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Michael Jackson Justice: Discerning His Light

God: Reconnect to Him

The Conspiracy against God is about "The Word", and the profaning of His Holy Name within us. Adam fell in the garden, breaking the direct connection to God. Jesus, the "last Adam" was a quickening Spirit, the Word made Flesh, and the only one with whom we can re-establish our relationship with God. Michael's story is still unfolding. He is the one who is, is not. But Jesus is the only name given under heaven by which we must be saved. Many are trying to rewrite HIStory. We were given a help to instruct us. Learn more "here".

Sunday, June 21, 2015

Discerning His Light

Make Your Offering Now

"But the same day that Lot went out of Sodom it rained fire and brimstone from heaven, and destroyed them all.   Even thus shall it be in the day when the Son of man is revealed.

In that day, he which shall be upon the housetop, and his stuff in the house, let him not come down to take it away: and he that is in the field, let him likewise not return back."

This morning I had a dream – a vivid one.

I accompanied another woman to the home of her boss for whom she was a personal assistant.  I was trying to help her clear her name because her boss had implicated her in embezzlement of funds that I knew he had stolen.

I never spoke to this woman, and I don’t know if she knew I was with her.  We approached his home, which was on a city street.  As she slid both keys into the locks; one for the door and the other for the bolt, I noticed that next to the door was a safe, which was bricked in but the face of it was right out in the open.  I thought to myself, how dumb is that to have the front of the safe facing the outside of the house, even if it is bricked in.  I had never seen anything like that.

I knew Federal Agents were coming and I tried to mentally hurry her.  I heard footsteps around the side of the house just as she got the door open.  I entered ahead of her and hurried up the stairs in front of us, but halfway up I turned to see if she was behind me, and she was not.  The door was wide open and there was no one there.  Yet I still heard the footsteps of a man.

I continued up the stairs, and the second floor is where the living area was of the house, like a town house.  The house was furnished lightly but there were boxes stored in all the rooms; as if someone were using the place for storage.

There was really no safe place to hide, so I continued up to the third floor and here were the bedrooms.

I entered one bedroom and it too was lightly furnished.  There were curtains on the windows and there were storage boxes cluttering up the space.  I thought about hiding in one of those, but instead opened the closet door.

I heard footsteps coming up the stairs so I knew I had to be as quiet as possible.  I slid the hanging clothes aside hoping to hide behind them, but what I found was a large space behind the clothes and a hole in the floor of the corner of the closet from which light came.  The hole was square, almost like a crawlspace entry or an attic.  There were rolls of wrapping paper sticking up from the hole, so I knew it couldn’t be very deep, but there was light . . .

I gingerly pushed the two roles of wrapping paper aside and lowered myself into the hole.  My feet hit solid surface even as the upper half of my body was still in the closet above the floor.  As I stooped down, I saw that I was in a garage.  I could see the daylight coming in through the small windows of the garage door and uniformed Federal agents in black swarmed the property outside the house.

I also noticed that the solid surface upon which my feet had found so high up in the garage was the top of one of the two tall filing cabinets.  The other one was in front of me perhaps seven or eight feet away.  Between the two filing cabinets stretched a ladder, laying across them and my feet were between two of the rungs resting on the cabinet upon which I had set my feet.

I quietly stooped down the rest of the way into the garage and I laid myself across the ladder with my arms folded up over my chest.  I felt no discomfort as I seemed weightless.  I knew if I was on the ladder, I would not be found, and that is when I awoke.


We last met on “The Bible Was Correct”, and we discussed many things from the angel, to the beast; the globalization of the Federal Reserve and the summer “Jade Helm” exercise to take place in the United States.

The night I was writing this something horrible happened and I am praying it is not just another attempt to inflame and divide people; but in the state that I live, there was a mass shooting.  It took place in one of the historically oldest AME churches in the country.  It is a predominantly black church, and the gunman was a white male yet to be apprehended upon my writing of this the morning after the incident (June 18).

AME stands for “African Methodist Episcopal” and the popular history of this church goes back to the mid-slave trade days when dark skinned parishners were treated as second class citizens in church congregations.  They gathered and began their own church, the “A.M.E.” (acronym).

The A.M.E. was founded  by Richard Allen of Sussex County, Delaware in 1816.  Today, they are the oldest independent black denominational church in the world.   They are members of the National Council of Churches and the World Council of Churches (U.N.), so they too have not been untouched by the network.

This shooting bothers me for a number of reasons aside from the outrage over senseless murders of innocent people, especially congregating to worship the Lord.  Charleston, South Carolina is also the city where recently another cop-black man shooting occurred similar to that in Ferguson, Missouri; and it is the Masonic Capital of the South in the United States.  However unlike Ferguson’s incident, the black community turned media provocateur Reverend Al Sharpton away, telling them “we don’t want your kind here”.  Now that we have a “new event”, Obama seems keen on expressing that “gun ownership” is the reason all this “violence” is occurring, to say nothing of the millions our government is killing over in the Middle East because “Israel” – the state of - doesn’t like them.

Again, this is a “young”, barely out of childhood-twenty-one year old who had just received the gun as a gift from his uncle. 

Suspect Dyllan Roof
Security Camera image

Detention Center Image
Taken April 21, 2015

And “again”, the “gun” was given to this kid by a relative – a kid that was already a criminal – allegedly.

Quoted on the article from where this lower image came was this:

"This shooting "should be a warning to us all that we do have a problem in our society," said state Rep. Wendell Gilliard, a Democrat whose district includes the church. "We need action. There's a race problem in our country. There's a gun problem in our country. We need to act on them quickly." - Source,

And this was offered by an alleged "community organizer":

"Community organizer Christopher Cason said he felt certain the shootings were racially motivated.

"I am very tired of people telling me that I don't have the right to be angry," Cason said. "I am very angry right now." - Source,

A community organizer - another potential Obama who despite his “anger” over racial inequality seems more than willing to pull the wagon of water for the masters pushing this agenda.  Well, I'm angry too, because very few people see through this sudden "campaign" being carried out by "deranged/troubled/ADD" teens and barely out of teens who miraculously seem to be living/planted in optimum cities mentioned on Hollywood movies.  Holy Sandy Hook, Batman!

Take a look at that kid's face.  What uncle/father/mother in his right mind (or left mind) would give his kid a gun as a gift for . . . what, getting out of detention early because of drug-induced good behavior?

Does it bother anyone but me that government mind control programs have been admitted to and "allegedly" discontinued while school psychologists, doctors and pharmaceutical companies are plying 80% more of our children than in 1980 with mind altering drugs for a mental disorder that was near non-existent before mandatory, metals-laden vaccines were pumped into infants and toddlers by decree?  (See "Project MKUltra, the Central Intelligence Agency's Program of Research into Behavioral Modification. Joint Hearing before the Select Committee on Intelligence and the Subcommittee on Health and Scientific Research of the Committee on Human Resources, United State Senate, Ninety-Fifth Congress, First Session" (PDF). U.S. Government Printing Office (copy hosted at the New York Times website). August 8, 1977. Retrieved 2010-04-18.)

The other issue about this bothering me is that it occurred at an A.M.E church, which happened to be the meeting place in “this dream” I shared with you back in May of 2011.

A couple of weeks ago, I was reminded that Michael Jackson had attended a service there during his 2005 trial.  Why this church?  Why in Charleston?  Why another “youth” and how blind do the stage-setters think most people are?  Children with open eyes will see that something much deeper than skin color is going on here.

Jade Helm is less than a month away – With “troops” already in place throughout a huge chunk of our country, who is to say that the “JOAX” isn’t on us?  What if it is actually another, grander scale “Sandy Hook” or “Boston Marathon” event, where government agencies in “exercise” aren’t already on hand to “respond quickly” to another “unplanned” event?

Come 2016, That’s It

On “The Bible Was Correct”, Maxine Waters talks about the “Obama Database” that has “never been seen before in life” said that the next democratic president would “have to go down with that database”.  The host of the “show” who’s name escapes me said something also noteworthy:

Get what you can, because come 2016
That’s it.

Back in April of this year, one of our 2012 politicians who spent a few minutes on the Republican primary ticket was quoted as making a comment about the timeline for Christ’s return.  Her name is Michelle Bachman.  She associated the Iraq Nuclear deal with “the return of Christ” being “eminent”.  Was this something the press wanted us to hear?  Is there also a possibility that these ‘quotes’ are associated with people who never said them at all?  It is possible.

The connection was made between America and it’s Occultic name and “New World” purpose on the last posted article.

We connected the culture of the “internet” and computers to the plans and plots of New Age “Theosophists” with what is going on today.  You can see it coming together in the condensing of internet companies, the “Cloud”, the names after or reflecting terms used in the Bible and the prophecy of the return of the son of man. 

The connection was also made between every known language spoken by man and our DNA in “Zipf’s Law”, and the Biblical “crooked way made straight”.  The dream that I had the morning I began writing this on the eighteenth day of June told me something.  The Bible is right on the events that are coming.  The Ladder in the scriptures, and the son of man are one and the same – And Christ is the only way to the Father.

We had begun the last topic talking about the globalization of the Federal Reserve through the IMF and the World Bank, both of which are headquartered in Washington D.C. across the street from each other.  They are connected by underground hallways and some of those passages connect to other buildings on Washington D.C.  Then last night, the night after I posted that topic, I found something else about the IMF.

The Federal Reserve and the New Deal

The Federal Reserve Act we have covered before back in 2011.  It was written into law by President Woodrow Wilson back in 1913 – before the Great Depression (Source).  However “The New Deal” happened under Franklin D. Roosevelt.  This included the “The Banking Act” of 1933, The “Works Progress Administration” (Civilian Conservation Corps), the “Securities Act” (Securities and Exchange Commission), and the “Social Security Program”.

FDR won the presidency over incumbent Herbert Hoover.  FDR was Assistant Secretary of the Navy under Woodrow Wilson, who signed in the “Federal Reserve Act”, the beginning of the death of this nation, as the Federal Reserve System was strengthened under “The New Deal”.  It was under this president that the government assisted prosperity through government-based infrastructure works projects called the “Civilian Conservation Corps” was born.  It was this “Keynesian” economics which Roosevelt embraced and attempted “packing” the congress and judicial seats to get this legislation passed.  It effectively made the Federal Government the largest employer in the country in just a few years.

Under that program many national and state parks, interstate roadways and bridge and dam construction took place.  One of them was the “Hoover Dam”, named after the President that FDR defeated.  The Hoover Dam was constructed during his tenure as president as a civil works project – the largest project logistically at that time.

Hoover Dam History reports that President Hoover first brokered the deal to divide the waters of the Colorado River among seven states, but the actual contract and design wasn’t given to the specifically organized “Six Companies” until Roosevelt awarded the project to “The Six Companies” in 1931.  Ironically and since we’ve covered this before, “The Six Companies” consisted in part of “The Utah Construction Company” run by the Wattis Brothers, Bechtel Corp. and Knudsen amongst others. A couple of those are still government contractors today. 

The hundreds of men who flocked to Las Vegas to get work were set up in a town “specifically built six miles away” from the site (Boulder City); and during the early days in August of 1931 there was a “six day strike” by the workers because of high temperatures and carbon monoxide in the relief tunnels.

One more . . . the “arch-dam” is sixty stories high; and 6.6 million tons of concrete were used, and nearly six hundred miles of pipe loops circulate the water through poured blocks to keep the concrete moist.  It was FDR that commemorated the finished dam.

If you have missed it, we essentially had three presidents involved in the planning and finished project of a dam that used six hundred (600) miles of looped pipe, embedded to cool the concrete for a sixty (that’s threescore, or 60) stories high arch dam; built by “The Six Companies” (666).

We also have six (6) million tons of concerete (6.6 to be exact), a six (6) day workers strike on August 1, 1931 who’s workers were lodged in the city of Boulder City which was “specifically built” six (6) miles away from the work site (equals 666 as well). – Source,

Amusing that since we covered this on “In the Company Of Six”, the wiki page for “The Six Companies” has been changed.  This is what we had posted there:

A short four years after its founding, Utah Construction Company was awarded the contract to build the Feather River route between Oakland and Salt Lake City. This $60 million contract was challenging, but after five years, very profitable.

In 1931, the Wattis Brothers spearheaded the formation of Six Companies to build the Hoover Dam which was the largest construction project ever tackled by the US Government up to the time." - Source, Wikipedia

So this was the idea of Edmund Wattis of Utah Construction Company according to the sources in this article.  He is the one who came up with the idea for “Six Companies, Inc.”

Edmund and his brothers founded “Utah Construction Company” in 1900.  As the article states a “short four years later” they land a government contract to build “the Feather River Route” between “Salt Lake City” and “Oakland” California.  Salt Lake City had only begun to have been settled by non-indian residents via the Brigham Young Mormons less than sixty years prior to this.  It wasn’t until 1896 that Utah was granted “Statehood” and Salt Lake City it’s capital – only eight years before the Utah Construction Company was awarded the “Feather River” project and only thirteen years later was awarded it’s first Federal Government “Dam” project.  Edmund Jr. served as the chairman of “Six Companies, Inc” but died not quite two years before the Hoover Dam was completed.

The linked text at the end here mentioning Edmund Jr. serving as the chairman of “Six Companies, Inc.” appears on Edmund Wattis’ info page.  Yet at the “Six Companies, Inc” info page it mentions Wattis not at all.  Instead it says this:

Does it make sense to you that Knudsen, who obviously was head of the ten percent portion of the “Six Companies” would hire and run and design and oversee a project that Edmund Wattis was CEO over until a year before the project was completed?

Does it make sense to you that the “Six Companies” of such a huge project would be named after a group of Chinese who had grievances in California (Weaverville, specifically) when it was allegedly American Indians whom are depicted as “angels” on the reliefs at the dam?

No, It doesn’t make sense to me either.  As a matter of fact there is now no mention at all of Edmund Wattis or his “spearheading” of the “Six Companies” or his being “CEO” of the temporary venture on the “Six Companies, Inc.” Wiki page.

Now let’s go back to FDR and the New Deal:

How Old Is the World Bank?

What brought me to the World Bank was the latest headline concerning the IMF and the call to use the IMF as a one world, global “Federal Reserve”.  The Federal Reserve system was put in place beginning in 1913 by Woodrow Wilson.

The resulting “Stock market crash” and “Great Depression” prompted the “New Deal” signed in under a plethora of executive orders and “acts” which created amongst other things both the “Social Security” scam and the federal government employment agency called “The Public Works Administration”.  One of those programs was the Hoover Dam and other infrastructure projects which were birthed under Roosevelt beginning in 1932, although the planning of the dam occurred under Hoover in 1930.

Under Roosevelt’s “New Deal”, parts one and two, a meeting occurred in New Hamshire titled “Bretton Woods” Conference (July 1-22, 1944).  It was Roosevelt’s work that inspired what came out of Bretton Woods, which were the plans for the forming of the World Bank (1944), and The International Monetary Fund (IMF, 1945).  But this is not what connected Roosevelt’s “New Deal” to the Hoover Dam.  It was this article posted back in May of last year entitled “:

"Federal Reserve to honor Utahn who shaped New Deal
May 06 2014 - Washington • In the thick of the Great Depression, Time magazine sported a cover story of a Utahn whom President Franklin Delano Roosevelt had tapped to help calm the markets and revive the tanking economy.

Congress named the Washington Headquarters of the Federal Reserve after Eccles…It’s the only building in Washington named after a Utahn.

On Wednesday, in a private ceremony, the Federal Reserve will further honor Eccles, unveiling a statue of the former Fed chairman whose legacy is still the hallmark of U.S. monetary policy." - Source, Salt Lake City Tribune

The article’s page is now blank, but I found the picture of the statue of Eccles with a blurb posted beneath on this Salt Lake City Tribune page.

Eccles served as the seventh chairman of the Federal Reserve Bank overlapping the entire tenure of FDR’s presidency aside from the first year.  He is credited for guiding FDR through the “Keynenian Economy” of the “New Deal”, and attended the Bretton Woods Conference in 1944 where he was credited for co-founding and co-organizing the World Bank and the IMF.

"Marriner Stoddard Eccles (September 9, 1890 – December 18, 1977) was a U.S. banker, economist, and member and chairman of the Federal Reserve Board.

Marriner Stoddard Eccles was known during his lifetime chiefly as having been the Chairman of the Federal Reserve under President Franklin Delano Roosevelt. He has been remembered for having even anticipated and certainly then having supported the theories of John Maynard Keynes relative to "inadequate aggregate spending" in the economy which appeared during his tenure" - Source, Timberlake, Richard, "The Tale of Another Chairman: ... [T]he legacy of W.M. Martin and Marriner Eccles, former Fed chairmen", The Region (Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis magazine), June 1999. Retrieved 2012-03-29, retrieved Wikipedia.

He was also a practicing Mormon and banker:

"Born in Logan, Utah to David and Ellen (Stoddard) Eccles, he was educated at public schools of Baker, Oregon and attended Brigham Young College and served a Latter-day Saint mission to Scotland.

He was a millionaire by age 22. The company withstood several bank runs during the Great Depression and, as a leading banker, Eccles became involved with the creation of the Emergency Banking Act of 1933 and the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation. After a brief stint at the Treasury Department and with the support of treasury secretary Henry Morgenthau, Jr., Eccles was appointed by President Roosevelt as the Chairman of the Federal Reserve. Eccles was reappointed chair in 1936, 1940, and 1944 and served until 1948" - Source, Wikipedia

It is on this article through accompanying links to resources that Eccles' participation in Bretton Woods creating the World Bank and the IMF:

"Eccles had also participated in post-World War II Bretton Woods negotiations that created the World Bank and International Monetary Fund." - Source, Wikipedia

He was entombed at the "Larkin Sunset Lawn Mausoleum".  Marriner’s Mother was from the “Stoddard” family; her father, John Kerr Stoddard was from Scotland.  Upon settling in Utah, he was married and supported four wives.

Even though Marriner Stoddard Eccles served under FDR and during the time that the Hoover Dam was being built, it was his Father that had a more direct involvement in "The Six Companies".

His Father is David Eccles, LDS Member, Utah's first Multi-millionaire and practicing polygamist:

"With the estimated 4-7 million dollars he made, mostly from his Oregon enterprises, he invested heavily in Utah. He purchased stock in banks, canneries, insurance companies, railroads, factories, mills, mines, and various other companies. The Utah Construction Company built over 700 miles (1,100 km) of track for the Western Pacific Railroad and led the Six Companies in constructing the Hoover Dam. David Eccles served as the second president of Utah Construction Company after the death of long-term associate Thomas Dee. He also served as founder of a number of companies, one of which was the Amalgamated Sugar Company.

Eccles served on the Ogden City Council and as their mayor from 1888-1890. He was known for his aid to the LDS Church for lending large amounts of money to the church at no interest. At the time of his death, he was the president of 16 industrial corporations and 7 banks." - Source, Wikipedia/David Eccles

David passed away before the Utah Construction Company became “The Six Companies”, dying in December (on the 6th) in 1912.

David's other son, George S. is the founder and CEO of the "First Security Corporation", which merged with Wells Fargo in 2000. 

Spencer Eccles, grandson of David Eccles was also prominent in Salt Lake City and national business as well as the chairman emeritus of the intermountain region of Wells Fargo Corp.

If an inquiring mind wanted to ask how such a non-mainstream religion produced such a disproportionately elite alumni; as we covered before it is because the “religious” organization at is core is not Christian, it is Masonic.

If those inquiring minds wanted to further question how such an oppressed and persecuted people could arise and obtain such lofty positions in government, industry and banking during their persecution and The Great Depression; as we discovered before, it would be due to the borrowing of the playbook of an older organization proficient in claiming oppression by the very people who object to being oppressed by them:  The “conspiracy among the men of Judah”.

And we’re not done yet . . .

A Year of Paris

During the topics of the Mormon church and the digging into their doctrine, we discovered a common central around the archangel Michael.

In “Freemasonry” or “Theosophy” (one and the same), The Archangel Michael is the “guardian of Christ” (does this sound familiar?), yet Lucifer is also seen as the “sacrificing angel” because his fall was “for the benefit of mankind”.  They believe that the Archangel Michael is the “wrath” of Christ.  From “Stirring Of The Dragon Part 3”, we condensed that research:

On “Michael Ben Joseph/Ben David” we explored the Judaism doctrine of the two messiahs – one dies as a sacrifice so the “new temple” can be built.

On “John Todd And Michael Jackson Saw It All”, we explored the Masonic Elite’s belief in “Adam” as the new god.

On “American Zion, American Messiah”, we explored the Mormon doctrine concerning the Archangel Michael being “Adam”.

In all three, the emphasis is on the “Michael/Adam” in the end times and the role of Christ is minimized or non-existent.  In Mormonism the “Adam/God” doctrine has been changed, even though it still exists in the Brigham Young Studies and Journal of Discourses.

On “American Zion – American Messiah”, we learned that the “On Second Thought” Public T.V. Host and Michael Jackson Trial reporter William Wagener is a closet-Mormon and practicing Polygamist.

"The issue involved Theresa S. Choe, the mother of two of his children, and according to his own written words "my non-legal plural wife."

"Court records show that Wagener/s past has involved several of what he calls "non-legal" wives. For many years, Carole and William Wagenerlived in a polygamous relationship that involved at least four other "wives" and seven children, according to evidence presented in a 1993 child support and custody case in a local court.

In a written statement filed with the court, Wagener said he didn/t believe he should have to pay child support to Choe because she was using their children "as a meal ticket as she used me and Carole for eight years for fun and games and a free meal ticket." - Source,

We also learned of a more concrete connection – Harry Reid, Mormon long time Senator from Nevada and former head of the Nevada Gaming Commission.  From the same “article”:

Reid served as chairman of the Nevada Gaming Commission from 1977 to 1981. When Jack Gordon, La Toya Jackson's future agent and husband, offered Reid a $12,000 bribe to get approval of new games for casinos, Reid brought in the FBI to tape Gordon's bribery attempt and arrest him. After FBI agents interrupted the transaction, as prearranged, Reid lost his temper and began choking Gordon, saying "You son of a bitch, you tried to bribe me!" Gordon was convicted in 1979 and sentenced to six months in prison. In 1981, Reid's wife found a bomb attached to the family station wagon; Reid suspected it was placed by Gordon." - Source,

Gordon served only six months for bribing a state gaming commission official?  And he goes right from there to infiltrating the Jackson Family and abducting one of the daughters of the most famous family in entertainment . . . for ten years?  How does this happen without government assistance?

A few days ago, a conversation brought up another interesting “coincidence”, but to share that I would have to tell you what happened when I “returned” from Maryland because this reminded me of what came up in this conversation.

When I returned to my home from Maryland this past May after leaving without telling anyone before hand, I returned to an understandably guarded husband.  Since my concerns were irrelevant to him at the time, one of the “conditions” was that we attend marriage counseling.  This suggestion was made over the phone before I returned.  I was elated that he would even suggest it, because I am of the opinion that his participation in the Mormon church is a cult, and I’m not the only one of this opinion.  I wanted an opportunity to discuss it with a third party.

When I returned, it was relatively peaceful and we talked, but the trust on both sides was considerably wounded.  On day two of my return home, two options were presented to me for marriage counseling:  One was a family counseling option through work and another was an addiction counseling outfit.  I thought this was odd since addiction wasn’t our problem.  The former offered the first three sessions free with healthcare paying the limited afters; and the latter choice would be completely paid for.

The latter was company called “Lifestart Network”.  I asked him why it was free if it wasn’t affiliated with work and he said that the “church would pay for it”.  He explained that it’s not affiliated with the church or anything and I do believe that he believed that; but I did not.

The first thing I did was search “Lifestart Network” on Google and the very first link that came up was not the website of the company, but an April 2012 article in the Salt Lake City Tribune titled "Porn therapist disciplined for telling church, BYU about man":

A "porn addiction" therapist has been reprimanded by the state for discussing a patient — without his permission — with his LDS Church leaders and Brigham Young University.

All of the claims made by Jodi Nan Hildebrandt were false, the man asserts, but they led to his loss of privileges in the church and his ejection from BYU.

"She just lied wherever she went to [further] an agenda to destroy my life," said the man, who objected to bills that were as high as $2,000 a month. "We came there for marriage counseling, and she pulled us into her porn marathon."

Hildebrandt, a professional counselor, is on probation for 18 months and must meet 22 conditions or she could lose her license.

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints said Wednesday that Hildebrandt is no longer on LDS Family Services' referral list due to the case.

She is the director of LifeStar Utah County, a franchisee of a national company based in Utah that specializes in pornography and sexual addiction. – Source, SaltLakeCity_Tribune

The very first link reveals a company who’s branch director fed counseling session information to his church leaders and Brigham Young University where he worked.

The woman wasn’t just a counselor, she was the DIRECTOR of the branch.  Aside from the fact that their “specialty” had nothing to do with our problem (they boast other marriage counseling areas as well), I caught that though it is a “franchise” company, it is “based in Utah”.

Their web site is here –, with their list of staff.

Their co-founder, Dan Gray, is a Mormon church member and a frequent speaker at BYU conferences.

In June of 2013, Dan spoke at the LDS camp in Atlanta, and the other founder, Todd Olson, the other founder is also a Mormon Counselor member.

While this has nothing whatsoever to do with any connection to Michael Jackson, William Wagener and/or Harry Reid and Jack Gordon, the conversation I had in light of what I had ALMOST allowed my husband’s friends to get me into, was this:

Dr. Drew Allows Diamond Ranch Director
To Bully Teen’s Mom into Enrollment

The conversation and this video reminded me of Paris Jackson, Michael’s alleged daughter.  Isn’t this the same place that Paris Jackson was allegedly sent after an alleged attempted suicide?

I searched the name of this school with Paris’ name on “Google”.

Sure enough, it was the very same school, even the same campus, in “Hurricane, Utah”.  Numerous sources including described her recent return home.

The “International Business Times” reports Paris’ residency there, and includes that security would have to be beefed up on the “60 acre campus”.  E-Online also reported her at-the-time possible residency and listed a detracting “Diamond Ranch Survivors” who’s past alumni complained of being treated differently because they weren’t “Mormon”, to being physically and verbally abused.  Some reports of isolation and adverse therapy from some who attended brought back reviews of Monarch programming tactics and some of the tortures Michael and his family were put through as children.

Are they another Mormon company?  Even if they are not, why did they pack up and move from Boise, Idaho to Hurricane?   Hurricane, Utah is only 2 hours away from Las Vegas, Nevada where Michael reportedly looked at a home to buy.  Hurricane, Utah is named by one of its first settlers, Erastus Snow, an Orson Pratt recruit to Mormonism and the first Pioneer company to reach Salt Lake Valley.  The “Virgin River”, a tributary of the Colorado River before it forms Lake Meade at the Hoover Dam runs past the city of “Hurricane”.

When coming upon this information, something stuck in my head about the shooting in Charleston's AME Church.  The young man's name was "Dylann STORM ROOF".  They are still using false flags to communicate information.  The "new news" out about him now, is that "racial hatred" was found on his webiste (even though his facebook page of 80 friends consisted of many black friends), and he "hated America".  Brace yourself for the coming "anti-patriot crimes".  We are about to become "Russia" and "Red China".

Diamond Ranch Academy was founded by Rob and Sherri Dias first in Boise, Idaho, then in 1999 moved to Southern Utah, and in 2012 opened the “Hurricane, Utah” campus.  According to one past resident, most of the staff is “Mormon” and overlay therapy with Mormon doctrine.

I have not found the Dias couple’s name associated with any LDS activities, but I have found other staff members LDS memberships through their Facebook pages.  Many of them are Western University of Utah or Brigham Young or Dixie State of Utah graduates and Mormon Church members.

Without direct connection, handlers have had direct connection with the Jackson family that have had direct connection to Mormons through at least three family members:  Michael himself (William Wagener); his sister Latoya Jackson (Jack Gordon and Senator Harry Reid); and his alleged daughter, Paris Jackson (the Mormon-founded and staffed Diamond Ranch Academy).

I have been researching and writing about Michael’s alleged death, career, family and the Biblical prophecy for five and a half years now, and it was the LDS church that wormed it’s way into this household through my husband.  Since they are so closely tied to Freemasonry and Kabbalism, they too have convinced themselves that lying, subversion and persecution is okay against non-conformists of their doctrine and agenda.  It’s a well taught tactic in the Babylonian Talmud.

Their “vision”, said the angel to Daniel, willfail.  And whether they have convinced themselves that lying and deceit is a holy way except to their own brethren, God knows and can read every thought in their soul-destructing heads.  I am done concerning myself with those God said were “ordained to this condemnation”. 

The Lord is my husband.  In Christ I am no longer of the flesh.  My husband in this world makes up his own mind; but if I don’t adhere completely to Christ, both of us are doomed; and so will any that lead into captivity or teach the deception as gospel.

I Can Feel You – You’re Everywhere I go

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