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Michael Jackson Justice: A Cut From The Cloth

God: Reconnect to Him

The Conspiracy against God is about "The Word", and the profaning of His Holy Name within us. Adam fell in the garden, breaking the direct connection to God. Jesus, the "last Adam" was a quickening Spirit, the Word made Flesh, and the only one with whom we can re-establish our relationship with God. Michael's story is still unfolding. He is the one who is, is not. But Jesus is the only name given under heaven by which we must be saved. Many are trying to rewrite HIStory. We were given a help to instruct us. Learn more "here".

Friday, July 1, 2016

A Cut From The Cloth

Ambivalent Reflections

And he shall put off his garments, and put on other garments, and carry forth the ashes without the camp unto a clean place.

And he shall look on the plague on the seventh day:  If the plague be spread in the garment, either in the warp, or in the woof, or in a skin, or in any work that is made of skin; the plague is a fretting leprosy; it is unclean”.

When the priests enter therein, then shall they not go out of the holy place into the utter court, but there they shall lay their garments wherein they minister; for they are holy; and shall put on other garments, and shall approach those things where are for the people.

It will take several days to finish this topic.  It seems that is becoming the norm with the flurry of activity that seeks to draw me from focus.  We have another family member moving in with us a couple of months shy of three years from the time my mother moved in with us.   Piggy-backed on my husband’s hospital stays has further tightened the straits.  It is only a matter of decision, but it is not a comfortable one.  Are any of them?

The seven year milestone has passed:  June 25, 2016 is the 7th year of the passing of Michael Jackson.  Uncustomarily absent from this blog was any sort of a tribute or reflection for this day.  It’s been so long and so much has happened, this year deserved observation more in silence and respect, but also in truth.   It also gave time to watch the manifestations of others working scripts assigned them.

We’ve been through the emotion, but the truth remains the same.  I know who he is, and I know what they’ve done.  I know what scripture says about both and I know what the Holy Ghost has shown me concerning this man from the beginning.  In him and in all of God's will the filthiness be consumed from us.

Science, politics, the media and world news can play their games.  There is a fallout cloud of chaotic dust choking the world and its people.  Some will lie on their bellies and wait for the dust to settle, for they saw it coming.  Some will spin around looking for a way out and choke on that dust.  Beyond the cloud is another element stirring the dirt, hiding the truth; but those that know the truth are lying on their bellies and praying for those that are spinning in the debris.

With the many that “wonder after the beast”, another opportunity for “BAM” Day has passed, but yet another looms:  the anticipated 7/7/7 day (or July, 7, seventh year of his passing).  Perhaps the three seven’s are being misinterpreted?  Six miles?  Six months?  What was the angel trying to tell me in that dream?

Michael Jackson passed away on June 25, 2009.  Prince (The Artist) passed away on Passover in the seventh year of Michael’s passing.  On the morning of June the 24th , I had the dream about the threatening cloud “You’re Next”.

Despite the fact that outside of media speculation, innuendos from fan forums and Twitter campaigns; nothing concrete has happened in his appearing.  Be thankful for the time the Lord has given us to prepare.

The Things That Are Coming

And there shall be signs in the sun, and in the moon, and in the stars; and upon the earth distress of nations, with perplexity; the sea and the waves roaring; Men’s hearts failing them for fear, and for looking after those things which are coming on the earth: for the powers of the heaven shall be shaken.  And then shall they see the Son of man coming in a cloud with power and great glory.

We’ve delved into conspiracies; we’ve been blessed by the hand God has given to us in leading us through the scriptures to find everything He has foretold.  The Lord has guided us through the announcements of Science to prove once and for all that without the Bible, science would have no blueprint for the things they seek.  And as has been prophesied by the Lord himself, the things that men could imagine to do to the law, they have done in the midst of us.  None of the living have escaped their transgressions.

God has brought me through the language of the Syrian, the language of the Jew and the manipulation between and around.  He has shown me and led me where to look in finding the relationship between the language of man “as it is written” and the language of God as He promises to turn to the people a pure language; in the midst of us.

God led us to the one word that fulfills all the law; That the Word was in the beginning and was God; that Jesus was the Word made flesh, and that the four-letter, palindromic Word is that which they intend to cut so they can insert “a name for themselves”.

Y2K (Aleph-Kaph-Ayin or “--“) 1999 – 2000, was not an anticipated failure of computers, but an engineering of a failure of the “Y”: and the “failure” of the “Y” was not a failure but a “profaning” of it, for it represents a “Name”.

They have moved the “Y” from the Aleph to the Vav to the Ayin.  The “Y” has been on its side, left and right for the Aleph/Ayin and for other letters outside of the Syriac.  But the “Yod”, the “hand” has replaced the “Y” in our Chromosome and scripture tells us that the Lord “dwells not in temples made with hands”.

A man said “The ‘Y’ at the center of everything we do is really all about this”.  The man who said it was Kenneth Ortega.  Mr. Ortega, amongst other projects for the same artist, was the director for Michael Jackson’s “This Is It”.

Because this work began with a prayer of “oblation” for the pain of Michael surnamed Jackson; in which the “Spirit of the law” was shown to me before I knew the “Letter of the Law”; he was brought forth to me before I travailed for him.

It is time to start talking about Michael again, because very shortly everyone will be.

The Star and the Key

In the temple that was shown to Ezekiel, there were three interesting rooms:  The profane place; the separate place and the sanctuary.

There are three in heaven that bear witness and are one:  The Father, The Word and the Holy Ghost.

There are three that bear witness in the earth and agree as one:  The Spirit, the blood and the water.

In the scriptures, stars are angels and angels are sons of God. 

In the scriptures, the keys refers to several things:  In Isaiah 22:22 is mentioned the key of the house of David whom will be lain upon Eliakim’s shoulder;  In Matthew 16:19 Jesus declares he will give Peter the keys to the kingdom of heaven.  In Luke 11:52 Jesus charges the lawyers with taking away the key of knowledge and Revelation 1:18 and 3:7, the glorified Christ Jesus has the keys to hell and death; and has the key of David; and in Revelation 9:1 a star falls from heaven and is given the “key” to the bottomless pit.

In Revelation 9:1, both the words “star” and “key” appear in the same sentence in the same verse.   What made me look for both these words in the scripture together was something that appeared on the stats for this blog.

In the morning of the 28th of June, I saw eighty one visitors to the site from the Island nation of Mauritius.  That is unusual since I rarely have one visitor a week from that location.  These hits came within a few hours.

I wondered what was significant about Mauritius and I searched information on it.  As a territory it had passed through several hands, including the British, French and Portuguese governments, but before that, it had been under the control of Arabs.

"The island of Mauritius was visited during the Middle Ages by the Arabs and then by the Portuguese, who named it Dina Arobi and Cirne, respectively. The island was uninhabited until the Dutch Republic established a colony in 1638, with the Dutch naming the island after Prince Maurice van Nassau. The Dutch colony was abandoned in 1710, and, five years later, the island became a French colony and was named Isle de France. Due to its strategic position, Mauritius was known as the "star and key" of the Indian Ocean.[18]" - Wikipedia

So the Island of Mauritius was “known as the star and key” due to it’s “strategic position” in the Indian Ocean.  In the course of history there have been much more popular and “strategic” locations of trade or advantage than Mauritius.  This is a pretty significant designation.  They even have a “knighthood” of sorts, named after this “Star and Key”, along the same lines as Britain’s “Order of the Garter”.  So I looked into some of the names mentioned in that paragraph of text:

"Dina"/Dinah - means Judgment

Maritius they say was named after Prince Maurice van Nassau.  I looked up the name “Maurice”:

masc. proper name, from French Maurice, from Late Latin Mauritius, from Latin Maurus "inhabitant of Mauretania, Moor" (see Moor).

Moor has several designations from the Moors “North African Berber”; or “inhabitant of Mauretania”, cognate with “mauros” meaning “black”.

Other meanings include “Moor” as in to tie to or to fasten a cable to a vessel; and “Moor”: waste ground, morass swamp, or sea”. 

Waste ground.  Interesting.  Not very nice considering descendents of Jacob came right out of the wombs of Ishmael’s granddaughters.

I then looked up the other name once given to Mauritius, aside from Dina Arobi:  Cirne.   It dawned on me that phonetically, “Cirne” is “CERN’ (Cernunnos).

Nothing appeared under “Cirne”. Nothing appeared under “CERN” either.  The closest I could get was “Ceramic”, “Cerberus” and “Cerebral”.  All three of these share the same root word “keres” or “kera”.

1850, keramic, from Greek keramikos, from keramos "potter's clay, pottery, tiles," perhaps from a pre-Hellenic word. Watkins suggests possible connection with Latin cremare "to burn," -

In both “ceramic” and “cerebral”, the word “keres” shows up and in the case of “cerebral”, the root “ker” from Keres which says means “top of the head”.   Then it tells us to “see horn”.  “Cirne” and “CERN” from “Cernunnos” is the “horned god”.  Also note how the word “ceramic” pertains to “potters clay”, most definitely mentioned in the Bible, as we are clay in the potters hands.

Also, Cera/kera + mic/mike/Michael – of potters clay – “as vessels of a potter shall they be broken to shivers: even as I received of my Father” says Christ in Revelation 2:27.  “He shall rule them with a rod of iron” and “I will give him the morning star” in Revelation 2:28.   Michael is the “great prince” in Daniel12:1.  He is he who withholds in 2Thessalonians 2:6-8 and in Jude 1:9.  In Revelation 12:7 he is identified in the man child.  Kera/Kere:

cerebral (adj.) -
1816, "pertaining to the brain," from French cérébral (16c.), from Latin cerebrum "the brain" (also "the understanding"), from PIE *keres-, from root *ker- (1) "top of the head" (see horn (n.)). Meaning "intellectual, clever" is from 1929. -

Below “ceramic” on that page was the word “Cerberus”, which is the “watch-dog guardian of Hades. 

"watch-dog guardian of Hades," late 14c., Latinized form of Greek Kerberos, which is of unknown origin, -

The word “Kerberos” may be of “unknown origin” but it’s prefix is cited above in those descriptions.

This is the second collaboration of the true meaning behind the “acronym”, CERN.

Next, we went to visit “Higgs”.

Higg’s Boss is not CERN

Cern’s stated purpose is to “find the Higgs Boson”.  The “Higgs Boson” has also been termed “The God Particle” by some of it’s scientists, even though they shy away from that now because people are catching on.

It’s “precursor” is the “Aleph Detector” which purpose is stated in its name.  Incorporated into the Aleph Detector, is a series of magnets which was named “the Vertex Detector”.   The significance of this as we stated before is:

What Does A Jew Want

Mauritius and Cirne/CERN:  That is quite a coincidence.  Just for thoroughness, I looked up the names in Higgs  Boson too.  Higgs didn’t really pull up anything.   It could have been connected to “Higgly” or “high.  But in the “higgly” description was two items of secondary interest:

"confusedly, hurriedly," 1590s, a "vocal gesture" [OED] probably formed from pig and the animal's suggestions of mess and disorder. Reduplications in the h-/p- pattern are common (as in hanky-panky, hocus-pocus, hinch(y)-pinch(y), an obsolete children's game, attested from c. 1600). . . Edward Moor, "Suffolk Words and Phrases" (London, 1823), quotes a list of "conceited rhyming words or reduplications" from the 1768 edition of John Ray's "Collection of English Words Not Generally Used," all said to "signify any confusion or mixture;" -

Aside from the association with a “vocal gesture” meaning “mess and disorder” was the interesting quoted list from an “Edward Moor”:  Not “Edward Moore”, not “Edward More”, but “Edward Moor”.

So “Higg” could be short for a “vocal gesture” signifying mess, disorder, confusion or mixture. 

From Higgs to “Boson” – I had no problem finding “Boson”:

boson (n.) -
class of subatomic particles, named for Indian physicist Satyendra Nath Bose (1894-1974) + subatomic particle suffix -on." -

Satyendra Nath Bose was a Bengali physicist that had no direct connection to CERN or the Large Hadron Collider.   He did collaborate however with Albert Einstein on mathematical problem solving.  On his wiki page, Paul Dirac was credited with naming the “Boson” after “Bose”; as it says, because they were particles that “obeyed the Bose-Einstein statistics”.  Did the “statistics” exist before the discovery of the particle, or did they already know what they were looking for?

Paul Dirac was a British theoretical physicist who contributed to the early development of quantum mechanics.  He was born in Bristol, England but his father was an immigrant . . . from “St. Maurice, Switzerland”.

The word/name “Bose” shows up as “to seek for hollows underground by ramming the ground and observing vibrations”. It is from the Scottish word “boss” meaning “hollow, empty”.  So I looked up “Boss”

Under Boss appeared descriptions of “master” (supervisor) and protuberance or “hump, swelling, tumor”.

Under “boss” (master) was “bossy:

bossy (adj.) -
1540s, "swelling, projecting and rounded, decorated with bosses" from boss (n.2). Meaning "domineering, fond of ordering people about" is recorded 1882, from boss (n.1) + -y (2). As a common cow name it represents Latin bos "cow" (see cow (n.))." -

Now we’re back to “cows” and horns.  Under the root “bos” appeared “bovine”, scarab and vaccination (vac – cow):

bovine (adj.) -
1817, from French bovin (14c.), from Late Latin bovinus, from Latin bos (genitive bovis) "ox, cow," from PIE *gwous- (see cow (n.)). Figurative sense of "inert and stupid" is from 1855." -

Also amidst the descriptions for “vaccination” and “scarab” was the word “aurochs”.  I had never seen that word before; and the first sentence references a “misapplication” to another word:

aurochs (n.) -
1766, misapplication to the European bison (Bos bison) of a word that actually refers to a species of wild ox (Bos ursus) that went extinct 17c., from German Aurochs, from Old High German urohso, from uro "aurochs" (cognate with Old English ur, Old Norse ürr), which is of unknown origin, + ohso "ox" (see ox). Latin urus and Greek ouros are Germanic loan-words." -

Are the German “Aurochs” and the Greek “Ouros” the same?

Is the Greek “Ouros” related to the “Ouroboros” or the “serpent of time”?

Picture of Ouroboros - Sym

My dreamabout the white Bison or buffalo in 2014.

ox (n.) -
Old English oxa "ox" (plural oxan), from Proto-Germanic *ukhson (source also of Old Norse oxi, Old Frisian oxa, Middle Dutch osse, Old Saxon, Old High German ohso, German Ochse, Gothic auhsa), from PIE *uks-en- "male animal,"  said to be from root *uks- "to sprinkle," related to *ugw- "wet, moist." The animal word, then, is literally "besprinkler." -

The word “Ox” itself runs several different spellings with the same sounds.  From PIE “uks” and to “sprinkle” and “wet, moist” would seem to have no relation to “cow” or “ox or even “male animal” until you look at the previx of the Norse and Frisian and Dutch: “Oxi”, “Oxa” and “Osse”.

Oxi and Oxy -

oxygen (n.) -
gaseous chemical element, 1790, from French oxygène, coined in 1777 by French chemist Antoine-Laurent Lavoisier (1743-1794), from Greek oxys "sharp, acid" (see acrid) + French -gène "something that produces" (from Greek -genes "formation, creation;" see -gen)." -

Ox+”Y”+gen = Oxygen.  We breathe oxygen.  There has to be oxygen in our air mixture.    Ox= sprinkle, wet or moist.  Everyone, what is the chemical compound of water?

H2O, isn’t it?  Two “hydrogen” and 1 “Oxygen”. 

Hydrogen bonds are what bind the two strands of DNA together at the bases, isn’t it?  And “Hydrogen” = “hydra” + “gene”, doesn’t it?

Hydra = “many headed water serpent”, and “water snake”.  Also “Leviathan” which describes the same beast (sea monster, dragon, large sea snake) = Levi+athan:  Levi means “joining, pledging, attached” or “he joined”.  Athan takes us to “Athanasian” which means “immortal”: A (not) + thanatos (death).

CERN – To Separate

We began with “Cirne”/CERN from Mauritius; the “star and key”.  “Cir” does not appear anywhere in the etymology dictionary.  Cer appears in various dictionaries as a prefix to words like “certain”, “curtain”, “ceramic” and “cerebral”.  “Cir” appears in “Meriam” and “” as a variant of “circular”.  “Cern” appears as the prefix of the Celtic god “Cernunnos”.

Since CERN’s own website states that they were looking for the “Higgs Boson”/God Particle by “smashing hadrons”; and were previously the “Aleph Detector” with a “Vortex detector”; denial of this significant “coincidence” cannot be ignored.

“Israel” is the only Middle Eastern nation who is a permanent “member” nation of CERN; and those that have commandeered the identity of Israel as being a “state” of genealogical and/or religious “Jews” have brought Babylon into the twenty-first century with their continued efforts to “remove the Aleph” – “remove God” from the “top of the vertex”.

CERN is trying to “remove the curtain” – the “separation” God placed between the Word and the “men of old, men of renown”.  They will appear to succeed, the pit will be opened, and you know who/what is supposed to come out.

And I beheld another beast coming up out of the earth; and he had two horns like a lamb, and he spake as a dragon.

They Want Their Cut From Him

Revealed not only to me, but also to you through the guidance of the Holy Ghost through the scriptures, that the abomination of desolation is placed first in the house of he who is taken out of the way, and then that evil is revealed.

Jesus tells us to pay attention and understand this in Matthew 24:14 and Mark 13:14-152 Thessalonians 2:6-8 describes this event.  Daniel 12:1 describes the standing up of the prince when a time of great trouble occurs, and then at that time all God’s people are delivered who are written in the book.

Daniel 12:1 identifies this “prince”, who is also prince of the covenant in Daniel 11, and the prince who stands with the Lord in Daniel 10:21Jude 1:9 describes he who withholds as the archangel Michael; and the angel who withholds the dragon and his angels from the kingdom in Revelation 12:7-8.  We also know from 1 Thessalonians 4:16 that when the Lord descends he will do so “with a shout, with the voice of the archangel, and with the trump of God”.

John is a witness of the revelation of Jesus, the Christ of the man child caught up to God and to his throne.  The scripture tells us that none ascend into heaven except he who came from heaven.

The dragon seeks the man child because of what is within him.  He cannot get it from anyone else.  This man child they have stalked and tracked through genealogy and they know who he is and what he has.  This is it . . . this “really is it”.

This is the devil’s last chance to execute his “five point plan” to ascend above the stars of God, and to exhalt his throne above the clouds of heaven.  And the only way to the Father, is through Christ.

To whom is the arm of the Lord revealed?  Only the Holy Ghost teaches and bestows these things.  The Holy Ghost comes only in the name of Christ, who is Lord.  Christ Jesus, the Word made flesh which Word was in the beginning with God and was God comes to one in the spirit of the letter, not the letter of the law.

We receive the Spirit of adoption, whereby we cry Abba, Father”, taught Paul in Romans 8:15; and Paul taught “God hath sent forth the Spirit of his Son into your hearts, crying, Abba, Father” in Galatians 4:6.

In Hebrews 9, where Paul describes the two tabernacles and their purposes; and he teaches of the Ark of the Covenant and it’s mercyseat, Paul mentions the Holy Ghost which taught him, “The Holy Ghost this signifying, that the way into the holiest of all was not yet made manifest, while as the first tabernacle was yet still standing”.

The Ark of the Covenant was made specifically to protect something.  We know the “Ark” is a protecting vessel.  Noah built one, Moses’s mother built one and Moses built one.

Noah’s ark protected Noah (who was perfect in his generations) and sons and the wives.  Moses’ mother built an ark of reeds to protect the baby Moses, who was a beautiful child.  He was raised as an Egyptian but was a Hebrew.  He killed an Egyptian guard defending his own.  God sent him away to labor for another, preparing him to lead Israel.

Moses built an Ark to protect . . . what?  The Covenant.

What is the covenant?

Now the God of peace, who brought again from the dead our Lord Jesus, that great shepherd of the sheep, through the blood of the everlasting covenant”.

Through the blood, because “the life of the flesh is in the blood” – Leviticus 17:11.

Matthew 26:28 reveals Jesus  blood as the “testament”.  Paul teaches that the “testament” is of no strength without the death of the testator in Hebrews 9:16-17; and John in Revelation 1:2 bears record of the Word of God and the testimony of Jesus Christ.  Jesus is that Word.  The “Ark” protects the “Word”.

Why does the Word need protected?  Because the kingdom of God is within us, and we are corrupted.  The law within us has been corrupted.  Jesus had to come in the flesh to provide the seed, which is the pure Word of God.

In heaven there are three that bear witness: The Father, the Word and the Holy Ghost.  In the earth are the three witnesses that agree as one: The Spirit, the blood and the water.  Are our vessels not made of the clay of the earth?

The “prince of the Covenant” in Daniel 11:22 is also called the “prince of the host” in Daniel 8:11.  The Ark of the covenant protects the covenant which is the blood, in which is the “Life”, the Word and the testimony of Jesus Christ because only Jesus was conceived of the Holy Spirit.  He IS the pure word, even though he was in flesh.  The Ark protects the Word.

Moses was specifically instructed to construct from the pattern of those things in heaven the tabernacle, vessels of the tabernacle and the Ark of the Covenant. 

The “Ark” was made of Shittim wood encased in gold.  Shittim and shittah are words that appear in the Bible in relation to a type of acacia tree.  The word “shit” also means “to separate”:

shit (v.) -
Old English scitan, from Proto-Germanic *skit- (source also of North Frisian skitj, Dutch schijten, German scheissen), from PIE *skei- "to cut, split, divide, separate" (see shed (v.)). The notion is of "separation" from the body (compare Latin excrementum, from excernere "to separate," Old English scearn "dung, muck," from scieran "to cut, shear;" see sharn). It is thus a cousin to science and conscience. " -

We could read this as “science” separating man from God.  We could also read “conscience” separating man from God; although it could also be cleaned in seeking God.  Cernere – does not appear in any dictionaries without the “Ex” or the “X”.  Excernere from the Latin Excrementum means “to separate”.   And that is what occurred between The Word and the book of the law in man after the corruption in the garden.

excrement (n.) -
1530s, "waste discharged from the body," from Latin excrementum, from stem of excretus, past participle of excernere "to sift out, discharge," from ex- "out" (see ex-) + cernere "sift, separate" (see crisis). Originally any bodily secretion, especially from the bowels; exclusive sense of "feces" is since mid-18c. Related: Excremental; excrementitious." -

In Luke 22:31, Jesus tells Peter that Satan seeks to “sift you as wheat”.  (Wheat is a bad thing according to the writings of Blavatsky).

In Amos 9:9 the Lord tells Amos that he will “sift the house of Israel from among all the nations like corn is sifted in a sieve”, and “not the least grain shall fall to the earth”.

What CERN and the scientists behind the Human Genome Project are working in hidden collaboration to do, is seek and destroy that which the “scientific” atheists deny exists.

God knew the plans of the adversary – He’s tried it when Jesus was among us in the flesh; and he tried it with the body of Moses (Jude 1:9).

The Arch of the Covenant was made of shittim wood, encased inside and out in gold.  The first image Israel made to a pagan god was that of an ox or “calf” in gold.

Gold attracks thieves.

In Haggai 2, The Lord instructs Haggai to inform both Zerubbabel and the other Jews working on the “house”.  The “house” they are building is nothing in comparison to the glory of the first.  The Lord reminds them that the house is being built with hands that are “unclean”.  He tells them to be strong and “work for I am with you”, and that He will “fill this house with glory” and it will be “greater than that of the former”.

In verse eight He says “The gold is mine, the silver is mine” . . . What did he mean by this? 

The elemental symbol for gold is “AU”.

The elemental symbol for silver is “AG”. 

Stone Engraved at the Denver Air Port

If you put them together – AUAG is an anagram for AGUA.

AGUA is Spanish and Portuguese for “water” – or “Ox” (to sprinkle, related to *ugw, wet, moist)

Musical Chairs

Yesterday there were six hits to the 2012 blog entitled “One of Each, Christ and Antichrist”.

Below that were four hits to an older blog from back in November of 2010.  There was a typo in the title of the blog, which also appears in the url.  Instead of “Heal the World, Start with Michael’s Network”, it said:

Heal the Word” . . . Fruedian slip?

There is one musical film, the longest of any music video, which puts together the prophecy of Daniel 9, Daniel 11 and 12, Zechariah 5, Haggai 2, 2 Thessalonians 2, Revelation 12 and this end time event.

Gts – 3 sgs

The links to the full version of the three songs performed on it are: “2Bad”, “Is It Scary” and “Ghosts”.

Michael, the “beast that was, is not yet is” was caught up to God and to his throne.

Will you be “trapped in the halls” when the Lord consumes the vessel from within?  Or will you be “changed in an instant, in the blinking of an eye”?

Keep Open

There is one significant and undeniable piece of evidence that has been overlooked.  Michael even sang about it, and we understood it not . . . until now.


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