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Michael Jackson Justice: February 2018

God: Reconnect to Him

The Conspiracy against God is about "The Word", and the profaning of His Holy Name within us. Adam fell in the garden, breaking the direct connection to God. Jesus, the "last Adam" was a quickening Spirit, the Word made Flesh, and the only one with whom we can re-establish our relationship with God. Michael's story is still unfolding. He is the one who is, is not. But Jesus is the only name given under heaven by which we must be saved. Many are trying to rewrite HIStory. We were given a help to instruct us. Learn more "here".

Wednesday, February 28, 2018

A Tower of Evidence

American T∏auma
Blood of the Saints

Verily I say unto you, Whatsoever ye shall bind on earth shall be bound in heaven: and whatsoever ye shall loose on earth shall be loosed in heaven.

The last time I wrote to you, we talked about the “Book of the Law”, the “Publishing” of the “Word” in the books within us, and the victims of the government who knew about the “Aleph-Tau-Vav” catalog (ATV); Michael Jackson and the reason for the trial.

This example of “fake news” to distract has the same objective as “enter-tain-ment” (enter-hold/bind-mentally).  Entertainment is a mind-molder.  It is the brainchild of Edward Bernays and others who were involved in the founding of Tavistock directly after the World Wars in the end times.  There were others before him, one of them being Balaam.

The “letter of the law” is a cover for the “spirit of the law”, and they use their “knowledge of the law” for “transgression of the law”: “by the law is the knowledge of sin”.  Sin is transgression of the law”.

The “law of sin” written in our members is “at war” with “the law of God” after the inward man; the “law of our mind” (Romans 7:21-23). “Armageddon of the Brain”.

He whose “sanctuary of strength” was cast down and polluted in the prophecy of Daniel, was the “safe” for something very valuable to a very jealous adversary.  His “Publishing” was the target of a global, worldly government:  a book of “music” if you will.   Originally called in this world “The Northern Songs”, the “catalog” became part of the “ATVCatalog”.  Michael took possession of the “Book” around 1985.  In 1995 while still “married” (according to news) to Lisa Marie Presley and after Michael “partnered” with Sony, it became the “Sony/ATV” catalog and finally in 2016, the “Sony Catalog” given by the executors of his estate to Sony.

At the end of that discussion in January was this:

Just what “publishing” would be so all-mighty important that the government would construct fake news articles, tragedies, false allegations against celebrities (gazingstock – Hebrews 10:30-33) and a manufactured trial to keep people from finding out they wanted to take possession of it?

And at that time shall Michael stand up, the great prince which standeth for the children of thy people:  And there shall be a time of trouble, such as never was since there was a nation even to that same time: and at that time thy people shall be delivered, every one that shall be found written in the book.”

And I intreat thee also, true yokefellow, help those women who laboreth with me in the gospel, with Clement also, and with other my fellow laborers, whose names are in the book of life.

And all that dwell upon the earth shall worship him, whose names are not written in the book of life of the lamb slain from the foundation of the world.”

And I saw the dead, small and great, stand before God; and the books were opened: and another book was opened, which is the book of life: and the dead were judged out of those things which were written in the books, according to their works.”

And whosoever was not found written in the book of life was cast into the lake of fire.”

Twt/dec nikki

From “TOMMY”:

“The ‘fight’ over ‘the book of songs’, once titled ‘The Northern Songs’, then the ‘ATV Catalog’ (Alap, Tau, Vav/Waw), to the ‘Sony/ATV Catalog’ (Sony, Suzy, Susie).

What is it today?  Didn’t Tommy Mottola declare after Michael’s ‘death’ that he was ‘the gatekeeper’ to the Catalog?  (‘There are hidden gems in the unreleased songs . . . hidden gems – Ezekiel 28:12-16).  A quote from Mottola on this at 1:46:

So there could be a whole new life just from these songs alone.’  (The things you hear when you listen after ‘hearing comes from the Word’”.

On the article “TOMMY” we also found meat in the subject of the Kushner’s “family businesses”, including a health insurance company built around Obama care, a patient billing company and a digital pharmacy; and an RFID for healthcare and cell phone company under Nokia-once-called-Lucent Technologies in the Kushner-owned 666 Fifth Avenue building in New York.

Now let’s visit a slightly older subject.  It’s about a number.

Tommy” is a “colloquial” for “the devil”: the name’s meaning is “twin”.  The Arabic translation for Tommy is “Tau’am” (for twin).  Tau-am.  Tau.

We had found a link between the “Obama database” (NSA, Utah), “Obamacare” and the family “business” of the President of the United State’s son-in-law, Jared Kushner in the block above. 

Under the heading “Revealing the Wicked” on that article was this graphic concerning the Human Genome Project:

1990 – 2001 (9/11)

Do you see the dates?  The project ran eleven years, beginning in 1990, and ending in 2011.  Do you remember what happened in 2001?

September 11, 2001
An Announcement

And there shall be upon every high mountain, and upon every high hill, rivers and streams of waters in the day of the great slaughter, when the towers fall.” – Isaiah 30:25.

The Human Genome Project was actually “completed” in 2003; but the initial end to the recording and sequencing “rough draft” was announced by both U.S. President Bill Clinton and British Prime Minister Tony Blair together on June 26, 2000.  A working draft was completed in February of 2001.  The fall of the towers took place on September 11th of that year. 

Nine years after the “rough draft” of the sequencing was submitted, the owner of the Sony/ATV “Book” was murdered, or . . . not.

Oddly enough, the “Wiki-article” on this stated that the two major agencies working on and funding this Genome Project was the National Institute of Health (NIH), and the Department of Energy.

Department of Energy? (See “Cracking The Code” under heading “Trauma Gershwin”).  For I delight in the law of God, after the inward man: But I see another law in my members, warring against the law of my mind, and bringing me into captivity to the law of sin, which is in my members.” (Romans 7:22-23).

Here abandoned in my fame, Armageddon of the brain” – Michael Jackson, Stranger In Moscow Lyrics.

The merchants and kings of the earth deceived the nations with their “pharmakeia” (sorceries) – Acts 8:9-11, Revelation 18:23.  A “Mind is a terrible thing to waste”.

A Place to Lay His Head

Although Joseph was the brother who received the visions for which his brothers hated him, his father Jacob received the vision of the “ladder”.

Jacob was on his way to Padan Aram to take a bride from his mother’s brother Laban, the Syrian.  On his way there he set up a place to sleep, laying his head on a stone.  He dreamed of a ladder that went up from the earth to heaven, and saw the angels of God ascending and descending on it.

Jacob saw the Lord God stood above it, and God said to Jacob “I am the Lord God of Abraham your father and the God of Isaac; the land on which you lie I will give to you and your descendants.”

The Lord told Jacob that in him and in his seed shall all the families of the earth be blessed.  God then said to him, “I am with you and will keep you wherever you go” . . . then God said to him (take note) “and will bring you back to this land; for I will not leave you until I have done what I have spoken to you.” When Jacob awoke, he said this:

And Jacob awakened out of his sleep, and he said, surely the Lord is in this place; and I knew it not.   And he was afraid, and he said, How dreadful is this place!  This is none other than the house of God, and this is the gate of heaven.

And Jacob rose up early in the morning, and took the stone that he had put as his pillows, and set it up for a pillar, and poured oil upon the top of it.   And he called the name of that place Bethel: but the name of that city was called Luz at the first.

Bethel: Beit + El = House of God.
Bethlehem = House for the NAME of God.

There were a couple of meanings for “Luz” and “Laz”.  Etymonline did not have a separate meaning for “Luz”, but it appeared under “Laz”.

Luz/Laz – “of las, laz “noose, string, cord, tie”, French “net, noose, string, cord, tie, ribbon”.

String, cord, ribbon.  Luz in Spanish translated to English “Light”.

Luz is also mentioned in first chapter of Judges where Judah and Joseph took the cities including Jerusalem, “expelling” the sons of Anak.  Joseph went up against those in “Bethel”:

And the House of Joseph sent to descry Bethel.  (Now the name of the city before was Luz.)   And the spies saw a man come forth out of the city, and they said unto him, shew us, we pray thee, the entrance to the city, and we will shew thee mercy.

And when he shewed them the entrance into the city, they smote the city with the edge of the sword; but they let go the man and all his family.

Luz is connected to other cultures under different names: such as Shambhala in Tibetan Buddhism, the Aramaic “Kushta” (Cush) and later “Shangra-La”.  Luz is the name of a “place” in which “the angel of death has no permission to enter” and its citizens have the ability to “live forever”.  Wikipedia sources describe the Aramaic “Kushta” as their name for “truth”, and death only occurred to “he who told an untruth.”  This in the scriptures refers to those who “maketh a lie” in Revelation 21:26-27 and Revelation 22:14-15.

Jacob after awaking from his vision, also made a vowel in relation to the place he named Bethel, which was previously “Luz”.

And Jacob vowed a vow, saying, if God will be with me, and will keep me in this way that I go, and will give me bread to eat, and raiment to put on,   so that I come again to my father’s house in peace; then shall the Lord be my God.  

And this stone, which I have set for a pillar, shall be God’s house: and of all that thou shalt give me I will surely give the tenth unto thee.

Do you know what this stone is?  It is mentioned again in the blessings of Jacob’s son, Joseph:

Joseph is a fruitful bough, even a fruitful bough by a well; whose branches run over the wall:   The archers have sorely grieved him, and shot at him, and hated him:

But his bow abode in strength, and the arms of his hands were made strong by the hands of the mighty God of Jacob; (from thence is the shepherd, the stone of Israel:).

This “stone” is not engraved by Jacob, but by God.  After Jacob’s three “sevens” of laboring for his uncle Laban, Jacob was told to return to the land of his father and he feared Esau.  It was here that Jacob wrestled with an angel of the Lord, and asked him to “bless me” when the Lord named him “Israel”.  And he named that place “Peniel/Penuel” because he had “seen God face to face, and my life is preserved.

Jacob renamed the city of “Luz” (light/cord/string/ribbon) to “Bethel” (house of God) and said “This is the gate of heaven”.

In the place where Jacob then named “Israel” wrestled with God (which is where Jacob was), Jacob named “Peniel”, which Abarim Publications translates to “face of God” or (Penuel) “He turns to God”.  The “pen/pin/pine” prefix in the word serves words that evolved into “pine”, “pen/quill/feather”, “to rush/fly” and to “pin or pen in (gate) with the added “el”.

Every first begotten word from “Peniel” can be associated to the mind and it’s capabilities or it’s bondage.  And therein lies the objective of oppressors, the kings and merchants of the earth; and their “shutting up the kingdom of heaven against men”, by the knowledge given them from the adversary of God.

The Project

President Donald Trump is the son of Fredrick Christ Trump; and the nephew of John G. Trump.  John G. Trump was a physicist and electrical engineer.  In 1943, John G. was a member of the “British Branch of the Radiation Laboratory (BBRL).  As a member of this “team”, John G. confiscated and “analyzed” the piles of research of Nikola Tesla under the “Alien Property Custodian Office” in D.C.  It is important to note that Tesla was an American Citizen and as such this “seizure” was illegal.

John G. Trump was also credited with developing the “rotational radiation therapy” with Robert J. Van de Graff but moved into weaponized radiation and worked with the BBRL on the development of radar, magnetron and later became director of the BBRL.  He worked with military elite on navigational radar, precision bombing radar.  He could “create megavolt beams of ions and electrons – death rays”, said his then lab director.  Much of this was Tesla’s work, especially X-ray and electro-magnetic applications.

Donald Trump’s family connections are most certainly “in the club” of the elite (kings and merchants of the earth).  Now his daughter Ivanka is married into the Jewish Kushner family.  His Son-in-law, Jared Kushner, is owner of the most expensive real estate transaction in this country: 666 Fifth Avenue, New York, NY.  In that building, amongst other tenants is the “Nokia” branch of the “Lucent Technologies”: developer of the RFID technology for health care and cell phones.  (We covered this on (“TOMMY”).

Jared Kushner’s brother, Josh Kushner, has founded “Oscar” (a health insurance company built around Obamacare), “Capsule” (a patient billing company ), and “Cedar” (a digital pharmacy).

There were reports shortly after people began picking up on this conflict of interest that “Oscar” was losing money, but it doesn’t matter.  Companies “bit the dust” and resurrect under new names all the time.  Just as “Obamacare” will never be voted out: only shuffled a bit and called something else.  This is why:

Susie’s Got Your Number

You remember the healthcare bill introduced by Republican Virginia Foxx which we first published knowledge of on “The Vault”.   It is H.R. bill 1313.  It is not yet law, but I’ve been following it through committees on since last year.

H.R. Bill 1313 and Project13 are connected, but not yet “law”.   The Project13 web page is an innocuous-appearing presentation of new age jabber until you click on the “executive order” tab which pulls up a template of an executive order for “governors” of states.  God led me to this while digging into the OPPT, which I first investigated back in 2013 (no kidding!):  Interestingly enough a “prophecy” from Revelation 13, Project13 and H.R. 1313 are connected.

H.R. 1313 is not being covered in the media/press . . . AT ALL.   This is proof that there are no plans to eliminate the intrusive, compulsory “Obamacare”.  We are all distracted with FISO memos and Clinton vs. Trump Russian collusion.  The Kushners and the “fake news” stories will keep you sufficiently occupied unless enough people begin reporting on these things.  H.R. 1313, the Kushner family “business”, Obamacare, the Obama-database, RFID for healthcare, and “Project13” have been in planning for a couple of decades now: since at least the inauguration of the Human Genome Project.

H.R. 1313 is not yet “law” but it is already out of committee.  The company my husband works for already implements it.  Proctor and Gamble already implements it.  Most international employers implement this program and have “voluntarily” for a few years now.  It is named under various “Workplace Wellness Incentive” program names.  The incredible increase of health premium costs to subscribers is “returned” in the form of “rewards” for complying to “register” your DNA through workplace “health screenings”. 

The wording and use of “incentives” is right in the template of the “Project13” Executive Order template. Executive Order Template

 Consider the article “TOMMY” and the businesses the family of the President’s son in law (the Kushners) are involved in; Donald Trump’s “Jerusalem” Capital declaration and the U.S. running roughshod over most of the Middle East and Africa fighting “terroritsts organizations” that their policies and agencies financed and constructed.

For those that do not know what this “H.R. 1313” bill is, and what it is being wrought by it, the summary is below:

Summary of the Bill:
"Preserving Employee Wellness Programs Act

This bill exempts workplace wellness programs from: (1) limitations under the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 on medical examinations and inquiries of employees, (2) the prohibition on collecting genetic information in connection with issuing health insurance, and (3) limitations under the Genetic Information Nondiscrimination Act of 2008 on collecting the genetic information of employees or family members of employees. This exemption applies to workplace wellness programs that comply with limits on rewards for employees participating in the program.

Workplace wellness programs may provide for more favorable treatment of individuals with adverse health factors, such as a disability.

Collection of information about a disease or disorder of a family member as part of a workplace wellness program is not an unlawful acquisition of genetic information about another family member." - Source,

Think about this:  Why would the government not only allow, but MANDATE that employers and their wellness programs be EXEMPT from limitations on inquiring, compelling, and collecting genetic information about workers AND the workers families as a condition of being covered under their insurance plans . . . especially since thanks to Obamacare legislation it is now COMPULSORY to have insurance or be fined (taxed) for NOT having it?

They don’t care about your health.  If they did, they would stop screwing around with the genetics of the things you eat, as it was commanded in the Bible!

If they cared about your health they would not be hoarding and shutting away natural, pure seeds of the “herbs and seed bearing fruit” (Genesis 1:29), in some frozen, island wasteland in Norway.

If they cared about your health, they would not allow pharmaceutical companies to charge the highest price anywhere in the world for medicines and medical equipment.  And if they cared about your health, they would not be shutting down holistic practices and natural healing doctors (holistic = see whole and Holy).

They have outlawed nutrients our bodies need to produce the proteins our DNA needs to instruct our cells on who the enemy is and isn’t in our bodies.  ALL autoimmune disease is man-effected; and all viruses are man-made.

“Autoimmune disease” is the natural consequence of the “transgression” of the law written within you.

The “book of the law” is written IN YOUR DNA.  They know it and have known it since the time Jacob pilled his first strake to “weaken” his uncle’s herds and strengthen his own herds.  Do you understand what this story is telling you?  Read Genesis 30:37-43.  Who are the “cattle”?

What did David say in Psalms 22:12-16 and 106:19-20?

What did Solomon put in the “temple” recorded in 2 Kings 16:17 and Jeremiah 52:20?

What did Nebuchadnezzar live as, while seven times passed over him in Daniel 4?

What was the “truth of God” changed into in Romans 1:25?

You are the temple.  The plagues of the law are within you.

So is the “blessing” – Deuteronomy 23:5 and 30:1.

Who is the “remission” of the plagues (the curse) of the law?

For this is my blood of the New Testament, which is shed for many for the remission of sins.

What does “remission” mean to those who are sick.  Also this:

When the scribes and the Pharisees saw him eat with publicans and sinners, they said unto his disciples, How is it that he eateth and drinketh with publicans and sinners?   When Jesus heard it, he saith unto them, They that are whole have no need of the physician, but they that are sick:  I came not to call the righteous, but sinners to repentance.” – Mark 2:16-17

Take note that Republican congresswoman Virginia Foxx introduced the H.R. 1313 bill not more than five months after Donald Trump took office.  Four other Republican congress members were sponsors of the bill.

In the text of the “actions” of the bill, it says this:

"(3) in enacting the Patient Protection and Affordable Care
Act (Public Law 111-148), Congress intended that employers
would be permitted to implement health promotion and prevention programs that provide incentives, rewards, rebates, surcharges, penalties, or other inducements related to wellness programs, including rewards of up to 50 percent off of insurance premiums for employees participating in programs designed to encourage healthier lifestyle choices;"

The H.R. 1313 bill is specifically written for “Obamacare”, as is the Kushner’s positioning their “Obamacare” medical companies, pharmacies and patient billing companies, RFID for healthcare and cell phones, in Building address “666 Fifth Avenue, New York”.

A couple of articles behind us, I had included a “tweet” of a news item featuring former Governor of South Carolina, Nikki Haley, railing against U.N. countries that said they would vote against the U.S. recognizing Jerusalem as the capital of the State of Israel.  She said:

“The U.S. will be taking names”

H.R. 1313 is written around Obamacare.  Donald Trump is not going to dismantle this “beast”.  In fact his family, and his inlaws are going to profit enormously from it.  Obamacare is the umbilical through which the mechanism of this “beast” will be fed, until it is “born” (revealed to the people).

H.R. 1313 will “seal the deal”.  It will make “health screening” and DNA collection compulsory through “Project13” through “ICLEI” (Local government’s Agenda 21 or “Sustainable Governance”.  Obamacare, H.R. 1313 and Project13 will in part fulfill Revelation 13 (also Daniel 9) in the “number of the beast”, and Leviticus 13’s “plagues” in the “walls” of the “house” (DNA).   

This culminates the revelations the Lord showed us in 2013.

Michael Jackson put out a film that was never “finished”.  It was to be a ‘teaser’, but as with a number of his projects, he was never allowed to complete it.  And that may just as well be, because some of us got the message anyway:

History Teaser
World Leader, Red Army

Amongst the more obvious of the symbolism in this short film, is Michael’s uniform.

On his shoulder he wears a roped cord with a “plumbline”, alluding to the plumbline of Zerubbabel.  On that same arm (his left) is an arm band with the numbers “777”.

In Revelation 13, the number “666” or “six hundred, threescore and six” is given as the sum of the number of the beast.

The numbers “777” have the form of the “vav” in the Hebrew language, which represents the number “6” (six). 

Hebrew Vav/Waw – Sixth letter in the Alphabet
Gematrian Value of 6 

The numbers “777” appear in various combinations throughout the Bible, but appear in threes together in the story of Jacob and the years he worked for his uncle Laban in Genesis 29 and 30:  Seven years for Leah, Seven years for Rachel, and seven more years for substance.

The numbers 1313 (H.R. 1313) added together equal 8.  The numbers 777 added to each other equal 21 (Agenda 21).

The numbers 666 added to each other equal “18” (2018).

There was another dream about the number “eight”.  I found it in a grid.

 Drawing Blood and “Taking The Name”

We also shared another news posting quoting U.S. Ambassador Nikki Haley, this time launched at the Palestinian Authority:

"U.S. Ambassador to the U.N. Nikki Haley launched a broadside Thursday at Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas, accusing him of indulging in “outrageous” conspiracy theories about Israel and lacking what is needed to secure peace in the region." - Source,

The screen shot of the posting is below.  The quoted response by the Palestinian Authority President:

“A believer shall not be stung twice in the same place” – NYTimes quoting Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas.  She accused him of “outrageous conspiracy theories” about Israel being a “colonization of  Palestine” by northern “Europeans and Russians.”

Perhaps “apartheid state” would be a better description?

Did anyone take note of  the Palestinian Authority President’s his last name?

And they took their journey from Elim, and all the congregation of the children of Israel came unto the wilderness of Sin, which is between Elim and Sinai, on the fifteenth day of the second month after their departing out of the land of Egypt."

The wilderness of Sin:  This is the journey during which we got lost along the way.  We will be here until the Lord restores all things, but at least you know where you are, and where you are going.

In the book of Daniel is a story about three of Daniel’s friends, Hananiah, Mishael and Azariah.  These three did Nebuchadnezzar rename Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego.

Nebuchadnezzar in chapter 3 of Daniel, made an image of gold whose measurements were threescore cubits in height and six cubits in breadth.

These three refused to worship the image, and were threatened with the decree in which Nebuchadnezzar had set: 

“To you it is commanded, O people, nations, and languages,   that at what time ye hear the sound of the cornet, flute, harp, sackbut, psaltery, dulcimer, and all kinds of musick, ye fall down and worship the golden image that Nebuchadnezzar the king hath set up:”

American Idol

Of course, they abstained from worshipping the image, so the king’s  servants brought this to his attention; and the three friends of Daniel were called out and challenged.

The three friends answered to the king and said if it be God’s will, He is able to deliver them from the fiery furnace, “but if not let it be known that we will not serve your gods or worship your image.”

In his indignation, King Nebuchadnezzar ordered the fire to be heated to seven times than it can be heated.  The three were bound in their coats and garments and cast into the furnace.  So hot was the fire that the men who carried them to the furnace were overcome with the heat and died.

The three friends fell down into the fiery furnace, but when Nebuchadnezzar stood to look down, there he saw not three but four men, loose, walking around in the flames.

Nebuchadnezzar ordered them brought forth and they found no powder or singed hair or an article of clothing even smelling of smoke.  What moved Nebuchadnezzar was two-fold:  Not only did he witness the angel of God with the three men, saving them, but their trust and faith in their God.

There is a man I knew, but never met.  I only knew his soul because of The Word.  He was a man who suffered many things; and endured many sorrows.

He was among us, and he gifted us with his music.  He feared, he had doubts, he was stalked and persecuted.

The dogs encompassed him, and the bulls surrounded him, but he trusted God.

His soul was not upright in him, but the just shall live by his faith.

There, in his house was placed a seed; and those that sought it for themselves could not find it.  But he offered his sanctuary and was taken up from his house because he trusted God; and the thieves will do with it as they will until the day of consummation.

"Fear them not therefore: for there is nothing covered, that shall not be revealed; and hid, that shall not be known.   What I tell you in darkness, that speak ye in light: and what ye hear in the ear, that preach ye upon the housetops.

And fear not them which kill the body, but are not able to kill the soul: but rather fear him which is able to destroy both soul and body in hell."