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Michael Jackson Justice: Duality of Michael Jackson - Solving a Puzzle

God: Reconnect to Him

The Conspiracy against God is about "The Word", and the profaning of His Holy Name within us. Adam fell in the garden, breaking the direct connection to God. Jesus, the "last Adam" was a quickening Spirit, the Word made Flesh, and the only one with whom we can re-establish our relationship with God. Michael's story is still unfolding. He is the one who is, is not. But Jesus is the only name given under heaven by which we must be saved. Many are trying to rewrite HIStory. We were given a help to instruct us. Learn more "here".

Saturday, January 26, 2013

Duality of Michael Jackson - Solving a Puzzle

Angels of the Fall II
The Mirror’s Play

"But when ye shall see the abomination of desolation, spoken of by Daniel the prophet, standing where it ought not, (let him that readeth understand,) then let them that be in Judaea flee to the mountains:"

"Did you know the people that are the strongest are usually the most sensitive? Did you know the people who exhibit the most kindness are the first to get mistreated? Did you know the ones who take care of others all the time are usually the ones who need it the most? Did you know the 3 hardest things to say are I love you, I'm sorry, and help me? Sometimes just because a person looks happy, you have to look past their smile and see how much pain they may be in." - Source, Facebook friend

We have some weather coming in tomorrow and I do not know if we will lose power (ice where we live), so I do want to get this out tonight and If I have to pull an allnighter, I will, just to get this done.

I want to thank everyone for their contributions to the comments on the blog – both the supporters and the haters: The supporters, because of your love and having patience with me - The haters, just for coming out of the woodwork on this particular blog update and answering a few questions for me on your motives.  Don’t know what I’d do without you.

At the very least, the haters might be right about one point a couple of them made; and that is I may have missed something.  We have to look at all options previously investigated, so now I guess would be a good time to do that.

The issue about the 1,000 years and the pit in the Bible certainly has been misrepresented perhaps the 4 years was misrepresented as well?  Before we break into that possibility though, I wanted to bring up some points I learned watching a video on the book of Enoch the other night. 

I had taken some notes on this and even though I don’t agree with the whole “Logos” theory with Christ, this guy does cover some of the issues with the way we are put together that I thought was rather fascinating. 

It is all information we covered before, maybe not as colorfully . . . but it’s always nice to have a few more pieces filled in for us.  You know I always look back in scripture for verification, so here we go:

Fallen Angels and the Vanity of Man

Keep in mind this guy is trying to sell a book, so we’re not getting all the information here in this video.  It is a long one, but the last almost half hour of it is dead air and a logo.  You can skip ahead to the parts I have highlighted.  The guy is entertaining.

Devils, Fallen Angels and Man

He breaks in right away with an intro to the book of Enoch.  And the reading from the opening of the book of Enoch:

1.1 These are the words of the blessing of Enoch; according to which he blessed the chosen and righteous who must be present on the day of distress, which is appointed, for the removal of all the wicked and impious.

1.2 And Enoch began his story and said: There was a righteous man whose eyes were opened by the Lord, and he saw a Holy vision in the Heavens, which the Angels showed to me.  And I heard everything from them, and I understood what I saw: but not for this generation, but for a distant generation that will come.

We have covered before, the book of Enoch and the fact that the book itself or the prophecies of Enoch are mentioned in the book of Jude, 2 Peter 1&2 recites that part of Jude 1:14 telling the apostles and faithful they must remember and reminding them that evil men have infiltrated the church.  In Hebrews 11:5 we see repeated from Genesis 5:24 that Enoch did not see death and was translated into Heaven for “God took him”.

Enoch opens his book with a reminder that the book is not for the present generation but for a remote one.  And indeed the book is hidden away for quite some time, even though the prophets and the apostles knew of it.  Jude quotes a verse in it word for word of Enoch 1:9.

We’ve discussed Enoch here, in conjunction with its mention of the crimes of the children of the fallen angels, including the sodomy of children.  Also take note in the second verse of 1Enoch 1, where it says a RIGHTEOUS man who’s EYES WERE OPENED by THE LORD.  Not by man, not by LSD, not by mushrooms, not by sniffing glue . . . by the LORD because of RIGHTEOUSNESS.

What is righteousness?  How do you obtain it?

"For therein is the righteousness of God revealed from faith to faith: as it is written, The just shall live by faith."

"Even the righteousness of God which is by faith of Jesus Christ unto all and upon all them that believe: for there is no difference:"

"Cometh this blessedness then upon the circumcision only, or upon the uncircumcision also? for we say that faith was reckoned to Abraham for righteousness."

Faith in Christ builds righteousness.  Faith doesn’t just mean knowing he exists.  It is a love for him and a desire to be like him and propel the work and teachings he shared before he was crucified.  Abraham’s faith in God was tested when he was asked to prepare his own son for a sacrifice.  Abraham did so, putting God before himself and his son, also believing God would provide, and he did.  It also foreshadowed what God would ultimately do for us.  Back to Enoch . . .

Three minutes into this he calls the obvious – There are historically significant events that match up with later texts of the Bible, scientific facts that should not have been known back then and of course the mention of the savior, who becomes a staff for the righteous, who’s name was called out before the heavens and earth was even made.  John 1, in the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word WAS God . . . Then it gets interesting:

At 3:40 he has Dave walk him through the “insurrection of the angels” and how they came pouring into our reality and began inbreeding with human beings.  Here Enoch recites a fragment from the book of Noah (or the book of Noah recites Enoch).  The book of Enoch gives us details of the events in Genesis 6.  Enoch numbers the angels that descend and agree with their leader, to inbreed with human women as about 240.  This is where I believe Cain “found” his wife, as this interbreeding was taking place after the fall of man.

As they read through Enoch drawing up a petition, we learn why the angels are not forgiven by God.  Because they had left their habitation to disobey God and corrupt the seed of man.  This means they were already in Heaven and they chose flesh.  This is different than man already being flesh, never having experienced Heaven, being forgiven by Christ.  Because if you remember, the unforgivable sin is to blaspheme the Holy Spirit (Matthew 12:31  "Wherefore I say unto you, All manner of sin and blasphemy shall be forgiven unto men: but the blasphemy against the Holy Ghost shall not be forgiven unto men."

As we covered before, blasphemy is “1. a : the act of insulting or showing contempt or lack of reverence for God  b : the act of claiming the attributes of deity” – Source, Meriam-Webster

The angels did both.  They showed contempt for the reverence of God, and they sought to create their own life – have children, in the physical realm, to be like men, but use men to create their own race and thereby putting themselves in the place of God – “claiming attributes of a deity”.  Lucifer did not want to serve “man” – God’s children (Remember Adam is the son of God, as per Luke 3:38, which is the start of the genealogy of Christ.)  This he explains at 6:25 on the video.

7:04, he references Jesus’s words, whatever ye bind on earth shall be bound in Heaven:

"Verily I say unto you, Whatsoever ye shall bind on earth shall be bound in heaven: and whatsoever ye shall loose on earth shall be loosed in heaven." – and look at verse 19.  The saying “all cry at the same time” comes to mind.

He then says we “made some kind of choice” in the garden of Eden, and that choice to give something entrance and “dominion”.  Because who did God give dominion over the earth to, originally?  It wasn’t Satan, it was man.

"And God said, Let us make man in our image, after our likeness: and let them have dominion over the fish of the sea, and over the fowl of the air, and over the cattle, and over all the earth, and over every creeping thing that creepeth upon the earth."

This is why Satan was able to use “dominion” over the kingdoms of the earth to try and tempt Christ (Madonna – “I want to rule the world…”) and the very same temptations handed out to the rich and famous, the musicians, the movie stars.  I wonder what they promised Michael?  In Billie Jean, he told us he did not commit adultery against God, but that the “schemes and plans” kept him from “standing”.  What happened between 1982 and 2009?

When mankind was first deceived, how was he deceived?  Those rebellious angels, their leader, told woman that she could be “as gods” knowing good and evil if they disobeyed God and had their “eyes opened” on their own in Genesis 3:4-6.  From that point, man allowed corruption into paradise.  The son of God, Adam, sinned and via woman he was deceived.  So it was then necessary that via woman, the new Adam, incorruptible, would be born.  By Adam man knew death.  By Jesus, man would have access again to life.

He also makes a rather interesting analogy, “not only do these things HATE you, they want to BE you!”  This is the basis of all hate crimes committed on earth, from rape to ethnically motivated crimes and bullying.  An envy that develops into hate.  The “ghost of jealousy” if you will.  Once these angels corrupted themselves with flesh, they could no longer get back and forth into parts of Heaven (Just as Adam and Eve could no longer be in the garden of Eden) and they enlisted Enoch’s help.

9:40 – He describes Noah (perfect in his generations).  (Samarians claim the Anunaki – their gods – went up then came back down after the flood).  The fallen angels petition is denied by God.  In Enoch, he tells them that God told them that they were supposed to intercede for man, and here man is interceding for them.  They left their high and heavenly, perfect habitation and in their lust, brought destruction upon the earth.  They are still doing it today.  Remember only 240 angels originally went down to the earth pre-flood.  But a third of the angels were in rebellion against God, not wanting to be servants to men, so those were still flitting back and forth, causing deceptions.

Isn’t it funny how the other religions all seem to verify the Bible, while trying to “blasphemy” it at the same time, and call it “a book of lies”.  This is what got Tyndale in trouble (Michael Called Him Jehovah God).

13:07 – He covers other world religions which all conveniently have “serpent gods”, all similar in stories and prophecies.  These also talk about the flood.  Serpent gods, snake gods, Kundalini, eastern religions, Mayans, Azteks, etc . . . all fallen angel religions.  The sun gods are the very same, in disguise – all come from “the dragon”.

He even covers the tales of the Hopi Indians in America, who teach that their ancestors were born of sky gods who came to earth to breed with their women and refer to them as their snake brothers.  And the word “Sioux” means snakes.  “Iroquois” means serpents.   Japan – dragon gods that come from the sky, Australian Aborigines – teach about a reptilian race that lives underneath the earth and governs man.  China – teaches about a serpent queen and these serpent people “seeded” their royal families, etc… Do you see the REAL conspiracy for what it is?  All of it reflecting Genesis 6 in the Bible, the story of Goliath, the story of King Og, the story of the sons of Anak.

23:35 – Our tiny, physical reality is couched in this much bigger spiritual existence we don’t see (reminiscent of our discussions of the “bottle” of time in the Philadelphia experiments).  We are flesh, our eyes are covered.  He says this is why it is called “history . . . HIS – STORY” (Michael’s HIStory? No wonder they brought in Uri Geller to try to brainwash him), it is GOD’S STORY.  We covered this in “Michael Found the Seat of God”.  Jesus is born in a time where writing materials were usually for the wealthier set, and Jesus, who is lowly born, is covered by four different authors in the Gospels.

34:03 – Flood theories Dr. Walter Brown who once worked for Dept. of Defense research Laboratories is closest to scientifically explaining the hydro plate theory”.  This is remarkable as he describes how water came up out of the earth to flood the planet, as well as rain from above, in one day the fountains of deep broke open (Genesis 7:10-12) and in direct mirror of the copying of this time, a “flood” will be caused in the end times, this time by the dragon, who sends a flood “out of his mouth” after the woman who gave birth to the man child.  And in direct opposite of the Genesis flood story, the earth OPENS HER MOUTH to swallow the water and helps the woman.  (More on this in the next blog).

Scientists in Russia dug the world’s “deepest hole”.  They expected at those depths of seven miles, to find volcanic basalt.  What they found instead was hot, salty water flowing through cracks in granite.  This also supports the hydro plate theory.

What it might have looked like

Scientific Diagram of this

36:58 – The real reason why Noah was so different and why he and his sons were saved from the flood.  Lamech has a son named Noah, who is white as snow, has white wool on his head for hair, and his eyes were beautiful and “lit up the whole house like the son.  Noah was from the last remaining pure bloodline, as Enoch was pure bloodline, so was Methuselah and Lamech.  Noah was “like the children of the angels of Heaven”, not like a man as described in Enoch 106.

39:37 – Likens the universe to an enormous Swiss watch of precise mechanism, and example of someone winning the lottery every single day, not missing once, for a thousand years, not scratching the statistical surface of one living cell in this existence.  This is also in my minds eye, have seen how things work in the heavens, not really knowing where this idea came from.  This is not something mentioned in the Bible and I didn’t have exposure to the book of Enoch when I was a child.

40:25 – every part of us little bitty machines all doing it’s own thing, working in harmony for our existence.  Book of the law, DNA, written in God’s code and the attempt to destroy and plagiarize the book of life by the devil.  Corruption of the DNA of living things on earth disrupts the harmony – corrupts it.  This is the sickness that Christ will heal.

41:37 – diving down deep enough everything becomes little pixels – example of what we studied with Duncan and Preston, the Philadelphia project and electromagnetic energy manipulation – does it pixilate us as in the “beam me up” in Star Trek?  Is this how men on the Eldridge reappeared integrated into the substance of the ship?

41:43 – each element of our makeup being infinity itself.  We discussed this, how our cells resemble the structure of a city, which resembles the structure of the universe, how the layout of the electrical activity of our brains resembles the layout of a solar system or a quasar.  And everything here is interdependent yet  interconnected to everything else.

42:06 – What is consciousness?  More than electrical charges in the brain and biochemistry.  A place where what is from God translates to us and coincidentally the target of those wanting to shut off our connection to God. They target the brain with metals in our vaccines, our water, fluoride to calcify and dull us.   We are “conductors” of God.  Without him we are matter.  Dead inside.

You plug the past into the present and the sides light up.  The time continuum but more than that.  We are part of everything God created, but as flesh, corrupted by fleshly things, cut off from God by our self desires (the seduction of self-god-dom as old as the serpent and his first lie).

I thought this background would be not only interesting but necessary to understand and better explain why I believe Michael lied and why he is the “false prophet”.

Did Michael Lie?

Michael was standing on the TII stage, pointing to a clock.  Let’s take another look at this:

The “12-21” Clock

The “second” Clock
Allegedly adding up to 2012

Then the “Four Years to Get it Right” statement which is what it is.

The clocks footage was actually released days after Michael’s passing by AEG, before Sony bought and edited any footage.  The “four years to get it right” speech was released online first, AFTER Sony bought and edited the film.  Does this matter?


First the clocks.  Blowing this up, this is no doubt that the little hand is on the 12 in the first clock picture.  The second hand in the first picture looks as if it is actually between the three and the four.  This actually looks closer to a 17 or an 18 date then the 21.  But 12/17 or 18.  Now let’s look at them a bit closer.

Clocks close up
TII clocks top

TII clocks both

The bottom clock’s long hand looks as if it is in the same position as the long hand in the top clock – just past the 3 or 16 or 17 minute range.  The hour hand though, looks as if it is on the ten.  If we employ the same “adding” strategy this looks as though it adds up to 10+3 = 2013 or if it’s closer to the 4 then 10+4=2014.

This does not match up to the “4 years to get it right” if we are counting from the day that this was filmed, which was reported to be January 21, 2009.  THOSE “4 years” take us to the day of Obama’s second inauguration to the day.  BUT, if we count this from date of this being released in the news, that would be June 30th of 2013.  (Check exact release date of this clip on the news).

Now let’s look at this – IF we count this from approximately the date that the FILM “TII” was released, which was October 27, 2009, guess what?  It takes us to October of 2013.  Guess what is supposed to happen between October and December of 2013?  That’s right.  The ISON comet!

There are other celestial events that are supposed to take place prior to that, including a blood moon and two solar eclipses (one of them the “ring of fire”).

Michael called the tour “This is It”.  During his March 5, 2009 speech he said, “This is It, this is really It, this is the final curtain call”.  However, this was not the real Michael.  I think it’s safe to say that nobody believes this now.

There was another theory I played with while trying to figure this thing out.

Who says the timeline STARTS in 2009?

I found a neat little tool online, even though it follows the Gregorian Calendar and not the Hebrew Calendar (give or take a few days for shorter years 360 days or so).  Everyone including me that is on this particular theory, is counting the time from when Michael “disappeared” or “passed away”.  But let’s take into consideration some other factors:

1 – Latoya said “it’s all an illusion”.  She told us to watch “The Illusionist”.

2 – I watched it.  He said “everything is an illusion”.

3 – Kenny said during Murray trial testimony, “when he came back after that break he was vibrant, he was engaged, he was a ‘different Michael’.

4 – Michael was MIA between the end of his 2005 trial and the end of 2006.  Not one picture of him or appearance until later in 2006.

5 – Sony had editing control on “This is It” when they bought the rights.  They exercised those rights.  Up to and including reshooting scenes.  Karen Faye even admitted to touching up film footage – she’s a make up artist not a film editor.

So now with that information I thought to myself, we really don’t have a cohesive timeline for Michael after the trial.  We even have video of appearances of him AND the kids in two different countries on the same day.

I very much am sorry about the clocks, to Michael and to you all reading.  But the 4 year timeline is unquestionable.  He said for years.  The date he said this was January 21, 2009 and he said it as REHEARSAL footage.  This was not supposed to be part of a concert.  So that is the date I went by.

And what I did in chronological order was this:

“TII speech” Jan. 21, 2009 + 4 yrs to get it right = January 21, 2013 (Obama)

June 25, 2009 aprox. 6 mos later he “dies”

June 25, 2009 to January 21, 2013 is 3.5 years plus one month = 1st half of tribulation, from “taking away” of daily sacrifice/Michael standing up/he who “letteth” being taken out of the way and evil is revealed.

Perhaps the beast has already been revealed?  Perhaps that is what “TII” was supposed to be?

What if the 1st half of the tribulation didn’t start on June 25, 2009?  What if THAT date is the Illusion (fake death)?  I tried something.  Instead of counting 1,290 days FROM June 25, 2009, FORWARD, I counted FROM January 21, 2009 BACK 1,290 days.  Why did I do this?

Michael mentioned the first concrete time period when he said “we have four years”.  So using the timeline 4 years to get it right - counting backwards:

January 21, 2013 – Obama Coronation date

- Jan. 21, 2013 minus 4 years to get it right = Jan. 21, 2009

If The Michael on stage with Kenny was the fake, and he's the "abomination", then we can look at this date as a mirror of sorts. 

If we count back from this time, and assume that this "abomination of desolation" that is set up then January 21, 2009 date is the "middle of the seven".

From the time that the daily sacrifice is taken away to the setting up of the abomination is 1,290 days.

So if we calculate back from Jan 21, 2009, what do we get?

Jan. 21, 2009 - 1,290 days = July 11, 2005

That's about a week and a half from the time that Michael left the U.S. after the trial and went to Bahrain.  According to THIS article:

"After he was acquitted of child molestation charges in 2005, Michael Jackson pulled a disappearing act. At the end of June 2005 he went to Bahrain, the tiny 33-island archipelago in the Persian Gulf known less for its isolation than for playing host to the U.S. Navy's Fifth Fleet: If Jackson wanted to get away from all things American, he chose poorly." - Source,

Another article on Softpedia reports on June 30, 2009:

"Pop-star Michael Jackson is reported to be in Persian Gulf kingdom of Bahrain on vacation, his first trip overseas after being acquitted of child molestation charges.

Michael and his two sons arrived there with a private jet and now are staying at Sheik Abdulla bin Hamad Al Khalifa, the king's son, in one of the royal palaces." - Source, Softpedia/6-30-2005

Then we have this quote from “Defending a King” which was allegedly taken from interviews with the bodyguards Bill and Craig:

"The Michael Jackson who returned from abroad at the end of 2006 was a different man from the Michael Jackson who had departed the United States in 2005 after his acquittal.", K. Moriarty, "Defending a King", pg 72

Circled in Red, My notes in the margins, written last year.

Then there is the issue of the “Michael JOE Jackson” which is LEGALLY Michael’s  name according to 2005 trial records and Jermaine’s book and Michael’s birth certificate, and “Michael JOSEPH Jackson”, the one who’s name is on the death certificate and autopsies.

If Michael was “a different man” in 2006 then he was at the end of June 2005, could Michael JOSEPH have taken over for Michael JOE?

They faked Michael’s death.  If they are copying Biblical prophecy and had to do this in a certain timeline, it would explain why Michael JOSEPH was the one listed in the death certificate.  Especially if they didn’t know where Michael JOE the REAL Michael was.  This would also answer why so many of the Sony/estate gang (Taaj Malik and others) were so rabid about wanting to know if I knew where Michael was. 

If they DID kill Michael, did they actually accomplish this in 2005?  I don’t believe so.  If they did, they would have been more confident that he was gone.

Did something happen between June 30th or so and July 11, 2005?  The next public glimpse we see of Michael after the June 2005 trial is this:

"Tuesday, 27th May 2006
Michael Jackson has made his first official public appearance since last year's trial by attending the MTV Japan Music Video Awards in Tokyo today.
He accepted a 'Legend Award' for his magnificent contribution to the art of music video." - Source,

Same Source with picture:

"Tuesday, 27th May 2006
Michael Jackson is in the U.K. on business and an interview with him has appeared in today's Daily Mirror newspaper." -

With this picture:

Pics from May of 2006

World Music Awards Nov. 15, 2006

World Music Awards without glasses
(This is the one where people complained
he DIDN'T sing his own song) Take note
of teeth

Another source, same day

Allegedly with Raymone Bain in Bahrain 2006
Jawline wrong, heavier, nose looks rubber

December 2006 James Brown Funeral

None of these pictures are the real Michael.

None of them.  That is a pretty good span of the 2006 year.  Let's look at a couple from 2007.

March 2007 Hethrow Airport
Chin and teeth -  wrong


March 2007 Fan Appreciation Day, Japan
Note closeups of mouth/shine on upper lip

Source, X-17 Online

Sept, 2007 Uomo-Vogue photo shoot


November 2007 - shoot allegedly took place in July

Source, concrete loop

Happy Birthday Jesse Jackson w/ Larry King

Not Michael . . . How about 2008?

May 2008, Christian Audiger's Birthday
Definitely not Michael

2008 Recording Palm Studios


August 2008, Planet Hollywood

Post trial 2005 - Not Michael
Maybe Robert Downey Jr. in Mike Makeup

November 2008, London


There is no guarantee that we have even SEEN the REAL Michael since 2005.  I even question SOME of the days he appeared at court, because he looks very different some days (bigger chin some days, smaller hands other days, taller or shorter, etc…) Could they have been inserting a fake Michael as a test during some days of the trial?

If the REAL Michael never came back from Bahrain, and did all this “set up” work BEFORE he disappeared (he did sing about this in Speechless, and in other songs about disappearing), could Michael have been “taken out of the way” as far back as 2005?  What does that do to our timeline then?  That moves things up quite a bit doesn’t it?

Could EVERYTHING from the trial on be an Illusion?

Could the beast have already been revealed with the “fake” Michael in “This is It”?

The declaration of claiming “God” doesn’t necessarily have to be a televised public announcement on CNN.  In the Bible it simply says:

And the king shall do according to his will; and he shall exalt himself, and magnify himself above every god, and shall speak marvellous things against the God of gods, and shall prosper till the indignation be accomplished: for that that is determined shall be done.”

"Neither shall he regard the God of his fathers, nor the desire of women, nor regard any god: for he shall magnify himself above all."

"Who opposeth and exalteth himself above all that is called God, or that is worshipped; so that he as God sitteth in the temple of God, shewing himself that he is God."

Not one of these say anything about this being a public announcement.  It says he will magnify himself, he will opposeth and exalteth himself, and that he will sit in the “temple of God” shewing himself that he is God.

What is the temple of God?  YE ARE – Our bodies.

So the BEAST and/or the false prophet won’t be the same SOUL that inhabits the body it uses.  However, it is VERY possible that Michael’s body could BE that “temple”.

It also could be VERY possible that the “fake” Michael is a vessel they prepared for the SOUL of Michael (if he’s the real beast), hence the changing of the DNA to make him a more “desirable” color/race to them.

As I said, perhaps the “beast” has already been revealed.  We just haven’t gotten to the “overspreading” of abominations yet.

Regardless of which scenario is in play here, We really have no proof that we’ve seen the real Michael since 2005.  And if that is the start of this, then we’re further along than we thought.

We have one consolation – The Bible says that the “man child” is caught up to heaven and to God’s throne in Revelation 12.  So SOMETHING is not going to go as planned with these people.

Jesus told us who appears first and that is the man of sin.  More later . . . 


  1. Oh my! You are going to have to slap me to keep me quiet Bonnie! LOL!

    This is deep.

    I'm taking it all in and reminding myself to be quick to hear and slow to speak. Keep going. Stay focused.

    God Bless

    1. Faith,

      I really hope I don't have to slap you. I'm having some back pain today and I don't think I can handle it, LOL!

      God works in mysterious ways. I just wish it was a little less painful.

    2. "God works in mysterious ways. I just wish it was a little less painful."

      I hear you on that one. I hope you are feeling better with the back pain and taking plenty of breaks, getting up and walking around. Sitting long hours at the computer can be really rough on the back.

      Thank you for your patience and understanding with me as I work to get up to speed with all this. I thought you might have been angry with me over some of the comments I made on the last post. I've found it all completely overwhelming but I had a good prayer time today and emotions are in check. So don't slap me yet! ;-)

      "Michael called the tour “This is It”. During his March 5, 2009 speech he said, “This is It, this is really It, this is the final curtain call”. However, this was not the real Michael."

      I have a LOT of reading ahead of me. That's all I can say.

      Feel better soon Bonnie,

  2. Dear Bonnie...
    I will always praise God for all the talents He has given to you to do all of these. It's really mind-opening but I couldn't help feeling more and more horrified with what's going on in the world now.

    My prayers and support are for you and your families always.

    Ps: Did you know the recent floods in Jakarta, Indonesia? It's really a national tragedy here in the country and the city is totally paralyzed for the first time in history. It might not mean anything, though :)

    1. Hi Angel,

      Floods in Jakarta? NO, I didn't hear about that! I just said a prayer for them and I will go read about that right now.

      It's going to get worse. The Bible has been my guide all along even if I do have to back track to pick up crumbs I missed. Sometimes I wonder if God chose the right, impatient, tempermental person :o) Then I look at how those 'faults' work in moving me to keep digging and I say to myself, "He knew EXACTLY what he was doing".

      God bless you Angel and thank you for informing us about Jakarta.

  3. Michael -

    Don't worry . . . I gotcher back.

  4. Hi Bonnie,

    I'm thinking it might of started even before 2005. Maybe when Michael made the "Blood on the Dance Floor" album? What do you think?

    1. Started? Exactly what started? The whole thing BEFORE Blood on the dance floor. He knew when he sang Billie Jean, what his fate was.

    2. Maybe it started in 1979 when MJ made the "Off the Wall" album. They knew then that MJ could be a major selling solo artist and didn't need the rest of his family for success.

  5. bonnieL, sin ánimo de ofender,éste es ahora un blog beLIEver ? espero me contestes. Cuídate..bendiciones.

    1. Believer? I am a believer in Christ. About Michael being alive? Yes.

  6. Bonnie, through what I searched on Karen Moriarty's book on Internet in the past, she wrote a book on MJ based only on her own Internet searches & a few interviews with the Las Vegas guards & Tom Mesereau but she never met Michael. When she writes Michael was a "different" man, I understand simply that obviously his vision on people & the world drastically changed, making him much more guarded than before 2005. La Toya & her "illusion" : I don't buy it from someone who on Twitter only shows pics of her lavish dishes at restaurant in this crisis period, nor these TII clocks (eventually a trick of Sony, AEG or crazy hoaxers). The "4 years" speech with the TII crew on 01.21.2009 : Michael might have meant only 4 years coinciding with the official inauguration day of President Obama in January 2009, thus a new hope then with a new President ? Michael post trial picture "2008" ? I just searched now & could not find yet but I guess it was an error on the year 2008 as the pic must be one taken at Neverland during the 2004-2005 trial. Michael was always different on pics since 1980 but I do believe all pics above are his. Raymone Bain, Grace Rwaramba, acquaintances lawyers & financial advisors who visisted Michael in the Middle-East, guards, Will I Am, Prince Al Khalifa & others who met him should be able to say it was Michael or not.

    Anyone is free to play with Michael's image for long, mould or distort it at leisure, but Michael's image of a Beast or a liar he is now suddenly given, I do not take. Then on the way, why wouln't we also suddenly suggest : Heeey, Michael after all was also a real child molester who lied to the justice, the press, his parents, his fans, the world & worse God ? Michael was no Archangel but to me he was NEITHER a child molester or a Beast. He was though a sensitive & complex man, a tortured, misunderstood & lonely soul with contradictions & mystery, part of his artistry, his heavy fame & his own nature.

    Bonnie, your constant search for the truth is admirable but sorry, even if you might in future come with a final conclusion that Michael deceived us, personally I would not agree. Wrong I might always be but the Beast image that would also possibly be played with Michael in the future, would not come from him at all but from other sources with an evil agenda.

    1. Line,

      I don't know how much "in-your-face" it can be. Let's start with Moriarty's book. While she says she never met him, she states throughout her book (and I DID read it cover to cover), that she got her information (most of it) from Tom Mesereau.

      Tom Mesereau not only endorsed the book, he advertised it JUST as he advertised Sullivan's book, even posting a statement on Youtube.

      Is Mesereau a liar?

      The Day Michael endorses Obama is the day you can SHOOT ME . . . unless of course he IS the beast. Michael never put his two cents in about ANY political figure. Why would he change in 2009?

      Michael's post trial pictures . . . they're NOT HIM. I'd stake my life on it.

      If these people are part of the deception, line, WOULD THEY admit that the wrong Michael was not Michael? Ramone Bain can't even prove she had an OFFICE!. We went through that whole phone coversation last year. She's a fraud. Middle East? Did you ASK THEM? Guards - who do they work for? Will I Am . . . what industry is he in? Prince Al . . . Did you ASK him?

      So you're telling me that Michael and family went through all this torture . . . for what? Publicity? There are LOTS OF COMPLEX MEN out there Line . . . I don't see them all getting hauled into court, surrounded by stalkers and splashed all over the tabloids, do you?

      My constant search for the truth has not been in vain. Sometimes you have to have it slapped upside of your head for you to see it, but it's always been there. An evil agenda for sure.

    2. Karen Moriarty : the only valuable info she got from Mesereau could only be related to the 2004-2005 trial period. Tom Mesereau is no liar : why would he invent stories ? He just did excellent cross-examinations at the 2005 trial thus any nobody-writer now sollicitates his endorsement for publicity. Why does he endorse ? maybe for the portion of the 2005 trial true story & he too now maybe enjoys being a celebrity lawyer although he despised that race in the past : that's all we could reproach him ...if it's the case. But did he read Sullivan's book's several discrepancies ?

      Bonnie I could never shoot you :o) ..except if your verdict is : Michael is the "Beast" ;o) The "4 years" : it was just a thought of mine for the parallel between Michael's speech date & your President's same day inauguration in 2009 but do not forget, from 06.25.2009 till June 2013, it's also 4 years.

      Why would you stake your life just on Michel's pictures ? Do you mean the Japanese public saw an imposter at Yuma in 2007, & same year an imposter also replaced the real Michael at Jesse Jackson's party ? And Audigier paid Michael a $ 200'000 fee just to show a Michael imposter to his friends for his B'Day party & dined with him shortly after in L.A. ? it all still seems far-fetched to me. Also naming Bain or Rwaramba at random doesn't mean I have any consideration for any of them. The Mid-East ? Unfortunately I never met any Prince :o) Seriously you may be right or wrong but neither you or I or anyone can prove anything. The Las Vegas 3 guards did not seem part of any evil agenda (others later in L.A. yes possibly) so I still think good of them. The Moriarty book you read mainly described Michael's life post-trial 2005 till his death (as I read somewhere once) thus should give at least a short but correct chnonology of Michael's timeline during these 4 years, or.. ?

      "Lots of complex men out there " : you are right, Bonnie, & those are still walking free. Michael by nature was complex too in a complex system but I still do not think he carried fundamentally anything evil in him to deceive the masses even if he too lied on several occasions during interviews.

      Your constant search for the truth is NEVER in vain, Bonnie, but remember, in your last entry you said yourself that God judges us on our trials, not on our successes which is true. Thus you do what you have to do now as you feel & it's fine. Whatever the result in the end, for your conscience & own peace of mind, it will be more serene afterwards (as I hope). The rest is in God's hands.

      PS : But with your new theory "Michael The Beast" you however put yourself in additional stress - not good :o[

    3. Karen Moriarty,

      For lack of timeliness in answer this (back pain, catching up), I can say that endorsements as they go are on thing - actively promoting a book with your name behind it is another. Jones, Moriarty and Sullivan. I posted his youtube for Sullivan here before. More to it then that and I think we both know it.

      Load your gun. He still could have been talking about President Obama . . . if he's the beast. And regardless of whether he wanted to be or not, I think the establishment which controlled in industry had already made up their minds on that. They practically plastered it all over his outfits, dance moves, hand positions and ARM BANDS. I don't think there is any question now.

      Yes, the Japanese saw an imposter. saw an imposter, The "staged" gathering at the 02 press conference in March of 09 saw an imposter (a rather bad one at that). The MJ3 were with an imposter probably most of their lives.

      I agree with you. I don't think Michael carried anything evil in him either. It was PUT there and I'm no longer in stress about it. But as I said, it's not the end of the story.

      Me too . . .. :o[

  7. Good Morning Bonnie....

    Getting ready to go to Worship but just wanted to stop by and give you a hug. (((((hug))))).

    You haven't given fact, I believe you are more determined than ever to find the truth.Keep the faith, girl and we will keep looking to Jesus for direction, and confirmation from His heart to ours.

    Michael's eyes... The eyes are the doorway to the heart...the place where love resides."They will know we are Christians by our love..."

    Hold on...God KNOWS what HE is doing. Your most effective ministry will come out of your deepest hurts.

    Love you and God bless...He loves us all so very, very much:)


    1. MLY,

      ((((((((( hug!!!)))))))))). If you could, I need prayers for my pinched nerve in my neck. I can't get any relief and I'm losing strength in my left arm. Thank you in advance.

      Michael's eyes - we haven't seen them since 2009 and even then we haven't seen MUCH of them if they are even the real Michael. I know God knows what he is doing. Even if I do try to add to his list occasionally.

      God bless,

    2. Hi Bonnie,

      You have my prayers, my friend. I deal with back issues so I understand the pain. It can really get on your nerves after a while, and makes it so difficult to take care of an active family. I use ice packs first to numb the pain, and then moist heat, for just a little while. That seems to help more than anything. Warm showers... and Ben Gay, really help to relax the area, too. Have you considered seeing a Chiropractor? Mine has helped to bring relief many times.

      Take care, and God bless. I will check in with you in a couple days and see how you are feeling.

      Trusting God for your need....

      Love you,



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