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Michael Jackson Justice: Beware of Liars Presenting Michael's Name

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The Conspiracy against God is about "The Word", and the profaning of His Holy Name within us. Adam fell in the garden, breaking the direct connection to God. Jesus, the "last Adam" was a quickening Spirit, the Word made Flesh, and the only one with whom we can re-establish our relationship with God. Michael's story is still unfolding. He is the one who is, is not. But Jesus is the only name given under heaven by which we must be saved. Many are trying to rewrite HIStory. We were given a help to instruct us. Learn more "here".

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Beware of Liars Presenting Michael's Name

Beware of Lecturers on Integrity
Bearing Michael's Name.

Recovering from self-inflicted injuries this past two weeks with company visiting and still getting the blog done has posed some challenges.  For those of you who have asked, I am getting back to normal, walking normal and I survived the last ‘bout of sunburn I am ever going to get . . . ever.

While trying to keep up with the research on Michael’s messages, or to the point, the message he wanted us to GET in his songs, another issue that must be addressed reared its ugly head. 

I have always told you that if I was wrong about something, I will admit it and fix it as much as I possibly can.  And I was wrong about two people in the last two weeks.

Kathy Hilton

Michael and Kathy -2001 but I don’t know where
I have no other photographs besides this one
And the faked one – none of good quality
2011 kathy Hilton 1

The first, Miss Kathy Hilton, who I really don’t know that well and in all honesty only know her from what the media and press has portrayed.  I try to follow the Jackson family and Michael as closely on these issues as possible and any friendship between Michael’s family and the Hilton’s was never really talked about by Michael in any of his interviews and not mentioned prior to 2009. 

What I surmised about Kathy Hilton and that interview I gleaned from watching her speaking, the emphasis on certain pieces of information that seemed self-promoting (because that is how the press has portrayed them and that is the only way I knew them), and the awful quality of that picture the media showed of Michael with Mr. and Mrs. Ricky Hilton.

A friend of mine went back through Latoya’s twitters and found her reference to an outing with “her friends” the Hilton’s.  Another friend brought Jermaine’s twitters to my attention, where he “thanked” them for saying the truth about Michael’s non-existent drug addiction. 

Admittedly I have seen Jermaine thank people that have also trashed him and Miss Katherine, but that is only because Jermaine thanks people WHEN they tell the truth regardless of what they said in the past.  This is a lesson in not harboring resentment for things said in the past or letting the actions of others change your own conduct (not stooping to their level).  In regard to the Hiltons, they have NEVER said anything negative about Michael or his family.  So I wanted to devote space on my blog to extend my apologies for my suspicions and not just in the comments.  If there is more to this relationship, I’m sure I will learn it when it is time.

Raymone Bain

For this, I have to apologize to YOU ALL, because I have in a sense mislead you although not intentionally.  Prior to this past week, I believed that Raymone Bain had Michael’s best interests in her dealings.  I based this off of research on timing with her involvement in certain transactions between 2006 and 2008.    We again have another opportunity to separate the wheat from the chafe.

Last week I had posted this blog, giving her the benefit of the doubt by reporting that the web site she had up for her business, the claims of the clients she worked with and the fake photos of her with top government officials was put out there by someone trying to discredit her.  After speaking to her by phone, I am convinced that she was well aware of these issues and that she is not what she had led people to believe.

In the order of occurrence, this is what happened:

Over the past year, I have mentioned Raymone Bain in several blogs when discussing financing and deals Michael was subjected to.  I assumed that Peter Lopez and she were working in tandem and that she therefore knew what was going on and had to be “helping” Michael.

Those blogs are here, here, and here.

I posted a three-part series “The Gathering of the Deceivers”, Part 1, Part 2 and Part 3.  This actually began the trouble with the original “Raymone” comment on the Branca Blog.

Someone who I supposed was NOT Raymone Bain posted a comment on one of the Branca Blogs chastising THEM but mentioning my name and Craig Williams from the Michael documentary.  I wrote her number down which was included in her comment.

On June 13th I called the number posted for Raymone Bain in that comment.  I got no answer so I left a message telling her that I wanted to speak to her and answer any questions she had regarding the phone call I had with Craig Williams.

I did not hear from her for a couple of days, so I went back to the blog that posted Raymone’s comments to copy the screen shot of it and both the blog entry she complained about was gone, and her comment had been changed and the phone number removed (remember this was a screen shot). So I copied THAT new version of the screenshot message, did some investigating and this blog was what I found and reported – Raymone Spoofed.   This explains what happened to the original message.

One brilliant commenter on the Branca-blog suggested all I had to do was call the number.  After that the posted screenshot was changed and the phone number removed but I had already copied the number.

On June 16, at approximately 10:15 in the morning I received a phone call for which I could not answer because I was driving.  It was from Raymone Bain’s phone number I had previously called on June 13th, which was the number that was posted on the original screenshot of the blog.

I drove home and intended to call her back but as soon as I got in the house, she rang my phone again.  This time I answered as I was sitting down.

After I identified myself when she asked for me, she began in a louder-than-necessary tone of voice, telling me how preposterous my blog was, that I accused her of things that were false, and that she was giving me the courtesy of discussing it before she filed a lawsuit.  However her “courtesy” ended at the word, because I could not get a word in edgewise.  “Discussing” begs the input of more than one party. 

As she again went over her points, I tried to address them only to have her interrupt and talk over me.  I asked her, “Are you going to let me answer?” to which she ignored, so I hung up the phone while she was still talking.

I waited about three minutes then I called her back.  I wanted to “give her the courtesy” of remembering what the word meant.

“Hello” she said.

“This is Bonnie Cox calling back.  Are you going to let me answer now?”

She replied, “Well Ms. Cox you hung up in my face.”

I replied, “That’s right, I did because you wouldn’t shut up.”

At that she calmed down a bit, and told me that judging by my demeanor she wanted to check to see if maybe the blog she was sent was actually the blog I wrote.  I asked her when it was written (the date) and she said “yesterday”, which would have been the 15th.  I told her the blog with the title she mentioned was written on the 12th.  I gave her my email address so she could send me the link of the blog copy she had.  We hung up.

She sent me the link:

date, Jun 16, 2011 at 3:12 PM
subject Thanks.

hide details Jun 16 (3 days ago)

I called her back immediately when I looked at the link (to make sure it wasn’t a spoofed site because I blamed her for nothing, I blamed “others” for trying to discredit her).

I informed her that this was the blog I wrote then asked her what exactly it was that bothered her because I defended her in that blog, believing someone else was putting this out there.

As I was in the process of expanding one issue, she began raising her voice again.  She proceeded to run over me again with the mouth, that the picture with Jill Biden and Ms. Obama was taken at such and such a place, the Hillary pic was taken somewhere else and the Barrack picture was taken somewhere else.  I asked her to explain the limb amputations and her reply was “I can’t help how the photographer takes the picture.”

She then began peppering me with other claims, like the issue with the Davis Estate and the political work.  I told her I had a list of the campaign workers and fundraising events/hosts for the political candidates and she is not on any of them.  The one with Ed Rendell has no co-host (he was involved in a couple with Clinton, I check them all).  I checked him out too.  This is interesting so I will get back to this later.

Now the Davis Estate and the free, tripod website someone put up for it lists Raymone Bain and L. Londel McMillian as the attorney’s on Davis’s estate.  Londel McMillian is the same attorney Bain listed as having contracted for Michael for representing him in her estate claim - source, and Londel McMillan is also    However according to JET Magazine back when Davis first died, these people were chosen by Davis to represent his estate:

MJ 2011 Jet Magazine Article

As Ms. Bain was yelling at me over the phone about her signed contract with Altovise Davis in 2001 or 2002 (she couldn’t remember exactly what year) I asked her, “Do you even know when the man died?  When did he die?”  She yelled, “I don’t know when he died, all I know is that I have a signed contract . . .” and she repeated the info.

Sammy Davis Jr. died in 1990, eleven to twelve years before this supposed signed contract.

She was still yelling, back in the photos again.  Any attempt to try to explain to her my belief that someone perhaps put up a phony web site in her name was moot because she most definitely did not care about discussing this, nor did she want to discuss the Craig Williams phone call or Michael.  I told her to get her lawyers and told her goodbye.

Seven  minutes later she sends me this via email:

On Thu, Jun 16, 2011 at 3:28 PM, <> wrote:
I have instructed my attorneys to immediately file suit against you for slander
and defamation.  In addition, I have also instructed them to contact the SEC
and FCC with regards to your site.

Thank you.
Raymone K. Bain

I replied

Sent: 6/16/2011 3:34:47 P.M. Eastern Daylight Time
Subj: Re: (no subject)

I’ll be waiting . . . should be interesting

Then I replied:

Let me guess . . . this is going to be done through email too?  Or Fax?

(This was in reference to the fake threat I got from Taymoor Marmarchi in April.  You don’t send cease and desist through email it is worthless).

She then forwarded me this:

I am forwarding to you this correspondence just received from
Ms. Cox.  Please proceed post haste.  Best regards, Raymone Bain 

The Lawyer forwarded in the correspondence was

I looked him up online and found this info:

Records matching your search criteria: 1
  1. Reginald Harris
    1425 K Street
    Suite 350
    Washington DC 20005

    Phone: 202-631-2670
    Fax: 202-587-5610

    Membership Status: Active
    Disciplinary history: No
    Date of admission: November 5, 2010
Top of Form
Bottom of Form
Type in Reginald Harris in the search D.C. Bar Association.  He was admitted in November of 2010.  Source  Isn’t that cute?  He’s a newbie!

A friend of mine also found this info in California:

found this link on Reginald S. Harris.  Admitted to the CA bar in Nov. 2009.  If he got his AB degree in 2002 and law degree in 2008, he must be very young, no older than early 30's.  Raymone Bain needs this guy to send you a cease and desist letter?  One would think she has older and more seasoned contacts in her line of work.  What do you think? 

State Bar of CA :: Reginald S. Harris

He does have a website - Source

Know what’s funny about this web page?  It’s bare.

Message from founder states “we” and “this firm”.  Source  Yet he has no lawyers working for him and has no articles.  It’s - “coming soon”.

Empty Firm
No Attorneys
2011 bain harris attorneys

News and Events – Coming soon?
2011 bain harris events

Click on Practices and look at the long list of areas of specialty he serves.  For a brand new lawyer with no other lawyers in his firm?  This guy does everything from entertainment law to real estate!  Talented for someone who’s only been in practice six months!  Source  He’s like the Michael Jackson of Lawyers!  Does it all!  Only this guy did it in his first year of practice!  Sorry Mike.  Seems you have competition!

On the contact page, his address is listed as 1425 K Street, Suite 350, Washington, D.C. 20005 (get to that in a minute).  Telephone and fax number is listed and the email address is not linked.  You have to copy and paste into your email client.  Not a big deal, but this web site looks as professional as Raymone’s.  At least I didn’t find any misspellings of clients names on this one.  Source

I get phone calls and we are packing up my step son for his trip so I take a break.  The next morning I get this in:

The Law Office of Reginald Harris, PLLC
A Registered Professional Limited Liability Company
1425 K Street, NW
Suite 350
Washington, DC 20005

Reginald Harris                                                                                                          Tel: 202.631.2670
Manager                                                                                                                           Fax: 202.587.5610

June 17, 2011

Via Email
· Bonnie Cox

              Re: Raymone Bain

Dear Ms. Cox:

            Please be advised that this office now represents Raymone Bain. This office has recently become aware that you (Bonnie Cox) have published on your website and blog, unauthorized photos of and defamatory statements about Ms. Bain that are intended to maliciously discredit and cause severe emotional distress to Ms. Bain.  The links to your websites with the information in question can be found here: ( and (

            As you are well aware, Ms. Bain did not consent to the public use of these photos on your website and your use of them constitutes an intentional and flagrant violation of her rights as well as a clear intention to violate the United States Digital Millennium Copyright Act.  In addition, the statements published in your blog and on your website regarding Ms. Bain’s professional life are false and defamatory in nature.

            You are hereby placed on notice that Ms. Bain intends to safeguard and exercise her rights to the fullest extent allowable under the law.  Accordingly, on behalf of Ms. Bain, I demand that you: (1) immediately and permanently cease and desist from publishing defamatory and private statements about Ms. Bain; (2) immediately and permanently cease and desist from showing the aforementioned images or the link to the images on your website and or web hosting server; (3) immediately and permanently remove all material and any references relating to Ms. Bain; and (4) immediately and permanently remove the offending material and images from all search engine databases, including, but not limited to Google. 

            Your use of the aforementioned statements and photos has already violated Ms. Bain’s rights, including her right to privacy and any further transgressions will not be tolerated. 

            If you fail to remove all the posts, pictures, links and comments as discussed above by 5 p.m. on Friday, June 17, 2011, legal action will be commenced against you.

This letter is not the beginning of a series of threatening letters regarding Ms. Bain; rather I demand your strict compliance, absent which I have been advised to pursue all available claims in law and equity to safeguard Ms. Bain’s rights.

            Ms. Bain did not and does not waive any rights or claims she has regarding this matter or any other matter with respect to your conduct.

            Please contact me at my above listed email address or telephone number to verify completion.  I look forward to your civil, prompt, and immediate compliance.     

                                                                                                Sincerely Yours,

                                                                                               Reginald Harris

                                                                                                Reginald Harris

*************   End  ****************

Yes, this is exactly the way this came into my email.  Let me forewarn that if someone is going to be dumb enough to try to threaten me legally through GMAIL with a cut and paste from WORD DOC, instead of the ACCEPTED and LEGAL due process of federal mail I am publishing it because it is WORTHLESS. 

The issue I have with this letter first of all is that neither Ms. Bain nor Mr. Harris seem to be able to afford physical addresses or places of business.  Maybe that is why she went after Michael for $44 million, who knows.  But letterhead?  I can make that up on publisher, at least ATTEMPT to be professional even if you don’t exist. 

Second – Those pics I have on that blog are NOT COPYRIGHTED and are public domain.  Where I found them, Ms. Bain is Google images and a hoax message board.  They were not on your web site.  You don’t HAVE these pictures on your web site.  They are also digitally altered and posted on the internet for public consumption which makes them public domain. 

I am also aware that the photographer is the one with the copyright issues, not you. Legally that is the case with ALL PROFESSIONAL PHOTOGRAHERS. I know this in my own line of work in advertising and copy writing People cannot even use graduation photos of their children or copy them unless THEY get the written permission from the photographer – even though it is THEIR CHILDREN.  Check the laws – You’re a Georgetown grad, you should know this.  If Michael sued for every photo of him online he’d own the planet.

I also took the liberty of searching the copyright office for ANY of your works under the name RAYMONE BAIN and BAIN RAYMONE, Raymone K. Bain and combinations thereof.  None exist.  Try it -

Third – I have no control over what Google publishes.  If you have problems with what Google covers on you, perhaps you should retire from the publicity business. 

Fourth – The SEC does not have anything to do with blogs, internet or free speech.  The SEC is the Securities and Exchange Commission and I don’t have TIME to educate you on what THEY DO Ms. Bain.

Moving on, when I got the letter in, I went back to doing my searches and the first place I went to was the D.C. white pages.  The results for Harris’s law firm?

White Pages D.C.
2011 bain harriswhitepages srch
You can try it too - Search

Now why would a lawyer not have his number listed?  I wasn’t satisfied with this, so I called 411.  I called the D.C. listings and I asked for both the business name and Reginald Harris.  She said they had no listing for that address.  I said, “really?  He’s a lawyer.  I have his phone number can you tell me if perhaps you have that listed?”  She checked for me and that number is not listed anywhere in the D.C. directory – It’s a private number.  (huh?)

Wait, it gets better.  By now, I thought why don’t I just call the number and see what’s up?  So I did, but I called from my cell, not my land line.  I called the Reginald Harris number.

A Woman who sounds just like the one that yelled at me the day before answers the phone.  She answered, “Law Offices of Reginald Harris.”  I didn’t let on.  I asked for the mailing address of Reginald Harris because I had some correspondence to send to him.  She said, “sure”.  She knew it was me by the tone of her voice, but I’m not sure if she knew that I KNEW it was HER on the other end of that phone.  She then recited the mailing address as the 1425 K Street in D.C., suite 350, which I had already done a search on.  It is another virtual office. 

I hung up the phone, laughed, then searched out 1425 K Street Address:

Google Search Listings for 1425 K Street, Suite 350 - Source

If you look at all those listings, they all have the same suite number, the same building, street in D.C.  Two of the first listings are for virtual office space in that building but space is off the market:  Source

Intelligent Office is this service here:  Source  This is what they do. Provide an office for new and transient businesses.  Bain and Harris’s pasts fit this profile perfectly.  There is a certain government organization that utilizes these services a lot and in actuality run a couple of them.  They are fronts.

Now with that in mind I made some phone calls in and around D.C.  (I used to work down there, have friends).  They never heard of this guy.  Nobody at that address that I called heard of him.  (I called five businesses in that building and suite and several lawyers of friends of mine).  Nobody knows him.

Finally I got tired of the dead ends and I called one of my friends and asked her to call the number for the Harris law offices.  I gave her the background of what I was doing and she has been WITH ME during the entire life of this blog and my research.  She knows Raymone Bain and what she sounds like.  We have both watched her interviews.  I told my friend, “she knows my cell phone number, I’m not giving her my house number, see if someone else answers that number if YOU call it.”  So she did.

When this friend of mine reported back to me, she said to me, “It’s her!  But that wasn’t what struck me. What struck me was when she answered the phone she simply said, “Hello”.  She did not answer for the law offices of Reginald Harris.  She simply answered Hello.  How professional. 

What exactly IS she? 

Ms. Bain I have a couple of questions for you and since I don’t have an opportunity to talk to you with “courtesy”, I guess this forum is just going to have to suffice to enable you to LISTEN to what I have to say.

How do you expect to represent clients without a physical address and with no listing for your number?

Why is it that I cannot find your name linked with any of these politicians aside from your own website and press releases?

Why does your listed address on the lawsuit against Michael list a residential home owned by a surgeon who’s only put it up for sale in May of 2010?

Why is it you don’t even know how to spell the names of big name, celebrity clients listed on your web site?  Sydney’s name is spelled “Poitier”.  The other names are wrong too.  No wonder Michael fired you.

Ms. Bain’s Professional “Savvyness”???
(English not her first language, there is no such word)
2011 bain website misspellings
She “operates in a unique position”
That’s an UNDERstatement

Why don’t you even know when Sammy Davis Junior died if you contracted with his wife to represent his estate?  And why does the estate not recognize you?

How did you manage to be fundraiser for both Clinton and Obama campaigns when they ran against each other?  Why are you not listed anywhere on either the fund raising list of names for or as a worker for either Hillary Clinton or Barrack Obama?

Claims Unsubstantiated
2011 Bain Radio Show

If you are such a “powerhouse” why is it that you A. Don’t know the most common of copyright laws and B. Don’t know who the SEC is and the scope of their governance?

Why are you working as Mr. Reginald Harris’s Receptionist?  Hint: Getting work as a publicist usually requires having a searchable business.

Why doesn’t your lawyer have a listing in the D.C. white or yellow pages?

Why doesn’t your lawyer have an office?

How does a business manager forget to “pay herself” then later sue for money blaming the client she was supposed to be managing businesses for?
And How, Ms. Bain, did you ever manage to get a job with Michael Jackson with no verifiable past, no listed phone number and no office?

Bain says she worked for Michael for five years. That would take her back to 2003.  We could split hairs on what capacity she worked for him but as his business manager it was only between 2006 and mid 2008 according to her press releases.  Even if Michael did agree to pay her 10% of deals during that time, $44,000 is a pretty hefty chunk of change even for mid-size law firms. This is one woman and one client!  If  Bain “earned” $44,000, then Michael would have had to have taken in $440 million in those two years.  If he received that much money, MS Bain, there would have been no debt for you to “assist” in reorganizing if that is what you did.

If Michael DID earn $440 million in two years, then where did you put the money?  Because YOU were the business manager, correct?

Integrity talks, bullsh*t walks.  A frequent saying of an old neighbor of mine.

Perhaps you have another name I can check?  I know you know how to monitor incoming calls and answer different phone numbers accordingly.  Do YOU work for “Intelligent Office”?  Because you sure know your way around the transient business buildings in D.C.! 

Please, for the sake of those clients you probably did not serve, at least fix the spelling of their names on your site.  That’s just disrespectful not to mention sloppy. 

We have a trial coming up. People are going to check your background, Ms. Bain.  With all your political “connections”, perhaps covert, and not publicity is where your actual past resides.

Raymone Bain’s “Clients” Hillary Clinton and Rendell Fundraisers

One last interesting Tidbit – Ed Rendell and Hillary Clinton worked on several fundraisers, next to none of them without controversy, but I was still unable to find any involvement in these fund raisers with Raymone Bain.  Not unless she is under another pseudonym.

I did find this however – Fast Eddie Robs Peter Paul.  This was in reference to a Hollywood Fundraiser in which Peter Paul was framed and sent to prison and Stan Lee was defrauded.  Stan Lee had connections to Michael as well . . . That story is here:

Stan Lee and Peter Paul
Hillary Clinton’s Felonies
This Explains Raymone and Michael’s Relationship

Is THIS the campaign you are talking about, Raymone?  Proud of ya! 

Bain’s Radio show with Van Alexander is also a myth:

Screenshot of Raymone’s Website with Radio Show Link
2011 bain radio show

Van Alexander and Raymone Bain Radio Show?

The only Van Alexander I could find upon search was THIS Van Alexander. Source  This man teamed with Raymone for a radio show?  He is 96 years old!  He is also one of the many people that filed claims against the estate.  I searched several other research forums who can’t seem to find anything else on him either.

Someone searched the copyright of songs on this person and in my own searches I found the post about it. I will copy below.

Found this on another hoax investigations forum:

Type of Work: Musical work
Registration Number / Date: PAu000616403 / 1984-05-18
Date of Creation: 1983
Title:Win, Jesse, win / words by Van Alexander ; word[s] & music Richard Alexander ; music by Philip Ashley.
Description: 1 sound cassette + 1 lead sheet (4 p.)
Other Title: Run, Jesse, run
Copyright Claimant: Richard Alexander
Notes: Additional title on copy: Run, Jesse, run.
Authorship on Application: Van Alexander F., Richard Alexander B. & Phillup Ashley Budhos. (pseuds.)
Names: pseud. Van Alexander F
pseud. Richard Alexander B
pseud. Phillup Ashley Budhos
pseud. Van Alexander
pseud. Richard Alexander
pseud. Philip Ashley

Informal a false, artificial, or pretentious person
another word for pseudo

pseudo- or pseud
1. False; deceptive; sham
2. Apparently similar

*************  End of Post **************

So it appears that maybe this "Van F. Alexander" doesn't exist!

That means in all possibility Raymone Bain doesn’t exist either. She has no verifiable past, she doesn’t have a real office and the lawyer she “contracted” to email me doesn’t have a real office either, has only been a member of the bar for two years at the most (CA. D.C. together), who’s phone number does not exist in the D.C. Directory and who’s secretary sounds exactly like Raymone’s voice and only answers that number as the Law Offices of Reginald Harris when the call comes from MY CELL PHONE NUMBER.

She has no business, she has no past, she has no lawyer and for a publicity company you would think she would have a listing with a real office.  Not happening.

This has been real enlightening.

How many people in this production have any substance behind their forms?

More from that forum –

Okay I just looked up the probate court filings on the case.
Go here Superior Court Of California County of Los Angeles: Click Case Summary on the left, scroll to the bottom and put the Case Number: BP117321 in the the box on the bottom of the page.

Case Summary - Parties

Now click on documents filed and Alexander Van's is the latest but check out the date on it...

Documents Filed
02/23/2020 Creditor's Claim ($70,000.00 )
Filed by Claimant

This seems very odd!
************************* End ***********************

Yes, it does.  How do you file a court document with a future date on it of 2020?

This is the radio show Raymone supposedly is partnered with Van Alexander.  Source  It is a Ustream Internet Radio Program.  The link on her own Web site leads to this -

Let me make THIS real clear, Ms. Bain –

This blog is about and for MICHAEL.  My PRIORITY on this blog is MICHAEL, and finding the people that DEFRAUDED HIM, LIED about him and CONTINUE to lie about him, his message and his CHARACTER.  If you are a LIAR and you LIED about your relationship to Michael, including any business deals, it will be DISCUSSED HERE.

Beyond that, I don’t care what you threaten me with.  Liars do not scare me.  Shadow agents do not scare me.  You’re not real and therefore no threat to me.

The purpose of this blog is to extricate Michael from the leeches or at the very least expose them for what they are and that includes you.  If you cannot be straight with me, if you cannot be honest without playing these childish, internet games, you are NOT about truth.  I’m sorry for you, I really am.  I had really hoped and at one point I believed better about you. 

Needless to say Raymone, you have been an extreme disappointment.

And Tee_Storm, I can’t believe what you did either, but I know about it.  You are not fooling anyone. I know where your connections are. 

Those of you who really love Michael – This is what is going on.  This is just the tip of the iceberg of what Michael was dealing with.

There is a lot at stake here.  This battle is deeper than you know and we are not alone.  Please put your support behind the Jacksons and those who are helping Michael (REALLY helping him) even if you don’t know who they are, pray . . . God knows who they are.

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