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God: Reconnect to Him

The Conspiracy against God is about "The Word", and the profaning of His Holy Name within us. Adam fell in the garden, breaking the direct connection to God. Jesus, the "last Adam" was a quickening Spirit, the Word made Flesh, and the only one with whom we can re-establish our relationship with God. Michael's story is still unfolding. He is the one who is, is not. But Jesus is the only name given under heaven by which we must be saved. Many are trying to rewrite HIStory. We were given a help to instruct us. Learn more "here".

Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Hasenpfeffer, Incorporated

A Crooked Nation

Thou hast also given me the shield of thy salvation: and thy right hand hath holden me up, and thy gentleness hath made me great."

Thou art my hiding place and my shield: I hope in thy word."

Continued from “Board of Egypt, Running Her Game”.

Please forgive me for the length between these articles.  I am quite frustrated at the things that hold me from what I need to do.  I don’t always see the timing as God’s as well it might be; but there are of those times when the delay is upon my own head for the needs of the flesh with those around me.

The evidence of things not seen is all around us.  I have had several dreams since I last wrote you, and in one of them I saw Michael; and others revolved around food and restaurants.  Since I don’t yet know what they mean they remain unwritten here other than they seem to fall in with the topic below.

In the course of working on the topic over now which I labor, I was drawn to several older notes I had taken and had meant to follow up on.  Of those notes, the subject matter at hand concerned something I heard behind me as my mother was watching the television.  Another note consisted of evidence of something else the adversary slipped under our noses while we were distracted with the game.

With the inevitable “revelations” coming out of the political landscape concerning Newt Gingrich’s remarks about Donald Trump and his “lack of” initiation or “secret society” memberships, we had this one to add from Trump concerning “everything is one big lie”:

Big Lie Donald Trump

The connection to Mitt Romney’s denigration of both himself and his church in the attempted undermining of the campaign of one of his own (Republican), filmed at the “Hinckley Institute” while quoting a president who was almost assassinated by a “Hinkley” is being watched by some for the thirtieth day of March.

Donald Trump
Set up for Assassination? or
Encouraging The "Double Bind" manipulation
to vote for him?

The signs all point to either a possible or attempted “assassination”, or an escalation of the need for national security to where an election with voter attendance is rendered near impossible.

Another news item which breezed by my radar concerned the near-future replacement of ATM Cards. 

ATM cards

This has been a repeating “test of the emergency broadcast system” by the establishment for a number of years now.  Barcode tattoos on the wrist, RFID chips and other biological “scans” have been paraded before us as an up-and-coming technological option for our own “security”.

During this time in which I struggled with various matter of interruptions and distractions, an image I had posted concerning an article back in 2013.  This was brought to remembrance by this study I did on a “jingle” for a sitcom and its origin.  The picture if you have read this long, accompanied a seemingly satirical article on the marketing of celebrity DNA infused meat.

From March28,  2014 article

The web site still exists for the company – “” It was a gruesome thought back then, and it remains a gruesome thought.  Yet this I was reminded of as I wrote about a memory.

I remember when I was still a child not even into my teens yet, the lineup on Tuesday nights:  “Happy Days”, Laverne and Shirley” and “Three’s Company”.  I was just getting old enough for my mother to allow me to stay up and watch the latter.  But the first two were my favorite.

Both “Happy Days” and “Laverne and Shirley” were set in the city of Milwaukee, Wisconsin.  As a matter of fact, “Laverne and Shirley” was a spinoff of “Happy Days”.  Laverne “Defazio” was an Italian American who’s father came “from the old country” and owned a pizza parlor.  Her best friend and apartment roommate, Shirley Feeney was the prim and proper Irish American who kept Laverne in line.

At the start of each episode, Laverne and Shirley are seen skipping down the street, arm in arm, reciting a Yiddish-American hopscotch chant: "1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 Schlemiel! Schlimazel! Hasenpfeffer Incorporated!" This then leads into the series' theme song which is entitled "Making Our Dreams Come True" and is performed by Cyndi Grecco. – Source, Wikipedia

My mother watches these old shows on the Retro-TV shows channel and I found myself singing to the opening songs of each show.  Yes I still remembered the words and without missing a beat in my writing (is that strange to be able to do that?)  The words of the “Laverne and Shirley” song kept digging into my brain.  The opening words “Schlemiel, Schlamazel” were nonsensical words that I thought had to do with where they worked (Schotts Brewery).   So I looked up the words:

schlemiel : an inept clumsy person; a bungler; a dolt (Yiddish shlemil)

schlimazel : a chronically unlucky person (שלימזל shlimazl, from Middle High German slim 'crooked' and Hebrew מזל mazzāl 'luck') (OED).

Etymonline suggests the latter, “schlimazel” means “crooked luck”.  The common Jewish greeting “mazel tov” means “good luck” in modern Jewish language.  The prefix “Schlim” could mean “slim” or “crooked”, but it could also be another ambiguation of “Shem” or even “Sin”, as we found in the meaning for “Beit-el-hem” for Bethlehem (house for the name of God).  Take out the “L” from “schlim” and you have “schim/shim”, meaning to “wedge up a surface” (to shim); to “piece ofiron fitted to a plow for scraping dirt/soil”; or from “shimmer” to “glitter, glisten or shine”, “a tremendous light

If we dig a little further, “shim” and “sim” have similar (no pun intended) meaning to “Shema” meaning “to hear”.  The Hebrew “shim’on” from which the name “Simon” comes means “hearkening” or “hearing”.   This is very similar to the “Shamone” that Michael Jackson injected into quite a few of his songs in the adlibs.

And “Shlem/Shem”  we found “Shemiel” from“Samuel” which comes from “Shem” meaning “the name” and “el” God.  We covered this also on the discovery of the meaning of the name “Bethlehem”.

According to etymology, the word “shim” and “shem” in modern “Hebrew” (Babylonian Aramaic) means “hear” or “to hear”, “harken”.  The word “shem” means “the name”.  Now let’s take another look and see if we can’t make sense of this “Yiddish chant”.

Schlemiel = Shemiel or Sh-el-miel: The name, or the “Name of God” + “mi” = Middle (see Median) or “meil” from high German for “mole” = dark marks on skin – “to stain, defile” = “to stain/defile the name of God”, or something to that effect.

Schlimazel = Schim/shim+mazel (Shim = to hear, hear ye or also shem “the name”) + (mazel = from Hebrew mazzaloth (plural) constellations or group of stars from Latin “constellatio” = set with stars.  Asterism (Zoroasterism), another word for “constellation” means “a marking with stars” = translates to something like “Hear ye chosen stars” or “making/marking the name, the star”. 

This would agree with the admonition in scripture against they who labor for “the tower of Babel” to “make a name for themselves” in Genesis 11:4: , and for those who “take up the star of Moloch/Molech” which they “made unto themselves” in Amos 5:26.

Pretty tricky don’t you think?  It has already existed in scripture, and these translations when you drill down into the origins of the words fit much more to the “chant” when you consider it in its entirety.

What doesn’t make sense is thrown away.  Why would two women characters with non-Jewish backgrounds be singing a Yiddish hopscotch chant?  I was a child, I played hopscotch and I had never heard of it.  The rest of the “chant” I found explanation of here:

Hasenpfeffer (also spelled hasenfeffer) is a traditional German stew made from marinated rabbit or hare. Pfeffer is not only the name of a spice, but also of a dish where the animal's blood is used as a gelling agent for the sauce.” – Source, Wikipedia

Pfeffer in German is “pepper” and also “paprika”.  The etymology of “Pepper” (source), comes from southern India/Malabar Coast and was used in a figurative sense to mean “spirit” or “energy” from which the word “pep” comes.  Hasen means “hare” in English. 

In Leviticus we are told that the “life of the flesh is in the blood”.  And we know from Job 33:4; 2 Corinthians 3:6 and Romans 8:10 that “the Spirit Is Life”.

"For the life of the flesh is in the blood: and I have given it to you upon the altar to make an atonement for your souls: for it is the blood that maketh an atonement for the soul."
Since the law of Moses consists of specific condemnation for drinking blood or eating meat with the blood still in it, I wondered why this would even be part of a “Yiddish chant”.

Pairing “hasenpfeffer” with “incorporated” was a big clue: what have we been talking about lately but the “DNA Databanks” and the “gene-alogy” collection by a church organization-owned companies in this country.

"Blood is an excellent source of human DNA. DNA is present in white blood cells of humans, but not red blood cells which lack nuclei. A dime-sized spot of blood, approximately 50 µl in volume, is enough DNA for a typical VNTR analysis." - Source,

Hare-pepper or “rabbit pepper” incorporated didn’t make any sense either, so I moved to the “gelling agent” for the hare stew which this says is made using the rabbit’s blood.  The dish is described in “”.  The Jews are forbidden to eat “rabbit” as it is not “cloven hooved”  and it “chews it’s cud”, and God in Leviticus tells Moses not to eat the blood of animals or eat the meat with the blood still in it; Yet this “Yiddish chant” glorifies “Hasenpfeffer, Incorporated”.

The word “rabbit” also contains the word “Rabbi”.  Rabbi was a term applied to Jesus by several of his followers/admirers; and of course “there is power in the blood of Jesus”.  Since Rabbit itself does not appear as a word in the Bible, the possibility that the “etymology” of “Rabbit” being from such did enter my mind.

Jesus, in the Gospel of John suggests the opposite as a condition of being saved.

"Then Jesus said unto them, Verily, verily, I say unto you, Except ye eat the flesh of the Son of man, and drink his blood, ye have no life in you.   Whoso eateth my flesh, and drinketh my blood, hath eternal life; and I will raise him up at the last day."

A metaphor perhaps for “eating, breathing and sleeping” Jesus before all things; however in regard to the “chant” from the show and the following song?

One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight
shlemiel, schlemazel, hasenpfeffer incorporated
We're gonna do it

Give us any chance, we'll take it
Read us any rule, we'll break it
We're gonna make our dreams come true
Doin' it our way

Nothin's gonna turn us back now
Straight ahead and on the track now
We're gonna make our dreams come true
Doin' it our way

There is nothing we won't try
Never heard the word impossible
This time there's no stopping us
We're gonna do it

On your mark, get set, and go now
Got a dream and we just know now
We're gonna make that dream come true
And we'll do it our way, yes our way
Make all our dreams come true
And we'll do it our way, yes our way
Make all our dreams come true
For me and you

Do it “our way”, breaking any rules, taking any chance, nothing is going to turn them back.  When paired with the meanings behind “hasenpheffer, Incorporated” and the “Yiddish” words for “Schlimiel” and “Schlemazel”, it doesn’t appear such an innocent song.  This is the spirit of those who wanted the tower to heaven on their own power.

This is the spirit of those who seek to build a “star unto themselves”, the spirit of Lucifer, “son of the morning” who at one time walked “up and down in the midst of the stones of fire”.  They took up their tabernacles to Moloch and worshiped the work of their own hands, the building of their own “morning star”; “absent” of God, “independent” of God and in “rebellion” to God.

Your “Book” within, Your “DNA” a Target

There was an article in Time Magazine concerning the “product” of, the company allegedly putting forth the idea that you can “consume” celebrities.  It lent a bit more “integrity” to their being actual plans put forth for such a product.

"When TIME contacted Bite Labs to learn more,  someone identifying himself as Martin, the CEO, hinted at the company’s true goal. “Making celebrity meat a reality will all depend on our ability to generate public enthusiasm,” he wrote. “We also want to prompt widespread discussion about bioethics, lab-grown meats, and celebrity culture – this is very important to us. We think the cultural discussion around lab-grown meats and popular culture will acclimate people to the field. We’re treating it as a cultural precursor for when our product eventually hits production." - Source,

The words of Michael Jackson’s lyrics for “Want to Be Startin’ Something” consist of “You’re a vegetable, you’re a vegetable . . . still they hate you, you’re a vegetable . . . you’re just a buffet, you’re a vegetable . . . still they feed off you, you’re a vegetable”.  Billie Jean is again mentioned by name in this song (the devil/dragon who devours).  Then there are music films like this one by Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers:

“Don’t Come Around Here No More”
Hear the lyrics + Imagery

On the “info” section of the “”, it lists several celebrity “examples” with links to tweet these celebrities who may for some reason think it is a trendy idea to be “eaten”.  One of those celebrities was “Jennifer Lawrence”, from “Hunger Games”.

Jennifer Lawrence
A different type of Hunger Game

The JLaw salami will be complemented by a mixture of rabbit and pork. A charming and confident flavor profile, the JLaw salami is coarse ground in a rustic style, smoothed with notes of honey, and spiced with orange zest and ginger. Always surprising, this salami will never fail to entertain." - Source,

“JLaw”?  “Rabbit”? They called it the “JLaw salami”.  It is a “mixture of rabbit and pork”.

Rabbit, “Rabbi”, J (Jesus) and Law (Book of the) –

rabbi (n.) -
"Jewish doctor of religious law," late 15c. (in Old English in biblical context only; in Middle English also as a title prefixed to personal names), from Late Latin rabbi, from Greek rhabbi, from Mishnaic Hebrew rabbi "my master," from rabh "master, great one," title of respect for Jewish doctors of law + -i, first person singular pronominal suffix. From Semitic root r-b-b "to be great or numerous" (compare robh "multitude;" Aramaic rabh "great; chief, master, teacher;" Arabic rabba "was great," rabb "master").

First usage of the word Rabbi in the Bible is Matthew 23:

And greetings in the markets, and to be called of men, Rabbi, Rabbi."

But Jesus tells us not to be called Rabbi because only one is your Master:

But be not ye called Rabbi: for one is your Master, even Christ; and all ye are brethren."

Jesus is called "Rabbi" by believers in John 1:38, John 1:49, John 3:2, 3:26 and 6:25.   NO other is called "Rabbi" in the Bible, and we are instructed not to call anyone "Rabbi" by Christ himself, who is "Rabbi".

Back to “” and “Hunger Games” star “JLaw”; Perhaps just a coincidence that she stars in a series about post-apocalyptic North America called “Hunger Games”.  The series also had some connections that you will find familiar.

"The Hunger Games is a series of three adventure novels written by the American author Suzanne Collins." - Source,

What I found interesting was not so much the plot taking place in a "post-apocalyptic nation of Panem, in the ruins of North America", but the incredible format for each of the author's three books in the series.  You will recognize it if you were reading this blog for over a year.

"Each book in The Hunger Games trilogy has three sections of nine chapters each. Collins says that this format comes from her playwriting background, which taught her to write in a three-act structure." - Source, Wikipedia/structure

The structure of each of her books is three sections of nine chapters.  Yes. that is "999".

This appeared in a Mormon speech we reviewed which my husband was asked to give at a Mormon service a year after I had a dream which warned me of this same number concerning my husband.

The Author of the story, who followed the same "structure" for her other fictional works, is Suzanne Collins. 

Suzanne Collins (Susie). Collins:

"Suzanne Marie Collins (born August 10, 1962) is an American television writer and novelist, best known as the author of The New York Times best selling series The Underland Chronicles and The Hunger Games trilogy (which consists of The Hunger Games, Catching Fire, and Mockingjay)" - Source, Wikipedia/Suzanne Collins

Her "early life" on the Wiki article:

"Collins was born on August 10, 1962 in Hartford, Connecticut, to Jane Brady Collins (b.1932) and Lt. Col. Michael John Collins (1931–2003),[2] a U.S. Air Force officer who served in the Korean War, Vietnam War, and was awarded the Distinguished Flying Cross and Bronze Star." - Source, Wikipedia/early-life

Does the last name sound familiar?  How about the name of her father, "Michael John Collins"?  It should.  John Todd Collins was the man who (allegedly) died in South Carolina after being framed by the establishment for exposing their plans when they "found Adam" (See John Todd/Michael Jackson).  My childhood pastor defended him (See “Michael Jackson Call Of the Spirit”).  JohnTodd also went by the names John Collins and Lance Collins in hiding.  He exposed the "Council of 13" families including the "Collins" family of which he was a member.

Suzanne Collins may or may not be of the same "Collins" family; but she was one of the attendees at the 2010 "Time 100" Gala.  That is quite an honor for someone who had only had her first book of the series published in 2008.  The first film adaptation was not even released until 2012.

If that is not remarkable in itself, take a look at where Collins resides with her family:

"Collins resides in Sandy Hook, Connecticut, within Newtown, Connecticut with her husband and their two children Charlie and Isabel." - Source, Wikipedia/personal-life

I found more on the “” starting with an image shown while searching for the older “Ellen DeGenerous” image above:

Mark of The What?

The number “six hundred, threescore and six” appear twice in the scriptures . . .

Six hundred, threescore and six is the amount of taxes King Solomon collected in a year – 1Kings 10:14; and ironically it is also the “number of a man” which is the number of the beast in Revelation13:18.

That the two should be tied together in this number should be of no surprise.  While the conspiracy among the men of Judah clamor for their claim to “the star”, the “desire of their eyes”, they have deceived and distracted men into clamoring for the glory of riches.  That is the money which “faileth”.

Bitelabs, BitCoin and Genecoin teaming up?  Genecoin is also being marketed as an “idea” where your DNA is sequenced then uploaded to the Bitcoin data center (I didn’t know there was one).  From :

"What is Genecoin?

A service to backup your DNA. We help you get your DNA sequenced, and then upload it into the Bitcoin network. This spreads your genetic material to thousands of computers all across the globe.

How does it work?

We send you a kit to collect a spit sample. It gets forwarded to a DNA sequencing provider that creates a data version of your genome. Finally, we store this genome in the Bitcoin blockchain.

Bitcoin can store data? What is a blockchain?

Most people think of Bitcoin as a currency, but this is only one use of its protocol & network. Bitcoin is really a networked ledger - a way to permanently store information on thousands of computers around the world. Every computer that mines for Bitcoins stores this ledger, which makes it an extremely robust way to backup data. We have a number of strategies for encoding your genome data as Bitcoin transactions." - Source,

Bitcoin Magazine and International Business Times  carried articles on this in late 2014.

They already have a way to keep track of every man, woman and child’s DNA.  The NSA database is the larges in the world.  It is located in Utah close to those “cavernous mountains” where the massive amounts of Genealogical records are kept (see “Evidence of Forgery”).  

According to the articles published in the last half of 2013, BitCoin was in the mainstream news.  We covered this much of 2013 the connections between “One People’s Public Trust”, “Nelson Mandela and the New LanguagePuppets” and South Africa’s Mark Shuttleworth, Ubuntu and his company “Canonical”.  All of this connecting back to a global database and monitoring system with connections to BitCoin.  The company is based on “The Isle of Man”.  The “NUMBER of a man” is “six hundred threescore and six”.   

Connection to Noahide Organizations

A couple of months ago, namely on “The Fall of Babylon” back in November 2015, we discovered the work that went into getting the Jewish Noahide Laws voted into law under the wire.  These are laws that exist nowhere in the Bible under Noah nor under Moses; and are at best man’s interpretation and application of Levitical instruction hoping no one would understand that Deuteronomy and Leviticus actually teaches about “the Book of The Law”.

The fact that these were voted into U.S. Law slipped into a bill disguised as celebrating “Rabbi Schneerson’s” birthday appear on the web site (See here).  Note: and are two different websites but with back links to each other. is the “Noachide Association of Great Britain”. is the international, U.N. chartered organization.

While following this “rabbit trail” a while back, I took some notes and tucked them away for another day.  This is because on that same link appeared the beginning of the setting up of the “One People’s Public Trust” as “One People, One World” after the former as a "test run" was "exposed" as a "hoax":

"One People One World – Nov 24, 2014
Posted on February 21, 2016 by admin

NEW YORK—The Institute of Noahide Code, a non-governmental organization with consultative status at the United Nations, hosted an event at 777 UN Plaza on Monday called “One People, One World.” The organization was conceived as an opportunity to unite the world by re-affirming the belief in the One G-d as the Creator of all human beings and the belief that we are all created in the Divine Image. The event, led by Rabbi Yakov D. Cohen, gathered people hailing from six different countries (Belgium, Canada, China, Israel, Moldova and the United States) and from all walks of life: rabbis, diplomats, students, businesspeople, journalists and former soldiers. All attended with a commitment to securing world peace according to the Seven Laws of Noah." - Source,

If there is one thing you can count on, is the consistency of the adversary.  They rarely deviate very far from the original "script" and their lack of imagination is astounding.  If any of you have caught on to the New York Address of the United Nations as “777 U.N. Plaza”, you have an eye that this is the “one world government” spoken of in Revelation 17.

This meeting was also recorded on the web site for “One People One World”; and that web site is linked from  "One People, One World" conference actually first showed up on a website by an organization of that name: "One People, One World". 

The website for the United Nations did list a meeting for for “One People One World” but a different date.  As I looked through however, there were several meetings listed for both organizations with different VIP’s.  New ones have occurred since I last visited the web sites.

One of the links on that site for more information lead us to "".  There is a lot of familiar rhetoric here reminiscent of the "One People's Public Trust" (OPPT) and the "Heather Jarraf-Tucci" "UCC" laws of 2013.

On that link in the sidebar was this image:

And this is seen on this video:

On this video, we see snippets of the meetings, one with “Zeitgeist Movement” in the background.  The “organization” of this meeting is also promoted on the “” website:

"One People's Public Trust" and the "UCC" laws has become "One People, One World", and the "Noahide Laws"

There is no mainstream news about this and no direct information on the U.N. Website searches.  The only websites linking the U.N. to Noahide laws is the website, which also has a link to the "One People One World" page currently incomplete. – Source.

The global governing body is already in place.  The technology is already in place.  The number of the beast, his name and his image has already been revealed.

They are already able to track your purchases and “consumption limits” via your credit and debit cards.  Combining this into the “government exchanges” that began with your health care and placing it on something similar to “BitCoin” using your “DNA” as a data chain is already in the works.

A few other things you should know, so you too can watch for evidence of their “unseen” communications to their agents around the world.

Hunger Games

Aside from the connection “Hunger Games” had to the “BiteLabs” celebrity consumption products, Suzanne Collins and her “999” structure for her novels, there was one other connection that brought up a familiar connection to all this.

The Soundtrack for "Hunger Games" includes the theme song "Who We Are" from "Imagine Dragons".  Some of the lyrics:

"So won’t you save us, What we are Don’t look clear, Cause it’s all uphill from here

Up in the attic, Down in the cellar, Lost in the static Coming back for more, Oh for more . . . Out with the reason, In with the season; Taking down names, In my book of jealousy, Jealousy

We were never welcome here, We were never welcome here at all, No." - Imagine Dragons, Lyrics "Who We Are".

The rest of the lyrics are interesting and the phrase “taking down names, in my book of jealousy” runs closely anti-parallel to the writing down names in “The Lamb’s Book of Life”. 

Michael Jackson in the song “Ghosts” sings “who gave you the right to shake my family tree – put a knife in my back, shot an arrow in me . . . tell me are you the ghost of jealousy”.

These words of his echo the prophecy of Joseph in Genesis 49:22-24 specifically, because he was hated by his brothers (children of Jacob).   And Judah does not want to give up his “scepter” or the “lawgiver from between his feet” (Genesis 49:8-10).

Imagine Dragons did come up on our radar before, back in 2013 when we reported on the “Life is Beautiful” festival in Las Vegas, Nevada in which also the “Cirque u Soleil” show “Michael Jackson: One” moved their show out onto the street.  “Imagine Dragons" is a pop band which hails out of Provo, Utah.  We covered this on "You Have Chosen Your God" in September of 2013.

“Imagine Dragons” was a band founded by three Mormons.  Can anyone “imagine” why three good little Mormons would want to name their band “Imagine Dragons”?

"In 2008, lead singer Dan Reynolds met drummer Andrew Tolman at Brigham Young University where they were both students.[9] Tolman recruited longtime high school friend Daniel Wayne "Wing" Sermon, who had graduated from Berklee College of Music. Tolman later recruited his wife, Brittany Tolman, to sing backup and play keys. Sermon then recruited another Berklee music student, Ben McKee, to join the band and complete the lineup.[10][11] The band garnered a large following in their hometown of Provo, Utah, before the members moved to Las Vegas, the hometown of Dan Reynolds, where the band recorded and released their first three EPs." - Source, Wikipedia

Three of it's five founding members are Mormon:
Daniel Sermon, Andrew Tolman and Dan Reynolds.  For a brief time, Tolman’s wife Brittany was also a member of the band.

Dan Reynolds, frontman is a generational Mormon and has released an EP under the title and moniker of "Egyptian".  Perhaps Joseph Smith’s “Egyptian scrolls” were inspiration for that?

Ben McKee and Daniel Platzman who joined later are the only non-Mormon of the group.

Aside from “Hunger Games” theme song “Who We Are” and it’s “book of jealousy”, there were lyrics from a couple of other songs that determine they are not singing from a position of salvation, but from that of the fallen:

It's Time:

"So this is what you meant, When you said that you were spent, And now it's time to build from the bottom of the pit, Right to the top, Don't hold back . . . Packing my bags and giving the academy a rain-check . . .

So this is where you fell, And I am left to sell, The path to heaven runs through miles of clouded hell . . . Right to the top, Don't look back, Turning to rags and giving the commodities a rain-check . . .

This road never looked so lonely, This house doesn't burn down slowly, To ashes, to ashes" - Imagine Dragons, Lyrics to "Its Time"

If that isn’t enough to convince you, there is always “Demons” . . . not “Dragons” but “Demons” . . .

"When the days are cold, And the cards all fold, And the saints we see Are all made of gold . . . When your dreams all fail, And the ones we hail Are the worst of all And the blood’s run stale.

I wanna hide the truth, I wanna shelter you, But with the beast inside There’s nowhere we can hide . . . No matter what we breed, We still are made of greed, This is my kingdom come, This is my kingdom come" - Imagine Dragons, Lyrics to "Demons"

This is their kingdom come, they sing.  According to the Bible, The Lord has something else to say about that.

John (Lance) Todd (Collins)
Suzanne Collins and Yvonne

Suzanne and the Hunger Games, her “999” novel structure; and the Mormon “999” and my dream alerting me to the coming “999”, there is no doubt this number has Occultic implications as does the “777” address of the United Nations in New York.

Hebrew Letters Value 6

The U.S. Dollar Bill’s Roman Numerals

The Barcode – Three sixes on every one

Michael Jackson – Number of a man

Michael Jackson, chosen long before they announced him to insiders in 1996 on the film “HIStory”.  If John Todd knew who he was, he never said.  He only testified to what he read in the Rothschild letter – the “6th letter” they opened that day, that they had “found Adam”.

John Todd’s personal connection to the man who baptized me at the age of 11, I admit rattled my nerves.  John Todd did not make up his story, and his story was promoted by many preachers which dwindled under the threat of those in power.  Tom Berry and three others were the only ones left defending him and Todd allegedly died here in South Carolina.  Tom Berry's website is still online but unmonitored and with dead contact links and emails.

We had also reviewed the short excerpt of the John Todd lecture in which the Mormon church was named as having an almost identical story of the creation of the world to that of witchcraft.  There were two names aside from that of my childhood pastor that were mentioned by Todd:

Review John Todd

I have tried to find a transcript for this particular lecture and the only one I can find was the one that was given by Todd at Baptist Bible Church back in 1978.  This one is at a different church and I’m not sure if this was the same year or not.  The two names John Todd mentions are a Dr. Buckland, who with him had opened the six letters from the Evelyn de Rothschild including that of the declaration that they had “found Adam”; and the name of Stuart Crane who with Pastor Tom Berry was working on this “book” with the “chart” that was included in “letter five” from Rothschild.

No title for the book is given, but when I looked up Dr. Buckland to see if he existed, I found an article from “”.  It listed a number of people including Buckland:

DR. RAYMOND BUCKLAND—"Lorka." Traditionalist; former chairman of the Council until modernists gained control. He was previously professor of anthropology at Columbia University. Author of "Practical Candle-Burning;" Witchcraft From the Inside," and "Sax-Wicca Bible." President of witchcraft college in New Hampshire. He was personally appointed chairman of Grand Druid Council by the previous chairman, Gerald Gardner. " - Source,

I also found this concerning John Todd:

"YVONNE COLLINS—"Legena" (means "Lucifer's Bride"), Traditionalist; Lynchburg, Va, Replaced John Todd on the Grand Druid Council. She grew up in Lynchburg and attended the Thomas Road Baptist Church pastored by Dr. Jerry Falwell. She was alienated from Dr. Falwell when her parents lied to her in saying that Dr. Falwell had given certain advice with what to do about her illegitimate pregnancy. She is the one who prompted the Security and Exchange Commission investigation of Thomas Road Baptist Church which created severe financial troubles there. She is still in control of political activity." - Source,

The Wiki-page for Dr. Raymond Buckland can be found here.

Dr. Stuart Crane, who allegedly was mentioned on the tape as assisting in getting John Todd’s information published was the Dean of the business school at Bob Jones University.  I have not listened to the audios of his lectures. There is information on him here, and hereBob Jones University is a private Protestant Seminary/College and it is located in Greeneville, South Carolina.  Ironic that John Todd should die in the same state.

The Mormons are in this up to their necks.  Not a church but a carefully constructed cult and mental conditioning organization.  Most of their members are blinded as to what their organization is.  If there is any doubt that this is a massive, Freemason lodge with international tentacles one only needs to look at their founding “prophet”, Joseph Smith.

The history of Freemasonry in this country had a very brief downtime when it became well known they were behind the disappearance and presumed murder of William Morgan.

Morgan disappeared in 1826 after it was learned he was preparing to distribute a book revealing the secret plans the Masons had for the country.  His presumed murder sparked an outcry which caused Thurlow Weed and John Quincy Jones to start an “anti-mason” party.  We covered this on "The Web They Weave".

The Masonic organization was forced to lay low for a couple of years, but not before a new religion was formed in Palmyra, New York in 1830 by a Freemason named Joseph Smith.

Morgan’s widow, Lucinda Pendleton Morgan became one of the plural wives of Joseph Smith later in the 1830’s.  That record is listed here.

The Salt Lake Mormon Temple is depicted in the animated film “I, Pet Goat II” as the church that disguises the pit from which the false Christ emerges.

Michael Jackson

I’m not the one dropping the clues on social media, I am only following “the yellow brick road” and “picking up the breadcrumbs”.

MJ 2015 second coming quote

Source, Google Books, “Michael Jackson, Inc
Chapter 13, pg 169

The book linked on “Google Books” is written by Zach O’Malley Greenburg and published on June 3, 2014.  It should be remembered that none of the books about Michael Jackson are published without the blessing of the MJ Estate.

Recently, it was announced that the “Sony/ATV” music catalog which was originally Michael’s alone but became half Sony’s in 1993, was now being sold to Sony for $733 Million (Michael’s half of the catalog).

This Catalog was the “official” motive in the press and media, for which Michael Jackson was professionally destroyed. 

During a 2005radio interview on the Jesse Jackson show, Michael and Jesse discuss the court case and this “catalog”.  Michael quotes the Bible in some of his responses and uses the term “ana-gossip” – the term “ana” being recognized by those familiar with “ana-Baptists”.

Michael states repeatedly that he cannot comment on it (even though the catalog is already mentioned) because there was a “big fight going on as we speak, about that” and he says “conspiracy all around me”.

Let’s look at this catalog and it’s plight a slightly different way.  Perhaps the catalog is a “metaphor” for what they were really after . . . another “book”:  Not a book of music, per say, but a “genetic” one.

If you know who “Susie” is in “Blood on the Dance Floor”; and you know who “Billie Jean” is in well . . . “Billie Jean”, then you know what the “book” is that they are after, and it’s not a music catalog.  That was a story concocted to keep those of the initiated around the world updated on their progress in polluting the sanctuary of strength.

When I saw the Forbes article posted on Twitter, I responded:

Forbes says #MJ_Estate selling MJ's half of ATV 4 $733Mil to Sony.  Wait til they find out what's in it :)

Michael Jackson is a son of this country.  If you are familiar with real history, you will know what is coming next.

"The pride of thine heart hath deceived thee, thou that dwellest in the clefts of the rock, whose habitation is high; that saith in his heart, Who shall bring me down to the ground?   Though thou exalt thyself as the eagle, and though thou set thy nest among the stars, thence will I bring thee down, saith the Lord."


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