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Michael Jackson Justice: When Nothing is Sacred

God: Reconnect to Him

The Conspiracy against God is about "The Word", and the profaning of His Holy Name within us. Adam fell in the garden, breaking the direct connection to God. Jesus, the "last Adam" was a quickening Spirit, the Word made Flesh, and the only one with whom we can re-establish our relationship with God. Michael's story is still unfolding. He is the one who is, is not. But Jesus is the only name given under heaven by which we must be saved. Many are trying to rewrite HIStory. We were given a help to instruct us. Learn more "here".

Tuesday, March 22, 2016

When Nothing is Sacred

For The Men Who Fought
Part 1

The sinners in Zion are afraid; fearfulness hath surprised the hypocrites.  Who among us shall dwell with the devouring fire?  Who among us shall dwell with the everlasting burnings?

There is a declaration from the Lord to Isaiah in chapter 66 verse 24 against those that transgressed against Him.  The Lord said, “And they shall go forth, and look upon the carcasses of the men who have transgressed against me; for their worm shall not die, neither shall their fire be quenched; and they shall be an abhorring unto all flesh.”

The “worm” is mentioned again by Jesus three times in the Gospel of Mark; and in Revelation 8:11 a star that had fallen to the earth is called “wormwood” makes that the waters of the earth become “wormwood”.  Many die because the waters were made bitter.

This was at the sounding of the third angel.  Has this yet occurred?

In Revelation “Wormwood” is a “star” that falls to the earth as a lamp.  We know stars are depicted as “angels” and “sons of God” in both Job 38:7 and Revelation 1:20.

The worm and wormwood belongs to them that transgressed “The Law”; and you know what the law is now.

The Premonition of Presidents

No one gave light to President John F. Kennedy’s speeches on April 20th and the 27th of 1961 until decades later.  Books have been written and films made from all the different theories as to how, from which direction he was killed and who was actually behind it. 

It is okay to blame other dead men but the truth of the matter is, what was actually behind his assassination is still very much alive.  It is the same entity which is behind the invasions of Middle Eastern countries and the subversion of foreign governments.

Kennedy was replaced with his Vice President, Lyndon B. Johnson; after Johnson came Nixon, then Ford when Nixon fell from grace; then Carter.  I was born during the time Johnson was finishing out the term of Kennedy’s  administration.  Let’s not forget Kennedy’s brother Bobby who was also assassinated; and also JFK’s son John Jr. from an accident nearly no one believes was an accident.

Today we have sitting in office a man who is not who some believe he is even as many suspect that the rumors are true:  That Barrack Hussein Obama/Barry Soetoro is a completely manufactured identity constructed by people beyond our government, yet within our government.

He has rendered the congress practically useless and is the name behind many scandals including “Fast and Furious”, “Bengazi”, The IRS scandal, what REALLY happened to “Osama bin Laden” and most recently the “Bundy/Levoy” standoff.  Many have wondered if our government has become “rogue”.  It can most certainly be accurately considered a “lawless” one.

While the fiasco that has become our electoral process continues its dramatic production, the dimmed lights who have forgotten that truth still means something are drawn into this snare.

Your government is gone.  They have been stealing it from you for a long time, bit by bit.  The condition of patriotism is encouraged as they secretly mark you for it.

In the last few months, our congress has voted itself out of power:

David Knight looks at two separate Democrat Senators, one willing to trample the constitution, the other standing up and fighting back against the push to give Obama unlimited war powers.”  

It’s been dubbed –

The Congressional Suicide Pact

While Congress is quietly eliminating its relevancy, the “other than Obama” party is eliminating its relevancy.  Latest report is that Donald Trump is still leading in delegates; but with three other people on board, will the possibility exist that NONE of them will acquire the mandatory 1, 237 delegates needed for the nomination?

Mitt Romney’s attack on Donald Trump served no purpose but to attempt to further divide the party.  But then on the flip side, perhaps reverse psychology was at play?  Just this morning it seems the “establishment” is being called out by other candidates like Ben Carson, who announced his endorsement of Trump.

If people were angry enough with the Republican party, would they unconditionally support a man whom the establishment appears to fear?  Why else would Newt Gingrich mention “secret societies” or “initiations” on national TV?  Had he ever done that before?

No.  And considering he himself is a member, chances are that Gingrich’s “revelation” was also part of the script.  Gingrich was an attendee at least once, of Bohemian Grove and the Council on Foreign Relations; and Trump was a student of the Wharton School for Business.

If a lie is told often enough, people begin to believe it.   This worked for 9/11, it worked for both World Wars, it worked for the stories of Russia and Germany; it worked for Sandy Hook, it worked for the American invasions of Libya, Egypt, Afghanistan, Iraq, Yemen and Syria.

We know enough about history that the darkness and the rulers of this world have made heavy use of the “delete” and “insert” buttons in the writing of it.  Recently I wanted to take another look at “disgrace” and the men on whom that title was pinned.

Nixing Nixon

On a previous blog topic “Evidence of a Forgery (Keystone)”, there was reference posted from a six year old email, an alias where the six year time frame was discussed, bringing us to the year 2016.  The subject of this old email was the death of Michael Jackson.  The “blame” was being steered toward the company producing his last concert even though his label had taken control (Sony).  A business partner being mentioned as “complicit” was Thom Barrack of “Colony Capital” and the person had stated he was “Nixon’s Lawyer”.

Fortess Investments: Check the composition of their Board. Also check it's founding year; it's not very old as an entity - 1998? Some Board members have connections to Goldman Sachs. Does this ring any bells for you? This entity "earns a portion of its living investing" in distressed high-end real estate.

Colony Capital: Tom Barrack was former Pres. Nixon's lawyer."

It was here I began my search, and it wasn’t easy because Thom Barrack was not mentioned at all in many of the articles on Watergate.  What this prompted me to do was not only dig into Barrack’s background, but that of the players in “Watergate”.  So let’s dispense with the information available on Thomas Barrack Jr. first:

Thomas J. Barrack, Jr.

Thomas J. Barrack, Jr. was NOT President Nixon’s personal lawyer.  She must have misread what the article said:

"His first job was at the law firm of Herbert W. Kalmbach, President Richard Nixon's personal lawyer." – Source, Wikipedia/Thom_Barrack

Barrack’s EMPLOYER was president Nixon’s personal lawyer, not Barrack himself.

"He then worked in Saudi Arabia for the Fluor Corporation.[3] He then learned Arabic and worked for Saudi princes." - Source, Wikipedia/Thom_Barrack

This should come as no surprise because Barrack’s parents were Libyan immigrants.  But the Fluor Corporation is not Arabic:

"Fluor diversified its business more extensively in 1967, when five companies were merged into a division called Coral Drilling and it started a deep-water oil exploration business in Houston called Deep Oil Technology. It also created Fluor Ocean Services in Houston in 1968[2] and acquired an interest in other fossil fuel operations in the 1970s.[11] Fluor acquired a construction company, Pike Corp. of America[2] and the engineering division of its prior partner in Australia, Utah Construction.[

In 1942, Fluor constructed cooling towers and other facilities in Hanford, Washington for the Manhattan Project.[7][9] It built an expansion of the Dhahran Aire Force Base in Saudi Arabia for the United States Army in the 1950s[7] and accepted its first international project for ARAMCO in the Middle East.[11]" - Source, Wikipedia

Fluor Corporation was founded by John Simon Fluor in 1890, and moved it to California in 1903 as a construction company.  He reformed it in Santa Ana California in 1912.  It’s headquarters is now located in Irving, Texas and Fluor Enterprises in Charlotte, North Carolina. 

The “Manhattan Project” produced the first nuclear weapons which program was directed under Major General Leslie Groves; and were produced at the Los Alamos National Laboratory which was run by physicist J. Robert Oppenheimer.  Fluor also had acquired the “engineering division” of its prior partner, Utah Construction Company.

Utah Construction company was founded by the Mormon Wattis Brothers, of which the oldest Edmund, formulated, organized and was CEO of “The Six Companies” which designed and built the Hoover Dam.  See “In the Company of Six”.

Thomas J. Barrack did not stay with Fluor long, and he was a part of the political arena later:

"He served as Deputy Undersecretary of the United States Department of the Interior under James G. Watt in the Reagan administration.  He was later a principal with the Robert M. Bass Group.[2][4][5] In 1990, he founded Colony Capital.  He also owns the Neverland Ranch.[7] Through Colony Capital, he runs a $25 billion portfolio of assets, from the Fairmont Raffles Hotels International hotel chain in Asia, the Aga Khan's former resort in Sardinia, Resorts International Holdings, One&Only Resorts, Atlantis, etc." - Source, Wikipedia/Thom_Barrack

Through RIH, Barrack has been linked to Wells Fargo (Mormon founded, current Mormon CEO), and RIH's President,  Nick L. Ribis was previously Donald Trump's lawyer. -  Source, Wikipedia/Resorts_International_Holding

Barrack through Colony also owns or manages the Fairmont Raffles Hotels International Hotel Chain. 

"Raffles City is a large complex located in the Civic District within the Downtown Core of the city-state of Singapore. Occupying an entire city block bounded by Stamford Road, Beach Road, Bras Basah Road and North Bridge Road, it houses two hotels and an office tower over a podium which contains a shopping complex and a convention centre. The mall is managed by CapitaCommercial Trust and CapitaMall Trust.

The embassy of Hungary is located on the 29th floor of the Raffles City Tower, which also houses the delegation office of the European Union. – Source, Wikipedia/Raffles_City

“CapitaCommercial” and “CapitaMall” trusts are not connected directly to Colony Capital or to Thom Barrack, Jr.  They are Singapore based, Chinese companies.

Thomas J. Barrack, Jr. bought a bank in California several months after Michael Jackson’s passing (he owns half interest in Michael’s “Neverland Ranch” with his Estate, which he purchased from Michael a couple of years before his passing) - 

Barrack through Colony Capital bought the First Republic Bank in October of 2009.  I covered this on an article in 2010.  He also is a little over half owner of Michael Jackson's "Neverland Ranch" and has partnered in real estate/resort investments with Kingdom Holdings.

Kingdom Holdings is founded and owned by Prince Al-Waleed bin Talal; whom in the 1990’s partneredwith Michael Jackson in the still licensed but inactive “Kingdom Entertainment”.  Kingdom holdings  include many past and present U.S. corporations, including Disney subsidiaries, Marvel Comics and Raffles Holdings.

Thom Barrack, who was in his twenties when Nixon was fighting for his political life and reputation was not directly connected to Nixon other than working for the firm who’s proprietor was Nixon’s personal lawyer.  But this forced me to read through the article and research other links trying to find this connection.  What ultimately began as a negative comment from a psuedonymed Michael Jackson “fan” actually helped me connect another event in history to several others; and what surfaced was the truth behind Nixon’s disgrace. 

So how did Nixon “fall from grace”?

The Set Up

On Wikipedia, the article concentrated mostly on the villains of the “break-in” and the “reporters” who “exposed”  them.

"The Washington Post picked up on the story; reporters Carl Bernstein and Bob Woodward relied on an informant known as "Deep Throat"—later revealed to be Mark Felt, associate director at the FBI—to link the men to the Nixon administration." - Source, Wikipedia

These two men were "hand picked" to bury Nixon.  Both of them have something in common other than the newspaper they worked for.  Bob Woodward:

"Woodward was born in Geneva, Illinois, the son of Jane (née Upshur) and Alfred Eno Woodward II, chief judge of the 18th Judicial Circuit Court. He was a resident of Wheaton, Illinois. He enrolled in Yale University with a Naval Reserve Officers Training Corps (NROTC) scholarship, and studied history and English literature. While at Yale, Woodward joined the Phi Gamma Delta fraternity and was a member of the prestigious secret society Book and Snake" - Source, Wikipedia

I didn’t even know there was such a thing.  We had a list of “secret societies” that we went through in the course of investigating government and global conspiracies.  While searching the source of these “societies, and the founders of the Yale S.S.’s I also learned that the founding and/or early presidents of the three top Ivy League Universities were related as were the founders of the secret societies in both Yale and Harvard (source ).

The collegiate “Skull and Bones” of which both President Bush’s were members, was the one that got the most attention.  Information on the "Book and Snake":

"The Society of Book and Snake (incorporated as the Stone Trust Corporation)[1] is the fourth oldest secret society at Yale University and was the first society to induct women into its delegation. Book and Snake was founded at the Sheffield Scientific School in 1863 as a three-year society bearing the Greek letters Sigma Delta Chi . . . The Book and Snake emblem is a book surrounded by the ouroboros." - source, Wikipedia

In order of inception at Yale was the “Skull and Bones”, “Scroll and Key”, “Wolf’s Head” and the "Book and Snake" in that order.  The B&S should be of no mystery to you as to what this means, nor the “Scroll and Key”.  The “Book and Snake” alludes to the "book of the law" and the "serpent" seed, their plans, the corrupting what was made in the image of God (man).  But again the reference to the “ourobors” or “time”:

"The ouroboros or uroboros (/ˌjʊərəˈbɒrəs, ˌjʊəroʊ-/,[3] from the Greek οροβόρος φις tail-devouring snake) is an ancient symbol depicting a serpent or dragon eating its own tail.

The ouroboros often symbolizes self-reflexivity or cyclicality,[4] especially in the sense of something constantly re-creating itself, the eternal return, and other things such as the phoenix which operate in cycles that begin anew as soon as they end." - Source, Wikipedia

Ouroboros – definition

Another Theory – Note the
Resemblance to the “Eye” (Ayin)

You recognize this from the video; it depicts "time" and the "repeating" of history.  In a dream (halfway down on ““Times and the Law”) I was shown a machine that calculated repeating events as a countdown, and the book of Ecclesiastes (means the gatherer) describes the Spirit seeing this pattern through the eyes of man as he returns again and again through various hosts.

So Bob Woodward was handpicked, groomed for this "revelation" in the Washington Post, which antithesis, The Washington Examiner was later owned by Anschutz Corporation, Thom Barrack's "friend".  The other "reporter" named as "exposing Watergate" was Carl Bernstein.  On him it says:

"On a Saturday in June 1972, Bernstein was assigned, along with Bob Woodward, to cover a break-in at the Watergate office complex that had occurred earlier the same morning. Five burglars had been caught red-handed in the complex, where the Democratic National Committee had its headquarters; one of them turned out to be an ex-CIA agent who did security work for the Republicans. In the series of stories that followed, Bernstein and Woodward eventually connected the burglars to a massive slush fund and a crooked attorney general. Bernstein was the first to suspect that President Nixon was involved, and he found a laundered check that linked Nixon to the burglary" - Source, Wikipedia

What a surprise.  Berstein's parents were known communist party members, which in reality is what "Watergate" was allegedly all about. 

"Two years after leaving ABC News, Bernstein released the book Loyalties: A Son's Memoir, in which he revealed that his parents had been members of the Communist Party. The assertion shocked some because even J. Edgar Hoover had tried and been unable to prove that Bernstein's parents had been party members.[7] According to the memoir, which was highly acclaimed, the FBI conducted surveillance on his family over a 30-year period and produced over 2,500 pages of documents, including notes taken by agents staking out Bernstein's bar mitzvah." - Source, Wikipedia

He is also a lifetime member of B'nai B'rith (we've covered them before, as an all Jewish secret society).  He is also a "Visiting Presidential Professor" at "Stony Brook University".  I have more information on that but for now that's not important, but it does answer some questions for me.

The two men credited for “exposing” President Richard Nixon both belonged to secret societies:  Woodward to Yale’s “Book and Snake”, and Bernstein to the exclusively Jewish “B’nai B’rith.

The "Deep Throat" source of both Woodward and Bernstein was later revealed as former 2nd Associate Director of the FBI, William Mark Felt.  His involvement was not revealed as the source until May of 2005.  He was born in Twin Falls, Idaho and even though his early life reveals his grandfather was a "Free Will Baptist Minister", one of his first assignments as FBI "Special Agent in Charge" was Salt Lake City.  He was sent to field offices in Las Vegas and Reno Nevada - Harry Reid Territory

This was right about the time that Latoya Jackson's then future "handler-husband" Jack Gordon was trying to make deals with then Gaming Commission head Harry Reid.  And Jack Gordon after serving a minimum sentence (for bribing a state regulatory official?) and being suspected of planting a car bomb to kill him ends up assigned to Michael Jackson’s sister, Latoya as a manager/handler/husband?

Du TVinterview

Harry Reid’s son is connected to the land dispute in Nevada concerning the Bundy Ranch.  The Bundy’s are also Mormons as is the gentleman “Levoy Finicum” who was allegedly shot and killed recently in Oregon by FBI agents during this “occupation”.  The Bundy’s were involved in this also and allegedly are behind bars. 

Harry Reid has had two accidents between 2011 and 2014 with “exercise equipment” in his home or “during exercise” – both times to his face.  When it comes time to pay your debts, the glory it paid for doesn’t seem worth it, does it?

All of this is connected and going back a long way: Reid, Mark Felt, Jack Gordon and the Jacksons, Bernstein, Kissinger, the secret societies, the false and secular (Satanic) Jews and the Mormons.

The lawyer periodical, "", published this about the "list" of those involved in the Watergate break-in:

"The Nixon White House initially dismissed the break-in as a “third-rate burglary,” but after a year of increasingly persistent media coverage, Congress initiated multiple investigations that exposed the involvement of more than 20 of the most powerful lawyers in the United States.

At the top of the list was Nixon, the 37th president of the United States, who resigned on Aug. 8, 1974, as Congress was gearing up to conduct impeachment proceedings . . . But the list also included two U.S. attorneys general, two White House counsel, an assistant attorney general and a chairman of the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission." - Source,

“ . . . more than 20 of the most powerful lawyers in the United States”.  Recall Jesus’ revelation about the lawyers of his time?

And he said, Woe unto you also, ye lawyers! For ye lade men with burdens grievous to be borne, and ye yourselves touch not the burdens with one of your fingers!

Jesus also accused lawyers of taking away the key of knowledge, going not in themselves, and hindering them who were to enter, in Luke 11:52.

Richard Dean, Nixon's White House Counsel at the time was recorded during the Congressional hearing as stating: "“That was just a reaction of mine,” answered Dean. “How in God’s name could so many lawyers get involved in something like this?

According to that same article, John Erlichman, council and assistant to the President, was the organizer of the secret "investigation" units which perpetrated using the IRS to intimidate "enemies" and the press, as well as organizing the "Plumbers" (think "plumb line) which eventually formed the group of lawyers and agents of the "break in" team.  John Erlichman is from a Jewish family who's father converted to "Christian Science" (Elizabeth Taylor; other celebrities as well as other Watergate interests, Woodward and Ellsberg).  Ehrlichman organized the "CREEP" (Committee for Re-election of the President).  It was a bull-story with a "keyword" acronym revealing their intentions toward Nixon.  "CREEP" will be brought to light here in a minute.

"“John told me that he was under enormous pressure and that he didn’t think the president knew what was going on,” Krogh says." -

The enemy which "Nixon" was allegedly after (Nixon was never directly connected to these break ins) was Dan Ellsberg:

"Ellsberg was born in Chicago on April 7, 1931,[1] the son of Harry and Adele (Charsky) Ellsberg.[2] His parents were Ashkenazi Jews who had converted to Christian Science, and he was raised as a Christian Scientist." - Source, Wikipedia

There are Jews all over this:  Bernstein, Erlichman; and Ellsberg who was an enemy to the United States:

"Ellsberg was charged under the Espionage Act of 1917 along with other charges of theft and conspiracy, carrying a total maximum sentence of 115 years. Due to governmental misconduct and illegal evidence gathering, and the defense by Leonard Boudin and Harvard Law School professor Charles Nesson, Judge Byrne dismissed all charges against Ellsberg on May 11, 1973." - Source, Wikipedia and sources

Erhlichman wrote several books published by Simon and Schuster; one which was  entitled “The Company”.  It was a “roman a clef” ; a novel in which real people or events are depicted with fictional names.  The purpose of this book becomes quite transparent when you realize the true reason Nixon was taken down.

"The Company is a political fiction roman à clef novel written by John Ehrlichman, a former close aide to President Richard Nixon and a figure in the Watergate scandal, first published in 1976 by Simon & Schuster. The title is an insider nickname for the Central Intelligence Agency. The plot is loosely based on events leading up to the Watergate coverup, centered on Nixon administration attempts to cover up its own illegal activity and that of the CIA dating back to the Kennedy administration." - Source, Wikipedia via Ehrlichman, "The Company"

Because it is written “roman a clef”, it lends a certain “credibility” to the story, however the two “villains” in this case (aside from the main CIA entity) are made to be Nixon and Kennedy.  You can read the plot summary on Wikipedia, but to follow the characters and how they relate to the story, the main characters were inspired by:

- Director of Central Intelligence William Martin - DCI Richard Helms

- President Richard "Dick" Monckton of Illinois - President Richard Nixon of California

- President Esker Scott "ESA" Anderson of Oregon - President Lyndon B. Johnson of Texas

- President William Arthur "Bill" Curry of New York - President John F. Kennedy of Massachusetts

- Vice President Edward Miller "Ed" Gilley of Pennsylvania - Vice President Hubert Humphrey of Minnesota

Excerpt of the plot summary:

Monckton - is Richard Nixon. 

(Monckton Corners is the town in which the F-16 Fighter plane took out in a mid-air collision the private plane flown by Joseph Johnson killing both him and his father Michael Johnson (Michael Jackson’s father is named Joseph), a couple of months after the “AME Church” in the same area of South Carolina was attacked by a gunman (AME church is the one church Michael Jackson attended during his 2005 trial with his lawyer Tom Mesereau).  I covered all this here.

The President who died in office, Curry, is based on JFK.  According to Ehrlichman's book "The Company" (name for CIA, which is actually called "The Agency" by past members), both JFK and Nixon were the crooked ones:

"The protagonist is Director of Central Intelligence (DCI) William "Bill" Martin, a longtime CIA agent who was appointed DCI by Democratic President Esker Scott Anderson. Anderson, as Vice President, succeeded William Curry, who was killed in a crash of Air Force One in the early 1960s. . .

. . . As Deputy CIA Director, Martin (Richard Helms) was responsible for planning an undercover invasion of the Dominican Republic by emmigres trained and supported by the U.S. However, President Curry (JFK), worried about negative repercussions from the invasion, ordered the murder of a priest who led the rebel movement, in order to ensure the invasion's failure. CIA Inspector General, Major-General Antonio Primula, wrote a report blaming Martin (Helms), then-DCI Horace McFall and, in part, President Curry (Kennedy) for the invasion's failure. . .

. . . Anderson (L.B. Johnson) becomes seriously ill during his elected term and declines to run for a second, leaving his Vice President Ed Gilley (Hubert Humphrey) as the Democratic nominee. Gilley (Humphrey) is defeated in the election by Monckton (Nixon).  But Martin (Helms) retains his position, due mainly to the support of Monckton's National Security Advisor Carl Tessler (Kissinger), a former foreign affairs aide to Governor Thomas J. Forville (Nelson Rockefeller).

. . . Martin discovers illegal practices of Monkton administration operatives, and uses this knowledge to make a deal with Monkton . . .  in exchange for Martin's silence on Monkton's illegal activity.   Despite Martin's efforts, Monkton's activities are revealed by an investigative reporter, initiating the fall of his administration." - Source, Wikipedia/plot summary

Nixon was set up, charged and made to resign under threat of impeachment:  Jew and socialist Daniel Ellsberg was completely exonerated and rewarded.  But what was the real reason all this took place?  What was actually being investigated by the Nixon administration and why were these "break-ins" treated with such sensationalism?  The charges seem rather blah today, with what the current sitting president has been able to get away with.  What was the big deal?

The CIA and FBI had been "spying" for years.  This "crime" goes on daily and openly under the "Patriot Act" today.  What was publicized as an abuse of power by a press-asserted, insecure sitting President is starting to look like a political "false flag" by a group of men; some worked into his own administration, to deflect from efforts to insulate and possibly expose infiltration of communist Jews. (See BolshevikRevolution – The “same pattern” with these people in the past, said “Michael Jackson” at 1:10 minutes).

Michael Jackson also exposed this in one of his songs:

JFK exposed the CIA – Michael Jackson Tabloid Junkie

"Speculate to break the one you hate, Circulate the lie you confiscate, Assassinate and mutilate As the hounding media in hysteria . . .

Who's the next for you to resurrect, JFK exposed the CIA . . .
Truth be told the grassy knoll, As the blackmail story in all your glory

It's slander . . . You say it's not a sword
But with your pen you torture men . . . You crucify the Lord" - Michael Jackson, Tabloid Junkie

Tapes recorded also reveal Nixon's visit (and thoughts) on his constituents at the "Bohemian Grove" meeting (Source).

Nick and Ronnie YT link recording

Interestingly, Ina Coolbrith (born in Nauvoo, Illinois), is one of only four members of Bohemian Grove that are women (made honorary members).  She is one of the founders who helped form the club; and is the niece of Joseph Smith, founder of the Mormon church.  Her mother later married Joseph Smith after her real father died.  She was Bohemian Grove's librarian.  Source, Wikipedia

One of her poems printed there:

"The Poet
 He walks with God upon the hills!
    And sees, each morn, the world arise
    New-bathed in light of paradise.
 He hears the laughter of her rills,
    Her melodies of many voices,
    And greets her while his heart rejoices.
 She to his spirit undefiled,
 Makes answer as a little child;
    Unveiled before his eyes she stands,
    And gives her secret to his hands.

Bohemian Grove's "Cremation of Care" is described as such:

"The Cremation of Care ceremony was first conducted in the Bohemian Grove at the Midsummer encampment in 1881, devised by James F. Bowman with George T. Bromley playing the High Priest.[20] It was originally set up within the plot of the serious "High Jinks" dramatic performance on the first weekend of the summer encampment, after which the spirit of "Care", slain by the Jinks hero, was solemnly cremated. The ceremony served as a catharsis for pent-up high spirits, and "to present symbolically the salvation of the trees by the club ..."[21] The Cremation of Care was separated from the Grove Play in 1913 and moved to the first night to become "an exorcising of the Demon to ensure the success of the ensuing two weeks." - Source, Wikipedia

Salvation of the Trees” is a distinctly Druid practice.  The "Spirit of Care" which they "exorcise" as a "demon" is none other than “charity” - the "Love of God".

Bohemian Grove, 1967

Source, Archives

Harvey Hancock, pictured standing in the 1967 picture at Bohemian Grove with Richard Nixon to his left and Ronald Reagan to his right; was a Mormon:

Both men of the "Washington Post" were handpicked from their "secret societies" connections to take Nixon out.  Was Nixon really a criminal, or was he made the scapegoat?  Why him?  What did he do to anger these people?

Bernstein is an Ashkenazi Jew and his religion is listed as Judaism.  Wikipedia sources credit him with the linking of the "laundered check" to President Nixon.  But that wasn't the real reason Nixon was targeted.  The CIA had been secretly taping people for years.  The real reason Nixon was targeted was due to the tapes that were declassified and released only recently (Talk2Action) of a secret recording  between President Nixon and a notable Reverend - One which was not made public until thirty years later.

PleaseClick Here to Continue to Part 2.


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