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Michael Jackson Justice: Axis of Evil Part 2

God: Reconnect to Him

The Conspiracy against God is about "The Word", and the profaning of His Holy Name within us. Adam fell in the garden, breaking the direct connection to God. Jesus, the "last Adam" was a quickening Spirit, the Word made Flesh, and the only one with whom we can re-establish our relationship with God. Michael's story is still unfolding. He is the one who is, is not. But Jesus is the only name given under heaven by which we must be saved. Many are trying to rewrite HIStory. We were given a help to instruct us. Learn more "here".

Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Axis of Evil Part 2

A Pattern of Treachery

"And there shall be signs in the sun, and in the moon, and in the stars; and upon the earth distress of nations, with perplexity; the sea and the waves roaring;   26. Men's hearts failing them for fear, and for looking after those things which are coming on the earth: for the powers of heaven shall be shaken."

“Just because you read it in a magazine
Or see it on the TV screen don’t make it factual
JFK Exposed the CIA”

Continued from Part 1, Axis of Evil.


On part one we dug deeper into the events connecting the Russian Revolution to the Bolsheviks, the organizing of socialist “workers unions”; and the cookie-cutter patterns behind the Russian/Bolshevik Revolution, The Bavarian Revolution and the rise of Nazi Germany.  The continuing use of “false flag” operations to elicit public support for war against nations with leadership “independent” of the global, central banking system and the “Babylonian” conformity continues.

This subject was continuing from the two-part “For The Men Who Fought”.  Isn’t it amazing how an email comment from six years ago began from a vetting of a claim that a financier of Michael Jackson’s debt was a lawyer for Nixon; to the guts of the Watergate set up; to following the link to the Jews all the way back to pre-Russian Revolution “Zionist World Congress”?

We learned that Both John F. Kennedy and Richard Nixon were “opposed around the world by a ruthless and monolithic conspiracy”.  We learned that same “ruthless and monolithic conspiracy” identified by Nixon was also identified by Henry Ford, Adolf Hitler, Mussolini in Italy, the monarchy of Bavaria as well as the monarchy of Russia.

We learned that the U.S. sent a Jewish agent Hans Habe back over to Germany in 1945 to set up “18 newspapers”; and we learned that Zionist Jews translated and abridged the English translations of Hitler’s “Mein Kampf”.

Hitler never had direct hands in any of the concentration camps and most of that fell under his top police agents, but even that is questionable as we will find out.

One of his three top men, Goring, was brought up in the lap of luxury under a wealthy Jewish benefactor who became his mother’s lover.  We also learned that Winston Churchill was Jewish on his mother’s side, and his first aide, Robert Boothby also with Ashkenazi Jewish genealogy was connected to the Britain homosexual underworld’s version of “D.C. Call Boys” through the Kray Brothers (also Jewish) as well as Michael Llewelyn Davies and J.M. Barrie (Peter Pan Creator).

Conclusion from Part 1 of Axis of Evil:

The Sloan Foundation and the Gates Foundation are the rebirth of Margaret Sanger’s Eugenics Society under the auspices of “vaccine campaigns”.  Margaret Sanger was a proponent of selective breeding and abortions.  She is founder of “Planned Parenthood”.  Her father was a “stone mason”.  She was a member of the “Women’s Committee of New York’s Socialist Party” and wouldn’t you know it?  She also got involved in the labor actions of the “Industrial Workers of the World” movement, inciting strikes – more than 100 years after the pattern played out to “Communize” Russia through the Bolsheviks inciting the worker parties there.

On that now almost five year old blog topic, “Corruption of God’s Book Of the Law”, we had also discovered the source of the Pharmaceutical industry, and the Greek root word from which the word “Pharmaka” came, which meant “to poison” or “sorcery”.
Strong's Concordance: pharmakeia
the use of medicine, drugs or spells
Original Word: φαρμακεία, ας,
Part of Speech: Noun, Feminine
Transliteration: pharmakeia
Phonetic Spelling: (far-mak-i'-ah)
Short Definition: magic, sorcery, enchantment
Definition: magic, sorcery, enchantment.
Source, Bible Hub, Source, Strong's Concordance

Now let’s take a look at Hitler’s “concentration camps”.

Auschwitz and Project Paperclip

It is common knowledge now; and shameful that America would ever siphon criminal scientists responsible for atrocities committed against human beings into this country; barring their convictions for the purpose of tapping their “craft” toward drug experimentation, mind control and biological warfare.  But they did.  So did Britain, Russia and Israel.  The M16 and the NSA and CIA were matured with their addition.  The Mossad was created to cultivate their craft.

It was called “Operation Paperclip”.  We covered this in much detail during the 2012 blogging year after discovery of “The Book of the Law”.  There were scores of scientists brought over from Nazi Germany to work for the NSA, CIA, NASA and the military in the bio-weapons division and mind control research.

People like Erik Traub worked in the United States at the Rockefeller Institute for Medical Research before becoming “scientists” in the Nazi SS.   Read the bio-weapon research section of his link.  This is what Fort Detrick in Maryland was constructed for.  On Traub’s link it says of his work regarding insects as biological weapons:

"In theory, insects of all types, particularly the biting species, can be used as disease vectors in a biological warfare program. Germany, Japan, Britain, Russia and the U.S. all conducted experiments along these lines during the Second World War, and the Japanese used such insect-borne diseases against both soldiers and civilians in China. This was one reason that President Franklin Roosevelt and Secretary of War Henry Stimson ordered the creation of an American biological warfare program in 1942, which was headquartered at Camp Detrick, Maryland. This eventually grew to a very large facility with 245 buildings and a $60 million budget, including an Entomological Weapons Department that mass-produced flies, lice and mosquitoes as disease vectors." - Source, Wikipedia

Many of these Scientists were given deals to testify against other Nazi leaders in exchange for immunity and prestigious jobs, like Walter Schreiber.  The guilty became the accusers.  Nice exchange for a sold soul.

Nazi scientist Lindenberg, another “Paperclip” scientist, testified before the Rockefeller Commission on the death of John F. Kennedy, that “one bullet” hit him and Governor John Connally.  Isn’t that funny?  Those two worked in the bio-engineering departments for the military with another one, Strughold.

Strughold was another pre-Nazi, Rockefeller “fellow” scientist brought “back” to the US after World War II.  And Rockefeller with Rothschild is in the middle of all of it.

There were scores of others.  The most infamous among these doctors and scientists is Joseph Mengele, aka: “Dr. Green”.

Joseph Mengele was among those scientists used to run experiments on unwitting children’s home residents, psychiatric clinics, college universities and military campuses not only in the U.S. but also in Canada. 

Under the name “Dr. Green”, he was identified as one of the sources of MK Ultra/Monarch programming mind control and trauma-based disassociation employed by the CIA/NSA to program high level politicians, elite soldiers, celebrities, secret service, spies and to train “handlers” and “programmers”.  Henry Kissinger was identified as one such “programmer” by Brice Taylor/Susan Ford in her memoirs.

Ironically, any historical artifacts with Mengele’s name on them, which are rare, are either already held or bought up by Jewish collectors.  Mengele’s assistant was Jewish Doctor Berthold Epstein of “Bayer” pharmaceuticals.   Epstein was a Jew from Prague who testified that he worked IG Farben under Mengele (See “Wollheim Memorial”, and “Main Trial IG Farben Case”).

I.G. Farben

IG Farben was a consolidation of six (yes, “In the Company of Six”) companies which included BASF, Bayer, Hoechst, and two Chemische Fabrik companies.  Epstein, after serving “seven years” and testifying at the IG Farben trial was awarded a board position in Prague at the “Kinder Klinick”. 

The IG Farben Supervisory board when formed in 1926 consisted of twelve board members, four of which were Jewish including Franz Oppenheim and Carl von Weinberg.  The second “Chemische Fabrik” company carried Edmund ter Meer’s name.

Some sources through MK Ultra Victims who were freed (from mind control) and testified at congressional hearings on these experiments identified Joseph Mengele as Dr. Green (See Bibliotecapleyades, Branton Green, “Educate Yourself” and on “Wizard of Oz” programming).

This was reported on in both the mainstream media including NBC news and recorded with sources consolidated on Wikipedia.

One such publicized congressional hearing on the matter in which reparations were paid was followed up by admittance marginalizing what actually occurred, and an apology from President Bill Clinton.

The programs which were birthed by these “studies” included the “MK Ultra” mind control program (for which Michael Jackson handler, Uri Gellar worked with our CIA), Monarch programming and various other “programs” which were terminated and restarted under other names once information was leaked (See “Michael Jackson and New World Order”).  The Bible even exposes the use of “gazingstocks” (celebrities/ people used as exhibits to distract) and the “illumination” of them that are “so used” in Hebrews 10:32-33.  None of this is new.

Some of the incredible testimony came from retired head of FBI Los Angeles Ted Gunderson who tried to get Brice Taylor’s book “Thanks For the Memories” distributed.  Her book included testimony of seeing celebrities drugged and abused as “mental conditioning” and they included Bob Hope, Barbara Streisand and the Jackson Family children including Michael.

Brice Taylor identified numerous top government officials including (she said) President Ford, Bush Sr., Dick Cheney, Bill Clinton and Henry Kissinger who was her “programmer”.  She wrote that Kissinger programmed most of the incoming top officials in the U.S. Government but namely the men who are chosen to be presidents or top public figures.

Michael Jackson’s “hairdresser” for over twenty years was Karen Faye Kissinger (she’s been married eight times).  There has been plenty written about her both good and bad, depending on which side of the establishment is doing the reporting.

Elvis Presley’s “hairdresser” was Larry Geller who was a member of the “Memphis Mafia”.  He is Hungarian Jew who claimed he was also Elvis’ “spiritual advisor”.  Larry Geller’s cousin, Hungarian Jew Uri Geller was Michael Jackson’s handler and self-professed “spiritual advisor” between 1999 and 2002.

All of this came, they said, out of Nazi Germany mind control experiments; evolved into the propaganda school of Tavistock and the art of mass population persuasion mass influence (entertainment/press/music industry science).  Commercial jingles and “slogans” came out of this institution.  The whole entertainment industry was based on studies which began in Nazi Germany, they said.  But the “craft” is Biblically old: sorceries, intrigue, flatteries and “intelligence” all mentioned in the scriptures.

Remember Ecclesiastes (The Gatherer) said: 

"The thing that hath been, it is that which shall be; and that which is done is that which shall be done: and there is no new thing under the sun."

None of this is new.  Blame Nazi Germany if it will make you feel better – but the knowledge is well older than Nazi Germany.  Remember, Moses knew what “the book of the law” was.  Jacob was shown “the ladder” and David knew what the “substance” was with which we are made.  Haggai was told who Sheshbazzar and Zerubbabel were, Zechariah was told what the “curse” was; Jesus told us the “seed is the “Word of God” and Paul explained the second veil and the tabernacle which is called the holiest of all.

The “serpent” knew how to get Eve to corrupt her seed.  The serpent also knew how to use Eve to persuade Adam to corrupt himself.  So this whole issue is not a “Nazi” problem.   And Hitler was not the one running the concentration camps.  THAT plan began long before Hitler.

The Industry of “Sorcery” (Pharma)

Before we continue, understand that the Nazi Regime was installed at the same time that Hitler came into power; yet they existed long before Hitler.  The term Nazi is a keyword probably having little to do with Hitler’s input.  The term “Nazi” is actually the suffix of “Ashkenazi”, as in “Ashkenazi Jews”.

AshkenNazi is a newer description for an old tribe. In the Bible they were the tribes of Ashkenaz, son of Gomer, son of Japheth, son of Noah.  They eventually became “Gog” of the north.  Ashkenazi = “Nazi”.

There is little argument that the “concentration camps” during the World War II Germany are the source of horrific experiments.  And we know that PUBLISHED history credits those concentration camps in Germany during Hitler’s reign.

What we will never know for certain is who actually gave the orders; but there are definite footprints leading to who planned them; for what purpose, and who or how many people actually died.  Before we embark let us be reminded of one thing:

Jesus said to the Jewish religious leaders of his time:

"Ye are of your father the devil, and the lusts of your father ye will do. He was a murderer from the beginning, and abode not in the truth, because there is no truth in him. When he speaketh a lie, he speaketh of his own: for he is a liar, and the father of it."

Jesus called them “of your father, the devil”, the “liar” and “murderer from the beginning”.  Jesus was Semitic therefore could not be “anti-Semitic”.   Jesus was FOR everybody.  He was the answer to “iniquity”.  He is Justice.  Jesus came to “fulfill the law” where “breaches” were made by the princes of Judah.  He was “The Word made flesh”, the “only begotten of the Father” and “full of grace and TRUTH” – John 1:14.

Beginning with “Nazi Concentration Camps” it didn’t take long to find the hole in this whole story, but the advent of the Internet has made research easier (discerning of course truth from fiction).

Nazi Concentration Camps” opens with the first paragraph giving credit to the erecting of these “camps” in 1933 as soon as Hitler takes power.  Hitler as “chancellor” of the Nazi Party is given control of the police through Reich Interior Minister Wilhelm Frick and Prussian acting interior Minister Hermann Goring

Did you catch that?  Hitler is given control through these two “interior ministers” of the Reich.  Heinrich Himmler is credited with the person most responsible for the “Holocaust”.  Let’s look at these three, because two of these do not make sense.

Frick witnessed the infiltration and subsequent German Revolution of 1918 and the organized “Socialist” overthrow of the Bavarian monarchy by Jewish Journalist Kurt Eisner.  Frick may well have had intelligence on the same pattern that occurred in Russia which is exactly what happened in Bavaria before Hitler’s “Struggle” with the same conspiracy.  Frick was executed as a war criminal, but he wasn’t the only one in control of the German police.  There was also Hermann Goring.

"Göring's godfather was Dr. Hermann Epenstein, a wealthy Jewish physician and businessman his father had met in Africa. Epenstein provided the Göring family, who were surviving on Heinrich's pension, first with a family home in Berlin-Friedenau,[5] then in a small castle called Veldenstein, near Nuremberg. Göring's mother became Epenstein's mistress around this time, and remained so for some fifteen years.” – Source, Wikipedia

This is not the same “Bayer” doctor “Epstein” that worked for Mengele under IG Farben.  Hitler must have learned something about Goring because by 1943 Hitler had "reduced his standing".  Goring was credited with founding the Gestapo and gave command of it to Heinrich Himmler." - Source, Wikipedia and cited sources.

This however, made no sense:

"Informed on 22 April 1945 that Hitler intended to commit suicide, Göring sent a telegram to Hitler requesting permission to assume control of the Reich. Considering it an act of treason, Hitler removed Göring from all his positions, expelled him from the party, and ordered his arrest." – Source, Wikipedia and cited sources.

If Hitler was still in control of his country, why would he have been contemplating suicide and how would that information have gotten to Goring?  If Hitler were contemplating suicide would he have cared if Goring was still running around Germany?  It would seem if this was true at this point, that Hitler was no longer running the Nazi regime but running FROM it.  The only explanation is that Hitler was not on board with Goring’s escapades.

Goring was the godson of wealthy Jewish Physician and businessman Dr. Hermann Epenstein.  Frick was knowledgeable of Eisner’s influence of the overthrow of the monarchy of Bavaria by Jews. Let's look at Himmler, to whom Goring turned over control of the police/Gestapo:

Heinrich Luitpold Himmler was born in Munich on 7 October 1900 into a conservative middle-class Roman Catholic family.  His father was a teacher.  His godfather was Prince Heinrich of Bavaria, member of the Royal family for whom his father was a tutor.  Himmler was named after him by his father.  Heinrich would also have been negatively affected by the Jewish Socialist takeover of Bavaria, if his family was so close to the Royal family.” – Source, Wikipedia

Both Frick and Himmler were assigned a reputation for making "anti-Semitic" remarks either in writing or in official/social circles.  Both Himmler and Goring were ascribed in history as committing suicide before they stood trial at Nuremburg.  Frick was actually executed and Hitler is said to have committed suicide.  Goring was the only one of the three whom Hitler allegedly ordered arrested.

Since Himmler was credited with the concentration camps, and Goring was credited with the founding of the Gestapo which control he turned over to Himmler, I returned to the article on the Nazi Camps.

The German Empire

The “concentration camps” and the origin of their name is asserted to have begun use during the German Empire.  I skimmed through this until I saw some connecting information that bore the following.

German Empire:

"The German Empire (German: Deutsches Kaiserreich), officially the German Reich,[5][6][7][8] was the historical German nation state[9] that existed from the unification of Germany in 1871 to the abdication of Kaiser Wilhelm II in November 1918, when Germany became a federal republic." - Source, Wikipedia

It was there that the "Zimmerman Telegram" was mentioned again.  Meanwhile, German civilians and soldiers had become war-weary and “radicalized by the Russian Revolution.

In 1918, Germany became a “Federal Republic” – just as the United States is supposed to be.  The “Zimmerman Telegram” was cited as responsible for the United States being drawn into the war against the German Empire in World War I.  Zionist Arthur Zimmerman was the foreign secretary of the German Empire at that time.  The “telegram” was a proposal to Mexico to support Germany in case of Americans entering the war against them.  Arthur Zimmerman was also “closely involved” with plans to support an Irish Rebellion, an Indian Rebellion, and to help communists undermine Tsarist Russia.  Kurt Eisner took care of Bavaria.

The last German Emperor was Kaiser Wilhelm.  He was grandson to Queen Victoria (of Britain) and Prince Albert.  The Wilhelms were socially connected to the Tsar Alexander III, Tsar Nicholi’s father..

"Beginning in 1884, Bismarck began advocating that Kaiser Wilhelm send his grandson on various diplomatic missions, a privilege denied to the Crown Prince. That year, Prince Wilhelm was sent to the court of Tsar Alexander III in St. Petersburg to attend the coming of age ceremony of the sixteen-year-old Tsarevich Nicholas." - Source, Wikipedia

There are too many “empires” with the same stories, the same infiltrators who through workers unions and organizations incite dissent, cause an overthrow either through violence or because their monarchs simply abdicate just as Pilate was forced to abdicate to the incited crowd to sentence Jesus; something he did not want to do.

As I read through (this was a lot of reading and cross-referencing the different characters involved in all this), I found that what was in charge of Nazi Germany was not one man, but a “military industrial complex”.  How much Hitler knew of what was occurring at these concentration camps is not certain.  Which top men in charge of the police and Gestapo knew is not easy to pin down.  But what was abundantly clear is that the U.S. was involved with at least THREE of the biological scientists when they were IN the United States BEFORE Hitler ever took power.  Two of them studied at the Rockefeller institute and one of them was a “fellow” of that same institute.  All of them returned to the U.S. under “Operation Paperclip.

You want to explain to me how a German scientist was nurtured by the Rockefeller Institute, went to Germany, became a Nazi, then came back to the U.S. to work for the CIA and the military bio-weapons divisions?  Think about the name of that “Operation” – “Paperclip”.  What do “paperclips” do?  They “keep together” associated “papers” of the same “doctrine”, don’t they?

IG Farben and Bayer, as part of IG Farben did studies on the prisoners at Auchwitz with various viruses, vaccine testing and DNA mutation experiments, mind control, adverse physical conditioning etc and FOUR of these board members were Jews.  Yet we are to believe that these top management Jews singled out Jews for experimentation and extermination?  Things began to unravel in the historical account.

"For Jewish prisoners there was not even the pretense of a medical examination: the arrest record was listed as a physician’s “diagnosis”.[24]:pp.147–148 In early 1943, as the need for labor increased and the gas chambers at Auschwitz became operational, Heinrich Himmler ordered the end of Action 14f13." -

"After 1942, many small subcamps were set up near factories to provide forced labor. IG Farben established a synthetic rubber plant in 1942 at Monowitz concentration camp (Auschwitz III); other camps were set up next to airplane factories, coal mines and rocket propellant plants." - Source, Wikipedia

Back on “Hassenpheffer,Inc.” the opening song to the “Laverne and Shirley” show “We’re Gonna Do It” was preceded by the “Yiddish chant” “Schlemiel, Schlimazel, Hasenpfeffer Incorporated” (a dish with rabbit’s blood the gelling agent of the gravy).  On that same sitcom, Shirley was also often known to sing the song about the ant who can’t move a rubber tree plant.  “Look there goes another rubber tree plant” (think mass production of synthetic beings made from living beings).  To whom were these messages going out?

The Action 14f13 was a “Euthanasia” plan to cull the infirm, elderly and those no longer “fit to work” according to the Wikipedia article.  It was never ordered by Hitler and when Hitler found out about it, he terminated the program.  “Aktion T4” was the same program under a different name.

"though Aktion T4 was officially shut down by Adolf Hitler on August 24, 1941, it was continued by many of the physicians who had been involved until Nazi Germany was defeated in 1945.[2]" - Source, Wikipedia

For such a fearsome and ruthless dictator, how is it that Hitler was unable to get the doctors and scientists at “his” concentration camps to comply for more than four years after he shut down their project?

These scientists worked for IG Farben.  As we learned earlier, IG Farben was formed in 1926 by a consolidation of six companies, similar to what happened prior to Nazi Germany with the Utah Construction Company’s “Wattis Brothers” in forming “The Six Companies” corporation to build the Hoover Dam and other waterway structures in the U.S. (and apparently Australia). 

Remember from “When Nothing Is Sacred”, the Utah Construction Company’s division in Australia was bought up by Fluor who oversaw the “Manhattan Project” (Atomic Bombs).  The scientist that oversaw the testing at Los Alamos was another Oppenheimer, J. Robert.

Three of those IG Farben companies were founded by Ashkenazi Jews and four of the new corporation’s board members were Jews.  One of those companies was Bayer AG, founded by Ashkenazik Jew, Frederich Bayer.

"Bayer's first and best known product was aspirin; there is a dispute about what scientist at Bayer made the most important contributions to it, Arthur Eichengrün or Felix Hoffmann. Bayer trademarked "heroin" and marketed it as a cough suppressant and non-addictive substitute for morphine from 1898 to 1910." - Source, Wikipedia

The two scientists disputed over for credit of contributions to "aspirin" were  Arthur Eichengrün or Felix Hoffmann.:

"Arthur Eichengrün (August 13, 1867 – December 23, 1949) was a German Jewish chemist, materialists scientist, and inventor, best known through a controversy about who invented aspirin. He is also known for developing the highly successful anti-gonorrhea drug Protargol, the standard treatment for 50 years until the adoption of antibiotics, and for his pioneering contributions in plastics: … He also contributed to photochemistry by inventing the first process for the production and development of cellulose acetate film, which he patented with Becker" - Source, Wikipedia

The other “aspirin” contender through the Bayer company was Felix Hoffmann:

Felix Hoffmann was born on January 21, 1868 in Ludwigsburg, the son of an industrialist. In 1889 he started studying chemistry at the Ludwig- Maximilians- University of Munich to study pharmacy and ended it in 1890 with the pharmaceutical state exam." - Source, Wikipedia

Bayer was founded by Frederich Bayer in Germany.  The name "Bayer" is Bavarian in origin, Ashkenazik Jew.

Another company making up IG Farben is BASF.  BASF was founded by German Christian Frederich Englehorn.  He didn’t control his company long.  He had a falling out with his partners and eventually left the company after purchasing a medical firm.  He was also a member of the supervisory boards of several other companies.

Hoeschst AG was founded by  Wilhelm Meister, who's great-grandson founded companies that became "Compu Serve" and "America Online" here in the U.S.

Interestingly, an investigation in 1941 exposed partnerships between Rockefeller’s Standard Oil and IG Farben (Don’t forget General Motors).  IG Farben patented the pesticide ZyclonB for use in spraying grain storage, delousing Mexican migrant workers and this same substance was used in the gas chambers in Nazi Germany.  German Jew Fritz Haber was credited with the development of the pesticide.  He is called “the father of chemical warfare”.  He worked for BASF with Carl Bosch in developing the “Haber-Bosch Process”.  This process produced chemicals used for everything from poisonous gas to fertilizer.  They won a Nobel Prize for it.  Carl Bosch comes from a “Freemason” family and he is credited with the founding of IG Farber (Freemason, the six companies and Mormonism).  His father worked in the United States also, for Thomas Edison.

AGFA, founded by Paul Mendelssohn Bartholdy is the nephew of banker Paul Mendelssohn-Bartholdy.  His Grandfather was German Jew Abraham Mendelssohn Bartholdy and banker.

Paul Mendelssohn Bartholdy was the second son of the composer Felix Mendelssohn Bartholdy and Cécile Charlotte Sophie Jeanrenaud.  Mendelssohn Bartholdy married his cousin Elisabeth Oppenheim (granddaughter of his great-uncle Joseph Mendelssohn) (1845–1868). She died shortly after the birth of their son Otto. Paul later married Elisabeth's sister Enole (1855–1939), by whom he had four children.[2] - In 1880, Mendelssohn Bartholdy died of a heart attack. After his death the company was led by his nephew Franz Oppenheim (1852–1929). In 1925, it became part of IG Farben.[3]

The Oppenheims/Oppenheimers are also Jewish and Franz sat on the board of IG Farben.

The final two companies, Chemische Fabrik vorm named after Weiler Ter Meer and Chemische Fabrik Griesheim-Elektron after Edmund ter Meer (31 July 1852 – 5 November 1931).  Edmund was a German chemist who discovered the ter Meer reaction and founded in 1877 the ter Meer dye company in Uerdingen. After the fusion with the aniline factory of Julius Weiler the Weiler-ter Meer company was formed. This company later became part of the Bayer company. His son Fritz ter Meer also became a chemist associated to the Bayer company."

"From 1925 to 1945 Fritz ter Meer was on the board of IG Farben AG. He was involved in the planning of Monowitz concentration camp, a satellite camp of KZ Auschwitz.”  Fritz ter Meer was sentenced to seven years in prison in the Nuremberg Trials in 1948.

Hitler ordered the murders in the camps stopped in August of 1941.  This was before the US even entered the war (Dec. 7th, 1941).  The experiments were done by scientists working for IG Farben and it was IG Farben who managed these programs at those camps.  The upper management consisted of Jews and the main scientists developing the chemicals and viruses used on these prisoners were Jews, so here is the question:

Why would Jews maim, mutilate and terminate six million of their own kind?  Much evidence exists that nowhere near that many were killed in the camps.  Were the numbers fudged (SIX million? Why that number?)  Was it Jews who were actually killed?  Were Christians and non-Jews actually what made up the bulk of the dead?  How would we ever find out the truth?

Some of the photos used in holocaust propaganda were found to be photographs taken of Bavarian victims and Russian citizens during their perspective “Revolutions” and falsely identified as German Holocaust Jews.  This evidence exists in period newspaper photos published and reused in other countries.  The internet made it possible for these to be found and publicized..

If they can fake and photoshop pictures today, could they also typeset and modify pictures by hand back then?

Hitler’s “crime” as Churchill was quoted, was his resistance to a centrally controlled international merchant and banking system.  Hitler was against the “Treaty of Versailles”.  He was Austrian, not German.

Hitler and the “Treaty”:

"Adolf Hitler; 20 April 1889 – 30 April 1945) was a German politician who was the leader of the Nazi Party (NSDAP), Chancellor of Germany from 1933 to 1945, and Führer ("leader") of Nazi Germany from 1934 to 1945. As dictator of Nazi Germany, he initiated World War II in Europe with the invasion of Poland in September 1939 and was a central figure of the Holocaust.

Born an Austrian citizen and raised near Linz, Hitler moved to Germany in 1913 and was decorated during his service in the German Army in World War I. He joined the precursor of the NSDAP, the German Workers' Party, in 1919 and became leader of the NSDAP in 1921. In 1923, he attempted a coup in Munich to seize power. The failed coup resulted in Hitler's imprisonment, during which time he dictated the first volume of his autobiography and political manifesto Mein Kampf ("My Struggle")" - Source, Wikipedia and listed sources.


"Hitler gained popular support by attacking the Treaty of Versailles and promoting Pan-Germanism, anti-Semitism, and anti-communism with charismatic oratory and Nazi propaganda. Hitler frequently denounced international capitalism and communism as being part of a Jewish conspiracy." - Source, Wikipedia and cite sources.

A picture begins to form at the mention of Hitler being arrested after attempting to overthrow the present German government.  He was a member of a “precursor” to what became the German Workers Party.  While imprisoned, he writes “Mein Kampf” (My Struggle).  Hitler “knew too much”.  What is the “Treaty of Versailles”?

"The Treaty of Versailles (French: Traité de Versailles) was one of the peace treaties at the end of World War I. It ended the state of war between Germany and the Allied Powers. It was signed on 28 June 1919, exactly five years after the assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand.

The treaty was registered by the Secretariat of the League of Nations on 21 October 1919." - Source, Wikipedia

The treaty was signed on June 28, 1919,  less than a year after the last German Emperor followed in the footsteps of the last Russian Tsar; abdicating his leadership to a bunch of invading Jews orchestrating the “Allied Powers”.  Yet it is Germany who is burdened with war reparations . . . for defending itself by the “precursor” to the United Nations: 

"Of the many provisions in the treaty, one of the most important and controversial required "Germany [to] accept the responsibility of Germany and her allies for causing all the loss and damage" during the war (the other members of the Central Powers signed treaties containing similar articles). This article, Article 231, later became known as the War Guilt clause. The treaty forced Germany to disarm, make substantial territorial concessions, and pay reparations to certain countries that had formed the Entente powers." - Source, Wikipedia

What started World War I:

The U.S. declaration of war on Germany in April 1917 was on the grounds that Germany had violated its neutrality by attacking international shipping and the Zimmermann Telegram sent to Mexico.[4] It declared war on Austria-Hungary in December 1917.[5][6] The U.S. entered the war as an "associated power", rather than as a formal ally of France and the United Kingdom, in order to avoid "foreign entanglements".[7] Although the Ottoman Empire and Bulgaria severed relations with the United States, neither declared war on her.[8]" -  Source, Wikipedia

We talked about the “Zimmerman Telegram” briefly.  What is the "Zimmerman Telegram"?

"The Zimmermann Telegram was an internal diplomatic communication issued from the German Foreign Office in January, 1917 that proposed a military alliance between Germany and Mexico in the event of the United States' entering World War I against Germany. The proposal was intercepted and decoded by British intelligence. Revelation of the contents enraged American public opinion and helped generate support for the United States declaration of war on Germany in April of the same year.[1]

The message came in the form of a coded telegram dispatched by the Foreign Secretary of the German Empire, Arthur Zimmermann, on 11 January 1917. The message was sent to the German ambassador to Mexico, Heinrich von Eckardt." - Source, Wikipedia

On Heinrich von Eckardt’s wiki article we find that the “telegram” was first sent to German Ambassador to the United States to “avoid detection”.  Guess who that was?  Johan Heinrich von Bernstorf: Professional Saboteur German Democratic Party member.  By 1926, Zimmerman was chairman of the Zionist German Pro-Palestine Committee started by Kurt Blumenfeld.  He supported a “Jewish State”  in Palestine.  The cited source records that Bernstorf was named by Hitler as one of the main people who “bear the guilt and responsibility for the collapse of Germany”.

So then it wasn’t “Britain” who “intercepted” this “Telegram” to Zimmerman.  It was given to the Zionist German Ambassador to the U.S. “Bernstorf” by Zimmerman the Jew himself.  Eckardt received it after the fact.   How do we know this to be true?

"Arthur Zimmermann (October 5, 1864 – June 6, 1940) was State Secretary for Foreign Affairs of the German Empire from November 22, 1916, until his resignation on August 6, 1917. His name is associated with the Zimmermann Telegram during World War I. However, he was also closely involved in plans to support an Irish rebellion, an Indian rebellion, and to help the Communists undermine Tsarist Russia." - Source, Wikipedia

Bam Again!  We can also credit him with “undermining” the “German Empire”, via the U.S.

If you think the United States is going to dig out from under all this when the same deviants control our economy, our information, our government and our education, consider that we helped every one of those “revolutions” that set these godless creatures into power.

Also considering this “conspiracy” began in Biblical times; you have only to read the scriptures to see how it is going to end.  Daniel 11.  You can begin there.
Regardless of what peace they try to sell you, just remember:

Don’t take their peace scriptures - 

"Thou shalt not seek their peace nor their prosperity all thy days for ever."

"Now therefore give not your daughters unto their sons, neither take their daughters unto your sons, nor seek their peace or their wealth for ever: that ye may be strong, and eat the good of the land, and leave it for an inheritance to your children for ever."

“They Don’t Care About Us”
What Was He Telling Us?

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