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Michael Jackson Justice: One Peoples Trust and Michael Jackson's Message

God: Reconnect to Him

The Conspiracy against God is about "The Word", and the profaning of His Holy Name within us. Adam fell in the garden, breaking the direct connection to God. Jesus, the "last Adam" was a quickening Spirit, the Word made Flesh, and the only one with whom we can re-establish our relationship with God. Michael's story is still unfolding. He is the one who is, is not. But Jesus is the only name given under heaven by which we must be saved. Many are trying to rewrite HIStory. We were given a help to instruct us. Learn more "here".

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

One Peoples Trust and Michael Jackson's Message

Oppting In To Babylon

"And I heard another voice from heaven, saying, Come out of her, my people, that ye be not partakers of her sins, and that ye receive not of her plagues."

Today is Sunday, but this probably won’t be put up until Monday night.  My husband wanted me to watch the History Channel’s part 1 of the part 5 series titled “The Bible”.  I half expected it to be somewhat truthful because this IS after all, the History Channel, and I wasn’t disappointed (that it was HALF right).

This is the trailer for the series

They completely ignored the beginning, Adam and Eve and the Serpent, the exile from the Garden, the fallen angels and daughters of men.  The film starts with Noah paraphrasing Genesis 1:1-12 from the storm tossed arc, with flashbacks being shown.  Part 1 started from Noah’s ark to the beginning of Jericho with Joshua getting ready to receive instructions from God.

They left out the reason why the word got so bad up to the flood.  They neglected to mention why Cain killed Able, the sons of God and the daughters of men and  why the men in Sodom were chasing the Angels that came to find “10 good men” in that city.  They also omitted the whole 40 years of wandering in the desert, why they were there forty years, and their false god worshipping.

From what I have seen, the “sin” they are portraying so far in this series consists of being drunk, not following the “law” on the tablets, and picking on or enslaving the Israelites when they left God.

During commercials, they ran a couple of promos for the coming parts of this mini-series.  One of the promos gave us a fast-forward itinerary on each part, including the prophecies of Christ which was narrated as “ . . . as he prepared them for the new world”.

So I thought, okay, they just changed “I will create a new heaven and a new earth” to “He will prepare them for a new world”.  I let that slide, but then I saw this in another commercial break:

Must Click, Embedding Disabled
Welcome to the New Age

So History Channel is playing THIS song on their promos (linked above).  The song is actually titled “Thinking Dragons”.  Some of the lyrics go - “This is the apocalypse . . . I’m waking up, I feel it in my bones, enough to make my system blow . . . welcome to the new age, welcome to the new age, welcome to the new age . . . All systems go, the sun hasn’t died, deep in my bones, strait from inside – welcome to the new age.

The song doesn’t talk at all about dragons.  But it is titled as such.  Kind of strange, this seems to be the theme of 2013.  Ringling Bros. and Barnum and Bailey Circus theme for their tour 2012 – 2013 is . . . The Dragon!  Coming to You! March 7, 8,9 and 10th in Columbia, SC (they’ve been touring this since the end of 2012).

The Spirit of the Dragon in YOU???
0:38 – Can you fly like the dragon?
0:46 – Does the Spirit of the dragon live in YOU?

Uh, no he doesn’t . . . thank you for asking!

Our Christian radio station locally was PROMOTING this in our area!

Someone sent me a link to this video, so I uploaded it.  This will make you angry if nothing else does.

A truck driver admits that the roadway’s underground that he’s traveling go all the way up to Maine, to D.C. and Colorado. They are linked to Bases, underground cities and of course, Washington D.C.  The trucker was asked, and replied that they have stockpiles of food and water.  So you tell me what they are planning to do.

To The Contaminators of Biblical Truth

To the disbelievers, the rude, the snide, the malcontents and liars . . . I’m sorry none of you seems to take this seriously.  I’m sorry if the truth incenses you to the point that you have to send Bible believers like me hate messages and call them all kinds of names because you don’t want your handler’s secrets put out there.  I post resources to EVERYTHING including sources from Biblical scripture.  So if you have a problem with that, that just goes to show everyone how incredibly selfish and deceitful you are.  You think this is about the “freedom” to be deviants at others expense . . . sorry.  You’re just tools to these people – If they did this to Michael, consider how worthless you are to them.

People DIED trying to tell you idiots the truth, including your precious Idolized, golden calf (thighs, buttocks) version of Michael Jackson.  But you’d rather believe the lie and not just believe the lie, you want to force OTHERS from hearing the truth.  You are so brainwashed that you don’t even recognize hypocrisy when it comes out of your own mouths or keyboards.  You are no better than the liars that put out the stories smothering Michael’s true intentions.  You might as well have taken the tazer and drugs to him yourself!

YOU are the enablers of child rapists and torturers that Michael spoke out about.  Do I have to be nice to you when you come here to distract and cause trouble?  No I don’t.  Jesus threw people like you out of the temple onto your duffs!  You got a break from me . . . I have back troubles.  That’s nothing compared to what God has in store for corrupters of the innocent!

No, instead you are too busy trying to persecute Murray when it is YOU who killed him!

This isn’t about your fantasy make believe planet stolen from God while you all run around chopping each other’s heads off trying to be top god.  If you can console yourselves with what your agenda did to Michael and people like him, God help you!  That’s all I have to say.

There is no love in the lie!  Do you get me?  None!  And no amount of twisting of God’s word by you people is going to change that.  No matter what you do, you are not going to change the ending of that Book.  God doesn’t lie . . . but people do!  And you are THIS CLOSE to seeing the fruits of your labors, which will be:

"Until I went into the sanctuary of God; then understood I their end.  18. Surely thou didst set them in slippery places: thou castedst them down into destruction."

I’m not the one making judgment calls.  All I am doing is pointing out what scripture says.  If you are fighting me and other bloggers like me, guess who put that burden on you?  Not me!

Moving on . . .

The One People’s Public Distrust

Part of the picture is one of the understructures we talked about last Friday when I covered the Project.nsearch article about the alleged “Corporate Government/Central Banks foreclosure.”   In Part the last few paragraphs from Friday’s blog:

"Don’t think of it as an overthrow, think of it as the recovery of stolen property. The actions of the One People’s Public Trust essentially reclaim what is ours, as sovereign beings of this planet. Universal Law, Common Law and the UCC are now the governing law of the planet." - Source,Project.nsearch

I bolded for you this increasing slant toward “one world government”, and the “One People’s Public Trust” again is prominent.

Here is what began raising the hairs on the back of my neck:

"The UCC is the “bible” of commerce; it precisely dictates the manner in which international trade and commerceshould be enacted. In fact, the entire commercial system pivots around UCC law. If your mortgage is foreclosed on or your car is repossessed, the bank uses the UCC process to do so." - Source, Project.nsearch   . . . End

This article sent us to “”  which is the copy of the “Project.nsearch” article above, but it links to the “One People’s Public Trust” page as does the Projec.nsearch article.

Both articles link to “Peoplestrust1776” which holds all the legal documents for download.  Wakeupworld explains the “One People’s Public Trust”.

"We have seen what war has done to our planet. We have experienced times of overwhelming darkness. Today, things are looking up for Earth. We made it through a massive vibrational shift. We avoided apocalypse . . . Our children will become architects of this bright new world. There will be bread and salt, shoes and clean water, wine and gardens, for all." - Source,

Does that sound like an army recruiter’s come-on or what?  There's that Masonic "architect" word again that another “commenter” got so ticked off that I exposed before.    Further down on that page, we find reference to "other planets".

Remember "Angel of Light"?  Remember the alien deception, the report on Phil Schneider, Bill Cooper and the shaken man that called into Art Bell's radio show?  I told you on that whether YOU believe it or not, THEY DO.

This is what “Wakeupworld” said:

"And in our joy, may we leave a candle lit for those planets that still remain conflict. Before our plates are cleaned, may they break bread with us. As we accept and live in our new abundance, know that we are thinking of you . . . The people of Earth will find our strength and spiritual technology to help you as others have helped us. In the end we are One. Even “the darkness” that we were at battle with. We must remember it was a war between brothers. A very realistic theatrical production." - Source,

We were at one with the darkness too?  Where is that in the Bible?  Then the part where they said "we must remember it was a war between brothers"   (Who is it?  Is it a friend of mine . . . Who is it!  Is it my brother?  Who is it . . . somebody hurt my soul now . . . Who is it, I can't take this stuff no more . . ." - Michael Jackson, Who is It lyrics).

A “very realistic theatrical production”? 

"There's nothing to be nervous about.  Just remember . . . it's an adventure (chuckle) a great adventure . . . We want to take them places they've never been before.  We want to show them talent like they've never seen, so give it your all . . ." – Michael Jackson, 2009

Pardon me, but what is so "theatrical" and "adventurous" about people being killed?  That couldn’t have been the real Michael saying that, unless he’s completely oblivious to what is going on in the world.  I don’t think anyone’s going to convince me that he doesn’t care about people being killed.  Unless he’s not Michael anymore.  Miss Katherine didn’t sound very happy talking about the “resurrection” while her assigned handler Brett Strong was practically breathing down her jugular either. 

When seeking on the legality of all this, I had told you in the previous blog entry that I had looked at a couple of the UCC filings.  One bill they cite on "Wakeupworld" is the UCC #2012114776.  So I did a search on that.  The first search result was a set of posts on the forum "abovetopsecret" which was a forum that I found a few pieces of information on about the Illuminati back in 2011.  I quoted a few and found resources posted by them.  Tell me if you read a post like this, would it make you nervous?

"We can't talk about it.

That's the ruling.

If you want to dig into it hardcore we'll have to do it off the forum." -

And this post below that:

"WOW an OPPT thread the mods haven't shut down yet.
Here is some info i wanted to share.

It explains how the UCC filings worked." - Source, abovetopsecret

On another blog, I found the explanation for the "One People's Trust" logo.  We've seen some of these on other logos for companies and/or advertising and promotion for just about everything including Michael Jackson.

One People's Public Trust Logo

“> If you look at the picture in the middle of the logo, the golden element on top is a stylized sun, and it is rising over a dark ground. This symbolizes a sunrise, or to be more precise, "the Dawn of a New Day," which is a common theme among engineered "people's revolutions." To better understand this theme, watch Jordan Maxwell's Dawn of a New Day here on YouTube.

> You will also notice that they included Saturnian rings in the design, and those rings are around the stylized sun, so the sunrise actually depicts the rise of the "second sun." To understand the meaning of this, Google the following terms and scan through some of the results (it won't take a lot of reading to get the gist of it):

the second sun Saturn

Saturn and Satan

the Saturnian Society

> You'll also notice that there is a ring around the top ray of the sun, and it looks like a crown.

So if you put it all together, the symbol depicts the dawn of a new day in which Saturn (Satan) rises and is crowned." - Source,

This blog shows a World Bank Document with signatures on it, including Ben Bernake's.  Is it real?  See below

After reading down through that thread on "abovetopsecret" on page 4, it seems that the filings are genuine, but the other claims they point out, like 77 Congressman being flown to the Hague and arrested is questionable.  One good point they made however, is that with all this being proliferated on the internet with prominent names and organizations like The World Bank, Federal Reserve and all the banks listed that were foreclosed on, one has to wonder why NONE of these organizations have shut down this OPPT organization.

Could it be that the OPPT is actually the "Pale Horse" in Revelation 6?  That the "arrests" and paperwork are for show, just like the other political and religious battles the cabal has played both sides of?

There are many alternative news sources watching the proposition filings in our U.S. House of Representatives.  I copied this from one of the sources:

House Resolution 6566, also known as the Mass Fatality Planning and Religious Considerations Act, would amend the Homeland Security Act of 2002 to mandate that FEMA immediately begin conducting "mass fatality planning" in preparation for a major event or series of events that may kill off untold numbers of people.

Introduced by Rep. Laura Richardson (D-Ca.), H.R. 6566 provisions that the Administrator of FEMA -- William Craig Fugate currently holds the Administrator position at FEMA ( -- provide "guidance and coordination" for dealing with a mass casualty event arising from a natural disaster, terrorist act, or "other man-made disaster." – Source, and

You can watch this proposal’s maturity at this government link here.  This doesn’t mean much as there are already laws and executive orders on the books in regard to martial law in peacetime, and the right to take your property (already an executive order), take over communications, transportation systems and media.  This is just what they are allowing you to see.

Lot’s of scary stuff going on that they care less about you seeing as they get closer to the event.

In “Wakeupworld’s” website, there is a tab at the top, right hand corner that says “One People’s Public Trust”.  If you run your mouse over it you see the words “wakeupworld/opt-in” in the bottom left of your screen where the full url’s are identified.  Oppt in.  So I click on that and we come to this page: “”. 

As I pointed out on Friday’s blog, this is the “Oppt In” page.  But before they show you the Oppt-in page, you are confronted with lists of links to global, national, state and county “CVAC” centers.

ON this page they also have links to their social network sites.  They have a FaceBook Page, they have a Twitter Page, They have a Flickr Page, And an OPPTBook page.


What is a Creations Value Assets Control?

I did some research on the CVAC and their legitimacy.  Ironically on alternative media/news sources, I found that the United States is the first nation corporation to be contracted to the "Trust".

"The first branch of the CVAC Government, the united states of America, was duly contracted, with absolutely bonded underwriting, and duly REGISTERED in COMMERCE as the people’s property, equally. I sent over all of it to the principals, agents, and beneficiaries on December 24, 2012…WH announced on the 25th that Obama was cutting his Hawaii vacation short to work on the “fiscal cliff”." - Source, projectavalon

There is no central links menu that I could find, but there are individual blogs for city, state and countries for CVAC, like this one – PeoplestrustMilwaukee

This “Oppt-In” has been linked by other sources, to Agenda 21 and that the two will work parallel to one another and eventually meet at their objective.  Of course if you go to most local or regional Oppt-in sites, they claim they are fighting Agenda 21.  It’s a classic bait and switch. – Promotes linked Opptin sites and esoteric sites. – They communicate with the archangel Michael – allegedly - However, they also promote channeling and traveling in astral bodies.

Ask why we cannot find any more concrete evidence of these UCC filings, why the mainstream news isn’t covering it (or at least trying to discredit this movement) or why the organizers of “People’s Trust” want to “keep things quiet right now”?

Why is there no evidence of these court proceedings or why 70 senators being flown to the Hague and arrested escaped ANY news . . . at all, until  . . . now?

I’ll tell you why.  Because in REALITY there is no real change.  The people at the top of this deception are STILL going to be at the top.  They may be under different names, they may suddenly call “a truce” and be “converted”, or whatever story they come up with.  But in REALITY this is the same as the fight between democrats and republicans – The people at the top will remain at the top, in the shadows, pulling the strings and sucking the workers dry.  The “Utopia” they have been promised will be as much a mirage as the “you surely will not die” god-status Adam and Eve were promised by the same serpent.

These sites promote Ann Bressington who is an Australian legislator, elected in 2006.  She is linked with Lord Monkton, Dennis Hood and Nick Xenophon.  All three were at one time anti-big government and Bressington has taken the same role as Lord Monkton in “exposing” the Illuminati, however, they seem to be in favor of the “Angel of Light” Cabal….

In other words, the bad guys (Illuminati) will be ousted by the good guys (“One People’s Trust”), but the same pyramidal structure, with the same levels.  It will just be different names and the illusion that everyone is equal.

And as some of you might want to sweep this under the scapegoat of “conspiracy nuts” theories, you can’t explain the proliferation of Obama-sized executive orders like this one signed just this past October:

"Titled an “Executive Order from the President regarding Authorizing the Implementation of Certain Sanctions…” the order says that if an individual is declared by the president, the secretary of state, or the secretary of the treasury to be a “sanctioned person,” he (or she) will be unable to obtain access to his accounts, will be unable to process any loans (or make them), or move them to any other financial institution inside or outside the United States. In other words, his financial resources will have successfully been completely frozen." - Source,

And like me, this source also posts direction from the "" web site.

"(iv) with respect to section 6(a)(8) of ISA, block all property and interests in property that are in the United States, that come within the United States, or that are or come within the possession or control of any United States person, including any foreign branch, of the sanctioned person, and provide that such property and interests in property may not be transferred, paid, exported, withdrawn, or otherwise dealt in;" - Source,

Which effective makes "President" Obama a thug.  He's a "hit man" for the "New World Order".  There is another twist to Obama’s role in this whole thing, and that is, something has to happen to ‘convert’ him from a bad guy to a “good guy” – in their game and this may or may not play into the Revelation 13 role.

Local police with foreign troops train together and prepare for martial law in 2013.

North Carolina State Trooper Instructor

"Last October, the US House of Representatives passed HR 6566 which is an amendment of the Homeland Security Act of 2002 that imbues the Administrator of the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) “to provide guidance and coordination for mass fatality planning, and for other purposes.” – Source, and

And the FEMA Class that I posted about several months ago, DHS and Simon Properties collaboration, and the coordination of Homeland Security, Dept. of Transportaiton and the CTI.  Why would all this be necessary unless they expected something to happen?  It’s been twelve years since 9/11 and we’ve had no major threats of attack and that’s because nobody attacked us but US.

"Recently, FEMA graduated their inaugural class of 231 FEMA Corps members trained in future disaster preparedness whether state-sponsored or natural. These intiates will be the leaders of the FEMA Center for Domestic Preparedness will be assigned specific roles across the nation from community relations to Disaster Recovery Center support. . .

In the anticipated event of a “mass fatality”, coordination and planning must be forefront of FEMA with the assistance of the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) as referred by the Committee on Transportation and Infrastructure (CTI). In the event that the Executive Branch or Congress declares a mass disaster caused by nature, a domestic terrorist attack, or any other man-made catastrophe, there must be a national plan to prepare for and respond to the incident." - Sources,, occupycorporatism, and and

Hmmm . . . yeah.  With all the natural disasters we’ve suffered in our short history and with 9/11 almost twelve years old, they are just NOW caring about this?  No.  They have something else planned.  Perhaps a Dam bust, or another false flag terrorist attack.

Important: List of World Wide support blogs, online radio shows, forums and groups.  This is rather huge. List of OPPT-IN sites world wide.

Brave New World – Same Old Lie

We’re going to go back into Michael’s story on the next blog topic.  But before I close this one I want to show you a couple of things.

Egyptian Locusts

"A massive swarm of locusts is descending on Egypt, creating scenes reminiscent of the eighth plague described in the Book of Exodus. The timing is particularly unusual as Jews later this month will be celebrating Passover which retells the Israelites’ dramatic journey to freedom from slavery in Egypt. According to the Bible, Pharaoh released the slaves only after his people were struck by ten plagues." – Source, Theblaze

My husband sent me this story.  Unfortunately this came from Glenn Beck’s online news source.  He tends to overblow things, but this was apparently an “other than norm” locust event.  I also agree that the timing of this, with everything else planning to happen this month, including “Passover” and the time the Lord was crucified.

Then there was this story which actually took place late last year.

River turns blood Red

"For a river known as the “golden watercourse,” red is a strange color to see.  Yet that’s the shade turning up in the Yangtze River and officials have no idea why. The red began appearing in the Yangtze, the longest and largest river in China and the third longest river in the world, yesterday near the city of Chongquing, where the Yangtze connects to the Jialin River." - Source, ABC News

The previous month that incident happened, a lake in France also turned red – Source,

Also in Russia, a River in France, the Chinese River and the Lake in France among others – Source, beforeitsnews

Signs and lying wonders?  Could be.

We will get back to Michael in the next topic.  Below, I have posted this song before and when you see some of the lyrics, again, I have to wonder if this isn’t a clue.  Rather curious when you couple “take back your former throne” with “no child could ever dance the way you do”.  This is a Christian song played on those station all the time.  So I will leave you with this, the information above, and this will break us into the next topic.

"If you could soldier on
Headstrong into the storm
I’ll be here waiting on the other side
Don’t look back, The road is long
The first days of the war are gone
Take back your former throne and turn the tide

Just past the circumstance
The first light, a second chance
No child could ever dance the way you do, oh
Tear down the prison walls
Don’t start the curtain call
Your chains will never fall until you do

I know pain is just a place
The will has been broken
Don’t let the fear become the hate
Don’t take the sadness to the grave
I know the fight is on the way
When the sides have been chosen"
Source, Lyrics

"These have power to shut heaven, that it rain not in the days of their prophecy: and have power over waters to turn them to blood, and to smite the earth with all plagues, as often as they will.  7. And when they shall have finished their testimony, the beast that ascendeth out of the bottomless pit shall make war against them, and shall overcome them, and kill them."


  1. Two news items popped up:

    Jeffre Phillips sued
    david rufffin granddaughter shot to death

    I have not had time to check on them or read them. I just saw them.

  2. BONNIE, your Source "" Website led to another site "Treasury Finance AG" with e.g. the sole Investigation Lead named Heather Ann Tucci-Jarraf who signed the long Paradigm Report..which admittedly I did not read in full. On Tucci-Jarraf, I found a separate interview :


    The whole thing seems more than fishy & frankly I did not read all their literature not to be brainwashed on all they investigate or do for the "welfare" of humanity.

    Back to Michael Jackson, the various interpretations made about him being possibly linked to Biblical entities such as Jesus, Archangel Gabriel or Ante-Christ frighten me at times & I have difficulty to follow these days, I admit. The Biblical truth I do not question & there were effectively some troubling parallels between Jesus' & Michael's own life. However I still cannot see in Michael more than an exceptionally kind human being (but just a human though) who walked in Jesus's steps & I would wish his kind soul to now remain in Jesus-Christ's Peace, far from all the turmoil & speculations his departure created.

    Jeffre Phillips : is he really sued ? In Google I found nothing sofar, maybe too fresh news ? Who sues him & what for ? I only read in RadarOnline about news on La Toya Jackson & the MJ3 & she is a so-signer for J-Tail Enterprises IF that reality-show had to take place :

    Bonnie, I do hope your back test results will lead now to an adequate treatment to eliminate your back pain♥

    1. Hi Line,

      Yes, I know they are suspicious. As a matter of fact, for an organization that seems to have networked blogs/web sites all over the world, and a legislative type movement CVAC that is linked to local governments (muninciple and state/or county), I find if very funny that there are no concrete .gov sites holding these UCC filings. Also, these 70 congressmen who were allegedly arrested - no record of course, no names so you can search them individually (unless they are on the video interview, I did not listen to the whole thing) you have to wonder:

      A. Why no legal backlash against these people for spreading lies on this scale?

      B. If this group were seriously fighting the "Illuminati" why isn't the "Illuminati" fighting back? Benjamin Fulford and David Wilcock are tied up with this group and nobody has touched them which tells me one thing. The "Illuminati" knows about them, but they're being ALLOWED to proceed with these lies for a reason.

      the "Illuminati" causes the problems and the "Peoples trust" come in and clean up the "damage we've done, or it's irreversible".

      Wilcock and Fulford have been going full steam since 2009. Makes no sense does it . . . or maybe it does. Ben Fulford has mentioned Michael Jackson more than once, in the people killed by "The Illuminati". So this group could very well be the entity behind the false peace. Thank you very much for taking the time to look into those and I agree with you. This Heather Tucci-Jaraff has no searchable background other than connection to this organization and off-mentions of her foreclosure case. She doesn't exist otherwise and it's probably a completely made up name. BUT they sure have their disciples and that is all they are there for.

      Michael - He was no doubt an exceptionally kind, Christ-like man. Even if one cannot see him in Biblical prophecy, then can't deny that Biblical prophecy and his part in it is revealed in his songs. Between the two, I have no where else to go with Michael. There is no other explanation for what happened to, about and around him. There is no other explanation for what happened to ME in regard to Michael, so I stick to the path I was put on.

      I will give you this . . . Michael was a flesh and blood human being. And like all of us, we are here for a specific purpose under God. Michael was just perhaps a much better student than the rest of us and became as close to God as any of us would get. And perhaps Michael's purpose was to show us what that means, up to and including giving up "your dreams" to take the call. That is what impresses me most about ANY part Michael plays in this. And that is why I love him, regardless of what he agreed to . . . for God's purpose.

      Jeffre - You are right. I found nothing either. I think someone is "throwing shade". And I was also informed that the stuff about the kids working for Latoya is bunk. Latoya denied that according to a Facebook post Micheline sent me.

      Back pain - It's a pain. Another appointment to get tortured with the nerve test. Not looking forward to it, but then, with the past experiences I've had with direct contact with electrical equipment, perhaps this will be a picnic? :o) Thank you very much ♥

    2. Thank you very much to you Bonnie for this long answer. Whereever he is, Michael is surely in peace, but our tribulations on Earth are going on so pls take good care of yourself first♥ Like you truly said, the ones like Todd & others who revealed the truth have been eliminated by the Elite forces while others are simply New age mercantile brainwashers or paid by somber entities to deceive populations, only to "make believe". This "Treasury Finance" company domiciled in a Swiss village in the middle of nowhere when it pretends to deal with world affairs, I find more than suspicious too.

    3. LOL! I love your expressions. YOU should write 'mercantile brainwashers'. Treasury Finance company eh? Do you think they are perhaps London based?

  3. Hi Bonnie, god bless you...

    reading that blog entry made my head spin. I somehow dealt with these so called lightworkers quite a time on a certain german forum when i was really young, finding my spiritual way. I cant say how many ive read about Metatron, Michael and all those strange entities... What i can say first, is, they really are mentally ill. Later on, when almost everyone ignored those people on the forum, because they do not write as you expect someone to argue on the subject (they simply ignore your critic), they pop up in different topics. They are still there in germany, but working on different ways. Most of them working on political ways without the spiritual aspect. All their arguments sound really good. Really well trained writers and speakers. Plus dealing with the german sector, most of them, have contact to people, we would normally expose as "Nazis". But they try to work on this lightworkers level as a disguise. I tell you: DISGUISE. I dont know if this has anything to do on american sector with "freeman on the land" in germany called: KRR = Kommissarische Reichsregierung. Some of them go further; i discussed with one of them, but i never exposed him as a lightworker. I believe he loved the political idea or the idea of beeing not owned by anyone and living by what you are doing. Because there is definately something wrong with status Quo of countries and with that with corporations. We have many of these people interpreting on their own ways. You can not tell who is working for whom or if they let them doing what they are doing as long as they fly on this "spiritual level". But i believe, this is not as big as they claim on their websites. Although the idea is functioning, if it will ever, it will certainly made by the "wrong people". However this stuff is close related to the "Urantia" book. Crazy stuff and not worth to read it, as though you should know how the 'enemy' is thinking (about Jesus). Lucis trust, People's trust, don't trust them. They are nothing more than people casting spells out in hope they will work (11:11 Solara nvisible door-openings, etc. etc.). It is really good to read, you are dealing with "their new project". Do not lose your mind over this. Some stuff is hard to swallow but i believe you can summarize for the people who are new in this.

    Love (and light *joke*)

    1. nachtmart,

      Thank you for the information. A lot of these groups are going to all merge together. when this specifically happens I can't tell you, but I will imagine it will follow a major "global" event. When this will specifically happen I can't say, but I am watching the political landscape as well, both in the mainstream and alternative sources. The fact that People's Trust is using the same ole flagship "1776" was a big enough tip off for me not to trust them, not to mention their websites are smathered with "Kundalini" and other "ascended master" symbols.

    2. Hello Bonnie,

      yes, your feeling was abolutely right about this. When once accepted Jesus Christ as Lord and Saviour you can literally spot them on the spot. A Decade ago they tortured us with their channeled messages from their entities. Ive read them quite a time on regularly basis.

      Their words never got into my heart. It's has they are talking to themselves, repeating, repeating and hoping it works. This method is well known, repeat the lies then it becomes truth.

      there was a lady in Australia, when i was usually on my "UFO trip" and she said there will be coming a UFA (must have been around 2008; at least before MJ died) and there was nothing coming. She was then tortured by all the people who saw no UFO. She did an apologize, believing what she have channeled was truth. That was a major step back for them. They covered this stuff months before, writing blogs as if their lives depend on that. But of course after the non-coming of the UFO, they tried to rewrite what the problem was. I cant recall, they talked themselves out of it. I believe it was this

      Blossom Godchild might be her name. Since that they have created and deleted a lot of websites. That was the time around i began to research about what ufos/aliens could really be.

      I thought about doing videos on german sector to expose the NWO shills, a lot people doing this for the American area. Though not all are covered, but quite well doing their job. Seeing a lot of Christians commenting although lots of christian trolls underway.
      just another topic, have you seen the freemasonic dress of the Queen's chef staff nurse?

      its the same hospital (king edward vii) where the nurse in last december hanged herself (jacinta).

      take care

    3. Hi Nachtmart,

      You're right. They run these websites, start them, run them, switch "webmasters" then shut them down and start new ones. When I was marketing online we called them cybergypsies. Especially the ones running day-trading and Forex scams. I even got involved with one of them before I learned my lesson. They would change their names but pretty soon you could recognize them just by their writing style and the patterns of their deceits. They always had a troll or two working the message boards. Same exact thing here, even with the Michael Jackson fan sites. Same thing.

      Yes, I saw that blue/red belt noisy dress of the nurse. And to this day I cannot get over how much QE looks like George Bush in the face.

  4. here is a nice website to review about "wonders" they are still doing since decades. lots of people already infected with this.

    1. Interesting isn't it? I find it ironic that all these esoteric sites have stationed their "truth" on the prophecies of the Bible, re-explaining them to their agenda, yet it is the Bible that is consistently and relentlessly attacked.

    2. Hi Bonnie, How are you? Sorry to hear about your back problems. I have back problems also so I can relate with you.

      I am still trying to catch up on the past posts but there are too many so I am skipping some. I am still keeping an open mind. You have put so much work into this and it is amazing what you have uncovered.

      I, however tend to agree with Line up above. I see Michael Jackson as a beautiful,kind-hearted,multi-talented, innocent, Christian. But human like the rest of us. Because he was wealthy and famous he was able to travel the world and help people more than the rest of us. I am Christian and I do not question Biblical truth or prophesy but I do not see Michael linked to any of it. I may be wrong....nobody knows for sure. He always gave God credit for his talent and said that sometimes the lyrics just came to him. He wrote about his life, his thoughts, things that were happening to him at the time. Some of his songs were angry songs because he was angry at the time. He was lashing out at the media. Songs like "Scream", "Tabloid Junkie" "Is it Scary". When he sang "Am I the beast you visualized", he was asking the media and the public if they really believed the crazy stories that were written about him. Most of his songs were beautiful and his message was love. He cared about people and the planet and it hurt him to see what we are doing to this beautiful planet that God gave us.

      I have studied that picture from TII where you say he is pointing at a clock. It doesn't look like Dec.21,2012 to me. Michael never said anything about anything happening on that date. It was just a moment in the song. I don't think he even knew he was pointing at a clock. The 4 years to get it right.....he was talking about the planet and how we are destroying it. People have even put a lot of meaning into what he said at the press conference when he announced his concerts in London...."See you in July" meaning that he is coming back in July when all he meant was that the concerts would be starting in July. He didn't know he was going to die before then.

      I do believe there is a lot they haven't told us about his death and there were more people involved than Dr. Murray. I believe Michael was special but he was only human. He said so himself and it took me a long time to accept that he is dead, but he is dead. His human body is dead. His soul is with God and he will rise again when all the dead in Christ will rise again.

      There are a lot of things I don't understand and I haven't read everything yet. I said in another are a genius and a brilliant writer and you have put a lot of work and research in all of this. You are to be praised for all your hard work. I am keeping an open mind and I will read as much as I can to catch up.

      I hope you are feeling better and I will pray that your back feels better.

      Much love and God bless you


    3. Hi MPS,

      Time will tell whether Michael is involved in Biblical prophecy or not. I can't force people to see what I see. Not everyone has had the experiences I've had, the dreams I've had or have even had time to go through the Bible as extensively as I have. What I DO KNOW for sure is that God would not have put Michael in front of me the way he did if he was "just another human being".

      The sheer fact that this phenomenon is still going on, world wide, with packs of paid bloggers in all countries fighting people like me should be testimony in and of itself that there is a lot more to this than just some overpopular singer who overdosed on propofol - a drug we never even HEARD OF before this.

      You said this: "He always gave God credit for his talent and said that sometimes the lyrics just came to him. He wrote about his life, his thoughts, things that were happening to him at the time. Some of his songs were angry songs because he was angry at the time. He was lashing out at the media. Songs like "Scream", "Tabloid Junkie" "Is it Scary". When he sang "Am I the beast you visualized", he was asking the media and the public if they really believed the crazy stories that were written about him. Most of his songs were beautiful and his message was love. He cared about people and the planet and it hurt him to see what we are doing to this beautiful planet that God gave us. "

      Do you really believe Michael's battle was against the media and the public? If so, I have to ask why? Why do you think it was HIM? Why not David Bowie? Or Mick Jagger" Or Eminem? Or even Ray Charles or pick a black guy? Why Michael? The songs you want to generalize I have a major problem with. You are trivializing Michael's message . . . he SUFFERED to try and tell us and you want to bury it? Why do you want to sweep this under a rug?

      Why were millions spent to keep his family and ANYONE who was really his friend away from him? Why was he sequestered? Why was Latoya kept from her family, tortured, beaten then made to say lousy stuff against her brother? Because he was just a human being? That's insane.

      MPS, can you DENY that whole industries were used to shut this man down? Again why? Why the money, man power and DECADES spent on trying to convert this one man? Why not shoot him and get it over with? Can you answer this?

      The clocks . . eh, Mike was not the ONLY ONE pointing to those clocks. The dancers pointed, Orianthi pointed and Mike even stepped out of the way so you could see the other clock. Then when they marched to left stage the clocks were no longer there. Why are you being deliberately obtuse?

      He is not dead. If he were dead there would be evidence. THERE IS NONE. No body, no name on the burial place, NOTHING of his records match anything from his life. Missing or wrong info on autopsy reports. You have a definite opinion on things you say you haven't read through yet. Even if you don't read this blog, at least read the Bible or further research the books of the verses I put up here. That is where the truth is.

      Michael's songs, lyrics some even taken from Bible verses are not there for just entertainment. If that were the case, he would still be here putting on concerts. He would not have been attacked the way he has and persecuted by a bunch of self-glorified psuedo-Jews who hate Christ but love children . . . a little TOO much.

      I don't want praise. I'm not trying to be difficult but I'm not looking for praise. I'm trying to find out why people are lying or trying to mislead people from the obvious.

      If you have spent any time on his lyrics at all you would not be saying what you are saying. Is it Scary is NOT about the media.

      At the risk of receiving any more praise for what I'm being told is "misinformation" perhaps I should just close down comments. This is a blog not a debate forum.

      Thank you for your prayers.

    4. FYI

      Tabloid Junkie
      "Who's the next for you to resurrect
      JFK exposed the CIA
      Truth be told the grassy knoll
      As the blackmail story in all your glory

      It's slander
      You say it's not a sword
      But with your pen you torture men
      You'd crucify the Lord"

      You're sellin' out souls but
      I care about mine
      I've got to get stronger
      And I won't give up the fight

      Is It Scary
      "I'm gonna be
      Exactly what you wanna see
      It's you whose haunting me
      Your warning me
      To be the stranger
      In your life

      Am I amusing you
      Or just confusing you
      Am I the beast
      You visualised
      And if you wanna to see
      I'll be grotesque
      Before your eyes "

      This is not just about the media or the public. JFK exposed the CIA - strait conspiracy. Just like MIKE SAID in his later year interviews. His words, not mine.

    5. Hi Bonnie,

      Yes, JFK exposed the CIA..strait conspiracy....that's why he was killed. Robert Kennedy was probably killed for the same reason. I don't know a lot about the Illuminotti ( I know that is spelled wrong, but it's late and I'm tired)....Anyway I think they had a lot to do with Michael's death. And maybe Elvis, John Lennon, Tupac and a bunch of others.

      I am not trying to debate you or being deliberately obtuse. I am sorry if I offended you or made you angry. It was not my intention. I'm just trying to understand all this. I agree that Michael was not just an ordinary human being. He was special and not just an overpopular entertainer who overdosed on Propofol. ( Actually I've been given Propofol myself for medical procedures and if used properly in a hospital setting it is a very safe anaesthetic). He WAS Murdered.

      I don't have the answers to all your questions right now. It is very late and I'm not thinking clearly at this time. I didn't say that I believe his battle was just against the media and the public. He was tortured. They tried to ruin him with everything they threw at him. But he was strong and rose above it until they killed him. He didn't give in to them. The Illuminotti is evil.

      I'm also not trying to trivialize or generalize his lyrics. He was deeper than that. How about these lyrics?

      But they told me
      A man should be faithful
      And walk when not able
      And fight till the end

      If he's not dead, where is he? If his soul is with God but they put the Beast in his body, where is his soul going to go when the dead in Christ rise? How are they going to reveal him? How are they going to explain his "death" when he is revealed? If he was a Christian( and I know he was) why would he agree to this?

      There was a body. Someone was taken to the hospital. How could they keep all those people quiet? The doctor's, nurses and other hospital personnel, paramedics, police officers and Michael's staff, Michael's family. A lot of people saw him dead.

      Yes he did SUFFER to try to tell us something. But he is not the Evil One. It broke my heart when Michael died and I want to believe he is still alive just like I want to believe my Mom and Dad and other loved ones are still alive but they are not. I will see them all again one day in heaven and I will see Michael there too.

      Again, I am sorry if I offended you.

      My love and prayers


    6. MPS - Okay if I answer you tomorrow? I need to get to bed. I don't know where you are in the world, but it's 2:28am here.

      I'll explain some of your questions tomorrow. I've covered some of this stuff. Of course I don't have all the answers, but the Bible doesn't lie and I'm hoping Michael doesn't either (the real one). :o) I have to answer people when I'm less tired. Trying to answer too many people (email too).

    7. That's fine Bonnie....we are in the same time zone. I have to get to bed too....2:33 am here. Looking forward to it.

      Have a good night


    8. Yes, they are attacking the Bible constantly. Its the first time I see a website, that critizises the 11:11 'wonder'. I cant believe this website never showed up in my one decade research about it. The lightworkers literally 'own the explanation' about 11:11. Glad to see, people are writing about the negative aspect of it.

    9. MPS,

      Thank you for understanding.

      On Michael's "Will you be there" lyrics. Yes he said "I'm only human". I never said he was anything but. Jesus was only human, but the Spirit within him was God - the Word in the flesh. Many prophets who were only human played some extaordinary parts in the Bible. I believe with my whole heart that Michael did too. There is no other explanation as to why I'm here even talking about him. I didn't pay any attention to him before, other than brief snippets during his career. I was not a fan. I liked some of this songs, but never bought his music or attended a concert - ANY concert other than state fairs.

      Michael most certainly will be used as the evil one. They've already started positioning him. Why do you think Sony ran two of the Hoax web sites?

      Where is he? Where does the Bible say that the beast comes from? The 2nd beast/false prophet comes up out of the pit. From one of those "underground" places that governments deny they have, he will ascend. He will have the power to bring life back to the image of the first beast, and perform signs, miracles and lying wonders (like fake meteorites and fireballs falling from the heavens)

      MPS, there just isn't anybody else that fits all these descriptions. There isn't. I wish there were, this man has suffered enough (I am the damned, I am the dead, I am the agony inside the dying head - this is injustice, whoa unto me, I pray this punishment will have mercy on me . . .) - He hadn't even been through the worst of it yet. Tells me he sure knew something about his coming role when he wrote that song.

      Yes, there was a body - depending on what gurney was being shown at the time. One could have been an oversized Oscar statue the way it was shaped. Another time he looked like he was half the length of the men carrying him. He wasn't a pigmy so I don't get that one. The one moving on the gurney in the chopper? The man jumping out of the coroner's van. Even if they were fake Michael's SOMEBODY running this show wanted us to see and talk about this stuff. All part of the show and mystic, compliments of Sony and the Estate, MANAGERS of the IMAGE, likeness, name and trademarks of Michael Jackson Company.

      Alot of people that claimed to have seen him dead wouldn't know the real Michael from a fake one. Two paramedics at the same scene couldn't even agree on the condition of the deceased when they got there - all actors. All of them. And the Jackson family? Playing their parts. Why? Because they are still surrounded, but still part of this "strong delusion". Not everyone is on the same side of the chess board.

      If you believe the Bible, you know the events described between Daniel 7-12, Matthew 24, Mark 13, 2 Thessalonians 2 and Revelation 12-19 piece together a man of God - the Prince, the "one who letteth until he is taken out of the way" is withholding evil until it is time to leave the temple "desolate" and let the evil "be revealed" in it. This is the same Revelation man-child whom the dragon has been waiting to devour since he was born, but is caught up to God and his throne and is the one who is waiting at the door for Satan when he attempts to jump back into Heaven to cast him back to the earth, calling his bluff.

      Elijah was human, but he left for Heaven on chariots into the sky.
      Enoch was only human but he went to Heaven came back to dictate his experience to Lamech so that later generations would find it.

      John the Baptist was only human. So was Ezekiel, Jeremiah and Isaiah, Moses and Noah . . . and Jesus - flesh and blood but with various levels of connectivity to God, Jesus being the most perfect.

      Let me ask you this. If Michael appears, say, sometime this month with people claiming to be in control to usher in "peace" what are you going to do?

    10. Anonymous March 6, 2013 at 4:03 AM,

      I don't know if you are MPS or not so I copied the timing of your post so you knew it was YOU I was answering.

      This is really the first website you've seen debunking the 11:11 theories? I've only been online with this since the beginning of 2010. That might be why you didn't find me. I'm also happy to know that you "see".

  5. Hi, Bonnie - I just wanted to quickly post an alert so that you and everyone else here don't waste time doing a search on the two news items about Jeffre Phillips and Ruffin's granddaughter. There was nothing on Jeffre Phillips being sued anywhere.

    But when I Googled Ruffin's granddaughter there were several links about it, so I clicked on one at random and it was a forum for fans of Prince (the singer) and saw a posting about Ruffin. Get this - his granddaughter was killed in a drive-by shooting SIX YEARS AGO IN 2007! Why would someone claim Phillips is being sued when there's nothing reported, or bring an old news item to your attention?

    After clicking that link my browser froze and forced me to shut down Firefox. It took three tries to get a new browser session started, so be careful. I thought my pc picked up a worm, but it seems OK now. Just be careful.

    Now back to my regularly scheduled program...reading the rest of your blog! Glad we talked earlier - hope you feel better tomorrow!


    1. Thanks Micheline, but if you read above and thanks to you, I had already posted a comment about that in answer to nactmart. And thank you also for warning us about the link.

      I'm going to seriously consider closing down comments. I spend too much time with people coming here to rebut me on information I've already covered. Things are going to happen QUICKLY and I can't afford to waste any more time on this. I already did the work. If people don't want to do their own research I can't do individual counseling anymore. An agenda does not an open heart make.

    2. BONNIE, don't take me wrong as I wish you only well & I too admire the spiritual & intellectual energy you put into your Blog. Your level of spirituality when it relates to the Bible I however do not have at such a high level & some of your theories on Michael alive or a Biblical entity I do not always understand but it's no news. Thus here I do not come to create any antagonism for or against you or anyone BUT admittedly, MPS views are more my views, erroneous or not, for it is true no one knows for sure. Only, why when someone expresses his/her own views, he/she have to feel rebuffed ? Again it is your Blog & I do not hold for MPS or anyone against you or vice-versa, but as you freely express yourself in your Blog sometimes with unusual theories, why can't someone freely revert with one's own approach ? La Toya Jackson's comment on the "illusion" at Murray's trial, I never paid much attention. Though she was adamant in most of her other courageous interviews after Michael's passing, that he was murdered & also at the LA Hospital on 06.25.2009, she signed a Death Certificate & told she saw her brother Michael on his hospital bed :

      The theory of many that an impostor died instead or Michael could escape, I do not believe. Otherwise it would also be a Jackson family conspiracy & this, I DO not believe at all either. Now far-fetched here also but what I could still imagine in that someone can be killed at a distance & God knows how many of those corporate Illuminati & their sbires nuised Michael morally & financially since many years plus sent him all kinds of bad vibrations : in the long run, it may kill someone & it just needs a money-hungry fall guy to do the rest. Bonnie, pls do not publish if you don't want to. You may also sternly refute my poorly educated opinions but it won't change my own view on Michael's tragic fate. Whatever I love you & do appreciate what you do for Michael since 3 years. God Bless you♥

    3. Line,

      The only reason I am putting my blood, sweat and numerous tears to this blog is because of one reason - God put Michael in front of me.

      What concerns me is not so much the details of what people may agree or not agree to happening, but the gush of undying love for a Michael that will appear that is no longer him or any element of him, heart or soul. And that out of sheer ecstasy that he's alive they will practically throw themselves at his feet and do anything he suggests they do. THAT is my concern.

      Anyone that still believes this is about a catalog or money only after everything I have pieced together (and others in the research community).

      Why would you pay attention to Latoya on one interview and not another? Why would seeing him dead rate so much higher than this all being an illusion?

      Why discount the numerous gaffs and slips but cling to a death with no evidence? No body, I don't care how many hours Karen Fake says she made up a corpse. Or how Latoya could lift up the cracking, 2 month dead body of her brother to rip adhesive tape off of his wrists so they could get palm prints and then set him back in his coffin as if this were the "Carol Burnett" show. Do you have any idea how difficult lifting a stiff, dead body is? Since when did Latoya become Wonder Woman? All of it ridiculous!

      If nothing I have put out there will change your mind about Michael's fate, why are you even still reading? Why didn't you just write me off like a year ago?

      I realize that there is a HIGH PRICE to pay for disproving anything other than the Sony sponsored story.

      Well here's mine. There is no body. There is no name on the grave. There is NO EVIDENCE of any mourning either with his high living family OR those fake offspring. The children have never even been to Forest Lawn since the day of the fake funeral with the fake backdrop. So until somebody dumps his corpse on my doorstep, there was no death. The man is alive and getting ready for the comeback of his life . . . only it won't be his soul moving that body around and I will be among the very few that will accept that. So be it.

      Unlike most that read these things, I don't consider this entertainment. I'm not doing all of this for the hell of it (well, literally maybe I am).

  6. Chapter 5 posted here:

  7. I am closing comments down. The things that are going to happen are too important and there is too much time wasted on bullshit arguments from people who read and still don't comprehend and want to battle me about it.

    If anyone after three years of reading still believes Murray is a murderer and Michael was killed only for his catalog by a doctor who had no legal way of getting ANYTHING out of Michael, your time is sorely wasted here. Take your comfort zones and go park it in front of Fox News and believe everything you see and read. And Makes sure you thank Michael for all the profitless effort he put forth and all the suffering to get you people to pay attention. Dead or alive, I'm sure he'd be real pleased that he suffered so much just to keep people drooling over his 55 year old gold pants.

  8. Ironic:

    The storm that slammed the mid Atlantic and coastal areas with over a foot of snow and wind driven rain was named "Saturn" (Satan).

    This is the weather channel's tag line for the forecast on their webpage:

    "Winter Storm Saturn: Eastern Beast
    Winter Storm Saturn is turning its attention to the East,"


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