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God: Reconnect to Him

The Conspiracy against God is about "The Word", and the profaning of His Holy Name within us. Adam fell in the garden, breaking the direct connection to God. Jesus, the "last Adam" was a quickening Spirit, the Word made Flesh, and the only one with whom we can re-establish our relationship with God. Michael's story is still unfolding. He is the one who is, is not. But Jesus is the only name given under heaven by which we must be saved. Many are trying to rewrite HIStory. We were given a help to instruct us. Learn more "here".


The Second Coming
Lie La Lie Part 4
Their Plans With Michael

And I stood upon the sand of the sea, and saw a beast rise up out of the sea, having seven heads and ten horns, and upon his horns ten crowns, and upon his heads the name of blasphemy

Part three is here if you missed it – Click Here

The plan?  It’s been the plan all along – since the beginning of time.  To corrupt.  Corrupt Michael’s image, corrupt his message in his music, corrupt the music itself (Michael album! Hello!)

They could not do what they are doing if Michael were still here.  They didn’t attempt this in 2008, they didn’t care about him in 2007, 2006, 2005, 2004.  Where was John Branca’s incredible interest then?  Where was Sony’s?  Where was Geffen’s?  Where was Gest’s?  Where was Weitzman’s?  Where was Quincy’s?  Klein’s?  Cascio’s?  Any of them?

Back in June of 2005, Joe Jackson had this to say about “the bunch”:

"In Berlin Thursday, Joseph Jackson told reporters that Michael is afraid to be seen in public in the United States, where death threats have been received. He said his son wore a bullet-proof vest when he emerged from court in California last month.
"There are a lot of folks who don't want Michael to ever see the light of day again," his father said." – Source, you, Meesh!)

Does anyone think it is ironic, just a little bit, that all the “business” the estate executors are doing was blocked by these same lawyers and accountants back when MICHAEL wanted to do it?

Everything they are doing (with the exception of Cirque shows) is what Michael and Prince Al Waleed announced they wanted to do back in 1996 at a press conference.  But they weren’t ready for their “unity” yet.  They wanted people brought together for the “other” god, not the one Michael worshiped.

Take a look at what is going on with Michael’s products now:

- Michael Jackson “Bad 25”
- Michael Jackson official Store (hope Karen Faye isn’t running THIS website!)
- “Immortal” World Tour (Cirque du Solei Baphomet show)
- Michael Jackson’s Vision (all his musical films)
- Michael Jackson the Experience (computer dance game)
- Planet Michael (virtual reality game)
- The Michael Album (sucked)
- This is It (sucked after Sony got a hold of it.  AEG News release more entertaining).

Doing my research back in 2010, there were TWO SETS of businesses set up.  One Michael Jackson reorganization was done allegedly by Raymone Bain. These are the businesses that Branca allegedly has control of now:

Name: MJJ Legacy LLC
Profile: Management (Newly established, exact profile still unknown, accounting firm: Holthouse, Carlin & Van Trigt LLP, legal firm: Dewey & LeBoeuf LLP)
Established: 9-22-2008
Status: Active

Name: MJJ Productions LLC and Inc.
Profile: Management (Old company, re-activated for copyright reasons)
Established: Re-activated on 07-31-2008 (10-30-1979)
Status: Active

Name: Michael Jackson Co. LLC
Profile: Management (Established in the "Raymone Bain era", it's future is still unknown)
Established: 06-13-2006
Status: Active


Name: MJJ Kingdom LLC
Profile: Music production (Newly established, exact profile still unknown, headed by Peter M. Lopez from Kleinberg Lopez Lange Cuddy Edel & Klein LLP, legal firm: Robin C. Gilden from Reish Luftman Reicher & Cohen LLP)
Established: 08-08-2008
Status: Active

Name: MJJ Music Inc. (Joint venture with Sony)
Profile: Music label
Established: 17-09-1997
Status: Active

Name: MJJ Records LLC
Profile: Music label
Established: 08-15-1997
Status: Cancelled on 04-26-2002


Name: MJJ Ventures Inc.
Profile: Video production (Old company, re-activated for copyright reasons)
Established: 2-26-1991
Status: Active


Name: MJ Licensing LLC
Profile: Licensing
Established: 10-10-2003 (Re-activated on 04-18-2007)
Status: Active

Name: Triumph International Inc.
Profile: Licensing
Established: 07-19-1982
Status: Cancelled on 03-01-2003 – This is now reactivated with Branca as CEO.


Name: MiJac Music Inc. (under Waner-Tamerlane Publishing)
Profile: Publishing
Established: 1979
Status: Active – (Sony reportedly controls this now)

Name: Sony ATV Music Publishing LLC
Profile: Publishing
Established: 11-02-1995
Status: Active – (Owned by New Horizon Trust)

Name: MJ ATV Publishing Trust (Jackson's 50% stake in Sony ATV Music Publishing LLC)
Profile: Publishing
Established: 02-09-1999
Status: Active

Name: MJ Publishing LLC (Jackson's 100% stake in Mijac Music Inc.)
Profile: Publishing
Established: 11-30-1998
Status: Inactive – (Now MiJac Music Inc.)

Name: New Horizon Trust
Profile: Publishing
Established: 02-10-2006
Status: Active

Name: New Horizon Trust II.
Profile: Publishing
Established: 11-09-2007
Status: Active

Name: New Horizon Trust III.
Profile: Publishing
Established: 11-13-2007
Status: Active

Name: Sony MJ Music Publishing LLC
Profile: Publishing
Established: 11-02-1995
Status: Active

Name: MJ Sony Music Trust
Profile: Publishing
Established: 1995
Status: Cancelled on 05-31-2006


Name: Sycamore Valley Ranch Company LLC
Profile: Properties
Established: 07-15-2008
Status: Active

SeeGlobalEntertainment – Building “Planet Michael” virtual reality game.  Look at the themes.  Some of the other games they are developing -

A review of the Sony/ATV financing that Justiceforsome keeps wanting to hide and debunk.

"What does Sony and Branca get out of setting up blogs and steering committees (through facebook fan groups) by putting these stories out there?  Just what did Branca refinance if the loan has been long retired?  Why so much trouble out of some of the facebook groups over any unearthing of possible good news for Michael?  What are they trying to cover up?"

There was also another set of businesses set up by another entity to mirror the “active” ones here.  These were set up under the umbrella of another company and Branca does NOT have control or access to these.  I’m not completely sure what they were supposed to be doing with these because that is where the trail ended.  These are the ones I believe were set up by Peter Lopez and THESE are what got him killed.  He is also the one I believe has the “other” will.  But let’s concentrate on SONY’S intentions with Michael for now.  Because that is what is going to effect us over the next five months.

Gatekeepers of the Agenda
The Workerbees

Is Michael alive?  Is he dead?  Why would Sony run two (or more) Hoax forums, employ people like Pearl Jr. and other Youtube propagandists to put together “clues” videos, while financing the fan cults who are against any suggestion that Michael is alive?

Why would they finance and support “clue” forums and websites and have fan groups attack “believers”?

Jermaine’s Book “You Are Not Alone”, pg. 391 on the picture of Michael in a wheelchair – “It was an act . . . no comeback is truly a comeback until the odds seem impossible.” – If I were to throw a stone here, I would say that the orchestrated “battles” between the two camps were to specifically draw attention to the belief that “MICHAEL IS DEAD.”  What a comeback that would be, huh?

The fights over believers/non believers is the first separation in the fan base that occurred back in 2009 only weeks after Michael’s passing.  Karen Faye’s facebook page was one of the first sources of this opening battle.  BeLIEvers vs. non-beLIEvers.  Samantha Degosson shows up on Faye’s facebook page and Faye vets her as one of the more “loyal” “fan-followers” who helped found “TINI” (This is NOT It).

Degosson and her filthy mouth  cursed out anyone that even made one peep about discrepancies in reports of Michael’s death and then anyone that didn’t agree with her that the Jackson Family (namely Jermaine and/or Katherine) were only after Michael’s money.  She cursed out anyone that suggested that Michael wasn’t an emaciated, skeletal drug-zombie that her and the fan/followers – the ONLY ones that EVER cared about Michael -  testified about.

She neglected to explain why Karen Faye was full of glowing praise on Twitter  about Michael’s condition the day before Michael “passed”.  She neglected to explain why Karen Faye’s comment to one of  the stalker chicks not to talk about his condition “now” the day before he passed.  She neglected to explain why, for as close as she said she was to Michael (“I’m one of the very few he trusts alone with his children”) that the only picture she and her mates could conjure up were photo-shopped messes that when found out, resulted in facebook pages and the TINI web site pages with those pictures being removed or shut down.  Then she put them back up after “fixed” the bleed errors”.

Their pattern of battles with various “fan groups” have followed a familiar pattern.  We saw it In Libya and Egypt last year.  We are seeing it in Syria, South Africa, Ghana and Sudan now.

That pattern is of “packs” of “young people” creating conflict to get public support for military action against a country’s sitting government.  The “military action” is the “Army of Love”.  The “pogrom” they are organizing is against God.

It’s the same as the illusion of the Republicans or Democrats fighting each other for an election when both are owned and controlled by one entity.

Or the “order out of chaos” blueprint for poisoning a globe and it’s people, pitting brother against brother, religion against religion, country against country so they can preach “Unity” in a New World Order.  To be the “saviors” of the very mess they created.

It’s in writing folks . . . their own plans. 

Michael was to be used in those plans.  One of the most revealing songs in which Michael tells this story is the iconic “Billie Jean” which we’ve interpreted before, on “Keys to the Kingdom” series I did on the “Desecration of the Temple”.

Billie Jean is the Devil

Dirty Diana is the Devil
Within the music industry
The fame and fortune artists are seduced with
The wine from which all the nations of the
Earth and all the merchants have drunk – of her “fornication”
The Whore of Babylon

Susie – What happens in the industry
When you cross her


TINI was set up specifically to run a campaign. That campaign was to sell a weak, sickly, victimized, persecuted and “killed” Michael and to implicate AEG/Murray/Phillips/Thome/Ortega in his death.  The Jackson family were attacked as co-conspirators when the “Allgood” deal was publicized but that was just an excuse.  They have always been targets as Michael’s family.

However, TINI’s campaign began showing evidence that it was not the organization of a group of fan/followers devastated over the King of Pop’s death.  It was instead a pre-planned, pre-financed and carefully constructed campaign ready to go even before he allegedly died.

Date of disclaimer on TINI Website

May 26, 2009???

Then there are the documents supporting a faked death –

Court Documents say Michael JOE Jackson

2003 original complaint

Post Death Documents say Michael JOSEPH Jackson
Death Certificate

I covered this before, but the whole obscure issue with Michael’s “middle name” spelling is exactly the same issue with Elvis Presley.  Elvis was born with Elvis Aron Presley.  It was on a placard driving into Tupelo, Mississippi where he was born.  His posthumous documents and his Graceland plaque and grave say “Aaron”.

Also the “seventh” child in Michael’s family SHOULD have been Marlon’s twin brother “Brandon” died within 24 hours of being born. 

Elvis’s twin brother “Jesse” also died the same day he was born.  You can’t write a weirder novel.

This actually showed up on Fox News.

Does anyone find it suspicious that this is coming out NOW?  My mother originally called me about this Fox News piece.  

Now go and listen to Lisa Marie Presley’s new album “Storm and Grace” and check out the song lyrics.  Look at “I was wrong”.  Who is this about?  “Now he’s gone”?  Her father’s been gone for a long time, Her husband is still married to her and the only EX-husband that is “gone” is Michael Jackson.

Unbreak” is another interesting song – regrets or just playing at regrets?  This album is a story to fulfill an agenda. 

Forgiving” – Sings like a pleading to Michael, “Yes I want to find in me, that I can still believe, and be forgiving.  And I want to be like you, can you teach me how to be forgiving”  You can get the rest of the song lyrics here.  Read them in order.  “You Ain’t Seen Nothin’ Yet” is against this “system” that is says she is no longer following.  About Scientology?  Fine.  But why is Travolta being crucified in the press and Lisa Marie is singing about it unscathed in her new album?

Add to that the search terms I was spammed with all last year, “michael jackson loves lisa marie return together”.    Is that the plan???

Then read Jermaine’s book and Latoya’s book and Karen Moriarty’s book – all hard-selling this romance that did not exist.  Like we’re supposed to forget the incredible trashing both Lisa Marie and Drusilla did of Michael both after the divorce and during his 2005 trial.

Lisa’s Lovely Son Benjamin
He wasn’t even an adult yet

Lisa Marie Left Scientology
For Kabbalah with her Son
Manufactured and timed

Lisa Marie and Her Mother

I see no light in their eyes

And of course her move to London in 2009.  Someone told me that Lisa Marie lived close to the Jackson family and was friends with Rebbie.  Another lie.

"Presley Plans New Life In London October 19, 2009

LISA MARIE PRESLEY has left Los Angeles for good to start a new life in London with her family.

The singer has lived in Beverly Hills ever since her famous father Elvis passed away in 1977.

But following the birth of her twin girls, Finley and Harper, last year (08), the star and her husband, Michael Lockwood, decided to relocate to Britain."

A quote from that same article in 2009, Lisa Marie says – "The singer has made no secret of her disdain for L.A., saying last year: 'The city has really gotten dramatically worse in the last five or six years, even more shallow if that’s even possible.

'I feel any place that is perpetually sunny suspect and wrong, anyway."

Yeah Lisa, we hear you.  That whole half inch between you and “shallow” can be intolerable.  Perhaps garlic and stakes made of hickory are also hazardous to your health?  We understand that those perpetually dilated pupils make the “sun” a bit hard to take.

Revelations, London and the Olympics

Latoya said “everything is an illusion” during a split second question during the Murray trial as she was going into the building.

EVERYTHING is an illusion.  And everyone is positioning behind the curtain right now.  The lights are down in the theater, and everyone that knows the plot but it not part of the script gets attacked, vilified and threatened.  (sharp exhale through pursed lips – Hoooosh!)

Welcome To the Grand Illusion

The delusion is being perpetuated not only by Branca/Estate, Sony, the Music Industry, but also by Michael’s family.  Jermaine’s book hints at it, Latoya’s book DEFINITELY hints at it, Moriarty’s book hints at it.  There are hints all over interviews, all over the fake documents and the fake trial.

There are TWO WILLS listed in L.A.  take a look at the attorney’s attached to each one:

The Michael Jackson Estate, Transfer: By will. Address: c/o Hoffman, Sabban & Watenmaker, 10880 Wilshire Blvd., Suite 2200, Los Angeles, CA 90024, United States

And The Estate of Michael Joseph Jackson :

The Estate of Michael Joseph Jackson, Transfer: By will. Address: c/o Ziffren Brittenham LLP, Attn: John Branca, Esq., 1801 Century Park West, Los Angeles, CA, 90067-6406, United States.

Search for Michael Jackson Estate and Michael Joseph Jackson – They are two different wills.  THESE ARE THE WILLS THAT RAYMONE BAIN WAS TALKING ABOUT. (There is another will).

There are two different things going on here.  One is that the Michael JOSEPH Jackson is probably one of the fake probate entities set up to bilk Michael of millions of dollars with fake loans and fake property deals.  So this is the one that they kill off (take me, shake me somebody’s gonna fake me).

Copy of 2003 Will

These mistakes were MEANT to be seen:

Planted and Photoshopped

Apparently the hoax community has their own “photo-shoppers” too.  I wonder if they all work in the same Culver City building?

Actors/Stalkers at the O2

See the tall blonde fella?  He’s the same one as in THIS picture.  The fat guy with the heavy eyebrows.  He’s an actor.

Photo-shopped TINI pictures

Michael’s Funeral Party?  Party?

Courtland – ex-boyfriend of Karen Faye’s sister, Faye, Michael Lee Bush and Thomkins, all at this party.  But Phillips and AEG was not there, neither was Thome, or Kenny, or any of the other people they said were celebrating the money they would make over Michael’s death.

Michael Bush, some older guy Faye’s Friend Courtland

Obviously Michael participated in this and I will show you why . . . next . . .