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Michael Jackson Justice: August 2016

God: Reconnect to Him

The Conspiracy against God is about "The Word", and the profaning of His Holy Name within us. Adam fell in the garden, breaking the direct connection to God. Jesus, the "last Adam" was a quickening Spirit, the Word made Flesh, and the only one with whom we can re-establish our relationship with God. Michael's story is still unfolding. He is the one who is, is not. But Jesus is the only name given under heaven by which we must be saved. Many are trying to rewrite HIStory. We were given a help to instruct us. Learn more "here".

Tuesday, August 30, 2016

September's Prayer

Missing letters

Source: Found in online news story, on
"Letters have female DNA"

And Moses said unto Aaron, Take a pot, and put an omer full of manna therein, and lay it up before the Lord, to be kept for your generations”.

And after the second veil, the tabernacle which is called the holiest of all; which had the golden censer, and the ark of the covenant overlaid round about with gold, wherein was the golden pot that had manna, and Aaron’s rod that budded, and the tables of the covenant;   and over it the cherubims of glory shadowing the mercy seat; of which we cannot now speak particularly”.

Behold, the truth is within the reach”.

Please forgive me for the time between this and the last writing.  There were two blogs published at the same time the week of August  17, 2016: “Caught In The Mattrix” and “Lichama”.  I wanted them both for you to read while I was away.

Always there is a twinge of guilt at leaving for any length of time; but opportunity to share the truth is everywhere.  The blessing this particular trip was found in conversation: one particular conversation with family and another with long time friends who we thought had parted ways with us over the issues of these times.

The lesson in this trip is that no matter how futile you feel your labor has been in sowing seeds of truth, you may never know what will take and what will be seed upon the thorns.  God is in charge of the life.

There is one way; one road and yet each of us have a road from our separate points on the way to that road.  Some choose a longer road than others.  Some may get to that one road and others may not because they don’t trust the shepherd.

Behold, the truth is within reach” is the message I came home to.

Three Dreams

Three dreams were had in one night while I was away.  I had written them down and neither of them was very long.

The first dream was barely a moment.  It was winter, and a small group of people were gathered at the corner of intersecting streets.  It was dark.

I walked up among them and noted they were looking to the ground.  On the ground was an animal either injured or dead.  When I leaned in closer to take a look, I saw that it was a white colored bird: a dove – peace taken from the earth.  Thoughts of my mother were in my head when I awoke.

I turned over in my bed and after a moment I fell back asleep.  This time my dream was a little longer.

I was presented with a couple of pictures.  They were pictures of a window and another picture was of a door in dark rooms.  In the pictures I could see a demon in the form of smoke pass from the window across the room against the wall.

In the picture of the door I saw another demon do the same thing, both of a wispy form of smoke that was almost solid.  I tried to get a video from the pictures because no one would believe me.  I could see them and they could not.  As I looked at the demon passing across the window, I could see it’s eyes and it said something to me in a deep voice, but I did not remember what it said when I awoke.

I awoke and it was barely dawn.  I got out of bed to use the restroom and climbed back into bed since no one was up in the house.  It was then I had my third dream.

I was in an all girls school.  I was a spectator in the dream as no one knew I was there.  I was trying to find a girl.  No one knew they were sacrificing children in this school and this girl was their next victim.  The man who was the headmaster was a manipulator.  Even those he sacrificed trusted him and loved him until their death.

In this dream, I saw not what everyone else saw, but I saw his soul and I heard it speak the things of his heart.  It could not have been the soul of a man, so contemptuous was he of the light of the living.

There was no recall of the man’s name or the name of the school, but I could draw a picture of him, so clear was the memory of him.  His hair was a medium brown with some grey.  He attempted to tame the unruly curls by slicking it back but some curls escaped round the hairline and ears.   He wore glasses and had darker brows.  He was a medium build and height and his face was framed by a square but refined jaw line.  His eyes appeared soft, but behind them was evil.  His glasses made it difficult to determine his eye color or what I could see of them in the dream.  When I awoke I had not yet found the girl.

This past week was one big blessing.  I met with my children and talked about the scriptures and the things God is revealing in the world.  I talked to the people who were key in our studying the scriptures when we still lived in Maryland.  We talked about the “timeline” he was working on; and we talked about extra-governmental agencies.  We also talked about planes and aluminum nano-toxins in chemtrails.

We also talked about the scripture of the “lion and the lamb”, Isaiah 11:6 and their memory was the same as mine:  They didn’t recall the wolf lying with the lamb either.  And I believe the dream I had about our church reading out of books of Babylon had to do with this “event” change in time.  Many would not hear but there are a few that God knows will hear.

On the last evening we spent there, a strong prayer came out of me.  On the way home, we lost our power brakes.  God was with us the whole way.  Without further delay, let us think upon the things that happened when we got home.

The “Jot and Tittle” in Our Books

On “Caught In the Matrix” we reviewed the “fourth dimension” which physicists categorize as “time”.  “Time” comes from the PIE root “di-mon” meaning to “cut up” or “divide”.

We discussed CERN’s physics experiments and the relation between the names of particles studied and used by CERN, such as: The search for “aether” or “quintessence”, “string theory” and “superstring theory”, “supersymetry”, “branes” and “M-Theory” and all their relation to the compartment of time and the  manipulation of events in time.  CERN’s beginnings consisted of an “Aleph Detector” and a “Vertex Detector”.

Edward Said’s “Removing the Aleph”

This hits home to those who are familiar with the usage of the word “time” in the Bible.  I keep going back to the prayer forMichael in 2009:  The one where I asked God to give me his pain.  Because part of that prayer included the words “even if you have to reach back in time to take it off of his shoulders”:  A request I could not have had the knowledge to utter except that it came through the Spirit.

In “Lichama” (anagram for Michala), we unified some of the information from “Matrix” to that of the “Word”, the “Yod” in our DNA, and the corruption of “The Book of the Law”.  

God revealed the “Y’ at the center of everything we do is really all about this” – And that “Y”, which was laying on its side in the Syriac Language:   Ezekiel was instructed to lay on his left side 360 days for the iniquities of Israel; and to lay on his right side for the iniquities of Judah for forty days (“for forty days and for forty nights, the ‘law’ was on her side, but who can stand when she’s in demand, her schemes and her plans”? – Michael Jackson’s Billie Jean). – From “Lichama”.

We reviewed that the “book of the law” is written in our “DNA” in the four letter language , sequenced by species, ancestry, color, species and . . . Word. 

The Word around which the Law is written

Jesus said in Revelation, “I am the Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the end, the first and the last”.  He is the “beginning and end, the first and the last” of the word “Abba”.  Abba represents the love of Christ in the Syriac language translated into English it is written as “ḣubba”.

The “beginning and end, first and last” of “Abba” is the “Aleph/Alap”. 

The Aleph represents the “Spiritus Lenis”, which from Greek to English means “breath of God, breath of life”.  Lenis means “soft” or “gentle”.  The “Spiritus Lenis” is the “absence of the glottal fricative /h/”.  This would effectively remove the “h” from “hubba”: and the two sounds on the end are the same.  This as it is in the letter of the law.

It would also effectively remove the /h/ from the book of the law within us.   The “H” is the bondage of corruption.  It is also the “covering”.  “H” is also an element that bonds with carbon in the sugar-phosphate backbone of our DNA (where the “ribs” of bases attach).  The hydrogen and carbon and oxygen make up our sugar-phosphate backbones.  The “H” in these bonds are covalent because carbon is a covalent bonding element.  A Phosphate is an inorganic chemical; a salt of phosphoric acid.  In organic chemistry an “organophosphate” is an “ester” of phosphoric acid.  An “ester” is a chemical compound derived from an acid; usually from carboxylic acid.  Carboxyl groups are carbon-oxygen compounds which include amino acids, which in turn make up proteins and occur in metabolism.  Phosphoresters form the backbones of our DNA.

Ironically the word “ester” is recorded as coined in 1848 by German chemist Leopold Gmelin as a contraction of “Essigather” (acidic ether) – aether?  The “Book of Esther” in the Bible was one of the ones missing from the Aleppo Codex when Israel demanded it from the Karaites (Karyote) of Aleppo, Syria – (NYDaily News).

The hydrogen “bonding” in the bases of our double-strand-helix DNA is an electrostatic dipole-dipole attraction: weaker than a covalent bond but stronger than a “van der Waals” reaction.  Remember “dipole-dipole” from past articles on DNA, and again in “Caught In The Matrix”.  So where is the “Aleph” in all this?

What form the “Aleph” took in the written language has changed over time.  The best description of it appears in Ezekiel 4:4-6.  During the days of Ezekiel in the bondage of Babylon, the Syrian language had precedent: and the Syrian language reveals the “law” on its “side”:

Syrian Aleph (left side), Ayin (right side).

In the time of Jesus, Babylonian Aramaic was spoken, as it was with the Jews in the ministry of Paul, shortly after the crucifixion and resurrection of Jesus.  Paul told us in Romans 1:25 that they had “changed the truth of God into a lie, and worshiped the creature more than the creator”.

Babylonian Aramaic
Aleph: Ox

The “Ox” which had long been the “meaning” of the Aleph is actually a depiction of that which they built their idols to, starting with the golden calf after the Exodus.

There is also the description in Ezekiel 37:16-19 where the Lord tells Ezekiel to write upon one stick the name of Judah and for the tribes of his brothers; and write upon another stick the name of Ephraim for Joseph.  The Lord then told Ezekiel that the “stick of Joseph which is in the hand of Ephraim and that of the tribes of his brothers, even the stick of Judah; that the Lord will make them one in his hand.

The “book of the law” is written within us.  They have manipulated the language there as well.  The scriptures testify of the mingling of seed: both of the grain of which we eat and the meat from which we get our protein.  We were to manage the earth.  We were never given to corrupt its life.

In the search for the “Aleph”, the “Y” at the center of everything, that chromosome too has been diminished within us.  Instead of the Aleph “Y” chromosome we now have the “Yod”, the Jot” or “Tittle that Jesus said would “not pass from the law until all be fulfilled”.

We know from the Gospel of John chapter 1 that Jesus was “The Word” made flesh; and that “in the beginning was The Word, and the Word was with God and the Word was God”. 

Jesus had no male fleshly father.  His chromosome came directly from the Holy Ghost.

How is “The Word” hidden in its chamber within the Ark of the Covenant?  Who can answer this?  Joash was hidden in a secret bed chamber for six years, when everyone thought he was dead but she who concealed him?  In the seventh year he was revealed to be alive when all thought he was dead just as the beast with the deadly wound that was healed in Revelation 13.

What have the visions of Ezekiel taught us about the whirlwind, the living creatures and the Spirit of the living creatures which were in the wheels?

The element that CERN seeks with their smashing of particles is represented by a letter:  A letter which is the beginning and ending of the one Word that fulfills all the law and around which this Law is constructed:  Around that one Word which is the Name, was the rest of the book of the law written. 

Male and female they were made.  The DNA is wound around “histones” (his-tones – tone – tenet – to stretch), and the histones are bunched into chromosomes.  Each chromosome  tells us something about what makes us, us.  As the words come together they read as each word or letter wound and wound, meeting as according to each individual.” – “Lichama”

Think of an elaborate version of the Latin square type grid puzzle “Soduko”,  in a whirlwind, which still appears in many newspapers across the country.  

Gematria - Numerology Squares/grid

Remember every Hebrew letter has a corresponding number value (Gematria in the Kabbalah).  Now picture the puzzle as a square, twisted into a “whirlwind” or, the “anti-parallel, double-strand helix-shaped DNA” (the serpent, Leviathan, “plumed serpent”, dragon etc).

Remember, God showed Jacob a “ladder”, not a twisted staircase.  On this Jacob saw the angels ascending and descending on the ladder between earth and heaven.  On this Jesus said Nathanael would see the angels “ascending and descending on the son of man”.

Remember, Jesus said he would “make straight every crooked way”; and Paul was chosen by Christ Jesus to bear his name after Paul spend three days in Damascus, in the house of Judas in the “street called straight”.

The devil was called “the crooked serpent” for a reason.

The “Y” chromosome as been “degraded” as we were shown  on “Seven Year Itch, Anointing the Shield”.  This was reported in Discover Magazine’s article in a waiting area at the hospital where my husband was enduring procedures.

The article described the degrading “genomes” (missing letters) in the “Y” chromosome and God showed me through the eyes He gave me how the “Y” looked more like the “Yod”.

Picture of Chromosomes (Note the “Y”)

Picture of Modern Hebrew

Picture of Paleo-Hebrew

Picture of Syriac

The “Yod” is also the smallest letter in the Hebrew language, and is the smallest chromosome (now) in the human cell.  Then I was sent this picture:


The “Yod” is above the owl’s head.  In the owl’s talons is what first looks to be a spear; however the “quill” feather is seen behind the owl and the “spear” is actually the ink applicator of the pen. 

The Sephirot (tree of life they call it) which gives the “path of the yod”.  This is taught in the Jewish Kabbalah and in the Zohar; and the “gods of the Sepharvaim” are mentioned in the scriptures:

The “Yod” is the “hand” (as opposed to the Ox) – The Lord dwells not in temples made with hands.   The “Yod” is not in the “Y2K”:  The “Y” in Y2K is the Aleph and Ayin (two antiparallel “Y’s”) plus the Kaph (Hollow of the land/hand).  There is no kaph in the Babylonian Aleph:  

DNA Structure

There are two Yod’s and a “Vav” (6) ( – or two Aleph’s, anti-parallel and opposing.  See “Cracking The Code”.  The “Y” is in “everything”.  YHVH does not begin with “Yod”, it begins with Aleph.  God does not begin with “hand”.  He is not a created being- God is Spirit

If God's name began with the "Yod", why would Edward Said want to remove the "Aleph" at the top of the vertex?

And why would "CERN" be seeking the "Aleph" (Aleph detector) instead of the "Yod"?

Now consider this:  Daniel 8:24-26 includes the prophecy of the abomination standing in the holy place, where it ought not.  He shall cause “craft” to prosper, he shall magnify himself in his heart and by peace shall he destroy many” . . . That same verse also says “he shall stand up against the Prince of princes; but he shall be broken . . . without hand”.

The Mark of Missing Letters

And I will set my face against that man, and will make him a sign and a proverb, and I will cut him off from the midst of my people; and ye shall know that I am the Lord.

She never cut from me, she never cut baby, I have to work baby, You’re just a rival . . .” – Michael Jackson,  Morphine lyrics.

How is one “cut off”?  What did Ezekiel mean when he told us of what God said “I will cut him off from the midst of my people?

What did Michael mean when he wrote and sang the lyrics from the perspective of his tormentors “she never cut from me?” and “You’re just a rival”?  Is the “she” in that song, Israel?  “Judah”?  Was Michael telling us that they were taunting him with the fact that Israel would not put down her idols?  It’s an amazing song if you look at the truth of it.  Just as the “law was on her side” for “forty days and for forty nights” in the song “Billie Jean”: and the number of the beast in “Thriller” and “Blood on the Dance Floor”.

Jesus accused the Pharisees of shutting up the kingdom of heaven from men.  God charged the elders of Israel with enticing the heathen with cutting off Israel from their “land” (Kaph), and of taking pieces of it for themselves.   Did they have a word for “CRISPR” back then?  How did they “move the sea” off the oxen and place it on the “stones”?  How did the builders of the tower of Babel know to “build a city and a tower” to reach heaven and to “make us a name” lest they be scattered abroad upon the earth?

What did Amos and Peter in Acts mean by the accusation that Israel had sought “the star of your god Moloch, which ye made unto yourselves”? 

Rebuilding the “Star” without God (the Aleph)
At the top of the Vertex?

The “great men of the earth” came from the “angels” in Genesis 6 who came down and took wives of the daughters of men.  Those children born to them remained in power.  Oppression occurred not only in produce and wealth, but also biologically and spiritually.  Jacob knew how to effect the “corruption” in Laban’s herds.  Hiram, the king of Tyre/Tyrus knew how to “build a house for the name of the Lord”.  But Hiram showed Solomon how to place other gods in high places.  The story of Jotham (Jot+ham = grain + Ham or Hamitic: Shem is “the name”), begins in Judges 9 and he is mentioned all the way through to the book of Micah”.  “The curse of Jotham” is mentioned in Judges 9:57.

The Yod is the “Jot” and/or “Tittle that Jesus mentions in Matthew 5:18.  He had said to his disciples that not one Jot or Tittle shall pass from the law until all is fulfilled. 

Etymology’s footpath on the Yod:

tenth and smallest letter of the Hebrew Alphabet (compare jot, iota).

the least part of anything, from Latin “iota”, usually and originally with tittle”.

small stroke or point in writing (Matthew 18),  translating Latin apex in Late Latin sense of “accent mark over a vowel”, which itself translates Greek Keraia (literally, a little horn): Biblical transliteration of Hebrew qots, literally “thorn, prick”.  Borrowed from specialized sense of Latin “titulus” (see Title) to indicate a stroke over an abridged word to indicate letters missing . . .

Title (n) –
Latin titulus, “inscription, label, ticket, placard, heading”.

References in pop culture are made to “the golden ticket” or “golden placard” and the scriptures reference “engravings” in “stone” which God said He would engrave himself.   This was Christ Jesus - Dreams sent to me included symbols of the golden string/cord and a card or ticket made of a gold material that moved as if it were living.  These appeared in two different dreams.

Jot and Tittle: The “tittle” is a “stroke” to indicate letters missing –

- Letters Missing!  So the truth of the diminishing “Y” chromosome and its missing “genomes” comes to light under this description of “tittle”!

The “tittle” is also the “little horn” from Daniel 7:8 and Daniel 8:9.  The “horn” is also mentioned in Zechariah 1:19-21 , the horns of the Gentiles which “scatter” Judah.  

The owl and the Yod do have a connection indicated in that picture with the quill and pen:

“Lich” meaning “body, corpse, form, shape” - 

lich (n.) -
also litch, lych, "body, corpse," a southern England dialectal survival of Old English lic "body, dead body, corpse," from Proto-Germanic *likow (source also of Old Frisian lik, Dutch lijk, Old High German lih, German Leiche "corpse, dead body," Old Norse lik, Danish lig, Swedish lik, Gothic leik), probably originally "form, shape," and identical with like (adj.).

also is paired with the owl: Lich-owl “screech-owl” (Isaiah 34:14):

lich (n.) -
Also in Old English in an expanded form lichama (Middle English licham), with hama "shape, garment, covering." This is etymologically pleonastic, but the image perhaps is of the body as the garment of the soul. The compound has a cognate in Old High German lihhinamo. A litch-gate is a roofed gate to a churchyard under which a bier is placed to await the coming of the clergyman; lich-owl "screech-owl" was so called because it was supposed to forebode death. Old English also had licburg "cemetery," lichhaemleas "incorporeal." -

Expanded form “lichama” and English “licham” also represented “shape, garment, covering” as “the body as the garment of the soul” (Adam and Eve were “naked” and were only aware of this after they had transgressed the law by eating of the tree.  God made them “coats of skins” – Genesis 3:21).

“Lichama” is an anagram for “Michala” and “Licham” an anagram for “Michal”.  Michal was the daughter of Solomon who was jealous of David’s love for God over her.  Michal and “Micah” are just an exchange of one letter.  “Micah” and “Michael” both mean “who is most like God/the Lord”.

Michael, the Prince who’s “sanctuary” is polluted and cast down is the man child who was caught up to God and to his throne.  The “garment of the soul” is left.  The “garment of the soul” will be the garment for another: for the abomination that will maketh desolate.


God meant for this to be found.  It had to be, because it crossed my vision after the image of the Yod-bearing owl was given.


Rhianna received her Video Vanguard award for “Sledgehammer”.  The “Star Trek” theme song which celebrates the breakout out (opening) of the pit (covered here).

The “congratulations” billboard was allegedly paid for by “Drake”, a teen actor turned rap artist.  His full name is Aubrey Drake Graham.  The origin of his chosen stage name, “Drake” is archaic for dragon (Old English draca, dragon, sea monster, huge serpent; German “Drako” and Latin draco).

In the bottom right hand corner of the billboard was an owl.  And the billboard says “Congratulations to Rihanna from Drake and everyone at Ovo”.

“Ovo”  - Yes I followed this brick by brick as well.  Nothing showed up under search for “ovo” in etymology other than “ovoid” meaning “egg-shaped”.  But Drake’s “company” is an acronym.

Founded 2012 - October's Very Own Sound is a Canadian record label founded by hip hop artist Drake and long-time producer Noah "40" Shebib. It operates as a subsidiary of, and is distributed through, Warner Music Group's Warner Bros. Records" – Source, Wikipedia

The acronym leaves out the “S” for the word “Sound”.  Why October’s Very Own?  Drake’s wiki-page states he was born in October, on the 24th.  Yet the connection to Rhianna, her “pit opening” video (complete with mechanical locusts flying about her), Drake, the Yod, the Owl and Michael was pulling me.  There were other references to “Ovo” in Wikipedia as well.  Drake’s chosen “acronym” or the October reference was no accident:

"OVO Festival-
OVO Festival is an annual concert hosted by Drake in Toronto that began in 2010. It's held on the Civic Holiday weekend in the city, which coincides with the Caribana festival. " – Source, Wikipedia

It says that this annual concert hosted by Drake began in 2010 – But “OVO” did not exist until 2012 according that that wiki page.  The idea for the name precedes Drake’s company.  This Civic Holiday in Canada (called Simcoe Day) ran this year between August 1 and August 6, 2016.  So it is not an “October” thing.  The “Caribana Festival” this year started July 5, 2016 through August 1, 2016, just in time for Civic Holiday week.  There was more:

Caribana was introduced to Canada by immigrants from Trinidad and Tobago. Much of the music associated with the event, such as steel pan, soca and calypso originated from Trinidad and Tobago. Caribana reflects the Carnival events that take place in Trinidad and Tobago, such as the Trinidad and Tobago Carnival.

While Caribana runs for two weeks, the culmination of the Caribana event is the final weekend which is punctuated by the street Parade of Bands. This weekend traditionally coincides with the Ontario statutory holiday Civic Holiday." – Source, Wikipedia

Trinidad and Tobago is the Island nation from which “Dr. Conrad Murray” hails.  Dr. Conrad Murray, for those who don’t know, is the “Doctor” who was convicted of involuntary manslaughter of Michael Jackson, by overdose of “Propofol”.

Back to Drake and his “OVO”: the logo for Drake’s company is an “owl”.

Under “October’s Very Own” (minus “Sound”)

Cirque du Solei also owns a logo for “OVO”:

Source, Wikipedia

It is one of Cirque du Soleil’s traveling acts.

"Ovo is a touring circus production by Cirque du Soleil and premiered in Montréal, Canada, in 2009. Ovo's creator and director, Deborah Colker, took inspiration from the world of insects. The idea for Ovo was not to be about the acts, nor dancing, nor insects, but about movement.[1] The movement of life permeates the entire show with creatures flying, leaping, bounding, and crawling. Composer Berna Ceppas brought additional life to Ovo with a score inspired by the music of Brazil. ovo means "egg" in Portuguese" – Source, Wikipedia

Ovo premiered in Montreal in 2009 – Same year Michael was “taken” but before “Drake” founded his 2012 company and before “Drake” hosted the first “concert” in 2010.  “Ovo” means “egg in Portuguese”.   The “egg” is the theosophical symbol representing the primordial source of the deity and everything in creation (Source).  Alice Bailey wrote extensively about this.  The “Egg” is one of the symbols from which “Easter” was derived, which included a rabbit (Hasenpfeffer, Inc.) and fertility rituals of the pagan religions.  The life of the flesh is in the blood.  Human sacrifice rituals were to obtain “the life” in the blood.

Drake also had another logo for “Ovo” – “the Summer of Six” or “Sixteen”.  This was the “Ovofest” that took place this year, which ironically was also the “seventh year” of this event – Source, “


Another logo also appeared under Drake’s “OVO” images.

 This came from “”.  It is the logo of an act that signed on to Drake’s recording company (operated under Warner).  The reason this caught my attention is because of this:

Time (n) –
Old English tima; ‘limited space of time’; from Proto-Germanic *timon ‘time’ (source also of Old Norse timi ‘time, proper time’), Swedish timme (an hour) from PIE root *di-mon, suffixed form of root *da –‘ cut up, divide’ . . .

PIE = “di-mon”.

Time = di-mon – to divide.

Time: from PIE root *di-mon (demon/daemon), to cut up, DIVIDE.

Michael Jackson:  The house of the rising son/sun; the vessel, the garment for the soul and the abomination . . . where are we going from here?  Walk by faith, not by sight, he says.  There is a pain here greater than I can bear even as I am not bearing it but sharing it because I asked the Lord for it and it is His.

Michael is Starting To Scare Me” is the night of three dreams I had of Michael:  The first he was possessed and I had to keep hold of him, and I did until I was awakened.  The second dream was short.  I was to meet a friend who was to help me find Michael and a phone call about that friend woke me up from that dream.  In the third dream an actor who played Jesus in a movie from the book “Pilgrim’s Progress” sat across the table from me in the house.  He said “you can’t be impaired if you hope to find him”.  In this dream I was presented with the question:  “What if he’s Jesus Christ”? . . . and “What if he’s the Mahar . . .

I didn’t hear the last of the word because I woke up.  I learned what this word actually was three and a half years later.  I shared this with you.

I know who Michael was, is not yet is.  I also know that he was caught up to God and to his throne.  I know he’s the man that Paul saw “caught up to the third heaven”; and I believe Jesus when he says that no one ascends into heaven but he that came down from heaven, even the son of man.  I know who Michael is.  I know because the Holy Ghost told me what to pray and I prayed.  It birthed that love in me that I had never known other than in my dreams.

I know who wins and I know flesh is no match for the Spirit of God.  He’s protected, because the Spirit of God told me that too (Freedom is a kiss).

Michael, the archangel identified in Jude 1:9 is he that withholds until he is taken out of the way as told in 2 Thessalonians 2:6-8.  This has been told to you before.  What does this logo tell you?

This logo also identifies the archangel as the protector of “The Word”, which Jesus was in the flesh.  This “logo” sports a number images.  One of them is the upside down “Waw” with the Sword through it.  You can also see two “Y’s back to back (frontback).  I don’t see a “Yod” in there anywhere.  But I do see two Yod’s in this one:

MJ Logo Two opposing "Phoenix"?
Or "Owl"?

I also see this:

Sym/drake ovo

Everything is about the “Y”.  Everything is about “the Word”.  Bohemian Grove hosts a forty-foot (“for forty days and for forty nights” – Michael; “forty days on your side” – Ezekiel)  How much longer will we have to understand?

Under the forty-foot “owl” of stone in Bohemian Grove they “sacrifice” by cremation a figure of a human being representing the Love of God.  The ceremony is called “Cremation of Care”.

The “Maharal”, the only one in history ever recorded as having this title, is the “Rabbi”, Judah Loew ben Bezalel.  He was the Rabbi of “Prague, Bohemia”.  He was famous  for creating a “Golem” with the “name of God” manipulated.  A creature not of His Spirit.  This is what they plan to do with you - The Aleph to be replaced with the Yod.

For the overspreading of abominations he will make it desolate” – Daniel 9:27

“October’s Very Own” is a fitting name for such a creature: For that month (The tenth Gregorian month/ Yod is tenth letter) is the month the “Rosh Hashana” New Year for the Jews begins (the 3rd – 4th this year) where it turns over to “5777” from “5776”.  

Parts of October also fall within the eighth civil month of the Jewish calendar.  Yom Kippur also takes place on October 12, which is “the Day of Atonement”.  The “Feast of Tabernacles” (Sukkot) takes place October 17-18 and 19-23 and the “Eighth Day of Assembly” (eighth day of Sukkot/Feast of Tabernacles) falls this year on October 24, 2016 – Drake’s 30th birthday.

Michael Jackson would be fifty-eight years old today.  I have a message for him today:

How Deep Is Your Love?
Bee Gees

And he has every right to ask me the same thing.  I know one day I will get to tell him, as if he doesn’t already know.  He is the chosen vessel . . .