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Michael Jackson Justice: Michael In Asia

God: Reconnect to Him

The Conspiracy against God is about "The Word", and the profaning of His Holy Name within us. Adam fell in the garden, breaking the direct connection to God. Jesus, the "last Adam" was a quickening Spirit, the Word made Flesh, and the only one with whom we can re-establish our relationship with God. Michael's story is still unfolding. He is the one who is, is not. But Jesus is the only name given under heaven by which we must be saved. Many are trying to rewrite HIStory. We were given a help to instruct us. Learn more "here".

Saturday, March 15, 2014

Michael In Asia

Mi Sento Fortunato Si Si è Vero
??? Note his hand

"My mouth shall speak of wisdom; and the meditation of my heart shall be of understanding.  4. I will incline mine ear to a parable: I will open my dark saying upon the harp."

"Son of man, put forth a riddle, and speak a parable unto the house of Israel;"

"Shall not all these take up a parable against him, and a taunting proverb against him, and say, Woe to him that increaseth that which is not his! how long? and to him that ladeth himself with thick clay!"

"And the disciples came, and said unto him, Why speakest thou unto them in parables?  11. He answered and said unto them, Because it is given unto you to know the mysteries of the kingdom of heaven, but to them it is not given."

Only Faith

Still the air in silent room
Tears of satin fall
Looking up she asks the one
Where did you leave me now

Five hundred ten days he was gone
A heart that wants to close
Opened by a tragedy
Where pain and suffering flows

The strength she finds to move along
Within a mystery
Is borrowed from the one she seeks
Within his melody

Lyrics fold around her face
Lies, deceptions dance
Searching for the solid ground
On which she used to dance

Her heart open, raw and torn
She crumbles to the floor
Facing yet another day
Of illusion, tricks and lore

Silent battles right for wrong
She navigates alone
On the field in which he fell
She now stands on her own

Grasping in a darkened space
She’s looking for the truth
Perfidious the path can be
She stumbles on the roots

Calling out to he who shared
His woe and misery
How much longer will it be
Til loves’ song reaches me?

Truth he calls is worth the fight
There is no ecstasy
Only faith can save you now
Just keep your eyes on me

Looking up she takes the hand
Of he who wove in song
Hope in store for every child
Displacing what went wrong

Waking to the memory
Another day of choice
Silent tears of satin fall
A thirst to hear his voice

Poem © Bonnie Cox 2010

The Song of Armaggedon

Is it true? Could they be?
Every single one?
A Sword of songs in battle
Fighting for His son?

Could the Armageddon told
Heaven in a war
Be the sons of God on earth
The singing morning stars?

The chosen sealed, the fallen marked
Blur the battlefield
For those on earth with ears that hear
The prophecy’s appeal

Psalms are sung of destiny
And little do they see
The morning stars and men of old
Performing on the screen.

The angels of the chosen one
And the dragon’s purchased wards
Fight the last at heaven’s gate
With lyrics, sword for sword

Parables and allegories
Images and tune
Stars on forty-five disguise
The end that’s coming soon

Listen to the lesson sung
From the righteous to the wrong
The Truth and the accuser
Battle song for song

Bonnie Cox, Poem©2014

I remember back in my early adult years, when I was on break from the U.S. Army’s basic training AIT was probably the first time I took a break from the genre of country music to the world of “Pop”.

Don’t get me wrong, I remember the “Green Lantern” days in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, when mom and dad were still married and I had not yet started school; my sister and I would get up on the floor amidst the booths and sing to Credence Clearwater, Neil Sadaka, The Everly Brothers and the Righteous Brothers as well as Loretta Lynn, Jim Reeves and Don Williams.  Whatever song the waitresses popped their quarter tips into the juke boxes to play, we would get up and dance and sing.  We were tots and all was in fun, but I remember the songs and the artists.

Singing to them, cross-genre as I grew up, you share a little something with them, the artists.  As some have said, their souls are bound to their work.  But as art turned into an industry, souls other than those of the artist began making their presence in those songs.  The day that “music died”,  new artists began to appear on the airwaves who’s “work” was bound to other souls; souls that were not their own.  And as the industry matured, those that defected from the source of the manufactured souls were either disenfranchised, discredited or destroyed.

It wasn’t until the year I spent summer away from home, in basic training that I began hearing (through no fault of my own) pop music coming out of the boom boxes of the other ladies in my company.  It was the late 70’s and the dawn of the 1980’s.  I liked the dramatic melodies and what later became coined as “power ballads”.

One of the first groups I taped on my cassette from the radio was a group called Asia and their song “Only Time Will Tell”.

For some strange reason, as I was writing the blog “All Doors Are Closing”, I thought about closing gates and part of the lyrics from the song “Time Will Tell” popped into my head.  They weren’t specifically about closing gates, but the part that says “Sure as the sun will cross the sky, this lie is over”.  That is what made me think to myself, “there is an awful lot of songs that contain lyrics about “the lie”.

I never knew all the words to that song by heart, we didn’t have internet in 1982 when the song came out.  So I went to pull up the lyrics.  Then I went and did a review of several of their songs and my jaw hit the desk. 

This is the same reaction I had to the remembering of “Mike and the Mechanics” song “Silent Running” and REM’s songs, especially the one that specifically names Michael, “Khoutek”  “Michael built a bridge, Michael tore it down, at least its something you left behind, like Koutek you were gone”  (“like a comet blazing crosd the evening sky, gone too soon” in Michael Jackson’s “Gone Too Soon”.  About Ryan White?  Another story cooked up to cover his songs of warning).

Like the lyrics in Evanescence’s “Call Me When You’re Sober” an answer to Michael Jackson’s “Liberian Girl” or even his indecision in “Dangerous”.  It’s all in a name, as Evanescence means "disappearance" or "fading away" (from the word evanesce, which means "to disappear")" - Source, Wikipedia, retrieved from “Encyclopedia of Arkansas”.

How many women did the devil appear as in his music film “Who Is It”?  Amy? Madonna? Diana? Lisa? (I know the names were different on the cards).

“Call Me When You’re Sober” comes so close in describing Michael that the lines “should I let you fall, lose it all” and “couldn’t take the blame, sick with shame, must be exhausting to lose your own game” vocalize visions of Michael’s charges of pedophilia, his arrest and his demonization in the press.  Most chilling are the very last lines “Don’t cry to me, if you loved me, you would be here with me.  Don’t lie to me, just get your things, I’ve made up your mind.”

"Then shall his mind change, and he shall pass over, and offend, imputing this his power unto his god."

Speaking of Evanescence, their logo (in various forms), depicts a “cross” dividing their name (“Evan+escence”) and in some variations includes images of the sun and the moon (as tails off the letters), with peacock feathers and/or the esoteric symbol for balance.  This person did some research on that symbol here.  Others have stated it is a symbol for conjuring demons.

Their Logo went from this

To this

Several attempts to dissect this are rare but evident on the web, from the symbol name of a demon to symbol for “balance”.  I also found this one.  I had to translate it from Italian:

Evanescence Cross

In the order that they apper (from lft, to rt to bottom):
Normal Gothic Cross. Retracting the vertical axis.  It reflects vertically destination 'of the horizontal axis and you get the logos of the Evanescence.

So in “essence” you are looking at the “broken Cross” and if you look at the Gothic Cross to the Retracting Vertical Axis, you are also looking at the letter “M”, looking very close to this:

Or This - A "Broken" Michael?

Considering the name they chose means “disappearing” or “fading away”, and the cross gives way to the demonic symbol, I have no doubt what their songs are about, who they are to, and especially “Call Me When You’re Sober”.

In that vein, other artists such as Asia were also rather “hinting” in their lyrics.

Michael’s song “Liberian Girl” also has something in common with the song below from Asia:


"You're leaving now
It's in your eyes
There's no disguising it
It really comes as no surprise
To find that you planned it all along

I see it now
Becomes so clear
Your insincerity
And me all starrey-eyed
You'd think that I would have known by now

Now, sure as the sun will cross the sky
This lie is over
Lost, like the tears that used to tide me over

Part of the verse

"(Only time will tell)
If you were wrong
The brightest ring around the moon
Will darken when I die

The closing verse

"You're on your own
Inside your room
You're claiming victory
You were just using me
And there is no one you can use now

You can read the lyrics in their entirety at the link.  “Only Time Will Tell” could loosely be interpreted any number of ways, but what is theme in many of there songs is the solitude of the person they are referencing in their lyrics.  The reason this song makes me think they are singing about Michael is the leaving, planning and the sense of the anticipation of a prophecy – one that was asked to have faith, and sung by one who’s longsuffering has reached the end of its rope.  The singer seems to be saying, “you used me as a pawn. Show me something concrete, something other than vanity”.

“Heat of the Moment” was another one of my favorites of theirs back then.  So I decided to look into their lyrics and the song.  Very, VERY familiar statements here.


"I never meant to be so bad to you
One thing I said that I would never do
One look from you and I would fall from grace
And that would wipe this smile right from my face

Do you remember when we used to dance
And incidence arose from circumstance
One thing lead to another we were young
And we would scream together songs unsung

It was the heat of the moment
Telling me what your heart meant
Heat of the moment shone in your eyes

And now you find yourself in 82
The disco hotspots hold no charm for you
You can't concern yourself with bigger things
You catch the pearl and ride the dragon's wings

And when your looks are gone and you're alone
How many nights you sit beside the phone
What were the things you wanted for yourself
Teenage ambition you remember well"

My first thought when I read this – Madonna.  Could have been.  This is most definitely a song  to someone who had been “made” in the elite.  The only thing that swings me from Madonna to Michael: the mention of the year “’82” and the lack of interest in the nightclub scene which was definitely Michael.

Then we move a couple of lines down, and here the “pearl” and “dragon” is mentioned.  Michael went after the “pearl” in “Liberian Girl”.  Michael was “allegedly” always concerned with his looks.  This isn’t something I so much believed was his major concern other than they were “constructing” him into something he was not.  But in the press, they put this on Michael.  Teenage ambition also reminds me of both Madonna, and perhaps Michael in a more purposeful sence.


You should read the lyrics to this one and make up your own mind.  Michael?  Not so certain.  I chose it because of the accusation he revealed in his song “Morphine”.  All of them in the industry are fighting for their souls – those that were deceived over the edge and didn’t go willingly.


"What on earth are you doing here, in the western world?
Another situation yeah you're a different girl
You have lived your life dreaming you were someone else
Succeeding's believing in yourself

Open Your Eyes
And see the world that stands before you now
Open Your Eyes
And see the world that stands in front of you

You have spent your days trying something new
You have looked at magazine girls wishing that they were you
Do you see in photographs an angel that once was you?
Does she tell you stories that are true?

If I could stand with you right now and speak my mind
I would tell you no lies
I would shoot straight between the eyes

You have stared a thousand times right into the lens
Have you ever thought just once, does it all make sense?
Your beauty's eternal so don't just pretend
Got to wake up girl, or it's the end"

This song spooked me because elements in it remind me of me when I was younger.  Not only that, but it shares the same message of MANY of Michael’s songs like “Keep the Faith” and “Cry” (respect to believe in your dreams) and references to angels who are still in the process of waking to what God has called them to do.  The last stanza posted (I don’t have the entire song) reminds me also of “This is It” where Michael is singing “you said you’ve seen my face before” and “you said you really know me too”.  The urgency of the opening of her eyes before it’s too late.  This song is to those that are out there who play a key in their apportioned places in the end of the beginning.  Someone to “pull the cord”…

The next one is rather amazing.  Think of when this was released – in November of 1985.  Then when you see the lyrics, you know the are singing about another someone in the industry.  Who was the voice of America in 1984-85?


"I heard you on the radio
Some other time
From some forgotten studio
Way down the line
So long, so long I've waited now
To hear you again
That song, that song will still remain
Become an old friend
And now, the tears are in my eyes
The sound you can't disguise
The truth comes back from lies
And all I want to hear

Voice of America, ooh, America
Voice of America, ooh, America

And then you came in stereo
Calling to me
And so I watch the videos
Across the T.V.
That sound, still ringing in my ears
From a decade ago
Around, around my head, the sound from my radio
I thought, that after all these years
The tears, the growing fears
That I would never hear
Never again

Voice of America, ooh, America
Voice of America, ooh, America"

True, this could be anybody.  10 years prior to the release of the song and the album on which it was recorded, would have been 1974-75.  What other artists were performing over that time frame, that moved to video, and that became the “voice of America” (as well as the rest of the World?)

The next song?  Chilling considering the times.

Countdown to Zero – 1985 (Astra)

"The night is cold, the sun is down
I see faces through the wire
No chance for them
No shoulder left to cry on
[they had no comfortor – Eccles. 4:1]

It's 4 am out on the street
Through the smoke I see the fire
It's a funeral pyre
For them to die on

Countdown to zero
Just begun
Countdown to zero
It's time to start the run

The city lights are fading now
As I climb into the plane
To shield me from
The stinging acid rain

And this is it, it's over now
As we taxi down Runway One
Tell me please
You'll wake me when it's over


Do you realize what's happening in Western Europe?
Norway, Finland, Scotland, England
We will be the first to go
Don't do it


Don't do it
Don't do it
Don't start the countdown to zero
We want to live
We want to live
We will live
You've got your finger on the trigger
Take it off
Let it go
Let it pass
Let it go"

This song reminds me of “Final Countdown” by Europe (1986, Sony).  Do you see the connection?  The group Asia sings a song released in 1985 titled “Countdown to Zero”.  They address “Western Europe” and tell them “not to start the countdown”. 

The group “Europe” releases a song in 1986 titled “Final Countdown”.   Think the cabal isn’t using Artists to communicate messages to their global agents?  Think the angels, both good and bad aren’t responding to one another using your dollars to finance their plans?

This is It” – “As we taxi down ‘RUNWAY ONE’”.

One? – As in “Michael Jackson:ONE”?  As in “ONE World Trade Center” (renamed from “Freedom Tower after Michael’s “death” in 2009)?  As in “ONE People’s Public Trust”?  As in “Canonical ONE”?  As in “Ubuntu ONE”?  As in “my people have seen ONE document . . . ONE.  This ONE document will take down . . . pretty much the whole power structure.  Pretty much everything . . .” – Glenn Beck, June 11, 2013

“One” the word “Red” and “Unity” are all coupled with “Michael Jackson”  through just about everything they communicate about him.  He is their “chosen ONE”.

Al Gatto Nero is track #7 of the album XXX released in 2012.  Very interesting song.  Open your eyes in the way you had to for Michael’s “Billie Jean” and The Jackson’s “This Place Hotel”.  This is a friendlier version of “Call Me When You’re Sober”.

Asia, Lyrics

You're twisting what I say,
You have me on the floor.
I have to get away,
And move towards the door.

This is it,
Because I'm on my way.

Tell me where you're going to now?
I'm going down to find Al Gatto Nero.
What will you do, please tell me how?
Mi sento fortunato si si è vero.
We need to know, when will you be there?
I'll be there after midnight, and I will be solo.
And how are you feeling tonight?
I'm feeling good!

All's fair in war and love,
I hear that's what they say.
It's clear I've had enough,
We can fight another day.

This is it,
Because I'm on my way.

Time after time,
Out of sight, out of mind.

Tell me where you're going to now?
I'm going down to find Al Gatto Nero.
What will you do, please tell me how?
Mi sento fortunato si si è vero.
We need to know, when will you be there?
I'll be there after midnight, and I will be solo.
And how are you feeling tonight?
Via della Luna, quattro quattro zero."

Gatto Nero” is a restaurant in Italy called “The Black Cat”.  The words are Italian for “Black Cat” or “Dark Cat”.  “Al” is a preposition for “to the”.

Via della Luna, quattro quattro zero” is Italian: “Via” is Italian for “by” or “through” (interjection) “della” (adjective) any + “Luna” Italian for “moon”, and “quattro quattro zero” is Italian for “four four, zero” (By any moon, four, four zero).

Mi sento fortunate si si e’ vero” is Italian for “I feel fortunate and it is' true”.

The song at the chorus is a question/answer similar to Michael Jackson’s “Cry”.  The backing vocals sing the questions or “commands” and the lead vocal sings the response.  This is the video for Asia:

Yes, I took note of the “in your face” symbolism on the cover

This is the video for Michael Jackson’s “Cry” with the lyrics:

Backing vocals “You can change the world
Michael “I can’t do it by myself”
B.V. “You can touch the sky”
Michael “It’s gonna take somebody’s help”
B.V. “You’re the chosen one”
Michael “I’m gonna need some kinda sign”
(If We all cry at the same time – tonight)

The Next Two answer each other, not exactly in order.  They are less about “The ONE” and more about the Tribulation’s events:   Take note of “the number that tattoos you and me” mentioned, and the “number on your dial” in Michael’s “Thriller”, “Whazzup With You” and “Blood on the Dance Floor”.

Lyrics - "After The War"

"For those that are able
To go underground
Missiles disenable
They hit faster than sound
They're coming and you have no choice....

"Red button he's pressing
But he knows not why
He's programming orders
War lights up the sky
He's on the hotline tonight
His mind is high as a kite
His fingers decide wrong or right
This man has it all in his sights

Used as tools to believe in autonomy
Minorities are no more...

On my arm, a tattoo for my sons to be
That numbers you and me
There's a scar on my face
That is photographed for all to see

After the war..."

We have “The Day After” and we have the “Day Before” the war:


"Hands across the water,
The sun is in the East.
Who will feed the famine
After lions feast?
In the name of Jesus,
In the name of God,
You took it all in vain...
The day before the war."

Who is he talking to?  Who “took it all” in vain in the name of God, in the name of Jesus? (It’s All In Your Name”?)  Asia's "Tell Me Why" sounds like Michael's "We've Had Enough" in the lyrics and the struggle of keeping faith during tribulation.

"Tomorrow the World" was released on their "XXX" album in 2012.  Look at the lyrics.  Never heard the song.  Didn't know they were even still producing as a band.  The song below “Are You Big Enough” they again reference “the room” and “crossing the border” to “the man you did not want to be”:


"Walked the streets at night
Head low
To cross the borderline
That only you know
Then inside your room
You'll show
The man you did not want to be

Are you big enough?
Are you losing your touch?
And if you walk away
Don't you know you'd better change

From these early days
Don't want to let go
You'd climb the stairs of change
To her room
Held those clothes so soft
Was it so good
To paint the face the scars of youth?"

Wow.  Climb the stairs of change to her room?

Michael Jackson
Lyrics – “Billie Jean

"For Forty Days And for Forty Nights
The Law was on her Side
But Who Can Stand When She's In Demand
Her Schemes And Plans
'Cause We Danced On The Floor In The Round"

She Came And Stood Right By Me
Then The Smell Of Sweet Perfume
This Happened Much Too Soon
She Called Me To Her Room

She Says I Am The One, But The Kid Is Not My Son

Also on the 2012 Album “XXX” is this one considering the “They say you’re the one”, I know this is not about the lure of gambling.  See “Spiritually Called Sodom and Egypt: Michael Jackson:ONE”:


"You take me on 80,
Along a California trail,
To Reno,
I know you're waiting there.
I passed the Sierra Nevada,
Like a Holy Grail,
You beckon a beacon,
There you are.

Magnetic, seductive, attractive, like no other love.
Reno, silver and gold.

You break me, you take me,
Into the valley of the Sun.
I'm helpless, no power, in your spell.

Your beauty, temptation, they tell me that you are the one.
Reno, silver and gold.

So Reno, you will not completely ever set me free.
Reno, silver and gold."

You can investigate some of their other lyrics here.

“This Is It DVD – Movie Previews”

I have to give credit to this one from someone I’ll call Phil.  They know who they are.  This person had a newer copy of the DVD “This is It”.  In an email they told me about the previews (a couple were on the original release, like the Obama advertisement).  This is what they said:

“If Michael set this up to be a movie...take a real look at those previews.  They tell a story!

By the people: The Election of Barach Obama.
His victory changed history.  His vision changed lives.  Yes we can (backwards, thank you satan)  The logo looks a lot like Pepsi's doesn't it?

Obama Logo

Pepsi Logo 1991

Ubuntu For Obama

[the images are my additions as per their description in the email, the text in brackets are also]

Three Icons get together.  We're all attempting to share something with another human beingAs musicians, they have total commitment for getting their message across.

[Hence the desire to show you the subject of the poem and this blog]

Get ready for the rumble in the jungle.


Getting in touch with their kids.  Reliving their past - being afraid to let go (can prove pretty painful).

[Not sure of the point of this one, other than to re-access our childhood /come to Christ as a child…]

- Salt
Set up as a Russian spy that's to kill the president.  She's not as they say.   (Michael set up to be the beast but he's not as they say.)   Salt of the earth also comes to mind.

[The person’s additions are in black italic.  I got something a little different out of this.  Of course I have not seen the whole movie.  But we have a situation with President Obama and Russia and the Ukraine right now, don’t we?  The real Michael told us who he was.  And the Bible told us who he is . . . and is not.]

Take your chance.  Find your strength.  Live your dream.  Background song: I found you looking through the eyes of love.  She's lost her sight due to an accident but learns to not go by sight but by faith in what she knows.

[Okay – I get this one . . .]

- Hachi: A Dog's Tail
One dog's loyalty inspired a town to discover friendship can last forever.  You should never forget anyone that you've loved.  There is a newspaper clipping shown.  "Faithful dog awaits return of deceased years after he died of a heart attack.Seven years, heart attack - huh?  This dog waited and waited and waited just like God waits on us.  Dog spelled backwards is God.   Kind of off sets the "yes we can" of Obama's at the start.

[Nice story – but why would Sony, after years of ripping off Michael and putting forth Satanically laced product posthumously, sign Michael up for “Cirque du Soleil”, promote a return with references to God and how he “waits on us”?

Did the person that sent this really believe Sony suddenly turned . . . wholesome?  Do they believe that Sony tortured this man in the press, in the public, set him up with filthy accusations to tell us this story?

Just how many of my stalkers work for these people?

God doesn’t lie.  He doesn’t HAVE TO to tell HIS story! That is the difference between the Michael THEY will produce, and the one that God took out of the way so that they could.

It’s in the music.  It’s in the songs.  It’s in Michael’s lyrics, other artists lyrics and all can be tested with the scripture of Truth. 

How soon  they forget his pain.

"And I beheld another beast coming up out of the earth; and he had two horns like a lamb, and he spake as a dragon.  12. And he exerciseth all the power of the first beast before him, and causeth the earth and them which dwell therein to worship the first beast, whose deadly wound was healed.

13. And he doeth great wonders, so that he maketh fire come down from heaven on the earth in the sight of men,  14. And deceiveth them that dwell on the earth by the means of those miracles which he had power to do in the sight of the beast; saying to them that dwell on the earth, that they should make an image to the beast, which had the wound by a sword, and did live."

HIStory – Is He Lying?

I am not deceived.  I had none but scripture influence me.  I searched them for the answers.  That is our job.  It’s really a shame there are those so hell bent on trying to manipulate people.  Who wants to be part of a “fan club” like that? 

I will not let the real Spirit be swept under the false one.  I don’t care who’s body he is in. As far as I’m concerned, anyone who would advocate the product that kind of torture produced knows not the first thing about love.  And I want no part of them whatsoever.

By the way, the photo at the top of the blog has a hand imposed of a MUCH OLDER Michael then the one from which this picture was taken during his 2001 performance of Billie Jean at the 30th Anniversary, Madison Square Gardens performance:  Compare - 

Look at his hand

Were his hands this aged at age 43?  No.

You can also tell that parts of his fingers were Photoshop adjusted around  the folds of the hat, unless his fingers are rubber at the joints.  More noticable on the small and ring fingers.  Not a natural bend.  More gaming although I do not doubt that that is his hand in the flesh, taken in that pose, then superimposed on the "Billie Jean" picture.  Playing the "fans". 

Lord Jesus and The Spirit – I am yours whom God has given you . . . no one elses.  I know who you are.  You are truth and this deception is foretold.  Your kingdom is not of this world.  Blessings and honor to you, my savior and friend.  A friend I do not deserve, but love more than I can keep to myself.  All those who love you, I love.  Through you I will know God’s servants.  And I pray for the Spirit to reach those left to come to you.  Thank you for your help, heavenly Father in Jesus name I pray their lies continue to be revealed.


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    Michael Is Forever ‏@ImSoBIue Mar 11
    In need of some news.. Michael needs to be celebrated this year, he needs HUGE Promotion & attention from the world. """

    Now why is that, WendyInNeverland? Is there a specific REASON he needs huge promotion THIS year?

  2. Early Evanescence:

    here's some Ev lyrics from the Origin Era (before they became real popular) I'm gonna highlight a couple lines.

    """Evanescence - Where Will You Go lyrics

    You're too important for anyone
    You play the role of all you want to be
    But I, I know who you really are
    You're the one who cries before the dawn

    But where will you go
    With no one left to save you from yourself
    You can't escape, you can't escape

    You think I can't see right through your eyes
    Scared to death to face reality
    No one seems to hear your hidden cries
    You're left to face yourself alone
    But where will you go
    With no one left to save you from yourself
    You can't escape the truth
    I realize you're afraid
    But you can't abandon everyone
    You can't escape, you don't want to escape

    I am so sick of speaking words that no one understands
    Is it clear enough that you can live your whole life all alone
    I can hear you in a whisper, but you can't even hear me screaming

    Where will you go
    With no one left to save you from yourself
    You can't escape the truth
    I realize you're afraid
    But you can't reject the whole world
    You can't escape, you won't escape
    You can't escape, you don't want to escape"""

    At least we know what side she's on...

  3. A man of steel
    from a child of clay
    A faith on hold
    in the last of days

    Eyes are opened
    in a depthless grave
    Awaits a moment
    to ascend, please pray

    That the lost and lonely
    be not deceived
    by a hopeless lie
    ages long conceived


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