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Michael Jackson Justice: LIE LA LIE PART III

God: Reconnect to Him

The Conspiracy against God is about "The Word", and the profaning of His Holy Name within us. Adam fell in the garden, breaking the direct connection to God. Jesus, the "last Adam" was a quickening Spirit, the Word made Flesh, and the only one with whom we can re-establish our relationship with God. Michael's story is still unfolding. He is the one who is, is not. But Jesus is the only name given under heaven by which we must be saved. Many are trying to rewrite HIStory. We were given a help to instruct us. Learn more "here".


The Army Ants Recruit for
Michael’s “Army of Love-less”

Click here if you have not seen Lie La Lie PartII.  In part two, we closed with Dewey & Leboeuf Law firm’s chapter eleven and the fact that they are listed as consultants on the EMI-Sony/ATV deal.

The Bloggers

Randy Jackson twittered back in late 2010 that he was aware that the estate executors had “bloggers” working for them when he was questioned about his comment on “others” reading those tweets.

It’s not just Branca that has the bloggers.  Sony Corp. has them too.  I covered that on the “Slippery Slope, Sony’s Rope” blog back in September of 2010.  Corporations have hired bloggers to covertly “be” cyber trolls on forums and to blog “reviews” since marketing hit the internet.  Sony however is one of those companies that got in trouble advertising reviews on a bad product.

Also back in August through October of 2010, we discovered that both Taraborrelli and Charles Thomson worked for Sony.  Blogged here, and here (be careful, this is before I knew I could moderate comments and some of the replies are brutal, but you will see some of our old “friends” there who were exposed later).

The initial blog that got me ostracized from some of the fan base was this one:

- Michael Jackson and Randy Taraborrelli – Best Friends Money Can Buy”, where I stated:

"More curious is Taraborrelli’s friendship with Charles Thompson of the “CharlesTompson” blog. What in the world would Thompson have in common with Taraborrelli?

Is it conceivable that Sony could have financed “Michael Jackson – The Magic and the Madness”? It is an intriguing possibility. There is also a blog called the “Lowlynewshound”. He makes reference to his “source inside Sony”, especially in reference to the O2 Concerts. It could mean nothing, but it’s not a friendly blog by any stretch of the imagination. And anyone seeking information about Michael from a Sony source can’t possibly be interested in nonpartisan information."

Then this one as a follow up – “Sony and the Press

The exposure of TINI (This is NOT It) – “This is NOT It and Never Was”  Where we also learned that This is It was indeed edited not by AEG, but by SONY after they purchased all rights to the footage they bought from AEG.  Does anyone see Kenny Ortega’s name on the credits for FILM editing?

Don Brochu
Brandon Key
Tim Patterson
Kevin Stitt

Three of the above people have edited for other Sony pictures or acted in one.  The other one is a former Warner Bros. film editor.  Jermaine mentioned in his interview with Piers Morgan about the “edit before the edit” of This is It.  I thought that was rather telling phraseology.

In August 2009, a judge approved a deal between Jackson's estate, concert promoter AEG Live, and Sony Pictures. The agreement allowed Sony to edit the hundreds of hours of rehearsal footage needed to create the film. Sony subsequently paid $60 million for the film rights." – Source, Wiki/ThisIsIt

I was blasted by Qbees and someone calling themselves “Dee” and Nikki asking me “can you prove Sony did the film editing”?  Which of course, we did with the above articles.

The Exposure of Sam DeGosson & Karen Faye – “Michael Jackson Meet Ganesha Om”  I had a website at one time with all their pictures on it.  I still have copies of all the pictures but I have not had time to replace them with the now faulty links.  They consisted of Degosson’s photos of her “mourning” in front of a building that was supposed to be the hospital with NO PEOPLE around.  No crowds and no news cameras.  It was staged.

Part of that blog below I stated:

"She came back with the first picture in question and was firm about her conclusions. If she had not been, I would not have posted the results. I had no reason to try to debunk Samantha DeGosson, she had never attacked me. I had my opinion, she had hers.

Next thing that happened was a flurry of emails and private messages telling me that Sam shut down her facebook page. Then an email from a “Dee” that demanded I prove what I had already proven with evidence that was now taken down by the guilty party (sound familiar, Charles?). She gave me this long dissertation about how camera’s and digital investigations work, believing I would be intimidated into believing that one needs to know make, model, serial number and digital signature of a camera to see mistakes in a photo-shopped photo. That was interesting but I didn’t bite. I did however, send the two other photos out that someone sent me and was given the same conclusion, which Ms. DeGosson denies that I did.

Then pages on TINI went down. I have to date had three people tell me that TINI had technical difficulties for the last couple of days and that is why they are down. Well, for what they are PAYING this web host (they are probably moving everything now), I would think they would get better service. Here is the info I was sent on TINI:

“This is Not It” is (or was, they could be moving now) registered with an expensive web hosting company in Culver City that also runs Sony’s systems. " - Source, "Technical Difficulties Short Circuit the System"

This is where we learned that TINI’s website was hosted on Sony’s servers.  The “technical difficulties” were because they shut the site down to move it to “other” servers.

Those of you who are new to this blog weren’t here to see the threats we got here.  From the same blog just above, I had posted copies of the threats I had gotten, after I posted this:

"Media temple is a very expensive high end super professional web hosting site. They work with Sony, ABC, Starbucks, Toyota,NBC Universal, Warner Brothers, Loreal and more. Not exactly budget friendly especially compared too other domain servers....

Are any of THOSE COMPANIES having technical difficulty?

I have been threatened, I have had my family brought into this, and I have been told that I am “destroying years of work”.

Years? Did somebody slip up?

They were there from the beginning? "

This was a copy of an email with headers on that same link above, sent to me by Yazmeen Carmen or  . . . Muzikfactory2

"AEG has MORE blood on its hands than Sony does. There are not many blogs that covers Michael's murder and conspiracy behind it. A lot of people look upto your blog. You can use your blog to inform....or misinform people.

You, lately, have been bordering misinformation.

This undermines work done by others

P.S. Anything you post that will undermine our work will be called out!
Not that you need anyone testifying you officially went CRAZY! "

So understand what the purpose of their “fights”, their “stalking” of the Jackson family and AEG people, their “civil unrest” online with their cyber-rumbles with each other.  Because even though they were distracting attention away from Sony, Sony is not even the REAL main attraction here.  It is what Sony is DOING that they want to hide.  So let’s look at some of these blogs:


These are the writers of Vindicate MJ

Helena, RUSSIA, the administrator of the blog, is writing as Vindicatemj  
The authors include:

Sanemjfan, USA who is writing as Sanemjfan – This used to be David Edwards but now on the front page of the site “Helena” boasts that she got rid of Edwards.  So the possibility exists that “Edwards” is either an “alter” of Edwards, or another completely different person.
Lynette, USA is writing as Lynande51                                                                                 
Deborah Ffrench, UK is writing under her own name

Other “join ins” –

Lisa, USA, will write as lisathelawyer                                                                               
Olga, GREECE, will write as thetis7                                                                                      
Sara William, USA, will write as sara101mj                                                                   
Loulou, SWEDEN, will write as markoftheancients                                                 
Rockforeveron, UK, will write as Lacienegasmiles                                                 
Mona, ROMANIA, will write as Mona   

Below is just a link  to one of my comments (if it still exists and she hasn’t deleted it).  After the Edwards tirade against Deborah Kunesh I thought I would visit and try to “needle” a bit.

Yeah, I know the blog is called “Vindicatemj” but they need the change their name.  They are still churning the propaganda machine to paint John Branca as some savior to Michael while most INTELLIGENT fans are of the opinion that Branca was instrumental in screwing Michael and his finances to the wall. 

Unless John Branca is extremely incompetent how do you explain the huge losses Michael sustained while Branca was his lawyer, as compared to the very little time anyone else had access to his business?  And now we’re supposed to believe that Branca suddenly found a way to pour money into Michael’s estate within two years when he couldn’t do it for the 30 years he supposedly worked for Michael???

But Vindicate MJ is not the only blogger defending Branca.  Even though they are all working for the same goal, they sometimes SEEM to fall out of formation.  Taaj Malik will hold a “demonstration” against the Estate Exectuors, Muzikfactory will LOOK LIKE she is questioning Branca but she’s too busy attacking one Jackson family member or another trying to convince the fan base that strangers now benefitting from Michael’s estate money somehow care more about Michael then his family ever did.

Other members of the Gang:

One person recently tried to send me two bad links via email two days in a row.  I sent the first one back to her. She sent me a different one the next day.  When I wrote her back to stop sending me the links or I would keep replying, she replied back to me that someone hacked her email.  Yeah . . . Bain,Raymone claimed the same thing last year.  And funny, but Mary’s email address also sent me a bad link about a month ago!

Why would this “hacker” only send the bad links to emails affiliated with only her in the forwards?  Because she KNEW the links were bad and therefore would not open them herself?

So I checked out the other emails on the forwards.  Oh boy!  I think these people would know who I was – the ones that are NOT Brookins are MJ Sony-plants/affiliates.

On the forwards were these email addresses:


Mary Brookins  (This is “Darkchild” on Forums, blog comments and Twitter.  She reveals this on her facebook page.  She stopped posting/attacking on Michael’s Guardian back in early 2011) .  She’s also associated with “megaheart4mj”  Her facebook page -  She is friends with Karen Moriarty (another MJ author whom I’ve quoted here) and Catherine Gross, David Edwards, Sandy Lee Scott, etc…

Brookins is listed under “Merder Classics” on -

She is named as one of the “cyber-trolls” on this forum:

ON this forum, VindicateMJ and the “Russian Lady” that tried to convince me she didn’t know David Edwards has this complaint as well (she doesn’t live in Russia either.  I know who she is -

Mary Brookins is also tied in with Catherine Gross, who is tied in with Justice4MJ, Erin Jacobs, Seven Bowie and Taaj Malik (blog talk radio show in 2011)

Mary joined a cause. I am reposting what Catherine Gross posted. I second it. Well said Catherine. I can't post anything better than this.

These people are also connected to Lynton Guest and William Wagener:

She, Lynton and Deborah Kunesh, QueenB/DonnaB and Karla Jorge are all bully-buddies on Twitter – all cybertrolls with multiple personalities – I mean identities.  All paid by the Michael Jackson Estate/Sony partnership.  Lynton looks like someone who probably worked for Sandusky at one time.  He’s quite a slimey character but we’ll get to him later.

Brookins is also affiliated with VM 3D radio and Shawn Henning, (author of other people’s writings, my poems are in his book that he profited from.  I should sue him but I can’t.  I signed a release.), AlessandraMJs if you’ve seen her online/facebook. (Lots of names here)

Who referred you to ViM Radio? (Name Please)
Angelina of "
Your Website or Radio show link

The same is connected to our illustrious court-employee/reformed Michael advocate Larry Nimmer , who loves to show pictures of his sons, naked, posed with a flag pole up their butts on FACEBOOK of all places – It was NOT cute and the child was NOT smiling!  I had asked him at one time to please think about the implications considering the person he’s SUPPOSED to be defending, It REALLY made me angry!  I Hope he took that down before David Geffen saw it.

I will not post the picture, but he has not taken it down – Larry Nimmer’s Children.  He says his children STAGED the photo.  Who was behind the camera???  And why would he post this on Facebook when parents have gotten arrested and had their children taken away for a lot less?   Anyone putting a picture up like that of their children in such a suggestive pose, bare-butt in THIS day an age?  With pedo’s crawling all across the internet? – He ought to have his HEAD EXAMINED!

No telling how they got Nimmer to consort with the likes of Taaj Malik and the Jackson family haters!  Nimmer was also was reprimanded by Colony Capital for taking pictures inside of Neverland and posting them on facebook when he was graciously invited in.  Just like Karen Faye and her pictures of Michael’s crypt.

If you go through Nimmer’s pictures you will notice that he also belongs to a certain religion that seems to condone and champion this kind of thing.

Brookins and the ones mentioned above are also responsible for taking William Wagener’s “donation” page international.  A list of all the poor donors are here.  


All business they drive to the estate, all “marketing” they do of Sony products, all proceeds from fake charities, children’s hospitals, sunflowers, ROSES – all of it shared with the estate and percentages paid for marketing.  It’s called “Affiliate Marketing”.  Most major corporations pay affiliate marketers a percentage of what they sell or business they drive to their sites.

I used to ADVERITISE and sell sales leads to affiliate marketers back in the early 2000’s.  I set up separate ADVERTISING accounts to track which ads pulled better from which sites.

AFFILIATE PROGRAMS paid a percentage of each product you sold.  This is how these people make their money.  Pay Pal accounts can be tracked, folks.  If you have purchased or donated ANYTHING to do with Michael Jackson check your PayPal receipts/accounts and watch where the payment ACTUALLY GOES.  This is how they link up.  The documentary is the very same one Samantha Degosson and William Wagener is TRYING to work on.  It is the SAME DOCUMENTARY I OUTED ALMOST TWO YEARS AGO through phone calls from Raymone Bain, Stephanie Wilburn, Stacy and the other fellow that called me to take part in this documentary., - Sandy – that’s THIS person:

Michelline’s paypal reveals payments for Sunflowers went to Sandy at  This payment forwarded to

We suspected that Sandy could have been SandyK, who along with her then “twin” June used to post on this blog but I am not positive on that.  I just know that SandyK is a frequent contributor to Justice4some and “recommends” these blogs/sites (most of which are ex-TINI or Erin Jacobs affiliated) on the May 2011 entry on one of HER four blogs:

"Aphrodite Jones: Michael Jackson Conspiracy"
"Dancing With The Elephant"
"The Diary of a Fledgling Reporter"
"Filthy Tabloid Trash"
"From Atop The Branches of the Giving Tree..."
"im4mj - Qbee"
"Inner Michael - Rev. B. Kaufmann"
"Michael Jackson: And Justice for Some"
"The Michael Jackson Community Fan club"
"The Michael Jackson Community on Twitter"
"Michael Jackson: Truth versus Lies"
"MJJ Timeline"
"A Place In Your Heart"
"Positively Michael!"
"Reflections On The Dance"
"Silenced Truth"
"Trials & Tribulations"
"Vindicating Michael"
"Vindicating Michael-Deborah Ffrench's page"
"Joseph Vogel"
"Joseph Vogel: Interview about MJ"

The above is like a who’s-who of the Sony/Estate friendly/anti-Jackson family bloggers.  Sandy’s avatar on her blog I.D. for blogger is interesting . . . a psychedelic pair of Butterfly wings.  Monarch Traning?, Is also Mary Brookins.  She acquired her “nursing” education through JobCorp.  A nice, government indoctrination program.  But I shouldn’t complain.  At least she HAS a job. We’re just not sure which “job” is the front.  She’s also used to be an an RN who worked at Singing River Hospital Systems.  She’s close to the phony “Rev. Catherine Gross”, who’s religion is “Gold Pants” and the “Golden Calf”.

She has two blogs listed on her Linkedin page.  “Cadeflaw” (she’s a contributor and an administrator) and “lovemeansactionformichaeljackson” – how original.

As a previous graduate of JOB CORPS and a previous RN, what is Mary’s qualifications to be discussing law on a law website? – Cadeflaw and “Sprocket” were both set up with plants to cover “entertainment” law and trademark law, specifically – Michael Jackson.

The “Kingdom Konnection Ministries” is listed as being in business since 1998 in Houston Texas, on this link.  However a search for Houston Texas non profit organizations by this name only pulled up various social network site listings and no press on them.  Interesting at this “Sec. of State” referenced listing, all the directors are named.  Those names are : John W. Riley – Director and Prez., Mary J. Brookins – Director and Treasurer, Melverna L. Tolbert – secretary and director, Steven Tolbert – Vice president and director, Clara M. Edwards – Director, and Emma L. Jones – Director (Hmmmm, I guess no peons in this organization, they’re all directors LOL!  Too many chiefs?) – This is me.  I was halfway down in the email forward list and the target of the bad link., - This is also a Mary Brookin’s address in which she set up the Anti-Defamation League petition for a “Defamation Legacy Law”.  In a posting on this page, I found this, which also revealed that she is one of the “Cadeflaw” website administrators (the only “degree” she has is in nursing, NOT law.  Another obvious plant.)

Dear Yomi,
Pardon me for taking so long to respond to your reply. I just had the opportunity to return to this email account. Please feel free to send me messages, at your leisure, to this account: I check this account on a daily basis for messages concerning this project. When I registered with the “Smiley & West Speak Out” site the gmail account is what I was using at the time."

She has a youtube account, and she also has a buy/sell account -  She lives in Palmyra, Virginia.

Iowa City, IA NP/PA hospitalist – another Nurse – (practitioner).

She also back in 2006 was selling Viagra over the internet
2701  Hot'n'new Rock hard manhood, multiple explosions and several times Stacy
Stacy.Fountain@...           Jul 7, 2006
So if you wanted to know who those people were that were spamming your social forums or emails with Viagra adds, there’s one!

Stacy Fountain and Sandy (Sandy Lee Scott “Sunflowers for Michael”) are friends., - This person is on a list of Marketing Leads - .  Other than that unless he’s on Twitter, I don’t know him. – no info, probably another identity for Brookins.

A message to Sandy from Stacy on an obituary page

“Sent by:Stacy Fountain (
On: October 19th, 2011 at 5:03pm

Sandy, I am so sorry to hear about your loss. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family... Stacy” -

Even though they want you to believe this is about Michael’s catalog, it isn’t.  I’ve said that all along.

Michael had dozens, TENS of dozens of stalkers, handlers, watchdogs, infiltrators, distracters, thieves and liars installed around him, around the clock, 24/7.  They crossed borders, industries and professions.

Michael tormentors were not just from Sony, or Mottola, or even just John Branca.  Branca only controls Michael’s “image” now.  So it stands to reason why Branca would sell out Michael’s image to people like Sony, and David Geffen, and The Baphomet Show (Cirque du Solei), virtual reality games and other rather soulless endeavors.

But the time has come now where the vermin that have been crawling all over Michael when he was still able to hold them back, are now beginning to coagulate over his crypt. 

They have a purpose to all this.  Every contributor to Michael’s misery wants your attention, your money and your undying affection for Michael Jackson.

And here is the plan –

Please Click Here