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Michael Jackson Justice: Cover of the Book

God: Reconnect to Him

The Conspiracy against God is about "The Word", and the profaning of His Holy Name within us. Adam fell in the garden, breaking the direct connection to God. Jesus, the "last Adam" was a quickening Spirit, the Word made Flesh, and the only one with whom we can re-establish our relationship with God. Michael's story is still unfolding. He is the one who is, is not. But Jesus is the only name given under heaven by which we must be saved. Many are trying to rewrite HIStory. We were given a help to instruct us. Learn more "here".

Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Cover of the Book

Stretching the Tenets

And Satan answered the Lord and said, skin for skin, yea, all that a man hath will he give for his life”.

For whosoever will save his life shall lose it: and whosoever will lose his life for my sake shall find it.”

This is continued from “Living off The Waw”.  I had intended to incorporate the below into the previous document, but I got called away from my desk by some very loud air traffic swooping down over my house.  My mother was outside with the horses at the time and they were spooked, so I went out to help her.

I really don’t know and can’t say for sure if the F-16 traffic over this house is targeted.  There is a base about two hours south of here; and last year there was a mid-air collision with a private plane down in Monckton Corners.  The F-16 Pilot had ejected safely, but the two private plane occupant and operator were killed.   They were Joseph Johnson, 2006 Atlanta Braves draftee and his passenger father, Michael Johnson.  Either we have some reckless military pilots or they want to be noticed.

When I returned from assisting with the horses, I saw how long this topic was becoming and I did not want to truncate it, but I had to, to make it easier to read.

The previous topic concerned the Name of God, the Tetragrammaton and the bases in our DNA. 

The Human Genome Project and it’s purposes have been covered before.  They already have a purpose for all this and it’s going to shortly merge with another hugely expensive program if it hasn’t already.

John Todd had spoken of an end time scenario where the “testing” of things by the “powers” would soon be rolled out.

From the tapes of John Todd/Lance Collins, whom was taken away and was defended by four men of God; one which baptized me in my youth, Pastor Tom Berry: John Todd -

"They are in the process of a Trial-&-Error right now, & they test things. They tested what it would be like to be without fuel to heat homes. They are going to see if they can’t starve you, absolutely shut all electricity off.

The timetable in the book “Atlas Shrugged” ended with this: “When the Lights of New York City go out for the last time, we will have the World.”

Towards the end they are going to cut the cities off completely, nothing will move for months.

They are in the process of destroying all stored food & farmland, so that we will be without any food in the cities or in the country or anywhere except what is in the Federal storehouses. Nothing is going to move at all. If you live in a big city, how are you going to get your food if they don’t bring it to you? Everything will be paralysed, nothing will move. At the same time there will be riot & revolution in the whole World." - Source, John_Todd_Tapes/PDF

Talks of Russia and an “EMP” weapon have marched across the information highway.  There are a few who quietly (and some not so quietly) theorizing on the elections (there may not be one) due to some catastrophe; perhaps war with Russia.

As I was writing this, a dream came two nights ago.  It was as if I were watching a news broadcast.  The journalist/anchor stated “and the people of Czechoslovakia don’t even know they are being bombed because they are Communist”.

In this dream, I thought “but they’re not Communist” and I had the sense that we were at war with Russia as I awakened.


This topic was supposed to be posted on April 30th.  Ironically that is the day that I fled this house a year ago.  It was also on this day I saw this posted:

Google Doodle
April 30, 2016

They were honoring his birthday and I had no idea who he was, so I looked him up. 

Claude Elwood Shannon (April 30, 1916 – February 24, 2001) was an American mathematician, electrical engineer, and cryptographer known as "the father of information theory".[1][2] - he wrote his thesis demonstrating that electrical applications of Boolean algebra could construct any logical, numerical relationship.[3] Shannon contributed to the field of cryptanalysis for national defense during World War II, including his basic work on codebreaking and secure telecommunications” – Source, Wikipedia/cite notes

Shannon earned his doctorate at age 21 from MIT.  He was referred to a couple of institutions, one of them being the Carnegie Institution.  It was here that he worked under Vannevar Bush, a eugenics proponent.

Through the Carnegie Institution, Vannevar Bush suggested that Shannon, emboldened by his master's thesis success, should work on his dissertation at the Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory, in order to develop similar mathematical relationships for quantifying Mendelian genetics. This research resulted in Shannon's Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) thesis at MIT in 1940, called An Algebra for Theoretical Genetics.[12]” - Source, Wikipedia/cite notes

What was it they were looking for?  When they gather to form equations for solving mathematical theories, they usually already have a plan for it’s use.  Mendelian Genetics is the child of George Mendel:

"Gregor Johann Mendel 20 July 1822[2] – 6 January 1884) was a German-speaking Moravian-Silesian[3] scientist and Augustinian friar and abbot of St. Thomas' Abbey in Brno who gained posthumous fame as the founder of the modern science of genetics. Though farmers had known for centuries that crossbreeding of animals and plants could favor certain desirable traits, Mendel's pea plant experiments conducted between 1856 and 1863 established many of the rules of heredity, now referred to as the laws of Mendelian inheritance." - Source, Wikipedia/cite notes

Shannon also worked with (or under) Alan Turing whom we've briefly covered before on the subject of A.I. (Artificial Intelligence), and Vannevar Bush.  He was also into codebreaking.

"Alan Mathison Turing OBE FRS - was a pioneering English computer scientist, mathematician, logician, cryptanalyst and theoretical biologist. He was highly influential in the development of theoretical computer science with the Turing machine (general purpose computer).[2][3][4] Turing is widely considered to be the father of theoretical computer science and artificial intelligence.[5]

During the Second World War, Turing worked for the Government Code and Cypher School (GC&CS) at Bletchley Park, Britain's codebreaking centre." - Source, Wikipedia

Claude Shannon’s other mentor, Vannevar Bush was a bit more interesting.  Aside from the controversy over whether or not he is “one of those” Bush’s, Vannevar was involved in the Manhattan Project (the one which research took place under Oppenheimer in Los Alamos, New Mexico).

Vannevar Bush - March 11, 1890 June 28, 1974) during World War II headed the U.S. Office of Scientific Research and Development (OSRD), through which almost all wartime military R&D was carried out, including initiation and early administration of the Manhattan Project. He is also known in engineering for his work on analog computers, for founding Raytheon, and for the memex, a hypothetical adjustable microfilm viewer with a structure analogous to that of hypertext.

 Bush called for an expansion of government support for science, and he pressed for the creation of the National Science Foundation.  An offshoot of the work at MIT was the beginning of digital circuit design theory by one of Bush's graduate students, Claude Shannon." – Source, Wikipedia/cited sources

Military R&D also encompassed the labs at Fort Detrick, Maryland where Biological weapons were developed; another interesting slant to Bush’s connection to "Eugenics".  Bush locked horns apparently with Cameron Forbes (Board Chairman) and John Merriam (Bush’s Predecessor at Carnegie).  Harry Laughlin, head of the Eugenics office at the time was forced out:

In June 1938, Bush asked Laughlin to retire, offering him an annuity, which Laughlin reluctantly accepted. The Eugenics Record Office was renamed the Genetics Record Office, its funding was drastically cut, and it was closed completely in 1944.

Bush wanted the institute to concentrate on hard science. He gutted Carnegie's archeology program, setting the field back many years in the United States. He saw little value in the humanities and social sciences, and slashed funding for Isis, a journal dedicated to the history of science and technology and its cultural influence." - Source, Wikipedia/cite notes

The “Genetics Record Office” was not closed down.  It just moved.  See “Evidence of Forgery”.

What else caught my eye was the name of the publication which suffered loss of funds – the “ISIS” journal.  Everyone should be familiar with this word/acronym by now.

"Isis, a quarterly peer-reviewed academic journal published by University of Chicago Press, focuses on the history of science, history of medicine, and the history of technology, as well as on their cultural influences. It features both original research articles and extensive book reviews and review essays. . .

In honor of Sarton's achievements, the History of Science Society created the award known as the George Sarton Medal. It is the most prestigious award of the History of Science Society. It has been awarded annually since 1955 to an outstanding historian of science selected from the international scholarly community. The medal honors a scholar for lifetime scholarly achievement. Sarton was the founder of this society and of its journals: Isis and Osiris, which publish articles on science and culture.

The other reason Vannevar Bush might ring a familiar bell is because he is the same Vannevar Bush who was a member of the “MJ-12” (Majestic 12) in the Jason Society started allegedly by Dwight D. Eisenhower.  He was replaced when he passed away in 1974 (citation wiki mj 12).  Vannevar Bush would have known James Forrestal; the man killed after realizing who his government was mixed up with.

The Potter’s Clay

There is truth and there is also deception in the use of this information.  Interestingly it still verifies the definition of “the flesh” in the Bible, and its references to sin.

One of the messages which appeared to me was “cytosine is Satan”.  I searched upon that and found two interesting sources.


Four is the number of nucleobase types in DNA and RNA – adenine, guanine, cytosine, thymine (uracil in RNA).” – Source, Thomas_E_Howard/LinkedIn

He writes that the religions are using this against us, which is not entirely wrong; yet he neglects the truth of life and where it came from.  The wicked did learn this “knowledge” and the wicked did conspire to use it to their advantage.

The wicked DID use this to oppress the living and to try to become gods, build their own “star” (Moloch), build their “tower to heaven” and “make a name for themselves”.  Yet, he neglects the “Name” and the “Word” and where it came from to begin with.

Another exposure from those that fight against God and his Christ is this:

The Creation of Humanity


Yes, the DNA molecule! Anyone who is familiar with the composition and structure of DNA knows the molecule is spiral shaped and coiled like a SERPENT. The DNA also has rungs like a ladder. The rungs of the ladder are made up of FOUR compounds, called bases. The bases are adenine, cytosine, guanine and thymine. (Abbreviated A, C, T and G). These FOUR nucleotides can combine in pairs, in sequences of limitless variety and are bound into place.

DNA IS THE BASIS OF LIFE! Without DNA, life would not exist. The Serpent is the symbol of healing; body and soul. The Serpent is the symbol of medicine, the Caduceus; 2 serpents entwined around a staff. This can be seen in nearly every doctor's office. The Serpent is also a symbol of wisdom and knowledge.” – Source, Ret. From Joy of Satan Ministries; © Copyright 2003, 2015, Joy of Satan Ministries; Library of Congress Number: 12-16457

Doesn't it puzzle you to find that Christianity is the only “religion” deemed wrong while all other religions not Christ-teaching are elevated by “anti-Christs” as having “some truth” to them.  Especially those gravitating toward self-worship, “enlightenment” and what could be described as self-deification.

Of this source, Satan is given “credit” for being the creator.  As none of the other “religions” are attacked, this source contains special vitriol and contempt to Christ and Christianity.

The Kundalini, the fiery Serpent lying dormant at the base of the spine, when it is activated through meditation and rises up, one achieves Godhood. The Serpent has always been Satan's symbol. Christianity and its related ilk have always vehemently attacked the serpent because the serpent is symbolic of life, healing and the advancement of humanity through knowledge and wisdom. Christianity is and always has been focused on one living for one's death, focusing a ragged, torn, defeated and beaten bloodied and DEAD being, nailed onto a cross, along with the Judeo/Christian Bible being chock full of mass murder, living blood sacrifices, rape, war and the preying upon innocents.” – Source, Ret. From Joy of Satan Ministries; © Copyright 2003, 2015, Joy of Satan Ministries; Library of Congress Number: 12-16457

The highlighting is mine.  If Satan cared anything for you, he would have left you alone in the garden.  More vitriol:

The teachings of the false alien "God," warp, pervert and malign everything that is good for us. The Christians have attempted to turn the Serpent into a symbol of horror. If it wasn't for Christianity, medical science would already have cures for just about every disease or medical condition there is, including aging.

Satan knows and understands humanity. Satan accepts us as we are, for our individuality. In Satan, we find we become ourselves and become centered. Through this, we can grow, advance and evolve.

So-called "Yaweh/Jehova," is hateful, wrathful and the great deceiver. Those who are deceived are actually led to believe this nefarious being had a hand in our creation. They are truly without, for they do not know the TRUE Father and Creator.” - Source, Ret. From Joy of Satan Ministries; © Copyright 2003, 2015, Joy of Satan Ministries; Library of Congress Number: 12-16457

If we test this against scripture, two very important key elements are highlighted here:  Satan did not create “a living soul”, God did (Genesis 2:7), Satan cannot create life.  Satan created death.  This source gives him credit for determining when we die, hence Satan is the “murderer from the beginning”(John 8:44).

The other point is highlighted with the consequences of the first lie in the garden of Eden; God asked them, “who told you thou wast naked?”  And God made them “a coat of skins” (Genesis 3:11-21); and God’s spirit would not always dwell with man for he is also flesh (Genesis 6:3).   Flesh is associated with “Satan” and “The World” for a reason in no way superficial or casual.

Satan is under the power of the Word.  He is the teacher of manipulation, oppression, theft and murder.  Even the most elementary claim they make can be debunked; for their “number” in the Library of Congress does not exist – Search - .  it is not there.  But their doctrine is not all that different from the others created to look like the truth.

The work the government has done on genetics and the concealing of the true purposes of the programs involved in their organizations is phenomenal.

Long before Nazi Germany, this knowledge was known.  How this all ties together encompasses the framework of the deception all the way to the shards of all the different religions founded precisely to keep you from the truth.

All of the religions out there . . . ALL of them have been structured to "come together" and disprove the truth, using the truth.  This includes their attempts to "Trump" God on His own prophecy and convince you it is of Him.

"Science falsely so called" will be strong in convincing "evidence" that we are our own "gods" . . . and that some "have it" and "some don't".

Iran, Syria and the Kharijite/Harijite/Karaites

While back during the article of “Syria’s Secret”, we learned that the powers that be have tried to turn the Karaite’s of Syria’s Jewish Aleppo Community into the “Kharijites” of “ISIS” terrorism.  This is the same topic in which we discovered the source of World War II between the Allied Forces and the “Axis” which fought against a global banking cabal and infiltrating Bolsheviks – Just a changing of a couple of letters in “The Name” that represent the same sounds, right?

This article topic connected through the Wiki articles the attempt to connect “Khawarji/Kharijite” to the same Kariate of Aleppo, Syria which Israel has been after for decades to obtain the missing books of the Aleppo Codex.  See: “New York Daily News Article”.

Now that this has been exposed, there is a new attempt to write over history.  It was during my time on this website on my PRIVATE computer that my mother was outside with the horses, seeing the F-16’s dive-bomb the house (“swooping down” she said).  I had heard them but I did not get up to look until she came in the house to tell me.  I continued to work.

On the boxed article above citing “The Black Book”, they named it the “Al-Jilwah”.  The source below associates this with a “Kurd” group (as opposed to the Sunni-based ISIS).  When I looked up “Al-Jilwah”, it brought me to “Yadzi Book of Revelation”.  Is there a relation between the name “Yadzi” and the Yiddish”?  Is this what they are trying to write the “Y” into?

The beliefs of the “Black Book of Satan” is actually modified from the “Yadzi Black Book”, different than the “Yadzi Book of Revelation” but are both “holy books” of the Yadzi Religion.

The “Yadzi Book of Revelation” is said to be five chapters of decreasing length written as the words of God In the first person.

The “Yadzi Black Book” is written in the third person and contains two versions of the creation story; the first being that a “pearl” was created and then the head of the archangels which is a “peacock” angel called Melek Taus.

Remember the “Peacock Feathers” from “Can You Feel It”?


The “pride of the peacock” and the colors in its tail also reflect the description of the spirit of Lucifer in Ezekiel 28:13 and Isaiah 14:13-15; with the “precious stones” of every color, the music in the very substance of him; and his prideful “five-point plan” to take over the throne of God.  Understand this film put out by the Jacksons and conceived by Michael himself and what he was trying to tell us.  This musical short film did not make it on MTV, but “Billie Jean” did.  Understand what that one was telling you as well.

The beliefs of the Yadzi (Kurdish) is condensed here.

Interestingly “Melek” and “Moloch/Molech” are phonetically the same.  Tau+s is the Babylon Aramaic last letter with an “s” added to it.  Seek “Tau Mark” on “To Restore A Pure Language” (images).

Remember this is not the true “Omega” Christ refers to in Revelation: That is the “beginning and the end” and the “first and the last” of the word for what God IS; and that is “Abba” – mentioned three times in Scripture as “Spirit of His Son” and “Spirit of adoption” and first mentioned by Jesus in his Gethsemane prayer. 

The reference to the peacock is said to be pulled from ancient Christian symbols for “resurrection” but no mention of that at all appears in the Bible.  Three times the peacock is mentioned and one of those references in 2 Chronicles 9:21 is a repeat of that in 1 Kings 10:22, which says:

For the king’s ships went to Tarshish with the servants of Huram:  Every three years once came the ships of Tarshish bringing gold, and silver, and ivory, and apes, and peacocks”.

Twice this is mentioned of the three times “peacock” appears in the Bible.  And “every three years” in mentioned in two of those passages.  Why peacocks and apes?  Why is the word “pea” attached to the word “cock”?  A cock is a rooster in the Bible (before the cock crows three times, you will deny me, said Jesus to Peter in all four gospels.   The third passage mentioning the peacock is Job 39:13.  Lots of threes there to chew on.

Their god “Shaytan” is the same as “Shaytan” in the Qu’ran and “Satan” in the Bible and “Shayitam” in the Talmud; but their word for Satan (adversary) is “Shaitan”.

Other similarities garnered from the Bible is the process of “changing garments” as a metaphor of reincarnation.  This is also described in the Bible as the taking off of one garment and putting on of another to attend to the things of the people (the world).  John the Baptist being the return of Elijah is an example.  The description of the Spirit “returning” time and again in the book of Ecclesiates is another example.  This is described in Ezekiel 42:12-14.

In Christian culture the peacock was adopted as a symbolism for immortality from Babylonian culture.  In Babylon and Persia it symbolized a guardian of royalty.  The most interesting story however is that of the Yadzi.  It so closely resembles the prophecies of Daniel and 2 Thessalonians 2 with regard to the devil and Michael, the “strong delusion” is evidenced in the “war in heaven”, which takes place not only in the Michael of the flesh, but in each and every one of us: Jew, Greek, Gentile.  But instead of Jesus as the Word consuming the wicked one with the Spirit of his mouth and the brightness of his coming, they have “Shaytan” repenting.

Now you know why Michael put the peacock feathers in the “Can You Feel It” film. 

Alice Bailey Christ and Satan same individual entity Michael/Jesus/wicked one story in 2 Thessalonians 2

In all her ungodly writings, Alice Ann Bailey (1880-1949) continually speaks of Jesus and Lucifer both as “Christ.” She does this deliberately to confuse, deceive and mislead the naive reader into believing that the coming Antichrist will be Christ himself." - Source,

The very fact that the human genome has become a whole global project should prove to you that the manipulation of your genetic makeup is of extreme importance to them.

The fact that Helen Blavatsky traveled the world coordinating creation of pagan origins of Biblical prophecy should prove to you that this is much more than flesh-deep.

What Really Is The Tetragrammaton?

The word “Tetragrammaton” is actually Greek meaning “(the word) of four letters” – from Tetra – meaning four (see four) + gramma (genitive grammatos) – “letter, something written” (see gram).

Four” gives us “four-letter word” as a euphemism for a short word generally regarded as offensive; however “Abba” is also a four letter word as is “Love”.  Yet could this be from where the “four-letter word” term came from.

Gram – “that which is written or marked”, from Greek “gramma” – “that which is drawn; a picture, a drawing, that which is written.

The “ton” suffix at the end of that word suggests a unit of weight (ton/tun); or could also come from “tone” – a musical sound or note literally meaning “stretching” (see Tenet: principle, dogma or law, tenet – “he holds”, tenere – to hold, grasp, keep, acquire, obtain, hold back, restrain, take in, to understand).

So is YHVH offensive or is it “The Word of four letters”? 

For the name of God is blasphemed among the Gentiles, through you, as it is written”.

From “Livingoff The Waw

“Tetragrammaton” in YHWH).  Yet in Syriac, the Aleph/Alap is the “Y” lying on its left side, as Ezekiel was told to do in Ezekiel 4:4, to lay the iniquities of Israel upon it according to the number of days given; the Lord had given three hundred and ninety of those days for the number of years.  For the house of Judah in Ezekiel 4:6, he was to lie on his right side (the Ayin in Syriac) for forty days and forty nights.  This is also referenced by Michael Jackson in his Psalm “Billie Jean” for “the Law”, as well as who will “stand” in Daniel 12:1 and Ecclesiastes 4:15: A clue of the things they would do.

With this; and the law of reversal of creation testifies to Abba, being “The Word”.  This is also verified in the Bible as Jesus in Revelation 22:13 declaring “I am the Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the end, the first and the last”.

In these declarations by Christ in the book of Revelation, the “Alpha and Omega” statements appear four times.  The first declaration in Revelation 1:8 appears as “I am Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the ending, saith the Lord, which is, and which was, and which is to come, the Almighty”.

See: “which is, and which was, and which is to come . . .” in Revelation 17:11 of the beast “which was, and is not, even he is the eighth, and is of the seven, and goeth into perdition”.  He shall ascend from the bottomless pit.  Two distinct entities.

We learned that “perdition” and “calamity” had a relation in the scriptures, as did “perdition” and “time”.

The last few paragraphs on “Livingoff The Waw” for review:

Who is the son of perdition and what does this mean?
fact of being lost or destroyed; loss, calamity; from Latin perditionem; do away with, destroy, squander.  From “per” – through + “dare” – “to put” (see date (n.1)).

Obadiah said “thou shouldest not have laid hands on their substance in the day of their calamity” . . . the Latin “perditionem” from Per+dare meaning “through”; “to put” tells us to see “date n.1” (noun 1).  This is what that showed to me:
Date (n.1) –
Time; from Old French “date, day, time”; from Latin data, fem singular “datus” – given”; from Greek “didomi, didonai” – to give, offer”.

The veil of time.  This is why they want the kingdom so badly.  This is what man has been cursed to.  Not only are we subject to time, we are cursed by it and the way it affects our bodies.

This is also why Genesis’ “in the beginning” and the book of John’s “In the Beginning” are different:  Genesis being the beginning of “Time” that man was given; and the Word, which was beforetime.

How many times does the phrase “before time” appear in the scriptures?

It appears ten (10) times.  The “Yod” is also representative of the number 10, isn’t it?  This is the very first “letter” (as it is written) in the Tetragrammaton which the Jewish Religion teaches is the first name of God.

And it was the Lord who told us that they profaned the name of God, which the Gentiles blasphemed through them “as it is written”.

The lie was bound to catch up with them sooner or later.  Remember, Jesus called out to “Eli” when he was on the cross.  THEY said “He calls out to Elias” in Matthew 27:46.  They knew who Jesus was calling.  The first letter in “Eli” is an Aleph – not a “Yod”.

YHVH – The Ephah

May 2, 2016

This appeared as a promoted item on Twitter on May 2, 2016.  It has been appearing off and on since the beginning of the year.  The “four-letter-word”, Tetragrammaton they say represents the sounds in the proper name of God, then how can it be the “Yod” if the Jews teach their own that the first letter in the name of God is “Aleph”? (See “”)

In order to bring a “golem” to life, according to the “Jewish Virtual Library” and Talmudic writings, the name of God is placed in the forehead or the mouth of a form of clay.  “Emet” (meaning truth) is the example they give as a “name” of God  (Shem/Shamiel/Samuel). 

To deactivate (take the life) a “golem” they remove the “Aleph” from “Emet” making it “met” meaning “death”.  They don’t remove a “Yod” because the “Yod” is not there.  Removing “Yod” does not deactivate a Golem.  It has no bearing on its "life".  The "Yod" symbolizes something else.

Both Helen Blavatsky and her student, Alice Bailey have special reverence for the works of Freemasonry.  One of the websites I happened upon posted symbolism and the interpretations of the Freemasonry elements on their seals, banners and uniforms (and of course the ring).

The Chisel represents education; the gavel or hammer, conscience;the twenty-four-inch ruler, the day. The square (morality), level (equality), and plumb (rectitude) are used together to "build spiritual walls." The pencil and compass are a reminder of the Great ARchitect who designed the universe according to a harmonic plan. (Adam was Gods master Builder, and as His first Mason, he passed his kwoledge on to other Ancient Masons of biblical times, such as Cush-Nimrod, who built the Tower of Babel.) The letter G inside a triangle is a version of the ancient tetragrammation of the Hebrew letter Yod in a triangle..(Yod meaning Hand.)" - 

 Aleph represents “breath” or “life”.   Old Testament scriptures which THEY say they follow (Torah/books of Moses), testifies that God BREATHED into the nostrils of “Adam, and man became a living soul” – Genesis 2:7.

Yodh/Yud” represents “hand”.  So then it is not the first letter of the name of God, as it is presented; but that of men.

Howbeit the most High dwelleth not in temples made with hands; as saith the prophet,

For we know that if our house of this earthly tabernacle were dissolved, we have a building of God, an house not made with hands, eternal in the heavens”.

The “Yod” in Astrology (From the Egyptians and Babylonian secret religions, now an intricate part of Judaism and Jewish Mysticism) is ironically associated with the “6”. The “golden Yod” is also explained on the source below:

Yod” is a rare astrological aspect that involves any three planets or points in the horoscope (Horus-scope) that form an isosceles triangle.  This phenomenon when two planets are  “sextile” (60 aspect) to each other, and both are then quincunx (150% aspect) to a third.” – Source, Wikipedia

Sixty and Sixty and 150? Or . . .

The Yod is the smallest letter in the Babylonian Aramaic Alphabet passed off as “Hebrew”.  It is this letter Jesus referred to when he said:

For verily I say unto you, Till heaven and earth pass, one jot or one tittle shall in no wise pass from the law, until all be fulfilled. – Matthew 5:18

It is the “antithesis of the Law” –

The “Adversary”, or “enemy” of “the Law”.  The Law of Man vs. the Law of God.

Her prophets are light and treacherous persons; her priests have polluted the sanctuary, they have done violence to the law”.

And in the house of Shiloh, the world watched it happen before their very eyes.

Seen May 1, 2016 -  Yes, they are getting bolder.  

Take comfort, because you were told in the scriptures before it came to be.

And now I have told you before it come to pass, that, when it is come to pass, ye might believe.

Please Continue to "TIME"


  1. "Six years ago, the most famous case of Spiritual Sabotage was thwarted by one man's faith and prayer. Legally vindicated, public persecution continues by people not fit to judge a dog race let alone another human being of faith.

    All I had to do was ask God

    How to get to know someone's heart -

    When it first happened, I was shocked that I even thought it let alone uttered it in prayer.

    I didn't know why I wanted it, but soul-deep, I did want it.

    I wanted to take it off his shoulders and I wanted it more than anything else I ever wanted in my life. At that moment I realized what it meant to let the Holy Spirit intercede for you in prayer.

    I wanted it enough to cry for it. I wanted it enough to ask God for it.

    I wanted it without condition. Without thought of consequence.

    I wanted it because I thought taking it would allow him to smile again. To lift his head. To stand up without burden to take the hand of those who loved him.

    I wanted it because in his suffering I saw honor, humility, humanity.

    I wanted it because beneath it all was a closeness to God I sought all my life. A relationship that caressed by faith, grew from the seed of giving, not taking.

    In that love, truth lay waiting for the embrace, like a neglected child who knew help was coming.

    I wanted it because love was there, and I reached for it.

    Never, ever doubt that God loves." - Six Years

  2. Review -


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