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Michael Jackson Justice: June 2014

God: Reconnect to Him

The Conspiracy against God is about "The Word", and the profaning of His Holy Name within us. Adam fell in the garden, breaking the direct connection to God. Jesus, the "last Adam" was a quickening Spirit, the Word made Flesh, and the only one with whom we can re-establish our relationship with God. Michael's story is still unfolding. He is the one who is, is not. But Jesus is the only name given under heaven by which we must be saved. Many are trying to rewrite HIStory. We were given a help to instruct us. Learn more "here".

Sunday, June 29, 2014

Not Alone

Others Have Been Called

"The Lord is not slack concerning his promise, as some men count slackness; but is longsuffering to us-ward, not willing that any should perish, but that all should come to repentance."

I am reminded of this verse every single time a heckler, blog-stalker or Twitter-troll lays in wait for the messengers and soldiers in Christ with an accusation mocking their posting of scripture.

It’s not the messengers of Christ that make it about religion, it is the very people accusing them of doing so by using religion as an accusation.  They bring it up so as to replace the focus of the message.  Suddenly a messenger of Christ is confronted with the diversion of defending oneself over presenting the truth and that is  the whole point of the accuser’s tactics: take your focus off the message and get you to defend yourself thereby focusing on the self.  It is the most basic of instincts we have.  Once they accomplish this, well then they can accuse you of ego.

What did Jesus do when they lay in wait for him, to trip him in his words?  Jesus presented that their own law said that he said “ye are gods”.  Jesus defended those they accused also.

In John 8, Jesus simply stooped down and drew a line in the sand.  He said to them “he who is without sin, cast the first stone”.  Those that accused him of arrogance certainly could not let the crowd see them as such.  Also there were those who’s conscience got the best of them.  They were so eager to stone someone who’s sins were no worse than their own.

When Jesus was arrested and face to face with his accusers, he stayed silent.  Why did he do that?  He was the son of God.  He was the Word made flesh.  Any word he said could have destroyed them all, but he didn’t do that.  Why?

Matt 27:12: "And when he was accused of the chief priests and elders, he answered nothing."

He answered nothing.  There was no need to.  Jesus wasn’t there to defend himself, he wasn’t even there to fight for the truth.  Not at that time.  Jesus came here to take our sentence.  The truth was coming.

There is a struggle between contending for the truth, and staying silent for God’s work to reveal itself.   The first reaction to any attack or even a taunt is to defend, be it you or someone else.

In this I am not alone – and neither are you.

As I also struggle to remember, this is as much for me as it is for anyone out there contending for the truth – Don’t let them make it about you, because they will.  You are the messenger.  The psychological response to being accused of “using religion” or “hiding behind religion” is to deny it.  That shares ground with denying faith but even if they don’t accomplish getting you there, they have already accomplished making the issue about YOU and taking it off of Christ. 

Eventually, this is all going to be told.  All of us only have a piece of it – which ever piece God gave us to move.  And just as Paul in the Bible there are going to be those who accuse the messengers that will shown the light, once their eyes are opened, at God’s appointed time.

It is true that we wait so that God can give time to those still battling Him to come around.  It is true that he would prefer that none be lost.  Unfortunately there are only a set amount who will be set aside and another preordained to that condemnation.  The rest God is still awaiting their moments of revelation.

God’s Word is miraculous.  How it came about is miraculous.  The truth in it is so complete, there need not be any other writings accompanying it.  Only that others be motivated to open its pages and let its words show them what has been hidden from them. 

If there was no love in me for any other creature out there, I could keep the words of that book and the cleansing truth to myself.  I could be happy just being with God and with Him alone.  But I got to know Him through love.  I got closer to Him through love.  It was love that broke down the wall in me.  Love tore the veil; love so powerful and pure that at that moment I offered to take his place, his pain, two fingers once apart finally touched again and I was made whole.

There is no pleasure in selfishly guarding that secret, so I share what I learn as I learn it.  There is no fulfillment so complete than the moment that connection is made.  The world will not be healed until every single child of God awakes to the truth of what he did for us and I will not stop defending his servants until God tells me  to stop, and that includes Michael, since he was my prayer.  And I know it was pure because Jesus was the first one I thought of when contemplating my request.

“Is this how Jesus felt when he wanted to die for us?  That’s what love is!”

I was called – years later I answered.  It’s a responsibility I struggle through every single day.  But it is not about me.  What happened to me is what it is about.  WHO happened to me is what it is about.  WHO I want to happen to everyone is what it is about.

I’m Spoken For

Someone accused me of not knowing Michael personally – and they are wrong.  Anyone knowing God and seeking to know him knows Michael personally.  Because Michael and Jesus were one.  Michael and Jesus are one.  But perfection was required of one man only and that was Jesus Christ.  What he accomplished, he did so for all of us who want to be a part of him and be like him.  In that we should never, ever give up our struggle to reach the height of his heart.

A long, long time ago, an offer was made, via request to God.  That request came from one of God’s own.  The angel.  The offer included many sufferings.  Those sufferings through the lives of many sons of men made the captain of our salvation perfect.  The offer was finished two thousand years ago when Jesus died on the cross and defeated death.

That offer has been extended to you.  Through Christ death for you was defeated, but you have to make a choice.  You still have to chose of your own free will.

Time is almost up.  And the thief of houses will soon stand before you in a vessel you know well and declare himself God.

Flesh and blood cannot inherit the kingdom of God.  So what will you see when he stands before you?  The corpses shell?  Or the brightness of his coming?

This is truth.  This is in scripture.  And he did this all  . . . for . . . love.

I Would Die For You

I do not need to be validated or celebrated by men.  Neither do I seek validation or glorification from men.  I was already validated by the most high God in the most beautiful way I could ever imagine.  Contending for the truth is not always an aesthetically pleasing production to those who are unfamiliar with the truth.  It is when the eyes are opened that the truth is seen and all things come together.

They who strive to instill doubt in your calling should heed this one fact;  Another also was called.  There are TWO anointed.  And there are many messengers called to instruct.  It has been so throughout the time God has given to finish this.  And still their game has not changed; even during the attempted possession of the body of Moses spoken of in Jude.  A pattern repeated will not change HIStory.

“It is finished” Jesus said.  And the angel who gathers will sound when the transgression is complete.  The “Y” at the center of everything we do is really all about this.

This past week my sons came to visit me.  The break taken from this work gave me worries but on a drive back from the beach with my oldest son, we spoke of these things.  Broken clouds of showers crossed the land about us and as I looked up, there seemingly hanging from a string was the perfect, heart shaped cloud.  The “string” attached the heart to a large cloud above it.  I asked my son, “do you see this?”  He responded that he did.

As we drove on, the “heart” dissolved into the larger cloud above it.  As it passed over our way, we were blessed with drops of rain on the windshield as we drove.  There was another image in the clouds about fifteen minutes later, but I won’t tell you what it was.  It is too hard to try to explain – but some of you have seen it before.

When thinking on these things, there are no doubts about how much we are loved.  Love is the key . . . and faith is the door.

"Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen."

"But thou shouldest not have looked on the day of thy brother in the day that he became a stranger; neither shouldest thou have rejoiced over the children of Judah in the day of their destruction; neither shouldest thou have spoken proudly in the day of distress.

13. Thou shouldest not have entered into the gate of my people in the day of their calamity; yea, thou shouldest not have looked on their affliction in the day of their calamity, nor have laid hands on their substance in the day of their calamity;

14. Neither shouldest thou have stood in the crossway, to cut off those of his that did escape; neither shouldest thou have delivered up those of his that did remain in the day of distress.  15. For the day of the Lord is near upon all the heathen: as thou hast done, it shall be done unto thee: thy reward shall return upon thine own head."

School the World
Don’t Put It All On Him
Take over for him
They have not a clue
When its all gonna end, the end

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

NEO - The New Vision in Full Effect

The Backup Plan Is In Full Effect

"And it shall be, when he sitteth upon the throne of his kingdom, that he shall write him a copy of this law in a book out of that which is before the priests the Levites:

19. And it shall be with him, and he shall read therein all the days of his life: that he may learn to fear the Lord his God, to keep all the words of this law and these statutes, to do them:   20. That his heart be not lifted up above his brethren, and that he turn not aside from the commandment, to the right hand, or to the left: to the end that he may prolong his days in his kingdom, he, and his children, in the midst of Israel."

This in Deuteronomy we discussed in the previous topic “The Day of Atonement” and in other blog topics leading up to that one.  The copy of the law in a book is the same which will be open with the other books at judgment:

Judgment was set and “the books were opened” in Daniel 7:10; the beast was slain and his body given to the burning flame.  In Revelation 20 John receives a bit more of the same vision Daniel had:

"And I saw the dead, small and great, stand before God; and the books were opened: and another book was opened, which is the book of life: and the dead were judged out of those things which were written in the books, according to their works."

The dead will be judged out of those things written in the books, according to their works.  So we know we are not saved by works, but by grace through faith.  Why is there a judging of works written in the books if only those written in the book of life will be saved?  

The dream I had two years ago this month about Eddie; there were those mentioned who didn’t know they were already dead.  The angel had said “Eddie only has six miles to go . . .” That is what that verse reminds me of.  Were these the dead of the second death?  Or those who were not written in the book of life?  Or both?

Those that don’t know they are already dead . . . is this the unsaved?  Verse thirteen tells us this was all the dead – even those that were delivered up from the sea, from “death” and hell were judged.   You know who will be judging them.

The books that will be opened are within us and as we approach the day, could those books already be opening?  Are the opening of the books and the judging of each one of us synonymous with the separating of the wheat from the chaff (Matt 3:12, Luke 3:17)?  The placing of the sheep from the goats to the right and the left (Matt. 25:33)?

The dead will be judged according to their works which are written in the books within them.  Our DNA records every thought. 

"Ye have heard that it was said by them of old time, Thou shalt not commit adultery:   28. But I say unto you, That whosoever looketh on a woman to lust after her hath committed adultery with her already in his heart."

The copy of the book written by he who sits on the throne of his kingdom was for one of two purposes (or both):  The copy of the book is either that which is given as the morning star to he who overcomes in Revelation 2:26-28, or the ephah that was lifted up by two women with wings like storks between the heaven and the earth and flown to the land of Shinar to build a house in Zechariah 5:11; or . . . it was both, the second which was placed in the house of the second child who shall “stand up in his stead” in Ecclesiastes 4:15.

The angel in Exodus 23:21 who goes before them in the desert; whom they should not provoke because he would not pardon their transgressions; for God’s name is in him is the same angel who is the Holy Ghost, which blaspheme against will not be forgiven in Matthew 3:29 and Luke 12:10.  This same is sent in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ (John 7:39), and who is also called “The Comforter” in John 14:26, who is taken out of the way in 2 Thessalonians 2:6-8.

This same is also substance inherited through the “Captain of our Salvation” made perfect through sufferings, bringing of many sons to glory in Hebrews 2:10.  The same “Captain” who will descend from heaven with a shout, with the voice of  the archangel in 1 Thessalonians 4:16; who is he that withholdeth until he be taken out of the way in 2 Thessalonians 2:6-8, as he withheld or “letteth” during the contention with the devil over the body of Moses in Jude 1:9.

He is the same who is the Prince of the children of God who stands up at the “time” of trouble like there never was before in Daniel 12:1, and he is the same who sends the dragon to the earth no more to tread into Heaven in Revelation 12:7.  In the flesh he is the “second child” who shall “stand up in his stead” in Ecclesiates 4:15, the man child who would rule with a rod of iron; whom the dragon seeks to devour but is caught up to God and to his throne in Revelation 12:4-5.

So you know what was told the disciples, and what was told the apostles.  How did Jesus come to choose those to follow him; from Simon-Peter and his brother Andrew who were fishing in Matthew 4:19 to Matthew the tax collector in Matthew 9:8-10 – How did Jesus know to choose these twelve fellows to follow him?

There are 12 Apostles; there are twelve disciples some of which were apostles before they were killed.  There are 12 tribes of Israel and twelve foundations of the city of God (Revelation 21:14).  Jesus is the head stone of the corner which the builders rejected.

Jesus was the “Word made flesh” in John 1:14.  That “Word” was in the beginning with God and was God; all things were made by him and without him was not anything made that was made in John 1:1-3.  By him all things were created.  All things were created by him and for him.  He is before all things and by him all things consist in 1 Corinthians 1:16-18.

Would not the Spirit of God know the substance of those whom God created to follow, learn and teach from his son?  By the same substance, those who would be put in remembrance of days old would know the substance which they would inherit, walking in flesh among them, who would save them.  They for who the book of remembrance was written (Malachi 3:16), so it would bring back to mind those things they once knew (Jude 1:5) from the former days (Malachi 3:4) when they were illuminated, or companions of those who were so used (Hebrews 10:32).

Only the insane would provoke the wrath of Him that is coming to restore.  I do not want to be in their shoes.  The only one worthy to step into their sin long enough to take it with him into death will not pardon transgressions when he returns.  It will be judgment day.

Isaiah 41 reads to us of the righteous man who is raised up from the east; when the Lord opens the rivers in high places and fountains in the midst of the valleys to feed the thirsty, spoken of in Isaiah 30:23-26 after the time when the towers fall.  He has raised up one from the north and he shall come; from the rising of the sun he shall call His name and the Kingdoms will be given him.  He will rule over kings as He has told us by way of Daniel, and Isaiah and Revelation and we will know that the Lord said it, and it came to pass.

"And by the river upon the bank thereof, on this side and on that side, shall grow all trees for meat, whose leaf shall not fade, neither shall the fruit thereof be consumed: it shall bring forth new fruit according to his months, because their waters they issued out of the sanctuary: and the fruit thereof shall be for meat, and the leaf thereof for medicine.

13. Thus saith the Lord God; This shall be the border, whereby ye shall inherit the land according to the twelve tribes of Israel: Joseph shall have two portions."

There is a reason why Joseph had two shares of the inheritance.  Remember the two witnesses.  Remember the copy of the book of the law.  Angels Bearing Names.

An Explanation – Mend Your Ways

Jesus was not just here to die on the cross.  Jesus came to teach the kingdom of heaven.  He validated the kingdom of heaven with every miracle he performed. 

One of the biggest keys was the faith of the recipient of the miracle.  Jesus could change the atmosphere in a room when he walked in.  He showed Peter how he could multiply food to nourish thousands; Jesus also cursed a fig tree to show how “the word” worked.  But even those who’s faith drew them to seek out Jesus or touch his robe caused healing:

"And Jesus, immediately knowing in himself that virtue had gone out of him, turned him about in the press, and said, Who touched my clothes?   31. And his disciples said unto him, Thou seest the multitude thronging thee, and sayest thou, Who touched me?   32. And he looked round about to see her that had done this thing.

33. But the woman fearing and trembling, knowing what was done in her, came and fell down before him, and told him all the truth.   34. And he said unto her, Daughter, thy faith hath made thee whole; go in peace, and be whole of thy plague."

There are three things to take away from what the lesson in the video above shows:  That a six foot long DNA strand is divided into 46 units and that chromosomes are formed from the DNA only during cell division; 2 – That not only our actions but our ancestor’s actions can affect our “epigenetics” or our “DNA” which again validates the Bible; and 3 – Words, thoughts, sounds can change our genetic code.

Faith in Christ, love for him, desire to be like him changes you.  It is the Holy Ghost who comes in his name who gifts you, not your own mortal mental capacity.

The sound of God’s name for example, which is why they have painstakingly hidden it from you, holds power.  Love for God can change things in you.  Recognition and acceptance of what Jesus did for you, knowing that love changes things in you.

Jesus showed his disciples how to heal and restore life.  The apostles carried this out after the day of Pentacost when they received the Holy Ghost.

As this is not of our own power but from God, we of our free will have to participate.  Our faith is the connection from God to our healing.  Jesus’ gift to those that love him is the inheritance of the substance that binds up the breach of God’s people.

Those that God chose to teach these things were persecuted.  Jesus was crucified, most of the prophets were ridiculed and lonely people, Zechariah was given knowledge that got him killed between the porch and the alter – This is where they aim to attack because the porch and the alter is also within you – they mentally defeat you either with words, drugs, propaganda, entertainment, deficient food, negative, corrupting images, terror, sensationalistic events and more.

Their plans as they are revealed keep evolving.  And so follows the call sign “The backup plan is in full effect”.  And the reason they keep getting “found out” is because they are also aware of power of the word . . . and creating the breadcrumb trail from word associations, which is why we keep finding their plans.

Yes – It’s In The WORD

Because of the research we’ve done on the words “ONE”, “Red” (and the promotion of the color), “Superman”, “Dragon”, “serpent”, “Oz”, “Never neverland”, “the plan is in full effect” and various images depicting those words, we have managed to expose some of the network – others are also exposing them.  Some of those “hints” are also false flags, meaning they are put out there to distract and later discredit those who are finding them and alerting others – don’t give up!  It is their arrogance that will shake the dirt hiding them – you just keep reporting!

Working my way back through the things that caught my eye this week and one of them of course was the World Cup Games – the “Olympics” of soccer.  There was a “Simpsons” episode that allegedly “predicted” an “event” during the games on the 16th of June.

Well, they were wrong about the date:

June 16, 2014 Simpsons Illuminati Clue
Last Game – World Cup Soccer

The World Cup runs this year between June 13 and July 13.  Since the 16th of June through today, Google has been running a logo depicting the games between Belgium and Algeria.  No “bomb” has destroyed the games –

Breaking News, this just in on Twitter:

 - but tell me . . . what is with the octopus wearing the halo, undecided between which country?

Also, one of the articles promoting a book on the economical and political evils of global sporting events just had to mention Michael Jackson:

"Zirin also creatively weaves personal and political prose describing journeys through the favelas to find a Michael Jackson tribute statue built when the pop star travelled to Brazil to film his controversial music video “They Don’t Care About Us.” Zirin recognizes and discusses his own fear during his first trips to Rio’s favelas,  a fear that was transformed into sheer appreciation of the creative resilience of favela residents in their determination to not only defy a criminalized image of themselves and their dwellings, but also to employ innovative ways to halt the wrecking ball . . . One issue that Zirin did not tackle, and which has been featured in alternative coverage of the World Cup, is a rising adolescent sex trade that has emerged in the lead up to the games." - Source,

This just had to be in the same paragraph as the mention of Michael Jackson – adolescent sex trade.  Even though Michael spoke of this horror in many of his global visits, those speeches were squelched in favor of sensationalized headlines depicting him as an abuser.  Let us not forget Princess Diana and people like Senator Nancy Schaeffer and her husband who fought the government of this country and those running it, to expose and put a stop to child sex trafficking.  It’s more important to these abominations to normalize the sexualization of children so that the abuse of them will no longer be illegal.  You can be arrested for correcting your child or in some states “hurting their feelings”, but teachers can ply their little minds with sexually explicit material all day long without reprisal – what’s wrong is right and what’s right is wrong today.  Those who love their children will soon be forced to school them in the basement away from the eyes of the state.

Here are some more “finds” by others on the “World Cup”:


Movies, Games, Sporting and Michael Jackson

Who is rejoicing?  Are you?  Is this entertainment?  Does this make you happy?  Is this ESCAPISM?  Keep it.  And may those who laugh with you keep you company in the day God calls all cards and you realize it wasn’t all “Make-dot-Believe”.

By the way, Google just changed their logo today – same octopus in the clouds, same halo, but now the teams he decides on are Mexico and Brazil for June 17, 2014.

New World Tax Regime

We’ve dipped our toes into this topic just recently on “A Cloak For Iniquity” on the 5th of June this year.  On that article we discussed the instituting of the new Global IRS via H.R. Bill 2847.    This would essentially liable all financial institutions across the industrialized world to the I.R.S.

The “DinarDaily” had this to say about this bill which effects all financial institutions globally, on the Foreign Financial Institutions Bill being enacted on July 1, 2014:

"The problem originates in U.S. government efforts to prevent future offshore-banking tax scams like the UBS one in 2009.

To keep better track of the flow of assets owned by U.S. citizens, Fatca requires bankers in other countries to send the IRS information about transactions by any of their customers who are Americans. Similarly, U.S. banks have to report to the IRS info on their non-U.S.-citizen customers, so the IRS can send it on to their home countries.

    [millionday] note -- remember when the swiss account holder names were ordered by the US of A to be reported to the US so that tax evasion was not an issue or the accounts could not be used as a haven?

    [millionday] I read somewhere (dont have right now) that they actually gave the names of corporations to the US and not individuals -- if that changed i am not aware of it and there is room for me to have missed it of course --

    [millionday] here is some more on what will happen

    [millionday] FATCA requires foreign financial institutions (FFI) of broad scope — banks, stock brokers, hedge funds, pension funds, insurance companies, truststo report directly to the IRS all clients' accounts owned by U.S. Citizens and U.S. persons (Green Card holders).

Starting July 1, 2014, FATCA will require FFIs to provide annual reports to the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) on the name and address of each U.S. client, as well as the largest account balance in the year and total debits and credits of any account owned by a U.S. person." - Source,

Sounds like it is individually targeted to me!  Tell me, who is granting this almighty power internationally to the IRS?  Why are other countries giving up their sovereignty to the United States and to the IRS?

The “New American” also precipitated what I had on the blog topic on the “Receiving Thy Sight” back in May and “A Cloak For Iniquity”:

"But it would likely come as a surprise to most that we will likely see the initial operation of a world tax regime to fund international entities by 2015.

The Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) — a 34-member (presently) international economic organization that works to influence world financial operations — openly announced plans to advance the longtime socialist-backed dream of a planetary taxation regime. The plans call for legitimate governments and dictatorships worldwide to share all private financial data on citizens. It is all openly inspired by, and modeled on, Obama’s Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act (FATCA) aimed at coercing banks and governments around the world into reporting all accounts and assets held by “U.S. persons” to the IRS." - Source, The New American

Despite what I believe about their collusion with the “false good guy” role they play, it’s out there and they have contributed to the reality that my suspicions were more than that.

The “New American” article states that the OECD had formally unveiled its plan, tentatively calling it the “GATCA (Global Account Tax Compliance Act)".  Is it real?  Well, an article on Reuters claims this is the goal of the FACTA, which is the U.N. through Obama’s bill.  And this alert came from PWC, which applies to citizens living in the Tourism countries of Central America.

Wikipedia is blaming what they call the “dubbing” of “GACTA” (which has its own link for a global “Common Reporting Standard”) on “detractors” of FACTA, even though during the G-20 the OECD’s report admittedly relates the adoption of their “common standards” on Obama’s “FACTA” on page 5 of the report.  In truth, this was written in the plan long before they appointed Obama the “fall guy” president of the United States.  Let us not forget:

Maxine Waters Unveils The Big Brother

That video first appeared on the two topics last June “Contending Over The Body of An Angel” and “Slowly Killing The Light In Michael Jackson” – SerenityX previous commenter to this blog is now nowhere in sight to defend her lies, but the things she denied have and are happening.  So we move on, watching all these  things unfold.

How can one country – even the bloated U.S. of A. have any power over the financial institutions of other countries?

Because – they are all “under the central banking system”.  Besides, the U.S. has NO POWER that isn’t granted to them by they who buy and sell us.  These countries are all owned by the banks, just as is America.  And this is proof that the United States is being made central in all this data collecting – INTERNATIONALLY.  None of this “required” audit collecting is being requested by OTHER international tax agencies, ALL of this is going through the I.R.S. in the U.S.A. and from the U.S.A. to the U.N.

The “DinarDaily”:

"[millionday] If an institution does not comply, the U.S. will impose a 30% withholding tax on all its transactions concerning U.S. securities, including the proceeds of sale of securities. In addition, FATCA requires any foreign company not listed on a stock exchange or any foreign partnership which has 10% U.S. ownership to report to the IRS the names and tax I.D. number (TIN) of any U.S. owner.

 FATCA also requires U.S. citizens and green card holders who have foreign financial assets in excess of $50,000 (higher for those who are bona-fide residents abroad) to complete a new Form 8938 to be filed with the 1040 tax return, starting with fiscal year 2011." - Source,

How can the United States charge a foreign financial institution a penalty for non-compliance outside the control of their borders and government?

Because it IS a global tax!  That is why.  They absolutely could not do this without the blessing and direction of the U.N. which consists of your “ten kings” who rule with the beast “one hour” (a year give or take) in Revelation 17.

In addition on that same blog topic, “Israel Today” published an article promoting they would be the first country to be a “cashless society”, making cash transactions above a certain amount illegal – for the purposes of tracking for tax collection.  What do you know . . . a pioneer.  Let’s give them a hand.  They are no longer going to “keep it in the closet”, their prostituting of the United States.

The going theme between the “NESARA” promoters, covert “OPPT” organizers and the “prosperity prophets” was the call sign “the backup plan is in full effect” – changed from “The Absolute Plan is in Full Effect”.  Those that will soon convince you the Bible was written specifically to establish “economic justice” – They make it about money as if this were what God was about.

What is the backup plan?  It is the same as the “Absolute” plan only with name changes for the organizations (those of you following the Michael Jackson saga, note the pattern of name changes for various “employed” fans after certain “markers” took place).

The U.N. Behind NESARA

I am very sorry I cannot tell you how I crossed this information because I was devouring info from one source to the other, but I can tell you that someone on Twitter alerted me to it unbeknownst to them.  It started with searching out the OPPT’s “I-UV exchanges”.  The connection we made back last June between those exchanges, the Obamacare “Health Care Exchanges” and the UK’s “government e-marketplaces” through “” (“Inundation Of The Red Tide”) have some more “coincidences” to add to their portfolio.

"There is another connection to Michael Jackson’s “XScape” and you regulars should be familiar with this.  The “XScape” titled album and the “One People’s Public Trust” named “I-UV Xchange”, Obama’s “Health Care Exchanges” and the “Government Marketplace Xchange/Exchange” are all connected.  We will go back over this shortly."

I promised you we would go back over this and we will.

One of the other Twitter accounts that followed me recently was the Yiddish Proverbs.  It was a posting by one of their other followers that posted an article about “Neobucks”.  Before we go into this, the word “Neo” and its definition:

- 1. a combining form meaning “new,” “recent,” “revived,” “modified,” used in the formation of compound words: neo-Darwinism; Neolithic; neoorthodoxy; neophyte.

- 2. Chemistry . a combining form used in the names of isomers having a carbon atom attached to four carbon atoms: neoarsphenamine.
Also, especially before a vowel, ne-.

 < Greek,  combining form of néos;  akin to new

When I did a search on “Neobucks”, I found most links referred to “Neobux” which from what I had seen had been around for a while (longer than Bitcoin?).  But other links that dominated that search were mostly “neobux” mentioned on various links from the source UNGSE”.  I had never heard of them before.  One of my followers on Twitter was following them and posted a link to an article by them:

Their Twitter account which was brand new a few days ago has jumped in followers/following:

What is UNGSE?  I found this by accident.  The document PDF “Public Notice” above links to a page that is not yet published, but you are redirected to their main website  This is what the page looks like (if they haven’t taken it down):

What does UNGSE stand for?  Well it’s proper acronym is UN-GSE.  It means “United Kingdom of God Sky Earth”.  When you run your cursor over the last link in that landing page “UN_GSE” it says “Welcome To the New Vision – Neo The United Kingdom of God Sky Earth”.  Neo means “new”.  Neo is the name of the main character who was “The ONE” in the movie series “The Matrix”.  And the “New Vision”?  Spoken of in Daniel 11:

"And in those times there shall many stand up against the king of the south: also the robbers of thy people shall exalt themselves to establish the vision; but they shall fall."

We sported a portion of the first movie video on the blog “Receiving Thy Sight”, which was put up in the wee hours prior to fighter jets doing a “fly-by” over the roof of my house later that morning.  I don’t think it was so much the reference to the “destroyed with the brightness of his coming” that irked them as much as I was too close to the name they chose for the new “phase” of their plan:


I first clicked on the link for the “Public Notice, Military Settlement – California”.  I read the whole thing and it looks like another version of the “OPPT” public notices for creditors to file objections to the Settlement.  Their address at the bottom in “Upland, California” also happens to be the same address listed for one of the California Department of Real Estate offices (here), but it appeared on a 2008 newsletter publication.

Next, I clicked on the link to the far right that said “UN-GSE”.  This is what I saw:

It’s another cheesy looking web site, flashing images of seals, documents and logos.  Note that after the “home” tab at the very top to the right is the acronym “CVAC”.  Remember that from last year’s “OPPT”?  Just click on the “CVAC” link and it is the very same “Creation Value Assets Centers” – or “EXCHANGES”.

Screenshot and connections

I searched out the OPPT Facebook page and sure enough, there was a recent posting there about the “UNGSE”:

Their link is here.

Neo also has a Facebook page.  It is here you will see the term “SwissIndo World Trust” mentioned a lot.  We’ll get to that in a minute.  Another page is this one, probably a page they intended to use but started another one without deleting the latter.  SwissIndo was “outed” by the previous promoters of the OPPT, “RemovingTheShackles” amongst others.  And it’s looking like one of those “Republican vs. Democats”/”Liberal vs. Conservatives”/”Believers vs. Justice4MJ” deceptions.  The appearance of discrediting one by the other when they are working together; It’s a filthy lie either way.

One of the links on one of the “UN-GSE” Facebook pages led to an article on Nova-Gaia which was one of the promoters of the OPPT/I-UV exchanges.  They are one of the largest of the “new age/ascended masters/alien/Pleiades” organizations.

This particular web page was an article titled “Turning Point For Humanity”.   This is what it said below the first picture:

"11th March 2014 – Indonesia. The gathering of tribal elders and diplomats has cemented by wet ink signature the SEMAR SUPER SEMAR – a historic day for Indonesia and the world.

This most recent Semar Super Semar event and signing in Indonesia on 11th March 2014 was hosted by H.R.H. Mr. 1.SINO.AS.S”2″.IR.SOEGIHARTONOTONEGORO.ST, Chairman of the United Nations Organisation, who signed into history the launch of Payment Order 1-11, beginning with the global financial system changes." - Source, Nova-gaia

Why would Indonesia be the first to sign this thing?  Why not one of the G-20 Nations?

Because  they are not ready yet for a formal “coming out”.  Does that mean all this is hogwash?

Europa Films ran the same article.  They were the promoters of the movie “Thrive: What On Earth Will It Take”, and if you view their “channel” web site, you will see many mentions of not only OPPT, but Nova-Gaia as well – “The Evolution Will Not Be Televised”.  We covered the “we are gods” propaganda film “Thrive” here last year.

Remember what I said several paragraphs up the page?

"There is another connection to Michael Jackson’s “XScape” and you regulars should be familiar with this.  The “XScape” titled album and the “One People’s Public Trust” named “I-UV Xchange”, Obama’s “Health Care Exchanges” and the “Government Marketplace Xchange/Exchange” are all connected.  We will go back over this shortly."

Of the followers of the newer “UNGSE” Twitter account, I found “RippleLabs”.  You go to their Twitter page and the info under their moniker includes a link to a web page which reads “”.  But look at the actual URL that pops up when you put your cursor over it!

When I right click and copy the url from the link on their Twitter page, and paste it to Notepad or Word, this is what comes up:

MJJNation – or MJJNaziU0N (Nazion?) – Yes, their “King NEO” is Michael Jackson.


RippleLabs” runs the website:  - This is the “backup plan” of “UBUNTU”  - it’s the same but just a different name.  We covered Ubuntu, Canonical and their little Dragon here late last year.  Of their investors is “Google Ventures”, “Jeffrey Jacobs” of “Oprah/Harpo” and Steve Westley, previous comptroller for the State of California.  It’s not pretend and this isn’t a fluke.  BitCoin is also an investor even though their main promoter had allegedly taken off with everyone’s money a few months ago.  XRP is “RippleLab currency”.  Some of their “team” members include E-Loan Co-founder, Product developer for “Google Books”, an officer from Goldman Sachs, digital development at Universal Music Group, and at least two “Federal Reserve” Board members/compliance litigation officers.

Advisors include officers and executives from the Federal Reserve, Bank of America, Microsoft and Stanford, National Academy of Science, Visa/Mastercard, a Kayne West and Pharrell Williams songwriter and a previous “Google Wallet” director.

So, where is the “freedom” from the previous banks?  It’s the same exact cabal leading you into another “bondage” of corruption.

The News Reports show a Facebook image of a Newspaper article:

Source, FACEBook

Also this account follows: which runs the forum on this system at

Checking up on Ubuntumovement with Mike Tellinger, I found this:


"This space has been created for you to get involved in the Ubuntu Community Projects and to share ideas with like minded individuals.

Join our forum to chat about topics and to share information.

We are looking for key individuals around the world to run projects and link people and their skills...

Contact us for more info" - source,

Of course the system is already in place . . . And it has grown quite a bit since we last discussed it in June of 2013.  The CES System, which will be replaced with the global system just as FACTA will be replaced with GACTA in collecting global taxes.

Remember Michael Jackson’s “XScape” album, the I-UV Xchanges, Obamacare’s Health care “eXchanges”, the UK’s RedWeb managed Government “E-Marketplace Exchanges”?

Well . . . This is where I ran into their “backup plan”.

What’s a Drupal?

It’s not just a concept – it’s yet another “open source” program which surprised me that uses:

"Drupal /ˈdruːpəl/[5] is a free and open-source content management framework written in PHP and distributed under the GNU General Public License.[4][6][7] It is used as a back-end framework for at least 2.1% of all websites worldwide[8][9] ranging from personal blogs to corporate, political, and government sites including and[10] It is also used for knowledge management and business collaboration." - Source, Wikipedia and sources

GNU is the “open source”, “Linux systems” licensing system which was also mentioned on the blog topics concerning the Ubuntu operating system.  RedHat and “Fedora” is mentioned here, which is under or sourced with “Canonical” working with “Ubuntu”, “Unity” and “GNOME”.  Ubuntu is being taught at U.S. college certification classes for Cyber-Security.

This is what I found on that same “Ubuntumovement” website; here come the “exchanges”:

A World Free of Money –

There are many ways of exchanging what we have and can do for the things we need. Money is just one of them. The internet revolution has brought us new ways without the unnecessary step of acquiring money first.

Here we exchange and share what we have to offer for what others provide using a variety of exchange mechanisms: record keeping, time exchange, direct exchange, barter, swapping, gifting and sharing.

Simply by keeping track of who receives what from whom we can dispense with the ancient idea of exchange media and the apparatus required to manage them. This helps us focus on providing and requesting what is really needed instead of chasing after money. It creates an environment of openness and transparency; it promotes equality, fairness and balance; it builds community and helps us respect our environment and appreciate the limits of our finite world.

So long as you can offer something of value, you can receive from the community goods and services of like value. So join the growing global community who have discovered a new, healthy way of exchanging, one that will help us create a healthy, sustainable world." – Source, via  UbuntuMovementblog

And because the global government trusts you even less than your federal government, we have Project 13 all ready to step in with “consumption limits” taxes.

What part of this do they not understand?

Thou shalt not seek their peace nor their prosperity all thy days for ever.

"Now therefore give not your daughters unto their sons, neither take their daughters unto your sons, nor seek their peace or their wealth for ever: that ye may be strong, and eat the good of the land, and leave it for an inheritance to your children for ever."

Everything they are handing you is a lie.  The same lie that caused death in God’s creation.  All they are doing is enticing you with the same lie motivating you by the same fleshly, material, worldly desires:

"For, behold, I create new heavens and a new earth: and the former shall not be remembered, nor come into mind."

"Nevertheless we, according to his promise, look for new heavens and a new earth, wherein dwelleth righteousness."

"And I saw a new heaven and a new earth: for the first heaven and the first earth were passed away; and there was no more sea."

On the main page of the “CES”, second block down in the middle is this write-up:

"Press Release
World's Largest Free Community Resource Management Software to be Upgraded

Community Exchange System (CES), a free software service that helps communities manage and exchange resources, is to be migrated to Drupal in 2014. The network currently consists of 700 more or less active communities in 62 countries and the software has so far been translated into 22 languages. Most of the software will be published open source, as a Drupal 8 distribution called Eserai, and several customised deployments are already planned.

In the medium term, more resources will be sought to bring together these deployments into one decentralised network, and to build a free, open source phone application suitable for recording and mobilising community activities.

Communities wanting to be part of a global, decentralised exchange network can create accounts on this website. Drupal engineers wishing to support this long-term effort should contact Please watch this space for a coming crowdfunding campaign.

3 December 2013”  - Source,

How do you “decentralize” a “global” exchange system?  You are either “unified” or you are not.  You are either “centralized” or you are not.  Some DO see through this.  They promote a “sustainable world” and use an “open source” software system that KEEPS TRACK of everyone:

“…Simply by keeping track of who receives what from whom…” -

List of exchanges on the global server by country:

List of exchanges in the United states by center, city and state.

Several of these "exchanges" have either the word "exchange", “Xchange” in their names or "currency" such as Savannah Georgia's "".

If you click on their URL, it will come up as url does not exist.  But if you click on their "register for an account", it comes up:

After you enter your information (I don't suggest it), scroll down and read "offerings" and note the "currency" rules:

Please enter below details of the services and/or goods you will be offering. Please use the format shown.

NB: Registrations with no offerings will not be considered. The Unity Currency is about giving as well as receiving. All rates must be expressed in Unitys. A Dollar component is permissible but it should not exceed the Unity component. Please try to fill in all three offerings fields. You may edit these and add further offerings when you get your account." - Source,

All of the green links in column 3 displaying the exhange name are links to JOIN.  The codes are to their left in column 2:

Now for the “healthcare” part of this – Ironically even though this LOOKS as if it is centered in the United States, this outfit is GLOBAL.  And although certain STATES look as if they are running their own exchanges, all of it is designed to be converted to a “centralized”, United Nations (NEO?) operation:

Manged by "TowersWatson":

Towers Watson makes as if it is the oldest human resource consulting and actuary/risk management company in the U.S., but years of swallowing up smaller companies and merging with others, Towers Watson was not formed until January 4, of 2010 (Towers Perrin merged with Watson Wyatt) – interesting timing, isn’t it? (Source).

Towers Perrin’s was founded in 1934.  Their logo sported an inverted pyramid.
Watson Wyatt is even more interesting: founded only in 2005, It’s “Watson Wyatt Worldwide” sported “W.W.W” (Waw or Vav in Hebrew is 666), but it’s logo stuck with only  the two W’s.  In only five years they accumulated 106 offices and if we want to get technical, the merger occurred in January of 2010 so Watson’s business skyrocketed in only four years.  That’s quite an accomplishment.  I thought, “That’s more miraculous then even “Ubuntu”.  But they were also the result of a merger of  the older “Watson and Sons” and The Wyatt Company.

So we have another "One" - an "insurance exchange" managed by "TowersWatson" - TOWERS - ONE World TRADE (exchange) Center!

Their logo:

Consists of irregular letters "T" (cross) and "W" (serpent) in red.

Note you can change the "English/United States" site at the top right hand corner . . . they are "worldwide".  Global health insurance exchange is what they will be.

It is still a coincidence?

They also have a "medicare" "OneExchange"

Nothing gets past me, eh?

Superheroes?  Like Superman?

On the search for “OneExchange” the Medicare link at the bottom of the search results reads that it will launch in late 2014:

A Power and Natural Gas stock trading platform also called "One Exchange Corporation"

The “X” in “XScape” – All In A Word

Let’s go back to “RippleLabs”, one of the followers of UN-GSE on Twitter.

The url attached to “” on their Twitter page, “MJJNaziu0n” was no random short url generator. 

Michael Jackson or “MJJNaziu0n”/RippleLabs was also connected to someone promoting “ONEExchange”  (Michael Jackson:ONE; ONE World Trade Center, Canonical ONE, Ubuntu ONE, You are the ONE etc…)

Are they building a “Michael Jackson Nation”?  Let’s ask Janet:

Sharing a common vision?
Lyrics to Rhythm Nation

MJJNation is not a fluke either.  A blog exists by that name:

And directs to the Sony-owned “

Screenshot – see red lines

MJJNation Promotion – “My World”
Uploaded May 1 (MAYDAY) 2011

Show must go on, huh?  Well, it is . . . Sony is working on it – “coming soon”

Source -

On this web site the trailer for “This Is It” documentary plays.  It’s the same documentary we’ve all seen but for the first time toward the middle of this, I heard something I never heard before.  Since I couldn’t track the minutes on that let me see if I can find you the video on Youtube:

Go to 2:53 on that video.  Better yet, go back a few more seconds to give you time to ready your “oratory” ears . . .  What does Kenny Ortega say starting at 2:53.

“The why is the center of everything we do . . .”

That is what Kenny Ortega said.  Earlier in that same video (both videos) Kenny Ortega is also the one who says “We’re all here because of him – may that continue with him leading the way”.

Hearing the spoken word is one thing – seeing it and hearing it spoken is even more powerful.  We know what they did to Michael Jackson.  We know that he changed before our eyes.  We know through research that it was his DNA that was targeted and we know from scripture that the “prince of the covenant” is broken for the “overspreading of abominations”.

Michael Jackson went from a healthy, handsome black American male to a pigment-deficient, “androgenous” build of a man that was barely recognizable from what he was.  He had more muscle definition in his teens then he did in his thirties evenwith all the dancing and practicing he did.  We heard Cher talk about this in a Larry King call in interview.

The book of Isaiah chapter 52:13-15 describes an end times servant who’s face and form (body) is marred more than any other man.  We know this was Michael Jackson because of Isaiah 53, and Revelation 12.

This time, when I heard Kenny Ortega, I didn’t just hear him, I “saw” what he said:

“The ‘Y’ is the center of everything we do . . .”

The Captain

The Chromosomes, The DNA

There is another reason the letter “X” is prominent lately in entertainment and the “X-changes”.  While we have previously deciphered the “artwork” on the new Michael Jackson Album released this year, we showed the “X” as a “cross” uprooted by a “rising Saturn” or Satan, the beast coming up from the pit.

However, the “X” in “Exchange”, “XScape”, “X-Factor” also points to the deeper, more sinister plan –

Remember the chromosomes supplied by God to Christ?  The female chromosomes came from Jesus’ mother, Mary.  The one male chromosome came from God – for the “last Adam”.

You take a look at Michael’s Album “XScape” – What is he “Xscaping”?  The “Y”?

The removal of the “Y” chromosome was  the only way they could remove “God” from him – the ONLY way.

The “Xchanges” started with healthcare.  This would be the umbilical with which all other “buying and selling” in the temple would be set up to take place.  The word “exchange” in itself is telling you something – They want to exchange what God gave you, for the abomination they constructed.

Does this mean that women will not go to heaven?  No.  It means that in Christ Jesus , there is no male or female just as there is no Jew or Greek, no rich or poor.

"There is neither Jew nor Greek, there is neither bond nor free, there is neither male nor female: for ye are all one in Christ Jesus."

We will be made one when he returns to “destroy” the serpent with the brightness of his coming and “consume the filthiness” out of us.

There is a reason Michael Jackson used female names in all his songs about the devil, the seducer, the manipulator – it was the “X-Factor” he was trying to communicate.

The “Y” is the center of all we do . . . Kenny Ortega said, God please keep him safe.

Jesus is the “Y” given by God; the “last Adam”, to restore creation, restore us, bind up the “breach” of his people and heal the stroke of our wound.

Michael Jackson became the “X” by their hands – the temple build by Zerubbabel by hands unclean.  We watched him change right before our eyes.   And it’s not like he didn’t try to tell us.

Now you know why they went after AEG, and why Kenny Ortega was a target; and why Sony edited the “documentary” film – they didn’t get it all did they?

The sanctuary will be cleansed – but not before the sides are chosen and the beast has his day.   The man of sin will come first:

"Let no man deceive you by any means: for that day shall not come, except there come a falling away first, and that man of sin be revealed, the son of perdition;"

Thank you God for your promises; thank you for Your patience, and thank you for protecting him as you told me you did back in 2009.  Help us endure the tribulation that is coming.  Let your Spirit guide us so that we posses our souls in honor in the days ahead.

Now We Know
Who Is It…