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Michael Jackson Justice: September 2013

God: Reconnect to Him

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Sunday, September 29, 2013

Randy Phillips Spoofed

The Beginning From Facebook

We left off with Micheline’s background and incredible luck in attracting Both Latoya’s and Jermaine’s book publishers to add book signings to her neighborhood (within an hour’s commute of NY city where they also had book signings), the same Carolyn walking into her zoning office that was writing me under the name “Hope” (hopeful777/hopeful10), was on Tom Mesereau’s mailing list, had lunch with Cher’s “costumer”, all from the humble zoning office in her little town in New Jersey.

To get the beginning of this, please click here.

Are these some “Circumstantial Coincidences”?  We will start by how I originally came to know her.

The first recorded comment on the blog by Micheline Perlman (spotlight) shows up on a July blog topic.  She had two Facebook pages – Micheline Perlman and Micheline James.

Micheline James is the only one I can see now.  Look at the “join” date on this page.

Micheline “James” joined Facebook on February 11, 2009.

Micheline originally had a “Micheline Perlman” Facebook page but said she used it mainly for the MJ/Karen Faye groups and deleted it shortly after I joined it.  She either deleted it or changed the name on it and blocked me.

What I don’t understand is that according to Micheline, she used the “James” name to distance herself from her abusive father (A Dave-Dave argument).  If that were the case, why would she use it for a Facebook page for the MJ Fan groups?

The “James” facebook page was started BEFORE Michael passed away as shown above.  But the only family she has on it is a sister in law and a niece.  No other family, no other workmates – All MJ people.  More on this below.  Keep this in your mind.

On another MJ affiliated website (MJJIFF or MJJ Innocent Forever Foundation, William Wagener’s shyster group), I found Micheline but with her last name spelled “Pearlman”.

I don’t care how many fans Michael has, the chances of a Micheline Pearlman being a different Micheline Perlman then the Micheline James we know is zilch.  Micheline is just not that common a name.  So why the different spelling?

It could be that someone incorrectly spelled her name, but there are two instances here.  Scrolling down this friends list, it is chock full of fashion industry, television industry VP’s, principles and consultants.  On one list further down I found a familiar name.

This is Paula Thompson Wood

One of her other friend’s is Lance Gould – Impact Editor
At the Huffington Post
Lance is who allegedly her brother’s name is

Back to the REAL Micheline’s facebook page (whatever that means – for now, the one I’m familiar with . . . James) – She opened Facebook in February of 2009.   I clicked my way up her timeline and took note that she posted nothing (or nothing was visible) in March, April, May or June.

In July she shows one post about shopping at Ikea.

Only one post in July of 2009

Nothing in August, Nothing in September, and in October?

Micheline’s first visible post on anything in 2009 other than Ikea in July was on October 13, 2009.  This is when she FIRST mentions Michael on Facebook.

Guess what else happened in October a few days before Micheline Perlman became Micheline James on Facebook?

I Posted on October 1, 2009!

This person began emailing me on a regular basis back in June of 2010, about six months after starting my blog and after Charles Thomson, J. Randy Taraborrelli and Samantha DeGosson were exposed and TINI as frauds. 

Recently she posted this on Twitter, after my last communication to her:

Her only email?

She used to email from this one back in early 2011.

This is a link she sent me in June of 2011, so she was still using “starspath” then.

The email address she began contacting me through was “ ".

Some other emails through that period in 2010, one in August and one in October.

Between August of 2010 and October of 2010, she changed the name on her Starspath email from “Perlman” to “James”.  Was she ashamed of her father only AFTER October of 2010?

August 5, 2010


She also had the "Spotlight" email address which was a separate address that she opened after July of 2010 and after she began contacting me.  Late in 2010 or early 2011 she shut down her "Starspath" email address and just emailed me through the Spotlight one.  She is the only one that had access to my personal email address that I use now.  At least I THINK she is the only one.

Tara King is not her name.  But it is interesting who Tara King is:

"Tara King is a fictional character of British 1960s adventure television series The Avengers, played by Canadian actress Linda Thorson. Sixth partner of agent John Steed (and fourth female partner), she appeared in season 6 (in color) of the series (1968-1969), playing in 33 episodes. She is Emma Peel's successor. She is also the first of John Steed's partners to be a real spy." - Source, Wikipedia

A “real spy”!  That’s almost as cute as Micheline Pella Tires.

The email home page for this is here email homepage

Home Page of the ISP Micheline once used.

I had yet to publish this, I was only writing this on word document when I checked Micheline’s twitter on the 17th of September at 6:40 pm and saw this:

Think they’re onto me?

Search term, June, 2011
“YOU have been hacked”.

When I read this I knew she was baiting me.  The name “Tara King” is in ALL CAPS.  I also know that she taped phone conversations and I know that “Ganesha Om” was a decoy group.

"Now when they shall fall, they shall be holpen with a little help: but many shall cleave to them with flatteries."

This is what they do.  My little stalker.  My flatterer and spoiler.  My little CIA asset plant.  No wonder nobody attacked her when she voiced her conservative views.  No wonder nobody attacked her when Samantha knew darned well it was she that gave me the Ganesha Om list.  Her support for me and the blog?  She didn’t delete my posts off her facebook page.  And nobody attacked her for that either.

She goes quiet for a couple of days (she’s not well, surgery in two days.  No mention of it two days BEFORE that when we were still talking).   Then she posts this on a thread that is two years old:

Not poor anymore I guess, she didn’t have
Internet on her phone the whole three
Years we’ve talked

This is what they do.  This is what evil does.  They have no conscience, no scruples and no compass.

Pictures she posted of her apartment (albeit with very old T.V. and computer monitor - this is not a recent photo) are below.  I wondered why she would bother pasting a "sun", "moon" and "stars" on the picture of her sleeping area.  The glittery images are not part of her wall (you can tell because the perspective is off, they would be graduated images toward the corner if she had not added them to the picture).  It was a message to others.  This might explain why her politics were okay with the MJ Fan cult but not mine (her politics were conservative as were the Micheline de Rothschild posts until they were made invisible the day after I told her).

Michelines house

Matches exactly her recent twitter

Divorce Court Credit

1st Serious Doubt Email to her with links:

Hi Micheline,

You once told me that I could trust  you.  I've told you everything about me, shared PERSONAL information and you for some reason cannot grant me the same:

You told me you were married to a Soap Opera star.  Who was it?

How is it that Both Latoya and Jermaine Jackson (Jermaine changing his schedule to add your bookstore) end up in YOUR town in New Jersey (or close by) when New York is just across the river and people in major cities get missed?

"January 19, 2008
I'll never forget how hypnotized we were watching host Shelby Lyman on PBS, shifting those flat chess pieces on a simple wall board whenever a new move came in from Iceland. No fancy sets, no music, no footlights, and lots of long, long delays. Only a chess GOD could create such an atmosphere of intensity, suspsense and passion. Thank you, Bobby Fischer, for inspiring me and so many others to learn and love the game. Keep playing in heaven.
Micheline Perlman,

The earliest version had a total of twelve seasons, running from 1957 to 1969, with Judge Voltaire Perkins presiding and Colin Male as the courtroom announcer. A second version debuted in the spring of 1985, with Judge William B. Keene deciding cases and former game show host Jim Peck as the courtroom reporter and announcer; this version ran for eight seasons until 1992, with reruns airing on the USA Network during the early 1990s. Judge Keene was the presiding judge at the murder trial of Charles Manson from December 1969 to April 1970 when he was replaced due to a motion of prejudice filed by Manson and was accepted by Judge Keene.[1]

"Micheline James-Perlman
I came to this website on the advice of several Brooklynites, who kindly offered suggestions on how to obtain information on my beloved late father, Albert, who passed away last June. Dad's mother came to the U.S. from Finland and they attended Trinity Lutheran when they lived in Sunset Park during the 1920s, 30s and 40s. I am hoping the church will have kept records (or a cherished old photo) that may help me fill in the gaps of my father's early years in Brooklyn. Your church is quite beautiful and I wish for its continued long life of worship and tradition in Sunset Park! In loving memory of my father and Nana Hilda. - Source, 

Micheline Perlman
(Certified Technical Assistant)

I can find nothing on you in Divorce Court. They have writers listed and you are not there.  Everything I have been able to find out about you (except the Divorce Court links which shows you I searched multiple years) is posted on this email.

I have sent you emails between me and Randy Phillips without telling him I was doing so.  You've sent me emails from Tom M. with apparently the understanding that he knew you were sharing them with me.   There has to be a reason he sought you out to send you lies to forward to me.

Micheline, this is SERIOUS.  You either know what is going on and are playing me, or you don't and they are playing you.  I need to know.  This is for Michael and nobody else.

I'm sorry if I offend you with this email or my post on the blog, but I'm tired of being jerked around.

I'll wait to see what you say.


Info on Hilda Perlman: She was a Russian Jew who came to the U.S. via relatives already here in 1922.  Her way to was paid to Chicago where she worked as a seamstress until 1930.  She then moved to San Francisco where she went to U. C. Berkeley and studied Russian and Home Economics. 

She worked in the War Office translating Russian during WWII and spent the rest of her life working a white collar job in local city government.

Although the timeline and two occupations match Micheline’s family (including her own occupation in local government), the one below matches the “Finland” origination:

New York, State Census, 1925
Hilda Pearlman
abt 1893 - Finland
Kings - Age: 32

It also matches her father’s name.

Micheline Responded not with understanding (after all the trolls I have endured on this blog) but with defensiveness and indignation.  The first email:

Start –

Spotlight Baby <1spotlightbaby"">

to me
I have to make this short and sweet, since you're threatening to post my name as a traitor if I don't respond within 24 hours - guilty or innocent.  This can't be for real, Bonnie.  It's shocking and unfair the way you have caught me off guard.  People need a chance to bounce back after being bashed in the head with a bat from left field.  I read your email this morning before going to work, and was stuck at the office unable to respond until now that I'm home.  I was shaky and upset all day barely able to take a decent phone message because my hands we so unsteady.  If you can't trust me after 2-1/2 years of sharing mutual confidences and agonizing pain, then I sure as hell would like to know who stands ahead of me at the front of the line!   Obama should have been vetted this his case, they would found something!

End –

The second email before I answered this one, she did this in quotes:

Mon, Apr 16, 2012 at 2:05 AM, Bonnie Cox <> wrote:
Hi Micheline,

You once told me that I could trust  you.  I've told you everything about me, shared PERSONAL information and you for some reason cannot grant me the same:

You told me you were married to a Soap Opera star.  Who was it?  WHO was it?  This is not something I can divulge, and as much as I care about you and love Michael, this has nothing to do with either.  It was a mutually agreed annulment, which involves conditions of confidentiality.  He was not a star, Bonnie...just an average soap actor playing secondary parts on daytime television, who did one episode for "Divorce Court" and that's how we met.  Some people might have recognized him if they were addicted daily soap watchers, but certainly not A-List material.  More along the lines of what John Tobin was, a supporting actor.  It all happened so fast the way he paid attention to me on the set and seemed to have some immediate emotional attachment to me in a sweet way.  I saw things that weren't there and made a big mistake.  The relationship was not a normal partnership, and I was not "in love" with him if you know what I mean.  I then found out something about him and could not go through with consummating the relationship.  The annulment was based on names not being mentioned, ever.  He was nice about it and attorneys in show business have ways of legally wiping the slate clean with little to no hassle.  And he even paid the legal fees.  It was 1986 and I  never looked him up after that.  He had a career to think about, and I'm not vicious bitch.  I just wanted out, period.  He developed cancer years later and seems to have survived it.  I have no desire to make trouble for this man.  And I won't have my peace of mind challenged at this stage in my life by expecting me to put his name out there.  I would not demand it of you, and there is no valid reason for it other than to satisfy an unnecessary curiosity.  Michael's annulment came with certain conditions as well, and the same goes for me.  It's old history.  We must move on to other things below.   

She didn’t demand, but she did ask for listings of search term results from my blog and in the beginning I sent them.  She also asked for a Google screen shot of my house on Google Maps/Google Earth.  And there was no valid reason for that other than to satisfy an unnecessary curiosity – Especially when I had sent her pictures of the front of the new house we had moved into.  She also got copies of other things pertaining to the blog, and considering the timing of her “de Rothschild” snafu in relation to the timing of “A Truth Untold”, I’m just shaking my head . . . .

How is it that Both Latoya and Jermaine Jackson (Jermaine changing his schedule to add your bookstore) end up in YOUR town in New Jersey (or close by) when New York is just across the river and people in major cities get missed?  Do you really think these two Jackson siblings made special arrangements for a book signing in New Jersey so that Micheline could get a chance to meet them?  Do you really believe that?  Bonnie, I stood in line for over an hour on both occasions with a hundred other people to buy those books.  I purchased two signed copies apiece at MY expense, because I thought you would love to have a token gift you would always remember.  Keep in mind that, at that time, those two books were highly anticipated by both of us, because we were hoping they would reveal some truth.  Now that we find it's just more of the same news, why are you pointing the finger at me as being at the center of some ulterior motive for a lousy book signing in New Jersey?  The BOOKENDS store in NJ is known for holding frequent book signings and personal appearances, which is why is it a popular venue for celebrity authors.  Those books cost me $115 and no one paid me to buy them - not Mesereau, not the Jacksons, not Sony, not one.  And I'm appalled that I find myself having to justify a kind gesture of friendship.  Damn it, Bonnie, I am just a poor slob who is broke most of the time.  Do you know how this makes me feel?  I'm truly sorry the books were a major disappointment...but I only bought them...I DIDN'T WRITE THEM!  People who deceived you have done so without spending a dime to do it.  Think about it.  I don't have the money to bullshit my way into someone's good graces.  What I do is done from a place of sincerity.       

Yes, the “BookEnds” story that is “known for holding frequent book signings and personal appearances” and is “a popular venue for celebrities”.  I wonder how these “celebrities” feel being escorted to the basement room as per Micheline’s description to me on the phone.

The picture I have that Micheline sent me at Jermaine’s signing.  The signing she admitted that Jermaine acted rather nervous and in which she could not even get around the other side of the table.

Micheline and Jermaine

These books were not solicited nor were the gifts she sent once she got my addresses, first in Maryland then here.  And she has sent me a lot of gifts, from perfume to soaps to those two books.  She has also gotten a LOT of information from me, and ABOUT me.

I can find nothing on you in Divorce Court. They have writers listed and you are not there.  Everything I have been able to find out about you (except the Divorce Courtlinks which shows you I searched multiple years) is posted on this email.  And youwon't find my credit on the IMDB database, Bonnie...because I did not work for the production company that produced "Divorce Court."  I was employed by the company in New York that distributed the show in first run syndication, Blair Entertainment.  My name was on the screen during the credit roll after the show under Blair Entertainment credits.  Kushner-Locke had their own staff of writers and production crew.  In recognition of my accomplishments in improving the show's first year ratings, I was given prestige credit and had three titles at various times - Story Consultant, Director of Story Development and Executive Story Consultant.  The USA Channel purchased several episodes after I left Blair and aired them in re-runs.  My credit would still show up on those episodes.  Sorry that I can't produce a tape for you.  But if that is not enough, a book was also written by Robert Levine about the show's production. 

Well she did manage to find one.  I posted the picture above.  Out of all the 9 year run through Blair entertainment and I couldn’t find one and she found it.  Wow.  What luck.    Didn’t take her long either.  I wonder how quickly DeGosson’s career creators in photography whipped this one up?  (Remember the black is her copying my email and red is her reply).

Now for Randy Phillips:

I have sent you emails between me and Randy Phillips without telling him I was doing so.  You've sent me emails from Tom M. with apparently the understanding that he knew you were sharing them with me.   There has to be a reason he sought you out to send you lies to forward to me.  I don't know what you're accusing me of.  You have sent me cut and paste messages Randy sent you, and I that's fine to maintain his contact privacy.  I respect your discretion with Randy.  As for emails from Tom, I send you whatever he sends me, but I have no idea why he sends me anything at all.  I assumed he put me on his mailing list because of the letter I wrote to him in June 2010 that we all signed.  He wrote me a thank you letter, which I replied to by email.  And from that point on, I've been on his list for all sorts of casual news in addition links for seminars, law firm updates, that Brian Oxman legal filing, the Ramone Bain article, the lecture he gave about Michael's trial.  And every message you have asked ME to cut and paste into my email, I have gladly sent him. 

I sent her cut and paste because I did not want her to have Phillips email and contact info.  However that may have been unnecessary considering.  I’ll get to that in a minute.

Friends which other than Michelle Perlman seems to be the only regular conversation Micheline has with anyone else on THIS Facebook page?

Marilyn Cain.

She is also a Michael fan.  She’s a “conservative” just like Micheline JAMES/Perlman, but she is also a world traveler (so it seems) and has visited and been inside the U.N.

Pictures of Cain at the U.N.

She claims she’s single on her facebook page but she has at least two children.  She is also a regular conversing friend with Kelly Oppenheim – A very familiar name in the “elitist” circles.  THIS friend joined Facebook in 2010, and her family includes a celebrity dentist, Dr. Thomas Oppenheim.

Posted on January 30, 2010

There isn’t much posted, at least that is public, through 2010 when she started on Facebook, through 2012, but what is posted is testimonials of cosmetic dentistry and some logo designs that Kelly made.

And this surprised me.  Not only is she friends with Mehdi but also Samantha De Gosson.

More Friends

There is also Mark Bolden, Florida Department of Revenue (we just covered this on the “heart” blog), Jan Rogers Scott who works at Melon Bank in New York, Nancy Robertson Reubenstein who’s group interests include “Kane School of Core Integration Alumni”, Taylor Jackson who works at “Michael Jackson Heal the World Kids”, I could go on, but I think this is enough.

If you remember the blog I did on OPPT and the fact that they as well as Agenda 21 were infiltrating local government, I posted a blog back in November of 2012 about the primary election scam here in South Carolina.

And I also posted on a few of the “OPPT” blogs that “Project 13” would be implemented through state and local government.

In order for that to be successful you would either have to appoint people in those positions or bring them in from the outside, which is how they succeeded in our county.  It is not such a stretch to believe that Micheline’s “job in local government” was not a front just as Raymone Bain’s office in downtown D.C. was “ a front”.

Now, the reason why I am revealing Randy Phillips emails is not because I believe that Micheline will reveal them.  She may or may not.  I don’t care. 

I am telling you this for HIS safety, because even if he was the one who answered me, his emails were most assuredly harvested and possibly answered through ISP diverting.  Something the government was doing long before Obama gave them permission by signing it into “law”

Early Emails -

Below is a screen shot I took of an old 2010 email.  It is probably the fifth or sixth email I sent to Phillips.  Keep in mind that the person who GAVE me these emails was Karen Faye.  Keep also in mind that Micheline Perlman was already in this secret group of Karen Faye’s when she just decided to give me the “Ganesha Om” list.  And it was AFTER Ganesha Om was “exposed” that Micheline began posting on the “James” Facebook page about Michael.

Chances are, when Faye gave me these email addresses, they already had diverting programs already set up.

The first email was sent to me, by “Randy Phillips” on September 27, 2010 at 3:16pm in the afternoon.  It is highlighted above on the email list in Outlook.  Take a look at the size, color and type of font.

September 27, 2010, 3:16pm

The second email, right below Randy’s that came in was from “Micheline Perlman”.  This was sent the same day, September 27, 2010, only 28 minutes later.

Email September 27, 2010,

Did you notice that the font is the same color blue (exactly), the same exact size, and the same exact FONT TYPE?

Later that evening she sent me another email from her “home” email (The Starspath email) with entirely different font, color and size.

One more thing that disturbed me and that has to do with email number 5:

Wrong – DEAD wrong! (???)

A Truth Untold is now told.  I don’t know if I was ever talking to the “real” Randy Phillips. Perhaps it was a bunch of them and Randy never saw my emails.  If so I’m sorry he didn’t.  Because he may never know that I’m one of very few that believe AEG was set up, and that AEG knew about it and did this knowingly for the same reason that Michael poured out his soul to tell us about the “Danger” in “Moscow”.