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Michael Jackson Justice: Let The FEATHERS Hit the Floor!

God: Reconnect to Him

The Conspiracy against God is about "The Word", and the profaning of His Holy Name within us. Adam fell in the garden, breaking the direct connection to God. Jesus, the "last Adam" was a quickening Spirit, the Word made Flesh, and the only one with whom we can re-establish our relationship with God. Michael's story is still unfolding. He is the one who is, is not. But Jesus is the only name given under heaven by which we must be saved. Many are trying to rewrite HIStory. We were given a help to instruct us. Learn more "here".

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Let The FEATHERS Hit the Floor!

Preparing His Servants
When the Feathers Hit the Floor

"And lest I should be exalted above measure through the abundance of the revelations, there was given to me a thorn in the flesh, the messenger of Satan to buffet me, lest I should be exalted above measure.

8 For this thing I besought the Lord thrice, that it might depart from me.

9 And he said unto me, My grace is sufficient for thee: for my strength is made perfect in weakness. Most gladly therefore will I rather glory in my infirmities, that the power of Christ may rest upon me."

Like the heart that unwound itself from the clouds last week, and the dream that told me who Michael was and where to find him in scripture, I have also besought the Lord in times of confliction and affliction.  I am still amazed and humbled that He answers me, even when I am angry in my questions.  For every emotion is also God’s, and if we cannot be honest with Him in our conversation, we cannot be honest with anyone.

One may fool a church member that everything on the surface is fine and there is peace in your soul, but God knows before you utter a word.  These too are recorded in the essence of you and testify of you to God.  Our thoughts and intent are branded into us like a book.  As Jesus mediates for us, it is still God who molds and prepares our souls for perfection.

A bad stretch of days this past weekend in onslaught of oppression and I cried in front of others, with my face lifted to the ceiling and called to God, “What are you doing?” with anger and frustration in my heart.

As I lay in my bed praying later that night, thinking on those things I began to drift off when within me I heard “I am preparing you . . .” as clear as day.

My eyes flew open and I could still hear the resonance of those words within me.  He was not angry with me, but counseled with a patient, calm voice.  It was in answer to “what are you doing?” cried out to Him earlier in the day.

The verses in 2 Corinthians above are a reminder to myself as well as those reading, that the preparation of what we are to fulfill in eternity is a work that He continues in us.  The discipline in Christ we exercise here will matter.  Our jobs do not end with the initial call.  We apply to God through Christ; Christ is our reference, we are accepted through his testimony as Christ is our mediator – then training on the job begins.  Hence even those bent on mischief and evil are used by God, to sharpen others.  Usually we do not see the purpose of this until we’ve overcome it.

The Trap

I posted this in the comments the other day on “Not Taking the Bait” concerning Robert Connors and the fake Dod Whistleblower story.  The comment didn’t show up (on my own blog, I was laughing), because I got interrupted in the middle of posting it, came back and closed out the window thinking I was done – but wasn’t.

The Connors hoax was originally sent to me by my husband from his Facebook page.  The next day someone by the name of “Deb” also sent me an email about this Robert Connors.  She asked me what I thought of it and I told her pretty much what I posted on the blog link above.

I coasted over to the Hoax Twitterers and sure enough Serenity and a couple other people had posted this link (none commented that they thought it was fake, even when Dieter’s name was mentioned) but one of the other “fans” posted they thought it was not Michael’s voice.  I thought that was interesting.

I went to check on the update yesterday to see if there was one, and this is the video that showed up on YouTube:

Robert Connors – Not Convincing

I took some screenshots and the supposed “marketer/actor” of this non-existent rapper “Prince AE” named “Robert Connors” reveals some rather disturbing dramatic images.

Michael Jackson and Molestation?

The mask to look like Michael

Here Michael turns into a demon coming
At the camera

These images start at 2:55 on the video.  Is this supposed to be Michael Jackson?  The earlier video depicted a false taped phone call with Connors claiming it was the Dept. of Defense’s taped conversation between Michael and Dieter Wiesner.  If this was ONLY aimed at discrediting “conspiracy theorists” why would they have used Michael Jackson?  Why not JFK, or Nancy Schaefer or Bill Cooper or Bryce Taylor?  Are marketing stunts typically enacted by impersonating a Department of Defense agent who threatens to expose the murder of the top pop star then turn around and spoof him molesting an amputated baby doll?

And no outrage by Serenity and the others who want to rake me over the coals for simply showing the agenda behind those that tortured Michael in the press and in the music industry?

SerenityxDreams Hoax Post

With dedication like that, perhaps “fans” like “Serenity” and “ElkeHassel” should share a cabin with Martin Bashir, Evan Chandler and the Arvizos?  Oh, that’s right, they already work together!  Charles Thomson and Taraborreli and MJAP are all buddied up too.  Bashing Michael Jackson PRE-death only to put on a new face POST-death.

This was aimed specifically at people researching and exposing the goings on surrounding Michael Jackson.  And the fact that they insert despicable images of a masked look-a-like over a wounded/sacrificed baby doll, invoke the naming of the Department of Defense (who’s searches I exposed on this blog) makes this pretty much a tad higher on the wrung then some goofball deciding to discredit random conspiracy researchers.

The fact that the MJ Hoax regulars on Twitter, specifically those that have attacked this blog were front and center on posting these “Connor” videos also leads to question just who these people work for, but we already know that too (BE-ing and DO-ing, Lightworkers of the world unite!).  The original was posted by “VidTruth” on Youtube, the secondary posted on “World Wide HipHop”, then Jesse Venture and Alex Jones, the Examiner and on and on.

VidTruth favorites JesseVentura’s channel’s, Jordan Maxwell’s and “WeAreOneBigFamily” and “JohnDoe” who are also uploaders of this same video.  There are also links to “PrisonPlanet” which is an Alex Jones account. The network of propagandists.

The “actor” that played the part of Robert Connors seems to be none other than Dwight Schultz, who’s credits consist mostly of voice-over work for numerous video games including “Final Fantasy – The Spirits Within”.  Some make up, shaving the head and obscure lighting and exposure and let’s see what we have here:

Dave Schultz/Robert Connors?

I watched this all the way through, watched it again taking the screen shots, and then checked the postings on SerenityxDreams/Pauline and “ElkeHassel” on Twitter.  I took note that I was no longer “blocked” and sure enough, she posted the “hoax” link above, so I used that one instead.  How convenient.  Did she unblock just for that?

SerenityxDreams Hoax Post

Some reminders of their mischievious “Hoax” clues, and these same people are also posting #AEGmustFALL.  They believe Michael is alive but that AEG and Murray should “pay” for a death that never happened?

Hopeful’s July 14th posts

MJonmymind – on a Resurrection

Twitter sept bethechange
“The Plan’s in Full Effect”

And today?

@frontback777 ....and the "feather" will DEFINITELY be heard when it flutters to the "stage". :)

Mindseye is the Serenity that is still friends with “Front” (shortened her name because a “front” is all she is).  Front is exactly what her name implies.  She is a “front” for something else.  Another decoy.  Front will “become” Michael when they “resurrect” him but right now SHE is none other than chaos until they are ready.

Then I went back through and took some screen shots of the video, but before I comment on those, let’s consider that the Department of Defense doesn’t usually make a habit of letting actors and advertisers falsely claim they are “agents” unless the Department of Defense is behind the “event”.

Secondly, most of the people my husband is friends with on Facebook are hardline conservatives and don’t post about conspiracies or death hoaxes of Michael Jackson.  The few people on my husband’s Facebook page that WOULD post these subjects are trolls and I know who they are.

Lastly, there is no such rapper as Prince AE and for something as hokey as this video to come up on the Michael Jackson fake/fan/Hoax community’s radar the very hour it comes out means there is possibly a closer connection to the two then they want you to believe.

This reminds me of the time that I posted information about Raymone Bain and Tom Mesreau’s office just happened to be scouring the Washington Post links online about her fake arrest over unpaid taxes the SAME DAY.  They sent this to an alleged friend who was getting regular emails from him.

People, listen up.  I have known since 2011 that this computer is being logged.  I have known for some time that phone calls with certain people were being taped.  Earphones, feedback, echoes – please.

I have taken note of how conveniently certain YouTube videos and news links posted that very day get sent to me in emails within hours of going up online.  Then these people play the victim when I call them out and expose them.

I am also aware that the same tricks they played on Michael, cutting comments on his interviews and pasting them into answers of questions taped much later than the interview (ala Bashir, Sawyer, Bradley) will be used in the same manner against  me.  I already know “Souza” is involved, Serenity, Bunnie Rowe, and most of the “This Is Not It” gang including Samantha DeGosson and Taaj Malik, MJAP and some of the others I’ve deleted and blocked from this blog.  I’m not sure how this will transpire, but I have an idea.

Bunnie Rowe posted a comment to MJAP on Twitter that I was never “for him” meaning Michael.  And the difference between people like her and people like me is that I don’t worship Michael over God.  The REAL Michael didn’t either.

If I was lying, if I was a profiteer, if I was spinning stories that I met him or knew him, or I was “standing with him chanting” during the “Sony Sucks” tour in London, I wouldn’t be such a target for them.  I’d be welcomed with open arms.

I have been courted to write books by numerous people, take part in “documentaries”, blogtalk radio, called by and stalked by people offering gifts, people SENDING gifts I never solicited and I don’t accept advertising on my blog.  Not from Google, not from marketers.  I have tried to help people who’s drama was specifically designed to tie up my time, and unfortunately for them . . . it’s over.

I would do something about the computer tracking if I had the money, but I don’t.  So collect what you must and just know that I know about it.  I was told about it in 2011 by others who were watching my back.  And now others know it too.  Which brings me to the next generation of chess moves:

Someone is Hiding the Truth-Hold On…

Sometimes following a string of comments on Twitter can reveal some gems.  Other times it reveals a planted story.

When I ran across this one however, I took notes and hence my tweets yesterday.

Whether related or not, this was an active weekend in air traffic over my house.  It continued Monday night and tonight.

Do you know what it’s like watching fighter jets lights criss-crossing each other in the sky over your house, and helicopters circling and traveling in twos . . . OVER your house?  It’s a little bit disconcerting.  Tonight my husband, my mother and I just stood on the front porch and watched them shaking our heads.  We took “cousin Eddy” outside with us via the phone so he could hear all the racket.

Last night my husband and I watched about four high speed fighter jets circling our house and criss-crossing maneuvers in the dark with their lights and the noise being their only evidence they were there.  The helicopters were a bit more aggressive tonight and closer to the house.  We haven’t heard anything for a while, so regardless of whether it is intimidation or not, something is getting ready to happen.  This has been going on all weekend. 

My son called me concerned they were going to use Syria and the situation there for something bad, and of course we will get into the purchase orders and deadlines between DHS and FEMA a little later.

Right now, I want to share this with you.  It could be another decoy, or it could be the “coming reveal” that Souza talked about (see below)

Serenity alerts “lurkers” about Souza’s forum
(nobody asked her, no corresponding tweet questions)

Links to note from Souza about
“their” lives being ruined for the last year or so

These tweets were just hours after I posted the “Tales of What Somebody Told” blog, which incidently also reveals the Anti-AEG-Death-Hoax-Investigators hypocrisy and the Micheline de Rothschild FB decoy.

I have not forgotten the threat from Musikfactory2 almost three years ago:

Anything you post that will undermine our work will be called out” – The day both TINI and Samantha DeGosson’s pages were taken offline.

I was also told I was “undermining years of work”.  Taking into consideration Souza’s “It’s getting personal” note and the Muzik threat, I wanted to show  you this and let you ponder what you think it means:

A Truth Untold - One Tweet, 126 followers

Again this was posted by one of Serenity’s followers, but the first place I saw it was MJAP’s Twitter, actually it wasn’t his, it was his RETWEET of that tweet:

What is this???

Hmmm . . . MJAP and those twittering here seem to be also unsure after bashing AEG, that there was even a death at all.

Yes, I went to their Twitter page and it was quite empty.  They are new after all, and in two hours they collected 126 followers.

A Truth Untold

One tweet . . . on the 21st of September (isn’t that the autumn equinox?).  Interestingly after being online less than an hour . . .


Of the first followers:  MJAP, Bunnie Rowe, MJ BeLIEver, Global Resistance, Lovingmjforever (she has a new identity, "GirlInTheMirror"), Recreates, Dancingthedream (stephanie), MJGloblaFamily (suprised? I'm not), Truth4Michael, Sandra Turnbull, Charles Thomspon (now I'm laughing out loud, talk about TRANSPARENT), Dr. Stephan Holley, Marco B. (again , not a surprise), "Wendy" (wendylovesmj), Belinda O., Laura B, El999, rachel1970, sanemjfan (David Edwards), Tom Clark, "Fukker Mikey" who's avatar consists of stone ingraved with the word "Rebirth", Liberian girl (hee-hee), 4theLegacy, MBL (beatriz), Diamondglove who is none other than Judy Rowe - one of Micheline's "other" Ganesha friends, LunaJo067 (Hoax videos), VindicateMJNow, Tinkerbell7, another Beatriz, teammichaeljackson,

Global Resistance is also one of Serenity’s followers

Not all of them are noted “Hoax” death Sony forum related, but many of them are.  Question – why are anti-AEG propagandists accusing them of murdering someone they don’t believe is dead?

Truth’s Website

I have a few ideas on what this might be about… and I will tell you about it after I do some praying.  Because the things I am about to reveal are going to generate some visceral hate in this direction.

It will also neutralize some of the attacks. 

Think about the things I have shared with you tonight.  The lack of interest by fans posting it, in an alleged marketing video which depicts a mock-Michael Jackson mounting a broken baby doll and turning into a demon;

The hypocrisy behind the propaganda against AEG, the using of Katherine Jackson and family in a trial put on by the elite, NOT by Katherine over a death that didn’t happen, according to the very people posting against AEG.

There is a difference between “A truth” and “THE Truth”.

They want you to believe that manipulation, illusion, multi-identities online, false identities and side road drama is truth.

They want you to believe that Michael Jackson’s suffering was over a catalog of songs.

No, it wasn’t.

The catalog is only a symbol of the REAL book they were after – inside of Michael.

The book of the law – the SEED of the one who would “rule the nations with a rod of iron”, but whom they would use to “seek to mingle their seed with the seed of men”.

Michael Jackson went from a black man with defined muscles to a white man with a feminine muscle structure.

How do you think that happened?  Billie Jean . . . He told us.

Bared his arm before the nations

Revealed his seed would be used

And people like me are the enemy . . . why?

Because I am “undermining years of work”.

More to come.  Everything will be told.   It is Revelation time.

"I am the damned.  I am the dead.  I am the agony inside the dying head.  This is injustice - whoa unto me.  I pray this punishment would have mercy on me . . ." - Michael Jackson, "Who Is It?"

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