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Michael Jackson Justice: April 2014

God: Reconnect to Him

The Conspiracy against God is about "The Word", and the profaning of His Holy Name within us. Adam fell in the garden, breaking the direct connection to God. Jesus, the "last Adam" was a quickening Spirit, the Word made Flesh, and the only one with whom we can re-establish our relationship with God. Michael's story is still unfolding. He is the one who is, is not. But Jesus is the only name given under heaven by which we must be saved. Many are trying to rewrite HIStory. We were given a help to instruct us. Learn more "here".

Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Meet The Family Michael Said

Not a Marriage Made in Heaven
Cyber-Stalking Network

"5. The vile person shall be no more called liberal, nor the churl said to be bountiful.  6. For the vile person will speak villany, and his heart will work iniquity, to practise hypocrisy, and to utter error against the Lord, to make empty the soul of the hungry, and he will cause the drink of the thirsty to fail.

7. The instruments also of the churl are evil: he deviseth wicked devices to destroy the poor with lying words, even when the needy speaketh right.  8. But the liberal deviseth liberal things; and by liberal things shall he stand."

Short I will keep this, but I wanted to tell you about a dream I had before we get started.  It was disturbing to me in that I know what the elements in it represent.  What I don’t understand is why it was me.  It more or less ties into a dream I had as a teenager where God spoke to me, and the Words He spoke to me I wanted to keep hidden, because at the time I believed there was no way I could do what He said I had just done.

Having faith to believe in your dreams when those dreams are not of your doing takes a lifetime.  Desire for knowledge of the scriptures is desire to get to know God.  That only comes from love of Him in  the same way you would want to get to know someone you are in love with.  And you never do – at least not completely.  So you never stop learning about them.

In the dream, I was to enter the houses.  The houses were close together and they were three story town houses.  Not all of them were connected, but they were close together.

I was to enter the houses and go up the stairs of each house.  As I went up t he stairs I was cleaning without touching anything.  I was to go from bottom to the top of the stairs in these houses, and I was running up these stairs.  Up the stairs and down the stairs.

As I got to about the third or fourth house, someone was alerted.  Until this time none of the occupants of these houses knew I was there.  But I kept going up the stairs to the top of the house, and back down the stairs to the bottom until I was done and entered the next house.

As I ascended to the top of the stairs in the next house, someone entered the lower level and I knew the person.  They didn’t belong there.  It wasn’t their house.  They were someone who had once commented on this writing – a flatterer that had been exposed.  They began yelling and running up the stairs after me.  I worked faster, hitting each step until I was at the last.  I then ran back down the stairs but dodged her through another room, jumping the landing on that level of the stairs and back down the stairs.  I raced down as her yelling assailed my back, trying to alarm the occupant of the house.

I raced out of the house and got into a car.  I drove to some more houses to do the same when my husband woke me up – “I’m running late . . . I’m sorry we have to move”.

I know what the houses symbolized, I know what the stair cases symbolized.  What I don’t understand yet is what I was doing running up and down them.  I didn’t think that was my responsibility.  What I kept thinking of though, was what we become when we accept Christ – “We become the body of Christ”.

Every member of the body has a specific job to do.  Mine had to do with cleaning or repairing – like the cells that fight off infection or repair damage to tissue.  This dream will have me perplexed for weeks.

Making crooked ways straight

A Really Weird Time

We covered the events of last evening at “ONE Metro Mall”; a coordination between local FBI, DHS, local law enforcement and “the public”.  No new news on that yet as to how it went down.  But there was a 6-victim shooting that took place this morning at Kennesaw’s FedEx processing center in Georgia, amidst all the horror stories of tornadoes taking out neighborhoods across the south and south east during the same time period.

I am going to TRY to keep these next topics brief because I have a lot of information to cover in a short space of time.  I caught a couple of headlines that I believe you should note:

"Next month, a pilot program of the "National Strategy for Trusted Identities in Cyberspace" will begin in government agencies in two US states, to test out whether the pros of a federally verified cyber ID outweigh the cons." - Source,

The author reports how this would work; instead of using different I.D.'s for each website we sign into, it would be a "universal" I.D.

". . . the same process and ID token would work across all government services: from food stamps and welfare to registering for a fishing license." - Source,

The article addresses but doesn't adequately answer the issue of personal privacy online, the right to anonymity (which I disagree that it's a part of the freedom of speech article in the Bill of Rights, you want to serve an opinion, you should own it and stand up on it), and the fact that if a hacker gets a hold of your identity, they have access to everything; this idea is being test-run in Michigan and Pennsylvania and possibly rolled out in ten other states.

The government organization piloting this program is the National Institute of Standards in Technology.  The pilot FFO can be accessed and read here - PDF

As John F. Kennedy said in his 1961 speech to the American Newspaper Publishers Association, ""Even today, there is little value in insuring the survival of our nation if our traditions do not survive with it. And there is very grave danger that an announced need for increased security will be seized upon by those anxious to expand its meaning to the very limits of official censorship and concealment."

- I've put the video of his recorded speech up many times.  JFK was not killed because he posed a threat to organized gambling - He was killed because he was trying to abolish the stronghold the central banks had on our government and economy.  Because of his speech to the Newspapers Publishers Association, Kennedy exposed a plan before its scheduled “outing”.

Was Kennedy a prophet or just a puppet who refused to be a puppet; a tool that turned on its operators?

And just as the Babylonian Jews seized upon the opportunity to take over and expand the identity of God's people to include the practitioners of the doctrine of devils, so the “men of old, men of renown” took over the “kings and merchants of the earth” to include the democratic party in this country under the good the Kennedy tried to do - and after the same happened to the Republican party (through the good Reagan tried to do), and every political unit across the globe.

Today, instead of hiding their intentions or killing those exposing them, they openly mock them and the evidence, because that is how close they think they are to completing their "plan" which "is in full effect".

The program for this “permanent cyber-ID” is outlined on that PDF - and that PDF also links directly to the "" site proposal for FFO.

The Pilot link offers that applications for funding should be received no later than 11:59PM EST on March 6, 2014.  Review of applications would be completed no later than April 1, 2014 (April Fools!!!).  Finalists for the grants would have opportunity to submit final proposals no later than midnight on the evening of May 13, 2014 and selection of final applicants and awards processing by August 2014 with the earliest anticipated start date for awards (grants) paid on September 1, 2014.

This "pilot program" is already underway.  So there is no if's, and's or but's, this IS going forward.  The "Pilot" program is just a formality.  I will refer back to the "exchanges" so named by both the HHS (Health and Human Services) "Affordable Care Act" also known as "Obamacare" and the "ONE People's Public Trust" government e-marketplaces also known as "exchanges", also known as the "Ubuntu" Movement with its proprietary-yet-free source operating system.  Links on those articles are below:

We are moving into dangerous territory.

House of Zerubbabel – Sown in Babylon

Despite what you see in the news, this is really only about one thing – All of it is about ONE thing.

The Word of God Within Us.

It’s about the complete destruction of “ladder” Jacob saw – He became the father of the children of “Israel” – a restored bloodline NOT a political abomination plopped down into the middle east.  Everything going on is about the destruction of that ladder, and the revealing of those who from old had planned this.  Everything else going on in the world is symptomatic of that.  Everything.  The earth is sick and so are it’s inhabitants through the “bonds of corruption”.  The completion of the transgression as God told us it would happen in the Holy Bible, from Genesis through Revelation, will sanctify Him.  And those who see the truth and have craved the truth will abandon those corruptors of the Word and cling to their Savior.

Until this is complete we must endure many things, but now for a short time.  The overspreading of abominations and the infrastructure, both digital and physical are still being networked and connected.  This brings us to another “news” item:

Free Cell Phones?  Free?

Cell phones - One reason Obama is giving them away is because soon we will be unable to make purchases without some electronic device that can access the internet, which is why the push now for one assigned digital I.D. for everyone logging on to the internet.  Cell phones already track your location regardless of your privacy settings (which is why I discontinued mine and threw it away).  This is how that works:

"Tiny imperfections during the manufacturing process make a unique fingerprint on your accelerometer data. The researchers compared it to cutting out sugar cookies with a cookie cutter—they may look the same, but each one is slightly, imperceptibly different.

When that data is sent to the cloud for processing, your phone’s particular signal can be used to identify you. In other words, the same data that helps you control Flappy Bird can be used to pinpoint your location." - Source,

Just this weekend, there was sitting in one of the local grocery store parking lots, a very pretty, spring-like umbrella in light green and white, with the big white words on the banner flying above the table "Free Cell Phones".  In hindsight I should have had the driver of the vehicle I was in pull over so I could run over and tell them "DON'T DO IT!!!!"

Facist, Economy-Manipulating Agency

According to Appalachian Area News, homeless people have been the first “residents” of the FEMA camps.  They can’t verify an RFID chip requirement to receive benefits, but they did apparently catch several states rounding up some of their homeless by making homelessness “illegal”.  That’s like making it crime to be a victim of crime.  One of these states in South Carolina, Columbia to be exact.  Other cities include Boston and Sacramento.

What I can tell you about the RFID chip requirement is that they have already begun requiring it from government-dependent citizens such as those on Welfare and government medical assistance.  One of those in Colorado who had his medical assistance revoked was a 28 year old Leukemia victim – He’s one of my nephews.

Earthquakes in Divers Places

There are several sources online that are reporting earthquakes across the globe.  I have posted some of these or re-tweeted their info on Twitter.  The seemingly increase in occurrence of these earthquakes seemed to be timed perfectly with this headline:

University of Washington Launches Effort to Prepare Northwest Region for 9.0 Magnitude Quake -

Northwest News

UW launches effort to prepare region for major quake -
"SEATTLE -- Scientists fully expect that the coast of Washington, Oregon, British Columbia and part of northern California to see a magnitude nine subduction zone earthquake again.

It's been 314 years since the last one in January of the year 1700. Scientists know of this quake because of written reports from Japan that recorded a tsunami. The reports of a giant wave also correlate with rings in old trees killed when marsh land along the Washington coast dropped several feet, allowing sea water to envelope their roots." – Source,

Then this one was reported the same day the above was posted online:

Small earthquake strikes off Oregon coast: USGS
WASHINGTON Fri Apr 25, 2014 6:02pm EDT -

"The USGS said the quake, which was only 6.2 miles below the seabed, was centered 132 miles west of Bandon, Oregon.

The Pacific Tsunami Warning Center showed no tsunami warning in effect following the small quake." - Source, Reuters

There is also fearmongering among the scientists of a long-overdue major east coast quake along the “Madrid Faultline”, all of course with risk of possible major Tsunamis.  Right now however, we are dealing with deadly storms across the southern and eastern part of the U.S.  So far 38 are dead from the twisters and flooding.  And things are beginning to feel really unreal.

The “Family” of “Sistahs”

Someone brought to my attention Janet Jackson’s “Rythym Nation” album.  The proper name of the album is “Rhythm Nation 1814”.  I thought to myself “why”?  What is there?  It was bugging me all this weekend as I tried to finish up another “research” marathon.

So what is there?  Songs titled (in order); “Rhythm Nation”, “State of the World”, “The Knowledge”, “Miss You Much”, “Love Will Never Do (Without You)”, “Living in a World (They Didn’t Make)”, “Alright”, “Escapade”, “Black Cat”, “Lonely”, “Come Back to Me”, “Some Day Is Tonight”.  The lyrics are all linked to those titles.

Lots of these songs echo Michael’s songs about “making the world a better place” and bringing “nations/colors together”, but there are a couple of songs peppered in here, such as “The Knowledge” who’s lyrics promote a clinging to worldly information, however “The Knowledge” suggests something a bit deeper than that.  “Miss You Much” also suggest something a bit deeper than boyfriend/girlfriend by just one little line: “I’m not ashamed to tell the world”.  “Living in a World” exposes the hypocrisy of the system the molds our children as generation teaches generation – Kind of like Michael’s “Jam” and “Why You Want to Trip On Me”.

Read “Alright” – I know who this is about; “Seeing that your love's true, Never I'll doubt you - My heart belongs to you, That's alright with me - Worlds could end around me . . . Friends come and friends may go, My friend, you're real I know - True self you have shown, You're alright with me - Through thick and thick to thin, I'll love you till the end - ".  Not sure who “Black Cat” was addressed to – perhaps Michael at the time (Michael was being esquired away from his family during this time that her album came out, Michael was working on “BAD” on tour.) And “Lonely” I believe was definitely about her brother Michael.  Look at the words.

Let’s go back to the title of the Album – “Rhythm Nation 1814”.  What does the number mean?  There is no reference at all to it in the songs of the album.

The Battle of New Orleans?

On two previous blog topics, we talked about the numbers used and promoted throughout Hollywood and the entertainment industry “projects” to communicate dates or intentions.

On “Precepts of Propaganda” we discovered another’s research into the numbers in the first “Terminator” movie – an address of “Sara Connors” that did not match those shown in the phone book in the movie.  That number was 14,329.  the numbers highlighted in the movie.  The very next article “They’ll Be No Letting Go Today”, added that information to the numbers promoted in the song “Jenny – 867-5309).  Here is what we had discovered (short review):

The exchange (first three numbers) are 867.  The last four numbers are 5309.  If this is a “month/year”,  then we have either 3-5-09 or 5-3-093-5-09 was the day that Michael Jackson made his “comeback debut” press conference for “This Is It” in London.
867-5309 the phone number mentioned 22 times in the song “Jenny” by Tommy Tutones.

We can look at the “867” a reference to “years”, or added together make 21.  If we add the last four numbers together we get 17.  21+17=38

The song was released in November of 1981. 1981+38=2018

Hold onto this thought.

Wow, my math was off . . .  it was totaled 2019, sorry.

Remember further up I told you to “Hold that thought”?

We can look at the “867” a reference to “years”, or added together make 21.  If we add the last four numbers together we get 17 21+17=38

The song was released in November of 1981. 1981+38=2018

If Michael’s “resurrection” is sometime this year, let’s say May 1, which would be AFTER the “ashes” of the “American-babylon” decoy occurs on a March date of March 29, 2014 (approximately 33 days/Masonic degrees) before May 1; then the one thousand, two hundred and sixty days from May 1, 2014 would take us into the very early 2018 – If JENNY is who I think “she” is.

March 29, 2014 came and went and other than a few earthquakes across the world, nothing happened.  At least nothing that anyone could directly connect to Michael or the “thousand two hundred and threescore days” for public consumption.

On the “Terminator” address being a date – 14,329 was hypothesized as the 14, being the year (2014) and the 329 being a month and day: 3-29.  If we play with those numbers as we showed above, it could also have been the month of September (9) but there are not 32 days in any month (some have added just the two numbers together, giving us 9-5-2014).

The “Jenny” number, 867-5309, we had added both sides, then added the two numbers on either side together giving us the 38 (years) from the date of the release of the song bringing us to the year 2019 or from the date of the writing of the song to the year 2018.

Now back to Janet Jackson’s “Rhythm Nation 1814”.  If we add just those numbers together, we get 14.  If we split the numbers and do what we did above to come up with a day, we get September (1+8=9) of 14 or 2014.  Adding all the numbers gives you the same figure as the last two numbers, which would be the “year” in a date.  The album was released on September 15, 1989 (ah, September!).  If we take the first two numbers, 18 and add them to 1989, we get the year 2007.  What happened in 2007?  (I had surgery . . . nah.  I got married . . . nah on that too)  Michael was allegedly working with the Casios on songs in New Jersey?

2014 seems to be a common denominator in these “numbers”, and “September” yet another.  We can play with numbers all day and I agree with most I have talked to about this, that you can fudge the numbers to make them work anyway you want them to, which is why we are going to just stick to scripture.

Before we let go of Janet’s hand for just a split second, I did want to point out one more song of hers really, REALLY caught my eye – and it wasn’t on “Rhythm Nation” . . . It was on the 1993 Album “Janet”.  This is part of the lyrics of the song:

New Agenda” – Lyrics
History hidden from me
To hide my identity
So I'd never feel
I am somebody

You've gouged my eyes
I see more clearly
You've tried to rob
My humanity

My spirit you tried to break
My soul you tried to take
There's no need to be afraid
Cause I won't do unto you now"

Amen, Janet – A new agenda’s due.  Amen Janet and I agree with you:

"For as many of you as have been baptized into Christ have put on Christ.  28. There is neither Jew nor Greek, there is neither bond nor free, there is neither male nor female: for ye are all one in Christ Jesus.  29. And if ye be Christ's, then are ye Abraham's seed, and heirs according to the promise."

When God gives you a job to do, neither male or female, race or position in society is in His requirements.  Spiritually none of these things limits us.  He qualifies the called, he doesn’t call the qualified according to flesh.  Scripture for this exists too:

"But we see Jesus, who was made a little lower than the angels for the suffering of death, crowned with glory and honour; that he by the grace of God should taste death for every man.

10 For it became him, for whom are all things, and by whom are all things, in bringing many sons unto glory, to make the captain of their salvation perfect through sufferings.  11. For both he that sanctifieth and they who are sanctified are all of one: for which cause he is not ashamed to call them brethren,"

Isn’t the truth beautiful?  Janet . . . you rock!  And I so love you, little lady!

Now there is a family out there that I think deserves a lot of recognition.  God works in mysterious ways it is said.  The whole purpose of the tribulation and the beast is so that evil is revealed.  The revealing of this evil will sanctify the promises and prophecies of God’s Word.

In the same vein, we have to endure some of the dark to appreciate the light, and dig through the lies to get to the truth – “You gotta face the clouds to find the silver lining . . .”

With that I would like to thank the following pushing me toward the only room in which the open door revealed where Christ Jesus was all along:

The Network

Understand that this is by far not everything that I have.  I have published previous articles in which others were “networked” together such as “Ganesha Om”, the “TINI” gang-stalking “MJ Fans”, the “Erin Jacobs” groups, the “Seven Bowie” groups, “Deborah Kunesh”, “Taaj Malik/TeamMIchaelJackson”, the “Charles Thomson”, MJJJusticeProject, AndJUsticeForSome etc….All of them connected; Mary Brookins, Cynthia Taxis, T-Storm, Micheline (pick a last name; James, Perlman, deRothschild, Emma Peale, Starlight50, etc…), Serenityxdreams/Nimue9/mindseye/Pauline/angel9 etc…  All of them are networked.

Since as someone claims, I am a poor detective (which may be true, since I’ve never really been in competition with a detective), instead of trying to connect dots . . . I’m going to let THEM do it for you.

Take a look at what she wrote.  I underlined in red the woman who supposedly doesn’t know her, but whom she calls “her sister”.  Hmmmm

Then there is this:

“"You need to make up your mind, am I Vblake in Ca. married to some guy that has a refrigerator for sale, or am I a real estate agent living next to Katherine Jackson, or some Victoria with a blog that insults Michael's family?"

Who told her about all that?  I didn’t.  I wasn’t talking to her about that.  Who told her about the Victoria Blake in Calabasas?  I didn’t.  I only called her “Ms. Calabasas” in email #2 (see below).  How would she come to the conclusion that remark I made was over “Victoria Blake” that lived in Calabasas?

April 12th – Note the “sista!”

I agree with her on one issue – I am predictable.  It's a constistency - That is what the truth is supposed to be.  It doesn’t matter to me her opinion of me, because her own trail is the one who witnesses of her deceit, not me:

The sheer numbers of people I have linked together would be UNKNOWN to me had they not contacted me through the blog that they so quickly try to discredit after their covers have been blown. 

These are people that contacted ME, not the other way around.  Cyber-stalkers they are called.

If you are not familiar with the art of using multiple identities online to stalk a victim and network with others to bully them into not revealing them using adverse gang-tactics, you will need to read these entries to “catch up”.

August 28, 2013 – “Tales of What Somebody Told
September 25, 2013 – “Let The Feathers Hit The Floor
September 29, 2013 – “Ganesha Om Dead Wrong
September 29, 2013 – “Randy Phillips Spoofed
October 24, 2013 – “Throwing Stones

This has been an ongoing problem and the reason I HAVE such a problem is because I am a nice person and try to address everyone that writes me.  I give everybody the benefit of a doubt, more than once as is the case with Micheline James and Victoria and a couple of others, to my detriment.

Do a search on the blog above on “Ganesha Om”, “Erin Jacobs”, “Taaj Malik”, “Lady Acquarius”, and T-Storm or tee-storm.  It is quite a network.  Question:

Would this many people stalking this blog DO SO if I was some flake?

Add to that the postings I’ve put up of searches from DHS. Justice Dept., Dept. of the Navy, FBI, DEA etc and the evidence adds up.  The “Word of God” is the enemy to those who are trying to “write a new script”:

No, I’m not going to change the script.  That’s not my job.  Getting them to admit there is a script is though, has been done (see above).

I am sorry, this is a long list, I have earlier blogs where I’ve mentioned having to deal with this.  I am not bringing this up to toot my horn or even for revenge.  I am putting this “out there” because I am NOT the only one being stalked for telling the truth AND because if nothing else, this should tell you how close to the truth the BIBLE is, and how much of a THREAT the truth is to their plans.

The Network needs to be exposed.  I blog.  I have not made first contact with these people.  They want their script over the truth of God’s Word.  I have too many attempts at this by various people for their arguments to the contrary.  Scripture they can’t attack without revealing who they are, so they attack me.

They don’t want you to know the truth about the “Book of the Law”, Christ’s DNA and the “Book of Life” (The WORD made flesh) and the Name of God in our DNA having been corrupted, which is exactly why Christ died for us.

I have gotten as far as determining through research into science papers, matching with scripture, that the hydrogen bonds they claim cause the “twist” in our DNA did NOT used to be there, and that Christ’s DNA is NOT twisted, but a “ladder” just as Jacob saw, and just as Jesus described to Nathaniel.

"And he dreamed, and behold a ladder set up on the earth, and the top of it reached to heaven: and behold the angels of God ascending and descending on it."

"And he saith unto him, Verily, verily, I say unto you, Hereafter ye shall see heaven open, and the angels of God ascending and descending upon the Son of man."

This my friends, is what they did to Michael Jackson.  Do you understand this?  Michael did not go from “black to white” because he hated being black, or because he contracted Vitiligo from his father.  He went from black to white because THEY – his handlers, and government paid doctors INFLICTED HIM with DNA mutating agents – which they have known how to do since the ‘former days’.

Michael Jackson was targeted for “change” because of who he was.  The script they are RE-writing started with HIS DNA – because he is the beast who “will be destroyed with the brightness of his coming”.  Understand that who you know him to be is just a vessel – JUST a vessel!  A vessel who’s original occupant was “taken out of the way” so you-know-what “is revealed”.

Still Unresolved – Karen Faye KISSINGER
(Michael’s alleged friend and hair dresser)

Karen Faye Kissinger originates out of Pittsburgh Pennsylvania – the same place where Frank Dileo originated from.  Pittsburgh is a Masonic Hub and close to one of the country’s Masonic centers in Ohio (mentioned in Bryce Taylor’s book).

I am not the only one to ever question Karen Faye Kissinger about her seventh (or is it) eighth last name.

Karen Faye was the one who originally sent me Randy Phillip’s and Kenny Ortega’s emails.  She wanted to spy on them way before I even started a blog.  And truthfully I was going to do it until something told me not to.  It wasn’t just intuition, it was the fact that these people who were searching for the “truth” wanted me to “lie” to do it and I would not do it.  I explained POLITELY at the time why I thought we had to take the higher ground, and that this wasn’t the way to go about it.  Silence was returned to me.

The second episode of misgivings concerned a “Samantha DeGosson” who just appeared on the scene (on Karen Faye’s Facebook Page) and created division amongst the members of Faye’s page.  The whole “worship Faye” atmosphere was a turn-off, but when they started manipulating the members of the Michael Jackson fans on that page, instigating calls for harm toward Jermaine Jackson (DeGosson), that’s when I left.

My question is – Why did Karen Faye marry a Kissinger?  Is it of the same family as THE Kissinger?

A May 2010 post shortly before I left Karen Faye’s Facebook page shows her name.

MJJ-777 Seven Bowie’s Page Publishes an “oil painting” by “Karen Faye Kissinger”, as she promotes her on the web page as Michael Jackson’s “trusted friend”.

I’m not the only one that’s made a connection – MJJ Forum

Another Forum identifies her as “Karen Faye Kissinger”

Another funded virtual gang-stalker (we’ll get to her later), identifies her as “Karen Faye Kissinger”.

Bill Kissinger who is a mutual friend of the Oppenheims –

Who is also a friend of Marilyn Cain and a friend of the Oppenheims

We covered this Here

Samantha DeGosson & Marilyn Cain
First Lady of stalkers

Let’s not forget how “wrong” I am
 . . . “DEAD wrong” . . .

Her “poor slob” and “dead wrong” sound just as threatening as Victoria’s threat against me via her “family”. Since I know nothing about Victoria’s “family” I have to assume that Micheline and Victoria (below) are talking about the same “FANfamily”.  Their email threats sound almost exactly alike.

One of Micheline James-Perlman’s other accounts is “Spotlight50” (same as her old email address and her old “Starspath” “TaraKing50” email address and her facebook page “Micheline50”:

Not very used, she only followed four people
Soap stars.  Hennessee also follows her
Karen Rinehart was a “Facebook” MJ friend of mine

Many of her followers are also “Soap” actors
With common friends with Micheline

Micheline was a “Divorce Court” Staff writer 

While searching for info on a website a while back called “Red Ice Creations” and “” which sports the Uk “government e-market place”.  We discussed this on the blog topic “Inundation of the Red Tide”.  What I didn’t tell you is that while searching for information connected to the “Red Ice Creations” website on filmmaker HenrikPalmgren, I found something rather curious on the IMDB web site that I did NOT expect to find:

Anyone recognize this girl?

You should . . . let me refresh your memory – she was one of the “stalkers” that supposedly hung around Karen Faye KISSINGER and Samantha Degosson and Steph Martin.  She is pictured here at the SONY luncheon.

Karen Faye “Minions”

All her credits are POST- death of Michael Jackson.  That fact is front and center on her profile.

They are all actresses even if their “careers” just started “yesterday”.  (“you’re not going to change the script” she told me….)  Keeler is from Harrison Park, New Jersey.  Micheline James-Perlman is from Hackensack.  She too worked in the entertainment industry as does Micheline de Rothschild ALSO with a background in “fashion” and “writing”.

Further down, I want to deal with the most recent – Vicki/Victoria

Two trolls in one week – actually,  three.  I found #3 as a result of finding #2

“Vicki, Victoria”

She’s called my house, usually when I was in the middle of working on a blog topic that had to do directly with Michael and the subject of DNA manipulation and the “Book of the Law”.  So close were her requests in emails to the subject I was working on, it further verified my suspicions as it had with Micheline, that my computer was being “read” from a remote position.

The email that first came under suspicion was the one almost exactly a month after I had cut off everything with Micheline.  But she was so “friendly” and “flattering” that I thought “okay, let’s see where this goes”.

The next suspect email from her was during my writing of the blogs on the name of God (The Baptism in His name, Jesus’ name and the Holy Ghost), and the blogs on the Firmament.

When I began working on the blog the “The Woman and the Ephah”, I was told that she had called my house and that it was urgent.  I never returned the phone call, the blog has priority.  However I did send her a quick email telling her I had gotten the phone call and I had not yet been able to return it.

She then sent me an email, rather lengthy, about “carbon” being our “mark” because it had 6 proton, 6 neutrons and 6 electrons  (not all carbon atoms have those numbers, some have eight of each, etc…). 

Before I answered that one she had sent me another email with some links in it.  But I already knew that the mark of the beast had to do with changing the Word – the “Book” in us.

She told me she did not know Micheline
Now she knows her Twitter I.D.?

Wizard of Oz On Her Page

This lady was on my husband’s Facebook page
They look very . . . VERY similar both even have
"dark hair" photos for various "parties" We deleted
this lady from his FB.  They look too similar, even the hair part.

Here she is  joking about different names for herself

Victoria Blake's "Dark Hair" look

The “Groups” on Victoria Blake’s page “The Entertainment Group” –

- has some familiar “family” members in the MJ Fan Group Stalker family – namely Jodi Gomes and Muzikfactory2 – The old emails she sent me back in 2010 were addresses as “Yazmeen Carmin” or “Karmin” – She is this girl:


All three of these also share space on U.N. Group
That Micheline de Rothschild was a member of

This is further down the page, same group, Sediah Garrett and an “employee” of “Heal The World” foundation

“Lady Flava” who is right under Sediah Garrett is also listed on another mutual group page below.

Germ Jackson???

Victoria Blake also shares a mutual friend with me unconnected, meaning that this “friend” joined my facebook page through other than Michael Jackson acquaintances – through my HUSBAND’S page (conservative political pages).

Remember? Micheline de Rothschild
Also had a mutual friend of one of my Facebook acquaintences

Micheline de Rothchild’s U.N. FB group
Another Victoria, and whoa!  Kathy Hilton!

Victoria Valentino (#1) –
And Director Martin Scorcese

One of Micheline de Rothschild’s other “friends”
Sports a “David Rockefeller” FB Page

This was an issue with Micheline de Rothschild (Who also sported a mutual friend of mine on Facebook, Kimberly Guilfoyle, a mutual friend of “James Hirsen” who is also friends with “Yazmeen/Yazmin Ortiz:

Victoria Blake, whom first emailed me when I cut Micheline James Perlman off, contacted me through twitter under her “N. Smith” I.D.  But she first contacted me back in 2010 under the name “Vicki Smith”.

The N.Smith Identity on Twitter

Vicki Smith email back in 2010

Another “Michelle Pearlman”
Page # 9???

Her Friends list sports a “Victoria Smith”

This “Victoria Smith” also has a common Friend
With Micheline/Michelle - The same “Paula Thompson-Wood

So that there is no misunderstanding, I have not accused anyone of anything.  I am sharing their public profiles with mutual friends and connecting organizations.   Therefore they themselves testify against their own lies.

You Are The Company You Keep - Maybe

I was sent a "suggestion" by one of my "friends".  You know those things you get in your email from Facebook and Twitter?  Well I had heard of this person before and I had no idea why a "friend" would be following someone this idiotic.

Who?  Oh, let me show you who it is -

MJViva, AKA MJ_Snarl

Have you read this person's tweets?  (Are they a person?)  This person talks like a truck driver with the mental capacity of a 2nd grade bully and the most idiotic of all?  "I'm MJ" they claim.

Posted on April 17th -

Email Notif to me on Twitter
Sorry for HER language...If she grew a pair
she might come out from her psuedonym "Like a man"

There was lots more but that’s enough.  You get the gist . . . This is loving?

He also insists (or SHE) insists that HE (she) is coming back in June.  Well, bring it, poopsie, but save your "snarl" for the comic strips.

Then I thought, "Why would a 'friend' who was truly concerned about what happened to Michael be friends with this psycho?”  Then I remembered a tweet a while back.  I searched for it, found it, then said to myself, "hmmmmmm".

Her Twitter Page (she follows me, I just blocked)

Then I went to my facebook page because she was also a "friend" on my facebook page.  When I searched for her, I couldn't immediately find her, but I found this:

Her Pharaoh Fairoh (Mur) Facebook Page
Showing "1 mutual friend" with me, which is another HER

I saw this person had a mutual friend which was . . . the person I was originally looking for - Meriah.  So I clicked on the mutual friend and we were still friends:

Her "Meriah Kennedy" Facebook page which got blocked:

Notice the similarity in names, and the "one" Mutual friend that we had (I had deleted the other one, Jimmy Pena earlier). 

I took note that the "Pharaoh" identity said they worked for the Federal Bureau of Investigations.  Isn't THAT interesting?

I went back to her "front" page:

And this is the closeup of the "mutual friend" so there
is no question who this is

Another "friend" is also mutual friends of the same
two people who are actually the same person, HE
went to "film school"

Anyone else not see what is going on?   They're crawling all over me.  You'll have to ask them why, if I’m such a “mental case” and so “wrong” that they would spend this much time and identities on lil’ ole’ me.  I’d ask them myself, but for the umpteenth time, I blocked them.

Katherine Hume

If you remember, I mentioned her way back during my problems with Micheline James-Perlman-de Rothschild.  She was one of the ones who had stopped contacting me way back then started again just after I had blocked Micheline and cut her off.  The “network” as I began referring to them I went over pretty heavily, here: “Throwing Stones To Hide Their Hands”.  Micheline James’ “stunt man” who called Micheline de Rothschild a fraud is connected to T-Storm/Tee-storm.

She had sent me a video of the movie “The Harvest”, but it was on some source I had never heard of, but was an Israeli company.  I had screenshots of my investigation on that at the same link.  I had always suspected her, but never came out and said to her.  I remained friendly but on guard.

This was her email to me about what she
wrote in her Facebook "Notes"

This is the Facebook Page that her email took me to

Her Groups include mutual members "Hayley" and
Sean Sorensen. Sean Sorensen is Hayley's mutual "friend"

Sean Sorensen is there, but notice who Kat Hume’s other co-member is?
Jane Do (as in Doe), from “Bilderburg group”

From Above in the “Victoria/Micheline” section

Friends - 3 Sorensens

Pictures Kat.Hume.5

Kat Hume #1??? Another "kitty" picture

Note to Puddy Tat as her Profile pic.
Only 11 (visible) friends and completely private

By the way, the OTHER Kat Hume who's picture is Hayley Sorensen?  HER friend "Sean Sorensen" also has one mutual friend with me (just like Micheline James Perlman de Rothschild, and Just like Ms. Victoria Blake/Hawkings

Sean Sorensen mutal w/Joel Perry
(friends on my facebook page)

This guy follows a LOT of people that my FB acquaintances follow (mostly political, Patriot group type people), but one is guy who my missionary friend follows (there are several Ugandan ministers in this group), follows THIS GUY ( ) named Andre, who posts a lot of things like this:

Which although he says it is a character in a game, sports the same message as this artist's work from a previous blog never lived up to what they promised . . . However, a haunt of mine from back in mid 2011, Craig Williams and his “Documentary” which he contacted me to take part in (he and Sonja) is now being “quietly shared” with Serenityxdreams/Hasil/Nemue9/angel9/Pauline/Elke Hassel/ (did I get all her names???)

Ms. Serenity/Hasil and Craig Williams

Same Documentary that Sonja Lowe called me about way back in 2011.  I had talked to Craig Williams on the phone and he let me listen to a recorded interview with Raymone Bain.  He never contacted me online, only Sonja Lowe from Vintage Pop.  Sonja contacted me originally via the blog.  The emails I still have on file:

Craig Williams Phone call in June of 2011

Emails to and about Sonja Lowe
This one was to Mimi – another blog reader

Succession of emails between Sonya Lowe and I
Back in 2011

The Facebook user asking me about the call from Craig Williams was Cathy – who is now also blocked from my Facebook page (because of a virus sent through her email to me).

After the fiasco with Raymone Bain, I seriously doubt there is any truth to this documentary.  The truth was already told by Michael in his songs BEFORE they “changed” him, BEFORE they "de-animated" him, and BEFORE Sony began promoting overproduced dubs after they refused to promote the REAL "Invincible" when he was alive and with us. 

The truth was already told in the Bible even before Michael.  And I know how it is all going to work out, regardless of what they put in their script . . .

They’re going to lose.  It may be their script, but it’s God’s SCRIPTURE.

Whatever it is they are doing, it is mighty important to them to sideswipe this blog and at some point in time, it may very well be God’s will that I will be done with this.  And it may be His will that it will be finished by one of their hands.  But they will do nothing, nor will they have the power to do anything until God is done with me.

What they did to Michael Jackson should be record.  What they are using his “name”, “image” and message for after they took him down is spoken of in Scripture.

If it were not so, they would not be here haunting this work, with new ones filling behind each one exposed.

They have something to hide – if they did not, they would not need all the false identities online.  I would not be getting such reactions and covert attention if I were it not for the FACT that it is the Word of God and God’s name within us that they don’t want you to know about it.

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