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Michael Jackson Justice: Between The Trumpets

God: Reconnect to Him

The Conspiracy against God is about "The Word", and the profaning of His Holy Name within us. Adam fell in the garden, breaking the direct connection to God. Jesus, the "last Adam" was a quickening Spirit, the Word made Flesh, and the only one with whom we can re-establish our relationship with God. Michael's story is still unfolding. He is the one who is, is not. But Jesus is the only name given under heaven by which we must be saved. Many are trying to rewrite HIStory. We were given a help to instruct us. Learn more "here".

Thursday, November 3, 2016

Between The Trumpets

Beware of Prosthetic Christs

He measured it by the four sides: it had a wall round about, five hundred reeds long, and five hundred broad, to make a separation between the sanctuary and the profane place.

 And they have not a clue, when it's all gonna end
Stories buried and untold . . .
. . . someone is hiding the truth

Do you remember who told you “you can be as gods”?  Do you remember the lie through which death came to you?

Was the beauty of the garden a bore for you?  Was the order God entrusted to you too much of a temptation?  Was the seed of the cattle or the grain not perfect as it was?  Did you crave disease?  Were you not satisfied with the house as God showed David to build it? 

What about Moses?  What of the pattern of the things in heaven did you not approve?  Who gave you the children of men to do with as you pleased?

When did you lose the empathy of another living being?  Was the love of God not enough for you?  Have the things of the world satisfied your soul, or do you seek the insatiable appetite for more destruction?

Did you let the adversary convince you that the death of love was liberty?  Why do you hold high those that destroy you?

Since when was your glory dependent on the pain of another?  When did God ordain the living creatures as your playthings?

Who deceived you into believing that you wrote the book, or that the stage of your production was built by man?

How many times does Israel have to fall to this same deception?  How many more times are you going to pull her back down into the pit?

There are only a handful of those ordained to this condemnation compared to the numbers that John saw in heaven who repented to the saving of their souls.

God is love.  If you have one small grain of it left in you, let it grow.  The truth is in it.

If you are seeking your own vengeance, you are going in the wrong direction.

We were all once God’s children.  Nowhere in any of His instruction was the decision of life and death to be left in any one elses hands but His.

Stones of Fire

Keep watch.  Every eye of the watchman God has chosen has been assigned to those that run to and fro on the earth.  Keep watch and do not sleep.  Already they prepare to bring him forth.

Below are just a few things that have taken place in the last month.  Much of it is drama and rumor; but there is some “truth in this illusion”.

October 22, 2016 – Signs in pop culture:

“MJ Is Alive”

It is Happening

“Changes Coming On”

“He Knows We’re Down to the Crux Now”
Crux=cross, central difficulty, point in text difficult to interpret

On October 23, 2016 - The lead singer of “Dead or Alive” passed away from cardiac arrest at the age of 57.  I probably would have overlooked it if it weren’t for this message on my news feed.  He was known for the 80’s song “Spin Me Right Round”.

Crooked Serpent Pete Burns Depiction

I saw the news the morning of October 24.  Pete Burns looked nothing like the man in the music video.  His visage, if possible, was marred more than that of the man child.  The lyrics to that song and the image of the ribbon wrapped around him and winding up his band mates is suggestive of the May Pole (the DNA).  His name means something:

Pete -
familiar form of masc. proper name Peter. For Pete's sake is attested from 1903 in a list of children's expressions published in Massachusetts, probably a euphemistic use of the disciple's name in place of Christ;"

Peter -
"masc. proper name, 12c., from Old English Petrus (genitive Pet(e)res, dative Pet(e)re), from Latin Petrus, from Greek Petros, literally "stone, rock," translation of Syriac kefa "stone" (Latinized as Cephas), nickname Jesus gave to apostle Simon Bar-Jona (Matthew xvi.17), historically known as St. Peter, and consequently a popular name among Christians"

Jesus told Peter he would be the rock upon which his church would be built.  “Pete Burns” – The rock/stone burns . . . stones of fire.

On October 24, 2016 – Notified of a death

Pastor Jack Chick

Jack Chick was associated with John Todd/Collins/Lance Collins and my childhood pastor, who defended Todd when the establishment moved to take him down.  Jack Chick was also one of Todd’s last supporters.  Because of Todd, people began looking under the cover of the entertainment industry.

UFO's and Fox NewsDeath of Max Spiers

Mainstream media has from time to time indulged in sharing videos sent in by viewers on UFO’s; however, reports like the one that crossed my news feed on Twitter are usually reserved for alternate news sources like “Above Top Secret”, “the Watcher Files” and “Vigilant Citizen”.

The death of Max Spiers was covered on Fox News, which would never give air time to something like this, until now:

British Ufo Investigator Found Dead After Vomiting Black Liquid Sending Chilling Text Message To Mother -

"Originally from Canterbury, Max was a former classmate of Orlando Bloom. He lived in the United States for a few years, but had returned to the city to stay with his mother, before jetting off to Poland. Vanessa said: “He was making a name for himself in the world of conspiracy theorists, and had been invited to speak at a conference in Poland in July." – Source,

He was involved in Project Camelot, which is why I never paid that much attention to him. It is unusual that Fox News would delve into the world of UFO conspiracies; and “Project Camelot” is a psy-op organization constructed specifically to discredit and make appear extreme those who are honestly connecting the dots.

On October 29, 2016 – this showed up on Twitter, to partner with October 22 sentiments “It is Happening” and “Changes Coming On”.

Oct 29 plot twist

The U.N., the United States and Israel – is there a falling out among them?

October 29 Unesco vs Jews?

On October 30-31, 2016 – This kingdom come?  I’m sure it is not his:

Trump and Intrique/Flatteries

The theme on multiple channels is that Trump is God’s anointed.  I believe this may probably be true, albeit not specifically in this way.  If Trump is “anti-establishment” he comes from a family that very much is establishment.  John G. Trump, Donald’s uncle, worked for the Federal Government, confiscating the research of Nicoli Tesla.  His grandfather kept the Overland Stage travelers in dining, liquor and hookers in the 1800’s.

I do not hold Trump accountable for the past of his fathers.  I do however, hold him just as accountable to the truth as anyone I would hope to take office.

I am not convinced of the “attacks” against Trump as being genuine.  I believe he was handed the same script that the others were given.  The saving of a world power is just not in the scriptures.   Please consider this before letting the enthusiasm sway you.

This is not the first source which touts Trump as “anointed”, but we’ll start here.

@7:36 minutes on the video above, the information that the CFR is a U.N. organization is false.  It is a U.S. arm of the Cabal.  U.S. Citizenship is required to be a member.  It was started by Rockefeller.

@8:03 The U.S. is to take plunder from the enemy?  What end time "nation" plunders to build itself up?  That's right, the kingdom of the beast – Daniel 11:20-40; Revelation 13:5-17; Revelation 17.

9:04 – Another video here on Trump being “God’s anointed”.  I believe they are mining the same source as the video above.  Beware of this and seek the scripture.  This one uses the example of Cyrus being anointed though not a Jew.  Remember Jews and Israel were distinguished separate in the book of 2 Kings 16.  Cyrus was an example of Israel being called up in anybody.  It does not endorse a change in Biblical prophecy or scripture.

@ 2:18 On this video here, the commentator uses Ezekiel22:30 as an example of Trump.  He does not understand what “the wall” is in scripture.   Scripture is the standard on which to test and interpret the events, not the other way around.  He preaches to take the whole Bible in context, but he doesn’t do it.  Scripture describes what the “wall” is, and it has nothing to do with Mexico and the U.S.

"30 And I sought for a man among them, that should make up the hedge, and stand in the gap before me for the land, that I should not destroy it: but I found none.

31 Therefore have I poured out mine indignation upon them; I have consumed them with the fire of my wrath: their own way have I recompensed upon their heads, saith the Lord God."

@6:00  on that same video: wrong wall, wrong man

@beginning – They claim Trump given divine endorsement on this video.  The quote:  "The writing's on the wall folks and you're seeing it here first. Donald J Trump is going to rock this world and he's got divine endorsement to clean house."

This reminds me of Glenn Beck’s 2013 “Whistleblower” that is “. . . dead.  I am absolutely dead”: His “24 hours” and “ten days” and the “ten days” dream I had a year prior to his video almost to the day.  (“This is itTell your people they’ve got ten days”).

@1:42 – This video here was rather disturbing.  It is from the International Church of Las Vegas.  Donald Trump is being prayed over and this woman begins to get hysterical.  At the 1:42 mark, she says this:  "We're called to bring havoc on earth" before letting a laugh burst forth.  She can barely contain her glee.

Full Screen Version

Several Days ago – Rumors of war with Russia, and a possible EMP attack.  Please read and discern Daniel 11:24-40 concerning the two kings who tell lies at one table, and who’s hearts are to do mischief.  We know this was in the planning for quite some time, because of President Obama’s October 16th Executive Order concerning “Solar Storms” and electromagnetic power grid blackouts – Source.

A Clinton Foundation CEO seeks asylum in Russia? – Source, Western Sentinel

Oct 25 - CEO of Clinton Foundation
Seeks Assylum in Russia

Electromagnetic mischief is associated with the “days of darkness” prophecy of Zephaniah 1:15; Matthew 8:12; Revelation 9:2 and 16:10.

3 days of Darkness?

On DBCMedia was posted several videos. On the October 23rd broadcast, this minister was not as bold as to declare Trump as “anointed by God”, but chose a more subtle endorsement.  I wasn’t even going to present this media.  However as I skipped through it, an image popped up in the upper left hand corner of the screen. 

It appears at 29:29 minutes in the video, right where the pastor quotes his assistant when handing him the print out of the democratic platform, saying “this is sin in writing”.  Do you see it?

Y 3 K ?  (See Y2K)

And on this video, war is declared on Russia by Hillary Clinton (she never said the words).  At 3:20 into the video, the narrator mentions the three NSA Data facilities:  New York, San Antonio and Salt Lake City.  I knew about the new, Salt Lake City NSA headquarters three years ago (“Slowly Killing The Light” June 2013 and December 23, 2014).

The San Antonio facility was built on the old Sony Plant site.  The description of it on the Houston Chronicle is typical of “Your tax dollars at work against you” theme.  It was completed in late 2012, while the slightly newer Salt Lake City facility was completed in May of 2014.

Three hundred million was spent on the San Antonio site and $1.5 billion on the Salt Lake City Site.  The Fort Gordon, Georgia Cryptology facility was completed in March, 2012 at $286 million and the Wahiawa, Hawaii Cryptology center mentioned in the Houston Chronicle was completed in January of 2012 at a cost of 358 million.

There is also one in Aurora, Colorado inside the Buckley Air Force Base, and another within the “Dagger Complex” in Darmstadt, Germany with INSCOM, the “66th Military Intelligence Brigade” since 2004.  This one was due to be relocated to a Consolidated Intelligence Center in Lucius D. Clay Kaserne in 2015.

The “Dagger Complex” actually existed prior it’s location in Darmstadt.  Why they called it the “Dagger” complex which housed the “66th”  Military Brigade before moving it to “Lucius” Center is almost too blatant to be believed.

I wonder why the United States needs all these facilities to gather, collect and control all this information.  Just in those mentioned here between 2012 and 2014, there was over $2 Billion spent on new Facilities.  Over two billion just in NSA spying and info collecting facilities.  Why?

Why so many “cryptology” facilities?   What are they trying to “solve”?  They have enough computing power in these places to re-sequence several planets worth of the living’s DNA.

How many of the world’s people do they feel they are entitled to own?

Rumors of Wars
Faking the Threat

Russia – it’s not just for cold wars anymore.  On the previous topic, we saw Hillary Clinton admitting the U.S. instigated the protests and regime wars in the Middle East.  Most of the world powers are either complicit or completely dedicated to assisting the U.S. and State of Israel in these tactics.

Most of the threatening back and forth has been distraction, but soon the game will lose it’s appeal and the kings of these nations will tire of the pride and boasting of the modern day whore of Babylon.

Russia threatens Norway with nuclear war after it gives green light to US marines

A SENIOR Russian diplomat has warned Norway it is now on the Kremlin's list of potential nuclear targets after it granted the US permission to base 300 marines on its soil.” – Source,

Earlier reports of the United Nation’s waning patience with Israel and the United States seem to contradict the support it has given the operations of the US and NATO against Russia:

The United States and NATO Are Preparing for a Major War With Russia - Massive military exercises and a troop buildup on NATO’s eastern flank reflect a dangerous new strategy. -

"For the first time in a quarter-century, the prospect of war—real war, war between the major powers—will be on the agenda of Western leaders when they meet at the NATO Summit in Warsaw, Poland, on July 8 and 9. Dominating the agenda in Warsaw (aside, of course, from the “Brexit” vote in the UK) will be discussion of plans to reinforce NATO’s “eastern flank”—the arc of former Soviet partners stretching from the Baltic states to the Black Sea that are now allied with the West but fear military assault by Moscow. Until recently, the prospect of such an attack was given little credence in strategic circles, but now many in NATO believe a major war is possible and that robust defensive measures are required." - Source,

Very little is making sense; and it’s not meant to. 

Soon, what appears to be rumor will form into a king of the north and a king of the south coming up against the “vile one”, as told in Daniel 11.  Right now, Russia and China are appearing to be against the United States.  The United States and the State of Israel are of the same nation.  They are not “real Israel”, but there is “Real Israel” scattered among them all.

Science and CERN

I popped over to CERN to see if there was any new news.  There was, but I wasn’t sure what it means.

"CERN LHC Update: Large Hadron Collider Finishes 2016 Proton Run, Surpasses Luminosity Target -

"The Large Hadron Collider at the European Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN) has completed its 2016 proton run. In a statement released Tuesday, CERN stated that the LHC — the world’s largest particle accelerator — surpassed its luminosity target during this year’s run, which began in May.

Luminosity, measured in inverse femtobarns, is a measure of the total number of proton-proton collisions. One inverse femtobarn corresponds to roughly 100 trillion collisions. - “This success is underscored by the most amazing statistic of the year: in 2016, the LHC spent 60 percent of its operational time delivering stable beams to the experiments, . . . " - Source,

Within the last eight weeks or so, there was an announcement made that non-human DNA (alien DNA) was found in the human genome.  I thought this would reveal something about Genesis 6; but it was a little misleading.

19 Pieces Of Non-Human DNA Found In Human Genome

"A new study, published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, reveals that we are even less “human” than previously thought: Nineteen new pieces of ancient viral DNA have been uncovered within our own genome. Perhaps most strikingly, the full genetic “recipe” for an entire virus was found within 2 percent of the people examined.

The researchers found 19 new HERVs, adding to the 17 previously identified by other studies. One of these new HERVs (found within 50 of the study subjects) was not a mere fragment of a viral genome, but the entire genome itself. This makes it a “provirus,” and is only the second known to exist within humans. " - Source,

Remember why Noah was chosen by God to build the Ark with his sons, to be the only family to survive the destruction of the flood:  Not only did Noah “walk with God”, he was “perfect in his generations” – Genesis 6:

Life Casts & Prosthetic Christs

Does anyone remember this man?

Billie Jean's Ezekiel clues
of the Law on its side (for 40 Days)

Does anyone remember what happened to him?  It was just seven years ago, June 25, 2009 that he was declared dead of a “Propofol” overdose causing cardiac arrest.  His tour physician was blamed for the “involuntary manslaughter”.

Do you still remember the trial of his doctor who isn’t a doctor?  Do you remember they televised it in the months of October and November of 2011?

Do you remember the trial of this man who is no longer with us, when they went after him in 2005?  Do you remember the money that was made on his misery and who owned the corporations involved?

His name was Michael Joe Jackson.  In his death they changed it to Michael Joseph Jackson.

Michael is the name of the man child in Revelation 12, and the angel who withholds, then expels the dragon and his angels who sought to devour the man child.

Michael is the name of the prince of the covenant in Daniel 10; and the prince who stands at a time of trouble in Daniel 12:1 – and at that time shall all God’s people be delivered, everyone who is written in the book.

Michael is the name of the archangel in Jude 1:9, who withholds the devil from the body of Moses – and “now you know what withholdeth: and he who letteth will let, until he be taken out of the way.  And then that evil is revealed, whom the Lord will consume with the Spirit of his mouth and destroy with the brightness of his coming.”, 2 Thessalonians 2:3-8.

There were many times mentioned the singers and musicians mentioned in the repairing of the temple.  David was a musician, poet and singer.

The Michael of this world, he whom the world knows better than most world leaders, was a prophet in music; but then many musicians are.  This is the medium of their ministry, both good and bad.

Michael was a wall in the battle for the minds of the youth, in an industry constructed specifically for that purpose.  He was a target not only because the workers of iniquity sought to use his gift for evil purposes; but because he had something they wanted.

Michael wrote and sang many parables and allegories.  His story – HIStory, Past, Present and Future, is in his songs; even those collected in “albums” with his brothers from his youth.

They have resurrected his image using holograms.  They have re-written the details of his battles and tried to bury the evidence of the guilty.

His songs reveal the torture he endured under handlers, the sequestering of members of his family, sometimes for years, from each other.  He reveals that he was forcibly drugged, physically abused.  He also revealed that many celebrities are built up, used for propaganda, and disregarded.   Many of the “overdoses” are nothing of the sort, but are murder; and who would question it?  Just another “spoiled” “gazingstock” who couldn’t handle his fame.

How many angels illuminated and built up in the industry regret the deal they made for their fame?  How many have finally recognized the source of the same lie given in the garden?

They are not finished with Michael yet.

The “death” was planned, just as he told us in “Morphine”.

They are going to “fake him”, just like he told us in “This Time Around”.

Michael sang that they needed his body in “Morphine”.  So then, what were these for?

Note the Sephirot on the forehead

Life Cast of a dead Michael?

Michael Jackson - The bodies are lining up

Other Michael Jackson Courtroom Preparations

Now this also is published on October 26th, keeping pace with the innuendos about Trump being “anointed”.

National Geographic

"Exclusive: Christ's Burial Place Exposed for First Time in Centuries Restorers working in the Church of the Holy Sepulchre in Israel uncover stone slab venerated as the resting place of Jesus Christ.

JERUSALEM, ISRAEL For the first time in centuries, scientists have exposed the original surface of what is traditionally considered the tomb of Jesus Christ. Located in the Church of the Holy Sepulchre in the Old City of Jerusalem, the tomb has been covered by marble cladding since at least 1555 A.D., and most likely centuries earlier." - Source, National Geographic

The timing is amazing.  Is this really the tomb of Christ?  The church built around it dates back to the 4th century.  The more I read about the “Church of the Holy Sepulcher”, the less genuine this “traditional” tomb of Christ seems.

Outside the Edicule, Thephilos III, the Greek Patriarch of Jerusalem, stood watching the events with a serene smile. "I'm glad that the atmosphere is special, there is a hidden joy," said the patriarch. "Here we have Franciscans, Armenians, Greeks, Muslim guards, and Jewish police officers. We hope and we pray that this will be a real message that the impossible can become the possible. We all need peace and mutual respect." - Source, National Geographic

The “unity” plug.  Why this?  Why now? 

According to scripture, Jesus bore his cross, walking through the streets, being spit on, slapped, taunted and beat and at one point, Simon, the Cyrenian had to bear Jesus’s cross.  Jesus carried it to “Golgotha” according to the Gospel of Matthew 27:32-34, Mark 15:21-23 and John 19:16-18

This is the diagram within the “Church of the Holy Sepulcher” showing where these places allegedly are:

Church of the Holy Sepulcher Diagram

The Church location in the city of Old Jerusalem

Rel/Jesus tomb church clsp

Was the walk of burden, the crucifixion and the burial all in one neatly compartmentalized building lot?

Between the third hour and the ninth hour, Jesus was hung on the cross, darkness covered the land in the sixth hour, and Jesus died in the ninth hour according to Mark15:25-37.  Did Jesus walk around in circles for hours until the third hour?

"In 2015, the Greek Orthodox Patriarchate of Jerusalem, with the agreement of the other two major communities, invited the National Technical University of Athens (which had previously led restoration projects on the Athenian Acropolis and the Hagia Sophia) to study the Edicule. The communities of the Church of the Holy Sepulchre agreed to restore the structure in March 2016, with work to be completed by the spring of 2017. Major donors to the $4-million-plus project include a multi-million-dollar royal benefaction from Jordan's King Abdullah II, and $1.3-million gift from Mica Ertegun to the World Monuments Fund in support of the project." - Source, National Geographic

Mica Ertegun is the widow of Ahmed Ertegun of Atlantic Records.  There is press concerning the takeover of her late husband’s estate by one time family friend turned estate executor Linda Wachner (source, NYDailyNews,  She is connected to Michael Milken who helped fund her first corporate purchase.  According to those two articles, she is in control of the Ertegun estate and therefore in control of where the monies are donated/spent.

Consider this when asking yourself why a secular Jew would be interested in restoring a “tomb” of Christ.

The maps of where Golgotha is located, and the procession of Jesus from Pilate’s court to the place of his crucifixion, to his burial in a garden tomb owned by Joseph of Arimathaea seems rather large to fit under the building they are claiming it was contained in today.

The deceiving of the whole world is still awaiting the icing on its cake: and that is the “arrival” of the one they want you to believe is Christ.

It is the reason Jesus and Paul stressed so many times, that the flesh profits nothing: and the things of this world will perish.

The “prince” of flesh is not Christ, but he will be very convincing.  The “sanctuary” is made desolate for a reason.  When the master is not home the thief will come in; and the things shown to Zechariah will take place.

There is more to come before the miracle of God occurs.  The truth of this is astounding as it is beautiful.

Don’t be deceived, but remain obedient to government as much as it is possible without disobeying God.   Scripture teaches that God prefers repentance to the cutting off of people.  God prefers life to death:  He created it!

Love covers a multitude of sins:  Indeed, “Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends”.  Jesus not only said this, he put it into practice, for the whole world.

God is love.  As long as there is one seed in one person of that one Word that fulfills all the law, the hope is multiplied.

What God has done is a wordless wonder.  Be patient with those trying to understand; even those angry words from frustration.  We were all once in the infancy of this journey in the wilderness.  They don’t have to know it all.  They just have to know Christ, who is the Word, which is Love.

These signs of the times are the markers for observance.  Those who watch, remember them and their place in the scriptures.  Pray for discernment; and for the Love of Christ to be engrained in your heart.

"Love Alone Is Worth The Fight"

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