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Michael Jackson Justice: A Warning from a Facebook Friend's Post

God: Reconnect to Him

The Conspiracy against God is about "The Word", and the profaning of His Holy Name within us. Adam fell in the garden, breaking the direct connection to God. Jesus, the "last Adam" was a quickening Spirit, the Word made Flesh, and the only one with whom we can re-establish our relationship with God. Michael's story is still unfolding. He is the one who is, is not. But Jesus is the only name given under heaven by which we must be saved. Many are trying to rewrite HIStory. We were given a help to instruct us. Learn more "here".

Friday, March 23, 2012

A Warning from a Facebook Friend's Post

The World According to Michael Jackson

Deuteronomy 1:28
Whither shall we go up? our brethren have discouragedour heart, saying, The people is greater and taller than we; the cities are great and walled up to heaven; and moreover we have seen the sons of the Anakims there. 

I am winding down from a week of spring break visiting my stepson.  As I am visiting, I have been researching more about the plight of children like Michael.  I am covering a couple of his songs and I am also annotating a book that was sent to me.

As I share our last day's visit with my husband's son, I will post this below, which caught my eye on my husband's Facebook page.  Ironic that I am in the section of the book talking about Michael as a father, and his love for children all over the world, and I see this:


It is getting very discouraging to see everyone thinking in their own little box .. a prison of perceptions .. of hatreds and talking points .. of misinformation and bad analysis ... there have been so many times lately I made the HUGE mistake of thinking people were on the same page as I was ..only to discover they have used what I have uncovered to fit their own version of reality. 

All I can say is get outside your hatreds of one sort or another, recognize that government is not your friend but then neither is the current BUSINESS model the US is following.. it is not healthy . .no matter what you call it.. it's not healthy. I think the closest we came to an economy that worked well having all aspects of it running optimum was the 50s .. after that short post War period it was down hill. 

The US economic model strangely enough began to go down hill fast after the Civil War .. adversarial type of system arose that gave too much power to government sponsored monopolies like the railroads and efforts like Rockefeller to control the economic outcomes.. that in the end gave us the Federal Reserve, the progressive era which they..meaning robber barons so called were behind, and a system that did not have balance. 

Our economic downfall began over a hundred years ago .. we are simply on the last leg of the down hill run. We do not need jealousy, we don't need government helping big business or unions, we don't need the amount of government or financial capital interference in the world that we have seen since the end of World War II. 

Funny thing about wars .. in the long run the culture, economy, the political system ends up worse off. There are short term gains but human nature and avarice kick in. 

Avarice and delusion are qualities we all exhibit from time to time but when it become systemic .. you got what we have now. The recent economic bubbles and insanity of a US stockmarket disconnected from reality is an example of what has gone wrong. Then you have world movers and shakers trying to implode the current mess THEY CREATED .. and what you have is coming misery for all of us. . 

I guess I should not care and if it were simply me... I would not. But what bothers me is every time I look at my two granddaughters the despair gene kicks in .. I can only HOPE God will take care of them and my kids ... and all the kids who are worth saving. As for this country .. the days of evil are upon us and I do not think elections will matter in the long run.. unless people pray like they mean it and change their lives.. we are headed for the disaster .. a disaster of our own creation. 


I do not know this lady.  This lady posted on my husband's facebook page.  A lady named Diane Alden.  I did not check it to see if SHE grabbed it from somewhere, but regardless . . . the post in itself is rather poignant or at least I thought so until I got to the last paragraph.

She talks about jealousy and hatreds, then makes a statement in the last paragraph about the "kids who are worth saving".

Maybe I'm reading this wrong, but I thought to myself, "is there a kid who isn't worth saving?"  And if not, which ones would NOT be?  

White ones, black ones?  Conservative ones, liberal ones?  

Perhaps the ones on the African continent who are so far removed from the concept of Catholic - vs - Muslim, or Israel - vs - Syria that they can't even pick a side and therefore should be wiped off the face of the earth?  Perhaps that is why Bill Gates is working so hard on this whole vaccine database campaign?

When Christ returns to take care of this mess we've made, the children out in the "bush" in Australia, the children playing with pottery their mother made in the Serengeti all the way to the children crouched in their family huts in the land of the Inuit - THEY will know who the good guy is.

I loved her post but for that one comment.  And it is evidence that even among those who are awake and see the deception being played out, we still have a lot of work to do where our hearts are concerned.

In the country I was born into, this sadly, is the propaganda that has been marketed, bought and sold to its citizens:

The world according to Michael?

Everyone of those continents to him, was about this:

This was The World according to Michael.  Unfortunately, this isn't the world THEY wanted him to tell you about.  So . . . as I read this book (now almost to  the 200-page mark), I am left to wonder why Tom Mesereau would endorse a book that promotes the agenda and not the man.  That is the impression thus far, that this book gives me.

There are still some gems of never before repeated information, but most of it from what I have read, has been lifted from various blogs, articles and interviews about Michael.  I promised to keep an open mind and I will, but this is what I am seeing.

The book is also rather fractured.  It dips back and forth between eras in Michael's life making it very hard to read, which is why I am annotating in the margins and highlighting.  There are some interesting connections that don't seem to be explored in this book.  Oddly the first question my husband asked me as I hit page 150, "Did she take any information from your blog?"

I don't know why he would ask that but I would have to say no.  There is information in there that seems to be taken from MANY online, posthumous sources on Michael.  She even quotes Taraborrelli's book and "Magic and the Madness" both of which aided and abetted the very tabloid press Moriarty vilifies in her book.  and I guess this is one of the very things that really gets to me.

I don't know Michael any better than Moriarty does. She never met him, I never met him.  She has interviewed some people who have worked with Michael, I have only talked to a few on the phone who CLAIM to have worked for Michael, which is why I do not want to write a book about him.  There are plenty of "this close" people writing books about Michael and I keep getting "pointed" in that direction all the time.  There is nothing I can say in a book that has not been said on this blog.

I am still exploring.  All the answers are not on this blog.  This blog can be viewed as scientific notes on hypothesis as we experiment with pieces of information for viability.  That is why I prefer to do it this way.  I'm not a one man/woman show.  I can't possibly cover everything in Michael's life and what he wanted to tell us by myself.  I'd have to live his life to do that.  (I'd offer, but I don't think I have the mettle to withstand what he did).  That is why a blog and commenting is so important.

Perhaps all these books are part of it.  If one learns to read carefully, there are some verifying points in these books that back up what we have researched, even if they can't come right out and say it.

Michael's life reflects exactly what they have been doing to us.  Think about that.

God bless you and have a great weekend.  


  1. Hi Bonnie. I know I'm not to post. God forgive me for breaking the rules, but I got to tell you this. It won't change the world for the better but still.
    Go to Google pictures and type, Michael Jackson art, or, Michael Jackson Peter pan. You will find a picture of MJ as a Peter pan cartoon and below him it says, "but I'm Peter pan in my heart". I love it. There is also a Peter pan photo of him with his kids, also a cartoon. Blanket is holding a MJ doll in his hand. There is also some great artwork of MJ out there. Sorry for posting. It won't happen again. It would be great if you put the "But I'm Peter pan in my heart" cartoon picture in one of your future blogs. I wonder if MJ ever saw that picture? I think he would have loved it.

    1. Susanne, don't worry. If wanted to stop you from posting I could. I moderate posts before I approve them. I'm not sure Michael wanted to be Peter Pan. From what I have researched, Peter Pan was just another Monarch Mind Control trigger.

      I want peace between us too, so let me say this about Angelina Jolie before we proceed - She is part of the New World Order Organizations - She has a barcode tatoo on her arm (other celebs have this to, and I have no real idea what it means because I have not researched that yet), she is a member of the council on Foreign Relations WITH George Clooney, David Rockefeller, The Clintons (Hillary right now), The Bushes, Al Gore, the Heinz's and a bunch of others.

      Angelina is an adult who made conscious decisions. However I also am of the opinion that she like Michael, was an ritually abused child and most probably has her own mind control issues. I would love to see her turn to God (the real one) and I hope that happens.

    2. Hi Bonnie. It makes my heart happy that you want to make peace too. Jesus want us to be forgiving, right? I guess I didn't want to see the truth concerning Angelina Jolie. I had a perfect and beautiful picture of her as a person in my mind. You kind of destroyed my illusion of her with facts and truth. I didn't want it to be true. So I refused to believe it. I feel kind of fooled or deceived by her now. I thought she was a humanitarian who really cared. But I am glad you opened my eyes. When I calmed down I realised that is what I have been searching for my whole life, the truth in all things. And I am not always going to like it.

      When you look into her eyes you often can see the same kind of sadness in her eyes that MJ had. God only knows what she has been through in her life.

      When I googled pictures the other day I found a MJ letter called the mocassin letter. It was from a foreign site so I don't know whom he wrote this letter to. Do you have it?

      The end of the letter says:
      Animals strike, not from malice, but because they want to live, it is the same with those who critisize, they desire our blood, not our pain. But still I must achieve I must seek truth in all things. I must endure for the power I was sent forth, for the world for the children. But have mercy, for I've been bleeding a long time now. MJ

      Do you want to cry a couple of minutes? I think I found the perfect song from all MJ's fans allower the world to MJ. It's a beautiful song. I love it. Listen to it. Backstreet Boys - Never Gone. I think that is what all MJ fans are feeling in their hearts when it comes to MJ.

    3. Hi Susanne,

      Jolie's father is hollywood and even though she grew up with her mother, I don't doubt for one minute that endured some abuse. She's admitted to self mutilation and french kissing her brother on national television as if she one-upped Madonna in contest for some deranged badge of honor. Sorry but that's not something a normal person would do and exhibits classic signs of abuse. In that If there is still some hope left for her please pray for her. Only God knows if it is too late for her. Same with Lisa Marie Presley. Their eyes are not right.

      Yes Jolie gives to charity, however her "income" comes from donations of others, namely yours and my tax dollars funneled through the U.N. and sent to her foundation. The money she makes with movies (and Pitt) do not add up to the millions they have at their disposal for their lifestyle AND their charity work. It's coming from somewhere else (yes, I still follow the money, even outside of Michael circles).

      Yes, I have a copy of Michael's note. I find the use of the words "I must endure for the power I was sent forth" . . . what "power" is he talking about? Is that God? And "I've been bleeding a long time now".

      Here he's either talking about torture through his career, or psychologically speaking . . . OR, this is another reference to Christ.

      I cried for two days trying to hide it from company. Too much sometimes.

    4. Hi Bonnie. Did Angelina french kissing her brother!? I didn't know that. That is gross. Anything for attention or what? What do they call that? Exhibitionism? In a way that is what fame is all about. Exhibitionism and attention seeking. But I guess Angelina, Madonna, Rihanna are extreme examples of that.

    5. Susanne:

      Her mom:

      Her mother studied acting under Lee Strasberg - which coincidentally was Marilyn Monroe's acting coach and who allegedly had connections to Michael.

  2. Perhaps Mesereau is promoting the agenda instead of the man because he's protecting his own butt. While it may be dangerous to promote the agenda, it would certainly be worse for him to be a high profile supporter of Michael Jackson. He could lose his career, his family, his life. Just a thought.

    1. I thought of that and I am still thinking about that. There are a few things that bother me though and I want to read more of this book before I comment on those things.

  3. Hi Bonnie,
    What is this book Tom Mesereau speaks of? I believe Tom Mesereau is part of the Illumiati.
    God bless you.

    1. "Defending a King" by Karen Moriarty. This was supposed to be the Bodyguard's book (the ones interviewed on Good Morning America two years ago). Mesereau either twittered or facebooked about this book and someone sent it to me, so I'm reading it.

      Tom Mesereau part of the Illuminati? I don't think so, but I am researching that too. Too many weird coincedences around him for me to ignore anymore. But I'm not completely convinced yet either.

  4. Hi Bonnie. Maybe you should upload your artwork of MJ to There are great artwork of MJ on that site. Sorry I did it again. But I thought it would be great if people could enjoy your art on that site so therefore I posted again, sorry. I have to get a grip.

    1. Hi Susanne,

      Actually I didn't want to do that. I wasn't looking to promote the picture, I just wanted to try and express what I felt I saw in his eyes as a child. Every child suffering is in those eyes and it . . . . just KILLS ME!

      You can post. Just don't accuse me of kissing Jermaine's ass anymore, okay? Michael might get jealous and write a song about Jermaine like "Word to the Badd-Ass" and I don't want anymore fights between them over something as insignificant as my lips, which have more motivation to kiss cheeks ABOVE the waist.

    2. Hi Bonnie. Ha ha ha, that was funny. I am happy you can joke about it now. I am sorry about and apologize for the "kissing ass" comment. I guess I was trying to tell you to have a opened mind and not take for granted that everything that comes out of Jermaines mouth necessarily is the absolute truth or absolute real story about MJ. I'm not saying that Jermaine is lying about things though. But I don't think he knows everything about MJ. I think he has a lot of questions just like the rest of us. They didn't talk with each other for many years. And MJ was very private. I don't think he told Jermaine everything about his life and what was going on. But it is sweet to see Jermaine being very protective of his little brother. Jermaine seems to be a very sensitive and emotional person.

      I sometimes speak first and think later. I guess we all do. And later I think to myself, did I say that? What was I thinking? But then it's too late. You can't take it back. You can ask for forgiveness but the person will never forget what you said in the past. The harm is already done. Even if your intention wasn't to hurt or make someone angry you never can be sure the reciever interpret what you're writing the way you wanted it to be interpreted. We all have different references from life so we all do interpret things from our own reference frames. The frame of mind also play a role in how we interpret things in the moment that we are in. So our interpretation of something we read can change from one day to another. I just wanted you to be open to the absolute truth and not let anybody mislead you. By the way I love Jermaine's duet, when the rain begins to fall. I never knew who was singing that song until recently. Thank you Jermaine. It still is a great song.

    3. Hi Susanne,

      Well on Jermaine, I believe he knows ALOT MORE about his brother than the people claiming he DOESN'T. I always, always always listen to Michael first and what Michael said is, "just because its in print doesn't mean its the gospel" and Michael's family has been trashed. They were there before Michael was famous, and they were there when the "people" were infiltrating and prying the members of the family apart. What Jermaine says and what he CAN'T SAY are two different things.

      Jesus spoke parables in the Bible not because he was a smart aleck and wanted to exclude people, but because he KNEW how these deceivers operated. Those that have the love of the truth will SEEK IT while others will rely on . . . well, OTHERS to tell them what to believe.

      I know what you mean about speaking first and thinking later. I do that too and when its in writing on a blog its even worse. That's why not only the content of the blog but the comments are important to me.

      Do you think Jermaine would mislead me? And if so . . . why?

    4. Hi Bonnie.
      Jermaine and Latoya met MJ 2 weeks before he died.

      Jensen show in Holland. Interview with Latoya after MJ "died".

      JENSEN : - Were you concerned about those 50 shows he had to do in London?
      LATOYA: - Absolutely, absolutely.
      JENSEN: - Did you think that he could do it? Would be able to do it?
      LATOYA: - Absolutely not.

      Documentary: Michael Jackson, The final days

      REPORTER: - Jermaine Jackson says his little brother was ready.
      JERMAINE: - I mean he could have done 200 shows there.

      Are our hearts in the way for the truth to reveal itself?

    5. Contradiction/Confliction - Exactly. So do we get tangled up in this or do we just continue paying attention to Michael and what he said in his song lyrics and leave the game playing to the players on the board?

      It's disheartening but we KNOW Michael's family were not out to get Michael and we know for sure, by Michael's own words, who was so . . . Back to the conspiracy and what it is doing to our children.

    6. Hi. Bonnie. The Jackson family was not out to get MJ, I totally agree. But WHY all the contradictions from the family? Are they aware of it? It's very confusing. By the way the mocassin letter tells us that MJ was not a child molester. We knew that all along, long before the trial. But the letter kind of proofs it for those people who think he was.

    7. Susanne,

      I think in a lot of respects the family is doing what they have to do. We are just going to have to do our own homework. The family can only take us so far. I know, I'm frustrated by it too . . . be we're not surrounded and they are.

  5. I honestly will not think bad of Mr. Mesereau till
    I'll have evidence HUGE enough to convince me he
    is not there to protect Michael's name.
    So far he is one of rare people who were defending Michael
    in 2005 and still defends him, every time some dirt
    gets kicked in MJs eyes.
    The people who were there for Mike in 2003-2005 are sparse,
    I won't just stamp everyone "another devil worshiper",
    where were the rest when Mike needed as many supporters as
    possible. Most turned to him after his death only, suddenly
    becoming "best secret friends", "second family" and
    simply "life-long admirers". Hypocrisy.
    Not sure Tom read the book and if he did, not sure he found
    any agenda there. But I'd rather get bodyguards' book under same
    name, sad it's forever delayed.

    1. Hi Anonymous -

      I'm not willing to think any bad about Tom Mesereau either, but I will also search EVERYONE saying anything that does not match up with Michael's words, lyrics, speeches, etc... Tom Mesereau is chosing to endorse questionable people and I don't know why. I'm not going to kick evidence under the rug either, I don't care who it is. He is courting the people who are covering up Michael's REAL killers (if you believe he's dead).

      Latoya said everything is an illusion and I believe her, but just how far back does this illusion go? I don't believe it started on June 25th, 2009 and I'll leave it at that for now.

      Tom Mesereau . . . very classy, controlled and rather elegant man. I have nothing against him and I am not LOOKING for dirt. I am looking for truth and trying to understand why it is so DAMNED HARD for certain people to tell it while they ask us to "read between the lines".

      I get you on the "fair weather friends" of Michael's and this is also talked about in the book. Some things with the book I wholeheartedly agree on . . . others are just like Jermaine's and Latoya's books . . . regurgitation of things we've already read in books and articles that are from sources not to be trusted. It's REALLY frustrating!

  6. Hi, Bonnie - for starters...LOL...LOL! I just had to repeat what you wrote here:

    "Just don't accuse me of kissing Jermaine's ass anymore, okay? Michael might get jealous and write a song about Jermaine like "Word to the Badd-Ass" and I don't want anymore fights between them over something as insignificant as my lips, which have more motivation to kiss cheeks ABOVE the waist."

    Oh, man - that was funny!

    Now, for more serious stuff. I sent you a long winded email in response to your questions about Tom Mesereau based on that blogger you mentioned. I'm posting my email below on my observations about Tom. I know you mentioned once that I should share those longer emails on your blog, so here goes:

    >>>> "If we look hard enough, we could find a photo of Paris doing the V gesture! I'd like to see Tom do the triangle hand sign. Some cross their arms, clasp their hands, interlock their fingers, pick their nails, pick their nose, and so on. Unless someone does the devil horn, open hand or closed claw gesture, I would not be suspicious.

    If Tom is Illuminati, why would he have taken Michael's case after his colleagues told him it would be career suicide if he lost? He saved Michael's life, and we don't know how it would have ended if Geragos had stayed on! Tom has always blasted the media as vultures who wanted Michael's blood for ratings, so he's not worried about making friends with the press. Even if he knows the conspiracy went deeper than the media, we can't expect him to stick his neck out and accuse any entity, be it law enforcement or the government. One man can't possibly take on the whole corrupt machine without the risk of ending up dead. Just as Michael had to navigate his industry, a savvy attorney learns to pick his battles wisely if he hopes to win. Tom defended Michael brilliantly and has done more for his legacy publicly than most others who should have done far more.

    Tom Mesereau said he thinks about Michael every day. I don't think any other person in Michael's professional life, be it Dileo, Branca, Ortega, Faye, Phillips...none of them, ever publicly said as much about Michael. None of them lived with Michael's pain every day during those months before and during the trial. I think the ordeal of discovering the corruption around Michael, coupled with getting to know who Michael really was had a profound effect on Tom.

    This blogger at Wordpress seems to have a personal vendetta against Mesereau - calling him evil and claiming he couldn't listen to him any more? That's really pouring it on. I've seen just about every interview he ever gave...Tom Mesereau evil? This person seemed to feel more empathy for Dr. Murray - can't figure it out.

    You wonder why the same media that vilified Michael is so positive to Tom Mesereau? Because they know better than to slam an attorney who won a high profile case. They were left with egg on their faces, and had no choice but to grovel. The legal pundits were predicting (and salivating) a guilty verdict and prison, and were caught with their pants down when Tom proved them wrong!

    The biased media followed orders to pound Michael into the ground, and like a pack of wolves, it's easy to devour an innocent man. But when justice trumps the lies, there's nothing like a winner to put you in your place. Tom will always be known for having proved the innocence of the most famous person on the planet. And he gave it to Bashir, Grace, Sawyer, Dimond, Allred, every last maggot. Right between the eyes!

    1. Micheline,

      Okay - taking in everything you said, let's throw this into the mix . . .

      Tom Mesereau said he convinced Michael to leave the country.

      Jermaine Jackson also claimed to have this idea PRE-ending of the trial.

      Jermaine had contacts in Bahrain, Mesereau to my knowledge had no reason to suggest that particular place, so who's telling the truth? Could it be both of them?

      Also, ask why with all the slamming of the unfairness of the media Tom Mesereau has done, He is still lauded as a hero BY THAT SAME MEDIA? Not one of them has anything bad about him to say. They slam and lie about Michael's family who WAS THERE SUPPORTING HIM EVERY DAY, but not Tom Mesereau.

      I agree with you on the rediculousness of the blogger info I sent you. You can't have ANY picture of anyone with their hand present without it being some illuminati symbol.

      Also the section on AEG (she goes into great length about Philip Anschutz's lineage), but cannot make one solid connection to anything Masonic but she sure does try, including accusing him of living in the same state that Jesse James lived! If that was the case everyone living in Colorado would be Scottish Rite Masons!

      My problems with the blogger are, that they seem to be taking people they don't like (anyone white) and trying to manipulate photos of them to mean something.

      My problem with the information on Tom Mesereau is what I stated above PLUS . . . Tom Mesereau also had Conrad Murray convicted BEFORE THE TRIAL ENDED. The whole prosecution was OBVIOUSLY BENT and twisted to cover people's butts and Tom Mesereau went right along with it. Not like him. He condemned the media for doing this to Michael and PLAYED right along with the media while they did this to Murray.

      I don't care it it is Tom Mesereau or not, I have NOT FORGOTTEN that the evidence was FALSIFIED by state officials. Conrad Murray DID NOT KILL MICHAEL JOE JACKSON.

      The whole trial was crooked and that's okay with Mesereau? Just convict ANYONE as long as we can sweep the whole thing under the rug and continue to help Sony and it's allies make money!???

    2. Hi Bonnie,
      I'd say if I was around MJ right after the trial,
      I would, too, ask him to leave the country ASAP.
      So for me it's easy to believe everyone who cared
      of Michael would sincerely suggest just that:
      leave, find a safer place to be. Erms suggested Bahrain
      I guess, as he had contacts there, so Mike moved there

      Media is a cowardly entity, and saying bad things
      about super-attorney? Attorney who says it as it is,
      in the face of every media persona? Making each one
      look like a hopeless fool? Knowing the laws?
      Nope, it's easier to attack not so smart/not so fast
      Jacksons, who won't even know what to answer often,
      who can be tricked, made uncomfortable and so on.
      After all, it's an old tradition for media, putting
      "Jackson" next to something bad, presenting any Jackson
      as a loon.
      BTW before the trial I remember some very nasty
      tabloid articles about Tom, they dug out his
      private pictures and used them to make him look
      less than "classy". All the "friendly approach"
      started after the trial, when Tom showed his
      skill :)

      Everyone had Conrad Murray convicted before the trial,
      most Jacksons joined the chorus soon as well, hope
      you saw that. Most of them wanted just that, sincerely
      or not. Just read their tweets on a verdict day.
      Erms himself blamed "the doctor" on many interviews.
      Their approach on the situation changed, which allowed
      some "fans" to attack them.
      Also we don't know how much Tom knows, if anything.
      Was he watching the whole thing? Or was he busy
      elsewhere, like with his serious time-eating job?
      His law partner though, she makes me cry, Susan Yu gets
      so emotional when she speaks about Michael, lovely lady.

      Maybe Tom wants to survive, like most people who
      love life? People died already, maybe all these were
      warnings to those who know things? As long as he keeps
      defending Michael's name, which he does brilliantly,
      they'll be scared to invite him on TV soon LOL, as he knows
      how to address their filthy attacks on MJ, as long as
      he keeps doing that, I won't think bad of him. If I put
      him on a "bad guys" list now, I can freely put there 99%
      of humanity, kids included, and I'm not capable of living among
      "possible deadly enemies" like that. I'm disappointed enough.

    3. Hi Anonymous,

      Thank you for your well thought out input. I agree with everything you said although I myself have not see any attacks or photos of Tom Mesereau.

      The argument that they would not go after Tom Mesereau after successfully defending Michael does not make sense though when you consider that they STILL went after Michael, but praised Mesereau. They libel others that TRULY helped Michael but not Mr. Mesereau and that is what made me step back and look at all this info again.

      Mr. Mesereau was not known before Michael's trial. He was only barely known among those that were following Robert Blake's trial.

      I do not understand why Mr. Mesereau attacked Conrad Murray over the pathetic LACK of evidence and one sided judge who let the prosecution submit evidence that the defense wasn't even allowed to discuss. But then when you pull back and look at the trial as a whole, you realize that the true purpose of the trial was NOT to convict someone but to publicize information. The golden nugget in that trial was the records of Dr. Arnold Klein. That helped a lot of people researching this tremendously.

      Of course Mr. Mesereau wants to survive. And I also have taken note of the look on his face when certain questions are asked during interviews. Susan Yu is cut from a different cloth. She is not as ummm, "pokerfaced?" as Mr. Mesereau. And she should know that she is not the only lady that has cried about and over Michael. ♥♥♥

      I see this "illusion" as Latoya calls it, as this vast, whirling cyclone. And all this activity, information and counter-information is the whirling winds around this cyclone, but at the center it is quiet, and there the truth lies.

      We are not going to get the truth from anyone's book. Those things are expensive "whirlwinds" from which the truth at the center is the very same that can be found in Michael's songs and the Bible. Maybe we are just supposed to ignore the rest? But me and my weakness . . . I need to know everything. Pthththt! (that's a rasberry, LOL).

    4. This comes up in google search easily -
      it's only one I can find right now
      and it's from April 14 2005,
      but (if I'm not completely nuts by now, which is also
      possible LOL!), there were more.

    5. Wow. I can't even find it on the National Inquirer site:

      I searched everything. In the comments further down it says this:

      The publication date is April 25, 2002. The cover story is "Whitney Dying as Bobby Cheats."

      I searched by date, title of issue and the title on the pictured article about Tom Mesereau himself.

      It doesn't help that the moron who posted the comment says the article was from a April 25, 2002 issue when Michael's accusers HAD NOT EVEN STEPPED FORWARD YET TO ACCUSE HIM that far back.

      You say the article was dated April 14, 2005 so I searched under that too . . . No such article exists. Either they took it down or someone spoofed the article. The actual date of the BLOG you posted is April 14, 2005, so if you ask me, someone spoofed the National Enquirer and it's photos. Photo shop did exist back in 2005. (shrugs).

    6. Think I confused myself with all the dates LOL.
      I remember these photos with Tom, so not new to me,
      but question is do I remember them from 2005.....
      or 2009?! Lots of things popped-up after the trial,
      and especially in 2009.
      Definitely NOT 2002, what the heck is that date.
      2003 - hmmmm.
      Looks like 100% fine tabloid job, it could be posted
      in 2005, it could be photoshop, but National Enquirer
      is one fine tabloid to attack anything Jackson-related.
      I would expect things like that from them. I saw these
      images, I know I did! * think think * when and where LOL *
      Hope to get my memory back one day.

      Anyway, it's a strange website, found that just by
      google search for "Tom Mesereau". It was on the first page
      of image search for me. It's still there. Not sure it was
      always there though.

    7. That's okay. I'm not saying they didn't exist. I'm just telling you I searched it out on Enquirer's site and they don't have it on there nor any front Title by the name given on the blog. I also believe that those photos were probably photoshopped but I can't see the REAL issue so I can't tell (pic is too small but I did save it and will look into it later with the little piddly software I have on this 'puter).

      The blog itself is dated April 14, 2005, but the comment below by someone said the Enquirer article was 2002. That may have been a posting mistake or they took it from the blog date. LOL! I wonder if Tom Mesereau knows about it? I can't picture him doing that. (and I don't want to), but I would say the pics were false. Somehow Tom Mesereau and "Sodom/Gomorrah" just don't mix in the same sentence.

  7. Bonnie, Jermaine's book I am glad to have it in my book collection especially for the endearing childhood memories from Gary until Motown but for me otherwise, no more book buying on Michael. In addition to Moriarty, one may then always read the Cascio's, Wiesner's & even soon Kai Chase's version, though she only worked max 2 months in 2009 for Michael, Huhhh..? In any such books, surely some valid info, the rest..only self-serving.

    K. Moriarty's book : at least I checked in the Web & found a supposed recent interview of Moriarty where she comments about the 3 guards "After six weeks of full-time writing and two trips to Las Vegas—all at my own expense—I realized that we “were not on the same page.” & "The bodyguards' strong support of Conrad Murray—even protectiveness---was a major problem for me, as I believed early on that this man was responsible for Michael's tragic death. Some of their stories were “too raw,” in my opinion. I made some discoveries about them that were unsettling to me [which I will not reveal at this time]. Also, they wanted a book about themselves—their experiences, opinions, interactions—and I hoped for a book about Michael Jackson!".

    I am no fan of Murray either but her statement I find "a bit" reductive. The 3 guards'own input I would have also liked to hear or read MORE directly from them (raw or not) for they seemed honest & sincere & at least got to know Michael as closely as possible during 2 years. Their small intervention was good to Michael's memory.

    1. Line,

      I agree with you on all of that above. We already have tons of books about Michael written by people who never met him. I would also have preferred to read something by someone who DID know, work with or was related to him and grew up with him.

      I also understand that we have to read between the lines so I am doing that also, both with Mr. Mesereau's statements at press time AND with Moriarty's statements in her book. I will probably have to read the whole thing twice which is why I am annotating the first time through. However . . . .

      I would LIKE people to start thinking OUTSIDE the hero-worship box and STOP disregarding information just because it connects to certain people. Otherwise, we can just put our blinders back on, continue as nothing has happened, put the earphones on and continue to listen to Music without understanding.

    2. BONNIE you said "I would like people to start thinking OUTSIDE the hero-worship box" - yes, always better to see 2 sides of a coin. Though I did like Micheline's comment on Tom Mesereau. I do not worship him either & I may be "thick" but with regard to Michael, Mesereau seemed always sincere. He probably has his own enemies in California (just Sneddon so to say) so in his business, he continues to swim with the sharks for I see it. Only : to honor Michael publicly, why did Mesereau cooperate with questionable guys like e.g. Tom Wagener or David Gest ? maybe even a Tom Mesereau does not always find at hand the classy & impeccable people either : his past difficulties already in 2005 to bring celebrities witnesses favourable to Michael :o( A Mesereau Illuminati agenda I hardly imagine although I ignore everything BUT at least, I will always be thankful to him & Susan Yu for their professionally outstanding work for Michael in 2005 & their continuous respectful testimonies honoring Michael's memory since June 25, 2009.

      Conrad Murray : to make sure, I meant before I do not personally see Murray as SOLE responsible but rather as a fall guy with however a level of responsibility for Michael's demise..if he died. Did in fact Murray help Michael to escape...Hmmm.. he doesn't have the profile as I see it, sorry ! It is also unsure if the 3 bodyguards are totally right to believe Murray innocent but right or wrong plus the fact they observed a lot during their term for Michael is very telling that conspiracy & bad games at higher levels were already played at & Murray is only small fry. Again, I know nothing in the end but do not believe people either saying Murray alone was responsible.

    3. Good morning Line,

      You said: "I do not worship him either & I may be "thick" but with regard to Michael, Mesereau seemed always sincere. He probably has his own enemies in California"

      >>>>>>>>>>> Yes, and as we can see above, Mesereau's enemies lie too. That blog posted, you would think there would have been a lot more comments posted then the three or four there during Michael's trial and the comments were "closed" . . . wonder why? Were they open just long enough to get a couple of planted responses in to make it look like a real blog?

      Oddly on that link, there are only nine entries, and all during the trial from April through june. Most of the entries are in June. A couple of entries from May and April but the whole blog is three months in 2005 and that's it.

      Here is some interesting takes from Debbie Rowe's testimony:

      For interesting reading. I'll bet there is more. I just copied them all in case they get taken down.

    4. Oh, and Line in reference to Murray . . . I know what you believe on that. Regardless I do not believe Murray administered any lethal dose of anything. First of all it is testified to by him on the tape played in court AND those dubious "expert" witnesses that no proof that Murray gave him anything that would have killed Michael. The dosages are just not there to be enough to kill him. They never proved it. The most Murray could have been guilty of based on the EVIDENCE submitted and argued over, was that Murray was NOT licensed IN THE STATE OF CALIFORNIA to administer anesthesia (but was in Nevanda/Texas). And . . . . He did NOT have a clinic in L.A. and should not have administered Anesthesia in a home setting. But nothing he did and proven in court could have killed Michael.

      Either someone else in the house entered that room and did the deed or . . . it never happened at all.

    5. Yes, Bonnie, both options are open but you also remember La Toya's Dutch interview of 2011 :

      La Toya has no proof but instinct & her remarks were anyhow interesting, like from 1:o5 "the doctor was the fall guy", "this is a conspiracy", "he (the doctor) was involved". So Michael killed/not killed : I don't know either but the whole mystery drives me nuts :o(

    6. Latoya is also the one who told us "This is all an illusion" and to "watch the Illusionist". She also said "Read between the lines". So I am.

      According to her, Conrad was "the fall guy". There was a t.v. show by that same title in the 1980's. It starred Lee Majors (6 Million Dollar Man) and Heather Thomas. Lee Majors was a stunt double that solved crimes. (hmmmm???).

      Also Conrad Murray was the name of a character in in mid-1950's T.V. show depicting real life court cases and Conrad Murray was a character accused of murder.

      Then there is the issue that Conrad Murray changed his name in 2006 from Robert Earl Carter, who's wife actually runs a clinic out of the same building that supposedly Murray runs his clinic out of in Vegas.

      So Murray is the fall guy . . . and he was "involved" in the murder. Sure he was. Everyone surrounding Michael Joseph Jackson was "involved" in the "murder". What exactly does that mean?

      Michael Jackson was taken out of the way. Why?

      Michael Jackson has many secrets revealed in his songs, but most of all, Michael Jackson suffered things that many other children are still suffering. Which is a major "WHY" to all of this "Illusion/Delusion".

      I am not planning a blog for tonight so I am reading the Karen Moriarty book and I am currently reading some OLD blogs about the 2005 trial. I have this crust of "disgusted" in layers of inches thick on my heart and soul as I read through this blogging on the testimony. You don't want to believe they did this to someone, but some other odd pieces of info are coming out . . . like the prosecution seemed to drop the same balls the defense dropped in Murray's case.

      Michael said, "have faith in me . . . " (sigh)

      Okay . . . But everyone else? eh. Not so sure. Feels like dying inside.

    7. Hi Bonnie - Thanks for the Debbie Rowe's link : I too am eternally thankful to her for her Court testimony of 2005..& for giving 2 beautiful kids to Michael even if love between them was not really in the agenda. But how come from naming Marc Schaffel once an "opportunistic vulture" she came much closer to him later, well... it's her life after all :o[ If only Michael too could have found his other "half" i.e a young woman of his heart, loyal & caring, he would maybe still be around today.

      This week-end I too thought more intensely to Michael with again a deeper sense of loss, I don't know why. Still a long way for the truth, but hang in♥

    8. Despite her connecting to Klein I do like her . . . spunk. I don't think too many people can successfully run over her and she calls bullshit when she sees it. I believe she loves Michael but got caught up in something that got past her.

      Dr. Hoefflin filed papers that Rowe and Klein were poisoning Michael. This is why they went after Hoefflin. Since he is (currently?) in a mental hospital, which is where they involuntarily put people who squawk (John Todd was killed in one), I wonder just how much Dirt Debbie has in her shoes.

  8. Hi, Bonnie - I certainly don't have all the answers to this puzzle, and it's driving me up the wall! With the volume of research you do, and the way you must archive everything for reference, you can imagine how hard it is for me to recall details, time lines and quotes with no backup. Yikes!

    However, I recall the day Tom spoke to TMZ outside an L.A. restaurant shortly after Michael's passing when he said, "I'm saying give Conrad Murray a FAIR trial, and then convict him." I remember getting on the emotional bandwagon and cheering Tom for saying that because we were all devastated about losing Michael. With the horrible treatment he received by the media over the years, they were doing it again within hours of the news, and we needed to hear someone with the guts to speak up for Michael's life. At the time, it was good to hear it from the man who defended him in 2005.

    Tom is a calm and thoughtful speaker who never shoots his mouth off to regret it later. He was careful to say that Murray is entitled to a FAIR trial, so I don't think he meant to convict him AT ALL COST, which would have been a contradiction. But if the facts prove negligence, then yes - do the right thing and convict the man. He also stated in another interview that if anyone else contributed to the enabling of Michael to take control of him and his finances, they should be prosecuted to the full extent of the law. We have to remember that he said all of this within days of the news that shocked the world, and Tom is not immune to feeling empathy for Michael after such a horrendous trial. I think he spoke from the heart, but remained professional with his answers to the press.

    As for the escape plan to Bahrain, that was supposedly Jermaine's idea, and he said Michael didn't even know what he was planning and might not have gone along with it. I doubt very much that Tom Mesereau would risk losing his license and reputation by taking part in a scheme to get Michael out of the country before the verdict.

    I believe there were two separate issues involving Michael leaving the country - the escape plan by Jermaine, which Tom was not a party to - and the issue where Tom convinced Michael to leave the U.S. after the trial was over, to escape the media scrutiny and find some peace of mind. Does that sound feasible?

    One thing is certain - so many stories overlap and contradict each other, where it's difficult to get a sense of who's side people are on. Tom Mesereau supported the David Gest docu-film and went to London with Susan Yu for the premiere and live interview. As frustrating as it was to hear Gest talk about things that don't add up with Michael, we also wondered why some of his siblings and his mother also participated. For every quote or public statement made, we hear a contradiction from someone else! The only thing that does is confuse people further. Who are they trying to deceive...and why?

    All of this tells me that Michael Jackson was a far bigger influence on the world than anyone ever realized, and it's as if the information given is being deliberately scrambled so that no one can figure it out. If that's the objective, several people have to be in the loop to make it work. I still think TM is a good guy and would support the family to protect Michael's wellbeing.

    If this is really a Grand Illusion, there is a brilliant brain at the helm. There must be a reason for all of this. The question is...WHO'S brain is it? I wonder if Jermaine is asking, "Who is it my brother?"

    So we wait...and I'll stop babbling. Haven't had my morning coffee yet!

    1. Hey Micheline,

      Before I answer your points I want you to know that I was NOT talking about anyone specifically when I mentioned "Hero-worship" . . . Lord knows I'm guilty of the same "can-do-no-wrong" approach and I had to break down a lot of walls to get out of that (Me= previous conservative republican baptist christian fundamentalist apologist). Trying to get members of my own family out of that restrictive box has been DAUNTING to say the least!

      You and I have talked about the "Grand Illusion" and the theory that it did not begin on June 25, 2009. And if that is the case, we have a whole other set of problems (as well as blessings).

      I'm not picking on Mr. Mesereau or Ms. Yu or anyone. I'm trying to overcome my craving for "why"? The information is pretty useless unless you know WHY something was done or said. "Why" moves the machine. It's the fuel in any plan or conspiracy.

  9. Bonnie, I know you were not referring to any specific person regarding hero worship, but suggested we think with our head as well as our heart. Ah, yes...WHY is the million dollar question. We don't like being left in the dark, especially when we've spent the better part of 2-1/2 years exposing some of Michael's worst torment at the hands of handlers, and feeling so much of it ourselves. We need to realize that collectively, we are not important in the equation when it comes to "why" and "what" is happening - not just yet anyway. We know there is a "why" that moves the plan we're not seeing, but Jermaine said it was going to get rough and needed our support. Although I haven't checked in a couple of days, he's been very quiet on Twitter lately, nearly a month without a post. Michael was on a dangerous roller coaster for some twenty-five years, and the end game is not going to come easy. We have to weigh our desire to know against our need to know. Whatever it takes to help Michael, and if it's "understanding," "patience" and "endurance" that we're being asked to give, then I guess we're in for a bumpy ride of our own. Michael took it...and so can we.

    Love - Micheline

    1. I sent you something about the book.

      Micheline, I keep going back to that note to "Dee Dee" about Michael wanting his nephews to read the article on sexual abuse by relatives and it was sent not long before Michael was first accused by Chandler. That really, REALLY flipping bothers me. Why would he write a note like that if Michael didn't suspect something and WHY would Dee Dee end up dead after leaving Tito?

  10. Bonnie - what are your views on the emerging revelations about Raffles Van Exel? He seems very shady now. At the beginning i respected him as he gave many interviews after MJs death, and the most memorable one was with Frank DiLeo when he ducked the question about Thome.
    Now it seems the tide has changed and Raffles is a bad guy who cleaned up Whitneys hotel room and took the coffin photo and sold it to the press?
    What is going on here? Im so confused right now over him.

    1. Hi Monika,

      Raffles = Fraud. But there is something else about him that I am researching and not ready to comment about at this time. And his eyes look awfully familiar.


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