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Michael Jackson Justice: Ganesha Om Revisited - Guess I'm DEAD WRONG

God: Reconnect to Him

The Conspiracy against God is about "The Word", and the profaning of His Holy Name within us. Adam fell in the garden, breaking the direct connection to God. Jesus, the "last Adam" was a quickening Spirit, the Word made Flesh, and the only one with whom we can re-establish our relationship with God. Michael's story is still unfolding. He is the one who is, is not. But Jesus is the only name given under heaven by which we must be saved. Many are trying to rewrite HIStory. We were given a help to instruct us. Learn more "here".

Sunday, September 29, 2013

Ganesha Om Revisited - Guess I'm DEAD WRONG

Ganesha Om And Randy Phillips

"So the children of Benjamin saw that they were smitten: for the men of Israel gave place to the Benjamites, because they trusted unto the liers in wait which they had set beside Gibeah."

"The God of my rock; in him will I trust: he is my shield, and the horn of my salvation, my high tower, and my refuge, my saviour; thou savest me from violence."

"33 And they that understand among the people shall instruct many: yet they shall fall by the sword, and by flame, by captivity, and by spoil, many days.

34 Now when they shall fall, they shall be holpen with a little help: but many shall cleave to them with flatteries.

35 And some of them of understanding shall fall, to try them, and to purge, and to make them white, even to the time of the end: because it is yet for a time appointed."

Because October 1st is fast approaching us, I wanted to tell you something about faith.

When you believe something strongly enough, and you believe in defending someone who is being falsely accused, you stand up to the oppressors regardless of who else defends YOU, regardless of how unpopular it makes you, regardless of what you are threatened with losing.

Let Your Glory Fill This Land
Lift High, The King of Kings and Great I Am
Jesus . . . You Are the Way

I believed in the innocence of Michael Jackson to the point that even though I know what they are going to use his “tabernacle”, I also know what the Bible says about who he REALLY is.

I also believe what I said about AEG three years ago.  I believe they are responsible for setting themselves up as sitting ducks and that “This Is It” was what I said it was in this blog update “Every Good Song Has a Bridge”.  I believe AEG is a “bridge” to the truth.  I believe this is why Phillips agreed to do “This is It”.  Not because of money, but because of something bigger.

For those of you who have been reading this since 2010 and may not have been among those who were sent to derail this blog off course, I also had quite a time with the Karen Faye followers, Steph Martin, Samantha Degosson, and the other TINI cohorts like Taaj Malik, Muzikfactory, Belinda, Donna B./Dee, Cee, Tstorm/Macey Devon, Sammie D/Degosson (many of these people have multi-identities online) and truly there are too many to name and I’m too tired to go through all their archived emails.  They all work for the same cabal.

I’ve gotten mad at them, I’ve weathered their attacks on this blog, I’ve gone on twitter bents trying to raise awareness of their deceptions but ultimately, whether they like it or not, they too are a bridge.  They just don’t know it yet.  Then again maybe they do.

I was uncomfortable at first, with the attention this blog got, but I was completely unprepared for what happened after “Norma Jean”.  In the order that it all happened:

When Lies Began to Surface

In February of 2010, less than a month after I started this blog, Karen Faye posted a private message on how to find out what AEG was up to.  She suggested watching their Twitters and Facebook pages or emailing them to befriend them.  Eager to help, I told Karen Faye that had done my own marketing for online sales and would set up several accounts to enable tracking on which ads worked.

Karen Faye replied to me and asked me if I would be willing to set up a false identity through Facebook and get close to AEG, specifically Randy Phillips and Kenny Ortega.  She gave me their email addresses and wrote “you didn’t get them from me".

Shortly after that, a split commenced on her page.  It began with the arrival of Samantha DeGosson and her brutish arrogance in regard to her relationship with Michael.  The divisiveness began separating what was termed “beLIEvers” (hoax groups) and non, then “pre-2009” fans and “new” fans.  All this was going on as they were setting up another page.

I posted this blog “Where is the Love?” in March of 2010 in response to all the division in the fan base.  I was just beginning to dig into those immediately around Michael at the time of his death, starting with Murray and AEG.  My main interest was finding out what happened to Michael and why.  I wanted the truth, not the drama.  It was then that a thought came to me – Would Michael want me to use dishonesty to gain information?  A resounding “no” is what I heard, and I wrote Karen Faye, very nicely and told her “If we are going to search for the truth, we can’t use lies to do it.  We have to find another way.”  Her response was silence.

"As we get closer and closer to Dr. Murray’s trial and get further and further from the date of Michael’s death, less and less is making sense.

Michael said that if you wanted to get to know him, listen to his songs, read his lyrics. I’m afraid you will have to stay just as close to Michael if you are ever going to find the truth. It wasn’t in the media or the news when Michael was going through his life, we are not going to find it out there after his death either."

It was during this particular time that I began seeing an “ugly” Samantha DeGosson.  And it was during the first “feathers” appearing and the blog “Signs of Angels – God, Free Will and Michael Jackson” that I began hearing from Micheline Perlman.  It was after I wrote about the dreams and seeing the feathers that she began contacting me.

She first contacted me through the “” web site’s contact form.  We friended each other on Facebook but under the “Micheline Perlman” Facebook page.  I didn’t know she had a “Micheline James” Facebook page until I began extracting myself out of the MJ Fan groups.   I was a member of both of them.  She also had two email addresses.  The first one was which is currently inoperable and “Spotlight” which she had opened up after we began communicating by email regularly, around June.  Before this I had only known her on Facebook and it was after a post about Michael possibly being alive that I started hearing from her on a regular basis. 

It was in June of 2010 that I posted a blog on June 2 about Tom Mesereau.  a letter went out to Tom Mesereau from Micheline Perlman in which she wanted to thank him for what he did for Michael.  She put my name at the top, barely knowing me.  There was no comment from her on this blog, “A Word About Tom Mesereau” even though she sent out the pictures within days of the post going up.  Not that she was obligated to do so, it just seemed kind of odd at the time.

She sent me this on June 10, 2010

Some History

In July of 2010 is when people began exposing themselves (via their behavior and lying) and coincidentally is when I began hearing from Micheline on practically a daily basis in email and after “Ganesha Om” daily on the phone.

Shortly after exposing Charles Thomson and J. Randy Taraborrelli (for working for Sony), both the Lowly Newshound and Taraborrelli’s Facebook page were taken  down (review).  On “Staying on the Path and Watching the Trip Wires”, we followed up with the scrambling they were doing to convince people that I was nuts and all with them was fine.

Sammie D. and T-Storm/MaceyDevon/ were still emailing me then and I’ve posted some of their emails before, of them trying to coerce me into a “guilty AEG”, Steph Martin had sent me a secret invite to a group that Karen Faye was starting and Karen Faye had posted that she was looking for someone to infiltrate AEG, specifically Randy Phillips and Kenny Ortega.  But it was after Samantha DeGosson, Karen Faye and the Ganesha Om page was exposed that the attacks got so bad I had to start moderating posts.  I also gained a whole new set of “they that cling to them with flatteries”.  Not all friends mind you, just the ones that were assigned to “manipulate” my direction with posts, tag-teaming and arguments started that had nothing to do with the topic at hand.

On “Michael Know About Transitional?”, I posted what I had researched with the help from some others, and discovered what Colony Capital, Anschutz, Tohme and AEG were doing through some business “re-organization”.  At the time I believed Raymone was part of that.  I believe Peter Lopez most definitely was.

The attacks continued and I made you aware of them later in August 2010 with “They’re Back, They’re Spinning . .” and for Michael’s 52nd birthday, I posted an inspirational allegory that to this day defies my understanding because I had yet to explore Michael’s place in Biblical Prophecy.  That blog was “Curtain Call for Norma Jean”.

In September of 2010 I made a plea NOT to make the same mistake so many others made in 2005 when Michael was on trial. And that mistake was NOT to falsely accuse someone “unless you’ve spoken to them one on one”, as Michael said in his 1996 Deposition; Now the same people who were responsible for managing the world’s perception of Michael from 1993 through 2005 were attempting to do it again, this time to repair Michael’s reputation (“…or it’s irreversible the damage we’ve done”) and twist the perception of what really happened so that the throwing of stones would again hide their hands.

The previous month, August, was when I first deleted myself from both Karen Faye’s and Samantha DeGosson’s Facebook pages.  I explained why, here on “Truth is Omnipotent, Not OWNED”.  I was attacked over that (see comments) and in “Slippery Slope, Sony’s Rope” parts 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6, I worked around the clock, by myself (I don’t have a gang with me, just some help from above) to alert people to the fake “documentary” that Craig Williams, Stephanie Wilburn and Stacy were courting me to take part in.  When I learned that Taaj Malik and Sam DeGosson were part of this, and these people had infiltrated the Jackson family, I bowed out and tried to expose it.  That same night I posted part 6 (on 2 hours of sleep), I posted “Technical Difficulties Short Circuit the Network”. 

That is the blog topic in which both TINI (This is Not It) web site and Samantha Degosson’s Facebook page were taken down when their affiliates with Sony were exposed as were Samantha’s photo shopped pictures.

Michael Jackson Meet Ganesha Om” was the blog topic in which I completely broke off from the “fan-madness” of the Karen Faye, Justice4MJ and Taaj Malik groups.  So in October, when I realized that Karen was not interested in the truth, I exposed Ganesha Om and her plan that I infiltrate AEG.  However, I didn’t have the list of names.  THAT was given to me by someone else.  “This is NOT It, and Never Was” published in October of 2010 showed the staged pictures of the “grieving” outside the hospital with perfectly set up camera angles on a supposedly candid moment by the stalker chicks and I closed the year with the knowledge that Michael Jackson’s “conspiracy” had a lot more to it then a simple fight over a publishing catalog.

The pictures of the photoshopped pictures were linked to a now defunct web site that I could not afford to keep up, and this blog has gotten bigger than I can manage, but I still have the pictures on flash drive. 

It was also in October of 2010 that I began emailing Randy Phillips with the email that Karen Faye sent me.  I will post those separately on another page but for brevity’s sake, just know that I emailed him and he returned my email.

Take a minute to get over the shock of this because it took me a couple of deep breaths when I saw that reply email.  It scared me.  I will get back to this.

The person who gave me the list for “Ganesha Om” was already a member.  It was Micheline.  But according to her at the time, she said she was left out of the group because she “seemed too eager”.  This is what she told me Samantha DeGosson had told her, but she ended up in the group anyway.

She shared these emails with me, below:

Ganesha Om Loyalty

Micheline also sent me her email to Samantha

Original Message -----
From: Micheline James
To: Bonnie Cox
Sent: Tuesday, October 05, 2010 2:06 PM
Subject: My reply to Samantha

Micheline James October 6 at 6:35am
Having Neeha monitor my page and report back to you is a paranoid and cowardly act. I don't need to take the low road to accomplish anything in life, and have no desire to engage in useless and misguided subterfuge at the expense of Michael's precious memory. If you find those tactics necessary to succeed in whatever your mission is, your "personal assistant" is right - you would NOT want me in your world. The only "commander" I report to is my own conscience.

Thank you for making my decision easier. Kindly remove me from your page, and do not return my yourself postage.

This was a copy of a Facebook private message.  This was not posted publically on Facebook.

Other threats I received:

In July of 2010, I published on the blog a Facebook Note that Micheline wanted me to published on the same day that Seven Bowie published it (Bowie published before I did) and she made it a point to tell me that but she didn’t want me to feel obligated.

She did comment on that one.

On the day I posted about my husband's friend's suicide, there was no comment from her, nothing.

Micheline’s first comment on the blog appears in July.  The next ones appear in August, the second being on the blog “Norma Jean.”  I have gone back through the blogs to find her first published comment on my blog and those are the first ones.  She did not post in support of me during any of the battles I had with either the Ganesha Om Blog, the Sam Degosson fake pictures nor on the Charles Thomson/Taraborrelli blog.  I looked.

She did however, share and comment Facebook links of people she knew had ridiculed this blog.  She ALLOWED me to post this blog link on her face book page, but she did not promote it nor did she defend me against attacks except to me over the phone.  Was she obligated to do this?  No.  She Did come to my defense on the blog four times when TL and one of the anonymouses was attacking me in 2011.  But there has been less sharing of the links on this blog by her then she has shared of those who ridiculed this blog.

Again, she was under no obligation to do this and I never asked her to promote this blog.  Did it bother me that she posted links of people and other blogs who contradicted this one?  Yes it did.  Why?  Because I believe that she agreed with the Biblical purpose of Michael and the reason for his persecution and abuse.

It also began to bother me because I had shared copies of emails between Randy Phillips and I, taking out his contact information out of the emails.  Now I learn that it was probably moot.  On my first suspicion of her, I stopped sharing the emails.  I then stopped writing Phillips only sending him periodic emails.  It was after the Murray trial that this slowed down because I realized that emails were being “harvested” and in some cases, created for that trial.

My first suspicion of Micheline believe it or not had to do with a search I did to see where she lived, because she had asked for a screen shot of the Google Earth shot of my home.  She wanted me to point out my house.  So I gave her the wrong one.  There was no reason in the world why she would want a picture of my house from the air unless it was to verify what was already suspected.

When I did my search on Micheline I learned that she did have an address listing for the town and state where I sent my cards and she had sent her package (a gift of soaps), but her age was way off from what she told me she was.

Micheline Perlman, there is only ONE in NJ
on the White Pages

I emailed her about it. She didn’t deny it but the email reply she sent me was one of indignation at being “vetted”.  The second time I suspected her was over a comment she made on Larry Nimmer’s page where he posted naked pictures of his boys holding a mock flag pole in the buttocks of his brother.  When I posted to Larry to consider taking it down especially in light of what Michael was accused of, Micheline deleted her “fun loving boys” post and changed it to one of indignation.

The third time I suspected her and the second time I deleted her from my Facebook page was over a discussion about blanket’s biological mother (Prudence Solomon), citing sensitivity toward Debbie Rowe completely forgetting the year of MK Ultra blogs I did.  What information she sent me on the Inzerillos also sent up red flags.  Did she know them personally?

The third and last time I deleted her from Facebook was over the “Micheline de Rothschild” page.

In between it all, there were the little coincidences, like the links she would send me to articles or YouTube videos within hours of them being posted, the fact that both Latoya and Jermaine just happen to have their “publishers” schedule book signings in the town near her even though they were going across the river anyway in New York.  She even managed to post a request on Twitter when she saw Jermaine’s itinerary did not include her town in New Jersey, and the next day it was changed.

She happened to have an executive from Sony (Carolyn) just happened to enter her zoning office about a pool and also happened to share the same name and occupation as the person who had been emailing me (Hope/Hopeful777/Hopeful10) for over a year AND the last time I tucked my suspicions under my tail, she told me that “Rosemarie”, Cher’s 30+ year costumer just happened to Waltz into her zoning office for a permit and they had lunch together.  This is where she tried to convince me that Karen Faye’s earnings claims were correct.

But after all that, if you’re going to convince me that “Micheline de Rothschild” just happened to remove the U.N. Group from her Facebook page the day after I told Micheline James/Perlman about it and it had nothing to do with Micheline James/Perlman, it ain’t gonna happen.

If I was to take this personally I would focus on Micheline and her lying instead of the threat between the MJDHI forum going down, Souza’s note declaring personal attacks by a person making their lives (and agenda) miserable and the connection to the UN group link on Micheline de Rothschild page disappearing.  And I wouldn’t focus on Kathy Hilton’s connection to the same group and my mentioning this to Micheline James/Perlman.   And for a group that’s been around since 2007 or so, why is it that as far back as I can go in the membership, the longest anyone has been there is about two months?  And they were all added by someone else.

I received a total of 8 emails and three twitters from this person.  I replied to one Twitter via private message.  The person asked me to call, then she said “don’t call”.  Since we don’t have time to go through the history of this I’m not going to go into what I have thus far learned.  But I will tell you it goes this far back.   There is only one member of this group that did not get barred from this blog.

On Second Thought . . .

I continued to collect information even though I did not know if I would ever publish it or not.  And since I have started this whole thing archiving everything, emails from people ect… I went through everything from Micheline James/Perlman.

I suspect that the timing between the taking down of the MJ Death Hoax investigator’s site had more to do with the exposure of “Frontback777” similar to what happened to the TINI and DeGosson Face Book pages after publishing the photoshopped pictures during “Technical Difficulties”.

The Ganesha OM blog list was given to me by Micheline and she was on their list.   It should come as no surprise to anyone that after Samantha DeGosson and her “assistant” Neeha/Neyhla gave Micheline an ultimatum, that my blog was attacked mercilessly . . . but not Micheline or her Facebook page.  Anyone want to know why?  I know why.

She was not attacked on her “conservative, right wing” views, she was not attacked on my blog appearing on her page and she was not attacked when they KNEW it was her that gave me the list. 


Micheline told me why.  It is because they had “already abandoned the page”.

Micheline gave me the list of names AFTER Karen Faye/Steph Martin and the others had already started up another secret page.  Perhaps Micheline deRothschild is just another false Identity, who knows.  They had already been told I was going to expose them

The Ganesha OM Members as sent to me by Micheline Perlman/James.  The names to the right are the REAL names (or the current names at that time). The false names were to the left.

Alexandra Dimitru = Alexandra Dumitru
Alex Salza = Alexandra Salazar
Atenea Hella = Ana Paula
Aymi Danslamusique = Aymi Derham

Betty Laura Giro = Laura Girotto

Carmen Klaassen = La ZehKah
Cecilia Matthews = Cecilia Mattsson
Christine Verena = Christine Börsch
Connie Kinert = Connie Kleinert

Dee Shelby = Dee Gurler
Donna Madison Bee = Donna Bee

Gaby Hope = Gaby Hecker

Heather Ellis = Heather Eiring
Heidi M Jackson = Heidi Andreasen

Iris Hunter = Iris Jäger

Jackie Dee = Jackie Dadeush
Jaclyn Reneseme = Jaclyn Reznicek
Jacqueline Lauren = Jacqueline Laurencelle
Janus Juni = Juni Kaefer
Jarmila Bond = Jarmila Bukovská

Klara Verstand = Sabine Uhrmeister
Karen Richards = Karen Brake Richmond
Karin Flink = Karin Schnell
Katrin Raven = Katrin Richter

Laura Trilly = Laura Trezzi
Laureen Armangau = Laureen Armengau

Manuela Vegas = Manuela Voigt
Mariam Maisuradze = Mariam Amurvelashvili
Mariola King = Mariola Rey
Marion Bond = Marion Bland
Martina Maria = Martina Ziegener
Micheline Pella = Micheline Perlman
Mina Adami = Mina S Amadi
Monica Newman = Monica von Neumann

Nathalie Gavali = Nathalie Gvindadze
Neena Arnold = Neena Ananda
Neyha Wills = Neyha Walia
Nicke Landes = Nicke Lodian
Nicole Elocin = Nicole Kienzle

Renee Koz = Renee Barasch

Samantha Gosson = Samantha de Gosson
Shami Free = Shami Freeman
Sheila Glynn = Sheila Gonzalez
Sheryl Ann = Shery A. Hodges, Shery Hodges
Shirin Applehead = Shirin Al-Obaydi
Steph Michaels = Steph Martin
Stevie Ann Lee = Stevie Skret

Tina Adams = Tina Arens
Tina Baker = Tina Becker

Zaida Lolailo = Zaida Rubio
Zena B. Jackson = Zena B.

This of course was a decoy.  I didn’t know it back then, but I learned that later. That was my first suspicion of Ms. James.  The web site was already abandoned before I posted the list.  The names on there for the most part are recognizable.  Nothing like the online cave they play in now.  I had received a number of “take my name off your web page” complaints, but nobody ever followed through with a threat.  It was enough to make it legitimate at the time and keep me occupied.

Take a look at Micheline’s “alias” – Micheline Pella.  I did a search on Micheline Pella and guess what I came up with?

Isn’t that cute???

She must have just replaced the tires on her car when she came up with that name.

Now let’s look at some more recent slip ups.

The Micheline de Rothschild Scam

On August 27 via phone call, I told Micheline James/Perlman that an identity going by the name “Micheline de Rothschild”, whom I had been watching for over a year since I told Micheline Perlman the FIRST time, belonged to a U.N. globalist group on Facebook.  The fact that there were three thousand plus other members of this group, mostly elites, royals and heads of state and global corporations more or less lent credibility that this was an actual U.N. sponsored group.

The day after I told her about this, I went back to the group again to look at some other members because I was suspicious that they all seemed to be ADDED, not JOINED; most of them within the previous two weeks or that month.  When I returned to the member’s list page, “Micheline de Rothschild” was no longer on the list.  Thankfully, I had remembered to take screenshots of everything.

What happened after that, I told on the blog update “Tales of What Somebody Told” on the “Seven Seals” blog (August 28) and followed up with this person’s reaction on “Jesus Turns the Tables”.  It was also on that follow up that we discussed  the timing of the shut down of the Death Hoax blog of Souza’s.

I had mentioned the emails and twitters that this person had sent me.  I ignored them for the most part.  One email she stated that she had “always been the person I am, Micheline James from Hackensack New Jersey” – Only Micheline James is not her real name, it is Micheline Perlman.  That one I had answered and reminded her of that.  There were eight emails before I answered the first.  There were also Twitter private messages.  We’ll start with the emails first:

Screenshot First email sent August 30

Second email sent also on August 30

Email #3 Sent August 31st

---- Email #4 Sent September 1

Since this was the last email sent, (not counting the Twitter private messages), I wanted to make an example of this one.  I have numbered the issues on the screen shot:

- 1. "suppose Hilton has been monitoring your blog, or having someone do it for her, to find topics that conflict with her own political agenda?" –

Answer: The issue wasn’t Kathy Hilton.  Kathy Hilton has a lot more powerful opponents in the political arena if she even HAD the time to sit there and monitor B-grade blogs such as “Michael’s Guardian”.  She’s not running for office, why would she bother?

- 2. "Isn't it convenient that when MdR dropped her FB membership, that Kathy Hilton's visibility went with it?" –

Answer: In this email she claims MdR dropped her membership.  In a previous email she suggested MdR had been dropped by the admin of that page.  Secondly Hilton’s visibility never changed.  She was still on the first page search results on the members list.

- 3. "We both hit Google to search for Micheline deRothschild's website." –

Answer: Hmmm, I find that rather interesting considering that Micheline could not have hit the “search” until I TOLD HER about the page, so NO, we did not BOTH hit the Google search during the same time period.  I picked up on this “tracking” issue though because this is not the first time that something showed up or disappeared or changed on a news or web site after talking to Micheline about a find.  I have known I had been hacked a couple of years ago.  Sooner or later you are going to find out who did it or who was used to do it.  (remember the many emails with viruses I was sent, from Raymone Bain to Mary Brookins that I never clicked on.  But Micheline I trusted.  Micheline had also sent me one, two years ago and I questioned her about it.).

- 4. "Just the way you track your stats and visitors.  Is it possible that Kathy Hilton has her own network to track visits of people and sites she is politically affiliated with?" –

Answer:  The only way you can track visitors to and from a web page is if you OWN the web page and PUT the tracker on it.  Hilton could not put a tracker on a Facebook group she was just a member of.  Again the over explanation of tracking visitors and inserting herself as target of this (admitting she had no blog and therefore no motive for people to track her) I did take note.

- 5. "Kathy's connection to Latoya disturbs me.  She must have known all along about your blog and the topics you cover.  If she has people monitoring your blog daily and is a member of such a controversial organization that supports a global society, then that could have been what tipped her off that day to advise deRothschild to cancel her membership."

Answer – Unless Kathy Hilton owned that U.N. group facebook page, and unless Kathy Hilton really supervised a group of people who monitor my blog and others who are anti-U.N.  this is quite a stretch.  These scenarios were starting to sound more and more desperate.

- 6. "But to know that Latoya's friend, Kathy Hilton is part of an organization bent on oppression of society, that is really a sickening thought.  Kathy is heir to the Hilton Hotel fortune through her marriage and has financial power and clout you and I can't even imagine.  Far more than the Jackson family. "

Answer – Kathy is MARRIED to the heir of the Hilton Fortune.  Her trying to convince me that Kathy pulled more weight that the Jackson family leads me to question if she is being deliberately obtuse.   Kathy Hilton was, and will never be the asset that Michael Jackson is – never.  The sheer lack of numbers in handlers and press in comparison will attest to that.

That is just the last email.  I could pick apart the others, but I’m running out of interest.  Back to the de Rothschild issue and that U.N. Group, the fact that all its members were “added” and not “joined”, and the vast majority of them within the last two months was rather odd.

She sent two more emails to me on that same day, short ones, one which I answered five days later:

Emails 5 and 6 sent Sept. 1

Email #7 reply from me with her quote sent Sept 6

Email # 8 from Micheline in reply to my email
Sent Sept. 7
Email #8 and 9 her reply to me and
A second email the same day sent Sept 7th

She realizes her contradiction when she says that no laws have been broken in using a different name, after a previous email where she says that Micheline de Rothschild probably broke laws using an alias.  Truth doesn’t need explaining or double-backing.

This concludes that thread. The emails number #4 and #5 are below, which were sent out on September 2 and 3 respectively.  Emails number 7, 8 and 9 are in reply to my September 6th email pointing out her hypocrisy in using her own aliases.

You would think that after emails #8 and #9 she would have given up, but she hadn’t.  The two emails below are prior to emails 7-9.  Her Twitters asked me if she could expect a phone call to straighten this out, but in email number 9 she declines.

Email #4 Sent Sept. 2

This one was completely unrelated to the issue, it was more of an attempt to get me to answer her at this point because I had returned none of her Twitters or emails up to then.

Email #5 Sept. 3

Only One Micheline Perlman in Hackensack

I expect a battle about this and perhaps some attacks from others; Namely because their main source of information for the last three years is now blocked, but it may still be too late for they have a lot of information now.  Being lied to and deceived is really getting tiresome.

I had brought this issue up to Micheline two years ago, the fact that her White pages people search listing has her age at 63, when she claims she is 57 (may be 58 now, since she claims her birthday is in January).  She got mad at me but didn’t deny it.  I posted the picture below further up on the blog.  It concurs with her “” information:

Micheline Perlman, there is one in NJ
on the White Pages

There is also ONE Micheline Perlman on “”
And she’s not 57, she’s 63 and she lives in Hackensack
The same Hackensack my Christmas cards were sent
And she went to New Milford High School

This Micheline Perlman below also lists a relative that she has talked about on the phone more than once.  And the age “Lance” is, is the age she told me SHE was.  Lie.

Micheline Perlman – 63 NOT 58

This screenshot shows Micheline’s listing for her facebook page under her old name.  She HAD two, one under Perlman and one under “James”.  This was according to the partial post showing, May 25 of 2010.

Micheline Perlman – Facebook Page “Eleven months”

She told me after “Ganesha Om” was exposed that she was “closing down Perlman” Facebook page.  Her Facebook page is relatively empty for someone who sent 104 people’s names to Tom Mesereau and posted the picture on Facebook!  You will notice also the “White Pages” search and the “MyLife” search above the Facebook one under Perlman.

This one is interesting – It’s “Micheline’s Blog”. But it’s not Micheline James or Micheline Perlman or Micheline de Rothschild.  It’s Micheline Walker.  And Micheline Walker also posts about Obama from a pro-conservative view – Just like Micheline James/Perlman, just like Micheline de Rothschild.  Also, take note of the one tag she posted – Itzhak Perlman.  I covered his background in February on “The Beast that Was, Is Not, Yet Is”, showing his association with Daniel Libeskind, the designer awarded the ONE World Trade Center design contract.

Micheline Walker or Micheline Perlman/Itzhak Perlman

On this link are the listed comments on that blog topic.  Micheline’s first visible reply is in French, which her mother is, according to her, raised in Paris and was a ballet dancer in Paris.

Under Micheline James, I found this on “LinkedIn”.  Chances are, it’s not the same one.

Micheline James – New York City

Here is an Obituary of a Micheline James (82) of Hightstown, New Jersey.  She was from France.  It wouldn’t be the first time the CIA used the details of the deceased to create an identity.

She’s posted this picture of her father on her Facebook before, and I posted it for her on the blog before for a Father’s day tribute (I believe it was 2011).  The “625” number on the train she considered an omen. 

She told me her father was buried on 6/25/2008 and died on June 23rd .  This was an emotional point for me as he had always associated it with the closeness of Michael’s death, the number on the train in her dad’s picture and I believed her.

The only death record I could find for an Albert Perlman in Bergen County, New Jersey was in June 20, 2002 at the age of 79.  Since Micheline told me her mother would be 90 this year, that would have made her date of birth in 1923, close to the same age (Barely a year, he was born in 1922). 

I did a search on Obituaries for Albert Perlman and could not find a newspaper that covered it, but the notation above should suffice.

She told me her mother’s maiden name was James and that she used that during her career.  When I questioned her “industry” background, the research into it’s heavy founding among the Ashkenazi Jews and her incredible luck in attracting so many “Michael” connected people in the little town in which she works for “local government”, I’m done skimming this subject.

She has a Jewish last name, her Twitter account and facebook page boasts a career in fashion, modeling and television.  She’s worked in New York, supposedly worked for Blair Entertainment (credited once on Divorce Court in the late 1980’s?) and Jackson publishers just changes Jermaine’s book signing locations on a dime when she twitters “how come Latoya came and you didn’t???”

Los Angeles, Vegas, Paris, Dallas/Fort Worth, Chicago, New York and. . . .  Emmerson, NJ???

Facebook – to be continued

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