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Michael Jackson Justice: Tawhid

God: Reconnect to Him

The Conspiracy against God is about "The Word", and the profaning of His Holy Name within us. Adam fell in the garden, breaking the direct connection to God. Jesus, the "last Adam" was a quickening Spirit, the Word made Flesh, and the only one with whom we can re-establish our relationship with God. Michael's story is still unfolding. He is the one who is, is not. But Jesus is the only name given under heaven by which we must be saved. Many are trying to rewrite HIStory. We were given a help to instruct us. Learn more "here".

Tuesday, August 1, 2017


A Mark Concealed

O continue thy lovingkindness unto them that know thee; and thy righteousness to the upright in heart.  Let not the foot of pride come against me, and let not the hand of the wicked remove me.   There are the workers of iniquity fallen:  they are cast down, and shall not be able to rise.

I have been quiet lately.  There are stirrings among some of you, considering and asking as to find out the intent of my soul.  There are concerns and inquiry, wonderings and for those that are praying, I feel you.  You know what is going on.  Thank you so much for every help and rod of strength you have prayed for this fight.

There are times that a breath has to be taken in order to find the strength for the next group of steps.  There has been much upheaval in my house and I am tried daily both from within and without.  I am very thankful the Lord has been doing this work in me.  I can feel every pound of the blacksmith’s hammer.  I strive every day to be a better, more honorable vessel.  The work is His, not mine, and His timing is righteous.

The Lord is my purpose and my strength.  There are times when I feel him and times even when I don’t feel him that I know he is still my strength.

The Lord works things in His own time.  The impatience I once had has mellowed and the things once hidden are coming into view.  But the work he is doing in me will see its completion in my ability to temper my responses to adversity. 

Wisdom . . . and timing.

From the past years, certain topics are resurfacing now, again: crimes against children, another child trafficking and slavery ring has been exposed but not brought to justice; another president is installed in the U.S. as a figurehead while something much darker and malicious is directing policy.

Syria is being turned into a dustbowl; the incredible evil toward living things committed by so called human beings is proliferated in the news.  Children who have not yet achieved their second decade chastise truth as if it were against human rights, while denying those rights to the baby in the womb. 

They hypocrisy is infuriating yet trademark of a doctrine written in transgression.

After seven years of watching this go on and on and on, there are times I no longer want to change the world, I just want to leave it and watch the blind destroy it and themselves.

I wonder sometimes, how Jesus could love such belligerent, defiant, destructive creatures such as ourselves.  In truth I would rather put an end to it all then watch the same workers of iniquity commit suffering upon the same oppressed people.  But I persist, because I love the Lord and I know who wins.  His glory is in the restitution and restoration of a stolen and vandalized creation.

In January of 2010 I posted the first topic on this blog.  Michael Jackson’s death had affected me in a way that just blew me over, because I never bought a single record of his.  I was not a fan, even though I always believed he was innocent.  I just knew he was.

The injustice done to that man is what started me writing the blog.  There was no rhyme or reason to the treachery committed against him.  There were celebrated people in his industry who openly solicited children, yet they publically crucify Michael for being an innocent.

It was through Michael whom “The Word” was shown to me, in Spirit: and there is only one reason why it was shown to me through “Him” and not someone else.  At the time, I did not know all of that.  All I know is that a prayer that opened everything up came through me:  A prayer containing an offering I would otherwise not know how to make but through the Spirit: from there, Michael became my “Samuel”.

I wanted to know the “Y” of everything that happened to him, and I learned as he pulled me through all of it, in his speeches, song lyrics, films and interviews.  Every single, ugly, evil, demonic, twisted act they committed against him did he show me; and not only to him, but to other “gazingstock” in the world in which he was sequestered.  He showed me what had been done to ALL of us.

His brothers and sisters, certainly not “perfect” people are yet people I aspire to emulate:  not because of their talent or money, but because of their incredible restraint, kindness and grace. 

If ever one were to look upon the heart and temperament of the apostles of Christ, you can just look toward the Jackson family.  And before you critique their past, you would best serve the interests of “justice” by digging into their background to understand the horrors they have endured in an industry created to corrupt minds.  They still managed to maintain their composure, their reticent response to affliction, and their kindness.

You do not know the depth of what they have done in their endurance.  Angels fight the things we do not see that come against us, and there are many, many who have dug in their heels in the war in heaven.

They have endured more criticism in their brother’s death then the man who was accused of causing his death.  His family insisted there were others who pulled the strings in Michael’s death.  They said they knew who they were and that the accused was just a finger on a bigger hand in the “conspiracy”. 

The doctor who served as “scapegoat” for Michael’s death is now “HIStory” in the news.  Yet there was neither hatred nor wrath that came from the mouths of Michael’s family.   Has anyone wondered at all where the “justice” they campaigned for went?

I know where it went.  And it is coming.  Oh, it is coming!

The Pain of Peter’s Failure

I was reminded of something recently by someone who posted an old comment: it was about a dream I had back in the year 2011 about the late Michael’s mother, when she told me “we’re fine, you just keep doing what you’re doing.  Don’t doubt yourself so much, but also listen” . . .

The dream took place at an AME church, the same kind of church where nine people were shot and killed allegedly by a “Dylan Storm Roof” in Charleston, South Carolina four years after I had that dream.

The AME church was the same which Michael last attended before the end of his trial.  That was also significant as it was the meeting place in the dream; yet not the same denomination in which the Jackson children grew up.  They grew up “Jehovah’s Witness”.

As the digging into Michael’s suffering began to uncover his Faith which the industry sought so heavily to marginalize, I did a lot of praying.  I was shown the “Y” in the road, but I did not yet know that is what it was.

I learned of Michael’s advocacy for the children of this world.  He would visit hospitals in some of the most communistic countries in the world before any concert was performed.  Sometimes his bodyguards or managers would video parts of these visits.  Many of these films didn’t see the light of day until after his death.  This was by design.  And it worked.

Before I got to know this man, I “believed” that he just could never hurt anyone.  In the decade of his passing away, this faith in that “belief” was proven.

As I was at first drawn to defend a child-like man, I found myself walked down the halls of the reality of an underground that most do not know exist.   That there are children born into this world who because of who their parents are have no other option open to them then to be made proselytes of wickedness in high places.

To know that there are people in this world that have been conditioned to blot out their souls so that they can take part in unbelievable acts against other people and  of children leaves scars on your own soul.  Michael saw these things first hand. 

Others who had tried to bring this to the public’s attention were discredited, threatened or killed.  Michael was friends with some of these people.  One of them was Princess Diana.  Another one was Maccauley Culkin.  There were many he tried to help.  Two of those children were used against him.

Michael could not say much in his speeches about any of this, but it is in his song lyrics.  His songs revealed much: and the more people learned, the more his label and the industry rags lied.

The tabloids recoded Michael as an insecure, stage-soured boy who never grew up, a spend-thrift: an extreme eccentric who was a consummate performer.  Behind the scenes, members of his family were cordoned off from each other, beaten, drugged, had their food drugged and had the lives of their siblings threatened if they didn’t follow “the script”.

His songs however, revealed an artist who knew exactly who he was, exactly what “they” were, and knew exactly what was going on.

Michael used his “art” to “reprove” the lies.  If there were not some in the industry who believed in what he was doing, I and others, would have never found what he wanted us to find.

In the same regard, the “workers of iniquity”, the “children of disobedience” also had a role for him:

Woe unto you, scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites!  For ye compass land and sea to make one proselyte, and when he is made, ye make him twofold more the child of hell then yourselves.”

Michael tried to bring to light the things that are done in secret by them.  His last album which he produced before his trial was entitled “Invincible”.  The songs in it tell a story.  All of his albums did, but this one was the last in the books he would put out.   As with anything else, you can listen to the songs with the discerning ears of the Spirit, or with the ears of the world.

The heartache of any warrior, be he for God or for country, is that his battle be made of none effect by the story that history rewrites over it.

God is a God of Justice.  He is also a God of Mercy and of Love.  The latter two are the only reason we are still here, and this time is growing ever shorter.  This is not the time for anyone to get lazy or feel sorry for themselves.  

Two of the songs Michael put out before he passed, which did not come to light until after his passing because of some careful guardianship, were these two:

Its All In Your Name” and . . . “This Is It”.

We uncovered the “conspiracy among the men of Judah”. 

It concerns the Book of the Law, the Name profaned, the Aleph and the Tau/Taw. 

Michael sang about the number of the beast.  He sang about the man child and he sang about the war in heaven.  He sang about the opening of the pit, and he sang about he who is taken out of the way.

He sang about the polluting of the sanctuary and he sang about the strong delusion.  He sang about the stumblingstone.

Love was the name by which I was called.  Michael taught me this.  He was not here for his own purposes.  He wasn’t here to become rich or travel the world, or glorify himself in any way.

I have failed in a sense, in the way that Peter failed.  In this failure I learned exactly why I am here and for whose purpose I was called . . . not my own.  Not by our own power but by God will any of us successfully complete the task for which He created us.

In failure I learned, as will you if you have not already:  When you set out to accomplish the task set before you, and your faith is put in your own abilities or gifts; you will be handing people and principalities the power to hurt you.  It is a world of difference when you recognize that God is your strength and your trust is in His work through you, and not just you yourself.  Then nobody can defeat you, because nobody has power over God.

Also in your labors to reprove those things God reveals to you that are done in secret by the workers of iniquity; try to remember there are people entangled in these lies.  We reprove the works of darkness for this very reason; to liberate souls, not to condemn them along with those works.

Reproving to Make Manifest by the Light

Neither did God call us to be silent in the face of injustice.  He called us to expose the works of darkness.

And have no fellowship with the unfruitful works of darkness, but rather reprove them.   For it is a shame even to speak of those things which are done of them in secret.   But all things that are reproved are made manifest by the light: for whatsoever doth make manifest is light.

When the “proselyte” is revealed, you will know who he is.  For the sanctuary that is cast down is not a building or a synagogue, but the body of a man; a vessel that once bore the light of God.

When he is revealed, just about every religion around the world will claim him as the Messiah.  The only ones who will not be deceived, will be the elect of God.

The three major monotheistic religions: Christianity, Judaism and Islam will “make peace” with one another over this man.  All three of these religions have been infiltrated with the Babylonian doctrine.  We have long talked about these evident in the Catholic and Protestant churches, in Judaism, and in Islam.  The Eastern Religions, Freemasonry and it’s various front organizations including Mormonism, Rosicrucian, Scientology, Moonies collectively hold more land ownership than any of the governments in the world.

In the United States and Europe, many innocent people have been made scapegoats for a contrived war that has been created by the rulers of darkness in this world.  There is no real war against Islam.  There is no real war against the Jews.  Both of them practice the same religion and their leaders meet in the same secret places to construct their plans.

It is no coincidence that the “Dome of the Rock” is a “holy place” for both Islam and Judaism.  It is no coincidence that a hundred year war has been dramatized, when the intention is to “gather” together the nations of men over the new “peace”.

The Jews in the state of Israel are given media time and press space to plead their cause for the building of the “third temple”.  The propaganda is that this can’t be done as long as “Muslims” control the “Mount”.  This is a side show:  A slight of hand so that the world is watching the left hand fluttering over the Dome of the Rock while the right hand is snatching souls in secret.  For we know thanks to Paul’s letters that there are but two temples, two anointed witnesses, two olive trees, two tabernacles:  the worldly which Moses built according to the pattern of the heavenly, which is the Holiest of all. 

There are only two who will become “one” in His hand.

They have already built a “temple”.  They’ve been working on it since the prophet Haggai, since Zerubbabel.  It is a man.  It is a vessel stolen, gutted and filled with vile intentions.

Scriptural references to this “house” appear also in Zechariah 5 and Revelation 21:17.

The prophecies in Daniel, Isaiah, Jeremiah, the Gospels of Matthew, Mark, Luke; and the Letters to the Romans, the Thessalonians, the Hebrews, the three letters of John, the book of Jude and the book of Revelation declare his coming.

When you see him, you will know who he is, because you have seen him before.

The Bible’s Song

Before justice is served, I just want to remind a few people of something they may have ignored in their haste to please their oppressors:

The doctrine of Jesus Christ is not a religion.  It is not a “rite” nor is it “ceremony” or “ritual”.  He is the very thing that your oppressors fear that you will find: that is the key to your freedom.

The “law” was made for man.  This is a matter of record in scripture.  God constructed it himself in the Garden to cover man after his transgression.  Those who strive after the law are cheating themselves out of the relationship with God; for the law is your covering:  Let it be of His Spirit and not your ambitions.

There is only one door.  The keys to open it are not held in your hand.  It is the sound of your offering on the altar in the sanctuary.

David’s song of repentance was recorded in Psalms 51.  The supplication of Jesus was recorded in the Book of Luke 17.

You know what the letter of the law is, and what they changed it to, to profane His name. You know what the letter represents.  You know the “mark” and it’s original place.   You know the tables will be overturned; and you know that the restoration has already been provided.

The rest is up to you.   The only way to the Father is through Christ Jesus.  Even the devil knows it.  And Jesus IS the Word that fulfills all the law.

The tabernacle of Moses was spared because Michael withheld the devil from the body . . . He never got to Jesus because Jesus died pure, being “the Word” made flesh. 

The truth of the reason for the dragon seeking to devour the man child from the day he was brought forth should be more than abundantly clear.

Consider this when dragon and his angels are cast out into the earth, and he stands in the place where he ought not.

In 1666

The Jews versus the Muslims.  Government soldiers in untold countries have had their young men slaughtered over this lie.

Many Jews and Muslims have been slaughtered while their Elite make deals together in back rooms of temples, mosques and synagogues.  This ploy has been prophesied of in Daniel; and the deception continues to be employed today.

The Masons originated in Solomon’s time according to scripture, but they were crafting when they were in Egypt, and Lebanon, and Libya and Ethiopia.  They were working on the tower in Babylon before God dispersed them.

We are introduced to them in the scriptures during David and Solomon’s reign as kings of Israel and Judah.  Throughout history they have gone underground only to resurface as a reinvented image of their former selves, but their doctrine has always remained the same:  Build the “tower”, build the “star”, make man as “God” and make a “Name” for themselves.

Each time Israel has fallen for this scam and they have ensnared the unwitting with them.

God made of one blood all nations of men – Acts 17:26.  The seed was corrupted by the transgression in the garden.  It was further profaned when sons of God came unto daughters of men in Genesis 6.  The violence against life was so horrible that God flooded the earth to cleanse of these abominations; saving only eight souls: the sons and their wives, of Noah who was “perfect in his generations”.

The trouble that is coming according to the angel in Daniel 12:1; and according to Jesus himself in Matthew 24:20-22 and Mark 13:18-20,  is going to be even worse than it was in the time of Noah.  There will be trouble like there never was on the earth, since there was a nation.

We learned that this is not just a “Muslim” issue, or a Jewish one or a pagan one or a Christian issue . . . The religion is the same under the guise of many doctrines.

The “box/cube/square” of the Tokin, the Telfillin, the Kaaba is the “square” of the Freemasons.

This is the measurement of the city that “lieth foursquare”, which “length, breadth and height” were “twelve thousand furlongs”; and the wall measured of it was “a hundred and forty, four thousand cubits, according to the measure of a man, that is, of the angel” given us in Revelation 21:17.

That which their fathers have not accomplished will be attempted yet again, as it is written: “but it shall not prosper”.

This is the “house”, according to the “measure of a man, that is, of the angel”.  This is the house that Zerubbabel shall finish.

The Muslims and Jews are intricately tied, but you will not hear about this on the network news.

“Jews and Muslims

The “Donmeh Jews” are what later became the Frankist Jews: the very same Sabeans mentioned in the book of Job, Isaiah, Ezekiel and JoelToday they are called “Sabbateans”, which we studied before during our conversation about “Frankism”.

Europe is not the only areas they infiltrated.  The “evil out of the north” also infiltrated Israel and the rest of the Arabian Peninsula.  Jeremiah 40 testifies of the Jews in Moab, Edom and Ammon returning to the “land of Judah” when they learned that the King of Babylon had spared a remnant of Judah.  The timing of this and the “Jutes” coming down out of the north which also the “Frankists” came out of is not just coincidence.

The fact that “taxation” and the word “Sanhedrin” also coming out of the Scandinavian and Germanic countries is not just coincidence either.

They did not destroy the nations, concerning whom the Lord commanded them:   but were mingled among the heathen, and learned their works.   And served their idols: which were a snare to them.  Yea, they sacrificed their sons and daughters unto devils,

In Psalms 106:19-20, David testified of them changing their glory into the similitude of an ox, when they made a molten calf in Horeb.

Horeb: dry land, waste, ruins, strong lament, desert, desolate.  Abarim gives Zion as a name meaning the same, but scripture tells us Zion means “fortress/stronghold”.

Heathen: “one who does not acknowledge the God of Abraham, Isaac, Jacob”, (Old Norse: heidden, Old Saxon: hedhin, Dutch: heiden, German: Heiden or “Sin-heiden” = Sanhedrin)

D. Mustafa Turan, A professor in Instanbul, Turkey, wrote a book on the history of the “Donmeh Jews”.  The “Donmeh” have their own Wikipedia page.  I also found excerpts of Turan’s book on “” and the U.K. Alternative news source, “Philosopher’s Stone”:

"D. Mustafa Turan wrote, in The Donmeh Jews, that Muhammad ibn Abdul Wahhab was a descendant of a family of Donmeh Jews from Turkey.  The Donmeh were descendants of followers of the infamous false-messiah of Judaism, Shabbetai Zevi, who shocked the Jewish world in 1666 by converting to Islam.  Viewing it as a sacred mystery, Zevi’s followers imitated his conversion to Islam, though secretly keeping to their Kabbalistic doctrines." - Source, Philosophers-Stone, UK/

The “Kaaba” was named after the “Kabbalah”, which represents both the “telfillin” and the “Tokin”.

In Europe, the Shabbeteans were eventually led a century later by Jacob Frank, claiming to be a reincarnation of Zevi.  And, according to Rabbi Antelman in To Eliminate the Opiate, to them belonged the Rothschilds who had a hand in the founding of the Bavarian Illuminati" - Source, Philosophers-Stone, UK/

From another source, the “Donmeh” was where the “Wahabi Movement” within Islam developed, which included the Sharia law, the “ultra-conservative”, severe adherent to the second classing of women and the two-class rule system.

It is interesting to note that while the Sharia law has received the most attention in the news, the flinging around of this propaganda has served as a cover for the less promoted “Noahide Laws”, for which “beheading” is the punishment for the breaking of all but one of the laws: for which stoning serves as the punishment for adultery.  “Noahide” is already law in many western countries, including the United States (Signed by Bush in 1991).

"The notion of the Saudi family being of Jewish heritage has been published by Mohammad Sakher, who, it is claimed, was ordered killed by the regime for his revelations.  The report relates a similar account, but from different sources.  According to The Wahabi Movement/The Truth and Roots, by Abdul Wahhab Ibrahim Al-Shammari, for example, ibn Saud is actually descended from Mordechai bin Ibrahim bin Mushi, a Jewish merchant from Basra.  Apparently, when he was approached by members from the Arabian tribe of Aniza, then claimed to be one of them, and traveled with them to Najd and his name became Markhan bin Ibrahim bin Musa." - Source,

It is also a matter of record that just as Israel was brought into existence by the Crown of Britain so was House of Saud:

"the state of Saudi Arabia has and continues to play with regards to supporting and advancing Western power in the Middle East and elsewhere.  Especially astounding is the very dubious and virulent form of Islam, that Wahhabism and Salafism represent, which is currently wrecking havoc on Islamic traditions, and dividing the Muslim community in petty squabbles over trivial details, allowing the War on Islam to proceed effectively unchecked.

Attachment from the DIA (Defense Intelligence Agency) titled: “The Emergence of AI-Wahhabiyyah Movement and its Historical Roots” - Source,

The founding of the kingdom of Saudi Arabia is credited to Ibn Saud right around the same time that the Frankist “Bolsheviks” were maneuvering themselves into the worker unions and government of Czar Nicholi.  The Wahhabi movement was also credited to Ibn Saud:

"The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia was founded in 1932 by Ibn Saud. He united the four regions into a single state through a series of conquests beginning in 1902 with the capture of Riyadh, the ancestral home of his family, the House of Saud. Saudi Arabia has since been an absolute monarchy, effectively a hereditary dictatorship governed along Islamic lines.[8][9] The ultraconservative Wahhabi religious movement within Sunni Islam has been called "the predominant feature of Saudi culture", with its global spread largely financed by the oil and gas trade." - Source, Wikipedia

Wahhabism is nothing more than Noahide Judaism in disguise.  According to Dr. Turan’s book, the religion of Islam was infiltrated and corrupted: the purpose for which a “scapegoat”, like that of the Romans for the crucifixion of Jesus, was set up.

"Wahhabism (Arabic: الوهابية‎‎, al-Wahhābiya(h)) is an Islamic doctrine and religious movement founded by Muhammad ibn Abd al-Wahhab.[1] It has been variously described as "ultraconservative",[2] "austere",[3] "fundamentalist",[4] or "puritan(ical)";[5][6] as an Islamic "reform movement" to restore "pure monotheistic worship" (tawhid) by devotees;[7] and as a "deviant sectarian movement",[7] "vile sect"[8] and a distortion of Islam by its opponents." - Source, Wikipedia

We had heard of "tawhid" before . . . "Taw" and "Tau" are the same, So Islam has also been "profaned" by the same "bull/Ox" in place of the “Name of God”.

"The movement emphasises the principle of tawhid[13] (the "uniqueness" and "unity" of God).[14] It claims its principal influences to be Ahmad ibn Hanbal (780–855) and Ibn Taymiyyah (1263–1328), both belonging to the Hanbali school,[6] although the extent of their actual influence upon the tenets of the movement has been contested" - Source, Wikipedia

Tawhid is defined in Wahabism as “the uniqueness and unity of God”, but the very word testifies against this definition.

The Semitic “Taw/Tau” is the original “Taurus/Ox/Bull/Calf” in place of “The Name” of God; which Israel profaned within them back during the Exodus from Egypt.  The letter represents “The Mark”.  The “harlot” of this abomination was the princes of “Judah” as it is written in Isaiah, Jeremiah and Ezekiel.  Your houses of royalty know it, Ishmael, and now so do you.

The founder of "Wahhabism" is the same who founded "Saudi Arabia" and "House of Saud":  Muhammad ibn Abd al-Wahhab

"Ibn 'Abd al-Wahhab's pact with Muhammad bin Saud helped to establish the Emirate of Diriyah, the first Saudi state,[6] and began a dynastic alliance and power-sharing arrangement between their families which continues to the present day in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia." - Source, Wikipedia

Tawhid/Tawheed are the same word just spelled differently, just as “taw” and “tau” are the same.  Tau is the Greek spelling of the Semitic “Taw/tav”, meaning “sign, mark”:

tau -
nineteenth letter of the Greek alphabet, from Hebrew taw, last letter of the Hebrew alphabet, literally "sign, mark."

The suffix of “Tawhid/Tawheed” makes up part of the words “heden”, “heiden”, “hedrin” and “hethen”.  Heed/hid etymology pulls in some agreeable definitions to “heathen”: “syn-heiden, Sanhedrin, sinhed or “sin-hide”:

"hide (n.2) -
a measure of land (obsolete), Old English hid "hide of land," earlier higid, from hiw- "family," from or related to hiwan "household," hiwo "a husband, master of a household," from Proto-Germanic *hiwido-, from PIE *keiwo- (source also of Latin civis "citizen"), from PIE root *kei- (1) "to lie," also forming words for "bed, couch," and with a secondary sense of "beloved, dear."

Translated in Latin as familia."

The word “heed”, meaning to “shelter, cover” also related to “land/skin/hyde”:

heed (v.) -
Old English hedan "observe; to take care, attend, care for, protect, take charge of," from West Germanic *hodjan (source also of Old Saxon hodian, Old Frisian hoda, Middle Dutch and Dutch hoeden, Old High German huotan, German hüten "to guard, watch"), from PIE *kadh- "to shelter, cover"

hide (n.1) -
"skin of a large animal," Old English hyd "a hide, a skin," from Proto-Germanic *hudiz (source also of Old Norse huð, Old Frisian hed, Middle Dutch huut, Dutch huid, Old High German hut, German Haut "skin").

From PIE root *(s)keu- "to cover, conceal" (source also of Sanskrit kostha "enclosing wall," skunati "covers;" Armenian ciw "roof;" Latin cutis "skin," scutum "shield," ob-scurus "dark;" Greek kytos "a hollow, vessel,"

A “hollow vessel”.  Taw (ox, bull) + heed/hide = a skin, cover, conceal, hollow vessel . . . nothing inside . . . desolate.

Another article in the Millennium Report:

"Is The ‘Saudi’ Royal Family Jewish?

Why conceal it?

In the “Times of Israel” another article was published rather recently:

Exclusive: Prince Charles will convert to Judaism “within three years”The future king of England intends to convert to Judaism within the next three years. A Clarence House source confirmed today the Prince of Wales has secretly been meeting with a senior United Synagogue rabbi three times a week and has developed “a deep and lasting connection” with Judaism." – Source,

Michael Jackson and Princess Diana were fighting the same establishment.  Both “died” at the hands of “others”.

Muslims, Jews and the Brits (Including United States)

Michael Jackson’s handlers were Jewish.  His “wife” Debbie Rowe is “Jewish” and according to Talmud law makes the children Prince and Paris “Jewish”, regardless of who is actually their biological dad.

Michael’s Dermatologist and his long time Doctor who worked with the other handlers are both Jewish.  They were also both implicated in his forced drugging.  The father of his first accuser is Jewish (now deceased).  Michael wrote and recorded songs about what they were doing to him and his family, and he was accused of being “anti-Semitic”.

During and over the course of Michael’s trial the “Nation of Islam” replaced his usual body guards.  Son in law of Louis Farrakhan, Leonard Muhammed, was present during the meeting in January of 2004 with Modabber, Malnik, Branca and Koppelman – all Jewish.  We covered this on “Michael’s Gypsies, Liars and Thieves” in January of 2011.

A room full of Jewish accountants and lawyers and there sits the son in law of Nation of Islam founder Louis Farrakhan, Leonard Muhammed who oversaw the hiring of Michael’s “new” network of Bodyguards.

Muhammed sitting in the back, end of table.

Do those that may still read this from back in 2011 remember what that meeting was about, back in 2004, during the time they were trying to frame Michael Jackson for pedophilia?

The purpose of the meeting was to take over Michael’s half of the “Sony/ATV” catalog, which until 1995, was entirely Michael’s.

The “Catalog” is ownership of the copyright to a catalog of songs, which was at that time the third largest catalog of song copyrights.  It included many artists like the “Beatles”, “Elvis”, Sly and the Family Stone and many others.

Michael was interviewed about this song of Catalogs on a radio show of Jesse Jackson, where Michael said “There is a big fight, going on right now about that, as we speak” and “there is conspiracy, all around me”.  On an interview on “60 Minutes”, Michael also called it a “conspiracy”.

Jesse Jackson called it a “Book of songs”.  Michael called it “his publishing”.

The Lord gave the word: great was the company of those that published it.”

And the gospel must first be published among all nations.”

They want my catalog”, Michael said . . . his “Book”.

Why was THIS book of “publishing” so important?  What was Michael actually fighting to protect in it?

In the song “JAM” which was released on the “Dangerous” Album.  In the song “JAM” (Jesus and Michael, Jesus Aleph Michael, Jesus Abba Michael) Michael sings the lyrics “she pray to God to Buddha then she sings the Talmud song, confusions contradict the self do we know right from wrong.  I just want you to recognize me in the temple . . .”

The next song on the album is “Why You Wanna Trip On Me” . . . the “stumblingstone”.

Tawhid – The land, covering, skin, sin of the Ox/bull/calf.
Torah – The “Ox/bull/calf”.
Telfillin – A man-made, artificial hill, a “substitute”.
Kaaba/Kabbalah = The “foursquare” figure of a man: Revelation 21:16-17; Isaiah 44:13. That is, of the angel.

You will know him when he stands, in the place where he ought not, in the body of he who was taken out of the way so that evil is revealed.

There is a total solar eclipse that will divide the country on August 21, 2017.  The following month on September 23, 2017 the “Revelation 12” sign as they are calling it, will appear in the heavens.  This happens seven days before the “Day of Atonement”.

The drama playing out before you with the kings and merchants of the earth, and the presidents, are distracting you.

The “war” between the Jews and the Muslims is a “fraud”.  They worship and work together to construct their “messiah”, using a stolen “book of publishing”.  The “Tau” is the Mark of their deeds, which Jesus bore for you.

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