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Michael Jackson Justice: How Many Funerals Does Michael Jackson Have to Pay For?

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Friday, March 16, 2012

How Many Funerals Does Michael Jackson Have to Pay For?

Lester Chambers, Raffles and Hilburn

This is just a quick blog with a couple of different topics.  In this battle that is taking place  in Heaven and Hell, the earthly bound still have to deal with a lot of crap.  So keeping our eyes open for the well being of artists suffering the same raw deals as Michael, Prince, George Michael, The Temptations, Amy Winehouse, John Lennon and others, these are also the people Michael fought for.

Another Sony Sucks Campaign

The picture above was sent to me by Diane.  It is a picture that was taken from the Facebook page of Lester Chambers of the Chamber’s Brothers. – Source,

This is one of the songs they did back in the 1960’s in which part was used for the commercial he is talking about.

People Get Ready

People get ready, there’s a train a’comin’.  You don’t need a ticket, you just thank the Lord.

This is Lester’s facebook page.

He is beyond “friend” capacity but you can still subscribe to his updates.  Please do and post your support.  You know Michael would.

Lester has started a petition at this link –

If nothing else it will bring awareness back to this garbage they are doing!  Michael fought these people for this very same reason!


Lester’s Video

Sony is building up quite a track record of unhappy artists.  Guess they needed the money to pay Erin Jacobs to shill for their fake “Michael” album on Catherine Gross’s blogtalk radio program and create graffiti on Michael’s Neverland wall.

Michael Hossack Passed Away
March 12, 2012

I was not a big Doobie Brothers listener but I did love specific songs of theirs and Michael McDonald’s crisp blue eyes.

Doobie Brothers singer dies
Michael Hossack

We lost a couple of Beach Boys, we lost two of the Bee Gees, we lost Andy Gibb (a while ago), James Brown, Davey Jones, Ray Charles, James Brown, Michael, Whitney, Winehouse and more.  Now one of the Doobie Brothers.  May God keep their souls.

The Raffles Van Exel Conroversy

I wasn’t even going to comment on this because I think it is a waste of time.  But it is a good example of the deception game being run and it just may fit in nicely with an upcoming subject, so I want to thank Patience and Diane for sending me this info.

The brou-ha-ha  involved in this Raffles controversy is the press (namely the detestable Roger-French-Fried-man), and now Karen Fake and some other previous TINI members launching into this attack on Raffles.

Raffles was a non-issue with anyone for anything until AFTER June 25, 2009 when he was the first to interview Frank Dileo for the “fan group”, TINI.

Back then TINI was sending everyone to him.  He supported TINI and they supported him.  He took QUESTIONS from TINI to ask Frank during his interview.

In July of 2009 he put this up:

Denies working for any fan group.

If this wasn’t an issue why bring it up?  Must have looked that way, eh?

When I was shown that Karen Faye was sticking her nose into this against Raffles, I thought to myself, “another fan group war” . . . and it is.  It is a distraction and nothing more.  These  people all work together under direction of one entity, one agenda, attacking itself to gain control by dividing fans.

Wanna know how I know?  Same M.O.


First of all Raffles is probably younger than my oldest son, but I will give him a few years and say he’s about thirty.  He’s been in the business of . . . what, we’re not sure, but infiltration and LYING is all part of it.

Raffles Entertainment – Under construction
This is getting embarrassing
Another unfinished website

For a legitimate business man with a “legal team” to consult, perhaps he should pull back on those expenses a bit so he can afford to FINISH his web site. He’s been at this for almost three years now.  We can’t all be on the same page when you don’t even HAVE any pages.

Here is a press release concerning Raffle’s new job as “chief executive advisor” to “Blind Side” actor Quinton Aaron.  (What is a CHIEF EXECUTIVE advisor?  Does Aaron need more than one?  He’s not Michael Jackson, he’s had only a small handful of roles and only one in a lead character.)  Take note of the “source” of the press release, and the exemplary bio:

About Raffles van Exel

Raffles van Exel, CEO of Raffles Entertainment, LLC, is a highly respected entertainment consultant having guided some of the world’s most acclaimed executives and celebrities: Actor Quinton Aaron from the smash hit The Blind Side with Sandra Bullock, Soul-Funk icon Chaka Khan, Peter Lamas CEO and founder of, "Skin Diva" Christine Heathman of, the late King of Pop Michael Jackson, Whitney Houston, Patti LaBelle, Lance Bass (Founding member of iconic pop group, N'Sync), Flavor Flav of the iconic rap group Public Enemy and of the "Flavor of Love" fame, George Benson, and the late Ray Charles. Raffles van Exel has produced for The Queen of Salsa - the late and great Celia Cruz, funk pioneer George Clinton, Sisqo, Nick Cannon, Howie Dorough (Founding member of Grammy nominated group, The Backstreet Boys), rap icon and actor Ice-T, and a host of other artists.

Source: Raffles Entertainment” – Source, PR Web, Nov. 2011

And he still can’t afford to finish his web site.  (???) Maybe HE has problems getting Sony to pay up too.

On his Linkdin Profile, he also includes credit for representations with artists like Patti Labelle and Ray Charles.

Ray Charles?

Charles died on June 10, 2004 at 11:35 a.m. of liver disease at his home in Beverly Hills, California, surrounded by family and friends.[44][45] He was 73 years old. His body was interred in the Inglewood Park Cemetery." - Source, Wikipedia/RayCharles

If Raffles is thirty years old now (which is stretching it), this would have put him at approximately 22 years old the year Charles died.  I don’t think Ray Charles would be so desperate as to need a rug rat who is still wet behind the ears to represent him and that is EVEN IF he performed the year he died.  Maybe Raffles went to the “Cascio School of Celebrity Handlers”?  I hear they start them young there.

The integrity of this “highly respected entertainment consultant” is further eroded, especially considering that Van Excel’s business doesn’t even have a web page (under construction, see above) . . . or MAYBE it could be because of this –

State of California Business Records Search

Data is updated weekly and is current as of Friday, March 09, 2012. It is not a complete or certified record of the entity.

Select an entity name below to view additional information. Results are listed alphabetically in ascending order by entity name.
For information on checking or reserving a name, refer to Name Availability.
For information on ordering certificates, copies of documents and/or status reports or to request a more extensive search, refer to Information Requests.
For help with searching an entity name, refer to Search Tips.
For descriptions of the various fields and status types, refer to Field Descriptions and Status Definitions.

Results of search for " RAFFLES ENTERTAINMENT " returned no entity records.

Record not found.

I checked Nevada too, and Arizona.  No matches

New York – No match

Hmmmm . . .

So Karen Faye, who says she “supports TINI 100%”, and Roger Friedman who has hopped different tabloids after being fired from Fox (and is now back on Fox) shilling for Sony and the Estate Executors is now against him.  Other TINI members  who used to support this guy (he was the first to interview Frank DiLeo after Michael’s passing, asking questions presented by the stalker fans of TINI) are now saying he is connected to both deaths of Whitney Houston and Michael.

What is the REAL reason they are doing this?  What do they want you NOT to focus on?  Just the fact that I had four different people send me this information in one day made me wonder why this is coming out.  Raffles is a nobody and he is not a killer.  He’s a hustler without a past just as are some of the other characters that have sprung up around Michael’s passing.

These people all work together, so what are they trying to distract you from? 

Raffles Van Exel (or fail - sorry, couldn’t resist) is a fraud and a phony.  He doesn’t have a real business, he doesn’t have a real website and he doesn’t even have a real identity.  He doesn’t even have a Wikipedia page.  Maybe he has a Federal Employee I.D. Number?  Maybe we can check for that IF we had his REAL name.

Here is Raffle’s contact info:

Raffles van Exel
Raffles Entertainment
Email Information

I called the number.  I get a standard mechanical voicemail message that does not even identify the business or a name of a person.  It just says “please leave a message for 310-925-8448”. 

Between you and me that is no way to run a business.

What Raffles is, is one of these, just like his asylum buddies Sam DeGosson and Talitha On-the-Lam-ahan.

This is what they are

Now if everyone is satisfied that TINI stalkers are EXPERTS at fraud, deception, PHOTOSHOP and story telling, maybe we can get back to Michael’s message?

Don't fall for the garbage from Friedman and TINI apologists.  You can’t afford it.  Hope this has cleared up some confusion.  Oh . . . and one more thing.  Take a close, CLOSE look at the Van Exel video above.  Pay close attention to the eyes.  Do you see what I see?

Michael Jackson and Robert Hilburn

Micheline sent me this interview and just as she was, I was disturbed by parts of the interview. 

At first did not want to listen to it past the first couple of minutes.  I thought to myself, “Typical press, accuses Michael of being ‘lonely’ and doesn’t read into why, painting him as weird, etc…”  but I continued to listen and caught a few things.

It’s 20 minutes long but I will go through the parts with you that I caught:

Robert Hilburn Remembers Michael Jackson

The very first thing I noted is his description of Joe Jackson, telling Michael he could go ahead back up and watch cartoons (during Jackson 5 days) but only for another half hour.  Sounds like typical dad to me.  

No descriptions of overbearing father, no descriptions of mean looks shot toward Michael and no mention of any fear of his father as Michael has no problem asking if he can go back and watch the cartoons.  Very telling.

Not long after that recollection, Hilburn mentions some key clues about the timing of the change in Michael.  He talks about the difference in Michael from the young Jackson 5 Michael to the 23 year old Michael and Michael would look at the floor, he seemed troubled and withdrawn . . . that is classic signs of abuse!  He said, that Michael told him at the back of the tour bus "there's just some things you can't talk to your parents about!"

In later years, Michael had told Rabbi Schmuley on the tapes when he was asked what he would say to his father today, and Michael replied, “do you have any idea what you’ve done to me?”

That, plus Hilburn’s written down comment that Michael made to his questions at the back of that tour bus (during the Victory Tour), further verifies that Joe Jackson really did NOT know what was going on.

From my own experiences as a child, there were things that happened to me that my parents did not know about until I was married in my early twenties.  I never told them because children do not want to relive the horror. They just learn to shut doors in their heads and move on or try to.  Every once in a while something will happen to open up the memory or that door to it, but for the most part you put it away so you can function.  I have seen the hall of doors in my mind, through dreams so I FEEL THIS.  Honestly it is a relief personally to me that I am not the only child who's just naturally done this to survive.

How many times during the course of and during the lead up to the trial did we hear comments like “Michael was good at compartmentalizing” and “he compartmentalized relationships, like spokes in a wheel” ?

Now you think about the plethora of Hollywood children that we’ve covered on this blog that were abused NOT by their parents, but by the MANAGERS their parents turned them over to!  Or their personal assistants, or their tutors, or their directors or the “friend” they paired them up with.

Michael said during his 1993 Grammy’s speech that “my childhood was stolen from me”, with his sister Janet standing right there, wanting to hold on to her brother and get one last “I love you” in before his handlers took him away again.

This is also backed up by an interview of Miss Katherine Jackson who stated that Michael “changed” after touring with Motown and that she “thought the stage did that to him.”  (Lots of things “CHANGED” after Michael was taken over from his family).

Later that year, Dr. Klein calls Liz Taylor to wisk Michael away to London for “treatment”, away from his family, and she gives a little speech about what she did, as if she were the only person in the world who cared about him:

Liz Taylor Talks About Her “Saving” Michael

The Doctor who called her was Dr. Klein – King of Demoral.  I guess Klein was having problems getting Michael back under control so Liz “came to the rescue”.

We will cover more of this video another time.

What I did not like about Robert Hilburn’s interview can be best summed up in bullet points:


*  He seems to be one of the “installed” press.  He’s there at just about every event INCLUDING claims of being on tour busses and at his family’s home.  Did the Jacksons have reporters living at their house too?

*  He claims Michael was upset and hung up on him because Hilburn told Michael his  “music” no longer had the heart in it that it did during “Thriller”.  Most fans feel Michael was actually BETTER at both song writing, inspired singing, musical arrangement and of course inspiration for film.  This is the same bullcrap that Sony used to keep from promoting his albums. The “Heart” they wanted in his music was THEIRS not HIS.

*  Hilburn attributed Michael’s shyness to rejection.  Michael was never rejected, at least not by fans.  This is cover propaganda to hide the severity of what was really going on once Michael’s handlers had control of him.

Hilburn is after all, press.  I don’t expect him to do anything but sing the sold story on Michael, but there were still some tidbits of information in there that fill some more holes.

Michaline sent me the interview below too:

Payne, Ortega and Phillips

Old Travis Payne, Kenny Ortega and Randy Phillips Interview

Sorry, but you have to actually click the link to see this one.  It’s old, done only a week or so after Michael's departure, but there are two very glaring pieces of information in this group interview:

- Complete lack of grieving

- Lots of “present tense” references to Michael.
(he’s a very smart man…he knows…He is . . .)

I have one more blog going up for the weekend, probably tomorrow or Sunday.  We have a busy weekend because my step son will be flying down to visit us for the week.  The blogs are pretty much written up, since they are taken from current events and the blog of a friend of ours.

God Bless you and Have a great weekend.

Book of Enoch, Chapter 16

And these are the names of the holy angels who watch. 

Uriel, one of the holy angels, who is over the world and over Tartarus. 

Raphael, one of the holy angels, who is over the spirits of men.

Raguel, one of the holy angels who takes vengeance on the world of the luminaries

Michael, one of the holy angels, to wit, he that is set over the best part of mankind and over chaos

Saraqâêl, one of the holy angels, who is set over the spirits, who sin in the spirit. 

Gabriel, one of the holy angels, who is over Paradise and the serpents and the Cherubim. 

Remiel, one of the holy angels, whom God set over those who rise. – Source, Book of Enoch online

Someone Put Your Hand Out"

Never try to talk about it
It's got to sound good to me inside
I just think about it

I'm so undemanding
'Cause they say love is blind
I've lived this life pretending
I can bear this hurt deep inside

The truth is I'm been longing
A love that's so divine
I've searched this whole world wishing
She'll be there time after time

So someone put your hand out
I'm begging for your love
All I do is hand out a heart that needs your love

I've lived my life the lonely
A soul that cries of shame
With handicapped emotions
Save me now from what still remains

I'll be your story hero
A serenading ryne
I'm just needing that someone
Save me now from the path I'm on...

Someone put your hand out
I'm begging for your love
'Cause all I do is hand out a heart that needs your love
Someone put your hand out
I'm begging for your love
All I do is hand out a heart that needs your love

When you say we will dance 'til the light of day
It's just like the children running with joy
When we pray will you promise me you'll always stay
It's because I'm needing that someone

Someone put your hand out
I'm begging for your love
'Cause all I do is hand out a heart that needs your love
Someone put your hand out
I'm begging for your love
All I do is hand out
Someone put your hand out
I'm begging for your love
All I do is hand out

Will Yours Be There?


  1. Bonnie,Hi. Just a little F.Y.I.
    Jason Russell(co-founder Invisible Children-Kony 2012) detained in California yesterday on a 51/50. He was completely nude,in the middle of the street freaking out! A rep for him stated that it is because he was dehydrated and suffering from malnutrition.(TMZ has video of it-how convenient) Word is that not too many people are buying it. I certainly am not.
    Maybe the stress of being found out for the fraud that he is.

  2. Hi Linda,

    Thank you so much for the info (I think???) Nude huh?

    Ehhhh . . . do you know how many women are going to be watching the tabloids to see if George Clooney has a similar ailment?

  3. OMG Bonnie!

    I had just finished listening to Lester Chambers, 'People Get Ready.' All this time I thought it was Curtis Mayfield's song. I love The Chamber Brothers' version. Don't get me wrong, Curtis Mayfield sung the song beautifully, too but I fell in love with the band's version. Such raw talent! You don't hear singing like that anymore.

    But on a serious note, I am truly disgusted that this group, The Chambers Brothers/Lester Chambers were cheated out of their royalties for this long! I can't believe the record companies had gotten away with this. There should be a law against this because this has been going on too long.


    1. Hi Miss P -

      Sorry about the late reply. My step son is visiting with us during Spring break and with local relatives coming in to visit him I've kinda had to be social, LOL! He leaves us on Friday :o(

      I like Curtis Mayfield too, but I do like the Chamber's brothers version better . . . more soul-sie.

      It is disgusting I agree with you. I wonder how many of the band are left that are still with us?

      There are laws against this. But back then contracts were written up and deals where made where if you wanted a record deal, they owned you, owned your work and owned the rights to it for years to come. Not many artists had the money to fight them. It's like a $30,000 a year income earner trying to fight the IRS.

  4. Bonnie, I read the first few paragraphs above and am just shaking my head and absolutely fuming. I just read today in People (I told you it can be a treasure trove of little tidbits) that Whitney Houston's music is owned by Sony...all of it. I do not understand how they get away with it. It's really pissing me off to read how many artists have their work basically stolen from them!! OK, I've got to calm down

    1. Yes you are right. Sony owns all of Whitney's music (should check to see if it is part of Sony/ATV which means Michael owns half of it, and you know what he would do if he was here and it is part of the Sony/ATV)

      Clive seemed none-too distressed over Whitney's passing. And we have Oprah making the Houston family rounds just like she did with the Jackson's, and we have the sister of the ex-wife being interviewed (just like ex-Lisa Marie. Funny Oprah didn't go after Debbie Rowe), and they're all one big happy sycophant family. Maybe they'll do a Whitney Cirque show too and try to spawn some fake-Whitney vocals on "never before released" hidden music.

      Sorry, that doesn't help calm you down either does it?

  5. Ugh.
    I'll tell you, maybe a year ago I had this dream
    about Michael, it was like I'm watching a music video,
    setting somewhat similar to "Scream" but different, say mix
    of Scream setting and I'd say hospital room/dr's office,
    and there was... Let's say it was about Michael and abuse
    he maybe suffered. I hate myself for not writing the lyrics down ASAP
    as there was a full song, new song, angry and painful,
    in English (I'm not) and I remembered it for a short time right
    after I woke up. Yeah, I'm slow.
    Michael's eyes in that dream were so piercing, the way he
    stared directly into the camera (on the viewer) not blinking
    while singing, so much pain.
    I don't think my dreams have anything to do with reality,
    but probably minds do come to similar conclusions after
    some research, even though back then not much research was
    done by me, brain came to some abuse concept already.

    Bonnie, I'm afraid to think he was abused the way I saw
    it :( but definitely something went terribly wrong once
    they separated him from the Family. People don't just
    change like that overnight. Evil, evil industry.

    1. Hi Ugh - I mean Anonymous,

      If you have dreams like that . . . well ANY dreams, keep a notepad and pen on your bedside table. I'm getting older and I can't retain all the detail in my dreams unless I write them down. I had two nightmares last night (not Michael related, but end times related) and one two days ago about a child and a wolf and I hope the wolf isn't who I think it was.

      I'm not afraid Michael was abused, I am sure of it. Latoya's abuse, I don't think she told everything that happened to her. And with what they wanted out of Michael? It had to be worse.

      I'm reading the Springmeier book and Bryce Taylor's at the same time because they kind of balance each other out with the info. Add to that the abuse described by Todd Bridges, and Corey Feldman and Haim . . . and what makes you think the Jackson's escaped that treatment? They all started at kids except maybe Jackie who was the oldest in the Jackson5.

  6. They really really want us to concentrate on
    Michael's work pre-1990, aren't they.
    As if he did nothing after Thriller, eh?
    $ony plays with fans into purchasing more of "Invincible"
    and other later albums, but overall concept is still
    "Real MJ is MJ before 1990", that's what I get.
    At least that's what they clearly pushed while Michael was
    still here, they Hilburn above points that at least twice,
    sadly many believe promoted opinions like that.
    Michael, while alive, had to be 100000 times bigger than he
    was (even though he was and is biggest ever), all his
    work was * that * good, but they never let him be. Starting
    around 1990, the hunt was on. Sure, black man with a worthy
    Message of Light, getting so big and out of control - a real threat!

    1. You know Anonymous, you may be right. I see that too, maybe not pre-1990, but pre-1995 maybe (Michael album cover), when they had control of him.

      Hilburn had some important information in his interview, but like you, his emphasis on Michael's music being less than inspired really burnt me up! That was his BEST MUSIC! And each album, Dangerous, History, Invincible was brilliant, brilliant, I can't even say enough about it. Can you imagine! Imagine what he would have put together with film! So Hilburn doesn't know what the @!$#%#$ he is talking about in that comment. But regardless of Hilburn's UNINSPIRED knowledge of music and what Michael was trying to do with his, Hilburn did have some hidden pieces of information in that interview and those pieces of info were worth suffering through the rest of his diatribe.

  7. BONNIE, nowhere either I could find Raffles Van Exel's birth date or official business data for there is none obviously. Van Exel says he worked "20 joyous years" with Whitney Houston. He is above 40 with good genes OR he lies : HE LIES.

    As you quoted Roger Friedman, you obviously read below that R. Van Exel's past used alias name (Benson) & a strange robbery left with no proof at George Benson's home (R&B) in 2005 when he hosted Van Exel. An attached Video "Van Exel Exposed" gives an idea of this opportunistic little CROOK wrapped within a smooth talker beau. Besides these fans/stalker wars are anyhow pure crookery & now worse, Roger Friedman is back !

    Yes, Raffles Van Exel is not worth the attention except a warning against fraud & deception, which you did.

    1. Hi Line,

      I remember seeing French-friedman working for Forbes and I thought "are they STUPID?" (They're stupid I guess, but I don't read Forbes anyway, they are only hype for the elite).

      Did you look at that Van Excel video above? Did you notice:

      A. The painting of Michael aka Billie Jean Era.

      B. Van Excel's eyes (make-up. And watch when he looks up)

      C. His hands.

      You know all these guys work together. I just don't get it, what is the push to promote Van Excel?

  8. I'm so disappointed.
    Yesterday it became more than clear to me how
    many estate and $ony plants are in the MJFam community.
    Both, beLIEvers and RIPs.
    And I feel pretty much trapped as I want to buy
    Michael's music, more of it, in good quality,
    I want his films too, but by doing so I maybe sponsor
    people who made his life barely possible, who were
    torturing him for decades. And with them telling me to
    buy their stuff out loud, it's really hard. I'm lost.

    Young Jacksons tweet us to smile and concentrate on
    positive things - yeah, it's easier to think this way
    when you are 14. When I was a teen, I dealt with pain
    and confusion somehow, hopes for brighter tomorrow
    were with me, even though depressed teen is a sad
    vision. With age you lose that optimism and your
    belief in "brighter future" kinda vanishes with each
    year, and years fly so fast, so you blink and you get
    both life years and hopes way behind.

    "Don't concentrate on the past", but that past is all
    you'll have soon, dear teen. Memories. Just memories,
    and you'll realize your best ones are far away, where
    your childhood/youth stayed. If you had one of course.

    What's most painful is same old injustice - good one is
    gone, let's celebrate his life, blah blah, but bad
    ones are feasting now, profiting on his death,
    fans' grief and struggle to relive his presence,
    surrounding his legacy and children! And we can do nothing
    about it. The fact we know the truth sadly changes nothing,
    as we are minority and majority would not listen. It
    never does. And money conquer all.

    I know Mike won't want me feeling down, but all that is
    really upsetting. Life is so unfair. No "karma",no nothing.
    Our future is grim, because people do not change in general,
    we got gadgets, hygiene and lead far easier lives than we
    did 300 years ago, but did it make us kind, forgiving,
    less judgmental, less greedy and less mean?
    Heck no. Did it stop wars? Nope. I no longer believe
    in "brighter future" fiction.

    1. Hi Anonymous -

      You said - "Yesterday it became more than clear to me how
      many estate and $ony plants are in the MJFam community.
      Both, beLIEvers and RIPs."

      >>>>>>>>>>> Yes, there are. I am going to be covering more of the beLIEver's side here shortly because there is a reason they HAVE believers. They are the ones that STARTED that whole thing and there are two levels to this deception. (meaning two motives for starting the Hoax forums). I will go into that more later.

      If you are going to buy Michael's music, by it because you WANT TO and can't get it any other way, not because they GUILT you into it. There is still a lot available online and Michael's children are taken care of. It will make no difference to them because if the Estate executors have their way, Michael's children will never see a penny of their inheritance when they turn 40. There will be nothing left to take over. Just ask Courtney Love.

      The Michael Album? Paris (if that really is Paris) Twittered that NONE of it was her father. And I agree with her. Even the songs where Michael's voice was in the lead vocals, it was still not mixed by Michael and not put together the way he would have wanted it. It's horrible, over-produced and there is nothing remotely beautiful about any of the songs on there except maybe some of the lyrics IF you can even hear them.

      You said - "And we can do nothing
      about it. The fact we know the truth sadly changes nothing,"

      >>>>>>>>>>> This is not necessarily true. The "Michael Album" did not do so well. And most TRUE fans are not buying into the propaganda put out by the P.R. firm hired by the estate executors as their damage control saviors. And we don't give up. Michael would not have.

      There is something better coming and FAITH is one of those things that are best exercised when it is tested.

      I know it's hard. It is for me too. Remember Michael's last songs on the Invincible album. Don't Let Go of My Hand, Cry, Lost Children, Don't Walk Away (these aren't in order), and if you believe in God, trust him. He's working.

    2. Paris confirmed 3 songs are totally not Michael,
      think it was someone else from the Fam and business,
      including that Will.I.Am guy (and maybe even K.Faye!),
      who sort of agreed the album is not what Michael would
      love it to be, as he normally was 110% involved in making of
      his albums, albums were his "babies", and this one was
      done without him, overproduced, wrong, artificial
      and Mike would make it all different, he was such a
      perfectionist as we all know. I also read many times
      he planned another album soon, wish we knew which songs he
      wanted to be there and if any of them were 100% finished...
      Think I like several songs from "Michael" - at least it's
      his voice and lyrics! But as a whole, nope,
      I didn't buy it, it's not his "baby", and I want
      his "babies" only, LOL. I mean albums of course. That's
      what I will buy again, his pre-2009 albums.

      I think they started playing with "beLIEvers" simply to
      sell them fakery and travesty like that, so group of fans
      who "beLIEve" will be happy to buy even most lousy albums
      with like 25% of real MJ on it. And they would definitely
      go to any show done in his name. Because they beLIEve
      real living MJ is behind that, and it's his vocals etc.
      And, of course, there will be "clues" hidden, and guess
      what - even if $ony did give up on that, I promise
      you there will be "clues" found in some new song lyrics.
      I'm afraid many beLIEvers lost the point a year ago and
      it's just a game of clue for them now. Pointless running
      in circles, giggling games.

      I don't have an opinion on chap really, just
      remember his tweet I thought meant something -
      "If you beLIEve blindly, there is always a chance that
      a "Lie" is standing in the center of what you ""
      ...know the ledge #knowledge "

    3. Hi anonymous -

      On the issue of Michael making another album, I think that was just a lie printed by Sony to cover Sony's despicable butt. Michael said in an INTERVIEW that "Invincible" was his last studio album. He wanted to go into film and composing music for film after that. He did have things already in the planning though.

      I believe but have no interest in purchasing Sony albums or going to demonic Cirque shows where they took Michael's music and completely raped it of it's message. It's like watching the devil take God's Bible up on the pulpit and preach a completely contradictory message, trying to corrupt Christ to the parishners. That is what the Cirque show is like watching. (What i've seen of it.)

      I know Sony has another agenda aside from money, for promoting this garbage. There is still a lot of stuff going on in the shadows but it's starting to come out. Some of the "beLIEvers" groups are actually Sony or "system" funded/organized. They have something to sell when they are ready to reveal it. - There are some players on this chess board that are chameleon and change their colors back and forth to confuse the other side. I've never seen such a floppy playing field in all my life.

    4. " Some of the "beLIEvers" groups are actually Sony or "system" funded/organized."

      - Thank you. I thought I'm getting paranoid,
      as on the hoax forum I spent quite some time on,
      there was at least one user who sounded as if she/he
      was working for US government, also obviously sympathetic
      to Israel anything.
      User had very strong "I know for a fact!" opinion on
      every important topic from 9/11 and vaccines to Kony 2012
      campaign. Hoax forums are now mostly dead, with pathetic
      amount of unique IP visitors (that's why I think $ony, or
      whoever it was, gave up on that "branch" of fans) and
      tiny amount of real talk, and looking at public left there
      such opinionated "I know for sure. I was there and
      there, and there too!" character can really "convert"
      more docile and dreamy users. Just lil' bit of propaganda
      work by one lil' "agent", never in vain. I think I should
      leave forum as it's clearly lost cause.

    5. Hi Anonymous,

      I think the ones involved Sony and the system are probably organizing for something else. The forum and its distraction served its purpose so now they are moving on to another phase. That is what I surmise is going on now.

      I never frequented the Hoax forums unless my stats showed a visitor from there. Then I would go and look to see who posted a link and why. It wasn't always flattering but I did have some who would defend this blog. When it stops being about Michael and seems more about selling albums, money or about fighting different fan groups, you know they don't give a rats behind about Michael's message or the children he fought for. I wouldn't be surprised if there were not some government plants in these forums. They are everywhere.

  9. Bonnie, things are getting worse. Mind control in our homes via HD television. The story is long but very interesting to read:

    By the way when I try to read you blog, my browser crashes. Do you know how to solve this? I am using IE 9 or Firefox.

    1. Hi Aimee,

      I'm sorry about the crashing. I know I've heard it from someo people and it all started when Google Blogs changed the commenting format, which I have no control over. Firefox does not like it. I had to switch to Google Chrome. IE 9 shouldn't be a problem, but I heard XP had problems with it. I was hoping the bugs were all worked out now.

      I will look into this tomorrow. It is too late tonight but thank you for the link. We are going back into the mind control so you are "channeling" me??? LOL!

    2. Bonnie, you mentioned that you have switched to Google Chrome. That is worrisome for me.

      Did you know that Google now has a face-recognition phone using “android” technology?

      Possessing human features.
      An automaton that is created from biological materials and resembles a human. Also called humanoid.

      1. A self-operating machine or mechanism, especially a robot.
      2. One that behaves or responds in a mechanical way.
      1. (Engineering / General Engineering) a mechanical device operating under its own hidden power; robot
      2. a person who acts mechanically or leads a routine monotonous life

      From search engine to Gmail, Google Chrome, Blogger, android phones, along with business and personal applications/programs compatible across platforms.

      People like compatible programs. They think it makes life easier. Maybe it does for now but there will be a heavy price to pay for acceptance of/supporting many of these technologies.

      Imagine the volume of personal information held by just this one corporation. Google is fast becoming a major player in THIS evil agenda:

      Scott Silverman, Verichip Chairman and CEO:
      RFID chips - “DIGITAL ANGEL Corporation”?!? Chips are FDA (Food and Drug Administration) approved. Administration, indeed. But, chips are not food or drugs.

      “When the acceptance rate of the product goes up significantly like it has, privacy concerns go down.” (Universal)

      “...slowly but surely it will work it’s way into the mainstream.”

      This is what they are counting on...frogs adapting to change, slowly boiled to death through their own ignorance. We’ve all been witness to their methods but it doesn’t always “compute".

      How do companies like Google herd people into a specific direction? People like us get hooked on one of their applications like Blogger. Google then restricts access through “upgrades” that cause problems for people using particular browsers.

      Microsoft did this same thing some years ago when they built Internet Explorer into Windows, bundling them together so every Windows user had a copy of IE. That was the beginning of the end of their biggest competition - Netscape Navigator.

      This is how the big boys "play" and I suspect also has something to do with the premature death of Steve Jobs.

    3. Hi Truth,

      Yes, I am aware of what Google is involved in. I will never own an IPhone and when I am not using my video camera on the computer, I take it down. Besides they have enough pictures of me on facebook to take if they really want to know my facial features that badly. Any modern convenience and you are at risk.

      There are other browsers of course that people can use, but the one I switched to was Chrome. Check the owners of companies who developed these other browsers and you will realize that none of them are really safe. It's like the new "Bing" search engine . . . They use Google so what are you really STILL getting?

      And you know what? I totally agree with you about Steve Jobs. Apple - MacIntosh - Not an easy system to hack into or penetrate with viruses. Maybe he didn't want to work with Gates on the new Vaccine child killer.

    4. I know, no being truly anonymous on the internet. IP addresses and location recorded. I’m grasping, I guess.

      "It's like the new "Bing" search engine . . . They use Google so what are you really STILL getting?”

      Bing is also part of Microsoft, right? Startpage uses Google too and HASN'T been shut down like Scroogle was, which was my search engine of choice. So many illusions of privacy.

  10. Hi Bonnie, I hope you enjoyed your family week-end !

    Michael's abuse as a child : no tangible proof but enough indications like Jermaine & Katherine Jackson's, or Brice Taylor's quotes to highly support that eventuality. Bonnie, I understand also from your past posts that you may unfortunately evaluate such situations more sharply : I salute all the more your strength & personal development ! Your post indicates that Michael got more introverted during the Motown period : if the abuse took place, I would have thought it rather happened when Michael was no older than 10, i.e when he toured with his father & brothers on a more modest level, hoping to be introduced to influential talent-scouts & showbiz moguls. The Motown period may however be the one i.e. when Joe Jackson was moved away & handlers appeared. Whatever, how could Michael as an adult celebrity openly divulge later the ongoing showbiz perversity, except through his songs ? Apart of Corey Feldman, who did, at least in showbiz ? What always bothered me though, is that during various gala events of the 1990s honoring Michael the artist (often in Joe & Katherine Jackson's presence) or to Oprah in 1993 & Bashir in 2003, Michael evoked publicly his lost childhood or his father's extreme severity from the early days which contributed to damage Joe Jackson's reputation worldwide as a father : Joe was no cool daddy but what was done to him was unfair too. Handlers also put calculated distance between Michael & his family for years but the reason why Michael somehow exposed his father's past severity publicly could be he may have never deep down digested that Joe Jackson his own father introduced him to showbiz guys who harmed him & left him unprotected as a child although the harm done was unbeknownst to Joe. As you pointed out above, thus the sentence from Michael to Joe : "Do you have any idea what you have done to me ?". Not only the belt punishments from Joe traumatized Michael that deep. Whatever happened, Michael forgave his father & as ambitious as Joe was in the 1960-70s to elevate his family, I don't believe one minute he would have closed his eyes to adult horrendous behaviours against his sons. But IF Michael was abused by showbiz perverts as a child or teenager, it may explain his deep empathy for abused & ill children & as an adult man, his preference to be often in company of children rather than adults. NO perversity of any kind ever inhabited Michael, but during his youth, he already saw & understood too much of the ugliness of some humans. Michael's core sensitivity made him already naturally different from other regular men or even his brothers, thus the musical genius BUT he also miraculously remained all his life & in spite of so many tribulations the wonderful, caring & very normal human being we all remember. We can all "Cry" now.

    1. Hi Line,

      Thank you for the greetings for the weekend with family. Very tired but did have a relaxing good time.

      You said - "Your post indicates that Michael got more introverted during the Motown period : if the abuse took place, I would have thought it rather happened when Michael was no older than 10, i.e when he toured with his father & brothers on a more modest level, hoping to be introduced to influential talent-scouts & showbiz moguls."

      >>>>>>>>>>>> I am going by things that Miss Katherine said on interviews, and comments by others in interviews like that Hilburn guy above in the video. We know the strong possibility could have been when Michael AND possibly the other Jackson siblings could have started younger. But Michael is the one who's abuse is evident in his songs, behavior and of course, confession. There is more we will look into there but it is very, very hard to look, I get so angry and I can't even describe the other emotions. Heavier than angry to where I can do nothing but cry.

      Michael was still young and the older boys may not have seen the abuse that Michael endured. What really got to me was that quote from Hilburn where he said Michael told him, "There are just some things you can't tell your parents". He was a full grown man then in his early twenties and I seriously doubt his "secret" was about acne and perspiration!

      Line the stuff I am going to get into is not reality for a vast majority of the world. Normal people do not even THINK about these things let alone admit they actually happen.

      Michael had many, many notes written to fans about helping and loving and protecting . . . SAVING the children. :o(

      Michael may be "in a safe place" but many many children STILL ARE NOT!

      I want to start tackling this and ask people to TAKE THIS SERIOUSLY! As if Michael were STILL THERE WITH THESE CHILDREN, still suffering, because you know he is.

  11. Putting my hand out. But not to take, except the hand of another.

    Been looking through that list of CFR members...always late am I. My reservations/suspicions about Jesse Jackson, confirmed. And, I’m sad to see some Kennedys on there, supporting the agenda of those who have assassinated many of their own family members.

    1. Hi Truth,

      I was surprised Jesse Jackson was on there too. I will have to check the current list. Jesse's been really quiet lately. The Kennedy's I believe were railroaded on there (depending on who you are talking about). I think it is safe to assume that JFK and Jr. as well as Bobby were not interested in the club. Teddy Kennedy was probably blackmailed with the set up of Chappaquidick and the other, younger Kennedy's? William? A "scare" of a rape charge that he barely escaped paying for. Just like our friend from France, Strauss-Khan.

  12. Everyone, please start doing this if you have not. I am going to update this prayer this week, but if you could please start saying it or your version of it in your heart.

    I don't usually ask, but please include me in the prayer. And all the children. Michael knows who they are and so does God.

  13. I was just reading twitter tonight, and I so agree with
    some fans thoughts.
    To sum up, $ony, while cashing on Michael's departure,
    still managed to ruin his legacy with that posthumous
    travesty of an album.
    His own notes on the death scene, track list
    of songs he loved and was going to perform during
    TII maybe, real songs with a tune and message, all
    recorded already, and what $ony did?
    Got it all wrong, more than that - spoiled the taste of
    any posthumous releases forever for many fans (me included),
    and managed to hit biggest fan site as well, with
    all the "catalog hacking" BS!
    So they did it, they ruined it once more. Ruined legacy,
    ruined fan base.
    Why Hollywood Tonight version we all heard is different
    from original lyrics? Who wanted it this way? Mike
    or was it done after he left? Why making the message "softer"?
    The key point of the song was what it was, why cutting it?


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