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Michael Jackson Justice: Trying to be Mike-Like when Hate is Thrusted Toward You

God: Reconnect to Him

The Conspiracy against God is about "The Word", and the profaning of His Holy Name within us. Adam fell in the garden, breaking the direct connection to God. Jesus, the "last Adam" was a quickening Spirit, the Word made Flesh, and the only one with whom we can re-establish our relationship with God. Michael's story is still unfolding. He is the one who is, is not. But Jesus is the only name given under heaven by which we must be saved. Many are trying to rewrite HIStory. We were given a help to instruct us. Learn more "here".

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Trying to be Mike-Like when Hate is Thrusted Toward You

Prayers and Dreams
If the Angels Came for Me
My Two Year Old Feather Found under the door of my garage in 2010

“3. And, behold, certain of the scribes said within themselves, This man blasphemeth.  4. And Jesus knowing their thoughts said, Wherefore think ye evil in your hearts?  5. For whether is easier, to say, Thy sins be forgiven thee; or to say, Arise, and walk

I have had a very upsetting weekend and I’m sure there is a reason for it.  I’m just not sure how to read it at this point. 

I am working on two blogs and before I get behind in the dreams again I will post the latest that were worth remembering.

One of the blogs I am working on is centered in Michael and the message God had given, spoken through his songs (part of my first poem I wrote about Michael).

Michael songs were inspired and there is still a lot he has to teach us in them.  (I can see Sony scrambling now to remove video . . . go ahead.  I got his back).

The second blog I am working on has to do with us, and what the non-believers want us to believe about them not believing what they DO believe.  Yeah, a mouthful for sure.   This is the stuff that Truthbtold had been working on and you will see some surprising proof that God does indeed exist.  If he did not, the evil ones would not be working so hard to keep you from hearing him.  You will be surprised. 

Of course Truthbtold gave me MORE WORK by HELPING ME but I will forgive her :o)

Below is a collection of four dreams, then I will tell you about the horrible weekend I had, which is still unfolding. 

Taking Him Home

Was she lost? 

She had stopped and asked for directions numerous times and every time, people pointed the way out to her, but she just couldn’t seem to get to the building.  You would think for a hospital it would have been clearly marked.  Maybe they don’t mark THOSE kinds of hospitals.

She hated driving in the city.  Absolutely hated it.  The streets never go where they are supposed to go, and you are never looking for a building.  You are instead always looking for a parking garage close to a building.

Finally she found a place to park and got out of the car.  Everyone was helpful, pointing out which building it was as she walked closer.  She couldn’t believe it when she FINALLY made it inside.

She let the desk know she was picking up her son.  She walked down corridors and around corners.  She came to a small lobby that had a set of stairs going up and a set going down.  She didn’t know which she was supposed to take.  She began to turn back through the double doors to see if she maybe missed a turn and as he opened the door, she saw her son push someone into a wall.

“That is the last time you borrow anything from me, you lied to me!”

The person he was yelling at came through the door and past me and my son was right on his heels, “I’m tired of you taking money from me, you’re a liar!”

I stepped into Richard’s path as his arm flew over my shoulder to point at the person retreating, “You’re a two-bit  . . .” and I cut him off, “Rich, Rich, Rich . . . it doesn’t matter!”

He looked at me finally sinking in that I was there.

“Let it go”, I told him, “It doesn’t matter.  I’m taking you home.”

I saw the expression on his face soften, but replaced with a look of guarded hopefulness, as if he didn’t want to let himself believe me.

“Yes, I’m taking you home.  You’re out of this place.”


I don’t know where that dream came from.  I had this actually a couple weeks ago.  I don’t know what it means, if anything, but I do feel as if my son is under control.  His father has him back on medications and perhaps this is what is bothering me.  I don’t think they are good for his health as his heart races terribly when he gets upset and he’s never had that before.  He’s only 25 years old.  There is more to this story and the reason he is not with me now, but I don’t care to share it.  It is one of the things that stands out in what is at work to separate families.

The next dream I had was a bit more disturbing.


Men in the Mirror

It was dark in the house.  I didn’t want to turn on any lights because my husband was sleeping, but I was afraid.  What light I did have came from a pathway light on the little hallway between our bedroom and the living room, and the computer light from the office which was just off the living room.

I had walked toward the kitchen when I noticed in the back hallway there were images in the mirror that hung on the wall at the end of that hallway.  As I crept closer, even though it was dark I could see my reflection.  But behind it was a very dark silhouette leaning out past my reflection and right behind that, was Michael Jackson leaning further out.

I walked from that hallway and back toward the living room and in that mirror I saw the same reflection.  Mine, the dark shadow behind mine then Michael peaking out from behind that.

I went back to the laundry room off the back hallway, opened one of the cabinets and pulled out a stack of towels.

I  first threw one over the mirror in the back hallway.  Then I came out to the living room and threw a towel over that one.

I went into the two back bedrooms and the same images were facing me in those mirrors.  So I threw towels over them.

I walked cautiously toward the master bedroom where my husband was sleeping.  I opened the door and left it open so I could see into the bedroom from the pathway light and the dim illumination from the computer from the office area off the bedroom.  I thought, “oh please don’t let them be in our bedroom.

I walked slowly in.  We have three dressers in our bedroom, two with mirrors, and we have two mirrors in the master bath.  One was huge and took up more than half the wall.  No way I could get towels over that, but I could shut the bathroom doors.  But what would happen if I just crawled in bed and left them like that?  Would they be able to get out of the mirrors?

The one dresser and mirror faces  you as you walk in the bedroom door.  I was trying to be quiet, but it was scaring me.  Yes.  The dark shadow behind me in the mirror, then Michael peaks out at me as if to say, “here I am”.  The expression on his face was not a playful one but it wasn’t sinister either.    I almost got the feeling that he wanted to throw the shadow being out of the way and stand out in the open, but he couldn’t yet.

I walked closer to the mirror.  I was so afraid the shadow being would reach out and grab me, but I steeled myself because Michael was behind him.  I reached out to put the towel over the mirror when I heard my husband say “what’s wrong?”

I didn’t realize I was moaning but when I moaned I woke myself and my husband up for real.  So again, I had to explain to my husband why I woke him up, moaning in bed for the second time in a month.  (I’m usually a quiet dreamer).


The dream above I talked to a lady name Blake about and she seemed to have some good insight on this.  She explained that it could possibly be that I am manifesting Michael’s own struggles with confusion between what is good and what is evil as he fought his way out of control from the evil in the industry (“I’m so confused won’t you show to me that you’ll be there for me, and care enough to bear me”) or that I am struggling with confusion as to the part Michael is actually playing and he’s trying to help me out by peaking out behind the bad guy.

If this is part of the pain that Michael dealt with that I asked God to give me, then perhaps Blake is right.  If Michael is watching all this from somewhere, maybe he can understand why I am going through it and although my doubts may hurt him, this is exactly what I am supposed to feel because I asked for his burden, or, as much of it as I could handle.

The next dream was a little weird . . .


The Walk to the Light

This dream I had at the beginning of last week.  It was one of those flash, one scene dreams.

There were multitudes of people, all spread out but all walking in the same direction.  I was standing on the side, watching them all walk this roadway through the countryside.  It wasn’t even really a road.  It was more or less tread down grass through fields, meadows and prairies.  Some of the way had trees and clumps of woods to either side and some of the way was just open field with tall grasses bordering that grass which had been flattened to make the path.

Everyone was quiet.  There was barely any talking.  All were focused on the journey.  It seemed like the timing of the day was late afternoon, and it was either late spring or early summer judging by the pleasant temperature.  Most people were in casual clothes, short sleeve shirts and slacks or skirts.  It was so quiet for the number of people walking and they were coming from everywhere.

I stood, not walking but watching.   There were a few others peppered throughout the multitude also standing, as if waiting for something. 

I looked to my left, toward where everyone was walking.  There was a slight rise in the fields at a distance and there was a bright light beyond that.  Bright enough to swallow the specks that were people as they receded in the distance and over the little knoll.

I turned back toward the other side of the path where two others were standing, watching the people passing them by.  I knew what I was waiting for.  Were they waiting for someone too?

I was supposed to know who it was when I saw them, but no preconceived picture of their face in my mind was available.  I would just know, I was told.

I saw someone across the path of multitudes walking.  Everyone was relaxed.  All facial expressions were one of a peaceful relief with a hint of anticipation.

I saw a child walking by themselves and they approached one of those just standing across the other side of the path.  The person who had been looking toward me looked down, bent toward the child and smiled.  They cradled the small boy’s face in their hands and put their forehead to the child’s forehead with a smile.  The boy smiled in delight to find his guardian and as the man stood to take the boy’s hand they both joined into the multitude walking toward the light.

I knew I was supposed to do the same.  I was waiting for one who would be alone, t o comfort them. 

I felt her before I saw her.  As she drew closer, walking on the edge of the crowd on my side, her face tilted up as she felt, then saw me.

She was a beautiful girl of about seven or eight.  She was of oriental descent with strong, shiny black hair in a pageboy cut.  Her eyes were on me until she came upon me.

I bent down to be eye-to-eye with her.  She had dried tears on her eyes but she was now smiling, making her eyes disappear into fold below her eyes and her gorgeous round cheeks.  I knew instantly that God had told her to just start walking and that someone would meet her.  She looked like MY angel, not the other way around.  Her smile was the prettiest, most childlike demure smile I had ever seen.  It warmed my heart.

Without speaking I stood, touched the back of her hair, then took her hand.  We folded into the multitude, joining their travel, wondering what we will see when we get to the light over the knoll.


When I awoke from the dream above, I thought it was pretty self explanatory.  I don’t know who the little girl was, I have never seen her before.  I thought when I woke up, this is either what I’m supposed to be doing now, leading people to God, or this will be a job God has for me when the time comes.  Someone else I talked to had a similar dream, where they were standing on a path pointing out the way to people.  (The sentinels on the “Below Road”?)

The next dream below scared me.  This could be a metaphor for so many things.  I hope this does not happen:



My husband came and told me “you need to look out the window.  Look out the front door then get downstairs!”

His voice was excited.  There was someone else in the house with us but I couldn’t identify who they were but it wasn’t important for now.

I could feel the quality of the air in the house chance.  There was a pressure building.  I could hear a building sound outside.

I ran down to the front door.  The house we lived in was a split-foyer, similar to one I lived in as a child in Delaware.

As I hopped down the small flight of stairs to the entry foyer, I could see out the side windows of the door, but when I tried to open the door to look out, suction kept it from opening.  I thought “Oh no.  This is a bad sign.”

I pulled and finally the door let go with a “whoosh” and I could hear the winds.  I held onto the door and poked my head outside to look.  I could see a black wall cloud edging over the top of our house from the back.  Just as I was trying to close the door, my two boys were racing up the steps for the front door.  My step son was right behind them, “Mom let us in!”

I was trying to shut the door and I told them “Go around back!  I can’t shut the door and if I shut it, it won’t open again.  Ed’s downstairs, go around back!”  They yelled back, “Okay!”

It was like trying to push two positive end magnets together.  Finally I shoved with all my weight and got the door shut.  I bolted it, then ran through the upstairs shutting interior doors (why???)

I ran downstairs to the family room and game rooms to open the back door.  As I did not only did our three sons (current ages, all grown up) rush in the door but about fourteen little league children and their parents came in with them.  I told  them “find a lower level interior room!”.

The sound outside was deafening and I could feel winds whipping around my body, threatening to cup me and pull me out.  One gust would feel very warm and balmy and moisture-laiden and the next gust would be very cool and dry.  But the sight out my back door . . .

The thing coming right at us was probably about a half a mile to three quarters of a mile wide and it was DENSE with debris, almost a grayish black.   The clouds rotating were boiling.  The base of the tornado was moving very rapidly and even though far away, I was getting hit with dust from the outer bands of it.  It stung.  I slowly followed the funnel upward until I could see the saucer like spread of the top of the tornado sucking in and spinning the clouds within its sphere of rotation. 

The sight of this beast in motion was monsterous, beautiful, terrifying and magnificent at the same time.  I couldn’t take my eyes off of it.

I heard a voice in my head at first distant and echoed as it fought for my attention. Then I recognized it was the word “mom” . . . “MOM! MOHHHHHMM!  Shut the door!”

My last thought was, “We’re not going to survive this” and as I pulled my head back in the door to close it, I woke up.


That dream above I could take it literally or I could take it allegorically.  That is the most recent dream that was clear.  All our children were in it, plus the younger families that we did not know but that our sons may know.  The tornado coming at us was close enough to feel the outer spray of dust.  It was big, it was dark and heavy with debris and it could be seen from the back of the house, but not the front.  It was coming from the back . . . from behind us.

My little children, let us not love in word, neither in tongue; but in deed and in truth.” 1 John 3:18

The Weekend –

This was a horrible weekend.  Horrible.  It started out okay, but I felt as if I were going through the motions.  My head was elsewhere, I couldn’t seem to focus as I was pulled back into the life of the world with things my husband wanted to do.

We spent all day at church on Sunday.  Sometimes it’s just good to get out and see other human beings.  We went to the morning service, I came home and went right to work making lunch and starting the laundry and getting my husband’s things ready for the work week ahead.  Then we went back out to church for Bible Study.  I got some good things out of it, but disagreed with some other points.  I left there thinking “nobody sees”.  The whole point of church seems to be to foster a “feel good” atmosphere for your parishners to keep the money flowing in.

One of our readers posted this video below on the “U2-charist” and at the very end of the video, the point is driven home – “add relevancy to modern society, increase attendees and overflow the offering plate.”  But there is hope in that there is not one relationship that the almighty dollar screwed up that God cannot fix.  But in order for that to happen one would have to focus on God and not on dollars.  It’s all in the entity you put above all others.


I asked our Pastor after the morning services “how do we get time with you?”  He answered with one of those “I’m pretty busy” looks, but went through the possibility of next week sometime and to keep in touch with him on Facebook.

Facebook.  Wow.

Okay. By the way, we do not have U2 in our church but we do have Casting Crowns and other contemporary artists.  Bad?  Good?  I guess it depends on what you get out of the song.  My church in Maryland was a lot more conservative in comparison.  If it glorifies God and focuses on him and not the artist, I see nothing wrong with it.  I don’t think all music with a beat is bad.  But the misappropriating of the message can happen on both the creator’s end, and the receiver’s end of the work of art.  God’s relationship with people is on a personal level, as is the method in which he reaches them.

So after all the church that day, we leave, stop at the grocery store to pick up a few things, then return home.  I proceed to prepare a later than usual dinner and Ed heads to his office area in one of the bedrooms and hits his computer.

As I am making dinner, I get called into the bedroom/office.

Ed shows me a Facebook post on my sister’s page in which my niece . . . my sister’s OLDEST daughter (22), is telling me to go to hell.

I catch my breath at the initial shock of it, then start at the beginning of  the comment thread and it went like this:

My sister:  Posted a pic of my grand-niece with the comment “miss my little munchkin”.

My brother: She looks like a young Drew Barrymore

My husband:  E.T. Phone Home

My sister:  That’s not very nice.

My niece:  This is why I hate my distant relatives who think they are better than everyone else because they are Bible-thumpers

My husband: The feeling is mutual

My Niece: Go to hell Bonnie!  I’m tired of you Bible-thumping and pushing your trash.  I happen to know something about the Bible too and I know enough to know that it’s not all true so mind your own business!

(???)  Mind you, I was not even ON Facebook when this was taking place.  I was making dinner in the kitchen and got called in to read this.  Secondly I have not even talked to my niece since probably the Christmas of 2009 when she called my house crying because we had sent her and her mother $200 when they had no food for Christmas.  (I was working then).  I have never even talked to her about the Bible because I ASSUMED my sister had done so, since she brought them up Seventh Day Adventists.  So where was this vitriol coming from?

I went to my computer (my chicken was simmering), sat down and signed onto Facebook.  I do not have my nieces phone number since she does not keep in touch with the family when she moves around.  I get my updates from my sister.

Anyhow, I sign onto Facebook, go to my sister’s page and find the comment thread.  Then I proceeded to tell her that I did not know what bug crawled in her pants, but I did not make the comment.  I also explained to her who Drew Barrymore is (as a previous film student I thought she would know) and what the movie “E.T.” was since she was born about 20 years after it was released.  I thought it might be possible she misunderstood the “E.T. Phone home” comment.

She replied back  in the next couple of minutes and I won’t repeat it, but it was stuffed with enough expletives to leave me wondering if she wasn’t trying out for a role in “Close Encounters with An Exorcist”.  Again with the anti-Bible stuff (where was this coming from???), the “F-off’s” and “Fat-a**”, “sweet cheeks” and a bunch of other adjectives.

This is one of those things that defies explanation.  What did I ever do to her?  I live 3,000 miles away, I hardly ever get to talk to her and the last time we DID talk she was still my niece.  All we have EVER done is help them.  So what was going on?

I thought drugs, I thought the people she is sharing a house with is having a negative influence, the way she left in the middle of the night, leaving without telling her sister, leaving her in a financial bind.  The fact that she did this, misleading her mother about why she needed to borrow money, so she could drive to another state to go live with four other men in house that she just met online six months prior . . . with her baby daughter.

But beneath all of that, I felt like I did the first time I got attacked on this blog for mentioning Michael and God in the same sentence, only THIS time it was a blood relative.

What do you do with that?  I got that sickening feeling in my stomach.  The kind of sickening you feel when you’ve just witnessed something evil.

In talking to my mother over the phone she said, “you know, it says this will happen in the Bible, that the love of many will grow cold, and that father and son will hate one another.”

I already know this.  It doesn’t make you feel any better when you see it coming.  It’s one thing to get attacked by strangers.  Quite another to get attacked by someone who’s diapers you used to change, that you still saw in pigtails.

This isn’t even something I can get angry about.  I can’t describe the feeling, but I see it for what it is and I guess that will have to be good enough.

I blocked both of them from my facebook pages.  No need to continue give them access.  When someone is sending you negative energy or thrusting negative energy at you, totally block it off.  Right?  So they’re blocked.

I also wondered today, did Michael ever have a relative attack him?  (Beside’s Latoya, because I think Michael knew what was going on there).  And what did he do about it?  How did he handle it?  Where do you go from the point where you’re done crying to move on?

Then today I received an email from someone I had not heard from in a while.  The same person who is still trying to convince me of the virtues of Zionist Israel.  Being in the mood I was already in I wrote back, “I wish you were smarter”, then immediately wrote back apologizing for the last comment in the email.  That’s not the way I want to handle that.

As I sink through the mire of the unidentified feelings and hit bottom, I supposed there will be pain that I feel about all this.  Until I get to that point, I need to keep a firm grip on God.

We will be getting into some STUFF, and perhaps this is only one rock that will be thrown at me to keep me from getting to THE STUFF.  This is the breath you take before you open the door and say under your breath, “here we go . . .”

Fallen Angel
Dennis De Young
Lyrics – Click here

Save Me
By Dennis De Young of “Styx”
Listen to the words

The year is not getting any younger.

He Got One More Chance at Love


  1. Bonnie, if you accept Anonymous ( hugs ), I'm sending you
    plenty. Indeed not a nice weekend.
    And yeah, I know how it hurts and sort of confuses when
    things like that come from a relative you did nothing bad to.
    In my family attacks like that come from a relative with
    drinking problem, so drugs can be the answer. Bad influence,
    very bad mood - all can be. I just don't get why on you..
    Actually, here on a big family gathering my other relative,
    who is heavily into Bible, was almost physically attacked by
    another relative, exactly because of that. Because of Bible.
    But there was alcohol once again. Alcohol wakes up worst in
    some people, so do drugs.
    Okay, I can't really comment on your family situation, just
    hope you will find answers some day! And hope your niece
    will be safe at the end. I now do worry about her, it's not her
    I'm sure. I mean, it is her, but it's not what.. I mean, you know.

    What a fantastic selection of dreams you got. All of them.
    I'll go with your interpretations. The walk to the Light is just

    I still get useless dreams, nothing worthy.
    Maybe a bit on the last night, when I found myself peeping
    from behind the boxes and curtains, and saw Big Preparations.
    It wasn't too clear, but they were preparing something, I couldn't
    get what was going on - I thought "Funeral? Nooo. Wedding? Sure no."
    It was impossible to tell, huge containers, seats, something
    like theatre sets moved, dark people running, yet I couldn't tell where
    I was - outdoors? Indoors? It was just a big weird place.
    But there was Michael with some kids [guess his kids as I remember
    Blanket, it was dark in there],
    sitting in the middle, observing, I knew I'm dreaming and thought
    "Another pointless dream with Mike, what a waste", and then felt
    Michael is watching me, and he wasn't happy I'm spying. His face was
    really disapproving lol. I tried to hide better, but too late, he kept
    eyeing me and I wasn't welcomed, the feeling creeped on me as
    it was getting so uncomfortable and I realized I have no control over
    the plot, I'm not supposed to see that,
    so I stood up from wherever I was hiding and asked: "Wait...Is this really taking place?"
    [because in my dreams I can peep all I want, without getting such
    extremely unwelcoming stares from the characters LOL, the joys of
    lucid dreaming]
    and he said rather angrily: "Yes! Now leave!", and I woke up immediately.
    I don't trust this dream at all, but maybe something is taking place,
    LOL, not a theater show, but something big is getting prepared as
    we speak? I don't know.

    1. Hugs from anonymous - Nope, I am unable to turn that down. God's messages usually come in anonymous packages . . . a stranger, an errant search term that prompts someone to look for answers all meant to strengthen and rejuvenate us. Hugging you back! As soon as I find ya! (LOL)

      I worry about her but because she is vulnerable away from family. I said Psalms 35 last night and this morning to get whatever negative influences away from her. My mother called me late last night (after writing that part) and told me she talked to my sister. My sister is trying to smooth things over and she said NOBODY in the family was happy with what her daughter had done. I will keep praying because that whole family is vulnerable and they have shut out God out of anger over my nephew having Leukemia. I know that pain. (The anger, not the Leukemia).

      I get dreams in pockets. I had them written down on a couple of tissues in my bedroom. My husband saw them and said "what is hosp. rich argument, people, book tornado?" LOL! I said, "Oh, I have to write those out. They are the dreams I had". He shakes his head, walks away.

      Michael got angry with you in your dream? I would be heartbroken! Maybe in the dream he didn't want you giving his plans away? I dunno. Just the thought of Michael being mad at me would make me cry. (It's okay for me to get mad at him, but not the other way around, LOL). Did you cry?

      Next time you might want to tell Michael, "Look . . . this is a dream. God must want me to see this or I wouldn't be here, so lighten up!" But we have no control over that stuff when we're sleeping. I agree with your interpretation of it . . . something big getting prepared.

      God bless you for sharing that. :o)

    2. I didn't cry, that dream got me "Oooh, something gonna happen!",
      as it's not the first time dream Michael was a bit annoyed
      by my presence :P
      In fact I had plenty of dreams where he won't talk to me,
      would try to get away from me and was just very suspicious of me,
      clearly. This was the first time he used loud voice to tell me I should
      mind my business, LOL.
      In another dream he was heavily disguised person, I figured out
      it was him, and he was not happy, he tried to shy away and
      using [polite] gestures showed me I should stop chasing him,
      as it's a secret he is here. I was perfectly dumb in that dream
      and kept saying out loud: "Michael, I know it's you, please
      let me remove all that, so we can see your face! I miss
      seeing your face!"
      Handful of similar dreams, he would show me with his eyes
      and hands "Keep it quiet and just go!", and
      I would be too excited and "...but why? Why?", as if it wasn't
      obvious enough. He had all reasons to be mad at me! If he sends
      some heavy object my way next time, I won't be surprised at all.

      I understand your relatives' pain and anger over Leukemia, I saw
      people turning their backs on God when some tragedy like that
      occurs. But then again, I saw people finding God in identical
      situations, guess we all react differently on bad things.
      It makes you go "Why Lord, why did you let this happen?
      Why won't you interfere..?"
      I admit I do that almost every day, whenever I hear of
      some horrible tragedy. Or rumors of wars. Things like that.
      Hope your niece finds...if not God, than just peace of mind,
      the sooner, the better. Yes, sad we don't have control over
      all that. Each family has it's ugly misunderstandings and
      unnecessary fights. I'm not a fan of my own family, but sure
      thing I wish harm upon none of them and I don't want them to
      suffer, I only wish they would adopt my views LOL :P
      But guess all things go the way they should. Patience, patience. And some prayer.

    3. Yeah, you get excited with anticipation, and I would probably hang my head and cry like a child scolded. Maybe that's why YOU'RE having THOSE dreams and I'm not, LOL! Because I couldn't handle it :o)

      I want my niece to find God. I want her to run smack into the wall that is "you have nowhere else to go, now listen to me!" kind of run-in's with God. If my sister would stop enabling perhaps God could intervene?

      My mother is of the opinion that my sister's family is being oppressed (not possessed, at least not yet) and that's why she suggested Psalms 35.

      Patience I am getting better at (thank you God. I surely need that♥♥♥) God is amazing. I wish everyone could see that.

  2. Hi. The Facebook incident was strange. How can she be angry at you when you haven't said a word to her? Can it be some kind of misunderstanding? I read somewhere that behind anger is sadness and disappointment. Maybe it's about her and not you. It often is.

    It's a good thing to avoid negative energies. It's like poison. It's not good for you.
    But it's a huge difference between negative energy and evil energy. Like you said, when you face a person who's sending out pure evil energy, it's hard to explain the feeling in words, but you can feel it in your whole body and it isn't a pleasant experience. It's eerie.

    1. Hi Susanne,

      I don't know. You could have knocked me over with an exhale. I think it was a misunderstanding but even at that, the viciousness of the attack was just way, way over the top. Like I said, it defies explanation. There must be something else going on. And you are right about the feeling. It's one thing to experience an misunderstanding, and quite another to experience evil coming at you. You feel it in the pit of your gut and it makes you sick and that is how I felt. This wasn't my niece.

  3. Hi again. Maybe it's a, you will be hated for my name sake kind of thing. Kill the hate that comes your way with love. Love is the answere to all that you are.

    1. Susanne, I thought of that too. Because the comment IF it COULD be misunderstood, was made by my husband, but it was ME she attacked and she attacked me over the Bible which was not even a subject of any of the comments. I honestly had a split second thought that someone from the TINI crowd got to my niece. That is what I thought. There was just no reason for the attack. I pray and let God sort that one out because I am ill equiped to handle that kind of hatred from someone I still see as a baby who I used to cradle and kiss her cheeks.

  4. Hi. In the 90's I found a great book in a second hand store. It's called "The game of life" by Florence Scovel Shinn (1871-1940).


    1. Hi Susanne,

      I don't have time to read it but in looking over the first chapter, it looks like exactly what annonymous was warning us about. I will do some research later and let you know.

  5. Bonnie, your dreams astound me.

    It’s sad to see families disintegrating...crumbling around you. You are not alone. Basically it’s just out of our hands sometimes. Other forces at work influencing behaviors?

    I have something to say about tornados but first I want to say this...

    Fallen Angel - WOW! I’ve always liked Styx, since the 70s. It’s obvious now I didn’t listen enough. But then, no way I would have understood what I do now. What a powerful song! I am stunned at how clearly the message is put out there. Is Dennis De Young still with us?

    I have to say though, on that lyrics site - ONE LETTER wrong can change the entire meaning:

    “It’s best to follow your heart
    then to follow me.”

    “then” should be "than". “then" means to (almost pick up your cross and) follow him. "than" means to follow your heart (coupled with the rest of the song), not him.

    One letter can make all the difference in the meaning of an entire song.

    1. Hi Truth,

      Other forces for sure, because there just is no other explanation.

      Uhmmmm What about tornadoes?

      Fallen Angel - Dennis DeYoung and Tommy Shaw parted ways because Shaw hated Mr. Roboto (I think that is also a cover story . . . Dennis possibly didn't want to sell his soul?) I never liked Mr. Roboto, but their other songs were all anti establishment, anti-machine, anti propaganda and materialism. Every one of their songs was about finding TRUE VALUE of things. I remember Blue Collar man was the very first song that made me start listening to their other songs - Miss America, Grand Illusion (awesome!), Sail Away (hint! Hint!) and smashing and the less commercially successful Castle Walls. Did you ever listen to that song? Really listen to the lyrics of that, it's about Mind control! Similar in message to Michael's Morphine and Heartbreaker combined.

      I hear you on the wording in that song and I agree, but the people who post these lyrics aren't always paying attention. I don't know how many times they've gotten the lyrics to Michael's songs wrong . . . a word or two makes a big difference.

    2. "Uhmmmm What about tornadoes?”

      I sometimes watch this show called Storm Chasers:
      "On April 27th 2011, an estimated 226 twisters rampaged through Mississippi and Alabama, making it the largest outbreak of tornadoes ever recorded on a single day.”

      Winds in excess of 200mph. Entire towns turned to rubble. Billions in property damage, thousands injured and homeless, 314 fatalities, 4th deadliest day for tornados in U.S. history.

      Here’s some of the footage:

      4/27/2011 - HAARP rings & Scalar Squares - Dallas to Watertown NY:

      HAARP ring theory:

      Tom Bearden - Weather Modification by Scalar Waves:

  6. Hi Bonnie,

    Not much to add on what is already replied to you but you said you blocked the bad energy, good, but understandably,your heart is still bleeding. I too am concerned by your well-being & peace of mind so I too hope your niece regrets & come back to better feelings. If not, well, it would be a real pity for her :o( For now, move on, Bonnie, breath deeply in the fresh air, make some healthy cures, & remember all the positives of your life like your 2 sons, your nice husband, your mother, your faith, etc..God Bless you. We all love you♥♥♥

    1. Thank you Line. I hope she does too. I'm really, really worried about her. My mother told me my sister wants to talk to me but she is going to wait a couple of days until I "cool off", but I'm cool. She works shift work so I don't know what her schedule is. Otherwise I'd call her. I will keep strong in prayer and let God handle this one. If you are too close emotionally you can really do more harm than good. Sometimes you have to just wait for God to move them.

      My mother has actually been very supportive on this and she is praying too. We know what's at work here.

      God bless you too, Line. Your words are incredibly comforting. And you know I love you. I keep looking up at your picture, with that disarming little half smile . . . oh . . . that's Michael, LOL! ♥♥♥

  7. So sorry you experienced that. You have to release her/it to a higher power. I experienced a very similar attack from a 'beloved' aunt. Older lady, about 84, but very 'spry/, intelligent. She has always been someone with an extremely snippy attitude, but you just say, that is 'nana'. However, In the last 9 or ten years , she has become 'incorrigible' loll!, but in an extremely hurtful way; like your niece; I'm thinking disappointments combined with sadness.

    Thing is, unlike your niece, this aunt happens to be a 'bible thumper, holier than thou, 'fire and brimstone believer. But, she has been attacking me quite ardently; I had a weight problem for a minute,and she made sure that I, and anyone around took notice, then feigned surprise when I would express displeasure. Has loaned out thousands of dollars to cousins to buy furniture, to buy a house, to publish a 'prison' novel(don't ask) without asking for repayment, but when I 'suggested' the possibility of such to help me finish my dissertation, pulled out pen/pencil to add up interest, due date, and how much she would NOT loan me.

    I once visited her in the hospital, when she was recovering from cancer, she and I were alone in her room, and the dislike/discomfort/'hatred' I felt from her was so strong, it was frightening. And we had not really said a word to one another. Oh, and she's one of the top speakers in her church district on evangelism and the responsibility of missionaries. Go figure.

    I avoid her, when possible, which is hard to do as she is a matriarch of the family, and my mother absolutely worships and adores her, and throws it in my face when I comment/complain on her interaction with me; she adores one of my siblings, to the point where people thought my aunt was my sibling mother. I've been nothing but respectful, courteous and kind to her. Even followed advice of her on life, which failed me horribly and miserably;can we say hidden agenda sabotage? I turned it over to God.

    Your niece sounds as if she is envious or jealous of you in some
    manner. She has some of the signs. The extreme disrespect is concerning, which suggests outside influences, substance abuse, possibly. Also, the fact of the time and distance between she and you, is exasperating, but it is clearly not you, but she, with 'influences' we know not of, if you get my drift. hugs.....

    1. Hi Anonymous,

      Wow. No way did I ever consider I was alone with trying relatives in my family, but your story, it sounds like deliberate psychological games your aunt is playing. And that is ALWAYS hard to prove. Especially the "pillars of the community" types. I have had my trying times with those as well, but not within my own family. It's good that you turned it over to God. I know how hard it is to remain "Christian" when someone is constantly needling and baiting you.

      I don't know why my niece would be jealous of me. She had a world of opportunity in front of her. She's the one that had the opportunity to work with James Earl Jones' son on a film project as part of her internship. She was working part time at, well I won't say but she got involved with the wrong guy, had my grand niece and now I'm sure has regrets. It also scares me the influences around my little grand niece. Praying . .. turning it over to God. My sister already wants to talk and from what my mom tells me, her conversation with her was positive. (sigh)

      Big hugs back and thank you!♥♥♥

  8. “The second blog I am working on has to do with us, and what the non-believers want us to believe about them not believing what they DO believe.”

    That is such a good description! Makes perfect sense to me and I hope will to many others too in presentation.

    Sounds like you are on top of the subject, a relief. For me it has been kinda like walking a tightrope in a convergence zone.

    "Of course Truthbtold gave me MORE WORK by HELPING ME but I will forgive her :o)”

    Hehehe...yah, seems to work that way. Sorry. Thank you. :o)

    1. ROFL!!! Thanks! That is a sentence that almost NEEDS fragmenting to understand!

      The convergence zone. I know what you mean. The art of discernment will be tested for precision on this, guaranteed.

      How good are you at investigation? I may have a little project for you. You seem to dig up some good stuff in areas I don't see. Game?

  9. Bonnie – interesting read about your niece and her rage. You know what it seems to me, she does not know better and it has nothing to do with you. It happen that your husband’s comment triggered her own deep frustration and anguish maybe she has about her own life. That’s what people do all the time instead of facing their own demons and work on it to release it, they blame and accused others for their own problems.

    Pray for her for God to show her how she can find peace in her life.

    1. It may have nothing to do with me and you may be right on that. It may have everything to do with the Bible and whatever differences she has with God??? But none of this was even close to the subject matter of the whole topic of the comment thread. That's what gets me. My husband commented, I was nowhere in the conversation. She did't blast my husband, she blasted me and I wasn't even involved in the thread until Ed showed me what she said.

      I agree with you about her attacking to avoid facing her own demons. Your suggestion . . . I'm already on it :o) God Bless you♥♥♥

  10. Sending you lots of positive energy and feel good hugs...and just seing if I can ACTUALLY post.


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