri's claims. Uri Geller will most probably be the button pusher for the fake Michael when he is "revealed".


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